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REShow: Brian Kelly/Maxwell Simkins - Hour 3 (11-8-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 8, 2022 3:40 pm

REShow: Brian Kelly/Maxwell Simkins - Hour 3 (11-8-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 8, 2022 3:40 pm

LSU Head Coach Brian Kelly tells Rich what it felt like to hand Alabama a rare 2nd regular-season loss in their huge SEC showdown, weighs in on the 2-loss Tigers’ chances to reach the College Football Playoff, and reacts to the Colts naming the inexperienced Jeff Saturday to be their interim head coach. 

Actor Maxwell Simkins joins Rich in-studio to discuss the new season of Disney+’s ‘The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers,” his love of Philly sports teams (except for the Flyers) and what it’s like to grow up with Michael Jordan as one of his dad’s best friends.

Rich reveals his brand-new NFL Week 10 Power Rankings.

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. This is The Rich Eisen Show. Hour number three The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Brian Kelly of LSU football slated to join us in a matter of moments. My new buddy from the hit show The Mighty Ducks Game Changers on Disney Plus young man named Maxwell Simpkins is going to come in studio when when we did the show together I'm like hey when it comes out you should come in to talk about it and today's that day. And he is the also Maxwell doesn't know when he comes out here he is the new offensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts. So I'm going to tell him and he's going to be totally stunned and I've got that gut and feel and he's not afraid you know what I mean.

I'm glad I'm glad he's still I'm glad he still came because you know he's a Phillies fan. Is it too soon? No no. Did you say that?

Is it still too soon? By the way so our buddies Will Brinson and Jonathan Jones just tweeted out. Yeah. Frank Reich actually officiated the wedding of Parks Frazier and there's a picture. He's he's a didn't he tell us once that he was a deacon or something like that. Or he's ordained or whatever. Yeah I think he told us that. Anyway this just keeps getting weirder and weirder the story. No again again Parks Frazier is the is the new offensive coordinator calling place for the Indianapolis Colts.

I mean just a wild wild day. 844204 Rich number to dial will take your calls. I've got my power rankings as well. Joining us here on the Mercedes-Benz vans phone line is the head coach of LSU football coming off a huge win against Alabama over the weekend.

He is Brian Kelly back here on the show. How are you coach? Good Rich. How you been? Well I'm great man. I'm the new offensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts.

So I got to get going. Your dream job is the offensive coordinator for Michigan. We know that's true. That's true. I don't want to mess with success though. Yeah true.

True enough. So walk me through your feelings after that game. I saw you you know you had tears in your eyes talking to ESPN and I can only imagine what was going through your mind. Can you put it into words for me? Coach Kelly. Well I mean look you make a you know a big move.

You move your family. We've been in the Midwest or the east coast our whole life to move down to the south. I mean it was a big move in our career and in my wife's and family to to come down here and to you know obviously you know move the program along to the level that that we in a short period of time and to you know beat the you know obviously the standard bearer of success and college football Alabama you can't help but be a little bit emotional. I'd be lying if if I told you I wasn't but you know it's early in our process in terms of what we're trying to do here but I was so proud of my team and how they competed playing and play out. I think all of that was part of the night and the crowd's amazing you know sometimes you know hype doesn't come up and you know realize itself when you know you have all this talk about the stadium and Tiger Stadium and Death Valley but it lived up to it. The the environment was amazing so I think all that probably you know led to that moment. And so when it came time in overtime to go for two what went through your your lid on that one coach?

I just don't think there was much to think about. I think that we had played the game exactly the way I had asked the team to play it. Look if they had kicked the field goal we would have kicked the field goal. I mean you know it just lined up perfectly for that to be the call and you know certainly I was prepared to live with the consequences if we didn't but I trusted my team and the way they were playing and felt that at that time that this was our opportunity to go win it. What's your heart like in your chest after you make a call like that and you're watching your kids go and execute the play?

What what is that like? I think you're you're much more in control when you know you're convinced that regardless of the situation you made the right call given the circumstances. And and I was ready to deal with the the criticism that would have come with it because I think we've made so much progress and in such a very short period of time that I wasn't really concerned with you know if we did make it.

So I think in those circumstances it it really wasn't you know something that where you feel like oh my god you know my heart's ready to jump out of my chest. I was just hoping they executed well and they did. I mean in the kid who grabs the the two-point conversion was the one who grabbed the touchdown in the back of the end zone.

I mean unbelievable. I mean Mason Taylor what did what do you see in that kid? We all know his upbringing and things of that nature. Right well he comes on campus unheralded out of St. Thomas Aquinas High School which is a great high school but he's 220 pounds he puts on over 20 pounds since he gets here. He turns himself into you know one of the top freshman tight ends in the country and he does it through hard work and you know just immersing himself in in the day-to-day and for him to get this kind of success is just amazing to see and you know again he's out there with his mom and you know obviously he's got great pedigree but you still got to go make plays right I mean and and in the biggest moment here's a young kid just 18 years old stepping up and making plays in front of over 100,000 people pretty good story.

Now I mean and for sure too and look I do have to bring it up. Coach Kelly I mean the video of you dancing with a recruit that you know a lot of people have talked about that's a kid Danny Lewis Jr who who eventually chose Alabama and right and he's a tight end and the kid who caught the the pass that we just mentioned and the two-point conversion a tight end would he even maybe even been out there had the kid that was in that viral video with you stayed at LSU coach? Just goes to show how bad of a dancer I was.

Is that what it is? Okay obviously he didn't like my dancing so but who would think a guy from the Midwest who's originally from Boston could be anything but a good dancer. That's true no I know. Really I mean what was I thinking? No I know and I know that you know we're talking about kids making decisions and I don't want to put you in a position but honestly that's what I thought of when when when that thing hit. Well it's the same thing when I see you run the 40.

Not a boy okay I walked into it I led with my chin I led with my chin no question about that no question about that. It is fun I mean look I mean recruiting is is such now that you know these kids ask you to do things you're like what are you gonna say no I'm like no I don't want to be that guy right so it's fun and and you try to accommodate these guys and and then recruiting takes on you know whatever at that day is part of it whether it's a photo shoot where they want to do it you know at the stadium or you know in front of a backdrop of cars it's just so different today so you just try to you kind of roll with it the best you can. Brian Kelly LSU Tiger head football coach here on The Rich Eisen Show and fascinatingly enough I mean as if the football gods can't wink at folks enough with you having an opportunity with two losses to get into the to the final four the college football playoff one of the teams in front of you knocked off by the man who succeeded you and the program that you you left in Notre Dame that night and Clemson I'm wondering if that didn't escape you in that regard as well. You know I didn't I was just happy that that Notre Dame beat Clemson but I didn't think of it really in those terms to be quite honest with you I was just so focused on you know what we did and how we did it and and quite frankly you know where we are and what we're trying to do here in terms of the development of our program you know thinking of playoffs just wasn't part of you know the thought process we were really just trying to you know we were at 39 scholarships back in January we're just trying to put a football team together that was competitive in the SEC so our vision is is really just in front of us and thinking in those terms has really not been anything that that we've even tried to even think about. Well I mean but you are in a past at this point to get in the SEC championship game and potentially it looks like take on Georgia and make a case right I mean is there a table pound I give you a table if you wish to pound it right now for your team in this regard? No doubt I mean look I mean there's so much football ahead of us right we've got two teams in the SEC that we have to play on the road and we've got a home game one home game left but there's there's there's certainly a path there and but a lot of work right you got to beat another top you know we've beaten two top 10 teams but we've got to be the number one team in the country if we're fortunate enough to even get there so um look I mean there's a lot there but you know there'll be a resume that will stand up um if if in fact you could get to that level so we just we got to go up to Arkansas and and be the team that is is very hungry after um losing to Liberty so that's really been our focus this week and that's not coach speak that's just a young football team that has not had a lot of success um that really just needs to focus on this week so who do you hear from as a coach of LSU obviously you've gotten many years of phone calls from fan bases up in Notre Dame with big wins that you've come up with how is it different down and with LSU who do you hear from after a dub like oh a lot of the former players uh Andrew Wertwort has been around Marcus Spears you know Booker McFarland uh those guys stay in touch and and uh Ryan Clark um those guys are great supporters of LSU so you know they they give you the texts and and um you know remind you of you know how you got here and so they're they've just been good sources early on in my time here to to be reminded about you know the things here at LSU so they've been in really good support and then uh I would be remiss if I didn't ask you because again this is again I know it's totally out of your lane but I'm going to ask it anyway because it is an economy of a cheeky reference to start our interview about what is happening in Indianapolis in the professional level I mean this is the coaching profession and somebody who um despite how amazing a human and great uh history he does have with the franchise as being a player and Jeff Shatterty is gets a plum opportunity and there's a lot of other coaches that um that would love that chance and don't get it well what what would you say uh about this uh as some a member of the coaching community when you hear this story happening well I'm not as concerned about how other coaches feel about it it's the guys in in the building right I mean um the the ownership the the general manager those that are in the building hopefully that they're involved in the decision making in terms of bringing you know I think Jeff you know I don't know him but he seems like a terrific guy he is but this isn't about terrific guys this is about you know hiring the best qualified person um in a professional franchise so um again I hope the best but this is about the guys in that building the coaches the support staff and the players and giving them the best chance to succeed and so if those that are in the building that make the decision feel like he's the best person for that job god bless him um but if he's not and they they hired him because his last name is in the ring of honor then then then that's not a good thing either so um you would you would trust that the people that are making the decision in that building know what's best for their franchise and and you move on last thing for you would you in using any adjective to describe the the victory that you just coached your team to and the setting and the moment and the the the the call you made and then watching your kids uh execute it and just being in that crazy spot and everybody going crazy and on the field would a proper term for that for you be validating would you use that word for you coach kelly well i think it was for me it was all the things that i was looking for in in taking the job at lsu was the the iconic setting it was you know playing the best of the best and nick saving in alabama um yeah i think it's icing on the cake that we won but it's the way we played and it's the way our football team has developed um the win is probably third or fourth on the list it was it was all the other things that went to it it's like it's like a great suspense movie and you're just sitting on the edge of your seat and you can't take your eyes away from it that's what that's what we had in that stadium and that that's my job is to is to put a team on the field that is that compelling to watch that you want to go watch them play win or lose and of course winning's better than losing but that's what we're able to do and so i think that's what was validated more than any win coach i appreciate the time congrats on the dub let's uh let's stay in touch and um and and i appreciate the time as always truly all right thanks thanks a lot right back at you that's coach brian kelly of lsu football you know uh it was it was great to see that and and to see like the the tears in his eyes you know can you imagine all the the crap and the grief and all that hearing that about what happened with his uh decision and then he wins like that and you know i i will say this and i i mean this mike so you understand where this is coming from i truly do mean this what are you giving me that look for what do you do mean that for no look no no no no no no no no no no no no no excuse me notar dame just beat clemson what are you talking about we helped you get enough in the fort excuse me by the way oh fine yeah you helped you know like michigan michigan beating ohio state later on in november if that happens if that happens we need that we needed your we needed your happy left we needed your happy left uh you know what screw it i'm gonna change what i'm about to say okay come on salty rich no no no no no no no bring it bring it or i'm gonna say exactly what it's gonna say rudy's a good movie no no just no no no no dame beat clemson that was big right everybody ran on the field right yeah it was big okay and yet and yet uh how many people were talking about that as the number one college football story oh that night alabama who was talking about was that the number one college football story of the night no you know what because lsu beat alabama and we were all watching that too and i'll say this saying that and hearing brian kelly say this is why i went to lsu confirms for me confirms for me oh jeez what i said back in january you can't do it without taking shots is a stepping stone job confirmed check the box confirmed my favorite version of isaac from the coach who went from one program to the other on the same night where another big win occurred they stormed the field in south bend and just respect is real clemson number 14 knocked off isn't that amazing and they were ranked higher than alabama not even ranked it just means more down there i get it but maybe nationally brian kelly was right notar dame is a stepping stone job yeah i would say probably not no i think we just heard it and meanwhile you want to talk about crazy i mean i can't figure things out anymore i just i feel like totally out of body with everything going on right now i think you need to have the sculpts the world's off its axis i'm looking up you know because we got the direct tv sports mix here on espn2 right now talking at a brian munich game in munich in aleon's arena where we're calling the game on sunday on nfl network michael irvin is uh currently chatting with two uh two two folks on on the pitch really yeah yeah i saw kyle brand tweeted they're all at the game irv is i mean unbelievable uh what the hell's happening i don't know all right phone lines are lit uh if you're on hold stand hold we'll take your calls i got power rankings when we come back max well simpkins will be joining us here on the rich isen show got a lot of fun stuff with this young man we'll talk about uh the disney plus hit show the mighty ducks game changers and then your phone calls and my power rankings to wrap up this show don't go anywhere stay on hold what is the fastest ball sport in the world not 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cool guy you know yeah i didn't think none of it did you play poker with him yeah no okay no pops in the table um no but then as i got older um i'm a huge basketball fanatic now so yeah like i only average like six points a game i play for my school yeah but i still watch like the michael jordan highlights before every game i like pump myself up so like now when i saw him over the summer he was fishing in atlantic city and i got in him he hung out and catch 23 and that was really cool experience and it was like wow yeah michael jordan it's crazy dude that's some cool dad points it's really cool dad yeah and i you know for me i'm like you know hey there's chris brockman you want to meet him i'll come over to your house it's chris hey hey rich nah it's great it's been great so that's cool who else have you met through your dad um i don't know if this really counts uh my dad's also real good friends with uh i'm blaming his name uh not wayne gretzky um i give me wayne gretzky but i was very little that counts okay i've met shack i've met um yeah mario lemio that's it mario lemio a bunch of times mario lemio really good guys definitely counts oh definitely counts all right for sure um this is uh not a sports player but william westley do we know him world-wide west world-wide west there's uncle west there you go uncle west wow this is great my man's connected you may hold on a second just if you don't mind me stepping in here a second you may not ask him for shoes do not ask our guests for shoes size 11 you understand i'm 10 and a half i got you max are you 10 and a half yeah big feet man big feet these are 10 they're real small though what do you think of his shoes right yeah they're nice now i noticed him when they walked in we didn't talk about it i mean the off-white t-shirt it's all good thank you we got the tail the back yeah what do you think of your eagles brother oh we're doing incredible eight no right now well no we're actually you're right no we're eight no you're right yes we are i'm gonna say seven and i thursday last thursday you beat the uh the texans that's right that's right we're doing real good dealer hurts i'm not gonna lie before i didn't like him now we're doing good i love him so i like you thought you needed to see more from him before you were in there but now now with aj brown you know quarterback for life man that's right telling you i've met devontae smith when he was just being drafted really funny story really quick go ahead so i'd met him at a six year game so we were talking about him he this is before he was drafted so i was talking to his agent at this point they were like yeah he's going number one pick number one pick i said yeah we need you at the eagles he's like no way we're not going to eagles no way no way he's like we're going number one we're going to like the rams or something right and then i texted him the day he got drafted haha you're at the eagles it was just i know it was the funniest thing and now the joke's on the rest of the league yeah because we're doing incredible and now everyone calls him smithy like this is it that's right okay eight no this is good you you now you are if i'm not mistaken 16 right yes okay you do know that the eagles aren't supposed to be super bowl worthy once every four years right like that's never happened yes yes yes i do realize that you're in a very fortunate part of your of course philadelphia fandom of course yes um okay i do understand it's like my grandparents only seen him win once and they're like 70 80 yeah sorry i'm sorry they're probably watching this i feel bad now i feel bad now my mom's looking at me like cutting tape oh no but uh there we go yeah okay but yeah they've only seen him win once and philly went crazy when we won so i think maybe i mean i never know i never know maybe we do real good this year we go all the way i mean i hope so again the philly's terrific run that's right there and you got the eagles doing what they're doing the sixers you need a little bit more from yeah i love you man but you gotta pick it up a little bit oh yeah you got and of course you know the flyers they can pounce in because they haven't treated you like they haven't treated you like the dutch you gotta do a game changer show starring the flyers instead of mighty ducks what a pleasure man thank you so much really when we get season three picked up yes okay yes we'll do this again perfect excellent thank you so much let's say hi to uncle mj forest gotcha all right we'll do it this message is sponsored by discover did you know you could reduce the number of unwanted calls and emails with online privacy protection the latest innovation from discover discover will help regularly remove your personal info like your name and address from 10 popular people search websites that could sell your data and they'll do it for free activate in the discover app see terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection influencer it's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days there is a woman who went the distance who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life her name elizabeth taylor i'm katie perry this is the story of the original influencer this is elizabeth the first elizabeth the first the podcast wherever you listen dark side don in las vegas has called in what's up dark side don hey what's going on we appreciate you taking my call what's so dark what's so what's so what's so what why the dark side don why listen i'm gonna tell you why it's so dark don't do it i die hard at this time since 1982 don't do it don't do what raiders can't wait wait don't don't ever back yourself into a corner by picking the lady they just can't win win win win win win win win win where are you in march where were you in march i needed you in march the horse is already out of the bar in dark side don i heard you i i heard you when you said that and i was i wanted to gloat with you so so that but the raiders can't have nice things we got the wrong mc daniel they got the wrong with you this is mc daniels you need to check the last letter it doesn't matter take off the air they got the wrong one don't do it don't back it up in the corner this is what happens to us this is what happens to us that bleed silver and black we can't have nice things well you got the ultimate get right game in the history of get right games in the history of the nfl there's been no get right game like this i guarantee you they'll find a way to lose it oh come on come on come on come on now you're not that deep in the dark side are you don have you not have you not been let's play this year seven three games seven exactly play thanks for the call dark side don i appreciate it i mean we need we need we need to cleanse the palette what's the exact opposite of dark side uh the light the light jeff and detroit what's up jeff he always makes right side jeff what is going on i was when i can talk about him how about that how about you i also was thinking about obj if he does good for dallas or get them anywhere near a rain that dude is set for life i mean he's already marketable i can honestly see him hey uh listen i had on a kelly green jersey that it didn't have anything specific on it but it's not dot from green i was a mistake for a jet fan okay so so good beating the bills and that bar i became a jet fan i was like you know what i'm riding with it it was a great feeling and them coming out on the other side of the victory was wonderful i want to tell you have a safe trip i know my cousins are gonna hold down the fort and i'm just wondering i know you're going over to germany i know you got something for him did you go shopping i i know you're gonna have some no i got no my the rakish hat is for italy i've got nothing you didn't bring a hat i got i got a hat i mean but it's it's like you know it's a beanie yeah oh okay you know i'm it's it's like 38 degrees i bet you got a fedora or something no i'm not bringing a fedora on a plane not doing that rich is 48 degrees but we'll win oh thanks for the call jeff i appreciate it he does bring your smile on my face although i i i did see this sound by today and um i should have packed something else that i didn't pack um and uh here's the coach of the tampa bay buccaneers tod bowls who has played an international game before had been part of an international game a london game and this is what he had to say about traveling to europe to play a national football league regular season contest travel you know you got to deal a lot with the travel i think i traveled we traveled overseas with the jets to play in london and you know that the uh toilet tissue we had to bring because it was a lot harder over there than it was over here so that was probably a different experience for us but you know they're all been fine the travel's been good going to play for two-ply for munica uh two-ply is the plan for me i haven't done my homework yet on that part of well i mean he is known for the cover too so hey rich again but don't i didn't think about that be honest with you just worried about travel and getting ready and packing and saying goodbye to the kids and sues and making sure tom pelisaro is all set to sit in this chair for three days kirk morrison's gonna be in here monday as i fly back got my boards you know those are the the uh the boards that you have with each team and numbers and stats and i got that for the trip i'm gonna print out a research packet forgot the whole business of the tp i've got tb12 not tp2 tp2 i mean that is the thing thing about that i've traveled out of town with brockman before he broke remember we went to dallas and i knocked on your door i went to walmart and i bought a did you and bought a like a four-pack sharpening i was like here you go didn't think about it because we were there for like a week but maybe he was talking about london maybe germany's different maybe if we only had somebody who could help us on that front tell us how it is over there oh wait a minute i look down at the call sheet magnus in dusseldorf germany is calling into the rich isen show are you really calling in from dusseldorf magnus hey rich good to talk to you again who did morgan what's going on hey what's going on i don't know if you can recall but i called in like two years ago the last time i was called in it was a dark cold gloomy october night here in germany okay i was asking how the jets were doing because they were 0 and 7 edam gates was still the head coach and i told you how i became a jet fan because i was watching the kill queens and uh how kevin james was always rocking the jet charity and you were saying i should get a new sitcom that's right but guess what i stuck around boy not a boy magnes you know i gotta ask you know are we talking playoffs or what we are talking playoffs magnus we sure are they're on a bye week six and three never know how everyone else might drop off they got six wins same number as the bills same number as the chiefs come on now six dubs that's what they got same number as the dolphins but yeah i i we are talking playoffs but uh you know in all seriousness though uh you called two years ago one year for each number of ply apparently uh there is not for the toilet paper in germany is there an issue on that front magnus in dusseldorf yay or nay um by the way this alert is the city that christopher wall's character was referring to when he was playing that dentist in jango on chain okay and good to know so but like no no there's no no any um um shortage of okay over here okay thank you thank you very much magnes with those five star hotels that you're staying with thank you sir appreciate it call back call back did i tell him i get another sitcom did i really do that probably sounds like something i would say where you were at two years ago with the jets man yeah it happened well we were in uh we were on the dark side dark place with don you can listen to the nfl and the nfl app on westwood one via westwood one station streams or by asking alexa to open westwood one sports if it's the nfl it's on westwood one so i will not be here wednesday thursday and friday i'm happy to call in i have no idea what the time zone difference is at all it's 11 it's 8 47 pm right now in german that's a that's a nine hour difference nine hours ahead nine hours ahead okay so happy to call in if it's that's right around dinnertime i can call in back end of a show i'll do it if you want it's up to tom post hour he's the one sitting here he's got all the information he's the one who can he might be able to dial up parks frazier in the same way that parks frazier is gonna be dialing up plays for sam ellinger and jeff saturday's colts i literally said that with no hint of irony what if the colts everything i said is accurate the colts win on sunday then the vegas raiders should disband just over stop playing football in the nfl like defund the raiders yes the autumn wind is defunded the las vegas raiders stopped playing football because a team that hired a high school coach despite his old pro resume as a player went ahead and hired as his new offensive coordinator a 30 year old who's never called to play in the nfl yeah now i gotta turn my back thank you have you been to germany before sorry no i've never first time i've never new nick is awesome i'm looking forward to it it'll be great so so what better way to leave my imprint on this program to leave come on my scent yes to leave a trail just pee in the corner you're like you're a german chef now to basically leave my mark and poop on the carpet no am i reading the chart okay what better way than to move up by a day my weekly power rackings yes rankings power rankings yes hit it give me music number 10 on this list as a team that almost wrecked the buffet and whatever the heck those four letters are in front of arrowhead's name on sunday night football was it g gha or whatever i don't know you can't keep track but the tennessee titans man they could play defense they have the diminisher and they damn near pulled off the impossible which is take a kid from liberty throw him in a game emergency style even though he must have had many reps throughout the week and almost take out the can city chiefs and patrick mahomes i like the tennessee titans they're down three spots but i'm still taking them to win more than not the rest of this season number nine on the list no change no change but a lesson for us all that you need to time out your bye weeks perfectly when you sit on a bye week and you're six and two and every other team that's with inhaling distance of you loses you're pretty damn good and the new york football giants are going to come off a bye week this week and take the houston texans and use them as a play thing in metlife stadium i like this team they've got moxie everybody thinks they're not as good as they are they're going to keep on doing that till they have 11 12 wins because you look at the rest of the schedule and there are some winnable games for a team that doesn't blow anybody out but definitely doesn't make the mistakes late and forces you to make the mistakes late number eight on the list cannot wait to see this man because i love his cooking and he just wants everyone to know how do you like me as a chef now how do you like my cooking now same spot they are now six and three atop the nfc west and have the better record and they're on the uh then the team that they're taking on this week tamper bay is not on my power rankings but the seattle seahawks are geno smith has mvp type numbers kenneth walker might be the best running back in the nfc right now and i know what i'm saying when i say such a thing number seven on the list up three spots and it's tough to see where they're going to lose a game next the baltimore ravens roquan smith does he look like he played for the ravens his entire career he looks so like his first his first hit he laid the wood like like he's been a raven for life it's like it's perfect for this team and i am concerned about their as andrew hawkins our first out our first hour guest said they're outside speed and ability to catch passes in this passing game but i like the ravens number seven on the list they're up three spots then the san francisco 49ers coming off their bye week just like the giants watched everybody around them fall off rams are now beneath them they're now uh well ahead of the arizona cardinals they are four and four healthy coming off the bye week look out san francisco no change there and then no change for the minnesota vikings they're still fifth on my power rankings list you like that yes i do i'm beginning to buy a lot more what they're selling and the vikings take on the bills this week that's going to be a very difficult game right there for them the cowboys are fourth on this list they'd like the giant sat at home and their six and two improved it like i said the cowboys and the giants sat at home and watched the commanders lose the falcons lose the rams lose the cardinals lose the bears lose the packers lose i mean their six and two now looks like ten and two and they're gonna beat green bay i bet you man when i'm sitting there in germany you know having a heffa vison after calling the game that's gonna be irv will be sitting there watching it on on game pass i'll be sitting next to him he's gonna leave dinner early number three on the list they are no longer number one for the first time all season long down two spots the buffalo bills are you okay you know this hurts i don't know i don't know if josh arland's okay whoa hey man i just saw in the commercial break kyle brance basement has pushed back josh alan's appearance today he said it's because he's in germany and alan's got a packed schedule i'm just wondering if he's packing that elbow and ice probably so i don't know man i am concerned about the bill's viability if that guy's wing is not all buffalo he threw the ball in 98 yards in here with the hurt elbow i see it i hear you number two on the list is the chiefs and i know the chiefs have beaten the bills but right now i think of the two teams play i mean what my homes did was outstanding out of his freaking gourd 68 throws and then the best play of the game might have been that 20 yard pick up on third down to change the entire game flip the entire script and number one on the list moving up a spot is the lone remaining undefeated team in the nfl they can do it all and they are doing it and doing it and doing it well okay hello philadelphia eagles atop my power rankings for the first time and that's how i see things after nine weeks so what is that it that is indeed power rankings alfida saying gents have a great trip man have fun rich thank you very jealous it could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting ramit sadhi talking about being rich the old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated but it wasn't about how to spend it it was more about how to get it but okay so once you get it what do you do with it in our culture everybody tells you how to save it but nobody teaches you how to spend it something you should know wherever you listen
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