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REShow: Ro Parrish - Hour 2

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July 12, 2022 3:18 pm

REShow: Ro Parrish - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 12, 2022 3:18 pm

Guest host Ben Lyons explains why he’s not that big a fan of the game of 2-time NBA MVP Nikola Jokic, and TJ reveals his G.O.A.T. players in franchise history for the San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks, Memphis Grizzlies, Houston Rockets, and New Orleans Pelicans. 

 Turner Sports/NBA TV host Ro Parrish tells Ben why he hated Isiah Thomas as a player but loves working with him on TV, predicts big things for Deion Sanders and Jackson State on the national level next season, reveals what it’s like to be BFF’s with Shaq, and says why he wants to see Kevin Durant on the Miami Heat and Carmelo Anthony back on the Knicks or Nuggets. 

Brockman and Ben react to the Emmy nominations announcements and discuss if HBO’s controversial ‘Winning Time’ series deserved more than just one technical nomination.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. The dude elevates people. The Rich Eisen Show with guest host Ben Lyons. This dude is a winner. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

But I do have a little substitute teacher vibes but the idea that you guys are on it. You're focused. You're dialed in. Earlier on the show, Rams play-by-play announcer JB Long. Coming up from Turner Sports, Rowe Parrish.

Plus former NBA veteran and Fab Five member Jimmy King. And now, here's Ben Lyons. Welcome back to the show. The show rolls on. Ben Lyons in for Rich. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Appreciate that guy on Twitter who just hit me up and said that Carmelo is joining the live of basketball.

Yeah, thank you. Carmelo said that he doesn't want to play with his son. Yeah, I saw that interview with Cassidy.

Shout out to Cassidy Hubbard working hard out at Summer League. That was an amazing interview last night. He's like no, no, no, no. I'm not doing that.

I'm gonna pass the torch. Is that a shot at Lebron? No, that's a shot at his own body being like there's no way I'm gonna last that long.

That's what that was. That was him saying my kid's got another three or four years so he's gonna be in the league. I'm just looking for any shots at Lebron. No, no, I'm just looking for this announcement.

I hope it happens this week where we see we hear, you know, the breaking news that Carmelo Anthony has joined the Golden State Warriors as they look to repeat as NBA champions. I mean how what a perfect fit, right? Are you gonna jump on the splash uncle? Unk splash.

That is a genius t-shirt. Come on. I mean that is just right to tell. That would be amazing. I want Golden State for year 20 or I want Denver.

Cue the Diddy music. I'm coming home. Oh, he comes back with Jokic and he can be the one to elevate Jokic.

It'd be amazing. I don't think that that's back in Denver. It's the only way he gets his number retired there. Yeah, but it doesn't what number doesn't Joker wear?

Who wears 15? Yeah, Joker does. So it's like Carmelo gonna give him like Joker just signed for 200 and like whatever million dollars. But if Melo wins that title, oh man.

In Denver? That would be great. If Melo does sign with Denver though, Joker should give up 15 for him, right? That would be cool and then yeah he actually might sell some jerseys Jokic. He could have a new number this year and everyone will go and get it.

I think it'd be dope. I would love Denver Melo to return for one last run. You don't like Jokic, do you? I'm not a Jokic guy. Not. What is it about him that you don't like? I don't like the attitude. I thought he almost murdered a Morris Twin.

Oh yeah, that's right. I don't like how he got kicked out as the MVP of a deciding playoff game, an elimination playoff game for his team. He was ejected in the third quarter. What behavior is that? It's absurd. And then he goes off and is off making some horse pull him around Serbia.

This footage of him riding in a cart. None of this really has anything to do with his basketball skills. But you will acknowledge how great he is. He's incredible. He's incredible.

Here's my issue. Genuinely here's my nerdy basketball issue with him. The same way that my friends would attack me for Carmelo and that how his game is so you know unique as a scorer that he can't do anything. Jokic is that way. He's so special and unique a player. You have to run your offense through him just like you had to do with Melo and it can only take you so far just like Melo could.

Melo didn't have that next level of greatness to his game and I'm the first to admit that and the same is with Jokic. You cannot have a guy who's defensive liability and someone who can't you know close out playoff games by being in the games. He's getting ejected in games. It's ridiculous.

That's one game he got his third. You must hate Draymond. It wasn't the MVP of the league.

That's the same stuff though. Like I don't know if this is like fake like horror against Jokic but you can't. Like come on bro.

Nothing fake over here it's all real bro. Because this dude really literally has the only hole in his game as you might say defensively he's a liability but I'd say 70 percent of the national basketball association. Just the same energy that Melo got for being a defensive liability for not getting to the next level. I want to see that same energy for Jokic. But it isn't because Jokic also averages like 10 assists a game bro. He's a willing player. You want Melo to pass the ball to 35 year old rookie Pablo Prejoni.

I don't know but I mean every talking skill set wise you can't you can't really knock you. Look Joker has been amazing the last two years obviously MVP. I want to see him this year with oh I don't know his two best teammates that didn't play last season.

Because Jamal is kind of good at basketball. Yeah so is MPJ so I want to see them out there with him. Well you know my thoughts on MPJ. You know running full force.

What are your thoughts? You don't know my thoughts about MPJ. He's just like a grown-up bad guy from a Mighty Ducks movie. He does look like doesn't he look like or like three ninjas.

He's like the bad guy in the karate tournament and now he's all grown up. All right let's get to uh TJ's uh let's get to uh this is TJ's greatest basketball players in the history of every NBA franchise. Yesterday we did the central. What kind of music you want TJ? I'll let you pick it Mikey. You know give me some basketball wise you know. Basketball symphony you know.

Hey that sounds like the ball dribbling to me. I like that yo. All right guys so we're back man. We're going to continue with this whole goat thing and now we're on the southwest division in the western conference. So we have the Mavericks, the Rockets, the Grizzlies, the Pelicans, and the Spurs.

So right off the bat I'm going to start with the easy one. Uh we're going to start with the San Antonio Spurs. Five-time national basketball association champions.

Rich history. One of if not maybe possibly the greatest coach of all time and Greg Popovich. He's definitely in that conversation. I think that's something we'd all agree upon and a rich history of players and so it really boiled down to a group of guys that included Manny Ginobili, Tony Parker, George Gervin, David Robinson, and Altoona Pennsylvania's finest my my god brother Johnny Moore who used to run point guard for the Spurs. But ultimately Tim Duncan is the greatest spur of all time while regarded as the greatest power forward of all time and my top 10 NBA players of all time list. Tim Duncan just unbelievable and he's the reason that I yell every big man and say you see the square on the glass use that it'll help your game.

Uh next up the Dallas Mavericks. The big fundamental you mentioned Tony Parker greatest player in the history of France. You mentioned Manu Ginobili greatest player in the history of South America and then yeah don't forget someone who put on this is from Brazil so that could be okay it's up for debate and then uh somebody else who put on a Spurs jersey you should get some love probably the greatest player in the history of New York City playgrounds Lloyd Daniels. Sweet Pete Daniels. Sweet Pete. I'm remiss for not mentioning him I'm a big Lloyd Daniels fan watched about two different documentaries got to see the guy play in Pittsburgh when the ABA came back and uh Lloyd Daniels six eight point guard who got real low and dribbled I'll never forget that that was interesting and one of my favorite international players of all time played for the Spurs Uwe Blob. Uwe Blob what do you think about uh Tim Duncan Brockman would you say that that's pretty much uh yeah no-brainer from Tim Duncan the big fundamental good we're in agreement there all right so Dallas Mavericks up next uh Mavs were a two-time one-time NBA champion I can't remember right now I just drew a blank there uh another team that first and foremost I want to give a shout out to another Altoona guy Mike Iselino used to play point guard for the Mavs didn't really have a great Mavs career but if you ever played NBA Jam back in the day he was on NBA Jam Ben so that alone puts him on some type of great list but with the Mavs we have Rolando Blackmon if you know your early 80s late 90s NBA I remember playing a road high school basketball game uh in Brooklyn and we walked into the gym and I saw Rolando Blackmon was doing the play-by-play for the game and I knew we were gonna get waxed by 30 and we did Derek Harper another point guard uh increased the scoring average the first 10 years of his career that you know how hard that is to do by the way yeah was nice yes Mark Aguirre, Jason Kidd again two great great Mavs but I went with Dirk Nowitzki on this one has to be no brainer has to be Dirk correct I love the big German Dirk's incredible he's so easy his game the way that it evolved throughout his career as his athleticism dwindled was a joy to watch I love Dirk Nowitzki I'm so happy he got one I was rooting for him and that for that that you know that second series against the Heat um yeah big Dirk guy and Brockman as someone who like claims to be a great three-point shooter wow when you think about Dirk you got a guy who's seven feet tall he already shoots with the ball over his head right and that fade away virtually impossible to stop him when he got one of the most unstoppable shots ever do you guys have Dirk in your top 10 all time I would have to really sit and dissect no that's probably at 12 maybe I put a Kima Lajuan over Dirk I would say I do have Dirk's old man jump shot in my game now as we're heading into one last summer tour that's what we're calling this year I've retired the one last summer tour you're you're retired I think I'm retired I'm playing every game like my last could be I would say it's over dr clapper you're either pre-op or post-op I would say duck or Dirk definitely top 25 and then it would have to break it down from there might be and I'm with bad I'm in that 12 to kind of 16 range for Dirk like I said I'll definitely say 25 and probably even lower than that but just off the top of these have all been easy you know you hit us with a bunch yesterday these are all kind of been like everybody knows are there any in this list today that's right I start off with easy ones now we're going to go one more easy one before we get to the harder ones and that's the Houston Rockets right Houston Rockets of course you know you go the whole way back to Calvin Murphy and you have the great the great Moses Malone Rudy T uh Tracy McGrady Rudy Tomjanovich James Harden and Brockman will tell you James Harden if you don't know if you don't remember putting some serious work as a member of the rockets yeah don't forget Yao Yao Ming too I'm career cut short but definitely you know a very identifiable rocket player but it's Hakeem Olajuwon the man's nickname is the dream you don't get a nickname like the dream unless you're really good and guess what this man was really good as the great Michael Jordan once told me quote we could never do anything with Hakeem so that should kind of tell you how great this man was you really get an understanding of Hakeem Olajuwon's greatness from hearing the stories of other players either players who played against him or I told you guys you know I was coaching out last week with Kenny Smith out in Long Island and he talks about playing alongside Hakeem on those two championship teams and just how dominant he was and how incredible he was as a leader and a person and it's why all the big guys go and visit him still get their their footwork on and it's just um yeah he's definitely kind of slept on in in the uh the all-time great conversation around the NBA so okay now we're going to get to the harder ones guys do it these are the ones we're going to start here with the Memphis Grizzlies formerly the Vancouver Grizzlies this was tough you know um doesn't obviously have the long rich history that these other teams have but they've had some really good players you know my man Sharif Abdur-Rahim is someone who I really enjoyed watching Mike Bibby Steve Francis not on this list Steve Francis we could say uh big country Bryant Reeves big country oh I tried so hard to write him into an all-star game remember we used to actually write in the ballots yes I used to go to every McDonald's on the Upper West Side and just take all the ballots and write in Bryant Reeves didn't happen didn't happen you know but it's welling down to two players right now guys and my two players are Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph I'm like one of these two has to be the greatest player in franchise history and I went back and forth with these guys you know of course Marc Gasol had the defensive player of the year award a little bit longer career with the team but to me the the greatest era of Memphis Grizzlies basketball not counting what we've got going on right now in the jar that grindhouse era with Gasol with Tony Allen with Mike Conley and I feel like Zach Randolph just embodied everything that that team and that culture was about so for that reason I went with Zach Randolph Debo as the Grizzlies I gotta say it's only a couple years in but like it probably should be Ja right I mean Ja like I said like I said yesterday with the Bucks 10 years from now whoever does this list it'll probably be Ja so I saw Ja play five times live this year and I never saw him play once in Memphis like I'm obsessed with this man he is honestly on the list of top five athletes you would pay top dollar to see play live in all of sports he is worth it is an experience I remember there was an old like NBA superstars tape they always talked about how when you paid to see Dr. J he wanted to give you one moment that you said that's why I paid my money I got my money's worth I saw that and Ja does that like times he gives you five moments I think every performer would probably share that right right right and but the problem is you gotta start to you gotta go there and do it and I don't like that he played less than 60 games I don't like also the fact that the team went something like 22 and two in his absence right I don't like that Jaron Jackson's not going to be ready till January or so so they're going to have an interesting season and now he's paid and I want to see him take it to another level because he should be the one who who is the answer to that question who's the greatest player but as of today he can't be no but no he's ahead of the snake I thought you were going to mention Connolly as the greatest player ever and he has the longest tenure I gave him a shout out there yeah definitely Azibo and now we're coming up with the New Orleans Pelicans formerly Charlotte Hornets and so you had to merge those franchise history and kind of you know you have your Alonzo Mornings you're Larry Johnson's you know you're Kelly Trapuca's you know great former Hornets and then you get to the Pelican side then Oklahoma City Hornets remember we had that whole era with David West and Chris Paul but I think basically guys when you look at the numbers and you break it all down even though this man right now is kind of getting dragged by the new media old media and we're kind of talking about not we because I haven't but people talk kind of bad about them the fact of the matter is Anthony Davis put in some very serious work on the basketball court and I think he's more than worthy of being the goat of that entire franchise yeah one of the all-star game MVP in New Orleans as well when he was playing there and took them to the playoffs and won a playoff series I believe in New Orleans um a longer you know if you look at Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mornings careers they really had their postseason success defined elsewhere but Alonzo in New York one of my things was you have to play at least three seasons Alonzo just had three for them and then he moved on so yeah yeah Alonzo I think went on to play in the NBA finals with New Jersey like he went on had a great career after in Miami he won the rings yeah and and their history was so new back then so he would obviously be their greatest player playing for three years well honestly I think Muggsy Bogues might be their best player and I apologize I'm sorry I wrote Muggsy's name here I forgot to mention to me Muggsy Bogues guys and I think Chris you and I have talked about this I think legitimately one of the absolute greatest athletes that this planet has ever seen when you consider a five foot three inch point guard playing that long what 14 years in the association so we have a family connection as to why Tyrone Bogues is called Muggsy my father's godfather is a playwright named Sidney Kingsley he wrote this play called the Bowery Boys collection of stories about kids growing up on the Lower East Side during the Depression it turned that into a tv show that apparently Tyrone Bogues and his friends would watch every day after school the leader of the crew on the show is this little tiny guy who was a lot tougher than his stature would suggest and his nickname on the show was Muggsy so everyone in the town in Winston-Salem knew that Tyrone loved that show they called him Muggsy off of the show that my father's godfather wrote there you go Muggsy Bogues connection shout out to Muggsy man is that the whole that's that's it that's all the teams that whole division right there I like it so we got Dirk, Hakeem Olajuwon, Zach Randolph, Anthony Davis, Tim Duncan very international we're taking it to the Cayman Islands the greatest swimmer in the history of the Cayman Islands pretty cool actually known from the east to the west coast yeah the Cayman Islands I thought were just only for offshore bank accounts I didn't even know that was a real place I thought it was just made up for the movies like Gene Hackman's like I gotta go to the Caymans that's not a real place right there's laws don't exist there yeah that's not a real place it's it's like something you hear about in the firm it's like oh I got an offshore account in the Caymans oh cool that's for tv like 555 area code for hey guys what better setting for the 150th open than the old course at St. Andrew's think about it's the birthplace of golf it's where the hope of today is inspired by the legends already written here the open championship Saturday 7 a.m eastern that's 4 a.m out here on the west coast on NBC and Peacock wake up with the open championship at St. Andrew's coming up next my old co-host Rowe Parrish from my days on the warm-up you know him from Turner Sports, NBA TV hangs out with Deion Sanders as well Ed Reed yeah he's a character we got Rowe Parrish checking in next it's Ben Lyons filling in for Rich on the Rich Eisen show every golf equipment company claims to be longer off the tee you know that every golf equipment company says yeah we're the longest off the tee we're the longest but guess what Callaway's new rogue st driver is the only one the only one built to completely bomb it it's been speed tuned to the cap to it's been I gotta slow down because the speed tune is too fast it's been speed tuned to be Callaway's fastest most stable driver ever whoo that was fast every rogue st is engineered with a new tungsten speed cartridge which gives you more speed on off-center hits and provides more forgiveness thanks to high moi but that's just the beginning because Callaway has engineered a rogue st for every type of golfer every player on the golf course most golfers well they'll fit into the max because of its incredible combination of distance and forgiveness but there's also max d their dedicated draw model for players who need more shot shape correction now if you need something more low spin there's max ls which gives you stronger trajectory with a more neutral ball flight but for the true players out there the real og's the real players players play as my high school coach ray vocale always used to say the rogue st triple diamond ls is the compact low spin head that the tour players love Callaway has thought through every aspect of speed so all you have to do is go to rogue find your rogue sc driver and you're going to have to find your rogue sc driver at callaway slash rogue row parish coming up next ben lions in for rich in the rich eyes and show welcome back to the rich eyes and show welcome back ben lions in here for rich all week long i appreciate anybody who's watching listening tweeting commenting just engaging with our show these guys work so hard every day to put on this program and it's a joy to be a part of i look forward to this opportunity and uh yeah it's really cool to come here and feel like it's home it's wild last year a bunch of strangers i'm staring out at it now i got family here it's nice yeah we weren't sure about you at first it's like a fast and furious movie just pull out the coronas and uh let's live our life one quarter mile at a time it's all about family family somebody else who's uh who's my family he was my family for a few years when i was hosting a show down in atlanta at the tnt studios turner studios down there which is just like basketball heaven you feel like you have entered the the gates of basketball heaven and you get to hang out with your childhood heroes uh hosted a show with him called the warm-up that was on nba twitter he's still down there at nba tv it's my co-host is roe parrish he joins the show now how you doing man man i am amazing you are now rocking with the best of who posts with bars i'm blessed oh yes then what's good coming into energy today bro i love it i love it now when you're doing radio do the sunglasses match the pocket square in the tie or would you go with a different outfit today well you know i'm going to text you a picture as soon as we're done in fact i think i have the capability to do it right now you'll see that the glasses actually match with the shirt love it everything's going to be coordinated you know gotta stay sharp gotta stay ready so you don't have to get ready right roe absolutely you know you got to coordinate you've been down there with the nba for a few years now uh working with atlanta covering the game on nba tv and you've gotten to to watch some incredible games and some incredible moments when you think about just hanging out there in the offices are there any games or plays or moments that you got to watch and you had to almost kind of pinch yourself that the basketball fan in you was allowed to be in that room well i mean you always go back to the big playoff moments or big regular season games that have been close i can recall a couple of dame liller game winners when we're watching in the back green room with shad kenny and chuck and they go crazy the staff goes crazy just like we're fans watching the game so i always go back to moments like that those are always the big playoff games i recall a game a regular season game it was nicola yokich and the never nuggets going up against the dallas maveritch so it was late in the game and luca and the joker just kept exchanging clutch baskets and i can't remember the exact game but it was late in the season it was just one of those moments that we kept just saying oh oh oh and it's like yo this can't get any better so those are the moments you always remember those big late game situations talking yokich of course it's a regular season game guys not a playoff game rose talking about i just want to throw that in there just want to put that out there but hey roe we were talking about isaiah yesterday and i know someone you know he's somebody you guys are very close now um we need an isaiah thomas documentary we need the full story when you're sitting in there late night with zek and you're hanging out on a game time at you know 12 30 1 o'clock in january what are some of the things he's telling you about life and his career well big is number one and let me preface this i grew up outside of dallas but i have chicago ties so i was the biggest chicago bulls fan ever i still have paper cutouts championship t-shirts championship hats from the three-peat for the chicago bulls first and second three-peat i hated isaiah thomas as a player i hated him the moment i get to nba tv he becomes my favorite person to work with because i come in with these preconceived notions and he ends those immediately with how genuine of a person that he is he's sweet he's loving he's caring he is a basketball survive he tells you everything that you need to know about basketball and even gives you advice off the floor and let's let's break this down for a second he's held every position in the nba he's a top 75 top 50 player hall of fame player championship player he's been a coach he's been an executive he's been an owner so he's done everything in the league so he has a perspective on every single situation but the best moments are when he's telling stories about moments and i can't disclose everything but just moments with em and land beer on the bus and things that they discussed and how they came together and said this is what we're going to do when the bulls swept them in that last eastern conference finals in 1991 so it was really something that was planned not to be disrespectful but it was something that the celtics had did to them in the past when they had been eliminated they didn't shake their hands when they exited the floor larry bird kevin mccale they let off they let their team off the floor they didn't shake the pistons hands when they were eliminated so they just took that as okay this is the changing of the guard this is how we handle ourselves now we look back and say oh man that was so disrespectful it was wrong but that was just how things worked back then not everybody was buddy buddy like they're in the league today um but zeke was definitely one of the best if not the best leader in the game that we've ever seen and i love him to life roe parrish joining the show mba tv i should say nba champion roe parrish who received a ring for his work as the 2011 dallas mavericks dj uh also as football ties working with dion sanders in the nfl and buddies ed reid so talk to me a little bit about coach prime and what you see him doing down um you know as a coach now at this stage of his career and how it's changing college football shots out to coach prime who has the it factor and i think we all know that and it's something that can be taught it can't be uh coached it's just something that he was born with he's been successful in pretty much everything that he's done on the field we know about his football acumen all the fame player arguably the best the greatest defensive player ever to do it and now he's become a leader of men and let's not get a twist yes he's doing amazing things at jackson state but he's been coach prime for close to 10-15 years now his work outside of dallas working with young kids then going to trinity the high school there and you know leading that team to three straight championships he's been doing this for a long time now jackson state obviously didn't have a ton of success chador is there he's going to be one of the top quarterbacks in the nation make sure you pay attention to what jackson state does this year something tells me that they might just get invited to a major ball game obviously they're not in a situation to make the college football playoff but a major ball game don't be surprised that they get in there and win that thing you know you've had some wild adventures roe where 12 year old roe has to be so proud of the man you've become because you've gotten to work alongside some of your heroes and form some great relationships i'm going to tell a story about being in vegas once with roe we were out there for ces covering the convention and rose says hey what are we up to tonight you want to go meet up with shack and i'm thinking shack las vegas i've heard the stories this is gonna be crazy sign me up where are we going to dinner where's the table where's the after party roe takes me to some strip mall off the strip like complete hole in the wall nowhere little bar didn't even know if it was open and we walk in and there's a seven foot shakil o'neill just sitting in there with a hookah and you're like wow this is how shack gets down in vegas like that was nuts you've had some adventures with this dude because you know i'm not only from nba tv and turner but you know i'm from dj life what's it like becoming buddies with shack man shack is my brother he is utterly amazing a great human being who is a big ass kid sorry i curse but i'm just gonna call it like i see it he's a literally a 14 year old and uh you know 50 year old man's body good art always ready to have fun always doing crazy stuff we've done all types of skits on social media some that we can't post because they would get us in trouble but we've done a lot of things and you talk about the dj um one of our higher ups saw saw a video of one of the you know one of the concerts that we did out there she was like yeah um you can't do that anymore you need to come off stage because check obviously knows that i'm that guy i'm a retired dj i'm familiar with that life so when you're on stage with shack and he's rocking it out and you got bottles in your hand you're coordinate you know in chicks mouths that's not really something that's acceptable by the people at turner sports no no no but a good hey listen i once went to a victoria's secret keg party with lauren conrad and the president of the e-channel called me into his office and said ben if you ever go to a party like that ever again you have to invite me so we've all been there we've all learned we've all grown we've all lived to tell the tale roe parrish joining the show mba tv um what i love too roe about watching you late at night now we're doing these highlights with sam mitchell and with smitty and with everybody down there in atlanta is that um you know you have a real camaraderie now with everyone because you've been there for a few years there's a shorthand there's a language that everybody speaks that it feels like family so just talk to me and talk to our listeners and viewers just about the community of on-air talent that turner has built down there with the former players and why it's such a special place well there's a certain formula and i don't know if it's written down somewhere the people in talent services might have it they don't share it but there's a certain formula of former players and individuals that they bring into turner sports you know you have to be able to be number one hard working but at the same time someone who can laugh at themselves and enjoy other people having a good time and you gotta love who so it's a special combination of those three that brings everybody in together and we all just genuinely like each other it's like having it's like having true teammates you know i never was a professional but it's the closest thing to being in the locker room guys when you go in and get dressed and you walk in there on a hockey night oh excuse me hi my name is wayne oh yeah wayne gretzky i'm very familiar with who you are so we have the nhl side that's been great you walk in there charles barkley's in there one night and he says hey man i just got a record player could you help me out sure chuck what do you need yeah could you come set it up for me at my house got you no problem go to chuck's house chuck this record player sucks no we're gonna keep it we're gonna use it hold on for a second let me call my good friend dj jazzy jeff who's a legend uh yeah jeff look at this record yeah this is trash throw it away let me call dj clark kent who's a record the man who helped discover the notorious big and jay-z wrote tell chuck to throw that record in the trash that is done so chuck two of my respective friends that are legends of games to throw the record player away i go purchase him a new record player shout out to people at pioneer they took care of me got him some new records got him set up he was so happy the first record i throw on form is frank sinatra my way which is his go-to song anytime he is doing karaoke and he will tell you he is arguably the greatest karaoke singer of all time so chuck loves me to this day for that and that was an awesome moment and i bought him some more records and we still have fun to this day djing adventures with roe parrish mba tv ben lions in for rich on the rich eisen show um obviously uh it's that time of year where everybody is hitting refresh on the woge bombs we are anxiously awaiting the news of where kevin durant might play basketball next year um roe i know as as as a fan you're always looking for great stories and you know you you want to see basketball players at the highest level succeed at the highest level so where do you want to see kevin durant play basketball next year i want kevin durant to go wherever he is happy you know like seems miserable right now it didn't work out the kyrie experiment you know kyrie irving has played more games with sean marian he's played more games with kevin love you can go down the list of the number of players he's played more games with than he has with kevin durant and this was supposed to be the greatest assemblage of talent ever not going to happen didn't work so me personally i would love to see kevin durant in a miami heat uniform to be a part of that culture and just to go down there with coach spoe pat riley the legend shout out to karam butler who is an assistant coach there just get in with that group because they're all about toughness hard work band that culture i would like to see how kd would thrive in that environment i'd also like to see how rich kliman would thrive in all that linen he'd be wearing a lot of linen courtside in miami uh speaking about guys changing teams you know we're coming up on the 20th season for lebron james and for the ninth all-time scorer in the history of the mba a man who opened a vineyard this uh summer in the south of france carmelo anthony so where would you like to see mellow uh finish up the career you think he's going to sign with golden state help them repeat row let's talk that into existence you know what ben i know that you would love that but why not have carmelo go back to one of his former stops whether that be denver where he could be an absolute i guess he would wear number 70 couldn't wear 15. sorry sidetrack for a minute go to denver or go back to new york go back to the places where you are loved you are appreciated and close out your career there you know get some more points on the ball with the nicks because we know they're not going to be competing for any type of championship anytime soon or you can help the nuggets bolster their roster their depth and maybe they can compete and get out of the first round ro the idea of mellow coming back to new york and ending his career in orange and blue has me like uh like a teething infant i would just be weeping the entire season i don't think i have the emotional fortitude to survive that um what's on uh what's on deck for you a little a little off-season time we're gonna see you over partying with like paul george and carl anthony towns at his wedding in italy or something or what are we doing yeah man i'm not going to italy and and shouts out to those guys shots out to um everybody that's exploring the off-season and i'm enjoying my off-season too i would not be in italy though we're not gonna see you on the magic johnson like yacht in greece wearing a versace t-shirt no unfortunately no that's a couple's only getaway and i don't have a significant other to join me as of now so i didn't get the invite well the summer is young ro the best is yet to come wishing you a lot of love and success man i appreciate you i miss you and i hope we get to cross past in real life soon man i appreciate you ben as always keep doing your thing brother love you to life and always remember hey this is what i like to say catch at night keep my game tight flow stay right spit stats on highlights whoever on tv can do it like he my name is not mike but they want to be like me that's all i got i appreciate you elevating the show ro came to spit ro came with the bars what's up and the pocket square matches the bro come on what all day killer all day my man it's called fashion folks fashion man this is this is one of my favorite times though in the nba calendar not just because it's summer league not just because it's free agency but also we get nba vacations on social media i'm seeing this video right now of carl anthony towns and paul george turning up magic's on the boat he got a call from the prime minister of greece like it's it's yeah what is nba vacation season so magic and sam jackson and uncle elle i love it so much johnson exclusively shop at outlet outlet malls no i have to find out how this happens because there must be someone all of his logos are gigantic someone works for magic johnson who goes to the outlets about a week before the annual trip to the mediterranean and just goes to like versace and calvin klein and nike and just gets the biggest logo t-shirts they can find amazing it's remarkable in size triple extra large guys those jocks don't pay for themselves you know it's branding is you know i love an outlet mall you don't have to tell me twice i would love what would you do if you were just like on vacation somewhere and you saw magic johnson in a giant versace t-shirt with a tiny little gelato walking down the street i would go talk to him it was so great i'd be like can i run your twitter please well pretty much anything in magic's hands is going to be tiny i mean it's a giant well this this tweet from magic johnson the team that signs kevin duran is going to have an opportunity to compete for a championship oh thank you okay ben so you weren't around like that was brockman first picked up on this about three four months ago during right when the playoffs started magic's tweets were very he's telling you let's just put it that way they were very on the nose telling you exactly what's going on telling you exactly what is happening i believe the end of the game press imagine johnson i believe just here for the facts i believe at the end of the game the team with the most points will win the game and the team that makes the most stops on defense amazing we'll have a chance to win the game all right so uh hey let's do some eyes being a chance to win we've got emmy nominations oh my god just shows i probably haven't watched got nominated let's get into that next yeah some emmy noms plus coming up at 11 o'clock here on the west coast two o'clock on the east coast we've got our top 10 quarterbacks in the nfl each one of us put together a little list we'll see where the crossover lies we'll get into all that next ben lions in for rich this is the rich eisen show all right everybody ben lions here rocking out on the rich eisen show very excited we're gonna have one fifth of the fab five join the show i went to the university of michigan as rich did as did our guest coming up in about 30 minutes or so jimmy king jimmy king's also in my family did you know that what jimmy king and i are family members okay please break this down for us explain seven years ago 23 amoebas for me about seven years ago i was sitting on my couch i got a phone call from one jaylen rose who said hey man what are you doing next week do you want to be in my family okay what do you mean he goes you're family dog you can come be in my family on family feud so i went on family feud in jaylen rose's family they brought out the rose family and it was jacoby his producer from countdown amina hussein shout out to my sister and jimmy king and me and uh we won 50 000 for the jaylen rose leadership academy we beat some guy from news radio it was amazing i had no idea jimmy king and i are the same family you didn't know that what was your category did you get to go up there and do it oh my god it's the absolute best so the category is what does a man buy a woman a pair of okay i said earrings yep somebody else said shoes jimmy king said bras which was just the greatest answer in the history of family feud yeah i a woman buys i just said draws a man buys a woman a pair of bras is what jimmy king said steve harvey milked that for about 10 minutes of real time that on the show was edited down to about 20 seconds right but for 10 minutes on a sound stage in culver city amazing i i i thought i died it was really the greatest moment ever so yeah jimmy king and my family he's going to be calling up in about 40 minutes i'll see him out in detroit in about a month i'm going out to jaylen's golf tournaments i think year 11 or 12 for the jr la invitational raising money for the school it's a it's a nine to 16 year model so they mentor the kids they work with the kids after they graduate high school as they continue on to college or the military or all these amazing things they do and the school's been around for like 10 plus years so the kids are out in the workforce and living in detroit and just doing great things in the community so shout out to the jaguars the jaylen rose leadership academy we've got jimmy king calling up in about 40 minutes or so some uh emmy knobs came out today brockman's all fired up yeah no we're just a big fan of television and pop culture here and the emmy knobs were were announced and i was just looking at uh the shows the best drama series uh that came out better call saul was nominated it's good i was told yesterday i should see this show it's back last night no spoilers obviously but if you saw last night oh my god like what an episode uh euphoria ozark phenomenal severance um we had adam scott in here last uh last two weeks ago uh squid game stranger thing succession we love eight eight nominations really yellow jackets that is a lot because now you know you vote shows because i vote for them i get to vote when there's some writer out there who's just putting their heart into their work i don't vote for stuff i don't watch okay no like i hope just watches this so he can i just do stuff i watch because brockman called me out this morning he's like you didn't watch half the shows and he knows and i won't vote i do say on this list like you only watch succession it's like no i saw squid game we got squid game i watched this ballad here for my mike del tufo it says uh best drama series real housewives of salt lake i thought this was a good chance for us to talk about winning time because winning time is was shut out they only got nominated for a cinematography uh emmy but nothing for best show no supporting actor i kind of thought john c riley was going to be a lock for best uh best actor here not nominated what did you think of winning time because we've we've talked a lot about it on this show yeah i got a lot of issues with winning time to be honest because the way that the train left the station was they optioned jeff purlman's award-winning book showtime which was about what happened with the 80s laters that is a factual account of what happened they use that to get everybody rallied around the project to start the train to leave the station in hollywood and then they get to this end point where it's adam mccay's kind of interpretation and stuff that didn't happen and they're making fun of certain people and you know they have kareem and jerry west come out and be so angry about the show i understand that sometimes real life people can feel like some facts were changed or altered for dramatic license but i mean the letter that kareem wrote in the hollywood reporter how can you watch that show and and celebrate it it's a fun time sure and adrian brodie's great as pat riley and it's really awesome to watch the things you love come to life in scripted form like i love nba basketball i love the marketing of nba basketball so to see the stories behind the scenes although it's very cool but what happens is you don't know what's true what's not true and you don't have to recreate history it's okay to have some dramatic license but to have kareem abdul jabbar come out and be like how dare you do this that i think tainted uh the show in the eyes of a lot of voters like del tufo i think for me we've talked a lot about it tj but i think for me the fact that those guys were so strongly against it just kind of reaffirmed that it was true and it really all happened that was chris's take they were just kind of pissed that kareem says you have me cursing at a child like i would never do that that's a real character assassination i don't know about that i mean kareem was a pretty surly guy by all accounts back in the day you know um but i don't i don't know in that particular case you would have told the little kid to go you know bleep off but maybe not but it was really funny to see well like jerry west is talking about how i never did xyz well you wrote about it in your own book that you did all those things so i mean you forgot what you wrote in your autobiography but um i i just thought that uh it was great it was great to see i had a big issue with changing really dumb things like facts like kareem like in the one of the episodes in the first game of the year they said kareem had 30 and 10 we had 29 and 10 like that's a really simple thing that you don't have to embellish like changing when the games were played on the road trip like you didn't go from detroit to boston to washington you did it here like you played the celtics earlier in the year like it was really simple stuff facts that they didn't really need to change that i can go back literally on basketball reference and look at these things i can see the box scores the date the actual score of the game why are you changing that i think that's artistic liberty right well i have a theory about laker fans out here from working in los angeles and being on the radio here i was on the voice of the the station of the lakers for you know 10 years or so laker fans love the lakers and they know everything about the lakers they don't really care about the rest of the nba they don't really care about the rest of basketball they're not hoopers they're laker fans it's a different energy no you're wrong about that they hate the clippers yes i know that i love the lakers they hate the clippers warriors so that's not necessary like that's always my argument about cowboys fans you know because people everyone has an opinion about cowboys fans we're the worst fans this that the third you haven't won but i've always maintained that the thing about cowboys fans at least me and the people i know is we don't care about any team other than the cowboys but yet everybody else has an opinion on the cowboys so it's kind of like nice of you to take this laker a winning time conversation to make it about you and the cowboys well by the way i thought we were just having an open conversation and i didn't know that you know would much rather watch that series tj i'd rather watch a scripted series about the cowboys in the 90s well guess who wrote that book jeff perman amazing yeah look at that he also almost wrote one about the met so i'm good either way we want to do the met that's what moved me out here to la i don't know if you guys know that about me i was trying to make a scripted tv show about the 80s met and uh that got shut down by major league baseball real quick 86 met's best team of all time yeah oh man but not a winning fan basically is what we're getting it's okay it was fun it was fine yeah basically it's a clean show doesn't need to be nominated for anything oh really you didn't like john c entertaining is uh jerry but i don't know who else is nominated for lead actor i don't want to take it away from somebody else that's what people do oftentimes when they say he was snubbed she was overlooked i'm like okay well then take it away from someone else i i tell you one thing that i thought was great and i tweeted this out back in february i don't know if you watch you for you but zendaya there was one episode in particular where i said give her every championship every trophy an emmy a grammy an oscar a tony a heisman a lombardi a slammy the stanley cup the mtv award the webby the universal undisputed wwe championship all the zendaya all the zendaya more show coming up next ben lions in for rich yeah i don't know who you take out the best actor in a drama series were well i guess it was winning time of drama or is that considered a comedy probably drama uh jason bateman brian cox uh lee jung jae from squid game bob odenkirk adam scott jeremy strong yeah i don't know who gets to tell somebody to stay home you could add us an eighth guy i guess severance is uh the show that i love time out ben i'm sorry not to interrupt chris brockman's biggest pet peeve about me right when i do my top five list is if i have the audacity to just not be able to choose between two so i'll just add the next one he flips out now this guy's let's say there's seven why don't we just give them eight so they have a number and that's the number that they go with they don't they just they changes every year they dominate whoever they want well if that's the case and i take back no i don't take back what i said that's make this about the cowboys go uh well the cowboys are gonna go i think 12 and six 12 no i don't know how many games do you know how many games just a little bit about the history of the cowboys cheerleaders that i thought was very good a couple years ago and i would love to see a jeff purlman adapted like scripted series about the 90s cowboys i think that would be really good i was trying to please chris i was trying to remember what i predicted the record to be and i couldn't even remember what i know 11 and i'd say 11 wins i think 11 and seven seems about right for talent plus you always say rich likes to make it about himself and he wasn't here so i just figured i'd jump in there what were the best comedies they're the best comedy nominations uh i don't know yeah big issue are you watching berry yeah i like berry but it's not a comedy no it's not it's very dark and disturbing nothing about it is funny a kid from my high school class shout out to shout to mateo borghese he wrote only murders in the building oh nice class of 2000 represent this is ted lasso's running away right oh yeah nominations admin elementary is really funny i don't know if you've guys seen that on abc it's funny um but ted lasso's probably shout out to curb nice to see something go larry david's way finally finally yeah after all these years that guy's got a lot of success a lot of success in front of yeah poor guy oh my goodness all right we got our top 10 quarterbacks coming up next we're gonna do that next top 10 quarterbacks heading into the year and brockman promises list was the best top 10 quarterbacks oh my god and then we got jimmy king as well one fifth of the fab five talk a little jrla so don't go anywhere the rich eisen show rolls on for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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