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REShow: Warren Sapp - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 16, 2022 3:19 pm

REShow: Warren Sapp - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 16, 2022 3:19 pm

Rich previews Game 6 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics and says what another title would mean for Steph Curry’s legacy especially winning a ring without Kevin Durant.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Sapp tells Rich how he wound up coaching up the Washington Commanders’ defensive line during the team’s recent minicamp, how Chase Young looks coming off his season-ending ACL injury, how the recent controversial comments by Washington DC Jack Del Rio could impact the team’s locker room, and gives his takeaways from what he saw at the Buccaneer’s recent minicamp.  

Yankees fan Rich and Red Sox fan Brockman engage in a discussion that begs the question: is a gloating Yankees fan or a bitter Red Sox fan more insufferable?

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Now try it again. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Do you want to be in this marriage or not, Rich?

Absolutely. The Rich Eisen Show. Asked by local reporters about his now deleted tweet about retirement, Robbie Anderson said he was just thinking out loud, but it was nothing too serious. The question, do you want to be a panther? Answer, I'm here, right? Today's guests, Pro Football Hall of Famer, Warren Sapp, Lakers Head Coach, Darvin Ham, plus Bucks Linebacker, Lavonte David. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Oh, yes. What a day here on the Rich Eisen Show. Absolutely so much to talk about here on this program on NBC Sports on Peacock, on NBC Sports Audio Sirius XM85. We say hello to the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio listeners coast to coast, as well as those listening on Odyssey, slash Rich Eisen Show for anything that you may have missed over the next three hours.

Good to see you over there, Chris Brockman. How are you? Hey, Rich. Man, what's good? I got a little blister. I hit the range yesterday, but I'm feeling good. TMI.

TMI. Good to see you. Jay Felley sitting there for Mike Del Tufo. T.J. Jefferson lighting a candle. What's up? You're clicking your lighter.

Yeah, sometimes I try to light it before you get to me so you don't hear that sound. I think you break a fire code every day here on this program. No chance. But happy birthday to Tupac, the late, great Tupac. Okay, very good. Good to see you over there. Three guests today. Three guests today.

Lavonte David of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be last up. First up is Warren Sapp. He was coaching the Washington commanders yesterday, and that earned a phone call from me to him to say what's up with that. Rich, can you repeat what he told you about the knowledge on your test? Well, yes. I asked him what he was doing there, and he said, I can't die with all this knowledge. So, that was his response. That's amazing.

So, Warren Sapp will be joining us on this program. And then words that I never heard growing up in my household, there's ham on the menu. Wow. What? You didn't enjoy swine when I was in household?

Is that what you're saying? Not kosher. No, it was definitely not kosher. You missed out on bacon, my man.

Definitely not kosher. Did you eat ham growing up, too? No. I did.

Of course he did. Oh, yeah, he's not. He's got tattoos. What are you talking about?

What is it? I can't be buried in a Jewish cemetery. You cannot be.

You cannot be. Yeah. He's got ink. He's got ink.

What do you think? You're turning to him, you're Jewish, and you've got ink. You definitely never had bacon, though, right? All right, ham's on the menu. Bacon tastes so good. It is so delicious.

I hear you. I eat it now. Okay, good. Not so much.

You also have a Christmas tree. Let's move on. Darvin Ham's on the program. I opened the door. I understand. You walked in.

You burst straight through. Darvin Ham's on the program. Darvin Ham's on the program. So, lots to talk about with him. Is he walking two blocks down? No, he'll be on the phone, and we'll hit that a little later on the show. And also, I think we will spend some time on his unique qualifications being a head coach in the NBA.

He's taken quite an interesting path to this point in time. And I think there's a triple play at work that we'll kind of lay out there that I don't think any coach has gone through in the NHL, I mean, in the NBA. Speaking of NHL, heck of a start to the Stanley Cup final.

What a game. A group of games that each constitute a final, as the NHL says, Stanley Cup final. Four goals apiece, and we needed extra hockey to figure it out. And the Colorado Avalanche beat, pardon me, four to three. There was four goals combined in the first period of this game. And then three goals apiece, and then we needed extra hockey to wrap things up. Colorado taking a one-game-to-none lead on the two-time defending Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning. Lightning overcame two goal deficits twice.

It was 2-0 and 3-1. And the Lightning coming back from those two goal deficits almost handed the Avalanche their first game-one loss of these Stanley Cup playoffs. It's the Stanley Cup playoffs, but a final. As they say in hockey, let's do that hockey.

Thank you, Chance the Rapper was chiming in. So, and then tonight, tonight, NBA Finals Game 6. Could it be the final game of the finals? Finals. As the Golden State Warriors head to Boston, and they're potty-mouthed fans.

The Golden State Warrior? And they'll be all full of swing oil as they hung out in Brookline all day screaming at the players in the United States Open. Yeah, it's an afternoon Red Sox game, so you could literally go to all three events today in Boston. Wow. And then you're going to go to a Boston Celtics Game 6 versus the Golden State Warriors Celtics in a do-or-die game.

This is it. Two games to go in the season or just one. And if the Golden State Warriors win tonight, that would give them four rings in the Steve Kerr, Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson. Guess you've got to throw Andre Goodall in for some of them.

Four of them. Steph Curry wins tonight. Let's just focus on Steph, shall we? Steph Curry wins tonight.

That would give him as many rings as Jamal Wilkes. No. That's not the name. Although, that would be accurate.

But save no lives. That would come at you. That's not weird. I like your style, Rich.

I like your style. Same number of rings as the guy that apparently Darvin Ham doesn't want to see in his coach's meeting, Kurt Ramis. But there's another Laker of note. Keep going. Who he would tie in all-time rings, and that is LeBron James. I know. And that would open the door to a lot of stupidity in my sports television and conversation business.

But they're here for it. But Steph Curry wins tonight. That would give him four rings. He'd be too shy on Michael Jordan.

Steph Curry tonight. And he would really have to regress from even one of his worst games of his career to not win the most valuable player of this here finals. Yeah, big favorite from MVP. I mean, the NBA writers who adore him, and rightfully so.

I do as well. I think they're just itching for any reason to put that on his resume since Andre Iguodala won the first. Well, they robbed him of one in 2015.

Right. And then Kevin Durant won the next two. And that's the most important thing about this opportunity for the Warriors and Steph Curry and Draymond Green and Klay Thompson and Steve Kerr tonight. That it's like, yes, that first one was before Durant. But I think all of us in the NBA world looking back on it, did they eke that one out? Did they eke out that championship that year? 2015? Well, I mean, just view it in that way that they kind of churned their way into becoming a champion that year.

Six games. I think that's the way it's viewed from here on back, that they kind of really were churning it out, using all of their energy to get through it. And Andre Iguodala was the NBA Finals MVP.

Be that as it may. And the way it was looked at for sure, post LeBron and Kyrie beating them coming back from 3-1, is they needed another piece in order to actually sustain their greatness. And Durant arrived.

That's a hell of a piece. I know that. I know it. Leading to the famous Draymond Green, you created the super team, bro. Line when they won their NBA championship. You started the super team, bro. Man, Del Tufa would have never got that. My mouse was on that. That was weird. You know what?

It was kind of meant to be that you would have had it. But, yeah, you started the super team, bro. And then Durant leaves him, amazingly in a sign and trade that brought DeAngelo Russell to Golden State, who they wound up flipping for Andrew Wiggins, who has provided that fourth wheel, that fourth leg of the championship throne chair in games four and five. And thus them losing Durant and then losing all of their mojo in a dreadful pandemic bubble season that they just didn't even go to the bubble. They're like, we're out. We're done. We don't need to be there. We don't want to be there.

We're just going to take a break. We'll take the first overall pick if the popcorn machine comes out with our lottery ticket. They don't even have James Wiseman this year and they make the NBA finals and they're one game away from winning it. If they win it this time around, this is the one that they could hold up even more proudly than the first one that they won in this stretch. This is the one where nobody thought this could possibly happen. Nobody thought that they could go from last first overall choice to winning it all again, even with the fact that, well, you still had Curry injured and Klay was injured and Draymond Green is still there, you know, put it all together. Nobody still thought that they could win it all.

Well, not nobody. I did. But outside of all that, I was waiting for that, Chris.

I was waiting for that. Outside of all that, tonight could be triumphant for me, but I'm trying to be respectful of the man who actually has an emotional tie to tonight's game and all the Celtics fans out there who have loved watching this team, this team that's come from nowhere, one of the more enjoyable rides that Boston Celtics fans have seen. And I think tonight they show up.

I think they show up. I think they'll have fewer than 18 turnovers, and I think they show up, and I think we're going to get a game seven. I still feel it.

I still feel it. Obviously, I hope you're right. I'm not as confident. But the Warriors are championship quality. The Warriors have champions in Hall of Famers all over the place from their coach to the players on the court, and they're going to be playing with the proverbial house money tonight, and that's what I would be particularly concerned about. They've got the backstop of a home game on Father's Day, not the Celtics. And so that would concern me for Boston. But I think the Celtics will show up tonight and have a good enough game to be able to force a game seven.

That's my two cents on the subject matter. Where are you watching the game? I'm just going to be at home in a dark room.

Okay. Probably. So I'll be at a poker table with my buddies watching the game. Having way much more fun.

And so, well, it depends on if my friends suck out on the river. Is Murph playing tonight? No, Murph might play tonight. What's up, Murph?

I don't know. Murph, if you're playing tonight, call in and curse. Free Murph.

Free Murph. When the Warriors play tonight, though, they know they've got the backstop of Sunday and they have history in the making and also, like I said, a W for the dubs that nobody saw coming and I think is more impressive than winning with Durant or even winning for the first time as this team in Tasting Championship Champagne like they did all those years ago. This is the time when Curry's supposed to be over the hill and Klay's not the same player and Draymond Green and his Magic has, you know, left his game and so on and so forth.

And the Warriors can come back and win with this team. I think this is the one that they can point to that banner and be most proud of. Even more so than the first one? I think so. Yeah. Now that could also be recency bias. For the fact that you picked them? No, I'm actually removing that from the equation.

But I'd love to see who else in the national TV or radio conversation chose the Warriors before the season. Anybody else? I'm sure there'll be a lot of people claiming.

Any other comers at the Crown over here? Let's see if I can find that. No, let's do that. You should do that.

It's another drop here. You should do that. Thank you. You know what the Celtics should do, Chris? You should do that. I would have not turned the ball over tonight.

Well, I would have done everything. By the way, before you finish your comment, that really is the entire ball game. That's what we talked about on their podcast yesterday.

The Rich Eisen Show basketball podcast? I was listening to Stan Van Gundy talk on another program yesterday, and he was kind of saying the same thing. If you look at it, just team straight up, the Celtics are better. It's when they really shoot themselves in the foot, that's the games they've lost. Not just turnovers, Chris, but bad turnovers. Bad turnovers, missed shots.

I mean, it was make miss league, I get it. It just seems like before we talked about all the finals experience, the Warriors had 123 games. That means nothing right now.

And the Celtics had zero. Yeah. I actually think that's been a huge factor. Oh, you do? Yeah. Just a team that has been there before, their core players know what it takes. Understand runs. It's like playing in the NFL playoffs.

If you got Tom Brady against a rookie quarterback, who do you think is going to be more calm in that situation? I guess so. But it's now fight or flight now, man.

And so I think that you could throw that out the window. We're going to need more like a 40 point quintessential. And plus the Celtics have played in game sevens. This group has, but still, it's a little different when the title's on the line.

It's just like when the calls aren't going your way, just suck it up and turn around and walk away. Yeah. Right.

But Gretsch, when you're playing for the David Stern trophy, you got to throw out everything else. Nice. Go for it. Nice. Okay.

Very well done. Do you, Gordon Liddy would say the same thing? Because he tried to break into Larry O'Brien's, okay, let's not go down the Watergate wormhole. Come for sports. Stay for the history. Let's do a full Watergate show. We can. All right. So, oh, by the way, the U.S. Open's going down and I already saw Rory McIlroy slam his sand wedge into a bunker twice out of a fit of peak. Looks like what I would look like. He just birdied six, Rich, so he is tied for the lead.

He's still tied for the lead. And the gorse everywhere. And you just take a look at the rough. It's not rough.

It's not. It's not rough. Whatever is worse than rough. What's worse than rough?

It's like whatever you'd find in a jungle. Really. Yeah. You need a machete.

You could literally be standing right next to your ball and not see it. Correct. That's how thick the rough is. Right. So that's what's going down. I mean, what a day. What a day in Boston, Massachusetts. What a sports day. Great sports day.

The U.S. Open going on right now. And the Celtics tonight, 844-204, Rich, number to dial. We're going to take a break. When we come back, our buddy Warren Sapp's going to join us. Although our time may be limited, I think he's on a plane. But he's kind enough to call in leaving Washington, D.C., where he coached the Washington commander's defense yesterday.

I hope he didn't teach him too much, man. Man, I hope not. And I was wondering, how do you wind up there?

How do you wind up there? So he's coming up next. And we've got some good stuff today, too. D.J. Jefferson has come up with an idea that we're going to name the best players in the history of every single franchise in the National Football League. Just one, though. No Mount Rushmore. We're cutting three quarters of the Mount Rushmore right off. And so you're going to do that for every single division in the NFL over the next eight shows.

That's a lot of legs, man. I mean, we're going to chime in, too. OK, good. I just don't want people to turn their TV up.

We're just going to pop your four names up on the screen and then we'll we'll critique your work. OK. I'm with that.

They're better. I know who the jet is. I assume you do, too. Yeah. Al Toon.

We'll just let the people know before we go. Oh, wow. Raymond McNeil. What?

By the way, he wouldn't be a bad choice. So let's take a break here on the Rich Eisen Show, 844-204-rich-number-dollar, an eye on the U.S. Open leaderboard and our ears open for Warren Sapp's phone call when we come back on this busy Thursday. Does your antiperspirant keep you dry all day? Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel and offers 48 hours sweat and odor protection.

Let me repeat that. Forty eight hours of sweat and odor protection. Use it and don't even think about it. Also, Dove Men Dry Spray contains Dove's unique one quarter moisturizing cream that helps protect your skin.

Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray goes on dry, clean feel all day. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show, we just fixed not only the Celtics turnover problems, but also Chris Brockman's potty training issues with his beautiful, beatific two year old boy, Cage Brockman, who one day will Google his name because my children are doing that right now in school. Google their own name? Oh, yes. Oh. Oh, yeah.

You can Google his name and see the video one day on a YouTube page of us talking about his potty training. It'll be great. That is amazing.

It'll be great. Oh, yeah. Zander has a whole bunch of YouTube videos with his name on it for his appearances on this program.

Yeah. From Turkey Bowling with the late beautiful Bob Saget to him calling up, by the way, wanting to follow up. He has a major issue with our TikTok game, major issue with our TikTok game. He's out for summer. He wants to. Oh, but he's gone. He wants to. No, but he wants to.

He literally wants to take over the TikTok. He can't do it while he's gone. Can't he?

Can't do it while he's gone. And he can't do it in school. Oh.

But kids are doing it in school anyway. That's the problem. Oh. That's the problem.

That's the problem. How'd you do on your humanities test? I didn't do so well. Why?

Because TJ's dropped the TikTok ball. That can't happen. But I got 100,000 views today. Hey.

You know what I mean? That'll get you to Stanford, won't it? It probably would nowadays, man. Actually, you're probably right.

It probably would get you in Stanford, man. What is happening? So yesterday, I think it was right around this time yesterday, I turned to you. I'm like, guess where Warren Sapp is? He's in Washington Commander's mandatory minicamp. I'm like, what's up with that?

What? Coaching. Coach Sapp.

I like it. So I texted him right away. I text Warren Sapp, I'm like, are you in Washington Commander's training camp? And he wrote back, yes, in the building as we speak. And he texted me a photograph of him and Doug Williams. That's awesome. Okay. And then I respond.

I'm like, wow. And then he wrote back, can't die with this knowledge. I love that. Which we could put on a t-shirt. That's a t-shirt, a Rich Eisen Show t-shirt.

Can't die with this knowledge. That's awesome. I think we got to do that. Like I said. All right. Great idea.

Wrong team. Put a pin in that. Let's trademark it and call our clothing folks after this program. Do we have folks for clothing? Yeah, we do.

It's You got mugs, hats, t-shirts, and all that business. I've got ideas. Oh, by the way, we just folded in a promo for our shop right into introducing our friend Warren Sapp. Mitch, you're a professional. Who I believe is flying out of DC as we speak on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line. Our friend Pro Football Hall of Famer, first ballot Pro Football Hall of Famer, Warren Sapp. How you doing, Warren?

Always good to hear from my humble host. What's good, Rich? What happened?

How'd you wind up with the Washington Command? Where did that come from? You know it's a small world. You know it's a small world. I do. You're talking about NFL locker rooms.

You're talking about an even smaller world. So my old DB, Martin Mayhew from my rookie year, is now the general manager of the Washington Commanders. Okay. And that's how you wound up there? He gave me a call and said, Jessica Nene, the old defensive tackle with Marshall, at St. Louis. You remember him? Of course. Yeah, I do.

Yeah. He's the assistant D-line coach with Sam Mills III. Sam Mills III is the head D-line coach there. So Sam Mills going in the hall. I'm in the halls.

Jeff already worked with me before Martin Mayhew made the call. I was on my way to Washington. Oh my gosh. Now you're on your way somewhere else as we hear the, as you hear the beautiful flight attendants give us all the information that we need to move around, do whatever they do. But you know the one thing I do know, Rich, is that nothing gonna stop me and you from handling this thing. Okay, fine. So there you go. Now, honestly, I saw you yesterday coaching the Washington commanders and I saw, I'll be honest, it's jarring to see you in something other than either Buccaneers or even Raiders stuff. Stop, stop.

The knowledge, the knowledge has to flow. If someone calls you and the ex-gook buddy of yours over there, S-man that you used to work with me, say I'm over here at this other spot, you gotta go. You gotta go. You gotta make a appearance. But you maybe not.

Well, I'm on Peacock right now with you right now. So you know, you never know. That's true. I have, that's why I'm here every day.

I have too much in my, in my mind, in my heart, I have too much knowledge. I've got to give it out too. So that's why I'm going to get back on the podcast. I need you on the podcast as soon as I started, I'm starting off with Richard Eisen, which is going to go back all the way to the Stuart Scott days, to the Booyah, baby, where sports was sports, baby. That's sports is sports. Yes, sir. Sports is sports, baby. That's right. Way back in the day when you're, where you're rocking it with the canes and the Jets let you drop, you know, the Jets let you fall in the draft.

No, no, no, no. I did that. I did that.

Don't blame the Jets. I did that. I did that. You did that? What do you mean you did that? Yeah.

What? Oh, I thought the test said yes. I thought the test said yes.

Actually. I thought that's what the test, you know, that, you know, that what we've been running for, for the last two years that you finally call the Adobe, you know, positive like that. Oh my God. So who spent, so did you get a closeup look at chase young? Is that who'd you see?

You know what the young, the young fella is rehabbing and he came up and he was walking around the door. He was doing it. We just have a good time. You know, just, just interact. I was even in the media room.

I got, I got to see him do they, how do you, how do you interact with each other? I was like a fly on the wall, but a really very, very big fly address and they actually let me address them and, you know, share some of this 13 years of knowledge and you know, some of the people I've been around with Simeon and Derek Brooks and John Lynch and the way we saw that defense and the trust and the camaraderie and the accountability that we had between each other. And so I wanted to share with them more than anything because you know, the thing that the last thing that I have of these two defensive titles is them beating each other up on Monday night football. That's right. That's right. I forgot about that.

Cool. So you can't forget about that because that's the first tape they go roll. So I told him, I said, y'all got to put enough tape out to where that's the 30th tape they going to play.

You see what I'm saying? You got to get to a point where you're dominating this thing together as brothers because I know y'all brothers. Because brothers fight. I got three of them and I never won a fight. So trust me, I didn't want to fight, but I had to fight and I was going to lose.

Y'all got a sporting chance against each other. I had totally forgotten about that. I told the kids and Chase is rehabbing and he said the best words I can hear from somebody we haven't, I'm going to make it stronger than what it was. I know he's on the right path. I know he's on the right path. So Warren Sapp here on the Rich Eisen show. So who did you get a close up look at then that you thought, okay, that kid's pretty special. The two tackles, the two tackles, Payne, Jonathan Allen and the Payne kid. Oh my goodness. Okay.

If I, I mean, I love chartered Darby. That's my man. But if Chuck was the size of this Jonathan Allen kid, holy smoke, and he was a two gap guy, rich and now he's getting him on the edge and go action to penetrate, man, it's a whole new world for him.

And when you give a guy that's in his sixth year, a whole new world, oh my goodness. He was talking about his condition and some other stuff like, yeah, you're going to need to go four quarters against somebody that wants to throw the ball 40 times a game. So understand what the task is in each, each one of those throws, you have three seconds or less. So get your mind right. And it's a marathon and you're not getting strong at the end of a marathon. So go home, hydrate, build your body up.

Cause when you come back, it's breakdown time. So Warren, I didn't hear all the way out here in Los Angeles, Warren Sapp fresh off for the Washington commanders practice. Did you, uh, do you chat with the defensive coordinator at any point in time, Jack Del Real?

Yeah. You have to go see the defensive coordinator, but you know, root rich, there's my rule. There's three things you kept out of the locker room and it was two extra ones. It was wise kids and money. Cause I can't spend your money. I can't have your old lady and I definitely don't want your keys, but there are two things that definitely didn't enter my locker room was your politics or your religion.

I don't care how you pray to what God it is. We'll give you a room in the corner for you to do it. But in this, in this locker room, no one of the members of the team. So I didn't get a chance to hear that apology. But for what the guy said, you know, after they came, I said, you know, it's just a locker room.

I said, it was more like a, it lasted off, but it was like, it was a good thing. He did it. You see what I'm saying?

Meaning what? He just wouldn't. No, no, no.

We don't do politics and religion. Glad he did it, but you know, shouldn't have never got to that as I, as I was getting it. So there was, there was no dust up with you and him? No dust up. No dust up. No dust up. Okay.

Just want to make sure, just want to make sure that my dust up is probably like the January 6th. You know me? I put a jersey on. You know me? I'm going to make a scene.

Don't, don't, don't, don't get me riled up. Put a jersey on one of the famous Warren Sapp lines of all time, right here on The Rich Isaac Show. So, you know, I guess, you know, a Buccaneer being there in Washington, it's all good when you're Doug Williams. I saw that, I saw that selfie with you and Doug Williams as well. You know, I'm going to see the quarterback.

You know, I'm going to see the quarterback. And then the quarterback, and we shared January 26th as the date that we got our championship. He got it in 92. I got by the 2002.

How about that? It's a beautiful thing. The whole little circle. I mean, the numbers never lie, Rich, you know, this, we like that. You got to feel it.

You got to feel it. And Doug's just one of those special, special people that been playing this game from the seventies. He led the Bucks to an NFC Championship game. Come on.

That was unheard of. To me, Brookson got to working in that place. So then what are you, I know, I know in the few minutes I have left with Warren Sapp here on the Rich Eisen Show, I know you were also imparting your wisdom at Buccaneers mini camp as well.

So what did you pick up from there? If I had, if I had Logan's Hall hands and feet, I would cut all mine off. This young man here is a long, lean, mobile, agile, hostile, and eager to learn. All of them, pain and Allen, the same thing. I mean, this is a new generation. This is a new generation of defensive tackle that really want to perfect the art and chase the animals.

You know, they call me the Sensei and the OG to feel pretty good, but the coach didn't kind of drive me crazy. All right. She's going to brief her.

I'm not in the extra row. We good. Yeah. Go ahead. Right. I'm just behind it. So no, when you got a young man that adapted long and powerful, you just got to teach them what they possess.

Long levels of strong levels, slow feet and slow hands do not eat. So you know me, I got one way about this riches all the way out a hundred miles an hour, and they were real receptive to it. So I told him I want to come back.

So let me, let me get them in pads, let me get them in pads, let me see them move around. Sue's out and Hakeem Hicks is in, how does that work Warren for, for the defensive line in Tampa? Do you think? I don't know, but I know Ty Bowles is one of those guys who don't mix and match and put the guys where they need to put and, Hey man, do we have enough room on the D line? You put Hakeem Hicks and V to Baker, ain't no room for nobody else. That's eating both A gaps and half both B's.

I mean, that's a lot of space eating in there, ain't it? Did you see TB12? You stopped by and say hi to Tom?

No, no, no, no, no, no. I had to run. I didn't get that. We got, got the rookie. I didn't see, I didn't see Thomas. I didn't see Thomas.

I'm going to get to see Thomas when I go back up there. Are they closing the door on your plane Warren? Is that what's happening? No, he sneezed him behind me. I was going to put my mask on.

I mean, it's a contest of who can get on this and do the worst. There he goes. Warren Sapp, everybody. There you go. You just hung up.

It's it. He's gone. He's gone. He hung up. It wasn't me. It was him. No, I think he just, um. There's a lot going on on the plane right there. He said people sneeze.

That's what happens when you call somebody and they're on a plane. Thanks for Warren. Concerned about that Washington commanders, uh, defensive line up? By the way, I'd totally forgotten about when Payne and Allen went at each other from last year.

That was beautiful. I remember that. I mean that, that at the time was like story number one of the day until probably something else crazy happened. Then March happened. Don't forget it.

Concern? Yeah. I mean that, that team is, I mean, you know me, I don't like Washington, so I will put them down at any time I get, but that, that's a good football team. I thought they were winning the division last year based on how well the defense played two years ago and then, and then Heineke looked surprisingly good in a playoff game and then Ryan Fitzpatrick is coming in and I thought he would wing it all over the place to McLaurin and Samuel and the running game and the defense would ball. I mean that defense, you remember the way the defense played in Pittsburgh in that game where they, I think they were the ones who handed Pittsburgh their first loss of that season, right? Wasn't Pittsburgh undefeated? They were the longest undefeated team of two years ago of the pandemic year. And then they went in and beat Pittsburgh about the face, head, chest and neck and then made the playoffs.

Alex Smith couldn't make it all the way there, although he probably would have a different difference of opinion. Beat them 23-17. So I thought Washington was going to win the division. I picked them to win the division. Fitzpatrick got hurt and the defense looked nothing like the team from the year before.

Obviously when you have Chase Young playing, not like defensive rookie of the year, but defensive player of the year two years ago, and he doesn't have any game like that at all before he got hurt for the rest of the season last year, they're not going to look the same. I get it. What team did win the division last year? I know. I know. Do you remember? And it wasn't even close. Do you remember? Dallas Cowboys.

The team that I've talked myself into believing in the rest of the world, I think believes is taking a step back since that one and done playoff season of last year. These are facts. I'm just spitting facts. Just like you were.

Nothing you're saying is wrong. Yeah. Accurate. But I do find it interesting, Warren, I think if I can, I'm very knowledgeable of the way Warren talks and how he communicates it, that when he said that the team was happy or glad that Jack said that, I think they probably heard what Jack's beliefs were in the locker room. He said it. It was out there. It's now been completely tamped down. He has been fined for it. A lot of people believe he should have been fired for it.

And now it's out there. He's deleted his Twitter account and there's not going to be a single distraction about it. Maybe even in the locker room, that's potentially my read on it or just get it out there. So if anybody believes this stuff, just keep it to yourself. And there'll be no politics talk or beliefs espoused in the locker room anymore. And that's the way I read what Warren was saying about it.

I think I kind of read it also, like when people say things, you just kind of like to know what people are thinking and where they stand on certain situations. I think they knew it though. The Twitter account that Jack Del Rio wasn't exactly a secret, just made go poof like Kaiser Soze filled with similar opinions that the protests by Black Lives Matter were far worse and needed the same commission, special select commission hearings as the January 6th, if you will, dust up was.

Where people are taking photographs of sconces in bizarre hallways that nobody ever takes pictures of. So that's now, I guess, put to bed within that locker room, which is for Washington fans, I think good news. But Warren thinks those kids up front. And if Chase Young comes back healthy, oh my goodness gracious, that's a problem. That's why I wanted, that's why I was choosing Washington to win the division. I'm not doing that this time around because I don't, I don't have full faith and credit in Carson Wentz either.

So there's all of that. All right, when we come back, we're going to stir it up around here. We'll stir it up around here and get ready for Darvin Ham and then TJ Jefferson, the all-time greatest players in the history of every franchise in the National Football League. We're going to take it division by division, day by day over the next eight rich eyes and shows.

We start with the American Football Conference Eastern Division. I better hear the name Joe Willie Namath come out of the corner of this studio when it comes to the Jets. Ooh. Okay. Al Toon. I loved Al Toon, but you're just joking. Am I?

Al Toon might not even be the greatest receiver in the history of New York Jets. No, I'm going to make an argument with him. He's not.

I mean, I'll just put it out that way. He's not. Mark Gastineau? Keyshawn Johnson. Oh, my God. Wayne Crebet. Wayne Crebet. All right.

Now you're just trolling on me. I can't wait for that. That'll be top of our number two. In the same hour, Darvin Ham, head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, calls us.

That's all next and still to come right here on this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show, Callaway ST drivers, you should put one in your bag today. What I love about it is there's four different offerings of the Rogue ST drivers that you can put in your bag, depending on how much game you have in your bag, and the game is obviously figurative.

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Beautiful combination of distance and forgiveness. There's also the Max D, dedicated draw model for players who need more shot shape correction. The Max LS gives you a stronger trajectory with a more neutral ball flight.

You're watching the U.S. Open right now. You'll probably see all the true players out there using the Rogue ST triple down. The compact low spin that the tour players adore. Callaway's thought through every aspect of speed, so all you have to do is go Rogue.

Find your Rogue ST driver at slash go Rogue. The U.S. Open is going down first round right now, and Rory McIlroy is on the final hole of his day, and as long as he pars it, he will hit the clubhouse as the leader. First round leader, now obviously this is a tournament where players have tee times and they go throughout the day.

There's no shotgun start is what I'm saying. There is a cut. Four rounds.

Yeah, so Rory, and there will be a ton of other players who have an opportunity to knock him out of the clubhouse, but how about that, Rory McIlroy could take the lead into the clubhouse on his day. Now we're talking. Pretty neat stuff.

Amazing. So the U.S. Open is going down in Brookline, Massachusetts today, and then tonight it's game six, right? It's game six of the NBA Finals in Boston, Massachusetts. And then in between, Chris, you were saying as well that there's a Red Sox game going on today. There's an afternoon Red Sox game. So you've got championship golf going on in Brookline, Massachusetts. You've got NBA Finals going on at night, and right in between you can see a team attempt to go six games above 500 on their season.

This is going to be, if you want to see top-notch quality sports, you should be in Boston, Massachusetts today. You mean a team try to win its 12th out of 14 games? Yeah, terrific. Is that good?

Absolutely. Unfortunately for them during that stretch, they've gained zero games in the standings of the batting rack. They've lost a game. Well, your team is good. I don't know.

What do you want me to say? That's because there's a team atop the American League East that is on this day. On this day. Actually, we could say on the day before, June 15th, 30 games above 500. So 46 and 16 to beat the Rays, who the Yankees have had a dreadful time beating in recent years, to knock the Rays 11 games behind the Yankees in first place by June 15th.

We call that a chef's kiss, a chef's kiss. So I did what any person who's a fan of a team that's having a generationally amazing start to their season, go to their Twitter account. And I throw out there, the Yankees are now 30 games above 500 on June 15th. That's it.

That's all I put out there. And I'm out like, they're going to win the World Series. They're the greatest thing ever. It is amazing. That's what you've been doing on this show. It's been amazing because I'll tell you what, it's so rare to see 30 games above 500 by 15 days into June, 46 wins out of your first 62 games.

It's insane. You don't see it so often. But what you see often are bitter, lonely people that choose that moment in time of your very biting words, bitter, lonely, I'm not bitter and lonely. I have a wonderful family that I love. I have tons and tons of friends back out at you. Put it up on the screen. I'll be sure to make you a T-shirt of this tweet when you're eliminated from the postseason, says Chris Brockman, I'm getting you a gift.

And I responded by calling them bitter, binder, loady people rip on things with which they're not familiar. And I included just how rare this start is. The Yankees are just the sixth team since baseball.

By the way, when things in the NFL, leave this on the screen for a second, Mike. When things happen in the NFL that are really rare, you always hear the words since the merger, right? Since the merger. This is since baseball integrated in 1947. The Yankees are just the sixth team to win 46 of their first 62 games. And I look on the screen, I don't see any Red Sox team having done it before. So I understand you're not familiar with it, Chris.

So you don't know how to react to it when it happens. The Yankees have now done it for a third time in their history. But you know what? The Yankees haven't done very well lately. Red Sox fans will only want to talk about history when it's recent. We don't want to talk about curses and how long it took to break the curse. We only start history when you argue with a Red Sox fan since 2004.

Recent history has been this- Who talks about curses when they're done, when they're over? Exactly. I understand that.

I understand you guys when you had one kid. I'm very well aware of that, Chris. I don't think you are because you just keep writing checks. No, I'm not.

I'm putting out there how incredible this start has been. That's all I was doing. But that's not what you're doing. That's not what you're doing.

What do you mean? I just put out- That's not what you're doing. I just put out- Just be honest. Last night.

Just be honest. That the Yankees are- That's not what you're doing. Think about it. You're 30 games above 500.

That was pretty amazing. Is the parade tomorrow or over the weekend? No, I'm not saying there's a parade.

When's the parade? It's 2016. All I'm saying is the only teams on that list since integrated baseball to have done this to have not eventually won the World Series.

Yeah, because I don't care pre-integration. 2001 Seattle Mariners. They lost to the Yankees that year.

I'm excited for the parade next week. The Yankees are the team that eliminated them from that. And since... You know what? Let's just go back to 1930. Six other teams since 1930 have won 46 of their first 62. And all but one of those won the World Series, and that's the 2001 Seattle Mariners. We could include the 55 Brooklyn Dodgers. We could include the 39 Yankees. The Yankees have now done it four times. But let's not talk about that history. Let's only talk about the recent history in which the Yankees have struggled and the Red Sox have done well.

Let's forget about all those times beforehand. Hey, can we apply that argument you just made to football? To the Cowboys?

Yeah, please. Because that's insane. No, that's why Yankees fans are rightfully compared to Dallas Cowboys fans.

Because when I use that, I don't want you to crap on it later. No, but we can use that because the Yankees, since the Cowboys last won it all, have won multiple World Series. As a matter of fact, back to back to back World Series. I mean, I set the point, though. Including the 98 Yankees who are on this list of teams that I keep mentioning.

You can't say it works for this argument. So we can actually use your point of demarcation that the Cowboys fans have had thrown in your direction to the point where generationally talented, it appears, stars of the game today, Kyler Murray, doesn't recall a time when the Cowboys were good. I ain't worried about them. Hey, man, congrats on the title this year. I'm not saying they're going to win the title. I'm just saying history shows. You have been saying that for weeks.

I'll just tweet this out and I've got to look at the bile coming from your direction. All Red Sox fans, again, like... But to call me bitter and lonely is so mean. Well, you are when it comes to sports.

I'm not. I said, were you going to watch Game 6 tonight? He said, in a room in the dark. Yeah, you did say that. By himself.

What did he say before? But you just said, did you watch your lovely family to enjoy the game with you? I'm not bitter and lonely, but I'm going to watch Game 6 by myself in the dark. I can't be around people tonight, what are you, crazy?

Yeah, that is true. People. I get it.

Sarah inviting grade school friends over for you to meet them the first time. By the way, did you get any kickback from that? No. Oh, okay. Game 6 is tonight. Let's do the Red Sox try to go six games above 500. That'll be great. Man.

Warrior versus Celtic. I hate you. No, you don't. No, you don't.

No, you don't. No, I just hate your kind. My kind.

The ones who root for franchises who are currently 46 and 16. I mean, it's impressive. It's impressive. It's incredible. It's impressive. And the most impressive thing of all. Impressive.

Again, New York City, where everybody eats their, figuratively, young. Everybody does that. Who cares that you went three for four yesterday, you suck because you went all for four tonight. That's the mentality. Boo. Boo. We'll let you know how we feel about you. And we chew people up and spit them out.

Spit them out. In the New York sports world and Boston fans and Philly fans can all relate to it because it's very similar in the northeastern part of this country. Yeah.

East Coast. And when somebody says, I'm not going to sign long term with this franchise right now because the amount of money that is insane for anybody else that roots for the team, the blue collar fans who root for the team and white collar fans who root for the team, all y'all, I'm not going to take that money because I think I'm worth more. And I'm going to bet on myself.

Those people usually are the ones who get chewed up and spat out the most. And Aaron Judge has taken that and is having one of the best seasons we've seen anybody have under those circumstances. And he is the MVP, unquestioned MVP, unquestioned, I don't care, nobody else who's doing this sort of stuff. You know, you're Don, what? You're Don Alvarez. Terrific.

I'm just kidding. He's doing great. He's amazing. But this is New York City and this team is 46 and 16 and he has 25 home runs. He had, he hit a home run in the first inning again last night. He's on a pace for 65. Against the Rays ace. Like that's MVP stuff. 1100 O.P.S.

right now. At home they call me Big Al and I hit dangers. That's right. He's doing it.

It's not like he's hitting 240 either, he's hitting 330. He's incredible. Just whatever it is. Okay, let's see what you got, Aaron.

Let's see what you got. Yankees aren't going to give you that long term contract because you're like damn near 30 years old. He's like the Brandon Weeden of the Yankees, right? Everybody thinks he's young but he's really old.

He's got 25 home runs but only 49 RBIs. Okay, nice nitpicking. I'm just saying. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson, too. All-time Hogan opponents, Macho Man's got to be in the conversation. Where's Andre for you? I've always said Andre was number one. Wow. Because even going back before Hulk Hogan was a babyface, Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome, at Shea Stadium in Japan. Wherever they went, that was an attraction. Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.
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