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REShow: Louis Riddick - Hour 2

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December 13, 2022 3:08 pm

REShow: Louis Riddick - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 13, 2022 3:08 pm

Rich lists his top 5 teams that added fuel to their haters’ fire by stumbling and bumbling in Week 14 including the Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, Tennessee Titans, Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks. 

ESPN’s Louis Riddick tells Rich what head coach Mike McDaniel must do to end the Miami Dolphins’ 2-game skid as they head into a pivotal AFC East against the Buffalo Bills, why Joe Burrow and the Bengals’ toughness can get them back to the Super Bowl, and if the 49ers can win it all with 3rd-stringer QB Brock Purdy at the helm.

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What's Right with Nick Wright is a rapidly growing podcast from the Fox Sports Podcast Network. You may know Nick Wright from co-hosting FS1's First Things First. This podcast gives Nick a chance to develop, deep dive, and defend his sharpest opinions.

During the show, Nick faces off against a ticking clock, a team of producers, and even his own family to try and get his points across. New episodes drop Monday, Thursday, and Friday wherever you get your podcasts. Earlier on the show, Jaguars head coach Doug Peterson. Coming up, ESPN NFL analyst Lewis Riddick, Chargers running back Austin Eckler. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen show is on the air.

844204 riches and the number to dial here on the program. Our number one, Doug Peterson. We just hung up the phone with the Jacksonville Jaguars head coach talked at length about the development of Trevor Lawrence and how it's progressed and how week 15 the Jacksonville Jaguars are definitely going to be on a bunch of people's radar screens, not just because of how they just beat the Tennessee Titans, but man, they're playing the Dallas Cowboys this week and I know we make fun of you calling them the varsity, but when the Dallas Cowboys come in with 10 dubs and needing to continue on winning so they have a shot at their division because the number one team in the NFL right now, the Philadelphia Eagles, is two games in front of them and they're coming in and needing to show everybody what happened last week was just an outlier and here comes Trevor Lawrence to maybe carve them up and outplay Dak for the former Philadelphia Eagles head coach.

This is a big one in week 15. This is on the marquee. I know we have our fun about the varsity, but I mean you have fun.

No, no, no, no, the Cowboys, the Cowboys raise the profile. Sure do. And so this is a big one and we talked about, Jim, we talked about with Doug Peterson on this program.

Lewis Riddick is coming up on the show and you know while we came on the air, I guess Arthur Smith, I don't know if this is today or yesterday, but I guess, yeah, I did not see this sound bite if you will, but Arthur Smith, you know, he's a guy for the Atlanta Falcons who does not, he has immense words even with me, right, a couple times he will say, you know, I've heard time I come on I know you're trying to catch me in something so you can, didn't he accuse me of being a click baiter or a hot taker one time? He's great. No nonsense. That's what you want. I know that. Especially since, I mean, I'll keep saying, I mean, you got to, he is, he doesn't have to be doing what he's doing right now. He does not.

Okay. And he could be doing anything. But it appears that the mentioning of Marcus Mariota, that Mariota, Mike just is bolting the team. He's not there. I thought he was hurt too. I thought he had a knee injury. No, he basically said that the knee's not a problem.

Wow. I mean, you don't normally hear this sort of thing, but Desmond Ritter is going to get the gig for the Atlanta Falcons and the Falcons are coming off their bye week. They're at New Orleans. I mean, these two teams despise each other. I mean, just absolutely despise each other. This is maybe the most hate-filled rivalry that nobody talks about in the NFL, because we're all focused on Aaron Rodgers owning the Bears and the Jets and the Patriots. You're talking about obviously Philadelphia and Dallas or Dallas against, fill in the blank. But they frigging hate each other, Atlanta and New Orleans. And we keep saying Carolina's got a shot in this division, but Atlanta's got just as good of a shot. Well, I shouldn't say that because Atlanta lost to Tampa, that roughing the passer penalty. And Atlanta also lost to Carolina because Atlanta beat Carolina. They've all beaten each other.

They've kind of all beaten each other. Carolina could have beaten Atlanta if DJ Moore hadn't taken his helmet off and then the place kicker not missed the extra point bringing in overtime where Atlanta won. But bottom line is Desmond Ritter and the Atlanta Falcons have just as good a shot maybe as anybody to win this division.

So we're going to turn that sound bite around. I heard that during the commercial break and you don't normally hear this sort of thing. Jerry Jones also spoke about the signing of T.Y. Hilton instead of Odell Beckham Jr. at the moment.

We'll get that for you. There's a Bill Belichick press conference moment, but Louis Riddick's going to join us shortly on this program from the worldwide leader in sports. And I can't wait to talk with him about the last two games of the Miami Dolphins, Tua Tungovailoa not looking so great and talking about a lot of week 14 action. And sitting around and thinking we are, we are, as you know, this just in post-Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is when Bill Parcells back in the day would say the season began after Thanksgiving because you already know who you are through 12 weeks of the football season. And then at the time the final month of the season would hit. Now as you know there's an 18-week regular season 17 games and still though you know who you are in Thanksgiving and then when you start losing games in December it's no longer you know a narrative.

It's kind of reality and it can actually cement a narrative and there's not much time for you to come back from that. It's still enough to turn a season around. Last year the Las Vegas Raiders won their final four and made the playoffs and almost knocked off Joe Burrow in Cincinnati. Who could be that team?

So on and so forth. That's the part of the season we're living in right now. But the few games in week 14 made me think there was a rash of teams where the narrative, the negative story about their team, their result in week 14 cemented it. And that's how I've come up with a top five list that requires Mike Del Tufo for you to give me some NFL Films music for a little bit of mood and I greatly appreciate that. Top five NFL teams who fueled their haters in week 14. One, two, three, four, five. Who fueled their haters in week 14.

One, two, three, four, five. Haters. Fueled their haters.

You know I love haters. I don't know how many haters the Tennessee Titans have. Maybe they do have them in Jacksonville but anybody who looks at that team and thinks all the Titan fans that talk about tightening up the boys on their bus and take your heart pills and buckle up that they're bringing you know a hard-hitting style of football your way. Well they just got hit in the mouth with their own medicine by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the second half in which Derrick Henry gained two yards and that's by the way not you know a figure of speech.

This is a guy who had a hundred yards in the first half and usually that means two hundreds right around the corner when he's taking on Jacksonville. Didn't happen this time and anybody who thinks the Titans last year they were just a one seed coach of the year Mike Vrabel that they're still just for gazey. That you still you know just because you don't have a bunch of their players on their on your fantasy team from them. Well the Tennessee Titans got hit in the mouth and now they have lost three in a row. The Tennessee Titans did nothing to stop the narrative that that not all that deep down and the door is open for them to be totally shocked and have a dreadful end of their season.

That's number five on the list. Number four in this list is a team that a lot of folks thought would be choosing in the top five of the draft coming into the season. They're still going to probably be picking the top five in the draft but it's using Denver's draft choice. Not their own pick.

Not their own. Everyone thought it would be their own pick. I'm talking about the Seattle Seahawks. I gotta tell you man when I saw them in Munich and I saw them bouncing around in their practice that I saw and I saw the positivity the vibes were just through the roof. I mean they were all buying what Pete Carroll was selling and I'm sure they still are and Geno was getting MVP talk and I thought for sure they would not only beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but go into their game in week 15 on a Thursday night. They were in week 15 on a Thursday night against the San Francisco 49ers with a chance to win the division that night. That's the momentum that they had going into that Munich game but they lost that Munich game to Tampa and then went on a bye and then lost in the last second against the Las Vegas Raiders team that usually blows a bunch of leads doesn't come back from them and then they wound up needing a last second win to avoid a shocking loss against the Rams and then the Carolina Panthers just ran all over and I know Geno said at one point that he thought there was an offsides penalty three guys he saw going offsides which is why he threw one up for grabs for a pick and he's right but the Seattle Seahawks maybe aren't all that after all and Geno's not all that after all that fueled some haters losing to Carolina this week number three on the list. Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota Vikings have 10 wins. Take a look in the standings.

They've given up one more point than they've scored this year. Isn't that incredible? That's outrageous. They have a negative point differentials. That's outrageous.

They do. How? How? I don't know man.

Why? Well I think Dallas beating him 40 to three. Yeah that didn't. When you're minus 37 on one particular day that kind of helps erase what Justin Jefferson might be able to put on the board and so on and so forth but anybody out there thinking okay nice uh offense you got there. Minnesota yeah Kirk Cousins taking his shirt off on planes but now he's just assuming a crash position. They still have 10 wins. They're still going to print a playoff ticket. The folks in Minnesota are going to still be doing the skull chant in a home playoff game in January. That's going to happen but last week's loss in Detroit where Detroit put up a ton of points on them and Detroit made the the big play at the end of the game with their tackle eligible in motion play. What a play. Minnesota didn't do themselves any favor.

Fueled the haters fire by going ahead and losing in Detroit and not being able to pop their playoff tickets out to their season ticket holders on the spot. Number two on this list or should I say two on this list? You see what I did? Nice.

Well done. Miami Dolphins. Oh man that's two clunkers in a row.

You could sit here and say well San Francisco is winning the division. Well they also had Brock Purdy thrown in the game. You can say well it's Purdy it's Purdy mania. Purd what? Purd Sanity. Oh how about this one?

Purdimonium. Oh. Going on in in in Santa Clara. I'm here for all of you. In Santa Clara. I'm here for all the Purdy puns.

Thank you. You could say all that but hey he was coming in a game cold and then the Chargers without six starters on defense. There is a lot to pick apart right now for Miami and they're going into Buffalo on a short week on a Saturday night where it's going to be like 20 degrees. Miami's going to bring that game. Tyreek better bring all his Kansas City cold weather success with him. So the Dolphins did no favors in fueling and quieting their haters. They just add fuel to the flame. That too is really not all that and the Dolphins are imminently beatable but number one on this list the number one team that fueled their haters because there's a legion of them with their week 14 result is interestingly enough let me make sure I'm just really figures that the only team that actually won on this list hey his Dallas Cowboys fueled the haters just when you thought the Cowboys are just putting it all together and just sticking their foot on the throat of the lesser opponents and not playing down their opponents those days are over those days are over after they turned to 21-19 lead over the Indianapolis Colts on a Sunday night into a 90 million to 19 victory they came in against Houston and laid a big fat goose egg and man did they need Tank Lawrence shooting a gap on that for that third down play and yes T.J. Jefferson they did come up with a 98 yard game winning drive at the end in order to pull this thing out to win the game and that in the past this goose egg would have actually led to an L instead of a W I understand boss put some respect what the hell was that they had Davis Mills and Jeff Driscoll threw us off spinning it all over the place prepare for two cubies defensively they couldn't put pressure on either of them Davis Mills was slinging it Jeff Driscoll was rolling out and slinging it I mean come on man this is the time you're supposed to say we are going to win this division we're going to catch the Philadelphia Eagles we're going to prove to everybody that we are the number one team in the NFC we're going to get that top seed we're going to run them down and we are going to show everybody that whatever the hell happened last year in the playoffs is out of our system and then they needed every last tick on the clock to beat the Houston Texans what the hell was that it's your damn act together that's my top five list of the top five teams that fueled their haters hated it there you go I'm fueling my haters I'm fueling my haters right here I mean if you didn't want us to use up all the time to make the game 50 minutes what do you want me to tell you like no I understand that the river card can beat you too I understand it sucked that fifth card that fifth card counts just as much as the first three on the flop this is how you know and I know you hate this guys but this is how you know Dallas's varsity any other team goes on a 98 yard game winning drive that's false and yet we're talking about in a negative light instead of a positive you bring it on yourself how what did I do oh please you collectively born you've agreed sport you just pulled one out of your orifice actually nothing's been pulled out of there any shame you're holding up how about them yeah it's because my team won so I'm happy I can't be happy if my team won you can you are allowed congratulations go douse gonna win the super bowl right where dallas is the best team in football all I say is you didn't believe in this god did that's all I said you do refer to them as the varsity as if the rest of the NFL 31 other teams are junior varsity well that's what you bring it on what do you mean to tell me no one in this great earth that no one else on this planet refers to their team as varsity but me and if that's the case I really am special by the way likes varsity blues if let's just let me put it this way who does philadelphia have the rest of the way here philadelphia the rest of the way how about this doesn't matter they're gonna win how about this perfect example home against new orleans perfect example perfect example they pull out a game against new orleans just like the one you just did against the houston texas and they have to get 98 yards to pull that out of their philly orify there will be people saying hurts is the mvp is he really the mvp and you don't almost beat him i don't remember this talk when they beat the cults by one point thing it's going to be the same thing look it's the same thing we got the dub to use the irvin phrase same intensity we will people will not lose that intensity that's my top five list love it what do you think everybody 844204rich number two dial if you hate it as much as tj don't hear from me be honest lewis riddick of espn coming up next so much to talk about with him 844204rich number two dial what's right with nick right is a rapidly growing podcast from the fox sports podcast network you may know nick right from co-hosting fs1's first things first this podcast gives nick a chance to develop deep dive and defend his sharpest opinions during the show nick faces off against a ticking clock team of producers and even his own family to try and get his points across new episodes drop monday thursday and friday wherever you get your podcasts back here on the rich isin show love talking ball with this guy and thrilled to have some time with him here from the worldwide leader in sports nfl live he calls college football games and of course nfl games for espn he's the great lewis riddick back here on the mercedes-benz van's phone line on the rich isin show how you doing lewis good rich how you doing man i am doing great um let's just jump right into it the conversation about the miami dolphins with their two losses out in uh in the state of california is that they're less than they're not they're showing they're true if you will uh uh selves what do you make of the last couple weeks with two of and this offense and this team in general yeah it's weird it's weird with miami isn't it that people seem to like when they're doing good they poke holes in this football team and try and discredit any kind of success they have and then when they do bad everyone wants to go i told you i told you that i told you i told you tool was no good i told you and it's just there's this weird fascination with this team and i'll tell you why look i look at it like this the past two weeks i think there are some things that on a macro level need to be really looked at hard by mike mcdaniel and then on a like on a little bit more of a micro level individually some players need to play better there's no question about that macro level on the offensive side of the ball mike mcdaniel needs to put his foot up the rear end of his offensive line and say hey look i came from a place where we ran the football on everybody we ran it down their throat we we spent some money to get some some better players in here on the offensive line and right now on a consistent basis we can't capture the line of scrimmage against a high school football team let alone an nfl you know good defensive front that has to get better and he has to instill that in them and and get these guys coming off the ball so where this this offense is not so quite honestly tyreek hill dependent big play explosive play dependent tyreek hill picks up a fumble out of a scrum and runs it down the field 60 yards and that's how you're getting your points or a defensive back falls down or tyreek just runs past the guy because he's 4-2 in the 40 4-1 in the 40 until it just lays it up there that can't be their offense their offense has to be more well-rounded that and that and a lot of that falls on him that falls on mike and it falls on this offensive line you go up against san francisco and their d line you go up against the chargers who haven't stopped anybody running the football since brandon staley took over you go up against buffalo this week you better be able to run the football or at least have them to feel though there is a credible threat to run the ball and they can't they haven't done it he has to fix that number two but you know there was all this talk right this week about well brandon staley did something no one else did he packed the middle of the field he took away the inside throw every team does that bill beltech was preaching that rich back in 1985 when he's with the giants back in 92 3 4 5 when i was with him at the brown every team tries to make you throw it outside and not give you the easy throws over the middle but if you watch the first couple plays of this game let's see tyreek has a lowey gillman beat on a wheel route down the sideline to under throws it so that's one two jaylen waddle has the corner beat on a dig route he drops it third play uh tyreek is open on a little out rod against cover two comes in right behind the hook curl defender drops it three and out so it's like okay well to it sucks now right so it can't throw it can't play to it sucks i told you to it sucks and see that that then that starts happening now they throw the football to to tyreek way too much and i get why they do but it's got to have a little bit more it's got to have a little bit more reason behind it and i think they got away from that a little bit and jaylen waddle can't be forgotten in this offense like he was in that charger game so look i think there's a lot of things that they need to look at big picture two has got to hit the gimmies when they're there the offensive lines got to get its button gear the defense look man i mean brad chubb as much as i love him look you you got to affect games you got to put quarterbacks down you got to put justin herbert on his back i mean jaylen phillips is good as he's they got to get them on the ground though but you gotta get them on the so there's a lot to go around here more so than just well the dolphins suck and most of all who was not as good as justin herbert and i told y'all but that that's what happens with this football team we'll see they'll be up against it this week against buffalo who i heard you just talking about milano this team rich they don't fool you leslie doesn't try to fool you and he'll tell you that leslie fraser and dc they try to out execute you they try to out tough you like can you withstand it can you do what my guys can do for three hours can you stay in there can you stay in there can you keep fighting the fight are you going to be willing to when it's cold in this crowd that seems to be coming down on you and it seems like they're like the stands are moving in closer and closer and the wind starts picking up can you withstand it or do you just start scoreboard watching and going hey when can we go up that tunnel and get on the buses and get the hell out of here that's their test this week we'll see and in terms of that test louis riddick here on the rich eisen show you you just mentioned how leslie fraser doesn't try to fool you the bills dc and out execute you and see how tough you are um it sure seems like the bangles passed that test every single time these days right i mean my how how for real do you think the defending afc champs are in a conference where we're more focused on on the mahomes and allen of it all louis i think you you hit the nail on the head like their their toughness physically and probably most importantly mentally is on par with any team in the nfl because it isn't always pretty for cincy it isn't offensively or defensively you look at the first couple series against cleveland last week and miles garrett is absolutely torturing jonah williams he's torturous i mean you see um jadebi and clowny i mean they're hitting joe burrow on three steps but joe can't get the ball out of his hands fast enough and you're sitting there and you're going oh my goodness it's going to be the same thing with this with this team concerning you know they just can't seem to block their edge rushes and joe's going to be running for his life and who knows what's going to happen but they stay in there man joe makes plays that just kind of like kind of like defy defy what really should be happening and it's because he's so smart he's tough you don't see him you know complaining to it you know to his offensive lineman you never see his facial expression change and they hang in there the next thing you know there's no tyler boyd there's no t hickens but jamar chase makes a play uh samadhi piran makes a play joe mixon makes a play and and you know a guy like um oh man name's escaping oh trent nerwin the wide receiver he makes a play and next thing you know this team has got you right where they want you and then the defense just turns it up somebody makes a big sack makes a big thing they'll tackle for a loss the defensive back puts a big hit on them and since he comes out there with the win and that's because that team doesn't blink and it all starts with that quarterback man he's special he's special he's special and he is going to be unless you can get him to start doubting himself this team will never doubt themselves i don't think that's ever going to happen on planet earth well joe joe burrows is playing uh and doing anything in his life i would imagine and he's not lost to the chiefs as we all know he just beat him what a huge huge huge finale on the worldwide leader monday night football is going to be when buffalo visits cincinnati uh and week 17 so uh you know and the buffalo offense i know it's been discussed on nfl live quite a bit lately about not looking the same way as it looked when it was on tilt for the first eight weeks this season mahomes with a three interception game that let denver back in and you want to talk about balanced i i don't know if they care or not i mean they they don't seem to want to run it or care to run it or run it unless it's like you know 90 seconds left to have isaiah pacheco angry run his way into the victorious locker room i don't know how do you how do you handicap the afc uh moving forward or if we're missing anybody right here i'll give you the floor louis um no i i think you know these teams all have ebbs and flows during the season right where they don't look as good as you think they should look and you know and then from week to week we'll say well uh oh this team's in trouble uh this seems interesting and you know and i think we expect we expect too much from teams like kansas city um or even a team like buffalo that can look so good for you know three four or five weeks and then they hit a little bit of a lull and and the next thing you know we're ready to like sound the alarm bells but i think once once the second season rolls around here being postseason i think these teams will be back on it look there's no doubt that buffalo and kansas city put a lot on on josh and patrick and they should i mean they're special they're different and it's just going to be an international tendency to do so but i think when you start with buffalo someone knew during uh before the season began that he wanted this football team to have a little bit more of a running identity and have a little bit more toughness and be able to run the football when they wanted to run it and when they wanted to take some of the pressure off of josh and his ability to throw it and i think they'll get back to that i think they're still capable of doing it and a lot of that's going to fall on ken dorsey the offensive coordinator to make sure he he re-establishes that part of the game because they know they'll be able to throw they know josh will be able to do heroic stuff and i'm not really necessarily worried about that kansas city look it's kind of the same way um they have one of the best offensive lines arguably at the top a top two or three offensive line in the game i mean they can mall you when they want to and pacheco has brought a different style to them a different toughness to them but i mean how many times are you going to really want to just pound it up in there when you know that 15 can just do things that you can't coach and sometimes you just stand over there on the sideline cross your arms and go go to work buddy go to work they they can now you don't want to do that too often but i think he knows more so than anybody what it takes to win in the postseason that being patrick and he knows that you know i think this year maybe his margin uh for error is not as great as it's been in the past because he had difference makers that could just do things that not many other people could do namely tyreek so i think when it comes down to it and they get to this second season both of those teams will play their best football and it will be a tall task to knock either one of them out of there and you'll you'll have to play your very best and we won't be you know of course it'll come down to like every game comes down to an explosive play here a turnover there that may get them in the end if you know one of those teams ultimately and you know not everybody can make it to the super bowl one of those teams get kicked out of there but it won't be because there's some kind of glaring omission you know in their game or glaring weakness in their game where we can sit back and you know break our arms top myself on the back oh see i told you i told you that they had this it's not going to be that kind of situation it's going to be because somebody else makes a play man and you got to give the other team credit sometimes and i don't know i i just i just sometimes don't i don't like spending so much time trying to find trying to find that gotcha um you know point on a team as much so as i like to give the other team some credit that you know there's some damn good teams rich in the nfl you know you covered better than anybody just some good teams man and sometimes you just got to say hey that guy got me louis got me on that one but louis this is sports talk radio how dare you come on here and be nuanced how dare you do such yeah honestly we're losing that aren't we we're losing that the coverage of this game you're tearing at the fabric of the sports talk galaxy how dare you do such a thing louis riddick here on the rich eisen show from from the worldwide leader in sports i'm going to ask you a pointed question that is new to the uh to the nfl um super bowl conversation scene uh because it involves brock purty and i'll just put it point blank to you can the 49ers in your estimation win it all with brock purty as their quarterback what do you think absolutely yeah i absolutely think they can um it's one start one game one start and you know finishing a game out in another game and i know people well how to help you say that with that sample size again i'm not looking for to sit back in the weeds and wait for that gotcha moment to go say to say hey i told you right told you brock couldn't do it he's got a great offensive line a bet you know a really a cache of running backs provided the debo will be okay once postseason comes around he's got playmakers on the perimeter he's got a hellacious defense that he can lean on to say hey look man it's okay to punt it's okay we'll get you the ball back we'll get you another shot we'll get you another swing at it and the kid himself has shown that i can execute this offense in the context of how kyle wants it executed and when those plays happen that come outside of structure i've shown you so far so far that i can get that done too so why should i why should i doubt why should i sit here and just wait for him to make that mistake that you know even patrick mahomes will make it sometimes josh allen will make it sometimes help jaylen hertz will make it something why should i wait for that to say hey i told you i think as long as he's got the i think as long as he plays within you know the structure of this offense and they don't start you know having guys drop like flies to where he doesn't have the support around him yeah i think he could make it i think he can help take them to the super bowl and not just because he doesn't screw it up rich but because he does make a play that he does do something that isn't because kyle is a genius as far as play calling or or or cmac isn't you know is is the best running back you know dual threat in the nfl or because debo is just as tough as hell it's because brock purty can actually make a play because brock purty's actually smart enough and talented enough to actually make a play god forbid in the nfl where you know only a few people can make plays no i know he's Mr irrelevant but he's also a guy who was showing you that and we've seen this time and time again in the league just because where you were drafted but your scouts aren't 100 correct man they just aren't and and all the guys who are six five and run four four and have cannon arms aren't the only ones that can make plays that go down in history we've seen that time and time again people don't want to believe it i happen to believe in the kid because he hasn't given me any reason not to and he hasn't given them any reason not to well what was the evaluation of him at the combine throughout the talent evaluation portion of our calendar this uh this past spring do you recall what was yeah well i mean he he was a guy who it's the traits it's the trait aspect of it that caps people's excitement for a guy like that he doesn't look like josh he doesn't look like patrick he doesn't throw it like that he doesn't have the national you know um attention and or production or stage that a guy like joe burrow had coming out you know he's shorter smaller doesn't have a big arm doesn't run a big 40 can't throw the ball off platform like a guy like zach wilson he did in his in his pro day he doesn't have all that stuff so they fall down and they fall down and they fall down and they fall down and next thing you know they get put into this box of well ideal backup maybe third you know 13 quarterback will stick around for eight nine ten eleven years like a chase daniel and he'll always be good for three or four games but he'll never be able to lead you to the promised land over a 17-game season that right there sounds like your typical prototype cookie cutter scouting report on a kid like broad party and maybe in the end that is true but for right now for this stretch that they need him for because of the king that's around him he could definitely lead them to the promised land as long as the supporting cast around him is still good you know i'm not i'm not sitting here trying to tell anybody he'll be able to do patrick mahomes and josh allen type stuff or jail and hurt but i'm not saying that i'd be foolish to say that i'm not you know i'm not unrealistic but see the cool thing about football is that as much as we try to individualize this game it's still a team game and he's part of a real good team and if a and real good teams ultimately are what win super bowls and i think that's really that's really what san francisco is banking on and what they're going to ride as far as they can ride well you also just described jalen hurts on the eagles too but hurts is is is is is shown uh mvp quality you know game-changing generationally talented ability and so you mentioned the word hellacious uh for the 49ers defense cowboys niners do they have an equal shot to you know beat the eagles in a one and done situation you think sure do okay they sure do and you know what and what it is with philly it's kind of like what washington showed you um the great equalizer for every team and this is why coaches when they talk about it sometimes we blow our eyes and go guys just give me something else give me something else that's the key to the game but they always come back to one thing rich they always come back to turnover differential but we have if we can have more swings at it than you our odds go up exponentially especially if we can get more swings at it in terms of trying to score touchdowns on short fields so opportunistic turnovers and that's how washington beat philadelphia and that's the one thing along with injuries which you never wish on a team but those are the two things that level the playing field and ball security is something that every guy at some point in time has a lapse with and it's just whether or not you're conscious enough to take advantage of it and i think that's how you beat philly first and foremost now there's the people who question who are going to want to say hey well once we get to the postseason and the stakes ratchet up is jail and hurt going to lose that cool calm demeanor that i have an answer for everything hey keep hating on me keep down on me type of attitude that he has right now will you be able to stay as cool as he is now well we'll see i wouldn't bet against them i wouldn't bet against them but you punch at that ball you give your offense a couple more cracks at it you don't let them throw the ball over the top on you you keep those sidebars you know the side rails on that running game and don't let them get on the perimeter and have jail and going crazy on you yeah you can beat them that cisco can is fully capable of beating them sallis is fully capable of beating them washington always showed you people don't think we're anything and we beat them so yeah they can be beat but you have to be on it for three three and a half hours and um not every team is up to that you're the man lewis i'd love talking ball with you i say that every time i don't mind repeating it um love watching you on espn and especially when you uh say yes to our our invitation here thanks i appreciate it every time my man right back at you i follow lewis riddick on twitter you should as well at l riddick espn nfl in college football analyst extraordinaire from espn right here on the rich isaac show i just love listening him talk all right same right so good just really great it's just so knowledgeable and obviously experienced and expert in boiling it down in a very fascinating way of syntax verbiage everything just love it i used to watch lewis riddick at pit when i was in junior high yeah yeah did you um sell him shoes at a foot locker no i mean i was he come in and i was in junior high what is it what is he 12 13 and a half what is he 12 and a half i was a little too young to have a job at that point but i guess you're not really too young never never never all right we'll take a break phone calls 844-204-rich number to dial here on the rich isaac show don't go anywhere we're back with that and then hour three austin eckler of the los angeles chargers coming up take on this holiday season with the help of navy federal credit union when you use the navy federal cash rewards card you can earn up to 1.75 cash back on all purchases you can redeem your rewards as soon as you earn them too and using the navy federal mobile app makes redeeming easier than ever enjoy the rewards of cash back without any annual fee balance transfer or foreign transaction fees there's no limitations on rewards and they never expire while your account your account is open rates are variable and range between 12.65 percent and 18 apr based on credit worthiness atm fees for cash advances are up to a dollar at non-navy federal atms message and data rates may apply visit navy for more information again you can learn how to get cheer to last all year with the cash rewards card at navy our members are the mission insured by ncua jeff and detroit i knew it here from him i thought it would be yesterday i mean my gosh they're just killing it right now and uh they let me detroit lions are taking on home who are they taking on next oh it's on this week jeff and detroit rich from staten island says hello what's going on what's going on oh man listen first of all i like to thank thank you uh for posting you have a post on your twitter account that you put all it pops up every year the unfortunate passing of your father but it gives so much love and inspiration on how everybody should treat each other much much better and i love is in need of love today man most definitely so i just appreciate you for keeping that post up because it really is inspiring the message that you get across man everybody needs to hear that message we need to treat each other a lot better now on to the lions thank you up for riding with us because when chris asked you why are the lions three point favorites and you came back with an impassioned speech about how they are truly the real deal it was so great you know i've got friends that uh do security for the lions it was even said that a box was taken off of the vikings bus and put near the locker room but when it was apparent that the detroit lions were going to win the box went back on the bus i'm figuring that was those uh hats and shirts of uh detroit you know the north the nfc north championship they were not celebrating on our turf man it feels it feels wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful man yeah johnson got jared golf playing like the man and it's just how i see the light man well i mean offensively i mean golf looks hey jeff golf golf looks as comfortable in this offense as he looked in here in la don't you get that sense that he's rolling out yes you know and people forget that he's a super bowl quarterback he looks as comfortable in this offense as he did out here in la when you when he's rolling out you just know he's going to find some receiver that's sitting on your waiver wire at the exception of aman ras st brown i'm serious like that's for sure that's the way i feel watching it and defensively they have tightened the bolts and how about my wolverine our wolverine up front how about him how about him oh my goodness he's been amazing when you've got sauce man he would sure be in the right you won't get it the two defense was going to end up taking that thing home that guy's electrifying favorites for defensive rookie of the year are on the same field coming up this sunday in week 15. oh that's gonna be a heck of a showdown man they are sauce on the jet side of things and aden hutch aden hutchinson uh on the line side of things thanks for the call and i appreciate you saying what you said about the video i put up about the passing of my father which by the way happened three years ago today i know so for him to call in and say that that kind of caught me with a little right cross right there it was three years ago today talk about life being uh wild my dad and uh mike leach share the same day of passing away and my my dad is interred here in los angeles right next to leonard neemoy things i didn't expect your dad is next to leonard neemoy for real never told us that facts of long and prosper that is by the way i don't want to say too much it's right that's all we were also filming our miami super bowl open i know i remember that day before yeah yeah day before at any rate life is uh life is kind of crazy i'll make this turn uh i i i don't know about your fantasy league but we found out today oh by the way congratulations to jeff garland he is uh he is in the playoffs in our alice and chains fantasy league that we're in with jerry cantrell by the way tremendous uh causes uh the ms is in it as well right duff mccagan it's been a fun right that's right so it's a it's a fun a fun uh uh league right uh fantasy league with uh celebrities and and it's a fundraiser as well uh i had no idea that the final uh playoff spot is given to the team that has the most points of any team that's not in the playoffs that team is awarded the final playoff spot so jeff garland gets ours playoff spot despite being two games worse than us but he has more points than us had no idea yeah and i think that rule uh what's the word for it hold on a minute i have it written down here oh sucks that rule sucks that's the rule in my league i don't understand it we do we use power rankings so like i just did my playoffs today so what basically yeah we use power rankings on cbs sports line so we have their our top two guys the team with the two best records they get to buy then you get the guy with the highest point total he gets the third seed and then we do power rankings that'll out for it i could never play in a league like that ever what do you mean you can never put we got this this is a very simple league no it's a simple league with wins and losses whoever has the most wins is the number one seed and whoever has the most wins out of say if you want a 14 playoff or 16 playoff whoever has the best record out of that is seeded all the way down to whoever is out i'm just saying that's i i don't understand it fabs is like texting me it makes it it makes it you know uh that it makes it fair so if you have bad luck it doesn't penalize you and head-to-head contests and my answer is like okay what's more bad luck than not making the playoffs when you're two games better than the other team is that bad luck is that bad luck i'm sitting here we're sweating out who wins who loses all year long and at the end of the year it's like oh yeah you're you're out because the team that's two games worse than you i get it if we were if we were eight and six and maybe he was seven and seven like if you're one game back and you have more points then i i guess i could hear an argument i am curbing my i am curbing my uh i'm curbing right now yeah because right now right now i want to open it up and i want to wipe my feet in there and i'm okay yeah that's what i want to remember guys this is for charity you were upset about this this is a good thing i mean you didn't make it but this is it's not a good thing i don't want jeff to be in the playoffs i want us to be in the playoffs we're two games better than him i meant the charity's a good thing what's up with that sorry rich isin what's up with that i think jeff should let us take control of his team for the week no now i know why he was dropping and picking people up this morning and i'm like why is he he's out how why is he picking people up he was in yeah we also had a really bad rules mate we lost to buble who started two players inactive people that were out well foster morrow with a big bagel zero raiders did us no favors on thursday last week my other my poker league there's one more week to go in the regular season yeah oh nice because it's a 14 playoff and oh a 14 playoff are you only in it oh you're 10 guys 10 guys 10 guys four teams yeah wow why what's wrong with that it's not a lot of teams not a lot of teams well i mean it's what's the regular season four we do six teams we got 10 oh the alice and james league is 10 and six make it i hear you the two with a bye whatever well well we're out even though we had the sixth best record we didn't have enough points points come on but it's oh yeah points count i mean dumb at any rate uh coming up at hour number three austin eckler of the los angeles chargers uh they are out of the playoff picture right now despite having the same record as the patriots because the patriots have more points than them see what i mean do you see how dumb that sounds how dumb is that actually no you know what it's interesting uh the six and seven lions are now in the playoffs because they have more points than the giants see there's fantasy that's how dumb it is that's how dumb it is how wrestling really works and how you get the ratings eric bischoff and conrad thompson explain on 83 weeks you're either growing or you're dying i think it'd be hard to recreate the kind of growth that wcw experienced between 95 and 98 this audience should be growing the characters should be coming more and they're not everybody's gradually losing audience not that people will say well but aew is 15 ahead of where they were last year but there's variables there let's see where we're at year from now 83 weeks on youtube or wherever you listen
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