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REShow: Cam Jordan - Hour 1 (11-4-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 4, 2022 3:12 pm

REShow: Cam Jordan - Hour 1 (11-4-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 4, 2022 3:12 pm

Rich recaps the Eagles’ getting tested by a scrappy Houston Texans team on Thursday Night Football, ponders if Philly will be able to run the table and finish 17-0 and if this is already the best Eagles team ever. 

Saints DE Cam Jordan tells Rich what unique challenges elusive Ravens QB Lamar Jackson presents, if New Orleans finally found their groove with that Week 8 shutout of the Raiders and their chances to capture the NFC South,

Rich explains why the New Orleans Superdome is the loudest NFL stadium he’s ever been in, and breaks down the Astros’ Game 5 World Series win over the Phillies where manager Dusty Baker ignored analytics and stuck with starter Justin Verlander on his gut instinct.

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The rocks in the building. You crazy for this one Jeff? Three quarters for ownership.

Would have to approve this sale. Yo, good Dell. Today's guest. Saint's defensive end Cameron Jordan. Dolphin's wide receiver Tyree Kill. Plus from Paramount Plus's Criminal Minds Evolution. Actor Joe Mantegna. And now it's Rich Eizen.

Yes it is. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eizen Show here live from Los Angeles, California. 844204 Rich is the number to dial here on the Roku channel, channel 210. Or if you're listening on Sirius XM, Sirius channel 218 XM 202 and 992 is the number for you. If you're listening on the app, if you're listening on Odyssey, the Rich Eizen Show terrestrial radio affiliates coast to coast, we say hello. Please call us at 844204 Rich.

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Join our RSS feed. We've got three great guests for you. We've got Tam Jordan of the New Orleans Saints. We had Lamar Jackson on the program yesterday. They are taking on the Saints. The Ravens are on Monday night.

We're fair and balanced. This is also what happens when you take in a show that's hosted by the man who takes care of business on Westwood one. Yes. Who sets up the Harrow Club buffet for Westwood one on Monday nights in the pregame and halftime. So we get some of the best guests playing on Monday night football, previewing that game for you all throughout the week.

Cam Jordan of the saints, Tyree kills joining us. I don't know. Has he ever been on this program? I don't think so. Well, he's joining us and his Miami dolphins are on the up and up because Tua is elite, officially anointed as such by this program on Wednesday.

And so far, uh, the world's still spinning, might be spinning off its axis, but it's still spinning. And, uh, so he's on the program and, uh, Joe Montana in studio is on this program here on the rich eyes and show absolutely not rich. Montana's not here. Do you think Hall of Famer Joe? Oh, wait a minute.

He's going to bring a ring with him either. No, no, no, no. Read that again. It's good friend of the program back for his third visit on this program. Joe Mantegna. Yes.

That's the former name. Chicago guy, Cubs fan. Do you know what? We can't quit as a nation.

Do you know what? We can't quit as a nation. Criminal minds. Okay, cannot quit as a nation.

Dogs. Because just when you think criminal minds is out, wait a minute. Oh, he's in Godfather part three. Oh, you're back in right now. So criminal minds evolution of it is going to premiere on Thanksgiving day, exclusively on Paramount plus, which wait for it just to bring an awful circle.

You can get right here on Roku. Oh, what up? Good to see you.

Chris Brockman. How are you? So man, it was like 40 degrees in my house this morning. It is cold out here, right?

I'm wearing pants. Look who's back. Look who's here. Look who's here. How's your back?

How's your back? Oh, I feel like a thousand pennies. There you go.

Wait, are you going to make me do the math? Okay. Now I got it. How are you? TJ Jefferson light that candle.

I mean, I'm better than fellers back. Apparently his doctor told him he needed a back yard to me, but it's good to see how are you, sir? Good to see you. Like that candle. Let's go look at the shirt today. Like the candle.

Let's go. So there was a part last night. This is a hot minute last night where you're watching Thursday night football. You're watching Philadelphia against Houston on one screen and Philadelphia against Houston on another screen. If you're got two screens, uh, you got Thursday night football, you got world series game five Philly versus Houston. There was, uh, a part of Thursday night football where you thought just for a hot minute, is it possible? Houston sweeps the night. Houston parlay. Is it possible?

Well, like holy John McLean Batman, is it, is it feasible? My pleasure. That's Houston will hang the first L of the season on the Philadelphia Eagles that they're coming off a bi-week and it's been a while since they've been hit. It's been a while. They got the coffee breath, the BO sitting around, you know, these, the midnight run phrase. They're not there.

There's, there's heads not in the game. Houston gets its first touchdown on an opening drive since week 16 last year. Seven.

Nothing. Amazing drive. I don't even know who the tight end was a Quentin Tarantino.

That was his first ever catch. Unbelievable. Well done.

It's great. And then even at halftime, it's 14 all a half and you go on high register like, Hey, hey, the Texans might be able to pull this thing off. I might've bet Eagles first half. They were seven for seven. Yeah. Okay. Did you say congratulations to that or?

Narrator they lost. Okay. Okay.

So that's bad for you. Sorry. And then the, the Eagles did their thing, which is interesting because their thing has been to dominate early and then swoon and then dominate late. That's been their MO this year. Okay. Second quarter. They've been the best team in football. Yes. And then third quarter, they just cough it up and then have to pull it out of the fire in the fourth quarter.

Oh, this is, this was kind of against hype, right? Which is good, which is good. And it is what it is good that you just show that you can do things differently. Cause that's been the issue is like, what happens if they get hit in the mouth and the other thing that we're still waiting on is it? What if, what if it's jail and hurts down 14 and he's got to do it.

He's got to put, you got to put it on his arm and his legs. And to me, that scenario is asked and answered for me, man. This guy on the screen is an MVP quarterback period.

End of story is a dog. He is that. And he told us that he was that when we interviewed him prior to him being being drafted at that dog in them, man is to me, he is absolutely 100% proven to me that he's all of that.

And out of everything about Philadelphia, this has been, this, this is open and shut. He's your guy for a long time to come. That's my man right there. Indeed.

Indeed. Although I don't know if method man roots for the Eagles. He's a Jets fan.

One would think most of the blue are. So, uh, fellow Staten Islander. So the only question is that still hasn't been answered for some, if there's anything that needs to be answered about the Eagles is what does happen if this sort of game unfolds against a team that has a little bit more depth and wherewithal and talent than the Houston Texans. That's it. And the question is, is which team is that going to be on the rest of their schedules? Christmas gave it to you yesterday. I know you did. You gave it to me yesterday that it's green Bay.

Okay. Although that's a Sunday night game in their house. And then it's Tennessee, which is just a regular, if you will, Sunday game in their house. It's at the giants. It's at the giants.

That's one that you have to throw out there. And of course, there's TJ pounding the table for Christmas Eve at Dallas that just circle it. Go Cowboys. Just circle it. What if the Eagles are undefeated walking into that game?

Holy cow at 14 and Oh, this whole country will just be out of its mind for that. So that's a question about the Eagles. One other question about the Eagles. And I'm gonna throw this out and there's real no answer to it.

It's all just in the eye of the beholder. There ain't no for the first time in their team history. That's kind of shocking, right? Well, that you figure that they would have had a team that would have come out of the gates because they've had guys from obviously the Jaworski era Cunningham, Donovan McNabb. I mean, they weren't the four straight NFC championship.

Correct. And then Reggie white. Don't forget the buddy, buddy Ryan era. Hey, don't forget the era of rich co-tite that led the jets to go, hmm, maybe that guy's for us. Shout out to Rome Brown. The late great damn straight though. Chris Carter. All he does is catch touchdowns. That's your random Cunningham era.

Sure. How a Carmichael from the jaws era that dude, Montgomery, right? You want to throw his name out there? Dude, the Mark Wahlberg played them in the movie. It's Polly.

Polly. No, I'm, I'm serious. And it's only, and I'm glad that we're throwing all these names out there because here's my question for you. Is this the best Eagles team ever? No. No, absolutely not.

Let's show them the toys on the phone right now. Oh, they almost won a Superbowl. Okay. Okay. I know it's just eight games. I'm just throwing it out there. Put it in your head.

Put it in your head. That year, what was it? Oh five TO or this year's AJ Brown.

Who's better? Um, I, I don't, I don't know yet. How does that sound?

How does that sound? Because this team yesterday did it all 18 play drive to answer the Texans first game opening touchdown drive since last year. And then when they did, when they did need it, just marched down, they didn't just march down. They would just flip one to AJ Brown and then flip one to Devontae Smith and have Miles Sanders run over you and gain well, run all over you. And then Goddard had a hundred yards last night from the tight end position and Jordan Davis wasn't there. So maybe that's part of the reason why Damien Pierce could run right, but right there. But then you got hard graves with three sacks and then you got Fletcher Cox and then you got our man slay. And then you got Brad Berry and then you got Brandon Graham. And then I mean, I know that you're sitting here and like, well, who's the hall of famer out there?

Kelsey on the line, Lane Johnson on the line. They have some talent man as the general manager. If you ever run into him might to tell you if you're holding the wrong sign in his direction in Houston, seek that piece of video out from our friend, Howie Roseman, who gave a little bit of the Philly business back at some of the Philly business known his direction. Oh, check out that. Please.

Yes. Google Howie Roseman. Oh, please do it. Go ahead.

Put it at Rich Eisens show. It's just, it's, it's the, what you want in Philadelphia out of your general manager, man. He says it with his chest and his potty mouth. Yeah. All right. All right. All right. So I'm just putting that out there.

No, it can't be right. Donovan McNabb did this and Mike. Honestly. And I know it's got a ring. I, Nick Foles got a ring. I know. I know Pete's throwing it out there. They're building towards it. I still think it's a Buffalo Bill's world that we're paying rent in, but Jalen hurts going back to his hometown and doing that last night.

It wasn't even his best stat line, either. Lost their first fumble of the season on a, on a, a brutal botched protection of their quarterback. They got away with it.

They're eight. No. And Kelsey was dragging. I think it was, I forget the running back, but Kelsey was dragging him. Yeah.

Which you can't do it. As a matter of fact, as pro football talks, Mike Florio pointed out on his Twitter account and on his site that the league actually sent out videos this week to the clubs to say, we're going to emphasize this. And they, we played that five times. And then, well, and then Goddard's shoving, you know, on the quarterback sneak of hurts, he's shoving hurts. And then, you know, he's given the old Bush push, the hurts push, you know what? No, I'm just throwing it out there.

And you could, you know, respond if you see this later on on our YouTube page or see it later on our Roku rich eyes and collection page or our Twitter account. You know, no, this team was better. That team was better. But right now this Eagles team not only has a possible Superbowl season in their sites, they have an opportunity to be the best Eagles team ever. The coach, I just love Syrian. He's just barking at people and high fiving fans and they're feeling it. They feel what like the Phillies are putting out there, even though the Phillies are in dire straits right now, as it looks going back to Houston. What does their record have to be for Nick to win coach of the year at this point in time with him being better than day ball and, and Seattle's Pete Carroll being five and three.

And the Seahawks go 12 and five and the Eagles go 15 and two. Who gets it? I think it's Syria on his world. Oh yeah. Right now, what he's doing, he took Jalen hurts last year and, and, and his throwing, he threw his arm around him, wore his t-shirt, bringing him along. Don't you think offense.

And then how are Roseman F yeah. He is what, you know, his phrase, AJ Brown. AJ Brown, every time he catches every Titan fan should just be shaking their head. I love that guy.

He's dynamite. So that's what I come out of that game with last night. Some might say, well, you know what?

They're not all about all that. They should have blown out the Texans, whatever. It's an NFL game.

You never know, but they still won by 12. And on this program, we will talk about the world series and what dusty Baker said after the game that I just, I heard it. And I thought to myself, they should just put a plaque in Cooperstown with his name on it right now, based on what he said about how he managed game five last night with Justin Verlander, who will definitely have a plaque on the wall in Cooperstown, New York one day. Also on this program, obviously we'll talk about the suspension of Kyrie Irving.

8 4 4 2 0 4, which is the number to dial. We've got what's more likely the, our usual Friday staples like that. And then, uh, TJ Jefferson will give you his fantasy advice.

That's right. Brother Jefferson will join us from the church of fantasy football here. We've got, uh, we've got, uh, Joe Montana in studio and our number three, Tyree kill. Speaking of a coach who threw his arm around a quarterback, Mike McDaniel, Tua and Tyree kill and waddle. My gosh, they're aiming for the Chicago bears this weekend. But when we come back, we'll talk to cam Jordan of the new Orleans saints 8 4 4 2 0 4, which is the number to dial here on this Friday program.

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Unlock your potential inside a Mercedes Benz Sprinter. I don't know how many times this gentleman has been on our program. A lot. A lot.

Tons. One of the most. Well, because he's not only great at what he does, but he's so enjoyable to talk to and he'll always be honest with you and always shoot you straight. And he's very pleasant. He is very pleasant. Although I imagine trying to block him's not. And or, or if you think the team that you chose to win the AFC West is feeling some momentum and you feel like they're going to potentially build on it. And then he's part of the team that just absolutely spanks them and shuts them out.

I didn't like that at all. But he's still one of our favorites. He's Cameron Jordan of the New Orleans Saints on the Mercedes Benz vans phone line, getting set to take on a guy that we spoke to yesterday in Lamar Jackson on Monday night football on Westwood. One joining us here on the program.

How are you, Cameron? Man, just like I said, just searching for the right solution to the problem that, you know, the Ravens post. So we can do that. We can try and start stacking some wins. Do you want to just jump right into game conversation? Is that what you want to do?

You want to do that? I mean, I'm just getting out of practice. So that's where I'm at right now. I'm game focused game forward right now. Okay. So you just step off the practice field and what it, what, what, uh, what are your, what are you focused on?

What are you focused on, Cameron? Uh, the former MVP that is, you know, Lamar Jackson, plus, you know, Gus Edwards. And of course you've got Mark Andrews, you know, when he's healthy, he's probably wide receiver one, but you're going to say he's a tight end, but he's sort of wide receiver one over there.

So, you know, you, you mentioned Lamar first and obviously, uh, there's reason for that. How much rest do you need leading up to a week where you know he's going to make you run much more than you might be used to on a football field? I mean, you know, I feel like we're always hustling. We're always ready for a type of quarterback that poses these problems with his feet. I mean, we just saw, uh, Kyler Murray, you know, we even, you know, we saw a little bit of, uh, Joe burrow take off. We, we face these quarterbacks as we can, but I mean, this is going to prep us as well because it was beyond, uh, beyond the former NFL MVP and Lamar Jackson. Uh, you know, we have the Philadelphia Eagles somewhere, somewhere this season. So this is something that we have to, uh, lock in with. Okay.

It's not even, you know, it is what it is. We have to be ready to play these types of quarterbacks. Who's the guy that, that makes you run around the most done? Who is that? Is it Lamont?

Have you, have you faced? I mean, you know, he's not in the league anymore, so I don't have to worry about him. He's like, Cam Newton used to like run from sideline to sideline to sideline to sideline to then take off for another, you know, five, 10, 15, 20 yards down the field. But you can't, you know, uh, troll on him when you beat him, like you used to, right? Like that's what you used to do, right? Didn't you do that once upon a time? Then you send him wine one time. Didn't you send him some Jordan wine?

Didn't you do that once? Once upon a time, I sent off a, Hey, if you want to come over to the face, you know, I'll be, I'll be Cameron and you could be cam, you know? Oh, only you, man. Only you. Okay. So cam Jordan was the one who did that.

The other, the other cam Jordan used the other one who did that. Okay. So then, so then what, what do you do? I mean, like stay in lanes. I'm serious. Like what, what, what the, how does one make sure that Lamar doesn't go off and start spin around and then you watch him go the other direction. What about that? Yeah. I mean, I definitely think that, you know, we've seen success against Lamar when they're able to keep them in that pocket, sort of collapse around them and, and not let them escape.

But at the same time, you know, the Mars faster than you think he is, which he's already fast and you know, stronger than you think he is. As you see him duck out of some sacks, he had some miraculous escapes over the last two games and, uh, and extend these plays that you as a defender, you hate to see it. I'm sure as a fan or an office person, you'd love to see it.

I hate to see it. Um, so again, it's going to be, it's going to take the front seven. I don't think it is a front, front four situation, um, to try and contain Lamar. I've got Cameron Jordan here, three time all pro, uh, defensive lineman of the New Orleans Saints here on the Rich Eisen show. It seemed last week, it all clicked on your side of the ball. Cam Jordan, not to say that, uh, you hadn't earlier this year, but it, when you, when you toss a shutout on somebody like you did on the Raiders last week, did, did you guys find a groove last week that you think you might be able to just leave yourself in for the rest of the year and lock it in cam?

Yeah, absolutely. I think, you know, I, I said it earlier this year. Um, I said, if we have to play our best football and when we can string together a game, uh, on all in all phases of the, of Saints football, we're going to be in a much better place. Um, you know, I think special teams did their job, did a great job this last game.

I think offense did a phenomenal job and defense, you know, did handle business. And what you, what you did see, which we hadn't really done earlier this year was when the turnover battle you in the turnover battle kept puts us in a way better place than when you lose it. Yes, indeed.

Yes, indeed. And then the fact that nobody's running away with this division, I mean, you're right there after the three and five start, you were literally sitting right there in this division right now. Coaches fans and analytics, analytics, keep bringing that up me.

I'm going to worry about, you know, trying to defeat the man in front of me and keeping Lamar, Lamar Jack in the pocket because you know, what we, what we can't do is keep looking at how close we are to something. You see, you see, stay looking, peeking over, you can sort of lose grasp of what's in front of you or the folks in front of us or the fact that, you know, the division's still there. Normally, I, again, when you were two and five walking into a game last week, taking on the Raiders, now you're three and five and you could keep on, keep on stacking them. You could actually wind up hosting a home playoff game. Whereas in other previous years, you might not have that. For instance, take a look at Green Bay right now. They're, they have the same record as you, but don't really seem to have that path to, to winning a division that you do.

So that's, that's kind of why I bring that up. Cam Jordan. Yeah, you say so, but there's still 10 games left. So there's still a lot of football left. We, we can't plan again.

We can't plan what's going to happen. And I've seen, you know, you've seen more and more effort things happen with Aaron Rogers over the course of his career. So I wouldn't put past Aaron to, you know, get back in the fight. Now we'll need to win the division.

That's something that probably may or may not happen, but you have, you have potential when you have a back to back in MVP, like Aaron Rogers, you have that type of potential now ran it. They've got things to work out. I'm not worried about the green yellow team.

I'm worried about the black and gold team. Okay. We got, we got things we're working out currently.

So, you know, as long as we keep on playing the way we did this last week, I think we will be in a far better place 10 games from now. Okay. And the red rifle he's, is he, is he the starting QB there now? Would you say double RM James Winston?

It doesn't matter. You know, I'm going to focus on our defense. And if, if they say double RS is QB one, but great. If they say Jamis Winston is QB one, you know, either way, I think that, uh, our defense, the way he played, I think there's chances and places that we can take advantage of and hold our own on any and everybody. Last thing for you is how does this compare to previous seasons for you? Uh, it's, it's a little bit off compared to the successful years that you've been enjoying there in, in New Orleans. What is your, what is your approach in a leadership role for a team that, uh, that, that still has a lot in front of it, the division.

And as you mentioned, half a season camera, Jordan. Yeah. I think you, I think that there is definitely a, uh, I wouldn't even say a ship, but you, you know, there's a realization that each one of these games, there has to be complimentary football. There has to be, um, the same mindset, um, that we can win these games when we work together. I also think that it's a shift from our defense's mindset where we want it to be the main fighting force of the team to where as you saw last game, when we are, when we are dominant and when we, when we can take advantage of where a situation, that's where we're going to win. So if we can take advantage of all situations in every game, it's going to put our offense in a better place. So we're going to continue doing what we do on defense, folks on being, you know, that sort of hopefully dominant game. If we could finish, you know, every game that sees the next 10 games and nobody scores a touchdown, you can't tell me who we're not going to the playoffs.

Um, but you know, those, those are are probably unrealistic dreams. I think that 10 games in, nobody's going to put any points on us. Um, but we will go into every game knowing that, you know, we have to be able to, uh, stop, stop somebody's offense and win that turnover differential. That turnover differential has been key to wins and losses this year and it's direct correlation of those wins and losses.

So we have to be able to create more turnovers for our offense, give them more opportunities. And then, man, uh, it just gets loud in that building on a Monday night, the whole city's got the whole day to just get ready for it. It's a pretty special spot. It really is, you know, when you think about it. Yeah, absolutely.

I mean, it's loud. It's, it's a lot of it needs to be this past, you know, Saturday, what is that? Like a 1230 game.

That's right. You can imagine when the lights are brighter, you know, the, the game is more impactful. It's Monday night. And it's the only game on, you can't tell me who that nation, you know, that black and gold is just going to be out here rocking the entire stadium. I mean, we're the best probably fan base. You're going to see in stadium. Now you could say, you know, you're going to say Seattle's loud.

Sure. Been there, played there. You're going to say Kansas city second or third, been there, played there, but that's what they're going to do. They're going to fight for being the loudest stadium by second or third.

There's a clear cut one and we're not number two. You know what, man, you could say other places are really loud, but there's only one place where people can drink that swing oil all day and then put on a Pope outfit and go crazy. And it's yours. That's it. That's the only advantage.

That's the, that's the dome field advantage for sure. Have a great one. Cameron Jordan, always enjoy catching up with you, man.

And I look forward to settling in on Monday night and watching you take on the Ravens. No, no. Hey, Cam didn't come my way. So I'm still Cam. I'm Cam J to the end of. Okay.

I appreciate you. You got a Cam Jordan, everybody right here on the Rich Eisen show. How many people are going to tell me I'm not calling them by their right names over the last few weeks here on the program? Is that what he just did right there? Like don't call me Cameron, call me Cam. Is that what he just said or am I taking it the wrong way? I can't tell you. Help me out Chris, because I'm just, I'm all turned around now. I think Richard, I think it's fine. Thank you. You guys picked up on it. I didn't pick up anything. You can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on via Westwood one station streams or by simply asking Alexa to open Westwood one sports sponsored by AutoZone.

I'm going to wade into this, even though I probably shouldn't. Superdome is the loudest place I've been to in the NFL. Have you watched the game in Seattle? I have. Of course the domes that makes sense.

Right. I've been to Kansas city. It is very loud. And you're like, wow, this may be the loudest outdoor stadium I've ever been in. And the one closest to it, if not neck and neck, and you can have an argument is Seattle, Seattle. It's tough to hear yourself thing. Yep.

You'd be sitting next to the person and have a conversation and can't hear them. But in Seattle, I'll, I'll, I'll never forget being in the Superdome the night that it reopened after Katrina and Marshall Falk, the native son of New Orleans was telling me, just you wait, first time I'd ever seen a game in there. Not the first time it was ever there. I was the first time it was ever in the Superdome was when my, my dad, who taught a French class, used to take his high school French class to French speaking places around the globe.

That's cool. Quebec. We went to Quebec one time. We went to New Orleans and I was kind of wondering, I remember as a kid, just wondering to myself, like, how come people don't speak French around here? It's a quarter for French quarter. But, and by the way, yes, we did go to France.

Parlez-vous. Not all in the same trip, but I remember Marshall saying, wait till you hear how loud it is in here. I'm like, oh, okay, sure. And then the first opening possession of that game on that Monday night, Atlanta versus New Orleans and Michael Vick second down run out of the pocket, fumbles the ball and the scream that I heard that then immediately died down because the ball rolled out of bounds and the Falcons maintained possession. I remember thinking to myself that, that was loud. And then of course, Steve Gleason blocking the punt two snaps later. That was when I thought the building might fall apart again.

I've never heard anything like that. That's the loudest, that moment right there that has now since been memorialized by a statue outside the stadium. That that's the loudest I've ever heard in NFL stadium in my 20 years of being in them. Shout out Steve Gleason, man. That's what's up. Damn straight. That's what, and I remember, I remember after they scored that touchdown, I look at Marshall and he looks at me with a look like, right?

As he's then started cackling in his, in his famous cackle whenever he's right about something, right? So yeah. And then the only thing that Marshall enjoyed later on that day, more than that, was when I was on the field with him right around the second quarter, standing on the field. I had a press pass and watched the game from the field and I got kicked off the field because someone from ESPN saw me on the screen.

It was their game and they didn't want me out there. Really? Yes. The member of security told Marshall, you could stay. He's got to go.

Man, that's insane. As Tom Marshall loved it. Bye. Bye.

But he did try to get me to come back on. No, is that Kyle Richard or Tom Petty right there? Which, which on the, on the, on the level of Petty.

Have we ever, we haven't actually not written it, put pen to paper. The King Richard, the King Petty has to be top level pettiness. Mr. The King is, and then it goes, it goes Richard, King Petty, then Tom Petty, Kyle Petty, Lori Petty, Bryce Petty. But we try not to go that long.

Well, I mean, it's different five stages of pettiness. I would say you got Richard, the King Petty. I was in the 43 car. Man.

Yes, sir. They booted you. Making left turns, getting off the field. I know how that feels though. I once got kicked off the field at AT&T stadium.

So I understand. Why'd you get kicked off the field at AT&T stadium? By the way, not just him though.

He got all of us thrown out. For the draft. Yes. Why would you get kicked off for a draft?

Yeah. So I want to know, why did I get kicked off? Why didn't you tell me? Well, I was standing right underneath you. I mean, you were, all you have to do is text me saying, we got a problem down here. I tried to explain the security guards. Even with the draft, even with the draft, which is without question, the most mentally taxing gig I have all year long. It's your domain.

It is, but I still can multitask enough. I was chopping your name like it was breadcrumbs and they didn't seem to care. I was literally, you were on the riser. We were right beneath you. I'm like, I'm working with Rich Eisen and they were like, you got to go. I'm like, okay. Wow. So I couldn't have done anything is what you're saying. That's not true. There's NFL security on the set with NFL network.

I could have usually just said, can you help out my guys? So, and then what happened? I'm already mad. And then the Cowboys drafted late and Van Der Esh. And this is what Brock was talking about the other day. And my anger for getting kicked off a couple with the Van Der Esh pick.

Cause I was just so mad because he wanted Calvin Ridley. Yeah. Wasn't a good day for it. It was a good day. Just that it was that little moment. That little moment was bad.

So I went to chicken wings and it was fine. Now you can't even tweet about it. Hey feller, you just got back, bro. Oh, I got to sit back. Let's, uh, let's take a break.

Good to see you, Jason. Let's take a break and we'll talk about game five of the world series. And, uh, what we saw last night and the sound bite from dusty Baker after last night's game. Um, wait till you hear this.

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I've been nervous ever since Taylor walked in because I was watching her getting buckets and now we got a superstar. We do. Hey, you know what? Um, Yankee fans out there watching the Phillies.

I know every yank every Yankee fan. I know. Suddenly they're, they're like learning what whiz wit and what all that means. I'm whiz without.

Okay. Whiz without Yankee fans. They're all, but they're like, whiz what? Khalifa. What are we talking about?

Nobody beats the whiz. Nobody, you know, like that's bringing me back. That's normally what, that's normally what New Yorkers are saying, but now we're all feeling like, oh yeah, we're about the Liberty Bell. We're like the Rocky steps. We're everything right now because we're just all Philly fans. Every Yankee fan. Yeah, sure. Why not? That's I'm sure kind of Ollie would agree if he was listening to this right now.

All of it. So yeah, we're, but we're finding out. It's like chasing that rooster. Chase the chicken. It's tough to catch. Tough to catch.

Certainly when they've got crap thunder, certainly when they've got the kid, Jeremy pain, you, how good is this kid? University of Maine. Hey, uh, Carlos Correa, you want to take the twins money? See ya.

See ya. Deuces. One might say deuces. Speaking of it, Tyree kills coming up next. Jose Altuve is hitting and hitting a doubles. He's actually getting run score. That guy gets on base. Just a wrap. Yeah.

Okay. And Bregman and, you know, the rest of the team, you're Don Gouriel. And then, you know, Verlander, you get to him early. Um, but it's still just a tie game and paying your homers does his heart thing. And even, I gotta tell you, even for us Yankee fans, seeing him, he's tough to, he's tough to dislike. I mean, he's really good player. I mean, that's exact, not to make it any worse. That's exactly the kid Yankee fans are looking for.

Exactly. Where's one of them coming from the minors? Where's our Jeremy pain yet? Well, you trade them away to get, I don't need an answer.

Looking for answers. Homer's in the bottom of the first to weed off that. Like you think the Phillies are like, Oh, here we go. Here we go again. Here we go again.

But you just keep on keeping on. And, you know, just always have to give up that one run. That one run on Hoskins gets that ground ball. Robertson gets that ground ball with first and third. And Hoskins has got to field a quick cause Altuve is the guy on third.

You better act fast. Oh, exactly. So they got it. So the ball goes off his glove and that third runner was the difference is certainly when JT real Muto comes up in the ninth inning and takes Presley just deep to right center field and just smoked it. And Chasm McCormick makes the catch of his life. Game five of the world series, which you dream of, right?

Reaches up, makes the grab. And, um, sure enough. With, uh, we're assuming, you know, Presley would have still maybe hit Harper anyway, trying to bury that breaking pitch right inside, you know, right inside on, uh, on Harper would have hit him.

It would have been a totally different ball wax, but it, you know, when he caught that ball, I'm like, that's it. It's over. Yeah. But here's where, here's where they really win too.

Okay. Dusty freaking Baker, the manager of the Houston Astros in this era, in this era of, okay. Well, third time through the order picture might not be as good as numbers against that guy under this roof, under this celestial moon, you know, and the era of analytics. When managers are supposed to push the buttons exactly when they're told to push the buttons pregame in some sort of hotel conference room with a PowerPoint presentation to tell the manager in the sixth inning, fifth inning, this happens.

That's what you've got to do because the numbers support it and it gives us a better chance to win, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. No gut, no feel, no nothing anymore. How many times have we heard it? Right? Turning into world series nonstop. So Verlander, you mentioned, gave up that homer to Schwarber and he, he got deep into pitch count.

Yeah. Deep into pitch counts. And he's still out there in a six inning, isn't he?

Kind of shocking. Well, two, one game. Not when, and especially since he's never, unbelievably, that's his first world series win last night. It's a weird stat. Right.

He's first ballot, his first ballots are made. And it's funny, myself included, we killed Clayton Kershaw for supposedly not being a gamer in playoffs. And here's Verlander. Ofer until last night.

Ofer with a high ERA, you know, doesn't take the same amount of heat. So Dusty Baker, Dusty Baker was asked after the game about his process in keeping Verlander in. God bless this man.

This is it. Roll it. You know, it was a battle and that's what he said. I mean, he, he emptied the tank early and, you know, his pitch count got, got high with, I mean, that was as far as we thought we should take him.

And, you know, we held the lead for him. You know, like he, you know, he was in trouble there a couple of times. And I remember my teammate Tommy John always told me that a, that a good pitcher can get out of trouble twice and a great pitcher three times and so-so pitcher maybe one time. And so that was, you know, I could hear Tommy John talking to me, you know, during the game and sometime you call upon people that you've played with or talked to in the past to deal with the present. So for a certain generation, when he says he hears Tommy John talking to him, Dusty is not hearing advice from his underwear. Okay.

He's talking about the great pitcher from back in the day. And God, do I love hearing that? Take your analytics. Not that they're totally useless.

They are useful. I don't want to hear it from the analytics crowd. I don't, Daryl, if you're out there or good buddy, Daryl Morey, you know, he's, he's the barbarian at that gate, man. He's standing on that wall. Dusty said, shine it up real nice.

Turn it sideways. So here you go, man. He's hearing Tommy John's voice in his head and he's just like, I love that. Good pitcher can get out of trouble twice, a great pitcher at three times. Well, you have a great pitcher there. Damn straight he does. Let him do it. When Dusty goes in the hall.

And if the Astros as expected, pull off one of the next two games, even if they don't, Dusty should go in the hall. I believe. Yeah.

We went over this. Exactly. Right. But instead of his plaque going over his career, that quote verbatim should be on his plaque.

That's interesting. On his plaque in the 21st century in 2022 in a world series game five, which as you know, there's only two of such games, decisive or pivotal. It was pivotal last night.

Series pivots with whoever wins in that direction. He went gut feel experience. He went gut feel experience. GFE. He went GFE.

New phrase, gut feel experience. What? Tell me that stands for something else.

And I just walked into it and I have no idea because I'm a 53 year old man with a lot of ish going on. He said, Kevin Cash is through a brick. There's this conversation. I mean, he might feel that he wants to go GFE too. And he just can't or he won't or whatever. And Dusty's out of, you know, what's to give. It's the middle initial of what I just said.

Dave Roberts with the binder on. Hey, you know what, man, I bet you he wants to go GFE more than he does too. All managers do. Yeah. Way to go, Dusty. I heard that.

I'm like, I got to play that for the audience. And I just did, I feel good about it. Well done. Thank you. Hour number two, Tyree Kill coming up, the author of, am I reading this right? Am I reading this right? No, I think it's, I think it's the way I, we'll ask him an hour number to the drop, Rich. What's more likely also still coming up. Boom. Sneaky good games, Rich.

Oh, that's right. My hands are on fire right now. What is your, what is your record?

Seven and one in the last two weeks. Watch out now. Look at you. We off the hook this year, getting mad money off the books. Now with my 11 and nine year olds to your right, how would you explain to them what sneaky good games is that segment?

Do you guys like money? Oh, stop it. Move over a little bit to your tape.

Move over, move over. It's closer to your brother. Move over closer to your brother. Okay.

Move over closer to your brother. There you go. There she is. All right. So go ahead. Is that really how you would explain it to them?

I give you picks to win money. Oh my goodness. This is not what's good.

No, it's not. How about this? Do you guys, do you guys like cookies? Oh my God. There you go. There you go. You like cookies. So I'm going to give you a way to take the cookies that you have and then suddenly you have more of them.

There you go. That was just creepier. I'm not driving around in a van.

I was just going to say, does that van have windows in it too? This Friday show has gotten off the rails. What are we doing? You're not welcome back. Are you still on some sort of pain blocking drugs or something? You can't ask me that in front of HR, especially with the stash. Yeah.

Come on, man. It's a narc. By the way, yeah, there's a stash. How does Sarah like the stash? Not great. Not great, Bob.

It's the mad man, Jeff. Not great, Bob. I told him yesterday, though. You're creating your choice with the stash. All right. Hour number two, what's more likely your phone calls and Tyree kill.

Don't go anywhere. It could be information to change your life forever, or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting. Ramit Sadie talking about being rich. The old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated, but it wasn't about how to spend it. It was more about how to get it. But okay. So once you get it, what do you do with it? In our culture, everybody tells you how to save, but nobody teaches you how to spend it. Something you should know wherever you listen.
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