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REShow: Chris Long - Hour 1 (12-5-2022)

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December 5, 2022 2:10 pm

REShow: Chris Long - Hour 1 (12-5-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 5, 2022 2:10 pm

Rich recaps NFL Week 13’s top games including Jalen Hurts staking his claim to MVP honors, Joe Burrow and the Bengals sticking it to the Chiefs again, and how Jimmy Garoppolo’s injury coupled with Baker Mayfield’s release could impact the 49ers’ season. 

Two-time Super Bowl champion and ‘Green Light’ podcast host Chris Long tells Rich how much Jimmy Garoppolo’s season-ending foot injury impacts the 49ers’ Super Bowl aspirations, how Joe Burrow and the Bengals continue to impress, and why the Cowboys and Eagles appear headed for an epic showdown to determine NFC East supremacy.

Rich reacts to Deion Sanders heading to the Pac-12 to coach the Colorado Buffaloes, says why the College Football Playoff selection committee got it right by adding TCU and Ohio State to face Georgia and Michigan, and has a message for the Indianapolis Colts who are reportedly sniffing around Wolverines’ head coach Jim Harbaugh.

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Be 21. Today's guests, two-time Super Bowl champion and host of the Greenlight Podcast, Chris Long, 49ers linebacker Fred Warner, Fox Sports college football analyst, Bruce Feldman. And now, it's Rich Isaac. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. There I am. Hey look, I'm wearing a great, awesome, festive purple mauve sweater today that you need to see on Roku. As a matter of fact, I think it works with the Roku color schemes that I would start the show this way with the college football playoff set and a great week 13 in the NFL to talk about and so much happening in the sports world.

That's how you know we don't have a teleprompter. I'm here, I'm here, you're there and we're thrilled to have you here on the Roku channel today. Great three-hour show in store. Chris Long, two-time Super Bowl champ to talk about what happened in the NFL yesterday. Also on this program, we've got Fred Warner of the San Francisco 49ers who took care of business against the Miami Dolphins yesterday despite Jimmy Garoppolo going down for what appears to be the rest of the season.

Holy crap. Perfectly timed guest right in the middle of our program also included in hour number two, the very popular segment we do every single Monday. Overreaction Monday on this program. Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports and the Athletic. I said, hey Bruce, lots to talk about in college football. The college football playoff quartet is set. The Indianapolis Colts are suddenly trolling around my coach. That's happening. Deion Sanders is now the coach in Colorado. The transfer portal is opening up and it feels like it's free agency. The hell going on month of NFL in March.

Rocky Mountain High. So there's lots to talk about on this program. Bruce Feldman stopping in studio hour number three to answer all of our questions. Oh baby, we got ourselves a great day. And Chris Brock with Mike Del Tufo in your spots. Good to see you guys. TJ Jefferson is, I don't even need to look over there and I just know he is full.

He is sated because he had 50 burgers last night on Sunday Night Football. How about them Cowboys, huh? Damn.

Damn. We did what we were supposed to do and it's on to the next one. It was tight going into the fourth quarter and then not so much and the Dallas Cowboys now are nine and three. They're sitting there just two games behind the Philadelphia Eagles hoping that they will trip up. One thing that they didn't do yesterday was trip up. They basically tripped over the Tennessee Titans on the way to curb stomping them yesterday.

Like Seth Rollins out there. I'm telling you man, the Philadelphia Eagles certainly with the injury to Jimmy Garoppolo are entering week 14. Such a shame. At the top of the NFC, if not maybe the top of all of football, it's a wide open year. I know we're going to do our power rankings on Wednesday. It is a wide open year. That's the beautiful thing about it.

That is the message. The Tennessee Titans yesterday did nothing in Philadelphia except watch the AJ Brown revenge game that we all saw coming unfold in front of their faces. And Jalen Hurts is a dynamite professional football player who gets better every week. And he is now based on the number of wins that they have, 11 of them. Based on the fact that the Kansas City Chiefs lost yesterday in Cincinnati, which as you know, as I've said on this program is nothing, nothing at all to feel ashamed about. But when you're talking about who is the MVP of this league, you have to take a look at a team that has 11 wins entering week 14. You have to take a look at a team that is doing absolutely everything. And a team that had the Tennessee Titans, which is the team that you know is going to bring their hard hat and their suitcase filled with heart and soul.

Take your heart pills and buckle up head coach who's going to have to you're going to have to bring it. And they just they just smoked him. They smoked him.

They they made Derek Henry disappear and they killed him. Jalen Hurts is your MVP of this league right now, and it constantly changes. It constantly changes.

Last week, I said it was my homes. Now you got to you got to look at Jalen Hurts and give it up to this team. But it is a wide open league. Can the Chiefs, can the Bills, can the Bengals beat the Philadelphia Eagles? Can the San Francisco 49ers beat the Philadelphia Eagles? Can the Dallas Cowboys beat the Philadelphia Eagles? Can a Minnesota Vikings beat the Philadelphia Eagles?

I need to see that again. I would take the Eagles in that one, but everything else that I just said, including the Dolphins, if they show up with their high flying act. Anybody could win this this Super Bowl this year. It's wide open.

It is totally wide open. Can the Dallas Cowboys win the Super Bowl this year? Absolutely.

I don't know. Can the Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl this year? Absolutely. Can the Chiefs, can the Bills win the Super Bowl this year? Absolutely. Can the Cincinnati Bengals win the Super Bowl this year?

I'll say it. Absolutely they can. Absolutely they can. In the AFC, if you want to win the AFC in 2020, in 2021, in 2022, if you want to win the AFC in any of the years following this year. You've got to build a team to beat the Kansas City Chiefs.

Period. End of story. Because of that guy who plays quarterback, who may wind up being the MVP of this this year anyway. I told you going out the door on Friday show, I was taking the Bengals on game day morning.

I did it even with Joe Mixon not there. Because I believe in one Joseph Burrow and I believe what this team is building. And I believe what the momentum is building on this team. And I said it on game day morning.

I said I'm going to take the Bengals in this game even though the Chiefs may be the best team in the AFC. I don't think they're winning out. I think they lose today. They did.

And I think they might win out from here. Because who the hell knows, not many times you're going to see the ball ripped out of Travis Kelce's hand. Certainly in his home state. That's got to leave a mark. Mahomes is just one of the most competitive SOBs on the field.

Yes. And you don't you don't refer to him usually as an SOB. But that guy, when it comes to trying to rip your heart out, he comes at you as an assassin who smiles.

That's why it is right there. And Joe Burrow is dynamite. He's like. Josh Allen, too, where he'll come for your soul. Can Josh Allen beat the Bengals? I think so. They play each other coming up.

In a few weeks, we're going to find out. But the part about the Bengals that I just love is Joe Burrow. And you know what Joe Burrow is doing right now? Joe Burrow is taking the podium as if he has won the Super Bowl 15 times already and has been in this league for 20 years. Year one, we all know, got cut short with a knee injury.

Year two, we all know, almost won the Super Bowl last year. And each time it was kind of like I got a feel from him where he's got the swag, he's feeling it. But the Joe Burrow that was the de facto Joe Burrow wasn't the ring finger pointing guy, really. He was kind of like the kid who is learning his way, looking for the light switch, finding it, flicking it on and taking the beaten and keeps on ticking and almost beat you. But he didn't have the armor and the suit of being a crusty veteran of this game. Because he really isn't when you look how young he is and you'll see how many years he's been in the league. But he's sounding like it now and he's putting pelts on the wall to back it up.

Just listen to him after the game yesterday. This is one Joe Burrow, people. Our team knows what it takes to win those kind of games.

It's December now. This is when we start to turn it up. We just find ways to win these games. That's all there is to say about it.

We're going to get back to practice, keep getting better, correct the mistakes that we made and move on. Now I know you take a look at him and it sounds like Colin McCulkin giving a press conference after, you know, Kevin after giving a press conference after, you know. The wet bandits game? After taking care of the bandits for a third straight Christmas that he's been left home alone. You know, like he still has that like fresh face. You know, I know what it's like to be sitting at home when your parents leave you at home and people are trying to rob you and you got to, you know, you got to set up the VCR to make sure that they think that, you know, they're filthy animals that are going to get shot, you know, like.

And I know how it's going to come and I know there are people going to be coming more for my house during the next few Christmases, but we'll be ready. That's what it seems like. That's what it looks like. But this guy's almost won a Super Bowl and he hasn't lost to Mahomes and the Chiefs yet. And that's what you have to do if you're in the AFC to get back. And they have a tie break now. If you put up the AFC standings right now. They have a tie break on the Chiefs. They play the Ravens at the end of the year so they could just win the division, take care of that. They have a tie break on the Titans. They had a tie break on the Dolphins. They have a tie break on the Jets. Pretty much anyone else who's seeking for a playoff spot in the AFC will look at Cincinnati and Joe Burrows saying, your pelt's on my wall. They are set up, man.

And nobody's paying attention to them for good reason. They're still the quote unquote Bengals. And they're a game behind both the Chiefs and the Bills, who we all believe will play for the AFC championship game when it's all said and done. But what if it's all set up?

Where Burrow's sitting is the one seed by the end of the day. And laugh all you want. They do have a very difficult schedule though. A very tough schedule the rest of the way. Awfully tough when you take a look at the Cincinnati Bengals schedule after this game against Kansas City.

There's a revenge game. Deshaun Watson and the Browns, and he looked very rusty yesterday. They're coming in to visit and the last time they lost was that Halloween night where they got beat down. It's their only loss since week five. Their two point loss at Baltimore.

It's their only loss that they've had all year that wasn't by three points or less. Then they visit Tampa where he could basically take the torch from Brady and say that's mine now, thank you. And then go to Brady's old spot in New England on Christmas Eve and basically say thanks Bill Belichick, we'll take you. And then there's the Monday night game against Buffalo before the finish against Baltimore that may very well be the final, final, final game of the regular season because of how much will be on the line for that. The Bengals can do it. I'm all in on them.

I love it. I still think the Chiefs when it's all said and done will stare somebody down. But I'd be very nervous if I was them because, Burrow, you texted me this during the game yesterday, Chris. They've got the Chiefs number, don't they?

Sure seems like it. And the Bills don't. When it comes to facing them in the playoffs, regular season they've gotten them.

But when it comes down to the winning in the playoffs, different story. So, yes, it's a wide open season. It is wide open and it's very exciting how wide open it is. And the division may be wide open now that we'll find out how long Lamar Jackson is out.

Got to keep that in mind. But man, oh man, oh man. That's the AFC picture right there. In the NFC, Philadelphia looks terrific. The Cowboys just absolutely turned Jeff Saturday into, what would you say? Jeff Yesterday? I mean, and... Jeff Wednesday?

It all seems so far away. And, you know, the rest of the conference, the Vikings needed to pull one out at the very last second. A couple of goal line stands against Mike White and the Jets. But they're 10-2.

They are what they are. The Lions did not roll over. They haven't rolled over. So, the division is still up in the air and they face each other next week. This is going to be a playoff home game for the Vikings for sure. Who knows what's coming out of the south? The Giants, the Seahawks, the Commanders, can they make a run and maybe win a playoff game? I think so.

You never know what can be done. But it really is a more top-heavy conference than the AFC. And there's the 49ers sitting there at 8-4. Beating the Miami Dolphins yesterday, even though on two snaps of the football they gave up two touchdowns. The first one of the game where Shurfield took it 75 yards. And then in the second half, the first points, the 49ers defense have given up in the second half in over a month when Tyreek Hill scored.

And that was about it. The Niners defense did its job the rest of the day. And for the second time this year, they watched their quarterback get carted off with an ankle injury or a foot injury.

And yesterday it was Jimmy Garoppolo going down with a broken foot out for the season. And in comes the most relevant, Mr. Irrelevant in the history of final draft choices of an NFL draft period. Move over Ryan, suck up. You're no longer the most well-known Mr.

Irrelevant. Brock Purdy. When we're sitting there in Las Vegas, Nevada throwing it to the podium for the last pick in the draft. Who the hell knew that the name Brock Purdy would come out of the mouth of whoever was making that announcement at the podium and then made the San Francisco 49ers. And then the guy who they just, as much as they liked him in training camp, the guy who they saw and said we can't go into the season with him if we can go into the season with Jimmy Garoppolo. He struck that deal that we've been talking about for months because Trey Lance goes down in week number two and Jimmy Garoppolo makes it feel like it's a Super Bowl season all over again for the 49ers because the defense is doing what it's doing. And they add Christian McCaffrey to an offense that is so diversified and Garoppolo is running so well and efficiently. That deal now has to go by the wayside and it is Brock Purdy who yesterday went 25 of 37 for 210 yards and two touchdowns and one interception against the Miami Dolphins and he looked terrific.

He made some tough throws and he didn't turtle up in a huge game. The whole country's watching on Fox. Was there America's game? I don't know what it was but it was a huge audience and a huge game.

A huge game. Certainly when we were all assuming even though it was a much tougher contest that required a last second touchdown by DK Metcalf for the Seahawks to get past the Rams. We were all assuming the Seahawks were going to get past the Rams and they did. This is now a Super Bowl ready team.

We were talking about New York City with the Jets. They're a wildcard ready team if not maybe a division ready team before the team anybody thought could arrive as such so they got to switch quarterbacks and they did it of their own volition. Once again second time this year their starting quarterback goes down and it's Brock Purdy and just when you thought the Niners might not have any other options and they're talking him up and I don't blame them for talking him up. Carriages turn into pumpkins real quick in the NFL and glass slippers break real fast and so even if Purdy goes down which could happen because it looks like they've got a spinal tap drummer situation going on at San Francisco's quarterback spot. Look it up kids. The drummer blows up all the time.

Great movie too. So they got to have like they signed Josh Johnson who started I think for 90 NFL teams in his career. They signed him off I think was it the Saints practice squad where he was sitting? Somebody's practice squad doesn't matter but they sign up so just when you thought they have no other options. The Panthers go ahead and cut Baker Mayfield today because they told him he was going to be the third quarterback behind Darnold Walker and he's like I don't want to do that I want out of here and they're like there's the door the day after Brock Purdy goes down. Now he's in he you can't just run and sign him he goes on waivers.

I didn't know that till just now. He goes on waivers and so the Niners are deep down the waiver wire list as you might imagine an 8 and 14 would be and if you are say the Seahawks. If you're the Rams even who lost out on Christian McCaffrey and I would imagine your your quarterback who just goes down with a spinal cord contusion as was announced yesterday that Matthew Stafford has. He's I wouldn't play him again this year but I'd welcome Baker hey Baker you want to come to Los Angeles run our offense and just less need just sits back and say okay so we lost out on McCaffrey to you. I mean there could be some serious going on right now. Did I say Wilford was limping yesterday during that Rams game too? I'm just saying this would be a fascinating waiver wire I will be having my popcorn I don't usually have my popcorn ready looking for transactions. I'm going to fire up the Orville Redenbacher.

I'm going to come across the the email inbox but this is huge. And again the Niners will start Brock Purdy it'll be his role it'll be his gig but if he goes down wouldn't you rather have Baker Mayfield stand in there? Don't you think you can coach him up pretty fast? So are you saying that someone's going to do a spite signing on Baker just to keep him? A spite yes signing a spite waiver pickup. A spite waiver pickup. Correct it'll be it would be like because you know the Niners currently have the beans to win the Super Bowl you might want to just say you know we've got the beans we've got the mugs that warm themselves and the restrooms taken care of we'll open up the spite store right next to you. I can't wait for this oh my gosh 844204rich is the number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show. Call us we'll take a break we'll come back we've got Chris Long after that we'll hit the college football playoff committee what they came up with for their final four. My two cents on that and the rest of the NFL Fred Warner overreaction Monday and more 844204rich the number to dial right here on the Roku channel. This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey and more. Here for you with recaps and opinions of what happened that day in Qatar.

Everything can be found at the Cumulus Podcast channel on YouTube or wherever you listen. Jacob deGrom out from the Mets to the Texas Rangers because I guess he wants to finish his career like the Cliff Lee of his generation. Cliff Lee? That hurt a little bit. But the Mets then go ahead and get Justin Verlander huh?

How about that? I mean how old is Verlander 30 42? Two years 86 million we'll give him 40 million but deGrom can go leave.

Yeah. Because it's just two years John Heyman reporting that right now. I love deGrom I hate to see him go but you can't begrudge somebody. You know you cannot you know you cannot.

He wanted the extra years. I just can't wait to be judged somebody that's what I want. Back in pinstripes thank you that's called a turn of a phrase. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show here in his usual Monday spot on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line is our friend Chris Long. How you doing Chris?

Rich what's the word man? Well I don't know where to start with you. Let's just start with how significant you think the Jimmy Garoppolo injury is despite Brock Purdy's first out of the gate performance against the Dolphins in a win for the 49ers. Your thoughts? Well first I think you know Purdy did a really nice job you know he managed the game for sure but he made some throws that were like you know game winning type throws where you know you fit in the ball in tight windows and spots you had to have it. To play keep away because that Dolphins offense is scary even when they're playing terrible but you know I think it is a big injury because you looked at San Francisco as I felt like before the season looking at their roster their Super Bowl contending team. Now they started kind of slow you know the Trey Lance thing complicated things. And if you look back at this Niners team I think you're going to say man what might have been there was a month stretch where we had Christian McCaffrey we had Trent we had Devo we had Jimmy we had Kittle back healthy he had a groin. You know you're getting your defensive pieces back it felt like this was the team that everybody's waking up to the fact that they could make a real run in the NFC and then possibly be in the Super Bowl.

It doesn't feel that way anymore. Now I know bakers I can't believe we're talking about that. I know that. I would love to see it happen. You know just to just see how great Kyle Shanahan can be and you'll find out with Kyle with Brock Purdy as well but I think they're capable of beating any team in the league once. Right.

But to do it over a span of a few weeks in January and into February that's going to be tough. You know with a young quarterback like this you don't want to count them out any given Sunday but to string together a playoff run where they end up in Phoenix. I don't know man. If you're San Francisco you put in a claim for Mayfield right. You do that.

Correct. I guess I mean like I guess there's a lot of people that are that are saying hey we know we know what the night and I just did it we know what the Niners kind of destination is now based upon who's taking snaps on the center like they know a lot more about Brock Purdy than we do. And to be honest he played fine yesterday and it's not the best defense in the world. The Dolphins have been a little bit disappointed defensively but you have to ask yourself like you know maybe you bring him in and see what you got but does he give you that much more of a ceiling than Brock Purdy.

I don't know. Well I don't I mean I'm not sitting here and saying to Chris that that you you bring him in and then supplant a guy that's been in your system who you like a lot and that the locker room likes. I'm just saying that it's it's now happened twice it's now happened twice that you watch your starting quarterback get carted off.

I mean you need you need to have a backstop here just in case this happens in say January. I'd rather have I'd rather have Baker Mayfield in the role of Jeff Hostetler than Josh you know than than anybody else. Josh Johnson or anybody else. Wouldn't you?

I'd like to have Andrew Luck come out of retirement and since he's a Cali guy and the whole thing that would be fun. But like yeah no I just think I think you make the claim. I don't know that face value gives you any better chance to win than the guy who's been in the system all year. Right.

But yeah to your point you are you were thin before Jimmy broke his foot and now you're even thinner. And yeah it's just it's tough. They're going to listen. They've got to be really good on first and second down. They their whole thing is going to be whether it's Brock Purdy or Baker Mayfield or somebody else's like we can still beat teams but we're going to dink and dunk a little more which is kind of what they do with with you know with with them with the chance to hit an explosive any play because of the ball carries they have. But like if they can stay in third manageable and possess the football like they did for the meat of that game yesterday. They're still scary.

They're still dangerous. But then another thing is when you have a backup the whole team plays better. We see we saw that with Dallas and I think we'll probably see with San Francisco so they're not out of it. And you have to keep an eye on teams that are better that can make waivers claims ahead of San Francisco like I think it's Houston New Orleans maybe somebody else but nobody really in the I don't think anybody really wants to add Baker Mayfield right now out of that group of teams. What if you're the Rams and you want to prevent them from going to San Francisco just because you're spiteful.

What about that. So that so that was my thing is like there's got to be maybe one team that just hates Kyle Shanahan. The Rams wouldn't it. Wouldn't it be the Rams the Rams.

I don't know. That'd be pretty that'd be all time petty right there. We have a we have a petty scale on the Rich Eisen show right. Richard is the most Richard's number one and Bryce is like sort of you know the last Defcon. I don't know where that would be Richard.

That's Tom Petty Tom Petty just a little bit below calm a little bit below Richard really good. Yeah we have a petty skill. We got to I don't know which end of the scale would be all but it would be in the corner for sure.

OK very good. The pettiest of the petty Chris Long here on the Rich Eisen show. What message did you take out of the Bengals win over the Chiefs if any. I'm just amazed at how far this group's come like you know I think now OK last year there were a team that got better as the year went on right. And they didn't have a reputation to fall back on so they kind of snuck up on people with this year you know defending AFC champs the whole thing people writing it off to a Super Bowl hangover.

Maybe people are writing it off to a you know flash in the pan type thing. But when you do this year after year and you improve through the year like you're building something that means you've got like a decent program in place that means you've got you know kind of a team chemistry leadership about you like obviously you have a great quarterback. The Patriots always pride themselves in getting better as the year progresses and like being able to morph and beat teams in different ways and I feel I feel like the Bengals are a really impressive you know like not only what they did last week which surprised some people the physicality with which that offensive line played because that was the unit that we were like oh the whole year hinges on these guys playing well the whole point is to try to stop getting Joe Burrow killed and it was like they whiffed early in the season you were like damn they just whiffed.

But if you look at them the last two weeks they've been dominant. I mean Pierron had 40 yards in the first quarter it wasn't like he had a 30 yard run or something and then a bunch of two three yard runs they were chunks they were like 5 7 11 yards and they don't even have Joe Mixon right now and they were moving the ball behind the left side of that line. And when you have a quarterback like Joe Burrow he's just like it's a total grim reaper moment for him.

Third and eleven late in that ballgame. I mean not to mention getting to third and eleven like the pocket mobility with which he plays right now. He reminds me of Brady the way he moves around in the pocket.

Yeah he always has but he's actually more athletic. You know Snead had him dead dead to rights on like second and seven or something. He should be sacked for a seven yard loss that last drive where they're trying to put them away. Instead he's able to find time and make it third manageable and there's so many plays in that game that Joe just a little subtle move in that pocket before he delivers a strike is the difference. So when you've got the run game going you have physical offensive line you know Higgins has stepped up like a number one chases back you're going to give Joe Mixon back.

And I've even mentioned defense like there were two spots in that game not just to mention D.J. Reeder and Hill stepping up early. But you know there was a chance late for the Chiefs to go get six and it was third down low read. Trey Hendrickson just blows by and he's got a pressure he's free running at my home she just burns it out of the back man. OK that's a four point play you know and then late not only is Henderson pressure him on first and kind of late in that ballgame I think it's twenty seven twenty four and Chiefs are trying to tie it in the drive and they're in Bengal territory but third down they rushed three which frustrates Patrick Mahomes right.

They actually sack him. I think outside beats Brown and they're just the edge rushes the guys inside you know whether it's the backing guys coming down and add to the run game hitting people Von Bell Hilton like they're just a really complete defense and they can play different coverages. They drop back and rush rush three Mahomes got frustrated they had two guys downfield in the same play blocking downfield like they just they're really well rounded and the offensive line was the piece that was missing and now they got it because like now it doesn't feel like that's a liability actually feels like it's a strength.

They barely hit Joe Burrow yesterday. I do love what I'm seeing in Cincinnati and you know Buffalo and Kansas City are still it as well. You had to put your marker on one of them for the last five weeks.

What do you put your marker on Chris. I think we'll pick to start the season with Buffalo and I'll stick with them. I mean I really I mean I just think they have they have more offensively even though there's a thin line between you know having a dynamic offense there in Buffalo and not you know digs just makes such a big difference and you know I think that defense is so it's so dominant when everybody's healthy.

I feel like the cream is going to rise to the top there and the creams rise in the top this weekend right. Like the three guys may have seen that everybody was talking about before the season. You know Burrow Mahomes Allen. OK so bills woke up in fifth place they they wake up today in first place. You know Mahomes is going to be just fine right. And Burrow is now you know in the conversation for the MVP. So like the cream is rising the top of some of these quarterbacks and the teams that they quarterback and I think that's going to be the case with the bills. Josh had a real slump and he's just hopefully coming out of it in the middle of the season. I like Buffalo to finish strong.

Chris Long here on the rich eyes and show green light podcast host two time Super Bowl champion right here in his usual Monday spot. Describe for me what you think the flight home for the Colts was like last night from Dallas. Man tough like I don't know sometimes after you lose in the NFL like there's some losses where you shouldn't even smile on the plane. You know like guys guys will move. We move on differently right. We actually got our asses kicked on the field so we don't have to mope.

We have a choice. We have a week we have a week before the next game. So like a lot of times guys will be watching a movie or kind of talking on the way home and that sort of thing trying to get their mind off the loss. But that's not one that I think anybody on that plane ride is is taken lightly. And you know to give up that many points in the fourth quarter it was just like an avalanche man and you can make it about the Colts.

I don't know. Did anybody believe they were going to get back in this thing. I mean they still could get back in this thing. They're kind of where they started their their team that should be better than they are. And they found a way to lose some games I mean they found a way to lose the Pittsburgh game last week. They got their butts kicked in the fourth quarter actually end up in victory formation. So I think it's way more about the Cowboys and like that defense them them forcing turnovers CD Lamb has played getting Pollard like everything's coming together for them to where whether or not you think this is going to be a big deal or how back of junior is going to visit.

Yeah it's like this team is really rounding into form if it weren't the fact that I just don't trust the Cowboys I would think they're you know they're scary scary. Well the Eagles and the Eagles just punked the Titans though Chris I mean the Titans as you know the tighten up mentality is real not just from their coach from their running back and everything else. The Eagles just just absolutely blew them away. They eviscerated the Titans it wasn't even close that game period. So I thought the I thought the Eagles rich had their most impressive win yesterday and like I know people would say well they had a million penalties I think they had eight offensive penalties in the first half they had two touchdown drives where they overcame more than two penalties in the first half I think they had another one the second half and Josh Swett jumped offsides that led to points for Tennessee and that's all in the first half. They were sloppy as hell right.

And they still ran these guys out of the gym. So like you know you want to see a team win clean and that sort of thing. But the fact that they came out sloppy they beat a really good football team that doesn't get blown out often unless you're talking about like playing the bills or the season they find a way to stay in every game. They met you get Jordan Davis back so they can run their odd front and they really stood up against the right against Derek Henry in the run game a lot a lot of the same way they did against Jonathan Taylor because this team defensive had one complaint. They haven't stopped the run at times and Damian Pierce got after him. Green Bay had them leaky. The fact that they were able to meet that challenge just in the D line hit hit technical nine times. I mean they were dominant up front. They're just a scary team. This was the this was the Sunday where I was like OK the Eagles are absolutely the best team in the league right now. And and AJ Brown is I mean it should be like a cheat code that Mike Brable and Tennessee they should be like persona non grata for the rest of the league because AJ Brown shouldn't be there. He should not be there. You have more exceptions more yards than than any you know all the tight wide receivers Jalen hurting him outside the numbers man Jalen hurts as a deep ball thrower outside the numbers.

They're just the balls that he's putting on on AJ Brown and AJ Brown is good enough to make him look as good as he is. So I just love I love watching this team play right now. Who's on your pod this week.

What do you offer me on the green light pod. We have the esteemed Ryan Rossello tomorrow and climb by the seat of our pants Rich. You know we might have a player on there tomorrow morning. I don't know yet.

We'll see. All right. Well I'm always available. You know I did a couple of weeks ago but I'm happy to come on whenever you want.

Chris always. Good man dude and then I know that offer extends to Will Compton and bussing with the boys. If I didn't have to go to Nashville I live out in Los Angeles I've got this job five days a week. I got Sunday game day morning.

It's very tough it's very tough for me to get a lot of pictures. By the way it's great. I'm enjoying what you know the boys are putting up every single day but it's you know but I'm there. I'm there for you.

Absolutely. I'm there for you. You're the man. Right back at you. Thanks for today as always Chris. I appreciate it.

Chris Long everybody right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Mercedes-Benz phone line brought to you by the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. You're opening up more than just doors. You're unlocking potential. The potential to do your own thing and be your own boss and steer your own success and blaze your own trail with each and every Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van.

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Deon Sanders is the new coach of Colorado football and look out to the rest of the Pac-12 and everyone else look out he is the perfect man for the times we are living in in college football name image and likeness where kids can get paid for their name image and likeness and the numbers go up because their program is either good or has a lot of sizzle to it check that box transfer portal where you can basically say I'm leaving I'd like to go somewhere else where the coach is somebody named wait for it Deon Sanders and Deon also tells the kids straight to their face what's what this video has gone viral this was him being introduced to the one and 11 Colorado buffaloes who are still around this was Deon last night. We got a few positions already taken care of because I'm breaking my luggage with me and it's Louie okay it ain't gonna be no more of a mess that these wonderful fans the student body and some of your parents to put up with for probably two decades now I'm coming and when I get him it's gonna be changed so I want y'all to get ready to go ahead and jump in the portal and do whatever you're gonna get because the more you jump in the more you make because we bring keys that's smart say that smart smart tough fast this one is with character one more time smart smart tough fast this one is with character with character with character indeed so hey auburn enjoy you freeze good job good job with all due respect to Mr. Freeze okay let me just say this could you imagine if Deon Sanders went into a living room of a family in Alabama and said don't go to Alabama come to auburn and if you say it was a running back he needed a little help and he has Bo Jackson make a call could you imagine that's the stuff but that's the difference of this day and age you need the coach to be able to pull that sort of stuff off he can do it if I had to interpret because I've known Deon for a long time and he said that he's bringing his baggage with him and it's named Louie I think it's verveton I think that's what he means right yeah okay because it's only the best type of luggage that's coming with him right right including his son who I can't wait to see play quarterback in the Pac-12 here's your quarterback hey Colorado well done well done everyone say it's a risk what risk are we talking about here there are 111 well here's the risk okay here's the risk if I had to call it is that good no no no no no no no not that it's just what happens when his son isn't there to play quarterback for him you know you're gonna get the next one in the next one in the next one I think so people might sit there and say the risk that it's about Deon and not anything else but guess what that's the prime time persona okay this guy is smart he is savvy he knows how to play things up how to play things down he knows how to play the game he knows how to play the game and he knows how to coach I would say well done Colorado you got a new fan in me that's for sure so we can forget about 1994 then it's wiped out of your mind nothing will ever take that away brother nothing sir nothing you know I watched that game on pay-per-view I watched that game at ESPN because my college fraternity brother Phil Green who was a college it was a producer there he had me come in early a day earlier than the informational meeting I had set up with Keith Olbermann when I was trying to get a job on TV and I remember being there so excited it's a dream to be standing around Bristol Connecticut and there I am and I want to turn every television set off good job to the college football playoff committee by the way I think they got it right I think Georgia is absolutely number one yeah I think obviously Michigan is number two because Michigan beats Purdue in the Big Ten championship game wasn't easy but Michigan moves on most wins Michigan's ever had 13 in a regular season so those are your two undefeateds I think TCU deserve to be in they lose in overtime how good is that Max Duggan how good is he tough okay tough tough perfect word for him obviously and TCU loses in overtime to a top ten opponent in their conference championship game they shouldn't be penalized for playing a conference championship game and let alone losing it in overtime and Ohio State backs in but you know what they are better than USC I will tell you that I mean USC couldn't tackle Utah on Friday night it was one of the worst displays of tackling I've seen in a conference championship game ever Caleb Williams before he got hurt put Utah on notice but Utah had a heck of a game you can't put a two you know and I understand USC shouldn't be penalized for playing in its conference championship game but they lost for a second time and even if you just throw that out saying let's not penalize them Ohio State's better and I know Nick Saban came on during the halftime of the Big Ten championship game and he's like we would be favored against most you can't say you know you get in because what the Danny Sheridans of the world I know I'm dating myself you know USA Today that's back when I could you know pay attention to that sort of thing it might even you know there are they're official partners of the league now there's three of them yes I know yeah I get it okay but still there are rules set up just saying especially for us you know the names of them hey look you can't sit here and say well the the gambling community thinks we're better and we have more five-star recruits that's not what it's about it's about the wins and the losses in Ohio State gets in and I think absolutely Ohio State should have to earn a rematch with Michigan by beating Georgia if Michigan is fortunate enough to advance against TCU they shouldn't just get it hey you back in you get another shot at your rivals one more time when you after you lost by 22 at home your last losses by losing by 22 at home this this team's last loss is an overtime in a conference championship game I think they got it right I think they got the four right and I think they got the seating right now let's play let's play and and and hey Indianapolis Colts I know you're looking for a new coach potentially but hands off captain come back for a bit okay Jim Harbaugh said last year he would never entertain it again this won't be an annual recurrence already said that he's coming back to coach the Wolverines in 2023 that's what he said just last night which that and a bus ticket might get you on a bus I get it but right now man it's all good in the Wolverines hood all good absolutely 80 million ursae dollars that's great good good for him and he might take it but right now whatever whatever Bruce Feldman's gonna be joining us in hour number three to talk about exactly that the college football playoff committee Dion and the transfer portal and so much more that's coming up
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