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REShow: Chris Long - Hour 2

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November 28, 2022 3:24 pm

REShow: Chris Long - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 28, 2022 3:24 pm

Rich reacts to Mike White’s big 3-touchdown game stepping in as the Jets’ starting QB over the benched Zach Wilson.

Two-time Super Bowl champion and ‘Green Light’ podcasts host Chris Long tells Rich which NFL teams are the best-positioned to make a deep run in the playoffs, if it’s time for the Green Bay Packers to move on from Aaron Rodgers, why Tom Brady can’t retire if the Buccaneers miss the playoffs, what Tua Tagovailoa and the Miami Dolphins have to prove in Week 13 against the 49ers, if he’s concerned about Lamar Jackson and the Ravens, if the Jets should stick with Mike White at QB over Zach Wilson for the rest of the season, and why Broncos teammates are getting frustrated with Russell Wilson’s lack of production in Denver. 

Rich responds to the Raiders’ thrilling overtime win over the Seahawks leg by RB Josh Jacobs’ 303 yards of total offense for Las Vegas.  

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See terms and learn more at online privacy protection. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

844-204-rich number to dial. If you missed our number one, we talked about the tale of 212s in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady to kick off the program. Chris Long will be joining us in about 20 minutes to discuss that. The Ravens' shocking loss in Jacksonville, as well as who he thinks the best team in the league is. Now through a dozen weeks in the NFL, the Steelers and the Colts play tonight, yes, and I'll be on Westwood One Radio to host Monday Night Football tonight to discuss all of that.

TJ Watt will be in studio, not in studio, on our show in hour number three. But those two teams are on the conversation for best team in the league. Also something to talk about with Chris Long was the Denver Broncos' loss in Carolina. And I mean, the exchange, I mean, do you even call it an exchange that we saw yesterday? It was kind of one-sided. I mean, you know, the conversation that was brief, one would think, on the Denver Broncos' sideline where Russell Wilson was absolutely getting it from Mike Purcell. We'll discuss that with Chris Long and then get a little bit deeper into it. The Vegas Raiders have won two in a row in walk-off fashion. Just hold that for like an hour.

Overreaction Monday's coming up in hour number three. Rich, some breaking Michigan news. Our buddy Pete Thamel, Cade McNamara, is in the transfer portal.

Yeah, I mean, he had season-ending surgery is what they called it. And JJ McCarthy, this is his gig until he leaves. No doubt. So 844-204 Rich is the number to dial here on the program. We'll take your calls in a second.

There are two playoff clinching scenarios for week 13. Nice. Were you right? I was correct in predicting our terrestrial radio audience didn't hear it at the end of our hour. Another reason why you should watch this show on the Roku channel is there's some bonus conversations that we have there.

And we're free on the Roku channel, on all Roku devices, Samsung smart TVs and Amazon Fire TV and all Roku mobile, any mobile device where you can get the Roku app. I said there are two playoff clinching scenarios, heard that, and I correctly predicted. One is a straight up wildcard clinching playoff spot for the team, the only team in the 10-win club right now, the Philadelphia Eagles. They have a playoff clinching scenario.

You want to put that one up there, Mike Hoskins? There it is. All they got to do is beat the Titans and have the Washington commanders, Seahawks and 49ers lose. Oh, all three lose. They have to beat the Titans. What a big week 13 game that is. The current one seed in the NFC against last year's one seed in the AFC.

That game's in Philadelphia. Washington is playing the Giants for the first of two times. The 49ers, as we all know, are taking on the Miami Dolphins. And what was the other team that was involved in that equation? The 49ers. Commanders. The commanders and the 49ers.

And then there was one third one. Seahawks. Seahawks are at the Rams, which I can't believe it. It sounds like a get right game.

Yeah, for sure. And then the other playoff clinching scenario was the Minnesota Vikings can clinch their division, print a home playoff ticket. All they got to do is beat the Jets at home and then have the Lions lose. Man, the Lions look so good. They were so close to getting that fourth straight win on Thanksgiving Day. The Detroit Lions are taking on Jacksonville at home. What an entertaining game that's probably going to be. So the Vikings can clinch a spot. All they got to do is beat the Jets and Mike White. A, I told you when Robert Sala made the move to bench Zach Wilson and bring in Mike White that I was all for it. That if he thinks Zach Wilson needed a reset and that the locker room potentially needed to see somebody else and hear from somebody else in that leadership position and have that guy get an opportunity, if he thought that was the case, in Sala we trust. And guess what? One for one.

Green check mark. Because Mike White got it done. Over 200 yards passing in the first half in a driving rain.

How does that sound? It was impressive. In conditions that one would think would not be conducive to winging it around with Mike White getting his first start, he showed exactly how to do it. He found Garrett Wilson for two touchdowns and proof of life. I mean like when Elijah Moore scored that touchdown yesterday, I wanted somebody to hand him a newspaper so he could hold it up and prove that it was on this date and that he was alive.

On this date. And Robert Sala, that's a guy who another coach might have bungled that operation and Elijah Moore wanted out and he said you'll just be out for this game against Denver, which they won despite losing Breece Hall for the season. He needed a reset. And he needed a reset.

They needed a reset. And he's redeemed. And Mike White is finding him in a way that the number two overall pick from last year either couldn't or wouldn't. I don't know.

But guess what? I don't have to worry about that right now. I don't have to worry about that right now because Mike White showed how it is done and how this offense should be run and how the receivers could be found. He showed it in whatever Zach Wilson was thinking underneath the hood of his reindeer if he does get an opportunity again this year.

And that's a big if right now because one thing that the Vikings have issues doing, it's stop and pass. Matt Jones had a rocking chair type night for much of the night on Thanksgiving night hitting his back foot and finding his guy, which is exactly what Mike White just did. Okay.

So check the box. Here's Robert Sala after the game on Mike White lighting up the Bears in the driving rain in New Jersey. He did a great job. He didn't need to be anybody but Mike White. We didn't need to turn into the greatest show on turf. We just wanted him to play within himself and play efficient. I thought he did that.

At 315 and three touchdowns though it was probably a little bit better than not showing first. I mean how did like just what he was able to do and also in the elements. Um yeah no the especially in the elements it was uh um like I said he he he did he he made the easy look easy and that's uh uh I thought he did a really good job with that. I just love that. It's perfect. He made the easy look easy because the other guy was making the easy look and like like it was you know algebra like an algebra an algebraic equation more like trigonometry trigonometry algebra was kind of I was more verbal than that trig was honestly one guy what two plus two equal four for the Jets yesterday the other guy was like you know x plus y equals you know the coefficient so the easy looked easy yes that's what we're talking about the coefficient the follow-up question should have been if uh if last week was dog ish uh what's this you know what this is that's the it's the instagram uh video of a thousand golden retrievers just frolicking around that's what that was you know those instagram accounts just on golden retrievers which I may or may not follow multiple two plus two equals four it's kind of simple so garrett wilson two touchdowns hey at least he had a good weekend on sunday um and this is what he had because remember he was the guy speaking the truth after last week's game he was the wilson that was putting it down and saying we need to be held accountable and we need we need to be trusted let's go go for it I definitely feel like it did you know I didn't mean any any harm to anyone you know by saying it and um I don't think anyone took it that way luckily you know so so um you know honestly I feel like people was happy I said it and um like I said you know come back like this and play the way we did on offense this week you know that's what you want to do is what we this is what we should be doing that's right way to go garrett wilson I love this guy this guy's a jet he's a jet and he's a winner and he knows how to win and he knows how to do it and lead way to go garrett wilson and as for zack wilson you know I hope he is sitting there that's what I said last week the uh gordon gecko I don't know if you have that drop anywhere that you could find mike because things can kind of get a little bit out of whack over there but that was the message the benching was the message does this reset lead to a relocation now I had to move it rich that's the question it was does this reset lead to a relocation what do you mean a relocation of zack wilson to be relocated no there's no reason to do that no no no I mean first of all you can't anyway you're not going to cut him this year you can't try I don't mean this year I just mean I don't know let's see how it goes because as I you know the gordon gecko line that we had is the drop is this is your wake-up call pal go to work this is your wake-up call pal go to work good thankfully mike white's timing was better than mike dill two folks just thankfully a lot of movement there was a lot of it was rain it was pouring rain yesterday tell her okay so now now next comes the vikings and and and salah can just keep playing the hot hand because I I honestly zack just sit there and watch mike white plays like this and the jets right now are um that was a big win because they're a game ahead of new england which we all know swept them they're a game ahead of the chargers who snatched victory from the jaws of defeat yesterday in arizona and those are the two teams that are close enough sniffing it problem for the jets potentially is is if the ravens bangles and patriots are teams that they're battling for patriots are teams that they're battling for those final two spots because the ravens bangles and patriots all have tie breaks over the jets ravens won week one bangles beat the jets in new jersey and then we all know what the patriots did and i'll just say this about the patriots still play the bills twice is that who the patriots do right that's including the week 13 thursday how great is big is that game so um and well you never know never i mean uh we beat the bills at home with zack wilson punted against us in two games and when i say we i was suited up for that game of course so uh all i'll say is this mike white you're already talking about should zack be relocated and i'm sure the new york fans burning up to 24 7 365 longtime listener first time caller uh sports talk shows are all in on mike white i'm sure they are so let's just jump in with both feet let's do it if mike white turns out to be the man then we'll remember the time where new england completely discombobulated zack wilson to the point where they rendered him useless in the same way that moe lewis once rendered drew blood so useless and we all know what happened after that so maybe just maybe these are the football gods evening the scales and at the moment you can't tell me any different much less painful though next week at this point we might have a different conversation yes zack wilson didn't have any of his innards blown up i mean that's good point tj it's not funny but wow so maybe just maybe paint it forward years later 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number two donald if you're on hold stand hold a great conversation with our friend chris long coming up you can listen to the nfl and the nfl app on the odyssey app on westwood one sports dot com via westwood one station streams or by asking alex and open westwood one sports sponsored by autozone we'll take a break so much to talk about with chris long talk about with chris long my gosh so much happened just yesterday alone that's next this is the rich eisen show 2000 2008 2022 when it comes to the economy those are some scary years dot com crash housing crash and the roller coaster we're kind of going through right now one thing is certain it's a dangerous time to not know your numbers but over 31 000 businesses have the confidence and clarity they need because they rely on net suite by oracle the number one cloud financial system net suite gives you visibility and control of your financials inventory hr planning and budgeting so you can manage risk get reliable forecasts and improve margins everything you need all in one place so how do you prepare for uncertain times the answer is simple net suite it's why 93 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thanksgiving uh this just in can confirm uh we are now um 12 weeks into the nfl season with all due respect to the stealers and the cults it does appear that they're all going to be on the outside looking in uh your thought on the best team in the nfl through 12 weeks is it's the chiefs it's the chiefs they're so good they're nice about beating uh you know uh my my my wahoo uh brethren bryce perkins they they they they took it easy on the on the rams yesterday um but i still think they're the best team in in the league and it's because of that defense too i mean like they're they have a chance they're you know people do these power engines and i think they're kind of dumb even though we just did one on our show you know what i think they're dumb too and i'm a total cop i'm a convert though i like doing it every week now i can't believe i waited eight days to do it you know you know you come in on monday you're like uh it's nice to have your work done for you you know like uh okay i know i gotta just do a power ranking like what does that even mean um yeah i know but but you know you have a lot of power if you're the one seed right yes and they're the one seed right now and you know if the road this is the one seed right now and people go through arrowhead even though the bills went in there and beat them earlier this year i think um it uh it makes it hard and so like i i think the way that defense shows up there the energy they play with and obviously patrick mahomes is why i think they're the best team in the league yeah i mean mahomes and kelsey um that's that's gonna be a phrase we use you know like brady and gronk you know um a phrase that we use like what marino to clayton or marino to duper or or manning the harrison like this is what we're watching right now mahomes to kelsey that's what we're watching on full happened again no it's incredible and you know the moment last last week in primetime um you know just kind of underscores that with the game on the line it's just uh it's automatic and and yeah i talked about they're not just great they're fun they're like one of the most fun duos i've ever seen throwing and catching the ball uh and and they seem like they got a great rapport so i i think they're the best team in the league i think the eagles i'll still give them the tie break over the cowboys i think the cowboys are a really good team they're in my top five as well but like if the question pertains to what i saw from the eagles last night like the eagles run defense concerns me it does uh you know like i can't confidently say hey you're the best team in the league right now because you're not doing this thing but what you do have is you have home field advantage right now you just ranked the ball for 300 yards on the packers you've blown out the vikings um you know the resume uh it's hard to find a team with a really deep great resume but uh i'll take the eagles at face value and i think they're one of the best teams in the league well i mean just the way that they can run the football the way that jaylen hurts can run it and absolutely throw it and and and now they last week is kind of what i said at the top of the program as well last week in indianapolis they they pulled out one on the road that looked pretty bleak last night they took on a packers team and watched the packers come back on them and then just kept running all over him hurts can throw it and he can run it and then there's others who can run it that line up front is dynamite um so i'm with you on the eagles front as the best team uh in in the nfc the the niners uh just keep on yelling at me the it just no the niners are great rich i mean like the niners the the january version of the niners is scary and in january they might be the the best team in the nfc you know i just i want to see them do this a little bit more consistently they got a great test coming up this week right they play the dolphins at home uh dolphins don't have toron armstead they're one of the hottest teams in football they're probably the hottest team in football but the question has been like hey i want to see you play a really good defense well here you have it uh and i know they played good defenses they you know they've beaten the bills um they've beaten the ravens you know albeit these teams were in different spots than they are now but like this is going to be a great test this weekend and like if you're looking at top five to 17 in the league you're going to know a lot more about these two teams the niners and the dolphins after this weekend so i still have the bills up up there for me rich i think the bills are top three team in the league i don't care what they look like the last month because that team that throttled the titans the you know the the the team that did everything they did to beat beat the chiefs um you know they weren't healthy but they did a good job against miami defensively i still think that team's in there um so i trust them i'll buy them low with the way josh is playing yeah it's it's pretty interesting power rank has just broke out hmm chris long right here on the rich isin show here on a busy monday week 12 in the nfl concluding tonight with the uh the colts and the steelers so let's talk about the two 12s here because they're the narratives are beginning to be etched in stone certainly for aaron rogers uh now four and eight uh he says that he still is up for playing because they're not mathematically eliminated broken thumb he said he had trouble breathing a little bit last night and and i i know the way that this world works man i know the way that this this industry works to me one of the biggest overreactions on this monday and i don't know if my colleague chris brockman is going to include it in his yet because we haven't done it yet you can bet your ass i will okay is that the way that jordan love threw it around last night when rogers went out shows you it's time to turn the page there in green bay your thoughts on that subject matter chris well i mean listen i thought before the trade deadline i was i mean i i got i think aaron rogers still great right like the first half of that game before you know whatever it was with the uh the rib or the lung um with the broken thumb and you know when a guy says like hey my thumb is broken like he's gonna go out towards the team right because you're not gonna tell people your thumb is broken when it's hurting the worst right um so i wasn't surprised that he continued to look good i mean there was a little dip in play over the last couple weeks but this year he put the ball on target there just hadn't been a lot of separation like he's made mistakes sure but he's still aaron rogers and like if you don't believe me let him hit the trade market this off season you know look at the haul that you would get for somebody like that and um you know at the deadline i was saying hey maybe it's time to move on because the guy still got it uh but it's just not working like you can just feel like it's not working you know they had such a great team last year they go to you know they they have san francisco at home they can't beat them if you told me and i don't know it's snowing and everything but it's it you know all you got to do is score like 17 points to beat the niners uh you can't do that you know this year it hasn't worked out um christian watson looks like he's gonna be a lot of fun in the future romeo dobbs looks like he's gonna be a lot of fun in the future and he's hurt right now you know your run game's pretty solid right but i just don't know man it might be time to get out and it might not matter what jordan love looks like and i i didn't see enough about georgia you know jordan love last night to really feel great you know like it's just eagles and soft coverage right you know it's one drive but hey if all you gotta do is run christian watson across the field that's right and he's got to outrun some poor guy who's at a standstill watching that big sob you know running sideways across the zone or you got to pick him up and man like if we feel good about our weapons and we feel good about jordan love to the point where like we can move aaron rogers i don't think that's the craziest thing in the world i think aaron rogers would would would go for a haul right and and you could kind of reset with the quarterback if you like them enough and then there's what 12 and tampa's thinking today i i keep on asking you this it seems like every three weeks but yesterday it was the first loss in his career in which he led by seven with two and change to go he's never had a loss like the one that he and the bucks just suffered in cleveland ohio and then you know to be taken off the field fourth and two from the cleveland 37 and being told take take a delay of game so we could punt it better i i sat there i'm shaking my head and i'm a big todd bowles fan man uh i i i rooted from for the jets i just saw him in munich i i love just his demeanor where where where you don't know if you're winning you're losing and i think that that's a winning demeanor for for a coach or a manager in baseball but it's just sometimes you feel like the next risk he takes is going to be his first and you got tom brady like what what are you doing and and i'm wondering what brady's thinking off of all that i don't know it'd be hard to retire after your like this wouldn't it i think i i mean you wouldn't want to go out like this but but the like this still he's he's leading the division right i mean i know he's leading the division and and he may have a home playoff game against the cowboys you know and which there's there's no chance that they win a playoff game at home or on the road if they don't have tristan worse and i hear he's going to be back for the playoffs and that sort of thing but you know i thought yesterday it was interesting i mean like what was a bigger deal losing that game or potentially losing tristan worse i think it was potentially losing tristan worse you know miles garrett single-handedly kind of won that game for them late whether it was backed up forcing upon you know like the russian three i think it was he still he still won uh it allowed for that circus in joku catch um which was just brutal especially if you had the bucks it was brutal and uh and then you get into overtime and and uh you know brady's got chances late in this game i mean whether it was in the second half missing godwin um in plus territory on a chunk play that would have put them at like the 30 they're up seven at that point like that'll do 20-10 will do right um but you miss that throw you you know him and evans were a little bit off so i think everybody shares a little bit of the blame like but you get into overtime and you got a chance again to get the field goal range a kick and you know brady's doing a brett farb thing he's flipping the ball straight ahead that play gets moved back because of uh donovan smith hands to the face on miles garrett so he's disruptive there then it's third and 14 he gets sacked there they're trying to chip him like you can't run the ball rishard white goes for 30 yards on one run in the first quarter he's got 47 yards in the first quarter and then the rest of the game look at his carries and the yardage like it was under 10 yards a quarter i don't think he topped 10 yards and now third quarter he had 11 yards on four carries but they can't run the ball right they can't protect brady so you can't close games out when you have a lead and good luck if you're good luck if you're down so i i don't know man like that defense can only be so good i it's it's ugly so you think that well i i guess again there's there's still so much time to go here um no you know right there there really is so much time to go but no my answer is no like no he can't retire off or something like this is what you're saying no he can't no he can't retire off something like this and i don't like i you know it's funny when we do this every week and like i got to do so much over a week and like you know we get we come back to it every sunday it's like okay do we count rogers out do we count brady out and i know that mathematically because they're they're not eliminated we're going to be asking this question all year with brady but i'll give you the same answer like i'm counting the bucks out like they just it's too many deficiencies you know you want to ask me if they can win a playoff game maybe but i you can't tell me that they're gonna they're gonna go on a three four game run in january with with the with the horses they've got you know like they can't run the ball they they can't protect this guy you know um it's it's tough man it's tough to watch tough to watch it's the browns man chris long here the dolphins just made the browns look like and i i hear you and and the dolphins are one of those teams that nobody really mentions because i guess why they feel that tua is not uh a long-term threat a playoff threat that you know went weather threat i mean let's talk a little bit about the dolphins here i mean you know and if if we wouldn't mind uh mr hoskins put their schedule up because we've been talking about this for for a while on this program because i i i i i called um to a elite uh a month ago the way that he's playing he is an elite quarterback in the nfl this year like truly up there with the mahomes and allens and anyone else that you consider elite but we were always saying the last six games of the year is when the rubber will meet the road three games in a row now at san francisco at the chargers at buffalo home for green bay on uh christmas then at the patriot's home for the jets what do you think of the dolphin shots right now they're eight and three sitting right there um uh number two in the afc going into week 13 chris well they've won every game the two has started um you know i think the cincy game probably would have gone south they didn't look real sharp that night but he got hurt they listen i you know we just did our power rankings i had him at like six you know the almighty power rankings uh and you know one of the things that concern me concerns me about them and they play without armstead is they got to go to san francisco this week as you mentioned this three-game road trip uh it's going to be really challenging for them and you know they're going to be down armstead they're going to have to deal with that defense this is going to be i'm really excited to see it's been a while like they stood tall when they played the bills now bills were banged up they beat the bills they came back against the ravens so they've beaten good teams so far this year it's just been a while you know and i can't wait to see a matchup where two of those played excellent has an opportunity to prove you know who he is against like a group full of fred warner's and nick bozos like it's just this is going to be a different challenge i'll give it to them they've been covering every week these enormous lines and they've covered every week and they're so fun to watch that offense is so fun to watch but this stretch is going to define them you know make no mistake about it if they can come out of this stretch unscathed then as a team i can talk about them like i talk about the chiefs or like i talk about the eagles or like i talk about the bills um and i know the bills have not played as well as the dolphins i know they haven't played as well as the dolphins but um i you know i i really do believe the ceiling of a bills team uh is higher and we'll look at that you know when they play again in december um i think dolphins are great i can't wait for this weekend and then last one for you here um chris long is your concern level uh on the ravens right now sitting there at seven and four they just lost in jacksonville clearly uh the best game of trevor lawrence's young career and then not just the way they lost but the uh tweet um that uh lamar sent out that was definitely not safe for work responding to somebody who criticized him on twitter what's your concern level about the baltimore ravens right now on all fronts i think the ravens are a really good team like um they've had a lead and they've had a possession or more than one possession lead i think in all their games which i you know i've read it three times and i gotta i want to go back after this interview to make sure that i'm not butchering that it's just so hard to believe and of all the teams that have ever been like that through this you know through this span like uh their record's the worst one by far because they've blown them and you know like when you blow leads when you don't score in the red zone they were one and four last week in the red zone against the panthers you're kind of like uh they'll figure it out this week uh well no i mean like here's what i'm worried about the ravens when you're on the road and you have a chance to put a team like that away right it kind of comes back to letting kings back in the game you kick two field goals the first two scoring drives well you had a drop in the end zone on the second one you overthrow a touchdown the first one and the first one and i love lamar but like that that's a ball that he's got a hit he knows he's got a hit he hasn't had the best year by his standards especially in big spots um if you hit that ball on the road and you go up seven nothing and you're driving the next the next possession you go up 14 nothing like how different does that game feel even with how many leads you've blown you know your standard trevor lawrence on the other sideline who had a great game yesterday in the second half especially um you gotta put teams away man and uh when you get in the red zone like i i think it is a lack of talent i mean yeah you could say well they got mark andrews and you got a running quarterback you get tied in the red zone like that sounds great right that's cliche red zone stuff but who are the other guys man and they you know we were just talking about this on our show like they have they haven't made a move you know um i the sean jackson is not somebody to me that's going to move the needle in a huge way at this stage in his career i know he caught a uh you know a beautiful throw yesterday from lamar that was just an absolute rocket but when you get in the red zone it's not working and yesterday we saw more of the same you can't close teams out you can't win your four-point plays down there in the red area that's that's a tough that's a tough one man and uh i actually ranked the bangles ahead of them just because joe burrow is playing better and and you know i had concerns about the bangles and their physicality coming in the year they won a physical game yesterday they beat the titans at their game you know they were down mix and they were down chase they ran the ball they stopped the run all their safeties all their corners they're all willing participants in the wrong game you know and uh when you play complete complementary football like that it just looks less disjointed the ravens look kind of disjointed and they got an easy schedule the rest of the way so they could cruise but they've proven that you know like whether it's the panthers game or the jags game there's nothing easy about the ravens right now uh i lied i have one last thing for you um yes long actually there's two screw it um because we talked so much about zack wilson last week robert sola pushed that button on mike white he's he's earned the right to start for a while don't you think i mean even if they go to minnesota and lose that game and struggle on offense um you know uh he's he's shown it he's shown how it can work i think it's a hot hand offense now i think salah is just i totally support what he did um you know listen this is not the end of zack wilson i think he's being honest when he says like this kid's got a lot of talent i think everybody everybody knows that he's played awful and i don't think people's leases should be you know exponentially longer because you are drafted but that's the that's the reality of the situation um and i think now it's a hot hand type of thing i think it's hey if mike white's playing well you keep mike white in if mike white has a bad game okay if he has two bad games in a row maybe it's flack maybe it's zack wilson you have kind of burnt the ships on conventional like this is our quarterback on in the playoffs you know this is a team in a really unique position you know to be this stacked defensively although you know getsy when simian was on script yesterday it was terrifying the first 15 plays of the game yeah it was it was scary as hell wasn't it rich i mean like well yeah the jets defense was on its heels and i thought like it was going to be one of those days but with the the rain coming down certainly when greg zuerlein was trying our game tying field goal and the ball can't even be placed in front of him and then his dipsy dew and you know it's like nfl films follies broke out i'm like oh it's one of those days but mike white was terrific he was on time he was on schedule and he was terrific he was exactly what they want in this offense and elijah moore we saw proof of life you know like there was it it existed and that's why i sat there and thought well hopefully zack wilson is sitting there taking mental notes if he is in fact going to be the guy again because like white plays like this zack wilson's not the guy again it's that simple no i no i've been when i say i say zack wilson's career is not over i don't know if it's going to be here he's going to get another shot or anything but i i really do think this team i saw some people saying oh you're not you're not helping zack wilson's development like you know people can't come back from that well hey dude i all right like when i was a second year player i got benched okay i was a high draft pick got benched uh bench for a defensive end is different though because you just basically don't run out of the tunnel and we're still taking 40 50 snaps a game in a rotation but the bottom line is like i was able to to to kind of figure it out and you know the next four years turn my career around this kid can do that like it's it's not impossible um but for this football team right now his mental struggles are irrelevant right and i also thought he did a really good job we can i kind of killed him last week right because it pissed me off as a defensive player but you know he got up there stood tall during the week it's not like you know it's an irredeemable mistake but what it is is a mistake coupled with the play on the field because that's the bottom line it's like when you look at the numbers he's been really bad that hinders this team's chances of making a run and they're really good they're really good in a lot of areas and you don't waste windows man like i don't care if the window just opened or if you're on the tail end of it you owe it to the other players to play the best quarterback and that includes joe flaco and show flaco so i think robert solid did the right thing in going to somebody else and mike white carved up the bears that's great um let's not get out over our skis like you know uh if this happens for a couple weeks he's your guy but i i don't think it's solidified that like hey it's gonna be mike white every game this year i do think they have an open mind last one for you chris if you want to make it a quick hitter because i know we've been talking a while here mike persell the defensive tackle of the broncos uh clearly was barking at russell wilson it was either the most demonstrative let's go or something completely um revealing you know yeah it was definitely not let's ride okay so you want you want to interpret that for me you've been on the field you've been part of this stuff where it looks like somebody's angry but it isn't you want to what's your what's your take on that he was mad you know it's like body language you see it we saw last week with zack wilson uh and his receivers going palms up when he's missing throws like that frustration at russell wilson's real like i don't know what it was exactly but you're not yelling at a guy if he if the elephant in the room isn't there and like the elephant in the room is there in Denver like you can't tell me it's not these these guys like it's all we're talking about don't you think they're talking about it like we just got beat by sam darnold you know sam darnold sam darnold who i listen i'm happy for me threw some nice balls yesterday but um and i know steve wilkes at three and oh at home and that should be the story and the whole thing but i've never seen anything like it and this is not like one thing that's interesting rich is when it comes to the when it comes to the broncos like are we holding this against russ's legacy like as a player because that kind of sucks you know it's not like joe montana going to play for like the chiefs this is like a seven-year commitment so there's no escape so what what is it going to look like for russell wilson the player like when we evaluate him and all the great years he's had if the second half of his career looks like this when he said hey i want to play into my 40s like i'm not washed i'm not old like this is me so it's it's it's crazy i just i don't know what to make of it all right brother great chat as always um who's on your pod this week what do you got for me seat of our pants week rich no idea okay fantastic i can't wait i took the thanksgiving break a little seriously too too literally and you took a break all the way through the weekend haven't haven't gotten prepared excellent appreciate yeah i when i see it i'll retweet it then when i see it i'll retweet uh chris long green light podcast where all podcasts can be acquired right here on the rich hasen show influencer it's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days there is a woman who went the distance who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life her name elizabeth taylor i'm katy perry this is the story of the original influencer this is elizabeth the first elizabeth the first the podcast wherever you listen the world tournament of soccer happening in katar is finally here and with all the weird kickoff times and all the other sports happening simultaneously it can be kind of hard to keep up so to make sure you're up to speed be sure to listen to katar kick around for the daily wrap-up of all the action from the tournament from the group stage all the way to the final andy lars and peter are here for you with recaps and opinions of what happened that day in katar everything can be found at the the cumulus podcast channel on youtube or wherever you listen shravan in washington dc you're here on the rich hasen show what's up sir been hanging on for a while what's going on how you doing sir congratulations uh you had a very great sports weekend jets with mike white doing what they did against chicago but that compares that compares not to the other result at all yeah i was about to say there were some i don't know if you know this but there was an incident in columbus that hasn't happened since uh drew henson and david terrell can you tell me about that well here that was the year 2000 but uh michigan uh had the most points that they've scored in columbus since 1976 it was their largest margin of victory since 1946 and first time michigan's ever put up 40 points in back-to-back games in the history of the series that never happened before yeah i was about to say no wonder you sound so happy but rich i do want to call because earlier this year i called in uh you know to thank you for trolling ohio state of the dinner which helped me get a big article published okay and also what you did uh when i suggested that if michigan were to beat ohio state yes you know you come in with all michigan attire and when the show starts you just simply say go blue so i just like to ask the moment that the final you know whistle sounded and you saw michigan had beaten ohio state what's the first thing you did did you just call albert breer to troll him because no no no no i actually i actually waited for him to start melting down and that actually happened within two minutes and and then uh and then to preview the rest of it i started watching chernobyl on hbo max it was great thanks for the call shravan could set my watch to albert breer melting down fantastic so look uh if you're new to this show where you've been if you watch us every day you know uh a take that i was all in on back in march all the way to the uh playing season and then even through the first month of the season when they didn't win a game for the first three games uh me me saying the raiders would win the afc west this year uh a worst take uh i've had football wise in the history of this show i think and uh when the raiders lost yet another double digit lead and then game in jacksonville to fall to two and seven i uh mike i had you uh pulled this sound bite from good now i gotta turn my back yeah yeah i mean with the sizzling in the background everything my hot take uh sizzling in the background so now i gotta turn my back on you great but then they went ahead and uh won in denver and over time on a walk-off touchdown davante adams and then yesterday after derek carr's first pass of the game was intercepted and then he took one directly in the chops and i thought he was done for the day he comes back in and josh jacobs my goodness josh jacobs with 303 yards of offense himself yesterday 229 on the 229 on the ground 74 in the air he had more yards on offense in total on sunday in seattle than seven nfl teams six pardon me giants bears saints broncos texans rams all had fewer total yards on offense in week 12 than josh jacobs personally wow max crosby grown ass man chandler jones bagged himself geno smith also with a huge fumble recovery but max crosby in overtime on third and one got all over geno smith forced a punt that led to a snap of the football for the raiders and josh jacobs went right home from there home from there and wrapped up the game on the spot another walk-off win it's caused me to ask mike del tufo to play another drop from another famous film involving some people who might not be on the up and up just when i thought i was out they pulled me back in a foreign seven the autumn wind might just be a pirate after all if it was possible to do a john facenda imitation go higher register i would maybe just maybe the raiders can actually make the playoffs who knows this is the raiders team i was talking about max crosby devante adams chandler jones derek carr and then josh jacobs o-m-g come on raiders you
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