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REShow: Andrew Hawkins - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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September 21, 2022 3:47 pm

REShow: Andrew Hawkins - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 21, 2022 3:47 pm

Rich recaps the Buffalo Bills’ Week 2 demolition of the Tennessee Titans and the Philadelphia Eagles’ domination of the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football.

Former NFL WR Andrew Hawkins tells Rich how his new company’s ‘NFL Pro Era’ VR video game puts fans in the shoes of QBs like Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen, why the Miami Dolphins struck gold by hiring offensive guru Mike McDaniel away from the 49ers, if the Browns’ defense can bounce back from their Week 2 meltdown vs the Jets. 

 Brockman updates his NFL MVP Index top 5 among Jalen Hurts, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Tyreek Hill, and Lamar Jackson.

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Yes it is. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air here on the Roku Channel. Channel 210. If you've missed anything over the last couple of hours, guess what? Right on the Roku Channel.

As soon as we're done with this third hour, boom. We re-air once again on Channel 210. One of the many things we love about being on the Roku Channel, especially the fact that it is free. And if you want to watch this program, all Roku devices have the Roku Channel on it. All of Amazon Fire TVs have the Roku Channel on it. It is now up to, I believe, 40 percent of television sets in the United States.

Samsung television sets. Samsung smart TVs have the Roku Channel on it and it is free. I was at the Roku event in Northern California yesterday watching us on our phone because I have the Roku app on the phone. It is so simple. It is so easy to download the app and then just boom. Find our show and watch us for free.

The is another way to watch it for free. And there I am. There's Susie on the phone leaned up against a beautiful floral arrangement. And that is a floral moment. It's a floral moment.

It's a floral moment right there. And there's the CEO of Roku who was on the stage talking at the time. It's a pleasure to meet him. And does he want to come on the show with me? I don't know. I'm assuming the feeling was mutual. I would hope so. More so for him.

It was one of those moments. Do I interrupt him eating? Do I not? At any rate. Hi. How much red was flowing up there? Not enough, man. Really? Oh, man. Well, because- Did you bring some back? I actually did.

Nice. I actually did. I actually even checked a bag to make sure- Wait a second. I got the challenge flag over here though.

Throw the challenge flag, TJ. Hold on. We got to get more on this. Now I checked a bag even though it was an overnight trip on the way. Yes, of course.

I went, yes. Okay. Overnight. Nevermind. That's different. No, that's worse. That's worse.

It makes it worse. He knew he was bringing stuff back. I was- Here's the thing.

Here's the thing. Number one, I brought stuff back. I brought stuff back. Number two, traveling by myself, not holding anybody else up. And number three, and folks here in Los Angeles will know this, I flew into Burbank, which is a totally different ball of wax. It's the greatest.

The bag that I checked was in my hands within five minutes of getting off the plane. Okay. So everybody just back off. And you guys were about to say, I'm being inconsistent. I'm being- You know we're ready to go.

I'm being a hypocrite. All that. All that. I know that.

You're ready to do that. So I wasn't here yesterday. Again, thank you to Susie and Marshall Falk for- Who was here, Rich? Who was here? Susie and Marshall Falk.

Susie Schuster and Marshall Falk was here. Who is Susie in relation to you? My beloved. She's the mother of my children. You're her husband and she's your- My spouse. She's my spouse. She's my spouse. You can't say how much she hates that. She's like, why do you guys do that?

And I'm doing that. Your wife is my- Say it, say it. Person you're married to. Rich, I promise we won't do it if you just do it this one time. She's my wife.

My wife. We lied. Ridiculous. We had to, Rich. So I wasn't here to talk about the Monday night games and here are my, here's my two cents on it.

They were ass-kicking. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go.

Here we go. The Buffalo Bills are still the team to beat in the NFL and they showed you why. They showed you why because not only are they coming for you on that night, they're coming for your souls.

I keep saying it over and over and over again. They're not only coming for your souls, they are coming to mess you up. Not just beat you, but dispatch you into the next week wondering about the future. That's what a championship football team does.

Not only executes the game plan, but performs in such a way, performs in such a way that you leave there thinking you have no shot if you see him again and leave you reeling. And your game plan's in tatters and that's what the Buffalo Bills did to the Titans who put Malik Willis in the game with three minutes to go in the third quarter after Tannehill threw a pick six, Matt Milano's first such interception of his terrific career. It worked so well for the Bills on Monday night. They punted for the first time all year and even that play turned out to be a positive play for the Bills because the Titans muffed the punt. Their first punt of the year wound up netting them 40 yards and the ball. That's how things are going for the Buffalo Bills.

They're coming for your souls and Josh Allen now has the air of inevitability and that is so very deflating for you. He didn't have his second best receiver. Gabe Davis mysteriously wound up on the injury report on a Saturday which never happens because you're not going like full bore in a practice two days before on a Saturday. It's like a Friday injury like oh he popped up on the injury report on a Friday for a Sunday game.

He wasn't there and Stefan Diggs wound up being him with three touchdowns on the night a career night for him. Josh Allen it's like he gets the ball and even if you somehow stop him on first down even if the Bills decide to run it and only have a second and seven you just know if Allen's got if you got him on third and third and long or third and eight and you're thinking maybe they'll punt. He gets the ball you're thinking to yourself at least I am if I'm a member of the opposition and I wasn't fantasy on that night you're thinking this is just this is not going to be good because he'll it was jarring when the receiver was open any of his receivers was open and they he didn't get the ball to him like that was the outlier. That's how good the Buffalo Bills look right now and the Titans they are in deep trouble.

They are in deep trouble. I don't know what the hell they were thinking on Monday night the number of times they pitched it to Derek Henry. It's just like you are doing the Bills a favor by not running this guy downhill over and over and over again in between the tackles at your at the at the tackles themselves instead you're just flipping it you're allowing Von Miller to get off the line so damn fast and and then take him out. Why are you running him laterally in any way shape or form and they're missing the playmaker at receiver.

I love Robert Woods. Tralen Burks. He might be the same height weight speed as AJ Brown and maybe one day can turn into AJ Brown. They need AJ Brown right now.

Right now. Yeah that was really evident that they were just missing some type of explosivity on offense it was just they looked lost it looked like it's time to turn the page from Ryan Tannehill. It's just it's what it looked like it looked like Malik Willis time but I don't know if he's ready. Doesn't look like it. I don't know it. They're staring down the barrel of 0-3 and here come the Raiders and a season that's going who are desperate to no doubt.

Take your heart pills and buckle up. They better take their their coach's advice to take their heart pills and buckle up because the Bills just once again showed they showed the Super Bowl champs and they showed the conference's top seed going into the playoffs last year exactly what it looks like. What time it is.

What they have to do. What they must look like in order to get back to the Super Bowl and win it like the Rams or in order to get back to the top of the conference after the regular season if you're the Titans and that's a long trek at 0-2 to that spot when the Bills are playing like that and what a week three game it's going to be because as I said the Dolphins with their performance in the fourth quarter in Baltimore reshuffle the deck potentially about way the AFC East even looks. Miami and the Bills play each other this weekend. The next time the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins play each other is week 15. So the winner of this step so the winner of this game might be ruling that roost for quite some time to come because both teams can put points against each other the question is who's going to win defensively and then who's going to be the more efficient quarterback I would be betting on Josh Allen.

Figuratively more often than not and then you've got the night game or the other game that was going on the the last game that went on for and and the Eagles looked terrific. God do I love Jalen Hurts he was on the program last week he was on our program in the April before the 2020 draft in which he was taken in the second round. I just love everything about him I love what he's doing I love how he's getting better and better and better I love how the Eagles found Devante Smith in week two in a way that they did not in week one. No catches week one. And I love the run game I love seeing Boston Scott skitter around after Miles Sanders gashes you right up the middle I love the way that Jason Kelce in that line not only protect but blow people off the line I love what they do defensively and they're only going to get better.

Darius Slay is stupendous he played one of the best games at corner that I have seen and they had to do that because Justin Jefferson is all that. And a biscuit. Plus the biscuit and one of the things that I said going into the season I was trying to talk myself into is that Kevin O'Connell is going to unlock Kirk Cousins you're like what does that look like Rich what does that look like and I'm like he's gonna what it's gonna look like is he's gonna perform well in the night games and the nationally televised games in which he normally is not performing and the the Kirk Cousins that we all know showed up does that mean he won't do it again? You like that! It was pretty bad he's so bad I think that the his Patagonia deal got cancelled on the spot.

LL Bean catalog. I mean not a good one for the Vikings at all I still think that they're a terrific team it's just we're marathoning we're not sprinting but the Eagles showed that they can win this division which I think they can that's the other thing I was talking myself into in that same top five list back in August about things I was gonna try to talk myself into on the eve of the season number one was the Eagles can win the we're gonna win the NFC east and it looks like their division even though the Giants are equally 2-0 by the way Daniel Jones scheduled to appear on Friday's show oh nice um and so yes on this program we're trying to get Cooper Rush too by the way we're trying to be fair and balanced just letting you know that sir so you know I'm I'm I'm just saying I'm willing to take more out of the Eagles win than the Vikings lost you know I'm willing to do that for the moment as we're marathoning and not sprinting but boy does Jalen Hurts look like a dynamic star of the game and I can't tell you how that makes me filled with joy based on his journey but it's a Bill's World and we're paying rent and also uh I'll just say it too don't like two games at once on Monday night don't like two games at once on Monday night then I don't like it at all I like two games on Monday night but they need to be a little more staggered well they don't want to do that to a 10 o'clock eastern start it's just no bueno yeah they didn't like that I don't I you know but two on Monday is fun I expected more I didn't expect to blow out neither did the NFL over the first two weeks the the only nationally televised game that was as as close as as we were hoping it would be was um the game that kicked off week two over the first prime video game Chargers and Chiefs otherwise the Bills and the Rams and the Cowboys and the Bucks and then the Packers and the Bears and then those two Monday nighters oh I shouldn't say that too obviously though the Monday nighter and uh Seattle on yeah it was great yeah thanks to some not a lot of offense in that game but yeah and the bills are I keep saying and I will keep repeating it they are coming for your souls uh let's take a break here still in this hour Chris Brockman will give us his latest mvpi most valuable player index yes uh in baseball as we started the show that means Aaron Judge that does that's the end of that that does uh in football I'm assuming it still means Josh Allen or you still have Mahomes number one for real after what Josh Allen is doing and then we'll see what the rest of that list looks like your phone calls eight four four two oh four rich number two doll but uh Andrew Hawkins is here can't wait to chat with him I saw him last week on the Roku recommend show that I was guesting on now he's a guest on this one also on the Roku channel that's next right here on the Rich Eisen Show back here on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network along with our odyssey audience as well the co-host of Roku recommends you know our guys I did that show last week with Maria Menounos and this man right here every single Thursday a new episode of Roku recommends so you everybody knows what's going on here on the Roku channel six year NFL veteran and the co-founder of Status Pro here with a lot of gaming equipment is Andrew Hawkins here on the program so uh let's talk about this what's what's the VR world that you're entering in right now so we uh my company Status Pro uh which is co-founded by my partner Troy Jones who's a former division one quarterback shout out to Status Pro TJ okay um we started this company uh roughly together about four years ago we were in this space before that like separately but essentially what it is is you get to play an NFL game as an NFL quarterback so think of all the sports games you've played that have been from the broadcast view yes in our game you're on the field you make the throws defense so the point of view is when you put on the VR equipment you're Tom Brady you're Tom Brady absolutely okay you are Aaron Rogers just name the quarterback you're Lamar Jackson our cover athlete you are you know Jalen Hurts who's hot named Josh Allen you can do it all at the quarterback position okay and so all right yeah I'm not kidding if you're a football fan that's crazy and even if you're not if you've ever like thought I wonder what it's like it is like that and we we've tried to put as much detail from our own experience as athletes into it and the whole idea of the company was if we can bring in the expert developers which we have the expert engineers which we have and the perspective of the actual people that have been there we can democratize what this experience is like so when you open the game like you get to run out into an NFL stadium and because we're like what is the coolest part the coolest thing of my NFL career like when I finally made it as a 5-7 wide receiver who spent three years trying to make it happen was running out into an NFL stadium with screaming fans I'm getting chills even thinking about it is an incredible experience and I tell people when they would ask me what was it like playing in the NFL and again I felt like a fan I was like yo it's as fun as it looks and that's what we've tried to convey in NFL Pro Era so the the the toughest aspect of doing this Andrew Hawkins making it look as real as it looks yeah getting the NFL to give you the marks and logos which is the which is harder which one was harder absolutely the NFL I mean come on they know what they're doing you know they know what they're doing that's a quarter of a day understatement they know what they're doing they know what they're doing it's it's it's tough because I mean you have to like there's certain checks and balances right and we're a startup and we understood what was ahead of us and it was a very long process but I got to give them you know complete credit because they gave us every opportunity and you know we just kind of continued with our head down and worked and worked it's something that we've been building for years and years and years and and a lot of that credit goes to the team that we've been able to put together that team that has done almost every sports game works for every sports company our marketing team that comes from all the biggest companies you could imagine they all signed up because they wanted to try to change the game well and you couldn't ask for a better cover quarterback either he's a human video game Lamar Jackson he is a human video game it's a great way to put it but also I would sit here and think you know if I could actually put on VR goggles and wonder what it would be like to play like that guy I would I would choose Lamar Jackson first just to see you know and the crazy thing is about what happened this past weekend because of how great the Dolphins played offensively we should talk about that by the way and I'm happy to do that in a second but just the fact that that that Lamar was the first quarterback in the history of the NFL to throw one for 75 or more and run one from 75 or more in for touchdowns and because the Dolphins did what they did nobody's nobody's talking about that one remarkable statistic it's cra the game he had was impeccable and it's you know I know that Lamar Jackson is a polarizing figure not by any doing of his own right right right but that that is the nature of it and to your point that was the exact decision-making process we had when choosing Lamar we're like if there's one quarterback yeah you want it to be in the shoes of who would it be it's Lamar Jackson and if anybody says differently I would question whether they're telling the truth because it doesn't matter like that's a roller coaster ride right my homes would be kind of close to right but that's even like more like I would want to throw it left arm talent like with my homes the angles and yeah you know um yeah but for Lamar Jackson the game that he had against Miami which is you know by and large has been the kind of games he's had he's had in his career it is crazy that nobody talks about it like that it's it's just it's very interesting the conversation that happens around him another one might be Kyler Murray too yeah yeah because I would like to know what it feels like to be the quarterback of the first ever 15 second long two-point conversion yes yes exactly and that took forever his angle at the o-line was it's very similar to my angle when I was in the huddle it wouldn't be my pick but uh I've been there I'm good you don't need the vr I get this you know Andrew Hawkins here on the Rich Eisen show the co-founder again of status pro everybody should check out NFL pro era available on meta quest and Sony playstation vr again it is uh an NFL video game from the perspective of the quarterback that's how you play it NFL pro era is available at the official playstation store and the quest store you should check that out right now and we'll talk a little bit more about it we let's let us talk a little bit of ball with you sir let's do it um I was just saying because I wasn't here yesterday uh the bills are stealing your souls and trying to mess you up not just try to win but mess you up like spit you out of their world in total disarray yes and that's what they did to the Rams and that's what they have done now to the titans yes that is the way that they play are they are they the team to beat in your estimation they are the team to beat there's not very many holes in them as a team and I think also what stands out is that it seems like their mentality is aligned at this point because they've gone through these like you know good seasons they've seen the the maturation the development of Josh Allen but like they it feels like they have that rare mix where the defense is clicking they have a chip on their shoulder a lot of conversation happening around them this year how or last year how good they played now Josh Allen understands he there's no question you he plays like he knows he's the guy he has the receiving core they have the old line it just feels like it's like okay this is coming together in a way that feels like a Super Bowl run now he because we always ask in in the NFL media world of which you're lockstep in and right in the middle of Andrew Hawkins that you know we always say how you how are you gonna get better yes a quarterback how you're gonna get better I'm gonna do this I'm gonna do that I just focus on the things I can control and I know a couple things you want to figure it out and then you just don't really see somebody just appreciably get that much better when they're already great well I think Josh Allen has done that it seems like he's in full complete command right where as in previous years he comes to the line of scrimmage you're like can he really pull it off like or you know is he just playing a little bit of street ball does he know what he's doing he knows exactly what the hell he's doing it seems like the game is moving so slow for him it does now right it's the matrix it's like there's not and when you have somebody as athletic as he is like not sneaky athletic straight up athletic he's built like a d-end he can run he can move he's strong he's tough he knows what's going on and he can make every throw I mean he is like the textbook of what you want the development of a quarterback to look like because if you remember from that draft it was you know Rosen Mayfield Darnold and the question marks were Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen right and fast forward to now and look where we are one's your one's the cover quarterback for your game exactly and and and the other one is the I think widely considered MVP front runner yep although we'll get Chris Brockman's MVP index coming up shortly but uh yeah I I hear you um so uh who can beat him what about the dolphins this week what'd you think of that that offensive performance I'm a Mike McDaniel guy I don't know if you know that about me go for it so Mike McDaniel was my receiver coach in 2014 um that was the year that I signed with Cleveland from Cincinnati yeah I was a slot I came in there I think Josh Gordon got suspended and it was like hey hey man I know we brought you in for third downs and you know we paid you as such but you're gonna have to play the x and you're gonna be the five six x receiver for us this year um we drafted Johnny Manziel so you'll have that um and Mike McDaniel was the receiver coach and I was like 28 I was very I'm a student of the game and I I study I watch film I am very in it like I had never heard anything to that point different about receiver play because I unturned every stone Mike McDaniel flipped everything that I knew about offensive football and receiver play on its head that year and he was like yo I just need you to trust me and you're gonna have the best season you've ever had and it's gonna change how you think about football and he hit every box so I've been preaching his praises give me an example ever since I mean what do you do he so Mike McDaniel he has a very quirky personality I don't know if you know that I love him um very very quirky personality he is a football savant and I know people say oh there's people who are mad scientists or offensive gurus no he is a a a Yale graduate he is the kind of person that probably should be a scientist but he just loves the game of football right and so he approaches it as such he does not take any cliche he does not take things the way that they've done he doesn't you know go with the flow because he's been told to do it this way he gets a kick out of finding a different way flipping what you think about football on its head and then putting into practice to say aha I told you there's a better way to do it so what did he do you got an example absolutely so receiver I mean even we he would break it down um we spent an entire off season only working on releases and I might say oh yeah getting off the line of a scrimmage that's how you should know there were three kind of releases that you ever did and you never had to deviate and his whole thinking was if you did it this way three releases and I'll tell you which ones to do before the game by week six nobody will try to press bump run you and you'll have a free release the rest of the season and we're like what are you talking about and it was like cornerbacks only play three ways uh at db and press coverage they either shuffle slowly backwards or they press you with their hands and um essentially that's actually two two ways so there's two releases one was just he gave you the option to to do your own thing and it was like if they do it this you do this and going into the game he would tell you hey he plays it this way this guy plays it that way here's the only release you're allowed to use today and you would do that one release and everybody would go and even how he broke it down he wouldn't show us film of like football releases he would show us Allen Iverson film come on and he would say a release the reason why a basketball crossover is so effective because they have to show you every part of their body moving in one direction before they cross over right there's no rush to it and he would teach us we'd be at practice and we'd be doing crossovers and so have you ever seen the clip of of Stefan Diggs doing his release and he's faking like he has a basketball in the football game that's where that comes from and so he would break down basketball tape for us to show us how to implement it in a game and it worked I mean we went like eight straight games to start the season without one person getting jammed and bump and run and so now you're saying this information and this style of breaking it all down has now been put onto the feet and in the minds and in the hearts of Tyreek Hill and Jalen Waddle absolutely and that's not just them it's he's now done running backs quarterbacks he does offensive line it was a run game so he breaks down this is how his mind works he breaks down each position the same way like when you're running a drag route it's like they call it a yak angle once you beat under coverage like you're typically told don't drift up field on your routes don't do it because that sells the quarterback out well when you have Jalen Waddle and you have Tyreek Hill he loves receivers who can get yards after catch that's his thing and it's by design because he knows his thing is when you're doing it and you have a free range you check first but you drift up field because that puts you at an angle to be best when you have yards after catch and it'll it'll add x amount of yards x amount of touchdowns x amount of first downs so he actually teaches the opposite of everything that I was taught he teaches you to go in to go out where typically they say hey if you're going inside don't get caught in there because you get stuck and it'll be a pick no he says break the rules of everything that they've taught you because that means they've also taught the defenses at and the de-coordinators so we're going to do the opposite of what everybody else is doing because that's the only way to innovate so this is the kind of stuff he sits there in the meeting room and says and when as players it's like oh man this isn't going to work but then slowly you start having these games and these career games and then the game slows down and it starts to become easier that's why you have players that have played for him swear by him so you andrew hawkins are watching the fourth quarter against the ravens you're nodding your head yep i know i i know what's coming man and i mean in in-game adjustments and again i don't want to i'm not saying he's the next coming but i'm telling you from experience i tweeted this in like 20 2019 yes it was like somebody and it's it's on there and i'm going to retweet it today so everyone gives me my credit okay but i said there i said there are people talking about mike mcdaniel for a head coaching job and i said i could i would bet every dollar in my bank account there is not a single candidate who knows offensive football more than him all right i just found it that was fast january 10th 2019 hearing multiple teams have inquired about 49er run game coordinator mike mcdaniel for oc i played one season under mike and if they want an offensive guru i'd bet every dollar in my account that no other candidate understands offensive football the way he does every dollar so this is before anybody was talking about him but this is what i know because i've been around the guy and i know how he obsesses over it so yeah it's really cool to see what he's doing and this week we'll have to your point be one of his biggest tests right if they can knock the bills off then it's going to be mike mcdaniel mania so let me let me take it let me do a mcdaniel and and and go a different way right here flip it on you andrew hawkins uh his not being in san francisco is that is that going to be something we see wind up on a on a day a sunday it could be sunday night in denver that will they miss him i mean that this not being there i understand shanahan's got it yeah and i understand that the staff knows what they're doing you remove that though from somebody else's offensive room won't there be a loss there will be a loss absolutely and shanahan is is also the goat i'm a big shanahan fan as well for a lot of the same reasons it might came up under shanahan but it's like in anything there is like the master of something and the ones who actually are successful are the ones that don't try to copy exactly what they've been taught right it's why the belicheck tree typically doesn't have the fruits that you would expect it to because you can't be belicheck you have to take the elements of belicheck that fit right and then put your own spin on it mike rabell and then you have the ability to create your own and i think that's what mike has done really well and if shanahan was sitting right here and you asked him and he was being honest hey is mike mcdaniel leaving you a loss he would absolutely say yes there is there's a major loss there that shanahan is a good coach he'll figure it out right but uh absolutely it'll poke its head at some point how about that and so this was the mike mcdaniel unshowered mike mcdaniel years did you hear that soundbite from him yeah this is the mic that he used to go uh till wednesday yeah yeah no that's an assistant without showering were you around him as an on-shelf you can confirm i can confirm i can confirm wow he's all the time with sight or with the the old with the old uh yeah with the old distance yep yeah yeah okay but it's time you know let's push this up to two days you want to flip the script here about here's some shampoo some things are are worth uh continuing the tradition of mike i love it andrew hawkins here uh on the rich isin show okay so uh what what's going on in cleveland do you think uh big big game tomorrow night yeah did you did you hear that they had a defensive team meeting after cori davis just strolled in from 66 yards out and everyone was kind of jogging after him i assume that was part of the reason you mean at was this meeting after the game or in the middle of the game it was just i think it was yesterday okay i think it was tuesday yeah oh it's in the middle no it was it was after and because i think delpit even said you know i don't want to you know talk about my teammates like that or i i'm i definitely botched his soundbite but the bottom line is they had meetings and it's a big game pittsburgh coming in and it's it's a it's a rivalry game that you clearly have played in yes multiple times played in that game a lot what do you think's going on got my teeth kicked in a lot by the pittsburgh steelers um so me and joe thomas friend of mine friend of ours your your pod back in the day brother yeah thank you friend i mean for real i appreciate that that's when i i was first hearing the two of you guys together we had we had we had some special we got to get the band back together i you know it's time absolutely um but we would always have this theory on our show as two guys who played together in cleveland um it's never good when you start having the team only meetings the players only meetings it's like the biggest indicator that this is going to be it's going to be a rough go so i'm hoping that that defensive meeting had coaches involved because the players only i believe it was players only i don't yeah if you want to look that up i think i saw that on the on the plane flying home last night in our experience they were never uh they were usually indicators of what was to come but yeah i think uh i was at that game it was my son is a die-hard browns when i say die-hard he's he's all in like 10 years old when they lose like the tears stop like hey man you're not in the game relax that kind so we're there and when it started to kind of it fell apart so quick it fell apart so quick but it is a an nfl football for a lot of those guys and they're young and they're talented and i think they're playing better than people expected under the circumstances you know that's the nfl you can't and i know it's cliche but you gotta those effort always to the end to the whistle blows everything you learned as an eight-year-old like that is going to be teach tape for every defensive coordinator in the league for probably the next 15 years this is how you lose a game just by not making sure that you you put it away with intention damn that's a pretty huge backdrop for this game yeah how did the elf look in person it looked amazing did it yeah why do we not like the elf is that the consensus hold on hold on hold on hold on for those who don't know about the history or the meaning uh-huh provincially locally right um it's weird i'm not gonna lie yeah okay i can see that it's weird because it looks like something from the 40s which it it's from yes okay it looks old it doesn't and and it's an elf he's a terrible ball average too exactly uh i think uh i think coach prefer even said that yeah it's missing the uh the the four points of pressure right so so look uh so nationally when we don't understand the history and how the fans feel about it our first reaction will be that's weird yeah this is an interesting choice but i understand it i'm just wondering what you're thinking about it i'm just wondering what you're thinking about it this is an interesting choice but i understand it i'm just wondering what it looked like in person it looked great fans love it you know i think cleveland in general has this like everyone's against this mentality so i think that okay the conversation around everyone else disliking it makes them lean in even more they might put it on the helmet because they picked it well paul brown apparently looked into putting it on the helmet and even he passed on that yeah that was yeah so they started putting it on programs and media guides and stuff like that and i understand it's been around i get it it's og it is it's the og it is an elf though yeah um so again nfl pro era available on meta quest and sony playstation vr it sounds so freaking cool um and again it if you want to feel like what it's like to be an nfl quarterback playing a game you could just again go to the playstation store in the quest store to figure it out marks and logos it's the real deal real deal you got the pa involved also every every player's association yes pull that off it was a long process i bet man it was nuts congrats on that that is a serious piece of uh of business yeah i gotta give another shout out to my partner troy man because we've been in the trenches for years on this and it is very uh incredible to see what our team at status pro has put together and to finally get to this point we're the number one game in the oculus quest store right now wow okay so check it out congratulations congratulations on that thank you um and i enjoyed hanging out on roku recommends with you and maria manu we're roku family man this is great we are roku family together how about that i enjoyed going there they gave me a couple mugs i gave one to tj you're drinking right now hey rich you want to blow andrew's mind right now sure tell him where i'm from you're from the west east coast literally tell him where i'm from altuna you're from altuna tj yes oh my gosh that is nuts he's from he's from johnstown johnstown man johnstown and we're like you know when you say where you grew up do you say you grew up on the east coast um that's a no yes that's a no okay i say i'm from the east east midwest tj says he's from the east coast i say from the yeah i say mostly east coast yeah because when you say it's just something when you got out here when you moved out here it's just like where you're from east coast midwest east coast yeah and also like where we're from in the middle back east in the middle of pennsylvania it's a very like like pittsburgh feels like midwest but we're not from pittsburgh we're like in the middle of like right philly and pittsburgh yeah right in the middle so you get those cultures kind of all right in that center so uh you're from johnstown i'm from johnstown so john sounds like a 25 half an hour drive away from essentially the pencil tucky twin cities yeah that's what i used to live in johnstown like our station is wtaj altuna television i love johnstown i love it how are the beaches in johnstown oh there's no beaches there's rivers we got creeks oh man we got so many creeks oh so that's the coast correct yeah it's a cricket yeah so pennsylvania is not east coast to you pennsylvania's he's got philadelphia what would you categorize back east from here what would i categorize as the east coast where i'm from new york city that's east coast okay uh where he's right around boston okay that's east coast uh philadelphia's east coast uh baltimore is east coast yeah because there's you know a coast you know so arizona isn't the west coast no no what is arizona that is not the west coast either and no washington's west coast coast we're from pennsylvania that's an east coast state by the way i've been out here 23 years and until i got on this show there was never a question and these guys had to like start you know the east coast west coast thing did did anybody talking about johnstown yeah well i think he wasn't from johnstown we're repping biggie in the east coast beef chris i'm sorry i didn't go down that wormhole i know we're eating out of your your mvp index time okay very good all right thanks thanks for being johnstown all right so we are we gonna have a little bit of a uh are we having a a uh a demonstration is that what's going on yeah we can go set it up okay very good we can do my thing while they're setting up and then there we go andrew hawkins is gonna set up right now go ahead andrew we'll be back right back here on the rich eisen show on the roku channel home of roku recommends and the rich eisen show and so much more free by the way back here on the rich eisen show eight four four two oh four rich number to dial right here on the program uh the uh nfl season this nfl season every westwood one nfl broadcast streams live for free mondays thursday so tomorrow nights steelers browns game in particular sunday nights thanksgiving christmas triple headers the international series and every postseason game it streams live for free so you can check it all out on westwood one okay hawk is trying to put together what's going on where there's uh with his vr while we get a couple more minutes chris brockman uh can i get some nfl films music j mikey d is in deez nuts uh chris brockman's week two or week three what are you calling i did week two okay mvp index okay what do you got over there i really need this look all right mvp index for week two here we go number five you got a whole shake up on the list number five i'm going tyree kill this guy has changed the culture i know mike mcdaniel did as well but tyree kill has come in he's talked up to it he's talked a lot and he's backed it up 19 catches 284 yards three touchdowns he's number five this week number four i love lamar jackson 531 yards six touchdowns to go with 136 rush yards and a touchdown dude is amazing by the way real quick just in the commercial break prior to this we're at the end of our show he showed up with a sleeve on his throwing elbow and he threw zero passes in front of the media wearing that uh that sleeve at new england this so if so hawk if you're going to be lamar you got to wear a sleeve uh okay what do you got over there number three patrick mahomes took a step back he's playing awesome obviously seven touchdowns no picks a 128 passer rating but he's behind these two guys i like jaylen hurts moving up into the number two spot this week he has been awesome 147 yards on the ground and three scores he was amazing we saw it on monday night he is a superstar in the making and number one the mandalorian it's josh allen 75 completion percentage seven touchdowns a 124 passer rating dude is the favorite in las vegas and he's the favorite here number one this week josh allen oh boy so you have jaylen hurts above patrick mahomes on your mvp index yeah okay stone street his number not mine that guy's phone number you text him jaylen hurts over mahomes you text him it's the mvp got it understand it's week two he takes it all personally you've been talking about the raiders since all personally i'm just trying to get some heat off of me eric and i have the same page all right very good that's the mvp i right mvpi okay here we go again everybody check out nfl pro era and the playstation store and the quest store we're back on peacock in a mo pardon me on broken channel a moment i knew i'd do that for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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