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REShow: Russell Wilson - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 17, 2022 3:19 pm

REShow: Russell Wilson - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 17, 2022 3:19 pm

Rich reacts to his beloved New York Jets improving to 4-2 with a resounding Week 6 win over the Packers at Lambeau Field, has some word of warning for Michigan State after his Michigan Wolverines trounced Penn State, and reacts to the Guardians Josh Naylor’s rather demonstrative home run trot after taking Yankees ace Gerrit Cole deep in their ALDS Game 4. 

Broncos QB Russell Wilson tells Rich Eisen why he’s “built for it” in terms of handling the adversity of Denver’s disappointing 2-3 start. 

Al in Dallas calls in with a dose of skepticism about his 5-1 New York Giants, the guys debate how much Christian McCaffrey is worth on the trade market and react to Carson Wentz’s finger injury that will keep the Commanders QB out for at least a month.

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, two-time Super Bowl Champion Chris Long, NFL Network analyst Steve Mariucci.

Still to come, Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air right here on the Roku channel, channel 210. If you missed any of the first two hours that featured a great chat with Chris Long in his usual Monday spot and a wonderful visit, as always, in studio when Steve Mariucci stops by and over reaction Monday and phone calls and my reaction to what's going on in Green Bay, as well as everything in the Bill's Chiefs neighborhood and the Dallas, Philadelphia neighborhood from last night, stay tuned right where you are because as soon as hour number three is over on channel 210, we re-air and the first two hours show up and then the third hour doesn't get in. I could, I literally could keep on and on and on talking about how we re-air, but there is an entire full third hour to get to that includes Russell Wilson who's playing football tonight just up the road in SoFi Stadium in a big game for the two and three Denver Broncos and the three and two Los Angeles Chargers. We talked to Brandon Stanley last week. We talked to Russell Wilson in just a few minutes time and don't miss it. Great conversation coming up right here on the program.

844-204-RICH is the number to dial here on the show. Christopher, good to see you over there. Good to see you, Rich. What's up? DJ Mikey Diaz and Deez Nuts, good to see you over there. Good to see you, Rich. Morning. TJ Jefferson, good to see you where you are. Good to see you.

Still smelling like strawberry pound cake over here because of this candle. Sounds good. Appreciate the update. Delicious.

Appreciate the update on that. All right, folks, as you can tell, I'm wearing green today. On purpose?

Yes. Oh, this wasn't by accident, Chris. It's the color of the bay where my clad, green clad team went in yesterday and did something that is a sight for very, very sore, kicked in the teeth by football God's eyes. The New York Jets went in and won in Lambeau Field for the first time since Zach Wilson was seven years old. Now, I understand. I understand he was just 10 of 18 for 110 yards passing. I understand that. I understand that the scheduling gods are the ones who could have helped make that length of time possible because it's not like the Jets go into Lambeau Field and play him every year.

I understand that, but it's been a long time for the Jets to actually go into such hallowed ground inhabited by the ghosts of goats as well as an actual one in Aaron Rogers and to go in there and not only win, but absolutely punk him, hit him, and hit him hard, and hit him often, and then hit him harder, and then when they're trying to come back, make sure that they don't. I don't know what to make of it other than the fact of sit back and actually enjoy it. I'm not going to sit here and go, well, what if the trap door opens up? What if this happens?

What if that happens? I'm not going to do it anymore. You know why? Because I'm taking the lead from these Jets. I'm taking the lead from these kids, and they're kids 21, 22, 23. They don't know from my foibles. They don't know from my decades of fetal positions. They don't get it. They don't know it. So why do I need to put my crap on them? It's kind of like parenting. Let the kids do it. I'll sit back and maybe learn a thing or two from the youngins.

I'll learn from them. They're not afraid of anybody. They're afraid of no one, and sure, they may eventually get beat by the Bills, and bad, and Bill's coming to town, and we know he loves to torment the Jets, and he loves to do it when we think we've got the upper hand. They're coming in with Bailey Zappi or Matt Jones fresh back from a quarterback controversy.

Matt Tien. We think we got the upper hand. Well, here comes Bill to spin a little magic on Zach Wilson and show Robert Saleh a thing or two just like he did Stefanski yesterday. I don't care. I'm not going to worry about it anymore. I'm just going to sit back and actually enjoy the ride. How about that? We're on an enjoyable ride.

Yeah, it's an enjoyable ride. That was great from start to finish, and even when I started slipping back into my old habits like Robert Saleh trying a 50 some odd field goal, 50 some yard field goal right before halftime with Greg Zuerlein, who on brand missed one, and I'm sitting here thinking, great, you hand it back to Aaron Rodgers with timeouts left, and sure enough, he kicks up, gets that field goal right before the half to tie the game, and I started slipping back in all habits. I'm like, no, no, don't worry about it. You got the better team.

What? Yeah, you get the better team. So that's my counsel to Jet fans who might feel the same way I do. Don't look for what's next and how's it going to get ruined and who's going to get hurt.

Don't do it. I'm not. Enjoy the ride because they're young and they're brash and they're putting cheese heads on their head when they win. Too much sauce. Yeah, sauce is just putting it on them.

Yeah, sauce shows up on a hallowed turf of Lambeau Field putting the cheese head on and Alan Lazard knocks it off, running off the field. Yeah, the Jets are coming to your house and winning in front of you. Taking you not used to that.

I'm not used to it. Can you dig it? Yes, I can. Can you? I can.

I can. And who's next? Let's ride. Hey, Denver is coming off a short week next week. Jets are going into Denver. Whatever offensive woes they might fix tonight, they better keep it up. And then New England and Buffalo back to back at home. Let's see what happens then.

Let's see what happens then. Those are the pieces of turf you need to hold like they did against Miami because every single division game they got left is on the road on the back end of their by. Need to hold this.

Need to hold turf here. And let's just say they go into Denver and win and then beat New England. They're on a winning streak when Buffalo comes to town. I'll take my chances.

Even if they lose before that, I'm still going to enjoy it because they're young and they don't know from my mental problems. And they got coaches who know how to draw it up. Again, look at this play. They pulled on the Packers. Breeze Hall is hiding right behind the right tackle and the tight end. And Michael Carter's in the backfield and Zach fakes it to him and then inside hands off to Breeze Hall. The Packers defense looked like they were in a fire drill. They had no idea where to go and Hall ran for a touchdown.

Right in their face. Loved it. Way to go. Keep it up. Well, I'm on the subject matter. I'll just say this. He's been on the show and I appreciate him calling in, but I'll say it. I'm just gonna say it.

I'm sorry. I'm just, I'm feeling, I'm saying stuff with my chest. I promoted it, but I got to tell you, man. Punk and James Franklin in front of the nation is really great. It's great, man.

It's just great. I understand Penn State. You have pride for your school. Why not?

Okay. And James Franklin is a guy that you put a lot of eggs in his basket. A lot of eggs in his basket. And Penn State each year wants to get in this whole Michigan, Ohio state thing. Want to, you know, elbow your way in and just kind of say, hey, we're here too.

We're here too. Ran it right down the throats. 400 plus yards running. And I know all you Wolverine fans out there are wondering, ah, when's J.J. McCarthy gonna take, take the hands off of 10 and 2 and the foot on the brake and just let the kid roll down the window with one arm out and just ride the car. Just to start throwing it down the field. You don't have to. Until you must. God, it was great. That was just great. Especially when Penn State, you know, starts believing.

They got that, they got that touchdown off of a pick, off of somebody's helmet after a keeper, a quarterback keeper, ran it in the end zone. Why do you keep staring at me when you're saying this? Because you're the Penn State fan here.

I know, but I mean, I saw it. I'm feeling it. You like it when I say stuff with my chest, but here I am showing up here, talking stuff that is definitely going to anger some people in the fan base and I get it.

Yeah, you're angering me. It's great. And I'll just say this too while I'm talking with my chest. Say it loud. I'm also wearing green today for another reason.

Color of money? Wearing green today because Michigan's going to take their time on their bye week, come back and show Michigan State what it's all about. Oh boy, it's going to be ugly. If I'm a Spartan fan right now, I am taking cover.

Maybe you should take two weeks off. Come back the Sunday after that game. Oh yeah. Somebody take Rich's checkbook please. Oh yeah. Oh come on. It's coming. It's coming and it's not going to stop.

It's coming and it won't stop. It's going to rain. It's going to be a very hard rain in Ann Arbor that day, even if it's one of those 50 degree fall Saturdays with the sun shining down with a maze orb and a blue sky. It's going to be great. Oh I can't wait for it. I might not sleep between now and then. I hope you do. Last year was the Mel Tucker parade.

It was the Mel Tucker parade. Oh let's sign him to a long-term deal and pay him all that money because he's fixed Michigan State football and Michigan State with Kenny Walker who had, by the way, a terrific game for Seattle yesterday showing exactly the sort of stuff that he did by putting it on Michigan and Michigan State wins and everybody talks about how great Michigan State is. Well honestly Chris, I might need some sort of way to try to get to sleep. I might have to get off of caffeine for the next two weeks just to make sure I can sleep.

Hey Nyquil will help you get your disease. I can't wait. Hey Rich, you know what's something else?

I can't wait. What you just said just made me kind of realize something. I realized it last week. What's that? You know, NBA we're all talking about the punch that everybody heard, right?

Yeah. Draymond, Jordan Poole. One thing that was never brought up is what really caused that.

What was that? The Michigan-Michigan State rivalry. Oh maybe that's what everyone thought about that, didn't we? Maybe that's- Draymond is a Spartan.

Jordan is a Wolverine. Well if that- I think that we got to put that into consideration. If that, so if that's it, then the Draymond punch of Jordan Poole was last year's Michigan State win over Michigan and the upcoming game that Michigan has hosting Michigan State, which is clearly down and out this year, the version of that in your analogy is Jordan Poole's four-year 140 million dollar contract extension that he signed. Which probably had about you know 15 or 20 extra million on there for taking that joint.

There's a lot of aloe to rub on the aches and pains in that contract. Just saying we never took that into consideration that that might be why they had beef. Yes. I don't know what the beef's about. All I know is what the beef's about between Michigan and Michigan State. And that's kind of, again I know I'm not supposed, I'm supposed to talk about what happened this weekend.

Rich you can talk about whatever you want. I just did about what happened with Michigan and Penn State. Eyes and palooza.

Saying it with my chest. That's my coach. Michigan seven and oh.

And back-to-back seasons for the first time since Nixon was president. It's been a while. Wow. Man. Been a while. Oh man.

I am not the crook. Again. I know you drink teas and stuff like that. Is there anything that to help you go to sleep? Is there like a tea to help you go to sleep? Yeah there's there's some nighttime stuff. Okay you have to tell that to me because again I'm just going to be staring at the ceiling thinking about two Saturdays from now. There's some stuff I can give you to keep you in. Very good.

No line yet on that game. All right so now that I've said all this let me, now that I've said a lot with my chest let me check myself here. Before you wreck yourself. Let me check myself. Let me check myself here. I need to check myself.

I need to check myself and I will. Game five between the Yankees and the Guardians tonight. Big one. Rock-a-bye baby.

I'm very very nervous about it but you say rock-a-bye baby. Good good point. Good point. Josh Naylor who by the way helped me and my son Coop. Coop. To a fantasy baseball title. Now you're about to trash him. Well he here he did his business. He takes Garrett Colliard last night to make it a 3-2 game and he's fired up. As he should be. He's fired up against his uh against against his his hated rival Yankees I guess. But apparently he he calls all the pitchers that he homers off of his sons. Yeah. Oh is that a thing?

Okay. But he's he rock he's just barking at Cole as he's running around the bases. He's yelling at his dugout. A couple times he looked right at Cole. Or because he's in his eye view. He's looking whatever. There was definitely in direction of Garrett Cole. Look it over. He is yelling at his teammates but he's also yelling at Cole.

He's also yelling at Cole that you know he's his you know he's his daddy and Cole is his son and he's like honestly there's Cadillac-ing and then there's that. Like this is a whole different thing like the entirety of every touch of the base. That's how long it lasted. He touched home plate and I have to tell you. Very funny. I have to tell you I found none of it funny and I was completely irate. Completely I mean beyond irate sitting here and I thought to myself I hope the Yankees score so many more runs that Cole has the ability to put one right where the sun doesn't shine next time he's up.

Of course that didn't materialize. Did he get hit next in his next ability? No he didn't.

The Yankees actually he was retired the rest of the game and as we all know there's a game five. But as this is true as I was just livid in irate what crossed my text chain from you guys was you TJ Jefferson texting me sauce Gardner on the field in Lambeau Field with a cheese head on his head. Oh that was the first time you saw it? Yelling at the fans in Lambeau Field with a cheese head on after the Jets punked him and my first thought was I love this.

See how quickly it turns? That's great. That's great. I need more of that.

But a guy doing it on his home field. Not great. I'm so glad you got great. I'm rocking the baby. I love the fact that you can admit that. It is beyond hypocritical. That's funny. It's a fandom man. It's what I've been trying to say. It's fandom.

It's what fans do. I took it. Didn't like it. Dished it out. Loved it. Loved it.

I take the ball and I shoot it. It's totally fandom. That's why that's why you cannot spell fanatic without the word fan. Exactly.

The root of fanatic is the word fan. Because if it's against me I'm like you know I'm like that is awful. That is showing it up. I can't wait till the next time he's up. And then when my team say I got a brash kid doing it like that I'm thinking to myself yeah if you don't like it stop him. That literally happened last night. We are watching the evolution of Richard Seth Eisen over the last year.

What do you mean? Well I'm just saying from the Michigan Ohio State thing to the Notre Dame thing to the saying it with your chest to the Canton thing to now you you realize that talking some smack is great. Enjoy it for about five more weeks because Ohio State is going to put it down. It's entirely possible. By the way it's entirely possible and trust me every single game that I'm watching with Michigan is seen through the prism of how's this going to work against Ohio State.

All of it. Which is why again the Michigan fans are all like when is McCarthy going to throw it all over the place because we they feel like that's going to have to happen in order to beat Ohio State as if the way Michigan beat Ohio State last year is not repeatable. Which is run it down their throats and get C.J.

Stroud off the spot best you can and hope he's really cold. But yeah I mean at least my teams have things things are happening. Things are happening. Jets. That's one word to say. Honestly Yankees win a playoff game.

Jets win in Lambeau Field and Michigan just lays it on Penn State. We should have parlayed. I feel like I'm just I feel like I feel like I should walk off like Costanza. Yeah I'm saying if Coram and Edwards are going to run like that I I don't know who beat you. I feel like it. The way those two kids ran like that was so impressive.

Coram is really good and so Edwards is really good too and you know Penn State took a 17-16 lead and Edwards just ran one in from from Michigan's side of the field. But I'm feeling so great. You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna I would I would like Costanza to go and leave and be a walk off but I can't because we got 40 more minutes to go.

So in the commercial break between now and Russell Wilson joining us I'm gonna go all the way to State College make a jerk store reference and come back. Wow. All shoving your mouth full of shrimp.

Yes. Well I'm not really a shrimp guy. I also forgot Chris. What a sports weekend. The evolution of Rich... lists.

The list. I don't even know who I am anymore. You're no longer Rich Eisen, you're Dickie Eisen. Jets are leaving, teams in shambles, pointing fingers. What is happening in this world? What the hell is happening? Let's take a break.

Russell Wilson will ride us into the Rich Eisen show when we come back right here on a very busy Monday. 2000, 2008, 2022. When it comes to the economy those are some scary years.

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Check out all the action at Matches are played similar to tennis with a player or team required to win two sets to win a match. Each set is played up to six points. It's a sport you need to check out. Monday and Tuesday at 5 p.m. Friday at 7 p.m. We're talking about Tennessee beating Alabama over the weekend.

Unless Ole Miss keeps going and they're in the top 10 now. That was such an amazing moment to watch. That high shot, CBS had the blimp shot of kneeling and people going crazy. I was watching.

I mean you couldn't tell where the stands ended and the field began. I was watching just to draw one of these names you like. I was watching that game with Wilmer, my friend Wilmer.

Yes sir. He's not really that into college football so I'm trying to explain to him like the meaning and everything and we're watching this and I was like bro I'm like that kicker that's coming out. I'm like I only care who wins this game but I'm like if that kid makes this kick his life is never going to be the same and then he was like really? I'm like yeah you beat Alabama. I was trying to explain to him like how big it was and then when he made the kick and I was just like here they come and then the announcer literally goes here they come and that I mean those kids just mobbed the field and that was just.

How did you describe it to Wilmer Valderrama? I was just like he was like because we were getting ready to go get something to eat I'm like now we got to watch the end of this game and I was like this is big. I'm like Alabama you know they're the big dogs they're the top of the food chain and for this team to beat them this kid right here he's never going to be the same in Tennessee right Chris? Never. His life is completely altered. No doesn't have to buy a meal ever again.

Yeah like the Jerry Jones football life we were talking about last week when he said when Arkansas won the national title and then he goes I knew my life would never be the same well this wasn't a national title but that's a big moment for this kid. You couldn't you could have said to him you could have just said okay imagine Bob the Builder having the ability to build whatever he wants around the world but he must make sure that this tool at this very moment works. Uh-huh perfectly 100%. 100% as long as this tool right here works then Bob the Builder the entire world opens for his ability to build whatever he wants. Do you think he would have understood that that analogy? I mean yeah I mean he's Handy Manny he's not Bob the Builder. Oh damn it.

He's Handy Manny but I think I thought you were gonna go like if Bob the Builder was going to do something and then Handy Manny measured twice and cut once. You want to start over? Start over.

I'm not going to start over. But it still works it still works. So Rich the two biggest games that are going to have the biggest college football playoff effect on here we got Ole Miss. Ole Miss Alabama is on November 12th so the winner of that will win the SEC West.

Yes. And so that'll get a spot in the playoff game and then on the 5th is Georgia Tennessee. So the winner of those two games will play for the SEC Championship and presumably get a spot in the playoff maybe the loser gets in the playoff game perhaps. Does Alabama lose? Is Alabama on the outside looking in as we are sitting here? They are so they're behind Ole Miss right now.

We're sitting here in the beginning the the the this is when rubber is beginning to meet the road right? Absolutely. Okay wow that was a big play. Georgia does not have the same schedule they just don't I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'll tell you why you take a look at Georgia's schedule you take a look at Alabama's schedule. Let me tell you why let me tell you why it's because the SEC East is not as strong as the SEC West.

I gotta fix this. Well they're adding Oklahoma and Texas so it will be stronger. Okay yeah so we'll see.

Okay. Also Ole Miss is the best they've maybe ever been. We got to get Charles Davis on. We should do two of my favorite people we need to get Charles Davis and Daniel Jeremiah on to talk about Tennessee volunteer football and San Diego Padres baseball because whatever whatever the volunteer fans felt like beating Alabama the Padres fans knocking the Dodgers out. Yeah that's a good time. We were having some fan bases that got to really enjoy their big ass moments this weekend. So my friends we were talking about this.

The Packers are not a natural rider. But Saturday night Saturday night what would have been the more fun place to be in? San Diego after the Padres eliminated the Dodgers.

Gaslamp gaslamp. Or Knoxville after that. I think you got to go Knoxville.

You always you always got to go college campus. San Diego that was pretty nice. Yeah but here's the thing with San Diego not everybody cared I bet.

Did they did they throw anything in the ocean there? But the thing is coming into those games. Seriously did they take a foul pole?

Maybe not. Did they take the right field foul pole out of the ground, remove it, go all the way to that bridge and throw it off the bridge? They're gonna say that for the Super Bowl. I mean the World Series didn't do that did they? No. But I will say but I will say before this series we were thinking that's going to be 60-40 Dodger fans in San Diego.

No it was like 99-1. It was a Padres fans showed up for those games and it really made a difference. How do you think Fernando Tatis is feeling right now? Well he's got all his money. A little FOMO. I guess he's counting his stacks for this FOMO. Probably a little FOMO.

There's an F pile an O pile and I'm piling an O pile and they're all stuck up. And I didn't do this in overreaction Monday but do you think this cost Dave Roberts his gig? It's not he's already he's signed he's not he's coming back. Defending World Series champions. Because what he does is he does what management tells him to do. He blows it in the playoffs is what he does.

Chris you earn kind of some leeway when you win a championship. I was all over Aaron Boone on Saturday livid that they brought in Clark Schmidt in the ninth inning. Okay they brought in a guy named Clark Schmidt that nobody's really ever heard of outside of watching Yankee games to try and nail down that game three in the ninth inning. It was the first time the Yankees have ever lost in like I think their record is now like 167-1 when taking a ninth inning taking a two plus run lead into the ninth inning of a postseason game. It was their first ever such loss in the history of the franchise and Clark Schmitz on the mound and not Clay Holmes and Aaron Boone says Clay Holmes wasn't going to pitch tonight anyway. We weren't going to pitch him unless it was an emergency situation. And my thought was like if two on and two out in game three of a five game series on the road with a two game two run lead is not an emergency must somebody's hair literally be on fire to to reach that level of emergency? But then I'm sitting back there and I even tweeted that out and I thought to myself I shouldn't have tweeted out because I'm sure Cashman and the rest of the intelligentsia sat down in some hotel um you know in some hotel room or business room you know suite in Cleveland and said he ain't pitching tonight he's down unless some 18 inning affair comes like we saw in Seattle occurs and Roberts does that. Whatever they tell him he does and he's really good at that.

Oh really good at just following directions? Yes which is what most managers are now. Scott Service he puts in Robbie Ray to take on Jordana Alvarez because it was a plan that was our plan we talked about our plan we had a plan. You literally have the best roster maybe since the 30s and they lose. And Scott Service isn't going to lose his job you know why because they told him Robbie Ray goes in that situation.

But they also weren't supposed to be here the Dodgers are supposed to win the world series and but go faux faux faux and dominate everyone and they absolutely choked harder than we've seen a baseball team do in a very long time. Usually that gets people fired. Well then maybe it should be everybody who puts that roster together and tells Dave Roberts what to do. Man you love nothing more than to get somebody fired from their job. That's the guy right over there. When you're supposed to win the world series and you tell everyone in the free world that you're going to in March you lose your job when you lose in the first round. He's going to take a week off if Kyle Shanahan ever loses his job in San Francisco. I am going to go on a celebratory tour you're going to see me everywhere.

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I'm doing great I'm doing great it's kind of unbelievable uh Russ that you're you're going to SoFi Stadium first of two times this year you're playing the NFC West it seems like you you can't quit your old Haunting Grounds you know? Yeah man it's uh yeah to go to uh to go to LA and playing the Chargers it's going to be a great environment obviously um I think also to uh what a great matchup I mean officers first uh rest of Chargers and in LA AFC West you know it's a big game we we need this one obviously to to um make it three and three and and then uh and keep going so uh it's gonna be a great matchup we're excited about it. How much of a challenge uh career wise just in your in your entire career has that been your career has the first five weeks been for you Russell Wilson? I think it's been great you know it's hasn't been in terms of in terms of adversity I love adversity and uh you know everything hasn't gone as we as you want it to you know we could be you know five and oh or four and one you know probably um but you know we're we're right there you know I think we have to we have to capitalize you know we've been a third long way too much this season I think to be able to overcome these I think a lot of times you know to be honest with you Rich as you know um you know played a great game the uh against the Vegas Raiders you know but we we didn't get to win that one and then you know next game doesn't go the way we want and then everybody's talking about you so that's just that's just how the way of way of the world is you know it's like uh I think that um it's like my favorite uh earth wind and fire song the way of the world you know the world the world grows cold quickly but you know the good thing is is that um you know I'm built for it I'm built for it I heard you say that you're built for it how how are you what do you mean when you say that Russell I don't waver I don't waver all the people's opinions I never needed people's thoughts or opinions to motivate me you know I think at the end of the day I think greatness is built over a long period of time and greatness is built through adversity you know it's easy to it's easy to to to keep going when things are going great in your way and it has a lot of a lot of times from my career but I've also had tough times too you know every time that's been tough I've always overcome it you know uh you know been able to overcome a lot of obstacles a lot of situations been able to uh soar at the highest level and also you know be in the valley at times and come and keep climbing and uh you know I've you know been fortunate to win a super bowl been fortunate to be on the one yard line and not work you know so you know everybody thought that I you know I wouldn't be able to keep going then and I and I've and I've been turning ever since you know so what's the different now and so I think for me what I'm grateful for is just some of the amazing teammates I've had from the past you know that have encouraged me uh hit me up you know guys like you know Bobby and DK and Tyler's of the worlds uh Jamal Adams uh you know Cliff Averill's um and Marshawn's comments the other day Mel meant the world to me you know you got some amazing teammates guys like Duane Brown to play with but then I got guys on my team now that have been exceptional you know they know what I bring to the table they know what we're capable of as a collective group as a team guys like Justin Simmons and K Jack and Chubb and these guys Randy Gregory and just you know these guys you know just so many amazing people you know um Courtland Sutton and Jerry Judy need me we believe you know and we believe in everything that's going to happen um we've had some some really you know good moments and we've had some tough ones along the way that's you know that's expected a little bit um you know to know that there's gonna be some challenges but I don't ever shy away from challenge you know it's never been me Russell Wilson here prior to Monday Night Football can you give me a little bit uh more of a glimpse of you you said Bobby obviously that's Bobby Wagner who on the same day of your acquisition by Denver was cut by the the Seahawks and uh what what what have they said to you some of your former teammates if you wouldn't be willing to share a little bit more about that Russell they I don't need to say too much but it's reminded me you know keep reminding me of you know of uh you know who I am and what I've done and where I'm going you know those guys are you know amazing teammates and how much love we all have for each other and everything else guys I'm with now too and so it's what a blessing you know just to have some guys I've played with that just me in the world to me and um great competitors too I think also you know more than anything else though Rich you gotta believe in you you gotta believe in you I think no matter what we go through in life no matter if it's sports no matter if it's you know um you know job opportunities no matter yeah relationships family no matter if it's um you know I go to the hospital every Tuesday and see kids that have cancer and you know just you gotta believe in you you know you gotta believe in you you gotta believe that no matter what your circumstances are you know that's what those young kids have taught me so much you know no matter what the circumstances are you know deeply can you keep believing in the midst of of people talking about you people um you know this or that or or or you know can you keep believing yourself when when things are going great you know you always you know stay focused on what needs to be focused on and so for me I've always believed in you know starving the distractions and feeding my focus and that's that's just my mindset one last question about the last five weeks before moving and turning the page to monday night football so many you know folks offering their two cents as to what's off what's quote unquote off because we're we're not used to watching you um you struggle and you know struggle in an offense in a way that generally the Broncos have so far Russell and the thoughts go from Sean Payton saying you know if I was there I'd cut up a whole bunch of clips of him succeeding in long yardage situations in red zone situations and I'd ask him for what makes him comfortable and then there's other comments that Nathaniel Hackett's offense is more of a timing you're an off schedule guy what what is your opinion as to what you think has not gone to plan in the offense in the first five weeks Russ well I mean the reality is we removed the ball extremely well in the first game you know and then we got down you know we we unfortunately turned you know had two fumbles on the one could have been touchdowns we had a couple balls that we you know we had in the end zone and then and then they said you know we you know we didn't get those touchdowns you know that those could have been a few the second game you know we we battled and we uh we ended up winning that game third game we played against the 49ers 49 is a really good football team you know um you know that was a great matchup we came down to the wire and won the game at the end um and then uh went went to the Raiders uh played played well in that game you know it was one of our better games for sure you know offensively but we know they they made one or two more plays than us you know in that game and then uh you know the last game you know we should have won the game you know that's on me you know so the reality is is that we we've been the third along too much you know and we've had too many you know we don't have mistakes and we just can't have that so the right thing is um you know all those things are fixable all those things we can control and fix those that's what we're going to do you can't live in the past no matter how good it is it's a long season it's a long season and uh you know we've been here before in terms of um you know having to come come back and you know just get on a hot streak and that's that's our mindset that's what we got to do and of course you know you're not um oh and five you're not one and four you're two and three you have a chance to get back to 500 and uh that makes this a pretty big game also in division and so my uh my last question for you here russ is is what is the challenge that you've seen on film for the chargers and uh and your message to your teammates going into this big one on monday night well i think you got to slow the game down i think you know when you play these kind of division games i don't mean time wise i just mean your mind your mind your body you got to be able to be in the moment uh you know when lights and cameras and action are all going at you know going on uh can you stay calm in the midst of everything no no matter what how good the play was before no matter how bad the play was before um you'd be where your feet are and be in this this moment this moment right now you know and so uh what a great challenge what a great opportunity uh we're all learning together and it's it's gonna be uh it's gonna be exciting it's gonna be exciting where we go i really believe that it's gonna be exciting what we're doing um the only way the only way to uh answer is just keep getting up and responding and that's what we're gonna do russell i know you got a lot going on obviously and a lot to prepare for it it truly means a lot that you say yes when the call comes in and asks to join so thanks again russell wilson and good luck to you and let's chat down the line oh rich man you've always been first class man you've always been uh you know you always do it the best way so i'm just grateful for you man and uh thanks thanks for who you are and uh i'll see you soon i hope i see you monday night and let's ride baby i i will do that i will do that for sure and i'm just glad you're not showing up at nfl network like you did all those years ago in seattle uh showing me up by showing up a half an hour earlier than i am russell so i'm i'm just glad that you're doing what you're doing i'm doing what i'm doing and we meet like this that's just that that's just because i had to get prepared rich you you can do this in your sleep you can do this in your sleep uh i appreciate it thanks again thank you that's russell wilson right here prior to monday night football all right that's right let's ride i don't know he caught me off guard i thought like you know he did he said let's ride i kind of got even though you knew he's talking i got i even got to say i'm like you're two and three you know yeah they're feeling like it's there's a lot of pressure right man they need it more than the chargers obviously but i mean charges going four and two and having a piece of first place i'm saying i'm saying if the chargers lose their three and three they're still in the mix obviously but for denver to be two and four that's a tough road to the playoffs certainly when you see where they're playing next we're not looking ahead to the jacks not homecoming it's not a homecoming anymore no i'm not no that's true that's what i'm saying homecoming is not saying this is a trap game because the jets are next in november i'll start talking that way big game tonight man it is huge it is huge we'll talk about that and then empty some of the phone banks and we come back right here on the rich eisen show 844-204-rich number to dial does your antiperspirant keep you dry all day dove men plus care dry spray goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel and offers 48 hours sweat and odor protection let me repeat that 48 hours of sweat and odor protection use it and don't even think about it also dove men dry spray contains doves unique one quarter moisturizing cream that helps protect your skin try dove men plus care dry spray goes on dry clean feel all day this message is sponsored by discover did you know you could reduce the number of unwanted calls and emails with online privacy protection the latest innovation from discover discover will help regularly remove your personal info like your name and address from 10 popular people search websites that could sell your data and they'll do it for free activate in the discover app see terms and learn more at online privacy protection back here on the rich eisen show you can listen to the nfl and the nfl app on westwood via westwood one station streams or by asking alexa to open westwood one sports if it's the nfl it's on westwood one alan dallas five and one g-men huh how about them apples brother i don't know i i want to see what's in that coffee cup man you were i mean yeah that wasn't mischief that was you went off on tangent my god i got it oh my thunder no i don't mean to i don't mean to but you gotta you gotta love it it's too great i don't think you've ever been on this side of the phone you know you're you're on the other side now you know back in the fan days you might have been it's been a while it's been a while by the way sick uh another sick celebrity name drop by tj by the way yeah wilmer you know i forgot he was handy manning up off the building exactly uh yeah look you know the the the pro sports leagues love parody you look at the nfl standings there's not there's maybe a handful of teams that are out of it but most of most of the teams are still in it i mean even the giants on their best day maybe 10 and seven i don't know how how they got some winnable games coming up next man they should win they should they should have some they they do but they're they're winning games that you suppose you know with guys you never heard of nobody's they're they're they're scoring touchdowns with guys who are on anybody's fantasy teams you know i mean these are facts you are what you are and what they are is five and one they got they got saquon and they got a coach who can really coordinate in their their belief here here's the thing the the definition of coaching is getting the best out of the uh the best performance out of the players that you have right and this is this is like the epitome of coaching because he is i mean you know like brockman said before he couldn't name a giant wide receiver i don't want to name one like i i just like you keep it going right outperforming to the highest level where you want to watch and that's all the fan base wants you know brockman talked about running roberts out of town or running this guy out of town it you when you're building when you're trying to build for the future when the coaching staff is getting the players to play hard and to believe and then doing it and then when he has the talent you know delivers that's what we're looking for and that's why i'm you should be motive as much as you are inspired you you and i are both on sopata on us we are loving what we see damn straight loving it's been too long it's been since two thanks for the call out it's been since 2009 giants five and one's first time since 2009 talking about parody rich uh 13 teams with only three wins with at least three wins at jacksonville's next for the giants and then at seattle which by the way that's no gimme seattle's really good seattle then there's a buy and then home for houston and detroit before the thanksgiving game at dallas let's go let's ride as they say that's right another piece of news that came out this weekend uh our friend peter schrager from good morning football and his other work with fox sports said that uh the panthers he echoed the reports of uh ian rapidport and schefter that everybody's uh can be had for a price on carolina including christian mccaffrey they're they're listening to offers for christian mccaffrey schrager put a little bit more uh information on it multiple first round picks and to that i i think um there's sand and carolina is going to be pounding to use the phrase from back in their day keep pounding that sand that ain't happening no like the fact that mccaffrey's played six games in a row without being injured um two first round picks for him no chance so still you're saying there's a town where mo green doesn't have a plaque or a signpost that's deciding to give you odds on where he's going to go next oh yeah i mean he's going to get traded right he's not no it's not don't you want to get something for this guy so the bills are your favorites at four to one uh dolphins five to one ram six to one patriots eight to one forty niners nine to one and then broncos eagles bucks falcons all with big odds guess what he's not going anywhere if they're putting that price tag on him he's going nowhere november 1st is the trade deadline by the way yeah the christian mccaffrey's next team for the rest of 2022 is the carolina panthers oh no one's going to be two first rounders for a running back let alone one that couldn't finish the season the last two years i wouldn't give a first round for him but i wouldn't give one speaking of injury news we go out the door it's taylor heinecky time crock open a heinecky hit him with the high uh the uh injured finger according to ian rapoport that carson went broke on thursday on thursday night is a four to six weaker wow he's here in la meeting with the old hand specialist it's fractured ring finger taylor heinecky or sam howell time for the washington commanders i bet we see sam howell we'll hit him with the heinecky and then if nothing happens or by the way you might actually see a better offense with taylor heinecky they have really good weapons that dude was playing he was balling out and we'll see if heinecky can do for the commanders what rush did for the cowboys which is keep the ship afloat and moving forward now there could be a legitimate controversy there oh yes sir okay i agree just like billy's happy we're back to wrap the show on roku in a moment see you tuesday otherwise so ross matthews talks to celebrities friends and people with interesting stories to tell who's saying hello ross this week chelsea handler i'm not home enough to have a third dog my housekeeper basically is their parent i am not going to get another dog so that she has to take care of another dog until one of these dogs exits it's a good move i have three rescue dogs and only two hands and when you're one person that's too hard to do i recommend two max okay here's your foot ross hello ross available on youtube or wherever you listen
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