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REShow: Ron Rivera - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 17, 2022 3:27 pm

REShow: Ron Rivera - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 17, 2022 3:27 pm

Commanders Head Coach Ron Rivera tells guest host Suzy Shuster why he’s happy to ride Taylor Heinicke’s hot hand while incumbent starter Carson Wentz is out with and injury, reveals the emotional toll of missing family moments due to the time demands of being an NFL head coach, and says what it was like being on the field for the Cal-Stanford’s famous “The Play” 40 years ago.

Suzy, Brockman and TJ preview Packers vs Titans on Thursday Night Football and debate if Green Bay has a shot to make the playoffs still.

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College Football Rankings.

Uh-oh! This is the Rich Eisen Show with guest host, Suzy Schuster. Let me break it down. College Football Rankings. It's all cheese. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. And they put Ohio State over Michigan. You know, I guess because they see something.

But fine, go for it. Today's guests. Commander's head coach, Ron Rivera.

49ers defensive end, Nick Bosa. Host of the Dan Patrick Show, Dan Patrick. Emmy Award winning host, Stephen Colbert. And now, sitting in for Rich, it's Suzy Schuster. Hey, I have an Emmy too. I'm just saying, Stephen Colbert, Suzy Schuster, it's really the same conversation. Hi, everybody. I'm in today for Rich Eisen, my husband who's a little under the weather. I knew it.

I knew it. TJ Jefferson, Jay Felley, Chris Brockman, by the way, somewhere. Should be here shortly. I'm kind of waiting. He's expanding brand awareness. Is that what he's doing?

Yes. If he's not walking in with a hot Starbucks, he might as well just not come at all. Do you know what I mean?

You know Brockman. He's not going to bring you a Starbucks. He doesn't bring me anything. Just eliminate that thought from your mind.

Yeah, he doesn't bring me anything. Hold on a second. Hold on a second.

Breaking news. Oh, here it comes. Best dad ever. Get that out of here. He's in bed. Okay, he's in bed.

Munich kicked his butt, huh? Men, men, men. You guys just take it. It's a lot harder for you, jet lag.

I said, go for a jog, but he didn't listen. Hold on. Here's my sign. Hold on. Chris Eisen.

Oh, that's Suzy Eisen, huh? That's right, Charles. You know it. Ooh, Charles in the news this week. We'll talk about that a little.

Had a little bit of criticism for the Nets. Hold on, hold on. Best mom ever this way. Yeah, get that center, baby. How's that?

Is that good? Boom, kaboom. Hi, Roku. Hi, Roku. Happy to be with you guys.

Yeah, a little pomp and circumstance. Say hi to all of you on Roku out there. I've missed being with you. And yeah, you know, it was one of those nights, TJ. It was one of those nights where, you know, Rich got back one of those crazy, crazy nights. We can sing if you want.

This is an off the rails edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Usually I take the time. I prep. I get to like you bring liquor, take the day off. I bring some booze.

I sleep. And so, yeah, Rich got back from Munich. And, you know, it's like it's kind of like that whole.

My husband ever has a second cup of coffee at home from airplane, right? I had this feeling, Jay. I had a feeling that he wasn't feeling great. Yeah.

And, you know, everything's going around. And he just looked he looked like what was the old like Looney Tunes, like the hang dog? Remember the old dog? Oh, come on.

I think it was a rich would know this because he has so much useless information. But you guys remember those of us over forty five, you know, it's like a hang dog, you know, that kind of thing. And I just thought, oh, so he just felt like he had the mung last night. So we just said, you know what?

Yeah, droopy, droopy. Just call me Taylor Heineke. I'm here.

I'm here. He's Carson Wentz. No, wait a second. No, no, no. You're not Taylor Heineke, because as you said, you've got trophies.

You've got championships. He's three and one. Yeah. So you've got to be one or no.

You know, I don't know. There's something no disrespect to Taylor Heineke. Like, you know, that backup position is a little bit. I was just trying to pull the show together. I'm just trying to say that Ron Rivero, the head coach of the Washington Commanders, will join us coming up next. Huge win for them.

Great win for them. And, you know, I was so funny when I was doing my five minutes of research for the night. And, you know, I'm not going to lie.

Please don't tell Tufa. All these I know, right? All these TV people, they look at you and they talk and they it seems like they know what they're talking about off the top of their heads. But they're reading prompter. Right. So that's what people always say.

Like, how do you remember so much when you're sitting in the anchor seat? And I say they're reading prompter. I'm glad you brought that up, Susie Schuster, because, you know, in lieu of like trying to sound bitter or anything to any of these other sports shows, we don't have any of that. We don't have teleprompters.

There's no prompter here. The stuff that we say is coming straight off the top of the dome and we're pulling stats. We're pulling old stuff. It's like that.

We don't have a researcher. It's like, you know, we had Glenn Powell come in. I like him. Yeah, I heard. I heard. And he was talking about Tom Cruise sending out cake to different people every Christmas. The Dones coconut cake.

Is that what he said? He sends to some bakery with the recipe and has them make it. And then Rich was like, well, you know, you should use that picture. And Glenn was like, I don't know that Tom's ever eaten cake. And right off the top of my head, I was like, wait a minute. The Outsiders that came out in 83. Tom Cruise is in the movie and he was eating chocolate cake during the scene. And that's the last time he had chocolate cake, by the way. But Glenn, after the interview, came up to me, goes, I that was an amazing callback.

And I was just like, I just have seen that movie so much. So, yeah, we don't have prompters. We don't have that stuff here. Prompters for babies, right? We don't have prompter. And the reason why I'm telling all of you this is that I'm going to read you something because I'd like to be like, hi, everybody, Ron Rivera's four and five.

I mean, the fact of the matter is I'll read it to you. It's the second time in three seasons that he's taken a Washington commanders team. I mean, can we say commanders for three seasons, but with a losing record on the road to hand an undefeated team, its first loss of the season, the commanders entered the game with a four and five record, went up to Philadelphia, handed the Eagles their first loss following an 8-0 start. That's pretty incredible. There's something that he does as a coach.

And we'll ask him, like, what is it and what's the best piece of advice you've gotten? Because I love the fact that I like to see somebody undefeated go down. I mean, I appreciate those years with the Pats. We had that great run with the Miami Dolphins.

I get it. But there's something really satisfying about watching a team on the way up. Chop a head off of the king on the top, especially for me as a Cowboys fan. You're talking two of my three or four least favorite teams. So I was I had a conundrum that game, but I was probably low key rooting for the Washington football team.

I would imagine that you were. Jimmy Johnson's got a new book coming out. OK, why don't we call him tomorrow? Can you do this? Speaking of Cowboys, I can call anybody. I mean, your Rolodex is incredible. I'm shameless. I'll call anybody. Doc Rivers, by the way, calling in.

Nice. He better call in because I know where he lives. And then Dan Patrick's going to call in. D.P., are you with me?

D.P. 's going to call in just to kill some time. And I was so appreciative. I pinged him last night. I was like, hi, Dan. Tap dance, tap dance. But I'm happy to have him call in tomorrow.

Jeremy Shapple call in to preview his E60 on the band is on the field, which is also tied in with Ron Rivera because, of course, he was a linebacker for Cal for that game. First time I knew that was right this moment. See what you're doing?

You're educating me. Do I have to tell you everything, TJ? Maybe not everything, but some stuff for sure. What else can we talk about today? How about Titans Packers, Derek Henry, Thursday Night Football.

Aaron Rodgers. You never know what we're going to get on Thursday night, Susie. That's the thing.

It's so some of these crap shoot. I mean, that's that's a tough one. Say pretty much anything on Roku. Right. I mean, except for those words that George Carlin said that you can't say.

That is a whole different ball of wax. And I'm not willing to go there. Well, it's not. But yeah, I mean, we're still new here. Yeah, that's not wear out our welcome yet. Right. Hi, everybody.

Shout out to all the people at Roku. By the way, let's not wear out our welcome on one show. Come on. Poor Rich is already feeling crappy. I don't want to like, you know, I don't want to give him a heart attack while he's sitting in bed.

I'm sure with two dogs, you know, sitting there staring, hoping that hoping that he drops something right on their laps. But yeah, I mean, so, yeah, we've got a good game maybe tonight. Right. And then what about this game in Buffalo?

What about the thunderstorm, the thunder snow that's supposed to come in? And yeah, I mean, the last time the NFL was forced, let's let's pretend that I know this off the top of my head. The last time T.J., the NFL was forced to move a game was not in 2014 with the Jets and the Bills. I mean, I mean, see, there you go.

I had to peek down. But yeah, that's the last time they had to move a game. Three feet of snow expected the NFL right now investigating their other possibilities. Of course, in 2014, that game was moved to Detroit.

That's why I believe it's available again. But I mean, can you imagine? Here's what I'm going to tell you right now.

Here's what I'm going to tell you right now. Those fans will show up. Those fans will put on ski suits for days. They will sojourn through the snow to get to a football game.

No better set of fans for cold weather, except maybe you could say Green Bay. That's what I'm saying. Like when you hear that they're thinking about moving the game. And I was just like, well, OK, that's just for the on field purposes, because those fans are going to come to this game. They'll probably come the day before and shovel out the stadium if they ask them to. Bill's Mafia is just insane. And I mean that in the best possible way.

So fans are going to come. But then I saw a really funny meeting on Instagram. I think I know where you're going. It was a bunch of like, there's going to be six feet of snow with Kyler Murray and Nick Chubb are both 5'11. So it was just like, yeah, there's just a bunch of memes of like you could see like snow and something under the snow, but not really poking through it. Like it was Chubb celebrating. He's like taking Avenue Glue.

By the way, cue the sideline reporter. Hey, everybody, I'm standing next to this giant snowbank that's over my head. It's really, really crazy.

Back to you. I mean, that's what's going to happen, right? I think I had to stand next to a snowbank in Colorado one time. I mean, it's something humiliating. Like, boy, I know a lot about the game, but let me stand next to a snowbank.

It's going to be a great live shot. You know, that kind of thing. I sense that you miss those days. I really don't.

I really don't. But I have I mean, I had one game that was so cold in Denver. How cold was it? That's cute. So cold that I went to go and this is when was Shannon Sharp.

Let me think what you're I mean, this is like way back in the day. It was Shannon, I think. OK. Was it Denver? Huh?

Well, if it's Denver. Yeah. Yeah. And I just remember saying, here, come warm your hands up over here. And I put my hands a little too close to the blower and they burned and my gloves burned off.

You're welcome. First of all, I like the fact that you're working, you're doing sideline and you're worried about Shannon Sharp keeping his hands warm like that. No, he was worried about my hands. Oh, he was worried. OK, gotcha. I'm not worried about Shannon Sharp.

I'm worried about number one. And it was so cold. It was Denver. Denver's not it's not a balmy place to do a football game. Greg Olsen was calling the game on Saturday.

Yes, Saturday, Sunday. And I can't remember what player it was, but they got really close to the heater. And that was something he said. He was like, you know, you got to watch out for those things. You can't get too close. He goes, I want to burn the rubber off the bottoms of my cleats once by putting them too close to the heat.

So I can see you burning your hands. Yeah, it was not it was not a good thing. Let's talk about who else is on the show today. We've got Nick Bosa calling in. I know that he did an interview with Rich. We're going to have that on tape.

So he called in not calling in. Also, Stephen Colbert. I mean, I think that's an interview that Rich would get really giddy about. You know, he's going to try to sound cool.

It's going to have the rich eyes and composure. But I know deep down he's kind of psyched about it, like he's a little fanboyish. I would imagine. Why? Because it's his new favorite thing. Oh, pickleball, pickleball. There are so many pickleball leagues now. I mean, the amount of leagues that are popping up, the amount of celebrities that are purchasing pickleball teams.

I mean, I've been hearing rumblings that they're talking about this as a potential Olympic sport. Somebody called into Dan's show on the way down here. I was as I was hurtling down the 405 with my coffee in hand. And we know how you drive fast.

I was only going 81 and I was keeping pace with the traffic. Were you were your hands on the wheel for over 50 percent of the drive? Well, she said she's holding coffee. Which hand? Which hand? Your dominant hand. Which hand?

I don't know which one's dominant. One hand was on the wheel. OK, so you got one hand on the coffee. By the way, I brought my Yellowstone mug because we are back in business, baby. Yes, I'm so excited. 12 million people watch that first episode.

Something like that. And they better because Beth Dutton is my spirit animal, the best character. I mean, Beth Dutton, I don't know if you guys have seen this.

By the way, heads up, we're all over the place today. J. Phil, she is crazy. She's insane. She's gorgeous. That is my type.

OK, I have so much to say about that. Is that because she had robes all the time? Is that because she's saucy? Is that because she's willing to? It says more about him than it does about anything else.

Please. I mean, she's everyone's type. She's the hottest character and has a thick, gorgeous British accent, too.

You know that, right? I've never seen the show, so I'm not sure who that is. Oh, it's pretty special. It's pretty saucy.

It's pretty dark. But 1883 is also amazing. The brother show that goes with it that Sam Elliott stars in. I saw the third one, too, right? They're doing looks like Harrison Ford with Harrison Ford.

Yeah, which I'm very excited about. Name Drop. I work with Sam Elliott. He is pretty special.

Everything you want him to be. That's what we should call it. Oh, that's a great idea. I think I'll see if I can get him to call in tomorrow. I've got great ideas.

You have great ideas. I spent some time with Sam Elliott because he was on the ranch. Oh, I got to meet him there. And he once called me one of his friends.

And I got to tell you that to this day, that's kind of made me feel good about myself. By the way, he would mean it. He would seem like he did. He's not one of those guys. He's not an actory kind of guy. Get him to comment on Brockman's mustache.

Does he have a mustache? Oh, yeah. I've seen it. No, I don't watch. I listen in the car and call in. The amount of times I'll randomly get a text from Suzy during the show about usually something about Rich is either what he's worn or something he said. It's just, oh, yeah, she's definitely out there paying attention. Well, what happens is what I was saying was what happens is I'll get in the car and I'll turn it on for a second.

I go through the Roku app. Right. And I listen to the show and I do I have a trigger finger to that goes directly to Brockman or to TJ. And I'm like, by the way, that's just terrible. And I imagine what it's like being married to me. How awful is that? Can you imagine you go to work and your wife is like, ping, ping, ping, like that would be so miserable.

It would be miserable. Right. In normal circumstances. If anyone's like, you know, kind of nitpicking your work, not saying you're nitpicking. But when you have someone at home that's doing that, who has also done what you've done and also has more of those gold statuettes than you do. I would have to imagine that that would be particularly.

But I'm sure Rich looks at it as just, you know, constructive criticism to help him get better. Right. And also, one of us has a 70 week TV job and one of us just fills in when her husband's under the weather. So there's that too much.

Like I said earlier, the fact that he could tag you in like who has that. Right. It's not a lot of husbands and wives.

Hey, I'm not feeling great. You got this. Like who could have done that in history, like Lucy and Desi, the captain and Tennille, you know, Fred and Wilma. Sunny and Cher. Sunny and Cher. You know, we have multiple poll questions today.

And because you brought that up, that could be a poll question. Who's your favorite? Because I want calls today, people. Get on the line, folks. Perzo, we know you're calling. Jeff from Detroit.

Yeah. I like calls. Alan Dallas. Alan Dallas.

Where are you, buddy? And so and other people, because I have two things I want to know. Number one, who's your favorite? Like, you know, Sunny and Cher, Joy and Regis. How could I forget about Regis and Joy? That should have been number one.

More importantly, here's what I'm fascinated about. I now have to take Xander to Lizzo tomorrow night. Right. That was his date.

And I think, you know, I told me that I shut it down. He was really looking forward to going to Lizzo. By the way, so much. And Xander said, Mom, I don't want you to take me.

You don't know any of the songs. So I might get punted for his dance teacher. And then we're going to SCU CLA on Saturday. And I told Rich, I'm like, you're not going. You're shutting it down for Sunday.

I will take the kids. And by the way, I love the Rose Bowl. But here's my question for you. I don't know if that was serious or not.

What? If you really love the Rose Bowl. Oh, I love the Rose Bowl. It's the most beautiful place to watch a game. Also, even better, the people who run the Rose Bowl are very kind and have invited us to go in the field. So it's like I get to kind of live a couple of old memories. My first live shot ever after I lied to get my first job was in the Rose Bowl. So I have a lot of good memories of being there. But I digress.

Here's my question for all of you out there. And I want to talk to Dan about this. Taylor Swift broke the Internet the other day, right? I tried to get tickets to Taylor Swift, which is at SoFi here in Los Angeles, and people are texting me like, hey, can you give me tickets to SoFi? Because Rich works at SoFi. I'm like, Rich doesn't work at SoFi, number one.

The network is next door to SoFi, number two. And number three, no, I can't get you Taylor Swift tickets. I can't even get them for myself because the Internet crashed for all of us out there who had a code to try to get in. Whatever, some code. What concert, TJ?

And I want to know this from all of you out there. And, Jay, same with you. I want to know what concert would you spend the entire day ruining a day of your life, one day on the planet, to get tickets for? What would be the concert at any time?

So this isn't like I can go back in time and pull somebody. This is like current, like right now, today. I don't know.

This is an off the rails edition. What do you want to do? As of right now, today, no one. Do you know how many people sat there all day and they're angry? Yeah. The vitriol, the anger over sitting there and waiting. I wonder who Doc Rivers would wait for. I mean, look, if you could give me a concert where I got I was fortunate enough to see Prince. So I saw that. I mean, obviously, I could somehow conjure up Michael Jackson back then.

Yeah, I would sit on line or on the phone all day for Mike or Biggie or POC, you know. But other than that, you know, maybe. I don't know. There's nothing.

There's not a whole lot. Ozzy Osbourne from the past. You know, I don't want to see him now. The current version.

But you don't want to see the current version. He was on. You saw him there.

It wasn't so great. By the way, I'm trying to get rich to buy the crazy train. You know that I want to drop coming in. I think that would be a good drop.

Do you think it would be perfect? I think not a break, not a drop. What's it called when you ramp up for a when you come back in? What's it called? Oh, you're asking. It's a bumper. Bumper.

By the way, I'm so glad Mike Hoskins had that one. OK, what's happening over there? You're supposed to know the terminology for... I'm Del Tufo's wife.

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All available at the kickaround dot com or wherever you listen. And we're back on The Rich Eyes and show freezing in the studio today, by the way. It's really chilly. It's always cold in here.

So that's why we're always wearing hoodies. And yeah, it's such a good thing. It's such a good thing that Brockman showed up and that he brought me a hot coffee. Wait a minute.

No, he didn't. I'm sorry. Where's Chris Brockman?

And there's somebody else there. So crazy. I had to grow a mustache.

What's with the mustache? You know, I think I said it in passing that I was going to do it for November. Right here. And then I'm just kind of sticking to it. I don't think it's very popular at my house. I dig it. Is your upper lip warmer?

Yeah, I mean, that's the only part that's warm. Wow. No, not a fan. What do you think?

What do you think? I, I, I, I don't know what to say. I told you to rock the beard. Come back the beard game. I'm not used to seeing this much hair near your face. It's been a while.

I mean, I had the huge beard, but that was like six years ago. Yeah. But how's Sarah feel about this? Like I said, I don't think she's a fan, but she's, I think she's coming around. No, she's not. I mean, there's still 14 more days left in November. By the way, by the way, by the way, she's not coming around, TJ Jefferson.

She is not. I mean, look, I adore you. I think you're a great guy and a, and a, and a terrific human being. I might buy you a razor after this. I have plenty of razors at home. I mean, it's because I got to do the head every day. Why do guys like, why do guys like growing facial hair so much?

What is it about the ability to grow facial hair that makes men feel manly? Because you can. I think it's because you can.

Yeah. Why do you do anything, Suze? Because you can. And I think when it comes to facial hair, not everybody can grow facial hair.

That's true. To be honest, you know, you see some of the guys out there like Steph Curry still can't. You know what I mean? No, but he can score. He can score 50, but he can't grow facial hair. My beard is glorious.

I'm going to tell you that. But I would go clean-shaven if I could exchange that for some Steph Curry jump shot ability. Or like a date with Halle Berry. Like if Halle Berry saw you at the Air One, when you frequent. First of all, I was just cursed on air at you.

And it's like, hey, hey, hey, I like you, sir. But, you know, if you just shaved that beard, we could go on a date. You would do it.

Halle Berry? Yeah. Oh, I wouldn't make it out of Air One. First of all, I've never been in Air One. That's the first. Not true. So if I saw Halle would be in like Ralph's or Von's or depending on the day of John's.

Pretend he's not bougie. I saw her in Bristol Farms. Does that count?

Bristol Farms. Yeah, that counts. Yeah. I can't. I can't look at you. That's how I feel next to him.

I'm having a real hard time here. The first time Feller said, oh, he said he looked like a narc. Yeah, I don't trust him anymore.

I feel like if I do anything, he's going to tell on me. I feel like he's going to deliver me a pizza. Which, by the way, sounds kind of good about now.

Can we get serious, guys? We've got Ron Rivera on the phone. I don't want to like, you know, take too long. And by the way, like he's he's he's calling it momentarily.

And I and I just feel like we want to get somewhat. Yes, because, you know, and this is this is something I was learning about last night when I was cramming for the show today. In five minutes.

In five minutes was that he loves the Madden rules. And one of them is being on time. Right. Very, very important. We're kind of loose with that around here. I don't know if you know this.

By the way, I haven't been on time for about 50 years, but that's neither here nor there. So let's as Greg Gumbel would say, no, no. As Bryant Gumbel, who? Let me think. No, no. James will probably say, let's move on. That's my segue.

Is that good? If I did the Bryant Gumbel, you'd take you got to take classes off. Let's move on. And then you got to write a notebook to a coach who unseated an undefeated team this past Monday in Philadelphia. We go now to Ron Rivera, the head coach of the Washington commanders here on the Mercedes Benz vans phone line. And I want to say thanks so very much for joining us and thanks for taking the time. Thank you, Susie.

I appreciate this. So what did you figure out against the Eagles? How were you able to stop this undefeated team? Well, one of the things that we've been working on is running the football and, you know, getting, you know, having Brian Robinson back and really just kind of working himself back into shape was something that we really felt could be a thing for us. You know, trying to keep control of the ball, time of possession. We felt that would keep Jalen Hurst off the field.

Makes a lot of sense to keep the best player off the field, doesn't it? Has your team, sorry about that, has your team turned a corner, do you believe? Well, I think we're putting ourselves in a position that, you know, we can we can play to that standard.

We can play like that, you know, if we play to our abilities and do the things that we're capable of. And, you know, quite honestly, running the football is one of the things I think we can do well. Let me ask you about your quarterbacks. How's Carson Wentz doing coming along? He's been coming along well. You know, he's been clear to throw the ball. He was throwing the ball yesterday. He'll throw it again today. We haven't cleared him yet to return to practice.

You know, it's one of those things that just obviously takes time. And, you know, we'll see how he is after he throws it today. Yesterday he came, he finished up. He didn't have any ill effects this morning. He was fine, got his treatment, and so he'll throw again today.

And what about Taylor Heineke? I mean, he's gone 3-1 with him as the starter, but what are you liking the most about his development as a young player? Well, you know, one of the things that's really been his, you know, the way he plays, you know, he's a kind of little hangout type guy. You know, he's learning to be a little more patient. He's learning to take a little bit more of what's being given to him by the defenses rather than just trying to force the throws.

And he's aware a little bit better in terms of pass rush, so he's been dumping the ball, getting the ball out of his hands, so he's not taking the big hits that he took last year. And the one thing I love about him, Susie, is I love the way he plays with that underdog mentality because his teammates feed off of his energy. So what do you do as a head coach when you've got two good players and you've got two guys who can play at a high level? How do you use your gut to decide who's going to lead your team? Well, the biggest thing, obviously, is listening to the players, you know, watching them, seeing how they respond, see how we're playing. And that's, right now, one of the things that I'm leaning on, you know, is that I've got a guy right now that's hot. Yeah, it's awfully hard to go when you're looking at two players when somebody keeps going, keeps winning, and the guys rally around them.

I mean, how do you take away? How do you, as a coach, decide that you're going to make a change like that? Yeah, and that's the thing that, you know, believe me, it has honestly kept me up. I mean, I've thought about it a lot, and it's something I, you know, I knew I would face eventually as a head coach, having to make a decision on a player like that. What's the best piece of coaching advice you ever received, and who is it from?

Coach Ditka. He told me a couple of things that I stick to. He says, Ron, don't ever let anybody on the outside make your decisions for you. He said, because when you start doing that and something goes wrong, they're not going to take the responsibility. And then John Madden told me, don't ever forget, you're the head coach.

Everything will start and stop with you, so make your own decision. So I had two greats, two Hall of Famers basically tell me the same thing, and that's really go with, you know, what I believe in. And he told you to be on time. I know that as well.

Yes, you do. That's one thing Coach Madden did tell you. I want to pass along our condolences from Rich and from myself on your mother Delores passing away this past Halloween. We were all so moved watching you after the game with your players around you, getting emotional, saying that your mother would have been proud. What was it like for you in that moment? What was going through your head? You know, it's kind of crazy, Susan, because you never really get a chance to grieve when you're in the NFL unless it's truly the offseason. You know, I lost my brother when we started training camp in 2015, and I really didn't have a chance to grieve it until the season was over. I had an opportunity at the end of that game, you know, and just thinking about her and realizing that she would have been proud.

But at that moment I really couldn't speak to the guys. I went into my office and I had a private moment, which was great, which really was. It was very cathartic. Just to hear the players say, we're with you, Coach.

How did that make you feel in the moment? You know, it made me feel supported. It really did. The guys were there. The players and coaches were there. Our staff was there. It felt right.

It really did. You know, I was listening to Jimmy Johnson this morning on Dan Patrick talking about all that he missed with his own family because he was with his team families and missing things with his kids, missing things with his wife. And can you just talk to us about what it's like to live a duality, to have a family that you're working with as a coach, but also with a family at home?

You know, Coach is so true about that stuff because there's so much that you do miss the little things, and I do kind of liken it to somebody that was in the military because, you know, when my dad eulogized my mom, one of the things he said was that, you know, she really raised them by herself most of the time. And I feel like that to a degree with my wife and kids that Stephanie has done so much, you know, while I've been busy. But I will also say kudos to my wife, too, because one thing Stephanie does is she demands her family time. She demands for her date night.

She demands for her Daddy Fridays where she would come bring the kids to me, and I would be able to spend time with them on those Friday afternoons after work. So, you know, I was very fortunate to have somebody like that. So it's tough. It really is.

And, you know, sometimes I do deal with a little bit of the guilt. Before I let you go, we'll talk about the 40th anniversary of the Band is on the Field game. Obviously, you are a linebacker against John Elway. Five lateral passes in 23 seconds.

We're going to have Jeremy Shapp on tomorrow to talk about the E60 doc that's coming out. But what is your greatest memory from that? And, you know, of course I have to ask, was it an illegal forward lateral? Oh, nothing was illegal.

Everything was perfect above board. Are you kidding? You could have drawn up any better. Just the euphoria of winning the game. You know, there are arch rivals, and, you know, Stanford isn't. And when you look around college football and in the NFL, when you have a rivalry game, you know, and I likened it. You know, there's a nice little book that's been written that came out called Five Laterals and a Trombone. And the neat thing about that book is, you know, and I said it when I was interviewed for it, is that the neat thing about it is Stanford, it's like your brother.

You know, you want to set them straight. You want to, if you get in a fight, you want to beat him up, but you don't want to hurt him because he's your brother. And there's a lot of respect, I think, between Cal and Stanford, and that's what I think makes the rivalry so special. It's like when you watch Michigan, Ohio State, you know, you watch Auburn, Alabama. You know, there's these types of rivalries that just are very, very special, and it's kind of neat to be part of one of them.

Yeah, I'm taking the kids to SCU-CLA tomorrow at the Rose Bowl, so that should be a lot of them. Just last thing, what do you remember from watching the band storm the field, from watching the kids storm the field? What do you remember in that moment? Of course, it was 40 years ago. I mean, I don't remember what I did yesterday, but still, what do you remember? No, that memory is very strong. I do remember seeing Kevin Moan crash into the trombone player in the end zone, going, we just scored. Oh, my God, we just scored. So that was, I can remember that.

I would stand on the sideline and watch it as it unfolded, so. Cam, thank you enough for your time. Have a great time out this weekend. Cool. Thank you, Susie. Thanks for your time.

Alrighty, buh-bye. He's a class act, isn't he, Chris Brockman? A hundred percent, and it's crazy to think that Ron was on the 85 Bears, right? Played for Mike Ditka, and he was in the bid.

He was out on the field game. What a football life this guy's led. He has met everybody. He knows everybody. He met John Madden when he was 15 years old, walked up to him in Monterey, said to him, I'm going to be a football player someday, and then cut two. We just had him on The Rich Eisen Show. Amazing. And the Washington commanders are playing good football right now.

1-4 out of 5. They're now suddenly in the playoff mix in the NFC. Taylor Heinecke is doing some things for them, and it gives them a new life and kind of an injection that their team kind of desperately needed because it was spiraling really out of control this year. And they're back on track, and they're knocked off the Eagles.

So is there the C word, the controversy word? Is there a quarterback? Quarterback controversy in Washington?

I don't even think there is one. I think it's Heinecke's gig until something goes really wrong or, you know, God forbid, he gets injured or something. But this guy just does something that ignites his teammates that Carson Wentz clearly hasn't done. He gets men to follow him, man.

Yeah, and he's got the drip. How do we feel about that, TJ, them kind of copying the Vikings deal? Who is the player on the Vikings who got really offended by the fact that they did that? Like, first of all, let's be honest, that was Ryan Fitzmagic's gig to start with, right? He was the first one kind of doing that. So if you're biting anyone's style, it was his. Yeah, why not, man?

Go out and have fun. You won a football game. I just thought the funnier optic was, you know, them flying coach with, you know, trash bags full of ice and beer sitting in their tray table. Heinecke, that is a short flight from Philadelphia to Washington. Yeah, that is true.

That's 30 minutes. And he's going to drink like an 18-pack in that tire? That's some Wade Boggs level type stuff right there to Taylor Heinecke that I you know, you have to respect. Also, Chris, when we started the show, Susie said, you know, she got called in because Rich is under the weather and she's like the Taylor Heinecke. And I said, well, well, well, like no disrespect to Taylor Heinecke, but like Carson Wentz, because Susie's got statues.

She's got accolades. I'm like, she's a little bit higher than us just calling in Taylor Heinecke, but I couldn't really find the right, you know, quarterback to represent what it was to be able to call her in. I was trying to create a narrative here on Roku. I was just trying to create a narrative. You're the starting quarterback for our show now? Could I be the Tom Verady to the Drew Bloodsow?

That would be more accurate than Heinecke, I would think. I'm just thinking. I'm spinning wheels here, live on the air. That's all we've been doing for 40 minutes. That's what we do. We've been doing this for 11 years.

You know, which brings up me, you know, I'm the heir of bone that I have to pick sometimes. Here we go. Here we go.

Can we take a break first and do this afterwards because I think we'll all agree with this. You know, on social media, you always see these people who are content creators and influencers and like we're creating 15 hours a day of live unscripted content. Why are we not content? Is anybody paying attention, though? People have to pay attention to those people get paid a lot of money for some reason, Susie, and what we just did, juggling for 15 minutes, like no one will ever call us content creators. But that's what we do every day.

Maybe it's because we do it so we don't need to call ourselves. Just updating in real time. We have 484,466 subscribers on YouTube, and we thank every single one of you. We are glad that you are here for this today. Creating content.

How are you? We're creating content right now. Nick Bosa ahead here on the show today. Dan Patrick here ahead on the show today. Stephen Colbert on the show today. I mean, that's kind of exciting. It's a pickleball conversation. And I am asking all of you to tweet in and call, because I am so fascinated with this week's Taylor Swift situation when she broke the Internet.

Because people were waiting all day. Did I get Taylor Swift? Yeah, she's calling in. T Swift's calling in. Oh, no, I figured it out.

That would be the biggest flexible model. By the way, Chris, would that surprise you, though? Actually, no. Not at all. No, that was a legit question you had, by the way.

It's Susie's shoe. Would you text it in? Hey. Not at all. Hey. Wait, wait, wait.

How does it go? It's me. Hi. I'm the problem. It's me. I'm like, that sounds a little familiar.

You're asking me to send Taylor Swift something? Oh, no, that's a great song. It's one thing I can't do. Oh, no.

I can do impressions, sing some songs. That's also like a thing on like TikTok and Instagram where it's like, you know, I buy too many sneakers and it's like, it's me, I'm the problem. Yeah, it's me. Hi. Oh, is that what? Okay.

Yeah, that's what that sounds like. Gotcha. That's T Swift, baby.

T Sizzle. Okay. So if you want to call in, text in, whatever, I'm so curious about, would you spend a whole day wasting a day of your life to get tickets to a concert?

And if you were willing to do this, what would it be? Some of the responses we've gotten on Twitter. Twitter's on fire.

Beatles reunion, Garth Brooks, Led Zeppelin, Elvis, Queen with Freddie Mercury, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters. We're going to come to that and we're going to give the people credit for taking the time in their busy day to tweet in. But first we're going to take a break. This is the Rich Eisen Show on Roku on radio.

Don't go anywhere. You can listen to the NFL on the NFL app, on the Odyssey app, on via Westwood One Station streams, or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports, sponsored by AutoZone. Chris Brockman, sneaky good game tonight here at Titans Packers. Yeah.

It's a really interesting game. Green Bay, you know, that's kind of been the narrative this week, because they're back on track. Aaron Rodgers looked good.

Christian Watson. Like, breakout game. Breakout.

Yeah. And the running game's been nice. Randall Cobb, I think, is going to be back tonight.

And then you got the Titans, who are just, nobody ever talks about, you know, Mike Vable just kind of does his thing with his, you know, crazy cartoon clown house that he's got going on. And Derrick Henry is just throwing dudes out the club. And Ryan Tannehill's back, and we still don't really know any of their receivers, but they're just kind of plod along, win games, they're in the playoff mix, and really curious to see what kind of goes down tonight. Like, does the Green Bay, does the momentum carry over from Sunday into this game, and Aaron Rodgers starts looking like Aaron Rodgers? Or does Tennessee just kind of grind the life out of them, running the football, and, you know, it's kind of a methodical, low-scoring game tonight, and they just kind of sneak out a win like they always do.

Like, I'm really curious to see what happens tonight. If I'm Vable, I'm just like, here, Derrick, here's the ball. Keep running. What do you do, TJ? I mean, look, coming off of that Dallas game, right, the running game for the Packers did look really great.

When you've got those two hosses back there, man, you know, that's a luxury, obviously. But I think that something snapped inside of Christian Watson. And I think, you know, Chris, that's the moment. You had such a bad start, dropping balls, even to the game, he dropped two balls against the Cowboys to start the game.

But when you get fed like that and you get to kind of go off, that's got to do something inside to you. And so, you know, I'll be honest with you, like, yeah, I'm a Cowboys fan. I'm rooting for the Cowboys. But when he caught that first touchdown as the ball was in the air and I saw it was going to him, I literally was like, please, kid, don't drop this, because I know mentally what that could do.

He would just get stomped. No, I wasn't in favor of him catching two more touchdowns as the game went on. But I think maybe now this team has turned the corner. I always say Aaron Rodgers makes throws that I've never seen anyone else make. So if the running game is moving and now he's got some trust in the receiver or two, if I'm a Packers fan, I got to be excited.

And that's the thing. Green Bay is now four and six. They're right there. They're the ninth seed right now in the NFC standings.

They're behind the commanders. We just talked to Ron Rivera. They're a game back of them. San Francisco's five and four. You know, they play Monday night.

It's going to be really interesting. Like, the battle for that seventh seed in the NFC, I think, is on. You know, a lot of people think that Seattle's not going to hold on to their lead in the NFC West. That San Francisco is, as they get healthier, is going to eventually catch them.

So, you know, let's assume that for the sake of this conversation. And now it's Seattle. It's Washington.

It's Green Bay. Can Atlanta get in the mix? Can Arizona get back in the mix? All fighting for that one playoff spot, and it is going to be a dynamite second half of the year when it comes to this. It's going to be great.

Absolutely. And if you could put that back up, Mike Hoskins, if you could put that one page up with the standings. I wasn't expecting to see the Bucs at five and five, the Rams at three and six. I think they're giving their QB back from concussion protocol, I believe. Yeah, but it's almost too little too late for the Rams, with Cooper Cupp going on IR, with the ankle injury.

That's devastating. I mean, what can they do offensively to move the ball down the field and to score points? Like, Cooper Cupp has just been everything for them this year, even with the struggles of Matt Stafford. The running game has just been... Non-existent.

Non-existent. A carousel of guys from Kim Akers and Daryl Henderson, and now Kieran Williams is getting his run. And it's just, you know, I'm kind of ruling the Rams out now at this point. I think if you look at the teams with four wins and the teams with five wins, they have a base there. I mean, I think they're going to hit their stride as well, that's kind of been the talk all week. TJ, the 12s have gotten right, Aaron Rodgers has gotten right, Tom Brady's gotten right with two straight wins, and they play in the worst division in football, arguably. So I think the Bucs are fine, they're just going to roll. Remember when they won the Super Bowl two years ago, they were seven and five, and everyone wondered what was going on.

Here they're five and five, we're kind of having those same questions, but you think as they get healthier, Julio Jones scored a touchdown in Germany, he looked good. As the run game comes along, it looks like Rashad White is going to take control of that backfield, TJ. That's your guy, man. That's my guy. You were preaching him from pre-season.

Yeah, he was my Ramondre Stevenson, like you, for last year. And I just think it's going to come down to those teams that we just mentioned. It's Seattle, it's Washington, it's Green Bay, sadly I don't think I have faith in the Falcons. But I think it's those three teams for the final seed. It's going to be really fun to watch. Like those two QB 12s in the Bay, you know, I know a lot of, early in the season people were worried and they were down.

You can't count. These guys are just like heavyweight boxers, right? You know, back in the days of boxing, when heavyweight fight, when fights won 15 rounds, you know, like that's a long fight. There'll be sometimes Ali wouldn't win every round if you watch an Ali fight, but come 13, 14, 15, that's when he got his strength back. That's when he hit his stride. That's when, you know, he couldn't be solved.

And I kind of feel like Brady and Rogers are like, you know, they're old time heavyweights and you just, you can't count them out of a fight. Last night, by the way, speaking of the 12s, Cooper was in bed. He was trying to read one of the programs that Rich brought back from Munich in German. So here he is, an 11 year old trying to read this and he's just doing, you know, and he said, 12s. And he said 12s in a German accent, which I really appreciated that he went the extra, he went the extra effort to try to sound Germanic, but guess what he's like, mom, can you read this to me? I'm like, no, I can't.

But you speak several languages, so it's like possible you could have, you know? Yeah. I can say, ausgeseissnicht, which means amazing, ausgeseissnicht. That's about it. How many letters is that for the word amazing? So many.

Amazing is what? Seven letters? Like, why can't we get like correlation, like seven letter to seven letter, you know what I mean?

I don't think it works like that. It sounds difficult. What are we doing? Yeah. German is always like the most aggressive sounding language anyway.

Like they could be saying the most pleasant thing in the world to you and it makes you want to like take for cover. One last thing on this game. Like that's amazing. Like we aus do. One last thing on this game.

Duthan Morgan. The Packers are favored by three. Should they be? Who's the home team today? It's in Green Bay. It's Tennessee at Green Bay.

Should they be favored? You know, Chris, the thing about the Titans is you don't know what Titans team you're going to get. You're going to, you can, one day you're going to get at 230 yard, you know, breaking other men's souls, Derrick Henry. And then what do you have last week?

He had less than 50 yards rushing, one of his worst games of the year. You just never know sometimes what you're going to get with this squad and buckle up. That's a yes. You think the Packers should be favored? Probably. They're, they're on a little bit of a roll. I would think that that was a big win.

I mean a roll. They won one game, but speaking of breaking souls, Nick Bosa coming up next in the rich eyes and show. So don't go anywhere. We'll be back right after this quick break. That was well done. That was nice. Did you like how I just, I dragged you there because I thought TJ was going to start, I thought he was going to go past the break.

No, no, I will say TJ has gotten a lot better about that. Right? Yeah.

He seemed like he was expounding on something. So I'm like, wait a minute, I better rescue us before we lose our radio audience. When I first started, like for the first month I was on air, I didn't have any, I didn't have an earpiece. I didn't have a monitor. I kind of knew when the radio outs were. You have a clock, but you wouldn't really look at it. I didn't really pay attention, you know, so I've come a long way.

I'd have to say, yeah, you have come a long way, baby. I was like, wait a minute, how am I supposed to know anything? I don't know. I'm over here naked. You're just there to look pretty, TJ. Where's your candle?

I hired the wrong person for that. Where is the candle? Is the candle lit? Sure, baby.

Come on. What's Creek's candles? Usually you have a whole ceremony to light the candle to start the show or is that only when I bring booze? Well, we just jumped right into the show today because we didn't know what we were going to do. We had to keep the show afloat.

I mean, we've got Rich home feeling under the weather. Brockman was somewhere expanding the brand, coming in without coffee. I would have brought him coffee. You brought donuts? I brought croissants.

But if I stopped for coffee, I would have been even more late than I already was. I mean, TJ and I were holding it up. The weight of the world is on our shoulders right now. We were creating content. Yeah, we were content creators. We were content creators. That's right. We made it kind of for $485,000.

Yeah, well, for something. I know I'm influential in one place and that's at my house. So a lot more rich guys in show when we come back, DP will be calling in in the eleven o'clock hour.

That'd be two o'clock on the eastern time. It could be information to change your life forever or the Something You Should Know podcast could just be something interesting. Ramit Sedi talking about being rich. The old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated, but it wasn't about how to spend it. It was more about how to get it. But OK, so once you get it, what do you do with it? In our culture, everybody tells you how to save, but nobody teaches you how to spend it. You should know wherever you listen.
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