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REShow: Ed O’Neill - Hour 3

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September 20, 2022 3:23 pm

REShow: Ed O’Neill - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 20, 2022 3:23 pm

Marshall Faulk tells guest hosts Suzy Shuster which 2-0 NFL teams are for real and which are pretenders, why he’s concerned about the 1-1 Steelers, if the Tennessee Titans might need to make a change at quarterback, and explains why it appears Russell Wilson and new Broncos HC Nathaniel Hackett haven’t developed a level of trust yet.

Emmy-nominated actor Ed O’Neill, Suzy and Marshall discuss his upcoming role as disgraced former Clippers owner Donald Sterling in FX’s ‘The Sterling Affairs,’ reveals why he gets fired-up-angry at announcers who talk too much during games and analysts wearing skinny suits and sneakers during halftime and pre-game shows, and tells an unbelievably hilarious MUST HEAR story about the late comedian/actor/SNL alum Chris Farley involving Jon Lovitz, a submarine sandwich and a live cat.

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With guest host Susie Schuster. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. How much better do you think this team can get on offense, Jalen Hurts?

The Rich Eisen Show. Hurts dimes and he's in for the touchdown. Touchdown Jalen Hurts. Earlier on the show Pro Football Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk.

Bills wide receiver Stephon Diggs. Still to come actor Ed O'Neill. And now it's Susie Schuster.

Hour three. Susie Schuster in for my husband Rich Eisen taking a rare day off during the football season. I would not be here if Marshall Faulk was not next to me because I'm not an idiot.

I'm not an idiot. When I come onto the show I want Marshall Faulk on my side and he doesn't do much tv anymore so when it's a double header on Tuesday after a Monday night I call Marshall and say Marshall please will you come in and sit with me and hold my hand and of course he always does and I'm grateful to have you there with me. It's a pleasure. It's a pleasure Susie.

Thank you. It's always fun. I know I always have a good time with you. Sorry Rich I'm having a sorry Rich Eisen. I'm having kind of a great time with him over here. TJ how are you sir?

Are you on your second or third mimosa? I mean who's counting really? We got hall of fame. We got two hall of famers hosting. We got Marshall.

You got you. We got Chris and Mike and mimosas. Life is good. Mike how are you?

Chris Brockman how are you? Thank you for calling me a hall of famer. I appreciate that a lot.

I mean one of us who sits in the chair has an Emmy so thank you for bringing that up. That's me. I'm the one right here. Me.

I'm the one. Don't you have more than one? I only have one. Oh okay. Rich has one in the back though but that doesn't really count right? It's a sports center.

I know it's a sports center one from 96. Mine has my name on it. Susie. But who's asking and who no oh don't talk about me it's okay I don't need the attention it's all right tomorrow I'll go back to carpool but whatever.

Let them know that if step digs is him Susie you are her. That's right I am. Well I would say I am she. You are you or she right because there is a her a musician she's really dope.

There is? Yeah her he or that's your name but so you or she. So much like when you talk about boxing I just tune that out like there's is there really somebody named her? Yeah a musician she's great yeah. Good to know.

Yeah right so you or she. Good to know right um guys obviously we talked earlier on the show about the games on Monday night they were incredible games we had Stefan Diggs and he is just lights out special great kid and go go to youtube and check out that conversation. He's a good he's a good interview too he's savvy he's savvy. He wouldn't let you put him in the corner he's like he's like I'm not baby.

Yeah he wouldn't fall in for it. I tried to put baby in the corner he was not having it and the great Ed O'Neill will join us shortly of course he said who's his favorite running back of all time is uh it's my right-hand man right here Moshe Fogg so we got that. Speaking of 2-8 let's get this segment going this is called the world according to 2-8 and this is when we want to sit there and pick your brain because obviously like you just said something so nice like you don't do much tv anymore you don't talk football except for when I call you and just basically you know hold your feet to the fire so it's nice to be able to pick your brain on a lot of these topics. What's the 2-0 team that you believe in the most Marshall Falk?

2-0 team that I believe in the most the Buffalo Bills. Mm-hmm. Yep. Has to be right. Well I mean just just just not just um that they won the games and that they're 2-0 but it's who they beat and how they they did it. Now the question is um we all know once Buffalo gets into the playoffs what happens that's that's what's been the thing for them but right now right now they if if I had power rankings they'd be number one. Well who's the 2-0 team that you need to see more from? Hmm. What 2-0 team that I would need to see more from?

That's a good question. So 2-0 teams Marshall we got obviously Buffalo, Miami's also 2-0, the Chiefs are 2-0, Eagles, Giants 2-0 and the Bucks are 2-0. If I if I would have to go with it it would probably be the Giants I like what they've done um and I was sitting here kind of like thinking do I go Chiefs or do I go Giants and I'm only going Giants because um it comes down to quarterback the Chiefs. They have your guy. The dude just knows how to win games you know when you when you think when you go back to what he did to Buffalo like he did that like he just snatched the feet they just took the win away from them.

He was him. Yeah yeah and so um I like the Giants I'm and I'm I'm impressed with what they've done thus far you know Saquon's looking like Saquon um it's been a long time since we said this hey everybody the Giants actually has an offensive line there's five guys playing as one and you can consider them a line they're not just individual players they are a line. Hey everybody the Giants have a line right it's one of those uh which and I say this yes and here comes Michael Barson from Marcus Lawrence this is like I say this then on Monday night.

Oh my god he might single-handedly end the Giants season on Monday. He's on pace for 34 sacks I just want to point that out there. Unbelievable as I'm saying this I'm like but that's why I said I need to see more from them. Yeah right there you go well no one expected them to be two and oh like let's be honest. But Parsons I mean you don't want to see him coming down on you going 99 miles per hour. Man I haven't seen you know I guess people forget that Lawrence Taylor was a linebacker right and so Parsons is a linebacker you know most most defensive ends they do this type of stuff or they're they're like hybrid defensive end um outside rushers you know LT was an actual linebacker that rushed from the outside and and and this kid is a linebacker and and listen listen you know Dan Quinn I know you want to play him back some this guy need to be on the left edge or the right edge of the defensive line dictating to them who they need to block and making it easier for everybody else.

Pretty simple. Since you love over reactions Chris is it is it too soon to ask Marshall if he is the greatest position player of his time? Who?

Parsons. I mean that's it's early. That's the reason why I'm asking he loves to ask questions that are totally too early. Yeah well normally normally that's something you let Michael Ervin say. Right. Because he's a cowboy like Michael Ervin would you know. He's the greatest position of us yeah I get it. He's a cowboy. And he'd stomp around and throw himself on the floor and he and Stephen A would start like foaming at the mouth I get it. Yeah.

I get it. Uh running back who should get the ball more? Who should get the ball more? Running back who should get the ball more. I'm gonna actually stick with Dallas man I think um this whole two-back system and I have nothing against Tony Pollard but um they're paying Ezekiel Elliott a lot of money and right now you got your backup quarterback in there um I'd run him 30 40 times a game. His tongue would be hanging out his mouth. People would be saying they're trying to get their money's worth from Zeke.

That's what they would be saying to me. I could not not in this especially with Dak out. There's a lot of money in the backfield with them two there. Dak's out there's no way I'd be dropping Cooper Rushback having him throw the ball 30 times a game makes no sense.

No. Did we ask Marshall did I I don't even remember did we ask you about the one win team that you're most concerned about? One win team that I'm most concerned about.

I'm gonna go with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Um they you know you you got you you have a guy starting at quarterback who doesn't have a good track record at being a starting quarterback. You got a hometown hero in Kenny Pickett and and now you you got you you got your you start running back who had a Liz Frank injury a little banged up right now and um you lost your best player on defense. Listen Mike Tomlin can you believe that Mike Tomlin has not had a losing season? It's crazy.

Unbelievable. Kudos to you Mike. Um Haas goes off. This will be his best coaching job ever. What about uh we didn't talk about 0-2 teams you're most concerned about. Should we talk about 0-2 teams?

Do we care? I mean we can. Well you don't have to.

I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to do. The two big the two big ones are Raiders and Bengals. Yeah. They're playoff teams last year. Titans also. I'm okay with the Raiders. I'm okay with the Bengals because they have stability at quarterback. I'm worried about the Titans. Hmm. Because they might have to make a quarterback change.

Part of and here's what happens. Your team knows who they want to play. They know what quarterback when when he's in the huddle that gives them a little bit more. Teams know and I'm worried and I watched them in the preseason when this when when when when Malik got in the game they had a little different pep in a step.

The team the dynamic looked different. So that might be an issue and um coaches hate when they have quarterback controversy. They just they just don't want to have it.

It's a good thing to have in college but in the pros you do not want to have it in the pros. Quarterbacks are finicky man. They they need to know they need to know they number one.

They have to know they the only one. Hmm. But that right now they're not.

There's a lot of controversy going on already. No. Danny Hill no. He's looking over his shoulders. He knows. He knows.

Yeah. He he played different before this kid got there. The last couple of years he had no issues with making mistakes and doing things and now he's trying to be perfect. That ain't Danny Hill. He looked like Danny Hill from Miami right now. No kidding.

That's who he looked like. Mm-hmm. All right. We need one more. One more. All right. We'll get one more.

All right. We need one more. We got it. What let's see which quarterback needs to step up. We just said Tannehill. Who else?

Oh man. I'll say the quarterback I want to see step up is Jimmy Garoppolo. Like this this is this is his career. He's been given a second chance and more than given a second chance he gets he he gets to throw eggs at his general manager's face and his general manager is just not a guy who who picked players. This guy played the game at a high level. He's a hall of fame player if he take this team to the Super Bowl and win.

This is this is this is awesome man. I we have so many storylines so many plot lines. I would say Russell Wilson too but I understand Russ is in a new offense and this is going to take him a minute. It's going to take a while to understand and get comfortable with with how things go.

It's a whole other language. He's thinking about the play now. Quarterbacks don't think about the play. They call the play and watch the defense and react to the defense with the play. And all you heard about from Green Bay was how much Aaron Rodgers loved Nathaniel Hackett and it seems like he can't get out of his own way yet in Denver.

I I just I I don't I don't I'm gonna say this. His father was great in the league. I'm sure he paid his dues. I think Matt Lafleur called his own plays and now if you're a first time head coach and a first time play caller I just think it's an issue. I I have I have the same issue with Kevin O'Connell.

You know I'm like this is this is a big deal. A lot of play callers like Andy Reid one of the greatest play callers in our game. You know he he turns that stuff over because it's hard to head coach and play call. I just remember at USC when Paul Hackett was there and Carson Palmer was just he couldn't see straight because Paul brought in his Jets play calling right and he was just Carson was so lost in the system and it was overwhelming and they could not play. When Pete Carroll got in there the first thing he did was burn that play calling book. I mean it was gone and he just made everything super super simple for Carson and he relaxed into the system and obviously went on to win a Heisman. I think he brought in Norm Chow. Yeah brought in Norm.

It was the most simple basic yeah most calming influence of all time. Quarterback play it's it's about it's about simplicity for the quarterback. You you want to make the game easy for the quarterback. You think it's going to work in Denver?

What I what I do like is that they have each other's back. You know Russell Russell after after the week one debacle in Seattle Russell knew that they should have been going for it on fourth down and he would not throw his head coach under the bus. Now I just I kept telling people listen that that's all that's all my thing you know that's all he had to do was was say did you guys see our four possessions in the red zone on fourth down? That's all he had that would explain why you kicked it. Like you literally had a legitimate excuse but he then said I probably should have went for it. Which is which is which is if you need to learn nothing from Bill Belichick is you never give in to what the media thinks you should have done. Big mistake just to even make it look like you're bleeding a little bit. You never do that.

Never. That's funny because Rich and I heard that differently. We kind of thought he was joking when he said that because immediately after that he went on to explain how McManus said his number was the 46 yard line. We got to the 46 yard line and it was fourth and six and we didn't like the how the offense was looking and so we just decided to kick it. Once again yeah you you don't Russell got what 200 million?

You got a lot. 240. You don't like how your offense was looking like literally hey we had three or four possessions from the five-yard line and we kicked one field goal and I think we turned it over two or three times. I wasn't feeling good on fourth down going for it. The numbers were it was in fourth down. It was in fourth down. The numbers were it was in his favor. That's all he had to say. That's all he had to say. All right I see why you kicked it.

Okay. And Russ had 340 yards in that game. I mean just let him make a play. Why wouldn't Russ just say dude let me do this. Get out of my head.

Like let me do this. That's what I don't get. Because that's the good guy in Russ. Like we never saw the bad guy in Russ even in Seattle when they weren't putting players around and wasn't doing anything.

When he felt like they didn't have his back you know he never he never really you just heard that he wanted to be traded and it was like what that's it but that's that's the that's the good guy. Now that was Aaron Rodgers. It should be a different story. Aaron would have aired all the dirty laundry. He would have gave it to him.

Well they did that. I mean before did that to Aaron at a playoff game. But I'm just saying because Aaron Aaron he deals like that.

He's not trying to camera. Listen here's what it is. Like you're going to hear from Aaron Rodgers and what I like about Aaron what he does is he said I gotta play better. I don't know if you guys heard him. You know what we won but I gotta play better.

I gotta do better. I was like that's the kind of guy you want to be in a huddle with. Look I've never played the game clearly but it seems to me that if you're Russell Wilson it's kind of like Josh Allen last night when they were in the red zone and I think he had McDermott want to check him and whatever. He's like we're going for it. You wouldn't say like if if you're that much of a veteran I know it's a new relationship. You got the yards behind you in that game. At what point do you just check it off and say you got to trust me on this?

It's kind of like I mean I guess I would equate it to like sometimes the guys will just change the play that's been called in from the sidelines in basketball. Why wouldn't he have just said look you got to trust me on this. I just I just think that there's no trust there yet. Right. It's just not there.

It's implied but I don't I can't believe that it's there yet and and in what game could they or did they develop it? I mean it's just it's just it's not there. Russ could have just been like I'm the Karen in this relationship. I'm gonna I'm gonna call this play. That's the last thing he wants to do. It's a long season I know but god it's like that's the last thing you want to do. Take that on.

I know I'm teasing you. Come on. You want to take that on? No.

No. But I'm just it's easy to dissect from the next day right. It is. It's very easy to sit here in this chair and say he should have done this he should have done that. Yeah but but I think for for me if I was the head coach based on what I saw in the red zone.

Right. Our short yardage and goal line. What we were doing. It would have been it would have been easy for me to say go kick it too. Now there's a caveat to this part which is Seattle had to protect from the deep ball.

So can you run a hitch? But the numbers said for me based on their short yardage and goal line kick it. Yep and they did and we know what happened. So here we are talking about it days later. I hear you.

A lot of other players could have a lot of other plays could have won the game. So easy to coach from the seat isn't it? It's so easy. We got the best seat you guys. You can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on via Westwood One Station Streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports.

If it's the NFL it is on Westwood One. The great Ed O'Neill will be calling in when we come back right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Do not go away. He's mad. We're going to talk about it.

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You need Indeed. Susie Schuster in for Rich Eisen with Marshall Faulk because I don't do a show without Marshall because I'm not crazy and you know that's why they pay me the big bucks to sit in the chair aside from the fact that my husband is up with a Roku conference somewhere up in Napa. May not let him back home but whatever that's either here nor there. He's watching the show right now there he is taking pictures are you selling him out Mike Hoskins the fact that he should be paying attention and and that he is watching the show and there I am so hey honey thanks for watching and by the way pay attention to the guys who are paying for the show but that's neither here nor there. Shout out real cool Joe.

Right just just just saying maybe pay attention. While he's gone I call up my great friend Ed O'Neill and ask him to call in because honestly Marshall knows I take the booking for the show very seriously like I try to um I try to perform for the audience at hand so I reached out to Ed O'Neill I asked him to call in and he is on the Mercedes-Benz line right now the great Ed O'Neill. Ed thank you so much for taking the time today to call in.

Hey it's my pleasure Susie thank you for having me. Oh please thank you what are you kidding me I'm excited to have you on and I also know that you happen to like a certain running back hall of famer named Marshall Faulk. Well I do I mean we've never met never that's right since I saw him in college I used to tell guys have you seen this kid Marshall Faulk and uh you know some did some didn't and then you know his whole I followed him throughout his whole career and I've always said he's one of the greatest running backs of all time and and he and he was and that's that's just a fact he was phenomenal to watch. You know a lot of people thought he was undersized what are you 5'10 Marshall? 5'11. 5'11 sorry about that that's my partner 5'11 and a half but you were strong you know you weren't muscley but you know you didn't have that muscle bound look but man you were strong and you could move what was your 40 you had a fast 40 4-3. Not that fast it was 4-2-9.

It's nothing. I would you know I played I had a cup of coffee with the Steelers you know and uh I'm glad I didn't have to tackle you. Ed what was your position with the Steelers let's talk about your time there. I was trying for outside linebacker but I you know in college we ran a 5-4 defense I played no guard and defensive end so I never played linebacker I never played a stand-up defensive position I was always on all fours so I was trying to make the team and learn the position at the same time which I don't recommend. So you played nose guard? Yeah I played nose guard in college and in high school.

That's pretty impressive man. I was Chuck Knowles first year. Did not know that. 1969 I believe. I mean should I ask were there leather heads back then or is that insulting? No but you know there was leather heads when I was uh in the seventh grade you know our helmets were leather. Just trying to think. They were so cool you know no face masks.

No face masks are for sissies. I like to throw the forearm you know was was legal in those days by the way you could throw it like a punch. Was was Mean Joe there? Mean Joe was a rookie with me. Yeah I thought so. And LC Greenwood. Yeah yeah. Terry Hanratty was the was the rookie quarterback with me from Notre Dame because Bradshaw came the next year. Rocky Blyer was in Vietnam. Yeah.

That's awesome man. Yeah I mean I didn't you know I didn't make it but uh. It's okay like you say you had a cup of coffee.

Whatever it was two weeks or whatever I was there. Like you say you had a cup of coffee. I had a cup of coffee and then uh I called it a day.

How did you make the turn? Funny thing uh Marshall and Susie when they cut me uh you know I made it beyond the the thing your name is just not on the list you know that's how they cut you you know they didn't put your name on the list they just didn't put your name on the list. But I was called into Knowles office you know and uh he was very nice and he said to me listen uh the Eagles are need linebackers and you know we were in La Trobe PA at St. Vincent's College and he said I made a call earlier and they you know they'll they'll give you a look you know if you want to rent your car you can drive down there and uh you know see see what you can do. And and I said uh he said but you got to tell me right away because I you know they got to know they got to know and I looked at him and I said I'm done. I was done. I had played for two different colleges. I was sick of football to be honest with you. Then how did you make the turn? I had a couple knee problems that I knew weren't going to get any better. Then how did you make the turn Ed? How did you make the turn from playing football to acting? You know I don't even know. I mean I did some of it and I was drafted into the theater in in the school. I went to a Catholic school where the nun ran the theater program and I was in one of her classes a speech class and so she you know she drafted me to be in the plays which I had to kind of hide from my buddies because they thought it wasn't the thing that I should be doing you know but I liked it secretly you know that's funny you got drafted you know it's for the girls man you know but it really well maybe it was for both but that's how I got that's how I got started in it man that's pretty that's pretty impressive well I was a big fan of yours I'm honest to God I mean you know I can't make that up I was you were one of my favorite backs let's let's let's talk about let's let's talk about you and acting because I don't you know I I watched you a lot don't know much about you happy that you're a fan of mine definitely a fan of yours man watch you watch you growing up over the years thank you what what what role or type of role do you do you like playing the best where where do you feel like you are at your best well you know I mean I think that you know I mean obviously these questions it's like you're gonna try to you're gonna the answer is going to be the most dramatic and and also funny you know if you can because I always say that a really good drama has comedy in it and the really good actors are and when I say good actors I mean the drama dramatic actors are also funny like rando was very funny Olivier was funny De Niro could be funny you know what I mean so I like the drama like I did Big Apple in New York for David Milch and I and I love that role I did John from Cincinnati for David Milch and that was a drama I love that role yeah so probably not just straight although I did love Modern Family I love the uh the way it was made and and uh but yeah that's the answer and I know it was really rough for you to play Sofia Vergara's husband I know that's really it's just so painful to have to kiss her all the time why did they hire me for this it's such a bummer can you imagine how much had that was must have sucked you guys to have to like put your arms around her all the time you know getting too close for a smell to avoid because it was tough you know it was like you just didn't want to torture yourself you know is is there certain roles that you take or or or things that you do that challenge you a little bit more and you're like man this is going to require something of me that I don't know that I have well I that Modern Family was that way because I didn't think I was going to get that job it's a long story short but they had gone out to another actor and then they came back to me after a week or 10 days and they said a week or 10 days and they said you know what are you going to do and I said yeah I'll do it and then I thought how am I going to do it though you know that was a I didn't know about the age thing you know if that would work and you know but you just jump in you know like I'm going to do this thing for FX in late October about the Clippers and I'm playing Donald Sterling now don't ask me how I know how I'm going to do that role but I'm growing my hair long so that's the first step oh I can't wait to see that last about 20 pounds because I'm a lot bigger than you know is is there anything about the actual character that you're kind of worried worried about as you portray it my my listen when I started out I was very young and I tried every manner of technique you know from method and all those different you know Stanislavski and and and Meisner and and Stella Adler and all that stuff and at the end of the day I kind of just you I think with experience which is the most important thing you just sort of you get your own thing you know and mine was not method and I never even thought a character was was a real thing you know it's just words on a page so you kind of everything's in I think that everything is is contained in the script so I don't need a lot of research you know if I'm playing a guy in jail I'm not going to go to jail for 10 days to see what that's like you know I mean because people don't know what you're thinking and so you just play the scenes and if you make this and you go scene by scene by scene so if you make the one scene right you've got a good shot of making the next scene right you know it's a good start and you just go from there but it will be interesting to see ed ed o'neill here on the rich eisen show susie shuster marshall falke in for rich it will be interesting to see where you find the humor in donald sterling because I gotta say I I gotta tell you somebody who covered the clippers during those years there wasn't a whole lot of humor there at stevenson he was he was inadvertently funny you know like I've seen a couple things that he said you know over a meal in beverly hills where he might stop in the midst of the conversation and say why do I have to buy their socks I mean I have to buy my own socks don't you and I think he's talking about his players he's a billionaire but that's funny right you're laughing no I get it right it's funny without trying to be funny I get it I I gotta connect you with elvin gentry for some uh behind closed doors conversations about that very subject I have to say yeah well I mean again you know it's all that stuff is very helpful but at the end of the day it's it's everything has to be generated from the script if it's not in the script it ain't there well we're going to generate this from a script you and I spoke about things that piss you off right now in football and I said to the guys I'm like guys this is probably the best segment we could possibly do like things that piss ed o'neill off when it comes to football here's the thing there is one thing and especially if it's a pet peeve of mine the other things are kind of you know nitpicking I would have I would call it yeah but it's much it's much more fun it's really much more fun to say things that piss you off just because then immediately it goes segues right into a perfect character for you to play okay so I I hope Marshall appreciates this um I'm going to love it so I I've been watching these shows you know where the where they get most most of the a lot of these guys are ex-players you know and they'll come on and they you know the fashion today is the skinny suits with the tennis shoes and they got the they got the x and o board behind them and they're talking about the game that's coming or the game that just ended what's you know what's brady doing what's so and so and there might be four of them across right so the one that starts talking suddenly what's the word would be over um gesticular that's a that's a that's a theater term gesticular overly just particular so in other words you're using gestures with your hands it can be your legs as well but usually the hands which are way overboard you know uh and these guys the other three will stand like statues and then when it's the next guy's turn to talk suddenly it's like someone hit him with a goddamn cattle prod and he'll start doing the same thing hands running running back to the blackboard and I'm saying what are you so excited about what the hell are you so excited about it's a screencast for christ's sake you know I mean it just drives me crazy and I'm thinking it's not these guys it's some producer you know backstage on a microphone saying pick it up put energy in this get the energy 100 drive it drive it you know like like we're gonna go to sleep unless they're uh you know doing this wild wild emotions that are ridiculous and fake voices you know like the fake um excitement that that drive and it's but that's especially true in martial arts and boxing too you know that drives me nuts well you hear that too marshall sometimes people are talking like and then and then the play action and there he goes they're screaming at each other it's like guys chill it's it's football like they're not on the thing that drives me crazy is that and I don't think I want to name any names because these you know these guys do a great job but believe me overall I couldn't do it but the guys that are calling the game for example there's usually two of them right and and one talks more than the other in the usual case one's talking more than the other guy and the guy that talks a lot never shuts up and he might be in the middle of a story and the play is starting to go it doesn't bother him they keep talking and I'm saying I'm watching the game shut up and it's not radio oh that's good I'm watching the goddamn game or they start telling you what these guys are thinking what they're gonna do what their plans are I'm saying they don't know exactly what the you know they're it's happened the game happens fast the great Ed O'Neill here on the Rich Eisen show Suzy Schuster, Marshall Falcon I gotta tell you I love it I love it you're here for this right I listen to games with no sound just because I don't want them to get in the way yeah like I tell people when you watch the game follow the football don't follow where they tell you to go exactly now on top of that you know it really it's the way you play defense see you're talking to a man who's played the game yeah no he gets it that's it annoys him too Ed you also really love post-game press conferences where the coaches just spout out things like they are who we thought they were well you know that thing well that's that's been going on from since uh I mean even before uh Woody Hayes you know by the way remember Chris Farley yes well you know Chris and I we had the same manager Chris was a sweet sweetheart of a guy you know it's no secret that he had a few demons one day I was talking to him and remember that bit he did on Saturday Night Live about the motivational speaker who lives down by the river Matt Foley he did that with David Spade and the girl that played my daughter on married with children Christina Applegate and it was the setup was the parents hired this guy to come in and give their two kids Spade and Applegate a motivational talk because they were caught smoking dope or something and his character was that he was a motivational speaker who lived down by the river it's one of the funniest things you'll ever see so you've got to google it Chris Farley motivational speaker he'd say he'd sound like this uh uh because I'm a motivational speaker who lives down by the river and and so I was with him to the party and I said oh you think you're smart mr smarty pants will you just wait and see what's gonna happen to you from smoking those doobies and I'm sitting with him and I said to him one day I know who you're imitating he looked at me like what I said I know who you're imitating he said get the fuck get out of here who I said woody hayes he said you son of a bitch that's how woody hayes talked can I tell you one other funny story about love about uh we were all in at john lovett's house he had a super bowl he lives in beverly glenn and so you know where he had a mexican uh buffet and everybody's piling on because the kickoff is going to happen and the screen and at the last minute farley comes bursting in the door and he's late you know as usual and he was coming from rehab in venice and they let him out for the super bowl so he runs in gets a plate he's piling stuff on the plate and lovett says to him you know like kidding I'm like leave something for the rest of it you know and then we all go in to watch the kickoff and he's not in yet so like one or two plays the door opens chris comes walking in the door stops in the doorway and he's holding he got a like a loaf of italian bread and cut it lengthwise and then he put every condiment that was on the table on in the bread you know everything mushrooms onions carrots capers everything on top of john lovett's beloved kitten and he had it between the bread and said i'll eat any thing i want to i'm super bull such you put a real cat on a bread a live animal live animal i mean come on man you i was laughing so hard i i almost fell out of the chair i just spit mimosa over my he was a special guy and all those guys spayed all those guys you know and i never said a word when i was around those guys because they were they were always trying out comic bits on me i mean i i feel like i just want to just be quiet and let you tell more stories we could just change the name of the show to hollywood stories chris brockman said right exactly right oh i'm happy to done a little bit here this morning uh so what's up is that it tell me another story that has to do with john lovett's a live kitten and a loaf of bread oh my god hey guys you know last time you you were in studio about four years ago and i was doing interviews with you in the green room and i brought up the adventures of ford fairlane to you and you throw as lieutenant amos and then you and i sang booty time together and that was one of the highlights of my life i'm not gonna lie to you about that that was a funny show to do i mean that show was crazy i mean no one knew what was going on in that show you and dice clay me and dice clay i mean clay was there he was he was out there you know you got a really fast clay story you got to have something for us uh well you know that no but i brought my father uh to the to the set one day my father was visiting me we were in malibu and i you know i thought well i'll introduce him to dice you know i don't even know if he knew who dice was but dice walked out of the of the set and i said hey uh dice come here this i want you to meet my dad oh yeah very you know this is my father and uh yeah he said hey hey hey hey you want to hear my my uh my impression of a perfect date and uh my dad said yeah and he went oh get up oh ed you are a gem you are the greatest i put you on the spot to come on and i'm so glad i did thank you so much thank you hey marshall it's really honestly a real pleasure to meet you likewise man likewise big fan of yours i hope i run into you sometime i'm going to make him come to dinner that'll be it that'll be that'll be that'll be the four top i promise you the great ed o'neill here on the rich eisen show hey i mean honestly you guys you're welcome welcome susie i gotta buy a new laptop now because i i got my most all over it but tj i've never seen you doubling over like that i love it when when when people play roles and it fits into their real personality like he's like a lot of the roles that he plays he's our buddy yeah he really is right see i don't is he susie though is he really out bundy he's the kindest guy there yeah bundy it doesn't seem like he really was out no no kindest nicest and kind of my guy that there is we're going to talk more about the great ed o'neill when we come back we're going to wrap up this edition of the rich eisen show don't you go anywhere else no more chris farley stories though if you miss any of the show and this was one heck of a show there are so many ways to find the video christopher what do you want to yeah so anyways obviously hit up our youtube page youtube slash uh dot com slash rich eisen show or roku channel 210 tj well it loops all day it's a wheel we're literally on non-stop so as well you're saying we just run and it just runs and it runs and it runs like if you miss the first hour if you just miss that insane ed o'neill interview we just had three hours two hours and 45 minutes roku channel 210 boom it's on he is an american legend he is a special special gem of a man you can tell from those stories right great stories he's funny i mean you know what else so it's amazing to see a guy like ed right who i'm sure every time someone sees this man walk down the street it's you know 30 years of being on our tv sets and then you get a guy like that who gets you know all the adulation every time he walks outside but to see him kind of fan over someone like marshall i kind of like watching those two worlds collide sometimes because it's really cool to see someone who gets all of that be able to kind of show that love to someone else that he enjoyed so that was really cool yeah because when i called him to come on i said i'm doing it with marshall and he was like oh you're kidding me he's my favorite running back of all time and he was giddy about it and honestly i used it as a carrot i'm like well you know if you call into the show you get to talk to marshall and yeah and it's you're right it was actually a great marriage it is fun to see that mutual admiration fan club and you asked me is he like al bundy and the answer is absolutely not he's shy and sweet he's youngstown's best and he you know he is one of those guys that um is generous with his time and always treats people beautifully so i would say no he ain't no al bundy i i like finding out the fact that he he tried out for the Steelers like i didn't even know that like that's that is that is impressive and as as athletes like after you play you're like okay what are you going to do and a lot of athletes ex-athletes what do they do they they get into acting and start doing stuff like that and he was just the same got out of got out of sports and and fell in love with with drama we're wrapping up here but did you ever want to act or do you want to act no no i like being me you haven't been in anything marshall no i've been in a couple of couple of things i don't know if i'm a good actor i'd like to check it out like to see let's put you on tape let's put you on tape doesn't that sound impressive let's put you on tape i don't know if you're a good actor i like being real with you i don't want to act that's how we are though we're like this there you go there you go 12 years ago i used to do a fantasy football show and kurt called in once and he made reference that you were the the greatest football player he's ever played with so we don't know if you can act but we knew what you could do on that football field thank you so we got that tj it's always a pleasure being with you you know i love coming here it's a pleasure to have you suz you should stop by moroff i i'm going to you're just saying that because i bring expensive booze right well look it doesn't hurt that you come bearing gifts i'm just saying right it doesn't hurt right i'm just saying that mike you and i love seeing you christopher bring your kid to my house please sure marshall thanks for never letting me down for everybody here at the ridge isin show i'm susie schuster thanks for letting me come in and keep the seat warm rich will be back with you tomorrow have an amazing day everybody for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk holtman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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