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REShow: Joe Mixon - Hour 3 (11-7-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 7, 2022 3:36 pm

REShow: Joe Mixon - Hour 3 (11-7-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 7, 2022 3:36 pm

Bengals RB Joe Mixon tells Rich what it’s like to score 5 touchdowns in one NFL game, says if this year’s Cincy team can make a Super Bowl run like last season, and reveals how Joe Burrow is truly cool under pressure.

Rich and the guys recap the huge weekend in College Football that saw LSU hand Alabama a rare 2nd loss on the season and Michigan trailing Rutgers at the half only to win in a blowout.

In his ‘Overreaction Monday’ segment Rich breaks down the NFL’s Week 9 Sunday with his takes on the Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, Las Vegas Raiders, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Rams, Minnesota Vikings and Geno Smith’s NFL MVP viability.

Rich recaps the wild finish to the Chargers vs Falcons game, weighs in on the Raiders “unmitigated disaster” of a season and reacts to Pete Carroll continuing to throw shade at former Seahawks QB Russell Wilson.

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Try Dove men plus care dry spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Shortly before he went on the air Frank Reich was fired by Indianapolis towards the end of the first hour Jeff Saturday former Colts All-Pro Center without a lick of coaching experience at the collegiate or professional football level. He's currently coaching high school football in Georgia while also dropping punditry on the folks who watch ESPN. He's the new coach. He's a new coach. Albert Breer trolling me right now saying Jeff maybe Jim Harbaugh should go to Indianapolis. He's trolling me right now I'm finding out he can't be real right.

Why wouldn't that pop up? Get out of here. Chris right? Get out of here.

Get out of here. He's a Colts legend. He is a Colts legend. He already went home to Michigan. His name's on the building just like Jeff Saturday.

I get it. He's too busy breaking something off in Greg Shiano. That was so delightful. We'll talk college football a little bit more this hour over reaction Monday coming up here 844-204 Rich number to dial but on our Mercedes-Benz vans phone line. We got to go straight to our phone line not just because he's a professional football player of note but here's the deal when you score five touchdowns in a game and you call into the rich eyes and show we stop everything.

Just like he did on the Carolina Panthers yesterday on the Mercedes-Benz vans phone line. Fresh off a record-setting performance yesterday is Joe Mixon of the Cincinnati Bengals. How are you doing Joe? Oh I'm doing great. How are you doing?

I'm fine. Did you wake up dangerous yesterday? You feel it? Just waking up? I feel like Baker Mayfield.

You know I figured I just what when you so how did you wake up? Do you feel different? Was there something different about yesterday and the way the rest of the season had been going to that point? Joe?

Not for real. I think it was mainly just you know I felt like I knew what type of game it was going to be and what game we needed to have and really mainly just rising up to the occasion man my number was caught that's all. Well it seemed to be that your number was called more than than other games.

Trust me I'm looking at your games quite a bit not just because I picked the Bengals who went into division but my 11 year old has you and his fantasy team so we're locked in on many different fronts. Joe was your number called more yesterday than usual this year? Oh yeah most definitely and you know part of that is because we have three great receivers in our offense and also we have you got you know a guy that you all know and Joe Burrow so you know that's pretty much how you know the season has been shaping up but yesterday was a day for you know for me in the offensive line to you know get down and dirty in them trenches and be physical and finish everything and that's what we did. What is that what message does that send when you're down and dirty in the trenches and getting physical in your mind Joe? To be real just knowing that we're able to be run dominant if we need to be and by us having a balanced attack yesterday I felt like that opened up the offense a lot more than we even thought it would be but I felt like we did everything that was asked of us and we executed which is the name of the game. Is it I'm you know I've been trying to read up as much as I can being a lead pipe wielding professional did I read that you called a players only meeting with the offensive line to discuss the running game? Joe did I see that? Most definitely I definitely did and them guys they came in came in at about 8 30 in the morning on an off day and I felt like it was definitely beneficial to us and we're definitely reaping the benefits from it so it's a great thing to see.

Well again I know it's players only and and that's my setup to ask you why did you feel compelled to call such a meeting? Because I felt like it was you know within our best interest and really just getting to know these guys because we have four new guys on the front and just knowing the way they are as you know as a player and you know because they obviously all were in different systems and you know starting the beginning of the year and even last year we were a wise-on team so them guys really probably didn't do a lot of wise-on and that you know was probably a difference for them so basically just getting them guys on the same page with me and me being on the same page with them I felt like like I said we're reaping the benefits man so it's a great thing to see and I'm just happy for how them guys performed yesterday. So do you believe Joe Mixon that this was a corner turn yesterday against Carolina?

One thing that I believe is it definitely was a start I could definitely say it was a start and I know for one thing that Zach knows he always has that in his back pocket if that's what he wants or in his front whatever he wants to do. Joe Mixon here on the Rich Eisen Show have you ever had a five touchdown game before? Yeah I got to ask this question a few times.

Okay. I had a few in you know Pee Wee football and a few in high school football and I also had a performance like this in college man so to have one on the games top of the top league man is definitely truly a blessing. When did you know you had five? Did you know it at the time? Were you counting in your head?

Did you know? When I got the fourth one that's when I started counting like okay I got four touchdowns I'm like oh yeah I'm trying to go get seven. The next thing you know like I ended up getting the fifth one I'm like bro like I can't believe this like this is like I'm literally living the dream right now and I wasn't you know I didn't get seven obviously but you know just being able to get five man was definitely a blessing man. That's something that you know being in this league I never take for granted because it's a privilege to be here.

Joe Mixon here on the Rich Eisen Show. I'll ask you the same question I asked Joe Burrow when he was on prior to the Monday Nighter in Cleveland. How did the the Super Bowl run and then the eventual loss actually help maybe in in getting you set for this year and maybe keep you hungry for this year as well? Was there anything from that journey that actually was beneficial that you're seeing this year Joe?

Yeah most definitely. I felt like it was definitely quite the experience that you know most people have never experienced and I felt like it was a blessing to even be on that stage. I definitely feel like from what our team took from that year that we're definitely having taking on this year is we've been there before we know what it takes to get back and we know what we have to do you know in between times so at the end of the day we've been there before we know how to get there and we know what it's going to take and we just got to take it one week at a time play our cards right and just dominate and keep on doing all the things that we know that we're expected to do here and that's executing the game. And then I guess as well you know what it's like to throw a touchdown pass in a Super Bowl right Joe?

Yeah a little bit. I mean can you believe that's on your resume Joe seriously what do you think? I mean to be honest like I don't really be thinking you know certain things that I'll be doing uh which is well what you guys would call an accomplishment like I really don't ever sit to literally take it all in until somebody brings it up to me then when you think about it or when I think about it it's like man like you're right I can't believe that I did that stuff. Yeah there are quarterbacks in the hall of fame who don't have Super Bowl touchdown passes Joe it's seriously. Right exactly exactly that's what I'm saying it's a blessing to be here man and you know to be able to experience that. Yeah I mean just up the road there in Canton there's some guys with busts who would say I would I would love to have a Super Bowl touchdown pass like you have so when it when it when it comes down to it I mean you mentioned the offensive line and how it's new and how they're learning something new and we're we are seeing Burrow uh take some shots like he just uh actually was sacked in yesterday's game for a 100th time since the beginning of last season um and and but all that said all together do you see some similarities between this year and last that uh you can put together a December run like last year and then take it all the way to maybe Arizona this year to the Super Bowl. Yeah man I mean I feel like we're definitely um in position to do that um one thing where we was last year that we are this year is five and four um everybody counting us out um thinking that we're not going to do anything which is fine like that's that's fine like I'm I'm glad people think that we were glad people think that but at the same time we just got to take it one week at a time I mean we got a hell of a backhand schedule that we're going to have to go against and um the way you prepare for that is just literally every day you got to prepare for that team that week um as much as you can go out and execute on Sundays and obviously try to do whatever it takes get to win and that's what's gonna how to little things lead up to the big things which is obviously a Super Bowl run.

And then of course uh Burrough and his known for being cool uh with grace under pressure despite sometimes getting hit around you got a good story Joe Mixon about Joe Burrough's coolness under pressure or anything you got a you got a good go-to on that? I mean yeah I mean I'm gonna just go to yesterday because okay probably the most um recent thing that happened so okay yesterday before the half ended um I remember telling Joe like he was like man we're gonna line up the empty so we ended up lining up the empty I'm like what you want me to run he was like just run a fade and I'm like all right so I did a run in a fade and all of a sudden like the corner like almost like dropped me because he seen Joe about to scramble then he remember I was there he tried to hold me so I just spent out and then Joe just delivering a dime and I just tried to give my uh best impression to Jamar Chase and the toe tap. Right and touchdown is what you're saying so the touchdown reception you had in your five touchdown game was a route that you didn't know you were going to run until Joe says yeah just run a fade and that's how you exactly exactly and that's exactly how he basically talked it up not drew it up. How often does that happen with him? Does that happen? To be honest I think the last time like he said something like that was when we played Baltimore last year I think when he threw for like 500 yards he told me to run a fade and then he ended up throwing it to me and I ended up I think that's that was his record-breaking uh throw right there so you know I think that was probably the last time he did that but I guess there's great things happened when I asked Joe what should I run an empty. Yeah do that more often work on that on the bye week man work on that on the bye week for sure um definitely going to be in his ear yeah for sure uh before before I let you go again the name of the team uh that you're on for my 11-year-old coop is it hurts too bad uh named after the quarterback Jalen hurts um but maybe after your performance that gave him a hundred I think you got 50 something points for him it might be uh in the mixin or something like that something like that uh hopefully is it it heals too good yeah it's not bad that's not bad so I'm sure how many people have you heard from either on Twitter or what else about what you did for their fantasy teams yesterday um to be real I haven't even been on Twitter uh so I really didn't even check but okay I've seen a couple people on Instagram um hit me up about it but uh other than that that I really try not to be too much on social media man you know that's smart I think that's a good idea saves you eight bucks too these days um thanks thanks for the time Joe Maxson congrats on the five touchdowns let's do this again soon appreciate it that's all good man thanks thanks for having me anytime that's it that's uh Joe thank you so much that's Joe Mixon everybody five touchdowns calling into the Rich Eisens show as the Cincinnati Bengals are now five and four and going into their bye week rooting heavily for the New Orleans Saints tonight I would imagine how about that we're going empty so what do you want me to do I run a fade I'll find you for a touchdown one of your five on the day that's awesome I'll be honest with you because you know we have burrow I've got them in two leagues it's like enough mixing throw it to him him throwing a mixing it's like I win coop wins sort of like our uh our two weeks into the Rich Eisens show basketball fantasy league what does that mean oh we're both 2-0 Koop and I are both 2-0 oh god yep Koop and I are both 2-0 Adam our call screen are also 2-0 everybody else not Adam beat me by three rebounds this week oh that's the tough one man oh well should have rebounded better yep does that help nope okay eight four four two oh four rich is the number to dial when we come back oh my gosh this ending of this football game was unbelievable in the NFL and it's gonna have some serious ramifications for weeks to come what is the fastest ball sport in the world not baseball not tennis it is in fact the sport of highlight spelled j-a-i-a-l-a-i originating in the Basque region of Spain and played professionally in the US most notably in the 1980s highlight is making an unprecedented comeback the ball reaches speeds of 150 miles an hour the action is intense and the danger factor is high six-person teams of professional athletes play this sport at the Magic City Fronton in Miami Florida I invite you to check out all the action Monday and Tuesday at 5 p.m. and Friday night at 7 p.m. go to highlight or download the free highlight app in the app store this sport with its 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and jets coaching and the reason i say that as you know as best as well as i do from being the east is new york is one of the hardest places to be a coach and both the giants and jets seem to have found the right guys i wanted what you to think is what do you think these two guys have that lets them fit in in a city with such tremendous i don't know i think uh you know gumption and and confidence and competence put it all together and also a great way to deal with the media you know um and dayball you know i mean can you imagine a few years ago was it was it gace and uh shermer here at the same pat shermer at the same time you know how silly is that my goodness gracious and you know and thanks to call nathan i appreciate it and you know i think i said on the air was josh alan was walking into to met life yesterday i was on game day morning and i'm like this bill's mvp season with josh alan is brought to you by sam darnold being drafted instead you know and somebody was like tweeted me uh or text somebody texted me i forget who gace would have uh ruined him anyway and it is really it is really all about how you're born into the league it really is how you're born into the league it really means so much just ask sam ellinger right now ask sam ellinger right now right hey man you're getting your first start instead of matt ryan your coach is on the hot seat hey your second start bill bella checks the guy who's gonna uh coordinate against you and uh he normally eats people like you for lunch and as a matter of fact uh i think he split it into a multiple course meal yesterday it was tasty and uh now your coach is fired and in your third career start guess what your new coach is a guy who's never done it collegiately or professionally and wait for it not a single soul that's left there because they fired the offensive coordinator and the coach who just got fired was the guy who was calling place there's not a single soul on your team right now on your staff that's ever called an nfl play before how about that sam ellinger that's your third start now this kid might be one of the greats one time but this what he's got to do with the indian but the indianapolis colts are going into vegas and they don't have a single play caller on the staff who's ever called a play in the nfl you think you've got it bad in new england right with uh judge and and patricia you want the you want the patrons to hire frank reich right now absolutely 100 that would be great you know you want them right now bring them in absolutely please come on yeah come on frank it's called a quincy special let's go put it in the books put it on there's either him or i'm waiting for josh mc daniels in like six months justin fields last year okay did mac naggy really want him do not i don't know we can talk all we want and matt naggy's got an offensive mindset they bring an eberflux and you're like forget it really a defensive-minded coach who's never done this before that's who you're going to hook up justin fields with elude gets eased never been an oc before he's coming from green bay really yeah that's right evil flows from friday very good hey put it all together last three weeks how's it looking not justin fields they're calling plays for him he looks great right now it all looks like he's in the right spot all of a sudden how you're born in the league man the born on date means so much peter in texas you're here on the rich isen show speaking of sam ellinger what's up peter hey guys happy monday what's going on hey hey so my throat's a little scratchy because i was at the lsu alabama game and they caught the two-point conversion in front of my end zone and we went wild man what what the hell was that like what was that scene like what about he shook like the stands shook i it was insane everyone jumped it was the greatest night of my life it was it was incredible did you go on the field you run on did you get do you storm did you get i tried not to but i did see a clip some dude stole a pylon from the field when he's right when he stormed so i i mean i guess he's got a great souvenir now that's awesome well there's an espn camera in that too yeah that's just not any pylon you're not stealing division three pylon with all due respect okay hey man you know you set that up as your ring as your ring camera outside your front door just so you hang the pylon like it's a wind chime absolutely news and use the camera okay but yeah rich i i i think the i'm gonna root for chaos now so basically i'm rooting for your michigan wolverines to take out ohio state because if if cards fall right somehow i think lsu can sneak in at number four hey look man it's a chaos happen let me just say this and i i don't mean to burst your bubble here and i by the way i'm very i'm very happy for brian kelly by the way and i know rough start dude he got so much grief he got so much great he got so much grief for how he left and then he got so much grief for sounding like bobby boucher when he stood on the on the court for the basketball game where at lsu where he introduced his family thank pardon me family thank you right and then and then it's that that uh that video that he tweeted out with danny louis the tight end recruit who's from louisiana and he's doing the whole pulp fiction john travolta you know aluma thurman dance moves and everybody's like what's he what are you doing dancing with recruits and what's he thinking and and then danny louis puts it on his tiktok and his twitter account and it's been viewed by this point in time over 11 and a half million times and danny louis then says you know what i'm going to alabama and you know what you know who catches the go-ahead touchdown and then the game-winning two-point conversion is a freshman tight end mason taylor correct who's jason taylor's kid by the way i now feel 80 and so brian kelly's gotta feel great about himself oh absolutely and i don't know why you were running around and watching people stealing pylons peter um he was speaking to espn afterwards was that holly roe who was i believe uh doing the sideline she was talking to him he had tears in his eyes he has to be looking around going this is why i left and thanks to call peter i appreciate it and and by the way great timing by him because at the same time uh marcus freeman won his biggest game as a head coach at notre dame at that point could you imagine notre dame won that and brian kelly's now a three loss coach at lsu after nick saber teaches him a lesson on what it's like to be in the scc you're not an independent anymore you're not hanging with rudy anymore you know and so i will just say this alabama's got two losses correct yeah clemson with all due respect to the acc i'm front loading it with all due respect see ya they're out tennessee just lost georgia georgia treated them like you know they were the old tennessee of old yeah tennessee outside shot a two loss team's not making the final excuse me come on guys you tell me tell me where i'm wrong right here you tell me why ohio state michigan at the end of this month isn't just for pride i think right now they both should make it i mean if both go into this game undefeated and michigan's got two home games against will compton's huskers and then home against illinois who just lost to michigan state despite being top 20 for the first time in a long time i think if it's a close game one score game you're both undefeated come on they both should make it but if one team route but one team routes the other team why what do you mean why you just proved it so then tennessee tennessee gets in because they beat alabama 52 to 49 is that what it is that's that's the difference maker you gotta see how the rest shakes out okay it's tennessee more deserving than the usc whoever wins the pack 12 if usc beats oregon right what if oregon beats usc everybody's like pack 12 who what what conference is that i mean oregon guy remind me oregon got smoked week one against georgia i mean come on they're not in why isn't michigan ohio state just for pride just putting it out there as we get the the latest committee i guess michigan won't be behind clemson this week right oh by the way it looked bad in new jersey at halftime yeah we were losing 1714 big 10 network is showing it's showing uh you know shiano in full flintstones mode walking around like he drives with his feet going to work at uh you know at the rock quarry everybody go hit you know and fango and fans in new jersey are screaming at the camera this is our house in piscataway and i'm sitting there going okay i really had to i really had to collect myself and then it was on because michigan was making mistakes last 38 unanswered put a 50 spot on shiano i almost missed the end of lsu in alabama just because i was enjoying it that much it was so great take that greg take that on behalf of coughlin take that you speaking of mason taylor you just want to talk about genes and genetics dad jason taylor yeah hall of famer yes uncle zat thomas should be a hall of famer i mean this kid oh and the nephew of joy taylor most importantly of all of this but like what a great moment for him yeah this kid's got a big man on campus coming from your mom's side and your dad's side like i saw the moment where his mom went up to him afterwards and he was crying on her shoulder it was a great moments man college football it was dope college football okay you ready for overreaction monday christopher this is the latest we've gotten to it but let's get to it let's hit it here on the rich johnson show that was crap that was garbage this place sucks over reaction monders monday all righty what do you have over there christopher hey what's up guys what up though overreaction monday uh sorry mike hoskins the bills are no longer the super bowl favorite false and i loved it watching the jets beat him in my ear i just heard hoskins go immediately overreaction false and i loved watching the jets come out so that's that's one of the great that's one of the better jets wins i can't remember the last time the jets came up with a win like that one disappointed in you i gotta be honest why you don't seem as happy as you should be about this win because they looked that way against the patriots the week before i'm just being a little measured here what do you want me to come on and say let's get a parade like let's cut up the yeah get excited that was the biggest one you've had in years man it was awesome it was great to see it's great to see them blossom it's great to see the coach do this but i still need all right great what am i going to talk about so what let's go say it with your chest we're talking playoffs the jets are on the verge of being yes in the playoffs people on twitter wanted dude i've seen about this dude i've seen the joe wilton start like what nine and oh ten and oh one year and they lost every last friggin game i'm still too scared but that was awesome to watch the bills are still the bills man too much sauce they're swooning they're swooning this is the the swooning they lost one game in the swoon i'm not off the bills at all look i love it i would like the bill's bandwagon to be less crowded fine jump off it everybody jump off the circling wagons because the entirety of the nfl media world was on him get off get off i'll just improve my seats that's great just don't throw the ball at sauce that's when it boils down you can't why would you too much sauce too much gravy we love that dude man wherever he is on his bye week just stay safe yeah yeah what do you got over there chris what else rich can't be excited because he knows if the draft jets are drafted justin fields instead of wilson they'd be super bowl contenders all right tough guy how about who's the guy who came back who's the guy who wanted just right so you're in a glass house what do you mean pats beat you guys come on what are you talking about you're giving me grief for the time drafting zach wilson over justin fields and you're not and you're the same guy you're the guy that's mac is better than zach justin fields just better than both of them justin fields is terrific no lies detected but you are not happy with your guy either so it's not about me why don't you move on about me i'm sorry it's zapping days are here in new england happy days it's about you we'll be here again come on he's happy the disrespect is real a lot of love and that's what we'll be bringing let me tell you what will will make me happy when josh mcdaniels is back coaching with the patriots next year no my gosh what is happening in vegas i do not think he's gonna get one and done by marc davis i don't you don't i don't think marc davis you're out i don't i don't think marc look it was so bad yesterday i thought they were gonna lane kiffing him on the tarmac whatever the jack the airport airport formerly known as macaron i thought they were gonna take his job like serrano once took the discs but i don't think marc davis i think that's an overreaction right now i don't think marc davis wants to pay all that dead money to a coach i don't think that's in his mindset what else you got over there chris i'm not done with the raiders just yet you're not you're not i'm not done talking about the writers on this show what do you got chris uh there's something cool going down in miami man tiry kill i don't think that i mean he's gonna be the first 2 000 yard wide receiver i think he's on pace i think you're absolutely right i think tua is playing elite as you know and there's another guy in jail in wattle dude normally when you got a 2 000 yard receiver it's like cop it's like calvin johnson it's just like there's one guy and then there's you know uh a 2 not a 1 b you know so yeah man what he is doing is unbelievable that is not an overreaction i think it would be a shock if he doesn't get 2 000 yards he's at 1100 and change right now nine games in crazy and i want to hear about any asterisk either this is amazing he might get it before there's that 17th game he plays he does it in 16 i mean you know a little more impressive but am i reading the chart that's it yeah because miami's got cleveland at home this week then a buy then houston at home he's like at 1500 yards by the time he strolls into san francisco in week 13 he's only gonna play half against houston then he's gonna be at he's gonna be indoors against the chargers in week 14 at buffalo week 15 circled at home for green bay at new england home for the jets oh yeah i don't know about you but that looked like money what else chris uh little wane is right the packers regret not trading erin rogers last off all right two things number one it's little wane right are you calling tucci if you want but he went little wane oh no did i say well that's my fault it's little wane apologies to wheezy wheezy f baby don't forget the baby it's an overreaction come on man he's not playing well he's missing things and he's not hitting receivers in the way that he normally has he does not look like the back-to-back mvp of this team but i think it's all together uh it's all falling apart there the run game isn't as good as we expected it to be the receivers are still so young i think he's wondering half the time he's fading back like is this guy gonna be where he's supposed to be and then he's not throwing it where it needs to be either it's all off and i think your cowboys are gonna have a field day coming off of their bi-week field day i mean i hope in lambo but getting rid of him get out of here with that noise now she won the photo you already know that we'll all do respect to uh little wane wheezy f baby come on you know that's just a fan who's hurt at the moment that's what that's your love would be better would jordan love be operating this offense better uh he or you just can't be any worse or at least you to turn the page and you've moved forward it can be worse it could be yeah did you have you watched them i have i watched them all the time what are you talking about of course they look bad uh did you see speaking of looking bad but in a cool way do you see kirk cousins on the plane yesterday i did man are the vikings the least feared seven and one team of all times yeah because of him no one cares about that because of him it's a little kuzo it's cuz of him perc they just feel like at some point there's gonna be a game under the lights where they gotta win and there's a ceiling he's gonna hit his head on it they're only losses to the eagles which looks really good they got eviscerated by the eagles let's get into it that i'm speaking the truth it's because kirk cousins has won one playoff game it was that one in the dome by the way that ain't easy spot to win a playoff game in but that's it and every single like we need to see it with consistency where they have a game under the lights against a top match opponent a whole country's watching and he lights it up and then you'll like that and then we'll see and then it comes even if he does that two or three times from here on out for the rest of the regular season we'll still have to pull up a chair and see if he does it in the division round or the wild card round that's why nobody's fearing him we need kirk cousins in the super bowl tj he's he was so icy on that plane he was he's like hey not even odel beckham can save this disastrous ram season i would agree i don't think he's coming you know we already know where odel should go i know you want to go to death hey yeah you know and i want to talk about this a little bit more uh on tomorrow's show we have a little bit more real estate i don't think he's coming i think he's biding his time and and a month ago would he have chosen the rams or the packers maybe now no way no way would he have chosen the bucks a month ago yeah now will he sit there and go ish ish would he choose a month ago would he have chosen seattle and ever he ain't gonna choose i know he might not but now if you're shopping around of where do i go giants and where can i win a ring that's not a bad one he grew he is where can i go and where can i win a ring ramsing it not it right now not right now with all due respect you got one more you need one one more thanks george all right we'll get one more okay he wasn't paying attention sorry he's bleeding he's bleeding he's losing from the loss of blood he's he needs juice what else your nfl mvp through nine weeks geno smith all right geno all right i'd love geno why not because patrick mohomes and josh alan are your mvps right now with jaylen with jaylen hurts right there chris brotman thought the seahawks should be playing in the xfo i did jr smith was offensive player of the month for november in the nfc i mean october in uh uh in the nfc mvp of the league i mean you saw the mvp of the league last night potentially come on now yeah the seahawks played yesterday so uh good stuff with the uh with the overreaction monday serve greatly appreciate it you know the disrespect 25 to one you get disrespect is real hey put put a buck down on that all right we're running out of time i mean we need this is one of those where we need to is that it no we got one more segment that is all right i i'm not i'm not done with the raiders why on this show bro he's gonna quit them watch he's gonna quit rich what do you that's don't move and then the wildest finish from yesterday influencer it's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days there is a woman who went the distance who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life her name elizabeth taylor i'm katie perry this is the story of the original influencer this is elizabeth the first elizabeth the first the podcast wherever you listen what a wild finish between the chargers and the falcons this is exactly what would happen to the chargers which is why i'm thinking maybe it's their year because it actually uh luck smiled on him i mean the chargers and the falcons are tied at 17 the chargers are going in for the win time's running out all they need is just to run out the clock and bring on their kicker named cameron dicker yeah dicker the kicker yes because he had just gotten signed earlier in the week okay he just got signed earlier in the week because their second kicker of the season went down and uh austin eckler fumbles he fumbles and this what's the name of this guy here oh my god big man with football big man with football to kwan graham picks it up he picks up the football and he's running with daylight in front of him big man with football which is easily the most entertaining thing you can see in anything with involving a pig skin oh yeah and the ball just comes loose just because i guess he's so big and his arms are pumping it just pops loose and the chargers recover it get the ball back back bring out dicker the kicker and win it and he's carried off the field by derwin james and others like he's rudy look at that tell me that's not rudy well there's only two people holding him exactly what happened with rudy in real life it happened it happened only a couple guys it's not like the entire cast i don't know where they said the entire team you lindsay theory who covers the team for espn points out that cameron dicker says he was about to head to a carrie underwood concert last week when he got the call that la was signing him and then he's suddenly kicking a game winning field goal i mean that's and being carried off now underwood's good too live fun concert really good so all i'm seeing all i'm seeing that is you i'm hearing this it's i feel like giving him the charles dutton you know to to a carrie underwood song like a little slow clap because it's real right it's based on it as a matter of fact rich eyes and show consulting we've already run it through put it up here it is a new movie ticker oh yeah it's called dicker not the same flair as rudy wow no wow i don't know if anybody's going to want to chant that i don't know if touch down jesus wants to get involved in that hey if he's not kicking next week derwin james and justin herbert and austin ecker put their jerseys right on brandon staley's desk wow six foot nothing right five foot nothing whatever the hell it is five five foot nothing 106 just like rudy and by the way in all seriousness though if the falcons win that game if gram runs it into you know there's enough time left for for who to make the kick and the falcons are a game up in the division they're above 500 the chargers are at 500 going into san francisco on a sunday night and the chiefs have a much better shot of wrapping the division up you know sooner rather than later chargers win falcons lose falcons are are now tied for first although behind the box they could be a three-way tie for the division if the saints win tonight wow by the way dicker won a game for the eagles earlier this year too i know he's a player like special teams that's why we're making a movie you know it's it's rudy and invincible so who's he going to kick forward next month he's also 6 1 2 16 he's actually huge the titans he'll kick for the titans remember the titans it's going to go for a clean sweep of sports movies remember the digger remember remember the digger now then let me finish up with this why don't you get those serious because my reputation is at stake oh we tried to help you man we tried to help you i did all i felt it in my bones when devante adams went to the raiders i felt it my bones when chandler jones went to the raiders i was finished up their season and i figured josh mcdaniels 2.0 wouldn't look like josh mcdaniels 1.0 as a matter of fact josh mcdaniels 1.0 actually what one sixth of his first six games as a denver broncos coach back they undefeated they beat the paths dude this has been an unmitigated disaster and i have stuck with this team i kept picking them on game day morning and i was kept i kept saying okay so them winning the afc west not happening and without a doubt the worst take i've had in the eight plus years of this show but i stuck with them thinking that maybe they could turn it around maybe they could turn it around and at least make a run for the wildcard because you see what josh jacobs can do running the ball and waller's been hurt and devante adams caught two touchdown passes they're up 17 nothing in jacksonville yesterday but they blew it it and the autumn wind i am done with okay turn down the music turn down the music and i love these guys on this team and i'm i'm i i love max crossby and i love what some of these guys did last year but to quote good fellas now i gotta turn my back okay now i gotta turn my back on you because i'm not gonna go down i'm not gonna sit in nfl take jail the rest of my life it's too late baby just because you can't get your act together nfl take jail that's what paulie was telling henry hill i'm not gonna i'm not gonna die in jail because of you now i gotta turn my back now i gotta turn my back on you that was when he was uh chopping garlic right no no no no no no that's when henry goes to me that's right that's right i just blew another 17 point lead paulie yeah it sounded like he was cooking there that's why he is cooking he's in the he's in the kitchen you know what i mean you can listen to the nfl and the nfl app on the odyssey app on westwood one via westwood one station streams or by asking alexa to open westwood one sports sponsored by autozone i'll be on the mic for westwood one's coverage of monday night football tonight saints and ravens we will see you on tuesday thanks for taking in this show with joe mixon chris long on you it could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting ramit saiti talking about being rich the old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated but it wasn't about how to spend it it was more about how to get it but okay so once you get it what do you do with it in our culture everybody tells you how to save but nobody teaches you how to spend it something you should know wherever you listen
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