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REShow: Sam Amick - Hour 1

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June 30, 2022 3:26 pm

REShow: Sam Amick - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 30, 2022 3:26 pm

Rich reacts to James Harden opting out of his 1-year deal with the 76ers with the intent to re-sign with the Sixers to give them more cap space flexibility. 

Rich and the guys marvel at the Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards throwing around football as well as any top quarterback in the NFL. 

The Athletic Senior NBA Writer Sam Amick tells Rich why the Spurs trading PG Dejounte Murray to the Atlanta Hawks means San Antonio has chosen to rebuild rather than compete, what James Harden opting out means for the Sixers ability to add more pieces and if one of them could be Bradley Beal, says what the Trail Blazers must do to get Damian Lillard to sign an extension to stay in Portland, explains why Deandre Ayton is one of the more intriguing players on the free agent market, discusses if the Miami Heat’s Pat Riley has some big plans cooking to add another star, and why the Lakers could be in for “another long, tough year.” 

Rich gloats over yet another win by his New York Yankees which touches off a debate on which is the best division in MLB: the American League East or the National League West?

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I like that they have personality. I'm living my life man. The grass is so freaking green here you have no idea. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. But Freddie Freeman, he still hasn't adjusted to life here in Southern California. The Rich Eisen Show, today's guests, Senior NBA writer for the athletic Sam Emmett, ESPN college football analyst Robert Griffin III, plus from the Apple TV Plus drama Blackbird, actor Paul Walter Hauser. And now it's Rich Eisen. Well hey everybody welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show.

Last day of June in 2022. I am your humble host sitting here on NBC Sports on Peacock, NBC Sports audio Sirius XM85, this terrestrial radio affiliate on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial network Coast to Coast. Also the Odyssey app. If you miss anything over the next three hours there's a couple of spots that we'd like you to subscribe to to have your back. There's our YouTube stream Rich Eisen Show and our podcast all three hours whenever you darn well want to listen to it. Thanks to the Cumulus Podcast Network.

Get it where all podcasts can be acquired. Check us out is all I'm saying. Good to see you over there Chris Brocklin. What's up bud? What's happening brother? How are you?

Great. You pointed to you pointed to the sky when you said hi right there. You know you know what that was? It was kind of a very it's a it's a very Jeff Probst move. Do you ever you ever watch him and a survivor? My kids just non-stop watch it. Whenever somebody wins he just he puts both hands up in the air and he points with two fingers. Hey it's over. Sort of like it's a field goal. It's good.

You have immunity. They got it. Hi what's up fella? What's going on brother? Yesterday's show ended with one of those uh Rich I don't know if you know I'm I'm I'm not gonna be here.

Every now and then Del Tufo pulls like a Magic Johnson. I ain't gonna be here. So he actually told you though. He did actually tell me. Yeah literally it's one just a second I'm walking out the doors when he lets me know. We're literally sitting here just hanging out and then he goes well I'll see you guys in a couple weeks and we're just like.

Yeah he told me I have a good vacation. I'm like what? Well anyway good to see you Jason.

TJ Jefferson has been attempting to light the candle for the last three minutes. It was a Jewish hello I gave here to start the program. What's up? What's up? What's up? I'm tired Rich but I'm happy to be here.

Why are you tired? Yeah well you know your boy went out a little bit left the house went and saw a play it was great. A play? Yeah man it was just once a year I leave the house moment.

Wow he left the house for a play. All right I'll bite on that later. I'm refined sir I'm refined. You know the reason why you should be happy you shouldn't have lost any sleep. I didn't. You know why? I just didn't get any sleep. You know why you should feel great it's because James Harden came up with maybe his most important assist as a Philadelphia 76er.

True that true that. His most important assist interestingly enough opting out of his contract won't opt in doesn't opt in for 40 gajillion dollars and what that does is unlocks the Philadelphia 76ers ability to utilize some exemptions or in the 10 million dollar range as you know the the Lakers had a an exemption in the six million dollar range for Kyrie if Kyrie wanted to opt out and join opt to join them it would have cost him 30 million bucks of salary which is probably why he opted into the Brooklyn Nets 2022-23 season but again I try not to get too deep in the salary cap weeds you know. We're not good at math? Well it's not we're not it's not just that we're not good at math I mean this contract's in different I mean the way the other day Brian Windhorst is like well look for a sign and trade a sign and trade can't happen now that he's opted in Kyrie in Brooklyn I'm okay but he can be traded okay so he's kind of size he opted in and can be traded but only for a certain amount of money and a certain exemption which is why Windhorst in explaining what's going on with Kyrie saying I could get into it you know or you could just take my word for it and I as an interviewer I took his cue is to say okay I'll just take your word for it let's explain stuff that's maybe a little bit more understandable and relatable to our listening and viewing audience so all together is Harden has opted to not opt in but he you can't say he's opted out because he's intending to stay and resign in a manner that gives Daryl Morey more flexibility to surround him in Philadelphia with Embiid with parts to win a championship which is what he says he's all about now you know I say the next thing he should do other than exercising his non-option is to just you know start exercising period you know call Tom Brady get on the the JH system can you imagine he shows up I saw what do you mean well some I guess one of his buddies or maybe his trainer I mean it was only showed him running up like six steps but he was clearly sweating when he put in some work but they would show too much I think is there a honey bun on the seventh step it was out of frame I could run for that but he definitely was putting in some work so hey look you know what I've been saying yeah what if Harden shows up next training camp one million percent in shape body fat is gone gone and you know the guy who is sneaky rocked up is just flat out rocked up and is eaten right and is going to live his life 24 7 365 making his body the temple that it can be and churn changing Philadelphia's chances into the church of Larry O'Brien you know like what what if he does that what if I tell you what if James Harden right I feel I feel like sir smoke a lot right now god if you listen and help like please let that be the case harpin yeah like Nikola Jobich yeah no it's Harden and Brockman it's that guy who like like I said it's James Pardon pardon excuse me James pardon me all right what what if that happens what if this is the beginning to that commitment look rich I would say this and this is just strictly speaking for me I feel is a lifelong 6er fan I deserve a championship again and really and I feel as though if James does those things it would help us get there yes at least for you you have the backstop of the Los Angeles Clippers who are apparently uh I'm telling top the um the the flow chart that finals match out where Mo Green doesn't have a plaque or a signpost to his name right yeah Brockman what are the odds or even the chances what are our championship Christopher has that stuff right on speed dial that's the state I mean that's all I'm saying got a little bit better well I mean because why because uh Brad Bradley Beals coming I know because John Wall now I know that John Wall's coming which is interesting right if he's healthy and he can play so John Wall's coming to go along with uh Kawhi coming back and Paul George Sixers are still mr October 14-1 Sixers okay or mr may Reggie Jackson rather okay there you go my dream of a clipper 6er final I do believe is going to happen before I leave this earth okay I might be 90 but I believe next year what's what's Bradley Beal gonna do is he just opting out so he could opt back in for for the max with uh with Washington so he won't be in play like Pat Riley's not going to call him starting tomorrow night I mean Pat Riley what's up makes a call breaks out the crown royal bag and then you never know what happens but there might be 250 million reasons to stay in Washington DC or he could take what 190 million from Miami yeah 210 something like that I guess 210 common it's an interesting dilemma to have right yeah we'll see we'll see what's up with that and then the what's up with that are the Spurs tapping out right now what's going on with them that's really weird because I was kind of stunned that DeJounte Murray is now uh an Atlanta Hawk by the way great for the Atlanta Hawks yeah three first rounders you know two of them are not lottery protected so I guess the Spurs get three first rounders and because it's the NBA you can't go in back-to-back years it's got to be every other year so it's uh 2023 25 and 27 uh so the Spurs have that I mean pop's not getting any younger so I don't I don't get that one right do you was that were they just on a on a bad footing there bad chemistry that's the only thing you can figure out with that I don't I don't know maybe we're gonna find out DeJounte Murray wanted out but like I was really shocked when that came across yesterday when that woch bomb hit because you know as everyone in the NBA knows and I'm sure Greg Popovich knows this more than anybody else is you just don't trade away guys who won a championship for don't trade for Giannis in the Rich Eisen show fantasy basketball league you you don't do that those guys are are are rare and to be cherished like DeJounte Murray was yeah by me all year long in the fantasy league that I won in the year where I also pegged the eventual winner of the real league in the golden state warriors you just don't those guys just don't get thrown around like manhole covers you know what I mean so but how about that how about how about uh Trae Young and DeJounte Murray in DeJounte Murray in the same backcourt how about that I mean by the way they gave up Danilo Gallinari is he is he just the the most off-traded could be really talented European player the NBA's had is he like the Ricky Rubio of his position man what's that what's that about low-key hoping the Celtics were kind of in on Danilo because he's a big guy who can kind of stretch the floor and definitely can shoot threes which is what Boston needs yeah so now Pop's got him and on the Rich Eisen show our basketball podcast two weeks ago Brockman was selling us on the idea that Murray was a superstar and if Chris is right man Atlanta man Atlanta's gonna be very happy Murray you wouldn't call him a superstar no Chris was trying to sell us on the fact that he was a superstar that's what I'm saying when you say sell what do you well we were just telling like bringing up stars and this and that I was saying there's a lot of great young stars in the league and I was just kind of going how every team kind of has a young star and when I said Murray these guys kind of laughed at me why would why would you laugh at him well I mean it's not I don't think it's as deep we just I was like the guy was a triple double machine well because we were naming six eight-week stretch of the season honest and players like that and oh I understand Murray and then Chris gave a good art I'm saying he sold us on the fact that I just like the Hawks are aggressive man they see that division I mean they see that conference as well you know and they see what the Celtics just did and you saw you see that the Bucks are only going to get they're not going anywhere and the heater the heat and the Sixers of the Sixers and they sat there right in the middle of the first round and didn't do anything based on last year the previous year's success they took a step back oh we won a series I'm just saying the Hawks oh I'm sorry I'm talking about the Hawks that was a nice aggressive maneuver by them yeah loved it and and you you know you just come off the draft it's what a crapshoot it is in the first round of of the NBA draft yeah you draft somebody and they change hats in three seconds you have no idea who they are you have no idea what they're coming where they're going what they can do and within the system have no idea zero there seem to be you might as well get you might as well get Murray he's worth everything they just sent yeah yep yeah unless it's unless you have a top five pick kind of you're right you're just kind of rolling the dice in the NBA draft whereas like like you said why not trade for a known commodity right so that's what's up with the NBA right now and free agency begins tomorrow right although the new league year sort of pre-tampering window opens up tonight in a way correct yeah I think it's 6 p.m eastern is when things might get things get a little bit crazy crazy that's when uh jaylen brunston becomes a new york nick so it happens i i mean dude i cannot here's let me just sit on this i mean good for jaylen brunston oh sam amic is going to be joining us from the athletic but let me just sit here on a second just because this is going to happen this is here it is everybody new york nick fans when brunson signs with the new york nicks and i don't you know begrudge him for taking the money that's coming his way and the city lights are terrific and you want to play with rj barrett right i'm assuming julius randall will bounce back if he's you know if he's still around there right so madison square garden world's most famous arena i grew up watching basketball in it it's still an incredible den jim for big time action players love going in there and sticking it to the nicks and you know you could lead the i'm sure you walk around new york city you're being wooed by the nicks you see james dolan and his schmecky outfits and all of that stuff and you're thinking okay i want to go there uh i would think twice before leaving luka doncic if i were him if i were him and mark cuban if i were him and um that's just my own warning to him and all the nick fans it's coming when he signs with the nicks this is going to be the guy who is walt frazier and bernard king and patrick ewing all rolled up in a bill bradley ball okay and everybody's gonna put all their hopes and dreams in him and they're gonna be so psyched and the nicks are gonna be back and they're gonna act like they just beat the bucks in the first game of the 2021-22 season that wound up with them missing the playoffs that's my two cents on that and yes i am biased i don't like the nicks front office i don't like their owner it is a wormhole it is a wormhole and this could be one of those moments and i'd love it for all of my friends who love the nicks and just can't and are not blinded by the dolan they look past it they can't get through it they still love them how about that kyrie and dorrent and everybody out there in brooklyn and they have a team with simmons and curry and they can put all four of them back together and we were talking to michael k earlier this week and he's like yeah i know when i asked about how everybody's viewing kyrie in that town they're like yeah i i know like you guys are talking about it but in new york it's still a nix town and i i'm like shaking my head i'm like what do you i i don't understand it i don't understand it put roster against roster hope against hope i mean kevin dorrent is playing basketball in new york city and you're just like talking about can we get brunson who's really good yeah and he could be one of those young stars of the league that you're referring to just moments ago chris and tj that you mentioned in the rich eisen show basketball podcast where all podcasts are acquired but the new savior could be coming from dallas telling you luca ah we're done saying let's go to rj barrett let's go to all the ziggies in the old blue seats in madison square garden and gonna look at me like i'm the i'm the savior okay go get it sam amick of the athletic will be joining us here on the program um we've got uh robert griffin the third on this show yeah um robert griffin the third on the last day of june he's been tweeting out some interesting stuff that i just wanted to kick the tires on the two is going to have a big leap forward this year um and uh that was one of the more interesting items that he threw out there on his twitter feed i want to talk to him about that i also want to ask him his thoughts on baker mayfield what would he counsel baker to do if dashawn watson gets the full monty suspension in this the cleveland brown's knock on his door because you know he once upon a time was drafted by washington when they were two names ago and um in the same draft kirk cousins got drafted and they eventually turned to cousins and not him after he hurt his knee and he kind of didn't like management then at all now he did some of his own things there that might have made the situation a little bit sideways but he didn't like management what if management had gone to him and said we'd like you back after kirk d cousins left to use the dan patrick phrase what would he say to baker mayfield that'll be great um and i've got on my mind is we're in that sleepy time of year for the nfl the team's top five teams that everybody's kind of sleeping on and not talking about the top five such teams in the nfl oh fan duel ripped an idea off from us we'll hit on that later on we see everything on twitter uh tj wants a blue check mark we'll hit on that i don't even care anymore uh yes you do definitely did the actor paul walter hauser who's been in so many things that we love yeah man um and folks around here certainly remember him from back in the day when direct tv's audience channel that gave birth to us had kingdom loved king cobra kai the after party he played um sean eric eckhart in i tanya he played richard jewel in the film richard jewel he's in black klansman cruella and now uh earlier this week we had adam scott on to talk about apple plus's uh severance he's in apple plus's tv's blackbird and he is really really good because he's really good at that too sam amick of the athletic when we come back right here on the rich eisen show paul walter hauser an hour three robert griffin the third hour two you for hopefully all three hours let's talk hoops with the athletic senior nba writer when we come back back here on the rich eisen show terrestrial radio outfit love his work definitely wanted to call him on a very busy day in the nba and i greatly appreciate his time on such a busy day from the athletic senior writer uh sam amick on the mercedes-benz vans phone line how you doing sam doing great rich thanks for having me sir appreciate the time so let's get right uh first up what's up with the spurs uh trading away such a talented young player like dajonte murray what's up with that yeah certainly it's funny and we kind of wrote about this myself and our atlanta beat writer chris kershner the idea that as the hawks were trying to go after dajonte them and a lot of other teams were kind of asking that question like why is this guy available you know it is are there skeletons is there a problem and the truth is there's not it's it's two things uh for one you know they were in kind of nba purgatory if you will you know just good enough to make a playing tournament not bad enough to to be you know in the game for the best uh draft prospects out there um you know including the young frenchman victor uh that that is going to be available next year that everybody's talking about and who happens to play for tony parker's uh french team so that is an incentive but also murray's deal um you know 17 million roughly this year around the same next year is is uh and actually just heard an interesting chat with uh jake fisher from leacher report made a hell of a point where he talked about the idea that it was almost jaylen brunston-esque and from the standpoint that you know the mavs um got caught in this in-between situation with brunston where financially you know you go from not being able to extend a guy because his contract is below market which is like the jante's to to then you know having to deal with that down the road and then the spurs were there with the jante it was going to be tough for them to extend them and then you would just have to hold your breath and free agency two summers from now um and so all those things throw them in a bucket and they decide to rebuild which is counter-intuitive because it's greg popovich you're talking about and i do think they wrestled over that decision a lot in fact you know early this week the hawks and spurs were talking there was momentum on this deal and then san antonio went dark for probably 36 hours roughly um and it was a little strange and i i would love to have been a fly on the wall in their offices you know and you're talking about rc buford their long time right-hand man of pop in their front office and then brian wright their gm it does for sure sound like they had this extremely robust you know debate about rebuild or compete and they chose to rebuild wow okay so then the hawks what a nice move that is for them uh what else do you think they can do to get into the conversation in the east or do they feel this is enough where an east with the celtics we were all assuming how young and talented they they are uh gonna get better even though they were just two games shy of winning it all this year and the sixers and the bucks and the heat and what i can't wait to see what pat riley is going to cook up here but uh what do you think the hawks next move is if there is one sam amy yeah i mean that's the part that if i was the hawks would concern me i understand you know tony wrestler the hawks owner is a major player here as far as you know driving force he's he's very aggressive at the moment kind of mandated their front office that they swing big and they did that but then to your point you know yesterday as i'm writing this story and i actually have it in front of me it's this one line with all the teams that you just mentioned you know the hawks must find a way to contend in an eastern conference with boston milwaukee philadelphia miami and brooklyn like who we like now that kyrie irving has opted in things are still tenuous in brooklyn but for the time being they got kevin durant kyrie irving and ben simmons and it does sound i know it's people might chuckle but sounds like ben's gonna play um they used to loaded the hawks are gonna need to continue pushing and so a john collins trade i still expect to happen i don't know when exactly could be soon could be a little bit farther out um but i don't think the murray deal changes anything about the collins situation and so it's hard to evaluate where they fall in the east and kind of impossible until you know what happens with that deal that's a major you know another shoe to drop what are they getting back for john collins that's going to have everything to do with their ability to keep up with the joneses in the east senior nba writer sam amick from the athletic here on the rich eisen show james hardin gives the flexibility to darryl mori to build a championship team around him by not opting back in that's the general sense of that maneuver yes sam yes yes not a not a shocker um when james even when the the nets and the Sixers were talking about the james hardin trade one of the things that you know made the Sixers feel confident about the move was because of the relationship with darryl mori and james obviously from the houston days that the darryl knew that when this summer came that he that james was going to be malleable to an extent with his contract that he was going to potentially leave some money on the table to make things easier for darryl to do his job and and that's where we'll see if it works but it it's definitely a major positive for them but you know when you have that kind of synergy between gm and star player where you know you can just kind of almost bring him into your front office and help him understand what you're trying to do and he has you know confidence and faith in you so it might allow them to go out you know a lot of chatter about them bringing pj tucker back into the fold and continuing down this uh 2018 rockets you know reunion type approach um but listen pj you know it's still playing at a really high level um and so we'll see if that happens but yeah james is trying to do whatever he can contract-wise to uh to strengthen their depth so that that's the maneuver it would be pj tucker or anything else that would be on the radar screen any big moves any huge moves they can add a third major big time star there do you think or they have that in maxi pretty much yeah i mean maxi's got to get to the next level that's you know that's a something they can obviously be excited about because he that's a good year last year you know matisse dible to buy his hair has possible trades you know those are things that are still out there the harris thing is such an interesting quandary because you know he's he's a pretty good fit for what they do he's a really good player but it's always obviously everybody you get hung up on the contract and and it's pretty restrictive for you know what they're able to do because of that deal but they haven't found takers for him in the past so i mean who knows if something happens there you know they had made title available um you know in an inch you know just try again trying to free up space going into free agency that didn't end up transpiring so the only you know third star wise you would hear about a bradley bill you know all indications are he's staying in washington so i just don't know who that guy is uh you know kyrie's camp had thrown philly onto its list when he was going through his situation but that's obviously kind of tapped down so i'm not for now seeing the path to you know to them adding another massive star i think it's probably around the edges so no one's going to make a yolo shot at bradley bill they just assume he opted out to opt back in at the max or or what that's the sense i mean you know free agency is nothing if not unpredictable sometimes so um but yeah the wind is for sure going that direction um and it just feels very much like you know bradley's going to take the bag and and you are going to hear a lot about his loyalty to washington and this and that but then around the league you know it's going to be a matter of time before okay it might be a year down the road year and a half two years if they're not turning it turning it around that then bradley re-enters these conversations but but right now i'm not seeing it sam amick of the athletic here on the rich eisen show so i guess what what's what's going to be the big splash do you think uh for a free agency because now that we're seeing who the opting in and opting out um durant might not be on the move unless that goes sideways all of a sudden in brooklyn uh damion lillard you know instagrammed out a photograph photoshop of him with durant in uh in a blazer's uniform i mean somebody needs to the lillard needs someone to go play with him i think because unless he's gonna demand to be out i'm i'm looking for where the big splash may be over the next few days sam i don't blame you yeah it is it might be a little bit underwhelming you know but we also might get shocked i mean you mentioned dame i think i think dame's situation is interesting you know it's been reported that the blazers are uh ready to offer that you know two-year extension uh over a hundred million dollars but you know i look at that situation and i said i think game is gonna keep evaluating you know what i mean like they they added jeremy grant that was the guy that he wanted um i think they're gonna need to add more if they want his if they want his signature you know on that extension so that's something to watch because you know let's say they they they don't make any noise they don't make any improvements then who knows it might it might be around the corner that we're talking about you know again is dame gonna stick you know stick it out in portland so that's on my mind a little bit the free agency side you know d'andrea is not the sexiest name out there but man his his market is pretty interesting he's restricted free agent of course with phoenix and it's just such a unique situation to have a former number one pick who's coming off a career year for a team that won 64 games in the regular season now i'm obviously giving the very rosy version of you know his status because the flip side of that is they flamed out in the playoffs in terrible fashion he got benched late in the season finale when you know my understanding is he he didn't close out tamani williams liking on a defensive assignment you know he got into him a little bit uh they they didn't see eye to eye and then that's the end of d'andrea season so um you know the sun didn't want to give aid and his max last summer seemed like a lot of feelings are still hurt there but i don't know his market is not shaping up uh very well and so that i think is going to be one of the more interesting things front and center you know today tomorrow is you know detroit was seen as like a safe haven for d'andre where a possible max deal could be waiting for him but then between what they did in the draft and since they are considered off the market for aden uh some of these other teams that they you know thought he might head to even brooklyn if there was a kevin durant trade it would chatter about what if durant went to phoenix and aden and mchale bridges might have gone to brooklyn all these you know big time possibilities that seem to be not in play anymore and and have me wondering kind of where d'andre lands sam aton a few more minutes left with this sorry sam amick a few more minutes left with the senior nba rider of the athletic i tried to give you a d'andre money right there so um so so you're welcome so uh i don't know why i'm stuck on this i'm just stuck on it my spidey sense is is going off about pat riley i don't know why i just feel like he yeah yeah you know uh joel mb's tweet i know he's uh trowell mb but uh he he sent out a tweet saying you know miami needs another star i mean we all see it he sees it i'm not saying that he meant himself but i'm just saying he sees it riley knows it the team is so good they they they play so well and i love the coach i mean they're they're they've got it set up they just need to make that one big move similar to you know the taking talents to south beach type move and i'm just wondering what he's got cooking and and if the if if everything is set up or something can be set up if there's something i'm not seeing that he can do well what do you think sam am i off you could tell me to get off this i'm i have no problem no you're not you're not off i mean listen we know what they do out there and pat riley and andy ellisburg is long time front office right-hand man like they they know what they're doing and they like you said they know they need another guy i just don't think timing-wise it's right now because i don't think that guy exists for one my day got off to a comedic start because the first thing i saw on my phone was a tweet from tim reynolds of the ap indicating that the heat would not be having a meeting with jaylen brudson which had been reported yesterday and i love that because it was a it was very heat style to publicly check you know brudson everybody you know unofficially knows is going to the nicks and so it was a little puzzling yesterday it was like wait you're going to try to use miami as cover you know for these supposed free agency talks when everybody feels like you've already made up your mind and here come the heat you know making it clear like we're not going to be anybody's you know kind of part of their dog and pony show so they put that out there so jaylen brudson is not that guy um i will say and this is again for down the road when the durant stuff started getting louder and and i was trying to find out okay if kevin was going to try to head elsewhere where might it be you know i'd heard about atlanta having a ton of interest it would be coming after him for sure but miami and phoenix were the two they crossed my desk and so you know i would say that that would obviously be you know incredible and then you know heat style for sure but i think that is going to require the nets to to kind of devolve again and even more into a place where kevin actually wants to leave uh independent of those you know that name i just i don't know who it is you know we mentioned veal and again i could be wrong there maybe to find a way to to make that happen i'm just not hearing it right now yeah i know so they might lose tucker and then run it all back with the same group um you know that's what's hard because you talk about pressure and that's my favorite part of cover in this time of year is like man pressure just it dictates everything right like the hawks had a lot of pressure on them they they pushed to get murray the heat have a lot of pressure on them a lot of you know not not the same type of pressure this is the pressure of jimmy butler playing at his peak but also being on a massive contract and one that that you just can't afford to wait at all in the jimmy butler era because of his age because you got to be a little nervous especially with the way he competes about some drop off right like so you don't want to get kevin duran next summer when you just lost another year of jimmy by jimmy butler prime so prime so i agree that um it is not great for them if they do have to just run it back because they're going to be seen as a second tier eastern conference team but we have also seen as much as we we our minds kind of focus on the heedles and and when they've made the magic happen there's been plenty of years when you know they got kind of stuck by the rules and they couldn't make the magic happen so you know they might have to wait last one for you sam amick of the athletic i mean i could just walk down the street ring the bell and ask jenny bus uh myself but i've got you saying hello it's okay it's all good you've got the dog in you just like mac jones so um so uh i could just ring the doorbell and ask the lakers myself but i have you on the phone uh what's going on down the street right now with the lakers do you think sam uh not i come there on my end other than the malik monk situation it's interesting you know he's been there's you know kind of a love affair between you know as far as the the laker stars and malik they certainly want it back but you know it's it's one of those things where a lot of these players it's like you know you have the emotional human dynamics of these decisions and then you just have the market which has been malik monk you just can't blame him for not being excited for coming back for the pack pair mid-level exception you know considering the guy was you know giving you almost 20 a game uh that's just that's counterintuitive so you know the kings have been tied to malik i think that's a possibility um and you know for the lakers it's tricky because you are taking big swings on karee and missing you're trying to find westbrook trades that don't exist so now you're trying to make the best of a bad situation with rust but if the lakers go into next season you know really having stood pat and then losing malik monk um then yeah i mean i don't i don't know where you're handicapping them but it's going to be another long tough year and it'll be unfortunate because as we know lebron continues to do his thing and play at a high level but it's really not going to matter so you know meaningless lebron years are less than ideal and we might be looking at another one unless they can really kind of pull the rabbit out of the hat here i love that looking for westbrook trades that don't exist i mean that pretty much sums it up huh sam i mean yeah yeah i mean it's you know you've got cap teams that maybe you can you can i hate the word dump but i mean just you can send them out there but it's like you're you're gonna have to attach draft assets to that and that you know that handicaps you in other ways it really is they have painted themselves into a corner um nobody really wanted ever to put their kind of own up to the mistakes that were made because it was you know is it rob palinkas at lebron you know um i mean you know the clutch and the rich paul influence just everybody kind of looked the other way on how this whole thing got to where it is but the westbrook thing has been a disaster and it's not just about whether or not he's playing like he used to it's everything that you know the way that it restricted them if it didn't go perfectly and obviously it has not well at least he's still singing and driving we saw that right uh on his i missed that what did he do oh my gosh the day that he picked up his 40 gajillion dollar option he was just sitting in his front seat and he just tweeted out a video of him singing about you can't you know you can't take my soul and you just he was just yeah and and the only thing you could take away from it is uh is he's definitely not going to be on the mass singer he's no victor oladipo brother at all not at all a bad week for a superstar singer because i you know no disrespect steph curry did not exactly nail a the hamilton rendition that i saw him dropping with his daughter in the car the other day yeah his daughter was carrying the team his daughter was carrying that team yeah yeah another curry that quietly carrying the tune another yes another curry that can carry a team another one we've just we discovered another one thanks for the time sam i greatly appreciate it look for my call as we get throughout the summer really do thank you so much that's sam amic right back thank you right back at you i follow sam on twitter you should as well and it's a very busy time for him so i greatly appreciate his time right there tony wrestler of the f of the hawks being aggressive man okay you know what i think he figures out that this trade why not make it because it's definitely not going to be less than zero you know mari's mari's not going to be a square peg in the uh falcon and the uh hawks uh roster wait a minute i'm not done i'm not done i'm not done even though i just got to the wrong atlanta team i'm not done i'm not that they asked they asked for another first rounder uh the spurs for mari and they said we just can't spare a square can't spare it you're saying they're not going to be running around there like a bunch of lost boys not like a lot no not like a bunch of lost boys cohesive unit one more you got one more in you ah let me see i've got her i've got jamie gertz's filmography hold on a minute well you know mari now joins you know atlanta's she was in this is us she was in this is us i know she's had some time on entourage so murray's joining their entourage that's right right exactly and um and and at the end of the at the end of the season they hope to still be standing still standing oh you beat me to that damn it good job yet more cogent sports analysis from the rich eyes come on we do it all we're back with more on the rich eyes and show in a moment eight four four four rich number two down uh eight four four two oh four rich number two down jimmy and san antonio figured out we'd hear from jimmy today what's up sir jimmy oh i know you're not happy i wouldn't blame you dijante murray is exactly the type of player you want on your franchise you want in the community you want face forward face out i mean uh he's terrific he's terrific it's it's no bueno today in san antonio guys oh yeah dijante is he's perfect he is a model citizen he's increased his uh output every single year he's a he's a player that every team in the nba would want yes and uh i guess sam talked me off the ledge a little bit with you know like the money situation but well it's not just that he also said you know with him you you you you're right there in that the the no man's land which was good enough to get to the playing tournament but not good enough to get out of the playing tournament and then not bad enough to miss the plane tournament and get a a lottery pick you know so and but we have to believe in rc pop and brian white you know that's not our mo typically is a spurs front office we've got right now we have tons of draft picks so i guess we're going to go after arch manning i don't know what never know man thanks for the call appreciate it jimmy there you go yeah you know at least in the nfl you can put some first round draft choices together to get up to the spot where you definitely want to go in the nba you can't do that i guess you could do that on draft night once the draft order has been set by the the uh the lottery right i guess you could do that but it doesn't really that some are protected others aren't protected it's not the same thing and then they're also like three the the um the hawks just gave up three first round picks two of them are three drafts and five drafts away right so what are you going to do with that information if you're a spurs fan nothing right absolutely nothing i mean there's a kid playing i guess for tony parker's team in france that they're they're aware of but you can't guarantee like like you can't guarantee that i mean you don't even know that he's gonna be there for you the eagles when they amassed all those first round picks and the dolphins amassed all those first round picks you could basically you we were saying they could essentially trade up for whoever they wanted first overall because they can offer those picks to an nfl team and you would say that's a pretty good shot that they could trade up they could trade up to get whoever they wanted unless you had a team that was first overall like the bangles saying go pound sand we want joe burrow i'm serious or go pound sand we want we want trevor lawrence if you're jacksonville right there could be a first overall team that has the quarterback that they want because they've already drafted that guy and he hasn't performed well enough yet or hasn't been surrounded well enough yet that they still have the worst record in the nfl like jacksonville right yeah like this year if there was a major big time quarterback available this year the jaguars would have traded that pick 15 times to thursday night in vegas they would have done it already yep right right off the bat it's just a different scenario with the nba draft so a a fan like jimmy's kind of like okay we got all these first round picks but it's our best player who who who's that going to be next year so so we could be so bad that we wind up drafting third overall anyway and then there's nobody in college right now that you can look at and say top three you're taking care of don't worry about it you're going to get somebody incredible hopefully the next jason tatum would be walking through that door for somebody like that and then he would pass on him oh boy i went third overall yeah and you know i mentioned third overall just in case they don't get the ping pong balls bouncing right and tj's too focused on not having a blue check mark to actually respond right now i mean that we'll hit on that later rg3 is coming up next hour we'll talk a little bit of football on this day and which team is the team that you're not talking about that you should be i've got the top five such football teams and we come back rg3 and you our two coming up and it is uh i think it's the the last day in june right what day is it correct it's june 30. oh what does that mean let's take a look let's take a look june 30 the yankees are 56 and 20 having just swept the oakland and with the red socks having finally gotten one in toronto jesus we can't beat that team finally having gotten one in toronto that means uh they're back in second place but because the yankees won again uh they're frozen right there 13 bakers dozen lead that's a red hot sizzle right there what is the best division in major league that's it right there that's the best division in major league baseball hands every team is down 13 games that's because the best team in baseball is on the most torrid pace imaginable and that makes it the best division though it is maybe another one with the nl west with the dodgers padres and giants rockies and diamondbacks nl east nl east you've got the mets in the end and and the braves and and the uh the phillies trying to get back to 500 minus harper come on now man come on i don't i don't know how you can be the best team in division when everyone's 13 games behind let me just take a look here so i'm i'm i'm not talking completely out of a problem here uh in the um the national league wild card you've got an nl west team an nl east team and an nl central team okay kind of balanced right there right right yeah okay in the american league wild card you know it's all the east team it's all the east teams after the yankees how is that not the best the best division in baseball kicked by the yankees so like who cares okay so you've no shot then great thank you for admitting that uh i will take you know what i i will take that admission that the red sox despite being 10 games above 500 having just barely avoided getting swept by another team that's 10 games above 500 the same division that also has the raise in it not the best division in baseball because the yankees are so good red sox have no chance so what i will do is win the division i will take that celebratory moment uh just envision me right now tj okay in a cart and being pushed down uh a dugout to celebrate like i've never celebrated before this is such a weird take by you before you just got shown up by the host it's a great celebration absolutely not like my three-year-old down the produce aisle your team has no high five everybody no fun for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts you
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