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REShow: AIR Chris Long - Hour 2

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October 31, 2022 3:09 pm

REShow: AIR Chris Long - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 31, 2022 3:09 pm

‘Greenlight’ podcast host and 2-time Super Bowl Champion Chris Long tells Rich why the 49ers will get even better in the coming weeks after the addition of Christian McCaffrey and players returning from injury, reacts to the Zach Wilson’s 3-interception day in the Jets loss to the Patriots, says why Dak Prescott’s return makes the Dallas Cowboys “scary,’ if PJ Walker has earned the right to be the Carolina Panthers’ starting QB the rest of the season, and explains why Mike Vrabel’s mindset makes the Tennessee Titans “hard to kill” in the AFC. 

Rich reacts to the Seahawks having worse Super Bowl odds than other teams like the Rams, Packers and Buccaneers who trail them in the NFC standings.

In his “Overreaction Monday’ segment Rich weighs in on the Bills, Eagles, Dolphins, Russell Wilson and the Broncos, Colts, Cowboys, Vikings, Jets and Rich’s dubious ‘Raiders win the AFC West’ prediction.

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Clean feel all day. This is The Rich Eisen Show. Tyler Lockett, what did you know about Geno Smith and this offense that the rest of the league is learned? Gonna throw deep. Got a man in the corner. He didn't block it. Touchdown.

Stay home. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. We knew what Geno could do.

I mean, you know, it was mostly a lot of people on the outside who didn't know what Geno could be able to do. Earlier on the show. Host of the Greenlight Podcast. Chris Long. Coming up. Author of the new book, A Pill of Memoir. Jamel Hill.

Plus your phone calls. Over Reaction Monday and more. And now it's Rich Eisen.

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Drink a little bit of pinky out. Look at you, sir. Yes. TJ Jefferson, Chris Brockman and Mike Del Tutho all part of this show here on Halloween.

I've got my top five scariest storylines coming out of week eight. Nice. Well done. You like that? Jamelle Hell will be here in hour number three. She's got her memoir right here called Uphill. So she's one of my favorites. She's going to be joining us here in hour number three on this program.

Another one of my favorites. And you guys are just so you understand that. I was wondering. You are not wondering. We've been here the longest.

We just don't know. You've got staying power. Kind of like whatever's on your upper lip right now, Chris.

I don't know how long I'm going to take this. Joining us on the Rich Eisen Show in our regular in his regular Monday spot. He's got a great fun podcast called Greenlight Podcast.

He's a two time Super Bowl champ with lots to say on the NFL. Joining us on the Mercedes-Benz vans phone line is Chris Long. Once again, how are you doing, Christopher? What's up, Rich? How are you? Well, I'll tell you what's up. I mean, because again, you run your operation there, right?

Greenlight Podcast. You've got some of your guys. And I'm just wondering how you would handle this if one of your guys just showed up for work one day wearing a mustache when he's never done it before. How would you how would you handle that, Chris? Because that's happened to me today. Oh, I give him a hug, man.

I give him a hug. That's great, man. That's great. OK, confident.

You want him on your team. OK, Chris. Thank you.

Thank you. Chris Brockman just got the mustache checkmark. Brockman. It is Brockman. I got some Magnum PI vibes going today.

I got the Hawaiian shirt. So I went mustache to match. Well, listen, man, if you look anything like Mr. Selleck, he doesn't. He doesn't. He doesn't have any hair, but he doesn't. He doesn't.

He doesn't know Ferrari. OK. Josh Allen had a mustache. Chris saw that last day. There you go. We're back. They were.

We're back. I thought like it would look like you looked like Andy Reid on a bad vacation week, to be honest with you. Like the Andy Reid is on White Lotus, you know, like season two.

You know, I just don't know. That's honestly what I thought he was going for. White Lotus, Andy Reid. I'll take White Lotus, Andy Reid. Put that down for a good fantasy team. All right.

The story for me coming out of week number eight Sunday is Christian McCaffrey. Look in the way that he did just one full practice weekend for for San Francisco. Would you give me pushback on that? Am I missing something else? What do you got for me there?

No, he was great. And the Niners like pay attention this week. People are probably already doing it, but people are going to be on the Niners bandwagon now because they look more complete and they're missing a lot of guys. Like think about this. First off, kind of a back against the wall game. What's the difference between three and five and four and four? It's one game, but sounds a lot different.

It feels a lot different going into your buy. They're going to get Ken Law back at some point here. They're going to get Armstead back. They're going to get Jennings back off the body. They're going to get Samuel back. They just got Trent Williams back. I like to judge a team off what they're going to look like in December. This is a scary team, man.

And Christian right away makes a big difference. Like they're down seven nothing. They got a third and seven. You know, the Rams kind of jumped them at home, quote unquote, at home because there's mostly Niners fans there. But like they get a third and seven where he breaks two tackles.

Christian does. And that extends the drive so he can throw that ball, you know, that everybody's making a big deal about. It's another wrinkle in their offense. And honestly, I don't want to go as far as saying like offense is going to go this way, but just having that on tape where you got a guy that you can throw a swing pass to, it's got to be a lateral technically. And he can deliver that football. That adds another not insignificant wrinkle to that offense. If I'm a second level defender, I would put that on tape every couple of weeks, right?

Um, this guy had the lot, not just in the past game, the wrong game, but your gadgets, that sort of thing. So, uh, I was excited. And for D'Amico Ryan's man, you know, last week, a lot of people said, cause they blew some coverages and the homes look great surprised. You know, he's not a head coach, whatever. Um, there was some hype after rule got fired so much for him as a head coach. Um, they go to the half, they're down, the Rams get 61 yards in the second half.

They mixed up their personnel a little bit better and they shut them down. So that was a big game for not just the Niners, but for D'Amico. And you know, and I know that, you know, I might be jumping on, as you said, the Niners, uh, in that respect, but, um, especially when there is still a remaining undefeated team in the NFL that came off its buy and known for its running game, went up top three times from her to A.J.

Brown. And that is pretty damn significant. But I, I just looking at the 49ers, as you point out, I mean, again, I mentioned at the top of the show, Ayuk scores, Kittle scores, McCaffrey throws one to Ayuk. He runs one in himself. He also catches one himself with a beautiful grab in the end zone. And they didn't even have Deebo.

They did not even have him. And that, that doesn't just for me, and I know it's just one week, I get it. We're marathoning, we're not sprinting. It not only, uh, is a calling card within the conference, I think it's within the entire league. I think a team like the, the one that we saw, uh, in SoFi doing what they did, um, can, can do that to anybody in the league.

And that includes the Bills on any given Sunday, you know? And I, I agree, man, like they're scary. And you know, it's one of these teams where, okay, they're not just any four and 14 where you're like, I'm trying to figure out who these guys are. Like we know who they are.

Like this window has been open, you know? So this is, this is possibly an improved version of the team that damn near beat the Super Bowl champions three times last year. And Jimmy looks healthier. Like I'm not, he always looks like Joe Montana against the Rams and everything. But, um, you know, he, he, uh, that ball to McCaffrey in, in the red zone, that's nonverbal communication between those two.

Um, he's scanning left to right. Um, and, and that was a beautiful ball with touch in the corner of the end zone. The ball to kiddo the dagger.

I'm going to even talk about it. They didn't have kiddo for a stretch this year. Like this team has been disjointed and they're, they're coming together. Um, and for the Rams, it sucks. It's like, you know, you pursued McCaffrey. That's right. And he's seen him now twice in a month because he was there with Carolina, um, a couple of weeks ago.

And it's got to be just like a twisting knife, a little bit to the big brother, little brother syndrome. Now I know McVeigh and the Rams, they got the ring and everything, but it's ridiculous. Eight in a row.

Chris Long here on the Rich Eisen Show. Speaking of streaks, the Patriots do it again to the jets just when the jets are feeling great about themselves. And, uh, Belichick passes George Halas against the jets.

You've, you've seen it firsthand. That's got to feel like as great as it gets for him without winning a playoff game or a Superbowl. Right. He hates the jet, right?

Yeah. He, I don't think it's a secret that he's not a huge jets fan, but I mean, I think he has a lot of respect for Robert Sala. Um, you know, I was watching their handshake at the end of the game and, you know, I was just trying to imagine, you know, what he's thinking about the jets and the operation they're building and not to put air in your tires here, Rich, but I do think they're moving in the right direction. The big thing is you make a trade last week for, you know, Robinson from Jacksonville, which says like, we're ready to win now. And then your quarterback comes out on Sunday and it doesn't look like you're ready to win now because this would have been a good barometer. It's not like the New England defenses, you know, they just got torched by Chicago and it was an uninspired performance and Justin Fields adds a lot of things that, you know, you can't replicate, but that was a disappointing game for them. They're up 10 three at midfield, you know, y'all have a real chance to put this game away, rich and you throw a pick.

Um, and, and, and that was a huge pick. Uh, you know, Matt Judon on the pressure, but the second and third ones, they were just awful, man. Like the one to McCordy just throw the ball out of bounds, man. It's like my day was kind of bookended with bad throws, bad decisions from Lawrence, you know, his pick in the red zone. That's first down, just burn the ball. And then I'm watching with Zach Wilson and then the third pick was bad too. And he just doesn't have to throw those balls, man. And, and it does kind of concern me, but the good thing is for the jets is you've got this really good core on defense. I mean, Huff forced the turnover. Um, you, you saw guys getting after the quarterback got, you know, and they have depth too. So the core is there. The interesting question is going to be like, we're already having the conversation, but when does the noise get really loud on Zach Wilson?

And what do they do there? Because this is a team that's got some playoff bones, man. You know, it's kind of like in Seattle, when you hit on your, your draft picks, it speeds the clock up a year or two, right? Nobody thought, I don't even know if Pete Carroll knew that they'd be in it this year, but you have a quarterback who's not going to beat you. You know, Gino Smith is not beating the Seahawks. In fact, like he's making some damn good throws. And, you know, all these position players are growing up fast, but the quarterback's not in New York.

And so it's, it's a tough deal. Chris Long here on The Rich Eyes and show that some very, some very, very true words. No question about that.

And how about this one? In Dallas. Yeah. Do you think somebody's gotta just, is it Jerry Jones? You tap him on the shoulder or Jerry, Steven taps Jerry on the shoulder or Jerry taps McCarthy on the shoulder and somebody's got to tap Zeke on the shoulder and say, look, you're just not going to get as many touches. We love you. We're going to use you.

We're going to need you. But this, this show is Tony Pollard's now. I mean, that, I think that has to happen. And I'm wondering what you think on that subject matter, Chris. Well, I think there's a way that it can happen.

Like is you can have a grownup conversation about it. He just, Tony gives them such a high end, uh, like their high end speed is, is greater with, with Tony in the ball game. Now I know Tony is not a great, you know, pass protector and you worry about that sort of thing, but didn't seem to hurt him yesterday. It's not like they were playing the most dynamic outfit defensively with the bears, but more than anything, I think Dak just looks great, man. Like Dak looked really efficient. Look at his shot chart yesterday. I mean, he's just, he's, he's really, really efficient. And to score 49 points, I can't believe we were having this conversation a month or two ago about, you know, whose job is it, you know, with everything Dak's done for that franchise and done things the right way. And I like Cooper Rush, man. He is, he's a great commodity to have on your team, but to have Dak back, this makes them scary.

And I was wrong. I thought they'd be out, not out of it, but the, the lead would be too big in the NFC East. When Dak got back, you know, hats off to Dan Quinn, hats off to McCarthy, who's taken a lot of crap the last couple of years. He's, he's got them in position to, to challenge for, for not only the East, but you know, to be, to be the one seed. I mean, there's a lot of ball left.

They got to be in there with the top three teams in the NFC. Chris Long, a couple more minutes left on your usual Monday spot with the host of Greenlight podcasts here on the Rich Eisen show. DJ Moore takes his hat off. You just mentioned hats off to stuff in Dallas. He takes his lid off and that makes the extra point much worse for Eddie Pinero who misses the extra point and overtime hits and Pinero misses a field goal there. And the Falcons are the ones who lead the NFC South roost. And I, that has to be the most entertaining game in week number eight.

I know that they're not five, six win teams, but that was unbelievable. What did, what do you think of this rule of where DJ Moore takes his lid off? Obviously that's against the rules, but what are we doing? Might be a question. I have to ask somebody what the rules about, like, I don't know if it's a safety thing. No, I know.

I know what it is, actually. What it is, is the, and it's, it's, it was that time in the era that proceeded, actually this, but when the NFL got rid of celebrations, remember that they got rid of celebrations and, and the prelude to it was they didn't want players like Favre in the Super Bowl all those years ago, uh, taking a helmet off and running around on the field. And the reason why, and the reason why they got rid of celebrations, they, they, they do get at the NFL letters from youth sports and high school coaches and pop water coaches.

I'm serious. This is what Mike Perreira told me in the lobby of an owner's meeting one year when he was the head of NFL ref saying they take this seriously. And a lot of coaches say, what, when, when you allow your players to do it, it makes it tougher for us at the youth sports level. I swear to you, that's the, that is the genesis of this rule. Okay.

Well, I mean, like, listen, it doesn't really move me. I, I also think it would be, it's a slippery slope if every dude can take off his helmet. Cause like after a guy gets a sack, he takes off his helmet, guy gets, you know, first down and he takes off, he's like, you know how that goes. But I, I, I think it's fair to expect DJ to know the role there, especially cause on fourth down, like, listen, I'm not burying DJ or anything cause I think he's a hell of a player and he could have a new home soon. And that game only helps.

Right. Um, I mean the fourth down where he dropped that ball, uh, before they inexplicably had a chance to win that game, five minutes later, he took his helmet off there. And I, the kicker softens the blow for DJ more. Cause he can, you always got to make those kicks. I mean, the extra points tougher.

Yeah. But the kicking over time now you gotta make that kick. Um, and I had, I had the Panthers catching four points. And when I tell you like, I've never screamed so loudly when PJ Walker's do that ball, I 67 and a half yards in the air rich.

It's the highest, uh, area yards completion since they started charting next gen stats. Meanwhile, you've been paying and Steve Wilkes and PJ Walker are doing a hell of a job. You guys two weeks in a row, I'm saying this, but you got a chance to be, you know, on top of the NFC South, however you get there, uh, your offense looks really good. You lose Christian McCaffrey last week, Foreman and those guys are toting the rock and you've, you've run the, you played roulette with like seven bad quarterbacks over the last two years.

And the guy who's just sitting there patiently mining his business, waiting for his turn, it's the guy who gives you the best chance to win. And Steve Wilkes is doing a good job. I feel for those two guys, man.

And I talked about it last week. I really wish Carolina won this game. Yeah. I'm just kind of caught up in the story there. Um, and I've been on teams where we weren't so good.

And I just, yeah, I was pulling for those guys. And we're halfway through the season now, Chris. And, um, you know, you could say what you will about, um, you know, the chiefs on the bi-week and the chargers don't look that great in the rest of the division.

It's the chief's division, right? You could sit here and say that pretty much. Uh, and, and the bills, you could pretty much say that about the AFC East, but still those coaches go to sleep thinking you never know.

Um, the only one coach that doesn't look good, Rich, they, people want us to talk about that. You know, they love to tweet at you. I know they do. I still, I still think the bills are the best team in that, in that division and they already, you know, and they already have the win over them too, you know, and I think they're going to beat the jets. Certainly if the same jets team that just took on the bill, Bella check, uh, Patriots, the bills from Buffalo are going to take care of business, but that was one whole long windup for this pitch here that the only coach that I think heart or heart knows he's got a home playoff game coming up in January right now is Mike Vrabel and the Titans and the Titans once again with Derek Henry punking the Houston Texans, the McNair's don't own the Texans, you know? So it's Derek Henry damn straight.

He does. So my question for you is once again, the Titans are like the yeah, but okay, team. What do you think of Tennessee?

I think Tennessee's Tennessee's incredibly hard to kill, man. That's the best compliment I can give a football team that Mike Vrabel is, is the man. I just, the guy you wish you played for, I like watching him and Ben Jones and tunnel last week, like that guy cares. Like a guy doesn't just care about his job. He cares about everybody else in that locker room.

And he's been a player. I know he's tough. I know he pushes those guys hard and you can see it. Because when they get in tough situations, when the chips are down, when you start Malik Willis, and you find yourself three point underdogs against Houston or whatever it was, or, you know, like Houston's actually favored by the time kickoff happens, they dig deep, they find a way, it doesn't matter that Malik Willis isn't ready. And as a sidebar, that's funny, because in the preseason, everybody was coming for no doubt.

He's like, you know, let's just not get over out over our skis. But Derek Henry's run for like, 50 miles against stack boxes since, you know, in the last five years, and he had 118 yards against stack boxes yesterday. You know, the last guy to have so many, I think was him a year or two ago, and he leads the league against, you know, loaded boxes over the last five years by 1000 yards or something like that.

I mean, the guy is insane. I'm watching that game. And I'm just saying like, I'm like, you load the box, load the box. And every time every time Houston would line up defensively, I count. And they are loading box. There's just nothing you can do about it. The guy's six foot five, he falls forward for, for two yards every time and drags two defenders with him.

He's awesome. The Titans are really tough to kill. And yeah, the only thing with the Titans are like, they're, they're sitting there in the locker room, you know, we used to, we sit in the locker room and get our ankles taped before games and sit in the hot tub and there'd be a TV on until like 90 minutes before the game. So they're late game and they're watching the Eagles, right?

And they're watching AHA Brown. And I'm kind of wondering what guys are thinking about that move, right? Because I think the cap hits are similar with Woods and him. And you couldn't, you couldn't retain him. And the guy's just such a game changer. He's been a game changer in Philly. He would have really helped this football team.

And I would, they could be a contending type football team and they might be, but you just imagine if they still had AHA Brown, it's just totally different ballgame. Do conversations get sparked when seriously watching TV and watching other guys like that? Is it actually verbalized? Is it really just like a look that everybody knows what the look means? I think that, I think that locker room really, really vibes with Braves and that whole organization. So I don't think anybody's like, man, we're, we're tricking this thing off. I just think it, it is kind of a look. I think it's like you look over at the guy next to you as AJ goes up and gets that ball between two Steelers defenders yesterday.

And you're like, damn, you know, there's nothing that needs to be said, but you know, he just adds a whole another element. But the Titans are really good. And you look at the ASC picture, like I just mentioned the dolphins, they have the bears, the Texans and, and somebody else that that's not great over the next three weeks and a bye. So they're going to go into December, you know, they have a chance to be eight and three going in December. And if you're a dolphin fan, you know, you talk about the bills, we talk about the, we talk about the Chiefs with good reason.

I think they're, they're in a, they're class above everybody else. But then there's these teams like Titans, dolphins, teams like dad who are going to be in, in, in, in a good position, especially looking at like the Chiefs scheduled next month come December. This AFC race is going to get interesting.

Yeah. Miami's at Chicago home for Cleveland by home for Houston. Then they're at San Francisco. What a game. That's going to be with McDaniel going against his old team there and these old team going against McDaniel. And then of course, next up for Tennessee is at Kansas city on Sunday night football, the dreaded Andy Reed coming off a bye game. I mean, that's going to be dynamite in week number nine. Who's on your, on your pod this week on green light podcast.

Oh man. I think we're going to get Bradley Chubb, um, you know, we, the future jet, the future New York jet, maybe. How about him? You, one can only help.

You guys have an embarrassment of riches. We'll see. I don't know. I'm here. Yeah.

I don't know. I don't know who, cause Robert Quinn, what got shipped to silly, which was awesome. But we, we get chubb. I've been waiting to get chubb on the show, but you know, you don't want to have guys on after a loss. And obviously, you know, that's been tough to pinpoint with the Broncos. I know.

You may have them coming off of a trade. You never know, Chris. I look forward to hearing your conversation with him and, uh, always appreciate our chats on one day, man. Really do. Thank you, sir. Yeah.

And keep rocking the status problem. There you go, Chris. Thanks brother.

There you go. Uh, at Joel nine, one on Twitter, I follow him. You should do Chris long here on the rich housing show.

And you can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on Westwood one via Westwood one station streams, or just by simply asking Alexa to open Westwood one sports sports sponsored by auto zone. When we come back phone calls 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number. I love seeing our phone lines lit like this.

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Head to the Mercedes Benz van dealership and get that Sprinter. Tell them your dream sent you. Back here on the Rich Eisenshow talking about how we did nothing this weekend for Halloween. Zero, zero points. Well, here's how we're going to celebrate Halloween on the show. Top five scariest NFL moments of the weekend. We're going to do the top of hour number three before Jamel Hill joins us.

All right. I wanted to get to top hour number three because Mike, it looked like you were getting that ready right now. I was getting ready. No, no, no, that's hour three.

That's hour three. I was getting ready for two things. A reaction Monday is about to hit, but I want to take, I want to sneak in a phone call before we get to, or two before we get to overreaction Monday. Uh, let's go. All right.

I'm going to bite on this one. Jason in Phoenix, Arizona. What's up, Jason? What's up, Rich? You're the man, man.

Thank you. Hey, man. You're a Cowboys take spot on like, and this is the thing that I hate about the other shows.

They're like, oh, it's either Zeke or it's Pollard. It's secret spot. No, it's not. It's exactly what you just said right there. I mean, life is nuanced and it's these debates.

So sometimes they get out of hand and I'll tell you what, BSP was spark. They hire you back. They put you right over the top of your first take and then it would be what people want to really hear. They don't want to hear debate, stupid debates. They don't want to hear that. I don't want to hear that. Anyway, what would it be called? It wouldn't be called first take. Wait a minute. ESPN hires you back.

Then we're out of a job. So you take you with you. Who's coming with me? Who's coming with me?

I got my goldfish because you had me at hello, TJ. Well, thank you. Thank you. I'm just saying, man. I don't know. I think first takes in good hands. But what's your, what do you want to talk about here?

Jason. Another crazy thing people are doing is saying in where Geno Smith is better than Russell Wilson. And they're implying that the Seahawks have not been good for 10 years with Russell Wilson.

And they didn't win a Superbowl and they didn't go to two and they should have had two and everything else. And his QPR pass ratings has been so good for so long. And I'll tell you what, nobody is going to give Geno Wilson the contract.

Nobody. I mean, he's, he's doing good. They're going to be a good team. They're not a contender. They are not yet. Don't sleep on them yet, man. Don't Hey, look, if you're going to sit here and say that the, the split screen, you know, topic bar television shows, argument shows, take shows on TV are wrong for saying that Russell Wilson, the Geno Smith is better than Russell Wilson. You can't sit here and then flip and say, you know, that the Seahawks aren't contenders. They absolutely are.

They're five and three. Do you think they're okay? Let's talk about the NFC. Okay. Okay.

Let me give you five teams and you tell me if they are in contention with any of those five teams, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco. Yeah. Because here's, because here's it. No, no, no, no. Cause here's the thing. Jason, let's play it. Let's, let's play it out. Let's play it out. Let's play it out. Seattle wins the division. Somebody's going to have to come to Seattle and play a playoff game.

Okay. They're one up. They're one up. And I, you know, they, they have a game this week at Arizona where I think they can win that football game. And then they should be, you know, very competitive in Germany in front of me when I'm calling that game against Tom Brady and Tampa.

Then they have a buy. They're home for Vegas. They're at the Rams. They're home for Carolina. And then there's that big Thursday nighter where San Francisco comes into their house on a short week. Why not, man?

Honestly, with Matt Ryan beat the Kansas city cheap. So we don't know what's going to happen. That's what I'm saying. You keep making my point in the way, sir, but thank you for calling. No, I hear you. I know. I hear you, but I'm just saying, uh, okay, we'll see. Okay.

We will see 150 million from somebody then I'll be wrong, but I don't know. No, hold on a second. I don't know if that's what's going to happen. And thank you for the call, Jason.

I appreciate what your, your compliment as well. And chopping it up, mixing up. I got Jason's back to rich. Just looking at the updated Superbowl odds. The Seahawks are currently 65 to one. Look, man.

Oh, I'm just telling you, hold on. Here's who has better odds than them with worst record. New England has better odds. Green Bay has better odds. The Rams have better odds.

The chargers, the dolphins, the bucks. I would be offended if I was, and by the way, that would be the first thing I would do if I'm Pete Carroll is I would read this off in the locker room if he needs to. I don't think so. I think what he, they're, they're picking up on what he's selling and you know what? And let's, let's do this. I was going to plan on doing this on the back end of the hour. Let's do it now.

And then we'll get to overreaction Monday. Remember last week when I told you what Pete Cowell was really thinking when he stepped to the podium, I believe it was one week ago today when we did this segment where I said what he was really thinking when he was told after the game in SoFi, after beating the chargers that you're in first place. And he's just like, huh, who'd have thunk it? And then he gave this kind of look like, hmm, not you folks who kept telling me who's cooking and who's not cooking and my way of cooking and, and you know, how's the cooking now?

You like the cooking now? And you're like, really? Is that what he's thinking?

I'm like, yeah, that's what he's thinking. As if he doesn't know how to coach anymore. The conversation after last season was, well, he's going to go visit the owner and she's going to axe him and John Schneider and start from scratch because their way of doing things has totally fallen flat.

What a horrible season that was. And Russ is being sent away because you can't figure out how to cook with him. And we're still going to stick with you when you don't know how to cook with Russ. And yeah, he's sitting there saying, how do you like my cooking now? That was my opinion of his inner monologue without him saying it. Well, listen to this soundbite after he won again, beat the giants, the other surprise team, one would say in the NFC this year with the other coach of the year candidate that a lot of people are on, not a lot of people on his bus, but everyone was on the day ball train and might still be, why not?

There's six and two. Mm-hmm. This is what he had to say when he was asked if this is some of the most fun he's ever had coaching anywhere. Okay.

Here's his answer. You know, all the people that doubt, like you, you're losing that, you know, you know, like we run the ball too much. You don't understand football and you know, you don't, you know, you can't stay up with the new game and all that kind of stuff. That's a bunch of crap. I'm telling you, look, we're doing fine.

We're all right. So I don't mind proving it day in and day out. There's a chip on Pete Carroll's shoulder and he must be showing it all the time. Everybody keeps sleeping on Seattle. Go for it. You keep sleeping on him sleeping on Seattle, but they're not legit super bowl.

You could, you know what? You're, you can say that now and you might be right. All those other teams, all those other teams, you're taking new England over this team. New England's not even above 500 right now. You're taking the chargers over this time. Seattle just beat them for Seattle.

Just beat them. You're taking, give me, give me some more of them. You really take the charges ahead of Seattle. So it's New England, Green Bay, Tennessee, Green Bay. You're taking Green Bay over Seattle. And I say that knowing that Green Bay had some positives last night, committed to the run, by the way, as I advocated, not like I've reinvented the wheel or is the only one saying it, but they committed to the run and they got touchdowns from Dobbs and Toure who I didn't know played in the NFL, to be very honest with you. I'm sure Nebraska fans will give me grief for that. But you know, we saw some sparks, but you would take Green Bay at three and five, having a better chance to win the Superbowl over a five and three team that might host a playoff game in a very difficult spot to go and try and win a playoff game.

Let alone any game. Does Green Bay make a trade tomorrow for a receiver? We'll see. Okay.

I don't know. Rams, chargers, golfers. You're taking the Rams over this team. Still the defending champs. Okay. Bucks. You're taking the bucks over this team.

We'll see in Munich in a couple of weeks, won't we? And Tom might suddenly turn it around and I can't wait to chat with him and, and coach bowls before that game with the rest of the game day morning crew. Cause we're calling that game on NFL network in a couple of Sundays. Okay.

Everybody keeps sleeping on, on Pete. It just feels like there's only about four or five teams who are legit Superbowl teams. Okay. And yet the Seahawks keep racking up the dubs. That's the thing.

Keep racking them up every single week. Yeah. Well, they're not going to do. Oh, wait a minute. They're what six and three now after beating Arizona and Arizona, which they absolutely can do. That's another team.

They play weird games, eight four four, two, oh, four, rich number to Donald here on the program. Let's take a break. We'll come back and do over reaction Monday. Let's do it. We do that. I like it. Why don't we do that?

Why don't we throw the break? We'll be back with more right here and more phone calls eight four four, two, oh, four rich. Audible has everything you love listening to and more. It's the home of storytelling. There's no better place to find all the stories your imagination craves, like the hottest new releases of the year, audio books, exclusive originals, and popular podcasts, including the Rich Eisen show. They're all on Audible. Whatever you're in the mood for, Audible has an incredible selection of audio entertainment for you to choose from.

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It's time for overreaction Monday. You can find brought to you by Audible. You can find the latest and greatest audio entertainment on Audible. It's got everything you want to hear, including this very program. Along with podcasts like the Rich Eisens Show, you'll also find audio books and exclusive originals talking comedy, sports stories, deep dives with athletes, entertainers, business, anything else that you're into. With Audible you get access to thousands of included titles with more added every week. Listen on the road at the gym or anywhere you want to fuel up your imagination.

Join and get 30 days free at the home of storytelling Hit it, please hit it. That was crap. That was garbage. This place sucks. Overreaction Mondays, Monday.

Christopher, you have the floor. All right. These two teams were the two biggest favorites of the week. They both won by double digits. We should just skip right to Bill's Eagle Super Bowl right now. I will say that's an overreaction. As much as I'd like to buy both, both, as you know, have been sitting atop my power rankings for darn near a month as one and two unmoved, despite your heckling. I'm not just me.

That's why I'm looking at TJ Jefferson. Let's be honest. My heckling was a year in the making of you heckling me every time I did. You know what? This is not a tit for tat, sir. It's a tat. I've stopped. You've noticed I've stopped. I just got it in, but you know how it felt. I'm going to keep it. I don't know, man.

They're still achieves can do what they want to do. I still want to see what the Bengals look like when it's all said and done. The Titans are tightening up right now. And of course you've got Dallas in the NFC. You've got San Francisco looking the way that it looked this past week in a week to week league. I got to sit here and say that's an overreaction. That's what I'm going to say. All right. Yes, Chris.

I'm pretty proud of this one, actually. Jaylen, Waddle and Tyree killed good at the football. They've now combined for 1,688 receiving yards through eight games. That's the most by any teammates through eight games in the Super Bowl era. That's a lot of football. You're talking about a football.

They are already better than the Marx brothers. That's it. I mean, do burn Clayton. I know. I know you're talking about. You're talking about Marino's tandem. Yeah.

Um, that was really freaking good. I know that I'm just going to call it an overreaction just because I don't have everything in front of me. And that's just in the just, it's, it's just too soon. One half a season.

You can't sit here and say something like that, but you can use that as a frame of reference and also point out the fact that that would mean two is the Marino in this equation. By the way, and he was throwing up some numbers and then out, he is balling out. And right now, right now, he looks like the pick in front of Justin Herbert. Don't he?

And I know that's just a snapshot. You want to talk about just snapshots through eight weeks to is having a much better season than a guy who had so many people talking about. He's the MVP referring to Justin Herbert coming into the season and tour has been most valuable for Miami.

So that's the way I will handle your supposition before I ask you to move on. What else you got the way to just speak at a tour real quick, 70% completion percentage. And he leads the NFL and passer rating at one 13 and QB are at 79. He's been awesome. Yep.

Pretty impressive. All right. Uh, NFC South is hot garbage. Uh, we can all agree with that. The NFC South winner is going to be sub 500 and they're going to host an 11 plus win team in the playoffs. I think that's, that's a good one.

I think you're right. I think eight, nine would be eight, nine, you know, your sub 500 record of choice and an 11 win team. Cowboys have 11 win Cowboys giants. Look, you got two teams that are hitting their by weeks at six and two with nine games to go. They go five and four at bat at, at, at the worst one would think that's 11 wins. So, and Philadelphia's got seven, you figure they're going to go at least in their last 10 games, five and five, which is better than 11 wins. So if they go, the Eagles go five and five and the Cowboys and giants go five and four. And that's kind of like the worst one would expect from a teams that are currently seven and oh, and six and two, right?

You've got two 11 win teams that aren't division winners. So that's a pretty damn good supposition. I'll say that's not an overreaction right now.

Halfway point. All right. Speaking of Cowboys and this is for you, TJ. All right. We all deck an apology for thinking Cooper Rush might be better. That's you.

Not me. I never thought that TJ. Do you think that I, not for a single second of my life that I, one of the, by the end of the year, when we're in our last week of 2022 doing shows and look back on the year, one of the most useless in the end by results, topics of conversation that burned up phone lines on shows similar to this one all year long. I tried to have us not involved in this type of well, I mean, Jerry invited it. Jerry invited it when he said that give me a quarterback controversy before even hearing the sound bite.

I said he's just inviting what he would know would be the controversy. That's not within his own halls, not within his own office walls, but he would just inviting all the wins to force that on the Cowboys as a topic of conversation, despite it never being a possibility. So what else you got over there, Chris? Did anybody wake up early and watch a borrow an ESPN plus account and watch the Broncos? Well, I woke up early to host a program and give you updates throughout it on NFL networks. So I was finally tuned to the high knees of Russell Wilson.

Cage loves saying Broncos country. Let's ride. It's super funny.

They're going to ride right into the playoffs. That's ridiculous. That's such an overreaction. Come on, man. Russ is back. Stop it. Stop it. Broncos country.

Why not? They finished strong. They finished really good.

Hey, man. Russ was throwing that deep ball to KJ Hamler with some old school stuff. You know what it looked like? It looked like, uh, Geno Smith to Tyler Lockett in Seattle, which was one that hit the one that he caught, the one that he caught for a score.

Got it. KJ Hamler. Nice deep ball by Russ on third and five. He high needed for a first down.

So good for him. They needed that win. Certainly the coach needed the win three and five.

Come on, man. And the problem for them is they've already lost to the Jets. Denver all that they've made this bed, man. They went to the L. A. Chargers couldn't win that game and in overtime, they got a problem because teams in front of them, they've already lost to so.

All right. Well, since you brought it up, Zach Wilson is going to cost the Jets a playoff spot. Hey, man, that is for the moment in week number eight, an understandable position, an understandable position. We will see is all I'm going to say.

I will call that an overreaction for the moment. Just to repeat what I said earlier in the program, Zach, hit your back foot, find your read. If that guy's not open, let's spend so much more time figuring out where Reeds two and three are instead of just the fight or flight.

Well, there's not much fight in between finding Reeds one and two and three right now. There's a lot of flight and it's not the take flight that there's the hashtag for the team. How about that? How about that? So I will say, let's see from here on out, but without Breece Hall, it's going to be more on his shoulders. So I'll say that's an overreaction, but I totally I respect the topic.

The only starter in the NFL with the worst passive rating is Kenny Pickett and Zach Wilson. Thanks for that aside. It's just a research. That's a fact. Thanks.

Appreciate it. I watched a lot of the football team and the Colts yesterday. The Colts abandoned Matt Ryan too soon. Stop it. By the way, it's commanders, sir.

Sorry, commanders, commanders. Come on, man. I mean, Ellinger is running for his life and he's picking up first downs in a way that Matt Ryan couldn't. My concern for the Colts is what's happened to Jonathan Taylor. Where's that guy from last year? Well, the line has been not as good. Where's the guy from last year?

I don't know, man. So if that guy's not showing up, he fumbled yesterday too. I know. If that guy's not showing up, you need to pick, have somebody pick up first downs and Matt's not doing it with his feet. And man, just make sure Taylor Heineke doesn't beat you in the last second. Did you see Terry McLaurin from Indianapolis? Make that incredible grab with the one yard line screaming.

This is my effing city. Yeah. Impressive.

I mean, that's, that was, that was a big play in yesterday's game. What else, Chris? You got one more? I got lots more, man.

I can do this for days. Despite another win, and I don't even know if you're going to have them in your top 10 again this week, just because of the disrespect. Despite another win, nobody still believes in the six and one Vikings. I have them in my top 10, Chris. I've had them the last two weeks in my top 10. Have you?

Yeah. And I'll tell you now, look for them to go out with a book. Nobody believes in the Vikings.

Nobody. Well, it says that's a cousin's thing. It's a Kirk cousin's thing.

Six and one. It's a Kirk cousin's thing. He won one playoff game in New Orleans and he could say you like that all he wants and wear as much bling as he's doing and have a great, great time and be successful as he currently is. But until he actually does it in multiple times, and let's see Minnesota's next to nationally televised contest. When might that be? Oh, that's a Thanksgiving night against the Patriots.

Let's see it there. By the way, that's their last scheduled nationally televised night game on the schedule this year. Unless somebody flexes in, unless there's a flex in, and I look at like, by the way, I look into their plane. I don't see a flex against the Jets in week 13 at Detroit home for Indianapolis home for the Giants. That might be a flex.

I don't think Fox protected Minnesota and the Giants early on. That could be a flex. The Sunday night game that week is, hold on a minute.

Let me look for it. This is a color coding situation right here. Uh, no, it's Christmas.

That's Christmas day. I don't think there's gonna be any flexing. There you go.

So see how it goes, brother. But that's, it's a Kirk cousin's thing or it could be just, let me just say, um, Minnesota thing. No. Where did he go to school? Oh, yes.

Jamel Hills in studio coming up next hour. Wow. She's got a great book.

Great memoir. We're going to talk about mostly called uphill. She might be in the green room right now or the green and white room. So we'll call it cause she's a Sparty. You'd love that. I would go back there, but she might beat me up. Oh my goodness. Wow. Is that a good promo? I mean, if I was Jamel, I might okay. Go for it. What do you got? Hit the music. What do you got? Rich? Your Raiders prediction is so bad.

How bad is it? It cancels out your great take of the warriors winning the title from last year. That's an overreaction. Stop it.

You know what? When I hear the phrase from prideful athletes who win, no one can take this away from me. I always say, who is the person trying to take it away from you? And I just like, who would do such a thing? And I now know who that person is and type of person of such low moral character is. It's you Chris Brockman.

Yeah, that's definitely me. Nobody could take away from me the fact that I chose the warriors to win it all last year. You sold your soul for the Raiders this whole off season.

And how are they paying you back? Did Josh McDaniels apologize to you yesterday? Personally, he apologized to Raiders nation, but I deserve a personal apology. He owes you an apology. I need a phone call directly from him to me.

Ring ring. He has any idea what reputation and gravitas I've put on the line for him and his team. The four of us tried one less catch than Devontae Adams yesterday. Unbelievable. We tried to get you to back out of that statement too. Nice try, sir.

Overreaction. The great Jamel Hill coming up in hour number three. It could be information to change your life forever, or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting. Ramit Sadie talking about being rich. The old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated, but it wasn't about how to spend it. It was more about how to get it. But okay. So once you get it, what do you do with it? In our culture, everybody tells you how to save, but nobody teaches you how to spend it. Something you should know wherever you listen.
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