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REShow: Mo Amer/Mike Florio - Hour 2 (11-2-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 2, 2022 3:17 pm

REShow: Mo Amer/Mike Florio - Hour 2 (11-2-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 2, 2022 3:17 pm

Comedian and die-hard Astros fan Mo Amer joins Rich in-studio to discuss why he still believes Houston will defeat the Phillies in 7 games in the World Series, reveals what happened when he and Dave Chappelle tried to FaceTime The Rock at 3am, and recounts what Robert De Niro said to him once when he gave the acclaimed actor a hug that lasted a bit too long. 

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio tells Rich why Commanders owner Daniel Snyder has reportedly capitulated on selling the team and who could be willing to spend more than $5 Billion for the franchise, why he was surprised the Rams didn’t make any moves this week and why the NFL Trade Deadline date should change, and says the Packers are pulling a “grift” on Aaron Rodgers by not bringing in more talent on the offensive side of the ball. 

Michigan alum Rich reacts to the initial College Football Playoff Rankings that have his Wolverines at #5 despite being #4 in the AP Poll.

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. And now back to the Rich Eisen Show. Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. I have anointing oils for a new elite quarterback in NFL.

The Rich Eisen Show. I'll put them up there. I'm making him elite. I see you too. I see you too.

Yeah. Earlier on the show, Net Studio analyst Frank Isola. Coming up, host of Peacock's Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio, comedian and actor Mo Hammer, actor Frank Grillo. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air here on this busy Wednesday in November of 2022. Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk is going to join us shortly. If you miss Frank Isola in hour number one, don't worry.

We got another Frank coming. Got Grillo in studio in hour number three. And you at 844204 Rich, number dial here on the Roku channel, channel 210, or this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliates, Sirius channel 218 XM 202 992. For those listening digitally on the app, there's also the Odyssey stream. You can check us out on our podcast. Please hit us with the subscribe button. We greatly appreciate that.

844204 Rich is the number dial once again. We like promises made and promises kept. This gentleman was on last month. And I said, I'd love to have you come back during the World Series. Such a big Houston Astros fan.

Certainly if they make it there. And he's like, I will do that. And so I said, come. He said, okay.

Didn't expect these to be the circumstances. He is the star of Mo on Netflix. He is one of the stars of the number one movie on planet Earth, Black Adam.

He's going to have tour dates that I'm going to tell you about. And he has shown up here looking like, uh, Jose Altuve on steroids. Mo Ammer. Good to see you. Good to see you too. How are you? We're in the series. I feel fantastic. Yes, you are. I believe you doubted us when I was here last time. I don't know.

We should replay it. He didn't say it, but your eyebrows did. I do have very expressive, expressive eyebrows. I've been told that before.

Uh, you can ask the guys here. I've been saying all year long. My concern was if the Yankees make the playoffs and face the Astros again, certainly when the Yankees dipped post all star game and they lost the lead that they had over the Astros in the league. I'm like, that's going to be the end of that.

And sure enough, home field advantage didn't matter because we were getting punk no matter what. So congratulations on making the world. Thank you. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

I feel like I made it, but I didn't, you know, it was fun. You're, you're, by the way, just so you're aware, you're tipping when you're going to actually start drinking. You're making a certain move with your arm, but I know what you're about to do. Yeah, it feels good.

It just, every time, you know, you mentioned something positive or just want to take a little sip. Okay, there you go. I'll put it down. I'll put it there. If you saw the video, that's what apparently Lance McCullers was doing last night.

Oh yeah, I think so too. When I was watching it, I was like, damn it. I got to go to the studio tomorrow. Flashbacks of the Atlanta Braves last year in game seven. It didn't feel good. Not bad. It's okay though. It's game three.

That's fine. That's all you got to get used to the Philly crowds. You know what I mean? Those guys are monsters. They are, we know. I know that everybody knows. I know they're hyped.

We beat the Yankees. That's all it really matters right now. You're happy about that. That's really why I'm here. That's the only reason why.

That's the only reason. You know, I respect that. At least we're not the Bills. You know what I mean? The Bills, four Super Bowls, you know, Owen four. We got the first one out.

So whatever happens, it happens. Still made four world series. You know what I mean? Did you see Nick Castellanos of the Castellanos of the, uh, of the Phillies, uh, after, uh, was it the final out of game one? Oh, what did he do?

He lifted up his, uh, jersey to show that he wasn't wearing a wire. Oh really? Yeah. Why does he have a reputation of being a rat? I don't understand.

I don't know what you're talking about. I'm just really confused. Yeah.

I'm just very, very confused. I gotta tell you, uh, nobody was wearing a wire. Okay. Enough of this wire business.

I have spoken to, uh, a couple of Astros who would swear on the hair of anybody they love that they were not, that that's not why, um, he refused to take off his jersey, that they were not wearing a wire. Yeah, that's correct. Yeah. I hear you.

Thank you. And I, thank you for at least admitting this. And I will also admit that it's an incredible team that, you know, I know Phillies fans are, are feeling good. And I, I would not discount. I would not discount this team. I absolutely not.

No, no, no, no. They love this. They build off of this. They like, they love being doubted. I think they have, I think they have a really good shot. I think it's going to be, I want to say six, but I want to see an exciting game seven because I can make that game.

Selfish and selfish. I went to the first two games and it was just, I'm looking at your tour dates. The next three nights you're going to be on stage in San Jose at the San Jose improv and everyone can go to for tickets.

How are you going to be? Well, they're sold out, but you can catch me at other dates. Okay. Look at you, man.

I'm just, I'm just saying San Jose. No, you got the New York comedy festival coming up on November 12th. Yeah.

The Sandman comedy club in Richmond, Virginia on November 16th, but every, a little warmup, go to for dates and tickets. Yeah. How are you going to, how, because I can't imagine you're able to, you know, keep your eye on a television set while you're doing stand up, right? No, no, but definitely we'll be in the green room.

I could tell the guys to stretch you for depending on what's going on. Just give me another 20. All of a sudden it's just like, where are they going to go? Bregman stepping out of the batter's box so much.

Must be Mo's trying to finish up his set in San Jose. No, I can't wait. I really can't wait. I think it's shaping up to be a really great series. Um, they had, they had a great one yesterday. I think they, I think they, uh, used it all up.

I think it's seven runs yesterday. Enjoy it. Okay. Okay.

Congratulations. Now we're used to weather. We used to, uh, the fans and fans and what they're screaming out. I can't be any worse than Yankee stadium. I think it is though. Do you think so?

You don't think so? TJ, you're a Pennsylvania guy. Could it, is it worse in Philadelphia than Yankee stadium or Boston? I would say that Philly and New York are probably have the similar blood line, right?

That would be the kind of the same type of people who'd be yelling the same type of stuff. Yeah. Yeah. Tell me, what do you mean? Hey, yo, you suck my, yeah, that kind of.

I'm fluent in both languages. And I kind of appreciate it to be honest. Her Verlander appreciated it. I saw a video of somebody screaming at McCullers, warming up in the bullpen that Hoskins dated his girlfriend and something once in high school. That's what they're screaming like, what's in your hair?

Like what, you know, what, what, uh, what fake, you know, what, what sheeting stuff is in your hair. Like they were really just laying it on. It worked. Whatever that did. What it worked.

It really did wonders. I do have to be honest with you. Uh, I do as a Yankee fan, love watching, uh, the Astros get smoked and hammered. Yeah. I'm sure it feels good. I do. I do love some of the players on the team. Breckman.

I know it doesn't break in particular. And I am rooting for dusty Baker, you know, that's who I'm rooting for too. You know, like there, there's something about dusty in his life and his, his baseball life and his baseball journey. And the fact that he took the giants to, you know, the doorstep and he, then the giants won after he left. And that hurt.

I know. And he has done a remarkable job with this team. No, he has. He absolutely has. And I want him to do it.

And he gets so criticized unfairly. I think, you know, what happened to the takeout Verlander? I'm like, how do you take him out? Like honestly, how, how can you like guess that he's going to get two more runs off of him? Right.

You can't guess that. Like I would have kept him in. Of course. Like, of course you keep Verlander inside of a game against you guys. And it's just like, what do we, you know, this is the world series.

What are you waiting for? Maybe McCullers, they think he settled in at that point. He's going to be fine. You know, you maybe you take him. It's tough.

I mean, that position is really, really hard, but I definitely agree keeping Verlander in there. Nobody saw that coming. I mean, he, we're at home. I was at that game. Phenomenal game. Tough, tough, tough one to watch. They pulled off a great defensive play and in right field and, and he caught a few. If that ball drops, it's over. So you got a game seven ticket.

You got a game seven ticket. Yeah. I'm kind of, I got, I know people, you know, but everything works. You can actually be there for that. Well, I'm going to, yeah, I don't want to. Yeah. Okay.

I don't want to tell too much. I mean, if I'm working, I might have to dip out and go see that game. I'm sick.

So I mean, are we, do, do you want to use the rich eyes and show to tell whoever works, whatever call sheet you would be on that you're out? No, no, I'll be there. I'll be at the game. The cranes have been really nice. Great to me. And that's great.

Yeah. I'll go to the games all the time. I shot the show in Houston. Like I showed so much, you know, Houston Astros love. And so I grew up with, I used to, I used to like, you know, I used to skip school to go watch the Astros get pummeled by the Braves in the first round every time. Right.

So it was just wildly disappointing. So now that we have this in my adult life and doing so well in my life and being able to afford the opportunity to give my childhood friends that I grew up with and bring their wives and everyone in the game is really special. That's awesome. Mo Ammer here on the rich as you're referring to Mo, which is on Netflix again, the first ever show created by and starring a Palestinian and showing a Palestinian family on TV. That is an amazing, you know, achievement for you to be able to talk about writer, executive producer, co-creator, your plant, you're starring in it.

And then black Adam man, you're in the number one movie on planet earth right now. It's really weird. It's really odd and stopped in ways that you may, you might not have even before. Yeah, no, it's, it's beautiful. People like take it because I look so different in black Adam and long hair.

I did that deliberately and I wanted to make it like a specific character, like a cartoon comic book character. Yeah. And it worked. And it's really, really great.

And people like resonate with him and really love what I did with the character itself. Now you got the rock on speed down now. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

I'm the rock right now. You know, last time I tried to do that there's number change. So maybe we don't do that. Although this is a better hour because the kids dropped off at school.

Maybe. I mean, like it's, it's daytime. I mean, last time Chappelle was trying to get me to FaceTime him. We're on stage at the cellar and it was like three o'clock in the morning. Maybe that's why he shouldn't do that. I was like, but he's up at all kinds of different times. He's always like, Hey, I'm getting into 4am.

Like what? You're a monster. You know, who does that? So does that mean Chappelle can't just FaceTime the rock by himself? I mean, I mean, who's not in Chappelle's phone at this point in time is what I want to know.

I think the rock is the only one probably. Yeah. I'm sure he can walk me through what happened. What happened here? Wait a minute.

So it's, it's three in the morning. You're just finished. I was on stage at the cellar. It was before I did the special Muhammad in Texas. So what I was doing is I was making my rounds at the comedy sellers comics do go in one room to the other.

And I took the last spot so I can do an extended set, which is the last spot. I think it was a Saturday. Yeah. Saturday. So yeah, Saturday night. Yeah. And so the last spot, you don't go on to like two something in the morning. Really? So I went on and I was hoping to do my hour, like just to play around and, and see what else I could find, you know, with the lines I could find in the set.

Pretty much it settled at that point. I'm going, I'm believing the next day to fly out to Houston to film it in a few days. Yeah. Dave is Chappelle happened to be like pulling up. He's going to my moons, which is like the best falafel and shawarma probably in America. Like it's amazing. Uh, so he pulls up to my moons, which is right next door to the cellar.

And it's like two something in the morning. He's like, who's on stage? You know, I toured Dave for like 12 years, 10 years. And he goes, uh, and they go Mo's on. He's like Mo and he just comes in and just walks on stage and he hugs me with a shawarma. He gives me a hug and the whole crowd obviously goes bananas. And then we ended up freestyling for like an hour and 10 minutes with him on the stage.

Yeah, together. And Dave is always, whenever I'm with Dave, Dave's like, ah, you left me for the rock. Whenever I'm with the rock, he's like, Oh, whatever.

You leave me for Dave. I'm like, you can't, those are two greats to be coming back and forth to be jealous of the other. Yeah. That's great. It's all love. So we ended up, you know, freestyle and fucking, I don't know.

It's somewhere on tape somewhere. I know, which is probably something you can't say about Chappelle. So I was about to say, it's amazing that you had your phone on you and Chappelle's on the stage. Yeah.

He's taking phones from people because he wants everybody to locked in on his comedy, you know? Well, so we don't want anything to get out prematurely. Also, the audience doesn't really fully understand that this is like a work in progress. It's a workshop. It's a workshop.

Yeah. When you get in there, it's like, you know, that's, to us, that's our Yale university. The comedy seller is our school.

So we go there constantly to work out. So when he walks in and does it, obviously the crowd goes bananas and we, we're just freestyling and Dave does his thing. And I sat on the piano and the only song I could play was lean on me. And I started playing it out of nowhere and the whole crowd was singing it.

It was just like a magical night, like literally one of the best nights. So the only thing that went wrong on that night is the rock changed his phone number. I think so. Yeah, I think so.

It might've been that. I was like, Hey man, you know, I'm on stage at the cellar. Can I just FaceTime you real quick? And I just immediately regretted sending that text immediately. And then I tried to text him again and it turns green. I was like, well, there, that goes.

You know, he didn't change the Android. Like funny, man. Oh my gosh.

Here you are saying let's FaceTime the rock. Yeah. It's a fun game. Does that make me the Chappelle in this equation?

You never want to play. I don't know. Um, at real Mo Ammer on Twitter, Mo Ammer on Instagram, Black Adam in theaters right now. Uh, and then for more dates and tickets, go to Come back after the parade. How does that sound? That sounds amazing.

By the way, this is a total. I'll FaceTime you from the parade. By the way, this is just, this blows up all of the LA, I guess stereotypes, right? The whole, Hey, why don't you come back, you know, and then you're like, yeah, I'll come back. And then I never invite you and you never come. And not only are you here, you came on a day when it's raining in Los Angeles, which is just like, you just want to hunker down and not leave anywhere. I was getting, I was really excited. I came back in town and then I just hit me.

I was like, Oh man, the strokes are in the series. I was hit up rich and see if I can come on the show and say hi. And I heard that. I'm like, absolutely. Cause I said, I said, let's do it. And you said, I'll do it. I know.

Normally that means like me saying you're from LA. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I take that back. I appreciate you doing that. I apologize. I didn't mean no disrespect. I stepped over the line and all of a sudden I call you some California night or whatnot, whatever they call themselves.

I can't, God forbid, can't, no disrespect, but the beloved rich, a little bit. Now the drinks are on drinks. How do I have now made that reference twice in the show?

I'm going to have to do it in the third hour. That's awesome. I didn't know I met DeNiro and he's the only person I ever fanned out on.

Like what happened? I completely fanned out. I looked to the right, look left. I see DeNiro. I screamed like a three-year-old child and I hugged him.

I squeezed him so long. Where was this? This was in Atlanta, actually. Do you have a photograph? You're digging for a phone.

No, no, no. I was, I got a, yeah, I look right. I was doing a show with Chappelle. He was filming, DeNiro was filming a movie in Atlanta. I had no idea. I had just performed.

They've just finished. I look over right, look left. I see DeNiro fanned out like crazy, hugged him, squeezed him so long. And I hugged, I just immediately hugged him. It's my favorite. And I said, I hugged you maybe a little bit too long.

And he, I swear he goes, a little bit. That's what you want out of that exchange. Exact like you couldn't have scripted it. Yeah, it was the best. I get emotional thinking about it. It was the best. It was the best thing ever.

Your eyes aren't glistening. I love it. So in London, which is probably about three years ago for the London, I was there for a London game at the NFL. My wife and I go out with one of her best friends and husband and we're at the children firehouse in London.

And then all of a sudden, it's an incredible spot, right? So to my right is this long table. Nobody's sitting at it when we sit down and it was the table reserved for the cast of the Irishman that had just had a premiere in London and start and show up DeNiro, Pacino, Keitel, Martin Scorsese, and then wait for it. Bruce Springsteen was in town.

He shows up to the table and we even had a conversation on the show. Like if you had, if you could stop and one of them, you could only go up to one of them. You got one shot to go up and interrupt and go up to which, which one would you choose? Was Pesci there? Pesci was not there. He was the only one from the Irishman who was not there.

He was probably playing golf here in Southern California. Like I'm not getting on a plane. What do you want me for? I love that guy. You know, so, so, so I, I, uh, I went to the men's room. I went to the men's room. Okay. And I took my shot with Scorsese.

Nice. And? And just went up to him. Hold on.

Stop, stop, stop. I didn't say anything. I went up to him and I told him what he meant to me and what his movies meant to me. And thank you for everything. He couldn't have been nicer. He just nodded his head and he said, thank you.

And we shook hands and I went to the men's room, but made it, made it, made it show of it that he knew I shook his hand before I went to the men's room. Very important. Of course. So now it's time. They're leaving. Yeah. They're leaving one by one. They leave and it's time for Scorsese leaving. And I pulled this move, moved my chair out.

So he couldn't, couldn't move. Got up, took a selfie with him. Amazing. And there it is right there. There were about five people from security from, from his personal security and also the restaurant security that jumped out at me.

Don't do it. He said, it's okay. Because I went up to him at the table and I think we connected. That's amazing. I'm sure you connected. You can tell from his eyes, he says everything. This is the moment. This is the moment when we're tiring right here. Well, the children has really strict rules.

They jumped out of the woodwork. Don't do it. Can't do it. Waiters like, don't do it. He's like, it's okay.

Yeah. Look at my wall of accolades. Get out of my face.

That's a G move. Honestly, my chair out. Where are you going to go? Where are you going to go? What are you going to do? You just take it. Embrace the situation. I regret, you know, some moments not saying stuff, you know, I wish I did this. I wish I did that. So that's great. You hugged De Niro.

And you got the line you wanted, which is low back. Thank God he just saw me perform or else it would have been really weird. Just, I mean, I freaked out. He's the only one I ever freaked out because when I came to the States, the first book I read was Mario Puzo's Wise Guy. I don't know why I was 10 years old.

Nobody should ever give me a book. What an introduction. It was like, I was, from that point on, I've been fascinated with these kinds of movies and these criminal minds and whatnot. It's just finding it so fascinating. And I would just, I couldn't believe they made a movie about it. And I watched it.

It was, and then from then on, it was like De Niro Wormall. Fantastic. Now at Real Moammer on Twitter, at Moammer on Instagram and go to to see this man on tour. Thanks for coming in, sir. Man, thank you for having me.

Anytime. Let me know. We'll chat from the parade.

We'll chat from the parade. That's it. Yeah. It goes down broad street. It's a little bit.

Houston, Texas. I'll let you know. In sports, dynasties know that every player counts. So when you're building your championship team, be like a dynasty.

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See terms and learn more at We're back here on The Rich Eisen Show. I know you said Bofa as I'm trying to talk about a serious sports story and it's B, capital B of capital A for Bank of America. And you're making a D's Nuts joke. Good job, TJ. We're trying to win Emmys around here, man. That's the thing that helps us win Emmys. Had I read it before, I would have not laughed.

I would just take one of those. Well, we got nominated because of a Price is Right. Back in TJ's play here, we've been nominated twice.

Never had a D's Nuts segment on our reel. There you go. Joining us here on The Rich Eisen Show, Mercedes-Benz Vance phone line. We're very late for him and I greatly appreciate his patience. As we just said goodbye to Mo Ammer, a friend of the program and the creator of Pro Football Talk.

And he's on PFT Live every day on Peacock and so much more. Here is Mike Floria. How are you doing, Mike?

I am doing great. And I don't know whether it's a consolation or whether it's cause for concern, but when I saw Bofa, I thought the same thing. We all swim the same water, Mike. What about a need for a rebranding? Although maybe they're going for the demographic. I don't know. Or maybe that's where Nick Saban does his banking. I don't know. Who knows? What did you make of this piece of news today, Mike? What's going on with the commanders? The report from Forbes was worded in a way that created a little bit of a safe harbor. The idea that they're exploring selling a majority or minority portion of the team.

Now, I don't know who in the hell would want to buy a minority share of the commanders right now. He had three limited partners who couldn't wait to get out. And ultimately he bought them out in order to get them away from him because they were arguably allegedly whatever creating problems for Dan Snyder. And some of these issues have been floating around, potentially traced back to the efforts of the three former limited partners to just get out from under Dan Snyder.

I think this is an effort to posture this in order to get the best possible offer. Basically, if you make our number, we'll sell the team. And the number is going to be north of 5 billion.

There's been plenty of speculation as to why. I think the best theory I've heard from someone in the know is that a new owner would basically be handed the old RFK stadium site to develop a new state-of-the-art facility. And Dan Snyder, no way in hell is he going to be able to get a stadium because he's not going to be able to get the cooperation of the public officials he needs. And he's apparently come to that realization. So now it's time to cash out. He paid 750 million in 1999. He gets 5 billion 23 years later. Not a bad return on his investment.

Not a bad ROI at all. So that's what it is. It's born out of a stadium deal that nobody in town will make with him. But would that be also something that's pressuring him from within the walls? Because this is a guy who's constantly said no way, no how. There was even a statement in response to Jim Ursay's latest public foray and conversation about it in advance of their two franchises playing each other in Indianapolis that finished up with this is never that they'll never sell. Right but he was never going to change the name of the team either. I mean Dan Snyder saying never is not the best resource for predicting what his future actions will be. If anything it's the sign that at some point he will do the thing he's refusing to do.

The stadium is the most logical business explanation for it. It's possible that someone he trusts finally got through to him and said here's how this is going to go. Is it really in your best interest, your family's best interest, your team's best interest to go through this? Do you really want your kids to ultimately have this team after this protracted fight where you go scorched earth with any and all form of litigation you can pursue? I don't know that he would want that. I don't know if there's anybody who could talk him out of it and it could be that the family got together. It could be the kids because he's been motivated all along to give the team to his kids. If I'm in my 20s and I think that's the age of his kids at some point I mean I'm on social media I'm hearing this stuff I'm seeing this stuff at some point I say I'll just take the money right let's just sell this team how much money we're gonna get if we sell the team I'll take the money I don't want my name in my face to be attached to this the only thing better than being rich and famous is being rich I'll stick with rich nobody knows who the kids are I don't even know their names and the kids may have decided we'd just like to keep it that way. Mike Florio pro football talk here on the Rich Eisen show any potential buyers that we're already hearing about you heard obviously the first name that everyone talks about is Jeff Bezos who's now a partner of the NFL with Thursday night football he also owns the Washington Post he's also got enough money maybe in the ashtray of of one of his cars or rocket ships to go ahead and buy this I would imagine he'd get quick approval what do you think? Hey I hadn't thought of this one how about a straight-up trade Elon Musk, Dan Snyder, Twitter for the commanders how about that? Who brokers such a thing? Both of them? Josh Harris is a name to watch because we reported Josh Harris co-owner of the 76ers I believe he was ready to pay five billion for the Broncos and he would have paid five billion for the Broncos if he knew that five billion would have gotten the Broncos but what he feared would have happened and it would have happened he goes to five the Walmart clan goes to five one he goes to five two the Walmart clan goes to five three he goes to five four the Walmart clan goes to five five so he said if I can get for five I'm out I think he would pay five for the commanders and the question becomes who else is at the table this is part of the goal let's get as many as we can let's do it on our terms I think it's harder to get full value for the team if you're forced to sell it if you're forced to sell it you have no option to say I'm not going to sell it in order to drive the price even higher I think the thing to do is try to set up four five six seven eight different groups that are submitting significant offers and you get five billion to six billion to who knows yeah this is a an investment for which the balance sheets the cash flow the normal valuation tools get thrown out the window it's an auction who pays the most for the privilege of taking over this team and the NFL issued a statement unprompted that hey by the way if there's any sale the finance committee has to approve it and 24-32 owners have to approve it well finance is the key all that matters is how much money you have there isn't a test on how much you know about football whether you'd be good for the team for the league for the game for anyone all that matters is do you have the cash and we're talking about people who clearly will have the cash Mike Florio here host of PFT live on peacock creator of pro football talk at pro football talk and the author of playmakers where all books are sold right here on the rich eyes and show most surprising aspect of the trade deadline campaign season was the Rams not doing anything because it sure felt like they were trying to either bring back brand and cooks for a reunion now the 18 million dollar fully guaranteed salary he has for 2023 was an impediment that could not be overcome the Cowboys were also in on that and not getting Bradley Chubb they were after him the Dolphins ended up doing it so the fact that they ultimately restrained themselves and they reportedly tried Albert Breer said to send two first round picks to the Panthers for Brian Burns you know at some point you have to admit you're not one player away and they're not and at some point you have to hold back some of your resources for the future the team will continue to exist later this decade and you can't completely mortgage your future in an effort what I think is a a foolish effort for now to delude yourself into thinking you can go back and win the Super Bowl again I look nobody's getting up and they have to say all the right things but this is far different from last year where they went all in for Vaughn Miller and OBJ and and it worked I I think they they have more needs than the trade deadline would have applied so I was surprised they didn't do anything because I I doubted they were sufficiently self aware of where they are right now but you know just this year volume we were hearing before the trade deadline oh there's already been a lot of trades we may not see many and we've been disappointed before but to have 10 of them land on our laps yesterday I was I was pleasantly surprised and you know my other my other crusade here that I'm really trying to get people on board with me uh is the the idea that they need to move this deadline back especially with an extra week to the regular season at a minimum needs to go back to week nine I'd send it even later why arbitrarily limit the arms length negotiations and transactions that two teams can enter into I'd run all the way through the end of the regular season I mean if a team wants to give up value another team wants to to sell an asset and get more draft picks so be it if you want parity in the NFL let those transactions happen because it it's conducive to having parity next year it weakens a good team and it helps a bad team doesn't it also I mean as I've mentioned earlier this month or last month that uh tanking in the NFL isn't just like sitting guys who are healthy uh on game day like it's the NBA it's trading away your best players so there are fewer um good players to win games and uh can't be overcome by very prideful men who are still around battling for jobs and want to win like so so wouldn't if there was a trade deadline say mid-December still you you'd have a ton of teams who know that they're done just selling off and trying to lose games that way over the last month of the season wouldn't you have fewer competitive games under that well you potentially look the guys on the field are still going to compete and look it would give teams easier cover for tanking at that point the teams that really know they're done the problem is right now it's too early to know that you're done and maybe that's the way the NFL wants it I don't know does the NFL want trades or does it not want trades by having the deadline now the message is we really don't want these things and maybe it is to combat tanking but here's the thing about tanking it exists it happens and as long as you don't admit it and and also fail to later say I was only joking the NFL isn't gonna do anything about it because the NFL doesn't want to admit to the world that there is a very clear temptation to not put your best players on the field to not try to win games late in the season in order to enhance your draft stock now some folks like Sean Payton would say no team should ever do that because it's not conducive to future winning if you don't always have a winning culture and try to win every single game and do everything you can to win every single game it sends a horrible message it still happens and the temptation is still there and whether it's the dolphins who clearly were doing it in 2019 the Browns were doing it with these incentives that were payable to coaches in front office executives based on the salary cap money being carried over draft picks being stock proud that's not a factor that leads to winning now they created financial incentives to get guys to do things that would minimize the value of the current team maximize the future value of the team and the NFL said that's not tanking it's only tanking if someone says hey we're tanking and we're not joking when we say we're tanking otherwise the NFL is just gonna look the other way because that temptation is always going to be part of the sport it's not going anywhere until they do a true draft lottery that basically puts all non-playoff teams into the hopper with the same number of balls not weighted based on how bad you are that temptation is going to be there mike florio here on the rich isen show last one for you here is i've lost track over the last eight you know 10 years i guess um or even sooner than that the number of storylines of why isn't green bay getting weapons for arin rogers i mean the number of times that we've had that conversation on drafts and now this time around with the trade deadline um i've lost track if i told packers fans going into the trade deadline period that you're going to come away with no new weapons for arin rogers they'd be like yeah that's par for the course but if i then told them that the bears despite selling off two of their best defensive players would acquire the very young receiver that the packers would want and apparently went for and the bears would get for a second round draft choice now that would send off an alarm bell what do you think is going on with green bay and arin rogers thought process today sir first whole question is did the packers really want chase claypool because if they did they could have found a way to get chase claypool just like last year with odeau beckham junior did they really want him if they did they could have found a way to get him they know how to placate arin rogers by trying like i i think they're running a little bit of a grift on him where they're like arin we're really going to try to do this oh sorry it didn't work out and he he accepts it moves on that's part of the reality i think it's this draft and develop mindset that goes back to ron wolf who was the gm out of 92 ish and it carried over to ted thompson and now with brian goody coons we draft and develop we draft and develop we draft and develop there's never a sense of urgency there's never an effort to go all in there's no f them picks mindset and i think fundamentally rich the main issue is there's no owner there isn't that one person who can wake up yesterday morning and say we're going to go do it or that person brian goody coons can go to to completely cover his own behind and say hey owner of the team are you okay with this and look him in the eye and get the idea yes the owner's okay with it the owner's on board with it the owner's excited about it without that owner and i know if you go very badly you can have a horrible owner that you couldn't wait if you're a fan for that guy to sell the team a la dan snyder but you're also gonna have a very good owner who knows just when to to light that fire just when to embolden and empower the front offs to go make those moves because look at the teams out there that feel like they're contenders and made moves the chiefs with kadarius tony the bills with the heme hunts the ravens what they've done to make a bad defense diners vikings for crying out liners no urgency from the packers yeah diners you know jed york exactly everything to get christian mccaffrey right apparently debo went up to jed york said thank you according to the broadcast this past week you know when uh hearing about mccaffrey i don't know i mean yeah that's an interesting way of phrasing it mike a grift on uh on aaron rogers uh and i hate to say well i don't hate to say that well why did i so why did i even why did i even say something i don't i don't hate to say it it's i think it's true i because he was ready to retire 2021 remember the the sportsbooks all took down their futures bets for the packers that weekend before training camp yeah everyone thought he was going to retire he said he was 50 50 on the question of retiring then he had that 23 minute airing of grievances as his introductory press conference and he made it clear that he's not happy he doesn't have a voice their attitude is you just work here so they bring back randal cob they placate him and they listen to him but do they really listen to him he had a voice they are we we listened all opinions well we ignore all opinions too and i feel like that the packers are doing to him they're listening to him but they're still going to do whatever they're going to do even if he would be better off if they either you know if they didn't just put a real offer on the table last year for devontae adams it never gets to the point where he wants to be traded to the raiders they they waited too long to put a real offer on the table it's just another example i don't know that they really want to make these moves they want to make erin rogers think they tried deep down i wonder how hard they're trying mike florio thank you for the time as always appreciate you uh taking my call and popping on here say hi to everyone on peacock all right thanks rich you got it that's mike florio check out pft live on peacock and you can check out his book where all books are sold and of course follow him at pro football talk and see him on sunday nights on nbc this nfl season every westwood won nfl broadcast streams live for free monday's thursday sunday nights thanksgiving and christmas triple headers the international series in every post-season game always great food for thought from mike oh bill bella check press conference moment i just heard about it i didn't know i have no idea what it's about but you know i might my day's made oh on a trade okay by the way by the way too the number of people were baiting me on twitter last night what does rich think about michigan being out of the top four clemson's in the top four tennessee's number one michigan's the first one out looking in on the floor in college football i'll give you my two cents on that subject when we come back here on the rich island show don't go anywhere that's all still to come with frank gorilla in studio and my power rankings that i can't wait however with brioche geico asks how would you love a chance to save some money on insurance of course you would after all who doesn't love a great deal right and when it comes to great rates on insurance for all the things in your life geico can help like with insurance for your car truck motorcycle boat and rv even help with homeowners condo or renters coverage you could 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waiting for right now NetSuite is offering a one-of-a-kind flexible financing program head to rich radio right now rich radio rich radio a Bill Belichick press conference moment of the day that's coming up in hour number three along with my power rankings no I know I'm just letting it matter I'm letting it sit in the in the in the microwave just for a little bit longer nothing's gonna marinate nothing wrong with that nothing wrong with it no it's in there it's coming out it's got to do with him being asked why the Patriots didn't make a trip how close were they to making a trip in the deadline so I mean I would stay tuned if I were you uh a little bit so look uh I had a little bit of cheese placed on my twitter timeline last night by people hoping I'd snatch it take it and those people were watching no no no they were watching they were watching the worldwide leader last night yeah yeah and the college football playoff committee one of these people to use the phrase of like uh what uh from uh midnight run they're sitting around with that coffee breath and BO just sitting around some room talking about what top of november who would be in the college football playoffs if the season ended today and if I were them I would have put out those four and those top six the way I would have too absolutely Tennessee number one are you kidding me the way that they're playing oh great yeah piss off Georgia fans to get people talking they had the biggest win of the year understood and they're playing each other this weekend and put them up number one see if they can stay there right and if they're there then they're then they're there we're not right let's definitely put the Ohio state up there number two overall pisses Michigan fans off especially especially since we're the defending Big Ten champs we haven't lost since beating losing to Michigan State last year in the Big Ten that's our last Big Ten loss we just vanquished them we just beat them up before they beat us up apparently four more Michigan State players suspended by the way Clemson sitting there at four and all I'm seeing in the uh in the Twitter machine from all those in the know college football this is in response to Michigan's offseason schedule non-conference schedule oh yeah Michigan's non-conference schedule not great substandard Hawaii and Connecticut oh dude do not disrespect Colorado State by leaving them off that list that's who we started against sorry 51 7 56 10 59 I saw that I'm like let me just check on Clemson's non-conference schedule uh let's see see how much better that is okay what's the Furman in Louisiana Tech don't sleep on him don't sleep on Furman are you are you disrespecting Furman oh I'm in a Yukon by saying Furman's up there that's now that's that's who you want to show the rest of the country after you know a game against Georgia Tech to start the season that they won hold on I'm at 41 10 I will say I don't want to defend Clemson ever but they've beaten three ranked teams you in Ohio State's only beaten one oh okay I'm just saying I'm just pointing I'm not I'm just pointing I'm talking about what I saw is this is a shot across Jim Harbaugh's bow to say hey Jim you better start booking some teams yeah out of your conference oh Furman in Louisiana Tech got it got it I'm in okay no no I get it I get it and so it all comes down to it though just win your games from here on out yeah if Michigan wins from here on out guess what they won't be fifth oh that's for sure fifth and just leave us there five leave us there five that's fine I like it that's yummy rat poison for Jim go in there go in there Jim and win the next four and you're in oh please win without a doubt is that an action state ring who no what are you talking about I can't hear you I can't hear you over stuff you shouldn't be saying I actually have no legs to stand on sure I do you got two of them oh it's great no great effort great effort against my school I know Ohio State's great effort good job hey we played a hard sound hey man I saw some fighting a coach going at one of the members of the student body was criticizing him I saw that look you just have an issue with the coach who's on the playoff committee ward manual your uh okay good will shields hall of famer I'm look I found them this is all food for thought and getting people talking about it great I mean just win the games and it's all good it's all good it's not like where it's it's not like Michigan wins out and beats Ohio State's just like oh you were fifth in that first poll that we came out with on November the first you know like whatever you should just do this at the end one poll no this is getting started you're in the month you're in the month this is it one poll here we go Syracuse is 20 oh what's up there you go Notre Dame roughed him up now here go take on Clemson knock him off the fourth spot for me William I love it yeah I'm off Billy Gardell responded to you TJ what's happening with Billy so we put out the video of the Halloween candy power rankings right yeah I thought it did off the top of my head by the way right right right and so Billy uh quote tweeted the video about an hour ago and said 100 grand bar because Mike had brought out I love those too man Mike had brought up love a brand really and so I mean you know I mean that's as delicious a uh caramel nutty chocolatey treat you can have in one fun sized bike so off air to break TJ goes and tell Billy he's too skinny to talk about candy now you left us you left he left the trouble boys so I did so I did the quote and uh are you quoted that to Billy I yeah I responded and Billy goes I feel like Tom Hayden Mike why am I out why am I out great it's Tom Tom Hagan right Tom Hagan that's Tom Hagan okay wait I don't get it yeah tell me why am I out tell me why I had a typo because that's the way pop wanted it why am I out you're not a wartime time you're out of war time he's not a wartime he's not a wartime candy guy anymore time candy when it comes down to the battle he's tapped out I want this is what he said that the the brain and the stomach are having a battle with each other all the time yes you can still do it no I can't I love it that's one of our most popular videos of the fall on our youtube page by the way I like it all right Frank Grillo who I don't think eats candy ever no I doubt it shredded he'll be coming in studio hour number three my power rankings too hey it could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting Rameet Sadie talking about being rich the old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated but it wasn't about how to spend it it was more about how to get it but okay so once you get it what do you do with it in our culture everybody tells you how to save but nobody teaches you how to spend it something you should know wherever you listen
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