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REShow: Buster Scher - Hour 2

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July 15, 2022 3:24 pm

REShow: Buster Scher - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 15, 2022 3:24 pm

Hoops Nation founder Buster Scher and guest host Ben Lyons discuss the rapid rise in sports memorabilia and what people are willing to pay for unique collectible items and reveals that some of your collectibles junk might actually be worth a lot of money.

Ben, Brockman and TJ list their ‘Top 10 NFL Teams’ as training camp approaches, and TJ lists his G.O.A.T. players in Boston Celtics, New York Knicks, Philadelphia 76ers, Brooklyn Nets and Toronto Raptors history. 

Ben’s dad, acclaimed film critic Jeffrey Lyons, calls in to say whether or not ‘Die Hard’ is a Christmas movie or not.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. Is this the button that plays The Rich Eisen Show with guest host Ben Lyons. It's very intense being at Yankee Stadium. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

You hear somebody in the back green shirt and the only way to appease the mob was to take off your shirt. The Rich Eisen Show earlier on the show from Sirius XM NBA radio Frank Isola still to come. Host of The Buster Show, Buster Shur, Los Angeles Sparks guard Lexi Brown, plus actor Stephen Bishop. And now here's Ben Lyons. Welcome back everyone to The Rich Eisen Show. Ben Lyons in for Rich hanging out with Del Tufo, TJ Brockman still off in the woods looking for his tee shots from yesterday.

Great to be here. How you doing Chris? Wait did I miss that? Did I just catch a strike?

I was just seeing if he was paying attention. I played with the same two balls yesterday. Played solid. Played very solid. Rustic no easy track out there walking. Burned too many edges.

A lot of edges were burned that is for sure. First sort of sports memorabilia you guys remember coming across in your own journey as a sports fan. Is there something that you had that was really special? I remember my dad and I had this glove that we got signed by everybody. So being the son of Jeffrey Lyons it was a mix of baseball players and like really cool celebrities. So it was like Wade Boggs signed the baseball glove and Hulk Hogan. Kind of a weird and Todd Benzinger like it just had like 80 signatures on it. No I was super into sports cards in you know late 80s early 90s you know and you know just trying to collect anything Michael Jordan that I could and I was a big ace fan. We lived in Alaska at the time so that was kind of the team that people cheered for along with Seattle. So like Ken Griffey Jr. and Jose Conseco like those were my favorite players when I was 10 years old. So just anything like that I could get my hands on when I was that age. And can you imagine being 10 years old now and if you're a fan of Mike Trout or if you're a fan of Brianna Stewart or whoever your favorite player is not only can you get their cards but you can interact with them on social you can get a tweet from them frame that print it out now that's a cameo cameo they can talk to you you don't have to just send a letter to some shady address you don't know if it's real or not and maybe two years later a Mike Schmidt like headshot comes back signed or something but he's not even wearing the Phillies gear because it's like not official. Now there's so many great ways to connect with fellow fans and collectibles are are really you know at the center of all of it and my friend Buster Sher hosted the Buster show joining joining us in a few moments because he's a guy who knows the market value of all this stuff and I called him my dad found a newspaper we were going through stuff found a newspaper from the day after we walked on the moon and it says like man walked on the moon 1969 we have the the New York Times from the next day I wonder if there's a market for that people love look at this studio I mean this studio is a collector's dream I mean there's some what's the most random thing as I sit here and stare obviously TJ's got some gems over there there's a story behind all TJ's stuff where'd you get the I mean even that bobble head of the Turner guys that's like a deep cut that's a tough one to find I think they sent that they sent this to us when Ernie or you gotta be plugged in I'm just a fan off the street I can't just go get that bobble head I got PJ Carlissimo who else do I have a Brockman can you see what do you mean can I see what does that mean Mike I wonder I can't see I'm sitting at my desk cameras on my you can see I got a couple of great bobble heads we have PJ Carlissimo there's Vince Scully up there Del Tuco's collection of promotional fleeces from sport yeah I'd say you've worked at two of these exact ones I want to ask Buster when we get them on like hey Buster how much is a 1998 tostitos like I had a lot of good music no it's super random if you're a fan of curb the enthusiasm you know that Larry opened up a spite store latte Larry's we have cups from latte Larry's yeah it's great I love that stuff how much is that worth probably eight dollars well if there's a super fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm who lives in Belgium and needs to collect every single artifact from the show maybe they'll pay eight thousand dollars for it why didn't we get that sign when Larry David came in completely blank if you've seen the movie whiplash we got JK Simmons to autograph a hi-hat here so no way that's very cool I love that so joining the show right now man who knows all things collectibles Buster Sher joining the show right now in the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line Buster thanks so much dude for making some time when did you start to really dive deep into the collectibles game first up thanks for having me got into the collectibles game very early on New York sports and then when I started getting into the real fun stuff during the pandemic I feel like you dive deeper than just sports when you say the real fun stuff you've now unlocked like a completely different box yeah how I define real fun stuff is museum quality assets so everything from signatures and documents from the first president George Washington Abraham Lincoln in particular dinosaur fossils from a hundred million years plus uh you know type one photos of the Titanic being constructed constructed you know things that could actually be in a museum that's how I define the real fun stuff Buster I wish you could have seen the look on Brockman's face when you said museum quality assets and he just was like oh okay this is serious we're going to the next level here yeah this is the fun stuff that's what Buster was writing preference to preface it well when it comes to sports fun stuff what's some of the fun stuff you've crossed paths with in the world of sports collectibles it's kind of next level wow you know the the the stuff that you see making the headlines are the top rookie cards so let's say one of one Giannis national treasure's logo man that has a fun story behind it about how the person who originally bought it it had a stain on the card they paid a couple thousand dollars then they returned it uh for I think it was three thousand dollars that they paid that card recently sold for a few million um but they returned it because it had a small stain which because it's a one of one long term didn't end up affecting the value uh you know in in in the sports world I think tickets are fun especially to uh you know games where people wouldn't have kept them so let's say Michael Jordan hits a game winner at an opposing arena everybody would have thrown their tickets away because they didn't they weren't happy that the bulls won the you know they they were pissed off so they threw that stuff out therefore the populations of those sorts of tickets are super low you know those are the sorts of stories that really uh really get me going I love it Buster Cher joining the show host of the Buster show Ben Lyons in for Rich on the Rich Eisen show we were talking about Tiger Woods walking off of the 18th hole at Saint Andrews uh this morning and he's saying goodbye to the fans and his hat is in his hand and I'm thinking I wonder what Buster would pay for that hat when you look at sports now do you look at moments you mentioned Jason Tatum scoring the final basket of game one this year in the first round of the playoffs how much is his jersey worth are you looking at sports through that lens yeah that's the lens that I watch sports through now it's sort of impossible to turn that brain off once you see it you know every NBA game that's played I'm friendly with the guys who are who have an auction partnership with the NBA most of the jerseys go directly to them and then get auctioned off you know players aren't even really allowed to keep their jerseys for the most part so you know when I'm watching an NBA game I'm like oh okay you know a couple hundred thousand dollars every quarter even in a regular season game that people are willing to pay every jersey LeBron puts on is six figures automatically you know that sort of stuff is is crazy um and then when you get to big moments I mean the ancillary stuff is uh is crazy it really is Ben Lyons on for Rich on the Rich Eisen show buster I came across 450 Jose Canseco cards last weekend what do I do with this what do I do with this 450 Jose Canseco cards probably not much it's probably not worth getting graded um so I would just look at them and be happy unless they're rookies and then maybe you sell them as a lot but generally speaking you don't want to waste your time and money on on you know those sort of years well maybe I can do what Jose does and just go on twitter and say that I'll be at a local car wash and I'll have them for sale so that would be nice um what do I do with what does TJ do with some of the stuff that he has that's not for sale but if you know you can name your price you know buster I do have a question something that just kind of popped into my head it's not a sports memorabilia but it is a question let's just say you have a really famous actress right and you happen to catch her garter belt at a wedding what could that garner it just now popped into my head that I have this item yeah it it you know it's difficult to say it depends who it is and if there's anything else you can compare it to so do they have other you know it's let's say it's an actress are there significant movie props that have set record prices where you could draw some sort of a comparison on the name to you know people who aren't in sports or you know don't have a ton of props and things out there are very hard to to price um you know signatures are probably the easiest and lowest hanging fruit to compare things to but something like that it's all going to come down to whether you can you can comp it to anything and whether you can prove that it is what you say it is whether there's video proof you can photo match it there are so many things that would go into it if you were to try to auction that in theory okay del tufo what do you got for buster question for you i have about 500 concert tickets from the 70s like late 70s early 80s that's great yeah i got a ton of them like i'm talking like great like from live aid to like big events going all through the like decade of the 80s and early 90s are they worth anything who who are the biggest names that you saw oh name them oh buster you're asking deltoid music in the 70s and 80s we might be here for a while yeah that's why i'm not i mean literally everybody from like the big ones you want like pearl jam early 90s like unplugged nirvana i mean that's that's gold right there basically people the ticket market is up significantly in the last two years so i would pick out the big ones look for comps and options and ebay if they're if none exists that means that it's even better for you but if they do exist you can get a rough idea of what they're worth and uh the big ones you would send to to psa to get graded and then you know likely if you wanted to sell them put them in an option but that's that's real money cool thank you yeah you just made his weekend look at that chris you got anything you're trying to sell yeah buster obviously the pandemic kind of helped bring all of this back we saw the huge uptick in in sports cards and everyone you know going on instagram and breaks and all that fun stuff and like obviously ken golden and some of these other guys everyone was chasing uh the lebron triple logo man this past year until it finally got nailed what do you think the sustainability of all of this is are we gonna see some type of bubble burst like we're seeing with crypto this year or just long term it for us if you could yeah you know the way that i see this playing out is obviously you know there's a an inevitable correction but i think we've already seen a lot of that similar to how you you know have seen in pretty much every market around the world but the thing is when you look at what people under 30 want it's the things that you know are from their childhood it's why pokemon has hit the resurgence the resurgence in the last couple years and not in 2005 it's because the kids that were collecting in 1999 now have a little bit of money so you know i think that is sort of the way that i see it playing out over and over and over for every major category every major franchise um and it's the things that people want and since you know these have been proven as real assets that have you know historical track records uh you know especially for the biggest names and industries i think long term that interest is not going to disappear not in these uh not in the giant brands no the power of nostalgia is incredible and buster share joining the show host of the buster show sports collectible expert ben lions in for rich on the rich isin show the power of nostalgia to really draw consumer spending and to really inspire people to go want to go out and build community around the things that they that mean something to them is is unmatched to make everyone in the room feel really old buster go down memory lane what were the things that who were the players that you watched as a kid growing up that made you that that will make you nostalgic to want to collect their items as you get older oh this is terrible you're setting me up for failure here you know obviously derek jeter um you know that but i only became a yankees fan in 2009 because i was nine um fortunately that was a good year but you know it's carmelo anthony on the nix i i don't have that many good teams to lean on you know uh i became a giant fan a little bit after they they were winning um but it's the the superstars of the leagues that i watched so it's still lebron as you know it was coby um and you know it's funny now because of the the way that certain characters from the past have become so much bigger than life and you know how things like uh documentaries like the last dance totally revitalized the michael michael jordan collectability to a generation that never saw him play i'm interested to see how that plays out in 20 years for people who never saw uh you know lebron james play and the lebron james documentary comes out and how that affects things you know those are the sorts of things that i'm i'm thinking about too but for me it was always the new york sports teams buster what's next like uh so we can get on our pens and write this down so we can kind of get ahead of the curve and set up our portfolios here in the coming years like i said the thing that i believe in most and it's the only thing that i can tell you for a fact is good is museum quality assets things that could be in the museum private museums will pay three to six percent of asset value to hold it in their facilities on a and protect it on a you know annual basis and those are the sorts of things so you think um you know triceratops skeleton you think uh babe ruth game horn jersey it's the top percent of the percent everything else is is fun and there's nostalgia i would go for rare stuff if that's you know what's in what you're into but collecting at the end of the day is is supposed to be about fun and passion and you know building something you know that that makes you happy and do you and do you prefer it probably makes other people happy and do you prefer you know something tangible something physical or are you uh what do you think about the nft market yes so i actually said this earlier to somebody i prefer the nft market today where it is i think monthly volume is down over 70 i prefer it today than when it was at its peak because it's at its peak there were lots of scams um gas was uh you know ethereum gas for transactions was incredibly high um the price of everything was incredibly high whereas now it's a lot easier to sort of tell who's in it for the long run so i prefer digital collectibles today than a year ago and in general i think that they're uh for the most part uh a plus to the collectibles hobby buster shared joining the show museum quality assets i like that del tuvo is going to be on the phone with the rock and roll hall of fame museum in cleveland right when they're done with the show buster i'll leave you with this one museum quality assets you were in my office in new york i saw you eyeing that carmelo anthony water bottle i stole from the laker's bench this year how much you think that can go for i think you got a couple hundred bucks i think you can prove that it says not for sale buster it's priceless thanks so much for joining the show appreciate your buddy yeah love it love it what an interesting way to look at sports when you and i are watching games we're thinking about their legacy what it means for our teams winning the championship he's looking at it saying i wonder how much those sneakers are going to sell for i think it's also super funny like when you're a kid you kind of jokingly would tell your parents mom we we got to do this like someday it's going to be worth a lot of money yeah yeah now it's some days today yeah remember how i said every day is not a day well every day is well it's some day some days today uh good stuff from buster we've got a big show coming up we got alexi brown from the sparks calling in around 11 o'clock here on the west coast we got our buddy steven bishop one of the great golfers in hollywood played david justice and moneyball he's going to be hanging out here in studio with us plus our top 10 nfl teams we got tj's goats got tiger woods weeping it's a big show on a friday ben lines in for rich the rich eisen show every golf equipment company claims to be longer off the tee but calloway calloway's new rogue st driver is the only one built to completely bomb it it's been speed tuned to be calloway's fastest fastest most stable driver ever every rogue st is engineered with a new tungsten speed cartridge which gives you more speed on off-center hits and provides more forgiveness thanks to high moi that's just the beginning guys because calloway has engineered a rogue st for every player most golfers will fit into the max because of its incredible combination of distance and forgiveness but there's also max d their dedicated draw model for players who need more shot shape correction now if you need something more low spin there's max ls which gives you stronger trajectory with a more neutral ball flight but for the true players out there the real ogs the rogue st triple diamond ls is the compact low spin head that the tour players love calloway has thought through every aspect of speed so all you have to do is go to rogue find your rogue st driver at slash go rogue ben lions in for rich this is the rich eisen show i love it i love it ben lions in for rich on the rich eisen show going through the archives of this incredible incredible multi-platform brand i love watching the old interviews that ray leota interview has to be one of the top five oh top five moments block and i were just top five i think top five moment on the short show for sure we've never actually sat down and and kind of come up with the list every time so i would you're gonna get somebody's gonna say the list is bad well no what i mean yeah yeah youtube will blow it up but i just mean when every time someone comes in and it's kind of an epic interview we kind of all look at each other and was like that was great that kind of felt like a top 10 interview and then we go back and we think about all the people we've had on and the moments and something like that with ray leota uh r.i.p it's like man that was a really top five moment of the show ray leota with an axe taking it to his poster a good fella that is a great moment that rich bought at a charity auction that turns out that's probably all fake like martin scorsese might be the only real signature on there maybe so funny oh good stuff well speaking of lists we're not going to make a list of this show's greatest interviews we do have our list of the top 10 nfl teams heading into the 2022 season when you hear those bells ring you know it's only one thing it's time for football let's get to our top 10 we'll start with my list because i'll have the best lists all week long so we'll start with the best uh let's put it up on the screen shall we at number 10 tj's dallas cowboys tj and i've become very good friends in this last year or so and i didn't want to deal with another year of him saying well you didn't put my cowboys in the top 10 so cowboys are firmly there at number 10 i like the addition of uh russell wilson in denver i think a little bit of a super bowl hangover for the bangles not like when carolina missed the playoffs outright i still think they'll be good but just not as good because the baltimore ravens will be much better that team was decimated by injuries last year and was amongst the best teams in the afc until that happened i think a healthy ravens team has them back in the top 10 who knows who erin rogers is throwing the football to the chargers are the second best team in their own stadium can't go against tb-12 the chiefs all they do is win man afc title game super bowl super bowl afc title game i think mahomes and the boys run it back and then the best two teams in the nfl i think that's going to be our super bowl bills and rams with the rams of course defending the super bowl here in los angeles gonna win it out in vegas that's my top 10 go for it youtube all right you know what uh ben i'll go next here tj you can finish strong since everyone seems to like your list the most this week hey look man mack jones is my number 10 quarterback so guess who my number 10 team is guess what they made the playoffs last year i don't know if everybody forgot about that uh i did forget about it i did everyone forgot i know mike in the back loved it because it didn't go so well but guess what they made the playoffs last year and guess what they got better so i got to put them number 10 i like dallas number nine they're gonna win the nfc east despite what rich thinks about the philadelphia eagles i agree with you ben a healthy baltimore ravens team is a top 10 team and lamar jackson will be a top five mvp candidate and then i just went with all the afc west teams wow i gotta put them all in there i think they're all really good five six seven take your pick i think the chiefs take a step back i think the raiders and chargers are a little bit better i don't know we'll see how it plays out that's the vision of football the team that made the super bowl i like them number four because they're not as good as the quarter of the teams ahead of them tampa still has tom brady yep the bills still have josh allen and the rams won the super bowl so you gotta put them number one thank you brockman some respect it took all the way to friday to get there but we got there i'm good about that i'm good about that now it's time before my list goes up i just want to say this right please it's july 15th we're making these lists we don't know anything people these teams haven't been we know everything whoa we are sitting up here with microphones we know things but essentially we don't know anything and because it's july 15th and i want no problems from you people i got a whole football season that i got to listen to the mouth breathers yapping i don't want no problems i want to enjoy my summer so at number 10 just to appease some of you out there put the list up hoskins i can't believe i did it i hate to admit it but like if i'm going to be objective watching what the eagles have done to this team they've they've really improved man they had a great really great draft adding aj brown i'm a little bit worried i'm a little bit worried about this team and you know i'm just gonna keep around the white so funny because the cowboys in i would have got booed i'm in a no-win situation here but that's okay because i can carry it i'm here for the smoke i want all the smoke i don't have the patience to jack with you today mostly you know it's the hybrid uh the next up i guess i'm gonna jump on with rich i'm gonna go with the raiders you know i i do like what the raiders are doing i got a feeling that they're gonna have a really good season this year uh got the chargers at eight the ravens i have at number seven i think lamar jackson is going to show improve this year i just you know every year you just get a feeling about a player or a team i've got a feeling about lamar coming at number six you know people are gonna say oh the bangles went to the super bowl last year they did they had a great season but also you know it's very hard to go back to the super bowl so they have somewhere number six i don't think it's a disrespect at all they had a glaring weakness it appears as though they've addressed it on the offensive line they're a great team it's just very hard to go back to the super bowl even at that number six is good number five green bay packers erin rogers i keep saying this about him that my the guy makes passes that i've literally never seen another quarterback make losing adams is huge i have a feeling though that they're gonna be all right uh the chiefs at four i got the rams at three again very hard to repeat but the rams are great man that's a great football team and they plug some holes buffalo bills and the bucks they're rounding out my top 10 i you know what number one i picked tampa bay it's tom brady right and if you bet on tom brady more than you bet against him i don't know percentage wise i'm not good with math but i'm willing to bet that you made some good your way up sound investment so i'm gonna go with the bucks right now as of the 15th of july i'm just sitting here in shock that brockman and i had the cowboys on our list i know and tj didn't have the cowboys like you went with the eagles you're trying to like gain curry favors so people don't come at you i don't care anymore like i said i'm trying to enjoy my summer man you were going to embrace the villain role yeah and guess what chris football hasn't started yet when football starts you guess you know the boys will be in the top 10 enjoy your summer i don't want no problems you know go to the beach hang out with your family we can reconvene in september and that's when the smoke that's when the smoke okay right now cowboys man they're our top 10 list can we put all three up on the peacock tv there can we put them up all do we have that technology i didn't have the packers on my list yeah the packers was a yeah no packers i think they still win the division but are they going to come out of the worst division come out of the nfc i don't know i mean they lost a lot on offense i mean where rogers is great i just want to see him prove it obviously you have the the patriots in there and i think it's important to believe in your team they need your support they need your hope they need your your energy your positive energy but what is it about the patriots and their roster this year just sort of a nerdy x's and o's that has you excited for what they still have is did bill did i miss something did belicheck retire no no no he's still on the team bill is still the coach bill belicheck's still there cool he doesn't know what an audio drop is that's all you need he's done we're good top 10 team bill belicheck's the coach okay done thank you for that my expert analysis why brockman gets the big bucks we're about 10 minutes away from tj's goats tigers weeping over at st andrew's emotional scene there cam smith had a huge eagled 14 and part in he's seen three shots ahead 13 under after posting a 64 roy mcelroy is surging he is three under on the day at 12 he sits at minus nine one shot back at cam he's been taking some aggressive cuts as of late i like the way that rory has been striking the ball really taking on their role as leader of the pga tour as well i think that sort of adds to the confidence is really becoming a capacitor for the game look for him you know i was listening to uh mike terrico was on the new laying up guys yesterday after they were kind of recapping round one and he thinks rory taking this leadership role and speaking out against liv and the responsibility of these players to stay on the pj that's got helped his golf game and it's uh hard to think otherwise if you've watched roy play the last couple of months confidence it means so much in life and golf and everything i mean yesterday i hadn't had lunch because i did this show and so i went and i had a hot dog before the round gave me confidence felt good out there as i went about my 18 holes you had a tall boy too which had a tall boy and a hot dog yeah there were there was no cart situation on the back nine at rustic and i could have used a little lubrication to help me uh finish the finish the home stretch i would love to see you know there's always talks about these new golf tournaments and how we can reinvent golf i would love to see the best players in the world play like we play like eat a hot dog drink a tall boy and then go out there and play 18 holes you mean have see what that does to the heartburn on the fifth hole six-pack actually may actually do it you guys are just thinking that he's not come out there walk and carry and go pee in the woods like wait for the group in front of you to like hit 10 shots the whole experience that would be incredible oh john daley's gonna miss a cut he was playing really well but he finished it plus three shame cut's gonna be about even par guys so can't wait for the weekend at the open it's gonna be awesome d'andrea ate and staying in phoenix for now what does that mean for the kevin durant trade what does that mean for the sun's chances in the western conference a little basketball talk next because tj is breaking down his all-time goats the greatest players in the history of each nba franchise yes indeed a few left are we are we gonna do uh the team that plays the world's most famous arena that is this today's that's coming we're doing atlantic today so we have enough time and we're not up against it tj's goats for the nba when we come back ben lions in for rich this is the rich eisen show welcome back to the show ben lions in for rich thank you all for watching and listening all week long i've said it a few times i genuinely do feel like i've won some type of contest that i got to host a sports talk show for a week this is amazing so thank you for being a part of it this date in history 1988 diehard was released in theaters and i had always said in the great debate is diehard a christmas movie or not that no it was not a christmas movie until i watched that sound bite from the rich eisen show of jake tapper breaking down why diehard is a christmas movie and i think i flipped i think i flip-flopped i think diehard's a christmas welcome to the correct side of the arc thank you very much jake tapper i appreciate the breakdown what about your dad what does your dad think about that i don't buy into these uh is it is it not debates i don't think my dad has given any thought to the idea is diehard a christmas movie all right quick tj our favorite bit facetime your dad right now and let's ask him if diehard's a christmas movie that is your dad definitely knows how to use facetime at least text him and be like hey he would i would value your father's opinion more than any of the other people that are jake tapper had an open and shut case no he didn't no he didn't come on no no you and rich need to just take the l on no we're not it's not it's a christmas in the background it's a christmas in the background of it is that a technical term that can't be a thing that happens hans gruber falls off the building and dies at the end who cares does not make it your redemption christmas movies people can't deny die in christmas movies like what are you talking about i'm not saying they don't die but that movie's about some terrorists taking over nakatomi plaza in century city and it's about a piece about a man finding redemption and winning back his family no all right the big guy the big guy can't do facetime but we're gonna get him on the phone hey dad you're on the rich eisen show right now say hi to the guys hi guys oh no no no no static static what are you doing the real one text him the bat line number all right we'll call we'll text you the bat line you can call for real i don't know it's like a public access show here now we're not like we're not public access bin lines of course we'll have the big guy call in um but let's get to tj's goats before we get to to the if my dad thinks die hard's a christmas movie or not we'll get him the phone number um but tj's goats you're breaking down the best players in the history of each nba franchise what division do we have today well i figured i would save this because all of us our favorite teams are in the atlantic so that's the division i figured i'd save for today friday and that's looking at the boston celtics the brooklyn nets the new york knickerbockers the philadelphia 76ers and the toronto raptors so let's just jump into this who i feel are the greatest of all time the goats for each of these franchises i'm gonna start with the raptors um this was surprisingly tough guys you know right off the bat my first thought goes to vince carter right he was kind of like the the first true star that the raptors had and you know led them at the beginning when they were just you know a new franchise and vince was it was really great really exciting you also had chris bosh who was a perennial all-star you know really one of the better power forwards in the game and then he kind of sacrificed his own individual success for team success when he went inside with miami you know boss was a guy who was averaging like 25 a game kind of went to miami reinvented himself you know but he didn't win in toronto basically what this boils down to is kawaii or kyle lowrey right but kawaii was only there a year so i can't make him the greatest raptor even know much like i say with durant and lebron if he spends any time on your franchise he has to be considered so because of all that i'm gonna go with kyle lowrey as the greatest toronto raptor of all time you know um in addition to being like these nerd stats that i don't really know that well like he's the all-time leader and win shares and blah blah blah but like he was their heart and soul of their most successful era and led them to an mba championship so i figured he was the right pick i think he is the correct pick had de rosen stayed and they won the championship with de rosen more success with vince carter as a team maybe then it's the the the the vince carter the vinsanity uh years that will be immortalized on tj's list but no shout out to uh stoudemire and telio davis and your boy calderon as well yes calderon right the correct answer is kawaii leonard he's the greatest raptor ever he did they win a championship the best single season if and that makes and that makes you the best so then lebron james would be the best miami heat player of all time by your philosophy which you then criticized tj for yeah was dwayne wade still on that team and had all the other history that went along with it so what kyle lowrey was still on that team and had all the other history that went along with it championship because of kawaii only won the championship because lebron james disagree i don't know all right let's continue on this list what else you got tj like i said lowrey he's the pick there now i'm gonna go with uh let's see here we'll save our teams for last let's go with the nets okay this was interesting guys because obviously you know the nets a lot of aba success been the two finals as an mba franchise you know rich history really came down to two guys okay came down to jason kid and it came down to julius the doctor irving and as you guys know i'm a huge dr j fan i really didn't want to do this but when you really just compare the stats of what they did you know dr j two-time aba champion two-time aba playoffs mvp three-time aba mvp one of the most influential and greatest basketball players of all time so because of that even though we only spent three years there that was my minimum i have julius irving is the greatest player in the franchise of the new jersey slash brooklyn nets i like it i wish the current brooklyn nets group would do more to honor the fact that the team existed before where brooklyn at and jay-z songs and the barclays barclays is a nightclub with the lights turned on let's be honest so i would i wish we would you know they would do more to honor the previous uh you know uh incarnation of the franchise i agree that said you know jason kid really transformed the culture and the energy around that team they had been in the bowels of the nba for a long time and the basement of two finals in metal lands and i just looked at the stats i looked at what dr j meant even though it was aba before nba i just what he did was so incredible man and hey listen i'm not going to knock any basketball list that has dr j at the top of it so let's go with dr j by the way brooklyn nets free marketing idea if you want to just take it i don't need any credit carrie kittles sock knight you only give out one sock you save half the money all right tj what else all right so let's move over to chris brockman's boston celtics i could go on for a long time with the amount of great players that have played for the celtics obviously but after kind of weighing everything it basically comes down to two people tire larry bird and bill russell okay now i'm gonna say this larry bird is a basketball player guy larry bird is a basketball player obviously more skilled than bill russell all over but the fact that bill russell 11 titles maybe the greatest winner in all of sports i couldn't ever go back into an nba arena if i said that bill russell wasn't the greatest boston celtic of all time and it was you know fairly easy to come to that assessment with all due respect to larry bird who was incredible you look at the celtics and their all-time greats compared to the lakers all-time greats yeah you do have more guys who sort of embody that team mentality i think when you look at the celtics as opposed to maybe the individual superstars that were the great laker players that are become icons of the sport also when i think about uh if you were just going to compare the lakers to the celtics uh a lot of the all-time laker greats weren't originally lakers they started with other teams when you talk about uh kareem and wilt shack and shack lebron and yeah lebron all-time great laker come on won a championship multiple all-star games sure uh meanwhile the celtics all their guys were homegrown they were drafted they were they grew up there they become of age there and then eventually won a championship there so i think when you look at those two franchises that's one of the major differences that sticks out for me i'll say this also chris someone yesterday on twitter brought up the fact that you hate lebron and you said you didn't but like the last couple things you've said about lebron i would makes me lean to the fact that maybe you don't like lebron what what have i said i think chris is not a fan of this current chapter in the lebron novel i repeatedly say over and over again that he's the second greatest player ever but what more do you have do i have to say like the heat would have won what didn't need him to win those two titles i love when these guys have a conversation with each other and they both look at me during the conversation like i'm supposed to do something well i mean you know i'm just i'm just pointing it out i'm just saying all right now this bubble title doesn't count i'm sorry it does count it does count let it out chris let it out chris you know ben i'm gonna like let you have the floor on this after i quickly made this decision it basically came down to after really looking at numbers in the history came down to three guys willis reid walt clyde fraser and patrick ewing and even though ewing never won a championship he existed in the age of michael jordan so i think everyone kind of gets a pass i got to go with patrick ewing as the greatest new york really interesting choice there tj like i said it was him reid or fraser i thought were were the the final three but i went with pat but again he has a nyx fan i will defer and i want to hear what you have to say patrick ewing is the greatest nyx player of my lifetime as a fan i was in the building uh the night they retired his jersey i'm a huge patrick ewing fan i think one of the most underappreciated superstars of the 90s and when you look back though at the the history of the new york nyx and the two championships walt clyde fraser has been the face of the franchise since he arrived in new york in 1967 continuing to do play-by-play for the team his stat line in game seven when they didn't have willis reid against a laker's team led by wilt jerry west and elgin baylor the fact he goes for 36 19 7 and 5 i mean wall clyde fraser and then welcoming in earl the pearl and playing alongside earl monroe to get that second title um i go with wall clyde fraser i didn't have the privilege of seeing him play but i do have the honor and privilege of listening to him call games swishin and dishin the nyx in transition uh it is a real joy to watch him call games and wall clyde fraser the greatest nick of all time yeah and you know what i listening to your argument there and like i said it was really those two i went with ewing but and now after you said that i yeah man i maybe should have put clyde in well now by brockman's philosophy or his reasoning it should be the player who achieved the highest level of basketball while while they wore the jersey so by brockman's rules jeremy lynn is the greatest nick of all time because for a moment in time there were two weeks when jeremy lynn was the greatest basketball player to ever pick up a basketball it was really ridiculous he was on the cover of sports illustrated twice two weeks in a row two weeks in a row i don't think another athlete has ever done that michael jordan did it whatever besides michael jordan no other athlete has ever done that yeah i mean jeremy lynn did have a moment in time did more impressive so many guys more impressive that could have been on that list back-to-back uh si titles or johnny vandamere's back-to-back no hitters oh man i i think jeremy lynn's back-to-back si covers because this is a man who was sleeping on landry fields's couch he wasn't even sleeping on carmelo's you know sectional this is uh a single landry fields leather couch later fields was on the 10-day he didn't even know if that was a permanent situation fry uh you know who else in that team you had jared jeffries on that team jared jeffries an adult with braces all right so let's uh let's move on to let's wrap this up with my favorite franchise the philadelphia 76ers again uh very tough a lot of great players on the history of this sixers you know you've got how greer you know the great world chamberlain played for three seasons uh bobby jones billy cunningham moses malone darryl dockins allen iverson charles barkley i could go on and on this is the only player as of right now who is pulling double duty the greatest philadelphia 76 of all time watches over me every show and that's julius the doctor irving and again i didn't want to have to use him for the nets but looking at those stat lines your favorite player of course you're gonna do it no but i did literally i was like i really wanted to know i was going to get some backlash i really wanted to do jason kidd but you can't ignore what the man did with the net so because of that the doctor i'm not apologizing for the sixers no but i feel like i feel like if irison had gotten one then maybe you could make a case but he didn't so it's a different timeline a different gwyneth paucho sliding doors but dr j the greatest sixer of all time and unfortunately doesn't get talked about when we have these greatest players of all time conversations i see him oftentimes left off people's top 10s yeah uh what he did for the game globally uh and what he did for the philadelphia 76ers titles for them yeah i mean he's julius the doctor irving great list cj i love it good stuff dude well done any other uh any other issues with the list brockman brock was stewing over there agreement with the bill russell i'm taking it right yeah most likely i mean look when you when you have the mba finals mvp is named after you then you're you're uh you're one of the all-time great dr j only played three years for the new jersey net so i mean i take offense to that but whatever he's your favorite player it's all good we switch gears from the nba to the wnba coming up next lexie brown gonna check in plus i think we're tracking my dad down to settle this die-hard debate he's on all right we'll get my dad when he comes back all right we are back on p-jock should we get my dad on yeah let's do it right now all right cool hey dad thanks so much for checking in how are you sorry about that before his die hard a christmas movie uh yeah i think so why not all right there we go i don't know if that's a full definitive answer yeah i think why not i thought you were going to ask but uh yeah what do you remember about die hard dad when was last time you saw die hard i remember saying hmm i wonder this could be a christmas movie no but you don't get to see movies multiple times because you're off seeing the next movie so do you remember the die-hard favorite films a lot but uh several times but i never thought of a formulaic film but it worked very well yippee i yay somebody actually type that into a script sure something like that yeah there you go uh how you feeling about the red sox dad trying not to they need a first baseman who can hit more than 205 and more than five home runs and strikes out a lot and and then they need a backup first baseman who can do the same their backup catcher can't hit they need another bat they needed so many things but chris sales has come back nathan of all these come is coming back these pitches there this weekend so we'll see i mean i'm not paying attention to the yankees because i've given up winning the division but it doesn't matter anymore so long as you make the playoffs but i'm concerned yeah mr lions letting schwarber go and not resigning him by the way it's jeffrey mr lions is buried next to my mother biggest mistake all right jeffrey running schwarberg i'll repeat running schwarberg that was the stupidest thing ever i was thinking about that but he's not a good first baseman he's he's not a first baseman by trade and he doesn't have any range at first and they at least all back is better defensively but i every home run he hits and he's an all-star i thought i had the same thought absolutely painful that's something we were doing earlier on the show this week we were talking about the greatest games we've ever been to i remember we got to go over to london to see those two red sox yankee games a few summers ago what's the greatest game you've ever been to well i would say i was there five feet away when don zimmer tackled uh went after uh pedro and i like that and i was i was 15 feet away my touch with greatness when jason veritek gave a leather sandwich to uh a-rod that was pretty cool too uh i was not there i i sometimes used to guest host on the spanish broadcast i speak spanish and i was there when uh erin boone hit the home run no that's that's the worst game the best game you ever went to is when you uh blew off interviewing madonna to come watch me play basketball i love you forever dead thanks so much we'll talk to you later and i said my son's playing in half an hour i'm not gonna miss that because she's powdering her nose somewhere and every all the other critics oh what you're giving it i said bye and you did well that game too i love you dad you're the best thanks so good he did fast off he blew off madonna uh to interview for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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