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REShow: Joe Mantegna - Hour 3 (11-4-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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November 4, 2022 3:17 pm

REShow: Joe Mantegna - Hour 3 (11-4-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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November 4, 2022 3:17 pm

Actor Joe Mantegna joins Rich in-studio to discuss the return of his ‘Criminal Minds’ franchise on Paramount+, his beloved Chicago Bears and the origin story behind his classic ‘Da Bears!’ Saturday Night Live skit, his beloved Cubs, who was the real-life inspiration for his Fat Tony character on ‘The Simpsons,’ and tells the hilarious story about the unlikely way he found out he’d landed a role in ‘The Godfather III.’ 

Rich revisits his horrendous ‘Raiders will win the AFC West’ prediction, previews the most intriguing matchups in NFL Week 9, the guys check in on TJ’s pre-season prediction for the Dallas Cowboys, and Brockman offers up his ’Sneaky Good Games’ betting advice.

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Clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Jeff Bezos looking into buying the Washington Commanders with Jay-Z. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

The rocks in the building. You crazy for this one, Jeff? Three quarters for ownership.

Would have to approve this sale. Yo, Goodell. Earlier on the show, Saint's defensive end, Cameron Jordan. Dolphin's wide receiver, Tyree Kill.

Still to come from Paramount Plus's Criminal Minds Evolution. Actor Joe Mantegna. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yes. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air right here on the Roku channel, Channel 210. For those who are checking us out on all Roku devices, Samsung smart TVs, Amazon Fire TVs, every single mobile device that you can put the download the Roku app on.

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Free. We love it. We love being everywhere and we absolutely adore the fact that we can bring you the best guests like Tyree Kill. Last hour, Cam Jordan of the Saints. Hour number one. And turning to my right, joining us here back on the Rich Eisen Show, back here to talk about Criminal Minds. Criminal Minds Evolution premieres with two episodes on Thanksgiving Day on Paramount Plus exclusively. And guess what?

You can get Paramount Plus right here on Roku. Thrilled to have back here on the program, Joe Mantegna. How you doing, Joe? I'm doing great, Rich. Good to see you, man. I'm doing great.

And I thought I was the best dad ever, I guess. I don't know. I've got the sign here. I feel like I am, but I don't discount your candidacy.

Hopefully I'm a close runner up. That's all I can say. Yeah.

We're neck and neck. How does that sound? How does that sound?

Go for that. Hey, man. I guess when you were here to promote Criminal Minds the last time, I honestly thought next time I'd say you'd be promoting something else, but it's unbelievable.

How does this show stay alive like it has? I don't know, but I don't look a gift horse in the mouth. You know what I mean? God bless it.

Yeah, we're back. I mean, two and a half years we were away, and I put it to sleep. My longest-running character is Fat Tony on The Simpsons. I've been doing that for 31 years now, I think. And I thought, okay, that's a good run with that, and that'll be the one that- Sure. That's your bonanza.

Yeah, that's the one. That's my bonanza, exactly. But then we get the call saying, you know what? The syndication on Criminal Minds is literally, I think the bulk of it, my fan mail comes from China and Germany and all these various places around the world. They became apparent that the show really has legs all over the planet. And so I think the powers that be said, hey, maybe we can do more of these. And so we are.

Right. And so was this in a way fan-driven, where fans were like, let's do more of it? I think that certainly has to have a lot to do with it.

And let's face it, as you know, it's a business. And at the end of the day, the business people like to see that a lot of eyes that are looking at these episodes and sometimes over and over and over. And I think in a way, the whole COVID thing, I mean, around the world, in a way, kind of probably forced a lot of people to binge watch a lot of different things, especially certain age groups and stuff like that. A lot of college age people, you know, I think became, you know, got into the show on a big way.

I can, I must have got about 150, 200 invitations to college girls, graduations. Is that right? Yeah. I mean, and they would often say, because of your show, you know, we would binge watch it. And now I want to go into, you know, that line of work, whether it was the FBI or law enforcement.

David Rossi can give a graduation commencement address. Fantastic. Well, let's take a look because the trailer just dropped as the kids might say as well.

Here's the trailer of Criminal Minds Evolution again, premieres with two episodes on Thanksgiving Day on Paramount Plus with new episodes dropping weekly on Thursdays, Paramount Plus again, right here on Roku. Check it out. Done. We got 16 dead bodies in a very shipping container. These aren't just connected cases. This is a serial killing network. The B.A.U. is different. Where others see monsters, we see patterns. This is the biggest case we've ever had. I think there's something to find.

I swear to you, we find it. Thanksgiving Day, man. Check it out on Paramount Plus. What was it like when the cast all got back together for the first time? Yeah, it was, you know, it was like a family reunion. It was great. I mean, we all pretty much stayed in touch.

It was a really tight group. You know, we'd always do these text threads and all that kind of stuff over the years, over the last couple of years. But it's been really, really great. And what's weird is we're back in the same studio.

I mean, they rebuilt all the stuff, you know, the jet and this and that. It's a little, it's the same, but a little different, you know, which is why it's evolution. I love it.

Criminal minds again, evolution. All right. So you want to talk about your bears right now? No, I mean, no, because I think there's some positive.

I'm seeing some positives. Yeah. No, no, no. I mean, well, you know, we'll see. Again, it's that whole, you know, the quarterback thing, you know, will this be the guy?

And I don't know. I mean, I still go back to, you know, Zeke Bradkowski and Ed Brown, you know, so it's been a long, long, long journey since then, since I was a kid. But, you know, hey, the bears are the bears are the bears. And, you know, we still have being a cub fan and a bears fan.

It's like the cross-eyed bear, you know, so I have 85 for the bears and I have 2016 for the Cubs. And, you know, I'll live with that. How would the Swersky clan, what would they think of? Yeah, exactly. That was that they wrote that original skit for me when I hosted Saturday Night Live back in 91.

Yeah, 91. And we did it as like, you know, they said, Hey, he's from Chicago. And, and, and, uh, so, you know, we do the skit and we're talking like this, the embarrassing, you know, over here and you guys over there. And I remember even I was given Chris Farley tips and how to sound like he was from Chicago. He'd asked me, he says, well, how would you do it? I said, well, Chris, you just got to do like this, you know, I mean, turn your things into these and, you know, like that.

And so he did a, he did a great job with that. But we had no idea was going to be what it became. I mean, we did this skit that night. And then the next day people calling me from Chicago saying, Hey, man, they've been playing this nonstop on the radio. And, and then the next time I go in Chicago, he had billboards that said the bears duck cubs, the socks, the Paul university. Yeah. Yeah.

They had the Paul university. So I said, okay, I guess this had, this resonated with God legs. You did it multiple times, right? I did it.

Yeah. Well, they would always ask me to come back. George went and did it quite a bit more than I did because George, he had finished with cheers.

He hadn't, you know, and so for him, it was great to do something else. Sure. But I was in LA, I was working at the time and they would say, Hey, we're doing the skit again this week. You want to come in? I said, Hey, you know, I fly to New York just to go the bears, you know, half an hour. Uh, you know, but I did, I did do another time. I happened to be in New York. I think when Danny DeVito was hosting, we did it, uh, DeVito. Yeah.

So, uh, but I'm, I'm, I'm happy to, to have been a part of that original kind of thing that, that created that. Did you ever run into Dicka? You ever run into him? Oh yeah.

And have a car. Did he bring this up or no, not really. He's so unaware of that stuff. Dicka was, you know, Dicka was Dicka. I mean, he was.

Hurricane Dicka, right? Oh yeah. We did.

Which is better. I'm sorry. I'm going to do the bit with you right now, but, but go ahead. I'm sorry.

No, no. Dicka was like, uh, I mean, we had done, uh, they had actually, they had actually created a movie version of that skit. Yeah.

It was going to be a full length movie, but then what happened is Chris Farley had, yeah, Chris Farley passed away and it was so much, he was so much a part of it. Of course. But what we did for charity is we did a version of it in Chicago live of the movie. Yeah. You know, the movie version, you know, just doing it. Table read. Table read.

Sure. So we had Rob Smigel who created the thing and myself and a few of the actors and George went and myself and Dicka. So we had Dicka because the whole, the basis of the movie was that it ended with, with, with, with, we, we get a school bus and we jump into the Indianapolis 500.

It was totally ridiculous. But Dicka was involved in the first one, but Dicka being Dicka, we were doing two performances and the money was going to charity. We had a full house at this theater in Chicago. We take a break. We take the dinner break. Dicka doesn't show up after the dinner break. And then they figured out that he just kind of forgot that there was going to be a second show.

Luckily, I think there was, there was a picture for the White Sox that was in the audience at the second show. We drafted him that filled Dicka. No kidding. Oh yeah. But that was Mike. I mean, Mike was like, you know, we talked to him later was like, Oh yeah, that's right. It was the second thing. Yeah. You know, it was, that was what the wife, we, we went out for a steak and we, whatever, but I got, I loved him to death.

The perfect coach for the, for the 85 for the perfect time. Right. Perfect.

Sweetness. Your favorite. Is he the favorite?

Is he the best for you? Yeah. I mean, he was, you know, yeah.

I mean, that's special as it comes in the fact that he, you know, and, and, you know, too bad he couldn't be around to celebrate the, his achievements now, but that's, again, that's, that's, that's the Chicago way. You know, you do it, you're out and that's that. Joe Mantegna here on the Rich Eisen show. So you've got, you have a podcast called Hollywood and Ivy.

Is that what you do? Our show you're doing? No, it's a, it's actually a show. It's on a marquee channel, which, which handles the cub games and it's called Hollywood and Ivy. What we do is we, I co-produce the show and we, we interview celebrity cub fans.

So we've had people on it like, well, Bob, Bob Odenkirk, Bonnie Hunt, Gary Sinise, Gary Cole. Bill Hader is going to be doing it. Vince Vaughn is going to do it. Jim Belushi is going to do it.

Got all these different guys lining. Fantastic. That's really interesting because they just talk about, you know, just growing up being a cub.

I thought about Bill Hader was a cub fan. I did a couple episodes of Barry. You were great on that. Thank you. It's just one of those, what's, what's Joe Mantegna doing on that?

Not a stretch to play myself though. It was okay. But in talking to Bill, you know, and he's, you know, his company's even called something like Thunder Productions. Cause he's, you know, Oklahoma, the whole Oklahoma thing. And I can relate to that cause my father was actually born in Oklahoma.

I brought that up and we're talking. Then he said something to the effect of, yeah, but you know, actually I'm a Cubs fan. I said, you're a Cubs fan. And he explained to me that he grew up in Oklahoma, but only after his dad, his family had moved there and his dad being a Cubs fan from Chicago. So, so Bill's going to do the show because he's, he's, he's a, he's a Oklahoma Thunder fan. We're basketball, but a big, huge Cubs fan. I assume you've done the seventh inning stretch, right?

You've done that. Oh, I've, I've, I think Tom Dreesen and I, we were kind of neck in neck for throwing out the first pitch and singing the seventh. He came in. When did Tom come in during the summer, right? He came in during the summer. The stories he told.

Yeah. Well, the one, one of the, maybe I've done it, maybe let's say 12, 15 times, throw out the first pitch thing in the seventh. The most memorable time for me is I did it for the game that Carrie Wood struck out 20 batters.

And that was just luck of the draw. I happened to be in Chicago. The Cubs called and said, Hey, you want to throw out the first pitch this week?

They said, yeah, I'll do that Thursday game. You know, and it turned out it was a little rainy. Not many people there, you know, Houston Astros, Cubs, next thing you know, and I throw out the first pitch, Carrie Wood signs, dates the ball.

Get out of here. Yeah. And then, and then struck out 20 guys. Then strikes out 20 guys. And, and, and I say, and when I sang the seventh inning stretch, I ended it by saying, go Carrie.

Cause at that time, I think he had something like 16. Yeah. And then the guys had me stay in the booth, uh, you know, the, in the radio booth, and I called like the next, the seventh and eighth inning with them.

Get out of here. And, and then they gave copies that all the season ticket holders the next year all got like, you know, CDs of, of that whole game. And so you can hear me.

I ended up going 18 and I was pretty, pretty, pretty. That's it that day. There we go. There we go.

Look at that right there. Was Harry carry still around at that time? No, Harry wasn't done.

I think this was after Harry had passed and that's why they were kind of like rotating different kind of, you know, celebrities to come do that. You meet him. You got a good Harry. I did. I did a Harry. I did.

I did do. I, one time when I, you know, saying the seventh, I did, you know, go up there, hang on. I'm going to booth with Harry for a little bit. When you do that, you, when you do those seventh inning stretch, you have to do a Harry carry, right? You get a one and a two. Yeah, you do.

We still think it's a one, a two and a yet that, that, that, you don't know that, you know, I have a glass of beer next. Of course. I met him one time, uh, one time, um, I was a graduate student at Northwestern in the Medill School of Journalism. And, um, I covered, I think it was Jim Riggleman or Tom Treblehorn had just been named the manager. Right. And it was a morning press conference.

Okay. Like 11 a.m. And I showed up to Wrigley field and I was early cause you know, I'm an enterprising, you know, reporter student. I had a press pass, which was awesome. I get to go to Wrigley field, get out of here, showed up in the press conference. There was only one guy who was already there, a bloody Marian, Harry Caron.

And he was, I think there were a few sheets already in the. Press first of champions, of course. I love it. Fantastic. Uh, Joe Mantegna, I've got a couple more questions for you. Fat Tony, who was this based on here? What do we got?

What do we got? Fat Tony, you know, it was Godfather three had just can't come up. This was 19 again. This was, this was early 1991. Yeah. When I get the call saying, Hey, the Simpsons, which had only been on, this was their third season.

Yes. Are interested in you playing this character of fat Tony. And they sent me the script. And I think, okay, it's this, it's this kind of mob guy from that world. But I, but I'm out playing Joey Zaza at the time and Godfather. And I'm thinking, well, I don't want to come in and do that character. I mean, that's kind of weird. It was like, you know, I'll be getting calls from, you know, Poozo and Coppola saying, what are you doing?

And I'm thinking, so I, but I liked the idea and I love the way the character was written. So I show up and I think, okay, what kind of voice should I give it? So I don't sound like Joey Zaza. Then I remember my dear uncle Willie, who'd been my travel partner, you know, since I was in my early twenties, because my dad passed away when I was in my early twenties. And so my uncle Willie was kind of like my, my, my guy right up until he passed, you know, in his, in his nineties. But uncle Willie talks like this, this is his voice. This is, you know, that was Willie, you know? And so I'm thinking to myself, I'm kidding. And I'm, I'm just getting ready to start doing the episode here with the whole cast of the Simpsons. And I'm thinking, I'm going to just do Willie. And if anybody see, if anybody stops me, you know, so I start doing the lines like, yeah, okay. Oh, this guy's over there.

And nobody says anything. I'm thinking, all right, so far, so good. I'll just do it, you know, and I do the episode. And then a few weeks later I get a call, Hey, will you be interested in doing that guy again?

We kind of like that character. Yeah, sure. I'll do it again. And of course, Willie got a big kick out of it.

Next thing I know, like I say, I'm now in year 31, I believe, I guess, if you do the math. Yeah, there we go. And so yeah, Fat Tony and I have a very strong bond here. You're doing your old uncle Willie. Oh yeah. I still do uncle. In fact, I brought him with me to one of the recording sessions, like maybe a year 15 or something happened to be visiting me in Chicago from Chicago. And I brought him to the studios and said, Hey, everybody wants you to meet somebody.

Yeah. How are you doing? How are you doing? I'm Joey's uncle Willie. They're all like, Oh my God, ground zero for Fat Tony. There he is. Fantastic.

I love it. And what was it like to be called up by I imagine Coppola or Puzo, whoever to say, well, would you like to be part of the Godfather? Oh, that was, that was, that was pretty amazing. I'll tell you one funny little bit about that.

Yes. I knew I was up for the part for Joey Zaza, but it wasn't, it wasn't a done deal yet, but I just knew it was up for it. So it was a Friday. And I remember my wife saying to me, would you go over and pick up this, this, whatever it was, the Liguini with clams at the Italian place, right around the corner. So I go over to the restaurant right around the corner where I was living in studio city at the time. And as I walked in the owner of the place looks at me and goes, Joe, you son of a gun, you're going to be another Godfather. And I go, what? He goes, you're going to be in a movie.

Come on, don't give me that. You're going to be the Godfather. I said, and I know I knew I was up for this role, but that was it. And I said, well, you know, what are you talking about?

What do you mean? I mean, it was my, my, my nephew, he works in the office in New York. He said, they put a new picture up out of the wall next to the well, a Pacino to the, to the guy, you name it. And I said, well, I don't know.

I mean, you know, I don't know about that. You know, I'm, I'm just, you know, I run back to the house and of course jump on the phone, call my agent. I said, I, the pizza guy just told me I'm in the movie. He goes, Oh, I, I was going to call you. I was just going to call you. We just got the call because literally the nephew was working in the casting office in New York. And once they make those decisions, that's what they do. They put your, you know, they put on a wall or all the characters that are going to be in the movie. And so he calls his uncle right away. And of course, before anybody calls me.

So I'm thinking this is pretty good. Maybe it's a good sign that the pizza guy's letting me know I'm playing this role before anybody else does. Did Brando find out from his pizza guy? You never know. I don't know. Go find a pizza guy. I'm glad it wasn't going to pick up like Chinese though, or some other kind of food, because that purported it would be Italian.

Let the cows own out of the bag. Yeah. You wouldn't have known, or you would have, you would not have known about, uh, no, no, no.

Somebody who didn't know the, the nephew on the inside. I mean, and then just being on the set with Pacino and Coppola had to have been for you, uh, at the time. Yeah. Obviously done Mamet and done so many great things, but I'll remember when I first arrived, because we, we, we shot for a long time in Rome. And when I got to this chinichita studio, which is legendary anyway, you know, with Fellini and all of that history, I remember getting to the studio the first day and, you know, sound stages, as you know, there's these huge buildings with big thick doors to soundproof them. So I can, they say, Oh, can you go through that big, so that's stage door.

And they're, that's where you should go. You know, it's a deal meet you to bring you to, you know, to the, where you gotta go. And I remember pushing, so here I'm in Rome, I get to the sound stage door. As I push the door open, all of a sudden I hear the strains of music coming from inside. And it was the orchestra rehearsing for the scene of, cause the movie opens with this kind of like a party scene. And as I push the door, I'm hearing the orchestra playing that.

And of course you've heard this at every kid's birthday party and weddings and stuff all these years prior. And now I'm thinking, this is not a tape. This is not the radio.

This is not a party. This is the orchestra was actually playing that song for this movie, which is going to be the next installment of the Godfather. And I'm thinking, as my friend, Vinny Guastafaro told me when I got the role, he says, Hey man, you're going to be in the Italian star Wars. And I thought, Hey, yeah, I guess I guess I am. I guess that's, that's, that's a hell of a hell of a cantina. No doubt about it. And then for, I guess for to say criminal minds, uh, every time you think you're out, they pull me back in. That's right. Pretty much. I'd say that was a, that was a spinning curve ball in the zone.

Uh, criminal minds evolution premieres with two episodes on Thanksgiving day, Thursday, November 24th, exclusively on paramount plus. If you wouldn't mind, I'm going to ask you to do something that might be a little out of character for you. But we have asked bears fans who have been calling into this program to just scream the word Eber Flus at the top of their lungs. Yeah. The name of your coach, just to see, just to see, just to see if it, if it helps you feel better about your team.

Eber Flus. Yeah. Yeah. Just, if you wouldn't mind, just scream screaming it. Give me, give me your best Joe Montania sort of from the gut. Here we go. Okay. I'm going to, I'm going to give it with a little spin to it.

Go for it. Eber Flus. Ladies and gentlemen, you figure out, you figure out where that's coming from. Is that a fat Tony Eber Flus?

I'm not saying. Thank you, sir. Greatly appreciated at Joe Montania on both Twitter and Instagram, criminal minds evolution. Make it part of your Thanksgiving day amongst all the football. And then if not save it and then we'll stream it because it's going to be right there on paramount. Paramount plus new episodes will drop weekly on Thursdays.

I love when you come on man. In effect that you, in fact that the Roku channel, that little block on your mic is purple and white makes me think the Northwestern influence. There it is. Yes. There you go. I picked up on that.

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Simply go to to get a rate quote or contact your local agent and get started seeing how much you could save. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show Terrestrial Radio Network. Fun stuff with Joe Mantegna right there, man.

So good. I mean, so somebody, we didn't even scratch the surface on David Mamet. That's part, part of the reason why is if you can't curse, it's difficult to talk David Mamet. You know what I mean?

Like if we, if we have, if we have guardrails about, you know, audiences and ear muffs and things like that, if you could work blue, then you got to talk David Mamet, you know? So yeah, that's a, that that's perhaps why I kind of steward a little bit clear of that. Yeah. His assistant was with him and met him in the back. He says to me, first, first thing he says to me, not hello, doesn't say hello, says to me, to me, you still think the Raiders are going to win the AFC West? And my response to that was chief's fan, right? What do you think?

Chief's fan. Did Stone Street send you? You put yourself out there. I sure did. I sure did.

And you know what? I'm going to keep doing it. I'm not going to stop. I'll stop with the Raiders, but I'm not going to stop. I'm not going to stop, man. Yeah. Look, you were right about the warriors.

You missed on the Raiders. It happens. You know, I'm not going to stop.

Can't stop in my opinions, but it is still, it's coming close with each passing loss to the worst take I've ever had in the eight plus year history of this show. Currently threatening your clubhouse leader, which is the runner up from the NBA bubble championship run. The Miami Heat should not break that team up to trade for Giannis at Teddy Kumpo. Cause at the time, it was possible that he wasn't going to go back to Milwaukee. And I said, hang on entirely hero.

Do not trade any of your young stars. I mean, here it looks great this year. It was funny. It was funny.

Then just to reiterate, cause again, we might have a new Roku audience. The number of times that I kept doubling down, I was so sure of myself and would ask every NBA expert or analyst about that theory and the number of times it was shot down. And I still kept going.

I think it was Richard Jefferson. Yeah. He just started laughing whose reaction was so bad for my opinionating. Finally that that's when it finally sunk in. I might've been off on it. That's how sure I am about. And that's how sure I was Devontae Adams Chandler Jones being mixed to a team that had a really good season. Despite an incredible amount of adversity with Josh McDaniels. We even heard Darren Waller say, I've got red zone plays for me now.

I heard that. I'm like, Oh, great. Does that mean he was that good when he didn't have red zone plays for him?

Like Gruden didn't have any dialed up for him. Like, what does that mean? I even said that's great too. I'm so right. Yeah. So that's, that's how I was greeted. So you think that you still think the real, I'm like, you know what? Part of me also, and I'll admit it, respected it. Oh, of course I did. Yeah.

No, but part of me was also like, okay. So you, you heard it. And disrespect is real. Oh, that's a new drop from Tyree kill an hour to the disrespect is real. Disrespect is real. There it is. When he said that he would do my charity run, give me a 30 yard headstart, laughed about it and said that disrespect is real.

He said 30 after you had offered 20. Yeah. He kind of like, yeah, he's a confident guy. I think I get it. He said the same way that I am about my takes.

Another thing I have in common with the cheetah. Can we just say this though? The honest take, I don't, I think that's like the Belichick day by day. When I said that reached the precipice. Yes. I think you're, don't trade for you on this. That's your peak, right?

Cause I don't think you can ever say anything. It's the Raiders winning the division and then being as bad as they are right now. And the chiefs look as good as they ever have. Come on now. It's Giannis. You look at the man.

He passes every eye gate that there is. He's look at him and you said, no, like I don't think you're going to talk that I'm trying to help you out. Excuse me. At the time, at the time, just so everyone understands, this was before Giannis won a championship. Yeah. This is when we were wondering if he wanted to even stay there.

If the bucks had the right guys around him, if this was the right place for him. Okay. I was wondering if that was part of the problem and if he was part of the problem. And I was very, very, very stupid.

I'm just saying, I don't think you're going to shouldn't even say those words because that can be memed against me. Am I reading the chart? Another new job. Well done. Should I put out a poll or should I not? Don't put out a poll.

I love the polls. I do not want any friendly fire. Okay.

Do not use any of our, I've already made a culprit. How many more times can I say it? I know. We're on Raiders Nation radio, one of our tremendous partners and affiliates of the rich eyes and show terrestrial radio network, Las Vegas. Are you with me?

The autumn wind is pissing me off. So, uh, week number nine, uh, I want to talk about some games that intrigue me. Uh, you want to give me some music? I like the music. It gets me in the mood.

It gets me in the mood. Um, here's a game that's leaping out at me because it involves, uh, a first place team hosting and above 500 team. You look around, there's not a lot of those in the NFL right now. How about the chargers at the Falcons?

How about that? Can the Falcons like this game? Can the, because the Rams play the bucks later on. So the Falcons can put a score on the board that Tom Brady, when he's out, strolling the turf in Tampa before the game with the Rams coming in, he'll look up there and see that the Falcons won. Is, am I really saying this into a microphone? The answer is yes. Can the Falcons put the pressure on the bucks to keep pace?

I'm saying those words because they're real. And for Atlanta, they're spectacular. And then the chargers are coming off a by and it's one of those early window games or a West coast team.

It ain't easy, but the charges coming off a bite. They're, how is this the most chargers thing of 2022 of all the chargers, things that can happen that they're more banged up coming out of a by than they were going in because Keenan Allen was trending in the right direction and he had a setback and Austin Eckler, maybe they're just sitting them down to make sure that he's not going to be hurt for Sunday. I don't know, but we'll see. Let's hope that Herbert with the week off, the ribs have actually healed and let's see what that game looks like.

I'm eager to see that. And then there's eight, one Eastern games, by the way, eight of them. How about the Vikings at the Washington commanders?

I just went high register there because it's fascinating what location means, right? Falcons are foreign for they're in first. Commanders are foreign for they're in last and Heineke has been hitting people since he, he's just got to be sitting there going, what were you doing going for once? What are you doing? What were you doing? I came off the couch to start a playoff game for you a couple of years ago and damn near knocked Tom Brady off his horse and his way to winning a championship. What are we doing? I was here all along and they've won a couple in a row.

They're foreign for, and do not pay attention to that ownership sale in the corner. Let's talk football with them. And here come the Minnesota Vikings at six and one yet another, like, are we going to see the, the, the, the commanders are probably going to be like, get out of here. Are we going to see at some point the fact that Kevin O'Connell, coach for Sean McVeigh, who used to coach for Washington at the same time, two other terrific head coaches used to coach and it's Kirk Cousins now who used to quarterback for him.

Are we going to have, are we going to have this whole business? And you can't call it a Kirk Cousins revenge game folks, because the number of times that the Washington at the time, uh, pre football team, Washington team, uh, didn't believe in him. It came in the form of a guaranteed payment that rivals Garrett Cole's annual sound. So you can't say like, oh, they didn't believe in him.

So he's going to show them because their disbelief in him led to him being generationally enriched in a way that only major league baseball aces get paid. But that said, let's see if the Vikings can, uh, knock off the commanders. Is Chase Young going to be back for this game?

I know he was cleared to return to practice. Might be too early, but let's see if the Washington commanders can win their third in a row, knock the Vikings down a peg or the Vikings can say, yeah, that was a nice two game losing, winning streak you had chasing. I'm not playing, but he's not playing.

Okay. So top of the NFC North right there. And those are two early season, early window games I'm looking forward to. There's only two late window games.

They both interest me personally because they involved the two teams that I'm calling, uh, their game in Munich the following week. It's the Seahawks in the box. The Seahawks are at the Cardinals. How about this one? This one's going to be great.

This is going to be all sorts of weird craziness in this game. Don't you feel it? Don't you feel it? Geno versus Kyler. Yep.

Okay. Can Kenneth Walker run all over the Arizona Cardinals in this one? They need it, man. Cause the Cardinals are sitting there right now at three and five. Going into week nine and three and six losing to the then six and three Seattle Seahawks would put the, uh, red sea, if you will, on red alert, they need this one. You gotta win your home games in division and they've already lost to the Rams in week three and the San Francisco 49ers are coming on. Uh, and we actually, their home game against San Francisco on week 11 is in Mexico city. They've got Seattle. Then they're at the Rams here in the Rams house where their season came crashing down last year. And then they're in Mexico city against San Francisco. This is a huge three game stretch. And then of course, Seattle could just say everybody keep doubting us. Everybody keep doubting us. Geno is like, I'm cooking on the rating offensive player of the month for the NFC in October.

How about that? That's wild. So can Seattle go into Munich at six and three sending Arizona into a three and six record going into their visit to the Rams house before playing the Niners in Mexico city, big one. And then of course there's the Rams and the bucks. The last two super bowl champions, one is the defending one. And obviously Brady's the one who won it at home against the Rams. The last two super bowl champions with home wins in their buildings for the super bowl at a crossroads.

No two ways about it. Three and four Los Angeles, three and five, Tom Brady and the bucks. Somebody's got to come away with this W and man, whoever does come away with the W feels good about themselves entering the second half of the season.

And the other one is looking around at the man in the mirror as well and saying, what is happening to us? And it's all on a line and it looks like it's going to be Romo and Nance with the call, the whole country, most of the country watching it on EBS, by the way, available here on Roku. So you can watch that game right here on Roku. It'll be great. I can't wait for it.

I don't know how much more setup I need. You asked me earlier, what's more likely? And I said, it's more likely that Stafford has the form of a super bowl quarterback than Brady's super bowl quarterback form. And the only reason why I said that is there's only one team with protection problems that's going to have Aaron Donald roll downhill at them. And that's the bucks.

So there's that. Those are the games I'm looking forward to. You got Titans chiefs, obviously, and chiefs, but that's on NBC. It looks like I'm a week Willis. Is it going to be him? The spread is 12 and a half. So, you know, not really expecting a good game. It's going to be a game time decision. Varsity is off this week. So that's cool. No, Patriots play varsity has a bye week. Patriots play at one o'clock.

Oh, that's that's JV. Put up the cowboy schedule for this guy. Let's put it up. Let's talk about it. Let's talk about it. Are you on track? What did you say? I've got it right here. You know where I'm going. At this a long time, buddy. Yeah, I've got it right here. TJ Jefferson at this point in time, he had the Cowboys starting with four straight wins before losing to the Rams, beating the Eagles, and then losing to the Lions and beating the Bears.

He had the Cowboys at one, two, three, four, five, six, and two, which is exactly their record. Just a different road. How about your boy? Different road, but yeah, he's different road. I mean, you know what I'm saying? Your fantasy, your fantasy analogies, uh, right church, wrong few, right?

I think it's still the different pew, right? Sure. You had them losing the next two though at Green Bay and at Minnesota. I'll stand by the Green Bay thing. Uh, you had them winning against the giants on Thanksgiving and then beating the Colts. You have them losing to the Texans. I might want to change that.

You have them winning a Jacksonville losing to the Eagles. Did I say that? Yes. And then being Tennessee and the commanders, you have them 11 and six. I might want to change that. You might, because at this point, finishing five and four right now, after starting six and two will not be the wind. That's not going to be the wind beneath your wings, sir.

No, I think that I was feeling pressure because originally I think I said like 14 and two, but then I had to take it back. Can I get NFL films, music, please? Yes, sir. All right. Let's do it. Do what?

This. Oh, let's do it. Let's go off the bi-week at Green Bay off the bi-week.

That's going to be an L. You think so? I just, I know our history. I know my team's tendencies.

I know Aaron Rodgers, like, you know, at Minnesota. Oh, that's a dub. Okay. Home for the giants on Thanksgiving. Come on, bro. We're going to eat that. Home for the Colts. We might even have to show up for that. Home for the Texans. Cooper Rush, go ahead and start that game. We're going to save that.

Okay. That's home for Jacksonville. Pardon me. At Jacksonville.

Ain't no offense to Travis ATM, but that's a dub. Home for the Philadelphia Eagles. No, I did say we were going to split. That was my thought process. So I kind of hope they are undefeated so we can throw salt in their season. So you've got them.

Okay. At Tennessee on the Thursday night, short week to kick off week 17, it's Al Michaels finale in the booth for this season. Oh, we can't go into Tennessee. That's that Tennessee where he can get all the, he can get all the short ribs and steak.

He wants to be very happy whatsoever. I think there is a four seasons there for him to know green. All right. We can't disrespect Al Michaels on his last day. Of course. And then at the commanders, guess what? We're going to mess around and take an L in this case. Okay. Yeah.

So you've got them losing the green Bay and then ripping off seven straight before losing to the commanders. Yes. Yes. Okay. So that's a six and two start and then a seven and two finish.

He's got them 13 and four now. Sounds right. I'll take the under there. Okay. Sounds right to me.

Holler at your bowl. Well done. Hold on. That's getting a full question. Well done.

Well done. That's your mulligan. Hey, don't hate the player. Maybe next week we'll each do mulligans for our teams. Did I do the jets? Did I ever remember Chris? He made me pick.

I never did the jets. He made me do that schedule though. Chris, you know what you had the Patriots coming on going into their by five and four. And if they win five and four, yeah. Oh yeah.

You have a different path though. You had them losing to Miami, which is true beating the Steelers, which happened losing to the Ravens, which happened then at green Bay, a loss happened. Then you had a win against the lions, when against the Browns, when against the bears, oh yeah. I'm beating the jets and then losing to the Colts. So I was right there. I got the first four right there.

And I was smart enough to not do it at all for the jets. What's the name of the show? Okay. Uh, we'll take a break. Chris Brockman is going to make you money. I'm on fire people.

Money. Well, I feel like, I feel like we should change our number to a 900 number right now. He's going to sell gold when we come back to all right.

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I'm still permanently suspended. I don't know what's going on with that. Nobody's playing for the Warriors tonight, Rich.

What do you mean? They've lost four. I think they're taking a rest day because it's back-to-back. No clay, no Wiggins, no Steph. No dream on. They're tanking for a Crown Vic.

No, they're not. If they get Crown Vic, we quit. They were up by how much in Orlando before losing last night? 16? Let's not talk about it. Your boy lost a parlay there. Who's my boy?

Him. Oh, she boy. Yeah, they were up. They were up by 16. And it's your boy. Jalen Suggs just suddenly couldn't miss in the fourth quarter.

No, I know. I was going, I think I'm going against Jalen Suggs in fantasy. He's good. So Jordan Poole's playing tonight though, right?

Yeah, Poole's going to have like 40 probably. There you go. Back-to-backs. Don't forget to start. I don't get it.

It's just like, why does the NBA schedule back-to-backs in November if every team is just going to basically say, these games don't matter now? And they're not going to. Yeah. Right. Okay. It is now time to turn to, because again, we're a show with a ton of access, to be very honest. So for Chris Brockman's gambling advice, which I do not, as an NFL employee, condone at all, we have none other than NBC News Emeritus Tom Brokaw introducing this segment, Sneaky Good Games.

Here's Chris Brockman with Sneaky Good Games, contests likely to surprise you with their heretofore undisclosed competitive value. How about that? How about that? I still can't believe it. It's great. You know what? He's got to be, he's got to be sitting there thinking, I'm glad I did that, knowing that Chris Brockman's acumen is now finally matching my gravitas. Higher.

Or something like that. So why the big words you just threw out there? Three and one last week, we're 18, 11 and one overall. What's happening? I mean, come on.

What's going on? Well, he couldn't be as bad as he was last year, so he flipped it. I actually was crushing it.

I finished strong last year. I've been carrying this for about a whole season now. All right. Look, chargers have all kinds of trouble.

Okay. They've got Keenan Allen out, Mike Williams out. Echler is going to be questioned. Well, just take the Falcons at home and feel good about it.

How much is it? Plus three. I think the Falcons win the game.

So that's why I'm going to take three points. Okay. No, Jonathan Taylor and a rookie quarterback going against Bill Belichick on the road.

Okay. Give me the Patriots by all of the points. It's not just any team too. They kind of don't like the Colts.

Do they kind of don't like the Colts and stuff a few years ago? Something happened. Something happened.

Something happened. Like my record, it's inflated Carolina and Cincinnati. A lot of points in this game. We saw a PJ Walker could do last week on the road in Atlanta and Cincinnati.

Like they really need to bounce back in the worst way. So I expect a lot of points in this game. Give me over the 42 and a half. And I think Seattle wins the game outright in Arizona.

They move at six and three, which is a complete opposite of what they said they were going to be coming into the year when I had them 32 out of 32. And first on the clock, Kenneth Walker, the third is my Lord and savior at this point in the fantasy season, even the Seahawks to win the game outright. If you want to do a nice little money line underdog parlay. I like Falcons. I like Seahawks.

Take it and feel good about it. We're going for now. I mean, so the Falcons are leading their division. The Chargers are banged up. Yeah.

The Seahawks are leading their division and both the Falcons and the Seahawks getting points are getting points. Correct. I might understand that. You are understanding that correctly.

Am I reading it? By the way, I think both drops from Tyree kill that we now have from his second hour appearance work that include you got both of them. There you go. Thank you, Tyreke. And then the other one is disrespect is real. Yeah. The disrespect is real. Disrespect is real.

He also got this too. Don't love the Eber flus this week. Stay away. Why? Oh, I thought you meant not. I mean, I'm just right in the game on Sunday. Miami's coming in. Stay away from that.

We now have Ashton Kutcher and Joe Montana doing the Eber flus. We do. I might not know that drop. I see it. I don't know if I trust it.

That's okay. Why would you not trust it? Because it's still too full.

Never enough. You could hit something and suddenly we're playing in only fans accounts. Oh, hey, Roku. Joe's over here scratching his head right now. I'm just saying we're not doing that.

My balls was hot. I'll stop it. No, we don't.

Yeah. Why not? I don't know what you're talking about, sir.

Subscription based service. No, I could talk to me. I told you Stuart Scott always said we wanted to do a pay-per-view sports center where we can do whatever we want. You'd be living on an island right now. I'm glad to be here with you. I'm glad you're here too, but you shouldn't be. You should be down in the Turks and Caicos drinking out of a coconut right now. Looking good, Louis.

Back to wrap up the show on Roku in a moment. It could be information to change your life forever or the something you should know podcast could just be something interesting. Ramit Sadie talking about being rich. The old definition of rich had a lot to do with how much money you accumulated, but it wasn't about how to spend it. It was more about how to get it. But, okay, so once you get it, what do you do with it? In our culture, everybody tells you how to save, but nobody teaches you how to spend it. Something you should know wherever you listen.
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