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REShow: Rachaad White - Hour 3 (12-2-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 2, 2022 3:46 pm

REShow: Rachaad White - Hour 3 (12-2-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 2, 2022 3:46 pm

Buccaneers RB Rachaad White tells Rich what it’s like to be in the huddle with Tom Brady as a rookie, how the team handled that Week 12 loss to the Browns, if he’s should be in your fantasy football starting lineup this week, and more.

Rich previews some the best games on the NFL Week 13 schedule including the Giants vs Commanders, Raiders vs Chargers and Jets vs Vikings.

Rich reacts to Lamar Jackson explaining his profane Twitter response to a fan who trolled him and offers up some advice for the Baltimore Ravens QB.

Brockman prepares us for the USA vs the Netherlands World Cup with his ‘Top 5 Dutch Fun Facts,’ and offers up his betting advice for NFL Week 13 in ‘Sneaky Good Games.’

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This is The Rich Eisen Show. Hour number three of The Rich Eisen Show is live on the Roku channel and it's live on this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Smart Enough to Have Us and our affiliate group is growing.

It's getting larger like Leon from Airplane, dating myself as a 53 year old man. We are live on Sirius and XM and Odyssey. We are not live on your podcast but but you do get to listen to us whenever you're darn well pleased by getting our podcasts on the Cumulus Podcast Network. We are always thrilled to have you check us out on our YouTube page or on The Rich Eisen Show collection page, the video on demand service that's part of our Roku channel experience. We're live every day on channel 210 and then we re-air over and over and over again. So when we're done in hour number three of this show, hour number one in our conversation with Tom Curran and our conversation in hour number two with Tyron Matthew and everything else that we've discussed over the last two hours, it re-airs right again and you can't avoid us is basically what I'm saying. Chris Brockman and Jason Feller in their spots, TJ Jefferson in his spot. He just gave us some top-notch fantasy advice.

Yes I mean I tried to at least. Top-notch fantasy advice. I need a fantasy win this week bud. I need a fantasy win this week which means I need a big game out of Rashad White and I'm not just saying that because I'm about to introduce him.

I think you're going to get it to be honest with you. I got to be I picked up Rashad White. When I told you to pick him up a few weeks ago. No the minute I left the booth in Munich. I picked him up the minute I left the booth in Munich. Probably Jefferson would have had you pick him up three weeks before that.

Is that when you told me that about a month before the game? Shout out to the guy who drafted Rashad White. We gotta stop talking about Rashad White as if he's not on hold.

Okay joining us on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line in advance of the Monday night game against the New Orleans Saints is the rookie from Tampa Bay Rashad White. How are you Rashad? Hi how you doing? I'm doing good. How are you?

What's going on in your world? Nothing. Just practice. I'm trying to get better that's all.

Okay. Get back in the wing collar. Okay last time I saw you you were throwing cadre digs out of the club in Munich. I saw that with my own two eyes. Oh oh you was fine.

You was fine all of a sudden? I was right I was right there I was right there in the booth and I watched you stiff arm him and throw him directly out of the Alliance Arena Club. That's what I saw.

Oh man. I mean yeah that's uh you know that was a great play. I gave my team a lot of boost.

It was great. So what what is how are you different running back now than when you were at the beginning of this rookie season for you Rashad? Honestly I feel like we're making it different now. What makes it different now than the time early in the season is just uh that how we have been able to adapt to the change of speed and to the game that's being played now from from college to the NFL level.

I'll say for sure the NFL is way faster things like that. You have to be smart in this league. This league is a lot of chess. A lot of good players like good on good uh players in the league um and that's not like the college but you know it's just a big difference so I'd say you know every play you really got to come with it so you know and I'm not saying I wasn't earlier in the season but just being more comfortable in the offense uh just being more relaxed you know and being uh be myself and um you know understand that uh as a rookie when you first come in and things like that earlier this season you don't want to make mistakes you try to be too perfect and understand that you know that I'm making mistakes and things like that and the coaches and the game leaders on my team they correct them and correct me and we just keep going getting better. And so what's it like being in the huddle with Tom Brady Rashad White? Um this is great you know it's always just electric I feel like for me it's just always like you know you have a lot of life you have a lot of you know I mean Tom based on nobody but you have a lot of time a lot of have a lot of chances to uh you know make things right get things right and you know you're gonna have a lot of chances to make you know good plays and great plays and he's gonna you know do everything in his hand uh power and will to help us win and do the right thing so you just learn and seeing that from uh the greatest player to ever play the game um you know you only got you know great role models great guys you know around you and that just sets it up for you a foundation of just doing the right thing um you know making the plays doing your job every play and that's what you know that's what makes it great having you know in the huddle with you. I would just think it would might be a little intimidating for a rookie to be in the in the huddle with Tom Brady and then as you say you know you're learning you you're learning from your mistakes that that's somebody that's the last guy you'd want to let down Rashad. Yeah uh not for sure um and you you don't let them down and um you know a lot of things in life is about trust um and uh you really see it at this level I'll say it for sure more than you see it in college and things like that and you got guys like Tom Brady you know you can earn and gain their trust and you know I feel like that you go a long way um and your confidence and his self-confidence and their belief in you and your belief in you and in him and uh you just go from there so you know you just do the job um the ball get thrown my way whatever play is called uh whatever I got to do a lot for him I know you know the job and it's at that hand and I just want him to be able to you know trust me to be able to make the block or you know make the catch or make the run that's necessary. What is the general mood of the locker room obviously that was a very difficult troubling loss that you just suffered in Cleveland what is the general sense of things as you take on uh the Saints on Monday night? I'll say uh general mood is just doing uh doing our job um everybody's doing their assignment uh doing their alignment on each play and uh just keeping up the energy um that's been uh the main talk of the week uh you know we got to play some four quarters um this time that uh in the season and especially some of the games we lost in some of the games we won that we haven't played all four quarters and uh play with energy and play for one another so that's been a big mood in our locker room um you know we feel like we got a lot of great things still ahead but um you know the the days are numbered now so you know just making the most of every opportunity. Rashad White Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back here on the Rich Eisen show uh are are you are you gonna believe obviously you got Leonard Fournette coming back you got Gio Bernard here how do you fit into this in the in the reps now with uh the football to be shared and you in your thought here Rashad? Um I don't know I'll be honest with you I don't even think about like the football bitch there and then you know I just be grateful and blessed to just be in the game you know if I'm blocking or whatever it is if I'm running the ball the ball is shared you know so I mean I'm thankful to have guys like you said Gio uh been in the league a good amount of years uh a lady been in the league and just got a second contract and things like that got great things going for himself been in the league for a good amount of years and being able to learn from them guys what to do and what not to do and them guys them teach me and talk me through things so I mean like I said the future it kind of just for sure looks bright um I don't know how things gonna play out but however it play out and the coaches believe it should play out that's I'm all for that screw it I'll come in through the front door am I starting you in my fantasy league this week or what Rashad what so what I'm doing what am I doing uh you're telling me what I think you should do yeah you tell me am I start should I start you in my fantasy league this week I need a win man I need a w I need a w more than you do you know no no we need to win more for sure but I like that in your fantasy league though we need to win more than you do for sure okay um I'm a big believer in me I let people choose for themselves do I think you should start me myself I'm gonna tell you that but it's all about what you think and that's for your fantasy team well I watched you I watched you in Munich I watched you in that game you were dominant you were running downhill you were stiff-arming people you were killing it in that game I saw that I'm like that is a starting running back in the national football league that's what I thought oh man I appreciate that you know for me it's just a test to the guys up front you know everybody was just doing their job and getting me to the third level getting me out of space and uh be able to allow me to do who I am so I spent most of my teammates receivers was blocking everybody been doing their job and making sacrifices and things like that so you know I appreciate that though well you know what Rashad why I know you were born in 99 I don't know how much of a John Denver fan you are or know the song country roads but just hearing the fans chanted en masse in Munich as you went over 100 yards in that first snap after the two-minute warning I couldn't believe it what the hell was that did you hear the chanting as you were the singing as you were running that ball Rashad um I mean I would say like you could hear it you can hear it in the background like are you all the way tuned in or locked into it no that's just that you know that's two different things and and I mean you know you can have some fun a lot of football players like you know even the crowd leaving the booth the crowd noise and things like that like of course the message you can tell that affects like snaps and things like that of course or I mean we go five and more uh five encounters for the life when you're in the game it's like you really like really a lot of things going through your head at the same time as you know pre-snap at the same time it's like when I boss map all the things it's clearly you just focus on the play at hand so like I heard it for sure but I'll say I really when I heard it the most was after the play after the players where you like oh wow okay there you go it's crazy I mean it was crazy and then after the game was all they like sang karaoke for damn near a half an hour what was that at munich experience like for you Rashad white oh for me it was just great uh seeing um my guys and my teammates they reacted to us one day uh everybody doing their job how hyped they was and you know just to have the crowd singing it was like electric you know it's probably you know one of for sure my best memories uh football in my life um I said it was just you know blessed and a blessing like to get to you know go through that and and actually live that moment and things like that so it was for sure a blessing all right Rashad white you're in my starting lineup I know that for sure that's it I'm gonna do it so all right so I need I need that I'm glad I could be in your storyline yeah I don't let you down I need 100 and I need you in the end zone I need you in the end zone Rashad okay seriously that's what I need wow that's what I knew what do you mean wow I've got an opportunity to talk like you wouldn't talk to your I know running like one of your running backs and your team was killing him numbers just be like encouraging okay you got this you got it in you Rashad I know it I know it I appreciate that okay that's a little bit better is that better is that more inspiring okay I'm trying to inspire well maybe Todd Bowles is better at it than I am thanks for the call Rashad white I greatly appreciate it have a great time on monday night football let's uh let's chat again soon okay sound like a plan thank you for having me of course that's Rashad white rookie running back big fan gotta have it come on remember that one time remember that you remember we had Sean Payton on Tom Brady excuse me I had Camaro like this is like four years ago yeah I know and he's starting to give it to Ingram and he's starting and I told him like you're vulturing my touchdowns for Camaro he didn't know what a vulturing like I taught Sean Payton on live Rich Eisen show air what vulturing touchdowns were yep and I told him I'm like give it to Camaro we do it I think Camaro scored that week I don't know if he did all I know is that Sean Payton did not take it seriously because after I hung up the phone with him he texted me a photograph of a vulture and I'm like no you don't understand I was serious Sean I need these points damn straight yeah I mean I get it and I'm using this show I don't know Rashad white Chris I'm using this show for good and as you know yes for good as you know there is an iron Rich and Eisen tough this is the Rich Eisen show thank you for the name and reminder Rashad white let's go I need a hundred I need a score Serbia just hit the post are you betting on this too no I'm not actually wow wow you're you didn't bet on Serbia huh no I don't know much about them huh I haven't done my research because there's no song and from cheers about Serbia if it was Albania you would have got you would have gotten it maybe no I'm saving all my chips for the Trojans tonight oh gosh this man has got sneaky good games and gambling advice for you coming up um let's go to uh the phone lines right here on the Rich Eisen show I'll bite on this one Otto in Park City Utah what's up Otto Rich yes you're on what's up Otto good to talk to you again I talked to you once before yes sir what do you got for me Otto I wonder why you're not mentioning if Michigan loses by two touchdowns or more if you win I think the committee might keep them right out of there Otto are you are you getting in the gummies again out there in Park City what's going on Michigan losing by two touchdowns to Purdue two is that what you're saying do I think that's going to happen no okay but if it does I guess that that's why Otto I guess that's why when you see on ESPN it's 99 percent that there's a one percent chance right there's a one percent chance but for Michigan to get its first loss and have the same number of losses as Ohio State who it's just beaten by 22 and one fewer loss than Alabama and two fewer losses than LSU and one fewer loss than Tennessee I mean who's going to knock them out who's going to knock them out the committee is first of all let me let me say this I'm not a hater I like Michigan I hope they're in there yeah I would be happy if they won now is Alabama Alabama by the way your phone's crapping out Otto thanks for the call Alabama lost to both Tennessee and LSU and Tennessee was a last second field goal from literally the middle of the field and LSU was them going for two instead of just forcing overtime and Brian Kelly putting his Pulisic on the line you know and that was the end of that what is the one percent chance that Michigan doesn't make it that would have to they would have to they would have to be supplanted by both Ohio State and Alabama and who Tennessee they would have to lose by like five touchdowns to Purdue and have why don't we even discuss god forbid multiple guys get hurt why are we even putting this in the ether I'm not sure I don't like it I don't like it you're in thank you thank you uh more of your phone calls and then when we come back I have got some games that are underneath the radar screen and still to come you cannot watch us the us men's national team take on the Netherlands take on the Dutch without us setting the table in a proper fashion correct um and we're not we're not going to talk offense defense we're going to talk about famous Dutch people so I don't know if we're going to hear the name Rick Smits or uh paint at all anything like the Dutch boy we're doing facts about Netherlands ah Netherlands facts yeah very good the list of famous people from Netherlands to me honestly it's not that it's a little thin okay I got a good one it's not a deep bench like Eddie Van Halen and Rick Smith the Netherlands didn't have a deep enough bench to do that we're going Dutch facts I guarantee you you don't know these facts because I don't I just learned them yesterday how about that so we got an expert we'll take a break we're stupid but call us anyway the world tournament of soccer happening in Qatar is finally here and with all the weird kickoff times and all the other sports happening simultaneously it could be kind of hard to keep up so to make sure you're up to speed be sure to listen to Qatar Kickaround for the daily wrap-up of all the action from the tournament from the group stage all the way to the final Andy, Lars and Peter are here for you with recaps and opinions of what happened that day in Qatar everything can be found at the the Cumulus Podcast channel on YouTube or wherever you listen. Rich Eisen Show 844-204rich is the number to dial I just saw a Rick Stroud um text that Brady's talking at the podium right now talking about how three weeks ago he asked for more one-on-ones in practice with the receivers and the and the defensive back and he'd like that to create he likes it to create competitiveness with his receivers okay and um I'll just say this he mentioned that in our meeting in Munich oh that he wants more one-on-ones and Irv was stunned that they didn't do it because that's all they did when he was in practice and he loved it I'm just wondering if uh Michael Irvin had anything to do with it just throwing that out there so man I tell you I came out of that meeting in in in in in Munich thinking this is it like for Brady and they came out with that win and I thought this is it and then it wasn't yeah I was surprised I still can't believe they lost that game in Cleveland yeah me too and I just hope for Buccaneers fans that they come out they sweep the Saints they get back to 500 and that that game will just be an outlier is Marshawn Lattimore where where is he right now you want to look that one up yeah because if Lattimore is gonna go against Mike Evans then that's going to be what we call must-see television on Monday night they just do not like each other I'm imagining Bruce Arians will not be on the sideline for that one there he practiced okay that's good Kirk and Nevada let's take your phone call what's up Kirk Nevada I'm sorry my god I'm gonna have my entire uh man card removed in the state of Nevada on Raiders Nation radio my bad everybody listening in Vegas right now what's up Kirk Kirk you there you know that's funny because one of the first things I wanted to thank you for was always pronouncing I am can you hear me I know and I the New Yorker in me came out I used to I used to say can you hear me yeah I can hear you can you hear me Kirk yeah I can't hear you I can't I got you thank you so much yeah man I'm sorry I'm a New Yorker so I used to say Oregon too um and I know it's Oregon and I know it's Nevada and my my apologies by introducing you that way let's uh let's just what else what's on your mind Kirk you know what first of all let me start off by saying you've always pronounced it correctly we'll let this one go I have a history I've been around sports all my life my father and my uncle were sportscasters of renown but you have single-handedly as a lead pipe wielding professional absolutely inspired my desire to enjoy college football you've made me a Michigan fan this is absolutely fantastic I can't wait to tune in every Monday to hear you have the opportunity to praise Michigan go blue I appreciate that Kirk how about that yes how about that see Chris if you were a little bit more effusive he'd call him and say he's now a Syracuse fan but you well our team stinks oh is that right okay yeah thank you Kirk I appreciate that Kirk in Nevada right here on the Rich Austin show how about that did you think I was inspiring no you think I was annoying oh yeah it's very annoying is it really I mean look if you're not a Michigan or Big Tenor it's pretty annoying well the whole country watched no not everyone's a Michigan million watched the whole country watched 17 million largest audience to watch a game on fox or any espn fox or abc game nine million less than the third game that's the NFL on Thanksgiving night fine great that's the beachfront property no no absolutely not elf was on tv Christmas vacation they answered it's a wonderful life weren't you watching weren't you locked in on Thanksgiving night I was flipping around oh my goodness just saying don't bring up else third piece of pie don't bring up good point you're getting that tattoo buddy I like it um so look this weekend gonna be amazing going to be absolutely amazing on Sunday last week little lacking right wasn't a little lacking last week this week different yeah a little bit different this week I got the week 13 schedule right here in front of me and you have got uh the Jets and the Vikings uh headlining if you will the early window games and then you've got the uh late window where the Dolphins and the Niners and the Chiefs and the Bengals and then you've got also is headlining the early window games the Eagles and the Titans my gosh so we're going to go a little bit deeper in the schedule because that's what we do here on this program can you give me a little bit of NFL films music for a little bit a little bit a little bit of something something right here because while the Eagles and the Titans have added the Washington commanders the New York Giants have added and this is what we call a really sneaky important game because if you look at the NFC standings right now every single NFC East team is making the playoffs that's not gonna happen folks that's not the way it's gonna end why am I so confident that that's not the way it's gonna end yeah because the Giants and commanders play each other twice starting right now and by the way in the next three weeks they play each other twice in the next three weeks it's the only team the commanders play in the next three weeks because they take on the Giants in New Jersey then have a bye week and take on the Giants in FedEx Field so they're away then they're by then they're home against the Giants and the Giants while the commanders are on a bye week play the Philadelphia Eagles for the first of two times it's wild that the schedule makers had the Giants finish up their season series with the Cowboys before they took on anybody else in the NFC East but that's the case and you look at the Giants remaining schedule as they sit there in the six seed still sort of surfing off that amazing run to start the season that started with that day ball decision to go for two in week one and run the risk of starting 0-1 and instead it sparked a remarkable start of winning six of their first seven but they've lost three out of their last four and they take on Washington and Philadelphia twice wrapped around a visit to Minnesota and a home date on New Year's Day against Indianapolis so the Giants need it not only that do they need it to stop this three out of four game stretch that they've gotten with losses but they got to stop the commanders run that they're on the Washington commanders on the other side while the Giants have lost three of four they have gone on a remarkable role I hate to say it since Carson Wentz got hurt and they turned to Taylor Heineke and off they go they've won six of seven they started one and four they've now won six of seven and they take on the Giants twice before visiting San Francisco get Cleveland and Dallas in their house to wrap things up what a huge game this is just monster big because the Giants could find themselves if they can't put their foot in the ground and win division games over the next three weeks they could wind up looking up at the Seattle Seahawks which is a problem for them because they lost in Seattle in this stretch of losing three out of their last four big game for the Giants and the Washington commanders and then at the same time in the AFC West man every time I think I'm out the Raiders pull me back in I turn my back on them I turn my back on them Goodfella style turn my back I turn my back on them after they lost in Jacksonville and kept on losing games in which they were up by 17 and the owners like Rome wasn't built in a day but you know they Rome also I mean like this isn't the forum shops you know what I mean like this is football here all right I like those and the autumn wind needs to be a pirate and right now that autumn wind is a freaking pirate yeah buddy because the Raiders have walked it off twice in a row on the road in very difficult places to play Denver say what you will about the offense say what you will about their quarterbacks birthday RSVP list but that is not an easy spot to win in and then Seattle against the 12s with Seattle coming off of a buy off of that loss that stuck with them and the Raiders stuck their foot in the ground and Josh Jacobs says guess what so don't pick up my 50-year option that will be your problem because I am going to make this a walk-off year with a walk-off touchdown that puts a bag on the table and say you pay me and Devante Adams has catching is starting to catch passes and he had that walk-off touchdown against Denver and how great is Max Crosby and how big is Chandler Jones becoming this is what I saw this is what I saw coming into the year and it's beginning to happen and it didn't happen in the beginning of the year and it first started to not happen against the Chargers who come into their building we saw what happened in week one that was a winnable game for the Raiders but they started making too many mistakes in their first seven eight games of the year and it started just up the road and so five now the Chargers stroll in here into Vegas this weekend trying to tell me and the rest of Raiders nation okay that's the end of that and we're going to sweep the Las Vegas Raiders and we're going to start winning football games and we're going to get out of the sniffing it column in the AFC playoff picture and they have an opportunity to start catching teams in front of them but not if they lose to the Raiders and if the Raiders win their third in a row right around the corner is a trip just up the road against the Rams team that's starting John Walford this week because it looks like Matthew Stafford despite being out of concussion protocol we're not going to see him again this year Aaron Donald is out Alan Robinson is out Cooper Cuppa is out talk about a winnable game in Los Angeles where we all know the Raiders have a home field advantage let's talk about it this can turn around real fast in the next five days the Raiders could have four wins in a row by Thursday and then all of a sudden you've got 500 in your sights all of a sudden you've got yes a playoff run developing but not if the Chargers and Justin Herbert come in and say not today what a huge game in the AFC west this is I love it I can't wait for it and then I know I mentioned this at the top about being a headliner of the early games but let's talk about it because it is beneath the marquee in terms of conversation nationally in terms of playoff ramifications because it doesn't involve two division leaders like say Tennessee and Philadelphia jets and the Vikings jets and the Vikings Minnesota Vikings coming off of that rousing thanksgiving night win to remove the dreadful taste in their mouth left by your Dallas Cowboys T.J. Jefferson that 40 to 3 I mean you can't even call it a curb stomping I think that that is a an insult to curbs so the Vikings came up with that dub taking on the Patriots and winning a game and national television and Kirk Cousins liking that and Justin Jefferson looking the way he looked the defense however is susceptible with all due respect to Patrick Pearson our Wednesday guest here comes Mike White the Jets and this is a big game for the Jets because it's Mike White's first game on the road we will see how he can follow this up the last time he captured the back pages of New York he followed it up on the road on a short week on a Thursday night and he got hurt because that's what happens to the Jets we can't have nice things so let's see what happens now in Minnesota can he follow it up because if he cannot all of a sudden we go to Robert Saleh post game and say is it Zach Wilson time now guess who's the third inactive not even dressing again for this game Robert Saleh announced Friday Flacco's backing up White and Zach is going to have an earbud in and he is not playing interesting period end of story it's on Mike White again and their running back room is banged up and Zonavan Knight is the kid that might have to carry it amongst Big Z on the other side for the Vikings and the rest of that defense that wants to say okay we've heard what you said after the Cowboys came in and the Patriots came in and put up 73 combined here we go is that what they did I don't know how many points the Patriots scored 60 something combined long story short Vikings defense has something to prove here and the Jets defense to come in and say hey sauce is going to go on on Justin Jefferson and Reed goes on Thielen and Cook guess what it's Quinnen Williams trying to stop you on the way to Kirk Cousins who if you really want to just get drilled down in it Kirk once upon a time had an opportunity to be the Jets quarterback and said I will just go to Minnesota and I will take the Vikings dollars and I will take those guaranteed dollars and I will turn down the opportunity to be Broadway Kirk I will just go to the great white north and go there well he knew Kirk Thuggins was coming Kirk Thuggins he knew it was coming might be showing up on Sunday the Vikings win this game they have an opportunity to print a playoff ticket so there's that opportunity to clinch a playoff spot and if the Jets don't win let's just characterize it that way if you put up the AFC standings they've got right behind them the New England Patriots the Patriots would be one game behind the Jets which is too close for comfort because the Patriots swept them and have a tie break over them they would wind up being tied with the Chargers I don't have right in front of me the tie breaks that might come into play the Chargers might have a better record in conference than the Jets this would be an out of conference loss but the Bengals have already beaten the Jets and the Bengals would have that opportunity to cash in that tie break on the spot as they already have to be six over the Jets seven now let's just say this the Jets win they would be two in front of the Patriots how monstrous is that to be two games in front of a team that's got a tie break over you if the Chiefs beat the Bengals they would be one game above a team that has a tie break above them and if the Niners beat the Miami Dolphins if that happens then the Jets would wind up being your fifth seed they would be number five in the AFC going into week 14 something I would have signed on the dotted line for no question about it and Mike White would have a two-game winning streak as a starting quarterback big stakes just big stakes and those are the three games that are kind of under the radar for me that I placed in front of you of it we have got gambling advice for you I'm hot are you really I am and you're and that's this is the time when the time when the air conditioning kind of hits you too yeah all right so that's how hot you are that's what I mean okay well you fired at night Chris Brock doesn't normally say that sort of stuff because you know the gambling gods frown upon that sort of uh normally he doesn't like it but I'm feeling fullness I'm feeling myself all right and Chris boy this is you ready to carry this segment ready to carry the show into the weekend absolutely because you have Dutch facts I have the top five most interesting facts about the Netherlands is there music to go along with it I don't know we'll come up with some of the break efforting great production great planning I love that we've turned into a list show man this makes me so happy you know I try I try you know I feel like I helped usher this in and I feel like a proud part you have inspired sir well you know someone even mentioned on our YouTube page the fact that they thought it was hilarious that you hate it list and now it seems like you love them you distribute you make things better you have people talking about you just like Chris Paul we'll take a break right here on the Rich Eisen show 844-204-rich go on a break we'll be right back Chazen show talking about Lamar Jackson's tweet that he sent on our we're talking uh now on our radio show to our radio audience is just you don't ever have to anytime you respond to a troll anytime you respond to anybody who's critical of you Keith Olbermann taught me this a long time ago he's like anybody that criticizes you on the air does not about what you do on the air whatever does not have your best interest in mind just doesn't doesn't have a personal stake in anything just may have something personal against you pay it no mind you might take it the criticism and internalize it to get better so Lamar it's just like it doesn't you're giving this person your platform when you're responding I've told you that all the time don't don't read the YouTube comments look man don't respond to it but some people like every now and then you're gonna respond oh and I totally understand his response is I'm a human I got upset you know and I know it sounds great to like just internalize it but not everybody can do that all the time he's got to well I mean certainly if you're a face front quarterback in the national football now Lamar should be on a different level yes me but you know well I mean you're you're you're you distribute like you say you're you got you're multi-versatile you're very even on Twitter nobody you know no I'm just I can't tell nobody to go and it makes no sense for him to tell this guy off you're right you're right you just saw that there's no upside when you hit send it's just like I told that one fan that's sitting there that doesn't clearly have my best interest in heart my personal best interest you know because I busted my butt and next time when I score a touchdown that guy's gonna love me again it's just it's fanatic has the word fan at the very base that's it just think about that and hover don't don't don't hit send 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich is always the number to dial here on the rich isin show which um look we're excited men's national team in the knockout round knockout round knockout round big time for those who don't uh follow the international sport of football and soccer knock out knockouts the same way of winter go home okay so um you lose you're out and it's the United States against the Netherlands which is by the way not a bad draw if you will they're they're the eighth best team coming in I mean it's not bad not bad I mean could be worse right which is what uh half of what our ranking was right we were 16 yeah we were 16 okay this is possible so how do we get ready for it we could sit here and do the matchup game and the defense and offense game that's not the way we handle our business on this program so prior to taking on the Netherlands here's the most important facts Chris Brockman has found about the Netherlands correct Chris correct what do you got for me over there all right let's hit it hold on you have music I think we have production value fun facts about the Netherlands there are only two things I can't stand in this world people who are intolerant of other people's cultures and the Dutch are making this personal no I'm just kidding all right Michael Caine from uh from what was that from uh from Austin Powers Austin Powers Michael yeah all right the top five uh fun facts about this about Netherlands yeah Netherlands which I'm going there over Christmas oh I'll be there is that one of the facts it's okay it's not you better be nice they might be looking out for you that's a bonus if you see me if you're listening right now say what's up you're gonna see Brockman riding the bike the first thing the folks who who might be a little bit more familiar about the Netherlands nudge and us that than us might be saying what's with the accordion I don't know is this did you look up Dutch music is this Dutch music this is called Dutch windmills which we just write in number five yes there are over 1,000 windmills in the Netherlands huh over a thousand yeah very famous uh the windmill is in Netherlands traditionally harness the wind for variety of purposes such as grinding grain and draining wetlands but none of them are built to to to put a golf ball through sadly I don't think mini golf is big okay over there okay okay number you've done you've done the research so you would know I've done the research I would know all of this all right number four yes the Netherlands yes is the world's biggest exporter of flowers oh isn't that nice okay known as the world's flower shop for good reason they produce 80 percent wow of the world's flower bulbs and the flower industry makes up five percent of netherlands GDP no kidding five percent of the gross what does the dvp stand for dan patrick gross dan patrick is is flowers flower yeah yeah 4.3 billion tulip bulbs annually are produced in the netherland oh is that what you also call the pulisics the tulip bulbs hey all right what else you got clear to play tomorrow yes the pelvic contusion is clear did not get hit in the pulisic number three yes the dutch national anthem yes is the oldest national anthem in the world really in the world guys when did it first when did they first uh start singing it uh oh i had it the anthem dates back to between they don't know the exact date oh it's anywhere from 1569 to 1572 geez wow it did not become the official dutch anthem though until 1932 took a while it's been hundreds and hundreds of years took a while yeah hundreds of like a fine wine fermented all right or cheese number two yes from honda nice you guys you guys all like carrots right that that caught me that that caught me like uh i'm uh i'm sean mcveigh trying to hit me on the sideline right there i'm sorry okay number two yeah number two carrots we all like k you gotta gotta eat your carrots your fry side carrots are orange because of the netherlands how chris house back in the 10th century yes that's the 900s carrots were originally white purple or pale yellow i saw that in house of dragons actually but the story goes yes that willam of orange king william the third he helped the dutch win independence from spain in the 17th century the dutch farmers honored the king through clever breeding which turned the carrots orange really you guys didn't know that did you because he's william of orange yeah good thing he wasn't exactly good thing he wasn't william of mauve that's what i'm saying i didn't care mauve carrots orange is still the official color of the dutch royal family i just like saying mauve what's up great sitcom then there's mauve as you'll notice i'm sure the dutch will probably be wearing orange tomorrow but um i i would i would pretty much guarantee it that's their thing number one number one this is the top fact this is that you could come up with yes the most interesting fact about the netherlands by the way the rest of them are very fascinating so there's gotta you gotta high bar the dutch consume the most licorice out of any country in the world that's crazy in the world holy twizzlers batman well how do you know this how do we know this they eat around two kilos geez per person per year what that's around 32 million kilos of licorice each year is it red vine or twizzler though that's the question please red vines can go pound sand as you know as you know one kilo no way equals 2.2 pounds so i did not know that so the the average the average dutch person put it in pounds baby pounds what do you got about four and a half pounds a year of licorice licorice is delicious wow that's a lot okay that's a lot very good my kilo do we have one more and now some famous people who are from who we got the netherlands who we got throw it up oh vincent van gogh vincent van gogh fromka johnson everybody yeah all right eddie van halen great eddie van halen of course from van halen max verstappen friend of the show who's been in this studio rambrandt and pope adrian the sixth i got one that's missing uh hold on others also receiving votes rutger hauer heronymous bosh oh johannes vermeer and tiesto yes there's a dj vegas dj that was from mike and of course he's not here tiesto does did mike make sure the del tufo said make sure you spell it with an umlaut don't forget the dots over the e you got one more yeah johan van der smut okay he's famous for his quote i love gold very good i love gold u.s.a u.s.a now when everybody's settling in tomorrow for this soccer match whoever hasn't taken in this segment is lacking you are lacking in knowledge to go into this by the way um if we advance it looks like we're taking on argentina so as soon as this match is over if we win argentine facts argentine facts argentina facts okay don't cry for me that's right damn straight we're gonna have we're gonna have some musicals we're gonna have if we could only advance the truth is i never left the flu is running through the netherlands camp can't root for that we can't root for that whatever it takes rich you know what's to you know what they you know what they can do to fix that bastard licorice they're having lots of licorice half pound what's the matter what the hell well they must have gone to those coffee shops licorice back when you go i will bring some back for you guys chat on monday
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