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REShow: Ashton Kutcher - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 28, 2022 3:46 pm

REShow: Ashton Kutcher - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 28, 2022 3:46 pm

Actor Ashton Kutcher tells Rich why he’s feeling good about beloved Chicago Bears’ Monday Night Football win over Bill Belichick’s Patriots, engages in some good-natured Bears vs Cowboys trash talk with TJ, reveals he’s putting himself through the hell of running the New York Marathon for a great cause.   

In his ‘What’s More Likely’ Friday staple Rich weighs in on the NFC South race, the Cowboys vs Bears, Jets vs Patriots, Packers vs Bills, Rams vs 49ers, Cardinals vs Vikings, along with the Raiders and Russell Wilson’s Broncos. 

TJ offers up his fantasy football advice for NFL Week 8.

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Clean feel all day. This is The Rich Eisen Show. Tom Brady. He's never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever.

Tell us a little bit. Then a starting quarterback. Two games under $500 on a season. Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. How is that possible?

I mean 20 years. It is remarkable. Earlier on the show, three-time pro bowler Joe Hayden. Coming up, actor and Bears fan Ashton Kutcher. From HBO's Avenue 5, actor Josh Gad. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hour number two of The Rich Eisen Show on the air.

Joe Hayden just left the studio. Josh Gad's making his way to it. Hour number one guest.

That's an hour number three guest in Josh Gad. 844204 Rich is the number to dial here on The Rich Eisen Show live on the Roku channel, Channel 210. As soon as this show is over on Channel 210 after our third hour, stay there because hour number one hits you. And then we keep re-airing and re-airing and re-airing. And then all of our shows from this week will air on Channel 210 throughout the weekend.

So you can catch up on whatever you've missed. There's also a video on demand portion of The Rich Eisen Show page on the Roku channel. Available on all Roku devices and Samsung smart TVs. Available on Amazon Fire TVs. Available on the Roku app.

And, the best part about it, and this is why we definitely jumped at the chance to make Roku the partner of The Rich Eisen Show and vice versa, is it's free. Free of charge. $0.00. Full blue Tarski in terms of the cost of your wallet. 0.0.

We're thrilled also to have you call in at 844204 Rich, number to dial. Later on in this hour, Chris Brockman posits many theories about this weekend's activities. Absolutely. Another way to put it is you've got What's More Likely. What's More Likely and Sneaky Good Games.

Sneaky Good Games. You went 4-0 last week, so you made people some money. I am on fire. You made people some money. T.J. Jefferson, good to see you here in hour number two as always.

It's great to be seen. Okay, you've got a fresh cup of tea. You always talk about this guy Ashton. I do?

Yup. Well, you do. I mean, I do. Rich, you do. Rich, you do. You bring him up a lot. No, I don't. You do. What are you talking about?

Rich, you do know that when you speak into this microphone and the camera's rolling, it records things. I'm about to change prepositions instead of bringing him up. I'm going to bring him up. Oh, yeah.

How about that? Getting set to watch the Bears Cowboys game with you, T.J. Jefferson. Yeah.

This very weekend is a diehard Bears fan who I have just learned is getting set to run the New York City Marathon. I am. Joining us here on the Rich Eisen Show, thrilled to have Ashton Kutcher here on the program on the Mercedes Benz Vans phone line. How are you doing, Ashton? I'm really good. I'm really good, Rich. How are you?

I'm doing. You know what? I'm not like I'm good.

I'm not Eber Flus good, though. You know. Oh, man. Oh, you mean Monday night, Matt? That's the guy. Monday night, Matt.

Yes, sir. You must be fired up, huh, Ashton? Oh, yeah, I have to tell you, it's been a really Jacqueline Heidi kind of season. But Monday, I felt like the whole package started to kind of come together. It was really nice to watch. It was indeed, you know, and a team that just keeps on keeping on.

That's what I saw last Monday. I saw a team that was aggressive and I saw a team that didn't take any snaps off, but actually put it right on Belichick on a night where he was supposed to be anointed to pass, of all people, George Hallis. That was a big night for the Bears.

Big time. Yeah, that wasn't going to happen. The Bears were going to let that happen. I mean, we're not going to pass Papa Bear on against the Bears. Like, that would have been, I mean, it had to be like a pregame speech in the locker room.

There's no question that had to come up. That had to, yeah. You know, the thing about that I was observing was it felt like instead of fields running from a scrambling position, it felt like they finally sort of flipped over and were like, all right, we're actually going to call run plays for fields and let him show that athleticism, which also like scares me when, you know, your starting quarterback is like, you know, a core piece of your running game because, you know, that has a tendency to lead to injuries, but it worked and it worked on a real level. Well, I'm going to counsel you if you don't mind me doing so, Ashton Kutcher, because I'm a jet fan and I wear scars as well.

Although you've got, you know, trophies in the case that you can remember. I was just a barely, you know, a twinkle in my mother's eye when the Jets actually won a Super Bowl that maybe just maybe you should view that what you just said as a positive that the coaches are deciding to actually make the playbook about Justin Fields and say, you know what, I may have a playbook that I brought from Green Bay, the OC, Luke Getsey, and you know what, let's make this about fields in the same way that the Ravens make it about Lamar and let's ride. Maybe that's what we just saw. I see it as a positive.

I just always get worried that my quarterback is going to get hurt and then what, you know, but look, it's about winning football games, right, and it's about beating them Cowboys this weekend and then I get TJ and I get to watch TJ Powell for the rest of the week, which is always exciting for me. Fantastic. By the way, I just had to look up.

It's Trevor Simeon who's your backup and as a jet fan, I would counsel you against having him in the game. So I do understand what you're saying. Now let's get to it. You got to be feeling really good about your jet. Oh, I mean, this is really something that's happening.

Jets Bears Super Bowl. What do you say? What do you think? Next year.

I just heard TJ at nice. You're like, get out of here. All right, so let's get to it. What does this weekend look like, TJ? What do you, what do we have here? You mean outside of like just a dominant Cowboys victory? What does it look like? Oh, like, is that what you mean? So Ashton, I guess then, give me, set the scene of what's going to look like for the two of you guys this weekend.

What do you got? Oh, it's going to be on the couch. TJ is going to be wearing his silly chef's cowboy outfit, I'm sure, and trying to convince my son to become a Cowboys fan, which is never going to happen. I try hard at that.

You know what? We'll be post up and here's what generally happens is TJ and I will sit there for about two and a half hours and really maybe talk like the total of like two minutes within that two and a half hours and just watch the game. We actually won't talk to each other. We'll just yell at the television screen pretty much. And then, and then my wife will come in and ask why we watch football together because we don't even have a conversation. I'll have to explain to her that for us, watching the game is like going to the movies. You don't talk during the movie, talk after the movie about what the movie was about.

And then that'll be a whole situation. Look, here, here's what I'm looking forward to this game. I actually think the two teams are extraordinarily well matched. I think it's going to be a good game. I do worry though, that the bears are working on a short week and it's two road games in a row. And I had someone counsel me once that you never want to bet on a team that's playing their second road game in a row, because, you know, that's tough. So I'm hoping for the best and expecting the worst going into the weekend.

So what do you make of that idea, TJ, or that whole, I guess, supposition of what this weekend's going to look like? Is it true you won't, you'll sit there and you won't say a word? Yeah, we generally tend not to, we're two people who are into the game. So we don't talk a lot during a game that's on.

We'll just, like you said, play. But Coach, Rich is really, he's kind of interested in where we're going to watch the game. So I told him about the barn and he's just like, he can't wrap his mind around the barn.

So maybe you want to explain that to him. Well, I mean, there's so we, we, we, my wife and I built a house and there's a room that is the, it's, it's, it's a large room in the barn, which is just adjacent to the house. And it's got a very large screen that will be dedicated to the game. And then there's a bar in the other room. So there's basically a bar and a TV room for, you know, watching the game. So we'll be in there. So, and again, it's, it's a good question. I honestly wasn't going to ask that TJ, but now that we're there, but now that we're there, I mean, so again, this is just a, a sort of a, um, an aesthetic layout. There's not actually animals in this facility. Correct. There are no, there are no, it's like a, it's like a converted barn. Very good. The barn that's converted into like a bar slash place to watch. Beautiful. There's a barn and then you do remove the end.

There's a bar in the barn. But here's what I really, I'm interested in here. Okay. Because you're assuming TJ, this is a cowboy victory. Yeah. No question.

Right. Like this is a rollover. Dak was just getting warmed up against the lines. He got his feet wet. He dipped his toe back in the NFL pool. Now it's going to be like a full on cannonball for the Cowboys into this pool with Dak back and a bye week come in and it's all good. What happens though? Ashton Kutcher with this whole, you're just watching the game saying nothing. What if the bears do lay it on the Cowboys in the same way they lay it on the Patriots and you're up by like double digits, third quarter, fourth quarter. And you know, TJ is totally dying inside. Does that elephant in the room get addressed?

Ashton Kutcher, yes or no? I'm not, I'm not, I'm not a rub it in kind of guy. I'm not, I'm not going to like rub it in and grind to death. Like I've had enough bad seasons with the bears now. They're like, I, I'm not here to like rub it in.

Here's, here's the, here's some interesting detail on the game. That's right. The bears have recorded almost I think twice as many sacks this season as, as the Cowboys have our defense and it really looked like our secondary was starting to gel against the Patriots. Now it did help that they put Zappy in, which I don't know what Belichick was doing.

I'm not, I'm not here to question Bill Belichick, but I'm questioning Bill Belichick. But our, our secondary looks like it's gelling and if that secondary is truly gelling and, and our, our front four, although we did just get rid of Quinn, we did, we did just make this trade for Robert Quinn to the Eagles. So I don't, you know, but if our front four can create pressure and we can get deck a little bit, you know, sideways, look, I, I like the ground and pound bears.

What will, what will really happen is if we are winning and we're winning like we were winning against the Patriots, I'll just start dissecting while, why we're winning and why, why we'll probably not win another game, even if we would do it, because it's like when it's your team, you can't help but dissect why the rest of the season is going to be terrible. Are you getting the bears have more sex than the Cowboys? I mean, what's, what website did you get that from? Well, I think we have like 27 stats facts on the season.

No, no, we have 29 and you guys have what, 12? No, that can't be right. See, I think I'm pretty sure that's right. I think one of us need to be there on Sunday to arbitrate this thing here.

You know, like Molly, we need to be in the middle of or, or maybe McCarthy. What's the data? What's the real data?

Tell me. Oh, that is the data. Those Cowboys have 29 sacks and the bears have 12. Well, but you're looking at a different, you're looking at a different stat line than what I'm looking at. I'm looking at team.

Here's the deal. This is the bears have 27 sacks this season.

You've given up 27 sacks. That's what you're looking at. I think you're also looking at the 1985 version of the app that never existed.

I don't know. It's entirely possible because the, the bears are doing things that they haven't done before. Like winning in New England, 1985 was also the last throw in the football.

It's unreal, man. So maybe just McCarthy pulls a Bella check and puts Cooper Rush in the game and out of nowhere. Say it was part of the plan. Maybe this is what the bears do to other teams.

You never know. You know, rich, our, our entire friendship has been built upon the bears and the Cowboys. When he and I first met randomly at a bar back in 2001, I sat next to, he randomly sat next to me. He's wearing a bear's hat. And then we started talking, actually yelling about football.

Yes. That's how our friendship began. And when we live with each other, it was when Emmett was chasing Walter Payton's rushing record. So every Sunday, like this white, this Cowboys whiteboard isn't new. I had a whiteboard way back then. And I would write Walter Payton's record and Emmett's record.

And I would update it every Sunday morning and I would sit it right by the TV. So every Sunday we'd watch football, he'd have to see like the Emmett yardage go up and up to overtake Walter. And I know he didn't really like that. Damn, man. Here we go.

Hold on. But the argument was whether Walter Payton or Emmett Smith, we put Jim Brown to the side. We said, okay, let's put Jim Brown in the classroom. We know Jim Brown's there. Like who was the greatest running back of all time?

This is our first conversation that we ever had. Only to be ended by a conversation that we had with Emmett Smith, where we asked Emmett Smith who the greatest running back of all time was, and he said Walter Payton. Well, what's he going to say? I mean, of course he's going to say Walter Payton.

Like, come on. But Emmett knew. He looked at me and he winked. He could have just said me, but he didn't, TJ.

Because he wanted to be a respectful man and he did. Look, did Emmett say Walter Payton? Yes. Did he mean it?

No. I've met Emmett Smith many, many times and he doesn't, he's no wallflower. Certainly when he's pounding the table for his own accolades, he would have said me if he really meant it. I think he actually meant Walter Payton.

I couldn't have. That's what I'm saying. TJ, if you ask who the most handsome guy in our fantasy football league is, I'm going to say me. You know you want it to be you. I'm going to say me. Well, now that Jordy's out of the league, it might be you. I don't, I don't know. Eric Day might have something to say about that. Oh, really? Might be, might be.

Only one guy in the league used to be a model and that's me. You've got a good point here on The Rich Iden Show. So I imagine though, whatever lunch might be served, Ashton, you might, you might tap out of anything that's high in calories or not protein or anything like that. Because you're, you're training right now for the, for the marathon, the New York City Marathon, Ashton? Yeah.

Yeah. I have to run this next Sunday. And I was actually thinking about it, but not this Sunday, but the following Sunday, I'm, I'm running the marathon and it's during the bears game. And like this, here's, this is a real problem for me because the actual marathon is, is like the running of it is during the bears game.

And I don't know what I want to do. Like I might have to listen to it's bears dolphins and I might have to listen to that game while I'm running the marathon. Yeah. It'll get you through it. So I don't miss the game, but yeah, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm booze free until the finish line next Sunday. And I've got to, I have to sort of treat my body right.

So I, so I'm not going to be like pounding like crazy fried food or anything. And then you're, you're also, you've been, you've been having, I guess, a team following along our future selves as series of dedicated, of running content of you getting ready for the New York city marathon. And you're, this is a fundraiser too, right?

How can people get involved to try and raise money? Yeah. With your run here.

Yeah. So, so, so I have a nonprofit that I started working out for 15 years of fighting the sexual exploitation of children. And so the nonprofit is called Thorn and we're at and we build software to help companies and law enforcement find kids that are being sexually exploited. And we found, we've identified over 25,000 kids that are being sexually exploited utilizing our software. And, you know, we, we, we just continue to build, you know, the most innovative software in the world to fight because a lot of these guys that are, and ladies that are abusing these kids, they use pretty advanced techniques and we have to stay ahead of them and, and just continue to be sort of a cut above. So we're, we have a hundred people that are running with thorn that are running the marathon because at the end of the day, this work is a marathon, not a sprint. Yeah.

For a long time. And we have to just continue to persevere and, you know, sort of all the, the metaphor works in this case very well. So if anybody wants to help us out, they can go to backslash Ashton dash runs and donate. And so I partnered up a Peloton and for the training of this and did an interview series while running on treadmills, which I thought would be kind of funny to help educate people about the sort of why behind the marathon for me and, and the why behind why successful people get up every day and do what they do. Amazing. Amazing brother.

That is amazing. And what, what is your, what's the time you're trying to get in the marathon or just finish? You don't, you just want to get past that 26 mile map.

What do you got for me? I started with this just finish idea. And then I started getting cocky and I was like, Oh, you know what?

I'm going to be able to do this in like under four hours. And then I started getting really cocky and I was like, I wonder if I could actually qualify for the Boston marathon with the time that I run this thing. So I got down to like eight minute miles at like 15 miles. I was like, Oh, you know what? I just have to cut 30 seconds off of each one of those. Right.

And then I injured myself and I, I, I started having like bone decay in my knee and tendonitis. So I've been, I've been nursing a weak knee and I've had to sort of reset the goal back to four hours. Okay. And so I'm going to try to finish it another four hours. I think the average finish for the New York marathon is four 36.

So I think I could do it in four hours. Well, I mean, I'm, I'm a short distance runner, usually for charity Ashton, not, not long distance runners, but the only thing that I can relate to with the New York city marathon coming from where I come from is running away from Staten Island as fast as I can. So, uh, although that Verrazano bridge, uh, that is a ridiculous incline. That is a, a wild uphill start to this race, by the way. So be prepared for that.

That's the only thing I can tell you for that. Here's the good news is that I have been running in Los Angeles a lot and my house is up like on Mulholland. And so I run from sunset all the way up to Mulholland.

I don't think the Verrazano bridge incline is going to be worse than the sunset to Mulholland. All right, man. Right about that. Yeah.

One of those canons. Okay. Very good. And Rich also with, he and I, we're playing each other in fantasy this year. Oh my goodness. This year, this week, I started this league back in when I moved here.

So our first year was the year 2000. This is going to be an intense, an intense Sunday in the barn, sir. I don't care. He's 7-1 in first place and I'm in last place. 7-1.

So I'm coming for him this week. We need some video. We need a live stream. We need something from the barn this weekend, guys.

I'll send something out from the barn. This fantasy league has been going since we had to pull the first stats out of the USA today. Yeah. We started like 99, 2000.

I used to keep tracking. I love that. Yeah. I love it. We're like analog O.G.

Analog O.G. But he's never won a championship. I've won three. This is looking like his best chance.

I used to put it out there. I hope he'd never win because he has enough good stuff going on in his. How many yachts can you water ski behind? True. But now it's like, I'm kind of rooting for him because after like 22 years, bro, it's like, get this man a title. So I'm definitely going to take him out this week. Well, you're only rooting for me right now because you're Owen. Right.

That's a great fantasy team name. Oh, man. All right. Ashton.

Look, we've been, we've been asking all bears fans to call in. And you're just, you know, Ashton from Los Angeles at this point in time. So action from Cedar Rapids.

Pardon me. Cedar rap. Well, at the moment calling him right Ashton from Cedar Rapids on the Rich Eisen show. We've been asking all bears fans to just scream the word Eber flutes at the top of their lungs and see how it makes them feel.

Would you, would you kindly do that as we send you on for the rest of your Friday, sir? How does it feel? How does it feel? How does it feel?

Oh God, it feels good. By the way, by the way, an Eber flutes right as maybe you enter central park for those final few miles of the marathon. That'll be great. If any point in time you feel flagging on that bum knee, you just scream Eber flutes and I'll get you through. I'll get you through. If we get a win, if we get a win over the dolphins, I may well do that.

While I'm running, if we beat the dolphins, you may see some weird guys screaming Eber flutes. I can't wait. Ashton, thank you for the call, sir. Uh, again, uh, what's that website again that people can, can go and donate to for, for Thorn, for your run?

Just go check out Okay. Very good.

T H O R N dot org. Thanks for the call, Ashton. You be well and enjoy the weekend. Thank you.

You got it. All right, bro. Ashton Kutcher at every, everybody right here on the Rich Eisen show. Everybody thinks Elon Musk owns Twitter. That guy created it right there. First to a million.

Damn straight. All right. Uh, Josh Gadd is going to be here in our number three. Uh, let's take a break. Come back.

Well, what's more likely a Friday favorite Friday favorite before I give you the, uh, top five week eight games. I'm looking forward to that's coming up. 2000, 2008, 2022. When it comes to the economy, those are some scary years. Dot com crash housing crash and the roller coaster.

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Unlock your potential inside a Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Okay. Chris Brockman. It's week number eight in the NFL. Hey, bitch. What's up? Do you have, is this an all NFL version? Are you got other stuff?

What do you got? No. Oh, yeah.

No, it's going to world series starts tonight. Yeah, but that's okay. Yeah, it's all right. It's NFL, man.

It's all right. Yeah, but you know, the NFL, even, even the NFL, it just, you know, steps in it. Philly plays Houston. Guess who plays each other in the Thursday night and next week, next week, on the off day, on the off day, Philly and Houston, but the world series is going to be over by then because the Astros have swept the Phillies. No way. No way.

No way. I don't believe this is what you think the Astros don't lose a game in winning the world in the, in the playoffs at all and winning the world series. Have you seen them play baseball? Do you think I've seen them play baseball? I don't want to see them play baseball anymore. That's how much I've seen them play baseball. Well, you got about four or five more games left. He said four or five. You think there's a suite.

I think it's there. Because again, there's two, it was a game that I really had a game tomorrow. They tap out Sunday. They're like, we don't want any piece of the NFL. Yeah. Used to be the other way around, by the way. And then they play three in a row, right?

They buy Monday, Wednesday, Monday, Tuesday, and then they play Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Yeah. It's over. It's over by then.

I don't know. I think they'll be a game six. I think they'll be a game six.

I'm with rich on the sick. Philly magic is over. Why do you say that? They get to, I don't think it's over.

They get to, I don't think it's over. Okay. I don't know. I'm just, do you think Ted Cruz shows up to Philadelphia?

What do you think? Yeah. That guy's a loser.

He's going to show up. Okay. So you looked, you sound like a Yankee fan. Yeah.

That guy's a loser. By the way, greatest thing Yankee fans ever did. You know what, sir? Uh, the Yankee fans have done a lot for me in my life. I agree, but they were pretty good that day. So you think, you think we're going to see, uh, only two games in Philadelphia. That's what you're saying. Maybe three at the moment. It's over in four. So no, what's more likely than the world series.

No, okay. No college football. No college football.

There's not a lot of great college. NFL films music. It's NFL. Let's go. Go for it. Hit it, please.

What's more likely? Never say never, but never. There you go. We're an NFL show.

Come on, Rich. What else? First up, pretty good. You saw the game last night. Bucks didn't look good. What's more likely the bucks win the NFC South or anyone else? You know what the Panthers win tomorrow night?

They could literally go from the number one pick to the number 16th pick. Panthers Falcons is for first place. And that saints Raiders game takes on a huge importance. I'm still, I still cannot go past TB 12 having the ability to win this division. I don't care that they're three and five.

I don't care. They're going to have to start running the damn football, run it. And they've got Leonard Fournette and hopefully Rashad white. Maybe they should trade for Kareem hunt. Go get him and bring him to Tampa and see what's what good one. I mean, put your eggs in the TB 12 basket and let's ride. Go get a pass rusher now. I don't know.

Jason lights. Got his work cut out for him over the next three, four days because you're not going to sell. You're going to buy. You got Tom Brady there and you're only a half game out of your division lead. I can't believe I'm saying that, but I'll say I'll take the bucks. What else you got over there, Chris?

TJ's for you. And then Ashton, Dak, what's, what's more likely he's got more, more yards here. Dak passing yards or Justin fields, total yards. Oh, I think that's an easy one right there. Yeah. Justin fields, total yards. That is not what I was thinking. I don't think Dak's going to have more passing yards than fields has total yards.

Justin fields only add 250 total. I got it. Okay. Yeah. Oh, interesting. I'm gonna go the other way with that. Awesome. Fantastic. Let's revisit this Monday.

I will take Justin fields, total yards. You know why? Why's that? I'll do it. I'll join you. Let me focus.

I'll join you. I got to lower the music. By the way, also the photograph, the picture chosen for that graphic is perfect.

One more time. It's just perfect. It's flu steel steel steel. Well done. It's flu steel.

As Quan said, they call them flu flu. Perfect. All right, let's make you feel better.

All right. This is you and me here. We got jets, Pat's on Sunday. Oh, by the way, the way, that he's setting up. He knows what's coming.

This is like me and cook your fantasy. He knows what's coming. Your home dogs, your home dogs. You're not supposed to win. What's more like with the Patriots want run wild in a win or Zach Wilson makes Bella check his daddy. Rock the baby.

What's stupid about that supposition. You have, this is your guy. You said, yeah, but the jets win without him making any telling anybody that don't win unless he plays well. Jack Wilson does isn't doing the Josh Naylor on, on Bella check, man. Nobody's his son rocking the baby.

Justin made him look like his daddy on Monday. Zach Wilson is not going to make Bella check his, his so then the Patriots run wild and win. They don't. Those are your options. I think the options are dumb.

I hate the, I think the jets win this game. So then I will choose this. Bella check. All right. His son. Thank you for playing the game. I call my brother.

Why not? He becomes Bella checks. Daddy.

You imagine he just rocks the baby. And like Josh Naylor, what's more likely the double digit underdog to pull an upset Packers or Steelers. Oh, I'll go Steelers.

Oh, I'll go still 11 point dogs. I'm going to go Steelers. I will go Pittsburgh is more likely.

I don't think either one will do it. I am so, so, so concerned for you Packer fans out there. You are not used to going into a game and, and getting just spanked. When I say spanked, I mean, I mean, Michael Irvin, you got that drop bike. This is Irv at the, when he was here talking about what they were going to do to the bills at the super bowl, right? That's when he was here.

We were talking about how the count, the last super bowl in Los Angeles was him over the bills. Yeah. This is what's going to happen. A green bay for, for sure. And I'm genuinely concerned for it. You know, I am really nervous for you Packer France. You're not used to seeing this with Rogers is your quarterback. Yeah, but it's coming because the bills are soul Steelers and they are coming off a bi-week. Oh, do they want to just lay it on green bay? I think there's no personal thing right here, but the green bay represents another way for Josh Allen.

Not that this is his, what he goes into his football life, everyday thinking, just another opportunity for a torch past moment where, okay, I will take that from you. And this is the way we go. And you are in a fetal position and wondering what's next. That's what happens.

Night game and Buffalo. Oh my God. The mafia is going to be so complicated on fire.

The swing oil. Yeah. Someone's going to make our bond through multiple tables. They're going to make saints Sunday night.

Fans look like they're from a monastery. What else? Big game here in LA, San Francisco Rams, massive game. So how about this? As we see CMC get eased into the lineup here, a CMC total yards or Cooper cup receiving yards total.

Oh, I'll take cup receiving yards. Oh, I think the Rams win this football game. How does that sound? How does that sound? You want to see what's more likely Rams win Niners win.

I'll go Rams win. Brian Allen's coming back to get their center back. I think van Jefferson's addition gives him a little another aspect of this.

The lines getting healthy. And I think they are sick and tired of the conversation. Wow. Yes. How about them apples? Certainly if Deebo doesn't play like vase only two and three off a bi-week. I got, okay.

Sounds great. They're healthier. They're, they're, they're a line gets their center back.

That's all I want to say. I'm hanging my hat on that. Nice. Well that flows right into this next one then who's more likely to be in first place in the NFC West after Sunday Niners Rams or Seahawks. I'll take Seahawks. I'll take the Seattle Seahawks. You think Rams win and Seahawks win.

Yes, I do. I think the Giants carriage doesn't turn into a pumpkin per se, but I think the twelves will be full-throated and Seattle will, that's a tough place to go fly and play into and play man. And I think Seattle wins the game and I think Seattle and the Rams win and Seattle is your, the leader. And then the Rams go play the bucks.

And then when I see Seattle and the bucks in Germany, the Seahawks have a better record than Tampa. Guten Morgan. I'm just saying, I'm just saying. All right. Another fun game in Minnesota Cardinals Vikings with who's more likely to have more receptions D hop or Justin, Justin Jefferson.

I know Justin Jefferson. The saints secondary was banged up. There was no Latimore and then they lost.

I think they did. They lose Roby in the middle of that game too. I'm just trying to remember.

He's rehearsing for our Germany game with that one. Yeah. I'll take a, I'll take a Justin Jefferson.

I'll take D hop. Okay. Very good. You and I are on the opposite end. A lot of these things, we need to check our results.

A lot of our fans are asking, you know, why are we not checking our work on it? Because in the past, all right, we'll get one more. By the way, Brockwood just gave you a look saying he's got more than one more, right? I got one more.

I actually told him to get the drop. Okay. My bad.

Good acting. Here we go. Here we go.

Here we go. AFC West team to get a road win. Broncos are Raiders. Raiders. Let's ride. Let's ride. We're right.

You just came for us. Just for us to say, don't denigrate him because it's expedient to do so. And that he is playing in a way that runs counter to the criticism of him, that he just wants to look good. And he's putting himself out there.

He's got Wolverine blood and he's doing knee highs and he doesn't have, he doesn't have jet lag. Me, I'm putting on that. I pillow on, I'm out for eight hours and I'm dropping an ambient if I can get my hands out, but I don't, I'm not the quarterback of the Denver Broncos. You're just a man, just a man, put it on the line for the Raiders.

And who needs the auto wind to be a freaking pirate and seen the ultimate in this arena. There you go. Pound that tape.

You can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on Westwood one via Westwood one station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood one sports sponsored by auto zone. Okay. You ready for your fantasy advice coming up next? Let's stay ready. Let's go to the church of, uh, of pastor Jefferson.

Is that what our brother Jeff brothers? Let's, uh, we'll do that next. Let's take a break. We'll come back.

If you need fantasy advice, who doesn't need fantasy advice? It's coming up next. Oh, Siri on. He's wearing a Phillies cap, baby. Influencer.

It's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days. There is a woman who went the distance who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life. Her name, Elizabeth Taylor. I'm Katy Perry.

This is the story of the original influencer. This is Elizabeth the first Elizabeth, the first, the podcast, wherever you listen back here on the rich Sunday for you. You can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on Westwood one via Westwood one station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood one sports. If it's the NFL, it's on Westwood one.

Okay. Week eight. I don't know about you, but half my fantasy team has hurt. How many cards, how many cards, how many cards nuts? I don't know. Does the NFL have like an odometer on all the carts in the NFL, like coast to coast?

Cause if it was the number of guys I know. And then, and then of course there's the fame BK Metcalf card. The first one, the second one's not so funny.

The first one was funny, but I mean, my gosh. So you might be looking out there, but Breece Hall, I had him on every single fantasy team other than the one that we had on. So I guess it's not every fantasy team, but Breece Hall. Perfect example. You're riding high in April and you're, you're carted off in May.

That's life. So that's why we turned to the church of brother Jefferson, the fantasy church of brother Jefferson here on a Friday edition, the rich eyes and show rise up. The fantasy church is open. We got to get the music going.

Yeah, we got to see feller would have known that he knew that brothers and sisters. Welcome to the gospel, the fantasy, him know with brother Jefferson as we get you ready for the fantasy week. Now listen, the devil, we all know the devil works hard, but we're working a little bit harder this week. Bi-week shouldn't be an issue. Last week, the devil was at hard at work with bi-weeks this week.

He only got the chiefs and the chargers not playing. So we're good. We're good. But again, we're going to get you ready. We're going to tell you the guys are going to take it to the land of milk and honey, and the guys to stay away from now coming up this week.

We're going to tell you who's not him, brother Brock. And you see these men, they're going to try to tempt you. You see, they're going to tempt you with the, with the, with the fruit. They're at the flesh and they're going to try to bring it in, but you're going to, you're going to resist brother. You're going to resist brother Brockman. Who should we say?

No, no. Here's who you're going to sit. Michael Carter, or jets versus Patriots. You got James Robinson, right? Breece Hall's out.

You're thinking, maybe I want to play Michael Carter. And I don't like him against that patch defense. I see.

I see. Let him go. AJ Dylan. Listen, he has no catches in two of his last three games. Two games over that span with six carries or less.

So I'm not even running them rich. I'm leaving AJ on the pew this Sunday. Okay. I don't want nothing to do with him against the bills and Justin Fields. You know, this guy, this guy Ashton Kutcher called and he really is high on Justin Fields and the Bears. But I'm here to tell you where brother Kutcher went wrong.

The pastors on the tank. Yes. Yes. He did have his best game of the season in week seven against Brockman's Patriots. He's doing a great job with his legs, rushing for 47 yards, five games in a row. But the Cowboys haven't allowed a quarterback to score more than 20 fantasy points this season.

They allow just an average of 12.3 points per game. So brother fields this Sunday, I hope you stay healthy, but you're going to have to sit on the pew because you were not him. That's right. You were not him. Now who is him?

Who do we want to start? Who's going to help lead you to take it to the path of righteousness, Travis, ATN brother, James Robinson. He's been banished. You see, he's been sent away. He's been out of the County of Duval and that leaves the man. You see, Travis, the Broncos, Travis is first and yards per touch at nearly seven yards per touch. Right. The Broncos have allowed the running back to score at least 13 PPR points and five games in a row.

That tells you the brother ATM as he eats his fish and chips over in London town, he will ball out for you and lead you to salvation and glory. Now this one, I've never said this before, but Deacon Daniel Jones, Danny Dimes. You see the Seahawks have allowed an average of 21 fantasy points per game and they've allowed 263 rushing yards and five touchdowns to opposing QBs. Now we know Danny Dimes, right? Very underrated with his legs, Brockman. My man can run.

He's got three games, at least 68 yards rushing and he has three rushing touchdowns over that span. So Danny Dimes, put him in your lineup and ride him to salvation. Dimes on the collection plate. That's right.

But speaking of which, passing around the collection plate, you give a little bit if you can. And now Adam Phelan, brother Phelan goes up against the Cardinals. And look, in his past three meetings with the Cardinals, Adam Phelan, Adam Phelan, Rich, likes playing Arizona.

Last three meetings, he has 22 catches for 227 yards, three touchdowns and at least 15 points per reception points. So stick brother Phelan in your lineup and feel good about it. Now, I'd like to say head of gut.

This is the time where you have to reach deep down inside your soul and make a decision. And what I'm telling you is this week, we're talking about brother Dalton. That's right, the red rifle and the Dalton. And I'm going to tell you to ride brother Dalton to glory. Yes, start him. You see the Raiders allow an average of 27.8 points per game to the quarterback position.

And Dalton just had 34 best game of the season against the Cardinals. And I will say this, ride brother Dalton. But here's the thing, if brother Jamis, if the Holy Ghost heals brother Jamis' body, you see, if he does get touched like a prayer warrior in the same thing, ride brother Jamis as he eats the W, as he drives to the glory, as he sends you to the land of milk and honey. And now brothers and sisters, can I get an amen? Let us play. Let us play. Yes, Lord. Let us play. Take us home, brother Dalton. Take us home. Well done, sir.

I love the piano plan. Oregon. Very good. I think we finally got the, uh, the mix of our production value to support brother Jefferson. We nailed it.

Thank you, Lord. I have two guys on the, uh, him list. So who's on the him list? Do you have Danny? I'm going against Daniel Jones and my poker lady. I'm not starting Russ. I know Russ is playing, but I'm not going to play Ross.

Do you have Daniel Jones? I have both. That's the end of that.

Listen to the brother. What was it? The land of milk and honey. I want to go to that land.

I want to go to the land of milk and honey. You can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on Westwood one via Westwood one station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood one sports sponsored by auto zone. When we come back, I've got the top five games of week number eight that I'm looking forward to. Oh, can't wait. Yes. And then Josh Gadd is here. One of our favorite humans.

Yeah, man. Um, he hasn't been in studio in a while, you know, that pesky pandemic thing. Um, Avenue five is back.

This is a funny program. Him and Hugh Laurie and a great cast on HBO currently in season two, it premiered back on October 10th and he's in studio in support of that. There's so many other things going on in his world as well. And Mike Del Tufo has brought in, uh, two of his 57, um, Olaf bobbers that he has at home. By the way, I don't know. I have four things.

What do you mean? What's the exact number? One that rides in the vehicle. It keeps one in the back seat. There's one in the car. Yeah. Oh my God.

Don't miss this. You have an Olaf in the car? Yeah.

With a, uh, Jiminy cricket and a seat belt on his seat belt on the, no, that's who now. Let's just say this. Let's just say this. Um, do you have multiple vehicles?

Right? Yes. Okay. It should just say, should, should you, should you have, um, uh, an outing with somebody that you're interested in and you're interested in, um, you know, uh, having an evening with, um, do you pick this fair lady up in a vehicle with Olaf in the back?

Of course. No, Jiminy crickets, a mini. They're this big.

They're in the cup holders. They're being like the little, like, like the little ones. Do you think that that, that, that means I've actually gotten compliments from, um, they, they tell you, yeah. Do they tell you that they're uninterested in your warm hug on the spot? They are. They like, they like, uh, warm hugs. Um, am I, am I treading to use the breaking bad phrase?

I'm on the Heisenberg, uh, then ice right now. Look at Brockman. I can always tell when Brockman wants to change the subject. Wow.

Ashton Kutcher's behind the, hopefully the windows are up in the car. He's going to be saying that this Sunday, but it's going to have a different tone. I don't know, bro. I'm so excited. Just a little bit. That's what he's telling him. Yeah.

Josh Gad's Miami Dolphins are in Detroit for a dare I say, winnable game. Yeah. Okay. So Josh Gad coming up, hour three, the top five week eight games.

I'm looking forward to most coming up. Okay. It could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting talking about being rich. The old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated, but it wasn't about how to spend it. It was more about how to get it. But okay. So once you get it, what do you do with it? In our culture, everybody tells you how to save, but nobody teaches you how to spend it. Something you should know wherever you listen.
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