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REShow: Cliff Avril/Kristian Fulton - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 11, 2022 3:25 pm

REShow: Cliff Avril/Kristian Fulton - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 11, 2022 3:25 pm

Former NFL Pro Bowl DE Cliff Avril tells guest host Tom Pelissero how this year’s surprising Seahawks have a similar mindset to his Legion of Boom squads, reacts to his former QB Russell Wilson’s struggles with the Denver Broncos, and more.

Titans CB Kristian Fulton tells Tom what positives Tennessee took from their Week 9 loss to the Chiefs, how head coach Mike Vrabel’s personality rubs off on the team, how he’s preparing to face Russell Wilson and the Broncos in Week 10.

Rich calls in from Munich, Germany ahead of calling the play-by-play for the NFL Network’s telecast of the Buccaneers vs the Seahawks, and Brockman offers up his NFL Week 10 picks in ‘Sneaky Good Games.’

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This is the Rich Eisen Show with guest host, Tom Pelissero. I should have known that by saying, when was the last time we talked about Marcus Mariota that something bad would happen last night?

Does that qualify as irony? Hey, when do you ever hear Marcus Mariota's name? Well, here it is. Like a fall down rolling over interception? That was unique. I'll say that. I said after the game, you know, I was trying to make some something happen in my career.

That's when I've gotten in trouble. Yeah. So what do the Falcons do here?

It's going to be fascinating to see how Arthur Smith approaches this. He's been steadfast and Marcus Mariota is the guy. He also was on staff in Tennessee when they bench Marcus Mariota. I want to say right about this time of season, might have been a little bit earlier and went to Ryan Tannehill several years ago.

You had Desmond Ritter on the bench. He was regarded by a lot of people in the pre-draft process as being the most ready in terms of the makeup and the character and the leadership and all those types of things. The question was just, is he accurate enough? Can you throw the ball accurately enough at the NFL level? You think the Falcons have a pretty good feel on that for better or worse with Desmond Ritter.

And so we'll see how they approach things. Somebody pointed out to me, Arthur Blank was at the game last night, which is normal. He is at basically every Falcons game. Arthur Blank also was in South Bend for the game where Desmond Ritter beat Notre Dame last year. That was part of their pre-draft evaluation.

The owner actually went and watched him. So the fact that they drafted that guy, albeit later than a lot of people thought, Desmond Ritter was going to go sliding into the third round. Don't overlook that because you know the owner was on board with that selection here. And some of the Falcons who, remember, it's only a half game out, could be back tied for first place in the NFC South. If the Bucks lose to the Seahawks on Sunday, we'll see how they decide to proceed going forward. We got some other injury updates, by the way.

Some of these we mentioned in the last hour. T.J. Watt says he will play Sunday against the Saints. Does not anticipate being on a snap count. A huge lift for the Steelers. Nine weeks, I believe, after he got hurt. It was a week one injury. The initial walking off the field. I tore my pec. Did injure his pec.

Not a full tear. Able to come back and amazingly back here at midseason. Shaquille Leonard out again against the Raiders. So Jeff Saturday, much like Frank Reich before him, will have to go on the road and try to get a win in Las Vegas without his best player on defense. Josh Allen.

This could be all part of the ruse. I give John McDermott credit. If this is just part of the bit, Josh Allen was not on the practice field at the start of practice when reporters were out there. But then the way they set up in Buffalo, a lot of times you walk through the fieldhouse to the post practice pressure.

Josh Allen jogging off the field with the jersey on. They have less than two hours to file a final injury report. So as we go hour by hour with Sean McDermott, the hours are wearing thin and we shall soon know handicap it. Is it out? Doubtful. Questionable. The first time the first game, if a player misses it, a lot of times it's questionable. They could go doubtful. I don't think they'll go out. Would surprise me.

But you don't know. There's only three options and I just covered all my bases there. So like maybe 50-30-20 or 50-40-10? Like I said, a lot of times. 60-40-0? I'd say 50-50 that he's questionable or not.

And everything else is somewhere in those other categories. But again, when a player misses the first game, a lot of times that's when you get the questionable designation. And then you can call it 50-50. That's what the league wants to see is that you got some guys who are questionable or in, some are out.

We'll see how they decide to handle it. Also, Kyler Murray, game time decision for the Cardinals against the Rams. He's got that hamstring injury that he talked about on hard knocks.

Did not look particularly comfortable. Cliff Kingsbury says they'll take it up to kickoff. And then Jahan Dotson, the commander's rookie receiver, who we have not seen in a while here as the commanders have been. They've had some good moments on offense with Taylor Heinecky. Terry McLaurin has finally gotten himself going here.

But Dotson was pretty good when he was on the field. A good sign for him. We'll see. I'm again guessing he's listed as questionable.

We'll see how they decide to handle it. But full participation today. That is a very good sign. We're joined right now on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line by a guy I was awfully fond of during the course of his NFL career. Played a long time in Detroit and Seattle.

He won a Super Bowl with the Seahawks. Pleased to be joined right now by old friend Cliff Averill. Cliff, first off, where are you at these days and what are you up to? I'm still here in Seattle, man.

I got a real estate company that I've been kind of building out since I was playing, actually. And also do a lot of stuff with the Seahawks as well from a mentoring side of things and just being involved in the community. Whatever you're doing mentoring-wise over there for the Seahawks, if you're doing anything in the building, it seems to be working. I know a lot of people were surprised about how the Seahawks are playing. I came away from camp going, they're young, but this kind of feels like that early 2010s team where it was the young guys, the competitiveness and everything. But I mean, I think they've exceeded basically anybody's reasonable expectations here. Oh, no doubt.

You know, it's fun because this summer I came, I was at one of the OTA's. And Coach Caro had me bring the guy down in practice or whatever. And that's the first thing I said was like, hey guys, not one person in this country, in this league right now believes you guys are going to have success.

But if everyone in this locker room believes it, hey, this guy's the limit. And I can't say they took it to heart or anything like that because when I was playing, I probably wouldn't have been listening. But overall though, they believe in each other, they believe in themselves. And that resonates with me when I was with the Seahawks. That was what made us so great was we believed in one another.

We understood we needed one another to have success. And to see these guys do what they've been doing, man, it's pretty impressive. Even setting aside what you lose in terms of on the field with Russell Wilson or Bobby Wagner, there's also something to the idea in my mind and just talking to people, you've been in locker rooms a lot more than I have in a different role, but it does seem like there's something to be said for the leadership void. And when you've got players like that who have been there forever, young guys may not ascend into those roles.

They may not be able to take those leadership spots. How much of that dynamic is real in terms of whether it's a DK Metcalf or somebody else who suddenly is thrust into that role and seems to be doing it well? Oh, well, I feel like even when you bring up DK, Tyler Lockie's no spring chicken.

He's playing like it, right? And Tyler learned from Doug Baldwin. So I think it kind of just comes from the older players that have been around, some of the veteran guys. A lot of us still come around, whether it's myself, KJ Wright, Sherm, all of us, you know, all of us still come around and just try to drop gyms from time to time on the guys. And what's so funny because we'll go to dinner with some of the guys as well. And you start talking to these guys and they're like, man, when I was in high school, you guys were amazing.

I'm like, what the heck are you talking about? You know, so when you speak, when you speak, they definitely listen. And I think all of that plays a role in just the mentality of what it looks like to have success. But those guys are stepping up.

They have the right leaders in place when you talk about DK, Tyler, heck Geno, you know, being a 10 year vet, you know, once you start playing well, you know, it's easy to fall in line and follow the guys that are having success. It is funny that you, you know, you talk about telling the players nobody in this country believes in you. That was, that was a big part of your program when you guys made your Super Bowl run. I mean, I remember Doug Baldwin, you talk about him. Doug murdered me worse than anybody ever about something I wrote.

And you might even remember this. I wrote something about the Seahawks wide receivers and he ended up going on this rant. I wasn't even at the game. Also, I started seeing the quotes responding to me and, you know, to Doug's credit, he's a great guy. He is a salty dude, but he's a great guy. We became friends, you know, over the years there, but man, it was very much like us against the world. Doug came off, I want to say after the SC championship game and screamed at the media, was yelling at us in that little part where you, before we can get onto the field or into the locker room, he's yelling at us. Like that's, that was what it was all about. And I heard that back in the spring that like this Seahawks team kind of has that, that same vibe, that doggy dog to him. You know, it's, it's, it's, it's funny because, um, you know, if you look at the rookie class right now, all those guys playing a huge role in the success and, and they all have a tip on their shoulders. If you look at, you know, when we were having our success, Doug Baldwin being undrafted, Richard Sherman being a fifth round draft kid cam, you know, the list is long myself, you know, going from being a franchise to the team, not wanting you, Michael big, like everybody had a chip on their shoulder and that's what allowed us to, to, to have so much success. And I truly believe these guys Gino, for example, has a chip on shoulder to show that he deserves to be a starting quarterback in NFL, but not only starting like one of the top quarterbacks this season so far.

Right? So like these guys are playing with that chip and then you got, you got to give hats off to coach Carolyn and John Snyder and them just being able to, to steer this chip and make, make sure, you know, these guys kind of have that mindset as well. Well, and Pete and John had the vision here. They obviously hit in the draft, you know, Schneider and his staff did, and that that's a big part of this, but they also, you know, did the difficult thing here, which was Russell Wilson wanted to move on to someplace else. They were willing, they got a, you know, very large package of picks and players to move on from them.

And then rather than going out and trading for Baker Mayfield or doing something else drastic position, they got drew lock in the trade. They said, we're going to let him and, and Gino just kind of, kind of duke it out here. When you, when you, when you now look at, at Russ and again, it's, it's a new place, it's a new system, but you were around him for a long time. What, what, what do you think is, is going on with him right now? You know, it's, it's his first time in his 10, his 11 year career where things aren't going as well. You know, whether it's a struggle for him personally or as a team. And I think it's just a new place for him.

Right. And, and now all the, the tops of, of, you know, the positivity and like it didn't, now you really have to put that in the plate, right? As things get harder and things aren't going your way, you have to hype yourself up and make sure that you're not the reason why, or how to get out of that situation. So right now I think Russ is, I think I truly believe genuinely, like that's who he is as far as for that mindset. And that's what's going to get him through this, this, this, this patch of bad weather, as you would call it. I do think, you know, he will continue to play at a high level. I do think it's been in a new environment, new situation, new coaches, the coaches have to learn what makes him great. You know, sitting in the pocket all day long, it's definitely not his play, right? So just both sides kind of figuring out each other.

And I think that's when they'll start to have success. But overall though, I think, I think Russ will definitely get through this and, and get back to being his health and quarterback that we know him as. You know, Sherman Marshawn had a conversation that kind of went viral a month or so ago about having to go through Russ's manager. Do you have Russ's phone number Cliff? You know what I was watching that? Yes.

One to answer your question. Yes. I actually text with him quite often. And, and, and I think those guys, uh, part of it was joking. Um, I don't think there's ever been a time where Marshawn really couldn't get in contact with Russ. Like that was a quarterback.

Come on, man. Um, you know, but you know, they, they, they, they, they all kind of, you know, they all have their, their, their situations and issues with, with Russ, but overall though, Russ has been great to me. I still, like I said, I communicate with him pretty often.

Um, you know, I'll shoot him, text him and like, Hey man, I know it's been rough, but Hey, stay, stay in there or, you know, whatever, whatever it may be. So, uh, overall though, I think, I think Russ is going to be all right. Cliff, you were, you were a good player for a long time in the NFL. You had a lot of sacks. You played in Detroit where, you know, everything's a battle.

You went to Seattle, obviously won a ton of games there. When you, when you watch the NFL now, you haven't been out that long, even out like six years or so from the league. But when you look at the, you know, the stats being down, the points are down, the scoring's down, offenses seem to be struggling. Is this, is this offense is not being at the same level they were before, or have defenses caught up? Well, you know, me being a defensive player, I would like to say defenses have caught up, right.

Uh, but, but I think it's a combination of different things. I mean, the game is different in general. Um, the game is different from when I stepped into the NFL at N O eight to 2013 to 2018 when I retired. And, um, you know, I think the practice style, although people, you know, and I'm all for safety, safety, I'm all for, um, you know, player safety and wanting guys to, to make sure that they're, they're finally leave the game in the same breath. Um, you know, football is one is one of the few sports that the only way you get better at it is by doing it. You know, basketball, you know, you, you, you got to dribble, you know, you can get your shots up by yourself, but football, if you're not leaning up against the person, every single play, like you're going to do, it's kind of hard to simulate that anywhere else, but on the football field. So I think, you know, the, the practices, um, you know, the, the, the, the preseason plays a role to preseason where I became a player, right. That's what, cause when the job's on the line, that's where you become a player, right?

That's where you, you, you develop, uh, cause you're going to actually get game reps. And I think that's the only way you can become good at football. So I failed to say all of those things, I think, play a role in why the numbers may be down on offense. Uh, you know, I think, you know, collectively the play has kind of, I don't want to say dropped off cause you guys are elite athletes, but the play is definitely not what, what we've seen in the past.

And I do think as God kind of catch their rhythm on, on the system and everything else, you know, the play will come back up, but I think all those things play a role in why, uh, things kind of, I guess, gotten a little stagnant a little bit. So have you made your, uh, your plans in Arizona for, to watch the Seahawks in the Superbowl yet, or are you still giving that a little bit more time? I'm gonna give them, I'm gonna give them a little bit more time, give them a little bit more time, but, uh, the last time we was in eight, the, uh, wasn't, wasn't a great outcome. So, uh, you know, I just, I hope they get there and I hope they're able to pull it off, but I'm gonna give them, I'm giving them about three or four more weeks.

We'll start making plans from there. Well, do you face, you face Tom Brady, right? In the Superbowl, even, uh, when he was playing with the Patriots, this is a, this is a pretty big game over there in Munich this weekend.

Huge game, huge, huge game. Um, you know, the, the old head and Tom Brady still, still chugging them along. You know, every time I see him, I got to laugh because he came into the league before me. I played 10 years. He's still playing.

It's crazy. Um, but to see him continue to keep playing, you know, playing at a high level, um, that, that last drive last week was amazing and precious. Um, but you know, I mean, I'm excited to see what the Seahawks can do about him.

That young, hungry defense, I think can, can make Tom, uh, uneasy back in the pocket and make them throw some, some balls their way. Cliff, great catching up with you, man. Good luck with everything you got going in Seattle. If we can, uh, catch up again soon.

No, I appreciate you having me. Great catching up. It is cliff Avril, the former Sea Hawk, former lion super bowl champion here on the rich Eisen show. We have had an absolutely packed Friday show here on the rich eyes and show a lot of injury updates. We're still going to get to, we got another guest coming up right after this Titans quarterback, Christian Fulton.

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The first Elizabeth, the first, the podcast wherever you listen. Tom Pellicero back on the rich eyes and show so many updates to get to from around the NFL, including some injuries. But right now, join us on the Mercedes Benz vans phone line goes in his third year at LSU has been killing it for the Titans are back. Christian Fulton is with us.

Christian, thanks for taking some time, man. Broncos up this week. How's the vibe around that place? You know, the vibes are good, you know, come but still, you know, coming off a tough loss. That's always tough, but you know, guys, you know, just trying to get as healthy, you know, as they can and, you know, just ready to go, you know, get this taste out of them out. What positives, if any, did you take away from that game last week going, going toe to toe with a really good team at a time that, you know, quite frankly, you guys are dealing with a lot in terms of injuries and guys who are out.

All right. No positive, you know, that we see that, you know, no matter who we got out there, you know, we're always going to fight and we're always going to give ourselves a chance, you know, to win the game. I think that's the biggest thing we got out of that. You know, we're missing a lot of starters.

Some guys went down mid game, so guys continue to fight. And we know that as long as we eliminate some of our space, you know, that we gave ourselves, uh, we probably win that game. So, um, that's the key takeaway from that game. And like you said, it's one of the top teams in the league.

So that was a positive. I'm always fascinated by how head coaches personalities can rub off on their team. And when I watch you guys play at a time that, you know, you're down your quarterback and you're one of your receivers and you're nicked up on defense, you got all these challenges and somehow you guys still go play and turn it into a Mike Vrabel type of game. It's grimy, it's physical, it's not going to be, you know, a shootout type of game.

How does, how does Vrabel do that? And kind of just instill that, that mentality in you guys that, Hey, you know, no matter who we're going up against, we're going to find a way to play this brand of football. Yeah. Um, I mean, I think he just, you know, he kind of knows what kind of players he wants, you know, guys, you know, that, that are the same way, you know, personally and guys who, um, who want to buy into our culture, you know, that's the culture around here. You know, we're going to be more physical team. We're going to be tough. And, um, we know that doesn't only, that doesn't win games, but we know if we do that, we give ourselves a chance, especially with the league we're in today. You know, when everybody wants, you know, throw the ball around, you know, nobody wants to get hit really. So, uh, we know if we, uh, we hit other people and, uh, we are more physical, you know, we give ourselves a better chance and, uh, we're used to that.

You know, we, uh, we can't, we bank it out, we can make it out against each other. So, uh, we kind of are ready for, you know, heading into the season. So this, the injury report just came out, no Jeff Simmons, no Amani Hooker, no Bud Dupree, no Zach Cunningham.

Give me the state of the, the defense at this point and how you guys are going to put this thing together to face the Broncos. Um, I mean, we kind of been banged up all year, you know, guys have been in and out for some of those guys that was just named. So, um, we, we know guys will step up, you know, and accept the challenge and take advantage of the opportunity. So, um, it's, um, you know, it's tough not having those guys, obviously most of those guys are game changers, you know, for us. But, um, I feel like, you know, as long as we're all on the same page, we communicate, uh, we give ourselves a chance, you know, everybody's going to play for a tilt for us.

And like you said, uh, the culture around us to be physical and to know what to do. So, um, that's, that's the plan. And we know guys will step up and take on that role. Well, you popped up on the injury report too.

He did not participate yesterday. Are you good on that hamstring? We going to see you out there on Sunday? Yeah.

Yeah. I'm gonna be good. You know, just, you know, it's just a long game, long game last week, you know? So, um, I said, guys are just trying to, you know, get their body rights ready to go for Sunday.

But, um, yeah, I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be good to go for Sunday. I mean, you've had a heck of a year just looking at all the stats and the analytics, what, you know, your third year in the league, you're probably seeing these quarterbacks for a second or third time at this point. Like what, what's allowed you, do you feel if you have taken a jump to, to take that jump? Um, just, uh, knowing what's coming to me, you know, I feel like I've put a lot of time in, uh, watching film, you know, and I feel like that's a big difference, you know, um, once you get the experience out there, you know, you played a year or two, you know, with that under your belt, it kind of slows down for you. And you just have to find those little things like watching film, you know, that can slow down even more.

So, um, I feel like that's how I've taken the next step. Um, and, um, obviously taking more care of my body, you know, to make sure I am on the field. Um, last year, you know, I had a, um, I think I missed like four games, so I've been trying to take care of my body better, you know, that's how I've been able to, you know, take that next step, you know, and, uh, make those plays. What kind of stuff do you do to take care of the body?

Is it diet? Is it, is it massages? Like, what is it you're doing differently?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just, uh, the diet, you know, that's a big thing. Eating better, um, getting more treatment outside the facility, because obviously, you know, you got to get treatment while you're here, you might as well. So, um, just finding ways I could treat my body better, you know, in the off season, um, those are the main things for me.

Um, and still, you know, just talking to the vets, you know, and finding things that they do to help them. So those, but, uh, eating better and, um, getting like treatment outside of those two things, I would say for sure. What was the hardest thing to cut out of your diet? Ah, man. The ribs, man. The ribs. I love ribs, man. I try to, uh, leave the pork alone as much as I can. Um, but, uh, you know, just eat more fish, you know, things like that.

Um, that's kind of been, uh, changed for me. You could find ribs easily in Nashville. I don't know how much good fish you got in Nashville, but ribs. That's, that's the easy one.

I got almost every corner. Exactly. It's barbecue.

Yeah, exactly. Uh, Christian Foulden, Titans' quarterback is our guest. So you're, you're watching the Broncos on tape, uh, throughout the course of this week. Uh, you obviously they got Jerry, Judy, they got Courtland Sutton and they got a quarterback in Russell Wilson, who we've talked about a lot, uh, on TV for a lot of different reasons through the course of the season. What, what do you see when you watch Russ and when you watch that, that offense operate right now? Um, it looks like, you know, getting things together, you know, obviously, you know, we know they had a slow start, you know, at the beginning of the year, but, um, I feel like, you know, when they got to London, you know, they kind of, he kind of found his receivers, you know, some guys got open even more. Um, like you said, they have talented receivers, so we know those guys, uh, can make any plays and we know the history of Russ. Russ can make any throw.

So, um, that's, that's the main thing that stands out. You know, guys are getting them open and he's making the throws that he usually makes. So, uh, we expect them, you know, to come in, um, ready to swing and, uh, we're expecting to fight cause they're coming off a, uh, he was winning in London and then they had the bi-week so they're arrested. So, um, you know, we expect their best shot. Uh, we expect them, him to get the ball in their hands, uh, quick, uh, and take shots with him, with his guys, you know, and then I know their, uh, running back got hurt.

So, you know, they're going to try to, uh, you know, uh, get to, get the ball to the receivers, you know, as much as they can. I want to address a tweet. Uh, I think it was the last one you had, it was over the last weekend and it's a top five us for real. I'm, I'm taking a wild guess. This is about your tigers who came in number seven. They're at seven right now in the college football playoff rankings. How do you feel about that? Uh, I feel great. You know, um, I feel like they finally, uh, found their, um, their kick, you know, what they, uh, can do to win. You know, I feel like the defense is playing pretty good. Uh, the offense is playing a lot better, you know, from when they started the season. And um, I mean, it's good to see, you know, special teams that's been better these last few games. I feel like that kind of killed us, you know, in some of our losses. So, um, cause Kelly, you know, he's doing a great job now, you know, and, uh, they're on their way, you know, as long as they went out, you know, they're on their way to some big things. Yeah.

It's the last thing for you here, Christian, appreciate the time. Uh, again, big game for you guys against the Broncos at the time that you're banged up. What in your mind's the biggest key to, uh, to being able to get a win against Denver? Uh, we just got to, um, do what we can to affect Russ. You know, like I said, he's a guy that can, uh, make all the throws. Uh, he's smart. He knows what he, um, what he's seeing most of the times. And, uh, you know, he's going to run, you know, when he can, he's going to scramble and try to extend plays.

So we just got to affect him as much as we can, you know, and, uh, I feel like we affect them, you know, our D line, you know, stop the run, we'll be able to, um, you know, slow them down as much as we, we should, we feel like we can. And no ribs. So stay away from the barbecue for the next couple of days. I know it's tempting.

I think you got this Christian. We appreciate the time, man. Thanks a lot for coming on. Best of luck. Yes, sir. Appreciate y'all having me.

Thank you. That is Titans. Cornerback Christian Fulton. It is unbelievable when you just list off the injuries that the Titans have.

I mean, it's, it's almost all their best players. Christian Fulton's another one of them, but Jeff Simmons is a game record type. Zach Cunningham's kind of had this second life to his career since he got there.

Imani Hooker, they just extended him. Now he's out, uh, as well there, but you saw it last week against the chiefs. They find ways to dictate what the game is going to be. You're going to have to beat us playing Titans brand of football. Really the only game where that didn't happen this year was the one against Buffalo where the Bills turned it into a track meet.

And that's a hard thing to do. Uh, it'll be interesting to see now Denver coming off there by how much, if anything is different, we'd guess Russell Wilson will be wearing a wristband again. Certainly sounds like Nathaniel Hackett is saying that there may be gathering a little rhythm. They've got totally different running backs than they had at the start of the season here. We'll see if they use chase Edmonds.

So they just acquired in that trade. And obviously who gets the opportunities without, uh, Bradley Chubb out there. You'd expect more Nick Benito would be a part of the plan, assuming that he's a healthy and good to go. Speaking of injuries. Uh, we talked earlier about the Josh Allen sighting, not at the beginning of practice, but hour by hour at the end of practice, Josh Allen made an appearance. I believe we have video of Josh Allen. Here he is.

I don't see any visible any on the double. And there he goes. He's a runner. He's a track star tape on the back, but it's not a brace. Okay, let's just keep running it here. Brockman, what do you see?

Tell me about it. I see he's wearing a red. He's wearing the red jersey, no pads.

He picks up some gloves and he sprints off. Good form, high form that Michael Johnson back in the day, gold medal, gold shoes, DJ 96 Olympics. It looks really good. Pinching that walnut behind there.

He's got good form, really good form, tight cut. Does he still have the Movember mustache? It looks like he does. Also, I can't tell. I mean, it looks like he might have one of those 70 style ace bandages. It's kind of skin tone. Yeah, there's something on there. You're right. It's hard to really tell there.

He could have a farmer's tan. I don't know brace there, but there is something. I think you're right. He picked it up at Rite Aid in Buffalo, downtown, and it's like an ace bandage that you keep with the safe, the steel safety.

It's maybe six to eight inches long. I just want to know. There's the steel. Yeah, nice work. Do you think that they like they had to match up like they compared it like when you you compare the colors like on the wall, you know, and you've got different ones like what what's gonna be the closest to his skin tone here, match the paint, make everybody study it.

I really want to know, TJ, where was he going? Oh, you know, practice. Nobody jumps up. Well, look, he shot out of a cannon. He was obviously nervous. And when he get nervous, your mouth gets dry. So when your mouth gets dry, you hydrate. You tend to over hydrate. Now, the way that man was running, it was clear they had to water and fertilize something.

That's why you had to go back to that. Josh Allen is a giant compared to Case Keenum. Case Keenum is Case Keenum's like my height. He's not for nothing.

Oh, man. He's Case Keenum. I mean, he comes up to his shoulder. Yeah, there's definitely a wrap. I mean, Josh and Josh has got to be 65, right?

Six, four, six, five, somewhere around there. And then Case is six foot flat case. Case Keenum has a lot of things going for him. He's got guts. He's got moxie. He's got toughness. He's smart.

Height is height. Not so much, which is how you can be as prolific as he was in college and then not get drafted and spend your career. He's on like his seventh team.

I think I was just going to say it's not my head. Test me on this. Texans know that one. Still the all time waiting passer in NCAA history. He was on the Rams, I believe, in both places, both L.A. and St. Louis. I know that he was on the Vikings. He was on the Broncos. He was on the Browns. Yep. Now the Bills.

Am I missing one or is that everyone? He was on the football team between Denver and Cleveland. When when was he there?

Two thousand nineteen. He started eight games. He started eight games for the commanders for or whatever they were called at that time. I think they were I think they were still in 2019.

They might have still been the Redskins. I I somehow have blocked that out completely from one in seven. So he probably blocked it out as well. Well, you know why? Because it was two thousand nineteen and anything that happened in two thousand nineteen quickly got forgotten once twenty twenty to be four times.

Yeah. So it's understandable if you don't remember. We started two games in the last three years. When we went to and over Cleveland in twenty one and he got traded in the same sequence where the Browns they'd obviously acquired Deshaun Watson. Then they were signing Jacoby Brissett and worked out a trade that had to stay quiet for several days. I ended up breaking that on like a random Saturday afternoon that the Browns had traded Case Keenum to the Bills, which seems like a thing. Pretty big name. What were you doing that Saturday afternoon?

That's a great question. That one was not no offense to Case Keenum. That was not a big enough break that I remember this specifically.

What I'm pretty sure I was in my office like I always am at home in the basement waiting to go on home cam and talk about whatever exactly was going on. Also, another injury update. Matthew Stafford. Yeah. Questionable. According to Sean McVeigh, questionable means something different in the concussion protocol.

Like that's a very specific thing. So he's not yet been cleared. He's doing some level of activity. This means he has a chance to get back for Sunday, but everything would have to get every box would have to get checked and then he's going to be cleared. You would think prior to Sunday morning, I can't remember the exact timeline on it, but really the next 24 hours are going to be crucial for Matt Stafford. If not, it is going to be his backup, John Wolford, getting a start against quite possibly Cole McCoy from the Cardinals. So that's your state of the NFL at this moment. We got some more to get to here. Some additional injury updates. Also, Rich Eisen is going to join the show. We think that what time is in Germany? Did we determine this?

It's nine hours ahead, so it's almost 8 40. Okay, so he's probably going to be at another dining dash dinner with Michael Irvin. Hopefully not.

He was drinking wine. We talked to him the other day. We'll see. We'll see.

Video on his story that night of him. Rich Sharon is schnitzel with him. And I was like, this is minutes before Mike said I'm out.

We've also got some sneaky good games. Yeah, buddy. We're on fire. We're on fire time for this show is up. So let's take a quick break here. Rich himself can review the job I'm doing.

Talk about a lot more important stuff from Germany after this. Tom Pellicero in for rich eyes in my final segment after a fun few days and what better way to celebrate this glorious run and a drink one I've enjoyed greatly than to have rich himself. All a drink would be good to rich himself. Maybe he's had a drink from Munich, Germany right now. Rich, I believe you saw the Buccaneers today. Where are we?

Where are we speaking to you? I did. I did.

I did. The Bucks were working out at at the Academy for Bayern Munich. It's unbelievable. It's a sprawling complex that's just for it's like an IMG Academy, but just for Bayern Munich. It's kids who, you know, are as young as a I guess, from what I was told, eight years old who train there. And, you know, and if it all works out, they wind up playing for the big boy club, which is where Seattle's working out this week. I mean, it was wild there. You know, Bucks came in today and went straight to the practice field. And and then some of them are going out to dinner and enjoying their sights down down before hitting a curfew and then starting all over again. And we got a game in two days. People are lit. People are fired up here.

Rich, nobody cares. Did you hug Tom Brady for me? I did not.

I did not. Come on, man. I hugged him for myself. So back off. Back off. I'm just happy, Rich. I'm happy you found time to to go see the Buccaneers amidst all the food photos that we've been watching from you in your Instagram story for days now. Some more to come.

So we don't have to. I will say, when you hung up the ice cream spaghetti, it looked really good. It looked really good.

I wasn't kidding. Look, really? It was like, wow, it's amazing.

Yeah, I know. Like it was real ice cream that made it look like it was pasta. And they poured red sauce. It was strawberry sauce with strawberries. And then they shaved what looked like cheese on top.

But it really was, you know, chocolate was white chocolate. Wow. And then last night we went to the Hofbrau house and both Mariuji and Joe Thomas showed up in Liederhosen in shorts. Peter King, who I saw earlier in the day said, let's have a beer. I'm like, you come by. He came by.

You've never lived life until you watch Peter King buy a pretzel. That happened last night. You know, so it was wild. It was just a wild evening last night. Surprised that everyone's just tapping out and having room service tonight. The whole network is wiped out from last night. Everybody that is.

That's every carb is right in that photo that we're looking at right now. A pretzel and a bunch of beers here, Rich. Also, I noticed on your way out of the Hofbrau house, you got you got duped yesterday.

A fake load. I don't drink it, dude. I never drink beer like ever. And I had two monster steins and I went on Twitter. I tried to warn you about that last thing I said. If I'd only gone to Hofbrau house tonight, you know, the blue check marks being given away to anybody with $8, that program's already over. So that actually happened in the last two hours.

I don't know if you're aware of that. So, yeah, so I wouldn't have been duped, but no, I did. We're looking at your, your follow-up tweets. So the initial tweet from a fake WOJ account was the Brooklyn Nets.

It was a good fake. I will say that in terms of the language of the Brooklyn Nets are releasing Kyrie Irving, you re you quote tweeted with, wow, that stayed there for, I want to say 30, 40 minutes or so. And then the follow-up that we're looking at here is the new Twitter sucks. Should know better to tweet leaving the Hofbrau house in Munich.

And by the way, the person who informed me that I was duped was Jake Tapper texting me. He's got nothing else going on. I know he's just waiting for some ballots to trickle in. And I was waiting for some ballots to come in. So life is wild.

Life is wild. So you are calling the Seahawks-Bucks game Sunday morning, bright and early here, afternoon there on NFL network with the rest of the game day morning crew. It'll be Mooch and Irv, Kurt, yourself. What's in store for you the next, I guess it's less than 48 hours here in Munich. And what are you looking forward to seeing, what are you looking forward to seeing in the game? Oh no.

Well, is any time minutes ago? Um, for four man booth until apparently somebody, um, forgot to tell, um, you know, the folks who are putting everything together here, that the assistant coaches need a space. So what they're doing is creating space from our 17 feet on either side for the coaches. So, uh, I'll have the coaches of each team on either side.

And apparently me, Mooch, Kurt and Irv will be shoulder to shoulder. We're going to try that one out tomorrow. Um, so we're going to the stadium to just try it on for a meeting, uh, and then the game Sunday. And, um, like I said, uh, I mean, I just met a family from Angola that are big Buccaneer fans. This is as close as the team is ever going to get to Angola. So they flew in for this, uh, Mooch got stopped on the street by a German speaking, um, person who rooted for the Falcons, uh, years ago, they found a YouTube video, um, on the Falcons and saw that they didn't win a lot.

So they wanted to join a team that they could never be accused of bandwagon hopping. Uh, we've met that person. Um, honestly it's, it's crazy. And um, and I have a feeling this is the first of many, many games in Germany. It's going to be great.

I'm fired up and, and both teams are here. And, uh, you know, I met with the Seahawks, um, yesterday and they were like kids, they were like 10 year olds from their coach to everyone else. They had like big boom in music. They were partying, having a good time while, you know, doing their, uh, at their practice. Um, uh, Pete Carroll had, uh, saw Irv and Kurt on the side and he had them impromptu break the team down. I think the Seahawks tweeted that video out. Um, they went, then they went bowling to celebrate drew walk's birthday. Um, and the bucks are a little bit more buttoned up. Um, and, um, but they're, you know, they think the last 44 seconds of their game against the Rams could turn their season.

So they're coming in and feeling good about themselves the first time in a while. I believe before we let you go, we do have one other photo of you from Munich that we wanted to bring up. Now this might be Photoshop, but it appears to be you prancing in a field wearing a leader hose and, but your normal dress shirt, which I think is a nice look that's not happening. I don't know where that's from.

That's probably another fake WOJ account sound of either hills are alive for sure. Definitely not today. I'm just going to text you that picture right now. Rich special. I'd like to see that. That's very good. I just texted to you. Excellent. Thank you so much.

I miss you guys. Hey Tom, thanks for doing the show. I've heard nothing but great things. Tremendous feedback.

Thank you. Hope you've enjoyed it. And, um, hopefully first of many times you'll you're up for doing it. It's been an unbelievable experience, man. So I really, really appreciate the, uh, the opportunity. Stay, uh, stay safe.

Have a, have whatever fun you got left in you over there the next couple of days. Guten Abend. Guten Abend to you. Remember, Rich, it's Tom Brady and Gino Smith. Tom Brady, Gino Smith. Okay. Ooma Oprah.

Oprah Ooma. Gotcha. We got you back. What about it? Oh, I got it. Oh, for their names.

That's great. Right. They're really cute. Gino Smith and Tom Brady. Brady and Smith.

Brady and Smith. Got it. Thank you. Got it. Yes. I'm finally going to get that taste out of my mouth, man.

It's only been sitting there in my craw for three years. So that's going to be done as of Sunday. Enjoy. Thank you.

That is Rich Eisen, who will be back on the show Tuesday. Is that right? Yeah. Kirk Morrison, my buddy. Yeah.

Filling it on Monday. You want to tell Tom about what that comment to Rich was? Because I'm not in case he doesn't. Oh, last time Rich did a game, it was Jamis Winston and Deshaun Watson.

And he kept calling Watson Winston and Winston Watson. So I remember it's hard to forget. I'm sure he hasn't. Well, definitely not now. Yeah. Uh, we got some sneaky good games. Let's do it real quick.

Real quick. Good games. Chris Brockman with sneaky good games.

Contests likely to surprise you with their heretofore undisclosed competitive value. You know, we had Brokaw on the payroll, did you? Yeah, you didn't know that, Tom. That's the kind of juice that we have.

I'm not sure you condone this type of behavior, Tom, but we encourage it. I am on fire, people. 3-0-1 last week. That's 10-0-1. No, 10-1-1 in the last three weeks.

You know I can count. Oh my God, I'm on fire. Hey, Rich just reinforced my Bucks pick right now. It's all business for the Bucks over there in Germany. No way, Tom Brady's on fire, people. The 44 seconds, you saw it. Give me the Bucks over the Seahawks.

They turned into a pumpkin just a little bit. Lot of scoring in Chicago. No defense in that game.

Over 48 and a half. I like the Dolphins that keep rolling at home against the Browns. And TJ, I love the Cowboys this week.

I also love the under. Green Bay stinks. Dallas defense coming off a bye. It's going to be cold. Under 44 in Green Bay.

Let's go. The under is Green Bay's only chance. They have to turn into a slog of a game. Can't see them putting up 30 plus and when it shoot out there. I'm surprised by your over on the, what was the Lions over under? Lions Chicago. Over 48 and a half. I don't know if I'm betting on that.

The Bears scored 32 last week. I'm aware. It just has the feel of a game that's not going to be a total and complete track meet here.

Could be wrong. DeAndre Swift is mad that he hasn't been getting enough work and wants to get some more touches. Justin Fields has been unleashed. He has legitimately looked like a different quarterback since the bye.

And Luke Getze has done a really good job just incorporating more of the stuff that he does best. And the Bears team, much like the Panthers we talked about earlier with Steve Wilkes. I mean, the Bears are fighting.

Everything is saying, no bother. Pack it in. But like they are, they're playing hard. You can see glimpses of it at the quarterback. That's why they went out and traded for Chase Claypool just to give Fields a chance here. Defensively, they traded away. Maybe they're two best players, but they're still playing hard at this point. I mean, that's got to be a psychological nightmare for players just in terms of like, yeah, no, we're giving away, but we're still going to, we're still going to play hard.

And those coaches have done a pretty good job to this point. Been a fun show. Been a fun few days here. Great job, Tom. Appreciate you coming in, man. Great hanging with you, man. No, thanks for you guys for having me.

Thanks for showing up, other than Del Tufo disappeared after a couple of days. Well, he does that to Rich too. Don't take it personally.

That's a good point. So thanks to Christian Fulton for coming on. Thanks to Jim Mahoney, my guy.

Go see Bar Fight in theaters and online right now. Thank you to Willie Fritz for coming on the show as well. Cliff Averill.

Rich back on Tuesday, Kirk Morrison in on Monday on the Rich Eisen show. It could be information to change your life forever, or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting. Ramit Sade talking about being rich. The old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated, but it wasn't about how to spend it. It was more about how to get it, but okay. So once you get it, what do you do with it? In our culture, everybody tells you how to save, but nobody teaches you how to spend it. Something you should know wherever you listen.
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