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REShow: Henry Winkler - Hour 3

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November 21, 2022 3:21 pm

REShow: Henry Winkler - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 21, 2022 3:21 pm

In ‘Overreaction Monday’ Rich weighs in on the Jets’, Giants’ and Commanders’ playoff chances, if the Patriots or Jets will be led by QBs Mac Jones and Zach Wilson next season, the Raiders’ win over the Broncos, if the Vikings have been exposed as frauds, and if the Bengals or Ravens are better positioned to win the AFC North. 

Emmy-winner actor Henry Winkler recaps his big day getting to meet Patrick Mahomes before the Chiefs-Chargers game which originated back in June when the ‘Barry’ star came on the show to profess his deep fandom of the Kansas City quarterback with an invitation to have him come over to his house for a homemade meal.

Rich recaps the big CFB weekend and argues that the loser of Ohio State vs Michigan deserves a spot in the College Football Playoff over 1-loss USC even if the Trojans win out and capture the Pac-12 crown.

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Be 21. I got three words for you. Do you like them? No. No.

No other way to put it. This is The Rich Eisen Show. Intercepted at the 42 yard line.

Yes, Nick Bolton. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Touchdown. No splash.

And the Rays are slammed. Patriots. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, two-time Super Bowl champion and host of the Greenlight podcast, Chris Long. Coming up. The award-winning actor, Henry Winkler.

Plus your phone calls, latest news, and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Yes, hour number three of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. What a great hour this is going to be. We're about to play overreaction Monday for all of you here on the Roku channel and also Sirius XM Odyssey and this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate.

Smart enough to have us, those listening on our podcast. We say thank you for that. We greatly appreciate it. Also in this hour, the United States and Wales about to kick things off in a World Cup soccer match in Qatar. It's 10 p.m. in Qatar right now. We've already lost the battle with Wales on the national anthems. They showed some Americans in the stands being very patriotic and singing. They showed some Welsh woman banging it out so significantly.

I saw veins in her forehead. Welsh are fired up and we're underway and we're gonna keep an eye on all that. Meanwhile, I just love doing this show for so many reasons. Not only do we get to talk sports, but we get to talk pop culture and movies and TV and have some guests that come in here and light it up. And Henry Winkler did that in June when he came in to talk about the Emmy worthiness of himself, although we did that. And the show Barry on HBO. He plays the acting teacher Jean Cusineau, who is the exact opposite of the Fonz, right?

Who we all know him as from Happy Days. And I was sitting here talking to him about Barry and he interrupts me and goes, do you know Patrick Mahomes? And that started him off on talking about his love of Patrick Mahomes. And then later on in the conversation during which he dropped an F bomb in relation to the jump the shark phrase.

It was dynamite. You have to go to our YouTube page. It's one of the best videos that sit in their slash Rich Eisen's show.

It's from the summer. And he then returned to the subject matter of Mahomes saying he loves him so much. He'd love to cook him dinner, but they have this great chicken dish with a great reduction.

And he'd love to offer him dinner. And we posted that on our Twitter account at rich Eisen show. Patrick Mahomes saw it. And when Mahomes was on this show, a couple of weeks ago, a few weeks ago in advance of Monday Night Football, I played that for him. And he then said he didn't have time for dinner when he's in Los Angeles, but he would invite Henry Winkler to the game between the chiefs and the chargers. And sure enough, last night was that game between the chiefs and the chargers and Mahomes came through. And Henry Winkler did in fact meet Patrick Mahomes. They fist bumped before the game. Mahomes presented him with a jersey. I do believe it was autographed. Henry wore a beautiful red sweater that looks like Ralph Lauren to me. I can't wait to ask him if I had to guess. And he was dressed like Andy Reid if Andy Reid wore a nice sweater instead of a NFL issued Chiefs gear. And I have to tell you, in the eight plus year history of this show, this could be the greatest achievement of our R.E.S.

consulting. This could be the greatest achievement. And as you know, we had two people meet on this show and they had a child. That's the greatest accomplishment. Life is existing now. That is the greatest accomplishment.

Come on. But that's not R.E.S., that's R.E.S. consulting.

Jason did that on his own. This is the subsidiary of the Rich Eisen show. This is the greatest achievement of R.E.S. consulting. I agree with that. Because I've come up with a new slogan for R.E.S. consulting. Is it going to be better than the nickname? I think so.

I think so. R.E.S. consulting. People helping people.

Oh, come on, brother. People helping people. That is my favorite Vince Vaughn line from Wedding Crashers when they're sitting at the table and Isla Fisher's getting all, well, you know, and he's just like people, people helping people.

It's people helping people. R.E.S. consulting. We're just trying to help Henry.

I'm putting that on a T-shirt. R.E.S. consulting.

People helping people. Corner kick for USA right now. That's all we do.

We don't have to live stream this whole thing. I'm completely on board with that one. It's all I'm saying. You won me back. Deuces, people helping people. But people helping people. We're just trying to help Henry Winkler make a dream come true. And I do know, I do know again, that's a Laverne and Shirley line.

Okay. It's going to come true for me and you. But for Henry and Patrick Mahomes, I can't wait to have. Shamil.

Shamagal. Henry's going to join us in 15 minutes time to basically recount last night. And I think it's going to be as delightful as anything Henry Winkler says or does.

So. That guy's been famous for 50 years. And last night was probably the greatest fun of his life. He was tweeting like he was 12.

That's amazing, man. He was tweeting like he was 12. Oh my gosh, so funny. And I'm getting like tweets. Uh, texts from stone street. Like here he is meeting Brett Veitch's family. Like he was, he was part of the chief's kingdom last night.

It's great. It's someone that I don't know if you guys saw the shirt, someone held up. It was a picture of Fonzie on it. And it said football, family Fonzie with the outline of it. Oh, did he wear Travis? Kelsey wore that. I just saw him on the sidelines with someone holding this shirt. You put it on and it says faith, family, faith, football, or family football at Fonzie. There it is. Football, family Fonzie. The three essentials is the chief tweeted that out. That is amazing.

I mean, the greatest achievement in the history of R.E.S. consulting people, helping people. Henry Winkler joining us now in 14 minutes time. Okay, Chris Brockman, are you ready? It is a huge Monday coming on. It's a Monday of Thanksgiving. So rubbers meet in the road. Stakes getting higher.

Throats getting tighter. It's time for overreaction Monday here. Let's go. That was terrible. That was crap. That was garbage. This place sucks.

Overreaction Monday's Monday. All right, Christopher, the floor is yours. All right, Rich. You're from New York, right?

Yes, I am, sir. Got it. Uh, the Giants and Jets have a combined 13 wins. Who cares? We're both going to miss the playoffs. That's ridiculous. That's a total overreaction and absurd.

It's absurd. Now the Giants have got the commanders appearing larger in their rear view mirror. That is true. And the Jets have got who is appearing larger in their rear view mirror, the Bengals who have a tie break on them. That's a problem because the Ravens have a significantly easier schedule than most the rest of the way. Although you saw what that meant yesterday against the Panthers. That was very close, too close for comfort for them.

I'll say that's an overreaction. Uh, Cinderella's carriage turned into a pumpkin for New York football on Sunday. And the problem is for the Jets is they got the Bears coming in on a three game losing streak, but Justin Fields is coming in and they're coming into the Jets house and everything that's happened this week. Zach Wilson's got a huge public appearance next when he's got his next, um, media availability where he's going to have to clean up on aisle. No. In his answer to, did he let the defense down?

He kept on answering questions just to get off the podium because he didn't want to hear the criticism or at least the criticism implied by the questions. And that doesn't cut it. And here comes Justin Fields from his same draft class in that building. He's got a lot to do all week long. And then on Sunday and then a huge game for the Giants on Thanksgiving, cause they can get swept by the Cowboys. And that is a major problem for them. So I'll say for the moment, it's an overreaction, but there's still work to do.

What else you got over there, Chris? Giants still play commanders twice and Eagles twice. Which means they can win the division.

Or go 0 for 4. They could. Wow. But what I'm just saying is that they have in front of them, the ability to win the division. True, but they're not because hit them with the Heinecke, Rich. Commanders are making it. 5 out of 6.

Heinecke's the man. Washington to the playoffs. Atlanta at the Giants' bye. Home for the Giants at San Francisco. Home for a Deshaun Watson led Cleveland Browns team.

And then home for Dallas. I mean, they've got it in front of them. But I'm not going to sit there and say they're making the playoffs. There's still the 49ers and don't sleep on the Seahawks coming off of their bye week from Germany. Somebody who loses the NFC West is going to be a potent threat at the 6 or 7 seed.

So I'll just say that's an overreaction as well, but they are definitely put themselves in the position. And Carson Wentz, I would say barring injury, is done as the quarterback of the Washington commanders. Who else? What else you got over there, Chris? NFC East theme here so far to start. Cowboys are full strength. Best team in the NFC. Okay.

Okay. They weren't full strength when they played the Eagles. I will say that is not an overreaction.

I would say San Francisco is still in that mix as far as I'm concerned. And we'll see what they look like tonight against the Arizona Cardinals in Mexico. And in terms of you're wondering whether I react properly or not, the United States had almost an own goal for them and then a follow up shot on goal that was very close to putting them up one nothing. And I didn't react at all.

So I understand reactions and I'm able to focus on what you're positing and then making sure that everything is straight and narrow for my responses. And I'm saying that's not an overreaction about the Dallas Cowboys and Odell might be coming. I still need to see what the 49ers look like over the next few weeks. Them at full strength, I think is a very scary proposition for the rest of the NFC.

What else, Chris? You watch a lot of AFC East football, Rich, right? Yeah, sure. Would you say the Bills have their future quarterback? Yes. Would you say the Dolphins have their future?

Yes. Neither Zach or Mac are the QBs of the future for the Jets and Pats. They stink. I don't think that's an overreaction at all. I don't think you could sit here and say they stink because I'd like to say we use better language than that.

The stink is cleaning me up. All right, let me ask you this real question. Which of those teams Patriots or Jets more likely to have being quarterbacked by Derek Carr next year? Because I would take him in a second. I would too right now. He's not going to be on the Raiders.

The Jets have a chance to win now. And I don't think anybody saw that right now. And everybody thought that Zach would grow along with this team as it grew, not that it was growing past him. And he needs to catch up fast and is not apparently able to do so. I'm not saying he's unwilling to do so.

It might be unwilling to focus on the stuff that can get him there faster than his just pure natural skills. That's the way it looks to me sitting in Los Angeles watching these games on television. Both defenses are really good. Breece Hall's probably a little bit better than Ramondre, but now Breece is out. Pats have better tight ends. Jets have better receivers. I mean, it's even. Pick a team and pretend with Derek Carr.

I don't know. I think Mac Jones has been stunted by, you know, all you got to do is watch the All 22 Twitter led by Dan Orlovsky and whatever the hell of a scheme they're doing and whatever they're calling isn't really being helpful. But I would say the Jets have got, if in the next two, three weeks don't do well, they have to consider telling Zach, you're done for the moment. You sit back and watch a little bit longer while we try and win a playoff berth and go in the veteran route. And I don't think that's any sort of overreaction right now. Should the Jets start Flacco next week? That's an overreaction. What else you got over there? The Raiders win yesterday, Rich.

It's enough for you to go full Godfather 3. Just when you were out, they pull you back in. Well, let me just say this. Let me just say this. What I saw yesterday in Denver, the grit to pull that thing out, and the thing is the game, the victory for the grit for them to win that game, to get the ball back, to get the game time field goal, to send their punter out to win the toss, and then find Devontae Adams wide open, seeing Max Crosby sit in the backfield, getting the turnovers, playing a tough game on the road when they have to perform after what's happened.

That's why I saw the Raiders performing well this year. I can't go back yet. I can't.

All right? I need to see it again. Because what? Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. You can't get fooled again.

The other way around. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I feel like George Bush, George W. Bush. We're just not going to be fooled again. We can't get fooled again. We can't get fooled again. I think I just basically gave you that, okay?

So that's an overreaction. I'm not Godfather 3 just yet. What else? And scene.

Thank you. What else? The Vikings are frauds. That's an overreaction.

They're frauds. That's an overreaction. They're the worst eight win team ever.

Uh, dude. As soon as Micah Parsons sacked her cousins, that game was over. This is why we've got a segment called Overreaction Monday. Because the Vikings won a game that people were calling best regular season game in years, right? Game of the year.

It's Josh Allen couldn't fall forward. Instant classic, right? We're seeing all of that. Paul Allen calling games getting TikTok love and Twitter love. And everybody's like, this is incredible. Love this team. And Kirk Cousins is taking his shirt off and Schefter's taking his shirt off. Everybody's taking this shirt off. Not me.

We snatched them. But I mean, all of that. You did.

You did. Full of keep to leave. Any up everything.

And so you can go from, you win game of the year and now you're a fraud. There's definitely in my estimation and in between, and I'm going to say they're there and I would watch out for you, sir. On Thursday night, Thanksgiving night, zero worries.

It's going to be the greatest Thanksgiving night since the butt fumble. Wow. Okay. Okay.

It's going to be awesome. What else you got, sir? All right. Last one. Uh, Bengals Ravens week 18. That's going to be game 72, two 72 for the AFC crown in the North. Huh?

That's not a bad one. Bengals are a sleeping uh, sleeping giants, man. Now the Bengals have a much tougher road and row to hoe than the Ravens. The Ravens schedule.

I get it. Well, the Ravens are at Jacksonville home for Denver at Pittsburgh at Cleveland. And again, Cleveland one would assume is going to be a more stout opponent with Deshaun Watson returned home for Atlanta home for Pittsburgh at Cincinnati. There's that at Cincinnati game Cincinnati has a game coming up right now at Tennessee home for Kansas city home for the same Cleveland team we're referring to. And that will be a Deshaun Watson game at Tampa at new England home for Buffalo and then home for Baltimore.

That's a tough one, man. Their winnable games were earlier in the year and they didn't win enough of them, it seems. And we'll see if the Ravens slip up in a game that they so-called should win.

Chase comes back. I have not analyzed this. I have not analyzed this closely enough to peg another one.

So let me just take a look real quick. Tampa home, uh, Tampa, uh, at Atlanta is one Tampa at Atlanta could be one. I mean, why wouldn't the league want Tom Brady to play in the last game?

It could be his last game of his career if he doesn't make it right. He's already tweeting out to his at Fox sports friends in advance of the world cup. Just take a look at, uh, his Instagram story feed coming on the air. Um, I don't know. That's not a bad one to peg Denver and Los Angeles charges. Doesn't really strike me as anything.

Yeah. Um, Rams at Seattle would have been one. I don't think that's anymore. The Rams have lost four in a row for the first time under Sean McVeigh. It might not be a bad one, Chris.

You got Dallas and the commanders though. That's not a bad one either. All right. Good one, sir.

Good stuff. Let's take a break. Cause Henry Winkler is going to be calling into this program. I could not be more thrilled about this. Oh yeah. Look, we got to send this to Henry Winkler.

He and my homes is step-brothers right there. Well done smitch and the rest of the rich eyes and show crew. We're back with Henry Winkler in a moment. Yeah. Influencer.

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This is the story of the original influencer. This is Elizabeth. The first Elizabeth, the first, the podcast, wherever you listen. The world tournament of soccer happening in Qatar is finally here. And with all the weird kickoff times and all the other sports happening simultaneously, it can be kind of hard to keep up. So to make sure you're up to speed, be sure to listen to Qatar kick around for the daily wrap up of all the action from the tournament, from the group stage, all the way to the final Andy Lars and Peter are here for you with recaps and opinions of what happened that day in Qatar.

Everything can be found at the kick The cumulus podcast channel on YouTube, or wherever you listen. Hey, back here on the rich eyes and show terrestrial radio outfit.

You can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on Westwood one via Westwood one station streams, or by asking Alexa to open Westwood one sports sponsored by AutoZone. One of our best guests we've ever had. I mean, the reaction we got when Henry Winkler was on the show in June off the charts. And one of the people who heard it was Patrick Mahomes and heard Henry Winkler's professed love for Patrick Mahomes and said, I will take Henry and his entourage, his family, and put him in my suite for the game against the charges, which got flexed into a night game. And they didn't even know Henry Winkler was invited. And it happened yesterday, the it being the meeting between Henry Winkler and Patrick Mahomes, the greatest moment in the history of the rich eyes and show consulting business, RS consulting. And joining us here on the rich eyes and show is the one and the only wonderful human being Henry Winkler on the Mercedes Benz vans phone line.

How are you Henry Winkler? Let me tell you something rich. Let's start with this.

Yes, sir. All of what you said is true. But it would not have happened without you. You were the glue that kept that event together.

That made it happen in the first place. Now I had a great interview with you. I thought it was funny. I really was telling you about Patrick Mahomes and how he is a cut above.

Yes. And you then I heard, yes, you played that cut for him. I did. I did. And he said, and he said, Oh, Henry is invited on the 20th of November.

And there we were, because of rich eyes. Henry Winkler to say it is my pleasure is an understatement. You are a delightful human who deserves nothing but the best thing. And I am so glad this happened.

Please walk me through your day and night. Okay. What happened? Okay.

Yes. So I was so excited because I've known about this for a while. We finished shooting Barry for the fourth season on Thursday. All I thought about was Sunday. But Sunday seemed like so far away. So then I had to go through Friday and Saturday.

I had to go through Sunday morning. I got shaved. I got into a white shirt and a red sweater.

I would wear the chief's colors. I had no idea what was happening. Being a nervous Nelly, I was worried about the tickets. And my assistant assured me the tickets because of Patrick Mahomes' assistant, Lacey, were all taken care of. We get in the car. And then I realized, Oh, my wife is staying with our granddaughter. So the man, Ernie, who was driving us, I invited him. So now we're there and we find the right entrance and we go to the suite.

The suite, I swear to God, must be like a skyscraper. And there's a salad and there's a place that sushi's going to come. Frankfurters are going to come. Cheeseburgers are going to come.

There were turkey sandwiches and drinks, whether you had alcohol or water, everything in between. I meet his mom, his lovely mom, Patrick Mahomes. I meet his brother, Jackson, his lovely sister, who is about 11, I think. And now I am taken. I have to leave my son, Max, my son, Jed, and my son-in-law, Rob, in the suite. And I am escorted to the field. I now take pictures with almost everybody in the state.

And it is great. Now the coaches, Mrs. Reed comes and gets me wearing a ring. I swear you could put chairs around and have a dinner around the championship ring. She takes me by the arm and she said, I need you to take a picture with all of the coaches wives. We walk down the field.

People are saying, hello, I'm waving hello. And we get there and I take a picture with all of the lovely wives of every coach of every department. I think I've taken with coaches from other teams, their wives were there. Then I meet the owner of the Chiefs, Mr. Hunt. I meet his wife, his beautiful daughters, who look like models.

We take pictures. And then I go back to where I'm standing. I'm told, stand right here after the huddle.

And then Patrick comes running across the field. Oh my God, I'm so excited. I don't know what to do. We fist bumped and we hug. Then he is excited because he's giving me his jersey signed with Winkler on the back.

Oh, custom made. I am now reduced to a 12 year old girl screaming for the Beatles. I am so excited. And he said, I'm going to take you up now. Remember on your show, I said, if Patrick Holmes comes to my house, I'm going to give him a wonderful chicken breast stuffed with ricotta and spinach with a reduction sauce that is just so delicious. I can't believe it. He says to me, I'm going to take you up on your dinner.

I said, there's always a seat for you at my table. He then goes running off. Oh, before this, his number one receiver, one of the great players of all time, absolutely Mr. K. He is running on the field with a shirt that is a Fonzie t-shirt. Football family Fonzie. We see it right here.

He's looking for me. I did not know. I never got to shake his hand and I couldn't believe it.

And then I somehow, I got a copy of that shirt given to me up in the suite that looks like an apartment overlooking New York City Hudson River. And then the game is played. Now I, one of the things that I think about Patrick Holmes, I don't know if this is true. It probably isn't true, but in my mind, he's so good. And I want to say that when I met him, it was like meeting one of my son's friends with no game coming up. It was, he was so present with me. He was so direct with me. It was so comfortable. It was not like, oh yeah, hey, how are you doing?

I got a game to play and thanks for coming and enjoy. That was not his demeanor at all. Well, I guess in Henry that you got to sit here and think that that's maybe why he's so incredible under pressure is that he could just live in a moment and be. I'm telling you he does. I think, Rich, you are correct.

You are a hundred percent. He's like Ted Williams, I was told once, slowed the ball down where he could see the stitching. Right. I believe that is the way Holmes's DNA is. Well, isn't that amazing, too, is that the game comes down to it and he has to win it and it's him and Kelsey that do it and and Kelsey that do it and the whole, I think the whole stadium knew that there was too much time left on the clock and the Holmes did his magic. The improvisorial, as you mentioned, that's the word you used in June. I'm telling you, I'm telling you.

It happened. This is what occurred to me. I have no idea if I'm even on the right page.

It seems to me that he's so good that, you know, he figures I'm going to get behind and then I'm going to win the game. To make it interesting for myself. Right. Then we go down several stories on a ramp. Okay.

With a lot of other people. After the game. Game over. After the game, I have on a stick-em that says I can go backstage, that I can go to the locker room. And I'm waiting there. I've taken pictures now with everybody in on the ramp. And then I, we get the news, he's already on the bus.

I never got out of the waiting holding pen. Went home, happy as a lark. Henry Winkler, this is amazing. And now, so you didn't get to see him after the game. That means dinner. That means dinner. And I wanted to say congratulations to the other teammates and to meet Mr. Reed.

What a phenomenal coach. And I just love your choice of sweater. Was that a Ralph Lauren sweater?

It was, yes. Okay. So I have a collection of, I like to wear color. I don't wear gray or black. Hmm.

That's just me. So I have every shade of green. I have lavender. Yes.

I have orange. And of course I have my red for, and I thought was appropriate for the chiefs. Absolutely. Perfect. With the, with the white collar, it looks like you're part of the team. It looks like you, it looks like it was meant to be, but shirt, right? Now let me, and for those people who don't know, um, especially for Kanye, uh, that is a Yiddish word that means meant to be. Yes, it does.

Yes, it does. I, you know, I just said I would, I would give it the full flavor. And, um, I, I have to tell you, but if I was on that field and those people, yeah, this is the question I have asked every football player I have ever met, except for Mr. Mahomes, who I was too tongue tied to ask when those men with no body fat come flying through the air and smash into your body from every direction after the same time, how do you get up? That is my question.

I don't know. It's just they're, they're built, they're built for the sport. And I guess Mahomes is answer to that will be just don't get hit, which is usually what happens for him. I mean, again, Henry, for you to profess your love for him, like the way that you did, and then for you to get to meet him and be there with his family and then the game magic. And I'm not going to say this would never have happened without you.

And the next person was his assistant Lacey, who was so detail oriented that all of my OCD was covered. I love it. And let me just tell you this, Henry, for all the years that I have been following you and emulating you and loving everything that you've done in your career, for me to be able to provide you with a split second of happiness is really all that I could imagine. I'm telling you, if I if I wave never happens again, I was invited to arrowhead to to sit in the suite there. I but that's an open air stadium. And I don't think that my body could take that kind of cold. Well, here's the thing. If we're just looking over a steering wheel, Henry, and the Chiefs are ready to have you, you never know.

We'll see how far they go in the playoffs. And the Super Bowl is played in Arizona indoors. Arizona sounds wonderful. It's geographically sound. Yes, and close.

I don't know if Ernie can drive you, but we'll see how it goes. Really. But I, Rich, I thank you for the most wonderful moment in time. I'm telling you, it was so special.

Right back at you, Henry Winkler. I don't know. Now, now when you hopefully come back in here, I don't know what to do next for an encore rather than just, uh, just have fun. Love it. What do you got for me on the Barry front? Anything? Oh, okay. It will be next year, I think that that that it runs. And I cannot tell you anything because I will be dead.

Let's not do that then. Bill Hader directed all eight. He was amazing. Uh, and it was, I will say it was a thrill. It was an honor. Actually.

We were in big bear. Okay. Very cold. Okay.

Very muddy snow on the ground. And I was with Bill the last shot of the season. And I thought, wow, this is really a wonderful, um, honor. Okay. And do you think the way, is there a way that, uh, you can answer this? I will ask it. You can handle it however you wish is the way that things wrapped up in season four.

Uh, is it a season five possible? It wrapped up really tightly. Okay. We'll say that. Very good.

I appreciate that information. Um, I can't get enough of this show or you, sir. I mean, honestly, the smile on my face, the number of texts I was getting from the stadium, the tweets I was seeing of you with my homes and, um, and then you, um, at the game and then Travis Kelsey wearing that t-shirt with your character from, uh, I didn't get to shake his hand, but we'll get that next. I'm telling you, it was just magical. Love it.

Henry Winkler. Thank you for everything. And thank you for calling in here. And, and the pleasure is literally all mine. You're the best. Thank you. Well, me too.

And, and when you talk to Patrick, just tell him that it was more than I imagined. I love it. Love it. Have a great Thanksgiving with your family. Henry Winkler. Thank you.

Right back at you. There's Henry Winkler at H Winkler for number four, real check out his Twitter account. It's filled with pictures again, like he's 11 years old. How delightful was that? It's, it's really delightful because you, you see someone like him who everyone knows everyone loves.

Like you said, he's been famous for 50, 60 years and you see him have that reaction to someone when he's always been on the other side of that rope. That's the cool thing. And then again, for my homes, for my homes to do that, some, again, maybe as people thought of it or what have you, it doesn't matter for him before the game to have already ready a Jersey, a chief's Jersey autographed to him with the Winkler on the back.

It's just first class, the chief's first class, my home's first class, just love it. And, you know, Henry saying that he was present and he was there because again, I mean, it all takes is just a minute, minute plus. Yeah.

And the same thing, by the way, goes for kids and kids with needs or people with needs, just to see a, um, a major star do that. And then I hope he does take him up on dinner. Cause then I got to put, you got to put, uh, two seats aside. Me and Suze will be there, but again, like I said, I'll go for that, uh, for that chicken dinner. Did I just invite myself? You did kind of jump in there. I just crashed. I think you would be allowed to crash since you made the Ralph Lauren sweater I could wear. You got many spiders.

Could I peg it or can I peg it? That is Suze's influence right there. And in the middle of the conversation, the United States goes out one nil on rails. Kudos to you guys for not overreacting. I did see it happen in real time. Bronwyn's head was down cause he's doing work or whatever he's doing.

I appreciate you guys not reacting. Awesome pass by Pulisic, hit Timothy Way right as he was on side and then bam, one time, one time to the back of the net. Didn't even need to go to VAR.

Didn't even need to go to VAR and cutter. Cut it. Kavar?

Katar? Okay. Uh, eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen show. That's just awesome.

That was amazing. College football discusses that when we go out the door right here on the program. This NFL season, every Westwood one NFL broadcast streams live for free Mondays, Thursdays, Sunday nights, Thanksgiving and Christmas triple headers. The international series in every post season game. I will be at the mic for Monday night football on Westwood one pre and half for tonight's big game between the 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals.

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So what are you waiting for? Right now, NetSuite is offering a one of a kind flexible financing program. Head to slash Rich Radio right now. slash Rich Radio, slash Rich Radio. The first half is about to come to an end in Qatar. Four extra minutes because you know, it was four minutes of stuff that they were down and while the clock was running, I don't know. It's so arbitrary, but you're saying Mike, it's on the up and ups. I'll trust you. I know what I'm saying. US is up one nil on whales and Catherine Zeta-Jones, famous Welsh actress, she must be sitting around saying, this is intolerable cruelty. Wait a minute. Hold on a minute.

This is the haunting coming through. Use some of her famous movies. Well, I mean, like what? Like what?

The Sean Connery one. Yeah. Well, I mean, they're losing to America's sweethearts. Say something about T-Mobile. I don't know how I can work cocaine godmother in. Excuse me, it's in a movie called Lay the Favorite.

Who knew that? Now we're talking. Now we're talking, Rich.

That's my language. Stop it, Chris. Let's get off of this. Let's get off of this. Hey, Rich, by the way, did you know this happened today?

Yeah, that's right. You notice I didn't wear any shoes? I did say, what's going on? Shoeless TJ Jefferson? I'm protesting. I'm boycotting the sneakers app.

Okay. They promised hundreds of thousands of us. We're going to get these Jordan ones. I didn't get them. Brockman didn't get them.

It's like Taylor Swift tickets. If Jack Shuster didn't get them, thumbs up. Jumpman Bostick didn't get them. Sean Coller didn't get them.

Live Nation and Ticketmaster, they should look into this. Well, Mike was just telling this. It's the same. It's a racket. It's a racket.

It's a racket. It's halftime, guys. It's halftime. It's halftime.

Defund the sneakers app. No. That's all I'm saying. One zero. One zero. See, nobody's saying one zero. Who's saying one zero? I know two people who are. I don't like it.

All right. College football. I was watching that Michigan-Illinois game. If you could take players away from Michigan that would leave them beyond short-handed.

Blake Coram's number one. And he took a helmet on the knee. I have no idea how he came back in that game and actually ran one and pulled the pile with him. And he was done for the rest of the game. Donovan Edwards wasn't even playing.

So, but they still survived. TCU. When TCU ran the ball with no timeouts left and then fire-drilled their kicker on, down two, I'm like, what are they doing?

It was like, no, no, no, no. Oh, okay. Apparently Sonny Dyke said they practiced that. It did look practiced, I got to tell you. Yeah. It looked practiced.

It was unnecessary. At one point, Maryland put a scare in Ohio State. And then we all know Tennessee. Hendon Hooker, I am saying to you, sir, I hope to see you at the combine. I don't believe you will be working out there, but you will go through everything you need to go through.

And I hope I see you at the combine. That's all I'm saying. Yeah. He blows his knee out. Jalen Hyatt didn't get the Rich Eyes and show bump at all. South Carolina bumped Tennessee off. And Tennessee was the fifth ranked team, according to the college football playoff committee that we'll hear from tomorrow. I imagine USC will be that fifth ranked team after I saw them on Saturday night at the Rose Bowl, thanks to you, Deaton, and the rest of the folks at the Legacy Committee at the Rose Bowl.

Suze, the kids, Cooper's friend Jackson was there as well. And we all watched it. And USC, that Caleb Williams is so freaking good.

So good. But I want to say this, even though USC's fifth ranked and they will be playing in a Pac-12 championship, personally, they play Notre Dame first. They play Notre Dame.

Okay. And then a Pac-12 championship game. I just say this, Michigan and Ohio State, pardon me, the Ohio State, 11 and 0, does that count for nothing? Counts for nothing.

What do you mean? Counts for nothing. I think the loser of Michigan, Ohio State gets in anyway. They shouldn't.

Over the Pac-12 champ? No, you can't. There's no way. Why? Why not?

But why? You didn't win your conference. Yeah.

I'm just saying it right now. If you also have one loss, like USC, and you don't win your conference, you should go ahead of them? That's happened before.

It's the Alabama exemption. So a team that goes 11 and 0 all year long, doesn't lose, and then loses to either the second ranked team or the third ranked team in the country, the loser of that game that the whole country is going to be watching, they're out. Sorry, you lose. USC lost on the last play of the game on a two point conversion to a team that they're playing. A currently three loss team.

But they're playing them for the Pac-12. So who cares? What do you mean? Just saying it. You could disagree. Clearly you are.

And I'm sure there are many others who are hearing this or watching it back later or seeing it now live. And this has got nothing to do with... I'm saying the same thing for all the Ohio State fans who are out there red Xing me on Twitter right now. I mean, like, grow up. Grow up. Seriously, grow up.

And for you folks, I'm caping. If Michigan goes in short handed, banged up at many different positions and wins that game and beats Ohio State, Ohio State should be done for the year? Finished?

Finished for the year? But they have the same amount of losses as a team that won its conference. Come on. It's not like the Pac-12 has just had one ranked team all year. They've had three, four ranked teams all season. Just like the Big Ten.

I know what you're saying. What if USC loses one of the final two games? And then who goes in? LSU two loss. LSU goes in over the Big Ten runner up. If they win the SEC.

Sorry. Family. That's the way I'm feeling. And this goes for Buckeyes too. And I hope that they do lose and that I am right. And that they go. Big game.

I hope I can be consistent and also very happy and chesty. Thanks to Henry Winkler and Chris Long for being on today's show. Look at our new friend of RAS Consulting. It could be information to change your life forever.

Or the Something You Should Know podcast could just be something interesting. Ramit Sethi talking about being rich. The old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated, but it wasn't about how to spend it. It was more about how to get it. But OK, so once you get it, what do you do with it? In our culture, everybody tells you how to save, but nobody teaches you how to spend it. Something you should know wherever you listen.
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