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REShow: DK Metcalf - Hour 3 (12-9-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 9, 2022 3:19 pm

REShow: DK Metcalf - Hour 3 (12-9-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 9, 2022 3:19 pm

In ‘What’s More Likely’ Rich weighs in on the Jets vs Bills, the Lions and Steelers chances to win at home, Cowboys vs Texans, Chiefs vs Broncos, Bengals vs Browns, 49ers, Seahawks, and Justin Herbert and the Chargers vs Tua Tagovailoa and the Miami Dolphins.

Seahawks WR DK Metcalf tells Rich why he enjoys jawing with Rams CB Jalen Ramsey but not so much when it comes to blocking former teammate Bobby Wagner, discusses Geno Smith’s breakout season compares to Russell Wilson’s struggles with the Denver Broncos, and comes clean about taking the cart to go #2 during a game this season against the Detroit Lions.

Rich breaks out his brand-new crystal ball to predict what the 49ers will do if 3rd-stringer Brock Purdy leads them to a Super Bowl win, and reacts to the latest ‘Bill Belichick Press Conference Moment’ where the head coach reacted to Cardinals DC Vance Joseph slagging on Matt Patricia’s play calling.

Brockman reveals his ‘Sneaky Good Games for NFL Week 14. 

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This is The Rich Eisen Show. Our number three of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Buddha Baker was on in hour number one.

We're about to have DK Metcalf on the program. I separated the two of them out of respect. If you recall, the two, once upon a time, were involved in a very famous play. Man, poor Buddha.

And a meme that's lived forever. Remember Patrick Peterson? Metcalf is so fast. Yes, he is.

Yes, he is. And I saw him, last time I saw him was in Munich. I was heading to the, I guess, Bayern Munich. One would say a conference area. There was a bunch of offices there and they put a conference room off to the side for the NFL network crew to be placed. And we spoke to Gino and Pete Carroll and what have you. But coming off the practice field, I was walking towards that area.

DK Metcalf came off the practice field. We strolled and had a nice chitchat, a little small talk. Small talk. I was, he was very tall. So I guess tall talk. I was the small talk. He was the tall talk.

And couldn't have been nicer. And you're one of those people too. You're a little bigger than people think. Oh really?

Am I one of those guys? Yeah. You're a full six feet. Yeah.

And I don't think people give you credit for that. I think people think you're in like that 5'8". You know why? They only see my torso up. Pretty much. Yeah. See, you don't know.

No, they don't know. On this program, very rarely will you see me full body. For instance, I'm half a man.

The only time that you see the lower half is when I put my Birkenstocks up on the table. Never do that again. I wouldn't want to see that again. Not a great moment. By the way though, we see you stand on game day.

A great moment. We see you stand on game day. It's not like you look smaller compared to, you know, Kurt's tall and Irv's tall. You're bigger than Mooch, right? I am.

Yeah, Mooch is a... But it's like when you see Steph Curry out on the court, you're like, whoa, he's small. Nuh-uh. He's 6'3". That's like when I met Tony Parker and Steve Nash one summer in New York. And you thought that those are small guys.

And I looked up at both of them. Yeah. Another guy that's taller than you think? Chappelle, right?

It's about that size that you would think. Because you saw him this past week, right? I did. I did. I did. Rich. Got to see him.

He once told me my shoes were fire. I'm just going to come out and say it. Yeah. I'm going to come out and say it. Say what? There is a selfie video on Sheila E's Instagram page.

You see TJ in the background. Yes. Wait, really?

Yes. It's fantastic. Sheila E's Instagram page, by the way. TJ led the glamorous life the other night.

That's not a metaphor for anything. Sheila E co-wrote my book, so you know, we had a nice little reunion. How about that? I don't know if Brockman's impressed. I'm impressed.

Sheila E doesn't do much for me. I'm not of a certain age. Oh my God. He never led this guy.

I'm the youngest one in the room. So DK Metcalf is about to join us. And we're going to turn to him. We've got What's More Likely coming up shortly. We also have, to go out the door, a Bill Belichick press conference moment. We haven't done this in a couple of weeks. We haven't done one in a while.

No, but today's is pretty good. Okay. And we'll go to the phone lines for a brief bit here. Nick in South Carolina has been holding on since hour number one. What's up, Nick? Hey, Rich, how you doing, buddy? Thanks for hanging on as long as you did.

What's going on? Oh, yeah, man. I'm a disabled vet, man, wrote a couple things down, man, so bear with me here for just a second. Have at it, sir. Let's go.

Brain's a little slow sometimes, man. But first off, man, let me say that what you did for Henry Winkler with Patrick Mahomes is a prime example of what an amazing human you are and why you're one of my favorite people. Thanks. Yeah, man. And also, your Michigan Wolverines delivered one of the year's highlights for me when they embarrassed OSU on their home turf. And to see you come in on Monday, just, you know, all giddy like you were, man.

Of course, the highlight of the show. But thank you, man. I got a quick question for you, though.

Sure. I remember a few weeks ago, you called Tua Elite. I did, sir.

And I also think at some point earlier in the season, you had the Dolphins projected at twelve and five, which they are still on pace for. And I still believe Tua is elite. Would you agree, sir?

Of course I would. Look, elite quarterbacks have off games and off days. I mean, Joe Burrow, I would say, is elite.

And just look at Halloween night. That was dreadful for him. So, you know, elite quarterbacks have off days and Tua definitely had one in San Francisco. And I I prefer to say we'll see the bounce back Sunday night for sure. Yeah, I think that defensive line was just unstoppable, man. Just, you know, you got offensive linemen out and but Miami defense kept them in it for as long as they could. They did. And I think Miami is a playoff team. I don't think I'm telling any tales out of school there. And the question is, is do they go in with a home playoff game?

Any division title or do they come in as a wild card? And we'll see where they go. And I appreciate the call. And thanks for holding on and saying what you said, Nick. I still can't believe that Henry Winkler and Patrick Mahomes met each other. And I was the one who made it happen.

This show is one of them. It's kind of weird because he interrupted you while we were trying to talk about his award winning program. Correct. Yeah. Do you know Patrick Mahomes? Do you know Patrick Mahomes?

I love him. What? Easy, Fonz. Look at this, too. Look at them. They're BFFs. They we should they should be in like a TV show together. You know, it's funny, though, if kind of doing what we do here, sometimes, Rich, you'd like to shoot your shot with the guests when it comes to fantasy or something. And Brockman's like, I don't do it.

Don't pitch the name. Imagine this. Imagine Henry Winkler sitting with his best friend of 50 years. He's like, I'm about to go on The Rich Eisen Show and his friends like, cool. And he's like, I think I'm going to ask him if he knows Patrick Mahomes. One of his friends like, no, man, don't say it. Don't embarrass yourself.

Don't embarrass yourself. He wouldn't have had that moment. See, sometimes closed mouths don't get fed, man.

You got to ask even if you're Henry Winkler. True. Sometimes in order to win, you have to stop from losing.

Yeah, true. Come on. Jeff and Detroit, you're here on The Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Jeffrey?

Thank you for taking my call at this time, because I can attest to everything they're saying. You make dreams come true. Right church, wrong pew.

Same church. Rich makes dreams come true. Listen, Snoop Dogg, Deion, excuse me, Coach Climb now.

Yes, yes. But he was Deion on your show. I got the ticket with all of these guys. And I'm like, my goodness.

What's going on, fellas? Listen, I love Rich Eisen at this time of year. You're so giddy. If you go back and look at tape, you still you got that same glow right around this town with so many intersecting stories. Yes, sir.

I'm just thinking about something rich. Josh McDaniels is kind of like Matt Patricia. It seems like they got that Bill Belichick airness to him.

And I'm wondering, are they likable? Because the teams seem like the Raiders are doing the same thing that the Lions were doing. Just committing stupid penalties at the wrong time. And this team, the Raiders has way too much talent to be producing like they are. It should be like you say.

I would have called them at least a playoff team if not going to the Super Bowl. But I honestly believe that if you play for yourself, opposed to playing for your teammates, you start, you know, it doesn't seem like they're disappointed about letting their teammates down because you wouldn't do or commit the penalties that they're committing. Dumb penalties, like Chris said.

It's certain things. I honestly believe that certain coaches coach, but it's people like you that lead. You know what I'm saying?

Look at your squad. You, T.J., all of them. Man, I remember today.

I remember when you had Chris Law and you swapped out and then T.J. slid in seamlessly. Everything kept running because they understood how you wanted it done and you understood what it took to get this show going. And I mean, ever since then, you have put out one of the best products out, man. Well, I appreciate you saying that, but, you know, and thank you for saying that. I appreciate that, Jeff.

And Chris Law helped build this show, too. So let's let's not I just want to make it known. OK, that was like a two. No, no, no. But I appreciate what Jeff's having to say. So am I am I the am I the McDaniels or the Belichick of that analogy?

Well, in this case, I'm definitely not going to say McDaniels. OK, well, I don't know. I mean, were you you know, I didn't get it right the first time and. We're at the beginning. I mean, I don't know what to say. Which one am I? You're just Rich Eisen. Thank you, sir. Shall we get to it?

It's a Friday staple. Chris Brockman has a whole host of scenarios that may or may not happen this weekend. It's time for another edition of What's More Likely on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up? What's more likely?

Never say never, but never. OK, what do you have over there, Christopher? Hey, guys, what's up, G? Happy Friday, man. Let's do this.

All right. NFL Sunday. It's going to be awesome.

Let's start with your team there, Rich. Bills are 10 point favorites. So what's more likely, Bill's win by two scores or Mike White stays hot in another Jets win?

I'll say Bill's win by two scores. That's more likely. I'm not terribly confident about this. Last week, I was very confident that the Jets could go in and win in Minnesota. I would love to be wrong about this. I'd love for the Jets to surprise everybody and have a sweep over the Buffalo Bills that I just don't know, man.

It's such a tough place to play. I think the Bills have turned a corner. So what's more likely is that the Bills right the ship and do to the Jets what they just did to the Patriots and get ready for their game against the Miami Dolphins coming up in week 15 on a Saturday night on NFL Network.

That would be what we call monster big. So that's how I'm looking at it, Christopher. That's sadly what's more likely in my estimation.

Rich, it's very honest and realistic of you. But I also want Mike White staying as a starting quarterback. That's what I want. I still think he's going to play well. It just may not result in a W. Yeah, I don't see the Bills tripping up here and then not getting ready, not going in with a nice head of steam against the Dolphins. What a big game that is.

What else, Chris? How about this one, guys? A couple of five and seven teams playing at home this week are actually favorites against teams with better records in them. Talking about, of course, the Lions and the Steelers.

So which five and seven home favorite more likely to pull off the upset, Detroit or Pittsburgh? How about this? There's no how about this. The name of the segment is not how about this. It's what's more likely. How about this?

Both do it. Oh, you didn't expect that one, did you? Bofa. Bofa. Bofa. Bofa. Bofa.

Those nutty picks. Lions and Parlay. Lions and Steelers.

Bofa. Ooh, I'm going to just write that down real quick. How about that?

Lions and Steelers. Looks like it's going to be... How about that? I went off the board to use a Joker's Wild phrase. Remember that, Mikey? I knew I got you.

I know I'm talking your language. That's it. I say both do it. Lions, Steelers, both of them. Bofa. What else? Wow. Yeah.

You might have to write that one down. Alright, what's more likely to be the larger total, okay? The larger total, guys. Are you asking me technically for a gambling? Nope, nope, nope.

Maybe. The larger total. Cowboy's winning margin. Yes. Cowboy's winning margin.

Like 40? Chief's point scored against Denver. I'll go Cowboy's winning margin. Denver's got a good defense, man.

And they're at home. I don't think this is going to be the cakewalk. The Chiefs win, and I think the Chiefs win by double digits if you want me to put a finer point on it.

What is it, like 24-14? I'm not going to give any... All I'm saying is, Rich, the Cowboys are 17 and a half favorites. That's the largest spread we've seen this year in the NFL.

So is it a bloodbath? What's the question again? What's the larger total? What's larger, the Cowboys' winning margin?

Yeah. We saw what they did last week. Or the total points for the Kansas City Chiefs. I'll go Cowboys over the Texans. I'll go Cowboys over the Texans.

This is one of those, man, where the Cowboys don't normally perform very well, but this year they're curb stomping people. I think that fourth quarter against Indianapolis is going to be a nice springboard, and what about a trap game and all that business? I mean, they've got the Eagles next, brother, coming up. You've got Pollard's going to eat this week too. They've got the Eagles in week 16.

Let me just make sure who they have following this one. They're at Jacksonville, so I think you're good. The NFC East is just destroying the AFC South, taking them out. It started with the Giants going for two against the Titans in week one, and they're just destroying them all. Not to interrupt, but to go back to what Mike Florio said about Dallas' last five weeks, if they implode over these next five weeks with that lineup, then they deserve it. Well, they got this game against Houston to Jacksonville, and then they play the AFC South three times in the next four weeks.

The only game that they don't have against the AFC South is the game against Philadelphia at home in between the visits to Jacksonville and Tennessee before a visit to Washington to end the season. Look at those point totals. They're scoring 40 a game with Dakback. They're killing them.

They're doing well. All right, Joe Burrow revenge game for the Halloween Massacre there against the Browns. What's more likely, Nick Chubb? What's the higher total?

Sorry. Nick Chubb rushing yards or Jamar Chase receiving yards? Jamar Chase receiving yards. I think the Bengals take care of business emphatically. Emphatically. Huh? You like them by a touchdown maybe?

I like them emphatically however you wish to. Yeah, sure. I'll do that. Yeah, sure. Oh, interesting. Why not?

To use the kind of ollie drop in real time. I like that. I think they stop the run and say, all right, Deshaun, knock your rust off.

Yeah, they're starting to peak. What else? Okay, NFC West. Big matchup here. Big matchup in the NFC West. Two big games.

Yes, sir. NFC West team most likely to get got at home. 49ers and Seahawks. Seahawks aren't getting got by Carolina, man.

That ain't happening. I'll go with the 49ers. Brock Purdy starting against Tom Brady. You're the one who thinks that Brady is no way he's losing this game. No way losing this game. Tom Brady is only his second game in Santa Clara, in San Francisco. Emotional about going home?

Yeah, absolutely. It's more likely that San Francisco loses to Tampa. Seattle's not dropping this one.

I'll tell you what, man. We got DK Metcalf coming up. I can't wait to ask him about, you know, you got the Niners right after this game against Carolina. No shot.

I think they're, I believe in them. What else, Chris? All right, we'll get one more. By the way, Ocean's 11. It was the 21st anniversary earlier this week. It's been on a lot. I've watched it a couple times. It's still so awesome. It's so great.

What a great movie. All right, let's finish off with Sunday Night Football. Dolphins, Chargers.

It's going to be an awesome game. Who's more likely, though, to win a playoff game this year? Tua. Tua or Herbert?

Tua. I don't think the Chargers are even making it. Really? Yes.

Yeah. What are you seeing out of the Chargers that makes you think that they're going to finish up strong and win games that they're supposed to and shock you and win games that they're not? I think they're getting healthy.

I think Herbert's awesome. Why are you so on the Chargers against the Dolphins this weekend? I don't know. Everyone's been accusing me in the comments of being so anti-dolphin, so I'm kind of just leaning into it.

Don't do that. Let me look at the Chargers' schedule. Listen.

Let's go. They got a home game against Miami this weekend and then Tennessee next. They got a Monday night game at Indianapolis. How confident are you? The Chargers to beat the Colts?

They should. By the way, how about this game? How about this game?

How about Baker Mayfield and the Rams in week 17? Look, anyone can win the lottery. So how about this? Hold on a second.

Let's talk brass tacks. They got to win three out of their last five, right? To make the playoffs?

There's six and six. I would imagine they'll probably have to win four. They'll have to go four and one.

Four and one. Yeah. I mean, it helps them that the Raiders just stepped all over themselves last night. Right, so the Raiders are now out, so it's really just...

I wouldn't say that yet. The Steelers and the Browns. Let's see what happens with the Steelers and the Browns. Browns lose this week. Steelers win.

Six and seven. And that eliminates the Browns. And then the Patriots can win to get to seven and six. But even if they don't, there's a bunch of teams at six and seven. Jets lose to Buffalo.

They're seven and six. Yeah. It's still pretty wide open for the seven seed, but... The Chargers have an absolute path. There's no question the Chargers have an absolute path. I don't know, man. As you know, they're my number one team on the list of top five teams. You watch them and there's always something missing. Usually the team with the better quarterback wins.

I just think Herbert's still that guy. Okay. What a great Sunday night game. I'm really looking forward to it.

I'm looking forward to it. Take a break. DK Metcalf when we come back. You mentioned the Seattle Seahawks moments ago, Chris. Interesting that you do that because we have one of the best Seahawks on hold right now. The Seahawks take on the San Francisco... At this point next week we'll be talking about the Thursday night game between Seattle and San Francisco. San Francisco's got Tom Brady at home. While the Seattle Seahawks take on the Carolina Panthers.

And that was what we would call a winnable game, right? So let's see what happens. Something to talk about with DK Metcalf on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line. Last time I saw him was coming off the practice field in Munich. How are you, DK? I'm doing pretty good. How are you doing, Rich?

I'm doing fine. I just hung up the phone with Buddha Baker and out of respect to him I did not tell him I was going to speak to you later on, DK. Yes, sir. Thank you for that.

No. I mean, hey, I'm just trying to be respectful of all parties and all guests on my program. How are you? How have you been? Man, everything's been good. It's good to be back on the winning side. You know, everything off the field is going good. On the field is going good.

So, I mean, life is great right now. Alright, we'll get to the off the field in a second. On the field, did I see you... Did you wave for Jalen Ramsey to come travel with you last week? Did I see that on the field? Yes, sir. You saw it. Walk me through that one, DK. Walk me through that one. I know in the past years I would line up on his side and then motion away, so I just tried to get my hands up, like, hey, I'm going over here in case you wanted to come over here and join me. I wanted him to follow me the whole game.

Right. And how did he take that wave? How did he take that? He threw his hands. I'm like, oh, you're traveling again.

You're motioning away again. But, you know, I really didn't care, just as long as he knew how I was feeling. Did he laugh at that at some point, or no, not really? He didn't take that? No, I don't think he laughed.

I don't think he took that as a joke. Was that a planned thing, or that just came out of you? No, that was just in the moment. I heard the play and I knew I was going to motion away, so I knew as soon as Geno sent in motion, that's how I felt.

Like, come on, I'm on your ass all day. That's basically how I felt. That is unbelievable. I don't think I've ever seen that.

Is that the first time you've ever done that? How about that? Yes, sir.

Okay. Walk me through the game winner, too. The game winner for you last week.

What happened? Geno, Shane, the O-line, everybody that was in that drive got us down to the 8-yard line. And that was well executed. Shane's part on everybody else's part. That was an offense. I know Marquise and Tyler called big passes to get down there. The O-line was blocking their ass off. So Shane called a boot and he gave me outside leverage, so I just took their side route.

Fought them off a little bit and then just threw my hand up because I wanted the ball. And touchdown. And obviously that's a dub that you needed. What's your relationship? I know what your relationship is, so let me rephrase that. You and Geno and how you've been able to connect this year.

It's not obviously your first rodeo. He's been on the team. But this is a big year for him and he's been big this year. What have you seen from him and you? I mean I've seen everything translate from the practice field to the game field and how he lived his life.

He looked at this as a second opportunity to write his own story. He's doing it exceptionally well with everybody supporting him around the building from coaches to staff members to players. And it's just been fun to watch because I know my rookie year he got here at the same time I did and just to see the growth that he's had.

Learning from Russ, learning from Shadi, learning from Shane and everybody else and then just adding his own spice to the game and how he carried himself has just been fun to watch. Have you been in contact with Russ at all lately? Yes sir, I talked to him Tuesday. How often do you connect with your old quarterback? I talk to him at least once a week. Once a week? If you don't mind me prying the nature of the conversation, what do you guys talk about? It's pretty much just checking in with each other and making sure both of us are doing fine mentally. He just tells me once a week you don't have to prove anything to anybody.

You're already special. And me basically just saying the same thing to him is he's already validated. He's already won a plethora of games and he's already won a Super Bowl, already been all pros.

So he doesn't have anything to prove to anybody to go out there and beat Russ. So we just try to reiterate that to each other once a week. I gotta be honest with you DK, I always am. The knives are out for him.

I mean the criticism his way, and I understand one can criticize what you see on film, all 22 X's and O's. But somebody's got the knives out for him saying that half his birthday party is empty and people aren't coming. And one of his defensive teammates appear to be barking at him. What do you think is happening? Do you guys talk about that?

What do you think is happening? I try to stay away from all the negativity surrounding him because I don't know him for being a negative person or being in any negative light. He's been a very inspirational person to me and been a big brother to me and took me under his wing so I have no respect for him. I know he's going to turn it around so I'm not even going to speak negativity into the situation or anything negative surrounding him. Because I know what type of person he is and what type of quarterback he is. He's going to overcome it and at first he's never left long around him.

So I'm looking forward for him to turn around. What was it like seeing Bobby Wagner last week too, but DK, what was that like? That was good. That was a fun game because we started barking at each other a little bit during the third quarter and turned the game up a little bit.

But that was a fun game just to play against Bobby and be on the other side of it except for just in practice. You didn't wave for him to come along did you? I didn't see that. No, I wasn't waving for him to come over but we had a couple run plays where I had to go block him and I tried to let him know I was there a little bit.

Okay. How did he take that? He didn't say nothing to me. I turned my back and ran away.

That was a spring running back for us. Oh my gosh. Alright DK, I got to bring this up since we haven't spoken. The cart, you know the cart, what I'm talking about. The cart.

Oh yeah, my cart. What happened? Did you go up to the cart and ask for a ride to take care of your business? What happened? I would never ask for a ride to the locker room.

People never ask for money too but when you present it to me, I'm not going to say no to it. So I came off the field. I came off the field like two plays, three plays before that. I told my coach, hey I got to take a number two.

It's not looking good. We got a first down and got close to the red zone. I was like, you know what, I'll hold it. So we end up scoring and I come back to the sideline and the head trainer and the head equipment guy was like, hey there's a cart down there ready to take you into the locker room to go to the bathroom.

Because we're playing in Detroit and it is a hike from the locker room to the field and plus we're on the other side. So I was like, you know what, you can't miss an opportunity like this. So, you know, up the tunnel I went and the rest is history.

Just know I left my mark in Detroit. DK, you gave a scare to everybody who loves you and roots for you. I mean, you know, seeing you carted, we're like, wait a minute, what's going on?

And then what a relief, you know, to use another analogy, as well. I mean, did you have people after the game saying, what the hell did you do that for? Everybody after the game was like, bro, don't scare us like that. I wasn't worried, so y'all was going to be worried, but I watched the video and I wasn't smiling on the way to the locker room. So that's probably why everybody was a little worried. Yeah, I mean, we saw the tweet. You're like, that clinch walk wouldn't have made it. That's what you tweeted.

And we were wearing white that game. DK Metcalf, keeping it real, as he always does here on the Rich Eisen Show. Let's talk a little off the field. Last time we spoke, you were, you know, we were talking about acting.

I don't know, have you been able to advance anything on that front at all for you? Yes, sir. I'm still, you know, taking acting classes. I got to acting practice tonight, acting practice, and just waiting until the off-season hits so I can, you know, get back on the ground running and see if I can land a few more roles, you know, this off-season. I love that. Something's definitely in the works, for sure.

I love that. So what does an acting class look like? Are you taking with others? Is it a private lesson?

I mean, is this DK Metcalf strolls into an acting class in Seattle, in the greater Seattle area? Me and my coach on Zoom is one-on-one and she basically sends me a script and I have to read through it and build out a character and build out his backstory and just basically ends up to a big last scene that I have to read with, you know, emotions going high-low from anger to happiness to him finding himself. So, I mean, it's a lot of working through emotions and trying to find, you know, the right tone to use and it's been fun because, you know, I like research and I like building things out from scratch. So, yeah, it's been just a fun thing outside of football just to keep me busy and just to keep working to improve on. I love it.

That's great. So you do Zooms that and then you'll take care of, you know, against Carolina. So you've been on playoff teams before and you've got a huge Thursday nighter just after this one as well against San Francisco where you can take a nice step towards winning this division. I'm sure you've seen that they're on their third string quarterback.

How has that landed in your locker room? I know you take it one at a time, but that one's right around the corner for you, JK. Yeah, like you said, man, we haven't looked too far past the Carolina Panthers because they have a very good defense and they're a team that plays real hard. So we're not looking past them. But, you know, if we can talk Monday after the Thursday night game, I got you the Sunday game.

But for sure, I haven't paid too much attention to the 49ers yet. Okay, DK Metcalf. Well, I always appreciate you taking the time, staying after, you know, practice to chat with the program. It was great to see you in Munich. How great was that environment, that game? Oh, yeah, that was fun. It was real fun. The fans were into it, the whole game, singing.

They had me singing on the field. So it was just a fun environment and it was my first time out the country. So it was a good experience for me. Yeah, well, DK Metcalf, always a great experience for us when you're on the program. Thanks again and look for more of my calls. I always appreciate it. Yes, sir. I appreciate you. You have a good day. We'll be right back at you.

DK Metcalf right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Always fun. Oh, my gosh. How funny was that about the kart?

My kart. We're playing Detroit. It's a hike to the bathroom. It's a hike. I left my mark in Detroit. It's way up the ramp in there.

It's a hike. It's a big MG. Those locker rooms in Detroit are rough. Plus, we were wearing white pants.

The white pants thing made me laugh. And he's just like, yeah, I'm not talking about next week. He said he'll call back in. I know. I know.

We got that going for us. Ken in Vegas, let's take this phone call right here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Ken? Hey, Rich, how you doing? Thanks for calling in. We love being on in Vegas. Love it. Love, love, love.

What's going on? All right. I'm a big 49ers fan.

This is my question. I need you to put on your GM hat for me, Rich, for one second. So preseason before season was all Trey Lance talk. And then once Trey Lance goes down, now it's all Jimmy G. Jimmy G makes the team better. I think Chris Brockman said that Jimmy makes the team better. So if Brock Purdy goes and wins the Super Bowl, what does the 49ers do then?

I know Jimmy G may be a free agent, but what do you do at quarterback if Brock Purdy goes and wins the Super Bowl? Here's what I'm doing. Oh, my goodness. Hit the music.

Oh, baby. Ken? The radio station Rich has turned around. Rich is getting the crystal ball. This is why I have a crystal ball. We have a crystal ball. So what's your question again? If the 49ers... We're not going to the spa.

What is this? If Brock Purdy wins the Super Bowl, what happens, right? Yes. Did you sign Jimmy G back? Do you trade Trey Lance? Do you sign Brock Purdy? What do you do?

Here's what I do. I'm looking in the crystal ball right here and I see Brock Purdy winning the Super Bowl. And I see him becoming one of the biggest superstars in the history of the National Football League because of it. And I see the San Francisco 49ers having Brock Purdy start the next season with Jimmy G elsewhere and Trey Lance backing him up.

Oh, wow. That's what I'm seeing in the crystal ball. I have a crystal ball.

If Brock Purdy wins the Super Bowl, what are they going to do? Say thanks, you're back? You're back as the backup?

And we're going to go with... He'll become the Mike White to Trey Lance's Zach Wilson. A million percent!

Are you kidding me? Or he could be Nick Foles to Carson Wentz. I'm looking in the crystal ball and I'm seeing Mike White winning the Super Bowl for the New York Jets this year. Do I see Zach Wilson starting for the next year?

No. I see me passed out drunk on the floor. That's what I see in the crystal ball. I want to take you back to a year ago when I said, what if Jimmy Garoppolo wins the Super Bowl for the 49ers? And you said, they would say thanks Jimmy, it's Trey Lance's team. Did I say that? Did I really say that?

Repeatedly. If he wins the Super Bowl? That team wasn't going to the Super Bowl last year.

What do you mean? They were one play away. They were close. It's still Brock Purdie's team.

Different story. That's what I see in the crystal ball. Brock Purdie's team?

Nobody knew who he was. You guys didn't think I would have the crystal ball again, did you? Luckily I have a crystal ball. Trey Lance comes back after all of that, after giving up all those picks to get him and you annoy him, your guy, and he gets hurt. Brock Purdie wins the Super Bowl, this thing's a wrap. If Jimmy G won the Super Bowl last year, I still think they would have told him thanks for the memories.

Unreal. That thing was over. It was over.

Let me tell you what's not going to happen. He said goodbye. He said goodbye after losing the NFC championship game, Chris. He said goodbye. He knew the writing on the wall.

That writing was on the wall in big block letters like Redrum dripping off the walls in San Francisco's facility. Stafford threw them a pick and they just dropped it and then they went on to lose the game. I mean, jeez, it was right there for them. I'm so glad I have a crystal ball. I was able to answer that question.

Argentina won nothing. I know, right? Alright, let's take a break here on the Rich Eisen Show. And let's go into the weekend with one of my favorite segments.

Bill Belichick press conference. Oh, we haven't done it in a while. It's been too long. Too long!

I'm going to put the crystal ball away now. It's great having Buddha Baker on earlier today. I talked with him about the Patriots offense and what he's seeing. Because I was hunting and pecking to see what a lead pipe wielding bonafide all pro safety thinks of this offense that has been highly criticized for its simplicity. Even Kendrick Bourne was talking about it coming off the loss to the Buffalo Bills.

Even he was even actual Patriots are saying, hey, you know, third downs, people are knowing what we're doing. I'm kind of paraphrasing here. I know, Chris, this is a third rail conversation. I've had a week. You've had a week. I'm sorry to bring it up. I've had a week.

In the aftermath of Xander Bogarts joining us as a Southern California resident along with Mookie Betts. And then I started Derek Carr in Fantasy last night. It's been a minute.

And then Messi didn't score just now that we needed him to. But anyway, we have, as you know, Matt Patricia calling the plays the offensive coordinator, long time defensive assistant and defensive minded former head coach of the Detroit Lions. That brings Chris Joy. So Vance Joseph was asked, he's the defensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals, what he's seeing.

Because when I asked this of Buddha Baker, he didn't take any shots or say anything that could be viewed as critical because he's like, hey, I see the quarterback. And he mentioned Ramondre Stevenson called him number 38. That's the number.

Number 38. That's the number of business decisions he forces per game. Anyway, this is Vance Joseph, the defensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals, analyzing the Patriots offensive scheme. I see an offense that's running the football well. It's a very conservative pass game.

Lots of screens, all kinds of screens. It's like a defensive guy's calling offense. It's how a defensive guy will call offensive plays, right? Let's not turn the ball over. Let's get four yards of play and try to burn clock, and that's what they're doing. That's what he's going to do on Monday night.

He's going to be patient, maybe take a shot here from time to time. But for the most part, it's a running game, it's a quick game and it's screens. So that means a defensive guy, that's what he's doing. Like a defensive guy will call plays. And he knew as he was saying it, how it would be viewed as being critical because it's a third rail subject in the Boston area, in the New England area, in Patriot Nation. But he's not wrong.

If you have a defensive-minded coach who's thinking conservatively and don't turn it over, don't take risks, that's kind of it. That kind of hits the nail directly on the head of what has been criticized of this offense. And he's kind of not wrong, right? I hadn't heard that, so I expect him to be trash talking.

No, it's not. It's kind of spot on. As we know, the quick passing game sucks. You're referring to Matt Jones being caught by the Amazon cameras one week ago last night, screaming about, throw the damn ball.

The quick game f-ing sucks. And everybody thought, lip readers thought he was talking about the running game, but again, Ramondre Stevenson is really terrific. Like you want him running the ball, you want him coming out of the backfield because he's big and people don't want to hit him and tackle him.

Buddha Baker confirmed that. He says he's seeing all sorts of film of colleagues of his across the NFL landscape turning down the opportunity to hit him and tackle him. So this was brought to Bill Belichick's attention today. And that brings us to this edition. It's been a long while since we've done it. It's been a long time.

We don't shine shoes no more, but we do love putting this together for you. It is today's Bill Belichick press conference moment. Today's Bill Belichick press conference moment. We prefer to win. Bill, yesterday Vance Joseph described your offense as looking like a defensive guy is calling it, not asking you to speak for him. But do you agree with the premise that an offense can operate, as he described it, like a defensive coach would want, prioritizing time of possession and avoiding turnovers?

More conservative style. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know. Like whatever he said, he said so.

Great. Ask him about it. It's been a while. What a stirring return to the Rich Eisen Show lineup by today's Bill Belichick press conference moment. Because he knows what's being inferred.

The inference is just screaming at you like a big, huge headline in the Boston Globe. Bill chose a defensive minded guy to call plays in the second year for Mac Jones. He has not looked at all like the quarterback last year. He's barking about the quick game sucking and a defensive coordinator who they're going against saying it looks to me like a defensive coach is calling plays. This is the former H.C. of the Denver Broncos, who, as we all know, got bounced. You know? Damn! That's coming up on Monday night.

And you can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One Station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports, sponsored by AutoZone. At least we're not terrible in the red zone. Oh, wait.

31st in red zone scoring. 6 and 6, brother. And by the way, it's a game on Monday that's winnable. It's huge.

And then you got the Raiders. Which, who knows? Dude, we just saw last night that it's one big shrug emoji.

Go for it. Who knows? Unreal. You know? And I spoke to David Andrews for the offensive linemen for Monday Night Football.

And I asked him, are you going back? Because, you know, you got a short week, Arizona and then Vegas. And they're staying out in Arizona. Jed Fish, former Patriot assistant, is hosting him. Oh, cool.

University of Arizona. Nice. So. Probably smart.

Probably smart move. Well, the alternative is what Belichick gets 53 tickets for the Blue Man Group. I mean, that's not happening. I mean, there's rooms available. There's rooms available? Yeah, I mean. So, I mean, talk about.

Do you still have a residence? Dude, that could have been potentially 7 and 6 versus 6 and 7. Belichick and McDaniels and the Raiders totally blew it.

Blew it. Instead, though, it's going to be them on the line. The Patriots could hammer a nail in the coffin.

Because 8 and 9 is not making the playoffs in the AFC. That's a fact. No, I think it's first to 10. Feels like it. I think so, too. Feels like it. I think so, too. The Chargers and the Dolphins this weekend.

Holy crap. So many great games. Jets and Bills, obviously. And then 5 and 7 teams. Lions staying alive against the Vikings.

The Steelers trying to get back to 500. Man, fun stuff. Thanks to Buddha Baker and D.K.

Metcalf and Mike Florio. Have a great weekend, everybody. Enjoy the World Cup. Heisman Trophy, so much more. We'll talk about it all on Monday.
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