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REShow: Mike Colter - Hour 3 (6-8-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 8, 2022 3:35 pm

REShow: Mike Colter - Hour 3 (6-8-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 8, 2022 3:35 pm

Rich reacts to Aaron Rodgers saying he “definitely” wants to finish his career with the Packers and takes the challenge of name 10 quarterbacks under more pressure than the Green Bay QB, and comments on the latest from 49ers camp where head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke about Trey Lance’s future as the starting QB and Deebo Samuel’s desire for a new contract. 

Actor Mike Colter joins Rich in-studio to discuss the new season of his Paramount+ show ‘Evil’ revealing that he 100% believes in the supernatural, explains why he, a Lakers fan, roots for Steph Curry and the Warriors, says how he became a lifelong fan of the Lakers while growing up on the other side of the country in South Carolina, and says he’s down for a reboot of the ‘Luke Cage’ series.

Rich weighs in on the latest salvo from Taylor Lewan to get him from coming on his ‘Bussin’ with the Boys’ podcast, and compares how good Bill Belichick looked in his Boston Celtics cap vs how bad Brockman looked in his worn yesterday.

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He then tried to throw it away. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Let's meet General Manager the Rams. How do you have room under the cat for all the signings that you have including Donald?

There is ways to be creative. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show ESPN NBA insider Brian Windhorst. Senior writer for the MMQB Albert Breer. Still to come actor Mike Colter. And now it's Rich Eisen.

That is correct. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air here on Peacock Sirius XM85. Hello to anybody listening on the Rich Eisen Show Terrestrial Radio Affiliate Network Coast to Coast or on the Odyssey app or on our podcast. We say hello to all of you. If you missed anything in the first couple of hours of the show or in any day of the week or just want to go down a wormhole be sure you have time if you go to our YouTube page Rich Eisen Show because you can go down a wormhole one video after another pops up. We love that. We love hearing from those of you out there so you subscribe to our YouTube page and you watch a ton of this show on a daily basis or sometime you get caught up in that riptide of celebrity true or false riptide. By the way the celebrity true or false that we have set up for Henry Winkler on Friday's show is fantastic. Fantastic. The only question that we have is which like is it too much happy days in there? We should just do only happy days.

No no there's night shift there's so much about his career that we got to get into. Rich we're now 424,839 subscribers. Look at that. Let's get it to 425 by the end of the show.

Oh 840. Look at that it just keeps going. Keeps going on. We've added 50 since the start of the show.

Thanks everybody. Let's keep going slash Rich Eisen Show. Let's get it up to 425 by the end of the show. Let's do that and if not guess what we'll still be here tomorrow. Yeah we'll be here.

We're not going anywhere. I'm not joining the live tour. I'm not joining the live tour. I may join. I may join. You're going to join?

I may join. You know what you know what tour you're going to join? The Le Tour. That's what you're going to get.

Le Tour. You're already on the iTour. You're on the iTour. Well I'm just so glad. When was the last time Del Tufo did three straight days in the show?

I'm going to do five. Oh my god. A couple weeks ago. Look at you boasting. Look at you boasting. I was here five a couple weeks ago. I know. I'm just like I'm just busting.

Yes we're rare. 841. 841.

Okay thank you. Good lord. Good lord. So if you missed Brian Winhorst earlier in the show how great was he on the Jazz and the Lakers and the Heat. Pat Riley and what he's going to do to try and make sure that the Heat get past the Celtics or anybody else next year and his opinion on what goes down tonight in game three.

Terrific stuff. slash Rich Eisen Show. If you missed Albert Breer talking about DK Metcalfe and his contract and Deshaun Watson and what the Browns could possibly be thinking. slash Rich Eisen Show. By the way Kevin Stefanski did in fact say that Baker Mayfield has been excused from showing up next week. So that's that's one crisis averted. There's one larger one I think that's still at stake. Thanks Kevin.

The building is still involved. Hey man if there's one guy I don't blame it's him. Okay I actually like I actually like him a lot. You know so if you missed Kevin Van Valkenburg on the live tour slash Rich Eisen Show. The actor Mike Colter is going to be joining us here on the program shortly. He's here in studio Evil on Paramount Plus formerly Luke Cage.

I think once you're Luke Cage you're always Luke Cage. I think so yeah. We'll ask him about that when he joins us. He's a big time Warriors fan as well.

So a timely guest to say the least. Organized team activities otherwise known as mini camp. These are mandatory. You got to show up for them if you're under contract to the team in the National Football League. Aaron Rodgers is at the Packers mandatory mini camp and why not? First time in what would you say three years? First time since the year before his first MVP of the last two campaigns that he showed up. That he showed up where there's no like he's under contract and it's all good in that hood.

Except there's no Devante Adams but yes he has shown up and was asked about what did go down a little bit more and his future. Look some conversations had to be had and I'm happy they were had and and I appreciated the honesty. There were some very direct conversations and I haven't really shied away from conflict during my time here because I feel like it leads to a resolution that's usually positive for the organization and for everybody involved.

And I'm not saying it was hand-to-hand conflict or combat it was some just some real serious just some real serious heart to hearts. And as someone who loves this franchise so much I felt like it was important to share my opinions about certain things and my vision for how this place can continue to to improve and get better long after I'm done. So you think you'll finish your career here? Yes definitely. There you go.

Yes definitely yes definitely. You know what I look at when I saw that? First of all as a member of the bald brotherhood as you are as well unfortunate that a very bald man was in the foreground of that shot that gaggle around his locker room unfortunate for that guy.

Bald is beautiful as you know. Thank you. I looked at that and if anybody's listening on the radio go seek this out when you watch us back hopefully on YouTube you know what I saw right there quarterback I saw quarterback under pressure that's what I saw saw a guy deeply under pressure don't you feel that pressure? I saw it.

Oh I'm sorry it's the exact opposite. His contract's handled the end of his career he's staying he's good he's had the conversations with the guys did he look like a guy oh my god the way the season ended I missed that throw to Lazard man did I miss that throw oh gosh we didn't even score an offensive touchdown right in that second half we didn't even do that. Oh so you're saying he doesn't care? I'm not saying he doesn't care because that sounds like what you're saying he's wearing it like a quarterback who's supposedly under pressure because they blew it last year. They did blow. I'm just saying he's not bringing that luggage with him and in terms of his legacy that is a guy at peace to use the phrase oh the day from another Aaron come on I could probably name 10 other quarterbacks that have more pressure than him. Go Mike let's hit some music the NFL films music hit it yeah come on here we go number 10 get it number 10 in no particular order no not playing this this is not planned okay most things we do here no particular order Lamar Jackson Lamar Jackson I agree with that uh Deshaun Watson how about that pressure Deshaun Watson is under extreme pressure that doesn't count but that's from the face doesn't count Russell Wilson's in a new spot the whole country in Broncos country thinks they're winning the Super Bowl this year that's another one that's two no that's three Deshaun Watson counts brother he's not playing football this year let's talk about football as of right now he is uh yes sir yes sir under more pressure also within the division how how does uh our friend Kirk D Cousins sound like to you absolutely stop it he's a billionaire he feels no pressure Jones is under more pressure is under more pressure Trey Lance is under more pressure what whoever the hell starts for the Seattle Seahawks is under more pressure nobody cares they're gonna have the number one pick who cares you gotta be kidding me you're you're at five you're at five five five you're rejecting them this is my list this is my list there are no others like it and this one is mine we're matumbo over here five more five more no no no no no Dax under more pressure stop it no stop it stop it stop it Chris don't get the family Chris yes that's the man who accepts it Derek Carr is under more pressure you've put him under all this you have Derek Carr you put Derek Carr nice and easy to the season Chris you reject these names no that's seven that's seven I say six I'm not giving you that Jamis Winston's under more pressure oh wow Wilson Zach Wilson is under more pressure he's expecting anything Zach Wilson go to New York City and listen to the first time listeners long you know we were in New York I didn't hear his name mentioned one time listen to the radio you were too busy just tooling around town I mean that's a good point my time thanks for the bread that's the way to react if you're gonna reject these names all right seven you're a seven three more six but is Deshaun Watson not on your list he's not on the list that's ridiculous he's not playing football Kyler Murray is under more pressure thank you very much I'll buy that uh and anybody Justin Fields how about them man dude the whole Bears community no no they have a new coach yeah yeah they got a whole new coach and Jared Goff's under more pressure his job's on the line no one cares about Jared Goff just because nobody cares about I'm talking about quarterbacks who are in their own temples in their own house they're thinking about this stuff that guy Aaron Rogers isn't he he might be not even in the top 25 of quarterbacks under the most pressure no no no no no Rogers is up there because he has one Super Bowl Tannehill Tannehill's under more pressure Malik Willis is sitting right behind him I'll give you asking for advice all right you need two more that's eight that's eight that's nine Broadway you should never have said ten eight keep going he's top 15 I don't need top five I can't say Mahomes is under more they're both they're all exempt Matt Ryan is under a lot of pressure is he no yes he demanded giving you ten demanded out he got to a new spot where they're giving you tens I've given you they should win the division this year he's in the top five Carson Wentz Carson Wentz way more pressure there's ten okay there's ten thank you well nine because I don't well you know what Carson Wentz Carson Wentz as you know as you know that team needs to needs to have him perform the other people aren't ready and plus there and in DC as we heard today there are dust-ups okay Jack meanwhile in San Francisco in San Francisco Trey Lance is the guy people Trey Lance is the guy Bruce said it perfectly last hour it's just like you know when you're raising the ceiling of your quarterback position you're going to probably invest in a guy that's going to have some floor issues sometimes certainly when you trade up into the top five of the draft there's going to be floor issues unless you got somebody like you know Herbert Mahomes Mac Jones not under pressure at all there he's not under pressure at all he's not Mac Jones better than last year got it book it okay Trey Lance is the guy and uh another indication is Trey Lance is the guy in case anybody needs to still have it is Jimmy Garoppolo who wouldn't even take a single snap if he was there because he's still convalescing from shoulder surgery which is the reason why he's still on the roster not because they're worried that Lance isn't the guy they basically told him you don't even show up well he's injured it doesn't matter he's injured it doesn't matter there are injured guys in mandatory mini camps all over the lot here's Kyle Shannon on the process that Trey Lance is going through I think just having these OTA practice has been really good because I mean it's about getting reps and going out there and I feel like for the first couple days Trey along with everybody else are just they're trying to win the day which to me that doesn't help you that much you really got to own in on getting better you know the defense you're going against they know the offense and you can't try to really just go for the big plays you got to play with your fundamentals and improve with every rep you have because you don't get many reps up playing this game and you get them fully in the preseason and that's about it so before it really counts and I think Trey's been delivering everything he's done I think especially last week heading into today you can really see him stacking days and getting better each practice he's stacking days guys stacking days stacking days over win the day got it stacking days is what he's doing he's the guy people he's the guy and let him keep getting them reps no stacking the days and what about Debo Debo's there but he's not apparently on the field he's in the building well Kyle Shanahan was asked about that as well do we have that sound back I do believe we do yeah I think it's always been all right I mean I know we go through the business part of this league and things like that but I mean I don't think the relationship was ever too far away to not get it back to normal and I think we're working on that anytime you're away from each other for a while it's always harder but it's good to get him back in here and start getting around the guys again that's right that's right he's there folks week one Trey Lance first snap Debo's gonna be right there Pizzade paid and Pizzade together he's gonna be taken care of this is gonna happen I'm not just right I'm very right and here's the magic eight ball you know we can't get specific eight balls made am I you need to get one no no no we gotta get one yeah we're not getting custom ones made we need a football one these are the because I want this to be um uniform and understandable and relatable that's what we're about what if we get them to say like I want to be relatable your slogans and your catchphrases like you know I just got to worry about the people that are here I should not have done that on camera okay but all right I'm look I'm always open to ideas okay but for this moment the question being posed to the standard magic eight ball is am I very right about this oh let's go I want the science point to know am I very right about this aggressive ask again later that's a rejection yeah no it's not no it's not that's a rejection guess what you have to shoot the shot again guess what now it's later later there's no later is right now later is at any period of time I choose I choose 15 seconds from the time I've done it has been at least 15 seconds should I tap dance a little bit longer when you first asked Susie out the first time and she said no try again later did you ask immediately or did you wait like a long I asked immediately the reason why it took a long time I've always had timing issues yeah it's always been my problem I didn't see that one coming no I'm honest I didn't play my cards right but I was a resilient my initials are re and you can't spell resilience without those two letters 19 years this week resilient here we go am I very right about this magic eight ball comes up it says we have to look at it if you may rely on it you could tell me anything I don't know exactly you're sounding you know you may rely on it and there's another way of saying app so freaking lutely which doesn't fit on a pyramid it would if we made our eight balls it would oh wow you may rely on it I mean custom we are very much on the rails what are you talking about Chris this is on brand all the way to week one for the San Francisco 49ers now then we can bring Mike Colter out I'm sure he's like what's going on I'm sure they even put your logo on the eight ball oh okay okay I'm glad that you're researching it in real time Mike we could put a pin in it for the next 40 minutes you know great help thanks all right we'll take a break here she's just laughing all right my culture my culture in studio he's on evil on paramount plus and on the rich eisen show coming up my culture here on the rich eisen show from paramount pluses evil season number three is premiering sunday june 12th new episodes drop weekly on sundays on paramount plus for those who just tuned in on terrestrial radio Mike just shared that he was in a haunted hotel over the weekend I'll bite what do you mean what do you mean you're in a haunted hotel over the weekend well supposedly supposedly this hotel has a lot of history to it and it's in Austin Texas and I'm sure people from the locals there can can attest to this supposedly the person who built the hotel yes his he committed suicide in this hotel not only that the politicians there used to use the hotel and go underneath it because they had these little pathways and they would use the hotel but on the other side a few doors down there was a brothel and those brothels that they use sometimes they would actually um they would would kill the women and so there's a lot of spirits walking around in that hotel it's pretty deep now I was I was pretty sure by yeah yeah and you can hear the noise because this little girl supposedly dropped on the fell on the stairs come on I'm not kidding you I'm not kidding you they told me this how do you get any rest in a hotel I didn't stay in that hotel I did not stay I did not stay in that hotel this is the same you checked out oh I never checked in this was just where the special was I would never have stayed in that hotel they saw the Driscoll the Driscoll hotel look it up yeah okay yeah all right so you do believe in the supernatural I I don't I don't uh I don't tempt it you know someone says something I'm not gonna go oh that's baloney I'm gonna go lay in this hotel I'm gonna sleep my door open and I'm gonna just you know no order room service yeah I'm gonna order room service I'm gonna keep my door unlocked yeah order the deviled eggs off the menu got it uh-huh not doing that so portraying this uh now ordained priest um in season three David Acosta do anything that you've experienced over the first two seasons now having obviously shot season three uh hasn't changed your mind on this sort of thing no I mean listen again these things that we come encounter with and come into counter oh sorry come in contact with yes um it is disturbing I mean someone tells you a story like this I was also in Winnipeg this is years ago before I started this show same thing another hotel haunted same kind of stories I do feel like if someone dies in a traumatic way sometimes if you go to buy a house they have people to tell you this is what happened in the house before you bought it and they'll disclose this because they should that might change me in my mind I may not buy the house if something you know crazy happened there you know there's a triple homicide right probably not gonna buy the house what if someone from Fleetwood Mac owned your house before see that that would be interesting I think I would do the Fleetwood Mac house you know I think I could do that yeah yeah I bring that up because that's what I was told the house that uh I bought um somebody from Fleetwood Mac someone they wouldn't tell you who well they told me okay okay you don't want to disclose I don't know I mean I just you know I don't want to give the exact GPS I was going to say Star Guide would have it on there you know what I mean but there has been some love and fun in there in the house no question about it uh season three of Evil premieres on Paramount Plus against Sunday June 12th Mike Colter here on the Rich Eisen Show so you are a Laker fan yeah but have also an affinity for a team that is actually playing still yes in the NBA yes uh playing for the trophy yeah uh and again game three is coming up tonight in Boston you're a Warriors fan as well correct how did how do we how do we get on the Warriors track here I'm a basketball purist and I saw a long time ago because I'm a Laker fan I used to watch Kobe play and I watched I watched the competitive nature in which they would play the Lakers yes when Kobe was still in his prime I watched Steph and I watched you know the Splash Brothers right yes and I I could see it and I think you know even Kobe saw it the competitive nature of those two guards I just watched them grow and I love the fact that they were drafted and that it wasn't some you know situation where they went and got you know no super team no no super team right I love that I love the idea that they just grew their own players and created their own their own culture over there and um and they're such a good team because they seem to be able to you know rebuild quicker than anyone else and put in pieces that no one thought would fit and I I do think the culture is really good there so I I love watching them play yeah I mean and again I know you're you're your show and evil this is not uh anything to talk about evil because he's the exact opposite of that but there is something supernatural when Steph Curry shoots the ball well you know you know it is something supernatural but also there's something that I mean you talk about evil Steph has a I think he has an alter ego I think he's a much you know much tougher person than his exterior show you have to be you have to be of course he just seems to always be even keel but he also seems to be have a part of him that he's really angry he just he just suppresses it yeah yeah he's a he's a he he looks approachable because he is approachable yes looks like a sweetheart because he is a sweetheart but when it comes time to make sure you do not win yeah he is the cold-blooded and you know what he is yeah especially since a couple times this this this year I didn't I don't know if he's been doing it prior to years but you know when he he has the shot and they win oh yeah basically they put the other team asleep he does yeah he does yeah he puts the he puts his like night not I love that that has a certain sort of nastiness oh it's cold exactly but Draymond Green is the true nasty player he does he does he does poke the bear under the team he gets into it I get a little nervous because you know obviously a few years ago he got suspended during the finals against Lebron and I thought that that was really unfortunate I thought it really changed the series I really do I really think it made a difference and last the other night he got you know caught and it was like people were wondering was he going to get another technical laying his feet on top of Jalen Brown yeah pulling like maybe trying to get up by his gravity shorts or whatever and I like he's chippy but sometimes I wonder if it's going to cost them because you know it's you know it's a very delicate you know thing that you're that you're dealing with because the refs have you know personalities too and some of them may or may not like him based on that so I'm always worried that they're going to change the game well you got a Boston guy over there that thought he should have been ejected oh yeah of course he did say yeah of course bias well he kicked him like three times he didn't kick well he didn't kick up he laid his feet on him like if a grown man rested his feet on you how would you react okay here's the thing I'm gonna I'm gonna and then tried to pull your pants down I'm contrarian I'm gonna go back 30 years ago I mean Lambier and Parrish listen this is chippy this is chippy a little pool little shorts pool we're gonna suspend them because of that this is the game we play now no we gotta we gotta be a little come on this is the playoffs Larry Bird once threw the ball yeah Lambier now Lambier deserved to have the ball thrown at him because Lambier Lambier took him down Rambis clotheslined a guy yeah it's a different game though now and they kept playing they just kept playing so I mean within context I think that that that's not a suspendable you know action but it was the second act of what he had already done I mean come on let's just you want to win it with you want to win it do you want to win it that way I'm gonna want to win oh he's one of those you don't you you want to win without dream on he was I want to win well then you think the Cavs title has an asterisk then right well injuries are injuries but there's ejections no not ejections well I'm plus Jalen Brown is a local kid pretty much he went to Cal yeah you know he went to Cal yeah I'm not excusing his behavior any restate performer I'm actually trying to back your play here that Jalen Brown doesn't deserve that sort of thing but Draymond Green is definitely one of those edgy players that you never know if he's going to be doing the wrong thing or not yeah it's just it what an incredible run it's funny how you you say that you liked how they were their own team growing their own team and then they did get Durant coming in their direction and so that's why I think this one is just it's special well it has it it it has the the setup Mike Coulter of them to go back to the pre Durant days and say the guys who did it before Durant are still so good despite advancing ages and despite injuries like Klay Thompson making him not the 100 splash brother that he was before yeah that they could still win it now like that that that would be sort of the cherry it would be special and it's ironic because they you know I wish Durant didn't leave but you know it is a culture that seems to be able to thrive with you know and put team above everything else you know Mike Coulter here on the Rich Eisen show again Paramount Plus is evil we can get the season three premiere Sunday June 12th and the new episodes drop weekly Sundays on Paramount Plus right here a couple more minutes left with him here in studio so are you from LA is that why you're a Laker fan or where are you from originally South Carolina which you know we had no basketball team um um grew up without a basketball professional basketball team um without a professional football team that I watched back then and so you just you know the Lakers the Lakers are in the 80s I grew up Lakers and Celtics that was that was the game that's the thing that was every year it wasn't a question of you know who was going to be there just who was going to win out of those two teams did you see winning time did you check that I have yet to check it out it's on my list I hear it's great it is so much fun oh man uh I don't know if it's fun for the people being portrayed in it uh as they have said but if you're talking about you growing up in South Carolina not having a team but flipping on the tv and watching the Lakers and the Celtics go out in the 80s this is so directly up your alley okay one thousand percent and it is fun it is I'm gonna check it out it is it is well done in a way so why did you choose Lakers over over Celtics oh it just was you know I guess you know magic it was exciting magic was exciting you know and I can understand you know uh people identifying with Iaburd and those guys they had a different you know culture in Boston you know sort of a more blue collar more just grinded out not flashy but you know magic had that smile he had that charm he had that charisma and he just did things on the court that made you just jump up because it was just such a you know I mean magic what a name and to have to live up to that name yeah you know Kareem and Worthy and AC Green and Byron Scott I mean they just had a great team and it just it was fun to watch and also as a kid wanted to be an actor so you know watching watching what was the the team of Hollywood it was like you know you see all those stars you know Jack Nichols was sitting on sidelines for for decades and it just makes you think oh yeah one day one day this is gonna be fun you gotta you gotta just get on the the floor yeah so you don't want to be on the floor basketball basketball wise you wanted to be on the floor actor yes yes and ironically enough I have yet to do it I've always been going to the Knicks games because I'm always filming in New York yes so I have yet to actually do the floor thing with the LA Lakers so it's on the list I gotta I gotta get around this has to be done I have again you've got to check out this show Winning Time it is exactly about the beginning of it and how Jerry Buss wanted to make this a showtime experience that he realized that this was a Los Angeles town and you gotta you gotta plug in it and near you are as a kid in South Carolina thinking the same damn thing yeah it is it is pretty cool he plugged those worlds in absolutely no doubt about that so um okay so you never you never had any thoughts about playing or anything like that or did you know here's a here's a good thing and a bad thing I grew up in this in the country small town yeah um and I had a basketball goal yes and it basically was on in a dirt field I kid you not you couldn't dribble a basketball off of dirt this is this is what I this is where I grew up so I had a yeah next to my house I had this basketball goal and but I couldn't I couldn't get any dribble you know repetitions in because it was off dirt so basically I was pretty good at shooting sometimes but I never could understand a dribble because I can only dribble when I went to school and my mother never let me hang out and and play in the gym and go in the black tops and stuff I mean it just she was very um she was very I wouldn't say she's strict but she wasn't one to sort of let me go about in this in town and do whatever I wanted to do so I sort of realized that I wasn't going to be practicing basketball moves so I kind of just ended up staying inside and watching HBO dreaming about going to going to Hollywood so then who was your who was your idol then growing up um I had a lot of idols I mean that you know when I was a kid I mean to watch you know Walter Payton because at the time I was a football fan of Bears was my team but acting then acting acting oh well you know Denzel Washington um um he was he was primarily the main you know guy that I could look to on you know back then but but I was a aficionado of a film I'd watched you know De Niro and and Pacino all the time I watched you know I just watched all the classics all the classics you know um Gene Hackman I just was a you know Dustin Hoffman you know it just all those all those old films in the 70s and is what I used to grow up watching do you get a lot of Luke Cage when you're walking around back then never never never heard oh oh yeah you mean now yeah yeah of course I was I was happy the mask um thing came in the mask mandate because as a person who gets recognized you can put a mask on and just kind of like take the day off your anonymity yeah it's almost complete anonymity I mean you sometimes recognize you but for the most part yeah but I mean people coming up and talking about Luke Cage I'm sure has to be some um bit of excitement in some certain way yeah sometimes some days I mean it's like I think if someone if someone were talking to you about sports yes when you're not working I mean you try to talk sports all the time anyway but sometimes you probably want to talk about something else and I think if you always were asked about the same thing over and over you probably get like okay you know it's like get a little tired no actually you know I I I don't I don't I don't mind it how about this the same game same game same game interesting game now that now now okay yeah not not not so Luke Cage is the same game okay the same game yeah if they get up the same game yeah because we could talk I mean because there's a games we could talk about but you know how many times we talk about we could talk about the good wife game we can talk about that that's true there's so many you've got a lot of game oh yeah I love talking about acting and the career and all sort of that but yeah we talk about the same game I'm like okay though okay yeah so there's no Luke Cage possibility of rebooting going back doing that again or is I guess I just don't know how likely it is um and I don't know have anything tangible to offer people always ask me is it possible I'm saying anything's possible um and they live on rumors and I go I mean you know as much as I know people read the read those articles yeah that's the exact same amount of information that I have but you'd be open to the concept sure sure I'd be open to it yeah yeah I mean I had a great time and I've had a nice break from that much action in terms of like physical action in terms of um filming a superhero show so I'd be up for it again when I left I was pretty tired and physically like you know it's like you play a sport you like need a little off season sure so it was fun to take a break you know yeah now you're just doing supernatural supernatural now you're playing a priest so you got that working for you congratulations again on evil uh paramount plus is evil once again you can catch season three premiering this very Sunday and then every other Sunday on paramount plus new episodes will drop great to see you sir anytime anytime please mike coulter right here at real mike coulter on twitter same on instagram right here on the rich isin show eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the program um fun show guys fun show I can't wait for susie to co-host again so we can get to the bottom of how exactly long did you wait whoa before she hit you with the highs after she hit you with the osmond I think this is just people want to know this you know what let's just talk about the end result we celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary yesterday congratulations man it's all that matters okay we're going on our 20 this is year 20 yeah we're in year 20 right now and like biggie said you laid your game down quite flat and it worked oh is that what he doesn't know what that means well it just basically meant whatever you did 20 years later you did right okay I'd like to thank sam as well and I'm sure biggie would agree he would baby baby baby baby so um our friend let's check in I think we should do this every other day or every two three days um our friends taylor de lon and will compton on uh they have their podcast busting with the boys um they're they're tweeting out photographs of me um every single day until I go on their podcast um which as you know very popular done out of a bus with no motor anything it's something that you know I have standards um I don't have a problem with their podcast I mean I've said that bus needs to have a motor I said that literally day one with uh with taylor when he told us about his podcast um so let's take a look at the photographs that have been tweeted uh this was this very monday um that's the screenshot of lee uh from the old sports center commercial I sent down to the minors there I am with a young lady who who probably has like three kids of her own right now uh that's how long this lesson 20 years 20 plus years ago more than that uh when I was standing in sitting in front of the james k poke high school banner having been demoted to that sportscast and a young lady looks at me and says do you even go to the school so that was uh monday let's see tuesday getting very personal this is a photograph I believe uh from could be is this on susie's instagram or my instagram that's me as mr incredible driving the kids to trick-or-treating and I drove uh behind the wheel of a car as mr incredible good outfit didn't you meet clayton kershaw trick-or-treating as that character yes we were driving to his neighborhood and we went strolling up and there's chris kershaw it's like as we're strolling up our friends are like you know that's clayton kershaw's house i'm like really okay i'll just go in there and there he was with his wife handing out the candy to the kids in town like it and it's pretty cool like the old brooklyn days of the dodgers you went trick-or-treating oh that's duke snyder's house you know now this one is actually clayton kershaw's and yes i was mr incredible that's how i looked when i met clayton kershaw and then today today they're they're now just ripping straight off from getty's images they'd say yeah this is like a this is a paparazzi this is just a picture of rich that's a long time ago stepping out of a car that's susie that's susie sitting shotgun there on the way to craig situation i don't know this is i mean that is a genuine paparazzi oh that is great that is being snapped coming out of the car yeah i mean well done i don't even have those shoes anymore thank god why those are very comfortable shoes they're italian brock man you're fine italian shoes there's a prada shoes just by the way before you like not everything needs to be bid on some sort of website that that's been made by a basketball player or in the name of a basketball player to be fashionable to be put on your feet you should be you grow up wait you said those were products yes do you know that there's an actual mrs prada i i believe it i met her i've been on a boat with her before ashton's boat well it wasn't ashton's boat but he was there yeah this was in spain and we hung out with mrs prada once this guy i came home with like 10 pair of prada sunglasses i'm telling you remember the other day we were wondering is it will posting it is it taylor posting like who's doing the posting well we found out how the sausage gets made a man who pulled back the curtain was taylor the one who put this on his twitter account a video in my and our direction he tweeted at us and me and uh some fellow who works for them this is a video going out to rich isaam busting with the boys fans and uh jim and with the boys fans and uh jack mcfearson today on the podcast with me and will there was a lot of discussion on when rich will come on the pod he has agreed to finally come on the pod however it might not be my dog was literally just throwing up we're going to move on adversity rich has said he will come on the podcast but he doesn't know when guy's got two kids he's a family man he's got two tv shows it's a lot he's got a lot going on jack has committed to putting on a picture every single day of rich eisen on the bus with the boys account until he comes on if he does we will buy him a chevy silvarado that is a promise that is a claim but i need all tier ones twos and threes to keep him accountable jack balls in your court rich take your time buddy we'll need it okay so there's some runway before i dare to get on a runway to go east i have no idea when my next trip to nashville is going to be so um a couple things couple things couple things first of all yep three kids taylor three yeah it's like you don't short don't short me a child three kids two jobs two two shows that's true this one and two tv shows yeah nfl network whatever i do for them so it's technically oh but we're nitpicking plus he got thrown off by his dog vomiting in the middle of his soliloquy adversity literally stopped him he was just like a sneeze and he said adversity adversity and by the way like the first time i watched it i thought he was going to buy rich's silver rider for coming on so i had to like re-watch it go oh he made a dude dude running the other guy so wait i thought he's buying you a silver it sounds like but i'm pretty sure he's talking about the dude who's doing jack mcpherson is the one who gets the silver i don't need a silver on him i'll just i'll take him off the hook if that's actually what i didn't take it to me i take it i took it to i i took him to mean that he he's talking about this fellow who's posting yeah oh i thought so yeah it took me a while i thought it was you rich if you typed in a google image of me a search oh here we go what's the number that comes up of photographs hang on because again you could see screen grabs from again when he shows a screen grab from a sports center commercial from like the early on that's rich what is it it's limitless i'm looking right now all right so it shouldn't be too tough well just and all produces eight million oh it's nuts i'm on duck duck goose and it doesn't have it listen he should be doing this he should be doing getting this chevy silverado standing on his head i should send him that he could go i was just sorry rich i'm gonna i don't i don't think jack needs your help i mean i got one that they could use it's actually great that's true we probably have pictures you can't actually we've helped produce this segment have we not because you even mentioned a few on the air and they magically appeared so which one is it we'll see if they're paying attention i i have which one do you got it's one with you it looks like a book signing with you and susie okay well it's my probably my it suits you wearing this incredibly ravishing red dress yes okay that was the book party yes here in los angeles california that's it that's it book party yes it was the the nfl total access book party um debut oh you're it's limitless i mean look i mean just go with the one of you and the cast of curb from like 2012 do that one as well i mean there's many different and the late bob onstein's in the photo i've been in the public i've been in the public eye for some time gents congratulations oh oh there's another great one there's you and steven a okay there's many different ways so so look i don't know how tough this thing is gonna be for jack if we were doing this but i maybe i should hold out a long time just to see how how long jack can keep on coming up with new ones he's gonna slip up he he needs to archive some of this stuff that's a rough two shot of you and henry cavill not gonna lie every two shot with henry is tough even tom cruise had a tough two shots there's you in ball caps with john elway oh where the hell is that i have no idea rich there's another good one of you on the uh i don't even know where that would be what of the video with uh katy perry okay i got some good ones if i were doing this i already have like you're looking at the same google search that i know i know but i'm saying we got good ones mike's got an exclusive google search i got good ones you don't know if i put in okay well i'm digging just the point is um that um okay uh it looks like i'm taking my time which is good because i've got three kids and two two jobs at the moment and um and then the nfl season's coming around um so there's that anything else going on outside of our world outside of this studio you know just dust ups here and there rich just there's a dust up here and there not a huge deal a dust up just a couple of dust ups they happen to be it happened to be um standing in the way of democracy taking place get through them i'm trying to look for you in the bomber jacket from uh oh god anything from the greatest game that's what i'm trying to look for i mean i was in a missile silo i was at the boneyard the boneyard is an incredible place um uh alcatraz there's you trying to put on a ohio state jersey that's not that would be an affront oh i got okay i have no problem with mr incredible just like me in my spare time on a halloween yeah dressing up with the kids doing it did it for the kids yeah like taro said on uh coming to america you know me anything for the kids kissing the lombardi that's a good one i think that's worth it oh there's you there's a good kissing lombardi was this this is you mike me with this one me and the one i'm sure tony gonzales and erin andrews i don't know what that's from go like erin that that reeks of a wheels up affair oh you know what i think you're right the alcatraz one's perfect thank you well because i'm being particularly mysterious that was great as the host of the great escape i was mysterious like you holding money if there's one word i admittedly admit i admit this completely okay that should never be associated with me is mysterious tough to pull that one off for me bomber jacket doesn't matter if you're in an iconic place like uh like alcatraz the rock it's just tough for me to pull off mystery always has been always has been you always know where you always know where i'm coming from i always walk through the front door on you you know there's so many photos i'm still i mean he's got a lot rich tomorrow's program uh who's on tomorrow's oh erin jones is on tomorrow's program we'll ask him about his quarterback being completely under pressure i mean i'm sure rogers can't even focus based on how much pressure he's feeling well we've determined so that'll be great oh you know he's going to talk about game three first up rex chapman hey rex rex chapman hey rex had a terrific tweet about how what clay thompson's pulling off just even being out there and looking the way that he does is remarkable so game three tonight we will discuss it at length with you and rex chapman tomorrow and be there on thursday that's wraps it up for this wednesday edition of the rich eisen show for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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