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REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 1 (11-1-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 1, 2022 3:06 pm

REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 1 (11-1-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 1, 2022 3:06 pm

Rich recaps the Cleveland Browns’ domination of AFC North rival Joe Burrow’s Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football, and reacts to the Baltimore Ravens trading for Chicago Bears All-Pro LB Roquan Smith.

Brockman recaps his more trick than treat Halloween night with his 2-year-old son Cage, and Rich does a Halloween Candy Power Rankings list.

The guys react to the Detroit Lions trading TE TJ Hockenson to NFC North rival Minnesota Vikings, and Rich breaks out his anointing oils and says why Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa deserves to be called “elite.”

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. This is The Rich Eisen Show. A throw down field. Your quarterback is really not good. This is life in the big city.

You're not in Utah anymore. And whatever's going on in his skull, it's just that when his first lead is covered, he's lost. The Rich Eisen Show. The one to McCordie, it's throw the ball out of bounds, man. Today's guests. Senior writer for the MMQB. Albert Breer.

Patriot safety, Jabril peppers. Plus Emmy Award winning actor, Tony Hale. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hey, everybody.

Welcome to this edition of The Rich Eisen Show. On November 1st, we have reached November in 2022 and we say hello to all those out there in our terrestrial radio world and Odyssey and listening to us on Sirius XM radio. Of course, we say hello to everybody watching us on the Roku channel, Roku Channel 210. We're free there. We're free on all Roku devices. We are free on every single Samsung smart TV. We are free on every single Amazon Fire TV. We're free on the Roku app. We're free on the Roku If you want to see us, you can avoid us.

I'll be very honest with you. And we're thrilled to have our YouTube page doing so well. We're just happy to be here in this neighborhood talking sports and pop culture with you for another three hours on a very busy Tuesday. NFL trade deadline. Albert Breer is going to be on this program coming up to discuss that. Jabril peppers of the New England Patriots is going to join us in the middle of our number two. Mr. Tony Hale, as he is known on Twitter, he will be joining us on this program as a show that we watch in our household quite a lot on Disney plus the mysterious Benedict Society has returned season number two. He'll be joining us on this show.

We loved his work and arrested development and VEEP for all those years. That's how we're running a three wide set today here on this program. And then there's you at 844-204-Rich number to dial. Please do give us a ring. How are you over there, Christopher Brockman? What up, Rich? I'm all right. Good to see you.

DJ Mikey D's and D's nuts. What's going on, sir? How you doing? I'm thrilled to see you right there and talk about a little role reversal. You're clean shaven Mike and Chris Brockman sticking with the mustache from his Magnum PI Halloween costume. Day two. We have reached a month of Movember, right? We are.

T.J. Jefferson is lighting the candle right now. How are you sir? Good to see you over there. I'm great, man. Just want to say RFP takeoff, man.

We live in the crazy world. We certainly do. You're not wrong about that and good to see you here, sir.

It is great to be seen, brother. Okay, so let's start this program. We're going to start this program with a very simple question from Monday Night Football and I'll just throw it out there. What was that? It was so confusing. What was that? What the hell was that?

I don't know, man. Um, let's start with the good stuff. Let's start with the good stuff. Let's start with the Cleveland Browns. They were terrific.

They were terrific. This is the formula. This is the formula. The formula is to run you over with Mitch up and Kareem Hunt. If he's still on the team by the end of the day, he is rumored to be a commodity on the the trade deadline day. The dolphins on him. Was Tyree killed?

I don't know. Well, that's part of the reason we're having Albert Breer on later. Um, but that's the that's formula.

That's what you're supposed to do. You're supposed to see Nick Chubb running you over and we're supposed to see the play action working when you're concerned about Nick Chubb running you over and then Miles Garrett is supposed to lead a defense to wreck your night and last night the Grim Reaper, the guy who was known, has been known for setting up on his front lawn a bunch of tombstones with the number and the names of quarterbacks who he has sacked in his burgeoning. I love that all pro career. It's great. And and he's the one coming in this week saying, you know, we're feeling good because Joe Burrow is not beating us. I'm paraphrasing, but he's like, we've done well against them. I'm feeling good about it.

And look out for me on Halloween night. Well, first drive, Joe Burrow and the Bengals are throwing it around and Joe's coming off of two spectacular starts and Garrett tips a ball leads to an interception. Another one, he ends on a sack and with that, the Browns score touchdown go for two. Don't ask me. I don't understand it. I don't get it. I don't understand it, but they're up eight nothing.

It works and it works. And the Bengals start punting and then they turn it over with Burrow fumbling it, trying to step up in a pocket, getting hit. They also miss a field goal, a disastrous first half. And the Browns put up three of their own at the end of the first half because Evan McPherson missed a field goal, which she just never really does. It just was a dreadful first half. And it's an 11 nothing scored half.

Kevin's defense. He comes out after half. He's like, let's see if we could score on the back end of halftime and double dip. Well, they triple dipped. They dipped and we dipped.

And when you dip, I dip, we dip. We all dipped hands on hip and we dip and bow to the Cleveland Browns putting in front of all of us exactly what we thought they could do with Jacoby Brissette waiting for Deshaun Watson to come back easily. The Browns best game of the year and they needed it. Two and six would have absolutely put them in the market of sending Kareem Hutt elsewhere and then trying to tread as much water as they possibly can. So Deshaun Watson can come back and give them a nice wind at their back going into an off season to try and build for a 2023 after 2022 went down the tubes because of signing Deshaun Watson and a suspension coming. And instead they're three and five. They're three and five and Cleveland has a bye coming up with two games that might pretty much end it because they're at Miami and at Buffalo after that.

But who knows? And then they're at Tennessee and Cleveland's got, pardon me, they're at Tampa Bay and then they get Deshaun Watson back. They got Tom Brady coming to town, pardon me.

So at Miami at Buffalo home for Tampa, we'll see what happens. And then Deshaun Watson comes back. But look, at least they're hitting thereby at three and five feeling good about themselves coming back from whatever injuries they might be able to come back from. So kudos to the Cleveland Browns, man. They got it done last night and they showed us how they can play football. Isn't that also what makes football cool?

Right. You can't predict it. Kurt Warner, for instance, you can't predict anything. Kurt Warner's career is the personification of unpredictable. I bring him up because he was on the verge of a big rarity and a huge rarity, which is he had every game picked correctly from his NFL game day morning appearance every week. Eight game predicted correctly.

Oh, man. All of them. He lone wolfed the Saints. He lone wolfed Denver. He lone wolfed the Patriots. He got all of them correct. And he had the Bengals last night.

Say la vie. Still won the week, I'm sure. He did. He did.

But he'll be a little less incorrigible on Sunday's NFL game day morning had he shown up with aid. I don't know if anybody's ever gone undefeated. I was just about to ask. Unbeaten.

That's tough. Hey, man. And he was in he was in the booth on Westwood one. He saw it. He mentioned it at the end of the broadcast with Kevin Harlan. He knew it. He knew it.

But hey, I didn't read it. And now we'll get to the what the what was that question? What the hell going on with the Bengals? Hey, man, she I'm going to put this right on the offensive line, putting it right there, man, right on their stout shoulders, but shaky protection. Yes, Jamar Chase being out is going to leave a mark.

It's just gonna he's one of the best. I think the broadcast with Buck and Aikman on ESPN last night said borrow since Chase had been drafted, which was at the beginning of last year, had thrown only 20 passes, 20 attempts in games that he did not have Jamar Chase. That's it.

That's it. And last night he threw more than that in the first in the first possession of the second half. And so he's going to have to live life without Jamar Chase. And this team is going to have to find receptions without one of the best in the business.

I get it. But it doesn't matter who might step up. And I know Mike Thomas had one go off his hands last night.

And there are others who can step up, but they're not going to have the opportunity to do it. If Burrow can't throw it more of the same of what we saw last year of him overcoming to get to the Super Bowl and almost win the damn thing. But last night he couldn't do anything after that first drive in which Miles Garrett tipped a ball and ended the first drive because it wound up with it being an interception, putting it right on the offensive line, putting it right there. Apparently Joe Mixon had a players only meeting with the offensive line this week to talk about the run game. Now you got a problem with the passing game again.

And I thought we were getting through this. I thought the last couple of weeks, I thought winning four out of five showed that they're getting better and gelling better and Burrows talking them up and feeling better about it. And then comes the Cleveland, here comes the Cleveland Browns. What do you think is going to happen when the bills come in front of him? What do you think is going to happen when the Chiefs with Chris Jones and Frank Clark, when he comes back for a two game suspension in time for that game? What do you think is going to happen then? Cincinnati's next game is home for Carolina.

Okay. You could sit there and chalk that one up, right? Except for the fact that the Carolina Panthers have suddenly found new life since they fired Matt Rule and traded away Christian McCaffrey who would have thought that. You know, DJ Moore, keep your helmet on when you go into Cincinnati. And then they get a buy at Pittsburgh at Tennessee.

Yeah, there's no get right games there. Kansas city. Maybe they're home for KC home for Cleveland at Tampa at new England home for Buffalo on a Monday night to wrap up the penultimate week. And then they're got the big one against Baltimore. They better start buttoning up. And I'll tell you this too, while we're on the subject of Baltimore, what a great Monday for the Baltimore Ravens.

What are you talking about, Rich? They didn't play, right? They didn't play. They sat there at five and three rooting for the Browns to make sure that the Bengals didn't join them atop the division at five and three, despite obviously Baltimore having the early tie break on them, taking the first meeting between the two on a Sunday night that occurred in week five in Baltimore. But the Browns did their part.

The Bengals got absolutely snowed under on Halloween night. And then earlier in the day, the Ravens go to Ryan polls, the general manager, the bears and complete a conversation that might've started when Robert Quinn wound up somewhere else and they're like, okay, so you're answering calls. Are you about your star defenders?

Okay. How about the guy that was holding out during training camp? How about that guy was holding out during training camp and appeared totally deflated by the news of Robert Quinn being traded. How about this kid from Georgia, who is one of the best at the position?

If there, look, I know back in the day, Ozzy Newsom liked Alabama players, right? This kid's a Georgia player. But to me, if I had to choose anybody at the position on another team, that sounds perfect as a fit for the Baltimore Ravens. Devin White of formerly LSU sitting in Tampa might be one other than this guy, Roquan Smith is perfect. Him and Patrick Queen, another LSU kid, they're the ones who are going to be behind that defensive line. Okay.

Okay. That's going to be a problem for a lot of teams. This is a great move, a two and a five. So the bears are extremely well positioned for the future because they have, if I'm not mistaken, nine draft choices and 120 million in cap space next year. So they got a buck 20 in cap space in March.

And then in April, they've got nine picks and Justin Fields is going to get some help. And clearly they're building for that time while being one of those teams that can come get you on a Sunday or as Chris found out last week on Monday night, they can come get you. But the Ravens are coming at you right now. What a Monday.

You get Roquan Smith for a two and a five. And then later on that night, the Browns suddenly put it all together and beat the Bengals and the Ravens are one plus up in the division. And their next game is at New Orleans on a Monday night. Next week, the week nine wrap up is Ravens at New Orleans, which just showed the Raiders a thing or two Browns and Steelers sit on a buy and the Bengals have the proverbial winnable game that may not be so damn winnable if they can't protect their guy. My gosh.

Rich. And, and by the way, one last thing, if, if Nick Chubb was a problem and he always is for a lot of teams, I understand in Kareem hunt, here comes to Ante Forman. And later on in the show, I will give a tip of the cap to the general manager in Carolina and do a little maya culpa here on this program.

But yes, sir. Just looking at the Ravens schedule, nine games left. None of the teams have a winning record right now.

Let's take a look at that. Nobody they play currently, unless I'm mistaken as a winning. Well, they're like I said, at New Orleans, that's an under 500 team.

Then there's a buy. Then they're home for Carolina. That's an under 500 team at Jacksonville and home for Denver.

Those all suffice in that department. Currently we'll see what Denver looks like when week 13 hits at Pittsburgh, at Cleveland, home for Atlanta. That's a 500 team right now. Home for Pittsburgh at Cincinnati. That's a 500 team, but nobody's above it.

Yeah, that's correct. Rich, real quick on Joe Burrow. He's the second most sack quarterback in the league this year.

29 times he led the NFL and times being sacked last year, 51. So he's way ahead of that pace already. Let's go. I mean, this is what you got. This is what these guys were acquired for. Yeah.

Right. Lyle Collins said, we're here to protect you. No one's going to touch you.

Getting touched a lot. Well, I mean, basically Burrow was in that elevator with the word touchable right above him. Spoiler alert. That was, that was him last night. Him on the floor of the elevator.

Touchable. That was Monday night. Man didn't see that one coming.

Nope. What a league. When we come back, get out the anointing oils here on the Rich Eisen Show. Hey prayer warrior. There's a new elite quarterback in the NFL. I'm going to go for it. Oh goodness. I've got the top five most disappointing teams through the first eight weeks of the season.

We're halfway home for a lot of teams. I got that for you. Rich stack is already an elite quarterback. You realize that he's not the guy I'm talking about.

My bad. 8 4 4 2 0 4. Rich is the number to dial here on the program. Don't miss it. And we'll of course take your phone calls.

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yeah yeah okay it's the last time there's right after three five maybe i don't know i don't know yeah three and a quarter three and three this could be at two and three quarters yeah because it usually it starts in months yeah okay oh yeah my kid's 19 months old yeah 20 right yeah yeah and then when you hit two you can't just say what you're like now what's math what are you doing he's 37 months old right you can't do math like that after being a parent with loss of sleep you can't add like that you start breaking out your phone and saying wait a minute let me do simple math that my child as you'll soon learn will know off the top of his head right because he's learning that stuff and you are totally ruined and you forgot as a person i've forgotten all right so anyway and she's 23 quarters he was being a pretty big a-hole was dr far from the rehearsal a very niche halloween costume if you watch the show i have not but i i still respect it was pretty funny it's a funny costume so anyway you know we had the stethoscope and a lab coat and a glass not into it did not want to get dressed at all so we were fighting for about half hour 45 minutes multiple trips to the room i was threatening to just cancel going all together wow i was not i was not happy so the lure of candy didn't even like get him to put no it was like hey can we do that we're gonna go do this no not happening what do you want to do just sit around watch a movie or something no we don't want to do anything so then why don't you stay home you don't respect that because that's kind of like you 90 percent of the time well yeah well nothing more than to say no and stay at home that's true but then some of our neighbors came over okay and because we were all good there's a there's a bunch of little kids in our neighborhood and we were all going to go together and walk around and then go to this other spot that's got a bunch of decorations it's one street and um once the neighbor's kid came over the kids came over yes he was like oh i want to go do this now i want to stop crying and stop being a jerk and i want to but he didn't but he refused to put the lab coat on so he basically was just himself wow but i don't know if this is good or bad but coop r11 and taylor r9 uh both vehemently objected to susie telling them to go upstairs and put on something long sleeve underneath their costumes it was chewy last night underneath their costumes every kid on earth so coupe coupland as ice man from top gun great costume which is as simple of just zipping down your over your jumpsuit yeah put on a longer sleeve shirt underneath it and zip it oh my god major problem not happening he's 11 yeah so i have eight more years of this eight in a quarter in a quarter well look if you grew up on the east coast like we did on the east coast then you know like halloween you always your parents always make it you know you look like stay puff marshmallow man this was this was an outrageous request apparently really to the children outrageous request and then you wouldn't have seen what they were wearing underneath so and and taylor was hermione from um harry potter harry so she had her cloak her cloak and susie even it's like i've got a gray sweater like something that actually was worn by the character like this is like almost hogwarts issued material tate wasn't that oh no go upstairs and do something no way why did we have kids again you know who won that argument oh susie is the 2007 patriots who didn't lose to the giants 18 and oh okay god bless please she's she's the 72 dolphins with champagne corks poppin you say mercury morris was sitting next to susan shampana oh yeah with larry zonka and then we had to get in the car and go to this other neighborhood with all these sarah filled up some wine in a in a water bottle and then and then went to the neighbors across the street and drank more wine and i was like nine o'clock i'm like i'm going to bed i want this day to be over oh boy i want this day to be done that's unfortunate unfortunate there's cage there he is this is the only photo we got it was like can we we had him we were pulling him around in this wagon and she was just like can you please get out so i can take one photo no please one photo no i'll give you a sucker okay you're the sucker how about this one though it worked so how about this one and this is going to be interesting i want to crowdsource this thing so i uh after doing the monday night uh of westwood one i heard you driving around oh great terrific i joined late okay so i joined late okay um you ever sleep no no i joined you it's four in the afternoon actually no it was like eight o'clock at night you know a half time ended oh no seven thirty at night so half time's over i do my half time i you know i watched the first drive of the bangles because joe burrow was our guy last night we needed joe last night we did not get joe we did not okay narrator yeah spoiler alert so so anyway so i i i then join and they've already gone through the neighborhood uh once as the you know when i joined them in the neighborhood where they were trick-or-treating they'd already gone through once and then returning to the home base and across the street from the home base was a house with this beautiful uh puppy uh puppy dog okay a um a great a great pyrenees puppy oh so just this massive beautiful dog and so cooper wanted me to go and say hello to the dog and they they were at the end of their night basically like take whatever candy you want that's the best and right like their shop's about to close like what do you want so i looked down and i had the pick of the litter pick a litter and i i oh you already regret your decision no i don't i don't i don't regret my face says no i'm a pick of the lip but i know people get really you know very uptight about this sort of candy corn no although i am a candy corn guy i do like candy corn i do not like i do not understand the candy corn scorn in this country let me let me or around the world uh i went twix i told you support but no but i had there were kit cats always they were peter butter cops twix are goaded man so i went i went twix they got one or two super balls they i gotta tell you this man and i'll just i'm just giving i'm gonna kick for twix i'm into this you don't even have to no there are people just in case there's anybody people out there i hate for twix in terms of what you need in terms of what you need you need obviously chocolate yeah okay i need you need a crunch you need a little crunch you know crunches a cookie bottom at the bottom of the cookie and then you put the caramel on top of the baby yes like the chef's and you cover it with the chocolate it's it really is indestructible it's borderline perfect and and and it's in i'll just say this sometimes sometimes there's a heat issue with candies they melt twix twix you know even when you're peeling the wrapper off the twix the the the caramel just comes through the top and that makes it even better like you know i mean like you freeze it too it's good hot it's good cold it's good just right so that's where that's why i'm twix more than anything else i mean kit kat i love the kit kat because it does give you the crunch a little wafer in there there's no caramel and then when if it's hot you can't have it yeah it's just like you can't pick it up in your fingers just like i don't even wait i don't need chocolate wait for soup no you don't right like i said twix are golden man they're on mount racemore maybe they are do i have a halloween candy power rankings yeah can i do it off the top of my yes absolutely you can we gave you four yesterday when we were just talking after the show so then you had twix i don't know this is candy i don't i don't know before we put on our poll yesterday uh peanut butter cups i mean the goat twix snickers kit kat all right go for it do we have it do we have it i'm gonna do this candy music here we go no no i got the animation here yeah take yeah here we go we'll do it here we go oh rankings we're ranking so what do you want top five you want top five let's do it i'm gonna do top five top five yeah all right uh here we go off the top of the head um top five no no order no well no there's order i was trying to make it easy what's the point all right here we go number five is skittles gotta give me skittles all right i'm going straight candy i'm going sometimes we forget about the sugar we do we just go it's not just a chocolate as if that's sugar free but i'm just talking about the soup that's the fructose yeah the fructose sucrose like the straight yeah the strainer like it's wiener nobody gives out spree i mean if you want to go straight like candy sucrose glucose situation nothing's better ever than spree if you remember this i'm dating myself oh my god i never was a fairy or good i basically just i'm saying the word spree i can't i gotta swallow like my glands remember smarties smarties are better than sprees bro and the most and again while we're just on the subject matter the most unwieldy and dangerously uh sloppy method of just taking uh fructose sucrose and uh fun dip the fun dip oh fun do you know what you got you got this this this this sugar sprain everywhere and then but you you do eat the actual stick that's number number five skittles five skittles five four i'm gonna go with the peter butter cup oh rich way down rich up peanut butter cup it's four it's still high on the list it's four out of everything okay snickers is three gotta go with snickers at three three uh two is the kit dad and one is the twix all right twix is is is to me it's undefeated the twix skittles are good i'd be willing to swap out skittles for sour patch kids oh i'm not a sour guy brother you said yeah do you think we need one more probably we're here all right we'll get one all right one more one more swedish fish whoa whoa i mean that's sweetest fish that's a lot of one flavor yeah uh it doesn't matter you know what i'm gonna put in there by the way one last thing just before you get to put before i turn it over to you where were the swedes the ones to invent this candy yeah how'd they get the nail where do we get the where is where how do the swedes get associated with this particular uh delicious conviction stand by Swedish Swedish fish developed uh by a swedish candy producer there you go malico in the late 1950s for the us market huh god bless the swedes may be the greatest thing they've done according to wikipedia and i don't know what else the swedes have done i like it's in hockey isn't peter foresburg from sweden so peter foresberg is probably peter net that how are you you wanted to chime in here and then we'll take a break and then well i will i will return with actual football talk that i had promised liz brought some candy in and one of the ones that she brought in we completely forgot little bite-sized york peppermint patty i remember the old commercials where just a little one man you get like two three bites off it real quick perfect also quick shout out those commercials where they would get cold oh yeah there's nothing like a milky way come on now also three musketeers top size three musketeers very underrated hundred grand bar somebody explain to you and then and then we'll throw a break here because apparently there's an actual trade in the nfl that's actually kind of a big by the way i don't i'm not going to look at twitter it's kind of a big one i'm not going to look at twitter and you're i want you to surprise me with when we come back i will i will be completely in the dark and i hope it's the packers getting somebody to actually catch the ball for for for arin rogers um here's the deal um milky way somebody was eating a milky way and came up with the genius idea i think this has to be you know because it milky way is great it's the chocolate wrapped around uh nougat that we're calling it nougat i love that word nougat it's very it's very it's very uh spongy spongy to use the paul hollywood phrase and uh and then there's some caramel on top and somebody's like you know what this is missing the crunch the crunch and plus if you got a milky way and sometimes it gets smushed yeah no no thanks this one is a little so they created the twix they created the twix and get that wafer in there man got a little crunch in that joint okay way is genius genius all right let's take a break here there's been a trade and i've got the anointing oils i'm going to anoint a new elite quarterback so brother jefferson should we get him on the phone call us for the snack ideas eight four four two or four rich does your any perspirant keep you dry all day dove men plus care dry spray goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel and offers 48 hours sweat and odor protection let me repeat that 48 hours of sweat and odor protection use it and don't even think about it also dove men dry spray contains dove's unique one quarter 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about it it involves the nfc north does it nfc well wait did you cheat i didn't i thought you said you weren't gonna look no i heard there was a trade in the nfc north and that's why i said that i don't know it and i'm hoping arin rogers has received some receiving help he is not what have we got you know who got more receiving help vikings yeah curcousins irv's mvp pick pick tj hockinson goes from the lions wow in division the vikings that's a great move for draft picks hold a minute uh 2023 and 2024 pick to detroit a second rounder in 23 a 24 third rounder a 23 fourth rounder and a conditional fourth so for four picks they they did that geez damn no no there's a pick swap so four picks weren't involved four picks were involved so two and two oh yeah for hockinson oh okay a second rounder and a third rounder for a fourth okay and a conditional with hockinson okay all right so once minnesota gets to upgrade it tight okay so uh minnesota gets picks i mean detroit gets picks detroit gets two picks uh-huh and then minnesota gets hockinson and two picks okay i like it man teach it i like it he's a great player how about the lions just i don't know what they're doing i am unclear what they're doing i guess i don't in division that's a rarity you're sending them in division to minnesota but for two good picks i mean those are two top 80 picks i don't care man these picks picks matter picks matter if you hit on them and we have gotten fooled by the ram saying f the picks uh picks really matter you can make a lot of moves if you have a lot of capital they here's the deal they matter if you hit on them and they matter if you need to rebuild which the lions need to rebuild i guess so but to in division i'm not doing it i'm sorry i mean they're one and whatever their season's over they're not making the playoffs they're gonna have a top five pick again they're not doing it they're gonna take a quarterback all due respect jared golf is done he won't be the starter next year i'm sorry i'm not doing it in division go find it somewhere else sorry i don't need to see him and i don't need to see you win the division this year and come in my house and beat me with him honestly i'm just not gonna do it i get it but i like to move for minnesota quite a bit i like the aggressiveness i think that sort of stuff absolutely resonates within a locker room nobody's talking about them i that's why i brought it up yesterday and overreaction like they're kind of an afterthought they're six and one there is a uh i'd like to do a little bit of a mea culpa here if i can um and i will um when the carolina panthers traded away christian mccaffrey i said this is the way you tank in the nfl when you what i meant as i said by that is that you remove the best players or one or two of the best players and it makes it that much more difficult for the prideful men you do suit up to win the game on pride alone that's what i meant by it and you know the bears we're gonna we're gonna see that i mean bless the chicago bears trading away both robert quinn and roquon smith for picks and they've got nine picks and 120 million dollars in cap space and that's very impressive for them you know the chicago bears next game is home against miami and uh oh man man yeah no it's gonna be tough for the pride to overcome what we just saw in detroit with miami dolphins the way that they're slinging it around but i just want to say to scott fitter the general manager on that day mea culpa because he might have just looked in his locker room and say we got this guy dante foreman and obviously he's not as versatile as christian mccaffrey but he's definitely less expensive and he can dominate a game in a different way what he did this weekend against atlanta he damn near won that football game and carolina can beat you with this team as it's currently constructed will they trade dj more by the end of the day maybe maybe they probably should i don't know they have a chance to win the division they really do they've already beaten tom brady and the bucks in their house and carolina takes on atlanta right away hey in week 10 and they've got coming up this weekend carolina a chance to go to cincinnati and shock everybody we just saw nick chubb have his way uh up the middle of this team and around the edges maybe foreman can do it hovered comes back i'm just saying i thought they're tanking they're done and they might have seen this kid in their locker room and seen him in training camp and said let's give him a whirl and get picks in second third and fourth round draft choices next year and start rebuilding for whichever coach making it that much more attractive to get him so i'll just sit in here right now and say i've been proven wrong now then let me put it on the line to be proven wrong in another way here we go i have anointing oils i have anointing oils for a new elite quarterback in the nfl i'm putting them up there and i know you're like elite rich really got josh alan you got patrick my homes justin herbert people throwing justin herbert nice would you put him as an elite quarterback in the nfl did you put joe burrow there's an elite quarterback in the nfl burrow went to a super bowl that's pretty good okay justin herbert who else you putting in the elite status elite category brady and based on this season yeah based on this season that's what i'm doing there's only a couple i've got it i've got jaylen hurts has been pretty elite this year i agree i got one for you another six and one quarterback her cousins has been pretty elite i got one for you i'm making him elite i believe i see what i see i see with my eyes and i see you to her i see you to her yeah you see me don't you he's pointing right at you yeah you see me too don't you i see you this is like a great meet the parents moment is this like the spider-man me that's it yes i see you i consider myself elite in my craft just because the guy throws left-handed doesn't mean he's not as good there is a bias there's a bias there's a bias i love that i don't know who did it earlier this year on twitter they flipped the image and watch to a throw right-handed it looks better whoa looks better he looks uncomfortable throwing left you know what he looks in this offense he looks elite he looks like the guy that is relentless he hits his back foot and he knows where the hell he's going with it going with it and he knows where his second option is he's not struggling in this offense at all and you can sit here and i know what you're gonna say chris i'm gonna front-load it you're gonna pop a dock me go you go for it say it go ahead and say well i mean come on i mean say say whatever you want to go this offense was constructed because they thought they were going to have tom brady okay so they have a lot of speed they have tyree kill they have jail and wallow you've seen those guys they have the most receiving yards in eight in eight games in nfl history okay they have a really awesome and innovative young and energetic head coach i got it okay and so how many other quarterbacks in this league would be in this offense and have the exact same and probably better numbers than two simple for you to say we're seeing the guy who is doing it aren't we and we're also not saying the opposite which is tyreek hill said he's just as good as my home's oh wait a minute tyreek hill said that and we saw the twitter account of the ball fluttering and he had to stop to catch the deep ball in otas and then the coach says he's one of the most accurate throwers of the football okay i get it i get it okay i get it so what if he didn't do what he's doing right now we would be throwing him on the trash heap of history in his last stop you got an owner who is not only bringing in de sean watson at this very moment last year on the earth than the verge of the trade deadline de sean can you tell me a little bit more about your massage therapists because i'd like to trade for you this is after he tampered for tom brady this guy hears all that and he's married to a coach who knows what to do and look at what he's doing number one and pass a rating yards per attempt damn near every first every time he throws he's damn near every time he's getting a first down nine yards per attempt third in the league and completion percentage not making mistakes he's being efficient if we had started him this week in our fantasy league we would have won we would have won you know he's also seeing what i'm seeing i'm not really a tape head i'm not an all 22 guy i'm not sitting in the back of my courtesy car being driven from new york to bristol and back and forth using my time time to put out videos because i'm such a shots fired tape head no it's not a shots fired i could see the the uh let me guess i could see the reflection of the trees on the merit parkway on his screen as he's shooting it with his phone during his film sessions because i can't get enough of dan orlowski i watch every last one of them dan tweeted this out today what dan tweets out about to his tape from this past weekend is obnoxious like has it good yeah it's just like obnoxious like i'm taking that as him sitting back and he knows exactly how he's going to slice you up he's elite he's an elite quarterback in 2022 and i can't wait to watch it i can't wait to see it develop wow you know what i've been told there's a major whoa bomb that just went off huh dude whoa chams this is crazy okay we're gonna hit that for our terrestrial radio audience at the top of the next hour and that's when albert breer will join us so i guess the nba is basically saying uh hold my beer hold my beer on your trade deadline day okay that's coming up albert breer jabril peppers hour two mr tony hail who we love and adore from his days back in arrested development and viep and now in the mysterious benedict society on disney plus season studio hour three that's how we're rolling a break after hour one also follow up on your tuas rich um warren sharp came on with us before the season and he was one of the few people in the national football media who was super high on the dolphins and thought tuah did have this type of game and we all kind of i mean i did i side-eyed a little bit but proven correct through five he's only played five games but so far so good there you go okay and again uh i think a caller yesterday was like one of people going to believe it and i i understand i need to see i need to see a full season you're going to see i need to see playoff wins this is it yeah this is i told you put up the miami schedule if you don't mind mr hoskins this is the stretch because again they take on the bears this weekend minus roquon and minus whoever else they might trade away today to to send uh out the same way they sent out robert quinn then they're home for cleveland they have a buy home for houston here's the stretch starting in week 13 at san francisco at the chargers him versus herbert couldn't be more of a head-to-head right at buffalo home for green bay on christmas day at new england home for the jets that's it the final seven and then make the playoffs and you want to see him win a playoff game right yeah there you go i do there you have it it's all laid out i'm really looking forward to that part of the year and i hope he's healthy i hope everyone's healthy so we can actually see it fully evolved coming up the whoa bomb and albert breers bombs coming up it could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting ramit sadhi talking about being rich the old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated but it wasn't about how to spend it it was more about how to get it but okay so once you get it what do you do with it in our culture everybody tells you how to save but nobody teaches you how to spend it something you should know wherever you listen
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