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REShow: Tyler Lockett - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 27, 2022 3:10 pm

REShow: Tyler Lockett - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 27, 2022 3:10 pm

Rich previews the Thursday Night Football matchup between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Baltimore Ravings, explaining what’s at stake for Tom Brady’s disappointing season so far. 

Seahawks All-Pro WR Tyler Lockett tells Rich why he’s not surprised by the play of veteran QB Geno Smith and rookie RB Kenneth Walker III, why he firmly believes Seattle has a championship team, and discusses the rough season for friend and former teammate Russell Wilson with the Denver Broncos.

Rich praises Pete Carroll and the surprising first-place Seahawks, reacts to the New York Giants trading former 1st-round WR Kadarius Toney to the Kansas City Chiefs, and weighs in on Aaron Rodgers’ latest comments about the Packers’ struggling offense.

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Try Dove men plus care dry spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is The Rich Eisen Show. Matt Ryan, what do you think he's thinking about right now? Live from The Rich Eisen Show's studio in Los Angeles. But the major thing is the Indianapolis Colts now have a new starting quarterback.

I unfortunately think it's unfair to Matt because I don't think he was playing so bad that it was vengeable. Today's guests, Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett, ESPN MLB insider Jeff Passen, Pro Football Hall of Famer Brian Dawkins, New York Times best-selling author Jeff Perlman. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Can confirm sources say show me, show me. There I am. I've always wanted to start a show that way. There I is. Hey, I just think the Rich Eisen show. Who do you think you are?

It was the funniest thing ever. I still think you should introduce yourself like Killer used to. Ready to roll on the Rich Eisen show. A little Dorf start the day.

A little Steven Dorf. I know, I know. All right, welcome to the program. That's one way that started here on this busy Thursday. What's up?

Good to see Chris Brockman. How are you? Great. Wow. You think about that?

No, I'm great, Rich. The Lakers are 0-4. That means I'm up so much money to start the season because I'm betting against them every single game.

It's awesome. I'm excited. 0-4.

DJ Mikey D is in D's nuts. You're undefeated. You're caffeinated and undefeated. Yes, caffeinated and defeated. I'm really caffeinated. Like the candle, TJ Jefferson.

Like the candle. You're in Los Angeles, California, where Kawhi Leonard's rehabbing his knee already. I mean, look, man, you know, you know. We're not laughing at Kawhi, we're laughing at TV. Who cares?

Like I tried to say, I'd rather have a healthy Kawhi in May and June than a healthy Kawhi in October. That makes sense. I get it. Yeah. Come on. Yeah, sure.

Why not? By the way, I felt real old last night. I went to a movie at six o'clock and I'd never felt older in my entire life. Oh, did you have dinner beforehand? Did you go get a nice dinner beforehand, TJ? What had happened?

TJ Jefferson used to dance on tables at the hottest clubs in LA and now I'm going to a movie at six o'clock. What happened? How long did you see it at six? This movie, Barbarian, man.

It's about this girl who rents an Airbnb in Detroit and then she gets there and there's someone already there. And let me tell you something. It was the most frustrating movie I've seen in a long time. Did you cut a kid off at the popcorn line?

Don't want to see some sort of Pixar movie, whatever's out right now. I did not, but there was myself, there was one bag of sour patch kids left and I kind of hip checked this kid. It was welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen show.

I'm old is what I'm saying. We've got ourselves a very nice guest list coming up on this program in 17 minutes time is one of the most thoughtful players in the NFL who we, and if you've not heard him interviewed on this program, he's always just a deep thinker and is a straight shooter and a good dude. And he is Tyler Lockett of your NFC West leading Seattle Seahawks.

And he's coming on this program. I can't wait to hear your, his thoughts on this surprising start. And it is that week eight of the NFL season in 2022.

And the biggest, I would say, let me just go in the head before I finished my thought here. I know the Vikings are five and one, but there were a bunch of people that thought that Minnesota could win that division this year, that, uh, no Devante Adams and the, that the Packers would be struggling as they are entering week eight. The playmaker was high on Seattle. I know, nobody had Seattle have been above 500, let alone leading a division through, through seven weeks going into week eight. So we're going to talk to Tyler Lockett, who's taking on another surprise team through the first seven weeks because they've only lost once. And, uh, that usually was, uh, in recent years, the home opener or the week one opener for the New York giants, their six and one great game on the week eight docket that begins tonight. We'll hit that with Tyler Lockett.

Only game between winning teams in weekend. I believe so. Is that right? Well, we'll, we'll check that out.

We'll check your math on that, but it's entirely possible. Yeah. I mean, the jets are the winning team, not new England. Okay.

So, um, yeah, no, I'm, I'm correct. That's the only team on the docket between Tyler Lockett will join us on this program and Brian Dawkins will join us on this program as the undefeated Eagles come back from their buy. And they've got a new player and Robert Quinn from the Chicago bears will hit on that subject matter with Brian Dawkins.

I'll give you my two cents on the trade as well. The world series begins tomorrow night. Don't you know?

Let's go Mets. No, they're not in it. Oh, nevermind. The team in the divisions in it though.

Yeah. And it was, and it's not the defending world series champion of Braves who aren't defending much, but their couch today, ring the bell. Philadelphia Phillies are in Houston to take on the Houston Astros. And, uh, the subject matter I'm talking about with Jeff Passen will obviously be the world series, but of the, the PC he put out there in the ether on the internet tubes yesterday, when he followed around Aaron judge for a portion of his home run chase and Aaron judge and the Yankees, by the way, I just make, make sure to make sure, uh, check on it. They're not in the world series.

They didn't, their last win in the playoffs was the one that eliminated the Cleveland guardians and got them to the ALCS, which they were swept out of by dusty Baker's Houston Astros, who are, um, terrific, have not yet lost a playoff game going into the world series in 2022. So lots to talk about with Jeff passing. And then in the third hour, this, this book right here is awesome. I'm reading it right now. The last folk hero, the life and myth of Bo Jackson, Jeff Perlman's in studio and Jeff Perlman's last book, or was it his most recent book? I think it was his most recent book got turned into a series, um, uh, with HBO called winning time. And, uh, he had another book on the Lakers.

Pardon me. That's that might be turned into something else as well, but we'll talk winning time with Jeff Perlman. We'll talk about Bo Jackson with Jeff Perlman.

He wrote the book on Barry Bond. So we'll talk judge and bonds with Jeff Perlman. Our number three is going to be dynamite. I wouldn't miss it.

So we're right here on the Roku channel to 10 this rich eyes and show terrestrial radio affiliate, Sirius XM Odyssey, our podcast. There's no way to avoid us quite frankly tonight. By the end of tonight, Tom Brady may be something he's never been in the NFL. And I would profit to say not as a collegiate player either. And that is two games under 500. That's never happened. The only time Brady has awakened in the morning of an NFL week that he knew he was going to be the starting quarterback of a team that was two games under 500 was the New England Patriots in the year that Mo Lewis blew up, drew Bledsoe's inners, put Brady on the field and began the remarkable run that takes us all the way to week eight, 2022 tonight on prime video bucks hosting the Ravens.

They were two and four. But as we all know, Brady trotted in from the sideline in week two against the jets. And so the two and four record was not all on his docket. He's never, ever, ever been a starting quarterback.

Two games under 500 on a season. That's never happened. And that can happen tonight.

And I got to tell you, it sure looks like he's going to be by the end of the night. How is that possible? Really? You think how is that possible to never be that? Wow. I mean, 20 years, it is remarkable. That's incredible. That's never happened.

That's why it's the best ever. But the reason why I say it looks like that's going to be the case tonight is they were on a short week. They just lost to a team on an interim head coach. They just lost to a team whose locker room had to feel the effects of Christian McCaffrey being traded away and watching him show up in Santa Clara, beaming ear to ear, saying it's great to be here. I'm gone from a spot with an interim head coach and no discernible long-term future at quarterback with all due respect to all three of them that are there in Carolina. They just lost to a team that had hardly a full half a building. I want to be kind of optimistic.

That building wasn't even half full. Let me push back for a second. They just lost to that team by 18. Yes. But if Mike Evans catches that pass, do you think the Bucks win the game? Um, if, if Mack Jones didn't have a sprained ankle all season long, you think the Patriots would be three and four.

No, this is really specific though. If Mike Evans catches that pass, it's seven nothing. It's, it's there. Now they're rolling. The confidence is there. It's not like, Oh man, the sky isn't falling. He dropped the pass, didn't he?

But I'm just asking you a question. Of course, things could have been different. Of course, if he goes deep tonight and somehow takes the top of the Ravens defense off tonight and it's seven, nothing right off the bat, but they're still three and three thirds of three quarters of a game to go. And they, they haven't been able to put a damn thing together. And here come the Ravens tonight. And they, they, as we know, have considerable talent to push pressure up the middle on Tom Brady, stop the run on the way to Brady and Lamar Jackson hasn't put something together since what the first half first three quarters of that loss against Miami. When he put it and put together a game where had the Ravens finished that game, had the Ravens finished that game with a win back in week two, they'd have been two and oh, and we were didn't talk about him as a, a, an MVP quarterback. Sure. He's the only quarterback to have beaten Buffalo this year.

I get it. Game against Cincinnati. Justin Tucker went split the uprights right at the buzzer. They lost in against the giants. They needed to hold on for dear life against Cleveland Ravens also have something that they need to put together in a division that Cincinnati is now surging in. And the week finishes up with Cincinnati and Cleveland. As we talked about with yesterday's first guest, Joe burrow, I'm genuinely nervous for the bucks tonight.

Good news for them though, is their division is not anything to write home about that. Even if Atlanta does beat Carolina this week and does emerge from week eight, a game in front of the bucks because the bucks are three and five and Brady's two games under 500 for the first time, they could easily win the division and host a playoff game and somehow some way put something together to go on some magical run for Brady. But tonight will be all about Brady and my apologies on behalf of everyone on prime video in advance to everybody in Baltimore.

There will be times tonight. If you do watch their pregame show and I don't have their rundown and I'm sure they do have things in it to balance out the coverage, but Ravens fans, you will be sitting around tonight wondering, is there a second team in this? Yeah, we're talking about Tom Brady at three and four. We're talking about Tom Brady potentially being what he's never been in the NFL, which is two games under 500 quarterbacking a team from start to finish.

It's never happened. And the defense got punked by Dante Foreman and by Chuba Hubbard. Now here comes Gus Edwards, healthy, and Lamar Jackson coming at you. And the Drake. And the Drake, don't forget the Drake Hotel, which is definitely part of the Mission Impossible movie. But I know seriously, yeah.

Drake can put his stamp on too. So I'm very concerned about the bucks this evening and I'm leaning towards taking the Ravens in this one tonight. They're the better football team.

Even if Mark Andrews doesn't play, don't you feel like Tom's going to pull us out somehow? And that's why you came on. Well, you came on the set today and you're like, what, what you told me what's going on with the weird line movements. So this game opened and the Ravens were a point, point and a half, depending on, you know, wherever.

And now the bucks are two point favorites. Like that is really strange. If I had to pegging on anything, you know, I don't have, uh, my head in the game on that front or know how it operates. But if I had to guess, it's basically what I just said. Yeah. You, you're just banking on the fact that Brady's not going to lose this game because he's never been two games under 500 as a quarterback. I also ever, has he ever lost three in a row? I think he has. Okay.

I need to look that up. But I think that's something out there. It's possible.

He hasn't, if it's never, it's only like once. So it's, yeah, that's, you know, something's got to give. It has to be, it has to be in one of those. Maybe it could be in that, that Oh two Patriots season where they did not, they didn't follow up strong. Yeah. So lots to discuss today. Certainly with that trade, the Eagles being aggressive, getting Robert Quinn for this six and Oh team coming off a bye week, taking on the Steelers.

So I've got a couple of cents on that subject matter. And if you didn't see it, we'll play the sound bite of Roquan Smith of the bears being told Robert Quinn has been traded away while he's on the podium. He found out and couldn't keep it together.

That's a remarkable moment. We'll play that. Bill Belichick has chimed in on the health of Mack Jones today. I'm just seeing, he said he wanted to see what happened yesterday.

Can't wait. I mean, God bless Belichick for somebody who doesn't apparently has the MO of not wanting to talk to the media. He talked to the media on Monday night. He talked to the media yesterday morning and he, he spoke again today.

He is available, man. Yeah. And so I, I, I'm proper to say this, this does reek of a, uh, of a Bill Belichick press conference moment. We'll see if we can put that all together for you. Oh, we're already on it. Fantastic. Thank you, Mr. Hoskins.

Rich Tom Brady lost four in a row in 2002. There you go. One. Yeah.

One time. Yeah. But even then he wasn't two games under 500.

No. Cause they started the season three and Oh, unreal. Right. And then they lost the next four. Even then.

Yeah. So that was the last time he was three and four was 2002. And then they won the next game and he's never been two games. That's insane.

Didn't happen to Michigan either. I love the way you always throw that in. Oh, dude, I am so psyched for this weekend. You have no idea. Oh, we have an idea.

Cause that line's moving too. Let's talk about it. Cause I got Tyler Lockett and then I've got, uh, Aaron Rogers spoke yesterday. I mean, basically it is a new thing. He speaks to Pat Tuesday and then he speaks to everyone else about what he told Pat Tuesday. That's the new cycle.

So we'll take a break. Tyler Lockett of the Seattle Seahawks. Can't wait to chat with the wide receiver of the NFC West leading Seattle Seahawks. It's not Cooper cup. It's not Deebo Samuel.

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So now's the time to discover what it is that moves you most. Don't wait, unlock your potential inside a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. And joining us right now on the Mercedes-Benz vans phone line is a wide receiver of the division leader in the NFC West. Not talking about DeAndre Hopkins? No. Not talking about Deebo Samuel? No. Not talking about Cooper Cupp?

No. Talk about Tyler Lockett of the Seattle Seahawks joining me right here on the Rich Eiser Show. How are you doing Tyler?

I'm doing pretty good, how are you doing? You've been in the league for eight years now? Yeah, doesn't seem like it. Wow, you're an OG.

Yeah, something like that. You are. Certainly compared to some of your new teammates. No question about it.

Yeah, I still feel like I look the youngest but when it comes to the age I'm definitely one of the oldest. So what is your role do you feel in the locker room on this team, Tyler? I mean I think the biggest thing when it comes to my role is just making sure that everybody's on the same page, being able to keep everything balanced, not getting too high, not getting too low, but just being able to stay steadfast like through everything. Okay, and what did you know about Gino Smith and this offense that the rest of the league is learned over the first seven plus weeks of the season? Well, I mean I thought Gino was really good for what it was that we were trying to be able to accomplish. I think that when Gino came in like we've seen the tools that he has, we've seen what he could be able to do and you know I just think that the things that Gino and Shane have talked about, the things that they've been trying to build to get like build up, I think it's really helped us as an offense and I think it's something that everybody's able to see. Gino has done a great job just building that chemistry with each and every one of us at receiver, kind of talking to us about how he sees things out there on the field, how him and Shane are trying to attack defenses each and every week and so all that stuff is just playing into all of Gino's strengths and I think it's really helping us out as a team and you know he's been leading us to victory.

I'd like to pull on that string a little bit more. What do you mean he's talking to you and the rest of the receiving corps about his vision and what the vision is? You mentioned Shane, Shane Waldron's the offensive coordinator in his second year there in Seattle.

What do you mean? Give me an example of those conversations if you don't mind. Well, I mean a lot of it is just breaking down defenses, understanding how we want to attack defenses but not only that but how we want to attack certain players, making sure we're on the same page when it comes to how to run certain routes against certain players, understanding how those players are going to be able to attack us, understanding like the routes that we might like to run against the corners or the or the throws that Gino might want to be able to throw against the corners and understanding that you know no matter who's out there we're still going to attack each and every person the same based off of the plan that we build each and every week.

So it's more of a week-to-week thing is what you're saying not some sort of philosophical sit-down conversation is what you're saying. Yeah, yeah everything is more so week-to-week but um you know but I mean the biggest thing that you know Gino has really helped us with just this year um with just our philosophy and everything we're trying to accomplish is being able to get those third downs like the more and more we're able to get those third downs the more and more plays we can be able to run like the first two or three games I think we averaged about 47 plays which was last in the NFL and the last couple of games man we've been able to run uh a whole lot of plays and so when we can stay on the field as an offense we can run the ball we can do play actions we can throw the ball there's a lot of different things that we can do and I think we're showing a lot of variety in our offense which is definitely what I think that um Shane and Gino wanted to be able to do this year. And I had Gino on before week one uh Tyler Lockett and he said don't call this a comeback story is what he said don't call it a comeback story he says I've been just fine and I've got an opportunity here and I plan to take it that's what he said is that what he said to you guys too part of the season?

No he didn't have to say that to us because we knew what Gino could do I mean you know it was mostly a lot of people on the outside who didn't know what Gino could be able to do but um even when Gino played in those three games last year like everybody saw what um he was able to do and we were able to build that chemistry with Gino you know early on when Gino wasn't the starter I mean a lot of times we never get a chance to go with him or throw with him and so just during that three and a half game span like we we learned how to build chemistry with him we learned how to talk more football with him like you know we got to build a lot of that stuff that not too many players get to build with quarterbacks who are you know backing up a superstar and so when we had that opportunity to first learn how to play with Gino it took us some time but you know after we were able to kind of talk with him and learn how to play with each other then I'm going into this game when they named him the starter I mean it became a lot more easier because there was familiar we were very familiar with everything that was going on because we got to play with him a little bit last year. Tyler Lockett eighth year in the NFL for the four and three NFC West leading Seattle Seahawks here on the Rich Eisen show. I'm a Michigan Wolverine Tyler so I know and knew coming into the season what Kenneth Walker the third can do running the football I think he just scored his 19th touchdown against Michigan from that game last year while he was running for 180 plus yards for your team this this past week. What have you seen out of the rookie that makes you think that he's got the lasting power that I believe he has but I just want to give you the floor on it. I just think the dude is an amazing star you know definitely a star in the making I think the biggest thing is just opportunities and now that he's gotten the chance to showcase his opportunities I mean he has to stop and start he's patient he has the burst he has the speed he has everything that you want when looking at a player and when you understand like the things that you want I mean shoot it's not hard to be able to get on the ball and put them in positions to be able to make plays you know we gave him a jet sweep he he ran around the whole entire field doing whatever he wanted you know we were starting to handle the ball off in a backfield he's making big time plays giving us chances to be able to win games or close games out and so I mean I think he's gonna be an amazing player man. And and then you got Tariq Wuhlen out of UT San Antonio a fifth round choice leading as a rookie on defense I mean you've been around this team for quite some time Tyler and you know what what it looks like to have a championship quality team and certainly a division winning team you think you have one on your hands now what do you think? I definitely do I think I mean we we knew that when we first started you know and that's the biggest thing is that you keep everything in house you try to focus on what's in house you try to build on what's in house and you try to build each other up and continue to get better in house everybody on the outside has their own opinions but you know each week things change you know they they were talking bad about us at the beginning of the season now everybody's starting to open up their eyes and talk good about us but I mean we already knew that we had a great team when you look at Tariq and everything that he's done I mean he's a rookie coming in and he's playing as if he's a vet making big time plays allowing us to be able to um to keep their offenses off the field and allow us to be able to stay on the field he he's been being up a lot of guys like same with Kobe Bryant like we we have a lot of rookies that want to play this game you know what I mean that's like it's hard when you come into the league as a rookie because so many people get distracted by the lifestyle and the money and and everything that comes with it but we got rookies that that are grinding day in and day out we got rookies that know time management we got rookies that are putting in the work that want to get better that want to learn the game and and I mean like it just you could just tell that that they're pretty balanced and and what they're trying to do on and off the field man are you the longest tenure seahawk I'm doing in my head right here now Russ is in Denver and Bobby Wagner's down here in Los Angeles has there been anybody else on the team that's been there as long as you turn up I'm the longest 10-year person Pete I guess otherwise so I guess you might be carrying the mantle for Pete Carroll I mean how much has he set this stage here you said you knew it all along during the the summer I'll be honest with you nobody else is talking about it nobody you're right and and we're we're I'm one of them too I needed to see it to believe it and now I'm believing it I'm seeing it how much has Pete been banging the drum that you guys have been playing it out well I mean I didn't really think Pete had to say much to us as a team because you know when we came here in OTA like we seen what we had we saw that we were the most explosive team and we saw that how fast players were you beat players in routes and players are able to recover you know what I mean like it's stuff like that that that is just something that you're born with athleticism height talent you know all that type of stuff but when you add in structure and you add in IQ and you add in the knowledge of the game and you have vets who are able to kind of like teach the system just like the coaches are trying to teach the system then a lot of it is you don't get caught up in wins and losses you get caught up in let's just build a solid rock every time we lay the foundation so even when you lose you just learn it from how you lost and learning how to be able to get better because teams are just trying to attack you the same way that you got beat on defense you know what I mean and so it's like instead of being able to point the finger instead of being able to get mad at each other whatever we just continue to keep building continue to keep trying to lay the foundation and just understanding that whatever happens happens but you know that's really what it is over here on this side and in terms of being overlooked and and and showing the world what you knew you had I mean your opponent this week uh can look at you and say tell me about it right I mean here come the Giants nobody saw that one coming either this is the uh the six and one Giants against the NFC West leading Seahawks right here I mean uh what a game Tyler I mean you never could have thunk it to use Pete's phrase as he said on his podium last week about you being in first well you know what the thing is it's an NFL and anything can happen at any given time but you know also like a lot of people on the outside don't understand like um you know it's really important to be being a system that um a group of guys can be able to understand and a group of guys can be able to play in and when you have people that are able to learn like you know we got new guys coming on our team and they're able to learn and they're able to adapt and they're able to um to listen and that's the biggest thing for us is that we don't want to we don't want to be too big you know big headed to where we're not listening to coaching or we're not listening to what our teammates are trying to say we're trying to be able to help each other because we know that okay like in order for DK to be great at times we as receivers have to do our part when it comes to our route running in order for me to be great they have to do their part like in order for the running best to be great the receivers got to make sure they're blocking like so everybody has a role each and every play that we have to be able to accomplish and so the biggest thing is just all of us making sure we're not too big for our role you know and so that's the things that are helping us out because the more and more that we um continue to be great in our role like man you're seeing tight ends having a chance to get the ball and make some plays you're seeing people get put in different positions like we're our offense is is is it's so cool because it's it's variety and so it's just something that you know i think that we're learning and we're getting better at it each and every week and you know regardless of when we play detroit even though we scored a lot of points we're trying to figure out how can we get better how can we be able to build like it's not one of those hey man you had a great game you know it's like okay how can we be able to get better i know we scored three points here and we'll take points but now we lost this game versus things because we took three points how can we build and just turn that into a touchdown without trying to get greedy you know so the biggest thing that i keep going back to is just being able to lay that foundation and when you're able to do that you're able to have a safe place to be able to have those conversations to talk and be able to get better well before i let you go tyler locket um i know he's not your teammate anymore but do you do you stay in touch with rus at all tyler yeah i talked i get yeah i talked to rus here and there because he's definitely going through it right now i mean there there's the criticism is very loud and there's a lot of personal stuff that's getting thrown in the direction that he's um you know not uh genuine or his commercials and makes it seem like he's more focused on just winning i'm wondering what you what you have to say but just the national conversation that's been around rus the last several weeks yeah i mean you know i think a lot of people have said you know a lot of things and you know everybody has their own opinion and stuff like that you know for me um rus is my brother you know he's been like one of my big brothers ever since i got here i got the chance to be able to go to his wedding you know as a rookie and stuff and so he's always been like a big brother to me so you know me and him stay in contact we stay in touch uh we get to talk you know all that different type of stuff just because we're not on the same team doesn't mean that our relationship has to end you know what i mean like that's the biggest thing just with being in the league is you you come and go you never know how long your time is but you know it's the friendships and the people it's those relationships that last forever and last a lifetime and so you know like that's my brother and so you know that's always going to be able to be my brother so you know i wish nothing but the best for him and just um you know for me i keep talking to him and all that well good luck against the giants it's been a it always is a pleasure having you on tyler uh just listening to you talking your passion for the sport for your teammates for for for life it really is always i always hang up the phone saying man i i need to talk more with him and i always appreciate you calling the program tyler thank you for calling no problem thanks for having me you got it you know i'm gonna be calling your game in germany uh on nfl network oh yeah we're going to so um i'll you know i'll check you out we're we're going to germany together it's going to be a heck of an experience that's going to be amazing i look forward to that yeah no i'm looking forward to it too man okay yeah we'll share some pretzel bread at halftime i know pete might not appreciate that but we'll do that that's my that's my way of handling halftime but uh i look forward to it tyler good luck against the giants and i'll see you a couple weeks in europe all right have a good one you got it right back at you that's tyler locket of the nfc west leading seahawks here on the rich isen show so a couple things from that tyler tyler locket it's just such a good dude you know good dude and he's the most tenured seahawk how about that he's now the og there now the bobby wagner's here and russell wilson is at that harrow school and a limited basis practicing for the two and five broncos he's there you're here and uh how about this one too compete carol coach or compete carol coach can beat carol coach or can he coach the guy can coach tell me about it come on i see your reaction to it you gotta give it up you have to give it up i know there's still a marathon left they've had some good drafts i know uh so john schneider can pick yeah john schneider is a really good coach he's a really good gm whatever he is selling they're buying in the way uh hold on a second let's talk it out real quick in the same way people believe whatever rus is selling people are like really i need to buy that runner pass right you just sit here and and figure out what runner passes oh really you're really doing you're really doing you know like knee lifts you don't oh you don't get uh jet lag oh really okay addition by subtraction of seattle this year right but the but the same thing's been ascribed to pete that that when he when he sells it's just because the the uh draft picks are are good enough you know what i mean you gotta he what he's selling they're buying oh yeah let's keep selling gino um pete keep selling gino and drew lock because you traded away russell wilson because you couldn't figure out how to let him cook even though nine years worth of i'm capin for pete now i know you i know it's the truth though i do you just heard it hey we saw how quick we were we saw how young and talented we were we've seen what gino can do we believe in it okay pete yeah always compete i get it good yeah you're you needed to sell yourself to ownership after uh after last year everybody's on his last legs he can coach man and i'll tell you this he beats the giants this week okay let's just say he beats the giants this week then does he have a leg up on and i know he plays in the pacific northwest and it's an east coast bias over day ball for coach of the year damn straight when it all comes down to it if he wins the division if they win the division he's got to win the division yeah yeah just pointed it out he can coach speaking of which speaking of which speaking of which there's been another trade to talk about involving an nfc east team one was the eagles acquiring somebody the cowboys acquired jonathan hankins from the raiders yeah man the giants keeping up pace by trading someone away by the white receivers on the block guys did you see this coming up that's coming up and arin rogers day after explanation of what he tells pat mackafee that's the latest right here on the rich isen show and 844 204 rich number to do you can listen to the nfl on the nfl app on the odyssey app on westwood one sports dot com via westwood one station streams or by asking alexa to open westwood one sports sponsored by autozone when one team trades another player who is young and really you know um talented but not at all reaching potential and that team can't get him on the field for some reason and he gets on the field and he flashes and then he doesn't do anything and then he's hurt and then that team says we're done and trades him to another team he goes from yeah i mean who's gonna unlock this potential and then he goes to a certain team and he's just like uh-oh look out what he can do there oh they must see something now in past years it would because the giants trade that guy away you'd think the giants just don't know what the hell they're doing but they absolutely know what they're doing now you know joe shane is their new gm there he knows what he's doing brian dable is the coach of the year front runner right now entering week eight and cadarius tony was the first round draft choice of the giants in 2021 and um he showed when he was on the field last year he showed like beckham type flash like game changing type flash he had a game against i think the cowboys last year that was incredible and then he got hurt against the rams the next week and then the thing was a wrap he just got traded to the chiefs for a third round compensatory pick that ain't a bad pick that's a late that's a late friday night draft choice and a 2023 six rounder and the chiefs are on a buy and that's just yet another speedy game changing type wide receiver if they can unlock whatever the hell's going on with tony healthy i mean he's been out with a hamstring all year i don't know what it is because you you would think the last thing the giants even at six and one should be able should be doing is trading away talented young wide receivers uh honestly because daniel jones god bless him he's the offensive player of the week for the nfc and you got saquon and then a whole bunch of guys that aren't on your fantasy team but it's working and i guess tony is going to be healthy enough to get tony he's going to be healthy enough to get out there for the chiefs and the chiefs come back from a buy and then and then watch out let's see let's see him suddenly catch touchdowns make make some game breaking plays for the for the chiefs when they're home against the titans on a sunday night when they come back from their buy in week nine so let's close the book now if you will on um well the book was i guess already closed by this year's draft on dave gettleman's draft choices first round draft choices all gone right no they're not no no you got saquon you got daniel jones they they still have dextre lawrence on defense diondre baker was another guy from the giants first rounder wound up on the chiefs but he had trouble with the law he's out of the of the league right now where he was involved i shouldn't speak so generally um he was on he was on front pages instead of back pages on occasion andrew thomas on the line from georgia and then there's cadreus tony see ya i think jones is playing really well this year so i know we'll see what goes on you know not making mistakes they got the right guy they got the right guy coaching him but that's a fascinating trade right there because the last thing again you'd think the giant should figure figure out how to get this guy on the field and they must have been like we're done just look that's it just go just go yeah we've got our own thing going on here and and the guys in the room are doing it and now all eyes are going to be like this turning right to kenny golliday and say what do we got yeah let's go bro let's go yeah yeah and you might be looking right back at him saying all right let's go let's go that's right oh wait a minute there's a new there's a new there's a new uh cadence in the nfl week to week in the in the media oh yeah it's a new cadence arin rogers shows up on pat mackafee show tuesday and then on wednesday explains to the media what he said to pat mackafee on tuesday that's the new thing have you noticed that is really that's the new thing almost like he's his own translator arin says what what's on his mind to pat and then on wednesday says to the media that's asks follow-up questions you know yeah i said it that's basically what it is right and so the yeah i said it is him saying that there's a whole bunch of mistakes being made on the team i mean 20 percent of the snaps is a lot of mistakes and of course people view it like arin's taking no accountability he's he's saying i'm you know i'm i need to play better too but when he says that there's 20 percent of the players making mistakes and some of these guys are still out there and maybe the guys should be sat and the guys who aren't playing should get the reps now you're looking at the coach and saying well are you coaching the guys up or not and this is a week after he said we need to simplify things but he said that to the media after the loss last week against washington but he is either call is he calling out the coach or calling out the gm or calling out the players yeah everybody's getting called out so he was staying in front of his locker and the first item up for bids was the comment about you know not getting enough snaps mistake free with uh you know with our guys there is there's accountability um you know sammy was on a pitch count obviously last week so we couldn't get more plays out of him but um you know look to get sammy back to hopefully christian to play this week but they're just when you're struggling on offense you got to look at everything in the details um when there's just you know there's been too many uh you know it seemed like simple uh mental errors and you know i'm not a robot up here so i think people in this society have a hard time and the truth sometimes so i'm gonna hold guys accountable matt's gonna hold guys accountable rabble's gonna hold guys accountable jade's gonna hold guys accountable man's gonna hold guys accountable stand up with buckets and hold guys accountable and we need guys to to focus in on the mental part of the game and we need guys to to focus in on the mental part of this there you go there's two things one he's absolutely telling the truth that everybody needs to hear and two when he says what he's saying and he said after later on in the in the conversation with the media that nobody's come up to him and said you shouldn't be saying this stuff well if he's calling out guys first and second year players and they're gonna go to arin rogers and say what gives they're not gonna go chest to chest with the goat wtf bro i don't know but he knows his locker room better than we do that's for damn sure true i've never even been inside and again it's just the whole concept of where he opens it up to society as a whole can't tell the truth it's just there are again in society truths and facts and people suddenly think that their facts are the truth when the truth is the truth and facts are facts and you know if you want to talk about society as a large okay different sets of truths and facts have arrived in this country and their misinformation is everywhere and your information is your information and your information is your information so if you really want to have a larger conversation we can but i don't know if this is indicative of society or not put it all together packers need to win a football game and the problem is they got a very difficult uphill climb this very week they need to win a football game and if i may please dare to add my two cents on the all 22 front i have three words for the packers in their offense run the football this may be a problem this week too against the bills run it you got aj dylan quads you got your own quadzilla and you got aaron jones sometimes they just disappear third one fourth and one roll aj dylan downhill and see if he can hit the pocket and all the pins go flying now the business decision let's see it let's see it let's see it and keep doing it and doing it and doing it until you do it and do it and doing it well how about that all right hello cool j represent queen so that's my opinion on the packer's offense that's also simple that could be what aaron's talking about too he knows his locker room more than all of us and maybe he said just enough's enough until these kids it's time to wake up he's mad as hell he's not going to take it anymore but the whole idea is just you know again you look at it you're like man he knows the locker room he could be telling the truth other thing is like he's not holding himself nearly as accountable in front of the media maybe he's doing it behind the scenes maybe and the other way of looking at it it's like what kid's gonna go up tarryn rogers and say hey man what you said on macAfee is just totally out of bounds you know you got something to say to me say to my face maybe he's doing that too i would hope some guys are doing that but i don't know maybe it's not necessary because maybe he's right maybe you're seeing all those mistakes and maybe they aren't being held accountable and he's right maybe the coaches are holding everyone accountable it's just a shot at society is the sort of stuff that you know yeah i i don't need to hear well it's just aaron's thing you know i mean so he's smarter than everyone but the packers need a dub well it ain't coming this week i don't know about that come on dude i i believe i'm choosing the bills on game day morning i'll tell you that they're two touchdown underdogs for a reason who the hell knows man maybe they take my advice roll aj dylan downhill how are they gonna stop josh alan they couldn't stop taylor heineke i don't know i don't know they've got the horses up front to do it they can't do it it is possible it's kind of like what i said when i picked my seventh theme you don't want to bet against rogers right of course not bet against dude the guy i don't see demil the skills diminished but you heard what kurt warner said everyone's a little bit off that makes him a little bit off they gotta be on soon jeff passen coming up it could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting ramit sadhi talking about being rich the old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated but it wasn't about how to spend it it was more about how to get it but okay so once you get it what do you do with it in our culture everybody tells you how to save it but nobody teaches you how to spend it something you should know wherever you listen
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