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REShow: Ian Eagle - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 12, 2022 3:09 pm

REShow: Ian Eagle - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 12, 2022 3:09 pm

Rich reacts the misdemeanor assault charges filed against Davante Adams and predicts the Raiders WR deserves a 1-game suspension for shoving a member of the media to the ground following Las Vegas’ Monday Night Football loss to the Chiefs, and reacts to the news that the Dallas Cowboys will be starting Cooper Rush against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 6 with Dak Prescott still recovering from thumb surgery. 

CBS Sports’ Ian Eagle tells Rich how new head coach Brian Daboll has already had a huge impact on the 4-1 New York Giants’ locker room culture, says he’s not shocked the Carolina Panthers fired Matt Rhule, if the Buffalo Bills or the San Francisco 49ers are the better team right now, and why NOBODY can predict how Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons will mesh on the Brooklyn Nets this season. 

Rich likens the decisions made by Seattle Mariners manager Scott Servais in the 9th inning against the Houston Astros

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I asked this question. This is the Rich Eisen Show. And this question was asked of Ron Rivera yesterday saying, Hey, why are you the only one lagging behind the division? Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles.

How about that? It took five weeks to get that soundbite, huh? The Rich Eisen Show. Today's guests, CBS Sports Broadcaster, Ian Eagle, actor Nick Turturro, Fox Sports rules analyst Mike Pereira, plus Lakers owner Jeannie Buss. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes, it is. Welcome this edition of the Rich Eisen Show here on the Roku Channel 210, here on so many terrestrial radio affiliates coast to coast, and the Odyssey app Sirius Channel 218 XM 202 992 on the app. We say hello to everybody out there.

And if you have this empty feeling, if you have this feeling that you're a little bit out of sorts today, I know what it is, and that's why we're here for you. It is because we looked it up. Last night was the first time in three nights that the United States collectively weren't freaked out over a dreadful roughing the passer call. That did not happen for the first time in three nights last night. There was a roughing the the pitch that we saw in Houston. And we'll talk about that on this program as the baseball divisional series are up and running.

Week number six is right around the corner. There is NFL news a popping everywhere where four wide today on the guest list, the aforementioned roughing the passer business, Mike Pereira, the Fox rules analyst, my buddy from back in the day at the NFL, former NFL top NFL ref. He will be joining this program. We've got a lot of basketball on the mind. Ian Eagle kind of straddles both worlds, the NFL and the NBA. He's the voice of the Brooklyn Nets.

He's one of the best calling games, not just for Westwood one, but for, of course, CBS with my buddy Charles Davis. He's first up in about 18 minutes time and the controlling owner and president of the Los Angeles Lakers. Jeannie Buss will be here in our number three as the Lakers are opening up the season against the Golden State Warriors.

And yes, Draymond Green will be in that game because Steve Kerr announced that Draymond Green is returning to the team to practice tomorrow expected to play in the final preseason game on Friday and then tip off on Tuesday Warriors and Lakers. Jeannie Buss will be here to talk about her side of the equation, which is the Los Angeles Lakers. She will be here in our number three and then to help us hash out all the baseball diehard Yankee fan and absolute insane person, Nick Datura is making his way to the studio.

Our buddy from from NYPD Blue and now here on the program, he's made multiple appearances. I love his passion for for baseball and certainly the Yankees and the Yankees got through a game one of their series, the Dodgers win game one of their series. The Phillies shocked the Braves yesterday and the Houston Astros. What a remarkable come-from-behind win against the Seattle Mariners. Chris Brockman, good to see you in your spot. What up, what up?

DJ Mikey D is off. Jason Feller for those who are not watching on Roku Channel 210 is, interestingly enough, swapped out his one and four Raiders hat for a Los Angeles Dodgers hat. That's very interesting that you did that. Wow. It's interesting that he did that.

Called him out on that. Good to see you, TJ Jefferson. Like the candle. Good to see you, sir.

I'm candles that you just put Jay Feli on blast. Right. I just noticed that. I mean, of all the, you know, of all it, I'm I'm not saying you're not a Dodger fan. I just think that's an interesting choice of lid.

Interesting choice of lid. Yeah. Well, to be in the in the NFL world, roughing the passer penalties are on everyone's minds and just rough the feller. I just rough the feller.

I did. I did roughing the member of the media is what's first up here. Very rare that you see a National Football League player charged with misdemeanor assault for something that happens on the field of play. And it was technically on the field, but not in play.

It was out of bounds and then figuratively out of bounds as well. When Devante Adams shoved over a credentialed member of the media who did not see him coming and Adams didn't see the other guy coming and he got in Adams's way just after the loss to the Chiefs in which Adams thought he had a game potentially. Well, a game altering and result altering third down catch incomplete and then he runs into his colleague or his colleague runs into him and on a Renfro. We all thought that that would be the collision involving Devante Adams that we'd be talking about for quite some time in their bye week since that fourth down play went nowhere because of that collision. And then Devante Adams, you can't say collided with this member of the media, the member of the media got in his way and he shoved him over with a two hand shove. And today this credentialed member of the media, I guess, is getting what he was looking for, which is a misdemeanor assault charge from Kansas City authorities on one of the best players in the game and one of the best people in the game in Devante Adams. You can't shove a member of the media over.

You can't do it. And the NFL should take care of this business. And I think they will. I think Devante Adams is going to get a game suspension when he comes back from his bye week. He's going to have an extra week off, which is a problem for the Raiders at one and four and Adams apologized to the guy on Twitter and then said something at his locker after the game. I have no idea if the guy has heard from Devante Adams or not. I imagine he will now if he already hasn't or at least he'll take his call now. The member of the media who is a freelancer apparently for Monday Night Football for ESPN. Claiming to the authorities in Kansas City that suffered whiplash and also a minor concussion, which I don't know what that means.

As we all know, either your brain is slammed against the side of your head and or it has not. I will just say this. I think the league should suspend him for a game, but criminal charges is is something that I hope we can avoid. Yeah, and if Devante Adams needs anybody to help petition the court to talk about his character and moral character and who he is as a person.

I will I will provide that document and that testimony. Because this guy does not deserve criminal charges on his record and I'm just assuming he'll call up and we'll figure something out and this will get expunged, but he can't do it and let the let the NFL handle this thing. I guess I you know, if you're shoved over here, you want your figurative pound of flesh, but do you really think he should be suspended a gamer? Yes, you cannot shove a member of the credentialed member of the media over. You can't do that period end of story.

It doesn't matter if you're a freelancer doesn't matter anything. Correct doesn't matter if you're Joe Buck or you're the guy who's running after the Steadicam operator so you could remove that heavy piece of equipment of help remove that heavy piece of equipment from your colleague with your stand which is what he was running or walking and then the NFL will have to take a look at yet another loophole that they didn't see coming or maybe they they can. Rope off the the tunnel area maybe out and these maybe these older stadiums. I mean, there's usually four tunnels. There's one for each team. Because it leads to the the locker room you rope it off until every player is off.

Is that what you have to do? Usually there are you know, some folks they're helping direct traffic, but this dude was walking with his head down in his stand and here comes Devante Adams who can't shove the guy over the ultimate the wrong place wrong time. Yeah.

No Rich. I was asking this pre-show. Do you think there's like a Jimmy Johnson thing here where you know, Jimmy Johnson always said different guys have different rules of Traikman does something. That's one thing number 53 on the roster got Devante Adams who has no history of doing anything like this is so out of character even a video on Twitter where someone was like, this is really Devante knocked the guy down as a member of the Packers ran over picked him up put his hat back on a matrix.

Okay. So do you feel like there might be an instance where it's like this guy has no instance of this or just like I would say that for the authorities that have charged him, but if you're the NFL and you've got credentials members of the media just doing their job and you happen to cross paths at the wrong time with somebody and that person gets shoved over by a member of the National Football League. You have to have to do something about that no matter who it is and I love this guy.

I love him and I'm more than happy to give a testimonial to whatever authority that might actually put something on a criminal record for him to say this guy doesn't deserve that. Yeah. Look, he's Johnny Foster's favorite player, rich 844 is true to I thought it was Jordy Nelson back in the day.

Oh, well, she changed it to I know well, both of them helped her fantasy leagues. Mike McCarthy just announced moments ago. It looks like Cooper Rush again.

Yeah, it'll be Cooper Rush against the Philadelphia Eagles. I've said this over and over and over again. I'll say it again.

It's Dak's job when it's time for him to get back and if he's not ready right now, this sounds great to me, man. Keep on keeping on. You've won four in a row with this guy.

He's not making any mistakes. And if you lose to the Philadelphia Eagles in Philadelphia, you know, it's I don't remember the last time the Cowboys did sweep their division. This is exactly the one game that you'd think that they would have they would lose on the road in division is against this team with their backup quarterback this team that is the one that is still remaining the lone remaining undefeated team. You already have a win against the four-in-one Giants in their building in your back pocket. This is house money as far as I'm concerned for the Dallas Cowboys house money going into Philadelphia with your backup quarterback. Let Dak just sit. You got games coming at home after this for the Dallas Cowboys against Detroit in Chicago. You want him to have a nice soft reopening of the Dak business before their bye week perfect time and if you win, this is just I mean you want to talk about house money.

I mean, this is Jones Mahal money is what that would be if he wins. There's a full-on controversy. No, there's not if he wins and plays well, what if he has 300 yards and three touchdowns? It's not a full-on controversy. The full-on controversy would come when Dak returns not if when Dak returns and they start and playing 500 football potentially and the offense isn't as efficient and the mistakes that Cooper Rush doesn't make by turning the ball over and giving up short fields occurs with Dak.

Yeah, that's when the full-blown controversy hits when it's like wait a minute. Yeah, Dak's back and we love that idea. Of course, he's going to get the job back. He's the guy you don't lose your job due to injury unless of course your name is Tony Romo, but you don't lose your job due to injury here.

If you've got a $40 million a year contract, right? Yeah, right. It's another one.

That's it. Yeah, so the full-on controversy is when Dak gets the job back. Let's just say he does get it back against Detroit and the Lions show up and play like it is their Super Bowl and beat him or Justin Fields puts it all together and beats him or when they come back and they go to Green Bay and they lose to Green Bay coming off a bye week and Dak makes his return then and it looks rusty. And then Mike McCarthy everyone's going to look at him and say what are you going to do? You going to put Cooper Rush back in or not? And Jerry has everybody around him after a game in a postgame loss scrum and what happens then that's when the heat will get on. But in terms of Dak starting this week, I'm like don't you don't have to Cooper Rush starts this week. Cool.

Exactly house money. You've won four in a row. You've already won more games than you thought you would with Cooper Rush in there when Dak went out. It was the four to six weaker. The four to six weaker you can make it seven weeks. Give him the full two months back.

That'd be ideal. Do it because they're not going to lose all three of these and go into their bye week at four and four and can't wait for Dak to get back. They're going to win those games at home. They should win those games at home and I know the dangerous games in the Jones Mahal over the previous years. It's the game that Dallas should win a la against Denver. What was that last year? I told you we were going to lose that game. So so those are the games that Dallas loses, but those those are not there when that's not this year because they're winning games that they shouldn't win over the last four weeks with a quarterback. Nobody thought they were going to win four games. They were already like again if he was out seven weeks, you say hey four wins. He'd sign for that right now in a row also in a row remember he wasn't on the original 53-man roster. Well, they were doing that just for but yeah, but he was still not he was an unrostered player.

I guess he could I guess he could have run to another team at that point in time, but I mean he I'm sure he knew the day bottom line is house money. Not a big deal. Don't worry about it Cowboys fans.

It's all good in that hood. Even if they lose it'll be like next time they see him. Well, we had our back up and what have you and Cooper Rush can't win them all until he maybe does and even if he does go into the bye week seven and oh and has the Cowboys seven one Dak's going to get the job back and if they don't perform as well in that run that we saw that Cooper Rush is on right now or doing that's when the heat will be on and that's when the popcorn will be ready for sure. But not this time the Miami Dolphins have made an announcement of their quarterback starting this week at Skylar Thompson the opinion of Mike McDaniel and saying who it is now is fantastic again.

He's one of my favorite new coaches in the last 20 years. We will hit that for you on this program my power rankings. I have my top 10 there are two new teams in my power rankings too. There are many power rankings. This one is mine. I love my new drop and I love doing power rankings and I say that with a straight face.

What made the turn rich? Oh, we got a new animation for we just for the Roku viewing audience. It's just for the Roku Channel to tell folks. I love you that you turn the corner on this things you didn't like, you know, you know what in and you guys you guys are right sometimes you guys are right sometimes not often. You just made the list.

Thank you. Nick Turturro is making his way to the studio. I can't wait to talk baseball with him. We're trying to give you new and interesting ways to talk about the sport that we all love and we hope you do too as there are now eight teams left in Major League Baseball's postseason with four of them having a one game to none lead his team the Yankees in mind are one of those four teams same thing with Jason Feller who loves the Dodgers as much as the Raiders.

He really does he does he does he still got the Raiders helmet right there. Okay, he does in all fairness he does and we've got Jeannie Buss in studio talking about the Lakers will talk about what's going on with the Warriors and Draymond Green Mike Pereira on why we're seeing these roughing the passer calls out of the blue and then of course, there's Ian Eagle who joins us next the voice of Brooklyn Nets basketball and one of the best calling football and so much more one of our favorites always fun when Ian calls in we'll chat with the bird when we come back on the Rich Eisen Show. Influencer, it's a word that gets tossed around a lot these days. There is a woman who went the distance who broke ground as the first true influencer by living a remarkable life her name Elizabeth Taylor.

I'm Katy Perry. This is the story of the original influencer. This is Elizabeth the first Elizabeth the first the podcast wherever you listen. 844-204 Rich is the number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show. I love listening to this guy call games certainly when he does it with another great human in Charles Davis on CBS. He's also the voice one of the voices of Westwood One coverage of the National Football League as well and the voice of the Brooklyn Nets.

He's a voice but he's also a face and he's a friend of the program back here on the Rich Eisen Show prior to calling Giants Ravens. How about that? Hey big game.

How about that one on CBS, which I believe is still America's most watched network Iron Eagle back here on the Rich Eisen Show. How you doing, Iron? I'm a human being Rich. I'm a full-formed human being.

Please don't don't just think of me as a voice and a face more to me. There's there's layers. There's levels deep. I didn't know that so so let me reintroduce you Iron Eagle fresh off his ayahuasca vacation here on the Rich Eisen Show completely in touch with every fiber of his being right here on the program.

How is that a better introduction then? Yeah, no, that was that was excellent now. I feel completely full. Thank you.

Rich. Yes, sir. How are you doing?

I am well, I am well, man. I do love listening to you and Charles call game. Is he one of the greatest human beings on Planet Earth or what Charles Davis isn't he really good person and so prepared and passionate into it every single week if you could see what leads up to Sunday for him it is a full commitment and immersion into the game that we're doing and that's what makes him great at what he does.

It's not limited to oh, yeah, watch a couple pieces of tape and show up and have a little bio. He just goes into other places that I've been blown away in our two plus years together. And then of course if you're doing a Saturday Night Live reference to Tyler Bass, he'll get that too, you know, he'll get very strong. He's very big time.

I think by his own admission the aughts were a blur really hanging on the aughts. Oh my gosh. Hey, man, when you got your schedule prior to the season, I don't know if you were circling Giants Ravens. I don't know if that was when you were circling but man we can circle that, you know, we can definitely circle that what a game.

This is you got coming up this weekend. Yeah, great great story obviously with the Giants and I think the reminder Rich you you live in this world every day. So you're reminded of how difficult it is to win in the NFL to turn around a franchise to get players to really buy into what you're doing. I think it's the toughest sport as a head coach to truly get the buy-in you're talking about 53 players 10 practice squad and that's rotating.

So you have different personalities coming in. So 63 players a week to believe in what it is you're selling on a daily basis and for Brian dable to come in with basically the same roster some adjustments here and there but for the most part it's the same team that won four games last year and now they've won four in five weeks. So it speaks a great deal to his leadership to his vision and to the players absolutely following him and believing in him. It's it's probably the biggest surprise in my mind of the NFL. If you're going to look for the most positive surprise, I'd say it's the biggest one of this young season. I mean and I know you probably haven't spoken to dable yet, but the the credit he is I do believe rightfully receiving for this four-in-one start from his two-point attempt in week one in Tennessee that that did actually work. I'm sure Joshua Daniels is sitting here right now saying please tell me how that feels, you know, and you've got also Daniel Jones's success say Quan Barkley's re-emergence, but the defense is also playing significant football right now what to what do you you know a tribute again, it is it is an interesting watching a coach kind of turn this thing around with dable ion. Yeah, and we hear the word culture that that's the biggest word when I coach takes over a new GM takes over and that's really difficult.

It's difficult to change the way that people think in any given facility or what they've grown accustomed to. I think he just brought a lot of positivity and I do think there was a mentality from him and from the GM. So let's give credit to Joe Shane who came over from Buffalo that they're not going to just go with guys if they're making big money that up they were signed a huge contract. So automatically pencil them in there the starter so when you recognize in training camp into preseason that you're an undrafted pre-agent or you're a lower draft pick and you are truly on the same plane as someone that's making nine million dollars that you're assigned to a long-term contract. It's a true competition.

It's a true meritocracy. That changes things and it changes things in a hurry the other part defensively. They've been really aggressive with Martindale. That's a nice subplot for this game with Baltimore four years as the defensive coordinator 10 years under Harbaugh in Baltimore and the roots go back even longer than that. He coached under under Papa Harbaugh in the college ranks. So Martindale has been a big part and has been intertwined with the Harbaugh's for many many years. Really aggressive more blitz packages than we've seen in previous years for the New York Giants and then not making the big mistake on offense. I know sometimes it sounds simple but for Daniel Jones, nobody questions his physical ability. Nobody questions what he brings to the field the issues for him had always been that one big mistake late in a game of interception of fumble a poor decision and those just haven't happened this year. Can they keep this going? Is it sustainable given all their injuries? I don't know.

But I do know that there's at least some feelings of optimism now that that the Giants have the right people in place. Well, it makes sense that Wink Martindale is bringing the heat because he did that all the time as the host of tic-tac-dough right iron, you know, remember that remember them in that dragon whenever they would find the dragon those unsuspecting players of tic-tac-dough if I can work in various game show host over the course of this broadcast who would you most want to hear which which game show host would tickle your fans? Wow, you know, there's nobody named. Can you look up Brockman the roster? There's nobody named Jim Perry on there, right? There's no Jack what Bill Cullen. Is there a bill? Is there a Cullen is great. Is there a Cullen? I'm trying to go down.

I'm trying to go on a list of matter. I don't even need a name that connects. Jim Perry hosted 10 different game show dude card sharks. Come on now, but don't mess with this right now longer with us. He passed away. Oh, sorry.

He passed it. Oh, he's just unavailable as they say in the business is right. So so yeah, I mean just apropos of nothing just start dropping names and you see Wink Martindale. It'd be fantastic. I'll laugh.

I don't know. I don't know if CBS will do it for an audience of one. Thank you. I'll do it for an audience of one. Thanks.

Appreciate that. Iron Eagle here on the Rich Eisen show when you when you were in Carolina last week and you spoke to Matt Rule. Prior to the the 49ers Panthers game.

You just called with Charles Davis. Did you get a sense that Matt Rule knew the clock was ticking? Did you get that sense from him?

Yeah. I mean I got the sense that they felt that it was not going in the right direction. Certainly, nothing in our back and forth indicated that he was worried this week, but there was a general feeling in that area that one more lopsided loss or a loss where they just don't look like a team that is put together to make a run in the NFL was probably going to be enough.

So not shocking Monday when it happened. It's a very tough situation there because they swung and missed on a couple of quarterbacks. And in this league, if you whiff in that department, that can set you back five years in whatever rebuilding plan you're trying to come up with. Yeah, I think back, I had them his first year, Teddy Bridgewater was the QB. They had a game in Washington late in the season and they won the game. And you thought that things were starting to come together and Matt's imprint was being formed, but I didn't get the sense that he saw Bridgewater as the long-term answer. And clearly he didn't because Teddy was done by the end of the year. They make the decision to go for Sam Darnold that unfortunately backfires and then the Baker Mayfield decision. The irony is that I really think they were in the Jimmy Garoppolo conversation seriously and might've been the lead team, but ultimately they didn't pull the trigger and maybe they'd be in a different position. Not to say that all of a sudden Carolina would be a playoff team, but they might've been more competitive with Jimmy G and maybe we wouldn't be talking about this right now. And the irony that the quarterback who beat the Panthers and helped, I guess, make a decision for David Tepper was Jimmy Garoppolo.

I mean, the irony of all of that. And so you've called the Bills beating the Ravens and you just saw the Niners. Which is the better of the two teams do you think? And I ask that with no, even knowing that the entirety of our business is put, including myself, our markers on the Bills, but you've seen them in person, seriously.

So what do you think? I think Buffalo is the best team in the NFL. I think they're the people's champ in many ways because of how they lost last year. There are a lot of people that weren't even Bills fans that are now on board because they want to see the team fulfill whatever destiny that might be in front of them. And they're fun. They're a fun-loving team. That tone is set by Josh Allen because of who he is and how he carries himself and how he interacts with his teammates and then how he goes out and performs every week.

To me, they are pound for pound the best team in the NFL. San Francisco's a really nice story considering what could have happened and what the plan was. The plan was Trey Lance and I'm not sure how it all would have ended up over the course of the season. They were going to stick with the plan, but the injury allowed Jimmy Garoppolo to come back and be the quarterback of this team. And in the short term, I think they're better off because of it. They're going to win more games with Jimmy Garoppolo under center compared to Trey Lance. What does that mean in 2023 and 24?

I don't know. I just know now he's the right guy and their defense is elite. Legit. They're going to be a factor in the NFC. We're going to be talking about them in January and I'm curious to see how it all evolves, but I think they're stable.

I think they're on very solid ground right now. Iron Eagle here on the Rich Eisen Show. All right, let's flip the script here and move to another gig of yours as the voice of the Brooklyn Nets.

And my apologies for setting up this conversation this way, but that's an advance. You just called the Bills a fun-loving team. What do you call the Brooklyn Nets, Iron Eagle? They're a little dramatic.

I would say that's probably the best way to put it. I think they got a lot of their stuff on the table, which needed to happen in order to move past all this. Whatever was happening behind the scenes throughout last season that never really got to the forefront, but was percolating, finally came out once they got swept by the Boston Celtics. They needed to deal with a lot of this stuff, whether it was Kevin Durant and Sean Marks, whether it was ownership, whether it was Kyrie Irving, whether it was Steve Nash.

All of this needed to be dealt with in person, like adults, and I think they've now done that. What does it mean for this year? I would say they might be the most difficult team right now to predict what their win total could be.

If this thing works, and it clicks, and Ben Simmons looks like the guy that went to the All-Star Game three times as a member of the 76ers and was all NBA first team defense, if it all clicks, they could be a 50-plus-1 team and be a serious factor. But what we learned last year is, what do you do in the face of adversity? Whether it be injuries, whether it be off-the-court stuff, the inner workings of the franchise, culture as we discussed earlier with the Giants, how is that handled? That part we don't know.

That part is a complete mystery, and I think by their own admission, they don't know how that's going to go. So in terms of intrigue, they're right up there with anybody in the NBA. And then the relevance factor, Rich, you grew up in New York, you know that the Nets didn't get a whole lot of play through the years in our childhood. They are a team that's talked about a lot, and that comes with a whole different set of challenges when you're under the microscope.

So they're learning about that and dealing with it day to day. When this season gets going next week, they're going to be one of the hot topics of conversation once again. You know, it's just going to be a fascinating watch, and certainly with you at the call for many of them, because I don't know of another team, I mean, and again, you've been around the New York area for a long time, and it's where I grew up too. I don't know of another New York team where, you know, the team is put together because where else are you going to go? What other options did you really have? You know, I mean, like Kyrie, hey, you know, sure you opted in, who else is going to give you that money? Durant opted out.

Well, you know, you want it out, but you know, where were you going to go? No one was going to give us anything you're worth. So you might as well stay here and play with Kyrie and also Simmons, no one else wanted you. We took you.

You know, I guess you want to play, so why not here, right? I mean, it's just how many of those stars can you just put together under the guise of, hey, you wanted to be together right once, maybe not now, and then put it in the hands of a guy in Steve Nash, who reportedly had a vote of no confidence from almost every single person I just mentioned. How does that happen? Right? Is there another team like that?

Yeah. It doesn't happen often where it normally leads to success. So if it does happen, usually it means that the team is fracturing and they're going to have to go in a different direction.

Here's the thing about it. Winning is the best deodorant in sports. If you win, all of the things you're talking about begin to dissipate. And then the focus becomes on winning and the focus becomes on how this team has somehow come together amidst all the challenges. That's why we tune in. That's why it draws so much interest across all the major sports.

It is a reality show in many ways, and the unpredictable nature of it keeps bringing us back. So here we are before the season starts. You and I had a discussion a year ago prior to the net season. How was it going to go? How was it going to work out?

It didn't work out well. James Harden didn't want to be there. He forced his way out. He completely separated himself from the team to the point where they didn't have a choice. They recognized it was irreparable. They make a deal for Ben Simmons, hoping that he's on his way back physically to be a part of this thing and be a part of a playoff run. As late as the final week of the regular season, they thought he still had a chance to play and that he could not play.

The back was a legitimate issue and required surgery. So they go into the playoffs, they get swept by Boston, and after having a lead, playing at a high level in Game 1, should have won the game. Tatum beats the buzzer to beat them in Game 1, and that was it. They never recovered from that. So all of those happenings taking place in the manner that they did leave us in this position now where we have no idea, truly no idea, what this team is going to be.

It's exciting in some ways, and then the other part of it can be a little bit unnerving because it's hard to visualize how all of this is going to go. Ian, you're the best. Thanks for calling in. I look forward again to hearing you and Charles Davis on the call of Ravens and Giants, and then especially if the Ravens are going for it on fourth down. As you know, John Harbaugh always does that against a Wink Martindale defense. You can call John Harbaugh, wait for it, the Peter Tamarkin trying to press his luck, please.

It's right there. It's Peter. He's like the Peter Tamarkin going against Wink Martindale. This has got to happen. It's got to happen. Yes, the new quality control coach Chuck Woolery is off in that decision. And we'll be back.

And certainly if they go for two and two, come on now. This is it, Ian. This is Ian. Please.

I mean, it's on a platter is all I'm saying. It writes itself. Please say hello to Charles Davis for me, will you please? I will. Please do that. I will. Take care, brother. Thanks, Richard. That's Ian Eagle, everybody. Peter Tamarkin, everybody.

Press your press your luck. That is definitely a game. You know, hey, look, Ravens, Giants. This is Ravens, Giants, if I'm not mistaken. Hold on a minute. Wait one second.

Yes, I am correct. Let's do this right here. This is that, if you will, 17th extra regular season game. Oh, yes.

I believe the Jets and the Giants are each playing their, their regulars. No, no. The Jets do. Hold on a minute. Let me get this right.

I need to get this right. Certainly since I'm ad-libbing this sort of stuff right here right now. No, the Jets play the NFC North this year. But the Giants this year, the New York Football Giants this year take on, let me see right here. Do they play every single?

No, they do not. They take on the AFC South this year. This is the one extra game where an ANFC team visits an AFC team of a specific division and it's the AFC North. That's it right there.

Boom. You got the extra game. I love these extra games. They're always interesting. All right.

Yeah, 16 was fine. I like the 17th. I like it. I like the seventh playoff team, but an extra game is like... Chris, Chris, it gives us more football to talk about. Let us not. Don't complain about extra football, Chris.

I know, exactly. This guy. You wanna know why? I played football. Let's take a break. Football hurts. Let's take a break, everybody.

You weren't compensated like these guys were compensated. For those waiting for my power rankings, sorry, you're gonna have to wait a little longer. You know how many people just turn the radio off, Rich? No, no, no, no. Because it's gonna have a compelling conversation about the horror show that unfolded in Houston yesterday for Seattle. And also, we'll set the table with Nick Totoro and wait till you see this piece of video that I'm gonna show you that I have exclusively. That's next.

Wait for that. When you open up a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, you're opening up more than just doors, folks. You're unlocking potential.

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I got my power rankings. That's for darn sure. Nick Tatura is about to join us in studio in person. We're also gonna have Jeannie Buss in studio in person in hour number three.

Mike Pereira and all the craziness involving roughing the passer. You know when you watch a horror movie and you see on the screen somebody that should know better, and you know something horrific is about to befall this person, and you can't understand why they're continuing to go down that dark hallway or just walk into that room without turning a light on, right? Like, what are you doing? The phone rings. Don't answer it.

It's coming from within the house, right? And so you kind of put your hand over your face, and you watch through your fingers. You watch the inevitable incur. Some yell at the screen. Exactly. Don't do it.

What are you doing? That's what I was like yesterday when Scott Service called upon Robbie Ray to try and close out a game in Houston with Jordon Alvarez at the plate. Let's play Lefty Lefty, even though Robbie Ray hasn't done this ever, and you just took your struggling closer out in game one.

We're already establishing if my closer has issues closing, we're removing him for somebody who's not done this. And on top of it, I know this personally because Robbie Ray is on my fantasy team or my son's fantasy team, Cooper's fantasy team that I co-own with him, and he has been struggling, and not just struggling, but against Houston. Remember we had a caller yesterday from Seattle saying the Mariners are going to beat Houston?

They did. And I'm like, fine, Castillo might get it done, but Robbie Ray concerns me because Houston has been savaging him. First pitch, through my fingers, Jordon Alvarez takes the mightiest hack of them all on a fastball, and I'm thinking to myself as he fouled it off. Big cut, man. At that point in time, Chris, you're sitting at home next to Sarah, who's on this program Friday, and you're telling her what?

What are you telling her? Robbie Ray comes into the game, Jordon comes up and I goes, he's definitely hitting a home run here. A three run shot.

To win it. And she goes, nah, he's going to strike out. I go, okay. Has she not seen horror movies? She strikes me as a worldly pop culture savvy person.

I know, she is. Honestly. You could just feel the game going this way, man. You could just feel it.

Honestly. And it's a phrase you hear a lot in lingo and jargon from baseball announcers. And whenever I heard it over the last several months, I would teach my kids what they mean by middle, middle. You might hear that a lot, middle, middle. What that means is it's the middle of the strike zone, both longitudinally and latitudinally. Like if you could pinpoint right in the middle where a ball would go, it's middle, middle. Doesn't move very much.

It's just straight Broadway. And that's what Robbie Ray delivered to Jordon Alvarez. And for maybe folks who aren't diehard baseball fans, but do have kids, it's as if. The Mariners decided in their most important spot, having already chased Justin Verlander by putting seven on him. It's as if they turned this playoff baseball game into a T-ball game and put out a T and said to Jordon Alvarez, I'm placing it on the T and you get one swing at it. It hit as far as you can.

Go. And unfortunately for Mariners fans, it is like the last at bat of the run through the order in a T-ball game where everybody gets to run around the bases. I mean, I saw it coming and then I read Jason Stark who I follow afterwards on Twitter saying Scott Servers said after the game, well, we talked about it going into the series. We had a plan.

We just didn't execute it. Oh, I'm sorry. You talked about it.

My bad. So you had a plan and your plan was let's bring in Robbie Ray to pitch to Jordon Alvarez. That was the plan? The plan is let's abandon our closer in game one. Really?

That's the plan? I was, I was, and we'll talk about with Nick Turturro in a second here, I was biting my fingers down in the cuticles last night when Aaron Boone took out Wandi Peralta, who did very well in the eighth inning and pitched to one batter in the ninth to give a soft playoff opening to the guy who was so good. He was the, without a doubt, all star closer for the American League because he had such a great first half in Klay Holmes. Second half of the season, he has been wild and he has been unreliable to the point where they were even considering giving a roll this Chapman a shot at the job again until he imploded by getting a tattoo and he couldn't answer the bell because it got infected.

And then when I guess he was told that he wasn't going to be on the postseason roster, he just bolted. So they bring in Klay Holmes and he hits the first batter and I thought to myself, what happens if Holmes can't perform here? Game one, your closer gets blown up in game one of a playoff series.

That is a major problem, but at least Boone pushed the button. What about the plan to go in your closer and stick with him? And I know this is 20 20 hindsight, but you're seeing your closer struggle. Let's take him out and bring in a guy who doesn't ever do this and who has been lit up by the Astros and who's so pigheaded that as Pedro Martinez saw and said after the game, check your ego at the door. Did you not see that first hack on your fastball? Like you're not going to see that again. That's what Pedro said. You shouldn't see that again in the rest of the at bat. Middle middle, man. And I feel for you Mariners fans feel for you because you got to come out with that and you got us after you put your, you put your marker down on that game. We are young and we are coming for you. And Justin Verlander, your yesterday's news, our home run King he's, he's going to go and damn near hit for a cycle or have an opportunity for that with a double and a triple and Suarez is going yard and Crawford's going yard and we are shutting all you folks up and we're taking game one and we're going back to Seattle with a home field advantage.

Good luck on that. Nope. This series is over, right?

I can't say that, but how about we come up with a plan to stick with a plan, not trying to execute a plan that nobody's ever heard of with somebody who clearly wasn't ready for it. What the hell was that? Our two coming up. All right. You know, I throw it in the dirt. I don't know.

I don't know. The minute he got ahead as well with the fastball, I thought to myself, okay, you got that out of the way. You did get one. You're fat. You're one fastball here.

Let's start throwing junk. Low and away, low and away, low and away. Nope.

Grooved. Was that, that was Chan, whole park, right? To Cal Ripken. That was a cookie. Well, Chan, whole park to Cal Ripken, I believe was intentional. This is not intentional. Oh, that, Oh, got it. Not intentional. Has it come down yet?

I don't think it's landed. Oh my God. I mean, it was literally a horror movie. It's just like, don't go in that room. Don't do that. Turn the light on first. Call the cops.

Get out of the, run. Don't go upstairs. Why do they always go upstairs? Or downstairs.

The basement. It's like that. Stay on the same floor.

Stay on the same. It's like those commercials. They're the commercials. Yeah. With the chainsaws hanging. No, we just get into the running car. No, I think let's go over here. It's like Austin Powers, right?

It's with Dr. Evil where it's just like, what do you need the lasers? Just shoot them. Just shoot them now. Yeah.

I don't know. I can't relate to these movies. Honestly, it's as obvious as it comes, man. As soon as he made that move, I'm like, Oh God, this is over. Oh no. Nick Turturro is in studio to talk about the rest of the playoffs, including this and Jeannie Buss right behind him at some point. Ross Matthews talks to celebrities, friends, and people with interesting stories to tell.

Who's saying, hello, Ross, this week, Chelsea Handler. I'm not home enough to have a third dog. My housekeeper basically is their parent. I am not going to get another dog so that she has to take care of another dog until one of these dogs exits.

It's a good move. I have three rescue dogs and only two hands. And when you're one person, that's too hard to do. I recommend two max. Okay. Ross. Hello, Ross. I'm Nick Turturro and I'll see you next time on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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