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REShow: Jabrill Peppers - Hour 2 (11-1-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 1, 2022 3:06 pm

REShow: Jabrill Peppers - Hour 2 (11-1-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 1, 2022 3:06 pm

The MMQB’s Albert Breer tells Rich what the Lions trading TE TJ Hockenson to NFC North rival Minnesota Vikings means for the state of Dan Campbell’s Detroit team, says if the Packers could bring in Odell Beckham Jr. to shore up their WR corps, reveals how close the Rams came to landing Christian McCaffrey instead of the 49ers, and says if the Raiders would consider firing head coach Josh McDaniels if he can’t turn their 2-5 season around. 

 Patriots Safety Jabrill Peppers tells Rich what’s been like playing for Bill Belichick for the first time in his career, how far New England can go this season, and if his Michigan Wolverines can beat Big Ten archrival Ohio State two years in a row.

Rich and the guys react to the Chicago Bears trading for Steelers WR Chase Claypool and wonder how that deal is going down with Aaron Rodgers in the receiver-desperate Green Bay Packers’ locker room.

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. This is The Rich Eisen Show. A throwdown feeling. Your quarterback is really not good. This is life in the big city. You're not in Utah anymore.

And whatever's going on in his skull, it's just that when his first read is covered, he's lost. The Rich Eisen Show. The one to McCordie.

Throw the ball out of bounds, man. Today's guests. Senior writer for the MMQB. Albert Breer.

Patriot safety, Jabril peppers. Plus Emmy award-winning actor Tony Hale. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hey, hour number two of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Man, lots of news are popping as we come on the air in hour number two here on this Tuesday, first day of November in 2022 on channel 210 on the Roku channel, which you can get on every Roku device, Samsung, smart TV, Amazon Fire TV. We're free on all of those platforms. We're free on any Roku on the Roku app, which has the Roku channel on it and the Roku channel dot com.

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Smart enough to have us. We always appreciate everyone who puts us in the ear gate over terrestrial radio across this great country of ours. Our YouTube page, slash Rich Eisen Show for anything that you might miss.

There's also the Rich Eisen Show collection on Roku. Albert Breer is about to join us here on the program. It's trade deadline day in the NFL. As soon as we're off the air, there's one hour to go. And then that's it for trades to be made in the 2022 season. Adrian Wojnarowski, from the worldwide leader in sports, sending out a Wojbaum moments ago, just as we were going off the air in hour number one, the Nets and Steve Nash have parted ways. That's it. Decision was mutual.

The Nets are like, please go and Nash is like, please send me out and pay me off. I want out of here. And then that's one last night. Wow.

And then that's one last night. All right. So here's what's going to happen. Uh, we're going to go through the rest of this hour as we planned. Right. Uh, the third hour of this show, uh, we've got Mr. Tony Hale in studio and hour number three, uh, the top of the next hour we'll chew into the subject matters.

Sounds great. But we've got, uh, at the moment here to kick off our number two on the Mercedes. Ben's van's phone line is our friend from the MMQB and sports illustrated Albert.

How are you doing Albert? Yeah, normally I would say like the parting ways, like garbage on a firing is BS, but in this case it's actually believable. Yeah. Mutual mutual. They're like, it's not working here with you anymore.

And he's just like, I don't want to work here anymore. So I guess this is, this makes it perfect. Um, absolutely.

And pay me, please pay me off and let's go. Um, I'm assuming that's the way it all worked out, but we'll, we'll get into it a little bit more. It's trade deadline day. Uh, TJ Hawkinson going from the lions to the Vikings in the first hour of our program, which is mere hours to go, uh, on a swap of picks. Um, I know the lions, uh, are, are maybe ready to tap out on this season and Dan Campbell might feel differently, but, uh, in division, that one is a shocker to me. I don't know why, you know, I know you want to try and, uh, get picks, but Hawkinson, uh, in division that maybe did they, they hold up the Vikings from where they could have gotten from somewhere else because they are in division.

Is that what happened? Well, the really interesting thing is, um, and Rich, you were sitting on the set right there where it happened. This is the second time they've pulled off a blockbuster deal together because if you'll remember, it was the lions, the Vikings, it was the Vikings that the lions traded up with to get Jamison Williams in the draft last year. So that piece of it's interesting that now these two teams and the division with each other have done two pretty significant deals with each other. Um, I mean, look, like I, I, I don't think it's a great, um, indication of where the lions are right now in year two under Dan Campbell.

Obviously they've only got one winner in the year. Um, and the willingness to pull the plug in on that player who I, you know, maybe hadn't lived up to the top 10 billion, but it was a really, really good tight end. Um, it's interesting. And I, I think with the Vikings, it's interesting talk, like thinking back to my conversations I had with, you know, Kwesi Adapomensa, their first year GM and Kevin O'Connell, their first year head coach over really the last like seven or eight months and how much they liked what they were walking into, right? Like they were, I mean, this wasn't just not a tear down. It was like, we really liked what Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman left behind for us here. And it was the locker room. It was the talent level.

It was all of it. And, you know, Kevin, you know, made a conscious decision. Kwesi made a conscious decision that they wanted to double down on the core and Kirk cousins and Justin Jefferson and Adam feeling and, um, you know, Dalvin cook and, you know, on defense, Kendricks and Harry Smith and all those guys. And, um, you know, I think it just sort of shows you that, you know, uh, a new coach and GM come into a place you don't have to tear it down and they've gotten great results. I don't think people realize just there's three games in front of the Packers right now in the, uh, in the NFC North. So, um, you know, certainly I think it's, uh, it should, I think it should, and will give that locker room a really nice Joel showing them again, like the guys in charge here really believe in you and the Vikings now, I think become a pretty real threat in a wide open NFC. Well, I'll tell you what, Albert, uh, I'm definitely well aware that the, uh, Vikings are on top of the Packers by three plus because they've already beaten them and Packers fans sure are.

And this might not be evergreen to last the day. Once the trade deadline hits though, maybe it would be. Well, what is the philosophy here with Brian Goudekoun? She got a quarterback who could not have made more bones publicly about the young kids on the team, either not being professional enough to study or prepare or care.

Um, while also coaching the kids up by saying, maybe we can do it together in Buffalo, you know, and then we did see some kids score in Buffalo. Um, but put it all together for me about the Packers thought process to get Rogers, some of the helping needs and perhaps shore up a defense that's been hit around a bit last couple of weeks. Yeah.

Yeah. I mean, I think they still believe in the talent on defense. Like they have seven first round picks on their defense, seven home grown first round picks. So, um, I think they still believe that the talent's there and that they played well enough in spots and there'll be okay. Offensively, they're in a really interesting position because I think the Adams trade hit them a little harder than maybe they suspected. And it's interesting when you talk to guys who coached against them, right? Like some of the teams that have beaten them over the last few weeks, what you hear from, you know, guys in the defensive side of the ball is they're still not motioning very much, which is sort of an Aaron Rogers thing. It's definitely not the floor thing, but Aaron is like Peyton Manning and that he wants the offense to be stagnant so he can look at the defense and he can kind of decipher what the defense is doing, which is how some elite quarterbacks are. You know, well, the problem with that is if you play that way, then you have to have receivers who can beat man coverage. And right now I'm not sure they have that guy.

And it was okay. Um, during Matt LaFleur's first three years in Green Bay because you had Devontae Adams to do that. If you have one guy who can do that, well, then it changes the math for everybody else. Um, but the fact that they don't have that one guy who can do it right now and they hope that Dobbs and Watson grow into becoming that guy, I think it's become a pretty real problem for them. And so I think for Gudakunz now and LaFleur too, the question is can either Dobbs, Watson, or both turn into that guy by the end of the year?

If they can't, then you have to go get help. And you know, so I think like what you're looking at now is maybe a Chase Claypool. Um, you call on DJ Mora. I don't think the Panthers want to give up DJ Mora. You call on DJ Mora. You know, they have talked to the Steelers about, about Claypool and the price tag would be around a three.

I met something you probably would consider doing. Um, and then, you know, I think if those things don't work, then you're probably looking at potentially Odell Beckham down the line. Um, but there's no question that, that the Packers have to do, I think they have to do something at receiver and you know, it's either going to be a bringing in somebody from somewhere else or be like just deciding to have faith that guys like Dobbs and Watson are going to come along over the next two months and be in a position where they can be a little bit different than they are right now here as we stand on November 1st. Robert Breer here from Sports Illustrated on trade deadline day of 2022 of the NFL season here on the Rich Eisen Show. Um, and you know, we, we might see big trades happen today, maybe not.

Um, and, uh, I don't think any of them are going to have nearly as lasting an impact. And I know Robert Quinn got traded and I know Roquan Smith got traded. Um, clearly the McCaffrey trade, not just because he wound up with the Niners, but the fact that the Niners and Rams were in it together. We already even have seen the results of that trade and how it affects one team.

And, and then the one that didn't get them as well. Just last week, um, you've made a lot of, uh, of, uh, news Albert talking about the Rams and their process, uh, of trying to, um, get somebody from Carolina. What, what, what is the Rams philosophy here and what did they try to do with Brian Burns and also for McCaffrey?

What do you got for me on that subject matter? So yeah, I mean, I think the way the Rams feel it right now is they've got a core of four players, really realistically. What we're talking about here is Stafford cup, uh, Donald and Ramsey.

Um, and I think there's also, you know, an acknowledgement and, you know, this is something that I've talked about the last few months. Um, Sean McVay's future with the team is probably tied to those four guys. And in all likelihood, when those guys are gone, McVay is going to be gone too.

And so, you know, I think the way that they look at this is we have to do everything we can to maximize what we've got right now. Cause we've got a special, special coach and we've got a special core of players. And maybe that lasts for another year, maybe it lasts for five, but whatever that period of time is, we need to get the most out of those guys right now. And that's why like a 20, 24, 20, 25 first round pick wouldn't be as valuable. That's why their picks in 20, 20, 300 is valuable.

And so that's why, you know, they made a very spirited run at Christian McCaffrey. Uh, the Niners wind up getting him for a second, third, fourth round pick at 23 and a fifth round pick at 24. Um, the Rams offer was really close to that.

It was a, that was second and third and 23 a fourth and a fifth in 24 and cam acres. The Panthers decided they wanted the four and 23 that wound up being the tiebreaker. Um, but you know, they made a very, very real offer to the, to the Panthers to try and get Christian McCaffrey out of there.

And you know, and, and as part of all of this, they wind up making a monster offer for Brian Burns too. There's more than two first round picks. So where, when were those first round picks Albert, were they, were they like for it wasn't three first round picks, but it was more than two. It was more than just the two first round, 24 and 25, 24 and 25.

Okay. And 24 and 25. And so, you know, I like, uh, look like they've, that they've made no secret that they want to go get pass rush help and that that's part of where they are right now is that they want to go get an edge rusher to replace what they lost with Von Miller going out the door. And you know, Burns would give them a guy who's under contract for the next year and a half and that they get signed long-term and you know, like it wouldn't be all that different from the juncture at which they got jail in Ramsey, right? Like when they got jail in Ramsey, it was with a year and a half left on his rookie deal. They wind up signing him to an extension. It'd be very, very similar to that. And it would be on the premise. We believe we're going to be really good for the next couple of years, continue to be good for the next couple of years.

And so if you're talking about, you know, the 25th to 30th pick in the draft in 24 and 25, there's no way we're going to get a Brian Burns type of player out of that. So that's sort of where they are right now. Again, I think it's just all in on that core of players.

And it's not like, you know, like F them picks what it's more about just being all in on a group of people you have in the building right now that you believe are a special group of people and obviously validate that the whole party trophy just a few months ago. Man, what a, I mean, what a juncture right now for the Rams. So there's two other questions I have for you. One is associated with the Rams and the other one involves another West Coast team. Albert Breer here on the Rich Eisen show. What does the status of Odell Beckham here on this trade deadline day and how does it affect things? Best you can tell.

Yeah, everything I've heard on him. I mean, it's kind of tricky because you know, if you're, you know, a team and, you know, like say your Tampa or Buffalo or Green Bay or the Rams, like one of these teams that's at least, you know, touch base with them. And I think part of it is there is some unknown if he, you know, decides presumably he'll wait past today, right? So like, if you don't make a move today, obviously you can't do anything else on the trade front. You've got this one piece could wind up being a really significant piece based on how he kept depending on how he comes off of the knee.

But you're not assured of that, right? Like, so that's what I think makes it tricky. That's why, you know, like, if you look at the Chiefs, like the Chiefs go into the area, Tony, when they got him, a part of that was like, yeah, they were interested in Odell Beckham, but they don't have a lot of cap space and they had need for a pass rusher. So it sort of allowed them to check that box rather than waiting around and then turn around and start looking for a pass rusher, which is where the Chiefs have been. So, you know, it's sort of a weird spot for the teams that have been in touch with Odell Beckham.

And I think Beckham's, it seems at least like Beckham's approach here is whatever's best for him, he's going to get to that point by being able to collect the most information. And by being a free agent right now, like waiting allows him to collect that information. So instead of, you know, making a leap of faith in a team that is a real contender, November 1st, it's still going to be in that position a couple months from now, which, you know, I mean, we can make reasonable assumptions about certain teams. If you wait until you're closer to being a full health and ready to go, you're going to have a clearer picture of where the Rams are, the Packers are, the Bills are, the Bucks are, the Chiefs are. And that's going to allow you to make a better decision for you. So I think that's sort of where it's at right now. And, you know, I, again, like I think for Beckham and I don't want to disagree with the strategy, the strategy is sort of, I can, you know, by waiting, I can kind of give myself a more clear view of where each team is closer to when the real big games are being played.

Last one for you, Albert. The Las Vegas Raiders don't lead the league in much, but they already lead the league in disappointing losses followed up by a confabs between the owner and the coach in private that apparently don't amount to any hot seat. That's and the announcement comes after that meeting between Josh McDaniels and Mark Davis. Yeah, that's another, he's going to be your coach here for a while.

That's now multiple times, I think has happened this year, or at least one time there, Davis had to say something. What is going on in Vegas? Best you can tell right now.

I think they're going to be all right. And you know, and I think Josh is honestly like kind of equipped himself well for this. And, you know, I mean, as you know, I've spent a lot of time with him since he got that job. And I, I just, you know, I look at like how he has emphasized building relationships and making sure the right foundation is laid and all the stuff he learned from Denver. You know, I, I know one thing he kind of emphasized to me is nobody's going to know whether or not I've changed until the bleep hits the fan. Right. Like, and like, it seems like it has, hasn't it? I mean, yeah. And I mean, and that's the thing is like, people aren't going to know.

And he's, and he, and he said to me, I promise you, like, I'm not going to be the guy who's going to come in and flip the computer monitor over in the, in the meeting room when things don't go well. And so like, I, I think that there's going to be, I think it's going to be an interesting test of where he is and who he is and how much he's grown. I think he's grown a lot. And I think that they've got some issues that they knew were issues that are bigger issues than they thought they were.

What's that? The structure of the team up the middle of the defense. I think it's been a huge one for them, like right up the middle of the defense, they've got holes. I think they thought those were manageable, that they would be able to, to, to, to build big leagues with their offense and kind of mitigate that where, you know, your corners and your edge players are more important if you can kind of get other teams down and their offense hasn't, which hasn't come along fast enough for that to happen.

But I, I still think that there is a belief that they're going to get there. And so, um, I, I believe Mark Davis, when he says like, we're not thinking of pulling the plug, the one caveat, and I know this is sort of a long winded answer. The one caveat there would be, I do think, you know, you're seeing it in college football now with, uh, the way the television money I think affects like school's willingness to pay these massive buyouts, right?

To get rid of guys. I think the same sort of dynamic is, is, is starting to exist in the NFL too, where the massive television money has made it. So for an owner, the idea of a one and done and eating three or four years of a coach's contract is more workable than it was in the past.

But I don't think that that's Mark Davis's mindset right now. Thank you, Albert Breer. You treated this segment like J.T. Tooey, Tooey Molowalow treated Penn State. Did I say the name right?

Tooey Molowalow, right? Yeah. Well, I guess that's better than Michigan State handled things on Saturday, right? No, you know what? I, I choose to, you know, uh, cast a spotlight on the positives for your team in your school. How does that sound? Well, no, no, no, no, no. I'm, I'm, I'm saying I'm with you in the situation that unfolded, uh, on Saturday night. Okay. Like I would be on that one. Yeah. Yeah.

Let's just say, let's just say, let's just hope that I, that I can hit play quorum, uh, levels of explosiveness with, with, with the segment there. How about that? Very good. Uh, by the way, uh, a little tip for you, Chris Brockman, give him, give him this to see if there's any tea leaves here.

According to a local reporters, Albert, Brandon cooks, not spotted at Texans walkthrough. Anything. What do you think? How about that? How about that? Well, I will say that there are some teams interested in them, but the price tag was too high. It's got an $18 million guarantee next year.

That's a problem. Other teams don't want to take that on. My understanding was the Texans were asking for a second round pick and another pick on top of that, which at the time was too rich for people's blood.

Now, does that price tag come down from like a two and a four to maybe a three and a five? Maybe that could change the things, but he's another one that like, like, well, we were just talking about rich with, you know, the certainty of getting a player like that in versus like the potential magic of what Odell Peckham could bring, but you don't know if you're going to get them. And that's sort of what some of these teams are shorting through right now. Okay. Very interesting. Interesting stuff. I guess in terms of eating his salary, you got to check with Derek Henry since he owns the Texans. We'll have to see if that's, uh, yeah. Did you see that staff by the way that he has more 200 yard games against the Texans alone than any other player in NFL history has against everybody. That's one of the most amazing stats I've ever seen.

Like that is unbelievable. Albert, take care of yourself. We'll chat again soon.

Thanks again for the time. All right. Thanks. Albert Breer here on the rich eyes and show. Let's take a quick break and the phone line will light up and it'll be Jabril peppers of the new England Patriots. Oh yeah.

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Ask your loan officer for details. Navy Federal Credit Union. Our members are the mission. A couple minutes away from Jabril Preppers calling into the program here from the New England Patriots. Let's go to Tim and Flora. He's been hanging on for a while. What's up Timothy? You're here on The Rich Eyes and Show. Hey Rich, how are you? What's going on? Not too much man.

First time, lifetime. No. I was going to ask you a bit of a higher register question, possibly. If Gino Smith keeps up this like out of his mind play this year, what do you think the chances are maybe he gets an MVP vote?

That's a good high register. I appreciate that. Look the MVP of this league is going to be Josh Allen. That's the end of that and I think we're seeing it. One of my scary storylines from week number eight is the fact that he threw two interceptions at home and still beat the Green Bay Packers by 10. Look man, I think what Gino Smith is doing is simply remarkable and is one of my favorite stories.

Thanks for the call Tim. I don't know the exact qualifications for comeback player of the year. I think that maybe we need to look that up at some point and read what the exact qualification is because does it require you to come back from an injury? Because he's coming back from the bench. Yeah, he's coming back from him being a backup. Getting punched in the face and losing his job and having a difficult time coming into the league and being born into this league and with a franchise that wasn't ready to figure out well enough for him what he can do. He might not have been ready mature what maturity wise.

From what I can see now it's working for him. It says it's given to the player quote who shows perseverance in overcoming adversity in the form of not being in the NFL the previous year overcoming a severe injury or simply poor performance. He qualifies. I mean but his performance wasn't poor last year. He actually he didn't have it himself. Well he comported himself well when Russ was injured.

True. You know he did what a backup quarterback is supposed to do which is keep you competitive in games and maybe win. But is it perseverance and overcoming adversity?

Is that how we're gonna uh kind of gerrymander him? Well the adversity was what being drafted by the Jets and Rex Ryan was your coach was your coach. I know let's turn on get up and see what Rex has to say about it. All the old Jets who are commenting on the current Jets right now. I don't want to go any further but you know what I'm saying?

Like I don't know. Can you give that award to somebody who just wasn't a starter and lost a starter's job years ago and was a second round draft choice and is finally getting an opportunity and making the most of it. Saquon to Saquon. Yeah I don't think he should qualify there because he did play 13 games last year right? I think he might have played more but he's an overwhelming Vegas favorite right now.

Saquon and Gino is four to one. Is there somebody who was who was in fact hurt all last year and is bawling out right now? By Christian McCaffrey kind of now. He's not a comeback player of the year. This is kind of an interesting conundrum here because Saquon played most of the season last year. He did he just you know he just was still he still wasn't himself where he was still overcoming the adversity of having Dave Gettleman's players drafted to try and block for him. Christian McCaffrey only played in seven games last year. He's not a guy. Come on man.

Really? If he really? Comeback player of the year. He only had 343 yards rushing last year. If it's soft tissue injury you know what I mean? Like this is where somebody like Dak broke his leg. Yeah like an Alex Smith situation.

Yes like that's normally what it is like. I'd be more inclined to give it to McCaffrey than Gino or Saquon if McCaffrey does what he did the past two weeks in San Francisco for the rest of the year. He'd get my vote. Gino said this year don't call this a comeback story. It's literally what he said to us. I've been here for years. Right and I've been I've been fine.

I'm good. But he is truly terrific. He is running this offense.

They are moving it. Kenneth Walker obviously helps that they can run it as well. Ryan in Seattle you're here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up Ryan? Hey Rich. I actually got another Gino Smith question for you.

A little bit derivative. But now that it seems like Gino Smith has fallen and Russ can't cook SpaghettiOs they're gonna have two pretty good first round picks this coming year. But Gino Smith doesn't have a contract at the end of the year. So if you're the Seahawks what do you do? That's a good question.

I don't I don't know and thanks for the call. I mean so much more football left to be played. Yeah there's a whole half of the year. Right now Seattle because Russ cooked in London at the end of the game. That pick is now 10th overall. Yeah 10th overall. So Russ isn't that amazing? Russ struggling benefits Seattle big time. They're 10th overall right now.

I don't know it really depends on if there's a quarterback that might sit there 10th overall like with that with that Mahomes like talent that they can hook up to and hope once again that their rookie quarterback turns like into Russ right away. I don't know. I really like what they're doing with Gino and I think you could see the leadership too.

And they're really tight knit group. Did you see that video that ESPN put out with Oz the mentalist? Did you see that Chris?

No. Pete brought a mentalist into their meeting and it was dynamite. I tweeted it out yesterday. The whole team went nuts. The whole team went nuts. You could see they were just a tight-knit group. Well you know he was reading minds and doing things that looked like magic tricks to be very honest with you.

The leadership thing. Dr. Eist did all this? No not that doctor.

Oz the mentalist. Oh my bad. Yes. The leadership thing is important I feel like for him. It's one of his. I think you're seeing him on the bench talking to some of his receivers. I really love what he's doing. Joining us here on the Mercedes-Benz fans phone line is one of my favorites from back of the day. I saw him last I think on the field at Michigan when I was the honorary captain.

Chris right? Did you see him that day? He almost separated my shoulder because I got in the way of him trying to catch punts in pregame. Get out the way.

Wow I didn't know that that was happening on that day. Basically ran me over. It was my fault. I was in the way.

By the way do you know that was seven years ago in 2016? We're old man. Joining us here on the Mercedes-Benz fans phone line from the New England Patriots fresh off the dub against the New York Jets is Jabril Peppers. How you doing sir? Chris appreciate you for having me. How you doing? How have you been? Been good man. I've been doing well.

Okay how is it being coached by Belichick? Give me some good stories. You got one?

Jabril? Right off the bat. It's just a great experience you know to be able to learn from the best you know to soak up the knowledge from them each and every day. But you know he's just real big on hard work fundamentals and you know just doing your job you know what I mean?

So I don't really have too many stories right now. Well what was it like in the locker room? Robert Kraft coming in handing him a game ball because he passed George Hallis second on the all-time list after beating the Jets.

Jabril? It was a great moment for him you know I'm happy we could get that down for him. You know but he knows like we know it's still more to be had you know so we just got to keep putting in the work. And on you showing up in New England and figuring out what your role is there.

What is your role there in New England in your estimation? Jabril Peppers? You know we have a very deep room very versatile guys you know both cornerbacks and safety positions so you know week to week it changes you know based off what the opposition does well and you know based on the skill sets that you know they have at their disposal so you know week to week it changes so you know I can you know really give you an asset. Fantastic okay and what what is the the sense within that locker room about how good this team can be? You've been on some good teams before and you know what it's like?

What do you got for me on that front? You know we just we just know we just have to put it all together you know we we we haven't been playing our best ball you know we have to play better complementary football you know we've got to take care of the football a little bit better have to get more takeaways and you know so that's where our mindset is you know how can we keep doing what we do well and you know eliminate the bad place that kills us so that's that's our mindset right now. Jabril Peppers here on the Rich Eisen show from the New England Patriots fresh off the win against the New York Jets. What did you guys talk about in the film room? What you saw on film from Zach Wilson that you were able to execute on the field? What did you see out of Zach that you thought that you could exploit and execute? Well you know Zach's a good quarterback you know he can make the throws you know they have a talented receiver core so you know we just wanted to mix up the looks you know disguise things here and there you know put the pressure on them and you know make them make good decisions back there. And what what what was the conversation about his decision-making ability going into the game?

You know we knew we got some pressure on them you know it'll be chances for us so you know we just had to you know make them when they came man you know we made them so you know we see those guys in another another week or two we have a good Indianapolis team coming up right now that we have to get ready for but you know you know divisional games always you know mean a little more you know juices were flowing you know the stadium was packed so you know it was a definite definitely a good experience to go out there and execute the game. Gabriel Peppers here on the Rich Eisen show first round pick in the 2017 NFL draft now with the New England Patriots here on the program. Are your days playing offense over?

I mean we don't know you know we don't know yet you know I like to think I still got it. Okay have you voiced that have you voiced that within the halls of Patriot punch have you voiced that? No no you know I haven't been voicing that. Let me voice it let me voice it do you want to play offense would you want to get a couple snaps on the offensive side of the ball? Right now I'm just focusing on what I could do on the defensive side of the ball to help us keep winning ball games right now you know um okay you know we have at least half the season left you know so we gotta we gotta kind of kick it up into another gear. I understand that I'm not trying to create any problems I'm trying to pound the table for you I've seen what you can do on that side of the ball I've seen that.

I appreciate you Rich. Okay very good um and uh what did you think of what do you think of the current Michigan Wolverines, Gabriel what do you think? They look good you know they're running the football you know they're winning the they're winning the war in the trenches you know Blake Blake Hormans elite back there the things that he can do with the ball in his hands you know JJ's making all the throws that defense is playing well so you know I'm excited to see you know they still have to get better but you know football definitely have those guys ready to go each and every time I swing there so you know it's definitely great to see. Well somebody who was on that team watching the Michigan State punt in slow motion um and I still have nightmares of that uh finale right but what did you think of seeing that uh Paul Bunyan trophy wearing uh May's pants on uh Saturday night?

That's the way it's supposed to be man that's way below I'm happy the guys got the job done um you know and you know hopefully they continue to improve. Okay and what do you think against Ohio State this year? You think you can get two in a row?

Let's talk let's talk for real here what do you got for me? We're gonna see no we're gonna see you know it's you know we played those guys last or the second to last week of uh November so you know we still have a little bit a little bit of time left you know to keep chopping at the bit keep you know making those my new corrections to keep getting better so you know but I like our chances for sure based off what I've seen. Okay well as we all know um it's it's a big game coming up this weekend uh in New Jersey um that's where you're from Jabril uh taking on Rutgers this week if I'm not mistaken did you score all 70 points against Rutgers that that game a few years ago did you score? No no I did it I did it I think I think I might have had one or two of them. I think I remember that's what I'm talking about let's get you out there on the offense and going to Belichick's office tell them I sent you okay you know tell tell B squared uh look I can give you some reps here coach you know do you want me to send him the film I could do that I can I can I can send him a link what do you think?

Don't tell me he's watched all the film you can watch. Very good okay well it's a big game this weekend uh I you know I would I would ask if you'd be going but uh you got your you got enough going on in your in your in your world going on with the New England Patriots back to 500 so where where do you think you guys um in your taking on Indianapolis this week so that's a big game obviously for you guys to go back above 500 where do you think this this journey can finish for the Patriots this year Gabriel? I mean right right now we just taking it game by game by day by day you know try to be better today than we were yesterday you know we just got to keep keep eliminating the bad football keep running the football effectively you know stopping the run covering these kicks and you know make make teams beat us instead of shoot us you know shooting ourselves in the foot so you know we're just going to get back to the John board you know they have a great ground game you know Jonathan Taylor speaks for himself so you know we have a big task ahead of us. Day by day did you you get that from Belichick that phrase because that sounds just like your coach that's just like a man just like all right I don't want to get you in trouble here's what you do you'll just predict you're going to win the Super Bowl and I will take that clip and send it to Belichick and scribble on the top let him play offense we can do that in the meantime you keep doing what you're doing Gabriel go blue thanks for the time that's it go blue right back at you that's your real peppers the New England Patriots he's a ball player Christopher I'm a big fan I'm glad he's with us he's a good player man he can do a lot I'd like to see him all over the field what about offense let's go let's go why not right a couple plays a game give me a little jet sweep action nothing I don't understand the trade that I just heard about I'll be very honest with you I don't get it did you see the compensation I'm gonna find out in a second I didn't hear the compensation and it's gonna make you wonder even more okay Chris and I gasped during the rich had no idea and he's looking at us like what's happening I was like oh my god big trade to talk about and then of course there's the firing of Steve Nash to talk about and there's the appearance of Tony Hale and our number three to talk about or mutually parting of ways I'm sorry that's I should have said that we're gonna mutually talk to Tony well here's what we're gonna do we're gonna mutually part ways with the Roku channel for this break and then we will mutually reconvene on the other side of those we come back oh we're coming back good good well Roku Joe does your antiperspirant keep you dry all day dove men plus care dry spray goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel and offers 48 hours sweat and odor protection let me repeat that 48 hours of sweat and odor protection use it and don't even think about it also dove men dry spray contains doves unique one quarter moisturizing cream that helps protect your skin try 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most of his salary to get that uh-huh fourth rounder i think back and then they send roquon smith packing for two and a five and now they have made a trade and you're like okay who else are they giving away no they've acquired somebody on offense and it's chase claypool from the chicago bears and they flipped a second round pick in next year's draft fort now hold on a second i know there's a lot of folks are going to be like what are they doing in chicago yeah i mean i'm one of them you are you are not let me answer let me answer what are they doing let me answer let me answer the second round pick they're sending i'm assuming it's their own it's currently 43rd overall they also now have because of roquon smith baltimore's which is currently 57th overall they've got a second round pick they got another one it's not as good as the one they've just flipped and you got to sit here and think 43rd overall next year let's just say that's where they do pick clearly it could be better or it could be worse they're hoping it's worse because that means they've won but let's just say anywhere in the 40s currently in the draft next year could they get somebody of chase claypool's talent maybe not and you stick them out there with justin fields now and let's get that chemistry going let's go but they only have them under contract for another year and a half fine fine so let's get that half year going now and turn to chase claypool and say next year you're prove it prove it prove it or you extend them if you want i don't know because you see enough in the first half year and you get some chemistry going here and you give justin field some help now and you can start a second round pick there you know what that's a high pick but hold on a second there is some added benefit to it what do you think right now packers fans are thinking they're freaking the f out yeah they are what do you think 12 is thinking what are we doing guess who currently because they if they traded the 43rd overall pick away guess who currently is the 44th overall pick oh i see it yeah green bag yeah and if you're sitting here and you wear a cheese head on your head and you're not named sauce gardener and you're you're a cheese head and you're sitting here saying so the bears flipped the 43rd overall pick for this kid and we don't think the 44th overall pick is worth it now brian gudakunson that scouting department may may know some things that the bears also know and don't care about about chase clay pool and i'm not saying there's anything out there that's untoward or anything but the steelers just flipped them and they got a young quarterback of their own and the bears took him like i said makes no sense for now but if there are building towards the future who at 43rd overall has the skill set of is clay pool and you could look across the college football landscape they don't have to they might have drafted a kid take a look at the kids that aran ronjes has right now would they would he rather have another young kid at 44th overall or chase clay pool yeah now christian christian watson right back and then left the game with a concussion well hopefully he can be cleared and come back fast but what i mean so hawkinson goes in division from the lions to the vikings not that the packers need another tie down i think tonyan's terrific for for for rogers and by the way i'll just throw this out there that was not offensive pass interference in buffalo the defender didn't have a very good position on tonyan and tonyan and the defender did contact one another but he kind of fell at any rate tight end's not their their issue they need receivers and the bears say we got one of the best on the trade market and the packers didn't yet let that one sit in the fan base but hey at least they still have their second round of choice they have to get cooks now right i don't know but i i think it would help them i think it would help them we're just running out of receivers who are available again i'm looking at tampa and the and green bay the two bays with their two goat twelves tampa i feel has a better cast for brady than the cast that rogers has for green bay in green bay and brady and the bucks location location location is much better than green bay's because tampa's a hat a game behind the first place team they've already beaten and green bay's three games behind the first place team that's already beaten them it's a problem it's a major problem for green bay to make the playoffs from their current position it's much easier for tampa even though i saw some signs in the loss for green bay that i liked a hell of a lot more than the signs that i saw in tampa bay's latest loss to to baltimore at least rogers got touchdowns too from his too young receiving corps dobs and torrey and they they they have a run game that tampa doesn't have i would just love it if green bay played in the nfc south i'd love their shot but they don't they play in the nfc north and they're three games behind the vikings and they've already lost one and you gotta go man get a receiver how many times am i gonna say this on either draft day or now trade deadline day about green bay unless they believe in what's in the building but i i can't imagine i'd love a gopro on 12 when he learned that chase claypool was trading it wasn't the green bay and it wasn't not only the green bay but it's the chicago what what we'll find out when he tells pat wait is he on right now i could be on literally on now i don't think he's on right now okay i mean this is his day usually man oh man oh man that's a wow that's a curveball i did not see coming you had one where the lines and vikings make a trade with each other and by the way irv smith jr just got put on ir with an injury so that's another reason why they went ahead and flipped so the draft choice is in division to go get hawkinson well chefter said that he's out eight to ten weeks there you go ankle sprain i mean nice move by the front office in minnesota and you guys were talking about brandon cooks earlier i was just you know doing some twitter searching there's been about four different teams that he's been rumored to be traded to and he has liked every one of the tweets there's a cowboys tweet from ed worder that he liked there's something about him going to the rams that he's like there's something about going to the vikings and he's out there liking tweets on trade rumors he just wants out he wants the steve nash plan i'm not gonna be here mutual carding of the ways it's what he wants power three coming up oh man this is great i love when he's hitting that like button he's 12 years old in high school because my first thing was i saw ed worder said something about the cowboys needing a receiver and then it was like oh brandon cooks like this so i was about to like say something and then i looked i was like oh wait a minute he liked the vikings tweet the rams tweet any tweet that would get him out of houston eighteen million is a uh is a heavy freight though that's the problem and i'm sure they're telling houston we'll take him but you got to pay for him and i'm sure houston's like whatever and as i told albert breer they maybe they they can't get um clearance from ownership on how much money to eat because derrick henry's not answering his phone you want to talk about someone really owning the team i love being on the air i would say that i mean how does i mean the owner of the bears has to like this trade of jace claypool yeah right because you're helping out just their fields now it helps your bottom line yes you might as well get that chemistry going in actual games as opposed to figuring it out during the uh training camp ota season i kind of dig the move for the bears albert just tweeted that the the second round they're sending is the one they got from baltimore okay so it's even the lower one yeah so they still have their own there you go they turned roquan smith part of it into jace claypool christian's like he's not going to sign with us so let's go ahead and and get justin field some help because he's using roquan smith yeah and you still hang onto your own one what what player can really claim ownership of another team or rogers right there you go right now number three coming up here on the rich isen show it could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting ramit sadhi talking about being rich the old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated but it wasn't about how to spend it it was more about how to get it but okay so once you get it what do you do with it in our culture everybody tells you how to save but nobody teaches you how to spend it something you should know wherever you listen
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