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REShow: Sam Jaeger - Hour 3

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November 23, 2022 3:27 pm

REShow: Sam Jaeger - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 23, 2022 3:27 pm

In a special Wednesday version of ‘What’s More Likely’ Rich weighs in on the Lions, Bills, Giants, Cowboys, and Kirk Cousins, and debates what his mental state will be once the final seconds tick of the clock of the Ohio State-Michigan game. 

Actor Sam Jaeger joins Rich in-studio to discuss the season finale of Hulu’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ his deep-rooted love of Ohio State Buckeyes football and his new Netflix series ‘Devil in Ohio.’

Michigan alum Rich offers up some words of inspiration to the Wolverines football team ahead of Saturday’s rivalry game against the Buckeyes.

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Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only.

This is the Rich Eisen Show. TCU wins. Do you get the sense the playoff committee is itching to get somebody else in there other than you? You know, our guys hear all that stuff.

They thought we were terrible in the beginning and we were not going to listen to them when they start telling you how great they are and how great you are. Earlier on the show, Pro Football Hall of Famer Charles Woodson, Fox Sports Announcer Gus Johnson. Coming up from Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale, actor Sam Jager. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show on the air. We already talked to Charles Woodson in hour number one of the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line and if you are just on the line right now, you missed Gus Johnson in studio.

Don't worry, we have your back. Here on the Roku channel, if you're watching on channel 210, we re-air right away at the end of this hour. And then we're going to re-air for much of the weekend and his conversation was here for 40 minutes.

It was dynamite. I mean, he's one of our favorites and confirmed for you that he thinks of stuff sometimes in advance. When he sees, he sees material, he reads, he listens and I guess it's in his mind's eye.

I think it's a combination. You ask him if he comes up with stuff in advance or it's off the top of the dome. It is off the top of the dome, but he just downloads himself with so much material. Similarly, remember the story Matthew McConaughey told us about the All Right, All Right, All Right? That they came off the top of the dome, but he had just been listening to Jim Morrison, The Doors at, in Paris, like a live broadcast where he grabs a mic and goes, All right, all right, all right. Right. And so that was in his head.

And so that's how he came up with that line off the top of his dome. Just amazing. Gus is calling the Michigan-Ohio State game, a game that we're going to be talking about in hour number three. We've talked about it for an hour.

One with Charles Woodson, hour two with the man calling the game, Gus Johnson. The actor Sam Jager from The Handmaid's Tale is going to be joining us here. And I guess he's a diehard Ohio State fan. We'll talk about the character off Scarlet.

I'm also off Gray, I guess. I was also a Handmaid's Tale joke. I loved Parenthood.

I was a huge fan of Parenthood, so big fan of Sam, his character. Fantastic. Yeah. He's also in a show called Devil in Ohio, which is, I think, the story of C.J. Stroud. I think.

Is that wrong? I knew we were going somewhere with that. Devil in Ohio on Netflix about Ryan Day.

He plays Ryan Day in Devil in Ohio. It's that week, Gus. I mean, Rich. It's that week. Hey, get him out now because it might be different on Monday. Like I said, Rich, you know, I am rooting for you because Happy Rich is a better show to me. I appreciate that. Chesty Rich, right?

Chesty Rich. Yeah, I disagree. I want your misery. Mike's kind of so-so on it.

I want you happy. Well, we talked about the move the Jets made at quarterback in hour number one. I support it and I believe in the coach. I think he knows what he's doing. And what he's doing is trying to make the playoffs. What he's doing is trying to ride his defense to the playoffs. What he's doing is to try and get Zach Wilson, as he said, reset, which is not a great thing to hear from your coach when this is the number two overall pick of a previous year's draft and he's got 20 starts under his belt. And he's, you know, win loss just shows you win loss is not the stat you want to be looking at at the quarterbacks. He's five and two as the Jets starting quarterback this year. But take a look at the rest of his numbers.

They do not support him staying in that role, certainly with what he said from the podium afterwards. I mean, it's just if you missed what I said again, we're re-airing right here on the Roku channel, channel 210. And also there's our YouTube stream and also at Rich Eisen show, which is how you can follow us on Twitter and the rest of all the social media outlets. We've got what's more likely coming up in a second right here because we're going to be off on Thanksgiving and Friday. But let's go to the phone lines here. Jeff in Detroit joining us here on the Rich Eisen show. Jeff, I don't know if you're on hold listening to Gus that entire second hour, but happy Thanksgiving to you. What's up, Jeff?

Happy Thanksgiving to my uncle and my cousins, to you guys. I'm sure you guys get it in and enjoy this weekend like I am. I had to call in, first of all, we got the 2027 NCAA final four. So, you know, hopefully I'll maybe be a Rich Eisen correspondent down here for the final four in Detroit, Michigan. Jeff, let's put a pin in that. Let's do it.

This weekend is huge, super huge, can make or break basically. And it's funny because the atmosphere around the whole state is that. I mean, if you got on Scarlet and what is it, red and gray or whatever. Scarlet and gray. Whatever. No respect, man.

No respect whatsoever. I had a quick question for you. What happens if Jimmy G and this is all Blufffield. What happens if Jimmy G happens to win the Super Bowl? He stays.

What do they do then? He stays. Then he stays. I mean, how do you how do you let go of a Super Bowl quarterback just to start from scratch when the rest of the team is still young and ready to go?

It's not like Kittle's 40 and McCaffrey's 38 and Deebo's 37 and Ayuk's 36. He could tell them to take a hike. But now, Chris, your thought of him, what you said earlier, which couldn't happen, like having them rewrite a check. Now that's when he's 31.

Right. Then he's then he's done what then he stays. And you tell Trey Lance, thank you.

But that's when they back the truck. Because again, and because thanks to the call, Jeff, happy Thanksgiving to you. Because again, I mean, Jed York has has full faith and in his general manager and coach and the coach and general manager have the full faith and credit of of their owner. And if they go to Jed York and say, hey, Jed, we gave up all those picks for the kid, but we we're we want to re-sign Jimmy Garoppolo.

And and Jed York looks at the trophy in the case. His answer will be, OK. Do you think Trey is no longer viable? No, no, no. We could just, you know, see what we got. And I mean, let's give him a couple more, you know, months and games of just looking at things and things change. You might win the Super Bowl Jimmy Garoppolo and then halfway through the next season, you're hot garbage and then you go to Trey Lance and and that's it. And then Jimmy G, it's like thanks for the trophy in the case and we're going to go with the kid. I mean, next time the NFL wins. If I'm Jimmy G and I win the Super Bowl, I say, see you later, San Francisco. I'm going to the team that pays me the most.

And maybe that's that makes sense. I don't I wouldn't blame him either. You got the ring. I wouldn't blame him either. I mean, he was disrespected all offseason by this by this organization and then he needed him to come save the day. And if he does, see you later. OK. And that would be totally understandable if he says that and does that.

Or he could stay there and keep winning with the guys who loves him and he loves and stay put in the spot that I assume he enjoys living in. I'm just assuming all of that. I mean, that's a that's a huge piece, one would say, of hypothetical right there. It's going to be a wild offseason for sure. Certainly if there are teams like New England and the Jets, who are also in the same boat of the 49ers saying, you know, our drafted quarterback is just not well. Houston, Carolina, all these other teams.

I would do it. I was surprised when, you know, Deshaun Watson is going to be, you know, sat the entire year. We knew that at the draft and they went without having a first and second round draft choice. Their first draft choice was Davis Mills anyway. And then, you know, you start hearing the Davis Mills out of Stanford left too soon. And had he stayed, he would have been a top five pick the next year anyway. So they're getting him on the cheap. And now. You've seen what's been going on there and there are no sacred cows in the NFL.

He hasn't had much help. And I'm just wondering if you are, in fact, seeing a little bit of F all them picks when it comes to sitting your quarterback, just because you drafted them high or you used your first draft choice of a draft, your draft capital on it. Doesn't matter.

We're going to go and try and win what we can do right now. Problem for Houston is, is I think they're too far away from the top of the draft to get somebody or the Colts are. That's the problem.

I saw that one for the top draft choices. Oh, yeah. The Colts are 14.

They're there. They've won a little bit too much. Yeah, they've won too much. Houston has got Cleveland's pick. Yeah. Yeah. Houston has right now picked number one and pick number seven. Yeah. So they can. Yeah.

So it makes sense if if this is not Davis, Mills is not the guy they they can get whoever the hell they want right now. Yeah. Name anybody that you're seeing in college. It's theirs. Eight, four, four, two or four.

Rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen show. You know, you I can't believe I have to tell my sound guy that you do have a cough button. Yes. It's all good. It's all good.

Are you all right? Yeah, I got a little something. OK, very good. There you go. Very good.

Turn your mic off so you don't hear you swallow also. Sorry, Rich. Here we go. It's it's a it's it's a great day when we get to ask ourselves what's more likely. There's a lot this weekend to ask what's more likely. I'm wondering if the big game is part of this.

I think Brockman's in a bit of a mood today, so I'm wondering if he's going to put me in a Michigan, Ohio state spot. Hit it. Hit it, please. What's more likely?

Never say never, but never. Christopher, what do you have over there? Actually, just a little mini version. I didn't realize we're doing the top of the hour, but a little mini version of what's more likely. We shall call it mini what's more likely focused on tomorrow's games are likely to score multiple touchdowns tomorrow. He leads the NFL in this category. Jamal Williams or Stefan Diggs?

I'll go Stefan Diggs. I think it's going to be a big day for Buffalo. Sorry to say that for Detroit. I know the Lions are feeling great about themselves and rightfully so. Three straight touchdown, three straight wins going into Thanksgiving.

Last time that happened was five years ago. So that said, I'll go Buffalo. I think Buffalo is going to have a nice Thanksgiving and head home and be home in time to watch the night game with their families and have a nighttime Thanksgiving.

They're coming off of two wins in the city of Detroit in the span of five days to kind of right their ship a little bit. I'll go Stefan Diggs on that front. All right. The next big game. It's like you reluctantly accept my answer.

I do accept your answer. Hopefully Gabe Davis can get in the end zone, TJ. More rushing yards. Who's more likely to gallop up on the ground? Saquon or Tony Pollard? Tony Pollard. Tony Pollard, I'm not stuttering.

I think the whole country is going to get a good taste of deuces. Pollard. Look, as long as he's scoring, you call him whatever you want to call him. Deuces Pollard. Like I said, Tyreke's going to call you, man.

Dude, why? His nickname is Cheetah. No, but it's like the deuces is his thing. It's no longer applicable, as you know. You can't do anything in the direction of anybody in the NFL anymore. DeAndre Hopkins got 15 yards for pointing in Mexico.

So anything in anybody's direction is verboten. And so he doesn't flash the deuces sign anymore. His nickname is Cheetah. And on Thanksgiving, deuces will go wild. Like I tried to tell you, though, it's Pollard Pollard.

You call it, we haul it. OK. What else you have over there, Chris? Pollard is nice.

All right. What's more likely? We get early window Sunday Kirk Cousins or primetime Kirk Cousins? So early window, early game Sunday, Kirk Cousins is the guy who literally yards three touchdowns on 10 passer rating. Primetime Kirk Cousins is, you know, what we saw against Dallas.

BGT big game turd. That's more like I think Kirk Cousins is going to New England's been terrific against receivers, by the way. I'm I'm I'm I'm afraid I'm going to we're going to see early window Kirk Cousins. I think early window. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think we're going to see early window Kirk Cousins, I think. I think he's got a nice little bounce back.

Yeah, I think they're gonna have enough offense that the Patriots won't be able to keep up with the with the way that they played last week. Yeah. Patsy to get ahead and then take the air out of the ball. That's possible. That's possible. But Belichick definitely has a cousin's game plan in the top right hand drawer.

Just pull it out. It's the game plan that he uses against every Jets quarterback. Maybe you can treat him like a Jets quarterback because he has a Jets offer and money for free agency. Turn down the Jets. That's so he's Jets adjacent. What else?

You got anything else? Yeah. Two two big underdogs on Thanksgiving Day. Who's more likely to score the upset? Giants or Lions? Giants. Both are almost 10 point underdogs. Giants. Division games.

Throw the records out. Crazy stuff happens on Thanksgiving. As we know, the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day last few years, more often than not. So not so great, Bob. So I'll go Giants.

I will say that I'm I don't know, man. The Lions have been kind of crazy lately. A little frisky. I just I think I think the bills are a little much.

And I think the bills are I've had enough to also spent the whole week in Detroit. Actually, no, I've heard they went back. Oh, they did. Yes, sir. Oh, yeah. Do you think we need one more? All right.

We'll get one more. OK, very good. What's more likely you? Rich Eisen is happy at Saturday around twelve thirty p.m. or very, very sad. So you're talking about Pacific time for those. OK, so right around.

Well, I mean, around about twelve thirty to forty five. I know what you're saying. You're trying to you're trying to give it time on the clock when the game where the game ends.

But these games take for frickin effort now. All right. So this might be mid fourth quarter. So I'm going to say I'm going to be nervous as a cat when that happens. This is your way of saying I'm going to lose. I'm sorry. I'm pulling for you. No, you're not. Don't say things you don't mean.

Don't say honestly. Don't say when he says we're pulling for you. TJ, I believe it. Why do you believe him? Because you're a troll.

And I'm heartfelt. OK. OK. How does that sound? You asked a direct question. I'm giving you an answer that is direct.

You're a troll. He's kind of got you there. I want you to be happy. No, you don't.

You don't. By the way, I think this is straight. Hold on a second. Hold on a second. Hold on a second.

I want to ask this question. You can you can bring down the music here. Because, Chris, you say very frequently on this program, it's good for the show. It is good for the show.

What's better for the show? Salty rich. No. You want Salty Tua. You think Salty Tua is better for Miami because that's better for its personality.

It's better for all of that, right? Salty Tua, Chris, isn't angry Tua. It's him. He's angry? No, it's edgy Tua. It's Tua saying it with his chest. With a little bit of a chip on his shoulder.

Correct. Which is, so you want Salty Rich, that would be me coming in here and doubling down on what I said to the good people of Canton, Ohio last August, Chris. What's better for this show on Monday? I'm coming in here disappointed and crying in my soup or coming in here saying it with my chest.

What's better for this show on Monday? It's not going to matter because you're going to blame the Big Ten arrest. You're going to say, oh, we got screwed here. We got screwed there. Look, they do suck.

If Blake Coram wasn't hurt. Look, guys, I want to make it so that Rich has to take Gabe to Columbus with him for security purposes. That's how much trash I want Rich to be talking.

I want the banks of the Cuyahoga to overthrow with the trash that Rich has been talking. Say it, brother Jefferson. Say it, brother Jefferson. Brother Eisen. Say it with your chest. Brothers Broderick and Brothers Del Tufo don't want that back. Speak it into existence.

Oh, Deacon Del Tufo. I want Rich to see the land of milk and honey. By the way, I want you to live in reality and the world of undilusion. That's not a word.

This world is so gray, we don't need that. Says Mr. Syracuse over there. Mr. Man of Words over there. I know that we stink. I know, and you came in here after the loss to Clemson bitching about a penalty. That shouldn't have been called. Correct, so if I say it, if I'm saying it, I'm complaining. If you say it, you're accurate.

Got it. You still think Barrett didn't get a first down. They didn't measure, guys, I don't know.

He could have gotten a first down. They didn't measure. They didn't take out an index card. They didn't measure. No, no, no, because they started on the 25 or 35 or whatever the hell it was, and they 10 yards, so the ball was touching that. It doesn't matter, doesn't matter. Ball was touching the line. That's the way. They measured using the lines on the field.

Sounds good. Just bring out a chain in double overtime, just to make sure that the guy who's slapping Ohio State Buckeyes in the ass and then smiling as they rule touchdown and the game, that we're not sitting here thinking they're on a different planet. And guess what?

I'm sure no referee has ever patted a Michigan player on the board. I don't recall it. Go ahead and Google it. It's not a lie. Thank you.

If you believe what's again and then just one more time, let's take a let's take a vote. What's more better for the Rich Eisen Show? What's more better? What's better?

You two can't. What's more better? What's more better? What's more better? Me saying you're in my chest on Monday or coming in with my tail between my legs, T.J. Jeffries. Oh, I'm going to say pumping your chest out, Rich.

Thank you. Mike, you answer. What's your answer?

I want to see you guys lose. OK. OK. And Chris, you're the tiebreaker. I'm not answering that.

You're the tiebreaker. He's already answered. He doesn't need to answer.

He's already answered. Go ahead. I think I think I think Michigan loses and you're in here bitching and moaning. And I think that's better for the show. I don't understand how that's better. I don't either.

You know, like it just goes inside. I vote. I vote. I vote. Me saying my chest is better. And since it's my show, I get it one and a half.

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Terrestrial radio audience is back. Sam Jager here from the Handmaid's Tale on the Rich Eisen Show. We just saw a hilarious clip.

That's all we have on Handmaid's. It's hilarious. It's just a laugh riot.

You're saying that the crew all likes each other and has a good time because you know what other alternative material. We're dead a winner in Toronto. No thanks. So what's the Handmaid's Tale Fantasy Football League like? Is there such a thing? Is there a Handmaid's Tale Fantasy Football League?

I'm sure there's a hockey fantasy which I'm not a part of. What has it been like to be on this program? Oh it's been a thrill. I've been doing acting professionally 22 years. There's very few things that you can do that people are like, oh I know that.

You've been in Parenthood, American Sniper is a great movie. Well thank you. But to be a part of something that people watch avidly, ferociously and something that I'm proud of. It was interesting watching you talk with Gus about why do we care so much about being fans. And I think it has so much to do with the stories that we tell.

You just want a good yarn. And I think Handmaid's Tale has done that exceptionally well. They've spun a tale that is complex, that's not just surface level.

Well it also cuts a little too close to the bone sometimes. It's what's going on in the world as well. And the acting on it is amazing. You don't need to know that.

You already know it. It's fun to go to work with people that are as good as they are. And Lizzie Moss, our lead of the show, who plays June Osborne, had directed three of the episodes this year. And she has such specificity. She's so good at what she does. And she does it with just the effervescent quality of who she is.

She's smart and she's thoughtful and she's uplifting. And you want to go to work with people like that. You know, life is too short to work with a-holes. That is true. By the way, we say that every single day the problem is to each other's faces. And then behind each other's backs.

Exactly. There's a lot of animosity. I can just feel it when I walk down here. There's a lot of dystopia here. A lot of dystopia. Lizz putting up all that Buckeye swag. Not cool. Yeah.

Let's get to that, shall we? Sam Jager here on the Rich Eisen Show. Rich, I want you to know I would never red X you.

I would never do that to you. It drives me nuts, Sam. Here, take a look at the card I have for your work here. Take a look. And look how Lizz wailed of the Rich Eisen Show staff. She crossed out every X that's on your card there. And this one too. There's another card here.

There's another one. I'll take this back. I didn't ask for that.

It's disastrous. I didn't ask for that. I want you to know I wasn't a part of that. But you support it? I do support it.

Wholeheartedly. When you said fandom and you have a... You can look over here. Is that why you're not looking over here? No, I can't see. No, I look over there. I'm looking on the screen.

The Roku Channel microphone blocks it. You don't need to be so aggressive, Sam. This is my fourth coffee. That's not you. You're highly caffeinated and it is the big game week. It is. So you've got an OSU shirt on. Isn't it missing a T? It should be missing a T. Isn't it T?

Little T-O-S-U? There are certain things you can admit as a fan that are kind of ridiculous. And that's one of them. That's one.

I like you already, Sam. I greatly appreciate it. We can find some common ground somewhere that V shouldn't be trademarked as it apparently is. It apparently is. By the Ohio State University.

We will be getting a bill in the mail this week. Infringement is all over the place here in this conversation. So you're from Toledo, Ohio? I'm from Toledo. You know who's also from Toledo, Ohio?

Lots of people. Jim Harbaugh. Born in Toledo, Ohio. Is he?

Correct. Born in Toledo, Ohio. And then he was shipped across the border. When he was born, they were like, get this out of this state.

By the way, that was like Handmaid's Tale conversation about being shipped across a border right there. I guess that was it. Maybe I carried my work into my life too much.

I don't know. So from birth? From birth, yeah. Long suffering Browns fan. Long suffering Indians slash Guardians fan.

Yeah. And my three siblings went to Ohio State. My stepdaughter I put through Ohio State.

So why not you? The theater program was not up to snuff. I was an artist, man. You know, there's only certain places that can accept, you know, artistry. Like Michigan. Exactly. Exactly. Actually, yeah, Michigan does have a good theater program, I've heard. We're a terrific liberal arts school. Yes.

We are. Got to be good at something. Nevertheless, okay. So you grew up, who was in the school when you were beginning to start following? Oh, so. Was it the John Cooper era?

Yes. My older brother was at. Great era. I loved it.

I know you did. As I loved Rich Rod era. Yeah. I mean that, you know, we pick sometimes. Sometimes the coaches are just so fun to root against.

Yes. And Rich Rod was one of my favorites. I agree. I was rooting against him too. Right.

So that worked. Wasn't a fan of his choice from jump. Yeah. That was rough.

Tell Lloyd Carr out, Rich Rod in was not really my choice. Yeah. Because he was not, he had nothing to do with Michigan. He was an outsider.

He was. And plus the fullback disappeared and the three tight end sets disappeared and you needed a little bit of that. No, you got to have, that's what Jim Harbaugh has. Well, and that's what kind of didn't work against Michigan when, well, here's what I'm saying. Defensively, when Ryan Day and Urban with Ryan Day started sending all these crossing routes and everybody out and Michigan just couldn't keep up because there was a three yard and a cloud of dust. Now they can, you know, hopefully for my sake, control the line of scrimmage just like they did last year and make a game of it and keep things a little bit slower paced and keep CJ Stroud and the rest of the offense kind of not going all 50 point-ish, you know?

So that's the way to do it. I think Harbaugh is hoping that he has two drives that both last a half, right? So he gets the ball twice. He scores a touchdown at the end of both of those. They win 14-0.

14-0. Something. Okay. That's the way to do it.

That's the game plan. Okay. So where are you going to be watching this game?

I'm going to be watching it at home just because I get so much cleaning done when it's the game, you know? Like you said, the commercial break, I get up, I clean the entire downstairs in three minutes. Okay. Right. And then I'm back. And then you're back? I thought that you thought it wasn't a competitive game. Oh, no, no, no.

Not that. There were some years. You had an impeccably immaculate house some years. Oh, my God.

There wasn't a piece of dust anywhere. No, it's too nerve-wracking for me. I literally, when you were talking about how anxious you get on the day of the game, Monday I literally read an article and I got done with it and I looked at my kids and my heart was pounding out of my chest.

I know I'm the same way. I can't think about it. Just reading, what is wrong with us? I don't know. We're grown men. This is not acceptable. It's not acceptable.

I don't have an answer for you. How old are you? How old are you? I'm 45. Okay. I'm 53. Yeah.

And I'm very fortunate to do what I do for a living. And there's only a small handful of teams after all this time that I still have an emotional investment in. And Michigan football is number one. Yeah. Number one.

And I can't fathom why somebody at my advancing age, okay, with a lot of ish going on, with three children. Right. Put so much into the hands of 18 to 21-year-old guys who are still trying to figure their way in the world. Yeah. And it'll be very difficult for me on Saturday to focus and then if the game doesn't go my way, get through the day. I'm not going to lie.

To be a human in the world. Right. But if it's the other way around, I will be incorrigible. It'll be tough to be around me. Yeah.

It would be a good thing that you're not around me. Yeah. Either way. It sounds like it.

For both our sakes. Yeah. It sounds like it. Yeah, it's nuts, isn't it? To put so much time and faith and thought, so much study into 20-year-olds. Right.

It's preposterous. But I think it is the stories we tell, the story you have of going to Michigan and being on campus. And for me, my brother was at OSU when we got slaughtered by, you know, when Cooper got beat every year that my brother was there. And he'd come home and when they'd lost, it was pervasive. So it mattered to my family that we won because I knew how miserable the whole week would be. Right.

With Dave home, you know, it was rough. Right. But it's comical. Well, at least, Sam Jager, that we can find some common ground, which is hanging out, talking amongst one another as human beings in the world and understanding that it does mean too much. It should not mean as much to us.

At least we can agree with that and then be classy otherwise. We should be. And in that vein, let's talk about Devil in Ohio, currently available on Netflix. It's the Ryan Day story, right? Is that what it's about?

Devil in Ohio? No. Okay. Hold on a minute. It's actually...

It's a C.J. Stroud story? No. Okay. The Marvin Harrison Jr. story? No. It takes place.

It's actually about this young boy who was born in Toledo, Ohio, that they shipped across the border. It's the Jim Harbaugh story, as you well know. Out, Devil! Out, Devil!

I cast you out! It is. It is. What a way to turn it. I didn't see that one coming. Oh, I was hoping.

In my mind, I was like, please make it the Harbaugh story. It's an exorcism. That says Devil in Ohio, not Devil out of Ohio. Yes. Doesn't say that. Well, it's about his first few months in swaddling clothes.

Okay. That's a devil baby. That's a devil baby.

His mother's name was not Rosemary, by the way. Born in khaki pants. Swaddled in khaki. Swaddled in khaki.

Sent across the state line to that school up north. What is Devil in Ohio about on Netflix? It's a series on Netflix loosely based on a true story about this girl who escapes from a religious cult and is taken in by a family and how that impacts the family. I had no idea it existed until it came to my attention that this series was based on a true story. Oh, until you saw that the folks in the religious cult were only scarlet and gray and then it felt familiar? There is that. There's a lot of analogies that one could make about the religiosity of being an Ohio State fan.

Oh my gosh. No, it was a fun show to do. Ironically, we shot it up in Vancouver and I walked on set and the house that we shot that they built on the sound stage was just riddled with Ohio State memorabilia and I said, you know what's funny is anybody who walks on this set probably thinks, this is a little too much. This is a little too much swag for an Ohio State family. Okay, they live in Ohio. Right. But anybody who visits Ohio is like, no, we actually have framed pictures of the horseshoe on our mantle larger than the pictures of our ancestors.

It's just centerpiece. Well, Devil in Ohio currently available on Netflix and The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu. You were in Parenthood, which was terrific.

And then American Snipers, another one. So we need to get you in a sitcom, man. I need a vacation. I mean, you're in some dark material, bro. You're going to get a single camera, multi-cam, live studio audience. Let's get you doing that.

I'm in, man. We've got to get something going on here. Yeah, it's been bleak. And successful. It's successful and bleak. I've made a living at it, but it brings me no joy, which is perfect for growing up in the Midwest.

We're not meant to enjoy the work we do or the life we have on the outside of it. It's a slate gray sky. Yes, that's right. I love it. I'm not bringing it back to Buckeyes, but you are, and I respect the hell out of that. That's what a Big Ten game is. It's a slate gray sky. It's 30 degrees.

And if you've got a quarterback who's from Rancho Cucamonga, it could be a long day. It could be. It could be.

It was last year. I want snow. I want snow. You do.

It benefits you greatly. It would. You never know. You never know.

I haven't read anything. 52, partly cloudy. 52? Yeah. 52. Sorry.

It's not bad. Light wind. Yeah.

Okay. That was my nickname in high school, by the way. Light wind. Light wind.

I mean, it's like wind-diving. Sam Jager, check out The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu, available now for streaming and renewed for sixth and final season. Obviously, everybody on the edge of their seat for that. Or I should say The Hand X-Aids Tale, as it says here on my card, for Saks Jager. Again, not my doing.

Isn't that interesting? Not my doing. It's Saks Jager, is the name that I see here on my card. Saks. Saks. S-A-X. Yeah.

It's a red X. It has a bit of swagger to it, is very good. Thank you for coming in here. It's a pleasure to be here. I would say good luck to you on Saturday, but I don't mean a word of it. Can I, what's your prediction?

Have you already given it? I'm not giving a prediction, I'm out of that game. You know, I can't do it, I won't do it. Going back to 20 year olds, my prediction is it's gonna be based on whether one of our tight ends has a burrito that morning. That's again, rooting for 20 year olds, it's like, the game is determined by what they eat that morning. What are they doing?

I shouldn't have had that second Fruit Loops. Well, I mean, again. And that's where we're basing our lives.

If that happens, then Michigan's gonna win because they're a more disciplined team. They are. I don't know. They wouldn't eat Fruit Loops on the game of? I doubt it.

I hope they just have fruit, which now I'm sounding like my Jewish mother. Thanks for coming on, Sam, appreciate it. Wow, it's a pleasure being here. Okay, we're back to wrap up this show in a moment. Don't go anywhere.

We'll be right back. You can check all the big, bold, fun and exciting experiences right off your bucket list, thanks to the spirit of adventure that owning a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van lets you do. You can live, work and play out your dreams, no matter how far off the beaten path they're gonna take you. 16 body types you can choose from. You can choose for your choice of a gas or diesel engine.

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Don't wait, unlock your potential inside a Mercedes Benz Sprinter. All right, Rich, I got good news for you. What do you got for me? I got good news.

The good news is- Blake Horm? You're not only the starting Jets quarterback this week, but the fans want you to be the Patriots starting quarterback as well. I don't know how I'm gonna do that. I mean, I'm working game day morning on Thursday. Yeah, we need to get you on a plane quick to Minneapolis.

I'm working all day and then what am I gonna do? And then right after- Then I go later on at night. You're gonna have to do GDM remote probably from the Jets locker room. On Sunday? Yeah, on Sunday.

No, I don't think it's gonna work out. 50% on both poles and more importantly- Who's my backup? Who's the backup for the Jets and the Patriots?

Oh, okay, let's see. Backup for the Jets is, let's see, 28%, Mike White. And then backup for the Patriots is- Bailey's happy. Bailey's happy, yeah, 26%.

You're the one who started that. I did, I actually voted for Mac Jones. And then good news- Isn't he from, what school is Bailey's happy from? Bailey's happy is from Western Kentucky. What school is Mike White from?

Is he also from Western Kentucky? Oh, interesting, how about that? How about them apples?

Also, what's better for the show? Michigan wins, Michigan loses. Michigan wins 58%. I'm telling you, if only Mike White went against Bailey's happy, a hilltopper addition of the Jets-Patriots rivalry. If only that happened. Maybe we'll get that in the playoffs. Ah!

That's a wild card. Never know. Can't wait, as Bart Scott once said famously. Rich in Washington, D.C. will take your call before we go off to our Thanksgiving break. What's up, Rich? Hey, how's it going, guys? What's up, sir?

What's up, brother? Well, I'm really excited to be a Commanders fan right now. You know, they're doing really well and they got a really big game against the Falcons. Hopefully they can win it because Falcons are actually sneaky good.

They can run it, they can score points, they play solid defense. Right. You know? Isn't year 10 Willy also gonna be on the Falcons, right?

Year 10 Will Compton, playoff Willy? Perhaps, he's got some issues he's working through right now. Oh, really? Yeah. Oh, okay.

What else you got? Well, I mean, if they can beat the Falcons and then take one of these games against the Giants, I think they have a legitimate shot to be a good playoff team because Chase Young is coming back and if he can play like he did his rookie year, look out. I agree. And that defense is getting stronger, obviously, and better thanks to the call.

Taylor Honeke doing what he's doing. You take a look at the NFC playoff picture right now and that seven seed is sitting right there, six seed too for the Washington commanders. The Seahawks are coming off of their bye, fresh off of that loss in Munich. The Seahawks take the, this is a sneaky game, Vegas.

It's a really interesting game. Vegas at Seattle. And the commanders are sitting there, the Giants could be seven and four, the Seahawks could be seven and four, and the commanders could be seven and five. You know?

And you already know there's gonna be three new playoff teams because the Cardinals, Rams, and Packers are not gonna make it. Sitting there at four and seven. Yep.

Right? So that's a problem. I wanna talk about this, Rich.

We mentioned it off air before the show started. You got a big decision this week. Are you going to take a mulligan on your Super Bowl pick? Yeah, it's bills and bucks.

And on game day morning tomorrow, I got a question about that. I got a question about that. You want to, who wants to be a millionaire right now?

You want to talk this out? Sure. I'm thinking of going rematch of the Super Bowl from Miami.

Niners, Chiefs. Yep. I'm thinking of that.

It's certainly trending in that direction. Because you know Irv is gonna change his pick to the Cowboys to win, unless he was already done that. He might have already done that pre-season. But wasn't he in on the Vikings? He was in on the Vikings to win their division and also for Cousins to win MVP. Oh, he wasn't down on MVP? No, he wasn't down on the Vikings to go win the whole shooting match. No, I think he had the Cowboys winning the whole shooting match.

Which is definitely viable. It looks good, it's trending. I mean, I could sit here and say Brady is Brady and I say never to go against him. And I did see in my own two eyes when they called it with my own voice, they looked better than they have in a year and a half.

Yeah, it's Rashad White season two. Todd Bowles said today that Lombardi Leni is still pretty sore from Germany and if he can't go, he can't go. And they're gonna ride the hot hand. And then how do you not look at what the Chiefs are doing and say that's the team? Well, I think they're the clear cut favorite right now. Mahomes is the MVP. He is playing like it.

They're taking all of it right now. And they are good on both sides of the ball. Chris Jones is just dominating.

I mean, just think about what they just did. They didn't have Tyree kill as we know all year long and how's the offense gonna look? Let's get Juju Smith-Schuster in here, right? He doesn't play. Marques Valdes-Scantling goes in and out and he is not lighting it up either, okay? And they say, let's get Kadarius Toney in here and he scores a touchdown, but then he does nothing.

Immediately hurt. Right? Mikol Hardman, he's not playing. And they don't skip a B. Sky Moore, let's get him involved. Let's get a whole bunch of tight ends you didn't know they even had involved. Justin Watson is gonna get involved, right?

No, no. And then of course Mahomes DeKelsey is still the guy. So I was very bullish on the Bills and I know the Bills finally got past Kansas City in Kansas City, but it looks like unless they gotta gain that game back on Kansas City and they might not. They might have to go back to Kansas City again anyway and beat him for a second time. Unless Kansas City starts stumbling from the middle of December on and somebody comes out of nowhere like Joe Burrows-Bengals.

I don't know. But right now that's the way I'm leaning. I'm leaning Chiefs and Niners. I have to choose who wins it and I might just go Niners.

Just for you know what's in giggles. Jimmy G makes the throw this time? Jimmy G makes the throw this time.

TJ's saying, what are you doing, Rich? I mean Dallas is good too. I'm not, look, I'm not one of those. As you know, I try not to be that Cowboys fan.

Of course I come in and have fun. I'm not willing to say this team is super well ready. I'm just, I'm on to the Giants. I'm making this pick before Odell makes his pick. I'm telling you, Odell shows up there. I'm gonna tweet Odell, well from the show.

See if he can give us, if he wants to break a story he should maybe come to us and break it. Nice hire register. All right, enjoy the Thanksgiving happy and healthy to all of you. Be safe and happy and healthy to all those listening on terrestrial radio. It could be information to change your life forever or the Something You Should Know podcast could just be something interesting. Ramit Sethi talking about being rich. The old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated but it wasn't about how to spend it. It was more about how to get it. But okay, so once you get it, what do you do with it? In our culture, everybody tells you how to save but nobody teaches you how to spend it. Something You Should Know, wherever you listen.
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