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REShow: Isiah Thomas - Hour 1

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June 13, 2022 3:29 pm

REShow: Isiah Thomas - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 13, 2022 3:29 pm

Guest host John Salley tells Boston fan Chris Brockman why he thinks the Celtics bounce back in Game 5 of the NBA Finals against the Warriors with a double-digit win.

Basketball Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas tells Salley why he’s sticking with his prediction of the Celtics beating the Warriors in 6 games and says if his Bad Boy Pistons of the late 80’s-early 90’s could easily handle this year’s Boston and Golden State squads.

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He is so good and he he's so powerful to be around. With guest host John Spider Sally. They came up with the phrase jump the shark because of that episode. Every time they mentioned it we were number one for five years after that.

What did I care? That there was a phrase. That's true.

That's true. Today's guests Basketball Hall of Famer Isaiah Thomas, 12-year NBA veteran Frank Bricowski, plus your phone calls, latest news and more. And now sitting in for Rich it's John Spider Sally. Wow this is big. Thank you very very much.

Thank you. Welcome to the Rich Eisen Show but I am sitting in because he's in DC. I'm joking he's not in DC. He had to go to court talk about what he was doing on January 6th. Right now he's going he can't host again. He can't host again. He can't go on.

Anyway thank you. I'm John Sally and thank you for being here. I am filling in for the day my friend decided to take a long weekend and people can do that. Okay we can and I'm sitting here we got Brock. Hey Chris this is the deal since you and I are the real Celtic fans.

Now you're talking. And yes ladies and gentlemen even though I played for those other teams I grew up a Celtic fan so I think it's an important thing that you know that and that I think they're going to win in seven games. I just thought I said six earlier but seven because the NBA more drama. We need drama. We need drama. We gotta extend this season but you're gonna have to talk me off a ledge because I feel if we want to get right into it I feel like we lost the series on Friday. See that's what I don't like about fans because you guys start thinking.

Well we're too emotional. Well yeah this is the deal. The reason you didn't lose or you don't think about that is maybe it's just it's just a ploy right. It's just how you play the game. You wear them down. You wear them down.

They intentionally stunk the last five minutes on Friday just to make it more dramatic. I feel that NBA when I was playing I realized that most guys can only play 36 minutes. They can only play. It takes an unbelievable amount of I guess focus. It's like playing golf to focus for 18 holes is very difficult. Yeah and to focus for 48 minutes in the NBA is very difficult. Except in the finals. In the finals the top two teams you're supposed to be able to focus.

You gotta focus for eight just 12 more minutes but I would see it too. I'd see guys zone out especially the other day I see them zone out with with not thinking or they think he's gonna get it and then I'm gonna get on his flow and his flow and his flow. It was a trip when I when I heard Draymond talking about he was out of flow. I never understood that like not in the finals and these bringing your kids and your wife and your all that to the game. I think I did when I was a bull.

I think my wife came to Seattle but that was it. You go into work put on your hat and you go to work and you watch enough film and it's basketball. It's not like it's a new job. It's what you've been doing since you were six. It's basketball.

It's the easiest thing in the world. Anyway TJ over there wearing a Clippers t-shirt. Representing the 92 LA Clippers right here.

That's nice. Must be laundry day. The Clippers don't even wear a Clippers shirt. How dare you sir? How dare you? Come on. Put some respect on Charles Smith's name and Ron Harper. Charles Smith is on that?

Yeah. Charles Smith. Who is on that shirt? I believe Danny Manning is on this shirt and Ron Harper.

I said that. Gary Grant. No Gary Grant's on it.

It's upside down. I can't remember man. That is I've never seen that shirt. I didn't even know they made shirts for that team. What did that team win?

That was the first time the team went to the playoffs too probably. 92 man. I don't know. I have to look that one up. 92.

Caught me flat-footed. I do everything in LA according to the riots. What riot was that in between? Well that was still between Rodney King and uh. Now was that 91 92 or 92 93? This is I believe this is 92 93. All right.

Wow. 92 93. They were 41 and 41.

41 and 41. Yeah you guys. Larry Brown. Larry Brown was the coach. I know.

He was mad at being here. I love Larry Brown. One of my favorite coaches.

Never put coach. Anyway today we got we got we're gonna have a great show man. I got I called Isaiah Thomas. He said yes. Well I didn't call him. I text him. No I called him and one he didn't pick up and then uh one of my one of my oldest friends and great guy uh Frank Burkowski we're gonna talk we talked about doing our own show at one time uh sometime I think last week two weeks ago so when they asked I was like oh this is gonna be great because the conversations he and I have are unbelievable. We're from two different worlds.

He lives in Montana on a lake and um I like uh traffic in Los Angeles so it's a it's a different feel. I can't wait to get brick on. We're gonna talk about old new all kind of things. It's gonna be great and um I was thinking because I do that a lot um I was thinking I'm down the street from the Lakers practice facility and I haven't been back there 22 years. Wow.

Yeah and I love Jeannie and I love that but I haven't been down to that facility. I gotta go check that out so when I'm leaving here because I just saw a little clip where they show AD. AD said he hadn't touched the basketball since April or May.

April 5th. Okay that's unacceptable. Okay great because I wanted to get into this with you because I want to know if this is a big deal or no deal.

It's unacceptable. I didn't think it was a big deal but yeah I know what he means. I hope he means he hasn't like gotten into his workout and stuff but I I have a basketball in the car right now.

Every time I used to ride in the HOV lane and the cops would stop me. He'd two people in. I go this is a very important person. I would have that I would have my basketball. I would have it whether you're just shooting it while watching television playing with it. You you it's it's your real girlfriend and it's the only one that even though it can deflate on you it's the one you should have. All right so look at that. That is nice.

There's going to be some wonderful pieces. So what's the clip we have? Oh we have the clip of him where he uh where he says this.

He admits this. So it looks like he's at a friend's house backyard. I don't know if they're playing ear pong or something. I'm not sure. I don't know if it's a friend.

All right take a look at this. We haven't told they're supposed to be someone living there. We haven't told them like who's going to be the actual guest yet.

So we have someone who's going to live up there. Okay I haven't shot a basketball since April like maybe like April 5th. Like where you actually shot a basketball. Yeah that's not a friend. Yeah that camera that camera was walking around.

But I get what he means and I'll tell you this. I was blessed enough to had um fake retired and got on television on NBC and watched and so I got to watch and report and see from a different point of view and a lot of guys don't get to have a different point of view. Michael Jordan got to see it from a different point of view and when you step away from the game while you can still play it and you see where you fit in and what was missing um you you you become better.

I think so. I think Klay Thompson is better. I think he's better from being away for two years. I know his leg may not be better but for him for his psyche and for his overall game it's better he had two years off.

I wish it hadn't been with injury that but it proves he's resilient good guy hope he doesn't play well tonight but besides that I love you Klay. I just don't want you to play well or not. I don't really want to take a side either.

It's too late you've already dug in. I did and I wanted to be a Golden State Warrior as much as I wanted to be a Celtic. When I played when I used to talk to Saint John I said hey you got to get me on that team.

I love I love Northern California uh not as much as Southern California but Northern California I just had a thing I was going to be on in New York on the west. Didn't work out so I'm not a fan anymore. So why should I not be concerned like what did you see Friday that kind of gives you hope that Boston's still going to win this? Well first thing it's a I've been in this position and I was in this position in 1988 championship come help me out yep 1988 championship because we won game one as a piston and Bill Embier says you know let's walk off court like we're supposed to win we're in the locker room screaming like this uh that we won they beat us in game two but they hadn't beat us at the silver dome so we go back and they beat us in game three and it was probably the hardest game one of the hardest games I remember playing um they beat us in game three but we beat the wheels off them in game four and game five the Lakers yeah and then they cheated us in game six or seven but besides the point and um the referee that called the phantom foul you know lives here on Ladera Heights the black Beverly Hills I heard right right over there uh I heard it was black Beverly Hills I'm not saying that I'm just saying Anthony Anderson on black is shout out to Frank Ocean he said that actually he sure did. So I remember I remember when you lose one at home you know you tend to focus and get it better and I don't think the Celtics are doing a good job of doing a good job of focusing that's another thing that I'm noticing uh they focus every other time you can't do that you can't look to the next guy and hope you're going to catch their waves just not a good thing to do. And is that because we heard so much about the discrepancy and in finals experience coming into this the Warriors had 123 games of NBA Finals experience and this Celtics team had zero. Right but it's a round thing that has nine pounds of air in it that goes into an 18 inch round thing that you've been doing so it you get to look at the crowd got it you get to hear all the yelling and forth got it that that's we get that but it's still a basketball game and you still have been doing it your whole life there should be no excuses and then oh it's another thing I was watching when they were talking about potty mouths in the audience yelling at you well because Boston fans you know have a certain yeah a certain way their jib I wish I wish uh Bill Russell could tell you some of the things that was yelled at him from the Celtic fans in the 50s while he was winning for him plus I don't really you can't hear.

Really? You shouldn't right boos and cheers sound the same to me they come from the same dull noise when you're on the court like that or you can hear it but if you're paying attention to it if you if you're zoned in I love Kevin Koshland when he said mechanism on and all of a sudden it's and everything gets quiet you just have to be able to realize those people that cheer are the same people that boo and they come out of the same mouth and so what that they paid to be able to do that just dunk on people it'd make things 10 times better hey I bought my own glasses and I saw Rich had his here and I was thinking if you wore his if I wore his would it would it would I look oh my god oh my god you ever see you ever see guys that do this yeah okay we're on radio so no one can see um how blind is rich when you looked in those glasses I saw yesterday I saw yesterday I saw yesterday and I'm sure I can see tomorrow um I'm sitting in you know what what I really love is that rich called me yesterday on Sunday I was getting a massage by the pool at the peninsula these are all lies these are all lies it just it just it just sounded great as I was thinking I was like immediately jealous yeah I was up in Santa Barbara at Bacar and I was getting a massage no he called and he was so he's so on it making sure that I have a great time and I love you guys anyway so I'm was so cool I said he was texting me five minutes ago yeah how's everything going is it good this graduation's about to start he's got a rush to graduation too I could have been at work he was texting me he was texting me what she's supposed to let people know sally was wasted I'm like we we got it you know we started our first rodeo you know what else so I like um that that's really cool is tj your whole section over there is is is afrocentric on the highest level it is my man dopest it is the dopest section except for cowboys versus everybody every everything in that is cool let me move that the characters everyone can see that yeah oh man I had a friend who works there named Brittany Johnson she's got me some tickets well you know she left here went down the team you know they're never gonna win again but you know she gets to work for her I'm just saying though I mean if maybe if you want to introduce me to miss Brittany and then you know because if you have a friend and I have a friend and they can be friends and we could how about them cowboys I haven't won in 20,000 years I appreciate you saying that about my setup over here yeah I love your setup man I love that um I do I know I do I do I'm sitting and I was thinking another thing when we were talking about you said afro cell jerk and I got a bunch of stone cold Steve Austin my redneck stuff over here right next to the big the black panther and biggie you're showing diversity does work I'm a man of the people baby you know I'm gonna poison album over there what else you have yeah got some Dubai air uh Ted Lasso thing oh and of course a bar from cedar rapids Iowa you know we're covering it all over I know Ted Lasso great show yeah great show love it I couldn't even find out because I was gonna say I can I can get on that show can't even find a way to get in that show hit up some Davis you can but there's no room the show is perfect how do they shoehorn you into Ted Lasso you know I'm saying something they could just cut to you in the crowd I guess well he could be in the pub we can write something you can be in the pub you can be in a pub we can write something I can make a mistake and for some reason be in Manchester and then say something like I can get on the show could be running Rebecca's new boyfriends that she's on that dating app wow she's tall so she needs a tall man well opposite the trap true but you can't put like you can't put it with like a five six dude on tv she's like five ten oh tell Tom Cruise that they can put people with whomever they want in that joint uh okay so we have the Celtics what else is important that's happening in the world I mean it was a big golf weekend but you know NFL is kind of slow right now Lamar Jackson is going to show up to mini camp this week which is kind of a big deal because he doesn't have a new contract but this is all NBA you're here four-time NBA champion right you're here we got a finals tonight game game four game five five oh my god game five we should still go we were talking pre-show about how it was a close-out game I was thinking about going and maybe convincing you to maybe fly private up there with us yes we should still go it's still a big game yeah what are you doing for the game tonight what I'm doing well this is the deal um I have this unbelievable Akita named Neo the the vegan dog he's checking out on Instagram he opens up doors opens up doors so this dog literally figured how to open up the front door he he wants out he wants out so I uh once I get him settled I probably hit my boy Dana pump will figure out what or I'll be at a fat stogie cigar bar just sitting around listening to people who don't know anything yell at the screen that's that's my most fun no that that's the most entertaining thing is people who really only heard their father or somebody else or those people who read the paper if they still do that in the morning and then tell me what they read in the morning as if they knew better the cheat sheets and so I watch and I go and I'll say something you know out of the blue like yeah Danny Ainge may play tonight Danny Ainge gets in it's on he goes yeah he can shoot huh yeah he could a thousand years ago yeah so I I like being at those places and hearing people who really think they know the game but that's gotta be super frustrating for some any person who's been there to listen to guys who just have no idea yeah well I realize also a lot of guys don't have ideas that play too I realize they they think of the wrong things to go on or they lose their concentration that they should not be losing in this situation so let me tell you tonight I'm gonna tell you the Celtics are gonna win by 12. I know that's illegal because we don't have a gambling sponsor here but um not legal in California either yeah it's not legal in California even though there's networks that tell you who they think is gonna win before and after the game I'm not mentioning names box um yeah okay anyway hey John Salah here I'm filling in for my friend Rich and uh when you get back we're gonna go to the Zeke that's right the original Isaiah Thomas stay right there on the Rich Eisen show wow welcome back to the Rich Eisen show John Salley sitting in for him I love that whole thing about Shaquille Shaquille's one of my favorite people uh along with everyone else this this guy is amazing his pops literally traumatize him though a lot of trauma Shaq needs some he needs he needs to seriously seriously get some treatment uh everyone does but his father I hear so many stories on how Shaq is even framed to get to this point so I guess his father did it right good guy good guy all right coming up on this show um did we get him on the phone we got him on the phone this is a trip everybody um I want to bring in uh my captain oh captain my friend my brother um and right here joining us on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line is the one and only the hall of famer Isaiah Thomas what's up Zeke I am so happy to be on your show oh tell Rich that let me let me let me let me just let me say thank you for the introduction and then let me let everyone know the pioneer of these shows started with the best damn sport show John Salley brought this format into the realm of sport so thank you to thank you Rich Eisen for letting John you know be back on and let and letting everybody everybody know a piston again pioneered another thank you very much and you know so thank you very much but what happened is you remember how um I know you remember this sports radio used to be so um uh locker room fraternity boy there was such you know there was no fun to it there was nothing at this point it was all hot takes it was wrong right yeah I saw Rome still has a show too I heard still going yeah amazing um why uh anyway Isaiah this is the deal with celtics we're talking celtics we got the celtics versus the um golden state warriors you're in san francisco up to up to watch the game yeah I'm in san francisco uh doing the game tonight nba tv uh celtics uh warriors and you know this is this is turning out to be a great series um you know both teams are playing well we got one offensive juggernaut and then we have a defensive juggernaut in the celtics that's the way you look at it huh so Isaiah because they've been matching you and talking to you about this this kid Steph Curry you remember when they first started talking about it I put a post I put your numbers at five years and his numbers is five years and yours were amazing great great and you know he brings the small man conversation back but can you imagine Isaiah if you were playing and no one was allowed to touch you or no one was allowed to hit you going to the basket how many points you would have and and the lane was wide open and and not only that john yeah y'all wouldn't scream at me if I took you know 25 27 shots and dribbled the ball and and held it for you know 18 seconds yes so this is what he's trying to say ladies and gentlemen the nba you know they had spread the game out so the game is spread out and they believe with analytics that the more shots you take the better chances you have and win it I think it's proven true in a lot of spaces but the celtics are coming up playing old basketball by being great on defense and shutting down some of those shots yeah and what the what the celtics have done and and not let me let me move this uh conversation just to decide a little bit um when I look at Steph Curry now I see him more Allen Iverson than Isaiah Thomas conversation because Iverson came to the game with one thought in mind and that was to score the basketball Curry comes to the game with one thought in mind and that's to score the basketball and they are you know great scores at that position magic and I we had to come to the game and and try to achieve perfect balance where we had to score in the fifth so we we we had to have a different mindset other than just being scores so I look at Curly and Iverson basically in the same the same way now to get back to the the other side of the ball a question celtics old-fashioned defensive teams they really do have a traditional team when you look at them they have point guards small forwards shooting guards you know when you look at Brown and Tatum they could be your two and your three you got Horford you got Williams as your four and five and then we got smart as your one they're a big team they they play physical they rebound the basketball and they come to the game with the thought of stopping you first scoring second golden state comes to the game with the thought of scoring first and stopping you second okay so everybody Isaiah Thomas my captain greatest guy in the world you know I said something one time and on television and then I got a text I said I've been with a lot of great basketball players playing with some great basketball players but Isaiah being six foot tall okay six one Isaiah six one and doing it better than most people so I always you know thank you at first I didn't thank him because he was hard on me as a as a rookie you know I asked him where you buy the Rolls Royces and for some reason he took offense to that you didn't ask me where do I buy it you said take me yes to get me one and I was just joking I was I was your chauffeur yeah he he was like yeah you know and I just thought I was being funny I learned be funny differently um Isaiah so tonight I'm not I don't want to put you on the spot because you have to do the game so how much are the celtics gonna win by tonight I don't know if they'll win by a lot I think it'd be a close game but I but I picked the celtics in this series to win in six why that because I you know there's a saying that great offense beats great defense I've never believed in that saying I don't think it's factual uh great defense from my experiences has always be great offense and I think we're watching the celtics developing into a great defensive team uh they they defend unball well they rebound they're long they they got shot blockers at the rim uh they have tenacity they have intensity they have grit they have a little dirt about them uh I I just I just like their toughness that they bring to the game and in their defense travels they've gone through Giannis they've gone through Durant they've had the experience of losing to Lebron a couple of years I mean we we look at this celtics team coming into the finals and they they remind me a lot of our journey because uh because most people don't realize you talk about you know Tatum and Brown but they've been in the eastern conference finals for three years and lost wow you know and and now now they're here on the final stage and they got a chance to win and that that you know they're young but this is an experienced group that's coming to the table and anytime you you go through Giannis, Durant, and have lost to Lebron you know the the three best players in the east you know you you come into the you're not you're not rattled you're not shipped by you know a game five in Golden State that you have to win so I expect them to play well tonight and it wouldn't surprise me if they won the basketball game. Okay pressure right now Isaiah our team 1990 Pistons who would we have a tougher time against would it have been the Golden State Warriors or the Boston Celtics? Crickets.

Crickets. No I'm thinking that we we would we would beat both of them pretty good. Yeah yeah I still love that we're going to say that no matter what. Jalen Rose once said something uh he said Stephen A Smith that I have in my brain I am I am I'm bruised I I am pissed in through and through so I can never go against us no matter what but you're right uh but Draymond would have been fun to you know have against play against. Dennis going head to head oh my god.

Yeah he wouldn't have done well. I love Draymond but John you seven feet tall he's 6'6. Yeah he's been too little.

Yeah too little. He's been too little I mean I love him you know but but I you know I I look at I look at these teams and I say if hey if we if we won in the 80s and the teams that we beat in the 80s the Lakers Celtics you know arguably you know they say those are the you know two of the top four teams to ever play the game of basketball and by the way we beat both of them so if we can be two of the top you know four teams that have ever played I'm pretty confident that you know we would do all right in this era and win championship. I do too Isaiah I appreciate you getting up I know usually they don't wake you up to give you a bath until like 12 noon. I appreciate the coming to America situation situation brother thank you for being on and I love you tell everybody at the house I said hello. I love you too and proud of you John for everything that you've done off the court the way you carry yourself you know just as a man and everything that you've done and again you know the the work that you do in the movies and again give him give him credit for you know pioneering this business in terms of the best damn sports show because he was one of the pioneers so thank you John I love you brother and can't wait to see you and give you a big hug. There we go man all right everybody Isaiah Thomas Zeke Hall of Famer that's that's big. See DJ you got to be able to call on your big timers when you need them to come on the show. That's what's up. You know what I'm saying? KG didn't pick up the call but Isaiah picked up the call Isaiah picked up the call I was going to call the truth you know lived in the neighborhood but we'll see.

Well it's harder to go higher up the flow chart than Zeke though you know that's you always you stop the food chain right there start with the best and he's right ladies and gentlemen you can always go to Disney Plus and watch Nicorella with yours truly John Salley. I didn't mean to you know drop that in there. Hey John pretty interesting too yesterday the 12th was the 33rd anniversary of you guys completing the sweep over the Lakers in the 89 NBA final. 33 years ago man you know it's a trip I moved into this new house and uh all my stuff is in the garage and I realized that I have been um I'm not gonna say hoarding hoarding and I found a box from 1992 I found the box that said 1992 on it and I was afraid to open and I opened it and it was it was just old papers for some reason that survived and got here always 1992. I found a pair of sneakers from 1989 and I the date is on it so the guy said hey this is worth something no it's not it's my stuff it's not worth anything it's not like I got Isaiah's stuff I found my Michael Jordan shoes I got those from 1996. What size are they? Uh his I took him he took him off his foot and he was about to hand them to a ball boy in one city the kid probably hates me and he's probably district attorney now or something waiting for me to get a traffic violation and I took him and the kid looked at me like it was crazy Mike said oh no I wear a pair per game and then I give him to the kid I go he got to get them next year I was dead serious I was like sorry kid but you still have those I still have those shoes and I found them um yeah I found tons and tons and tons because I'm looking around this unbelievable um what a storage unit you guys have here and you have great things on the wall so I was like maybe I'll donate some of that over here I mean we'll take my I'll take the shoes because I know I know Mike wears a 13 and I wear a third no you would not you're not wearing your foot in a pair of shoes that Michael Jordan because what if it like Mike's situation happens what if I put them on and all of a sudden the power gets transferred to me and I could go to the rec league and drop third then what you're old you can't even I know that's why I said directly like let me go to a 40 and over and let me get one last shine one last run now put them on the wall so in Black Panther Wakanda is not real it's not gonna happen I know you got the Black Panther magazine but it's not gonna happen you don't know that I literally had Dr. J's shoes and it said Dr. J he gave them to me when I played for when I was in college that's he literally gave me the shoe and I bought him home I know man I love Julius and I bring him home and I show my mom and I put him up on it you know on the top of the uh piano where all the trophies were and one time I come back and they're not up there and I wear the shoes and my little cousins were playing in them oh yeah so oh that hurts you had to I just I just punched them out of the shoe I remember him flying out of the shoe yeah that's a crazy situation to go into and let me think about Isaiah Isaiah is such let me just go back to one I thank him so much for letting all you guys know the reason fun is in sports is us but he made a point about Alan Iverson and those ideas come down to score first um I didn't quite think about it that way I didn't think about it that way Nat explains Chris Paul Chris Paul plays basketball the way we used to play basketball he gets everybody else involved and he finds his open spot and he gets ridiculed for that so I guess in order to play well or do well in this new NBA you got to become a scorer that's why Bill Lambert and um who was it Sam Perkins were the only two guys shooting threes that were over 610 now if you can't shoot a three you you shouldn't be in the league I guess that's what it is all right well that's great what was your jumper like back in it I had a off I had a bank a bank shot I'm fundamental okay so uh but straight onto the basket and it was so far in between um you know I tell you this I told the story of Joe Dumas just to constantly say you got to go get yours off the rim I I can't pass you the ball I got to give the ball to Isaiah Hill and myself and Vinnie and James so you gotta go get it yourself um but my jump shot I I loved uh Duncan's game I say that to Chris all the time John like for me I look at a guy if you're six nine and above yeah that square is there for a reason man use the square is your friend yes I can't understand I don't know there's like a lack of cool points that people think they get but Tim you're right just watch Tim Duncan best power forward of all time use the square yeah use the square you know another thing I've been realizing uh because we just I just went back and it was a good question to ask Isaiah um to revert back to the bad boys since you know and we're always no matter what that answer is going to be no one's ever going to say this team is better so I already knew what the answer was but it's a it's a it's a crazy thought if all things all things equal this this league now would have such a problem playing in the past it all things equal meaning hand check uh referees you know that from the old school that expected like the idea was if you came in the lane you were going to be on your back like that's what men were you're going to get beat up they're going to bounce you you know used to be able to hit a guy with a forearm or a hip you used to be able to do that now you can't move you got to stay still they got cameras everywhere you know it's like all the cameras everywhere and the replays and the replays and the replays dangerous I just don't find it to be as fun you know I liked it when the refs had some money on the game there's no flow to the game because the last five minutes take 45 minutes because they're reviewing this they're reviewing that slow down here slow down there was that a technical is that a flagrant yeah there's a lot of money there's a lot of money on the game Vegas is making sure they get it right all right we're going to take a break right here everyone come back john sally sitting in for my man rich eisen welcome back john sally sitting in for my friend rich eisen um right here on the show that the the piece that you just heard with meta world peace formerly known as ron autess um he is one of the most amazing humans i've ever seen like if if they would have pulled this picture back up and you would have put a picture of a native um first nation native american native american i said this a long time ago ron tes i bet you if somebody right now goes and pulls up as many pictures as black natives out of oklahoma you'll see about 10 ron autess like he every when i first saw him one i've never seen hands that big on a guy that height they come all the ways to his knee he is unbelievably body is unbelievable and um he has voices he has different voices and i love that he was the first to admit it i'm not going to say the team i was on but sometimes we would have to wait to see how guys were going to be that day which person was going to show up it was and and it's it's the thing that's mental health i told chuck daley used to compliment me you have the best mental health of every athlete i've ever i didn't know what mental health what he meant by that i just thought he meant i can yell at you and it doesn't bother you because that's what coaches do but it's so much that goes into it and for ron autess one i think he's an amazing he was amazing player but he was so big and strong man unbelievable guy great storyteller anyway he could have won mvp the before before the malice yeah and there was no stopping the malice you know what i'm saying he was he was he was no stopping that situation there was no the fact that he went up there and he laid down on the scores table to try to calm down is when i knew oh man you and the d you can't just be laying around where were you for that do you remember because that was oh four yeah i was what i was at the best day of a sports show period and when it when it happened excuse me everybody comes and says something wants to get around i thought ben wallace was also an alien i just think the nba was taken over by a lot of extraterrestrials just being honest started with dennis rodman and and it kept moving in i saw all of them in men in black um i did i seen all of them hey everybody if you want to uh if you're listening you want to give me a call talk about whatever you want to talk about you can give us a call at eight four four two zero four rich and um let's see what it is we got some people on the phone but we're going to see who we got yeah let's go let's go to our buddy jeff in detroit line one jeff what's up what up those fellas listen man this is a dream come true on the 33rd anniversary i was there john i was there when you turned from a new yorker to a detroit when you got the crib scallagers mansion over there throwing parties baby you was a part of detroit and i cannot tell you how much we appreciated oh you were the man and we appreciate you so much dude here in the deep man you you know what it's funny that that you'll go by there and they still call it sally's place it's still referred to in the hood oh that's sally's house right there most definitely and you had zkom my day is done i'm good but i have a question for you we've been having discussions in the barber shop and you know i don't want to throw no shade on nobody anything but which one in your opinion is more of a head scratcher the fact that anthony davis made the 75th all nba team or that tracy mcgrady didn't make the 75th all nba team i'm gonna say this that whole 75 picking thing was whack it was a total i did i just said it it was is dominique wilkins not on it no well come on come on like i i understand marketing i do i understand marketing um my dentist is happy right now that i'm smiling now i understand marketing right but but just to pick names that you know that you've only heard the last six or seven years and to literally compare them with some of the things people have done it alice english is not on the team that's that's that's against that should be against the law it should be against the law that alex english is not on this on this squad so i don't really i'm sorry huh dominique was on this top so he was on top 75 but alex is wasn't this was not right all star led the leading scorer or something like that at one time you got put in the was he on the top 50 though i asked that too but there was a thing there was a thing where he was upset that they wasn't they wasn't even mentioned i don't know i thought i thought the same i think the whole adding 25 was whack and i and i think they got it wrong at least 12 of the 25 oh what 12 i don't get paid enough on this show i told rich i wasn't gonna burn it down and cause no problems all right what about like two just say two of them because i mean other than 75 75 i think we have to admit that they i won't say it was a whack list i feel like they did a fairly good job of nailing the majority of this they only mentioned people that you've heard of in the last 10 years well i mean yes and you haven't you can't and there's dave the bushes on the team he's not someone who's like and i understand where dave the book because no history i understand how great dave the butcher was but he's not someone who like a newer fan would know so here's a guy who you know well he was in the top 50 yeah i believe he was right so when we went to cleveland and they had the 50 there my guy jeff uh hamilton made all the jackets it was cool to have the jackets did you find any of those in storage yeah i did but my mind said hoop sound studio i had to make a different one um i tell you i did i do have my bad boys piston one though oh yeah it's an 80 on 89 90 joint um the one thing that i realized is when they did the top 50 there was no argument everyone believed that these were the top 50 players maybe if they would have done another 50 i know it was 75 and they had the match at 25 i think that's where the problem came in i think the problem came in um one i i said this before a kid who was 16 years old when 2006 he said the greatest player i've ever seen in my life is kobe brian and he was telling the truth right because he was only 16 years old and and at that time kobe was getting there but not total not totally the greatest of all time but it's it's a thing that keeps these radio shows and the sports shows going well speaking of that don't you think the the boom of social media the boom of all these sports shows i mean if all this existed back in when 97 when that came out there probably would have been arguments just people the mouth breathers didn't have access to argue yeah i'm just gonna say that i'm gonna say this was a crazy situation when we get to anyway i gotta say bye to everybody on the radio right we're saying what's called yeah radio out thank you tv still here tv still here radio out don't crash park go inside they don't even have water coolers anymore um yeah but the uh the advent of like social and stuff has really changed all this a little bit right let me tell you about social let me tell you what i think about it i think um one i think what draymond does is great on his show but as i learned if you play well you can do anything you want when you have bad games you can't do anything you just can't but another thing is people don't realize and i said this a thousand times when we get to this point in your life in your career people don't remember that you're human so you're not we don't care if you're human we don't care if your wife just crashed the car before leaving uh we don't care that your kid has chicken pox we don't care that you got to spend it for the third time you still have to come here and perform at the highest level and a lot of people forget that life happened and just as long as it doesn't happen during game time i remember uh one play was doing something the first thing everybody asked is is he going to be able to play yep right when isaiah when isaiah thomas would play for boss and when his sister died they everyone felt so bad for him is he gonna play that's that's really all they want to hear so he balled out that night he did yeah he he and he for good reason for good reason because this is the place i i loved that about playing the sport too it was the place to get anything that you had going on that was bothering you you can take it out on i watched kendrick perkins was playing when i was playing like i would have elbowed kendrick every because he wouldn't hit you back he just would have looked at you and said something with a country accent uh you hit him and you said he's not gonna hit you back uh but but they have to remember that they're human i just tell people all the time and the reason i say this about social media is social media is make sure you don't think that way when they used to write it in the paper this happens this happened and you had minimum guys but social media you got the audience literally um in charge of the discord it is all right we're going to be right back with more of the rich eisner show with your man john sally peace for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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