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REShow: Hour 1 (11-3-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 3, 2022 3:21 pm

REShow: Hour 1 (11-3-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 3, 2022 3:21 pm

Rich reacts to Kyrie Irving addressing his promotion of an antisemitic film by donating $500,000 to the Anti-Defamation League saying, as did NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, that it’s not enough.

Rich weighs in on the Dolphins giving newly-acquired edge rusher Bradley Chubb a huge contract extension and reacts to the latest emergence of “Salty Tua” Tagovailoa in Miami. 

Rich and the guys preview the Eagles vs Texans on Thursday Night Football and debate if Philly fans would rather see the Eagles remain unbeaten or have the Phillies win Game 5 of the World Series.

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I do not see a pig flying up there. I'm gonna have to believe it when I see it. The Washington commanders apparently up for sale. The Rich Eisenshow.

If you make our number we'll sell the team and the number's gonna be north of five billion. Today's guests, Raven's quarterback Lamar Jackson, ESPN NBA reporter Nick Friedel, plus your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's your birthday. Yes sir. Lamar Jackson's on this show. Come on now. Come on now.

How about that? How about we come on the air with the news that Lamar Jackson's on this show and that remarkably we come on the air here on this busy Thursday in the first week of November and when we went on the air yesterday and the Philadelphia Phillies had hit a million home runs against the Houston Astros. We come on the air today. They just played a full World Series game last night and the Phillies still haven't gotten a hit since that night.

Wow. We saw World Series game first time ever. A combined no-hitter.

That happened last night. So it's now best of three with the game five tonight between Houston and Philadelphia. And there's a Thursday night football game tonight between Houston and Philadelphia.

And I'll be honest with you, the Astros, I think have more home run hitters than the Texans going into tonight's game. Come on. We'll discuss it. Philip Dorsett you just mentioned. Some guy named Chris Moore is going to catch passes.

We'll have that later on. Uh, good to see you over there. Well, I was better at right before Matt Ryan hit the three last night. Oh, I think it's because I'm like, how does Matt Ryan have such a game, you know, with his shoulder or he's been benched. It's a different Matt Ryan that plays for the lot of fun jokes last night on Twitter about like this Matt Ryan comes through in the clutch.

Oh boy. Who knew the Lakers had a player named Matt Ryan until he made that fade away three to force overtime and ruin Chris Brockman's bets against the Lakers. Good to see over there. TJ Mikey D's and D's.

Good to see you. Uh, TJ Jefferson light that candle, sir. Light it.

Light it. You know, um, AW wrestling was last night, right? Right in the middle of a match. You could tell something was going on in the crowd, right? Cause all the crowd kind of stand up and there was a murmur and they're not really watching the wrestling and you can kind of see a figure walk by in the background and then sits down and you figure out cause an MVP chant had started that it was Lamar Jackson. It was Lamar.

Lamar came in and the crowd started saying MVP and Chris Jericho threatened to beat them up later on. Of course. That was great. No idea. Wow. Yeah. How about that? Am I getting ready for appearing on this program?

Yeah. I mean, we probably won't have enough time to get into it with him, but I figured that, you know, when I bring it up, why not? Why not? I honestly don't know where you were going with that because you're telling the story as you were lighting the candle. I honestly thought that the payoff was going to be somebody was lighting a candle of scented candle at the AEW.

I don't know why. I'm going to go in the beginning with these so damn naive. Also, Rich, real quick. Congratulations on your $6 Powerball win. Nobody won the jackpot.

1.5 billion on Saturday. I guess I'll win it on Saturday. So that's why I'm here today. Actually, you know, you know what? I want to discuss with a little bit something about that later. Please bring it up again later. If I, if I forget what the fact that I told you, I still come to work.

Even if I won the power. Exactly. I want to talk about that.

I would to yell that. So let's let's let's get this show started happening. Look, man, and ladies and everybody out there, I honestly do not wake up every day saying, how can I pound the table about life and society and be somebody who might come across as an activist? Okay.

I honestly do not. I'm thrilled to have this show and I'm thrilled to have a platform and a partner in the Roku channel who is like, you know, what's on your mind? Go ahead and talk about it on channel 210 every day.

And the same thing with Westwood One Radio and Sirius XM and everybody else. And, and, and I'm, I'm thrilled to have that latitude. And as you know, I don't, I don't take those lanes very often, but when I do, it's because I'm very passionate about something. I think something needs to be said. And I said that about Kyrie Irving earlier this week. And, and again, the fact that he posted on his Twitter account, a link to a viciously anti-Semitic documentary. And then he argued about it with a member of the media who brought up also the Alex Jones video that he had put on his Instagram weeks before. And said that that, that talking about that video and not other ones that he's put out there kind of was funny and hilarious to him, even though he's using those words sarcastically. And, and then he said, don't dehumanize me. And he said that to our third hour guest, the ESPN reporter covering the next, and that's Nick Friedel. And so that kind of set me off like, okay, you're the one being dehumanized?

How about the Jewish people that are being dehumanized? And the fact that he puts it out on his Twitter feed, which is, I'm assuming the same spot where he had promoted, say Uncle Drew, which by the way, I miss the Uncle Drew Kyrie Irving. Man, do I miss that guy a lot. I was into that guy. I was into buying his shoes for my kids. I was into all of that. Man, that was funny.

And he's, he was great in it. Funny, funny. Different times, right? But when, when, when his Twitter account that I'm assuming was used to promote that and other charitable works by him. And now what's this anti-Semitic, laden documentary?

Whoa. Oh, I went out to all 4 million of his followers, huh? And then he argues about it.

And I had to say something, right? And the Nets since then have hit him, him from the media, hitting him, because you're supposed to speak after each game. That's what's required of you as an NBA player. And he's played two games since then. And neither time was he available for the media. And Sean Marks, the general manager in between those two games, fired his coach and, and in so doing said that they're purposely allowing Kyrie to not fulfill his obligations as an NBA player to speak to the media after games.

Because, you know, they just let's everything needs to be, you know, calm down, you know, there's lots going on and he doesn't want to fuel the fire. And I took that to mean once because Kyrie wouldn't dampen the fire, because he, I mean, until he says something, you have to think he believes the stuff that's in this documentary. So out comes a statement yesterday from the Nets, Kyrie Irving and the anti-defamation league, who apparently met with Kyrie, and they, they put their heads together and come up with a statement announcing that Kyrie Irving is going to donate half a million dollars, which is a significant amount of money, obviously, in this day and age too, along with the Nets together, a million dollars towards, if you wouldn't mind putting it up on the screen here, communities that are affected by hate speech and Kyrie in the statement says, I oppose all forms of hatred and oppression and stand strong with communities that are marginalized and impacted every day. I'm aware of the negative impact of my post towards the Jewish community. And I take responsibility. I do not believe everything said in the documentary was true or reflects my morals and principles. I'm a human being learning from all walks of life. And I intend to do so with an open mind and a willingness to listen. So from my family and I, we meant no harm to any one group, race or religion of people, and wish to only be a beacon of light, of truth and light. And I, I saw that and I read that and I thought to myself, is that it? I mean, I'm, I'm not shaking my finger at a million dollars towards, I guess, again, affecting communities that are, are affected by hate speech.

I don't know where those communities are or what those programs that this money's going towards are or what have you, but is that it? That we're now still not going to hear from Kyrie Irving. I don't get to hear from him in his mouth and his facial expressions and see him say this.

It's a statement where he doesn't agree with all what, what do you then agree with from this documentary thing? What do you, will they now place him in front of the media and he won't not have to answer any questions about this at all. He could say, I've already put out the statement.

Next question. And anybody who dares to ask him a follow-up question is now going to try and what become famous by making an Instagram video of him not answering questions. Is that, is that now going to be positive of any member of the media who dares to answer a follow-up question or delve into his thought process?

You know, who thinks that that's not enough either? His name is Adam Silver, the commissioner of the National Basketball Association, who just this very morning put out a statement calling Irving's decision to post a link to a film containing deeply offensive anti-Semitic material, reckless. While we appreciate the fact that he agreed to work with the Brooklyn Nets and the Anti-Defamation League to combat anti-Semitism and other forms of discrimination, I'm disappointed that he has not offered an unqualified apology and more specifically denounced the vile and harmful content containing the film he chose to publicize.

I will be meeting with Kyrie in person in the next week to discuss this situation. Two words for Commissioner Silver, I've never said. Or to any commissioner, I guess.

Atta boy. Yeah. That's perfectly pitch it on the head here. And you know, I know there will be many others who will say, say, why won't you just suspend the guy? Anthony Edwards was suspended, or he was fined at least, for using a homophobic slur. Meyers Leonard was fined $50,000 and ultimately got shipped out of town for doing something like that. And so Kyrie hasn't said the slur, he just linked to a video that is filled with lies and thus slurs.

So there is a lot of parsing as to what's suspendable and what's not. And I'll just place that aside and leave that into the man whose pay grade is associated with having such tough decisions, like the commissioner of the NBA. But he felt the same way I did, which is like, wait, wait a minute. I mean, all well and good. Obviously you're giving money towards combating anti-Semitism and hate speech. Got it. And then that you are human. Yes.

That you're trying to learn. Understand. Understood.

The Sean Jackson, you remember, posted something vile similarly and then had meetings and then apologized and moved on. And I mean, it's happened before I get it. Totally get it. And, um, but here, he's got to say something. We got to hear from him. You just say, Oh, I put it in a statement. That's the end of it.

Nice and neat. Put to bed. No. So the commissioner said that. And I do want to say one more thing here because every single time I've said something like this, I see, I see, um, responses to me from people of color who think that I'm seeing color and making these comments when I'm not hammering Brett Favre as hard. So I will just say this. Okay.

Favre, what he has apparently done and allegedly done in the state of Mississippi is beyond the pale horrible. And I think when he hired one of the, one of the many lawyers that you'll see on TV these days, who then came out with a statement saying he didn't know anything about anything essentially. And we're seeing texts that he sent to the governor at the time in Mississippi saying, will anything of the nature of what we're talking about, get out to the media? Oh, okay. So you didn't know, huh? Right.

Why else are you sending texts and saying, will anything get out there? And you're taking money from disadvantaged people, many of them people of color to try and build a volleyball stadium, welfare money. So to me, it has nothing to do with each other. And I just wanted to at least have folks hear that from me.

They're mutually exclusive. Plus Favre is not even a, an active player with four and a half million followers out there saying, Hey everybody, check out how this documentary is talking about people of a Jewish faith at a time when Kanye West is saying everything that's given safe harbor to a lot of Nazis out there. So I had to say something. Now then we'll take a break and return to the tour department of the sports world. Although Nick Friedel will be on this program in hour number three, he covers the nets. He'll be the one who's going to have to ask questions of Kyrie whenever the nets Dean it fine for him to start talking.

And, and, and when he does, I imagine the cover of it will also be that they've hired a coach who got suspended by the team that swept them out of the playoffs last year for something we still don't know all the details about, except it was horrible enough for the team that swept the nets out of the playoffs last year to suspend them for the year and then still just allow them to walk to the nets as he's expected to do. So there's that in our three. Lamar's on the program. Did I mention Lamar Jackson's on this program? Heard of him. Fresh off the AEW event.

I love that he showed up to that last night. I also have the top five most disappointing teams of the NFL campaign through the first eight weeks. We've also not gone higher register in a while for those folks who might be new to this program who don't know what I'm talking about.

Guess what? We'll fill you in on that. But when we come back, one of the most fascinating teams, the NFL, they were one of my top five most fascinating teams of the season coming into the year. And they are certainly one of those.

And they are a team that started like a house of fire and is now catching fire. Once again, I'm talking about Miami Dolphins made a move today and man, their quarterback is talking smack. And it's so out of character for him. And I'm going to try him one more time.

Remind him it should be part of his character. That's coming up. 8 4 4 2 0 4, Rich is the number to dial here on this busy Thursday edition of the Rich Eisen Show. 2000, 2008, 2022. When it comes to the economy, those are some scary years. Dotcom crash, housing crash and the roller coaster.

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Ask your loan officer for details. Back here on The Rich Eyes and Show 844-204 Rich is the number to dial. So one of the last trades made at the deadlines deadline. Does that make sense? Was the Miami Dolphins chiming in? This is you. We were going out the door on uh on Tuesday.

That's right. An hour ago you're like hey Rich is one last one to talk about. What is that Chris?

Like that I think that might have been the actual yeah I don't have the transcript in front of me. Bradley Chubb going from the Broncos to the Miami Dolphins. Now there was a lot of talk that maybe the Jets were interested in him.

This could be another one of those interesting things. Remember we were talking about McCaffrey and you're hearing about the Niners and the Rams were interested. Rams don't get them Niners do.

Guess what happens? Rams beat the 9 uh loose the Niners as McCaffrey scores three different ways. So if in week 17 it all comes down to it and Zach Wilson has Bradley Chubb draped all over him and the Dolphins make the playoffs and the Jets don't because that would mean they would split the season series. Not too shabby but Bradley Chubb comes around the end and takes down Josh Allen when these two teams face each other in a huge December battle.

That'll be let me make sure I have this correct. Buffalo has Miami at home week 15. That's pretty big. That is pretty pretty big. So Chubb is one of the best in the business. He's a team leader and now guess what? He's got a new contract. That happened this very morning announced a deal that could be worth up to uh 119 million bucks.

Six year deal. Look how he is smiling. Why not?

Yeah he's happy. Why not? Welcome to South Florida.

Welcome to no state income tax. Bradley Chubb through the 2027 season living in South Florida playing in South Florida and the offense seems to be on the up and up too huh and what a way for the Dolphins to turn the 49ers straw into gold. The straw being the three first round selections they got to say sure you want to move all the way up to third overall in the 2020 draft. You want to do that? You want to do that and and take uh take Trey Lance?

Oh sure sounds good. Where's that 2021 draft right? So you've got no 2020 draft right? So you can trade up and we'll take Jalen Waddle in that draft with your first round pick. We'll move down take your first round pick turn on the Jalen Waddle and then this past offseason on the hell going on day we'll take uh uh the first round selection in this upcoming year's draft 2022 yep so it was the 2021 draft and boom Tyreek Hill and now the first round pick next year we won't have it now it's okay we got it from the Niners and we'll just send it for Bradley Chubb and we'll sign him long term. They got Chubb long term they got Tyreek Hill long term and Waddle's gonna hit it one day. Oh my goodness great stuff great stuff you got to you know give it up if the quarterback is the guy right and it seems like they got their guy. I anointed to a um elite just the other day 2022 he has been terrific when he has been healthy obviously that's an issue maybe we'll find out long longer term but right now guy's elite and you know what I've said about Tua as well outside of the fact that I have anointed him as a guy who sees the field right now and it not only sees the field executing this offense that Mike McDaniel has brought in for him talking him up Tyreek Hill talking him up if he only talked himself up like that is all I keep saying and when he does step out of his very sweet demeanor and starts getting all salty I love it we've even nicknamed him salty Tua um you've got the drop the uh not the new drop Mike but the the drop from uh this past summer when he was talking about throwing deep balls and uh in practice going into the season in training camp I don't know about you but that looked like money and I heard that I'm like yeah more of that more of that so Tua appeared at the podium yesterday and asked about what he's improved on the beginning of the year to now okay and this was his answer go for it where do you think you've grown the most and where do you want to see yourself grow more in the second half to make a stretch run um well I I think I've uh grown a lot with the deep balls huh don't we think yeah that was a probably a subtle jab but it was a jab huh so I would say the deep ball and then uh I can continue to get better on the deep ball so and then he walked off that's a walk off line I was like a stanza now what's he referring to you know what he's referring to it's like to know what he's referring to I mean I think I have an idea but yes here's what he's referring to this throw on may 10th 2022 that was sent out by the dolphins media twitter account of Tua finding Tyreek Hill in practice and the ball wobbled in the air and Tyreek had a slow up for it stop essentially uh-huh that piece of video to this day 6.5 million views wow six and a half million views on the old twitter machine and it's sticking in there and then that crawl to uh he remembers he does doesn't he he's talking about I don't know about you it looks like money during training camp and now here he is now here he is in the midst of a terrific season leader in the NFL and with passer rating right passer rating qbr yeah buddy yeah buddy yards per 10 he's hitting his back foot and slinging it around right doing all sorts of stuff oh yeah baby so here we go Tua shows up and he says that and all I have to say to uh to you is not salty enough it's not salty enough not salty enough it's not because when you say it you don't need to point out it's a subtle jab but a jab nonetheless and then follow it up with yeah I could improve on it still no play one more time and you tell me if you think it would be effective if you just stopped play one more time hit it where do you think you've grown the most and where do you want to see yourself grow more in the second half to make a stretch rock um well I I think I've uh grown a lot with the deep balls huh don't we think yeah see if you just stop there stop there as a probably a subtle jab but it was a jab no we know it is yeah we don't need it I would say the deep ball no I know leave it there stop keep going better on the deep ball oh no just walk off just walk off it would be so much more effective so but I like it I like it I need more I need more facial hair too and I need to stare you know oh I need a stare wow not like a private pile stare okay but just like a blue steel like a blue steel because he deserves it he's earned this baby he's good you are not gonna want to face this team and the question is what's gonna happen in the cold weather that's why I love the addition of Jeff Wilson not like you know San Francisco but although the coldest winter you've ever spent is a summer in San Francisco correct but they're gonna have to start running it they're gonna have to start running it and I keep telling everybody after this game at Chicago and then home for Cleveland at a buy and then home for Houston it's that last six game stretch what's it gonna look like then at three road games in a row at the Niners at the Chargers at Buffalo I'm circling one of the Chargers for salty to it'll really come out because he's going against Justin Herbert and if I'm Mike McDaniel I am stoking that flame big time all week long and I'm saying to her this is your game this is your game go into Justin Herbert's house and show everybody that we did take the right quarterback when he had a choice between the two of you let's go salty to her I'm worried about this weekend it's gonna be rainy 30 mile an hour wind Saturday 20 mile an hour winds Sunday in Chicago and then that's when you uncork Jeff Wilson and then again you know I know he's talking about the long deep ball but it's really the short it's the short game too so 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich is the number to dial here on the program Lamar Jackson's coming up next hour my top five most disappointing teams of the 2022 season uh so far is coming up we've got a higher register as well um Kyrie Irving is talking right now and um I'm seeing by his body language he is doesn't appear to be a pleased man so I don't know we'll see what's going on with him and then of course we've got Nick Friedel of the Brooklyn Nets beat um joining us in hour number three 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich being the number to dial here on the program we'll take a break and then when we come back let's do our our fun and frolic for Thursday night football and then what's going on in major league baseball from last night to tonight let's go that's next Geico asks how would you love a chance to save some money on insurance of course you would after all who doesn't love a great deal right and when it comes to great rates on insurance for all the things in your life geico can help like with insurance for your car truck motorcycle boat and rv even help with homeowners condo or renters coverage you could save even 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with an mbux voice command system a five-star dealer network and an available gas engine it runs like well a dream so what do you say head to the mercedes ben's van dealership and get that sprinter tell them your dream sent you we're back here on the rich isen show why don't why don't you like when i talk about my championship you're sounding like 27 titles it's fine seven and oh the milwaukee bucks seven and oh they're nice i think the nba would appreciate us talking actual basketball warriors three and five well guess what's happening oddly enough on the way to tanking for uh victor wen by young mo ground vict dj utah six and three yeah what are they doing lori marketing has not gotten the memo huh we were talking about that on the rich isen show basketball podcast which just posted yesterday correct the assignment has not been understood the assignment yeah teams that are uh understanding the assignment detroit orlando houston shout out you understand the assignment houston's one and eight they want team vic right yeah yeah orlando one and seven detroit two and seven they're getting them they got the memo they understand what's up the lakers are two and five and the warriors three and five at what point if the warriors keep struggling is do people wonder if it's because um draymond punched out jordan pool and they can't get past it are we like two weeks away from that maybe is that what it is is who's gonna be the first to do should we take a pool who's gonna be the first and uh in in the in the media world to throw that one out there i'm sure that was said before the season tipped like when does that become a first take topic bar that's you know that that's that's been put to bed by the the warriors and now if they're let's just say wake up december 1 sitting there at 500 or a little bit less than that although you know i have clay on the back-to-back champion fantasy league he hasn't been shooting well at all they've lost three in a row to not really good teams well i mean how can you tell what's not really a good team you're gonna throw utah on there is not really good team no i'm talking about charlotte's not good right now with uh will mellow out detroit's not good and the heat are kind of not as what they've been in recent years the heat will be fine that's exactly i'm never concerned about them what about your team tj which one the one in the current city of champions that everybody's talking about because you're on your face and all you do is when the trolls have many so i'm asking you which one you're talking about i mean both really we were talking about that yesterday both the clippers are you know i'll talk about them like 500 and it's just like when you know how serious is kawaii's knee what the hell is happening we'll touch on that later today if you know what i'm saying okay is that that is that a high register well rich we don't want to give it away oh man sorry not gonna change sorry you don't have to change thursday night football tonight let's talk about that a little let's chop that up a little bit because it's the lone remaining yeah we do the uh in many people's uh opinions best team in football is playing tonight wait a minute the cowboys aren't playing the best team in football that beat the dallas cowboys is playing tonight we were hurt the last remaining undefeated team in the nfl is playing tonight okay that'll give you that i'll grant you that one all that stuff i don't know what you're saying you know the team that's number two on my power rankings is playing tonight that's objective wait but they're number one in mind so i can't say what you're talking about you've had the eagles number one all year i know it's been killing me hold on a minute every week now then you think eagles play the bills in a football game the eagles win that football game i mean no one's beat the eagles you let me let me say it one more time you believe tj jefferson eagles play the bills let's just even throw it in a neutral are we talking a super bowl let's talk if that's really the only time neutral site in a super bowl eagles win that game yes why do you think so as of today as of november 3rd i'll bite walk me through it no because buffaloes never won a super bowl and the eagles that's not good enough reason no it's not but you're gonna ask me that's a coin toss between these two teams how can you say the bills are that much better than the eagles i could um let me see if i can give that a try the bills are that much better than the eagles well on paper the eagles are better than the bills i think the bills are better than the eagles so it's a think thing you think and i think i i believe okay and statistically speaking you want to talk about sneaking one just under the wire or the trade deadline naim hines hit him with the high the zach moss why isn't he playing why don't the bills like him why what's going on that that that's no that's no longer operative zach might be the lead back for the indianapolis colts this week because jonathan taylor is not practicing again we'll see if he's practicing again today he didn't do it yesterday right he can't get through this ankle injury they can't knock it out what happened i don't know man i mean jonathan tan by the way the the indianapolis won't have their bidle week 14 so there you know a week's rest is not around the corner at all but the eagle the colts have got a game at new england by the way you know who's going to be the honorary captain for the colts in that game ryan gregson's gonna be the uh the honorary colts captain for that i think it's it's in indy i think it's a home game for the colts uh no sir it's not no yeah buddy indianapolis at new england fire up the uh fire up the foghorn for third downs the muskets going to get them going by the way i've never been more like you know at football games at football games uh flyovers and when you don't expect it just think oh my god what the hell was that right but you never expect ever when you're standing there on the sideline at new england getting ready to go on the air a 70 year old man dressed like paul revere firing off a musket right near your head you just never see that one coming yeah that's right you're never ready for that yeah just like at one point turn it on like hey dudes can you give me a heads up when you're firing like can you can you tell can you tell me to the whites of my eyes that you're getting ready to fire please treat me like i'm concord and you're lexington all right wow i'm giving lessons here all right i put up this poll question tell me what you guys think about this philly fans would you rather would you rather would you rather time for you want a game five win you got to choose a game five win eagles win tonight to remain undefeated or the phillies get the phillies lose or eagles get upset 14.9 or 14 point favorites get upset but the phillies go up three two so why does why did why do why do you tie in the philadelphia they're playing in a game five the only way in your construct they can win a game five is if they get upset yeah eagles get upset win both do you want the eagles basically do you want the eagles to stay undefeated or do you want the phillies to take a three two lead there's no there's no argument there really really i think phillies take a three games to two lead will win that by a margin of nine to one nine to one nine to one nine to one early results in it's three to one it's 75 25 okay there you go it's because only four people have voted we got a few hundred well that's not a bad hit rate that you post something in 10 seconds later four people have voted now i posted it like 20 minutes ago damn that's not good for us well you got to hit it did your amplification your promotion if you will eagles are winning tonight uh i think well i mean look if derrick henry ran like that by the way he didn't practice yesterday maybe they just gave him the day off nice nice uh 40 touch sunday let's give you a break you would hope so um so and they well he got the chiefs on a sunday night he better yeah he better lose that questionable designation um so um and they're coming off a buy and it's the andy reid i mean i exactly i'm wondering what what you set the over under on sunday uh morning pre-game shows the the mention of andy reid's post buy record maybe that's why derrick like if somebody watches do you know what it is um well what would it be he's been coaching since 99 okay so are you asking me to do the math on that so that's i'll tell i mean i have the right 20 it's how many games is it 20 it's so far it's been this is the 24th game off of because i believe there were a couple years where there were multiple buys if i'm not mistaken there might have been all right so 24 this is the 24th game after buy 24th game after buy uh so there's 23 previous i will say he's 21 and two after buy rich so close 20 and three there you go and two of those losses have been with the chiefs he was amazing philadelphia don't give andy reid a week to prepare that's the dreadful uh or the over the overused phrase but the the eagles are are are bringing one of the best run games to town and an aj brown just had a monster game he did and it seems like brandon cooks is um well it's not he's definitely not playing he's been ruled out for the game tonight he's one of those healthy scratches he took personal time this week and thus did not practice and one must wonder if the personal time is him saying why the hell did you not trade me the hell out of here like the p stands for pissed and their answer might be go talk to your agent you got 18 million guaranteed next year so i guess some teams wanted us to eat that stuff and we're not doing that so so help us with davis mills why don't you and their second best receiver nico collins michigan guy got the groin he's out this week yeah so they're going with a bunch of guys you never heard of you said philip dorset is the guy to know up dorset and you want to pick him up in fantasy yeah well he's gonna get 12 targets well but if you think he's gonna get 12 targets you don't think the eagles think he's gonna get 12 targets so it's like slay you get him bradbury who might be the second best uh playing corner back in the league you you get chris more i'm not gonna pick him up i would i would counsel against it i wouldn't touch it i wouldn't touch this game with a 10 foot pole either because you're i'm just saying we have aj brown tonight why well we have he's a must start yeah but i mean in terms of what you guys call gambling yes i've heard of that yeah um don't forget derrick henry ran for 200 some odd yards against this team last week and the titans only won by seven now i will say jaylin hurts has a lot more on the ball than malik willis one would say so i would say yeah not gonna be close i don't know man i don't know you never know could be one of those thursday nighters where al michaels is just staring at the clock my buddy i bet we get a lot of uh you know backroom gambling references you think so from al tonight god bless that national treasure of a man and then there's the world series last night what the hell was that i mean we've literally we've never seen anything like it i guess i mean how many of us were alive at 1956 and watched don larson i mean you know i mean i guess christian habir wasn't tipping anything last night huh he was dynamite he was just tipping the boat over dynamite do you imagine you're philly's fan and you're like let's get game four tickets and you watch what happened in game three home run of palooza and you don't see a single hit zeros all the way across so habir and three relievers no hits none of them alex pregnant is he just the best clutch he's now the favorite for world series mvp he's also on uh he's on a path to cooperstown when you say he's on a path he's on a path he's on the path god he's so good he's so good i just love him i just love i just love i just love everything about him i love he's such a gamer i love that his gamer is number two because he loves jeeter his dad's yankee fan um i'd love for him to play for the yankees i bet you would alex would you like it um and just again he's he he's also been on the show and he says you know guys in my age and my position in this sport we should promote it more right he does he was here talking about a youtube page and content so worthy of all the accolades and him just bawling out man is great you mentioned going to game four uh one of the writers on sarah's show that she works on the pylon this guy pat barker is diehard philly he went back to go to the games oh my god so he was there last night but he go to did he at least go to game three he saw that uh yes okay yeah that's good about those games and he said he was also at roy halliday's no hitter back in 2010 in the playoffs which was the last one done in the postseason period so there have been three postseason no hitters and this guy pat has been at two of them wow does he did he have did he have a relative that would that did go to don larson's perfect game all right that was pretty amazing let me hit this uh silly poll question with a retweet how many extras do you think are on their way to cooper's town looking at three for sure right verlander al tuvee and pregnant i mean if you're don keep and then and then he was the one i was going to bring up what about i mean i know it's obviously super early but verlander don't forget too well he was the first one yeah i'm sorry jeremy pena if he you know obviously he's only in his early in his career how about this one dusty baker he's got to win this one i don't know if dusty has to win man you talk about a guy who's devoted his life to the game baseball there's got to be if you don't if that's not rewarded then he was in an outstanding los angeles dodger too also he played and he played for the you know he played for the braves he was on deck i want to say want to answer one of the trivia questions you know homered passed ruth and then so many incredible moments dusty baker in the dug out you know i saw a video of the other day remember his kid came out and tried to grab the bat during the world series jt snow like snagged him as he was crossing played home play one of the greatest slides in the history of the game safe at home and and keeping his child dusty's kid safe at home that was unbelievable i mean dusty baker three-time manager of the year he's he's a hall of fame world series champion two-time silver slugger gold glove winner national league championship at the very least let's put his toothpick in the hall of fame right come on him and raise a Ramon man and raise a Ramon ul washington had a great one too back in the day for the royals and me every other day there you go i think you should be in the hall of fame well i'm saying i usually have a toothpick and you might not even know this well i can't see it from over here i'm a 53 year old without it that's going on i get lamar jackson in hour number two my top five most disappointing teams so far coming up they're still here on roku so you think it's obvious that philly fans would want to fill right now i i hit it with a retweet and it's it's uh three to one still all right it's gonna be i i don't understand i mean they must be evil fans who don't root for the phillies how do you how do you say yeah you know what i want my team to stay undefeated at eight no over and and and you know what harper and the rest of those guys can win two in a row in that band box in houston will do it no thank you this is a as you know there's two different types of game fives there's decisive games game game fives and there are pivotal game fives decisive game fives are the ones where um one size up three one could be decisive and the pivotal one though is tonight when the whole series underdogs are 4-0 in the series phillies underdog tonight how does can you help me with that oh how does one decide what an underdog in baseball is a lot of it is um pitching matchup and home and home field so verlander takes the bump tonight for houston who's been terrible oh and ate in world series games are we understating the fact that we watched the no hitter last night in the world series well it's because he doesn't consider it or no yeah but the problem is is that it was combined it doesn't matter chris because it doesn't matter to get a no-hitter one guy has to be perfect right but if you bring in other people and they're perfect as well isn't that harder to have someone coming in and help and stay well there's five gods on the screen made history it could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting ramit saiti talking about being rich the old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated but it wasn't about how to spend it it was more about how to get it but okay so once you get it what do you do with it in our culture everybody tells you how to save but nobody teaches you how to spend it something you should know wherever you listen
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