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REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 2

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June 28, 2022 3:13 pm

REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 28, 2022 3:13 pm

 Rich lets Red Sox fan Chris Brockman know that the Yankees remain red-hot with a humble and understated reminder. 

Rich reacts to Baker Mayfield’s comments about mending fences with the Browns and debates if he’d be better off sitting out the season than playing for the Browns.

The MMQB’s Albert Breer and Rich discuss Deshaun Watson’s hearing on a possible suspension for the Cleveland Browns quarterback and the timeline for a decision by the arbitrator on that his punishment, if Baker Mayfield would be better off on the Seattle Seahawks, Carolina Panthers or sticking with the Browns next season, and exchange some good-natured ribbing about Ohio State recently trademarking “The.”

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. What are we doing? We are going over toward the dugout and both benches are empty. 60 guys coming at it and there's just four umpires and now the umpires have their hands full trying to separate guys. The thing I don't understand is baseball allowing the bullpen guys to come running in.

Holy smokes we have a melee in the index circle. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show ESPN senior writer Brian Wintourst. Coming up, sports media personality John Boy.

Plus your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show on the air here on this Tuesday in the month of June on NBC Sports on Peacock and NBC Sports Sirius XM audio channel 85.

Also on this terrestrial radio outfit slash Rich Eisen Show for anything that you may have missed. Brian Wintourst joined us in our number one from ESPN based on the news that Russell Westbrook has opted in to 47 million dollars. No shock there. And Kyrie Irving has opted in to 36 million dollars with the Nets. No shock there if you're just thinking about sheer money.

But it's more than just about that I guess. Who knows is what Brian Wintourst said. He has no idea if this means Kyrie's gonna stay or not. And if Durant's gonna stay or not.

He says he's just gonna sit back and watch the rest of this entire new league year free agency period that happens later on this week play out. If you missed any of that again slash Rich Eisen Show. Chris Brockman good to see you over there. Hey Rich. The DJ Mikey D is in D's nuts. Rich. What's up what's up DJ Jefferson?

Hey what's going on Rich? You know what's going on is you know you know sometimes you ask somebody you just forget like what's the date? Oh yeah I never know the date. You know you know instead of what day it is but what what the actual number the actual date. And sometimes you could just like look at your watch and see it on your on your watch if you have such a a time piece. Sometimes you can look on your phone right there's a calendar on your phone. You can actually use a real calendar. Instead I just turn to Chris Brockman and ask you what the date is by showing you the American League East standings.

Yeah absolutely. And so here we are with the Yankees coming up with another comeback win yesterday. You can't keep this up. Fueled by another extra base hit by Jose Trevino their catcher. Let's not forget all the Yankee fans that were melting down except for me when they traded Gary Sanchez away at the beginning of the season before the season. I was like look man there's too many guys that are either strike out hit or home run uh strike out uh walk or home run on this team. Let's figure out you know what what Josh Donaldson and Isaiah Connor Falefa for you know shortstop can do it defensively even though he hasn't played a clean shot. It helps when you're a catcher Rich actually being able to catch.

Yeah that's another one too. So there's that and you know and the and the Yankees now have 23 come from behind wins. That is a major league base. So of their 54 wins through their first 74 games, 23 have been comeback wins. They were down 5-2 last night on the hapless A's who were the first team to lose 50 games this year.

They're 25 and 50. The A's are not good. And the Yanks have two more games left with them. So what day is it Chris? Because that's normally like tell you what the standings are and you're like yeah but it's it's still early. What's today's date Chris? It's June 28th and we're still not at the All-Star break. It gets later every time.

Well that's just how time works. Just put it up one more time here. Put it up one more time if you don't mind please because the Red Sox have been red hot lately. They were winning seven in a row. They lost yesterday to the Blue Jays and that knocked the Red Sox to 12 out. Blue Jays right behind them at 12 and a half and there are the Rays at 13 out.

Rich when the playoffs start there are no records. And how about the Orioles? Just look at them coming back. They're only five under 500 now. Yeah the O's. They won in Seattle last night. So easily the toughest division in baseball. Easily.

What are you laughing about? It's terrible. Look at the American League wildcard standings. The three teams in the American League wildcard right now are the three teams sitting behind the Yankees. Nobody's winning the division though. What I'm saying is in the division where you still it's still a schedule where you play against your division opponents way more than you do anybody else. 19 times right?

I think it's been knocked down to 16. I'm not completely familiar on that. I'm just pointing out again you know. You know all three teams are one two three in the wildcard. No you're right.

Cleveland is two and a half. And you might say I'm writing October checks that the Yankees will not be able to cash and and you could accuse me of that. You could accuse me of of just talking a whole bunch of crap. You know was that me writing checks right there? Was that a sound bite of me? That's me saying stop.

I was like is he choking? No Mike Mike Mike no Mike Mike please I'm just trying to find out what day it is. Okay. It's like a cuckoo clock.

That's the cuckoo and the the the standings of the clock. June 28th. Thank you. I didn't know what day it was.

June 28th. Thank you. Yep. And later on in this Joe and hour number three John boy's going to join us. His breakdown of the Mariners Angels brawl was a day in the making because it took him that long. I mean he sourced multiple YouTube feeds of the game including a Japanese YouTube feed that has it because I mean Ohtani every single move that he makes is being sent back home for him. And so he pushed he pieced this all together and there is no doubt no doubt that the interim manager of the LA Angels Phil Nevin sent his pitcher Andrew Wants out there to start open the game to throw at Seattle Mariners. And we'll talk about that in hour three with John Boy. He's no question. The baseball gave him a 10 game suspension yesterday and so there's a reason for that. 10 games.

So they're on the Angels are are now on to their third string manager right now. That's awesome. And I'm not lying. These are all truths.

That's also crazy. So we'll talk about that with John Boy later on. Albert Breer is about to join us in about 14 minutes time.

13 minutes now. He's going to join us from I believe the beautiful island of Nantucket where he is covering all things NFL. Surfing with his family and getting that George Hamilton Albert Breer tan down pat in time for getting that base ready for training camp.

A lot of pastels. Oh man. So but Breer is all over what's going on in the NFL despite taking some high quality and much deserved personal time off. PTO. He's going to join us anyway in about 13 minutes time to talk about what is going on with the league and Deshaun Watson and the Players Association. Today is a day where there's a hearing on his potential or no doubt discipline that is coming. And Baker Mayfield spoke today at his youth football camp in Oklahoma talking about a potential reconciliation with the Cleveland Browns. And I have the full quote here now thanks to the outstanding god I love the NFL network staff and the assignment desk and the news desk. Here's the full quote on maybe playing for again for the Browns.

I think it's pretty obvious the mutual decision on both sides is to move on. I'm thankful for my four years in Cleveland. There's a lot of ups and downs and a ton of learning experiences that I'll forever keep with me. Teammates and friends and relationships that I'll have for a long time.

Just flew in last night from East Lansing, Michigan for Drew Stanton. He was my mentor. The quarterback in Cleveland when I got drafted.

Just relationships that like that that you're so thankful for. The support staff in Cleveland. The people in Cleveland. It's a great sports town.

I'm thankful for it. There's no resentment towards the city of Cleveland by any means and that's when he was asked about reconciliation chances. I think for that to happen there would have to be some reaching out but we're ready to move on I think on both sides.

That is the full scope of the conversation. Mayfield's not walking through that door Cleveland Brown fans anymore and if Watson gets suspended for a significant amount of time or a full year don't don't call his number and if I'm him I am absolutely out. I want no part of this anymore.

It is a now toxic relationship. I want no part of whatever like why would he bail the Browns out from going and giving 46 million guaranteed dollars for just one single year to a guy that won't play a snap for them in that single year and if that is actually the real case if that actually happens why would Mayfield on planet earth bail them out from that situation merely to what show he can still play? What if he gets hurt again? Then he shows he could still play hurt again and then everybody wonders is he any good again? It's a repeat of what happened last year.

Why would he put himself out there like that? Force your way to another team that clearly will take you. Make the Browns eat more money.

Make Haslam spend and eat more money. You know what if I'm him I'd rather sit out and make my 18 full million dollars this year and then come back with everybody wondering what he can do. You saw what Drew Biscay just got on the free agent market? You just saw how sought after others were Marcus Mariota two number two overall draft picks who did not succeed with the teams that drafted them are now starters in this league and a lot of folks assuming Drew Biscay's the starter.

I still think Pickett's got a shot but I'm hearing that he's got a lot of third team snaps that he's taken this spring. Yeah I wanted to bring that up today. I know. So I got my money yet by the way. No no no I mean there's still time who knows what happens in training camp. You know what I'm saying I haven't gotten paid yet. Oh for Pickett I got it.

I think that's just still the gift that keeps on giving that he hasn't. But I'm Mayfield I would rather sit out the year and let people think what possibly Mayfield can do looking at his full body of work as opposed to what we've just seen in the year in which he was playing through pain and a shoulder harness and probably coming back when he shouldn't have. I would rather do that than bail the Browns out and clearly I don't think the Browns again it's like it's not like he's number two on the depth truck Baker. I mean they have Jacoby Brissett. He is very solid.

I know I hate using that word when it's in my direction. Serviceable is worth worse than solid. Serviceable is worse than solid. Solid is above serviceable. Because some people look at solid as good. I know that you know I take it as an offense when people say you know that was a solid take by you.

I'm like no actually it was actually it's a good take. So you think Baker would be better served sitting out a year? Yes I do. When we already have questions about how good he is now and now we're going to be like all right you sit out a whole year. Look at my resume from two years ago I rest my case I'm going to be off see you later. See ya. I'm not playing for you. I'm not playing for you.

What I'm bailing you out? You gave him all that money for one year and you gave him a deal where he only has one of his 46 million dollars on the chopping block for lost wages due to his suspension. The 45 million of the 46 the Browns have set up in their contract where it's not touched by suspension. Yeah man and I would sit there and just say I'm I'm waiting to see come on come get me Seattle. That's the place I'd want to go because Pete's not going anywhere.

I'm wondering what's going on with Matt Rule. Do I want any part of of Sam Darnold also sitting there and suddenly you go to Carolina I have a bad game and let well the coach is on the hot seat I gotta try Darnold. Owner's not happy with me I gotta go move back to Darnold. Well now Baker you got another shot.

Why would you want to be in a situation where there's musical chairs like that? Man I'd want to go to Seattle go up to the beautiful Pacific Northwest go play in that building. Fans will be going nuts if they get Baker Mayfield up there.

That's where I want to go. I would tell my agent anything we can do let's go. What do we got to do?

What can be done? That's my two cents on that one man. Man. You think he should play for the Browns? The Browns reach out. Browns reach out. We need you. No I just was saying but him sitting out a whole year like just doesn't seem to help him but I don't think he should play for the Browns.

Well honestly I feel like there's going to be a quarterback injury at some point for the season's over I know Chris we've talked about that he's going to end up. What if after everything that you've done here on this show in your exemplary work. Oh boy. Let's just say I listened to Xander my 13 year old son who is very critical of our TikTok account and I went and I found somebody who has problems off outside of the office and I knew that. Okay. And I hired that person despite red flags from other human resources departments telling me that other person.

That would be Brockman. Let's just let's just say but this person was really good at TikTok and that's the future. That's the future and I could make more money for this show and Rich Eisen Productions out of our TikTok account than other social media outlets that you are you are handling expertly outside of the show being on the air and I found somebody who can do that job and I say to you thank you TJ but I told you I needed to improve the position and you're you're out. Okay. And then that person's hired I have paid that person way much more money than I was willing to pay you.

Oh that would be a problem. And then then whatever's happened with the red flags that I was told about and felt comfortable looking this new employee of Rich Eisen Productions in the eye and that person saying I got whatever happened happened I didn't really happen and I'm I'm the person you think I should be and you should pay all that money too. Guaranteed. And that person has to then sit out.

I cannot put that person on the air and operate the TikTok account to Xander's liking. Okay. And I call you up and say I need you back. What would you say to me? Well I mean if you recall I was in a true life similar situation to this. I left that up to you to bring up if you wanted. I mean as you guys know I was in a situation like this where I was getting let go and I. What would you say if under this current scenario that I just painted for you?

Well I mean look. What would you say? I don't have millions of dollars in my bank account like I'm assuming Baker would have that would allow him to make a stand. So you'd come back? For me personally I would come back but I'd let you know about it every time like the camera came on and I got a chance to talk I would drop a little little gems but I mean I'm a normal person. I don't have you know millions of dollars so I would have to come back to work. And if I'm the but if I knew that I might go with the the Jacoby Brissette in this situation. Okay.

And say I'm not gonna call you again because I know how you feel and I don't need that around this environment even though I was the one that kind of screwed it up. Yeah. Yeah.

I'd say good luck then. I don't understand. Things were going so great.

What happened? That was very good. That would be me responding Richard. That was very good Mike. Yeah different scenario but I know what you're saying. You'd say pound sand to me. Yeah get out of here.

See ya. Right? I don't care how much money I have. Really? Now you're Chris Brotman in this situation today with a kid.

Are you gonna say no? Yeah you can't work for someone that doesn't respect you. Yeah that's the problem. I agree. All right so then you're just gonna collect unemployment and and then find another job somewhere.

I mean trust me I had to work for I had I had to suck it up and work with people who I knew did not respect me and I still came to work. We are all talking about wages in our endeavor that are not even close to what we're talking about with the actual football players. So I understand that. I think just you know obviously it sounds ridiculous to say removing money from the equation.

If we're talking athlete salary if I'm Baker. Yeah yeah. I was about to throw a sign up now. As our first hour guest yesterday on yesterday's show and Michael K would say see ya. Do this like Ross from Friends would say.

844-204-rich number to dial. Albert Breer when we come back here on the Rich Eisen Show. So much to talk about with Bert.

Back here on the Rich Eisen Show one big happy Samocast family joining us on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line after taking some time away from his family on personal time off which is a always greatly appreciated on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line the Sports Illustrated MMQB writer and chief NFL information man none other than Albert Breer. How are you Albert? I'm good I'm good I heard part of that story and I can tell you guys that last week I got drilled down below buying an aluminum bat. Gotta be careful. Yeah it was I was doing like kind of like the underhand throw to my five-year-old he hit one and let go of the bat as he hit it and uh yeah it was an unfortunate incident.

You know what Albert it's uh it's something you could just gotta shake off it's it's it's father of the year material it's it's uh character building you know it's character building so yeah I mean I guess if he ever wanted to know how to take me out. So uh let's let's jump into it what is happening today with Deshaun Watson the NFL and the Players Association? Well I think like the best way to kind of do it is to back up a couple weeks there have been some settlement talks um and you know this is actually more common than people realize that there you know often is to avoid an appeal or lengthy appeals process settlement talks when we're in a case like this um those didn't go much of anywhere and and the main reason why is the NFL insisted on at least the year's suspension and Deshaun Watson's side was not going to accept the year's suspension. So uh talks broke down about two weeks ago last week this hearing was scheduled and today um Suell Robinson the former U.S. District um was jointly appointed by the NFL and NFLPA is going to hear cases from the NFL the NFLPA and then Watson's side and um you know after that I think you know I think you guys have probably been over this process enough um the last few weeks that she's gonna make a recommendation on penalty and then it'll go to either the commissioner or his designee if there's no penalty it's over but if there is any sort of penalty then the commissioner or his designee can alter that penalty. So why would there be three sides in the room um is should Watson has his own personal rep in the room is Rusty Harden why what what what is what is that that's well I mean it's I mean so basically the way you want to look at the NFL is obviously presenting its case and and what it's recommending you know as sanctions here the NFLPA is in there to basically legislate any matters of collective bargaining you know so anything that applies to the CBA as it was negotiated a couple of years ago Jeffrey Kessler was in the room to negotiate to to to make that argument and then Rusty Harden would be in there to argue the facts of the case on behalf of Watson. And uh Jeffrey Kessler is uh representing the players association I guess he's the um he's the Billy Zabka to the NFL's Ralph Macchio right pretty much to use that I guess that analogy for those yeah yeah yeah I would say so yeah I mean he's a he's been a thorn in the league side for a long long time well he's the guy he's the guy that the the NFL wanted to have kicked out of the collective bargaining agreement and conversations in 2011 when I lost all my hair on the total access set and and you were standing on a street corner in in uh in Washington DC like you were a lamppost you know so right right yeah pretty much that's right yeah and he was the one who I mean and you know the league is often kind of positioned him as being you know divisive force in these things which is why they tried to remove him from the process uh but I mean I I mean to their credit the union does feel like having somebody like that in the sport you know and there's a reason why Kessler is paid very handsomely for what he does there's a reason why he's been hired by by unions and other sports you know like he's effective he's he's incredible I mean he's he's terrific at his job he really is you know he's a goat when you know when it comes to you know unions and and things of that nature so what is the union's case like we clearly know what the NFL's case is and yeah there's been a lot of you know uh stories Mark Maskey of the Washington Post I believe it was last Friday or two Fridays ago saying that the league wants a year and you're even hearing like an open suspension indefinite suspension that the league might might might put on the table there what's the players association case gonna look like I mean I one thing I can clarify for you guys too on the league side like the what it is under the CBA is is termed banishment um which it basically means DeSean Watson would be banished from the NFL it would be as if he's not a player at all and um you know then after a year he could apply for reinstatement which you know in a lot of cases like when we've seen banishment in the past it has wound up being a year but you know I I think from a logistical standpoint it's a little different than just like a flat year suspension in that he has to reapply to get back in and go through a process to get back into the NFL um so that's what the league is is going for um the union's case here is interesting because it relates to the cases of the individual owners and the way that the league has handled cases of individual owners and um the three names that they brought up and I know people appointed to Jerry Richardson that one doesn't really apply here because Jerry Richardson almost immediately um decided to sell his team so there wasn't really I mean there wasn't really room for sanctions in that case because he was gone so quickly um but with Snyder with Jones and Kraft um and their individual cases and then of course what's happened with Snyder over the last two years um the union's going to make the case that suspending a player for a year based on the premise that owners are held to a higher standard wouldn't be equitable to the way they treated those three owners over the last three years um and the other case the union's going to make here is that the the NFL has really had a hard time you know finding credible facts here and we can argue to a book we're blowing the face on that like I'm I'm just telling you what the union is here that's why I'm asking um yeah that like but the the league today is only going to present the case to five women um and I believe one of those women is not among the 24 plaintiffs so they're gonna they're gonna um they're going to basically present five out of twenty five out of four out of twenty four at at most and then five out of the number would be 66 right so the union's argument is going to be why did you only why were you only able to present the cases of five women if there are supposedly 66 out there and if I'm if I'm the league I'd respond you want to sit here all day because we can you know what I mean like again like I'm not I'm not arguing their case I'm just no no I I you're right exactly and if I'm the players association I I mean that is an an interesting point that you know other owners have been accused of misconduct and they didn't have to sit out a year although you can go back and forth about whether Watson's misconduct is the same as the misconduct that has been alleged of the owners in the in this case I mean so so what happens when when it's all placed in front of um the the independent investigator or judge and and when does she rule like what what happens next after today well I mean she could I mean she could rule I guess I don't know if the the wording would be quite the same from the bench you know what I mean like so I guess she could rule this week if she wanted to um when she's done hearing um she could also you know take all this under consideration and deliberate um you know I I think one of the things that we've sort of all been looking at is like the bad the idea of a bad news dump right like and you know as you you've been around this for longer than I average I mean Friday is sort of the high holy day of NFL bad news dumps you know what I mean like the Friday right before the fourth of July so I I just I understand why people think that I just don't know that Sue Robinson is going to adhere to that timeline you know like I don't know that it's really in her interest at all to spare the NFL um bad publicity you know so I don't know that it's that predictable when she's going to make a ruling she could make a ruling like I said like as soon as she after she hears all the cases um she could take it under advisement and just you know kind of sort through some things um you know and then you know when she makes a ruling she'll recommend it to the commissioner and the commissioner then which is the really interesting part about this the commissioner could if he wanted to just decide that he wants to do what the league wanted to do all along and alter her punishment the only way he can alter the punishment is if there's no punishment I don't think any of us expect that you know so in all likelihood the you know Robinson's gonna hand the hand her recommendation over to the commissioner and the commissioner's gonna have to make a decision on what to do with it or hand it over to his designee which would be somebody he would appoint to to make that decision for the league instead of him and so um he can he can up the the penalty to whatever the league wants to do anyway right I mean so um although is this the first time this has happened I mean did Calvin Ridley go through this process as well for his year-long suspension for his gambling mishaps and misdeeds yeah I think and I you know what that's a good example that I didn't I had thought of so I haven't dug into it sure it does seem to me like that happened so fast that maybe there was a settlement in that case right um so like because generally if these things drag out and you don't hear about uh penalty for a while in a lot of cases like that's because that there was there was a settlement you know if it does drag out um forever then you know that means all the appeals have been heard the process has been gone through so it is certainly the highest profile since the 2020 cba went into effect I'm not sure that it's the first albert breer here on the rich eisen show senior nfl reporter sports illustrator the mmqb and again I I if this was in any way shape or form um managed or coordinated uh I would say bravo to baker mayfield and his and his team that on the day that watson's having his suspension uh hearing right on the day that that's happening baker mayfield is holding a youth football camp and talking you know he did actually say something at his youth football camp he could have declined to say anything but he said something um and he basically said that it appears in his mind that this is a mutual decision from both sides to move on that no matter what is going to happen from this hearing if it's a full year suspension he said that somebody would have to reach out to start that process from the browns although he just thinks that that's just not going to happen because of the mutual interest in moving on so what are his options as we're about to hit july like where does everything stand with him and a future address potentially so here here's my understanding like the i think he's being forthright you know and i i think if this is a six or an eight game suspension i think the browns move forward um and continue to try to trade them i i wonder if it's a full year suspension if that changes things you know because and i i don't have information like to that that would lead me to believe that it would like that that it would change it's just my instinct on it like that you found jacobi reset and you're comfortable with him as your starter for six or eight games are you comfortable with him for the whole year when we saw that how that went in indianapolis in 2019 right like he was okay but like faded down the stretch so are you okay with that if you're the brown can he be more than just a placeholder um or you know is there a scenario out there where the best thing for everyone involved for the browns from a field is to reconcile again like my information to this point is that baker mayfield's being forthright that baker is 100 done with the browns and that's the way that he's operated the last three or four months and that the browns i mean based on their actions have not held on to him as any sort of insurance policy they're holding on to him because they can't move them because of his number and the fact that they were willing to take on and you know i've been clear about this about half of his salary to facilitate trade tells me they were never looking at him as an insurance policy they were always looking to get rid of him could a year suspension change that here's i think the way you have to look at that rich is is it the best is baker mayfield if dashaun watson's out for the whole year is baker mayfield the best quarterback for the browns this year for this team and the answer is yes of course and then on the put side is baker going to find another situation where he's going to be put in a better position to get paid in 2023 and find a starting job somewhere else in 2023 than he has in cleveland right now barring an injury somewhere else no right well i don't hold on a second i'll give a little push back there because i don't know because albert why would baker mayfield in the sport where your next snap could be your last why would he put that on the line for this team if you were just referred to jacobi brissette can he be more than a placeholder well yeah the answer for mayfield is you don't ask that question of course he can be more than a placeholder but technically he is still a placeholder and so why would he put himself in a situation to have jj watt even though they're not gonna play each other i'm just using that as an example track him down and hurt his shoulder just like last year why would he why would he fight through injury knowing that he needs to prove that he can do it again and i'll show again like i'm not injury prone i got to get out there again why would he put himself under that pressure for this team as opposed to finding another spot and proving he can do it in a new spot that wouldn't he get the same contract would you know i i mean that's that yes that's what i'm saying the answer to that is yes the money is the same but like carolina like do you think carolina's a better situation right now i mean you can make an argument i suppose and that they they drafted a quantity so maybe that helps their offensive line issue they've got some skill position talent but matt rules jobs on the line like you can have a coach fired there mid season which is why if i have a bad game he's gonna go right to sam donald because you know right what what what skin what skin do we have in each other's game really not much i just met the guy and then on top of it you know in seattle why wouldn't you go there pete's not going anywhere i mean no i know i know but the expectations are so low there so low if you get this team even in playoff contention that's the same thing as you performing well for a team that already told you were done that's my point you know that's my pushback on it uh yeah and i and i understand what you're saying like i understand like the emotional part of it i just think i mean like look like seattle maybe two rookie tackles starting right like carolina rookie left tackle um seattle what's dk matt calves mindset like you know carolina matt rules job stats like i think you just add all these things up rich i just i like i i don't know that like there is a better situation like it's like i guess it's like a marriage is falling apart where you make it work for the kids right like cleveland and mayfield where it's like we'll make it work until they graduate and then like then we'll go our separate ways like i like i just sort of feel like it like for for baker like he knows the offense he's gonna be playing beyond one of the best offensive lines in football um you know he like i think has a pretty good skill position group around him one of the best running games in the week and a team that you can tend through the year you know and and i think like you know if you're another team looking at baker as a potential starter pass this year how good would it look if baker mayfield was able to turn the other cheek and everybody who's ever said he's immature right like everybody's ever said he's childish everybody who's ever taken shots at who he is as a person if he's able to rise above that and play really well for the browns in 2022 like wouldn't that make him look great i i hear you i hear you i mean like so i i again like all my information to this point baker's done with the browns and the browns are operating 100 as if baker mayfield's not going to be in their roster in 2022 just saying like you know if it's a full year suspension for watson i can see where you logically look at it and say you know you sort of make that deal with the devil you know both sides you know what i mean like you make that deal with somebody you weren't going to make a deal with and you go forward because you think there's a great mutual benefit on the other side of it and i guess they could you know name their uh 2022 championship video let's just use each other yeah that's the rallying cry for 2022 let's just use each other you know yeah one more year it's like race think about this if he plays well then the browns get a third round cop pick for i'm letting him go i mean like i like there's just like and again like this is me this is me yeah this is purely me saying this because again my information is said they're done with each other but it does make sense i i think that there is a scenario where it makes sense again only if watson's spent it for the whole year where the cap space is already used and this is in the situation like san francisco where like getting jimmy off the boat and like you know you know there's a lot of people who are going to be in the books who's going to facilitate the signing of a bozer or a debo you know like they're set they're okay cap wise they can carry them um i just think that there could be a mutual benefit to if you're either side holding your nose and going forward and saying let's make the best of this albert thanks for doing this brother i appreciate it albert breer here from the mmqb i i said that to avoid being sued for copyright uh because right because if i if i said the mmqb would i get sued by by ohio state would i get sued what do you think how does that work have you looked into the fine print i mean i don't know i mean because i'm an alums can i start charging royalties is that the way this works no did you did you did you miss this did you miss this that that ohio state got the trademark for the word yeah yeah i don't know i'm asking if i can start charging royalties too i don't know ask your alma mater i just don't like that maybe i'm my wife's sitting right here maybe i can get her to count but i could put you on speaker and got the guy got her to count the number of times he said z and we get you know kind of like have a little deal there where you well it's like a swear jar you know yeah i know here royalties you can give me a little check i wonder if maybe michigan could try and trademark the word an you know just like something else another another article that everyone uses very you know and i don't know just try that one out i'm sorry we're the only one like i i i reckon i realize though we aren't the only one that has the at the start of our our name like i know it's gonna be a battle if you i i looked at the pen state at penn state like i noticed a press box it says on it the pennsylvania state university so we're not the only ones that does it we're just we're just the only ones that do it right wow that's what i was looking for that's what i was looking for okay thank you albert take care of yourself be well that's albert brer everybody that's what i was looking for i was fishing for him to say something like that should penn state trademark we ohio state has trademarked the and they'll go we yeah why not because it's we are we are yeah it's not or is it we are how do they say it we are we are we are it's almost like penn state period our period almost and the way they say it again go blue we are go penn state that's how it goes try to trademark a color like blue oh no maze maze just and just no but blue is more common we use than maze so just trademark blue yeah and so i would get a royalty for every baby reveal or something like that every baby reveal party every time someone uses blue anyway right every gender reveal party right i get money blue man group performs and get that's it somebody performs blue suede shoes yeah somebody at a baseball game screams at blue hey blue uh anytime anytime old school gets uh shown anywhere my boy blue money yeah doesn't work that way doesn't it anytime sports center wants to reference former utah jazz blue edwards you know wow that's deep yeah yeah that's deep that's what she said blue thunder plays yeah now it's blue chips blue chips yes blue thought there was a good movie though speaking of which i've got news on that front oh the onboard that's next right here on the rich isin show you got news on blue chips i've got news on something like that yes related coming up next so uh we just uh took a break uh uh and um and uh before the break you mentioned blue chips blue chips who's the director of blue chips oh uh oh it's uh oh man ron sheldon ron sheldon they're good uh who has written a new book and i'm holding in my hand right here called the church of baseball nice the making of bull durum home runs bad calls crazy fights big swings and a hit it's a new book by ron sheldon and on wednesday's edition of the rich isin show all third hour in studio to promote this book ron sheldon what he will be here tomorrow epic that's a surprise for you guys unlike you guys did not know ron will be here tomorrow love it talking about this book this movie that's great and you know here's what i'd like to do um normally we do this off the air but you know today's an interesting day we'll workshop it on the air what i'd like to do with ron tomorrow is let's come up with characters from each of his films okay and say where are they today and workshop it out you know as you know top gun maverick is made a billion dollars right i mean like it's yeah it's the thing okay yeah so you know like where's billy hoyle right now well that's the question is like what would which characters would you choose nuke lelouch right where's what happened to nuke what happened right wouldn't you would that be the bull durum character you choose well i mean when you want to know i mean i mean obviously you want to know where crash is up to he probably is a manager at some point somewhere do you want to choose crash hmm so which character from white men can't jump would you want to know where they are today i don't know what glory is doing okay lied about that all right which character which character from tin cup would you want to see here today oh i know who it would be the caddy cheech no i know what she's up to don johnson did you join the lift tour yes that's yes exactly well no he's probably running it oh yeah he's probably he's probably he's probably gret norman's go between right right right to the saudis he's calling tiger and yes he's the one who's calling everybody we're gonna yeah i want his idea of where they are and then we can give at least for that one that's where we think right that's good that's good i like that blue chips would you want to know who from blue chips would you want to know where they are today neon bordeaux well okay ricky roe how quickly did he flame out so let me know like i think what we should do is let's use our our post show let's choose our post show meeting to kind of workshop what we just done i'd like to choose one character from his films and let him that's fine opine on where they are today and you know so that's really funny but if we could only choose one you'd choose crash davis you'd want to know where crash is i mean that's the easy one i think i guess he he's become terry frankona you know what i mean that oh you think like he's like he's become a successful major league manager remember at the end he's talking about there's an opening in by celia so does he work his way through the minor leagues and eventually become a big league manager okay or maybe we just don't we don't we don't we don't limit ourselves i would not want to limit to one well you because you could choose two characters from each movie just do the main characters right because i'm assuming annie and crash are still together right from bull durham i i mean i hope so okay as we all hope so well i think this will be a fun endeavor with i do too because we're gonna have a bunch of time with her and uh so ron sheldon's on tomorrow's program that's how we're promoting everything hour number three coming up tj are you ready for your nfc east yes goat for each team stay ready don't have to get ready i can pretty much figure out who the giant is the new york giant i think is i think the new york giant is an easy one shout out more bravado other than tom brady probably the easiest one right the washington commander's football team slash uh redskins that was tough okay i know it should philadelphia eagle is i think an easy one too you think but you don't know not none of these are easy man there's the giants was easy the other three are not i think the eagles is an easy one the cowboys oh i cannot wait for this i'm gonna tell you right now about the cowboys now there is one there is one i think that does stand out who is the greatest cowboy of all time but it's not old school enough for a lot of people the cowboys have a few and i know people want me to go well you know we'll get to it when we get to it but i don't think you're gonna do it who well don't say cowboys you're talking about no don't say it i'm not gonna say it just ruin it i'll say it right now no don't do it two words very simple i won't even because if you say it no no no no i will say it i will say it i'm gonna say that this isn't it this will lead people to think tune in the next to see if i really mean it two words blake jarlin see i knew you'd go that way out blake are you looking at my list before i give it there is only really i mean isn't there isn't there a standoff right now involving blake jarlin tony tony romos yes and john boy to talk about the angels mariners brawl there's only like three or four choices on the cowboys what what are you talking about there's only three or four for an all-time goat yeah i mean obviously for the all-time goat excuse me you could pardon me i mean five tops door set bob lily you don't even talk about randy white you could make a case for all four of those guys from back in the day yeah absolutely but there's you could make a case of any of the triplets you could make a case i know irv you know people would push back because there's so many 88s you could make a case that michael irvin's the greatest wide receiver of the dallas cowboys oh yeah you can obviously make a case and i don't know how much pushback you'd get storm back eggman michael irvin and big moments never missed i mean he was the that could have been his nickname big moment because you think about the super bowl he's the playmaker he's the i know i'm saying the playmakers obviously one of the greatest nicknames ever time nick but yeah the playmaker yeah but because he's still doing it yeah he still makes plays every game day morning he makes plays he makes plays here on the show how many urban drops do you have in front of you right there hundreds he's also diesel we're gonna spit hold on hold on hold on that's what he said that you should have a whole urban page that's the sound bite he said when he was here in january because the last that's the sound by talking about what he was telling his family when he retired he went home yeah and and he was trying to insert himself into life there and it wasn't going very well and that's why tom brady unretired that's what he said the cowboys were thinking prior to the previous super bowl played her in los angeles right that was the last super bowl played her in los angeles before this year is when they did that to the buffalo bills in the rose bowl god he's still making plays that's just a big man playmaker but unfortunately he's gonna lose out to blake jarwin there's no hey rich there's no crime in that he's just starting tight end this year right blake charwin he's coming back i don't know we'll see if he's gonna he signed his tender didn't he i don't know i franchise tag tight end not jane over check no not whiten blake jarwin stay tuned for that stirring conclusion of tj jefferson's greatest player in the history of every nfl team we already named everybody john boy coming up for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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