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REShow: Hour 1

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November 29, 2022 3:24 pm

REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 29, 2022 3:24 pm

Rich recaps the NFL season to date and breaks down the latest playoffs landscape heading into Week 13, and the guys reveal their top 5 picks for NFL MVP so far.

Rich and the guys debate how the latest College Football Playoff rankings will play out and if a Pac-12 Champion USC should be in over a 1-loss Ohio State team.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Welcome this edition of the Rich Eisen Show here on a very busy Tuesday.

The last Tuesday of the month of November in the calendar year of 2022. We're live here on the Roku channel 844204rich is the number to dial. If you're watching us for free on the Roku channel or you're listening to us on Sirius XM the uh the uh the Odyssey feed. If you're listening to us on the Rich Eisen Show Terrestrial Radio Network we appreciate that because this radio station is smart enough to have us to be quite frank. If you're listening to us on our podcast we appreciate that. Hit us with a subscribe button there. Same with our YouTube page rich Eisen Show. We always uh like when people are regulars around here and if you're you're you're new here uh you missed a heck of a show yesterday. It was a lot of fun.

We've got a great one in store for you today. We've got two guests in the third hour. So uh Matt Ruhl uh now of Nebraska Cornhuskers football will be on this program and the actor Christopher McDonald will be here. Susan and I are loving his work currently in hacks.

He's in The Watcher with Rich Eisen Show favorite Bobby Cannavale um currently and my kids would know him as Shooter McGavin. So uh he's here in studio hour number three and uh they are going to form the Rich Eisen Show counter programming if necessary to the United States taking on Iran. Yeah I'm not gonna be paying attention. No you won't be paying attention to the game right Chris? Because the third hour yeah that you're a part of the show you're on the broadcast here right you're going to be locked locked in. I'll be locked in because I can't watch the game. I appreciate that. The United States taking on Iran if the United States wins uh oh hold on a minute I'm sorry if the United States win you gotta you gotta use the proper language here. I hate that. Well I mean don't because the name of the country is the plural name that we would normally call the moniker of the team that we root for but but so like the United States name isn't it it's not there. United States is like say the Knicks the Knicks are United States are in position to move on to the knockout round if they win uh if it's if Iran ties the United States Iran moves on and the United States is out but I would proffer to say if the United said prior to the World Cup starting a week and a half ago if the United States was told all you have to do is beat Iran and you move on to the knockout round they would have signed a piece of paper on the spot I think so um two ties one against Wales one against England has put the United States in a position to be winning and in the knockout round and obviously we will do our best to update you as conditions warrant on that as we get we get ready for that uh prior to that Bruce Feldman's going to be here in studio hour number two to talk college football which we'll dive deep into uh on this program uh Chris Brockman and Mike Del Tufo in their usual spots TJ Jefferson's been patiently waiting for me to say hello to him so you could light the candle how are you TJ I mean I know you like the candle being lit I do like a candle being lit it's kind of like the Olympics you can't have any events without the cauldron so this is the official flame it is in fact that yes about that yes and that lighter actually was passed around the entire globe to by winding up your right hand in order to light the candle I feel so special it is that what's up Bic it is that um we are um let's just make sure I can confirm on this yeah I can confirm we're after Thanksgiving now and um you can't wear white oh wait the famous phrase was from Bill Parcells always that this is when the season begins in the NFL oh I thought it was you are what your record is oh it was you are what you are you know always look at the man in the glass right the man in the mirror to figure out who you are and I'm asking and always one of my favorite Parcells phrase is dropping your huggies when whenever a kid a youngster performs well for the first time in a big game uh and becomes a veteran on the spot he's dropped his huggies for instance let's just use it for instance uh Michigan quarterback JJ McCarthy right dropped his huggies in the um um uh horseshoe in Columbus dropped his huggies and then um and then uh decided to let everyone in Ohio state know what the true nuts look like um so wow 364 days tj likes it I know I like it I love it thank you sir um so the Parcells phrase that I'm referring to right now is is that the season always begins on Thanksgiving and um and I understand what he always means by that because now is where rubber meets the road all of your plans from mini camp and training camp and and even in this day and age where there there's not a lot of uh hitting in training camp and then there's one fewer preseason game which leads to more and more offenses taking more games than usually necessary to get moving and get more on the same page and all the phrases that you hear in the NFL now's the time like we now know who needs to do what we now know who hasn't done enough of something we now know which teams have already proven themselves and now and now when the weather gets colder and the windows get tighter it's time to play some winning football and the matchups that say if these week 13 matchups happen in week two we'd have been like all right this is pretty good maybe some higher register ones or like this would be great but you know it'd be better if it was in December or November for instance Bengals and Chiefs right Bengals and Chiefs week three would have been that this is great now week 13 okay let's go Dolphins 49ers week three would have been like okay then it's pretty cool that the new coach of the Dolphins is already visiting the the team that he uh he used to be part of the staff all right now week 13 now you know that the Dolphins are eight and three and the 49ers have Jimmy Garoppolo as their quarterback now for 11 weeks and they now lead the NFC West now that takes on a whole different ball of wax you take a look at the standings as a matter of fact and rubbers meet and road in the AFC with the Chiefs no Tyreek Hill no big whoop right nine and two they won nine in their first 11 anyway a loss to the Indianapolis Colts that will still be a head scratcher when the season's done no matter what happens between now and the end of the season knock me out of survivor rich I'm sure that did for a lot of people back in week number three and and then the Buffalo Bills in week six but the Bills despite coming up at that big win have lost three games including a couple in a row that a lot of people didn't see coming against the Jets right and then the Minnesota Vikings and they're sitting at eight and three because the Dolphins beat them too and the Dolphins are eight and three what a surprise that is the Titans have tightened up once again they lead this division and they're gonna print a playoff ticket pretty darn soon because the team that's closest to them is now four seven and one the Ravens at seven and four and the Bengals at seven and four that's for the AFC North the loser might make the wild card because you never know if the six and five Patriots and Chargers can get off the sniffing it list and then there's the Jets surprising everyone at seven and four arriving sooner in the wild card station and a couple of weeks ago had they beaten the Patriots in New England they would have been in first place in the AFC East right now they're the last wild card and that's your AFC playoff picture and the NFC playoff picture you take a look at it and it's been I would say the surprise team of the year I saw the Eagles winning the East I did not see them winning the East because they're the first member of the 10 win club by the end of November and Jalen Hurts being an MVP candidate we'll get to that in a moment the Vikings another surprise we saw them win in week one against Green Bay but needed to see more of that and we didn't see more of that in the next week against the Eagles they got curb stomped in Philadelphia and since that loss they've only lost once the Dallas Cowboys came and got them and beat the tar out of them and the Cowboys are your number one seed in the wild card right now fifth seed overall because they're two behind the Eagles and they need the Eagles to lose one more time before Christmas so when they face each other on Christmas weekend the Cowboys will have a chance to even the record in the division against the Eagles in their season series and maybe have enough tie breaks in other categories to surpass the Eagles atop the standings the Bucks are five and six we mentioned six we mentioned the 49ers moments ago leading the NFC West I mean five and six Buccaneers lead the NFC South because the Falcons are a half game behind them and they've already lost to the Buccaneers it looks as if Tom Brady will limp into the playoffs will it be his final season we'll see how it all works out between now and the end of the season when we could see the Cowboys against the Bucks in a wild card round and right now as it currently stains every team in the AFC NFC East would be in the playoffs Cowboys Giants commanders are your wild card teams ever happened that hasn't right I think an entire division may have made it a long time ago I don't know I will look at that the East remember was the powerhouse until the last like you know but with every team making the playoffs I can't remember that and there are the Seahawks a lot of folks thought that they'd be right there with the Bears currently in the top five for the uh for the picks top of picks in the draft but the the Seahawks have lost two in a row as a matter of fact they're beginning to lose a little bit of steam right now so these are your standings currently right now as we enter December football we've played our last game in November December football now beckons first game of December football is bills at Patriots how big is that how big is that bills have still yet to win a game in division how big is that how wild is that so yeah season starts now if Parcells used to say got it now then the MVP race let's talk about that right now the most valuable player race in the national football league now that we have December football upon us 13 weeks into an 18 week regular season how do things currently stand one aspect of it coming into the season I think uh Josh Allen was the consensus pick for MVP of the of the season and he looked at for the first half and the last few games though after losing to the Jets and hurting his arm in that process been a little different story and one other thing that's changed too since the beginning of the season is the associated press which is in charge of this process of collecting the votes for most valuable player has decided to get with the times and rank the choices what do I mean by that in the previous year where they had 50 members of uh 50 50 the media and and they their process of choosing it a little outmoded as well since I'll just grind the axe right here I'm not allowed to have a vote because I'm an employee of the NFL as if I have not proven over 19 years of this business and eight years on this show that I say into this microphone what I believe and not a single soul in the NFL front office tells me what to say nor would I parrot it but for whatever reason I can't have a vote as if I also don't watch every snap of football long story said all right I'm done with the axe grinding um the members who are allowed to vote now in previous years they would just say here's my MVP and they would tally up who's got the most votes and that's the person one pick who wins it in other sports it would be give us your top five we'll assign a point total for wherever they stand in the top five and then we'll add up and whoever has the most points wins so over the years you've heard it so many times rothless burger and russell wilson in all those years that they were making the playoffs and winning a super bowl or in the case of ben super bowls plural um that you always heard never got a vote for mvp because you can only choose one that's going to hold true this year too well ben is retired and russ is not going to get a vote that's not going to change thank you for that tj appreciate for that update so now we're you're going to be able to hear who got a third place vote or a fourth place vote or a fifth place vote for mvp and i kind of dig it i like that just to model how it works we do this normally on this program let's do it now for the first time though a ranked choice for mvp through the thanksgiving day weekend and interestingly enough it serves as a top five all right what you know i like to do hit the music mic number five on this list is a non-quarterback and i went back and forth there's only two choices i believe for non-quarterbacks to be most valuable player in the nfl this year one of them is justin jefferson in minnesota how amazing has this guy been his latest performance 139 yards receiving against the team whose coach is known for taking away the one thing you like the best and helps your team win the most justin jefferson did that against belicheck on a thanksgiving night but i see you're already reaching for your grease board tj jefferson you may hold it up number five on this list is mica parsons who i believe is a defensive player of the year right now for the first 13 weeks mica parsons is the mvp of the dallas cowboys we could talk about dak and zeke and pollard deuces or cd all we want all we want you take mica parsons away from this team that's a different bunch don't ever think that i know that never the lion who once took this seat from me when i offered him within two seconds when he was on this program guessing he did he's number five on this list number four on this list for me can't believe i'm saying it but it's the truth it's josh allen and he was my number one and there wasn't even a one a b c or d there was nobody in his area code for most valuable player in my mind coming into the season but he's still insanely valuable and obviously has that mandalorian still in him where he shows this is the way and if we see him once again get back in that mode of making the right decisions and winning with his arm and his legs and not being red zone careless with the football as we've seen he can still be the mvp of this league over the next six weeks we'll see what happens everywhere else certainly since there are two people who are above him on this list that a lot of folks still for whatever reason have a bit of the jury out on and let's start with the one who's got the most of the jury still out on him even though not on me tuatunga vailoa is third on my list he's played like three games tuatunga vailoa is number three on this list every single game he started and completed the dolphins have won and i i i say that that way because we all know he did not complete the game that he started in cincinnati you have your list i've got mine we'll compare him in a second because you guys are going to have your list and we'll see who who rank if you know we'll we'll sign him points and we'll come out with a final list here from the show i'm giving you guys the same amount of vote as i am but i'm going to one by one right here tuatunga vailoa has been dynamite he has been elite he has been terrific and without him the dolphins are not eight and three it's that simple he's been awesome number two on the list is jaylen hertz he's got the most wins i understand and he is the heartbeat of this team he is the absolute heartbeat of the team that can protect him and blow open the holes for him and the rest of the running game that complements him and then what he does in that locker room talk about value talk about value and he is now uh one in the same with the philadelphia eagles as far as i'm concerned we're going to see him there for a long time and he deserves it number one is my homes give it to him i don't want to hear it i don't want to hear like because he's already he's already gotten that that treatment that we saw that you know uh brady's gotten and phil jackson and bill belicheck have gotten in their careers where just like you just assume he's valuable he's great why give him the award let's give it to somebody else who's got a better story or somebody new how about this story let's take the guy who takes the deep the defense off from the top let's take him off the team let's get him out and let's get you doing something completely different offensively you do have your all-world all-world tight end with travis kelsey but what he's done this year so far he's been dynamite he has been unbelievable and he still has that terminator in him where you just know there's too much time left on the clock for him he's my mvp candidate number one and scene there is my list oh it's a nice photograph i like that mahomes hurts to a alan mica parson so that would mean mahomes gets five points hurts four two or three alan two mica one and you guys put in your lists as well correct correct all right let's put them up on the screen right here and we'll add them up together and have a nice long first segment to start our program here tonight okay why not so uh brockman you have your list right over there i'm with you on i'm with you i'll go right in order i'm with you on mahomes and hurts one and two i think there's no uh disputing that right now uh i got justin jefferson number three look minnesota's got the second most wins in the nfl and without him clearly they do not have any of those wins so i got him three mica parsons is going to be your defensive player of the year he's a monster favorite in vegas and without him the cowboys aren't anywhere near where they are right now and then josh allen uh he's he slipped a little bit but he's still super valuable and what sneaky rich is like if he has like 404 touchdowns on thursday and say bangles beat the chiefs and the titans beat the eagles suddenly now josh allen is back in the mix for mvp but i got him number five right now i totally agree with you that there's a path to the basket for him no question about it what do you got over there tj jefferson your your your mvp list wow it's weird having done a top five in a while let's see if i still got this uh i got josh allen coming in at number five okay he was everyone's front runner like he said it doesn't mean he's not great no just maybe not the mvp sure i got the cheetah tyreek hill at number four because we talk about you know changing culture i think maybe that's what he went in there and did in miami kind of made them say things with their chest i got mica parsons coming at three i really wanted him at number one because i'm really sick of this being a quarterback only award i understand i was told when i got here that we had to do this in a certain format so i put him i put him at number three but really he's my number one i told you anything you could have been to item number one i had a meeting before and i was told that we're doing it anyway it doesn't matter jaylen hurts i got him at two and i got my homes at one just because they're going to give it to a quarterback anyway and that's what's your list i'm just saying that's what's frustrating about this mvp award if you're not a quarterback you're not going to win it well i mean that's but the most valuable position in the league is is the quarterback spot i mean if you don't have one and you don't have one that can compete with an mvp type quarterback you don't you don't win in the league just that simple so i i i i totally understand why you would rail against the system in that respect i'm raging you know okay first twitter now this uh mike hoskins our producer uh coordinating producer um he he actually is he's the ap of this process he tallied all the votes plus i'm more verbal than math anyway i couldn't do this off the top of my head right now while i'm hosting put up on the screen so here's the final list mahomes is the mvp uh with 15 points he's number one on all of our ballots hurts is two parsons finishes third josh allen fourth and we have a tie at fifth because i put two at three and justin jefferson was your third there you go okay so there's your list also receiving votes i like that tyree kills at the bottom right there well don hoskins and also receiving goes i almost put tyree kill instead of josh allen well i would have affected some of the finish right here but it wouldn't have affected eventually we have his one and two so mahomes is gonna show up at the nfl honors and take that trophy according to us the desert agrees with us too rich mahomes is your favorite he's minus money jaylen hurts is three to one two is five to one actually josh allen ten to one i'd love to know what you think eight four four two oh four rich is the number to dial up tell us what you got what you think we did wrong we're always up for it uh bruce feldman of fox sports is going to join us in studio top of hour number two to talk about the final week of college football leading into the college football playoffs we've got conference championships coming up this week tonight's the night that the playoff committee spits out its decision on who's in right now and who will be in first position to get in if somebody you know stumbles it'll be an interesting thought process we'll give our two cents on that subject before bruce feldman comes in a guy who's now back in college matt rule will be joining us top of hour number three and shoot up chris mcdonald in studio hour number three and then as i said there's you eight four four two oh four rich number two off and running here on this tuesday edition let's go the world tournament of soccer happening in katar is finally here and with all the weird kickoff times and all the other sports happening simultaneously it could be kind of hard to keep up so to make sure you're up to speed be sure to listen to katar kick around for the daily wrap-up of all the action from the tournament from the group stage all the way to the final andy lars and peter are here for you with recaps and opinions of what happened that day in katar everything can be found at the the cumulus podcast channel on youtube or wherever you listen influencer it's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days there is a woman who went the distance who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life her name elizabeth taylor i'm katie perry this is the story of the original influencer this is elizabeth the first elizabeth the first the podcast wherever you listen okay chris brockman's getting all salty because the united states hasn't scored enough world cup goals for him and um look coming into this one goal tournament come on if you told the united states before playing wales you're playing the results i don't like that i'm not playing the results if you told because it's the reality of it if you told any die-hard us mnt fan all you got to do is beat iran win can't tie win and you're through would you sign that piece of paper before taking on wales and england the answer is absolutely you would absolutely so the united states is in that position let's see what happens i like their moxie okay score some goals see what happens you didn't think michigan would score all those points did you i did not okay and it would be better for the show if the united states wins right it is the same thing how dare you i'm just here for the extra time it is the same thing it is the same thing give me the extra time you know what i know somebody who'll break the tie on this jeff and detroit it is the same thing right jeff it is the same thing isn't it isn't it i really hold on one second i honestly was driving i didn't hear the conversation no it's okay i was waiting on you guys to bring me in what's up though how are you sir what's on your mind i'm wonderful i am wonderful how's everything with you guys oh my goodness are you kidding me oh really i mean yeah i got a i got a question what does your mother as a former teacher and the michigan wolverines both have in common okay what do you got kids leave out of the venue and acquired an orderly fashion my man thank you listen that is the best thing in the world we wait all year for this having won in a horseshoe since 2000 and me seeing you yesterday a little tear came to my eye when you were on air and you just went in and then seeing it just went on top of that man watching joyful uncle rich the only thing that was missing was i was waiting on you to grab both sides of your shirt and split it open have a michigan m right on up like superman baby honestly thanks jeff i appreciate it i wish their lines had won i know that uh our rcp mike hoskins enjoyed the bill's win but uh i the lions had it right there man on thanksgiving day oh my god right there was a jive turkey got on the dry turkey got away man just and and for me what i'm seeing is dan campbell is the coach she is the man because it's a different it's honestly a different feeling and also one other thing rich i happened to be up on the campus yesterday of u of m jubilant is even isn't even the word that i would use you was getting high fives from all over the place man it just was a beautiful day it was like the sign just cracked open yeah people were smiling just oh my goodness i love it campus of u of m was beautiful the sun is maze and the sky is blue thanks for the call jeff greatly appreciate it tonight's a big night you know what i'm gonna do tonight i'm gonna do tonight what i did last year which was hit that button in the elevator that says penthouse go straight to the top gonna see george and wheezy nope nope i'm going straight to the top and i'm just gonna watch espn and see what the college football playoff committee has in store for my team that's what happened last year it's great it's now a tradition in the household sit down tuesday after beating ohio state by putting 40 on them sit down and see what we got in store two years makes a tradition oh yes it does i think it does actually yes it does more than one year last year i'm like i didn't know what it felt like i felt like castanzo walking into that spot where their models all over the place uh great bar right unfortunately georgia turned it back into what castanzo walked in at the end of that seinfeld episode but it was still great to be there while it lasted and um so we'll see what happens and it's going to be important what the college football playoff committee thanks george has been number one all year long correct they have i think tennessee was number one during the first one correct and then georgia yeah there since after got back in there after you know stomping all over tennessee in a way that alabama did not could not so the question is is how much does the college football playoff committee value the ohio state university this is actually the question of the night right how much does this playoff committee value the ohio state university not in terms of just a football program that can win it all but also of a an interest in seeing a minute or having a shot to be in it after what we just saw in the horseshoe on saturday because if the college football playoff committee values ohio state that highly you know being ranked two before getting beaten by 22 at home um then michigan might leapfrog georgia right and one would think ohio state will be either five or six let's see if they value them if say michigan stays at two georgias at one do they put alabama in front of ohio state with its two losses being by a combined four points at tennessee where we all know tennessee won on a last second field goal and once the ball went through the uprights the folks yanked the uprights out of the ground and threw it in the river it's still floating and then alabama lost at lsu when brian kelly said i'm going for two and won it on the spot that's the two losses for alabama do they sit here and say alabama is that good still with its two losses is alabama maybe of more interest nationally for people to see than the ohio state team that just lost by 22 yes what i mean they're you don't have a dog you don't have a dog i don't care but yes they're way more interesting like would you rather see alabama take on georgia again or michigan well they haven't played this year but yes i know they haven't played this year that's the old thing is because again the sec doesn't make that happen every year in the same way the big 10 makes it happen for michigan with ohio state try to be state michigan state during this conversation no i'm being partial i mean you're not though but i i am being partial the big 10 doesn't make ohio state and michigan play each other yes they do every year it's on the schedule they make up the schedule and it's on the schedule every year so they do right so it's on the schedule every year they could not schedule it that's true and we would all be wondering what gives in the same way i as a big 10 fan asks that question every year what do you mean alabama and georgia don't play every year they're not in the same division got it i mean i don't know why this is hard to understand so i don't know why they're in different divisions then so this of course is all predicated on usc not cashing in its ticket in the pac-12 championship game against utah which is the only team to have beaten usc to this point a three-point victory for the utes one one point one point pardon me i thought it was three yeah they went for two that's right my bad one point victory so there's all of that what does the college football committee value and the ohio state is the linchpin how much of their i guess i'm choosing my words carefully so i don't get this guy saying i'm being biased how much of their worth do they value their number two status that michigan punked or their number two status allows them as kevin warren would say to show up at four what if the college football committee just says you'd only lose two spots usc has to win to get in and if usc loses they've already made their decision alabama sorry you're out what if they just make that decision tonight and pull the plug on to the crimson tide tonight i don't think they'll do that i think they'll put usc in at four yeah basically saying usc you're in as long as you take care of business i would i i think it will be georgia michigan tcu and then usc you're for you take care of business you are in and just tell all the buck eye fans and kevin warren it's over if usc wins and the question is where do you put it five and can they switch five and six after well we thought about it a week later and we're still putting alabama in anyway is that possible these are the things i want to ask bruce veldman it also gets it also gets super hairy like what if k-state upsets tcu that's only a field goal game right now kansas state has been kansas state has been tough all year long i've already pissed off stone street enough the fact i haven't mentioned them and you had to mention them anyway i'm just saying that's a real possibility kurt warner's son is on the team kade's on that team because if that happens going to the game by the way he'll be there if that happens yes i mean if utah let's let's just say a complete chaos scenario right utah wins kansas state wins right exactly then i think the alabama and ohio state are in yes do you think the college football committee wants all blue bloods like that i think so i mean that's not gonna suck i mean look not having usc is kind of a bummer because like they've been a great story this year right they're quote unquote back you know let's just say if that happens i think you would see um you would see alabama take on michigan and usc take on georgia just to separate everybody right sure yeah absolutely and then there's this opportunity as well usc has a chance to win it all right now for sure they're two wins away against utah and then whoever they would place play in the national semifinal from playing for the championship and so far just like the rams did the only difference is the only difference in that scenario would be the likelihood of usc taking on a team from ohio for the championship is very low it's so great i told you the day after is better than the next and the next is better than the day before it's so great well i need to get the i don't think there's gonna be a team from ohio of next year's game tj just hold on the actual date of what is it just so we know saturday november 18th so we have no that's early that'll be early that's probably that's what it says no kidding that sounds early it's usually very early it's usually saturday of thanksgiving weekend it's probably the 25th you're right saturday 25th yeah my bad okay that's fine peg it so we're 361 oh it's great i got a lot of time to talk of course ohio state fans are like well just you wait we're gonna get into the college football playoff and we're gonna face you again we'll beat you and and it'll totally reverse the fortune if that happens okay i don't know you had a good two-year run dude again tcu and usc both have to lose i don't know about that uh i if usc loses i think again that's what that's why that where they place michigan they can't place michigan at one and ohio state six because they would value the win over ohio state so much or i i guess they can do that i guess they can boy if they place michigan one in ohio state six that would just like that would just put the stamp on that win all right let's take a break here let us take a break eight four four two oh four rich number to dial bruce feldman will join us from fox sports i can't wait to chop this up with him what he thinks is happening and then of course what is going on with dion is he going to colorado or what so we just mentioned usc's chances of making the college football playoffs mention the name lincoln riley and to the publicist of the stars sitting there in century city uh california uh who's a die-hard oklahoma fan zach from century city that's like that's like waving a red flag in front of a bull just mentioning the name lincoln riley certainly trying to make a college football playoff with a quarterback that uh he took from oklahoma as well that interesting calip williams just like i've got a chance to play wherever i'll just go where lincoln riley's going great idea it worked so we talked about it and now on the rich eisen show is zach from century city uh longtime listener longtime caller i know what's up zach what what do you want to get off your chest about this now what are you going hey rich i just wanted to be amongst the first to congratulate lincoln riley on beating his second ranked team this year very very good for him not bitter at all not at all okay so you what what do you say what do you i mean they win they're in though you got to give them that zach right they beat utah they're in i mean yeah they buzzed on straight through the powerhouse pac-12 conference so rich yes several years ago when oklahoma got beat by alabama with kylor murray i remember the week that they played texas in the big 12 championship game i was in the shower and i was saying to myself how can i help the sooners get in and i realized that oklahoma was 11 and 1 and had they beaten would they if they beat texas in the big 12 game they would have beaten every team on their schedule and no team has ever not made the college football playoff who has beaten every team on their schedule so i called my friends over at oklahoma and we were able to get that over to lincoln riley and we were able to get it over to several other people at uh espn and in his postgame press conference he stated that we have a great case because we beat every team on their schedule on our schedule and i guarantee you that that snake oil salesman will do that again on friday night should they beat the devastating powerhouse that is utah wow to try to get back into the game so you being a publicist of the stars came up with that concept of beating every team on your schedule when you have a second shot at beating the only team that's already beaten you and he used it to success against texas when he was with oklahoma and he's got this thing to just dust off you know blow the dust off of that uh that phrase that concept you forwarded to him and planted look at you planting with media you're saying he's going to do that he's going to do that friday night if if they beat utah and say we should be in because we'll have beaten every single team on our schedule that's what you're saying i would say i will say that we have he will he will hedge because obviously they're in there's no there's no fifth team this year but he will graciously let everybody know that they have beaten everybody on their schedule but the ohio state thinks they're a fifth team they only lost to the the best team in the country according to them that's we're talking about football teams here rich i'm not talking about programs see this is why he is in charge of my image well done zach thank you sir greatly appreciate it that's that's zach publicist to the stars it's a it's it's a pretty compelling case though it's like we're not undefeated but we also beat every team on our schedule you know that's it's it's like it's like undefeated light right yeah yeah less cal still undefeated not undefeated but it's it's it's it's less calories than uh than than losing to one team on your schedule they beat utah they're in i don't think you need to pound a table about anything no question beat utah they're in thing is they're gonna have the heisman trophy you're not gonna keep the heisman trophy winner out of the final four when you win your conference so let's just say if there's a team you don't want to see in the college football playoff because you'd like to see their confidence in the current state of misery stay as miserable as they are just plucking that concept out of thin air just just out of nowhere you're rooting for tcu against kansas state and usc against utah yeah because if those teams win it's a wrap wrap one of them loses it opens the door for a currently feeling miserable having an opportunity to redeem their misery right both kansas state and utah win well then then you got blue blood all over the place we got that right we also have a a pretty fun and compelling final four how about this but let's say less deserving let's say it is that kansas state and utah winning are is totally feasible yeah absolutely i mean it's not it's not even dumb and dumber chance it's not even dumb it's it's a smart thought absolutely okay so what do you think the college football playoff committee would then go michigan ohio state georgia alabama so it is sec versus big 10 championship game guaranteed two die-hard rivalries going at it one you've just seen play out another one you haven't seen play out this year but you've seen play out way too many times in previous years guaranteeing you it's not a conference championship for the championship yeah why not would you prefer that or would you prefer mixing it up michigan alabama i would georgia ohio state man it's tough because we just saw ohio state michigan and it was and it wasn't even a game right it was a game that was a half actually when it was 31 23 when it was 31 23 and the michigan was about to hand the ball off to donovan edwards i was i was still very uh yeah pins and needles still thought of course it's an eight-point game are you kidding me i think this is a fun way to do it yeah for sure what you you you have conference semifinals right for the championship game georgia won alabama four ohio state michigan two three okay we'll all see what happens tonight first guest up tomorrow to talk about it desmond howard is on this program tomorrow he's the one who apparently according to because i didn't see the show because as you know i well i'll talk about this in a second desmond howard is going to be on our program on wednesday coming up is bruce fellman from the athletic and fox sports so much to talk about with him hugh freeze is in the sec again how the hell does that happen i don't know you
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