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REShow: Austin Ekeler - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 13, 2022 3:09 pm

REShow: Austin Ekeler - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 13, 2022 3:09 pm

Rich reacts to the Patriots’ Monday Night Football win over the Arizona Cardinals and says why he’s almost a frustrated with the Pats’ stagnant offense as QB Mac Jones. 

Chargers RB Austin Ekeler tells Rich what it’s like being in an NFL huddle on 4th and goal knowing you’re about to get the handoff, why he has full faith in Justin Herbert’s quiet leadership and head coach Brandon Staley’s flair for going against the grain, and the team’s mindset as they battle for a spot in the AFC playoffs. 

Rich and the guys debate if the Dallas Cowboys should have signed free agent WR Odell Beckham Jr. instead of TY Hilton.

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Be 21. Touchdown San Francisco! Earlier on the show, Jaguars head coach Doug Peterson, ESPN NFL analyst Lewis Riddick. Coming up, Chargers running back Austin Eckler. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Power number three of the Rich Eisen Show on the air, Austin Eckler of the Los Angeles Chargers is going to be joining us in a matter of moments. Meanwhile, in Qatar, Argentina and Croatia just started touching soccer ball for the right to play for the fake trophy that's in between Brockman and Del Tufo on the Rich Eisen Show set. I just love how many guests we have come in here and say, you don't have the World Cup trophy here, do you? And I'm like, no we don't. It's right over there, right next to Al Michaels' book.

Watch Aaron and Gomez. Really thought it was the real World Cup trophy. He did. He made a beeline for it when he came in. He's like, oh you guys have that?

And we're like, no, no, we've got it on Amazon. If it was real, if it was real, we have placed it amongst two of our most sacred items here on the Rich Eisen Show set, which is Al Michaels' signed copy of You Can't Make This Up, his memoir, and the autograph, Steve Austin what? Piggy bank? So you put a coin in Steve Austin's head? Where does the coin go?

Yeah, yeah, so in the back of his head there's a little slot for some coins and it talks. Hold on a second. There we go, hold on a minute. You got it? There you go.

Reach across. There it is. Okay, can you hear it? Okay, because Stone Cold said so. Very good.

And he signed the top of his head as well, right? That's where we keep, anyway, that's our World Cup coverage of Argentina versus Croatia. Right there. And Mike Del Tufo, don't worry, don't worry, don't worry, don't worry. It's probably right as soon as we hang up the phone with Austin Eckler is when you're going to have to start figuring out what the stoppage time for the first half is going to be. Because as you know, we here on the Rich Eisen Show, this is the one aspect of international soccer or just soccer in general we just don't understand is that we as fans will just have to be in the dark and the players on the field and the coaches on the sideline, they're just going to have to be in the dark to know exactly how much time is left.

Just run to the whistle blows. Honestly, last night, Damian Lillard in his 11 threes in the third quarter last night for your team against mine in fantasy, you have a big lead after just one game one night this week. Don't worry, I don't have a full team the rest of the week. Well, as you know, whatever, but he I'm just saying is that if Damian Lillard was in, if the whole concept of soccer timekeeping was in the NBA, and he took a three and he points to his wrist, we'd say we think it's Dame time. We don't know, there could be more time left. We think you're in Dame time. How much time is left?

That's the Dame time at risk tap is like a game closed over or it's not. I just I just don't get it. You know why else we know that's not real rich. Well, you know how much the World Cup trophy is estimated to be worth? No, no. What you guys don't know this now? Okay, real quick.

No, take your time. The Lombardi Trophy. Austin Geico is not calling in for another $15,000 estimated Larry OB $15,000 before you continue before you continue. If anybody's ever purchased anything in Tiffany's, okay, or Tiffany, is it right? Tiffany's right in the Tiffany's for $2,000. I mean, I'm just telling you what it says. There's no way the Lombardi Trophy is like the amount of a really nice pendant you can get in Tiffany's.

Okay, but continue on. It says it's about 10 grand. 10 grand? $13,500 for the Larry OB.

Okay. $18,006 for the World Series trophy. What? $23,000 for Lord Stanley's Cup. That was a piece of metal. The FIFA World Cup trophy estimated value $20 million. Make me understand how that's possible. It's gold. That's why. It's solid gold.

$20 million? It's solid gold. Dude, what website is this? I need to know. I've seen it on, this is the third one I've seen now. Because I've done multiple research. You cross checked.

I saw it on Twitter yesterday when I was posting something for the show. Most expensive. Now I'm seeing this. By the way guys, it's made of 31,000 carats of 18 carat gold. Well I got that thing for like 15 bucks. It looks just as nice.

It looks just as good. You'd never know. It fooled Hernan Gomez when he came on the program. I mean he literally just was, it was like a magnet.

He went right to it. By the way, I've seen this everywhere. By the way, what did you say?

$20 million. I've seen this everywhere. Wow. TJ, I'm sorry about the Lombardi too. By the way, I'd flop for that. Carry me off for the stretcher for that.

Now you see why everybody's crying when their team loses. That's right. That's not the third, geez.

Did you get a mini one? At the current, at the current. It sounds appropriate. So at the current price of gold, it's worth about $250,000. But because of sports memorabilia and blah, blah, blah. Thank you for that. Precious metal. Precious metal.

Very good. Precious metal versus a piece of metal in Major League Baseball. Major League Baseball, just a piece of metal. So let's talk about the New England Patriots that, who would currently visit the Kansas City Chiefs to start the playoffs. Yeah, we would get our... Oh my goodness. How do we score enough points to keep up with that team? Cause I don't... With our dink and dunk and quick passing game. First of all, how do you like my Wolverine rushing the passer for you? How do you like him?

How do you like what he's become? I mean, I love our defense. I asked you a specific question. It's not about Michigan. It absolutely is. It's not. It's about... Matthew Judon said, I told you I wasn't our best pass rusher.

It's about the way he's developed since going to the Patriots. Say his name. Go ahead. Say his name. Josh Uchik. Thank you.

You're welcome. Say my name. Let me tell you, man. I'll tell you what, man.

Let me tell you, man. You know, the Patriots offense, looking the way that it is that this team is seven and six right now. Our dude who scored two touchdowns last night, never heard of him before last night's game. Didn't even know who he was. They're like, Harris? I'm like, Damien Harris is back?

I thought he was hurt. Yeah. Nope. Some other guy named Harris. Yeah.

Your sixth round draft choice out of South Carolina. There we go. Congratulations. You got him going on.

Thanks. But I mean... Parker goes down. Ramondre Stevenson goes down.

I don't know how many... No Jacoby Myers. Let me ask you this question. Is there a line, like next week, New England's at the Raiders. Yeah. So Vegas sets a line on everything, right? Yeah. Although it could be off the board because it's involving their home team. But anyway, I shouldn't... I don't know these things anyway. So I ask you, can you set a line on the number of times Matt Jones will be caught on camera cursing out somebody on the sideline that may or may not be Matt Patricia?

I'll take the over. Honestly. It seems like this is now part and parcel of every game. But yesterday you were at the Clipper game, they caught him waving at the sideline where he waved and his play call sheet cover just flapped in the air as he was barking at someone like, enough. Stop talking or I got this.

I don't know how to interpret it. But he's got the red ass in him, Matt Jones, and he is not happy with the way things are being adjudicated, run, called or it just seems without a doubt. And I'm sure Belichick loves his moxie and loves his fire and loves all of that stuff. And maybe, I don't know how they're handling it, but they come up with the win. Their defense turns them over and scores and... On six sacks and a touchdown, you know, and of course they face Kyler Murray for three snaps. And I mean, and DeAndre Hopkins handles a ball with the loaf of bread and the Patriots slap it out and walk in the end zone with it and smoke, mirrors, anger, steam, whatever you want to use.

They're your seven seed right now. And Matt Jones and this offense are like, at times it feels like oil and water. And Vance Joseph, the defensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals made a lot of eyebrows raised because he talked about the elephant in the room when on Friday he said that this offense looked like it was being called by a defensive coordinator. You would know he's a defensive coordinator and defensive coordinators are risk averse. They want you to be smart with the football and they want you to be careful with the football and they'll take a shot here or there.

They hit Hunter Henry on a couple of seams last night. But other than that, I mean, they're not going to try and take the top off the defense. They're just going to hold on to it, hold on to it, hold on to it and put some points on the board and make you make the mistake and take those points and keep piling them up on each other and beat you. And it's, I'll tell you what, it's frustrating to watch. I'm not sitting there with you.

Not great to watch at all. I am sitting next to an 11 year old Patriot fan watching this game. Cooper Eisen is a diehard Patriot fan. Susie won that battle in the house and it really wasn't much of a battle when Tom Brady's winning championships and my jets are hiring Adam Gase. And here I am telling children in the house, no, you need to be with me on this one. And that would be, I think it's against the penal code somewhere in certain states to do something.

Misery loves company though. But at any rate, he is a diehard Patriot fan. And at one point I almost recorded it. He hates it when I take out the phone because it's adorable, but it's also out of the mouths of Babe. Third quarter, last night, I'm done with halftime of Westwood One, Monday Night Football.

Come out of the office. Great job. I was listening to halftime while we were driving to the game. Thank you for sounding surprised. Very smooth. Thank you. How do I take that compliment? Does that sound like, hey, great job.

Like, you know. I think you just take it as a compliment. I mean, it was like you've been doing it for years, but you haven't. It was a really good job. Thank you. At any rate, I come out of, I come out of the office, right, I come, I come back and I'm back in the... Did I hear a dog bark at one point? No, you didn't.

Stop it. That was Ian. That was Ian. Yes, that was Ian. That was Ian.

Yes, at halftime. He called in because, you know, I mean, he had some fresh news about Calamari. At any rate, I go back and he's watching the game and Cooper goes, oh, my God, another screen pass. I swear to God, he said that. Oh, my God.

That was me yelling at the radio, too. But yeah, he's even seeing that they're throwing behind the sticks or they're not throwing past the marker, line the game, the words of the, even he's seeing it. It's really tough to watch. And it's just really frustrating based on what we saw last year with Mac Jones.

It hasn't, we're not advancing. The only thing that's, you know, advancing is his lack of patience. Like he's barking on the sideline, which I guess is great to see. He's taken ownership of it. But all you, you know, you hear from people who watch tape and know him is that his special ability is to quickly digest what's happening pre-snap. And you'd think that that would allow a risk to be taken because he knows where somebody's going or he knows what's happening. Maybe we're not, we're not seeing the full picture of him, with him and this team.

It's just unbelievable. And yeah, man, like if you're going to take on a team like the Chiefs, you're not equipped to beat that team in the playoffs right now. I mean, unless you totally confuse him, you get three turnovers like the Broncos did.

Maybe you can do it. I don't know. The defense would have to really have a day for us to kind of even stay on the field of Kansas City, keep it within a score, 10 points. You know, and so... Are we okay with Matt Jones at this point in his career, like yelling and screaming and cursing at a coach? You know what? Yeah, absolutely. I personally don't care, but I just know that this will always be someone's going to say like...

So I just wondered how you guys... I think it's fine when it's at Matt Patricia because everyone knows he stinks. Well, look, it doesn't help. It doesn't help, okay, to see a second year quarterback barking at somebody who we are assuming it is him, but just because I know this guy across the way, and I am married to a fellow asshole, okay, and I know the area very well, and having grown up around a ton of New Englanders, I think New England sports fans love his fire. And certainly if you are assuming where he's directing it, and the person who you would like to have fire in that direction, I think fans kind of dig it. The question is, what about the coaching staff in the locker room? And so I think that's what's behind the question posed to Bill Belichick that leads to this Bill Belichick press conference moment, asked about what that victory on Monday night did for morale.

Today's Bill Belichick press conference moment. Well, we prefer to win. Obviously it's an important win standing wise, but maybe in terms of morale, how helpful might this be for the entire team? It's always good to win. It's what we practice for. It's what we practice for. It's always good to win. It's always good to win. It's what we practice for. Let me take you inside the locker room and let me take you behind the scenes of all the conversations that are playing out during that two game losing streak and Mac Jones barking on the sidelines at somebody, treating an individual like Tom Brady treats a tablet.

So that's a big win. Next up, next up, next up, there's a win up for grabs. And it's Belichick and the Patriots and Patricia taking on a guy who used to coordinate and had Mac Jones looking a hell of a lot better than right now and the offense looking a lot better. Josh McDaniel is coming off of maybe his worst loss of the season and the Raiders, as we all know, have a lot of candidates for worst loss of the season for them.

This is up for grabs. That's a big one and they better come up with that win because Joe Burrow walks in on Christmas Eve and Tua walks in on New Year's Day and then they go visit Buffalo in the final week of the season where the one seed, we are assuming, will be on the line for the Buffalo Bills where the two seed, gonna get tougher. And I spoke to David Andrews, I don't know if you heard that portion of, or if you only heard halftime. During the pregame show, just in case you're wondering, it was as smooth and good as you were impressed by my halftime. I was really impressed by my halftime. Not long enough though. You only got like five minutes. It's called halftime.

It's not a college football game. So I spoke to David Andrews, they're staying out at the University of Arizona, Jed Fish, former Patriot assistant, staffer. Future head coach, I think. Jed Fish saying to Bill, you come here, you can practice here, you don't have to go fly home. I asked David Andrews if the alternative was Belichick getting Blue Man Group tickets for everybody. What did he say?

I don't think he, you know, was gonna follow up on that. Yeah. No, I'm more of a Jabberwocky's guy. That's right. That's right. Exactly. So yeah, Jed Fish is like, yeah, why don't you stay here?

You don't have to have the team in Las Vegas for an entire week and that's a good idea. And Bill's like, sold, because they need to focus on practice because as we've just heard, they practice so they can win. That's our coverage of the Patriots Monday night win in Arizona. Let us take a break.

When we come back, Austin Eckler of the Los Angeles Chargers will join us, Mike Del Tufo expertly taking us to break while also keeping an eye on the stoppage time accruing the first half of a scoreless World Cup semifinal. What's Right with Nick Wright is a rapidly growing podcast from the Fox Sports Podcast Network. You may know Nick Wright from co-hosting FS1's First Things First. This podcast gives Nick a chance to develop, deep dive and defend his sharpest opinions. During the show, Nick faces off against a ticking clock, a team of producers and even his own family to try and get his points across. New episodes drop Monday, Thursday and Friday, wherever you get your podcasts.

Back here on the Rich Eisen Show, 844-204-rich number to dial here on the program. What a big time win. As I said yesterday, biggest win, most impressive win week 14, Los Angeles Chargers, Dolphins coming in expecting maybe to get a bounce back game. They're indoors.

Mostly I know there's a canopy on it, but it's basically an indoor game. Here comes Tua, here comes Hill, here comes Waddle, so on and so forth and the Chargers minus six defensive starters put it to them on that side of the ball and then Herbert looked terrific. They had a full compliment of receivers on that Sunday night and it put them in the moment in the seventh seed.

Patriots have now since supplanted them. So let's talk about this with the man who put them in the end zone on fourth and short, got it done and continues to get it done from the running back position on the Mercedes Benz Van's phone line from the victorious Los Angeles Chargers, Austin Eckler back here on the Rich Eisen Show. How you doing Austin?

I'm doing well Rich, thanks for having me on man. Let's jump right into this Austin. What is it like when it's fourth and goal from the one and you hear the number 30 called in the huddle and you break it and what's going through your mind like that moment on Sunday night?

Awesome. Yeah, you know, when you're in the flow of the game, so to speak, you really get really hyper focused on playing the game and your fundamentals and what you practice and things like that. So, you know, the crowd's going crazy, there's time that, you know, between going up and getting up to the line, it all kind of just slows down, so to speak, and you really just focus on, okay, my steps, where I'm going, my aiming points, all those things, and really the crowd is kind of not even existing in my mind at the moment, and it's just really a surreal feeling that you can't really stimulate anywhere else, especially, you know, we had that on the goal line right before the half, and it's like, all right, fourth and one, we're calling, you know, basically running off tackle to the left, right, and I'm like, okay, this is it, this is for us to basically get a two-score lead going into half, which is obviously big, and then get the ball back coming out, so it's a pretty special moment.

Well, what about now, looking back on it, certainly knowing your quarterback, how talented he is, and you've got Mike Williams back at it now, and same thing with Keenan Allen, the number of options that the Chargers and Joe Lombardi can pick are too many to mention, even though I just named a few, and they choose you. What does that mean? Yeah, you know, it's a big honor, you know, it's something that I've been building up over the years to, you know, basically try to instill trust in, you know, my offense and in our coaching staff, and it's taken a long time, but I feel like I've built that over the years, and so, you know, Coach Staley said that, you know, that fourth and one was the most we were going for, and then, you know, for Joe to call up my number in the goal line package, which has been a thing with me in the past, like, is also going to get the goal line reps or not, right? Sure enough, number 30's out there, and we're able to get it done, and so, you know, I think it just goes to show that I'm continuing to build trust in my team and my coaches. So for those who may not know, where does the guitar celebration come from?

What is that? I'm looking at my guitar right now, actually. I've been learning the guitars, and now I've got a few little riffs out there that I've been working on, and, man, it really is that feeling of just being a rock star. I feel like on stage, when you're in the end zone, you know, it's a special feeling.

Everyone's going crazy. There's good feelings going through, you know, your entire team, and I feel like that's the same feeling of rocking out on stage during your favorite song in front of, you know, thousands of people, and so that's why I hit the guitar in the end zone, because I feel like it's that same energy. Well, it seems, Austin, that having that game placed in front of the whole country and everybody seeing what this offense can look like when everybody from you, again, and Herbert, and I just mentioned the two receivers who are out there, the two, you know, that Mike Williams and Allen, and we also know the other guys who catch the football on your team, to see you all healthy like that as one, that it just kind of felt different on Sunday night, taking care of the Dolphins from your end of things.

What about you? How did that feel to you, that win? Yeah, you know, when we have all of our playmakers available for Justin to throw the ball to, it takes a big lift off of, you know, putting a lot of emphasis into, hey, we have to have success in the run game. Austin, you know, you're going to have to carry us, like, having these guys that have made plays consistently over the past and having them out there makes a huge difference, and you were able to see that last night, you know, some huge catches from Mike Williams and Keenan Bowe out there, and then we have Corey Linsley back our center who was out last week, that all of that makes a massive difference in just how we're able to operate and elevate our play of consistency and big play thinking ability, which is what the NFL is about.

It's about making plays consistently, and when you lose those guys, you lose some of our consistency, and so having them back is definitely going to be advantageous for us making this playoff run to end the season here. Austin Eckler here on the Rich Eisen Show, fresh off another touchdown in another big game for the Chargers with a big W on Sunday Night Football. What's your relationship with LaDainian, LT, like Austin? Man, so me and LT, we've crossed paths many times over the past few years, and, you know, as he's transitioned more into, you know, the community phase of his life and continuing to build things outside of football, we'll come across each other's paths in a community event here and there, but that's pretty much the extent of it. It's been really just based off of the organization keeping him around, which has obviously, you know, been where I've been, so we've crossed paths there, but anytime I get a chance to sit and chat with him, it's always a good time to catch up, because I know he's doing some amazing things, and, you know, obviously he's in the reporting, and now he's, you know, the student sideline reporting, so I'll chat with him, the interviews every once in a while. So yeah, I know, because they were talking about him on Sunday Night, him being there, and how, you know, you are scoring touchdowns at a clip, similar in many ways to when he was there starting out, too, and I'm wondering what you think of when you hear stuff like that, Austin. I mean, this guy scored like 28 touchdowns this season, so I got some bigger shoes to continue to fill, but you know what, I'm doing my best, you know, my career's not over, so maybe we'll hit a 28er, but right now just taking it one season at a time. I like it. Austin Eckler here on The Rich Eisen Show. So what about the rest of this season, and how you guys can finish?

What is the conversation that you are having? Obviously the division might be too tall an order, the Chiefs are right there on the verge of clinching it, but what about from here on out, Austin? You know, we've been in a lot of tough games this year that haven't been like, oh, dominant teams, but we've really battled with every single game we've been against, regardless of who it is, which could be seen as a good or bad thing depending on if it's like you're a team, this is a team that has the worst record, but if you really understand the NFL, you realize that records really don't mean anything, and so what it comes down to for us and what I'm looking forward to us, you know, in the end of this season here is getting some of our playmakers back as we saw last game, and then just continuing to have consistency within those guys, because if we're able to do that, if we're able to keep guys healthy, we'll have a much better shot of, you know, carrying our own spot. Right now we control our destiny, and it comes down to us winning all of our games, you know, I feel like we're in the playoff position right now where it's like, hey, we gotta continue to win out, and I believe we can do that, it starts one at a time, absolutely, in this league, and if we, like I said, if we have our playmakers healthy, guess what?

We're gonna have a great shot, and I'm liking our odds. What's your favorite Herbert story? Give me your best one, Austin Eckler, favorite Justin Herbert story, yes sir, you got one for me?

Wow. On the spot. You know, whether it shows off who he is, or how incredible an athlete he is, or how chill he is, I'm giving you a little bit of time to think about it, go through your mental Rolodex here for the story, you got a good one for him? Yeah, I think this one really stands out to me, and it goes down to his composure and the way he is consistent, and I think the biggest display of that was our last game, which I'll never forget, of 2021 against the Raiders, and we went on this drive to send it into overtime and converted on like six fourth downs in a row, and this man was not gonna be stopped, like he was gonna give us an opportunity to go make plays, the guys that got the opportunity to go down and make those plays, and he was just making it happen, and so we've seen that, like we saw that a little bit in our last drive, to go get that field goal, to go up by two scores, like that is Justin Herbert, that's what's gonna make him special, he's gonna give you a chance.

So did he say anything in the huddles, in any of them? No, no, see this man, he's not a big talker, he's gonna get the boys rallied on the sideline, he'll be saying just the cliche, like hey boys let's go, get a goal, keep us up, keep us alert, but he's just gonna go out there and play, that's what he wants to do, he wants to go out there and play, and so guess what we do, we go out there and play, and we know he's gonna give us a chance, because that's how he is, we know that's his personality, so when he's in that mode, like okay yep, this is what we expect. Now I know you just mentioned going for it on fourth downs in the last game of last season, obviously that was out of necessity, your head coach goes for it on a lot of fourth downs, you're a video game guy, do you think sometimes Brandon Staley is calling a game like it's a video game?

Do you ever think about that? Like it's a video game, wow, I don't really play Madden at all, I don't know if you're going for it on a lot of Madden or something. Okay so what is your video game, again I'm not on Twitch, I don't do that, what is your I don't play really any video games on Twitch anymore, I'm doing some, I have like a game show on there now, made a kind of a transformation of my community engagement on Twitch, it's more so in a different realm, but you go for it, but for me it's like, it's a risk reward, you know, and it's like, you can be conservative, you can be aggressive, and you get to decide, and as a head coach, guess what, that's on your shoulders, and if you trust your players, which I hope he does, you know, he can be aggressive, that doesn't mean you have to be aggressive, you can trust your players, but he is, and that's the way he wants to play, and that's the way he wants to coach his team, and make the decisions, and so that's up for him. For me, I don't care what he wants to do, because whatever he calls, if my number's out there, I just need to make sure I'm in a position where I can do the best for him, and have his back. But do you ever in a huddle go, damn, are we really going for it here?

Like do you have that? Never. Never. If we're going out, we went for it on fourth and nine, the beginning of last year one time, and I'm like, yeah, let's frickin' go, I'm like, I'm on the field, we gotta do it, like, I have no choice, like, he gets paid to coach, I get played to go out there and execute.

I really don't have an opinion on, you know, the fourth down call and things like that, and if I did, guess what, it really doesn't matter. Okay. Well, Austin Eckler, so what are you doing video game-wise? Anything else you wanna talk about, what you're up to these days? What are you up to off the field? I mean, what I've really been up to is I've been developing an app for the past year and a half, and that kind of stems from my Gridiron gaming group company that I had. Basically, I was able to help a lot of different athletes and influencers build on top of their brand and leverage ourselves.

It was only in the gaming space, but I've basically backed up and repositioned where we can help anyone that has a community, and that's this app I've been working on, it's called Experience, spelled E-K-S instead of E-X-P. And so I've been working on that, and basically what it is is it's a way for people to engage in more meaningful ways, like you can get things signed from people, you can have engagements on social media, video chats, gaming, item stores, like basically an influential person can go on there and set up an account and offer customized offerings to their community that they can go and engage on. Okay. I knew there was, you're always a fascinating guy to talk to, you've always got something going on, and I figured I'd ask you, and I love that it starts with an E-K, you know, experience. I like that.

Well, you could do that, you could do a lot with that, with taking out the E-X and put in the E-K. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. You're excellent, right?

You're an excellent scorer? Yes, excellent. Excellent, right. Okay, I'm trying to think what else. This is what, you know- Extension. You like it?

Yeah, contract extension. How about that? You could throw that out there. I like that one.

I like that one. I bet you do. Yeah, we're trying to help. We're trying to help.

And I always try to help, and having you on, and I appreciate you coming on. It's very rare that I speak directly to somebody so close to that individual being the specific one to beat me in fantasy for the week, which your touchdown on fourth and one did. Might have actually cost me a spot in the playoffs, Austin, but- Oh, no. That's okay. That's how it goes, man.

I know. That's how it goes. It is how it goes, but it's testing my professional fortitude right now, but you're just such a great guy to talk to. I don't particularly- Well, look, make sure you pick me up next year then.

You know, I will do that. I will just say that this has been an excellent conversation and fascinating to chat with you after such a big win, because like I said, it does feel like this is something you can build off of, and this team was, I think, in search of something for that over the last four to six weeks, if I'm not mistaken. Yes, we have been. We have been very much so.

I couldn't have said it any better. And with possibly an opportunity to see Kansas City one more time, do you guys even openly discuss that sort of thing or no? Yeah. I think that's been something Coach Daley said before the season, you're going to have to beat this team three times.

You're going to see them at least three times, and you've got to beat them in one of those to continue your season. That's right. Yeah. We're ready for that.

All right. Well, your next opponent is a team that is in desperate need of a win. You and Derrick Henry, could you guys be... That would be a heck of a night, right? If you outrun and outscored Derrick Henry? It's going to be. That's going to be the challenge. Outrun, I don't know, that's my game compared to his.

He's definitely going to be in that category over the season as it goes. But I'm trying to be efficient with whether I'm catching the ball or running the ball. Come on now. You've got a stiff arm in you, don't you, Austin? You've got a stiff arm.

I've got a stiff arm, but it's about a foot shorter than his. Well, I look forward to that game, Austin. Thanks for the time right here and look for more of my phone calls and congrats on everything that's going on with you in your life, sir. Absolutely. Absolutely. Thanks for having me on. I appreciate the opportunity. You got it.

That's Austin Eckler who beat the Dolphins and my fantasy team in the same week right here on the Rich Isaac Show. And when you open a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, which just brought you that interview with Austin Eckler, you're opening more than just doors. You are unlocking potential, the potential to do your own thing, be your own boss, steer your own success, blaze your own trail, because each and every Sprinter van is built, designed and equipped to let you hit the open road and take on any goal that you set to help you follow your passions and reawaken that spirit of adventure and check all those big, bold, fun, and exciting experiences right off your bucket list. When you own a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, you can live, work, and play out your dreams about how far off the beaten path they'll take you.

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Unlock your potential inside a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. And I just got to tell you, man, I mean, what a rough fantasy week. I interviewed the guy who's touchdown, you know, beat me this past week. I now need help to get in the playoffs next week. I need help. I need to win and get help. And then I find out, well, at least I'm in one fantasy league playoff. No, you're not.

The team that's two games worse than you gets in because they outpointed you. Hey, but he's like that sometimes. Makes sense.

All of it makes sense. And then, again, for me to hold my professionalism in like that, only surpassed by the professionalism of everyone here, that during that interview, Messi comes up with the penalty kick to go up one nil and then as I was saying goodbye to Austin Eckler, a set piece corner by Croatia countered by who is that individual who ran the entire length of the field and put the ball in the back of the net? Do we know who that Argentine was? Because I mean, what is the length of a foot of a soccer pitch? Is it 110 yards? Yeah. I mean, that was basically it was a little like longer than a football field. That dude just ran 80 yards.

And Julian Alvarez. Holy cow. Ran it himself. Didn't give it up. He had a new ability to give it up, but he just ran straight. You went right down the middle.

You went right down the middle. We didn't react. Unbelievable.

Very impressive. But I'm getting ready for the stoppage time coming up. We got about four minutes. Well, when we come back, it's about the length of the rest of the time in the first half is how much time we are about to take for a break.

What's your guess for stoppage time? I gotta wait. I gotta wait. You can't wait. You gotta guess now.

You don't. Come on. You guess now.

And when we come back, we'll see how accurate you are. Rich Eisen Show stoppage time expert. Five minutes. Five minutes, because there's enough time to set up for a penalty kick after the other goal was scored. Five. You'll say plus five? We're plus five? Five.

Five-ish Finkle? Five-ish? Five-ish. We're five-ish. Five-ish. You may get near six. Okay, thank you.

It may be like a seven. All right. When we come back, we'll check on Mike Del Tufo's work and take your phone calls and the Rich Eisen Show. You can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on via Westwood One station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports.

If it's the NFL, it's on Westwood One. Ian Rappaport reporting what we all knew, we all feared. It's an ACL for Kyler Murray's out for the season. Oh my goodness gracious. So it's one of those sports stories where you're expecting something and something happens similar and allows us folks to say, well, the Dallas Cowboys did sign a free agent wide receiver.

Yeah. We'll be back after this to tell you who it is. Could it be Odell? Is it Odell?

Well, it's not a guy by the initials OBJ. It's a T-Y. T-Y Hilton? T-Y. So here he comes.

Can we get the T-Y now in Dallas doing the T-Y? There you go, man. Let's go. Oh yeah. Let's go. Do you need T-Y? Huh?

Do you need him? Why not? Look, let me just say this.

T-Y Hilton, if you're going to sign him, you sign him to take on the Houston Texans because he owns them like Dan Rogers owns the Bears. They're too late. You sign them last week and you wouldn't have had to pull it out of your orifice. But you know what guys? Oh honestly, I learned more about the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday coming back to win that game than I did when they beat the crap out of the Vikings or when they beat the crap out of the Colts. Like you learn more.

You can say, okay, but it's true. You learn more about this team, how they respond. You know what that sounds like to me? That sounds like me watching Michigan getting their ass kicked by Ohio State and saying, you know what? I love my children.

It's a beautiful blue sky. But you lost Ohio State. We won the game. Knock on wood that I have my health.

No, no. You want to kick people's ass. You want the Cowboys to be the team that beats the Vikings.

Rich, we kicked ass. We can't kick ass every week. You win the game, man. Yeah, but it's in the playoffs if you do that. You, man.

It's bad. You responding to like, well, the grease board is in danger after it was no longer in danger. Not at the moment where they all the Texas used two more yards. Again, Rich, do you think I've got my phone in my hand waiting for you to text me during that point in time? No, I wasn't on my phone.

I was watching the game. This guy's got 15 screens. He's got nothing to do except set up a screen. Got a lot of phones. Got a lot of phones. I got a phone.

How is that a lot of phones? Here we go. What are you guys talking about?

What does the T.Y. Hilton signing mean for Odell Beckham? Does this mean that the Cowboys are out of the Odell Beckham game? Yes. Are they like Kramer putting the money on the table saying I'm out? I think so.

I think so, yeah. This is Jerry Jones on 105.3 The Fan in the Metroplex today. Of course, we wouldn't have been interested in Odell had he not had the kind of talent that certainly can last to the spring, so to speak, but I think it's fair to say that he's an outstanding receiver. As you well know, he's not ready to play today. That's important, but he will be ready come spring. He's a receiver that I think would fit any team. And so I want to easily say there's going to be continued interest in Odell. But is it safe to say he won't be on this year's version of the Dallas Cowboys?

No, I wouldn't go that far if you'll include the playoffs. If you include the playoffs, would they really sign him and throw him out in his first game against the Panthers or the Bucks in Carolina or Tampa? Would they really do that? Would they really do that?

So Jerry signs Odell for one game? That's weird. Wow, that's pretty rude, don't you think?

Rude? Sorry, it was right there. The first ever one and done contract in the history of the NFL?

It was right there for me to swim on. All right, there you go. I don't think Odell plays for Dallas this year. Odell's not signing anywhere else.

There's four games left and he basically either can't physically do it or you heard what he said on the shop that I have no interest in doing it. Well, another sign, Rich, that he may not be going anywhere, Buffalo brings back Cole Beasley to the practice squad. Well, everybody's got to make plans if he's either A, not ready or B, unwilling, got to make plans, but I'll tell you what, you know who's not Odell, T.Y. Hilton or Cole Beasley?

Those are interesting stop gaps or usage. Let's put some respect on T.Y. Hilton though, I mean, you've got a four-time Pro Bowler, man.

He's got six, well, at least he's got, what's his receiving, 600 court cases, almost 10,000 yards? I'm a big fan of them all, a big fan. Of who? Of T.Y. Hilton. Cole Beasley, he and I go way back to Jerry Jones' party in Canton, Ohio.

And then after that, kind of went our separate ways. A little bit. I thought he played football recently.

I mean, I'm not- I mean, Odell hasn't played football. Come on, man. Come on, man.

What do we come on in? You've got a guy who's healthy. Yes. Opposed to a guy who's not.

Yes. You've got a guy who- I would go with a healthy guy or someone who's not. When T.Y. Hilton had Andrew Luck, T.Y. Hilton was a perennial Pro Bowler. T.Y. was nice. He was great.

Okay. I don't think, neither guy is moving the needle, whether you're a Super Bowl team or not. If they need somebody, those are the guys to have.

They're warm bodies. Anyone with a Giant signing? Who are they signing? I think that ship sailed for Odell in the end. Does Plexico have anything left in there? Plex, Plex. Thank. That was funny. Last night, with Eli talking about the helmet catch, Simmons was on the pod. I saw that.

I didn't see any of it. Didn't Simmons swear off the Patriots and swear off of football at one point? Was that him? No? Not him? No, I don't think so.

I must have mistaken. Peyton and Eli are so hilarious to hear. They're great.

It's a great watch. But it's the brother dynamic. Just when those two pick on each other, it's great. It's amazing.

It's fun. That was a fun, another fun watch last night. Thanks for taking in this edition of The Rich Eisen Show. Greatly appreciate everybody hanging out with us today. J.K. Dobbins is on tomorrow's program. He's coming in to thank you for your belief in him and his fantasy value. That would be great. Brother Jefferson did try to put you guys down.

Could be that. That was nice. Another valiant member of the Ohio State Buckeyes calling in to talk with me and potentially get some. He had nothing to do with it. I mean, why are you trying to just throw a stray at J.K. Dobbins? I'm not throwing any.

He throws trays at me every day. He's trying to get ready for his matchup this week. They're going to have a third string quarterback. Chris, I meant, by get some, I meant fascinating questions that elicit terrific answers that the Roku and radio listening audience will enjoy. That's what I meant by some.

What did you mean by some? Rich, I'm going to throw out a scenario for you that you are not going to like. What if Ohio State wins the national championship this year? I know. It would be tough.

Well, I brought that up a few weeks ago. Oh, I mean, the door's open. The door's open for a major clapback. What if you get routed by TCU and Ohio State wins the whole thing? Then what?

I would not prefer. Are you done talking for like a decade again? I'm taking Twitter off my phone.

No, because he still beat Ohio State. I'm taking all the social media. Who cares?

I'm going to take it off the phone. You lost the war. Honestly. Not really, because the people who that matters to, that game is what matters. A national title?

Speaking of playing to win the game. What sport did you tweet about how your school is now into right now? Syracuse, shout out to the Syracuse men's soccer team. They won the national championship last night in penalty kicks. It was awesome. Congratulation to the fellas. That's great. You watched it. I did.

I watched the penalty kicks. J.K. Dobbins is on tomorrow's show. Cincois Walls, the actor, will be here in studio, and we'd love for you to be joining us as well right here on the program, here on the Roku Channel and more. We're back to wrap up this show on Roku.

And for everyone else listening, let's chat Wednesday, shall we? How wrestling really works and how you get the ratings, Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson explain on 83 weeks. You're either growing or you're dying. I think it'd be hard to recreate the kind of growth that WCW experienced between 95 and 98. This audience should be growing. The characters should be coming more, and they're not. Everybody's gradually losing audience. So we'll say, well, but AEW is 15 percent ahead of where they were last year. But there's variables there. Let's see where we're at year from now. 83 weeks on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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