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REShow: Mike Florio - Hour 2 (12-9-2022)

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December 9, 2022 3:16 pm

REShow: Mike Florio - Hour 2 (12-9-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 9, 2022 3:16 pm

Rich reacts to Odell Beckham Jr’s ambiguous comments on ‘The Shop’ during the Raiders/Rams TNF game on Amazon Prime Video, and break down the Raiders latest edition of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory that was followed by a very head-scratching comment from head coach Josh McDaniels.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio and Rich marvel at Baker Mayfield lead the Rams to an improbable win over the Raiders on Thursday Night Football, breaks down the deepening intrigue between Jon Gruden and embattled Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder, and says which NFL coaches should be looking over their shoulder to see if Sean Payton is coming for their job.

TJ preaches the gospel on his NFL Week 14 fantasy football advice.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. If you missed hour number one, we started with what you might imagine that remarkable comeback win for the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams who were playing people in crucial spots that weren't even on the team for the Super Bowl run, let alone on the team Sunday. And of course the Las Vegas Raiders doing it again.

The it being blowing a monster lead and then just stepping on themselves and losing another one. If you missed it, don't worry we're going to re-air on the Roku channel after the next two hours are done. There's also our YouTube stream slash Rich Eisen Show. There's the Rich Eisen Show collection which is the video on demand service that the great folks at Roku have set up for anybody wants to take our show in at any point in time. And we love our partnership with the Roku channel. It's free on all Roku devices. Select Samsung smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV.

It's easy to get the app on any mobile device because the Roku channel is free there and then the that is free of charge there as well. 844-204-rich number to dial. Mike Florio is going to join us in about 20 minutes time to discuss last night's last night's game. Everything else of intrigue entering the weekend. The House Oversight Committee I mean everything's politicized these days. They came out with their report. I guess the Republican side of the committee came out with their report on Daniel Snyder and the NFL and and Bruce Allen and in this report on the House Oversight Committee investigation of Dan Snyder. Did Washington leak John Gruden's emails?

Because it sure looks like it. And so there's lots of heads or tails to be made out of all that and so why not get Mike Florio on the program and we shall in 18 minutes time. Phone calls will take them.

844-204-rich number to dial. What's more likely on this program? TJ Jefferson at the end of this hour. We will give you the floor to give us some fantasy advice. You gave some good ones last week for sure. BAM Night of the Jets.

That was a good one. That helped some people I'm sure if they were looking for running backs. It's wild. We got a lot of buys and if you're going into your fantasy playoffs this is coming at the worst times. Well the fantasy playoffs are usually next week or the week after for some people. It would traditionally be week 14 until they moved it to it. Right yeah so it depends on you know if you're it's still tough are they now because you're in your stupid 14 team. No no no we we added an extra week but the week 14 buy is really you know kind of wreaking havoc with people's teams. A lot of teams out.

844-204-rich number to dial here on the program. During the game last night I watched the Al Michaels version. You know Al is one of one. He's a unicorn and you know Al was complaining about everything. The game presentation the Who's House Rams house stuff and he's like I know they want to say I know they want us to say people to say Rams house but there are more Raiders fans here than Rams fans. He called it a Raiders AirBnB. That is an amazing line right there. That's Albino right so but there was yet another simulcast version of Thursday Night Football involving LeBron James and Maverick Carter's tv show The Shop that's normally on HBO but they've made a deal that they're going to watch the game from their shop from their set and we heard this yesterday Tom Pelissaro gave us a heads up that Odell was going to be on the shop and so Odell was on it and I guess a Maverick Carter towards the end of the the game got around to asking Odell hey have you made your decision and he asked him he said it would be nice if you did it on the shop but tell us what's going on with you and your decision because as we know having had both CeeDee Lamb of the Cowboys and Sean McDermott the head coach of the Bills on this program and asked them how the visit went and you heard Jerry Jones confirm that what Sean McDermott also confirmed Odell's not working out for the teams not getting out on the field she's gonna have to sign him sight unseen and then Micah Parsons of the Cowboys said he was told by Odell that he won't be able to get on the field for another five weeks which means the playoffs and as Tom Pelissaro pointed out you know that sets up something we didn't see coming a Odell either not being ready to play in the regular season we all thought it would be like last year with the Rams he would get there in the middle of the regular season this time because of injury not till the end of the regular season get up to speed get in there break a sweat get on the same page with his teammates when the action was definitely live but not one and done go home loser yeah loser goes home live we all thought that would happen and not only is that not happening but Odell just added an interesting little twist of this whole thing he he made it sound he's not gonna play in the regular season not because his knee doesn't hurt it's because he's doesn't want to it's what he had to say I haven't made the decision and for me it's like I would like I would like to to be in a stable environment get up 6 a.m leave at 6 p.m for four weeks and then let's talk about it I've I've played football for a long time like I'm not saying that I couldn't step in and play regular season but I don't see the point I really don't like I would rather play when that pressure's on I would rather play when the lights is on like I went through the whole playoffs and I was after having my first bad playoff experience like all I was ready for was to clear that off my name the bad playoff experience he's referring to I would imagine is the Giants and that he cleared off his name was last year with the Rams right correct and as if there already isn't enough question about his knees readiness to stand the test of an NFL game when the chips are down because he's not working out for teams now folks are going to be wondering that even more because why wouldn't he play in the regular season what's I it kind of doesn't make sense to me and as you know I'm always offering unsolicited two cents to Odell including the idea that he should every year jump in to an NFL season mid-season by offering his services to the highest bidder in a free agent style sweepstakes once the trade deadline is over and he can pick and choose where his best chance to win a ring is took your advice to heart seems well I don't know if that's what it is though because I'm wondering about his knees readiness when I hear comments like him saying that he he wants to he wants to go to his spot and come in at 6 a.m and 6 p and leave at 6 p.m in other words be first in the building and and leave 12 hours later after he's in the playbook and he's in the the jet stream of a team off the field and then we can talk meaning test his readiness then what does that mean we can then we can talk that could just be another phrase of like okay then we can actually talk business about get me out on the field for me to do my thing I think that's a phrase that that's how he's using that phrase as well then we can talk I'm sure there's some folks will be like well what do you mean so you're going to sign with the team and then you'll have to negotiate your way on the field I think what I'm seeing here because it makes no sense to say the lights aren't on until the playoffs for instance the Giants could really use him to get to the playoffs I mean every game the Giants play from here on out Philadelphia this week a game against the commanders that NBC flexed into that's under the lights the whole country's going to watch that one you know playoff for the Giants then play Philadelphia again at the end of the season I mean they need them they're at Minnesota these are going to be games that are basically of major playoff importance so the regular season games aren't insignificant at all to the Giants they need them to make it how does the game for the Dallas Cowboys against the Philadelphia Eagles on Christmas Day feel to you in terms of level of importance and lights being on and the whole country paying attention to the result that sounds pretty big to me yeah and then Buffalo is interested in his services right the difference between between being the one seed and having Kansas City everybody come to them and Kansas City or maybe even San Francisco or whatever it might be they're going to be the one seed and they've got to go there in the playoffs I'd say that affects a Super Bowl chance and run significantly wouldn't you you want to talk about a game under the lights how does Monday night the final Monday night football game of the regular season week 17 January 2nd happy new year everybody Cincinnati hosting Buffalo how does that sound to you as Jamar chases is going to be to you as Jamar chase is running all over the place and we're talking about his incredible ability and and Odell knows all about making catches on Monday night so to me what this sounds like some people will take it like he doesn't want to play because he's not ready his knee won't stand the test and he wants his money now and he wants his money next year so he's hiding the fact that he's not ready people might be saying that or as you know he put out that chess piece on on his Twitter feed maybe this is a way his way of saying hey Jerry you know you want me now I don't think I need I'm needed now you know I'll come into your building now and then I'll play for you once the playoffs hit but if you want me now how about you up that money how about you stop talking about my knee maybe this is the game of chess he's playing you think he's just looking for a long-term spot maybe he wants more money now and more money later and if you want his services in the regular season which is neither here nor there to him maybe you need to come more correct everybody maybe that's the chess piece that he's talking about because it doesn't really make much sense to me that the regular season doesn't mean anything it means a hell of a lot to these teams Buffalo really needs to win that game in Cincinnati by the way the Cowboys if they want a shot at the division in the one seat they need some help from the other teams playing Philadelphia and then they have to take care of their own business on Christmas weekend and the Giants could really use him the difference between making the playoffs or not for the New York Football Giants could be Odell coming back or not unless he's not ready so many questions I didn't think that answered anything last night 844-204 Rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show let's go to Tom in Ohio has been waiting a while what's up Tom hey Rich how you doing what's going on not too much I just wanted to make a real quick comment I'm a lifelong Browns fan and I'm really happy for for Baker for that guy because I think he kind of got a bad rap in Cleveland but my main comment is when he got out of the game last night he went up on the set Richard Sherman was just losing his mind over the defense that the Raiders were in and Baker said the greatest comment I think I've ever heard anybody say he said yeah yeah I was you know I was licking my chops I couldn't believe it yeah and then Ryan Fitzpatrick chimed in Ryan Fitzpatrick chimed in with an even better line saying the defensive coordinator went to Yale and as you know that's very very funny that's the that's the die-hard rival of Harvard by the way I don't know if you know Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard you guys know that he did okay yeah but yeah I'm with you man I it's just it was an avalanche of thing and thanks for the call greatly appreciate it an avalanche of of things that the of things that the Raiders did to themselves did to themselves I will say this and then we'll hear from Josh McDaniels before we throw a break I will say this um Max Crosby was held damn near every snap of the football from the mid of fourth quarter on and those last two drives that Baker Mayfield led the Rams on I mean that guy was unblockable and unguardable and he was being corralled I think it's Havenstein was just throwing him down yeah just up around the net and then he would let go but that's a hold he was being held every time but you have to Rod Woodson told me all the time and I say the phrase here all the time you have to play better than the refs ref that's what he said Chuck Knoll would tell the Steelers almost every damn time before they took the field the refs are going to blow calls tonight gents play well enough where these calls don't matter they do not affect our ability to win because you're so damn far ahead I mean that's one way to say don't f it up and then you know uh all sides on a punt the Jerry Tillery thing was the was the nail in the coffin because Baker Mayfield is sacked he is sacked and the clock is ticking and they don't have any time outs left and instead of it being a loss of seven and the clock rolling it's now a gain of what eight you tack onto 15 yards and the clock stops right the Rams can gather themselves and huddle up come up with a play what are you doing slapping the ball out of you just sacked him the game is essentially over you win yeah you are winning you just finally sacked him and and and there wasn't a holding penalty called on that I'm sure there was a hold on that too you got to him what are you slapping the ball out of his hands for like what goes through your mind for that Martin in Colorado you're here on the Rich Eisen show what's up Martin Rich fellas thanks for taking my call again you guys hear me yes Martin all right hey I'm calling again about the Raiders they don't last night was probably the most Raider thing that could possibly happen but as a member of a down-and-out Bronco country nothing better than watching the Raiders burn that's pretty much all we have to look forward to now but you know I hold you in such high regard Rich that's why I was so devastated when you picked them to win the division a while back I called in about it and I thought man he's being a prisoner of the moment bright shiny objects but then you know you start to come off him and then you went back on the train Rich on the train Rich are you ready to come off ready to come off them yes Martin I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready but but I still I will still say again and thank you for the call if you want to start a team and you need a running game to go along with your wide receiver Josh Jacobs is running the ball as well as anybody and he's catching it out of the backfield as well as anybody he's a two-way threat at the running back position as good as anybody in the league and nobody can touch Devante Adams nobody and then you need to get the other quarterback on the ground and they have Chandler Jones and his hundred plus career sacks and Max Crosby is out of his skull great what else do you need in the NFL what you need is smart players all around a quarterback who's going to help you win Derek Carr can do that and then you need a coach this is what Josh McDaniel's had to say after the game last night and I don't know if this is just brilliantly simplistic or just completely gobbledygook I can't forget can you help me out with this go for it the bottom line is is until we until we figure out how to you know stop losing games with mistakes that we you know we do ourselves then it makes it very difficult to win and so you know you can't you can't really win until you stop from losing and that's penalties turnovers things like that that that contribute to that and so you know we've talked a lot about that we obviously need to do and do a better job of coaching it and trying to get us to play better right I mean is that is that overly is that like brilliantly simplistic that you can't win until you stop from losing I mean when you have a dumb team when you're the coach of a dumb team you you it's not your fault but Devante Adams is brilliant I mean they're not dumb all I mean you're not all of them are dumb but jumping off sides when you have the game essentially wrapped up when they're punting is dumb knocking the ball out when you when there's a minute to go and you just sack the quarterback that's dumb and so you know that could be a a reflection of the head coach but Josh McDaniels isn't doing those things I don't really gotta be out of his mind like this stuff never happened in New England they were he was part of one of the most brilliantly situationally smart teams ever but if you're a player and you don't know not to do those things like we can't help like the coach can't help you see you can't you can't really say because I remember like last year with the Cowboys had all these penalties and people were blaming it on Mike McCarthy they're saying it was the coaching now you can't turn around and say well it's not the coach's fault it's the players it's like we can't have it both ways if if you're the coach I'm talking about you're in charge of getting those players ready and and that is no not to jump off sides on fourth and three then like you can't really play or slap at somebody's yeah it's somebody's slap the football out of a quarterback's hand as he's trying to get it to the official to set the football on the official standing right there to take to receive the football and then what I honestly and also I I don't know again if it's complete like gobbledygook or just so simply brilliant in its simplicity for instance like we can't go to break unless we stop from talking right like we have to go to break right now we'll never get to break unless we stop talking talking or I start playing music I mean I'm kidding you know what I mean like duh I get it so stop talking and go to break right which we'll do Mike Florio when we come back on the Rich Eisen show 2000 2008 2022 when it comes to the economy those are some scary crash housing crash and the roller coaster we're kind of going through right now one thing is certain it's a dangerous time to not know your numbers but over 31,000 businesses have the 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don't know halfway or so through the game i asked myself how in the hell are peter king and i going to talk about this game tomorrow i mean what can we talk about and then we spent the first entire hour of the show without a break talking about that game thanks to the ending of it well i mean i saw some of the videos on your site um as well i don't blame you some of your conversation was essentially like did you see that can you believe that i mean in these you know and peter's peter's been around the block and you have as well honestly there were times when baker was going the wrong way and there were times that the play was blown up because it was obvious that he wasn't fully you know um up to speed on things but as he said after the game ball is ball and mcveigh and the staff coached him up just well enough i i still can't believe what i saw i still can't believe it i was unbelievable and after that punt where the ball rolls inside the five like it has a mind of its own and mac holland is doing the gritties as the ball is rolling to a stop and they line it up and they got 98 yards to go a minute and a half and no time out like oh well uh you know oh well it's just a question of when they get the fourth down and don't convert and the raiders take a couple of knees and we all go home and the the moment that it turned was the jerry tillery idiotic knocked the ball out of baker's hand again 15 yards reversing a fact that it just happened on a first down and then the throw to ben squernick we talked so much about the van jefferson touchdown but the spark to that drive was the 30-plus yarder squernick which was a beautiful pass and an incredible catch and that was the moment that you you you feel yourself sitting forward in your seat that we may have something here and it really is unbelievable for a team that has no postseason hopes you know the bucks did it the other night but they're trying to win their division the rams are dead in the water to create that kind of excitement for a team that is playing out the strength i can remember nothing like it well and now you know their next two games are on national television and i know there are some folks even out there talking about looking up because i mean i guess you can make your own rules here you know flexing out of a christmas day game but baker mayfield monday night football in green bay and last year he damn near pulled it off for the browns in in lambo and then um christmas day i mean him him him playing there brings some jews and is is there any chance he stays there at all because you know we're going to be asking about stafford's health we saw him last night uh on the sideline giving him a hug but is there any shot that this is something more i think the rams would love to find a way to keep him around as a viable backup to matthew stafford because stafford although he's only 34 he is an old 34 he has been banged around and i think he keeps a lot of his injuries to himself he's at the exact opposite end of the ben rothas burger wrap me in ice on every joint spectrum and i want everyone to know how injured i am stafford never said anything and he got to the point this year where he just couldn't go and i think they'd like to have somebody they could plug in from time to time and feel comfortable and confident that that guy can get it done but after a game like last night you're not going to be able to find him to be your backup somebody's going to want to be the starter you got four more games and we could feel very differently a month from now than we do today but rich right before the 2018 draft josh mcdonald then the patriots offensive coordinator secretly worked out baker mayfield mayfield wasn't going to do it because like you're not going to draft me i'm not going to be on the board when you guys pick and you're not going to trade up to get me but he did it anyway and mcdonald got to witness last night firsthand what this guy can do and they haven't out in derek carr's contract and i'm not saying that they should i'm just saying that they could they could pull the plug on car they could sign mayfield and make him the starter and if anyone is going to do it wouldn't it be the person who saw last night standing on the field what mayfield can do with two days of preparation so i think if he keeps doing what he did last night somebody is going to want to be the starter somebody is going to pay him he's not going to get the 40 million that he reportedly wanted in cleveland but he's going to get a lot more than we thought he was going to get just a day ago at this time what do you think is happening with the raiders why do they keep blowing all these leads why do they lose games against teams that are making moves that are unprecedented like just throwing a quarterback into a game just less than 48 hours from arriving or losing to a coach who's never done it at this level before who was on tv six days before and tweeting about how terrible they were about 10 days before why what's your two cents on this mike rich it's the damnedest thing too they won the three games in between that horrendous bookend of losses to inexperienced coaching and just off the plane literally quarterback so i i know what i saw last night and i saw on that last play that touchdown pass it was a a bad defensive coverage it was a bad plan mayfield said he was shocked to see the defensive back in press coverage is 14 seconds left the ramps have no timeouts you're on the 24 yard line you at that point should be defending the end zone and only the end zone now you may keep some guys near the sidelines in order to try to keep someone inbound that they make a catch because you don't want them to to get out of bounds and then have another shot close to the end zone but they had a lot of guys in the middle of the field screw the middle of the field let them catch it tackle them they're not going to get another playoff so the press coverage and van jefferson ran past it and and mayfield explained that he saw the positioning defensive back beforehand and he was going to take that shot he had to because max crosby even as he was being held by the right tackle crosby would have would have been all over mayfield if he took any more time whatsoever it was beautiful but it was a horrible defense and those failures need to be rectified and and at a certain point it's no longer a fluke just like with the vikings what they're doing at a certain point it isn't a fluke what the raiders doing at a certain point it isn't a fluke but this issue came up after they lost to the colts josh mccain didn't get fired for one very important reason mark davis most likely can't afford to pay the buyout and then go hire another coach it's a cash flow issue there's been reports to that effect and and i don't think that's unreasonable this isn't the walmart clan that owns the broncos and money's just falling out of the sky to finance buyouts and hire new coaches so i think david is stuck with mcdonald no matter how badly fans would like to make a change after one year there's no way he's going to do it mike florio here from pro football talk on the rich isin show we were talking before the show saying hey who can come on and make heads or tails of what's coming out of congress involving daniel snyder the washington franchise bruce allen the former president of said franchise and john gruden and um it you were you were the clear uh uh favorite and uh we appreciate you taking the time to now explain to this audience what is going on because it seems like it's politicized because the report that came out yesterday was on the republican side of the oversight committee and uh what i i guess let's start with this did this report that come out yesterday confirm that the washington franchise were the ones that leaked john gruden's emails that led to the firing of gruden and the complete and total embarrassment of bruce allen and everyone else involved i wouldn't say that it confirms it but it introduced for the first time tangible evidence although second-hand that the commanders were responsible for it now it's not proof and it may not even be second-hand it's bruce allen calling the league office to complain about the fact that his emails were leaked and lisa freo the nfl chief counsel in charge of investigations saying to him we didn't do it it came from them now look even if they did do you think she's going to say oh we did it so i i i don't know what the truth is here and john gruden's pending litigation is going to get the bottom of it but i know there has been a sense for months rich that it was the commanders it was snyder who leaked it just because and and who knows the reason retaliation against anyone and everyone he's just pissed off about what they did to him whatever the reason he did it because he could whatever the reason there's a small universe of people that had access to those emails and once gruden's case moves forward through the discovery process where you get access to documents and you can question people under oath and you can begin to build your case gruden's going to find out and hopefully the rest of us will find out exactly who leaked those materials but there aren't many who could and now we have the first tangible piece of evidence pointing to the possibility that was the commanders possibly snyder whatever it is we'll find out at some point that that's the one big unknown as we go forward everything else from yesterday it confirmed what we already knew or what was already reported by the washington post and others espn had that long item about the notion that that dana snyder had dirt on the commissioner and other owners a lot of things we knew or suspected were confirmed yesterday but there wasn't a whole lot of new ground plowed it just it just so yeah you know everything that we think uh is is pretty much true was bruce allen followed to arizona like he was henry hill looking for his newspaper on the front doorstep i mean is that what you must be eating egg noodles and ketchup out there what are great what did i read something about that too well i i and allen allen uh acknowledged that the the commissioner you know this this was that the commissioner was was followed they got dirt on the commissioner whatever this was the mo that came out as snyder was involved in this effort what he did was it was an obscure website headquartered in india and he said that that that issued a defamatory statement about snyder they try to link them to jeffrey upstate and that's known that's the strike and effect they call it when you take action against it more people talk about the thing that wasn't true and it's completely untrue i don't want to get sued in india or anywhere else right completely untrue but the website in india posted that report he sued them there and then he started opening up all these actions throughout the united states to take discovery for the india case and that was where this all started to pop up the people being followed around people are being talked to and had this nefarious feel to it that they were using this as a way to to either intimidate people to just get dirt get information and that's where that all came from and and i think everything that flowed from that everything has happened since then is a result of that this is wild so what's gruden thinking does he does he see a path back to coaching here i mean because there were more emails that i had never heard of before that were buried in this report too i mean carson palmer caught some a lot of people caught i mean you know what i mean like it honestly if people want to take the time to read this it was wild so what what's gruden thinking right now well i think they're going to coach in the nfl again i mean i really don't because he sued the shield and he sued the commissioner right wrong or otherwise i think you you sign your permanent pink slip when you do that there's too many other talented coaches out there and there's too much discretion to get exercised by the owners and it's not like gruden came back and turned the raiders into a super bowl team he was struggling i mean the the narrative was if if uh mark davis didn't regard john gruden the same way could stand the regarded tony elaine's boyfriend that they weren't rock climbing with i mean if they weren't like buddies like that he would have fired gruden on merit and he was never going to fire gruden based upon the fact that he wasn't winning so i i don't think anybody is going to touch him now the same the same thing happening happening i'm not saying it's right but that's the way it works you sue the shield you sue gudel you're done so i don't think gruden's ever coming back and bruce allen's never coming back and you know the only question is if and when snyder will actually sell the team and move on there's a thought out there that maybe he won't that maybe he's just buying time and eventually he he won't go through with it we haven't heard anything about it in over a month that's true mike florio pro football talk here on the rich isin show uh anybody uh on a hot seat that can save their gig over the next five weeks what do you think well how's that look yeah i mean nobody's you know it's funny i'm thinking about it who's coming to mind you know mike mccarthy already has but he could blow it over the next five weeks there's been a sense all year long that he's done enough to stick around but a lot can happen in five weeks a lot of things that look settled one way can go the other way um but it's a great point rich i mean like brandon staley the guy where i think it's getting a little hot right now for him because you've got justin herbert and you're not you're not winning and and you're not in playoff position if they don't get to the playoffs you got to worry about that you got to worry about clif kingsbury even though you get extension through 2027 i still don't think that's a real extension and i think that that that that it's not guaranteed all the way through and that michael bidwell the owner of the team can move on if he wants to and you got sean payton kind of hovering over all of it he told tom brady this week he'll be back sooner than later and if there's teams out there thinking about making a coaching change you got a guy who's a proven commodity who's won a super bowl and and this is the time of year that owners are quietly making their plans for what they're going to do once the dust settles on the season mike florio what would you say the interpretation as i let you go after this one uh of o'dell beckham jimmy's i don't know what happened right there just lost him right there let's try one more time if we can get him back on oh at any rate i'll i just it's one of those things where i can't let it go you know how i am michael call back you know how i am i do this is gonna stew at you it's a good chat with mike florida i was gonna ask him about o'dell but he's done enough we got to get him back you ready for your fantasy advice you know the deal i stay ready 844-204 rich number to dial what's more likely coming up at the top of the next hour along with dk metcalf of the seattle seahawks that's how we're rolling into a friday and busy sports weekend let us go back to the phone lines lonnie in los angeles how you been lonnie man i'm i'm better now did you see my boy last night how about baker how about him how about now let me tell you something i've been a ram fan since roman gave her the jack snow i've seen all their quarterbacks i'm so impressed with that boy i always liked him and i'm getting to believe that the los angeles rams are the king you go to for redemption listen to the chatter about o'dell beckham before he came to the ram about that on his way to be mvp of the super bowl how about that baker mayfield i hope he stays i hope he has a great ending and shut up all those morons on espn lonnie thank you for the time i appreciate that there you go that's not a bad point sean mcveigh not bad career rehabilitator not a bad point go to like go to la yeah right reassimilate reinvigorate and relocate i mean how about that if you love baker mayfield and you're a ram if you're a rams fan and you love baker mayfield last night was for you if hold a minute let me do it let me do something better if you are an oklahoma sooner fan and a die-hard rams fan last night was for you and then that's just the cherry on top let's just say you're an oklahoma sooner fan who despises lincoln riley and watched usc go down in flames then this is the last great week one would say for zach from century city back here on the rich eyes and show to gloat no doubt publicist to the stars what's up zach with a couple things if i get to go rock climbing with baker mayfield and morgan scali i'm bringing sandwiches good to know well done good to know and if i see lincoln riley on the rock i'm telling him to step off step off george six days ever step up step off what uh what are six days rich where do i begin i called you last week when you talked beat usc and i cried as an adult i cried over college athletes playing and i cried out of the joy of spite coming home to me and i'm not embarrassed i'm calling a national radio show yes you are uh to let you know that uh and let your fans know and your audience know that i wept the happiest tears and i slept like ralphie with his little gun so happy that 10 months of just anger was manifested in a 44 to 7 run out there in the desert and then baker mayfield does it for your rams planting a flag writing sofi button heads without uh helmet on i mean he's doing it well rich do you recall the conversation that we had a couple weeks ago in the green room of the winning time yes uh panel yes i'm halfway home on that and i'll just call my shot right here that i predict that baker will be the full-time starting quarterback for the rams in the off season and that is someone who sadly has had a concussion and knows the reality of it if you have not one but two concussions in three weeks it means the first concussion that you weren't as honest with who you need to be honest with about your ability to get back on the field because concussions are bad so to get back on the field and get another one combine it with what mrs stafford has gone through four kids what mike florio just said about being an old 34 year old first ballot hall of fame and the super bowl ring what are we doing here i mean it's time to write off in the sunset and the baker mayfield era has officially begun and i am a season ticket holder zach rosenfield thank you sir greatly appreciate it there's zach everybody right here zach from century city mike and i are season ticket holders yeah but you're you're not like you're not like zach no zach goes to games he's not a transplant he's legit easy did you go last night mike he he's not sitting no i couldn't go let's just sit here let's just say this when when he's asked who's house he he says it's rams house you didn't say raiders airbnb airbnb all right it's now time to turn to brother jefferson and enter his church of fantasy advice a friday staple on the rich isaac rise up the fantasy church is open very good oh yes my brothers it's good to see you today brother del tufo brother brockman and uh brother rich guys right off the bat though let's just get started with something bi weeks we got a big bi-week problem in fantasy football this week people so it's going to be tough you know we got the falcons the bears the pack the colts the sinks and the washington commanders all on by so i know with your fantasy teams you're probably this is going to be the week for a lot of people that this is either going to help you make the playoffs it's going to knock you out so we're going to try to give you some really good advice here and i'm going to tell you yes lord i'm going to tell you about the man who won't help you make those fantasy playoffs step off mike evans we love mike evans right but i gotta be honest with you i can't trust mike evans right now and my thing about this is you don't want to sit on mike evans but i'm saying if you have just a better option maybe go for it because this could be the game that you make or miss the playoffs and he hasn't scored a touchdown since week four he's been held to under 60 yards receiving four games in a row and the niners have allowed just two touchdowns to receivers the last three games i love big mike but i i gotta say if you got a better option take him damon pierce against the cowboys look he hasn't scored a touchdown since week five the dallas defense is allowing the fewest uh fantasy points to opposing running backs and only four rbs have scored against us so maybe have him take a seat and darius slaton i just got one thing to say about that he's going to be covered by sleigh you know our boy sleigh oh it's sleigh versus sleigh versus sleigh in this case i say the sit darius no he can't be out there not against sleigh so i'm gonna say if you've got some better options leave those guys on the pew next to you come sunday and now brother del tufo for the man who leads you to that promised land of milk and honey they are him james cook now let me tell you something about james oh it's the quietest camp you know he did he's been getting a lot more touches with this buffalo offenses as we all know after a bye week rookies tend to see their production pick up a little bit right he posted 100 plus yards on 20 touches last week and his 46 percent of the team snaps were his season high i mean it's tough matchup against the jets but i just got a good feeling about brother cook godwin versus san francisco sounds like a bad matchup i don't know because in the slot i just making the prediction i don't like evans but i do like godwin i have a feeling godwin's gonna have a sneaky good game i'm gonna say put him in there and then we got goth and dj chart that's gonna be a shootout right i think that that's they're gonna put a ton of points on the board jared goff's gonna have a good game the sun god i'm in raw st brown's gonna have a good game dj chart put them in your lineup um as for my header gut pick right this is tough because last week i told you to take this guy's quarterback and put him off of your roster but i'm gonna tell you this week i got a good feeling about jerry judy huh i'm gonna say start jerry judy against the chiefs wow courtland sutton is likely out that's right which means judy's gonna be russ's top target and um here's the thing about this right 17 receivers who've gotten at least seven targets against the chiefs 14 of them have scored at least 13 ppr points so hey take a shot with jerry judy there and also i'd like to tell you some guys to pick up if you have a chance to put them on your roster just to help you out that is jk dobbins he should be making a uh little return for the fantasy playoffs trent shurfield rich you picked him up and chig o'connick will of the uh titans the tight end okay well done sir and hopefully they will lead you to the land of milk and honey can i get an amen amen let us play well what you'll get is an hour three
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