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REShow: Joe Burrow - Hour 1

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October 26, 2022 3:14 pm

REShow: Joe Burrow - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 26, 2022 3:14 pm

Rich breaks down the “Top 5 NFL Teams on Red Alert” among the Buccaneers, Packers, Raiders, Broncos and Browns who desperately need a win in Week 8.

Bengals QB Joe Burrow tells Rich how his pre-season appendectomy impacted the start of his season, what having college teammate Ja’Marr Chase on the team means to him, if he still has close bonds with Ohio State after transferring to LSU in college, and how losing in the Super Bowl to the Rams is helping the Bengals this season. 

Rich recants his Jets lamentations from earlier this week where he blamed himself for creating the bad mojo that resulted in RB Breece Hall’s ACL injury.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry, clean feel all day. This is The Rich Eisen Show. Was Mack Jones healthy enough to play the entire game last night?

That didn't happen, so that's another high priority question. Live from The Rich Eisen Show's studio in Los Angeles. New England fans.

He'll turned on this kid. The Rich Eisen Show. When Zappy comes in and leads two touchdown drives. Today's guests. Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner. Legendary film producer Jerry Bruckheimer. And now it's Rich Eisen.

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This one in particular is pretty awesome. We've got the hottest quarterback in the National Football League and I say that knowing there is an MVP candidate in Buffalo and that there's an MVP candidate in Philadelphia. They're on there coming off their bye week during which Joe Burrow threw for over 450 yards and scored a second consecutive game with a rushing touchdown as well. He has been on fire and he's joining us in 18 minutes time in advance of the week eight that begins tomorrow night between Lamar and Brady on Thursday night football. He's got the Monday night football finale in Cleveland. So it's a battle of Ohio. The kid from Athens, Ohio. The LSU Tiger who does claim some Ohio State blood still and I always have fun with Breer and the rest of those Ohio State honks who still claim him. He claims them.

So I don't even know if I'm going to go down that path because I don't know if I'm going to like the answer. Please don't. So he's joining us in 18 minutes time and then in the middle of hour number two, Kurt Warner Pro Football Hall of Famer is going to join us because I figured who better to ask how Matt Ryan feels being benched? Who better to ask about how Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are feeling right now both sitting at three and four than him and he also just as part of the Westwood one duties that he has on Monday night football calling the games with Kevin Harlan who was at the mic of a dynamite warrior son's game last night for week number two.

Lots of intensity in that one. Kurt was in New England just a couple days ago so who better to ask about what he saw in person with Mack Jones and Bailey Zappi than Kurt. He'll join us in the middle of hour number two and then in hour number three, you can't get any higher up the flow chart in this town talking about movies and TV than Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer of so many remarkable movies and TV shows that we have loved and still love renting and watching and re-watching and and he's still at it as well as he's currently having a remake of Beverly Hills Cop that he's going to put in front of our our eyes shortly and he just did he just did Top Gun Maverick. So he's joining us in hour number three because also he's the co-owner of Seattle Kraken and the NHL release what's cracking so basically every remote drop movie from the 90s that you love this guy was 80s don't forget the 80s yeah Beverly Hills Cop Top Gun early 2000 cut air the rock Armageddon every decade going bad boys so he's joining us in studio hour number three um in person so we're just gonna go deep into the pop culture pool and just head first we're gonna kind of fall into that baby aqua aqua aqua fantastic I'm making myself in the back it's good welcome to the rock so we're all here the gang's all here on uh on a very busy Wednesday Brockman Del Tufo and TJ Jefferson have all chimed in here so far and when uh and you should as well phone lines are already lightened love seeing that eight four four two oh four rich number to dial uh Wednesday is uh is when um you know we're still lingering in the the football weekend that just finished and we're getting ready for uh to turn the page um for instance still lingering that Monday nighter where Mack Jones starts and then he throws in interception then he's benched but it's not because it was at a performance it was planned to be benched they were going to play both quarterbacks Bailey Zappi comes in fans who are chanting for Zappi for as if last year's rookie season with Mack Jones didn't exist I'm so right and now we find out today where we're zooming in we're Zapruder-ing uh the the Mack Jones interception that wasn't what caused them to be benched it was all planned uh might have hit the sky cam why like what it looks like he was maybe throwing it away one thing you're never going to find out is whether he was going to throw it away Mack Jones will never talk about it he will never ever talk about it on camera because we've moved on they turned pages in New England they've moved on to the New York Jets were somehow some way at five and two there are three teams in the AFC right now three teams entering week eight in the AFC with five wins their names are the Buffalo Bills the Kansas City Chiefs and the New York freaking Jets I added the freaking it's not official so and the Pats are favored and the Patriots are favored after what we just saw on the road and Monday and I know Breece Hall their best offensive player is out and I know Elijah Vera Tucker their best offensive lineman is out but really okay sounds good the defensive player of the week in the AFC south he's been awesome south his numbers are so good did he even can you look it up for me did he even intercept to pass in Denver I don't think he did no he's just playing coverage he's just doing his thing like one catch for four yards in the last three weeks he's just doing his thing and he's defensive player of the week sounds good at any rate so that now we're turning the page Russell Wilson says he's ready to go what's right that's right Rich you know what time it is saying he's ready to go Caged Brockman knows what time Russell Wilson man didn't want to wake up today I got the sound bites here we're gonna try see if we can get the the I got the sound bites right here because it was I couldn't believe it when I saw it today I feel great I'm ready to rock rock not rad he's over there in London rock apparently he's working out in the aisles he said that he on the eight hour flight from Denver to London he's doing a high knees in the aisle the rest of the guys were sleeping what do you know what that's that's a plain version of telling the guys it's runner pass you guys sleep I'll do my stretches because I'm getting ready to go look at me look at me no it's not that you're asleep how it's not look at me if they're asleep I'm feeling good I'm ready to go it was tough not being out there don't forget this is a guy who never missed a start until his finger was hanging off his hand and he still came back to try and play last year for Seattle people forget I know he says he is ready to rock and just I guess speaking of trying to get everything all tied together with Jerry Bruckheimer in hour three and this being a topic of conversation right now Russell Wilson and the Broncos are working at a facility called the Harrow School in London so I don't know if that's the same Harrow that got wrecked in Beverly Hills Cup just trying to connect tissues but here we go here we go folks though it's week eight it's week eight in the NFL season it's week eight now it's that's the halfway point of the season kind of screws us up because some teams have only played six games through seven weeks because they've had five weeks and as you know there's 17 regular season games so this might be a little old school but we're entering for some the halfway point of the season ish and we are absolutely entering tightening of throats puckering of you know what's panic buttons beginning to form big time red alert situations I need NFL films music Mike Del Tufo because I have a top five list for you yeah I've got the top five teams entering week eight in full-on red alert mode and it starts with the first home team we're seeing this weekend the three and four Tampa Bay Buccaneers and I am a little bit hesitant to put them on this list not because I'm unconcerned with their level of play or results they're still in first place even if they lose on Thursday night at three and five the Atlanta Falcons are a home against the Carolina Panthers and even if they win that game I don't think Atlanta's running away with this thing but they have to start showing some championship quality play they have to show some metal after getting spanked by a team that has an interim head coach had just traded away their best offensive player and ran all over and starting neither Baker Mayfield nor Sam Donald and PJ Walker and they're they're gonna go with the kid they just lost by that team by 18 points we gotta see something on prime video against the Ravens and that's why they're number five on this list number four on this list is the other three and 14 quarterbacked by a goat 12 going to the pro football hall of fame that I'm more concerned about because the Packers are in a division being led by a five and one team that's already beaten them and Aaron Rogers is going on our friend McAfee show saying one out of every five snaps 20 percent features a mistake and he's also saying that players who are making these mistakes need to either hold themselves better accountable or not be allowed to play which makes it sound like the coach is not coaching up the players who are walking around feeling like they shouldn't hold themselves accountable well it's not the coach he's criticizing says Aaron Rogers so does that mean he's criticizing the general manager for putting these players around him I thought that was all supposed to be copacetic but it's not don't pay attention to the subtext just pay attention to the context which is they're making mistakes and they got to clean it up and they're three and four going into Buffalo coming off a bye on Sunday night football lookout number three on the list this team is in full red alert mode full red alert mode and this team thought they could tread enough water until their quarterback came back from an 11 game suspension but the Browns have won only twice in the first seven weeks of the season and they've got a home game on a Monday night with Joe Burrow red hot coming to town and if they fall to two and six then guess what we're talking about Watson coming back and needing to show something so they can have confidence and a head of steam going into next season and we're having that conversation right now and it's week eight they gotta start winning games and they gotta hold onto turf at home against a division opponent and not just any division opponent one in their state one that won the division last year and one that won the conference last year that's full red alert mode here and if not does Kareem Hunt get traded the next day trade deadlines the day after what do the Browns do if they fall to two and six and the trade deadline is the next day red alert number two on this list is my team that I said was going to win the division okay Raiders you're out of your buy you're two and four you've got maybe and I know this is saying a lot maybe the best running back in the NFL this year because Josh Jacobs is doing that work for this team and you just want a game at home against the Houston Texans and Devontae Adams is having his fun leaving the leaving the this the field by making sure that everybody's left the field before he enters the tunnel everybody's feeling good there well guess what Raiders you're two and four and if you want to make the playoffs even as the seventh seed you got to start winning football games and keep it going you're at New Orleans at Jacksonville home for Indianapolis at Denver at Seattle four of the next five are out of Vegas what stays in Vegas is not the Raiders for the next four out of the next five you've got to win some football games and win them now and we'll see what happens because if not you're out looking in and you got your new coach and who knows what happens there with an owner who might hit a red alert button and then number one on the list I don't think there's any argument about this one the team on most red alert are the Denver Broncos at two and five taking on Jacksonville in London where many and NFL head coaches have gone to get fired there have been many head coaches who have long flights with a bye week following and I this may be unfair to Nathaniel Hackett but it is the truth you got a new ownership group that nobody knows what they're thinking about nobody knows all we know about the new ownership group is they're immensely rich and the guy who fronts it thinks the commissioner's name is Gudel other than that we don't know how they're going to handle potentially a team that's a two and six and if Ross despite his Wolverine blood and saying that he's ready to go gets pounded by a very fast youthful front seven in Jacksonville which is absolutely the home team of London I've seen it I've called their games there Wembley Stadium is a home game for Jacksonville despite how many Broncos fans might show up at two and five they've got to win this game and we've got to see something out of Russell Wilson and we've got to see smart play calling and smart time management we gotta see it two and six for the first half of Russ's tenure in Denver going into a bye week and sitting on that that is red alert for Broncos nation let's ride that's my top five list going into week number eight let's take a break when we come back Joe Burrow at 0 and 2 they were on full-on red alert I guess after two weeks but look at them now above 500 four and three Burrow is as hot a quarterback as there is in the National Football League and he will join us when we come back on this Wednesday influencer it's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days there is a woman who went the distance who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life her name Elizabeth Taylor I'm Katy Perry this is the story of the original influencer this is Elizabeth the first Elizabeth the first the podcast wherever you listen back here on the rich eyes and show 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich is the number to dial Hall of Famer Kurt Warner in our number two and in our number three in studio the legendary TV and movie producer of Top Gun he wants to talk about Top Gun Maverick when he comes in I want to talk about it as Jerry Brockheimer I would talk about everything joining us on the Mercedes Benz Vance phone line is a guy who is one of the hottest quarterbacks in the NFL and I not only know that uh is a uh a guy who covers the league and talks about every day here in NFL network but he's in both of my fantasy football teams is my starting quarterback and I'm that's there's no pressure when I say that sort of stuff to set up the conversation here of the man who is going to be quarterbacking for the Bengals on Monday night football taking on the Cleveland Browns and the Mercedes Benz Vance phone line is Joe Barrow how you doing Joe good Rich how's it going I'm doing good I'm doing good seems like life is going better for you over the last month is that uh an honest assessment for you yeah the ups and downs of an NFL season that's for sure okay so what has clicked in the last four to five games that uh might not have in the first two for you in your estimation been executed we've just been executing better um you know we've got out to to some good starts the last three or four games that have you know kind of limited the defense's ability to kind of play prevent defense and keep everything in front and we've made them be more aggressive so we've had some more opportunities down the field and you know the run games got going a little bit uh everybody's playing well right now and I know the line was a subject of conversation certainly in the NFL media after your uh remarkable run to the Super Bowl last year and then the free agency period in which if I'm not mistaken you you definitely uh you know welcomed your guys when they when they your new teammates when they came in is is the gelling of that unit how has that been going from your perspective joe yeah those guys are just getting better and better each week every week it's been a slight improvement um they've been playing lights out for the last three or four weeks giving me enough time in the pocket to to find our guys down the field you know we've been getting the ball out quickly our quick game has been really good to us and then our downhill run game is really coming along so we're excited about where we're at up front and then in terms of you your your summer uh where your appendix did it burst did your appendix burst did that happen yeah okay and so i know you're not an excuse guy but uh how how did that affect your preparation for the season and maybe the first couple of weeks for you this year yeah it definitely definitely had an impact um i don't know how much of an of an impact it had it's tough to say looking back i'm i'm definitely feeling a lot uh bigger stronger faster now than i was after that surgery um you know it took took a lot out of me i wasn't able to get a ton of time during camp which is the time where i really hone my skills and and look to get better so that time missed you can never get back but you know now now we're feeling great and enrolling what are you better at now that you uh you knew you needed to work on coming into the league a couple of years ago joe burrow what do you think you know i've i've just played in the system for for three years and have seen more defenses and understand what looks might lead a certain play to maybe not be successful and i'm able to to get to a play that might be successful against that look um and so you see across the league quarterbacks having new offenses over and over and over again that's a tough way to be successful um you know we've made slight adjustments to to what we do over the years but you know the core stuff is the core stuff and i think that's a recipe for success well for quarterbacks how much has it helped the fact that uh one of your guys in your offense is a guy you played college ball with too joe yeah i mean all those guys on the edge help me i mean everyone sees it on sunday sure how good those guys are um but then you know as far as jamar goes you know when you come into and see new faces in a receiver room you have to first of all learn how they run routes second of all you got to learn their personalities learn how to talk to them because you know you can't talk to everybody the same and as a quarterback a leader of the team you have to kind of study your guys and understand you know how you talk to one guy you might not be able to talk to another guy like that you got a final makes him tick um and i already knew that with jamar and so you know that's why we really gelled immediately when he came into the league because we had that report at lsu i knew how he ran routes he knew where the ball was going to be and you know we knew how to create that dialogue did he know you were wearing you're going to wear his gamer to the game in the super dome a couple weeks ago uh yeah i had texted him the day before asking if i could wear it okay so he had it with him or like counted like well because that that looked like truly game worn material yeah that was the that was the one he wore in the national title game uh he had it framed in his house i think he was able to get it he took it off the wall are you serious he took it off the wall and out behind glass and got it i could be wrong but i think that's how it was okay and so that was done when like you were on the plane said can you get it done or like walk me through that i just texted him uh the friday before we left okay for the game okay well i guess they're you know you can get things overnighted in these days and age you can do that there you go so what did what did that mean to him do you think what did that mean to you let's just get to him let's get to you what did that mean to you that you could walk into the building uh as a defending afc champion quarterback uh with that building having so much meaning for you wearing his game uniform joe yeah i just wanted to one you know jamar's from new orleans so i wanted to one pay tribute to my time in ellis at lsu in louisiana in that building all the fans were so good to me there and then to you know honor jamar in his home city and then we were able to go out and do it on the field too which at the end of the day is all that matters and now uh what meaning does this game have for you joe being in ohio you being an athens ohio guy doing it for cincinnati going to cleveland uh in front of the whole country monday night football the battle of ohio any special meaning for you in this one well i haven't i haven't beat the brown since i've been in the league so you know that's uh an exciting challenge we're excited to go out there and do it um they're really good on defense they have no corners that you know one of the best corner duos in the league obviously they got miles garrett and clowny who are always disruptive so you can't let those guys beat you so we're gonna have to be on our p's and q's it's gonna be a tough fall battle we're excited about the challenge okay so you have noticed you have not beaten the browns you've just made note of that two minutes so you didn't notice that okay so it does it would have some sort of meaning for you uh to beat this team and is that is that born out of just where you were born and your upbringing and things of that nature yeah you could say that also i've played with a lot of players on that team you know denzel was in my class at ohio state our recruiting class 2015 um jacob phillips who just got unfortunately hurt and is not playing played with him at lsu grant delta played with him at lsu tommy togia i played with him at ohio state so i played with a lot of those guys and and we know each other so that's uh always some added motivation right but you denzel and those guys you mentioned they stayed at ohio state right they didn't have to go somewhere else to get their fame and eventual fortune right joe is that what you're saying correct all right i'm just you know where i uh where my allegiances lie on this front right joe borrow do you know that i don't okay i'm a wolverine sir oh there you go let's go get ready no no no no it's okay because you know ohio state fans loved the fact that when you won your heisman trophy you gave a shout out to ryan day in that school and uh all of us on this side of the fence were like okay well um then you should have stayed there you know well yeah well at the end of the day that was i mean not a lot of people at that level were recruiting me out of out of high school and so i do oh first of all i'm still friends with coach day still have a bunch of friends at ohio state that that are coaching there um so you know whenever i'm back in columbus i try to stop by and see them there's no i mean there's no hard feelings on that on that end obviously i would have loved to got the chance and my opportunity there but didn't work out that way and i think it worked out just fine it definitely did and now you know and plus you could you there's two um i guess campuses where you don't have to buy a meal there there's one in ohio and then there's so what was your what was the reaction to you when you went back to new orleans if you did have any moments outside of your hotel room in any way shape yeah i didn't get out much i sat on the balcony for a little bit and just kind of took in the atmosphere and environment of new orleans okay um but the majority of the interactions were with uh you know workers that worked at the super dome security vendors that kind of stuff where i really felt the love um talking with those people uh that was fun for me to to experience pretty cool few minutes left with joe burrow the cincinnati bangles quarterback here on the rich isen show how do you decide your pre-game uh arrival attire walk me through that process joe you got something for me on that front um i wouldn't say that there's a process i would just say i go in the closet and um find what i like and throw it on it's not really uh you know i go shopping once uh once a year for some you know five or six outfits that i plan on wearing during the season other than that it's just you know whatever i feel like wearing okay so then i guess what is the process as to what winds up in your closet like uh what what's that all about joe are you by yourself do you get any help you got any two cents what do you got for me anybody pitching you to wear their stuff um what do you got it's not really i don't know i just see stuff that i like and i i buy it i don't know it's not uh i don't really have a set style i would say okay i would just say i like colors i like flowers okay all right um sorry i don't have a better answer no by the way that's a terrific answer um so has that game slowed down for you as well uh entering the pros you know where things come to you more naturally that part of your process yeah okay yeah i would say that i would say um you know it's more more confidence to to wear what i like okay very good uh and what do you have picked out for this monday what do you got i haven't decided yet i usually decide friday or saturday okay maybe something orange i don't know just throwing it out because it is it is halloween so this will definitely be you're right it is halloween i might have to get a costume this will be the most this will be maybe the most scrutinized fit that you've had as a professional as you know espn what do you what costume do you think it should get rich uh jim harbaugh go as jim harbaugh put on the khakis what do you think no it's not bad idea bad idea he's from ohio too he was born in tallido sir i mean he's in ohio there's a lot more people from oh famous people from ohio than you think there is okay all right um maybe i don't know what you would you have a favorite uh movie character that you could go as what do you think what do you think i don't know i don't know like what's the last movie you watched joe what was the last movie you watched um i'm a big documentary guy i just watched the uh the nolan ryan documentary oh that was so good on netflix that was a good one okay a really good one okay um i don't know if that would be appropriate for you to dress that way i don't know yeah what do you think um okay i don't know i it's a halloween night and i think um we got to focus here i just gave you my best option is harbaugh i think that would be very provocative people would talk yeah people would talk joe exotic would definitely talk joe exotic but he may have already done that one have you done that one joe exotic i have not the lion king not okay the tiger king the tiger if he went his lion king that would definitely different different okay different team yeah all right uh so joe before i let you go back to i guess the the real world here of football um how how do you think you going to the super bowl last year having that experience knocking out the chiefs winning an afc championship game on their road taking the hits that you took going to the super bowl having an opportunity on your last drive to win it how do you think that helps in your estimation moving forward obviously you wanted to win i get it yeah but you having that experience at such an early age of a stage of your career and age how do you think that that it informs and maybe helps your world i think it just you know specifically this year i think it just helped us and will continue to help us with the ups and downs of the season understanding that the season is really a marathon you know we started out strong last year at one point i think we were seven and six last season and we ended up in the super bowl and so you know when we were oh and two this year you know nobody panicked we knew that this season fluctuates and there's a lot of ups and there's a lot of downs and it's gonna you know even now in the long run and we're going to get this thing going so you know specifically this year i would say that and we just know what it know what it takes to get there now we know what a playoff environment on the road is going to feel like and you know really in december on all those games are playoff games you got to win all of those to you know to be in the dance and so we know what that takes joe burrow appreciate the time here sir greatly appreciate it um i say hi to your defensive coordinator for me i went to high school with his sister how about that for a little nugget walking out the door that's pretty wild yep Lou's sister elena i went to and he went to high school with my brother so um you know we're Staten Island guys yep yep small world it is a small world absolutely and i look forward to seeing look i've got i've got the gear i've got like a game-worn harball thing in my on my wall i could yank it off and FedEx it to you if you need it from monday night to walk in i gotta i gotta say rich i'm probably gonna pass on that respectfully uh i take it respectfully uh thank you sir i appreciate it joe we'll chat again soon good luck to you down the line appreciate it awesome thanks right back at you that's joe burrow right here on the rich isen show joe burr that was great i like him man you imagine if he puts on the khaki and a block m here we go baby battle of ohio he's going as ohio native jim harbaugh oh i just realized something come on i gotta play him in fantasy this week you're playing against him yeah you're gonna lose and uh we have him and he's playing for joey chestnut's colonoscopy it is amazing having him playing i'm playing kutcher and kutcher has joe burrow and so come on you're gonna drop names ashton it just hit me like i gotta play against him kutcher's fantasy quarterback he could have gone and he's he could have gone as one of the half men 22 years ashton's never won the league he's six and one he's in first place right now and he's cruising so and it's because of joey burrow baby he's been amazing the last two weeks awesome i love how people like kind of slept on him because he had a off kind of first two weeks like no no no we know what's there like those sleep how about daddy did you did you know he took jamar chase's jersey off the wall i did not i've never heard that and that went around that that was the actual gamer because you could see some like dirt and stuff on the front i always wondered how did he get it where did it come from i just you know he gave it to him leo jersey swap yeah right like from like three years ago and he just took it man i'd like to wear your jersey going in do you have it yeah i gotta get it off the wall okay it's in a frame i gotta take it down that's right overnighted to the hotel where he's sitting on the balcony taking in the sounds of new orleans i love that there are some cities there are some cities where you know the sounds sound the same not there no you definitely not you know you're there because no one ever sleeps there it's just 24 i couldn't have been staying like in the right now i had to imagine there's a you know a season's downtown but new orleans were richizing than i first met and the fits he likes colors he likes flowers flowers and colors and colors i mean we've seen it we see him show up to the he feels more confident wearing it i love it joey drip you know zen loves colors and he loves wearing colorful clothes i can't wait to play that sound bite for him i'm like hey man that used to be me when i first moved to l.a when i moved here because i had this idea of what los angeles was so all my colors bright like mustards and purples i was into it i got in the club and i'd look around and like everybody just it was a sea of black t-shirts and i was like okay i overestimated it well you were you were one of one which you still are sir yeah i'm just saying it's a very colorful headband you have on today oh you know what happens on wednesday's man what did what happens on wednesday's we wear pink i just by the way no did you know that well he says it all the time i've never heard it's a mean girls reference in the movie but i just love tj jefferson he wears golden girls t-shirts which genie bus loved when she was here she did she noticed you made note of that as you walked out the door yeah mean girls references to wear pink on wednesdays yeah i like it dropping the biggie lyric every now and then this one all right this nfl season every westwood one nfl broadcast streams live for free mondays thursday sunday nights thanksgiving and christmas triple headers the international series in every postseason game your phone calls at 844 204 rich when we come back kurt warner still to come i've got my power rankings baby power rankings is power rankings wednesday can't wait to rip these apart news that will delight chris brockman on the baseball front when we come back when you open a mercedes vin sprinter van you're opening up more than just doors you are unlocking potential the potential to do your own thing and be your own boss and steer your own success and blaze your own trail each and every sprinter van is built designed and equipped to let you hit the open road and take on any goal you set to help you follow your own passions reawaken that spirit of adventure and check all those big bold fun and exciting experiences off your bucket list because owning a mercedes brin sprinter van means you can live work and play out your dreams no matter how far off the beaten path they'll take you 16 body types you can choose between a gas or diesel engine there's thousands of ways to customize a sprinter van is capable and versatile enough to help drive your ambitions wherever you want to take them so now's the time to discover what it is that moves you most don't wait unlock your potential inside a mercedes ben's sprinter okay i'm seeing a note right here on espn that i need to write down it's like i'm watching everything i'm just made up made a note here okay mental i think i saw it correctly alex in portland maine you're here on the rich isen show what's up alex there you go hey rich how's it going how are you sir i'm doing great uh pj chris uh nice to hear that uh del tufo's in the studio today meaning to work well maine maine holds a very special place for for uh for at least half the room brockman right that's that's what you call home shout out 207 there you go and uh portland's just down the road where where my kids go to your summer camp so there you go what's on your mind alex what's on your mind alex what's going on well uh i i was listening to the show on monday and i'm a jet span i'm originally from new jersey uh me and you sharing the brotherhood of pain that is being a jet span okay um and i you did a segment where you blamed yourself for uh greek holds injury and things going wrong and i just wanted to say that yeah i blame you too wow alex in portland wow at this point in your life rich you've been a jet span for long enough i feel like you have to know that this always happens guess what though how about this alex you know what i started i feel you know i i i appreciate you saying that i watched that segment back and i don't watch a lot of segments back okay i'm not like larry sanders when i'm done with the show and i keep watching it over and over and over again because i like the sound of my own voice i watched it back and i i lamented i take back what i said thank you i take back what i said alex and you know what put him back on hold so here's what i have to say okay he's on hold i lament that i i said that we jets fans can't have nice things i lament it but she said it i said it because that's the old way it's an old habit it's that old what that song when i was in high school you're a hard habit to break i went i went i went i went pizza terrible chicago on you okay i went chicago 17 on you stop stop i should know better i should know better i got into an old habit of just crying myself to sleep because the jets were not allowed to have nice things and breeze hall has been a delight elijah vera tucker has been a delight this year watching vera tucker last year get into the spot of this year where he's playing his ass off and yeah i look around i see carts all over the nfl unfortunately there's carts everywhere too many carts for too many teams as if the jets are the only team to have terrific players done for the year they've got a deep deep deep draft those are the only two guys the last two years and i said to myself you know what maybe this is another test of my fandom and my problems it's a me problem it's an mp not an nyjp because they've got their own thing going on there was a defensive player at a week in the afc his name was saus gardner okay that's just for starters and the wilson's haven't gotten started yet zach and garrett i haven't connected yet so i'm going to believe and i think the the stat i just saw is that the jets it's been 40 games is that really what it's been between them and the patriots that they that they've they've played in the past they've that they've they've played each other where the jets have had a worse record going in i mean the jets have had a yeah worst record going in 40 straight games i i think i saw something on espn about that wow the jets have an actual better record than the patriots coming in because they're the better team well you're not the better team you're your home underdogs excuse me i don't care i don't care what vegas is thinking and all those gamblers are thinking i don't care what the gamblers think i don't care what they think because they don't know well they know something they may know something whatever zach wilson against the patriots not great okay okay all right i saw what i just saw okay and maybe the jets can channel a little bit of the eberflux because they got their own defensive-minded guy sitting there in their hc corner office who knows what he's doing so maybe just maybe i should stop i should break my own habits i should take my own advice it starts this week it starts this week i i i lament what i said i take it back it wasn't my fault we had breeze hall on he went to lambo field did you see he did the lambo leap after i suggested i saw that i saw that he's not playing on i know that i know that it takes a lot of getting used to but the jets have the better team i will take the jets roster over the patriots roster any day of the week and i think if you're hooked up to sodium pentathol you do it too chris yeah well rosters got it i mean i know that all right all right now put alex back on you there alex am i back on you're back i don't disagree yeah we got a really talented roster but the the the issue is rich i feel like you got to know at this point that the pain of being a jet span is not in the years of horrible play the years of terrible quarterback play the years of losing 12 13 how many games we lose thoughts and the optimism that we get thoughts negative thoughts we get that little optimism where we think that we're going to do something we think we're going to win the best the best season the only time in my life i'm 27 years old and the only time in my life where i genuinely thought the jets had a championship quality team yeah was in 2008 with brett farce oh god and that was no no no no no no no no no no no no the man genius the man genius the arrow was a disaster he's and and and that alex negative thoughts get him aside don't even talk to me about the five years the five years are nothing like this one and i thank you for the call we're at the end of the hour here thank you the five years are nothing like this one the man genius another guy who i like personally who i don't want to hear from about the current jet situation that's on television right now don't want to hear okay oh that's the past i went down that rabbit hole that farf team was terrible they had the wrong coach they the wrong setup they no no no the best years were the ground and pound years when rex's cult of personality i'm not kissing beleczyk's rings perfectly matched what they wanted to do playing defense and running the football with a young quarterback that they drafted out of usc was talented it was and and and mike tannenbaum put the entire team on the credit card and the clock was ticking sort of like you know what marissa tome's time slamming the floor during my cousin vinnie the clock was ticking okay and we all knew new york jets yeah and john isick we forget all of it all of it's gone all of it's gone all of it's gone that goes to visit is gone oh okay done done done i lament what i said earlier this week i should take my own damn advice negative thoughts are gone gone because this team's not on the credit card this team is properly put together with young kids and let sola go into that locker room and say guess what you're five and two and they still think we're gonna lose to that team on monday night we could do what they did we could do the what the bears did we could absolutely do what the bears did let them put zappy in the game we'll chew him up and spit him out too matt jones is sitting there maybe thinking if he's not the right guy well guess what let's prove he's not the right guy let's go i forgot to say with my chest it was just my my chin was on my chest i felt i felt sad chin up chin up but you know what it's it was a 24 hour grieving period but i'm back baby i'm back i like it i'm back it's just struggle home dogs i know good home go in and use that go in and use that home that is rat poison in new england you know bill is like seeing that saying damn it really for two seconds and then he'll go back and game plan and not go to sleep stay in the facility 24 seven because it's a 24 seven three it's a 24 seven three it's a 24 seven stay in the facility week in new england baby that is what's happening there this guy is falling this week man not not not that that's not every week in new england but this week is a 24 seven stay in the facility grind tape week it's jet week and i'm sure there are a lot of people in that building not happy about monday night it's a big week man big week at metlife huge and i love the james robinson move too aggressive do it early in the week so we can actually play this week and don't wait around make that move boom way to go joe douglas i'm back kurt warner hour two my power rankings as well i'm back where'd you go well what i did is i went down to where i went down a sad sack old school jets woe is me wormhole i forgot i forgot i'm supposed to sit back and enjoy the flight there was just a lot of turbulence right there it was one of those turbulence which is where you grab on where you grab on your armrest and you're looking at the flight attendants are they worried yeah exactly that was one of those that that was one of those like we're dipped about a couple thousand feet real fast it hurts us to be one in seven oh my god man mike those days are over the is it years are over over over we got the right guys the gm the right guys the coach the right guys in the locker room let's go you got the right sauce we got the right sauce it's gravy in new jersey to server that's true gravy your time i went down that wormhole i didn't even talk about the yankees we'll do that next hour no we'll do that we'll do that we'll do that we'll talk about you know aaron judge apparently jeff passen was uh following him around for quite some time oh yeah i didn't see that yeah a little deep dive i already texted passen i want him on tomorrow's show i don't know if he's you know oh yeah here we go he's the old available but you know it's the world series starting don't you know that starts on friday go philly that starts on friday 8 4 4 2 0 4 riches the number to dial hour number two i've got my power rankings kurt warner will join us jerry brockheimer is making his way to the studio baby let's talk seattle kraken and bevel eel's cop that's true man oh res consulting's got an idea for him for the kraken too i already gave it to him he already rejected it in real life but i'll bring it up again hey chance let's talk halloween for a second what is your favorite halloween memory one time i saw a nightmare before christmas performed live at the hollywood bowl walking with your kids it felt so magical and after they've got their candy and they walk away so pure the dad inside the house is handing you a beer my dad when i get home he would have me like empty out all the candy to make sure that it's safe and it wasn't until i was about 35 that i realized what he was just eating my candy rude what's your favorite halloween costume one year i was mac and mcconaughey's character from days to confused one year i was like i would like to be roadkill the halloween costume was a plastic smock and then a really scratchy plastic mask i mean you were styling if you had one of those aquaman the plastic mask cutting into your eyes and then you get that little hole in the mouth to breathe through all night long what's your favorite halloween candy what's your favorite candy who that rhymes anything reese's snickers bars it's all the food groups it's a meal you've got caramel yes candy corn i love me too wait really i'm one of the small percent of people who actually really enjoys candy corn gets a bad rap thank you so much everyone happy halloween happy halloween from the cumulus podcast network make sure to subscribe and follow us at slash cumulus podcast candy corn is terrible it's atrocious it shouldn't be allowed it's not a candy not me halloween
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