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REShow: Joe Haden - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 28, 2022 3:45 pm

REShow: Joe Haden - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 28, 2022 3:45 pm

Rich recaps the Ravens’ Thursday Night Football win over the Buccaneers that dropped Tom Brady to two games under .500 for the first time in his career. 

Former Pro Bowl CB Joe Haden joins Rich in-studio to discuss going back to Cleveland to make his NFL retirement official with a Browns pre-game ceremony before Monday Night Football, says how the Buccaneers can fix their struggling offense, says why he’s not counting out the 2-5 Steelers, says if the return of Deshaun Watson can salvage the Browns’ season, and if the Philadelphia Eagles or the Buffalo Bills are the best team in the NFL. 

Rich weighs in on the Russell Wilson media pile-on and says why this year’s Broncos-Ravens game will have some extra meaning for the embattled Broncos QB, and breaks down the grim outlook for LeBron James and the Lakers.

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Clean feel all day. This is The Rich Eisen Show. Tom Brady. He's never ever ever ever ever ever. Then, a starting quarterback.

Two games under 500 on a season. Live from The Rich Eisen Show's studio in Los Angeles. How is that possible?

I mean, 20 years? It is remarkable. Today's guests, three-time Pro Bowler Joe Hayden, actor and Bears fan Ashton Kutcher, from HBO's Avenue 5, actor Josh Gad, and now it's Rich Eisen. Yes, welcome this edition of the Rich Eisen show live from Los Angeles, California, here on the Friday before the bulk of weekday activity right here on the program.

844204 Rich is the number to dial on any subject matter that interests you. We're wide open today with three guests, two of them in studio. Joe Hayden's about to stroll in here and one of our favorites, he's having, I mean, Hayden Palooza ends on Monday night. He announced his retirement at the beginning of the season and he went back to school like Thornton Mellon and had a nice time at the University of Florida where he was feted and he's going to Cleveland for the week eight finale between Cincinnati and the Browns and he's going to be feted there as well and we'll get all his thoughts on what's going on in week number eight. Josh Gad is in studio. One of our favorites is Die Hard Miami sports fan, Dolphins Fan Avenue 5 is returning to HBO.

New episodes airing Monday 10 Eastern Time and he will be here in studio to talk about that and then normally we say hello to Chris Brockman first but light the candle TJ Jefferson because you're a friend and so much more in life. Ashton Kutcher is going to be joining us at the top of hour number two because it's his Bears versus your Cowboys this weekend. Just to let you know we're not friends this week.

Okay, very good. I like it. NFL matchup, fantasy football matchup is very real. I also like the mustard pants look you've got going on today. Well, you know, it's just like I was going through the closet and there they were. I'm wearing boots today too.

I'm wearing boots in like June. TJ is ready to give you fantasy advice as well. He's ready to give you fantasy advice today. Chris Brockman is going to give you gambling advice and he's going to give all of us and myself the what's more likely. Well, you went 4-0 last week, right?

4-0 What was that? Amen. Wait a second. Now we're crossing the streams.

I moved on from this thing. I was just giving you guys. You know, Mike's off. He's not used to being here on Friday. He's not used to being here on a Friday.

I don't play Friday. Shout out Jay Philly. He's also distracted because Josh Gansens studio.

He's a 56 year old man. Every year on the planet, he's got a piece of Olaf paraphernalia and I have a mug. You got a mug and you like warm hugs and you like warm hugs. I mean I am Olaf. I'm a big Olaf. You hug Josh when he walks out.

You melt in the summer. He's got to do an Oreo drop for me. It's wonderful. He doesn't have to. You could ask him. I will do it. Of course.

Yes, of course. He's a sweetheart like you. That's what I tell myself. Cage just like demands things. He's like, I want a popsicle. I'm like, can you say please first?

Please? Let's say it first. Yeah, it's sort of like with all due respect. Thank you, Chris. Only difference, Chris is Cage has only been talking for about a year and a half now.

Yeah, Cage is too. Josh Cadd's here. Thank you. And you are where you are. Call us at 844-liner.

You were there. 844-200. I blocked Rich.

844-204 Rich is the number to dial. He's still blocked. I don't know.

Can Elon Musk fix that? Chris Myers blocked me. I have no idea why. A1. I don't know. We got along at ESPN.

Something must have gone astray. 844-204 Rich is the number to dial. Which you think Elon will let me back on? We should run that up the flagpole. I'm looking to that. I'm going to send you out a tweet right now.

I ain't do nothing. Okay, so let's get this show started. You mean we weren't started before? Tom Brady is two games under 500 for the first time in his career as a starting quarterback.

That happened last night. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are now three and five in this campaign that I picked them to go back to the Super Bowl and lose to the Buffalo Bills. And lots going wrong in Tampa. Absolutely lots going wrong. And when you face a team like the Ravens and you face a team that can run at you and they come out and throw it at you and you still have to lead it at halftime because you scored your first first quarter touchdown at home of the season.

And you still lose. There's lots going on. Lots going wrong. And you give you must tip the cap to the Baltimore Ravens who you know you want to talk about banged up. Once again running backs dropping like flies there. And Mark Andrews tried to answer the bell on the short week and couldn't stay in the game.

And Isaiah likely. Coastal Carolina is Isaiah likely showing on and showing up and showing out and the Ravens come out with that win and they are five and three and they will sit back and watch that week eight finale in the Battle of Ohio and watch Cleveland and Cincinnati beat each other up and hope that maybe the Browns can somehow pull it together in that amazing that the Ravens fans will be rooting for the Browns on Monday night because that would mean the Bengals are four and four and the Ravens have already beat them and Lamar Jackson throwing it in the first half and then running it in the second half. And that's how the Ravens come out with that win last night because for whatever reason nothing is working on offense for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Everything seems to be a beat slow.

Every window appears to be tight. Every single time Mike Evans gets open you're thinking is he gonna catch it? And then last night wide open in the end zone Brady misfired but there was a hold on the play on the Ravens and that's how Leonard Fournette creased the end zone and that's been too difficult for the Bucs to see. And they just cannot stop anybody on the ground now and they lose Shaquille Barrett last night yet another carded off, boldface named carded off in an NFL game. It appears he blew out his Achilles last night and the Bucs are now going to be without one of the top pass rushers in the league for the rest of the year.

And unbelievably, unbelievably they're not terribly out of things in the division. We'll get to that in a second but we have to settle on the TB-12 of it all because he knows it. He sees it. He knows it. He knows that his offensive line has difficult protecting it and run blocking. He knows that his receivers aren't getting completely open. He knows he's got tight windows. He's got to throw in almost every damn time. He knows the run game isn't reliable and he knows whatever's going on.

Play calling. It's not clicking and he knows he's not clicking. He knows he's been there. He's done that. He knows after the game he steps to the podium and he's asked all about it and he gave a brutally honest assessment that everything's off.

This is what TB-12 had to say. Do you feel like there's any similarities between the last three games in terms of the offense struggling? You know, I think we struggle pretty much at everything. You know, we're just struggling red areas, struggling third down, struggling run game, two-point plays, short yardage, and backed up.

Start the first quarter, start of the third quarter. Not very good offense football. And there has been so much conversation about how gaunt he looks all year long and how, what's the word that Ryan Fitzpatrick used? Disinterested. Dispirited is one way to look at Tom and one word that you can call him that's never been ascribed to him.

Distracted. We found out today all the chatter and conversation that came out of the summer when he took a sabbatical in the middle of training camp, which he's never done, and all the rumors and conjecture, the reporting done by a newspaper in New York owned by his potentially future employer on television about his personal life. He confirmed it on his Instagram page a few minutes before his now official ex-wife did, talking about his divorce and how he kindly asks for privacy and respect as we navigate what is to come in the days and weeks ahead. Thank you. And that was the end of a four-paragraph statement on his Instagram.

And we will do exactly that. But you have to factor it in your thinking that he's going on on a Thursday night, on a short week, taking on a Baltimore Ravens team. There's Kaleis Campbell there.

There's Patrick Queen when he's healthy there. And I mean, the man who's so known for compartmentalizing things. I, thank goodness. I'm, you know, don't have to know it, right? Right.

But I couldn't imagine doing this gig. He's hurt. Yeah.

So, you know, put it all together though. Football wise. Football wise.

I, I, I look at the statistics. I look at the game and what leaps out at me, what leaps out at me is last night, Tom Brady threw for, let me get the exact number. 34 times. He threw 44 times last night. It was the sixth consecutive game in which he attempted more than 40 or more passes. Six consecutive time he's done that. We talk about things that Tom Brady's never done before. Like be two games under 500, be three and five this late in the season.

That's the first two. He's never had six straight games of 40 or more attempts his entire career. The bucks are one in five in these games.

Why? Because they can't run worth a lick. Since racking up 152 yards on the ground against your Cowboys in week one in that opening win, TJ, the Buccaneers are last in the NFL and run yards per game by at least 16 yards over or fewer than the next worst team, 49 rush yards a game.

Right now, their average of 61 point yards on the ground per game would be if it doesn't improve the worst such mark in the Super Bowl era. Period. That's it.

You can't run it. And you got a 45 year old thrown at 40 or more times. And I say that, as you know, with the ultimate of respect, take the pressure off of Tom. He needs it.

He could use it. Run it, figure out how to run it and run it some more because your team suddenly can't stop it either. 173 yards on the ground against Carolina. Deontay Foreman and Chuba Hubbard were the ones who did most of that. And then last night, the combination of Devin DuVernay, Justice Hill, Kenyon Drake, Gus Edwards and Lamar ran it for 231 times, 204 of them in the second half, 27 rushes for 204 yards in the second half, jammed it down their throat, including a 40 yarder to open up the series after Brady and the Bucks had to settle for three in the red zone to make it an eight point game needing to get that ball back. Had to get it back.

Had to get it back. And the first run of the series by the Ravens after that is a 40 yarder by Kenyon Drake to just snap them off. The Bucks can't stop it and the Bucks can't do it. And the it is run the ball. It's so simple. Like I said, it's sometimes a very simple game in the NFL, sometimes a very simple game. They try to make it hard sometimes.

Well, and sometimes it's analytics this or gut that or whatever. As you know, in the new segment, I don't get it. Last night, my guy, all Harbos are my guy, John Harbaugh turns down Justin Tucker, Mr. Mr. You know, automatic down 10, three fourth and two red zone. We'll go for it.

Didn't get it. Nobody wants to take three pointers anymore. It's just like field goals are nothing anymore. At any rate, I don't want to go down that road, but sometimes a simple game, like I said for the Packers yesterday, the other 12, the other goat, the other team that's struggling, staring at three and five with a Sunday night trip to Buffalo here. Run the ball. You got AJ Dylan, roll him downhill on third and fourth and short.

Just don't care that they make know about it too. Put it on your offensive line and go. Roll AJ Dylan downhill. Get Aaron Jones going. Take the pressure off your 12. Certainly if the windows are tight, your receivers might not be winning the battle.

Even though you got Evans Godwin and Julio Jones had a nice night last night. It's not working. Try something else. Take it.

Throw it out. Like I've told Nathaniel Hackett to do with Russell Wilson now coming back in London. I mean, this is just my observation sitting here from this chair watching football and no one is as much as I've been able to glean over the last two decades.

Just make it simple. But that's the problem for the bucks. Everyone's going to be, what's wrong with Brady? What's happening with Brady? Is it his personal life?

Yeah. I mean, I think he's definitely distracted and off. And part of it might be he's seeing people coming up in his face because the line hasn't been able to protect and blow open the holes in the run game.

And we're all wondering what's going on with Brady. It's the run. You can't run it. You can't stop it.

You can't win. That's a very simple combination in the NFL. And that's what the bucks have a problem with. And here come the Rams. They have a problem running it. They have a problem protecting their quarterback and they got to win this thing. Because after that, they're going to Germany to take on the NFC West leading Seattle Seahawks before a buy. So that's the way I'm looking at it for the bucks. Run it.

Run it. And one last thing on the Brady thing. Where are all the people who thought he was on the Masked Singer? How dumb do you look? I mean, how dumb do you look? Seriously, TJ, I mean, come on, man.

How, how dumb do these people look? Took the summer off to go on the Masked Singer. Get out of Dodge. By the way, I wish that was the case.

Like, you know what I mean? Instead of him having to go through what he's going through right now, it's just sad. I'm so sad for him. Well, let's talk a little bit more football for the rest of week number eight.

844204H is the number to dial here on the program. You got Josh Gad coming in studio. We've got Ashton Kutcher calling at the top of our number two with none other than the Bears and the Cowboys facing each other.

And look who's showing up on our couch right now. The great Joe Hayden. He's going to join us in studio next. Want to let you know, you can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One Station Streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports sponsored by AutoZone. And you'll be able to listen to Cincinnati at Cleveland on Westwood One because that's where Monday Night Football resides for your Ear Gate.

Coming up next in studio, the great Joe Hayden, talking about week eight, his career, and more. In sports, dynasties know that every player counts. So when you're building your championship team, be like a dynasty.

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. Joe Hayden is here. The Red Shies and Show Terrestrial Radio audience has just returned. So again, you're going to be honored at Monday night.

You're going to be honored Monday night. Yes. You're the dog pound captain. Yes. What does that require?

What does that cat sister require? I don't even know yet. You don't know. Yeah. I don't know. I just know I'm the dog pound captain.

So I'm sure the dog pound captain and then, and this is the end of, I guess, Hayden Palooza, right? Yeah. Because you announced your retirement at the beginning of the season, right? And you went back to school.

Yes. What was that like? That was so much fun.

Tell me about it. I got to actually put me in the Gator Hall of Fame and it was so dope because Chandler Parsons went in with me, Jeff Demps, guys that I played with when I was back. I haven't heard that name in forever, Jeff Demps. So fast. So fast. So he just got into the Gator Hall of Fame also. So it was just good going back there, seeing all the dudes. And I mean, I'm so far removed from that, like, seeing all the kids and like the campus, it was just so dope, like, Joe, you're a legend. And it was homecoming. So we were able to have my kids on the float.

So, you know, it was just, it was amazing. And that was, who did they play? Who did Florida play? They played, was it Missouri?

Missouri. And we got it. We won. You got the dust. We got the dope.

Got the dope. When has Florida taken on, has Florida played Tennessee yet? Do we know yet? Florida Georges this weekend. Florida Georges this week.

Yeah. OK. What's your memory of playing in those games? Oh, my memory in those games was, I mean, it was 2007, I would say, when they stormed the field on us and they beat us pretty bad. And then the next year we stumped them and I had a pick and I ran it back 70 yards. I was guarding A.J.

Green. Matthew Stafford threw it, picked it off, ran it back to the one yard line. You picked off Matthew Stafford. Picked off Matthew Stafford by guarding A.J. Green.

Florida, Georgia. Picked off, ran it back 70 yards. I needed to go 71 for a touchdown. Who got you? How did you get, how did you not score? No, Muhammad Massaquah.

Muhammad Massaquah. Got you. Tackled me. Yeah.

I was juking people like shaking. I wasn't just straight run. Yeah. You know.

OK. That was zigzag. Understood. And then he got you. Then he got you. So now I understand why Jacksonville is playing in London.

They had to vacate for the world's largest cocktail party. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Right. 50 50. So that's one of the craziest games. It is 50 50 50 50. OK. And Florida lost to Tennessee already this year.

So what's going to happen? I mean, it's possible, right? It's possible. We got a really good quarterback now to Jefferson. So I'm hoping 15 pulls it through like fantastic.

Yes, Joe Hayden is here on the Rich Eisen show. Let's talk a little bit about what we saw last night. I mean, the Buccaneers just can't run the football. They cannot get it going. Like Lombardi, Lenny can't get it going. And then Brady, it seems, is just under duress to the point where his usual pinpoint accuracy is a little bit off.

The windows are tight. What are you seeing out of the Buccaneers? Like you said, too, I mean, you got to be able to establish the run.

And Tom Brady's normally standing clean and always able to get the ball out quick. If you don't have a run game, people are able to kind of like pin their ears back and get after you. So I just see that I don't really see them establishing the run and they're not able to really protect them.

So that's that's a that's a failure. And what's the difficulty of taking on the Ravens that you've experienced in your time? They're very, very their run game is amazing. Lamar can run, throw, do a little bit of everything. They're just very, very consistent and they're going to be able to get after the quarterback, too. So they got to be able to run the ball, hopefully, and with Lamar, stop him. Okay.

And then so the Steelers, you saw what they were they did on on Sunday night in Miami. And Tomlin, it appears to just no one quits on this guy. Why? Why?

Why is that the case? In your mind, Joe, I mean, he comes in every week with with a legit plan. He's going to let dudes know what what they're what they're doing, what they're not doing. I think it looked that the defense did a good job of they only scored 16 points. You know what I'm saying? Like it was a lot of like holes when they were getting it down down the field, but they were been but don't break trying to keep him out of the end zone.

I think to just we got to get Najee to rock and then just Kenny. I think some some of the decisions like the last play just live to fight another down. You know what I'm saying? But I don't think that he's it's nothing, nothing too bad.

I think that everything's fixable. I think Pickett has shown that he's he can win in this league. I know that, you know, he won one because Trubisky came in and got him that win. And I know he's yet to do it as the starter from start to finish.

But he does show some flashes and that kid had pickings in him. You seem to have gotten some form of a connection. Chase Claypool came out and said they need more go routes. And then you look it up and it looks like that they're this team does nothing but run those things. So what what's that all about?

They weren't a lot of go routes. So that's the thing. And Coach T, I love the way he's going. Like you got to make a play. If it's one on one, look off the safety and throw the ball. Like those 50 50 ball should be ones that Deontay one on one.

Fade ball guy, Claypool, Fade ball guy, Pickett, Fade ball guys. We got those dudes on the outside that can be able to make those plays. So when it is single high, we are throwing them. So like we got to just think we got to make those plays.

Joe Hayden is here on the Rich Eisen Show. What do you think the Browns need to do? What do you what do you think other than get to Sean?

Sean Watson. I mean, that'll help a lot. You know, not not to say that isn't doing a good job. They're running the ball very well. I mean, Chubb is probably one of the best running backs in the NFL.

Yes, for sure. Their line is amazing. I just think that they have a lot of players on defense too. I think they just got to, you know, stand up a little more. I think the offense is doing a good job of running the ball, getting points. I think just defense has got to like tighten up just a little bit. Okay.

Do you think they should trade Hunt if they lose on Monday night? What do you think about that, Joe? Because that's the talk. Yeah.

This game on Monday night is huge. Yeah. For a team that's sitting at two and five, they they they need to that was a whole thing. It's like just stay afloat, tread enough water. Yeah.

While Watson is on the shelf, sat suspended. That if you can go five and six, six and five would be just gravy. Yeah. Now you got to sit here and say four and seven is the goal sitting here at two and five. Just maybe if you can go 500, maybe, maybe, maybe five and six would be helpful. And if you don't, then you have to sit here and maybe answer the call for any teams that need running back help, maybe wide receiver help and just get as enough draft choices that you've clearly traded away back.

That's what's on the line for me on Monday night. What do you think about that subject matter? I don't think that's, I don't think that's a bad idea. I mean, when you have such a great, great running back and you can get valuable picks back for Kareem, like that, not to knock on Kareem is another starting running back at NFL. So when you start looking at your team and trying to get pieces and what, what you're really missing when you have two starting caliber running backs, I mean, I don't, I don't see what, I'm not against you with that when you can get another starting safety or something that you really, that you really need. Well, this is, I mean, that, that's why this game is, is quite big.

What do you, what are you, what's your opinion of the defense that has just been lit up locally in Cleveland, Joe? I don't want to get you in trouble. I know. But I mean, this is what's going on. You know, it is, it is what it is.

You know, it's, you got to, you got to, you got to stop. I mean, they have a lot of injuries too. Like my boy Denzel Ward, he's an amazing corner.

I love him to death. I think he's going to be like, he's going to strap in this league for a long time. It's health. And then you just got to be able to make plays. You got to get people off the field on third down. You got to make them kick field goals instead of scoring. And you know, when first down, I think that my miles obviously is one of the best players in the league for sure.

I mean, I was there right before he got there right before I left. And this amazing talent, but you just got to be able to stop deep balls and win, win on first down. Well, maybe they just need to channel there in a Joe Hayden on the back end of the defense.

That's not a bad idea. Well, it's another, because MJ Emerson, the defensive back in Cleveland, had this to say about who he looks up to and has. Growing up in Florida, I was a Florida Gators fan. So I seen a lot of his college tape. And yeah, he's a big influence, you know, on me playing cornerback and Joe Hain. He's a great player. So yeah, a lot of people didn't really know that, but yeah, I look up to Joe Hay. What do you think of that? I want to hug him.

Why are you going to get an opportunity? Oh, for sure. I can't wait.

I can't wait. That's I love that stuff. Oh, like that. I mean, yeah, it is. That's, that's pretty cool.

Going up in Florida, you're, you're, you're influencing. That's pretty cool. That's amazing. There you go. All right. That'll be part of the, your pregame.

Go find him. Oh, trust me. Yes. I'm fine. I'm a size shoe. He wears, he's going to have some Jordan, please. It's going to be okay. Very good.

That's 13. Do you have anything you want to say about Joe Hain's influence on your life? Just a size 13. I love Joe, you know, what he influenced your foot size. What are you talking about?

He just influenced me to become a better human being just by being in his presence. Chris, you wanted to, what do you got? You're the shout out Valley, uh, size 11. Oh my God.

He is the week. Your shoe size is my shoe size. Huh? 11. 11.

Oh, that's a workout for you. You like it. These are my feet. I'm 10 and a half, but I'm like Durant.

I like, uh, a little bit larger shoe. That's how KD and I are, are, are, are one in the same. Okay. Just make sure you stay taken. I guess step back to three. Yeah.

So I get the one extra point. Is it too soon? I think it's too soon to make those jokes.

Who's the best team in the league right now through seven plus weeks that you didn't stutter. I did not settle the egos. Why do you say that?

I mean, they have everything. I think the one thing that I, I'm faulted because I didn't know what general hurts really was going to do. You know what I'm saying? Like I didn't, I didn't know if he was going to be a real legit quarterback.

I mean, I love to do the deaf. He was a winner, you know what I'm saying? But wherever you play, but now, I mean, they have everything. They got AJ Brown.

They just, they keep stacking up. They have Daria slay. They have Bradbury. They have my boy from Florida.

We are Chandler. I mean, a gardener, you know what I'm saying? They just keep stacking up and they're loaded and they seem hungry. They seem like they're not worried about what nobody else is talking about. They just want to go out there and win. Well, I mean, the front office then says, here's Robert Quinn.

That's what I'm saying. They keep loading up with talent and players. I mean, and the dudes are all ballers and hungry and they, I don't think they have too many.

No, I don't know if anybody's won a Super Bowl on that team. So they really like want to go get it. I think they see the opportunity. And by the way, did you hear the details of the Robert Quinn trade that it was the Eagles cough up a four. They still have six draft choices next year. Anyway, they cough up a four and the bears pick up seven million of his remaining seven and a half million dollar salary. The bears pick it up and Robert Quinn for his, I guess, disruption to go from a three and 14 to a six and 14, they lopped off the last two years of his contract.

He's now a free agent. And now, I mean, you think he's going to be balling out or what that he's, he can, if he could put it on tape, which 18 and a half sacks last year, one would think he can go. Von Miller, exactly. And they now have allowed him to be, and that's the analysis that I, you know, my first thought was it's just like what the Rams did last year.

For sure. At Von Miller. Von was the actual free agent. They have, they lopped off the last two years of a deal and said, Yeah, he's shooting for the moon. That's, and I think he's going to show up in the locker room.

And then, you know, we had Brian Dawkins on yesterday. The thing he said he loved about it was competition that Brandon Graham's now going to say, okay, you're here. I'll just up my game up to for sure. And they'll go sack for sack and it'll be the opponent's problem. Yeah. Oh my gosh. That's amazing.

I heard that today. And I'm like, that is another way to just motivate a team in a locker room. You don't think the bills though, are the best team in the NFL right now? It's those two teams. Okay. No, I understand. I don't mean to, you know, I don't mean to put you on a spot here, but I mean, they face each other who wins that game.

Joe Hayden. I think they're, they're basically kind of evenly matched with you. Like, yeah, you're right. You're right. You're right. No, no, no, you do. You take what you want.

By the way, I don't mean to put you on the spot. I know it's maybe costing me a pair of shoes, but I mean, those are my two favorite teams. You're correct. But I think too, if I had to choose, I would go with the bills because I think Josh Allen is just a separate effect. He's an, he's unbelievable.

Yeah. Both of those teams are completely stacked, but the leaning thing would be, would be, but you like the Eagles though. I love the Eagles. I love the Eagles. And I love what Jalen Hurst is doing with the team. It looks like that's what's happening right now.

It really does. And, and so, um, um, uh, I, I can't wait to see, uh, you know, you and your family on Monday night, you must be really fired up. So who's all going to be there? Any other family members? Oh my gosh, everybody.

My mom, my dad, all my brothers, their kids, um, a lot of my friends, a lot of my friends from Cleveland. So you're plus what? What's the number? Uh, it's Joe Hayden plus Cavs game plus 34 Browns game, uh, 40. Yes.

Yeah. So there's going to be a whole Hayden section. You're going to see so many Haden's running around. It's going to be 23 little Haden's run around. They've got to be related to Joe.

Look at that little Joe. So cool. Yeah.

All right. So the Cavs, uh, so if you're in Cleveland, go say hello to the Haden's. You can't miss them. They're plus they'll be 35. We'll be 35 party of 35 at the Cavs game.

By the way, very nice. The Cavs to be, uh, providing like that. Dan Gilbert Cavs.

I love them. Well, when you see Dan Gilbert on Saturday, if you do see him, give him a hug because, uh, he'll need it. Cause his Michigan state Spartans are about to get hurt. Yes.

By my Michigan Wolverines on Saturday night. He'll need that hug. Okay. He'll need it. Tell him it's from me. Okay.

When you hug him on Saturday night, cause right around, like tip off, if you see him right around tip off, that's when kickoff will happen. Okay. So the hug will be pro, you know, front load the hug. Yes.

He will need it. Uh, and then Sunday is going to be a great, uh, uh, just hangout day or Monday night. Yes. Great. Joe, you're one of my favorites, man. Uh, congratulations on the whole two month, uh, retirement announcement and then traveling around and then, you know, your, your next chapter will no doubt be in the media. And I w I can't wait to be part of that with you as well, Joe. I appreciate you are the best. That's at Joe Hayden 23, Twitter and Instagram right here on the rich eyes and show Monday night football, Joe Hayden, Joe check him and his whole family out and certainly see him in the dog pound. That'll be fun on Monday night.

We're back to get you set for the rest of the week and this show in a moment. Influencer. It's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days. There is a woman who went the distance who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life. Her name, Elizabeth Taylor. I'm Katy Perry. This is the story of the original influencer.

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What are you waiting for? Right now, NetSuite is offering a one of a kind flexible financing program. Head to slash rich radio right now. slash rich radio. slash rich radio. So you know that famous shot of Brock Osweiler putting his helmet on to go in the game and watching Peyton Manning run out sort of like, you know, a reliever coming in to be part of a baseball fight that doesn't materialize. It's very funny. Peyton Manning just trots out on the field and you see Osweiler go, uh, and put his helmet back down on a rack. I think that's maybe what Tony Pollard's thinking right now.

Oh no, really? According to Mike McCarthy, Zeke Elliott is doing a lot better than we anticipated earlier in the week. If he practices today, he might go. Doesn't he have an MC Air injury?

I don't know. I would kind of, you know, uh, sit him, but this is what the Cowboys have done this. Certainly if they're, you know, with their, with the, with their running backs, remember when DeMarco Murray like had surgery on his hand and they played him against the Jaguars anyway with stitches and they ran him like 30 times and it was just like, what are you doing?

Okay. So I don't know if he's, if Tony Pollard's part of your fantasy advice later on, but factor that one in, keep an eye on, uh, on Cowboys practice. Well, I mean, he's still going to get touches. He's still going to, no, I know. Well, I mean, there's a difference between getting 2025 touches or your usual compliment of eight to 10.

He should get more. You know how I feel about that subject matter, but right now all the Cowboys just need to do is emerge as healthy as they possibly can and a win over the bears and go hit the bye week. TJ's BFF Ashton Kutcher is going to be joining us on the phone in about 15 minutes time to talk about the bears Cowboys game coming up this weekend. Okay. Very good. Um, some other, uh, order of business. It is official.

Shaquille Barrett has 20 kilos. He has done for the year. That happened last night. You know what I'm going to do right now? What's that?

I'm going to cape for Russell Wilson. I'm going to do it. Do you want to do some high knees while you're around the studio? That's kicking him while he's down. Look, I know he with some self, he doesn't help him. I know he invites the, um, weird looks. Okay. Because he's just oddly optimistic. Like the world is crashing around him and it'll be go, you know, go Broncos, you know, let's ride.

Let's mix. Right. And, and unfortunately for him, he shoots a commercial, which is just a, um, and look, we're, we're always open for advertisers here. Your, your name here.

Uh, and so, uh, but that's, that's a pretty brutal commercial that with the sandwich and all that business before you filmed that over the summer, you don't really anticipate. I know that. And apparently, apparently he was out there and then it popped.

It was already had been out there and it resurfaced at the worst time. And then he says he's got Wolverine blood, right? That's why he's maybe comes back. And then he'll, he'll say that he doesn't have jet lag. Look, we all have jet lag.

I don't get it. Jet lag is, you don't get jet lag. You, you and, uh, you and Russell Wilson, how about that?

I fly back and forth to these cause I never get jet lag. No, I'm serious. So I'm just front loading. I'm front loading all of it, but where there's a pile on happening. There's a Russell Wilson pile on happening. No doubt. The latest was Justin Tucker.

How about this? Marlon Humphrey, um, went around the victorious team plane last night and came upon the future hall of fame kicker. Because he is, if there was a third poll down the middle of the two poles that comprise the uprights in the national football league, Justin Tucker would hit it more than anybody else. Um, Justin Tucker had this to say when Marlon Humphrey's just going around with his phone. You guys know this guy. Let's, let's talk this a little bit.

What do you want to know? What are we doing on the plane right back home? I heard, I heard Lamar's leaving us in high knees, Raven's flock. Let's fly. Oh, we got to play him. Yes. Yes. We like him.

Yes. We respect him and we like him week 13, by the way, is when the Ravens visit Denver. We're going to ride into Denver, but that's what he said. He's leading us in the high knees. The Mars leading us in the high knees up and down the plane. Raven's flock.

Let's fly. That's a funny line, man. Very good.

It is pretty good. Everybody taking out a piece of Russ right now, huh? Everybody taking out a piece of Russ. Oh, by the way, it's Denver at Baltimore.

Oh, so they're going to get them in the bank on the week 13. It's going to be a cold day. But you know, Russell Wilson, it was announced is playing in London. So maybe the knee highs worked.

Maybe he does have Wolverine blood. I don't know how you don't get jet lagged, Mike. I don't, my God. I mean, okay.

Sounds good. Bless you. You and Russ, I guess you can have your own weird sandwich commercial coming up, but it's dangerous. TJ is adamantium. It's not blood. You know what I mean?

Yeah. I mean, if you want to see, that's not true because adamantium is his bones. That's his claws, but he has his healing powers through Michigan Wolverines, to be honest with you.

Not everyone cares about the Michigan Wolverines. I need to check myself. Thank you. But I'm just saying if the guy is always thinking about himself and his image, right? If he's always, if you're accusing him of being, you know, a me first guy, look at me type stuff. Yeah. Wouldn't he bail out of this game? He's got the excuse to not play. Exactly. Wouldn't he just say, okay, Brett Rippon, you show everybody why they need me back. I'll just sit here and use it because it's not going well.

I need to be out of this. I mean, you've heard that about other quarterbacks in the NFL, the mysterious injuries show up when the team's not doing well. Why would he insist on playing and get out there? Let's run. Rich, you're convincing me.

I'm taking the Broncos. I'm just saying, man, this is not the, he's playing. He's playing and he has a built-in excuse. I couldn't go last week. Flew all the way out here. Just wanted to be with my team.

I want to help everyone know what's runner pass and I'm sitting. I'm just, I'm, I'm caping for the guy right now. Cause right now it's, it's, uh, it's pile on Russ week.

It's pile on Russ year. He does invite the, uh, the, the criticism. He does invite.

Yeah. The he's got to know that right. Of course he hears it. Of course he hears it, but he's got to know while he's doing it now, man, I could get clown. But if he goes out there, I mean, he's going out there.

One would think not a hundred percent. That is a nasty young thirsty front seven. Okay. That's a home game in Jacksonville. This is big for the con family. It's big since building going to Wembley. Yeah.

He owns it. Supposed to rain, right? Isn't it supposed to rain or it's London. I guess it's always a 50% chance of rain. I don't know. Look, when you tap out, he's got it built in.

I'm capable. It's like no rain. Everybody's it's pile on Russ. I mean, let's ride pile on Russ here. They're underdogs.

I don't know. They could lose. I do like Jacksonville in this game, to be quite honest. I still don't believe in George Peyton, the general manager saying he 100% believes in Nathaniel Hackett. He's new. It's only his first, you know, seven games as a coach and four of them were nationally televised and he's got to do it in front of everyone. Well, yeah, not every game is nationally televised. It is the NFL.

You're under an immense microscope. There's still a lot off about this team. It doesn't just get fixed because Russ has got Wolverine blood, but it's a built-in excuse.

He could have just tapped out and he's not. Another, uh, God, it's very easy to pile on LeBron James. Oh, and four. And at Oh, and four, we hear that, uh, on Thursday night football coming up, Tennessee and green Bay, that game is coming up on week 11, everyone week 11. And there's going to be, everyone has a, I guess the Manning cast of the Thursday night game on Amazon prime will be an addition of the shop.

Oh, cool. And he and Matt Carter announced it and it'll be interesting, but you're already hearing, you're already hearing that's an Owen for basketball player announcing, Hey, let's talk football week 11. And you're already hearing that LeBron is LeBron locked. Like tonight he's got, is he going to, he's questionable for tonight's game against the Minnesota. He's questioned with a foot foot soreness. And Anthony Davis is going to be a game time decision. Oh my goodness.

That's so the Oh, and four Lakers could go out there and say, Russ, you're all we got. Get out there. Go kill him. You want the ball. You want to be the score. Well, guess what?

You're the guy. I mean, Russ could score 40 tonight. And I'm already seeing on the old Twitter machine, people like, Oh, all right. So LeBron's going to be doing, what if he's like a three and nine basketball players? That's November 17th. So they have, um, between now and then they have nine games between.

What are the games? So they're home. Actually they're in Minnesota tonight with those guys. I got to assume they might be on five and then Sunday, they're home for the nuggets who just beat them.

Oh my goodness. Then they're home, uh, on November 2nd for the pelicans. Brandon, while Brandon Ingram's out and Zion might not play. True. Then they're, then they have the jazz at home.

So let's say they win that. Why would you say that? The jazz, the dares are like, uh, Victor Wambiana. I don't know.

I don't know. And they're home for the calves. They have the jazz again.

They have the Clippers, the Kings, and then the nets. Oh my God. So maybe two wins there, three at the most.

Wow. It'll be a great, uh, alternate cast though. I'm sure they'll have a hell of a group of folks. They're talking football, which LeBron also loves, but the Lakers, man Lakers, Ashley Kutcher coming up. So they have nine more games.

They've already, they're already owned for, let's say they're three and six. So that's a three and 10. And by the way, did you see the, uh, the NBA's all in on, on, uh, what are we calling him? Vic, what are we calling him?

What do you want to call him? Crown Vic right now. Crown Vic, that the NBA is all in on Crown Vic, all of Crown Vic's games for what is it?

Metropolitan 92. Yes. Yeah. They're all, they're going to be free, free on their app, right? Free on the all new NBA app. This is genius move by the league.

Genius. Get everyone in on rooting and watching and getting familiarized with this kid because he's the future in nine months. He's the number one pick barring injury, probably even if he was injured, he'd probably do.

I mean, barring loss of limb, you know, right. Right. And even at that, I might take him.

I might still take him. So the NBA is in the tank for him. Again, no one is the NBA. No one is telling the Utah Jazz about this.

Yes. Jazz spurs, like no one, they're not getting the memo. They're supposed to lose his hands.

I mean, Laurie Marking of, uh, of, uh, back to back, you honest? He don't care nothing about him. You're the one that's got him.

I was mad about that. I was trying to get him. I do have him. Yeah, I've got him. Mike Conley don't care about that. Yeah, you know, I've got him. Jordan, I've got some others as well.

Kelly, Alanic currently, uh, here he raining down fury on TBD guys hurt. Ashton Kutcher coming up talking bears cowboys with the big bears fan. It could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting. Ramit Sadie talking about being rich. The old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated, but it wasn't about how to spend it. It was more about how to get it. But okay. So once you get it, what do you do with it? In our culture, everybody tells you how to save, but nobody teaches you how to spend it. Something you should know wherever you listen.
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