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REShow: Michael Kay/Jared Weiss - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 22, 2022 3:16 pm

REShow: Michael Kay/Jared Weiss - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 22, 2022 3:16 pm

New York Yankees play-by-play announcer Michael Kay tells Rich how Aaron Judge is handling the spotlight as he chased down Roger Maris’ American League home run record, if the Pinstripes brass will open the purse strings to keep the slugging outfielder in the Bronx next season and beyond, and how sports fans in the Big Apple are reacting to the Giants’ and Jets’ first two games of the NFL season.

 The Athletic’s Celtics Insider Jared Weiss tells Rich the latest surrounding the possible 1-year suspension for Boston head coach Ime Udoka and if team President Brad Stevens could be nudged back into a coaching role. 

Rich and the guys react to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones saying he wouldn’t mind a QB controversy between backup Cooper Rush and injured starter Dak Prescott, and react to the latest Bill Belichick Press Conference Moment of the Day.

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They're not only coming for your souls, they are coming to mess you up. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Week four, your visit back to Philadelphia. What do you think your reception is going to be, Doug Peterson? I'd hope I get booed.

That makes me feel welcome. Earlier on the show, senior writer for the MMQB Albert Breer. Still to come, Yes Network Yankees broadcaster Michael K. Plus your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Lots to talk about on this program. Still waiting to hear from the Boston Celtics on what's going on with their coach and nothing like rumor and innuendo and conspiracy theories to fill the void as it has been filled for the last several hours on what's going on with their head coach Imei Yudoka.

844204 Rich is the number denial. Jared Weiss who uh uh along with Sham Sharanya uh had wrote the uh co-bi-lined piece on the uh initial news um today that Yudoka is facing suspension due to a consensual relationship with a member of the Celtics organization. He's going to join us in 18 minutes to time to give us at least some information before we send you out the door for a Thursday night football game. Huge night tonight between the Steelers and the Browns on Amazon Prime Video.

That's something to talk about before we get out of Dodge. But uh speaking of streaming, we're live on the Roku channel, channel 210 on all Roku connected devices, Samsung smart TVs and Amazon Fire TV, the Roku app, the I was streaming on the MLB app on the runway at San Francisco airport on Tuesday night uh Aaron Judge's final at bat because I just wanted to see if he would hit 60 so I heard the outstanding call of Michael Kay's uh uh moment in the booth with the rest of the outstanding yes crew of Judge hitting 60 and then Stanton hit that walk off grand slam and then the first inning last night another grand slam apparently that's never happened where a team finishes with the ninth inning grand slam uh the night before opening up a game with a grand slam in the first inning so lots going on in the world of the Yankees and joining us on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line is a man who's got his own terrific radio show every single day locally in New York from ESPN and yes our friend Michael Kay back here on the program. How you doing Michael?

I'm great Rich, how you doing? I mean this has got to be like childhood dream stuff right? Sitting in a booth calling games uh watching uh George Herman uh you know Babe Ruth get tied by Aaron Judge this is amazing.

What's it like? It is amazing he has it he's had an amazing season and just to be just like a little fly on the wall or in the catbird seat so to speak it's kind of fun uh I didn't think you know after they cleaned up the game that we we'd see anybody approach this and not only has he approached it but you know he's done it in seven fewer games than Ruth did it now six after last night so he's had a pretty extraordinary year. Yeah last night he rips a double on the first pitch he sees he had another double uh and then um you know strike out and then uh a walk where people just don't want to face him. How is he handling all of this? I just see the Maris family I remember when Maguire was tracking down Roger Maris that family was being taken all over the country with the commissioner as well Bud Selig was there how's Judge taking the uh the spotlight here? You know what Rich it's been amazing like you know we all have heard the awful stories about Maris that you know there was such stress that his hair fell out and I asked Aaron Boone like in the middle of the season if he makes a run at this is is he going to be okay he's going to be able to handle the stress and like Boone laughed and said well he's still got his hair I don't think that's going to come out and uh this is the guy Rich who bet on himself who turned down 213 million dollars and that didn't affect him in fact it spurred him on to have one of the great offensive seasons of ball time we had Buster only on the show yesterday and Buster said it is really when you compare it to what's happening in baseball right now the greatest offensive season that anyone's ever had and I don't know if I'd sign off on that but certainly in the top 10 so that didn't unnerve him I don't think this will you know you would think that when you got what to 57 right you start to feel it and boom he hits two home runs in the last game in Milwaukee that made it 59 so uh and then the first opportunity he has back at the bat uh in the next game he hits 60 so I don't think it's affecting him at all he seems pretty chill about the whole thing and you know uh just watching him go through it um and he's just murdering the baseball at a time when the Yankees needed to the the team essentially fell apart um in August offensively and then physically as well July wasn't uh post all-star break anything to shake a stick at either this is he is most valuable this is exactly what you need from somebody like him to carry a team and then uh come through like he has been doing the last few days um I I wonder what it's like to watch this in first hand it's almost surreal uh because to tell you the truth I even mentioned it in Milwaukee the you know the last time up um he um hit a two-run double and I said this is the only guy on the planet that people are disappointed when he hits double so I mean you can hear the groans yesterday Yankee Stadium when he hit two doubles as it's not enough but you know he's also chasing a triple crown so all the hits he gets continues to pump his average up just a little bit and it'll be interesting because the top two guys in the American League are going to be going to be playing the next four games starting tonight uh Aaron Judge and Bogart so and I agree with you with the valuable thing and no disrespect meant that all to Otani I know there are a lot of people in Otani's camp and he's had just a wondrous year he's a unicorn I don't know if we'll ever see this again but if the word valuable and MVP actually means anything Aaron Judge is the only thing that stood between the Yankees having the most historic blown lead of all time of 15 and a half games and Rich you watched the games he did it with no protection in the lineup which makes me wonder about some managers in baseball why'd you even pitch to them but they did pitch to him and he just damaged all the time he he carried the team otherwise they would have blown that lead I mean and we we put together a full screen graphic for our show yesterday and the numbers that were going to pop on the screen are not updated from last night but he still does lead in every one of these categories including as you mentioned the triple crown and he's only 15 steals behind Cedric Mullins too I mean that's it's insane he's not like some plotting slugger that can't move around the bases he's unbelievable and that that is why he is in fact most valuable so this leads me to the the final question I guess on on Judge for the moment for you Michael Kay is the future he bet on himself and he has performed in a way that is truly remarkable I mean the only thing that I can even equate this to in the same remote I guess area code maybe the same church but definitely the wrong pew is uh Joe Flacco years ago when the Ravens didn't sign him and Steve Basciotti said you win the Super Bowl you can come and and put the bag on my desk and I'll give it to you um this is what he's doing he may not win the world series but what he's done is amazing what is the future there um are the Yankees gonna give him whatever the hell he wants because they should that's not how they play though which is that that's what adds the interesting part to it because you know you would think that the season that he's had it kind of backs them into a corner to do whatever but that's not how how and and Brian work you know they will I they obviously have to raise him from the 30 and a half million dollars a year that they offered which at the time would have made them the second highest position player in baseball behind Mike Trout but now you can actually look at this guy and say he's getting 40 million dollars a year now I know the Yankees probably pushed themselves more than they wanted to to give them seven years because next year he's going to play at an age of 31 and the Yankees are all about analytics and the thing that frustrates a lot of people in baseball there are no analytics on how six foot seven inch 282 guys age it's a kind of a crap shoot you know so there's going to be you know again I'll reference buster buster only at ESPN uh he said the Giants are going to make a big run out you know they they need that big star and they need a guy you know they're going to sell 99 uniforms and shirts at their ballpark they don't have that right now they had a bad season and they certainly have a lot of money uh so and he is from you know northern California so what would say the Giants coming and go we'll give you 10 years 400 million I mean the again you being a Yankee fan as long as you have to usually think the Yankees are going to say okay we'll give you 400 million Michael I mean he's not Michael 1.2 billion for a piece of AC Milan who are we kidding here you know and the Yankees probably aren't the number one revenue generator in house Steinburner's portfolio anymore I mean I think they have the money I don't think they do of course they do the team is probably worth over seven billion dollars but they do business in a certain way like this is what this is worth and this is what that is worth and they usually usually I can't say that it's going to be the case now they usually don't let emotion come in uh to their decisions and this one is going to be emotionally driven oh yeah oh yeah and I I don't know if there's any metrics either Michael to uh find wherever George M Steinburner III is in fact buried and have a seance to have him come out of his grave and make sure Hal gives him the money like this is a total George M Steinburner the third maneuver Michael like let's go when the Yankees are in Boston Rich yes I was talking to some people involved with the Red Sox and there's a chance they would make a run at them and remember George and Bernie are the only things that kept Bernie from going to Boston and that George stepped into the last moment and pretty much almost doubled the the the you know last offer that they had just to keep them I don't know if that's the way they do business anymore now that paid off for them because Bernie was very valuable for that team and played a big role oh yeah oh yeah you know what could move the needle again this is just Michael K guessing I got you is this Steve Cohen or John Henry of the Mets and the Red Sox really make a play for him because I don't know if you could let your guy get away you can't I mean come on now I mean even that even that that and and if I'm judged that's why if I'm not mistaken you know judge kind of played a little coy when he was asked when they were in Boston last you know maybe you're and he's like yeah that'll be for the end of the season and I'm like way to go man that you drive it up drive it up like he didn't deny like I would never come to Boston drive it up but I would find it very hard to believe that John Henry coughs up the money for Aaron Judge that for whatever reason still they didn't do for Mookie Betts who is just lighting up this town from which I'm talking to you but that might be the reason rich because they're still furious in Boston that they let one of the best baseball players of all time get away and you know they got nothing back in return I mean Alex Verdugo is a nice player but he's not Mookie Betts so since Boston is still simmering and and the the big worry in Boston that you you hired Chime Bloom from the the Tampa Bay Rays are you going to operate like a small market franchise and this would be the answer no we are not so uh but I'm not sure if Chime Bloom wants to play in that that end of the pool either I mean that's not the type of GM he is but the Dodgers are very analytical team rich and you know they've taken deep dives you know they took a deep dive on a Mookie Betts sometimes you have to be irrational and I think it was Andrew Friedman who said it a long time ago anybody who's rational about pursuing a player either a free agent or trade will always finish third in getting that player Michael Kay love it right here on the Rich Eisen show um okay in a couple minutes I have left with you let's talk a little bit of football who's more jacked up calling your radio show every day Giants or Jets fans right now giant fans giant fans because the Jets I mean that was such an unlikely win I mean it probably happens once every 400 years so you can't say they played great last week but we'll see what they do against the Bengals now but the general perception on New York rich is that Jets have more talent than the Giants and but they're also feeling the Giants might have scored by getting Dable Dable looks like the real thing Jet fans are still a little unsure about Robert Sala so we shall see but here's the most ridiculous I hope I hope you agree with me I hate to disagree with you yes sir we have people calling in you've got to keep playing Flacco until they lose and even when Zach Wilson's ready no you don't stop Zach Wilson's the future of the team either you find out what he is or you you've got to get another quarterback it's like I look what the Giants did with Eli and Kurt was a hall of famer and they were five and four and had a chance to make the playoffs and you know what they said it's time for Eli to play so even if Joe Flacco wins the next two games in their three and one when he's ready to go I'm sorry you have to turn it over to come on really people are what somebody from Queens calling up somebody from uh from my hometown of Staten Island saying gotta play Joe Flacco until the wheels come off actually does say you keep playing Joe Flacco until until you you know backup quarterbacks are supposed to do what Flacco has done the 59 throws against the Ravens that's what you I mean that was insane but it was just a week one uh Flacco should win these games he's a backup quarterback who's won a Super Bowl who knows the offense very well who isn't physically falling apart who knows these opponents that's how he made his bones is against the AFC North which is the first month of the season for the Jets and then let's see what Zach can do a million percent I totally agree with you Mike has to be I totally agree with you Michael because by year three you have to make a decision on year five and you're not going to know anything about them because and you know we didn't ask these people at call in rich well with Flacco how many games do you think they're going to win well at perfect world eight well you're not making the playoffs anyway so what did you do with the year before I let you go into your day Michael Kay um you know I will be tuned tonight um and I love every at bat now you're like hey welcome to yes you're you're resetting you're welcoming the national uh television audience rich you will not be watching me tonight what's going on tonight we're we're into box oh what about Friday Apple TV come on now you're not gonna be I'm telling you the truth so you're not not even Friday night you're not gonna you're not gonna be if he hits it before Saturday yes does not have uh the call oh man are you going to the game are you gonna be there I'm gonna watch it with my son at home you know what man I first of all you know I love you right you know I love everything about you because that is seriously and I I say this you know without any hint of anything but genuine I love that about you that's so great man and I know it's deep down it kind of kills you that you're not going to be at the mic potentially for this but you sitting next to your kid I'm sitting next to mine I'm calling him into the into the living room every single time the guy steps to the plate this is that type of material for anybody who's grown up I mean you've been in the business as long as I have what do you think I should somebody said Michael you have to go to the booth tonight with a metal chair and smash it over Adam's head and just take over the call well I mean there's that there's that as well there's you know that'll be aggressive that'll be an aggressive maneuver it'll be a big story but you know what they're not going to try and get you in on Friday night even with Apple TV you can't what do you think Marciano the post this is unbeknownst to me I have no idea that that they're they're trying to make a trade of me David and Paul to make the call but I I mean if you're Apple TV are you going to do that I mean this is what you paid all the money for a game like this I know I hear you yeah I know that you got your own crew you can't tell your own crew hey we've got one of the most potentially historic moments you're out these other folks are in I I totally would get that I hope if he hits it the next day or so I hope Adam Amin has a great call or Steven Nelson and I'll be enjoying it just like a fan it won't matter anyway Michael how about this for a great Yankee fan moment won't matter anyway because you'll be able to call his 70th home run in about eight days how does that you know what don't uh don't think that that's out of the question who's going to take care of the Astros for us that's that I'm going to go straight up to that before I let you I think the Yankees are going to have to take care of the Astros you don't think the guardians might might get them the J's right I don't know how I guess the last one for you I'm sorry to get for keep you too long how does it work does it work where if the three versus six did they reseed no they do not reseed which is silly okay look so the NFL reseeds so it would be the the uh the Astros would get the winner of three versus six six no matter what no matter what it's it's weird so they could actually play the better team than the Yankees yeah I mean I would I don't know man so the Yankees if they want to eat when the east will play the winner of the central uh which would play the lowest um wild card okay and so oh wow and the Yankees I don't think would have any problems with the guardians and to succeed well you know that's not going to be easy because the Blue Jays or the Rays or I think the Yankees could handle the Mariners but Castillo scares you a little bit I know I wish the Yankees had gotten him instead of Montas but that's again that's rich from Staten Island talking not the Rich Eisen show from Los Angeles thanks for the call uh Michael you're the best I love listening to you and you and and Cone and um you know and and Paul you know O'Neill with all due respect to everyone else that's it's a you're great listen with everyone everyone in the booth is a great listen I'd love listening to the three of you guys it's great thank you please tell your family hello right back at you too sir that's Michael Kay everybody right here on the Rich Eisen show breaking New York sports media news run tell that to the New York Post right go yeah Andrew Marchand uh posted the story literally right when Michael no and and and you know it's an interesting story that Marchand is is poking around on and rightfully so but I think Kay's not wrong man I'm sure Kay wouldn't mind being in the booth yeah but what are you gonna really you're gonna tell the Apple TV crew you've been doing it all year you're out at the biggest moment yeah these these three folks they don't use the same crew every game though do they they have two different cock has been switching around on the Sunday games but they use the same um they use the same crew oh really they swap out the um uh I think Jason Bonetti's calling the play-by-play and they swap out who the uh analysts are on peacock depending on what's the game announcement no and they were but Apple TV's had the same crew I think right yeah Hunter Pence and Katie Nolan they do okay they do got you tonight yeah you can't say you're out I would have been so livid so livid if NFL network at its birth you got that big game between the Patriots and the Giants and the Patriots are going for 16 and 0 and it was the easily the biggest broadcast hey Rich and crew you're out the Fox or ESPN people are now in yeah you're out yeah like no you go with your crew I totally would get that I totally I get it but it means more to Yankee fans right it does so it doesn't you're watching it just as much as it doesn't mean anything to it I mean I have no connection to my okay like he's not my favorite announcer well that's what I'm saying for so for me you know I'm a die-hard Yankee fan watching yes they're terrific I'd like to hear them but I just kind of feel like the judge home run means more to you guys as Yankee fans and it does anyone else I get not switching them but it would be nice to have his hometown guys servicing your audience with your crew that you have lived and died with and they've been traveling around with you can't just yank them out of the booth like that you can't do that that's why they paid all the money for these games and they just happen to luck into history yeah you could hit two tonight on Fox you could I was supposed to do the game tonight from here mixing it they moved it on site I'm still doing the pregame and stuff okay but I mean they moved it because they they know hey man this is it moments this is big moments you get two boom let's take a break here on the Rich Eisen show the breaking story out of Boston that's still we're waiting for some resolution Jared Weiss of the athletic he covers the Celtics he's next right here on the Rich Eisen show when you're drafting your fantasy team do you ever wish you could do the same thing with your business team of course you wish that if you're building a roster to win your league you need indeed indeed is the hiring platform oh my goodness this is gonna be it when you're drafting your fantasy team do you ever wish you could do the same thing with your business team if you're building a roster to win the league you need indeed indeed is the hiring platform where you can attract interview and hire all in one 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you listen okay now you just repeated me we are so over our time limit oh that's a bummer you can listen to the nfl and the nfl app on the odyssey app on via westwood one station streams or by asking alexa to open westwood one sports sponsored by autozone joining us from the athletic kind enough to take our call in the middle of a very busy breaking story joining us on the mercedes-benz vans phone line who man who um uh co-byline with shams sharonia today on what is going on in boston covers the boston celtics for the athletic and joining us is jared weiss on the rich isin show good to chat with you jared thanks for calling great to be here so what is what the hell is happening how about that panel opener jared what's going on pretty much the perfect way to ask that question there's a lot happening right now a lot of moving parts behind the scenes trying to suss out valid intel versus speculation is extremely difficult in times like this with a with a situation like this um and so it's gonna clearly take some time today to figure out what's really going on and what kind of real what the real resolution is going to be but there is an expectation that the celtics are going to make some sort of statement an issue some sort of resolution by the end of today or tomorrow well i think this can't go into tomorrow jared and i'll i'll tell you why um because you know we had our our friend albert breer who covers the nfl for sports illustrated on he said he was just on boston sports radio for two hours i'm sure you're seeing it too there's a bunch of people who are googling female um employees of the celtics and just saying could it be this person could it be this person could it be that person that's untenable that is awful that is untenable this is out there this needs to be resolved stat jared yeah that's that's one of the major conundrums happening here is that a lot of people are getting harmed by this drifting in the winds but the celtics also have an obligation to themselves to make sure they handle they handle this right and they take the time they need to make sure it's handled right and so they obviously have to balance those two things but i think everybody in this city and in the league is looking for this to be resolved as quickly as possible all right so then let me ask you this why do we know about this why do you know about this why is this being reported before there is any resolution to it jared i don't know espn was the first reported it was reported in a in a very vague manner it wasn't clear exactly what it was and i mean immediately when that happened my phone started blowing up about is it this is it that i think that we've gotten far enough down the road of reporting about the you know credit to shams shirani at the athletic having the first scoop that it was a result of a consensual affair and the relationship in the workplace that was a violation of conduct rules that's i think where we mostly assumed it was going but and the thing is it's it's not responsible to name the person involved in the situation with the doka and so when that happens unfortunately it's going to lead to a rampant and dangerous speculation okay so well it's not okay but um i guess that's just a turn of a turn of the phrase here so what what happens what are you hearing is in fact occurring right now like what due diligence needs to be done the punishment or do they know exactly what has occurred that that is the violation in question jared it certainly seems like there is a there's definitely a degree of fact finding being done to determine what exactly has been going on what is the exact nature of the situation it's been termed as a consensual relationship at this point and so uh you know that's there's obviously several different ways for that to be determined uh i'm not going to speculate on how it's being determined but that is how it has been reported at this point and so i think a lot of it is deliberating how do you how do you address this situation i mean we've been hearing a year-long suspension is the current direction that seems to be going but it's hard to reconcile how does it what what makes a year-long suspension work versus either a shorter suspension that allows them to continue to do his job or an outright termination especially considering he only has one year on his contract left after the season so the a one-year suspension would be a de facto firing is what you're saying jared not necessarily because he could come back at the end of that one year he's got one more year after this one is what you said exactly yeah but so it's very rare for a coach to come in at the end of their as a lame duck in the mba yeah i mean one that who has been as good and successful as a coach early on as emay has but also how could you justify extending somebody's deal when they're currently serving a suspension for this yeah they can suspend them and then extend them like that i've never heard i've never heard of anything like that it rhymes but it doesn't work in reality wow i mean i could see your reaction over there chris brockman who's our resident celtic fan i see your i'm having the same reaction right here i don't know you know what what where to go other than i guess jared weiss of the athletic here who is who is the the uh assistant that's being bandied about joe mazula as the one to sit to fill in if there is the lengthy suspension of utopia coming joe is a really fascinating coaching candidate because he hasn't been coaching in the mba for very long he joined the celtics from their g league team a couple years ago under brad stevens and very quickly started making waves and coaching circles and emerged as a major coaching candidate this off season where he was the runner-up in the coaching uh search at utah that ended up being won by will hardy who was the associate head coach with the celtics last year under udoka so mazula has very rapidly gone to the forefront of coaches coaching candidates and he's very well respected within the organization for his game planning on both sides of the ball his demeanor which is he's kind of a quiet understated guy very much like udoka not quite as much of a trash talker as adoka is but has that kind of similar demeanor that is similar to what brad stevens was and was and how he made udoka has coached so he fits in to how this team operates pretty well it's just that he was just this year getting promoted to the front of the bench and it's very rare that an assistant coach goes from behind the bench that second row where you're not one of the chief assistants to all of a sudden being in charge but he is a very promising prospect but the other issue though is that he has had some arrests back uh when he was in west virginia uh domestic violence arrest and so that is where the story gets a little bit more tricky so why wouldn't you know you got a guy who kicked himself upstairs who knows the team knows the roster knows how to coach knows how to be a championship coach any any thoughts of brad stevens being the guy do you think i have not i have not heard that at this point i don't think brad is looking to get back into coaching you never know how a year off affects that but i think that obviously you would be very destabilizing for the organization if you were to take on the coaching role at the same time as being in charge of basketball operations i don't think he wants to take on that double role it's very rare that that actually works effectively just because of the the amount of strain it puts on both of those positions so it doesn't seem like that's happening and especially because missoula while he is very early in his career is clearly a well-qualified candidate and has the potential to grow into a really good coach the way emo doka seems to be doing but it wouldn't be a first for boston i mean there's a guy whose signature is burned onto the parquet floor who's done it you know what i mean that's true so i think i think the job is a little bit easier back that maybe a little bit more legwork to being a gm now i i i guess so i i would i would imagine so so uh i guess what what what's your best guess before i let you go uh jared weiss of the athletic here on the rich isin show what is your best guess right now as to what is happening in the front offices of the boston celtics right now i would say at this point it is very hard to see how udoka could come back from a one-year suspension for a workplace misconduct issue and be the coach again that seems like it's a very difficult bridge to reconcile uh he is a very good coach he is very well liked and he will probably go on to have a very good coaching career it's just it's in this scenario if he really is being suspended for a year it is hard to see this playing out with him being the coach of the team a year later jared thanks for the time um and i appreciate you taking the call as that everything is um is flying and uh the situation is definitely not settled to say the least i appreciate you taking the call there'll be more to come for sure at jared weiss mba jared weiss nba on twitter follow him for the latest as well well just when you thought uh jaylen brown retweeting kyrie irving's infowars madness was the worst thing that was going on with your team and and gallinari's torn acl and well i mean right now you got to put the basketball stuff aside and see what the hell's going on but if you're suspending him for a year and he's got only one year left on his company what are you going to suspend him for a year and then he's a lame duck coach coming out that's impossible that's why manix is tweeting out you know just he might just he might just resign well he doesn't get paid if that happens i would imagine he might not get paid at all will you fire him for cause perhaps if it's a violation of organizational guidelines this might be a without pay situation two wins from the finals two wins from a champ again i just uh it there's just so much to speculate and that's why the celtics i know they got to get it right but they have to do it they got to do it fast because there is too much of a void that's being filled with not enough facts that are being known and there are people who you wouldn't even think about trying to find out who's in the organization that people are tweeting out could it be this person could it be that person that youdoko was with well as people there's a family there's there's so much garbage that's being put out there if you try to find the celtics page of the front office they've taken it down i mean yeah which is good but but it's also a nutty sign of our times that also shows you that once this is over and the page is turned to use the phrase somebody's got to find out who the hell in the organization put this out there yeah before it was resolved and for what purpose did they do that to what prime the pump for celtics fans to be ready to hear something about their coach or it's just out there and done with and you handle it and it's done and there's not some amorphous now what 12 and a half hour 13 hour period where we're left to wonder and i know the page will be turned and the ball will be tipped and the games will be played and yep but in the meantime i mean we're weeks away from training camp starting we're six weeks away from the season starting all right we'll uh take a break come back set up tonight's games in the tonight's game uh and our our evening in sports which is going to be dynamic to say the least and then get you set for our friday show and that's how we're rolling to break here on the roku channel odyssey and this rich eisen show terrestrial radio outfit when you open up a mercedes-benz sprinter van you're opening up more than just doors you're unlocking potential the potential to do your own thing be your own boss steer your own success and blaze your own trail each and every sprinter van is built and designed and equipped to let you hit the open road and take on any goal you set to help you follow your passions reawaken that spirit of adventure and check all those big bold fun and exciting experiences right off your bucket list owning a mercedes-benz sprinter van lets you live work and play out your dreams no matter how far off the beaten path they'll take you and with 16 body types your choice of a gas or diesel engine and thousands of ways to customize a sprinter van is capable and versatile enough to help drive your ambitions wherever you want to take them so now's the time to discover what it is that moves you most don't wait unlock your potential inside a mercedes-benz spring what are you looking up over there you're looking at more fun stuff about jerry jones just said something oh what about mica parsons having the sniffles or something uh nope about uh how he wouldn't mind a cubie controversy can i interpret that i never heard um i haven't heard uh i i haven't heard the sound bite but let me interpret this let me interpret this i'm fluent in jerry okay that's i'm very fluent in jerry jones i know okay that's why we have more he we have more drops of him than any other human being in your in in the drop arsenal we're very i'm very fluent in jerry jones it's your damn act together he wouldn't mind a quarterback controversy not because he thinks dak is the wrong guy that is not do not take that cheese and there will be tons of folks in our profession who are going to take that cheese tj we're not taking that cheese nope we're not taking the cheese he stands alone the cheese stands alone that is sitting right out there jerry jones did not to what is the exact quote do you have the exact quote or is it just a twitter i don't have the exact quote i have uh uh john machoda who covers the team paraphrasing uh saying that jones wouldn't mind a controversy between dak and cooper rush said he'd walk to new york if it meant rush played so well going forward that the cowboys had a tough decision to make okay that's what i'm saying here's what i'm saying he does not think that i haven't heard the sound bite yet do we have it do we have it uh it's okay it's gonna be tight no no no no no no we apparently we're gonna apparently we're gonna we're gonna get it to you i'm just saying the way i'm interpreting it before even hearing it it's not that he believes that dak is the wrong guy he would love for cooper rush to play so well that all the rest of the world that he knows would react in this manner that there would be a quarterback controversy can you return to dak they are a million percent returning to dak they are one million plus one percent returning to dak does he believe dak is the guy one million plus one percent does he believe dak is the guy he would love for everybody out there to be talking about as if cooper rushes the guy because rush has played so well the cowboys are in first place causing him all the pressure of having to return to that one game what are we talking is well he knows he's got to play more he knows he's got to play more tj he knows he's got to play more and as much as he's like we're not iring him he could come back in a month he deep down knows that that's that's unlikely he knows that he's probably got five more games with cooper rush i said this i said this the very next day after that statement came out so what i'm saying is i'm fluent in jerry he wants rush to play so well that the cowboys are in first place because he's played so well that the season is still on track for the playoffs for tyron smith to return to from an injury in time that everything is working so well the cowboys super bowl train is still on the tracks because cooper rush plays so well that the national conversation is a quarterback controversy which in his in his mind is not a controversy at all with the dax team that's my people talking even heard the soundbite and that's my interpretation of it now we have the soundbite but okay here it goes so you'd want that you'd want that controversy of course i would okay of course that means we'd won if it comes in here and played as well as prescott played rush played that well over these next games ahead i'd walk new york to get there do you think he can do that well i don't know that but uh i i would you can't find on record where i said i thought that prescott could do it when he had the when he stepped in and had the chance to do that but he did it see there you go yeah i mean it makes sense right you want to play well enough that the controversy does have correct but which so why wouldn't he say his own walls there's no controversy it's dax yeah yeah you're absolutely completely dead on and he just like i said when he said that could be back he's trying to give hope he knows everyone's going to talk about dallas and all the sports do not take the cheese but honestly we'll be in the stack what's the fun in that jerry invites quarterback controversy to the cowboys because the subtext to that headline will be he doesn't believe dax the guy and that cooper rush has the opportunity to keep playing because he plays so well no no no no no it's dax gig as soon as he comes back he's paying dak all that money to be the dak that dak has always been and you even heard him say hey i defy you to hear the soundbite from me when dak was doing it to romo yeah by the way though i that personally i don't care who is the quarterback like if we're winning football games you just want the best player to be on the field and if it's cooper rush i don't believe it is but if it is and he proves me wrong great let's go i i don't think a fan cares just get the best people on that field and win football games but a backup quarterback is supposed to do what cooper rush just did what jimmy just did but jimmy g good one you know what i mean like that's what a backup quarterback is supposed to do it and then hand the job back the same way yep anybody out there who's so fortunate to be able to have your parents as your babysitters for your children god bless you take the child from you love on them you're supposed to have them they're supposed to win the day spoil win the play date win the day yep win the dinner win the lunch win the overnight win the week yeah if it is a week that you could go on a vacation if you hand your child to your parents that when you return they hand the child back here you go that's the way it is okay and that's the way grandparents view it too hey love your kid it's great i'll take him or her 100% but at the end of the day that child's yours that's the way it works and parenting and grandparenting and that's the way it works for backup quarterbacks yeah now sometimes the backup quarterback is tom brady never gives the job back but hey that's a bonus right that's a bonus which is why jerry's inviting it hey put me in that tough spot cooper rush i would be thrilled i'll walk to new york for you to put me in that tough spot i'm looking at dax contract he's making so much he's not going anywhere except back on the field when he's ready to go back on the field and jerry jones would love for him if he's back week seven he'd love for the cowboys to be six and one when tac takes the gig back look i'm saying there's no reason we shouldn't be two and one come tuesday that's all i'm saying 89 million dollar dead cap after next year this jerry jones interpretation has been brought to you by the nfl app you can listen to the nfl and the nfl app on via westwood one station streams or by asking alexa to open westwood one sports if it's the nfl it's on westwood one about that and again you're welcome i can i i do i know my jerry jones or do i not know my jerry john i didn't have to hear the sound bite you just had to pay you just had to read the tweet paraphrasing it just takes a nice chunk out of the pie that was and that was him telling jack you better sign because i'm signing other people this everything and that's why there is less pie i don't have the patience jack with you i was pissed there's less pie there it is there's less pie hey you better sign there's less pie because i just signed somebody else just a quick google search on forbes of jerry jones there's a reason why he's worth fifteen point eight billion dollars he knows how to get things done yeah he'll make deals so yeah he knows what he's doing we haven't done this all week i can't believe it's thursday we haven't done this all week this uh bill belicheck press conference moment now this is from wednesday and this is in advance of taking on lamar jackson and the ravens what other setup does this require does this require any more setup he was asked about uh questions about his uh i guess readiness or preparedness or the arm with the sleeve no no just about the contract and stuff like that or how how good he's playing i don't know he was asked about lamar here we go uh it's been a while let's do it this is today's bill belicheck press conference moment today's bill belicheck press conference moment oh we prefer oh we prefer to win how have you seen him uh grow in the league the seed came in and questions about whether he can handle being in the pocket and see if he's answered some of his questions without a doubt it's the type of player that's a you know mvp type of candidate so i think he's more than answered him better see what his contract is that'll answer him a little bit of cheekiness there huh hey you got a little see what his contract is is more than answer him patriots took stony michelle instead of lamar jack hello boy jets took sam d Arnold instead of lamar jackson well lamar wasn't going to be the second pick the third pick you know you know how he could have been the first thing at the end of the first round lamar jackson could have been the third overall pick in the draft you're playing the results when the heisman thing oh lamar jackson could have been the third overall pick in the draft you know how he could have been when the if the jets had taken him yeah that's one way to look at it you know how josh allen could have been the third overall pick in the draft had if the jets had taken him yeah but they weren't you're playing the result excuse me sir the result all it takes is one remember when tim tebow was a first rounder remember that but but he wasn't a first rounder but the broncos made him one didn't they no i'm saying lamar jackson was the 32nd pick of the draft that year so no one thought he was a first round pick except the ravens when they traded back up to go get that extra which by the way is coming home this year by the way nobody's proud to pointed that out yeah as he knew some farewell present was i'm going to bequeath you the next quarterback here and i'm going to trade back in the first round for one extra year of contractual control which by the way the ravens are cashing in aren't they enjoy yourself what is the franchise tag number how do you not he would have just been out no no 50-year option no nothing have we ever considered that maybe i don't know if we've ever said this that maybe lamar just doesn't want to be in baltimore or is that not oh don't start that no i don't i'm asking tweets of photoshops of him in a dolphin's uniform like there's got to be a reason to get inside wouldn't that be something after all this time after everything that happens too it gets uh gets rosen by lamar that too looks pretty good right now yeah i don't know about you he looks like money yeah we're back on later world roku in a moment but we'll see everyone else friday for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts you
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