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REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 18, 2022 3:09 pm

REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 18, 2022 3:09 pm

Guest host Suzy Shuster, Brockman and TJ recap the Titans’ Thursday Night Football win over the Packers and speculate on Green Bay’s rapidly vanishing playoff hopes and Aaron Rodgers rapidly diminishing skills.

Rich calls in where he explains why the “Packers are done” with only a slim chance to reach the playoffs this season and why Aaron Rodgers, not Jordan Love, will still be Green Bay’s QB in 2023, makes the case for Derrick Henry as a Hall of Fame if he retired today, and in his weekly ‘What’s More Likely’ weighs in on Josh McDaniels’ and Nathaniel Hacketts’ Raiders and Broncos futures, the Dolphins, Vikings, Giants, Chiefs, Tom Brady’s future, Justin Fields vs the Falcons, and the Bills and Eagles in their Week 11 matchups. 

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Some guy walks up to me in the middle of Munich. He says to me, This is the Rich Eisen Show. Aren't you Susie Schuster's husband?

No! With guest host, Susie Schuster. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. If I'm Brable, I'm just like, here Derek, here's the ball. Touchdown!

Tight! Derek Henry! Today's guest, Rich Eisen. ESPN host, Jeremy Scheff. 49ers defensive end, Nick Bosa.

Cardinals defensive end, J.J. Watt. And now, sitting in for Rich, it's Susie Schuster. Well, hi everybody. Back again to close out this week on the Rich Eisen Show. Susie Schuster in for my husband Rich, who is calling in on the 920 hour because he's feeling much better.

Had a couple days of mung, as we like to put it, coming back from Munich. But he will be back on Sunday for NFL Network, for game day of course. And back all week next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Thursday's working. Friday, I think it's a dark day here at the Rich Eisen Show.

Am I wrong? Thursday and Friday next week. We're only doing the three days next week.

It's obviously Thanksgiving and we're going to spend our time with loved ones. But we can put the lights on and I can come back. I've got nothing else to do. It's not like my kids want to eat my cooking, so there's that.

But whatever. Good morning, Chris Brockman. Do you think Rich, the last two days, is just home giving takes in the mirror and talking to the dogs? And just spitting fire at the dogs just because he wants to stay fresh? I'm going to send you a picture to Mike Hoskins to put it up because basically all that happens when I'm not in the house and when I'm not there is the dogs sit on the bed and stare at him.

So that's what's happened in our house as he's tried to fight this thing off. Good morning, T.J. Jefferson. How are you? You're walking around back there.

Are you pouring your musses? What's happening? No, T.J. Maybe he's over in the kitchen because I bring breakfast when I come because I'm a mom and that's what I do. Hi, J. Feli. How are you? C.C., good morning.

Thanks for the shellacking. I like this morning. Now you can come back to me. Listen, it's a casual Friday here. We're here to talk about the Packers Titans. We're here to talk about K.D.

and the boys playing back again. And we're here to talk about Jeremy Shapp calling in in the second hour. We're here to talk about the mimosas that we're going to prepare later on today because, you know, when Suzy comes, we got the champagne and we got the O.J.

Apparently Christopher Walken came to the set this morning. That's what we'll be doing today. Drink on. I know.

Well, I'm just saying I'm around Thursday and next Friday if you guys actually want to work. You know, I can I can show up and talk to nobody. And Chris is just asking if Rich walks around and talks to himself in the mirror. And the answer is yes. But we can talk to him about that at nine twenty when he calls in. But first, let's talk a little bit about the game last night, because while I was doing homework for fourth grade and sixth grade, I did manage to watch some of the game. And I have to say I was wrong about Vrabel just saying, let Derek Henry run the ball. Apparently he throws it to and throws touchdown passes. So how great was that?

That was a really cool. And it was like a basketball shot, almost like he hopped up over the line and tossed a pass into the end. It was like a Tebow. I got to say Tebow play. Shout out Ryan Tannehill. Dude really balled out last night. Three hundred and thirty three yards and and threw the deep ball really well.

I was surprised. It's cold, it's snowing, it's windy in Lambeau last night. And Ryan Tannehill is out here looking like Patrick Mahomes.

Just winging it around the yard. And Derek Henry only eighty seven yards. They didn't need him to really run wild to win this game. And you know, I guess we all kind of overreacted that the Packers are back and Rogers has it all figured out. I mean, he did throw a couple of touchdowns, but he did not look good last night. Missed a lot of open receivers, throwing behind guys, overthrowing guys.

Like Christian Watson kind of bailed him out on the first touchdown, just kind of threw a jump ball. And Green Bay's not back and they're probably not going to make the playoffs. And then you're just kind of wondering where they go from here as they head into another offseason of uncertainty. You know, Rogers got a big contract, man. He's got sixty million dollars, sixty million reasons to stick around and play football next year. So I'm sure he'll be back. But what does this team look like in twenty twenty three is kind of anybody's guess.

Yeah. Is this Love's team or is it not? And it just feels so reminiscent of the whole Farve Rogers handover and weird. And everyone's wondering who's going to retire first.

Will it be Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady? And I think coming into the season, everyone keeps saying, oh, you can't go out like this. You can't go out like this.

But when can you go out? I mean, I, I mentally begged Tom Brady to retire years ago when he could have retired on top. We all wanted to see.

I think we all wanted to see when I say we. I mean, Patriots Nation wanted to see him go out on top. It's hard to watch Tom Brady not play at the height of his career and not to play with receivers that know him well and kind of figure his way out.

But I always feel like Tom Brady finds a way out. Aaron Rodgers with some wobblers, as he put it, with that thumb injury from what, the Giants game? Was that like the thumb injury is really worse, probably than he maybe lets on. It's just really affecting things.

You can kind of see it. You know, he'll rip a pass one second and then next play, it'll be wobbly behind guys and maybe guys aren't in the right spot. But I mean, wait in the game, Alan Lazar was just wide open over the middle of the field and just a bad throw by Rodgers. And it's just.

I don't know, man. It seems like this season is kind of a wrap for Green Bay. It's kind of a wrap for a few teams that we're used to seeing play deep into the playoffs.

And, you know, I feel like we're going to have some new blood in the playoffs, which is super fun, super exciting for the league. Let's take a minute to listen to Aaron Rodgers after the game last night. I couldn't tell you point to one thing. I'm not going to make excuses about my thumb. It's been the same since New York.

I don't know. I got to go back and look at it. I feel like fundamentally I was in a good spot. But just didn't have the same type of consistent grip and and ball coming out the same way I threw a lot of kind of wobblers tonight.

So there was some wind, but I just missed a few throws I should have had. I mean, definitely the one to Sammy and the one to Alan, for sure. I mean, he always stands in there and takes it, I have to say. Still looks like there's some snowflakes caught in that year from early in the in the second quarter. But, you know, what do you what are you going to do here is the question, how long are you going to give him? And how do you take the ball away from Aaron Rodgers first?

Well, the Hall of Famer, you can't. So the question is now what did the Packers do? Obviously, Lafleur looked really dejected last night after as a Boolean as he was after the Cowboys win here. We thought maybe they're turning it around, but just a bummer of a night in Green Bay, TJ. I mean, it's a bummer for Packers fans, you know. You know, it's a bummer for me because after predicting that the Cowboys were going to lose the Green Bay, which we did, to come out and then see them the very next game play like this, it kind of part of me is like, where was this? Like, where was this team last week or where was last week's team this week?

What's going on? But, you know, hey, man, it's it just goes to show you this. Chris, you love saying this is a week to week week to week league. And, you know, eventually, you know, you and I talked about LeBron and that father time commercial with Jason Momoa. And guys like Brady have, you know, obviously outlasted father time more than for a guy like Brady, I should say, has outlasted father time more than anyone else. But eventually that man is undefeated for a reason. You know, and you don't want to say that like Rodgers has one foot in the grave or anything like kind of drastic like that. But he just hasn't looked like himself this year. He's looked like a different player. He hasn't looked like the two time defending MVP, I should add, like he has been really elite very recently. And just not this season, whether that's personnel, all the young receivers, no Devontae Adams.

It seems like they both kind of miss each other. And, yeah, he was supposed to go help out the Raiders. That's not exactly working out too well.

He's not even working out. And now, you know, his contract is this huge albatross kind of hanging over Green Bay. He really can't retire.

You're not going to give up 60 million dollars. Like, let's be honest. And so he's going to be back next year and they have to just kind of figure it out. And what is he going to look like as a player physically, mentally? You know, we've heard a different Aaron Rodgers this year. He's been different kind of talking, talking about perspective and energy and all this, you know, all these other things.

So. And I'm trying to think of a team that would want to spend that much money picking him up if they were to try to move him. But I can't think of a team that's going to basically sell their future for one year unless there was, I mean, think about it. And to just take on like the cap ramifications, acquiring Aaron Rodgers, like the time to do it.

I mean, Lil Wayne kind of said it best, T.J., last week. He was like, we should have traded Aaron last offseason before you gave him all its new money. Well, that was that was two weeks ago.

And then last week after they beat Dallas, he kind of. Oh, right, right, right, right, right, right. Yeah. Because he was at the stadium last night, right? Oh, yeah.

I don't know, man. For some reason, I thought that was here. Oh, really? I thought he was in green. Oh, I saw him walking in a tunnel somewhere. That's what I thought. Maybe it was here.

I have no idea, but I haven't checked his Twitter today to see. Yeah, it just seems like this season's now rapid four and seven for Green Bay. It's going to be really hard to kind of get back in into the mix in the playoffs. You just kind of quick look at the standings.

You know, they're like I said, four and seven. They're the 11 seed now. They would have to leapfrog Arizona, Atlanta, Washington. San Francisco would have to falter, which we talked about yesterday.

I don't think any of us think that's going to happen. So Seattle as well, they'd have to leapfrog five teams to get in the playoffs. So. And their next game is a Monday night game, correct? Isn't that their next game? I believe.

Yeah, I think it's a Monday night. So they have they have, you know, even longer than the minibuy here. So maybe they can get right and close out.

I mean, they'd have to win the last six games to have a shot, which seems unlikely. Just watching them play this year. And, you know, there are some players that you have an idea what they're going to do after football. You figured Tom Brady would probably do television. You thought Peyton Manning would do television. I just don't see Aaron Rodgers going in the booth. I just feel like, God, I mean, who is he right now?

He always looks the same. Oh, Sunday night's the next game. Sorry, Mike. And it seems to me that they have a huge game Sunday night against the Eagles. Yeah, I knew it was a primetime game.

I wasn't sure it was Sunday or Monday. Not going to get any easier. But here's the thing. Who is this guy? He's changed so much.

He morphed so much. He honestly, we've talked about this. I think the last time I was here, T.J., he really starts to become whoever it is that he's dating a lot of the time. And so the question is, what will Aaron Rodgers do when he's done collecting 59 next year? I mean, do you think he'll be in the booth?

Do you see that as a future? Nah, I mean, he's what is he's he par owner of the Bucks, you know, invested. But I don't know if we'll see much of Aaron Rodgers. Doesn't seem like he doesn't seem like that type of guy. He's not a Mike Brabel kind of guy that you think is going to be on the sidelines. I can't see him getting into coaching. I can't see him even having a podcast or maybe he will. You know, I could definitely see him go in the podcast. Yeah.

Why not? That's, you know, talking about medicinal herbs and feeling the chi or what? You know, we had who do we have in there? We had David Boreanaz in here a few weeks ago.

And, you know, I think people kind of took umbrage or thought the ayahuasca thing was a joke. And David Boreanaz came in and he was very serious about his journey and his trying out. After David left, we were all kind of like, maybe we can do that.

I would go do that. So, I mean, I feel like he's very serious about his lifestyle and the things that he does. So I could see him getting into, you know, the pot. He goes on McAfee's podcast every Tuesday. You know, so, yeah, that could probably like I'm speaking.

I met Aaron Rodgers one time, like 12 years ago in Sundance. I don't know. No, but if you talk with authority, it sounds like you know what you're talking about. Oh, yeah.

Aaron Rodgers is definitely going to do an MDMA podcast. I mean, just basically say it like you mean it. And I don't know if I mean it. That's why I didn't say it with my chest like I've taught your husband.

But, you know, I could see him getting in that in that world. Aaron Rodgers once made fun of me and the Hasselbeck brothers in the elevator at a post-Espy's party. But you are the lost Hasselbeck. You really are. You look so much like them.

It's a joke. Maybe not with the mustache. We were trying to have a conversation backstage, TJ backstage in the green room. We have a staging area here. Hey, man, just go with it.

Backstage. All right. And in the middle of my sentence, I just had to stop down. I was like, I just can't take you seriously with this mustache. It's got to go.

I totally get it. It's not going like it's November 18th. I got 13 more days.

Can't tell him any secrets. December 1st out. It's not good. So we're going to have calls today at 844-204-RICH.

The Twitter handle is at Rich Eisen at Rich Eisen Show. While it's still around. While it's still around. Last night kind of seemed like the last days of Twitter. Everyone was saying their goodbyes.

I mean, I did it, too. It's like you're saying goodbye and then you're like, hey, also follow me here. Right. At least you people had a chance to say goodbye. I'm like some of us who just got taken off the platform, you know, silence. Ah, sad. I don't even care. I don't even care. I never really cared. I don't even have it. Yeah, you didn't. I mean, I have it. I just don't use it.

You creep on Rich's account. I do. You know, Susie got a burner or two.

I have a burner, but I don't use it. Marshall, by the way, Marshall Paul calling in now at 11 o'clock. Let's add him to the list of people who will chime in on what's happening in Green Bay. I like to book as we go, people.

I like to like to be flexible in the booking. But again, like I said, first up is is is a certain man named Rich Eisen who will be calling in, I believe, from the from the guest room where he is holed up with our two dogs who are probably watching him eat breakfast right now. Just enough chain to reach the door to get food. You mean Rich, not the dogs, right?

Yeah, the dogs roam free, of course. So Rich is obviously our first guest on the day. We have Nick Bosa.

We have J.J. Watt. Those are both interviews that Rich conducted earlier this week and then yesterday, I think, from the guest room. And then also we've got Jeremy Schep calling in about the bands on the field because that is his documentary for E60 that aired earlier this week on ESPN. That is now on ESPN Plus because, of course, it is the 40th anniversary of the game, that Stanford Cal game on this Sunday. We had Ron Rivera on yesterday, which you can catch on YouTube. Somebody tell them how to see it on YouTube.

Never knew he was on that team. Crazy. Really? How do you find it on YouTube again? What's the YouTube dot com forward slash Rich Eisen show. You can join the nearly 500,000, half a million subscribers that week.

That'd be good for me to know ahead of time. But, you know, that's why we're here. I'm just the fill in host. And it's mimosa o'clock, as you can see. It's mimosa o'clock. So I'm working hard on getting this bottle open right here. So we just go ahead and we'll pop that real quick.

The guys have already gone through most of it. I'm just saying, hey, now. Hey. Salud. Salud. Good morning.

Hook it up, brother. Chris was trying to prep for the show with like seven croissants in his mouth at the same time. All of a sudden, here's what happened. You walked out and obviously very thankful that you bring breakfast.

Because we don't get that normally. You're the person in your house, doesn't it? And so you just flop down these two cartons of chocolate croissants and these little mini cinnamon rolls. And I'm like, yeah, I'll have one of each. And so I'm like stuffing my face while trying to come up with some what's more likelies.

By the way, how'd that go for you? I mean, they're great. I'm going to go have two more. Also, I did not make them.

So there's that, too. Fun fact on the night last night, by the way, this is a good fun fact. I'm going to put my glasses on. This is delicious, by the way, Susie. Thank you.

What's delicious? Oh, your mimosa? You know, mimosas and Tuesdays are now Fridays with Susie. No, that's right.

I'm still I'm still on coffee. Fun fact on the game last night, Derek Henry capped off a drive in which he had a 42 yard reception with a touchdown pass since 1991. Only one other player has had a 40 plus yard reception and touchdown pass on the same drive. Randy Moss. Wow. Randy Moss.

That's what I was going to guess. In 22. I catch a beat when I don't like Randy Moss. 2002 for the Vikings of Miami. Listen, Moss, Moss. Yeah, Dante Culpepper connecting with Moss for 60 yards on a drive. Can't play a 13 yard Moss touchdown pass to Dwayne Bates. That was an incredible fantasy combo. Brockman back in the day. Culpepper and Moss. Yo, if you had those two, you won championships back. You know what's crazy, too, is that year I think Culpepper had 40 touchdowns.

He would have been MVP had Brady not thrown 50. That's right. If I remember correctly, you know, seven. That was such a good time to be a Pats fan. Oh, that felt so good back then.

Remember when we weren't even worried when Randy Moss came, we're like, OK. Also, it was just like knowing we were going to win every game. Yeah, it was nice. It was so sweet. It was a good time. Those were the best days. Hey, great times. What's it like now?

What time is it? Not great. Except you didn't win every game, though. Yeah.

Thanks, DJ. Almost. Almost. Well, this isn't hand grenades nor horseshoes, so almost doesn't really matter. All right.

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NetSuite dot com slash rich radio. The show is named Rich Eisen for a reason. I'm going to let him out of the guest room and call in for the Rich Eisen show right when we come back. Don't go anywhere. Jeremy Shepp coming up.

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Elizabeth the first. The podcast wherever you listen. Welcome back to the Rich Eisen Show. Suzy Schuster in for Rich Eisen, who will be calling in momentarily. He had a couple down days, a couple down days coming back from Munich, but he's back. He's better than ever.

And he's on the phone right now. Hi, Rich. Hey, how are you? How are you doing? How are the how are the dogs? Oh, they're wonderful. How are how are these dogs?

Wow. You're really going to call us. They're fine.

They're great. You were going to call us dogs. I would like to think I'm his dog, though. You know what I'm saying? Like, it's my dog right there. D.A.W.G. Like, come on.

Correct. D.A.W.G. I'm a dog's at or D.A.W.G.Z.

How about that? I see either. I'm rubbing off on you, Rich. I'm rubbing off on you.

Dickie eyes. How are you? Calling from the public. No. Rich, how many dogs are staring at you right now? One or two? None.

I'm outside to make sure that there's good reception. So. OK.

He's still a professional, even in his sickly state, Suze. Oh, wait a minute. They're both out here with me. See, I told you. We'll hear barking any minute now. There they are.

There are the ladies. They had to spend some time with them. I made rich chicken soup, you guys. I am saying that I do make a couple of things and I crush chicken soup. I remember you made Jerry West chicken soup. I did. I did.

So we were hoping that you'd bring us some. Top five best things that you make. Yeah, go. Number five. Ready, Rich? Number five.

Number five. I make the greatest Thanksgiving turkey of all time. Correct, Rich? That's a bold statement, Cotton. Yes. Bold statement.

I defy you to make a better turkey than the one that I make. I've had it. I don't know. Linda Jefferson's watching this.

You know that, right, Suze? Hi, Linda. Hi.

Number four. Looks like poop. Tastes amazing.

Wow. It's lima beans and short ribs that my grandmother would make. By the way, a sick, sick recipe.

That sounds delicious. It's amazing. Great stuff.

Rich, thoughts? I'm in full agreement. Okay. Is he allowed to disagree, though? Of course not. Of course not. You're at number one is. With you at number one is.

Don't jump the line yet, Rich. We only have three. We only have three. We're building. I think we go chicken soup, and then we say, basically, I don't make anything else that well.

Is that right? Reservations are number one. Hey, Lee. Reservations.

Hey, there. Number two. Number two is reservations, and number one is Postmates. Yes. Yes.

I think I'm better at reservations than I am at Postmates, but this is not what you called in for, Rich. This is a sports radio national syndicated Roku extravaganza. We called in to ask your questions about Aaron Rodgers and the wobbly passes and the sprained thumb, Rich. Are you concerned about Aaron Rodgers? I think the Packers are done, actually, and I know he said he's got six games left, and I totally understand why the leader of a team would take to the podium and say there's six games left, especially since this is a team that has perennially made the playoffs, and last several years was the one team, and won at least 13 games a year in the first three years of Matt Lafleur's tenure there, and this being year four.

So I totally understand why he would say it, but the writing on the wall is what it is. The standings are what they are, and right now what they are is four and seven. The division's finished, that is for sure, because they are now six plus games behind the Vikings, and so the division's gone.

I think we could have placed that in the dustbin a few weeks ago, but now that's official. And then you have to take a look and see how they make the playoffs as a wildcard, maybe as a seven seed one would think, so you take a look at that, and who would they battle for that? Well, it would be the loser of the NFC West, and right now that's currently the 49ers. You'll hear from my conversation with Nick Bosa later on, and I think we can all agree that the Niners and the Seahawks both are playing better football, even with what happened in Munich, than the Packers, so that's a problem. And then you take a look at the games that they've already lost. One of them is to the Giants, who would obviously have a tiebreak over them if they wind up having the same record somehow, or the bottom would have to fall out of the Giants for that. Then you say, okay, let's just say the commanders go on a nice run, that was a great chat you had with Ron Rivera yesterday, and I think we agree that that would be Taylor Honeke's gig moving forward, but let's say the commanders wind up to seven seed. The Packers already lost to them too, the only tiebreak they currently have going for them with a team that's currently in a wildcard position is Dallas, and I don't think Dallas is going to lose so many more games that the Packers win six in a row and suddenly they're tied with Dallas too.

I don't see it. I don't see a path of viability for the next, I don't see them winning six in a row, I don't see them having the ability to, I don't see the health for Rogers, I don't see the run game being consistent, I don't see anything that puts Green Bay in the playoffs, and that's what I saw last night. Rich calling in on the Mercedes-Benz fans' phone line, but Rich, does that mean that he's a $59 million backup quarterback? Who is? Aaron Rodgers. What do you mean by a backup quarterback? Do we mean, do we think that we'll see Jordan Love showing up, do we think this is just going to be him playing out, what do you think is going to happen? I don't think that's going to happen, I mean, they have to play him, I mean, he's got to play, he wants to play, and I just don't see that they're going to see what they have in Love. I think that's a tough spot, you know, obviously, if Rodgers and his team, you know, their next game is against Philadelphia, God bless them, in Philly on a Sunday night, the whole country might watch them fall to four and eight, and if that happens and Rodgers' thumb is significant, maybe you do see him, quote, unquote, you know, be shelled for the rest of the year due to injury, and even if Love does get out there and show something, I mean, what would that mean?

I mean, you just take a look at Rodgers' contract and you'll see that him being traded or him retiring would just absolutely destroy their cap, I mean, it would obliterate it. I don't know what the answers are other than this is a loss season, Devonta Adams' departure, and the fact that they replaced him with young kids that are finally just now, in the case of Christian Watson, showing what they can do, and, you know, Dobbs needs to get back out there and help see what they can do, you just chalk it up to this was the very rarest of rebuilding years, and by rare meaning, you know, Green Bay is used to winning a lot, and you don't normally see a rebuilding year with a back-to-back MVP quarterback making as much as Rodgers is making, I mean, we talked all offseason about what Green Bay would look like and what the season might be like, and Devonta Adams' departure, how would that roost, what would happen, we're getting our answer, and it's a non-playoff season in which a regression seems to have taken place that will be significant if the team can overcome it and have a good year next year, because, again, as you know, we're not flamethrowers on this show, and we don't say things just for clicks, but the reality is, four and seven, division leader has only one loss right now, and the only team that's currently in a wildcard spot, or right around it, that the Packers have a tiebreak against is Dallas, that's it, so it looks significantly bleak for Green Bay after last night's loss. Can you imagine you're Ryan Tannehill, you've had a great game, 22 of 27 passing for 333 yards, two touchdowns, and no one's talking about your performance because everyone's so busy being concerned about Aaron Rodgers, but he had a great game last night. Well, I mean, that's the way it goes for teams that take on Rodgers or Brady or the Cowboys, or Mahomes, is that their loss frequently overshadows the actual win that takes place, and you look at Tennessee in this fantasy football world, and everybody overlooks them, and this is just another case, Tannehill last night, the number of times, I think they showed it on the broadcast, the number of times that the Packers put six guys on the line and one linebacker behind to try and take away the running lanes of Derrick Henry basically dared the Titans to have Tannehill win the game, and he did it. I mean, he did throw one interception, but that throw to Austin Hooper that was initially ruled not a catch was a dynamite throw. Craylon Burks, the kid who they drafted out of Arkansas, was that height-weight comp guy for A.J.

Brown. I mean, they traded Brown and then used the pick they got from Philadelphia to get a younger, exact height-weight speed guy as him. He's finally healthy, and he had a huge catch to start it, and then that big shocker right before the two-minute warning to end it, and Braebel is just, as I said the other day, he's like the MacGyver coach or the Apollo 13 engineers using whatever pieces of the limb they have to try and get the astronauts home. It works, and they buy it, and Henry is a Hall of Famer.

I think Marshall won't stutter if you ask him later on will he be sharing the same bus room as him. This guy's a Hall of Famer. Really?

Really? Hall of Famer? Hall of Famer. He's a Hall of Famer, and no question, he's on that path, and I know Brockman, you've thrown that list.

Who's currently active that is a Hall of Famer? I don't know how you can't include him as to what he's done. I mean, last night I think they had the stat line he put up yesterday- Well, he's only had two good years.

That's why. That Walter Payton. I mean, he's an MVP candidate every year for this team. He is the MVP of this team. That's a one seed, and I understand that they don't have the success in the world of the Mahomes and Allens, but I think he's a Hall of Famer. I think he's absolutely a Hall of Famer.

He's on trajectory, no doubt. Well, I sat there last night, and I'm like, we don't see anybody like him. I mean, the number of times, and I know this is not a Hall of Fame resume builder, but I mean, he was pulling those sleeves up because his biceps were too big.

They were shoving him down his arms. I mean, he's a physical specimen that just, in this day and age of the passing league, what he's doing is second to none. But let's just put it this way, by the way, it all ends if he stays healthy. He's in the Hall of Fame, and right now I think you have to consider him if he doesn't play another down.

That's my two cents on it. I love the guy. It's not just because he's on my fantasy team, and I desperately keep needing him to do what he's doing. But last night, I mean, if he caught one, I mean, if he had caught one, he would have matched Christian McCaffrey as throwing, running, and catching one. Like he's unbelievable.

He is truly remarkable. And we just overlook him because he's a Titan right now. Honestly, if he was a Patriot, if Derek Henry was a Patriot or a packer or a cowboy, forget it. Forget it. We would be, I don't think there would be any argument as to whether he was a Hall of Fame.

Look, I like him too, right? But he's 28, he only has 7,800 yards, and he's only had two good years. So I don't know how you could say he's a Hall of Famer with zero playoff success.

Okay. Well, I guess we'll have to see how it all plays out. I mean, he's going to reach 10,000 yards rushing.

That seems to be one thing that opens up the door. Just look how Derek Henry plays, though, and the injuries that he's had to his feet, he's a huge guy. Do you really see him having super success post age 30? I think the man's a monster, and he's an anomaly myself. Yeah, I agree. I mean, you watch him running down the field, he's taking seven or eight guys with him, and they're just going along for the ride.

They're skiing behind him. Yeah, but Brandon Jacobs was what we thought was the same type of player. I don't think Brandon Jacobs is.

I think this is more special. You want to talk about size. Yeah, I'm talking about size, and Brandon Jacobs, when it was over, it was over. Derek Henry to me right now, it's just, but he's overlooked, like, you know, the whole tight, the Titans as a whole are overlooked. Exactly. That's what I'm saying.

Yeah. Could you imagine if he was a patriot right now, Chris, seriously, the Northeast would be talking about giant. If Derek Henry was a giant, Derek Henry was a patriot. Derek Henry, but keep keep going on a cowboy. Derek Henry as a packer, Derek Henry is a 49er. I mean, or stealer.

What if Derek Henry was a stealer? You know what I mean? Like, it's just he's constantly overlooked.

And you know, maybe maybe I'm, you know, still a little bit copped up on caffeine and whatever the hell I'm taking, you know, but I think I'll be proven right in the end. I'm with you on that one, Rich. Yeah. Marshall. He has he has less career rushing yards than Zeke Elliott. So is Zeke Elliott a Hall of Famer?

I think Zeke Elliott is on trajectory. Yes. OK. Ask Marshall. Good thing we have a Hall of Famer calling in. I'm just saying.

Yeah. Good thing. He's in football heaven.

Ask him. He was fairly decent at his job. He was OK. I've seen better.

But whatever. Before we play a little rousing edition of the Rich Eisen home version of What's More Likely? Rich, just a quick question with Aaron Judge being the AL MVP, there was a headline about Aaron Judge to the Mets. What would that do to your stomach? What do you think if that happened?

Well, I would be in a fetal position somewhere and holding all my calls from various high school friends and my older brother and T.J. Jefferson and you'd have a hard time hiding from me, though. Let's move on. Let's move on. Moving on. As you said yesterday, the Brian Gumbel phrase, moving on, let's move on shots.

No chance. Let's move on. Let's move on to a brewing beer scandal happening in Qatar. How about that? Was that a good transition?

I do like it. Can you imagine you go all the way to Qatar and they have now banned the sale of beer in the stadiums, but not in the luxury suites, I might add. This is a scandal that only Jeremy Shapp will be able to answer in the next hour.

But what's your reaction? Can you imagine you go all the way there, you go to a soccer match, a football match without beer? How's that going to happen?

I can't imagine it. And I'll tell you this, Deuce, I think you'll agree. If you want anybody to chime in on the subject of drinking and the Middle East, it's definitely Jeremy Shapp.

I mean, I think Shapp is going to have that beat nailed down. And I can't wait to hear what he's got to say about it later on. Well, here's here's the good thing. Since you have nowhere else to go, we're going to play what's more likely in the next segment. Can you come back after the commercial break? Oh, yeah. I'm just saying I'm bumping you a segment, honey, because because I can.

It's like I could because I care. And so I think we'll do is we'll take a quick break and when we come back, we will play what's more likely with rich eyes. And this is the home version.

You can buy it for Christmas in Hanukkah, put it under your trees anywhere. Nice. Chris, get on this. This is a branding opportunity for the rich eyes and show all about it.

It's called what's more likely. And we will have much more with rich eyes. And when we come back from this quick little break. Back on the rich eyes and show, you can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on Westwood, one sports dot com via Westwood one station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood one sports. This is sponsored by AutoZone. I can say, Alexa, can you get rich eyes on the phone?

And we can see if he calls in on the Mercedes Benz van's phone line. Do we still have rich and on the on the on the line? I am here. I'm here standing in the same place.

You just sounded really sad. I'm here guys. I'm here. No, no, I'm good. I'm good. I'm good.

High knees. Because I'm in a bubble. Brockman has no idea, nor does anyone else, that I'm over, you know, I'm more I'm more clamboyant and clairvoyant than ever. But I thought he said flamboyant. I wasn't sure.

I'm not you. Yeah. All right, Rich.

Brockman's got a special home edition version of what are we calling what's what's more likely? Thanks for watching the show. What? Honey, I just listened to the show and call in and complain of three Chris like get off her back.

By the way, like next time I forget something or next time you forget something, one book, Chris, thanks for watching the show or paying attention. Hey, Rich, what's more likely? Here we go.

Let's go. Hit it. Hit it, Mike. Hit it. What?

What's more likely? Never say never, but never. All right. So I did create some rich eyes and only ones. Do we have any music? There you go. Usually rich ass. But we added some more guests, Rich.

So we're just going to run through the whole kit and caboodle, I think. What's more likely? Coach to be back with his team next year, Nathaniel Hackett or Josh McDaniels? I'll go Josh McDaniels if he's more. I just think Mark Davis is going to, you know, doesn't have any money with this program.

Yes. Because, look, I mean, Mark Davis, just in the mere fact Mark Davis is the one who hired Josh McDaniels, the current ownership of the Denver Broncos, you know, did not hire Nathaniel Hackett. So that's more of a wild card. And that's why I will go with them and him over the Vegas Raiders and McDaniels. Based on last night's game, what's more likely, Titans get the one seed or Packers sneak into the seventh spot? Oh, Titans get the one seed. I think I mean, I just I just laid it all out there for you, although the problem for the Titans is that they lost that overtime game in Kansas City. But still, I mean, I can't believe they had a shot to win that with Malik Willis.

But that's going to be a problem for them as a bad tiebreak for them with. And they also lost to the Bills. They'll have to both they'll have to both fall below Tennessee. I just don't see a path to seven for Green Bay to have to win all six. I think it will take 10 wins to get the seven seed because the seven seed will either be occupied by Dallas, the Giants or the loser of the NFC West, most likely. And so I'll go with I'll go with Tennessee on that one. Number two seed currently to sneak into the top spot, who's who's got the best chance to be the one seed dolphins or Vikings?

I'll go with I'll go with the dolphins right there, because, again, the Vikings already lost to Philadelphia in week two, so they don't have that tiebreak for themselves. And I will I will go with that and just think, although, man, I'll tell you what, I'll tell you what, man, tell you what we've established the last six games. Not for Miami. That's one of the things we've been pounding on for three weeks. The last six games for Miami is a crucible.

It is a gauntlet. But I'll still stick with I'll still stick with with Miami on that one. Social media platform you'll waste the most time on if Twitter dies. Instagram or TikTok.

Well, I'm not on TikTok right now. So if Twitter goes, TJ, guess what, OK, well, we'll have no choice. Do we make do we make then do we give them his wish and during ninth grade that he runs the Rich Eisen Show TikTok account? You will be the gatekeeper on that one. Yeah, absolutely not.

Do we want to pay for our house? I'm so afraid of what he might put out there. You might lose your job.

So I think the answer's no. You're going to have to get on that TikTok. I hate to tell you, man, it's about damn time. Hey, I did there, by the way, Zander, not letting you go to Lizzo tonight. I'm kind of offended by that.

Yeah. Did I tell you this, Rich, that he had four choices to take him? If you were out of the mix and I think you're back in the mix, it was I came in fourth. And the reason being, I was not fun. That's so harsh. Mom, you won't let me get everything I said.

No one's going to let you get everything true. Mom, you're not fun. Oh, God.

I'm sorry. You know, I've also been the one listening to Lizzo with him in the car, perhaps more. Favorite Lizzo song, Rich?

About Damn Time is a great song. Yeah, it's Bad B O'clock. All right, Rich, who's more likely the seven win team to get upset this week? Who gets upset, Giants or Chiefs? I don't think there's any chance in hell to the Giants. The Giants play again this week, just off the top of my head.

They play Detroit. Yes. Yeah.

Yeah. One for the Lions. I'll go.

I'll go. The Giants are more are more likely to get upset this week because I don't think there's any way on this green earth that the Chargers beat the Chiefs with Henry Winkler in home. That's true. I don't think there's any shot that the Winkler Mahomes stomach that we have made possible within the sofas stadium suite of Patrick Mahomes, that there's no shot Mahomes with this game with the Fons in attendance, with Gene Cusineau in attendance for him.

That's not happening. What's more likely people know Henry Winkler as the Fons or Gene Cusineau? I think he's still the Fons. Yeah, it's got to be right. Fons is a lot of people. It's got to be the Fons.

Who's Gene Cusineau? Yeah. Are you serious? You don't watch Barry? You don't watch Barry?

I did. On HBO? It's an amazing show. I mean, you guys say you don't watch Barry like it's MASH or something. Like, come on.

I mean, Barry's pretty good. Yeah, that didn't stick with me. The Fons stuck with me. All right, Rich, what's more likely? Tom Brady wins another Super Bowl or gets married again. Oh. Oh my God. That is such a crazy picture of him, by the way. This picture of Tom, he looks like he's 75 years old. This is so not my Tom.

We don't traffic in this sort of stuff. And by the way- So win a Super Bowl? That's your answer?

Yeah, he's going to win a Super Bowl. And so I'll also say this. If Feli doesn't have a tattoo of it, he doesn't understand it.

My feet do say left and right, so that's fair. All right, an actual football one. What's more likely to have more rushing yards this Sunday, Justin Fields or the whole Falcons? Oh my gosh. I like it. I like it. I'll go Justin Fields. I'll go Justin Fields. Ooh, Doc Rivers will like that one. I think what Justin Fields is doing is dynamite, and he's been one of the most positive surprises along with the rest of the Bears and Eberflus this year, even though they just lost the Lions. I'll take Fields on that one. That's a good one.

All right, last one here, Rich. Most likely Monday headline, Bills on three-game losing streak or Eagles lose second straight? Well, I have this feeling about Jeff Saturday doing it at home for the first time and Jonathan Taylor running past the new Eagle and Domic and Su despite what the Eagles have done to shore up that defensive line. But I will say the more likely is that because as we're talking right now, the Browns are busing to Detroit, and I think Josh Allen in a dome is going to just light the Browns right up. Certainly, since this is the last game that they're starting with, I don't think got every snap this week either because Deshaun Watson is back. This is, by the way, the last game without Watson for the Browns. Yep. I don't think the Bills lose this one in any way, shape or form.

I'll go with the Colts shock and the Eagles is more likely. Wow. All right, everybody, that's what's more likely. It's pretty anticlimactic too, to move the game from Buffalo. It's kind of a bummer. Well, I mean, it's thunder snowing right now. They can't even get out. I don't even know if the Bills don't even know how they're going to get out.

I think they're going to have to, they're going to have to, I don't know, submarine follow up, nope, wow, I have no idea right now, but the Browns are bussing and I'm not terribly pleased to hear that for the Browns fans. Yeah, I can hear it. Well, Rich, go let the dogs out, will you? If you will. All right.

Thanks very much. Much more rich eyes on the show when we come back. Rich, we're still on Roku and let's just talk about Von Miller and his car. I think he's going to have some serious issues getting his car out.

Mr. Hoskins, can we put that up so we can show everybody watching on Roku? Look at this car. How do we know that's a car? It might be a truck. I mean, I don't know what the, it's covering the snow.

There's like three feet of snow covering this thing. Yeah, it's rough. Is this like video of him? Yeah, he posted this video this morning.

He's going to keep his day job. That's a tough video. I'd like to see like a 360 version of it or something like that.

I'm looking on his, I'm looking on his Twitter and I just see him on, on Twitch and I'm seeing him. It's the one that says good morning Buffalo. Oh my God. Yeah. Found it. Nailed it. Nailed it.

You better put the, you better put the tennis racket on his feet and get huffing. Well, we were saying yesterday, would you go to a game with a snowfall like that? Because I think the residents of Buffalo would have probably turned out for the game no matter what, because they have hot water running through their veins. Yeah. I mean, I guess so. I mean, my gosh, that would have been something else, but it also, I don't know.

I guess what wouldn't have been three nothing. Don't you think? Yeah, maybe. Maybe. I got Gabe Davis in my fantasy league.

He's got a score. I know. Same. Same.

Me too. Yeah, but you're going down this week to Cooper Eisen, aren't you? No, no, no. That's basketball. That's the basketball. No. Sorry. I don't pay attention to fantasy. I do have his iPad, but I make sure he took care of his team against me, which is something better than Uncle TJ decided to do. He just sat back and watched his opponent bench Kevin Durant when he was active, like he would ever do that.

Yeah, you got to blame that on his co-GMs, mom and dad, for that. Okay. Yeah. I'm not giving him the iPad unless he earns it, TJ, and then a very tight ship.

And then that's the problem we're going to have here, because you can't not allow the team owner to have access to his team and then get mad at me because I stomped him. Well, yeah, but you're going down the next time. I'm getting work this week.

I just moved from where I currently was and the dogs have a lot of landmines here. I got to go. Good luck, Rich.

That's Xander's job, honey. Okay. Yeah. All right. Have a great day. Time's good.

Later, bro. It could be information to change your life forever, or the Something You Should Know podcast could just be something interesting. Ramit Sedi talking about being rich. The old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated, but it wasn't about how to spend it. It was more about how to get it. But okay, so once you get it, what do you do with it? In our culture, everybody tells you how to save, but nobody teaches you how to spend it. Let us know wherever you listen.
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