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REShow: Hour 1

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November 28, 2022 3:23 pm

REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 28, 2022 3:23 pm

Rich recaps the not-so-great Week 12 for Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and Buccaneers QB Tom Brady saying why there’s been a changing of the guard atop the NFL quarterback hierarchy.

Michigan alum Rich announces he will spend nearly every moment of the next 365 days gloating over the Wolverines’ latest route of Big Ten arch-rival Ohio State Buckeyes.

Rich recaps Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals’ impressive Week 12 win over the Tennessee Titans.

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See terms and learn more at online privacy protection. The Rich Eisen Show. Hey everybody, welcome to this edition of The Rich Eisen Show, here on a very busy Monday after a weekend of sports. We can call it that. We can call it that, a weekend of sports.

Lots to discuss today here on this program. And you know, it's Thanksgiving weekend, lots of turkey, lots of stuffing, lots of food. And it's just like my shirt didn't fit me around Saturday night.

And I'm like, what's that about? Did I eat too much? No, just my chest trying to burst, waiting to talk. And that's just the way I showed up today, for work. Highly caffeinated and with lots to say. How are you over there, Chris Brockman? What's up?

How are you, sir? You have a good Thanksgiving weekend? It was fine. The whole house was sick, so we couldn't really go anywhere. Oh no, sorry to hear that. It was all right.

I think it's the first Thanksgiving weekend ever. I lost weight. Hey, but Matt Jones looked really good in Minnesota. He played his best game of the year. Everybody else played real dumb.

So that was kind of disappointing. Good to see you, Mike Del Tufo. How are you, brother?

I'm doing all right, Rich. Congrats on your win. And I appreciate that, greatly appreciate it. Proud troll that I am.

And you're a Notre Dame Fighting Irish, came awfully close, came awfully close. But it's great. Look, we'll carry your trolling Instagram out on our shoulders today. I love it. Little slow clap for you trying to enter the chat. How are you over there, TJ Jefferson? Good to see you, sir. Hey, man, it's good to be seen. Look, the Cowboys won. They did.

The Bloodline won in SummerSlam or Survivor Series War Game. I mean, it just was a good weekend for me. I liked up this candle. I'm going to light this candle, Rich, for you.

Appreciate it. Because I know what's coming. And let me tell you something. I'm excited.

Brock was not excited. I'm excited. Let's go. You know what? And, you know, there was a big college football game this weekend and we'll discuss it shortly. As you know, I like talking professional football as well.

And sure. Plus, you know, this is the way I handled my business last year when the game went down between my alma mater and Ohio State and Michigan won that game. So I mean, why break tradition when tradition is being made at this point?

You want to keep doing whatever it is that you were doing to get you to look. Well, we'll talk about Michigan, Ohio State shortly, but I do want to talk about last night's Sunday Night Football game because it was, in my estimation, watching it go down, had the feeling, had the feeling of a torch being passed. It had that feeling to it. And I'm not referring from Rogers to Jordan Love.

I'm not. And as a matter of fact, it's interesting enough that Mike Torrico mentioned the anniversary of Aaron Rogers' first nationally televised coming out party, which was November 29th, I think back in 2008. And that anniversary is tomorrow when the Packers and the Cowboys played each other on NFL network. And I was there in the end zone and it was Favre versus Romo. And it was Romo against his, the guy we idolized growing up, had pictures of Favre on the wall and Favre got hurt.

And the whole country is watching because both teams were at the top of the NFC. 2007. 2007.

Got it. So I wasn't even really thinking about that. And Rogers came out when Favre got hurt and Rogers was so good. I remember Mooch standing next to me and Marshall on the other side of me because we were there in the end zone in the old Texas stadium where the roof had a hole in it so God could watch his favorite team play. That's the phrase that was being used for all those years. And I remember we were looking at each other.

We were going higher register that whole time. Like, oh my, the kid from Cal could play. Wow.

Look at this guy. We all know what happened. And so there's going to be a lot of cheese taken today because Jordan Love came out in that game late and threw it around. And suddenly Christian Watson's running down the field and, you know, Lazard's making catches and the ball's flying out of hands. You know, it's not like that defense was gunning for Jordan Love. It's not like that game was tight.

It was a two score game. But the fact that Rogers wasn't out there meant that he was definitely hurt. And sure enough, Rogers said after the game that he was having trouble breathing and moving his upper torso around and he's already got the broken thumb and now they're four and eight. And the torch that I'm talking about feeling like it was passed is the torch from Rogers to the generation that Jalen Hurts is now the bold face name and face front star of. This kid's awesome. This kid is it. This kid is him, to use the phrase of 2022. This kid is him. And he's doing things that we'd never seen before, like 120 yards, 125 yards passing and receiving in a half.

Okay. The fact that he didn't break Justin Fields' record for most rushing yards in a game was kind of surprising. That's because everyone else was running the ball so well.

Miles Sanders just scored again. So to me, that's the feeling I had. And after the game, Jalen Hurts on NBC was talking about how he grew up watching Rogers.

And it was an honor beating him. And that's where it felt like to me the nail is just... Because Rogers is now four and eight. Rogers says he wants to still play this year.

I don't know why he would, to be very honest with you. And last night watching Rogers, slinging around to take a 13 point deficit and turn it into a tie that should have been a lead, if not for missed extra point. That to me is Rogers showing that he still has it, but that's just a half a football. The rest of this team is too banged up. And for him to come out pushing 40 and hurt, it's kudos to him to say he wants to keep playing.

I don't understand why. And then I don't know what the future is, because his contract is untradeable. And if he retires, I mean, there's a huge bill that would be due in dead cap money. I don't know what the answer is on all this front, because I do read that maybe he's going to be done period in Green Bay or done period, period. This guy strikes me as a football player who's still got a lot left to give, but I just felt last night that the two time defending MVP of this league, back to back MVP of this league is not the future of this league anymore.

And you could sit there and say, oh, he's pushing 40. Well, look, Brady is 45 years old. And it's interesting that on this day as well, another 12 in Cleveland lost a game that he's never lost before, leading with two minutes to go by seven, and they lost. That's never happened in his career.

It's his first such loss. And I saw this team in Munich. I saw this team in Munich say that they all they had to do is get to 500, go on a bye week, come back, and then plant their foot and go, just like they did in their Super Bowl year when they were seven and five, losing on this very weekend to the Chiefs, Thanksgiving weekend, Thanksgiving weekend on a Sunday, losing to the Chiefs to go to seven and five, and then didn't lose the rest of the way.

They said that that was the plan. And they went to Munich and they played their best football game. Rashad White ran for 100 yards. Tom Brady was throwing it all over the place.

The only mistake he basically made was slipping on the turf when he was trying to receive one. Devin White was everywhere. They played great defense and they just beat down the Seahawks and then came back from their bye and couldn't win in Cleveland.

Now, yes, they've got Nick Chubb and Miles Garrett as a grown ass man and Jacoby Brissett's playing his best football just as he's now going to hand the reins back to Sean Watson, who gets cleared to return today today to start this coming week for the Browns. But for me, the moment was late in this game, Brady and the Bucks up seven on the 37 yard line of the Cleveland Browns, fourth and two. Tom Brady standing there and the coach, I guess, Todd Bowles says, let's punt. And I'm like, what does Tom Brady do with this? Tom Brady is told to take a delay of game penalty on fourth and two.

Like he does fourth and two in his sleep. Chris Godwin, he and Chris Godwin can run around in their sleep on fourth and two and move the chains. Like he's done that with Edelman, name it. He's done it with Patton. He's done it with Caldwell. He's done it, name a guy. Name a guy he's done it with.

He's done it. And you're telling this guy, let's play defense. And I saw that and I said to myself, I don't know how Brady computes this. How does Brady compute being taken off the field on fourth and two in the fourth quarter? And I totally know this is revisionist 2020 because at the time they're up seven and if David and Joku doesn't make some sick one-handed grab on fourth down to send the game in overtime, we're talking about how the Bucks are six and five with a two plus game lead in the NFC South rather than five and six going into a Monday night game against their bet noir, the New Orleans Saints and its defense.

So I understand it's a thin line between being critical and then not even talking about it. And how bad, bad, bad, and costly was that overtime? Because if you say make sure and Joku doesn't catch it on fourth down in the end zone, or you don't punt it there and you put the ball in the hands of your GOAT quarterback Tom Brady and say pick up two yards Tom. And the defense that you love so much that you want to give a full field to, you then put the pressure on them and say defend half the field. You give the ball to them on their own 37 as opposed to the ball on their own what 17? They only gained like 18 yards on the punt.

Right? I mean like it just to me it doesn't compute. It just doesn't compute when you've got Tom Brady. But how costly was the the overtime Tristan Worf's got hurt in it?

Their best offensive lineman on a banged up offensive line. And I mean it looked so bad apparently that Fox wouldn't even show the replay of it. Jonathan Vilma said it was too gruesome to show the replay of it.

He gets carted off. But God bless him the guy's such a mountain that it he doesn't need surgery and he might be back in a month. Which is good because unlike the other 12 in Rogers, this 12 sure looks like he's still in line to host a playoff game against your Dallas Cowboys unless the Cowboys can somehow get some help from anybody who plays the Philadelphia Eagles and then win that game on Christmas day themselves. What a big game that is. Eagles and Cowboys on Christmas weekend.

But that's the way I sensed it. Tom Brady today has got to be looking around and saying what the hell is going on around here? We can't run it again? I know he might be looking in the mirror talking about whatever mistakes he's making but the one thing he's definitely not doing is saying yeah you know what this offense I don't have any confidence in it. Just have me take the delay of game penalty and punt. Like the last coach that I think that probably did that with him was Lloyd Carr.

If you had to think about it and I love Todd Bowles and I just saw him in Munich and I got a good sense from this team that they were just steady as they go despite all the problems. But at least this team has a chance to make the playoffs and then reverse fortune. I don't know what the Packers are going to do with Aaron Rodgers but I just got that sense.

You know, I got the sense that there was a nice breath of fresh air and excitement when Jordan Love got out there and I know that's going to give a lot of fuel to the Rodgers should sit and depart because it's time for Jordan Love in the same way it was time for him when Favre was still there. Not ready to go there but I just got the sense that this is not the Brady Rodgers league anymore. It's the Hertz league. It's the Mahomes league. You know it's the it's the league of Allen and Herbert and Tua and White and Burrow and Mike White. Thank you for including him. Trevor Lawrence had his best game.

He did. Herbert come back. So there's lots to talk about on this program. How about Mike White, your guy? I mean look.

Dallas Cowboy draft team Mike White. I just tried to point something out to you and sometimes you don't want to hear the truth. The truth hurts right? That's what they say. That was last year. But I think you're starting to understand.

You know what though? You're seeing what I saw. I am however feeling no pain.

You might be feeling a little hangover. This is great. Chris Long's gonna join us on the program. I spoke with T.J. Watt over Thanksgiving weekend.

He's playing tonight. It's the Steelers. You want to talk about backs against the wall. And the Colts still have a shot. They've got a higher register sniffing it option going on right now. You don't want to write that one to high register sniffing it? I think you did it just so I would write it down. That's to be organic Rich.

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Wherever you listen. Welcome back to The Rich Eisen Show everybody. You're on One Big Happy Family. Well it's another year. Another year in college football. You know what Michigan took care of business against the Ohio State University and you know I was thinking a lot about it this weekend. You know maybe act like you've been there before because you know we we did beat them last year and they beat down and I thought to myself no shot on this green earth.

Well I handle it like that. Because we haven't been there in a while. They're being winning in Columbus Ohio. 2000 was the last time that happened. So it's been two plus decades since a win like this happened.

That's forever. And so the question is is just how sweet is this? How sweet is it Rich? Well it might be a rhetorical question. Let me give you some answers. First things first. The headline from the greatest student publication in these United States.

This is what helped give me a start in my career. The Michigan Daily. Headline is again. Nice simple headline again.

Michigan 45 Ohio State 23. Great headline again. I would just give a little bit of pushback about again. Again great headline because again means you know they did beat them last year and then beat them down last year and then the beat down happened again this year. And nobody really saw that coming because that's all I heard in the last year was just wait till next November. Rich you're talking a big game. You're writing a lot of checks.

Talking with your chest quite a bit. Just wait till next November. This is just a one-off because this is the Ohio State University right where championships are expected and wins over Michigan are part of the landscape.

That's all I heard. Nobody remembered that last year Michigan won the Big Ten. Nobody remembered last year their coach was coach of the year. Everybody just wants to talk about how good Ohio State is. Pardon. Sorry.

Don't mean to be disrespectful. The Ohio State. And then the game hits and Ohio State gets the ball first and Jim Harbaugh says we'll win the toss. We'll put your offense on the field first and they march right down the field and score touchdown and there feel you get the feeling of uh-oh. Certainly because the Michigan offense all year long has been centered around the stupendous running back Blake Corum and his quadzilla type lower half and his ability to push the pile and run the football and it's been a run heavy offense all year long run by a young kid JJ McCarthy in his first full year as a starting quarterback since high school and he's supposed to not only have the arm but the legs and all we've seen most of the year is the legs of Blake Corum and he got hurt last week and he tried to go this time around with a heavy brace he runs the ball once and he trots off the field and you go uh-oh.

But nobody saw. Big play JJ coming. JJ McCarthy.

Oh yeah he dropped his huggies did he not. On a third down early in the game down 10-3 here comes the rush he backs up he throws it to Cornelius Johnson who spins and goes 69 yards for the touchdown because Ohio State's selling out to stop the run with their vaunted new defensive coordinator who's supposed to fix all those problems from last year and then Cornelius Johnson next one wide open 75 yards score I think that's when you first sent me a meme of Don Cornelius right? That was just a good one TJ. Don Cornelius from Soul Train. He texted me a Soul Train photograph on my phone I greatly appreciated that. No words. Right before halftime though Marvin Harrison Jr. with a beautiful thrown ball by CJ Stroud who by the way is my favorite Ohio State quarterback maybe of all time flings this one to Marvin Harrison Jr. touchdown they take the lead halftime and you get that uh-oh feeling again except for the fact big play JJ was not done you got Colston Loveland freshman tight end who Jim went all the way to Idaho to visit oh yeah first career touchdown for him by the way that was a 45-yard strike. That was nice. Take the lead and that's when the Michigan Wolverines just really put it to them. Donovan Edwards 75 yards score first snap after Ohio State made it an eight-point game just as Joel Klatt was talking about how the new defensive coordinator was brought in just for this moment they need to stop right now one snap and see ya that was beautiful chef's kiss as if that's not enough Donovan Edwards then gets the ball back and goes 85 yards untouched 40 burger 200 yards rushing for that kid and JJ McCarthy's thrown it all over the lot Michigan not only does it again but they do it again with the passing game and they ran it down their throat and they ran it down their throat holy crap was that incredible best part about it wait a minute I can't figure it out let's try and hunt and peck for it after the game Donovan Edwards was asked about his long touchdown run great answer go ahead Donovan the the long touchdown run came through the lashes which one and then I know JJ's too too too young for this the Ted Knight type catty shack laugh as he's telling Pookie to do the honors to Chris in the boat love that oh boy Chris do me a favor please ask me what I think of the Michigan blowout win of Ohio State go ahead Rich you know just the game on Saturday what did you think of the blowout win which one which one which one nobody saw Michigan blowing them out nobody except the kids and the coaching staff in that locker room that's what's beautiful about it but that's not the most beautiful thing about it nah what's more beautiful than that the absolute complete Chernobyl type meltdown by the Ohio State fan base just go ahead and put the words Ryan and day into the old Twitter machine and see what comes out from all those fans with the red x's instead of the m's all those fans who won't say the word Michigan that school up north or whatever the hell you call us Michigan all of them all of them want Ryan Day gone yesterday two losses to Michigan in a row and he's now to the Ohio State fan base useless what's his record Chris since taking over Ohio State I think he's 45 and five not good enough not good enough because of two losses that's it want him fired to the point that they're chanting for Urban Meyer while Myers on live television after the beat down they're chanting about urban to come back totally forgetting about the complete total dumpster fire that was happening in his tenure he got suspended because of Earl Bruce's grandson you forget about I guess they feel that he's now healthy again because he went that back to coaching Jacksonville forget about what a total mess that was come back urban come back beat Jim for us because this stooge Ryan Day can't it's a Chernobyl type meltdown but that's not the best part about it either no we finally drilled down to it is it the second straight beat down that nobody saw coming that they thought would never happen in a million years because last year was a supposed one-off and Aiden Hutchinson's not around anymore and so on and so forth no that's not it is it the complete meltdown and that they want Ryan Day gone no it's because the next few days and it's already started with the commissioner from the Big Ten Kevin Warren saying Ohio State deserves to still be in the college football playoff wait wait wait and here there's still some Ohio State fans that feel that way they still oh yes they feel that way and their argument that you're already hearing that will get louder is that their loss to Michigan shouldn't be such a negative because Michigan's that good oh yes that's their reasoning they're hoping Michigan's ranked one by the college football committee so they could say we lost to the number one ranked team at home Alabama's got two losses USC they lost just briefly to in a short span of Utah but our one loss is at home to the best team in college football Ohio State's best argument to still have a relevant season is that Michigan's too good to be ignored our greatness and our beat down of them is their best case to be made in front of the committee oh that didn't happen last year it didn't last year the beat down ended it this year the beat down still is a heartbeat for Ohio State fans still hoping to get in to get their revenge maybe on Michigan maybe to still have a relevant season my my favorite because I know some of these fans too they want Ohio State to get in just so they could lose again and then get fired because they don't want them around anymore I'm telling you this is how bent out of shape everybody is from this win it's better than the original it's like thanksgiving leftovers it's better the day after today is better than Saturday and it's better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today when the college football committee spits out its top four well turkey usually goes bad I'm just telling you how great this is and nobody saw it coming and I'm telling everybody that this is not going to happen I'm telling everybody in Canton Ohio I adore you I love doing that jacket dinner but it's coming I'm known there's no but there's no but I love doing the jacket dinner it is an honor a tremendous honor to be there of course in the birthplace of football in front of a football loving crowd in the city of Canton Ohio it's great and last year of you know I kind of went viral gave the fans the business for losing to Michigan I had no idea and all I I have really tried hard not to respond to every Ohio State fan that responded to that video on Twitter with wait till November you just wait till November Rich you just wait you just hang out I've tried I've done a great job of not responding to each and every one of you I haven't no there's no but but who knew who knew that that speech was one big sports mad lib I just got to change the proper names and the score that's it more points this year yeah yeah and it's left them wanting the coach gone and wanting urban back embarrassing the coach on national television not just with our play oh yeah that's another amazing thing is the largest crowd to watch college football game in over a decade had a front row seat for that beat down unbelievable thank you to the kids and that University of Michigan football program the Warriors and the coaching staff and everybody there Jim Harbaugh told me when we he first took the job that they were going to be dominant took a while but they are dominant and all I heard from Ohio State fans when Jim was losing and the Michigan teams under Jim were losing all I heard from you fans were you'll never get to us we're just battling the Alabamas of the world of the world we're battling the Clemsons punching down by beating Michigan well not anymore one is you know what one oh it's just one two that's a trend that's a trend and I now have 365 more days to talk about this trend and I intend to use all of it I will attack each such day with an enthusiasm unseen before uh it's just the phrase that Jim uses you're gonna attack the day with an enthusiasm saw what you did there that's right there you have it how much red did you go through um just I love Susan I had a nice bottle of Brunello that night I really enjoyed just you know honestly I Albert Breer's not taking it well guys ladies wherever you find him give him a hug he is not taking it well at all Albert wishes he was in Nantucket tan yes Liz seemed upset this morning too you know I mean I didn't I just I just sorry you know I just took a route to the desk that I don't normally take past Liz I noticed the uh the scarlet and gray crepe paper are not all gone they're all gone everything's gone like it never happened like Kaiser's sozay oh the M's printed today never existed it's great honestly Chris I'm happy for you no no honestly tj next few days oh how say fans want to see the number five next to their name they will allow they will allow you oh USC to leapfrog them after beating Notre Dame and needing a game a win against Utah another one another one in the Pac-12 championship game in order to uh I guess rightfully take their spot in the final quartet there they will allow that they will allow that but they will not allow they will not allow Alabama despite their two losses by just a combined four points none of them at home but you know what I said before the game that I think the loser of this game should make it so I'm here for you Ohio State fans I'm gonna back your play because yes your loss to the best team in the country shouldn't be such a negative it is a positive to get beat down in your house by your long-standing rival that happens to be the best team in the country if you so see fit to choose that argument plus one I'm here for you I'm not they're done I don't know they got embarrassed it's over go home so you you put Alabama in above them no what if USC loses to Utah oh well hey I'd rather see Alabama I didn't say he did when we come back there is a team in the NFL that lurks in the jungle and I want to talk about that team and their huge w yesterday yes indeed in the horseshoe and a full Chernobyl meltdown in Ohio State country that's the way you win a rivalry game folks that's the way you do it the world tournament of soccer happening in Qatar is finally here and with all the weird kickoff times and all the other sports happening simultaneously it can be kind of hard to keep up so to make sure you're up to speed be sure to listen to Qatar Kickaround for the daily wrap-up of all the action from the tournament from the group stage all the way to the final Andy Lars and Peter are here for you with recaps and opinions of what happened that day in Qatar everything can be found at the the Cumulus Podcast channel on YouTube or wherever you listen Al in Atlanta let's take his phone call 844-204 Rich number to dial if you want to have a chat today we got a lot of time for talking that's what the Rich Eisen show is all about how are you Al good morning Rich what's going on I have a bone to pick with you got it with all due respect okay I understand how happy you are and how high on the horse you are riding right now but you made a statement last segment yes where you claimed that Ohio State lost to the best team in the country ah hold on and I know where you're going with this I mean you're a Georgia Bulldog fan and I know you're Georgia Bulldogs beat down Michigan last time we faced each other in the national semifinal and I get that and we might see a rematch of it who knows I didn't say that I'm saying Ohio State fans are saying that about Michigan to try and get its way into that fourth spot should USC falter that's what I'm saying and that's what makes this beat down of Ohio State that much more delicious is that it has cornered any Ohio State fan that wants to see its team in the playoffs there's so many who are so sick of what they just saw they just want to have the season end and not see them believe it or not I'm seeing that but those folks best argument to get into the college football playoffs is that their one loss should supersede the two losses by Alabama not just because it's one fewer but because they believe they just lost to the best team in the country because why else would they lose by 22 if Michigan wasn't the best team in the country that's what I'm saying okay I misheard you I'm sorry all good we can now you know you want to hug it out you want to hug it out let's hug it out okay here we go right here one two three hug it tap tap now we separate our ways thanks for the call out just had to push it back there have a good Monday because I think it'll be crucial to see where the college football playoff committee handles it right like did they put Georgia one going into their now worthless SEC championship game against LSU I would assume so they've been one all year right though I mean yeah but they didn't have a 22 point win on the road against the number two team in the country also undefeated no okay but they might just keep Michigan right where it is Michigan at two just to set up the against TCU and then Georgia takes on USC yeah oh yeah that's signed for all those I mean by the way the USC is two wins shy of playing for the national championship and so far right up the road yeah and down the road from their campus baby because that's where the national championship is keep that in mind beat Utah beat whoever they face and by the way the college football playoff committee might just might just put Michigan one have Georgia take on TCU so Michigan could take on USC in a national semifinal game like an old school Rose Bowl could would you tune in and watch that game man I it's possible or or they could put USC three I don't know if you leapfrog USC with one loss over TCU I don't know I don't know I don't know but maybe they keep Michigan two because Ohio State's going to be four if they get in and who wants to see that rematch when the first was such a beat down I mean count me out I don't need to see that again so hey folks I just went all in on Michigan beating Ohio State and you know that was great but I have this has got no it's nothing personal here against the state of Ohio no no no no no I say I love going to Canton every year I love being around the great folks of Canton they love football and there are you know are there's one thing I want to talk about that I am all in on a team in Ohio right now I'm all in on them I didn't choose them when I had a mulligan but as you know I chose them to win the AFC North and it didn't look good when they were owing to not at all but we on this show because I know you feel the same way I don't know we haven't had much of a conversation about it TJ but you and I Chris we're lockstep on Joe Barrow love that guy this guy's a winner he was basically put on the planet to win football games it's kind of stupid like just again he had Justin Jefferson and Jamar Chase on the same college football team well that's part of the reason why they won a national championship and he threw 60 touchdown passes at LSU this guy takes a beating and keeps on ticking and he shows up to work and you just get the sense that he's going to win and when he doesn't you know he he takes it he doesn't deny it he just he takes it and he makes himself better god I just love the way he holds himself and comports himself I love it all and yesterday the Bengals went back into Tennessee where they won a divisional playoff game last year despite Burrow getting sacked nine times he threw for 348 yards in that playoff game and they won it he got sacked nine times in that game this time around it he was taking a beating and he didn't have Jamar Chase in this game because the hip injury that there was a report that he could return to this game wasn't ready and no Joe Mixon either so he'll just take T Higgins and Samaje Piran and beat you that's what he'll do he's so good and this team is really good defensively and getting better and Jamar Chase is slated to come back next week and this team has won three in a row three in a row and they are now seven and four after starting 0-2 I'll do that math for you they've won seven of their last nine games the other team that they lost to in the Super Bowl their season is done the Rams are completely beaten up no Stafford no Cup now no Robinson they've they've I mean their their offensive line is banged up I mean even their coach took one on the jaw yesterday and so you know the Bengals have zero hangover officially and this is a Titans team that steals your soul right I mean this is a tight the Titans team that hits you this is not one of those you know slinging around type games you need to what as Mike Vrabel once famously said on this program take your heart pills and buckle up that's what the coach of the Tennessee Titans who's maybe feeling a little sad of the Ohio State Michigan rivalry as well today just as a little side but I'll tell you what man this is a big boy pants game that the Bengals won yesterday and if the Bengals do because the Ravens lost in Jacksonville wind up winning this division this might mean Tennessee's got a goal visit them if they face each other again in a playoff game this is a huge tie break to have in their back pocket as they move on and Joe Burrow knows it yeah this is the kind of game that great teams win it's you know it's not always going to be pretty this is the NFL you're playing really really good teams on the opposing end uh it's not going to be pretty all the time but you know you got to find ways to win and we're starting to do that and I just love it he's wearing a sweatshirt that looks like something my 14 year old Xander would wear which is a tie-dye Bugs Bunny sweatshirt designer rich I get it we wouldn't get it for Zandy'd probably get ketchup on it that's what a 14 year old does it's called fashion he loves but he does love fashion he loves fashion and ketchup my my oldest but Joe Burrow man while we're all focused rightfully so on the Chiefs and the Bills and the Dolphins are going to get some mad run this week mad run because they're on Sunday night against the 49ers okay so the Dolphins are going to really there's going to be a lot of folks who have not really zeroed in on what we zeroed in on which is two of being elite a month ago and and everybody the Dolphins are going to get a ton of run this week folks and while everybody's focused on what Lamar Jackson tweeted at a guy who criticized him in the loss to Jacksonville while I was focused on that you know just keeps on winning and keeps on ticking Joe Burrow and the Bengals who I believe is also going to get some run this week because you know who they play this week Chiefs in the jungle just like last year beat twice last year and and they won that game in Cincinnati and that's when everybody kind of sat up straight and go oh okay what what happened and they were higher register all the way everyone talked to Bengals in the higher register all the way to the moment they lifted the hunt trophy in the home of Lamar Hunt last year and by the way that team last year also was six and four entering Thanksgiving week and had the same number of offensive touchdowns points per game and points per game allowed as this year's team they had the same base as last year's team same and they just beat the one seed in a big boy pants game without their top receiver and running back but they got Joe Burrow and that defense and that kicker watch out for the Bengals all I'm saying Chris Long hour number two on this subject and so much more and also overreaction Monday TJ Watt and your phone calls at 844-204-rich great first great first hour guys great first hour one for the books right here on the Rich Eisen Show
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