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REShow: Maxx Crosby - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 10, 2022 3:15 pm

REShow: Maxx Crosby - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 10, 2022 3:15 pm

In his ‘Overreaction Monday’ segment Rich weighs in on the Jets and Rams’ playoff chances, if the 49ers and Eagles are destined to play in the NFC Championship game, the Cowboys’ defense, Josh Allen’s MVP-caliber season, Aaron Rodgers and the scuffling Packers, NFL parity, the Dodgers vs Padres, Aaron Judge and the Mets, and if we’ll see a Wild Card team win the World Series this season.

Raiders DE Maxx Crosby tells Rich how the team is adjusting to new head coach Josh McDaniels and is ready to move past their disappointing 1-3 start and preview Las Vegas’ pivotal Monday Night Football showdown against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Rich looks ahead to next Sunday night’s big NFC East matchup between Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles vs the Dallas Cowboys, and the guys offer up their predictions for Raiders-Chiefs on MNF.

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Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. That's another jet touchdown! They're back. I told you my favorite words I get to say in this microphone. That's another jet touchdown!

I don't throw the flags. Earlier on the show, two-time Super Bowl Champion Chris Long still to come. Raiders defensive end Max Crosby.

Plus your phone calls, overreaction Monday and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Great chatter over the last two hours. About week five in the NFL to date. Leading up to the Raiders and the Chiefs tonight on ESPN. And we will be chatting with Max Crosby of the Las Vegas Raiders in a matter of moments here on the program. If you've missed anything up to this point, you're watching on Roku on the Roku channel.

Guess what? We re-air as soon as this hour is over. The first two hours where we went over pretty much everything soup to nuts with Chris Long and his usual spot on our Monday program.

He joins us every single Monday. The Greenlight Podcast hosts. You should get his podcast. If you missed anything while you're listening to us, guess what? There's our podcast where all podcasts can be acquired through the Cumulus Podcast Network all three hours every single day. Please hit us with a subscribe button there and then there's our YouTube stream slash rich eisen show for all of that. Overreaction Monday joining is about to hit us in just a few minutes time.

Chris Brockman has got us all teed up for that. Mike Del Tufo is sitting in his chair, sitting up a little bit taller because his wallet's filled with all that secondary ticket money from the Rams tickets he sold to Cowboys fans. Thanks. Good to see you over there.

Cowboy fan TJ Jefferson. How are you, sir? Well, I mean, I guess I have to do this right.

Okay. I mean, you don't play the trumpets, play the trumpets on that as the Padres turn the trumpets into trombones. It was still a good year, man. It was a great year.

Here's the deal, right? I went rich because I've never lost love for this team. I went many years because they were bad, just like I didn't care about baseball, right? And then 15 and 16 happened and I started to regain my love for baseball in the last few years and that's bad again. I'm back to just like loving baseball again. So it didn't end obviously the way I wanted to, but from 77 wins to 101, like, man, I'm all in again. I feel good for you.

I feel good for you. I need all your karma now that the Yankees are sending Garrett Cole on the mound against the Cleveland Guardians. So welcome to the Yankee fandom since you're rooting for New York sports, right? I'm not a hater. I like to see, unlike you guys, I want to see my friends happy. So I'd like, like I said, Ohio State, you're a better Rich Eisen when Michigan beats Ohio State.

I say it with my chest a little bit more. You can rest easy tonight knowing I will never root for you. I know and vice versa right back at you.

Thank you. As you know, the Boston Red Sox hooked me up with Mass General and their staff when I had COVID two summers ago in Boston and they were terrific. They were amazing. They were great.

I still don't want their team to win. Isn't that great? They were there for me when I was at my most ill.

Absolutely. We almost lost you, bro. No, you didn't.

You expect that from me and I expect it right back at you. I love you and hate you at the same time. It's like a salty treat and a sweet treat all together.

First they're sour. Yeah. But college football yesterday, I mean over the weekend. What was that play called from Texas A&M? What was that play called at the end there?

Let's see. Nick Saban. Nick Saban's Alabama Crimson Tide had basically it was a two-point play for the win for Texas A&M in Tuscaloosa after everything that happened between Jimbo Fisher and Nick Saban over the summer. The game finally arrives no matter how poorly Texas A&M had played to this point. No matter how poorly it was, it was on the line two-point conversion type play for the win. One play left from the two-yard line and they threw it. They didn't even throw it in the end zone.

No, it was short of the goal line. The thing it was just as soon as that play was called it looked dead on arrival. It was DOA on the spot and I guess because of that Alabama's been penalized by the voters. They're now third ranked in the country. Georgia's won Ohio State two and I guess because Michigan didn't blow out Indiana took some time and I guess they didn't blow out Iowa. It took some time and they didn't blow out Maryland. It took some time to finally win those first three Big Ten games.

They were penalized. Clemson's now number four. Okay.

Top five whatever. That just all comes out in the wash. Michigan plays Penn State next. There you go.

So that's a good one. Another great game that'll be called on Big Fox. Four straight weeks on the Big Fox noon kickoff. Thanks to Michigan for getting us on TV.

You're welcome. Again, Ohio State's on ABC. Yeah, they blew out Michigan State who would be next on the hit parade. That's the last Big Ten game that Michigan lost was last year against Michigan State and Kenneth Walker is now going to basically get his shot as the Seattle Seahawks main running back. Yeah, that nice 69 touchdown. As Rashad Penny it appears has season ending leg surgery, right?

Such a bummer. Georgia's on top again. Who do they play? Who do they play?

This week, Rich? Yeah, who do they play this week? Vanderbilt.

Unbelievable. You know who's next for Alabama is Tennessee which is playing excellent football. That is going to be awesome. Does Georgia play Tennessee? Yep.

When? Does Georgia play anybody? Well, they play 12 games a year and then the playoff. It seems like Alabama's got a much tougher schedule. Because they play in a different division. Are you unfamiliar with how divisions work?

I'm very familiar how it works. Michigan has all the tough Big Ten teams in their division. Georgia plays Tennessee on November 5th. There you go. Where is that? Between the hedges? Looks like home.

Looks like a hedges game. Okay, that's good for you. Next couple games are tough.

Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi State, Kentucky. Okay, here we go. A little bit. Rich, more importantly Syracuse, 18th baby. How about that?

What's up? Speaking of the college, did you guys see Pitt running back Israel-Bana-Kanda this weekend? I did not, sir.

I did not either. 36 carries. Oh! 320 yards rushing and six touchdowns against Virginia. That's a good game. Geez. Yes, he was unstoppable. Wow, totally.

I'll grow batman. Cavaliers took it on the chin, huh? 36 for 320 yards rushing and six. It's more on the subject of Pitt football. Pittsburgh football. Go P, go I, go B, I, double T. I kind of like Kenny Pickett shoving Shaq Lawson.

Well, he got cheap shot. I, dude, I hear you and I like that the Steelers came right to his defense. I understand that Steelers fans are very happy right now that Mike Tomlin is staring right down the dark tunnel of a losing record for the first time in his career, sitting there at one and four. They've lost every single game since that week one game where they had it in the bag and then didn't and then finally won. They've lost every single one since T.J. Watt's been out, which has been their MO, and next up for them is Tom Brady paying a visit before they visit Miami on a Sunday night and then the Philadelphia Eagles before a bye.

That, it just looks tougher and tougher and tougher and it looks, it looks bleaker and bleaker and bleaker. They haven't even played the Ravens yet at all when the Ravens lead that division and they will play Cleveland, if I'm not mistaken, when Deshaun Watson returns and he is in the building today, by the way, for the first time since being remorseless. So, Tank, get the number one pick, get a bunch of draft picks, reload.

I mean, Willie Anderson on that team would be pretty good but that's not what their MO is and I never be there again. When Pickett got up and shoved Shaq Lawson and got in his face and received the support of his teammates on the spot in an other situation as well, I kind of digged it. Yeah, he got blasted earlier in the game, which Tom Brady got a roughing the passer. I mean, Pickett was sliding, he didn't get one and he got up. It's ridiculous. I don't understand, if we're going to protect the quarterback, the guy's down, he's sliding, he gives up and he gets went up.

It shouldn't be how many career starts for anybody, it should be if you're roughed, you're roughed and if you're not, you're not. You're not, you're not and we think that they kind of, you know, we glad hand these guys a little too much anyway. Be very honest with you, I kind of digged seeing that. Oh yeah. And I thought to myself.

That rallies the troops. Just when you think the Steelers season is lost and maybe it is, I doubt it. I mean, Gabe Davis blanketed by Minka Fitzpatrick and made one arm grab and the Bills are tops in the AFC. In my opinion, they're tops in the NFL.

As you know, where I placed them in my power rankings, they've been one since the beginning and have not fallen out of that spot. I still just found it interesting that amongst the wreckage of that Pittsburgh loss in western New York in week five, I saw that and I just wanted to make mention of that. Let's get to overreaction Monday brought to you by AutoZone.

You can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One Station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports sponsored by AutoZone. Max Crosby of the Raiders still to come, but Chris Brockman, you have the floor. That was terrible. That was crap.

That was garbage. This place sucks. Overreaction Mondays. Christopher. What's up, fellas? What up, yo?

Let's do this. The Rams are going to miss the playoffs. Oh man. I'm just right out of the gate. I am saying that's an overreaction.

I'm not ready to do that yet, as you know. Now look, and I agree with Chris Long's assessment in hour number two that you don't see the bones of a contending team. The bones of a contending team is owning the line of scrimmage and on offense they are not owning anything.

They are being owned. They are too banged up up front. I am genuinely concerned that whatever their offense needs from the run game is they're not getting it to take the pressure off of Stafford and also set up the play action that makes their engine purr. And it doesn't matter if Odell Beckham shows up. That might be a problem if you cannot run the football. And Odell, I would say this about Rams needing to play well and play fast and start getting some wins under their belt as Odell might take his services elsewhere when he decides on that subject matter over the next two to three weeks. So I am genuinely concerned, but I cannot sit here in week five and automatically say that the defending Super Bowl champs with Cup and with Bobby Wagner and with Aaron Donald and with Jalen Ramsey and with that coach and with that coaching staff that they are toast.

I won't do it yet. Can Aaron Donald play guard? I get it. Both ways go both ways. It's like high school.

It's like Bobby Wagner play a little guard. I hear you, bud. I hear you. But I'm not ready. I'm not ready to say that. That's a proper reaction. Well, the reason why they look so bad yesterday. Rich TJ Cowboys have a Super Bowl defense. That's a fact.

I'm not ready. I don't think you can stutter. When agreeing with that.

Oh, yeah, sure they do. When Micah Parsons was on that bike, I thought, OK, you know, and you could see was stretching it out. You could see that he was like shaking his head on the bike that something was up. And then they're like going to bring him in and just obvious pass rushdowns on third down. I'm like, well, just give him the rest of the day off. Like you need him more long term than anybody else.

What are you doing? He's not going to have any of that giddy up. And even Greg Olsen's like, well, I saw that flash right there for somebody who's supposedly hurt. And then he was living in the backfield and he ended the game. Yeah. So that's just one guy, too. And he's really special. And they got a special guy on the back end.

Yeah. What else you got over there, Chris? You know, I said a few weeks ago that the NFC stinks and I kind of still believe that, but I actually really believe this. We are headed for an Eagles 49ers NFC championship game. I am not ready to count out TJ's Cowboys. I am not ready to count out the Green Bay Packers yet either. They have a defense that I'm not ready to count them out either.

They're not playing very well right now. And it's just five games. And all you need to do is hit that ground running once November hits. Once Thanksgiving is on was in your rearview mirror. Come on, man.

I mean, what more do you need to know? Like if you made a proclamation about the Cincinnati Bengals at this point last year, you'd have discarded them. I will not say that just yet.

It does look like, you know, if the NFC championship game was played now, those would be the two teams I'd put in it to see the best possible game. You know, you're being very too reasonable a nuance, Rich. It's overreaction money. I understand that, but that's where I'm standing here to try and make reason out of the unreasonable. This is not how this works, Rich.

What else you got over there, Chris? Well, this one's for you then. The Jets are more likely to win a playoff game than the Dolphins or Pats. I would say yes to the Patriots.

That's not an overreaction. The Jets are better than the Patriots. They are better than the Patriots. Not on defense. The Jets are better than the Patriots.

I'm just saying the words into this microphone. I disagree. Okay. But the Dolphins, let's see what happens when Tua comes back with a hopefully clear head. If, yeah.

Yeah. And, you know, it's just a tough thing to do is to go on the road in this series. This series has been going on since I was born and before that. Jets, Dolphins, crazy stuff happens. They didn't have their, they had their number three guy in there and McDaniel still even got some room for Mostert to run. That run game was kicking.

Finally. And then the Jets kicked in. So I'll say it's an overreaction on the Dolphins, but I take my jets over your Patriots right now. Even with Matt Jones back, I'd take it. We can make that interesting in a few weeks.

Well, I mean, when does this happen? Let's go. We can make this happen. I'm feeling good about myself.

And I'm looking to take it. Alexander saying, I'll have a problem with the defensive. If we lose to the Jets next week. Oh yeah. They're coming to town week eight, week eight after we let's ride into Denver and then here comes new England.

Okay. Here comes new England harder than American dollar. Let's go. We're not there to kiss anybody's rings to find out how good the jets are in the next month.

Yeah, we are. Like the Buffalo bills are coming to town. I mean, that one's going to be a very tall order, but I'll take a five game win streak into that one. I'll do it. I like it. I'll sign for it.

Am I overreacting? You thought I wouldn't. You think I am? By the way, I knew I could bait him. Speaking of the Buffalo bills, you could just give Josh Allen the MVP right now.

I would do it. I know Jalen Hurts has got a lot of votes and you can just give it to, you know, that's, that's Northeast bias. That's, that's, that's new.

That's New York city. Turnpike Carter bias. Cooper rushes into the chat. Cooper rushes.

Kicked him out of the conversation to use the phrase. Josh Allen, number one in past yards, number one in touchdowns, number one in passer rating, please, please. Actually it's behind Geno.

Yeah. 340 something yards and four touchdowns in the first half. That thing was a wrap. And again, in the same way that Alabama got downgraded from first to third, despite winning at home against Texas A&M, Alabama has had a much tougher schedule than most everybody else.

That's in the top five. The bills won three out of their first four and they were three of them were on the road at Miami, at Los Angeles. You could say what you will about the Rams, but on week, week one, they raised the banner here. And then the Buffalo bills went into Baltimore and won that game. Come on now.

What else you got over there? Pays for 5,600 yards. And I, and I totally get the Jalen hurts love. And I love him and I love the whole, don't take the temperature. You're the thermometer.

And I we're going to play a soundbite from him before this hour is through talking about his leadership skills and what he has done to take the reins of opportunity and ride them. I love it. But Josh Allen is the MVP of the NFL. It's time to be worried about the Packers, man. There's something going on.

No, I'm not ready to do that yet either. There's something going on. Well, they got young kids on offense and they're mistake prone and, and Rogers isn't playing all that terrifically well. And he was pissed at them all the time.

Well, I mean, he'll, he'll, he'll get through it. And then yesterday the defense didn't have the, uh, that gear in the second half to handle Daniel Jones and a well coached giants offense. They got, they got played in the second half of that game yesterday, not ready to throw it. And they're three and two. The Vikings are four and one, but that is smoke.

And that is mirrors, man. I mean, the number of times that they, they snatch victories from the jaws of defeat after already leading in a game, I'm, I'm not, I'm not sold on that division is Minnesota's and the, in the long run. I'm not ready for that yet. And even if the Packers lose to the jets to go to three and three, I'm still not panicking yet either.

Chris, you're saying that Rogers looks at his receivers like rich looks at us sometimes. Okay. I need you guys to make plays. Maybe in the spots where I expect you to be. All right.

Because this ayahuasca is wearing off. Uh, Matt rule is going to have Nebraska as a 10 win team in a matter of no time. Okay. Wisconsin is not going to hire him. I don't know Arizona state. Doesn't he want to come out to pack 12 country?

I don't know. They paid her 9 million bucks to go away. That, you know, I'm going to get one of these coaching jobs where I get paid to not work. David Tepper's probably like, well, somebody please pay this guy.

Apparently his contract, they owe him all the money this year, but it's offset by any other opportunities he gets from next year on through. Oh, interesting. So, okay.

Yeah. David Tepper is a smart guy. That's not an overreaction at all.

Great use of Nebraska. Uh, we've never seen a season with this much parody guys, 21 teams. Have exactly two or three wins. Okay. I mean, what's the overreaction that you're looking for? There's a statement on the board.

We've never seen NFL season. Okay. All right. Sure.

You know, what do you want me to do? You're not buying it. Let's move on.

I got some baseball takes. Oh, okay. So Mike, let's switch music. Okay. I got some, did you tell him he looks like you didn't tell him that you got to tell me that you just hit a button.

You changed the music and music. Here you go. Hang on.

Go for it. All right. There you go. You got some other NFL.

The Padres are taken out to Dodger. That's an overreaction, bud, but I love it. I do love it.

Fat and sassy. And here, I do love it though. Let's go, Daniel, Jeremiah.

I love when these teams take on one another. Could you imagine if tattoos didn't do whatever the hell he was doing? Don't need them. I mean, how, how are Joe's Musgrove's ears going to look in Southern California? They're going to be glistening. It's going to be, it's going to be like Rudolph's red nose, right? He's going to be like the reindeer, right? Leading. Won't you guide my sleigh tonight? That's what, yeah, I mean, if that was, if that way of 58 degree weather in New York City, I mean, look out.

They're going to be glistening. That's a little much. It's still a little much. All right. How about this one?

It was over 300 runs this year. Great. Okay.

How about this one then? Yeah. The Mets are going to overreact to this loss by overpaying for Judge. I knew you'd go in that direction. How dare you? Not happening. How dare you? How dare you? He's not leaving. How dare you?

Like 400 million. How dare you? Please, please, hey, Cleveland Guardians pictures, please pitch around him.

Pitch around him, put his ass on base, and we'll see what happens behind him. I'll take those chances. I'll take those chances.

I'd rather have Otani, to be honest with you. Interesting. And apparently he might be in play. I'm putting it out there in the universe, Rich. I know. Wow. We're going to see, we're going to see what Steve Cohen looks like now and acts like, and I just think on a little taste and it's some bitter taste as well.

It got taste, a victory taste, the taste of it. Remember who brought Shohei over to play for the Angels? The current general manager.

I'm doing my Sir Smokelight. God, if you're listening, help, please. Shohei, vegan of the Guardians, Rich. A wild card team is going to win the World Series. No, no, no, no, no, no.

No? The Dodgers or the Astros are going to win the World Series. Yeah, that's it. I'll take that. You're going to give me the field?

Uh, Dodgers or Astros? Yeah. I can't do that. Can I throw the Yankees in there and then you'll take the field?

No, I can't. I will say this here. Okay. I think the Dodgers, the Astros win the World Series, but if you actually want to make it a friendly wage or whatever, I'm not rooting against the Yankees just so I can be right here, which you know is my most favorite thing. I'm not rooting against the Yankees.

I'm not rooting against the Yankees. Which you know is my most favorite thing. You care more about your money or being right? Being right.

Being right. Then let's go. I can make five dollars elsewhere, you know what I mean? He might not pay you anyway, Rich. He don't shine shoes anymore, Brock.

Yeah, that's right. His wallet's a little... Give me the Yankees. His money don't jiggle jiggle. See, you don't want to give me the Yankees. You don't want to give me the Yankees. And you're going to give me the field? I will give you the field.

There's eight teams left. I'll take three of them. You take the other five.

Oh, no, that's a good... That's Brockman. I take three of them. You take the other five. You get Yankees, Dodgers, and I get the field.

I'm not... No, I've already told you that I need... I'm the biggest Mariner fan around, literally. I'm like, honestly, you can't find a bigger Mariner fan than me right now.

He's building a Starbucks in his front of his house. Seriously. Yeah, I'm telling you. Absolutely. Come on now.

We can talk offline. I'm rooting for Rupert Jones and everybody else. I'm going way back. Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah. I'm going way back. J. Buehner. I'm going way before J. Buehner. Come on now.

I'm trying to think of all the Mariners I got in my 1978 Topps cards back that I didn't want more of. Okay. Great job. Great job. Let's ride.

Okay. Let's ride. When we come back, we ride with our friend Max Crosby of the Las Vegas Raiders. Don't miss that. That's next, prior to the Week 5 finale.

Big game in the AFC West tonight. I'm an adventurous person, but I'm also a careful person. We want to get out there, but we also want to make sure we're safe and our loved ones are safe. Good thing there's the OnStar Guardian app. Safety services right on our phone. We can get roadside assistance. We can share locations with friends and family. We can even get help in a crash in any vehicle on any motorcycle.

Finally, something both sides of me can agree on. Adventure safely with the OnStar Guardian app. Download today from the App Store or on Google Play. Be safe out there. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show, we've got a Monday Night Football tonight between the Chiefs and the Raiders. You know I've been putting it out there for the Raiders. You know I've been putting it out there for the Raiders. And so, what's more precarious than being a one and three football team, needing a win tonight, going against a marauding team that damn nearly put a 50 spot on you last time you were in the building?

What's worse than that, potentially, is to be reminded that somebody's put their reputation on the line believing in you. And that's how my conversation with Max Crosby began awkwardly, when I zoomed with him just a couple of days ago in advance of tonight's Monday Night Football game. What's up, Max Crosby? How's life? Rich Eisen, how are we doing? I'm doing excellent.

Well, I mean, I'm glad you're asking how I'm doing, Max, because I'm, you know, this is, you know, obviously a show named after me and I know you're an all-pro player and you're taking your time out of your day, but this is about me a little bit right here. I don't know if you, did you hear who I predicted to win the AFC West this year? Did you hear that prediction? Yes, I did.

Yes, I did. All right, I mean, I've been talking, I've been writing checks for weeks and months. What can you tell me about the future of the Raiders in 2022, Max Crosby? You know, it's, we've played four games. We've had some ups and downs. We've lost a couple games that were very winnable, but that's in the past, you know, we're looking forward to the future and we're looking forward to, you know, getting better and better. You know, I feel like every single week we've gotten better and I think that show last game with Denver. So, you know, we're just trying to stack days and we really have a great group of guys. The coaches have been awesome and, you know, when you get into a new situation, everything is different, you know, philosophies are different, you know, schedules are different, everything's, you know, not the same. So, everybody's just trying to gel and become, you know, one big family and one big team.

So, I feel like we're definitely, you know, getting closer and closer to getting to that. Because that is, you know, one of some of the things that I've heard about the 2022 Raiders is that Josh McDaniels has come in and has absolutely brought a totally different way of everything. I mean, soup to nuts, schedule, the way that you practice, the way that you do everything, that it's different.

Can you give me an example of how things are different from this year and previous, Max? Yeah, you know, Coach McDaniels is, ever since he got here, he kept it extremely honest and that's the one thing you want from a coach. So, hard work, that's something that he doesn't shy away from, you know, that's he wants his teams, the best conditioned teams, the strongest teams. And so, when it comes to work ethic, like, I don't feel like anybody's working like us and, you know, me personally, you know, me personally, I love it because that's what I, why I'm here today is from hard work.

So, if you don't like to work hard and things like that, if you don't like dedicating extra hours to your craft and, you know, the game, you're going to whittle yourself out of the, you know, building. But, you know, that's what it's all about, you know, having the right people here. And I feel like Coach McDaniels has done a great job of sticking to his guns and, you know, just trusting the process. And, you know, I feel like solutions, we're in a solution-based industry, we're not here to, you know, focus on all the negatives, focus on the bad things, you know, there's always things to improve on, but there's solutions, you know, and that's what we're fighting to get every single day is fixing the things we got to get better at and continue to improve on the things we've already done well. So, yeah, it's been awesome. Okay, so it had, do you think the month of playing football that you have gotten through the adjustment period now, do you feel that that's done or you're still going through it? You know, it's hard to say, I can't say, you know, absolutely we're good now and it's, you're never, you know, you never got it in general no matter what. So, yeah, you know, there's always room for improvement and that's the thing about football that's so special is that no matter how good you are, there's a reason why Tom Brady's played for 23 years. He still wants to get better and still wants to improve and there's always room to, room to grow and, you know, if you have 53 guys that think like that, you're going to have good results. So, that's just kind of what it is for Coach McDaniels, you know, there's a standard and me personally, I try to show up and set the standard, you know, for my guys and for the team and how to work and how to show up and do the right things and that's when you get a bunch of guys that are all on the same page like that, you know, there's only, there's only, you know, room for growth and you just keep going up. So, I feel like, you know, we've done a great job.

Max Crosby here on the Rich Eisen Show in advance of Monday Night Football on Westwood One against the Kansas City Chiefs. So, you just came from a captain's meeting. What can you tell me what goes on in there? What can you, I know, I'm not telling you to tell me all the secrets but what is that like? It's awesome.

I love it, you know, you walk in with a coffee early in the morning, you have great conversation, you know, talk about a lot of things but yeah, you know, I obviously can't share a lot of details but we just go over a lot of things and, you know, I feel like it's very productive every time. Okay, so what does it mean to you to have that sea on your chest then after your journey here? Yeah, you know, it means the world. You know, last year was the first time I got elected captain in my whole life. I've never been a captain in high school, never been a captain in college. So, last year, you know, finally getting that sea, I took a lot of pride in that and, you know, obviously going into, you know, my fourth year I want to be a captain again and I got voted again by my teammates. So, you know, that's something I take very seriously because I know where I used to be. I used, you know, I used to be a, I can't cuss, but, you know, it's just for me, I take a lot of pride in that because it just shows, you know, that you can overcome things you could come from. You know, you don't always have to be the same person you were and, you know, I try to lead by example every single day not by talking or anything like that.

I show up with action. I show my guys that I care and I just want, you know, the best for the team. Okay, and last time we spoke it was just as Chandler Jones was coming aboard and I know that you guys have a history, that you're friends, that you're tight and now you're teammates.

What has that been like and how it's translated on the field? Yeah, you know, Chandler is, like you said, Chandler is one of my great friends. He's an excellent human being and it's been awesome, you know, being on the field with him. You know, he's got such a like a childish love for the game and that's, you know, that's something that I've always carried, you know, no matter what, no matter how hard it is, highest level you're in the NFL, it's still a game and like that's what keeps you young. It keeps you going is the love for the game of football and he's, he has that, you know, he shows up to practice every day with a smile on his face trying to get better and, you know, I feel like Chandler's done a great job, you know, it hasn't necessarily showed up in the stat sheet yet but Chandler is doing a lot of really good things for us and, you know, he's going to help us win a lot of games. All right, Max Crosby, Monday Night Football, Mahomes, what is the challenge against him and this offense?

What do you got for me? Yeah, it's pretty self-explanatory. Mahomes is one of the best players on the planet. They got a ton of speed. Travis Kelce is, you know, one of the best tight ends to ever do it so it presents a great challenge, you know, they have solid, they're very solid O-line as well so, you know, personally, you know, I look at this as a game where, you know, I have to go make a difference no matter what it is, make game-changing plays, not just attaboys, you know, I got to get active and help get everybody else active so we're looking forward to the challenge.

It's gonna be a lot of fun. I don't know if you saw Mahomes after they beat the Bucks on Sunday night, he broke down the huddle in his locker room saying, you know, who it is this week and he's meaning you and he's meaning the Raiders. Do you have the same mentality against these Chiefs?

It's Chiefs week. Yeah, we don't have to say, I don't have to say anything, you know. Come on, you have to say something.

I'm asking you a direct question. Like I said, I'm all about action. I ain't got nothing to say.

I'll show them. Okay, all right. You seem like you're jumping out of your skin, like you'd play it right now. Oh yeah, I'm ready to go. I'm excited but I gotta, you know, I gotta relax a little bit.

It's only Friday. Okay, all right, you gotta pace yourself. Yes, sir. Are you telling me to pace myself? I should relax? You give me like the Rogers speech, like I should relax one and three, I'm good, you're good, we're good. Is that what you're saying right now?

You just got to stay present, you know. It's Friday, it's 2 30, I'm about to get in the cold tub. I'm gonna have a great day and then Saturday gets here, we'll worry about Saturday.

I know, I'm just saying, but I'm saying like part of the reason why I want, you know, I chose the Raiders to win this division is you and Chandler Jones and Devante Adams and the new changes and the new coach and, you know, I guess I'm asking you for speech, like what do you got for me, you know? Should I relax? Am I chill?

Just hang out. Just trust the process. Trust the process.

You chose well, I think you chose well, just trust the process. All right, Max Crosby, I look forward to it. Always a pleasure chatting with you, man. Always. I've never said this to another person, but enjoy the cold tub.

It's a first for me. Enjoy that. You take care of yourself. Thanks again for the time, Max Crosby. Thank you, Rich. Thank you, Rich. Thank you.

All right. I'm going to the cold tub if they don't win tonight. I would get the ice ready. Yeah, should I ice up?

Ice up, son. I don't know, man. I don't think it's going to be close, man. Rivalry games are nuts. Yeah, you got to throw the records out the window.

You don't have to. Mahomes is seven and one against the Raiders. Okay, well that's also good. Mahomes.

That guy, I forgot about him. Yeah, the autumn wind on Monday night is in the cold tub. You know what?

My prediction's going through shrinkage, too. You can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One Station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports sponsored by AutoZone. I will be at 7 30 Eastern time tonight at the microphone of the pregame and halftime of Chiefs and Raiders. When we come back, we've got ourselves a fascinating conversation about what's going on with the Dallas Cowboys. Ah, yes, baby. We finish up with the cold with the boys. Get your get your grease board ready.

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Visit to learn more about Galaxy Z Fold 4. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show, we just played a soundbite from Jalen Hurts when we first chatted with him on March 30th, 2020, before the NFL draft where Burrow and Tua and Herbert were all going to be the top three we knew. Just didn't know the order. We were assuming at that point in time it was going to be Burrow coming off of that remarkable final season for him at LSU. And then Jalen Hurts gets selected fourth on that quarterback list after, or fifth. Jordan loves drafting. Let me forget about that. Jordan loves drafting, you know, might have been the biggest shocker of them all that we were talking about because we were talking about Aaron Rodgers reaction to it. And then Jalen Hurts gets drafted in Philadelphia. What's that all about? Carson Wentz, did they not believe in him?

The answer was we found out was correct. They did not believe in him. They need to back their players somehow. And even going into the season, I was talking up Jalen Hurts thinking that this kid has an opportunity that he's going to grab hold of. You know, I like the way that they finished last year despite losing in the playoffs and he was up and down and there are many times where he didn't really turn on the Jets figuratively until the fourth quarter, late third quarter.

Now look at him. 5-0. The lone remaining undefeated quarterback in the NFL and he doesn't want to hear about it one bit. I personally, honest, I hate hearing 5-0. I don't like to hear it because nobody wanted to mention the record when we were 2-5. Nobody wanted to talk about that. So I don't want to hear it now. I don't want to hear it now.

Can we come in here, control the things we can, attack every day, and just grow and climb. That's what matters, the process. The process. He used the Philadelphia sports phrase, the process.

I don't know if he was doing that intentionally or not, but I kind of dig it. I just love the fact that he is doing what he said he would do when we chatted with him in that late March prior to the draft that I am a leader. They're going to get a dog, whoever drafts me, and Philadelphia found that guy. And they turned to him and he is turning things around.

He is a rock star in this league. And next up, it's time. This is it. Oh baby, Sunday night football. The Philadelphia Eagles, home for Dallas.

This is it. And it looks like it's going to be Cooper Rush in this game. You heard yesterday from so many who cover this league, the information men and women saying that Dak is still having trouble gripping the football satisfactorily enough. Four wins in a row too for Cooper Rush.

What's the point? No reason to rush it at all. You already have one win in division in your back pocket on this four-game winning streak from Cooper Rush.

Why rush it? Just go in there, keep the momentum going, and then at some point you're going to switch back to Dak Prescott because that's what you do when your starting quarterback is healthy enough to take the reins. This scrum after the game here in Los Angeles, California, where Jerry Jones was asked about the conversation around Cooper Rush, where he got a little defensive. He even agreed that he was being defensive with the reporter, was asking about the ridiculousness of the conversation surrounding Dak and Cooper, and I think he thought that ridiculousness was being ascribed to him because he essentially invited this scrum by saying that he wanted Cooper Rush to create a quarterback controversy, knowing that if Rush had won more than he lost while being the emergency backup starter that nobody thought would be necessary for him to play like this this year and play as much as he has, he knew that there would be a conversation about why go back to Dak at all, and he invited Rush to invite that to his doorstep.

Well guess what's at his doorstep? That conversation, and no matter how much he's trying to put it back in the bottle, and I told you at the time when he said he wants a quarterback controversy, he was basically saying come on Cooper, Rush, win as much as it can, but it's really Dak's job. He reiterated that after Rush remained undefeated as a starting quarterback out of central Michigan. If they're both healthy, you, Dak, is your quarterback, correct? Dak is the number one quarterback.

Dak is our guy, but isn't it great that somebody came in and played well enough so we can ask that question? That's my point. That's always been his point. Yeah. That's always been his point. You nailed it on the head immediately when that comment. I didn't even hear this.

That is true, you didn't, but you know, you know. But I still say that even though Dak is the number one guy, I would go with Rush into Philadelphia for various reasons. One, I don't think Dak's ready yet.

Two, you're playing very well. Don't upset the apple cart if you don't have to, and they don't, and they don't. You'd be like, well, wait a minute, you know, you want to sweep these season series from the Eagles. You don't want to be a game and a half behind them and keep their momentum going at six and oh. True, true, but the next time when you face them at home and you've got Dak there, it'll be like, oh, we lost you when we had our backup.

I mean, there's some mind games that you can play if that's even necessary. But it is Dak's gig and it's his job and it's going to be his job and I think he adds a dimension that Cooper Rush does not. Part of the problem is that he adds a more risky portfolio with his game where he might risk it more, but I think he's a terrifically talented quarterback and you might as well just, if you want to get his feet wet a little bit, Detroit and Chicago right before a bye, certainly if you want him to knock the rust off. Last spot you want to knock the rust off of, because it would have been two months since he played a football game, is at Green Bay and at Minnesota before Thanksgiving game against the Giants. I think you want to get him, if you want, get him a nice one and get home against Detroit, against Chicago as well.

Home dates, knock the rust off, go into your bye week and get healthy, knock the rust off so his first game's not at Lambeau Field. That's it. That's the way I would play it.

I like your style. But the results of that conversation will be, I think, our lead item one week from today, don't you think? Sunday Night Football week six? Huge. Huge. I cannot wait. I'm ready. Tonight's game, I'm nervous about my choice. You should be. Wait, did you take the Raiders tonight? What do you mean in game day morning? Yeah. No. What you nervous about?

I did not. I'm nervous because I don't, I'd like to be right. Well Rich, we can't be right about everything. Yeah, you know, you were right about the Warriors. Just right that way, you know. That's true. You got a whole year.

But I want to keep being right. If the Raiders win tonight, then Denver's a last place team. They're just a game behind the Chargers who play Denver to finish off week six and the Chiefs. And if the Chiefs win tonight, they're four and one, setting up a monster week six matchup between the Chiefs and the Bills and Arrowhead. And the Chargers play the Broncos to finish up week six and the Raiders are off. You got your first bye week coming up next week.

You know what you ought to do? You should pivot away from the fact that you said the Raiders would win and lean more to the fact that you said the Broncos probably wouldn't be very good. I did say that I needed to see it first and I also said that the Chiefs offense would be better than people think. But I also just said I, for some reason, and I just can't get off it, that's a hell of a pass rush they have up front. And that is a terrific quarterback wide receiver combination that they have.

And Josh Jacobs started running the ball very well. Maybe, just maybe, let's ride Raiders nation tonight. Stay away from the Arrowhead logo in the middle. Don't go there. Stay as far away as possible. Don't even, don't even, don't even go past your own 20-yard line.

That's it. Daniel Carlson's the only guy and, you know, to be able to get past there. He's got to, he's got to warm up.

Same with Punter. Let's go. What would be the Raiders equivalent of let's ride?

Like what would, what would Carr say Brockman? That's pillage. Pillage.

Let's loot. Just win baby. Oh yeah, that's true. It's gonna be ugly tonight, man. It's gonna be so ugly tonight. I don't know about that.

Magic Mahomes average is 320 yards and three touchdowns against the Raiders. I understand that. To quote the Black Eyed Peas though, man, I got a feeling. Oh. Yeah. I think we're gonna see a better game. Tonight's gonna be a good night.

I'm not saying they're gonna win, but I think it's gonna be a closer game than you're saying. Nope. Nope. No, it's two touchdowns.

Well, we will be talking about it tomorrow. Don't you dare miss any of that. Eli Manning is our first guest. Eli Manning and David Boreanaz, famed Eagles, and Philmoni Jones. Love it.

I think Eli should give you some arch man. Guests that we have on Tuesday. Back on Roku in a moment. Ross Matthews talks to celebrities, friends, and people with interesting stories to tell. Who's saying, hello Ross, this week, Chelsea Handler. I'm not home enough to have a third dog. My housekeeper basically is their parent. I am not going to get another dog so that she has to take care of another dog until one of these dogs exits. It's a good move. I have three rescue dogs and only two hands. And when you're one person that's too hard to do, I recommend two max. Okay. Hello Ross available on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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