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REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 16, 2022 3:26 pm

REShow: Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 16, 2022 3:26 pm

Michigan alum Rich reacts to the latest College Football Playoff rankings that has his Wolverines behind arch-rival Ohio State.

Rich and the guys debate which team would give free agent WR Odell Beckham Jr. the best chance to win another Super Bowl ring this season, and reveals his brand-new NFL Top 10 Power Rankings.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

This is The Rich Eisen Show.

I am a lucky guy. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Some guy walks up to me in a buccaneers jacket in the middle of Munich. He says to me, aren't you Susie Schuster's husband? No.

Why yes. Today's guests, director of HBO's Shack, Robert Alexander, Alabama linebacker, Will Anderson, Tennessee wide receiver Jalen Hyatt. From Netflix's Wednesday, actor Luis Guzman. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Ah yes, our number one of three. It's a three hour show every day right here on Roku, right here on this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio outfit, and right here on Sirius XM and Odyssey, and we're on the air, and it is a great day in this sports pop culture neighborhood.

Three hours worth 844-204 riches, the number to dial if you would like to converse with us, and we hope that you do. We say hello to everyone out there on this Wednesday, and Chris Brockman, your mustache is really growing in, I mean you're, you're, you are, you're a couple days shy of joining the village people, it's great. You're that, you're that close. I know, we're only halfway home. I don't know what this is going to look like in the end of the month. Wow, look at this whole situation. Glorious is what it's going to look like. Our radio audience, you've got to get to a Roku device. You've got to somehow get to the Roku channel.

I'll post a picture later today. Well, just for three hours though, and we need to, you know, let's, let's use it to get people watching. You're right, you're right. How are you DJ Mikey D?

I just want to hear Brockman sing YMCA and I'll be ready to go. And for those who are listening on the radio, you got to get to a Roku channel to see that Mike Del Tufo is wearing, oh wait a minute, it's the same thing he wears every day. What year is that Thursday Night Football Fleece? 2006. It has to be from our first year.

What year? I don't know, the chicken, it's, don't worry about it. How are you DJ Jefferson? What's up, sir? The candle's lit already. We're ready to go on Wednesdays, we wear pink, it's all good.

Okay, good, good to have everybody here on this program. Have you determined which Super Bowl it's from? Brockman's got a look.

He can't, no. No, you're Super Bowl, and I'm talking about the fleece you have on, not the shirt. Well, the logo is 46. There you go. Yeah. So that's like, that's like 10 Super Bowls ago, that polo shirt.

That's what I'm saying, I got like 100 of these, two, I got every one of them. Fantastic. Let's go shopping. We've established it. We've got not one, but two, two big-time college football players on this program from the Southeastern Conference where it's, let me look this up, I have it written down, Just Means More.

There it is, okay, very good. Just Means More to these guys, Willa, Alabama's, or Willa-Bama, right? Will Anderson is on this program. He's got a potential top first overall pick in next year's draft written all over him.

Sure does. And then Alabama's looking up in the standings and also in the college football rankings at Tennessee. Jalen Hyatt is on this program. He started the season number three on the receiver. He's like, he was WR3 for Tennessee coming into the season, and now he's one of the top wide receivers going to be available in next year's draft as well.

And he's sitting there for the Tennessee Volunteers at fifth overall. College football rankings, again, this is all cheese. This is all cheese. It's all cheese. Yeah, there's still a couple weeks left.

It's all cheese for us to be, you know, ruminating over. Obviously, there's four 10-0 teams, so they're going to be one through four. And they've put Ohio State over Michigan, you know, I guess because they see something. And Georgia, honestly, I mean, they're the defending big 10 champs, but fine, go for it.

I guess we're going there and everybody feels that, you know, we have no shot in the horseshoe. Does it matter? Two and three?

They're kind of interchangeable. No, no, no, that's what I'm saying. It's cheese, it's cheese, it's cheese. Okay.

It's cheese. And TCU, of course TCU is there, you know. Unbeaten, surprise unbeaten. There you go. Yeah.

Of course they're there. Sonny Dykes is crow. Danian Talmanson's horn frogs are sitting there at four. Andy Dalton. No disrespect there.

Red rifle. And so those, of course, they're going to be four. Tennessee sitting there at five. And the cheese that I'm sitting here and taking, because they, honestly, it's to get conversation going. Of course.

And have shows like this one lead with this information and material. With two regular season weeks to go. You know, and I'm thrilled that Will Anderson's going to make some time getting ready for Austin Peay to call into this program. And... Are you taking shots?

I'm not at all. I'm thankful that he's got time to come and call in the show. I mean, more and more shots at the schedule.

I think that's what it's about. Well, and I've got a glass house. Michigan's got a glass house throwing a stone. Because that's supposedly why they were left out of the top four a couple of weeks ago is that I was told it was an indication they were behind Clemson because of their non-conference schedule to start the year. Even though nobody was talking about Clemson scheduling Furman. Furman. Furman.

Furman. You know? It's all just a bunch of hooey. And, you know, until, because you just win your games and you're going to make it.

Win your games and you're going to make it. Yes. Fact. Unless...

Fact. Win your game. Unless, say, two teams next week face each other each at 11-0 and one beats the other and that one's outside looking in and doesn't get in while somebody like Tennessee sneaks in. Tennessee. Tennessee sneaks in. Well done there.

Oh, that really been real stressed. You know what I'm saying? Like, should Michigan-Ohio State just be for pride at this point in time? And, well, let's see. If it's tight, it goes to overtime and one team beats the other. But if it's a blowout, so then, you know. Yeah, blowout, you didn't deserve it.

Okay. You know? So, style points matter. I've, in college football, style points have always mattered. Yeah, that's a good point.

Have always mattered in college. Here's what happens. Here's what we need to do.

Let's just get to the 12-team playoff already, okay? I know. Now, you could say, well, that takes a lot of the starch out of the Michigan-Ohio State game. Oh, really? Not really. Playing for a home game. Really? Really. I don't think so. Yeah, I don't think so either. I want to win that game every time and I want to win it significantly.

And I say this fully knowing that as of right now, scheduled on tomorrow's program is Nick Bosa, just in time for this game. Yeah, baby. Do I speak with my chest? Do I have my microphone right in my chest when I talk to him?

You might not want to do that. I don't care. He's not here, is he? He might be coming.

No, he's on the phone. Oh, okay. At any rate, let's just take a look right now at the top 12. Tennessee, let's just say right now, okay? The top four get the bye. Right. And then this is the way it's supposed to go, right?

When this finally hits. Yeah, and then five through 12 play each other. So, I wouldn't be asking Jalen, you know, later on in hour number three, when he joins us from Tennessee, getting ready for South Carolina in his final two games at the end of his regular season schedule, I won't be asking Jalen Hyatt if he's played his last home game in Tennessee because he'd play another against Oregon. LSU would face Penn State. Bring Penn State down to LSU, Baton Rouge. How about a little USC Utah at the Coliseum? Rematch of that great game they played earlier this year. And then Alabama would host Clemson. Okay. Dabo goes back to campus.

In. I mean, come on, what are we doing? Oh, but you know what? It would mean so, it wouldn't be so much when Alabama played Tennessee.

Really? They still wouldn't be ripping down goalposts, beating Alabama? Because you also don't know how many losses you might accrue after those games. Alabama versus Ole Miss would still have been for a lot of marbles.

Yeah. Especially with Ole Miss currently sitting there at 14. They would have needed that to get into the top 12.

These games that so many people think would not mean as much because of the college football playoff. Nuh-uh. Nuh-uh.

So, my two takes. Let's get to the college football playoff already. Okay. Let's lift the kimono. The NILs are out there already.

Some of these guys are making millions of dollars already. Let's go. Let's go.

All right. Concerned about their student athleticism? Get them a tutor for the road games. Rich, finals are coming up, man. Yeah, I know. Get them a tutor.

Get them a tutor. And the other thing too is in advance, and I'm caping for Buckeyes here too. At this point in time, you go undefeated this long, Michigan doesn't stumble against Illinois, and Ohio State doesn't stumble against Michigan State, and these two teams face each other in the horseshoe on Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend at big noon on Fox. For which I will tune in at 1201 because I have zero interest in what Urban Meyer has to say about this game. FYI to your friends there up at Pico Boulevard, Mike.

Zero interest. I don't care how much Charles Woodson you might put on that set. Sorry, Charles. Oh, he'll be there. Hey, you're gonna get Mike in trouble.

I'll text you myself. No, he won't. But here's what I'm saying. When Gus, Joe Klatt, sit in that booth and call that game, if they're both 11-0, I don't care what the final score is.

I don't care. You might sit there and go, well, Michigan's gonna blow out Ohio State in Columbus. Rich, it's more likely it's the other way around.

Okay, I got you. Let's just say it isn't because Michigan will be the best team Ohio State has faced all year to date. And vice versa. No question. Yeah. So it should be an awesome game. It should be an awesome game.

No question. But it's late. It's late. It's late in the season. So you lose late.

It's what? It's better to lose early. It's so stupid. Well, when you have a construct like this, like back in the day with the BCS, it was just one and two.

Now it's one through four. It was dumb. It was dumb. It was better to lose early.

It's so dumb. Yeah. And now we're getting close to fixing it with the 12, but let's get to the 12 now. I'm just saying right now, I don't want to see, I think Michigan, Ohio State should both make it right now. And if you're saying, well, we don't want to see the rematch so quickly, Alabama, Georgia, right? Yeah, that worked out fine.

And by the way, how'd it work out seeing North Carolina and Duke play each other for a second time, three weeks later in the NCAA tournament, a good call. I'm fired up on a Wednesday. I love it. I love it last night.

Terribly. I couldn't sleep at all last night. Well, I mean, I woke up again at three.

I mean, three AM from folks. I'm jet lagged. Okay.

I'm really jet lagged and nano bubbles and high knees by the way. Come on now. Turn to the guy to your left. He wants to say something. I know you want to say something. Say what you said to me. I don't get jet lag.

He's the, he's the Russell Wilson. Here's what I want you to do. What are you doing today? What are you doing today?

He's doing the rich eyes and show after like at noon. There you go. So here's what I want. Here's what I want you to do. I want you to quick fly to London. Nice. And then fly back.

He could probably afford it for tomorrow's show. Yeah. And then let's see how you feel. I'm telling you guys, I don't want you to be that bad. I've worked overnight as a cop. You got to stay there.

He's used to doing that crap. You got to stay doing something 40 years ago. I still work late.

I wake up early to do games. I mean, seriously, four, three 40. I couldn't do that anymore. He used to, the last time he was on the beat was probably four decades ago. Yeah. Oh yeah. 92, 93. Yeah.

You guys, I thought it was the, what Mike? Come on. It was eighties.

I was started eighties. I stayed till the eyes, but that still, I don't get the Herschel Walker badge. Is that what you're saying? No, I don't get jet lagged. I mean, I feel bad for you, Rich. It's terrible.

It's terrible. I mean, I feel a little. When are you going to feel yourself? When are you going to feel like yourself?

I don't know. Right now I feel like myself. Right now I feel like myself. I feel like myself right now.

Because here, hold on a minute. I feel like myself because I'm taking some cheese. I shouldn't take the cheese. Maybe it's because I'm jet lagged. I'm taking college football cheese.

I'm saying stuff with my chest. I've got power rankings coming up in about eight minutes and I'm fired up for that. Here we go.

I got four guests. Here we go. I got Will Anderson who might be number one overall. By the way, it could go Bryce Young and Will Anderson. I know. One, two.

I just saw a mock. Will Anderson is three to Carolina. And put him on the other side of Brian Burns and go hunt. Not a bad idea.

Not a bad idea. And Jalen Hyatt. So I got two college football studs from the SEC, which I should save this page. Just means more.

Write that down. And I've got on this program, Robert Alexander. He's the director of the new Shaq documentary on HBO. It's a four parter.

He's coming in here. He also directs the shop. Really? Yes. Oh, cool. So does that mean he knows who the Brady MF'er is? Oh, yes.

1000%. He only directed nine episodes of the shop. He might not then.

I take that back. Could he have been the director of the Kanye episode that never aired? But he's directing the shop. And he's directing... He directed Shaq. He's coming in here.

Excited. And then in hour number three, when was the last time Louis Guzman was here? Six years ago? Seven years ago?

Has he ever done anything bad or been bad in anything? No. No. I don't think so. October 7th, 2015. Wow.

Two words, boogie nights. Oh, that was his first time. He came in a year later. So yeah, 2016.

Traffic, punch-drunk, love. And he is in... Yeah, Carlitos Way. He's in Wednesday.

Which I talk about all the time on this show. He's in the new Netflix show Wednesday. He plays Gomez Adams. When I first heard that, I just saw the announcement and just cracked up.

Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Morticia. I see that. Hello. He told... Last time he was here, he told us about the fake head of himself he puts in his passenger seat for the carpool lane.

We're gonna talk about that in a Celebrity True or False. Got a little headed. You should have read the email, Brockman. You might have saved that. He came in a little late. Came in a little late.

Single dad on Wednesdays. A little late. It's okay. It's all right. It's all right. It's all good.

It's okay. Very good. We're off and running here on this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. When we come back, power rankings. And I want to talk about something. Everybody's talking about O'Dell.

And I love talking about O'Dell. Yeah. It's coming down to it. Oh, it's crunch time. It's coming down to it. Yeah, it's go time. He needs to pick a spot and then he said he wants two weeks to get ready.

Please. And then it's go time. And you know, I'm gonna reiterate my plan here. I know the one spot where he... There is one spot that... It's a pretty good plan. There's one spot that I think he would really do well at. Really do well.

844-204-rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show. Don't go anywhere. Power rankings, baby. And it's all over the map. Chest pieces flying in the air.

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Learn more at slash veterans, insured by NCUA and equal housing lender. If you're Odell Beckham, you choose where? Chris Brockman. Go. Go.

Oh, man. Go. I care about winning. I got to... You want to win it all.

That's the only thing you care about right now. I go to Tampa. You go to Tampa.

Could you imagine? Evans, Godwin, Jones, Beckham, Brady. Yeah. He's already in Miami. We know Odell is in Miami.

He was at the Heat game the other night. It's like a short trip up. Yeah.

He's already right there. That's it. Yeah. That's it.

That's it. And you get a chance to play with Brady. TJ Jefferson, where do you go? Where do you go? Where do you go? Do you even need to ask me this question?

Do you really go there? Is that your choice? You're Odell Beckham. You're not TJ Jefferson. That's hard, man.

Shows up on the Rich Eisen Show, sitting in front of a Dallas Cowboys blanket, banner, whatever that is. Where's your whiteboard? It's never within reach. Well, it got tampered with the other day and I'm very excited. What do you mean it got tampered with?

What do you mean? Somebody put, go Pat, go on it. All right. And I know who did it too, Jose. Okay.

I know who did it. So I'm leaving it over there. You know, Rich, I would selfishly, yeah, I'd say come to my team, but Brockman makes a good point. But also like, if you're someone who wants to do something that hasn't been done, even though it has been done, maybe you go join those dolphins. I mean, they're pretty wide receiver heavy though.

So I guess that would be it. Tyreek Hill. Jalen Waddle. But you know, Sherfield has been catching the ball. Cedric Wilson is still there.

They are, they're wide receiver heavy. Brockman makes a great point. It's like, who better to hit your wagon to than a guy who's already been from Thomas Land. If I could quote brother Jefferson real quick. Yeah. So many times. Tom Brady, you know.

I don't know. Selfishly Dallas, but I mean, if you want that, that ring, maybe look at Tom. If you want to make the biggest splash and have a shot to win, Dallas is it. Dallas is it.

The star on the side of your helmet. Jerry's already saying it's additive. Jerry wants him. Of course it's additive. Can you imagine they're like, don't, don't go to Dallas.

The fans are of Cowboys. Like don't come here because you're going to stunt CeeDee Lamb's growth. As a matter of fact, CeeDee Lamb's growth might be stunted by the fact that Michael Gallivan isn't particularly healthy. Yeah. Right.

No one's stunt growth gets stunted. Well, you need a second receiver. Of course. Michael Irvin would disagree. I don't know how he felt about Alvin Harper. I would think that Michael Irvin would look at those three things that he got and realized without Alvin Harper, he wouldn't have those. So.

But the star on the side of your helmet. Yeah, man. You want, you know, you want to get, you want to get some, uh, run and again, this is why I say he should do this every year. He's wait till late November, every year, make your decision. You can be a free agent every year. You only play half the season. You make a nice chunk of change.

I mean, you don't make the whole freight. And then you could be the mayor of Los Angeles. You could be the mayor of Dallas.

You could be the mayor of wherever you want to go. Then we'll start calling him Luke Cage, hero for hire. Yeah. He's the Luke Cage of the NFL hero for hire.

But if, if you had to choose where to go, and you know, you know, you've got the quarterback who would know what to do, and you've got a defense that can play well, and you would also know that, like, where would you say you'd know you could get a home playoff game too, right? Chiefs. Wait a minute.

I just had this one. Bills is another. Guys, you know who can call him out. Hey, like Von and him were the ones who went to one spot, same spot last year.

You know who needs help though? Lamar. Lamar needs help. Lamar's never had an LBJ on his team, man. The Ravens have reached to Deshaun Jackson for this purpose. Right.

Yeah. But also, actually I would like to see Lamar get, I want to see Lamar with some playmakers, man. If he doesn't come to Dallas, I want him to hook up with Lamar. LJ, OBJ. That's what I want to see. I want Lamar to have some help. He would be dynamite.

Mark Andrews, young bull, Isaiah likely. Let's go. But I got to tell you, put it all together.

And I think Brockman's right. You go to Tampa, you go to Tampa, come off the bye week. Oh, they'll have seven games to go. You know, you know, you know, you're going to, you got your home game, you got your home game, the playoffs.

Yeah. Your home game of the playoffs. And then, and then what let's ride. Where are you going to go? Brady strolls into Philadelphia. What's going to happen there?

What do you think they're going to blink? Brady strolls into Minnesota. Brady versus Kirk Cousins.

You don't think. Who are you going to take? Yeah, who are you taking to that game? Come on. That's what everybody, I will button this up with this.

NBC will put that game in prime time. We know what happened. By the way, think about that though.

Jefferson Thelen, Beckham Jr. I'm just saying, I'm just looking at teams where like you add him to the mix and it's just like, yo, those three, that's devastating right there. But Rich, here's the deal. He's got options.

He also has to make the right choice because the wrong choice changes everything. I'll give you a quick story. If I can. 1998 Ashton comes to LA. He gets offered two TV shows in the same day.

Okay. One of the TV shows is about a bunch of kids in a basement in middle America hanging out. The other is with Bo Derek, who everybody knows you would think that you would choose a show with Bo Derek, but it was about surfing Cowboys. Now him being from Iowa, he goes, I don't know any Cowboys at surf.

I think this is kind of off shows this. Yeah. Over the Bo Derek surfing Cowboys lasted, I think three episodes in that 70 show went eight years. So it's all about making that right choice.

No, I understand. So it's the difference between that 70 show and surfing Bo Derek Cowboys. Glenn Powell told us yesterday, met with Tom Cruise. Hey, what type of career do you want to have?

I want to be you. Well, it's about choosing the right movie and making your part. Great wind on water was the name of that TV. Yes. Who is Bo Derek's co-star?

Who took that gig instead of Ashton Kutcher? I am DB wind on the water. Hold on. I got it. Gregor Lee and Megan Perry.

She looks good in a cowboy hat. I'm not going to lie. Well, great analogy.

I appreciate it. I will just say this one last thing. Cause again, I just saw them in Germany and all that stuff.

Everybody thinks that Brady and the bucks can be had. And I understand why you would think that weeks two through 10 weeks through to nine or weeks through to nine and 58 minutes. Yeah. Okay. Yeah.

Totally understand why you think they're beatable. You hear Bruce Arians even said today. And by the way, I hope Bruce, you're feeling well. Apparently he was hospitalized for four days with chest pain and he was diagnosed with myocarditis. Hope you are well, Bruce. He also said nobody was going to say that Brady didn't play well, but he didn't play well.

It was all, it was all team effort and not performing very well. But what happens when Tom Brady shows up in your house in the playoffs? I don't want that. What are you going to say? I don't want that. What are you all going to say?

Minnesota, Minnesota, Minnesota, Minnesota fans with all due respect, know what it's like to have just one loss and then see you. They already know that. Okay. Thanks, Gary. And, and, and, uh, yeah, there's Brady's no dirty bird. He's the, he's the real deal.

Only kick Gary Anderson missed that whole year. Unbelievable. By the way. Right. I'm just saying Philly, great season. Brady strolling your house. You can say, well, we, we, we, we beat him already in the Superbowl. We're not afraid of him. Got it.

Okay. That's Tom Brady. As, as Odell goes through his thing.

Now that we're all filled with food for thought. That a segment? Remember OBJ?

I don't know what is a segment. My weekly power rankings. We go, here we go rankings.

Yes. Fresh back from Germany. I am jet lagged.

I am still sleeping off the beer and pretzels and the Wiener schnitzel, but I still have a clear mind. We didn't Morgan. Full, full, full, full heart, clear eyes, power rankings. Can't lose one new team on it.

Somebody fell off it who fell off it. Not the Titans. They're 10. They're 10 Titans. Still 10.

There are no change. You know what the Titans are. You know, Mike Vrabel is Mike Vrabel is the MacGyver of coaches. He can just take whatever's around and make something blow up in your face, like a piece of gum, a hockey ticket, or you know what he is too. He's got the Titans limb and he's trying to figure out what pieces can get back together so you can safely get back to earth successfully. That's what he's doing.

It doesn't matter who's in there and who's not. They're winning. Yeah. And they got one rocket.

His name is Derek Henry. Well, that's a big Thursday night game, huh? Tennessee at green Bay. Talk about that.

Obviously tomorrow, number nine on the list. No change. I'm still got the giants here.

I still have the giants here and I'm going to have it in two. They can't move up. Nope.

They're not moving up. Wow. The disrespect is real. It is not that real. It's not real. It's not disrespectful. It's not disrespectful. I need to see, dude, you're struggling against Houston.

You start like the, the, the pieces outside. What happens when they face a team that can really shut down somebody? Let's see who's, who have they faced in the last month or so that could just shut down Saquon and say, all right, Daniel Jones, you beat us.

I need to see it. Wow. I, but there's still a top 10 team in the NFL because they keep winning games and the defense looks pretty good. And Saquon is an MVP candidate, but honestly, you know, Baltimore is that team and they beat them. So kudos to them, but at Jacksonville, at Seattle, they lost their home for Houston, their home for Detroit. That game on Thanksgiving against Dallas may be the most watched game of the season. Once that happens on that day. Fifth most wins in the NFL.

Understood. They're ninth on my power rankings list. And number eight down four spots, your Cowboys. Down four spots. Their first loss, I think in, in team history, when they led by 14 and more going into the fourth quarter.

So that was a dreadful fourth quarter. And that dropped in four spots because it just exposes some, some problems that they may have trying to close games. And I'm just sitting here thinking, you know, the number of times that they wind up a little bit points challenged. Let's just say they face the number 17 on my, on my list here. That's back on the list back in the top 10, your Miami dolphins at seven and three, man, when Tua is back there and he's slinging it and he's healthy as he has been now for a month, this team is very difficult to stop and they are relentless.

And they could be one of those that you somehow get him off the spot. You get them out of rhythm for half three quarters and see later, see you later. They also, I mean, how good does Jeff Wilson Jr. Look the Miami 49 or running back room. They are a really good team. And if they get even tighter on defense, they're currently leading the AFC east at seven and three more disrespect. Why aren't they higher?

Uh, because they just got back on the list. That's why number six, the Baltimore Ravens, I'm taking the Ravens at number six. I am.

I am. And I think they're going to get better. I think Roquan Smith, the addition of Roquan Smith makes this team really, really tough upfront front seven coming off a bye week. And the reason why I've got them here is they've got a real soft schedule. I think they are going to finish big and finish strong. And I'm concerned about my Bengals preseason pick to win the division.

We'll see what happens. Number five on the list. Let's get to the top five up one spot of the San Francisco 49ers. They are outstanding man. Are they really good on defense? And they're just going to get better on offense and McCaffrey and this team is just going to keep jelling. They're up one spot at five lowest.

This team has been on my list. They're down one spot in the Buffalo bills are fourth on this list right now. Josh Allen's making way too many mistakes. As I said, I'm seeing a quarterback that's trying to do too much limited in practice today. I think he needs to be a little bit more limited in what he thinks he can bite off in a game. They've got a get right opportunity against the Cleveland Browns and Jacoby Brissett can say all he wants that he's fine with the plan with Deshaun Watson returning to practice today. He can still get ready for the Buffalo bills, even if he doesn't take every last nap.

Okay. But the bills right now show you could see in the last two weeks how you could beat them. And I still think they're one of the best teams in the NFL. I got them at four. That's as low as I'm going to put them. It's going to be a weird game this week in Buffalo. Two feet of snow expected this weekend. Here we go.

Let's see how it works. That's going to be a great game to watch. Down two spots. Number three, the Philadelphia Eagles. And I have them lower than the Minnesota Vikings, even though the Vikings beat them. I mean, even though the Eagles beat the Vikings in week two. Concerned about the run defense right now for the Eagles.

Concerned about the fact that Dallas Goddard is out for a month. I think the Eagles can be gotten right now. And, you know, they're taking on Indianapolis this week. Who can run it right up the gut on you? The Colts can.

Jeff Saturday's group you imagine taking on the Eagles this week. They're number three on this list. Number two on the list. Up three spots on the Minnesota Vikings.

Yes, indeed. They are a terrific team. You know, Zadarias Smith doesn't get enough credit to we talk about their offense and we talk about, you know, Harrison Smith.

But Big Z man and Patrick Peterson, obviously he picked off Josh Allen to end the game. The Vikings, for a long time I'm like, yeah, but, yeah, but, yeah, but. I've got them above the Eagles. I think if they played the Eagles right now, I think they'd win the game.

Perk Thuggins. I think they would win the game if that's why I got them above the Eagles right now. And number one on the list, Kansas City Chiefs. All three of us. They're the best team in the NFL right now.

Yeah, we both had that yesterday. That is the MVP of the league on the screen. His name is Patrick Mahomes and I cannot wait for him and the Winklers to hang out Sunday night.

The Winklers. He's coming to Los Angeles and the Chiefs can, I think the Chiefs are going to just effectively end the division race on Sunday night. They're that much better, I think, than the Los Angeles Chargers. And they're going to get Frank Clark back.

They're going to get better on defense. Isaiah Pacheco. I mean, he damn near ran for 100 yards. He had a fumble. So if they can get their run game going, Kadarius Toney.

My goodness, gracious. I mean, he scores a touchdown tiptoeing down the sideline. They're not even playing their best football yet.

And they're the best team in the NFL. And I can only hope as I wrap up this power rankings that there is somebody who is being very curmudgeonly on this front about my opinion on the AFC West. Hopefully this can satisfy him. Because last night as I was in deep pain, I was in deep, deep jet lag pain trying to stay awake last night. It's seven o'clock our time. Wow.

I'm like, this jet lag absolutely and completely sucks. Throw that out there on Twitter. Within two seconds, I get a response from the middle of the country.

Eric Stonestreet, kind of like an AFC team you picked to win their division. Wow. Nine minutes it took him. Wow.

So Eric. I'm so glad I was on the right side. How many, my gosh, do not get on this man's bad sports take side ever.

You will never live it down. My bad. Hopefully I am 11 weeks in sitting here and saying that this is the best team in the NFL. They're more diversified on offense. The defense, we haven't even seen that Kansas City swoon, right? On defense. Like they have been. They've been playing really well, man. Chris Jones is having a beast of a year. Yes, he is. That's an old pro right there in the middle. And they got the MVP, I think right now. If I had to choose an MVP of through 10 weeks, it's Patrick Mullins. So jet lag sucks.

And so does my take of the Raiders winning the AFC West. I can't even watch back my videos pounding the table for them anymore. Why can't you be like your contemporaries, your peers, they make a bad take and then they move on pretend like has the more you bring it up, the more eyes are on it because now, you know, Roku has brought more eyes to the product, right? So every day more and more people come every day, more and more people know if you didn't bring it up. My point is, my point is I actually took to Twitter last night to complain about my jet lag.

And then you got just land base. And then out of nowhere, I didn't bring it up. He brought it up. I'm just saying. He brought it up.

Like jet lag absolutely and completely sucks. And he means like an AFC team that I chose to win the division. No, you just should have ignored it. Pretend like you didn't say it. Las Vegas Raiders are my jet lag is what I'm basically saying. I did see a comment yesterday, Rich. It pisses me off like Derek Carr.

It gave you props for being able to reevaluate old takes and admit when you were wrong. I have no problem doing that. I think that's an outlier. In this time zone. Literally no one else in the California sports talk.

I don't know about California. Doesn't one of our guy, our competitors have a like a segment where he was wrong? No, I thought he does that. I don't know.

Do we have competition? He's too busy riding. We're in a pretty deep end of the pool every day. He's worried about the red wave.

You weren't here the other day, Rich. I said the only way that came was that two lane green wave when we had the coach come. I heard we had the coach on while I was away. He had one of the best sound bites. He did and it did not go well for them on Saturday.

What was the sound bite? Well, we were talking about Bourbon Street and like Tom was asking him if he'd ever have a problem. He goes, no, we have a nice college campus. I don't think our guys go down to Bourbon Street.

At least I never see any of them down there when I'm there. It was just really funny. That sounds like a stock answer. That sounds like a stock answer. That's not one of his stock answers? You know what, even if it is, don't care.

First time I ever heard it. It was funny. He was very engaging and funny, so.

Very good. All right, 844-204, Rich is the number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show. The director of the new documentary called Shaq on HBO, Robert Alexander, is stopping by in studio. And then Will Anderson of Alabama. He will be the latest member of the Crimson Tide. I asked the question of what's the worst he's ever pissed off Nick Saban. I think the best answer we've gotten from it is Tua. Yeah. If you had to go Tua and then Mac Jones told a story about how he pissed him off in practice.

But just because of circumstances, right? Tua just won you a national title and you're still mad at him. Well, he threw a terrible interception before. Tua was trying to make a joke and we took the bad sack. Oh, that's right. That was the sack that he then found. Yeah, then he found Devante Smith in the end zone and that was all. He was trying to make a joke. Saban was not into jokes. Even though they just won. The glass egg. Or they don't have a glass egg anymore, do they? I can't tell. At any rate, that's next hour.

But when we come back, your phone calls 844-204, Rich. The World Tournament of Soccer kicks off next week in Qatar. And to make sure you're up to speed, we present Qatar Kickaround. All this week, the Kickaround guys are providing a primer of episodes for those watching their very first World Tournament or anybody who just wants to learn more and group previews all the way from A through H and predicting how they'll turn out. Will the U.S. even get out of their group? Will we get a surprise first time winner or will we get the storybook ending of Messi finally lifting the trophy?

Andy, Peter and Lars are your soccer friends from the group stage to the final, all available at or wherever you listen. It's heavy. 844-204, Rich.

Number to dial. But it's heavy, you said, right? Oh yeah, I couldn't just move this. I'm a big strong boy, but no, this thing. It takes a couple brothers to move this. I can't see who's on line one.

It's not on mine either, so just go to line two. All right, Benjamin in Ohio, you're here on The Rich Hudson Show. What's up, Benjamin? Oh, hi, Rich.

Go Blue. Oh, I didn't mean to surprise you. Oh, hey, Benjamin.

How are you, Benjamin? I was surprised you went right to me. I'm a lucky guy. Look at you. Oh, I know. Look at me.

Anyway, so I've got a problem, Rich. I'm on They've got the Pro Bowl voting open. And all year I've been hearing about this, about how some veteran quarterbacks, won't name names, are struggling. That's the big story of their season.

Yes. And so I'm looking at the ballot. And another big story, my team's the Chicago Bears, and I'm feeling great. I know you are feeling great about your Jets. I'm feeling great about my Bears.

Our future is bright because we have the quarterback. Rich, what's it going to take for this year, if these stories continue, for Justin Fields to make a Pro Bowl ballot? Okay, so right now, if you had to name the three quarterbacks in the NFC to make the Pro Bowl, although this year they're having, right, the skills, they changed it. It's not a game anymore.

Yeah, it's still an honor. You'd have to say Jalen Hurts. You have to say Kirk Cousins.

And seriously, Geno. Geno Smith, Tom Brady. Brady has to be named a Pro Bowl, right? I mean, he's currently first in attempts, second in yards. I think Cousins is probably out. It's probably Brady, Geno, and... No, Cousins is, come on, man. Cousins is above Brady in terms of a Pro Bowl. You think so? Yeah, because his team is dynamite. But Brady has 500 more yards, six less interceptions, and the same amount of touchdowns. So Justin Fields isn't too far away from...

He's not too far away. He's probably fifth right now. All right, you get to pick six of them. You get to vote for six of them on the site. But only three from each conference. No, it doesn't matter.

And it is a popularity contest. Yeah. I just picked Mahomes, Allen, Geno, Cousins, Lamar, and Justin. That's one, two, three, four.

Oh, and Jalen Hurts. Oh, let me just ask you a question, because I don't have the ballot in front of me. Can somebody vote for Bailey Zappi? Let's see, is Zappi on this list? He is... Zappi, can you vote for Zappi?

Well, I'm sure you can do write-ins. What the hell? Thanks, Benjamin. I appreciate it. What the hell?

Zappi. The disrespect is real right there. Marquis and Abu Dhabi, is that the actual country? That is, absolutely. You're on the Rich Eisen Show. Are you calling in from the Middle East, sir? Yes, sir, I am.

It's 9.50 at night, and I didn't have any alcohol yet. Okay. Oh my God, it's Suzy Schuster's husband. Are you the one who we met?

We met in Germany? Yes, I am. Look at you. Hey, brother Marquis. By the way, what an opening line, man. What an opening line for you.

You had me at hello right there. How surprised did I look when you came up to me and you said that to me at the, uh, as I'm drinking my Gluevine out there in Munich? At first you were scared sitting with your Swedish fans.

I was like, oh no, I snuck up on him and he might get a little scared. How great was the game? How great was that game? How great was that game, Marquis? It was awesome.

Isn't that great? It was awesome, man. I'm a Borussia Dortmund fan, so I'm used to that kind of crowd, but that was electric, man. Like, it was off the charts. The weather was beautiful, Hofbrauhaus right beforehand. I met Roger Goodell with a bunch of German guys. It was awesome, man. Did you go up to him and say you're Jane Skinner's husband? Is that how you met him? Did you use the same line?

He would have laughed too. Okay. Nah, man. I'm a 24 year retired Air Force guy, man. I've listened to your show in Singapore, Iceland, Afghanistan, and everywhere in between.

I want to thank you guys for what you do. I do have one. I have a word. I have a Japanese word for you guys.

Okay. It's called wabasabi. It roughly translates into perfectly imperfect. Your old La-Z-Boy, that old hoodie that your wife wants to throw out.

Kylo Ren's helmet that was broken and you put it back together. It's perfectly imperfect and you cannot live without it. Mike Del Tufo, you are our wabasabi. Very good. Fish McWilliams is our wabasabi. Love you, Mike. Love you too, brother.

Thanks for the call, Marquise, and it was great to meet you the other day. There he goes. See, he calls you wabasabi and you just hang up on him real fast. I mean, so you were done. You said thank you. That was a quick trigger. The guy's been on hold for like an hour from Abu Dhabi.

That's so nice of him. It's 10 o'clock at night there. Can you imagine that, man? Small world. Small world. That's amazing. That's awesome. Does that mean the commissioner was at the Hofbrauhaus before the game? Sounds like it. By the way.

Hold on, he sent me a picture. That's a hell of a tailgate. It would be in that spot. That spot is just dangerous.

Seriously, the beers just go down real easy in that spot. Super Bowls over there. In Germany?

All over. I don't think they will ever export the Super Bowl because that's a significant economic boost to the American city that hosts it. So I think that's something they'll never export. They should just keep that thing local. Be nice. We may be nice. Why would that be nice? You couldn't go. What does he care? He's just sitting on his boat anyway.

Oh, that's not true. You're going this year, right? Are you doing something for Fox this year?

I told you no. You're not. You're just going to be here? I'm actually, I'm doing a couple of things during the week. Oh, you're going to get a selfie with Rihanna? That's what you're going to get? No, I'm not predicting that.

I've already met Rihanna. Oh, he doesn't need to do that. I thought you were out of the predicting game because it always fails. Fantastic. All right, so here's how we're rolling into hour number two. Will Anderson of Alabama will be joining us on the program when he phones in in the middle of the hour. And then Robert Alexander, he's the director of the new HBO Sports documentary four-part series on Shaq that debuts next week. He's also the director of many episodes of The Shop, so let's talk about with him in studio when we come back.

Still here on our friends at Roku as well. You got a poll question over there, Christopher? Any ideas? Yeah, I had, hold on a second, I had one the other day about that I was- The other day? Well, that I wanted to do later in the week.

Okay, what do you got? Because I'm just thinking about ideas all the time. You know, never sleeps. That's right, I got it. The crime never stops. I know about the never sleeping right now.

Never slob, never sleeps. I was thinking about five win AFC team. You have the most confidence to make the playoffs. Bengals? That's Bengals Patriots Chargers. Bengals? Why, why on the Bengals?

I don't get it. Why? Because last year they proved to you how they can get hot and be difficult to stop. That's why. Yeah, yeah, it's called a fluke.

Oh boy. I think your Patriots are more of a fluke right now than Cincinnati. Not a fluke.

I said they would be five and four at the break and they are. And you like the Chargers then? You would vote for the Chargers? No, I don't think they're very well coached. So, it feels like Sean Payton's gonna be the head coach there next year. You think so, huh?

Yeah. Southern California, he likes it here. Superstar quarterback who's really not tapping into his crazy potential because of weird coaching. Will he get a piece of the stadium? Is that how the the Chargers are gonna meet his asking price? You heard the number he's supposedly asking for. To be the coach?

Yeah, start to the two. Great, give it to him. Who cares? Who cares? If you're able to unlock Justin Herbert and suddenly you're a 12-13 win team, worth it.

No? I agree. They should bring Antonio Gates in if that's the case. Let him coach.

Back after this. It could be information to change your life forever or the Something You Should Know podcast could just be something interesting. Ramit Sade talking about being rich. The old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated but it wasn't about how to spend it, it was more about how to get it. But okay, so once you get it, what do you do with it? In our culture, everybody tells you how to save but nobody teaches you how to spend it. Something You Should Know, wherever you listen.
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