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REShow: George Kittle - Hour 3

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July 21, 2022 3:21 pm

REShow: George Kittle - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 21, 2022 3:21 pm

Rich reacts to Scott Boras’ “tone deaf” complaints that his client Juan Soto had to fly commercial to the All-Star game, and in a baseball-only version of ‘What’s More Likely’ weighs in on possible landing spots for the Nationals slugger, if Shohei Ohtani can win back-to-back MVP awards, if Aaron Judge can reach 60 home runs, if we’re more likely to see a Yankees-Mets Subway Series or a rematch of the Dodgers and Astros, and more!  

49ers All-Pro TE Georg Kittle and Rich debate what’s proper and what is barbaric when it comes to airplane etiquette including the use of overhead bins, armrests, and reclining your chair, and reveals what the hierarchy is for seating assignments when the 49ers travel to away games. 

With Kyler Murray’s contract done, Rich and Brockman debate if the Seahawks should pay or trade WR DK Metcalf.

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That's 877-ASK-DELL to save up to 48% on our latest technology. Rich Eisen. Earlier on the show, columnist Pete Thamo. Two-time Super Bowl champion safety, Malcolm Jenkins. Coming up, 49ers tight end, George Kittle.

You know, at the end of the day, they gotta wake up tomorrow, have the same life that they had, same personal problems that they had. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Ah, yes, hour number three of the Rich Eisen show is on the air.

We just said goodbye to Malcolm Jenkins. You hung with us in studio hour two. He was here for the ESPYs last night, and Brockman, you were there, huh?

I did. All right, later on in the sound, I want your impressions on ESPY nights. Yeah, it's been a fun night.

You know, it's been 20 years since I've experienced one. So, that'll be later on in this program. George Kittle's gonna join us about 20 minutes time as he's making his way to the airport, back home, I guess after flying out wherever he went, and creating a big kerfuffle, because I created the kerfuffle. He's the one who tweeted out about somebody in an exit row putting multiple items in the overhead bin, and how that's a terrible thing. And I said, hey, you know, first come, first serve, and apparently I'm a jerk for that.

And so, there you have it. George is about to join us on this program. Rich, I've always say stuff like that is the appeal of this show, right? Because not everyone can be interested in sports all the time. Like my mom, for instance. But when you talk about stuff like this, the non-sports stuff that we get into, that's stuff that everyone, you know, you can relate to this. Not everyone can relate to, you know, Tom Brady or, you know, LeBron.

But yeah, this airplane stuff, this is what brings the people together. I'll accept that. Thank you. And say hi to Moms. She probably is. Hi Moms.

Hi Moms. So, the second half of the baseball season has begun. The, I guess, everyone's played half their season already. But the All-Star breaks over and Jose Altuve and the Astros are already wearing out Jordan Montgomery and the Yankees.

That's what happens. Double header going down in Houston today. Houston's already up 2-0 on Jordan Montgomery and the Yankees. And this is, these are big games because the Astros are the ones who are as close to the Yankees as anybody else. They're just four behind the New York Yankees entering the second half of the season. And I will speak for everyone in the New York Yankee fandom and organization. Nobody wants to go to Houston and spend a game six and seven there.

At all. Rather it be in the other direction. So, these games are big. It's a big double header today to start things off for Houston and the Yankees. The two best teams clearly in the American League. Tonight the Giants and the Dodgers will have a renewal of acquaintances there.

To kick off the second half of the season in Major League Baseball. I can't think of a more out of touch story. I can't think of something that doesn't, you just mentioned moments ago about relating.

How people can relate. I can't think of a more out of touch story than Scott Boras, agent of Juan Soto, who just turned down a $440 million contract offer from the Washington Nationals. And again, Scott has said that there's a lot of fugazi, you know, smoke and mirrors about all that, whatever.

I don't know, I didn't read the fine print in it. But him saying essentially that Juan Soto had to fly commercial, that the Nationals didn't send him private aircraft, didn't charter a plane for him to get to the All-Star home run derby. I can't think of something that fans would probably say, oh, you know, any anything other than get out of here.

GTFOH with that stuff. We all know in this, I guess that's what we've we've reached the point in in the 21st century. Where the court of public opinion, which is what always happens when a player needs to be re-signed with an organization and a city that's fallen in love with him.

Right? Again, I have this piece of paper on my desk since February 28th that has now, just today on July 21st, become a relic. It's over. The Kyler Murray agent missive of February 28th on Kyler Murray Stationary saying, what gives Arizona Cardinals in a letter written to the fans to basically win the battle of public opinion in an impending contract fight?

Now the court of public opinion is trying to be swayed by an agent saying, ha, the temerity. How dare this baseball organization not fly my client private to the All-Star home run derby? For which he would swing the bat for three hours and win $1 million. Which I can tell you, would cover the flight multiple times himself. Right. You know, you can bet on yourself. Or he's got, he makes $17 million this year. Scratch the check, then fly yourself. If you're dying to fly private, you can afford it.

If you can't, you know, take your TSA pre-check. Kyler, is it Kyler? But don't you find it so weird if every other team does it? Huh? Don't you find it weird if every other team does it? So, I mean, if the Astros do it, you know. They had multiple players in the game.

Yeah, you know what I mean? But if one team does it, great. Then they will be able to use that in free agency saying, why don't you come here, come here and we'll take care of you.

We fly our guys private. I mean, yeah, it's a bad look for the org. I mean, right after he says no to their contract, and then it's like, okay, cool.

Now get your, It's like commercial, just like everyone else. It is optics. Like, if you want to go there now, you're going to be like, these are things that I think players will take into consideration. Was Juan Soto in seat 19D? Like we said yesterday, he probably was. He didn't swing the bat like he was in 19D. That was the last second flight.

I doubt he got first. I could not think about a more tone deaf way to try and win the battle of public opinion. Hey, Nats fans who watched Bryce Harper leave in division.

Hey, Nats fans, when my guy signed somewhere else, don't blame my guy, he had a fly commercial. Come on, man. It just doesn't resonate. It doesn't work.

It becomes a pox on everybody's house. You know, certainly you make 17 million already. Not ever. Amazing. According to Bob Nightingale, 20 minutes ago, the Nats have begun fielding preliminary offers for Juan Soto. Seven teams in the mix.

Seattle, Maryland. Oh, they have the names? They have the teams, yeah. Yankees?

One of them? Yankees. Dodgers? Dodgers. Red Sox? No. Ooh. Ooh.

I don't want to give up the young guys. You said Seattle's in, huh? Seattle.

Okay. San Diego. Slam Diego. San Diego.

San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals, and the New York Metropolitan. Hey. Watch this. Sandy Alderson is the Wags. Wags. They're ready. Without the pole?

I don't think he parties like Wags. No. Okay.

Seven teams in the mix. All right. Here we go.

Three NL West. Wow. Here we go. So, one of those teams is going to be the ones winding up with Juan Soto in two weeks? So, maybe, you know.

Wow. If the price is right. Red Sox aren't in. You got a problem with that? What do we give up? I don't think we have enough to get them.

So, you got to be in it to win it. I would much rather resign Xander and Rafael Devers. Did you see the story out of the Boston Globe? No. You had mentioned this. What happened?

It made me upset. Well, I mean, Devers confirmed it. That the initial conversations between the two sides, the Red Sox offered a comp for him, in their estimation. And it was Matt Olson. And I read that like he's a terrific player. He is a good player. Matt Olson, you mean? The guy, Matt Olson? Yeah.

Like, what, a $180 million contract that the Braves bestowed upon him after they parted ways, or they stopped negotiating with Freddie Freeman. More vice versa. I don't want to get sued. I want to get in the middle of all that. Eight for 168.

Eight for 168. Come on, man. That's exactly right. If I'm Rafael Devers, I'm like, look, he is a very good baseball player. And his market value is, it's a heck of a contract, but that is way low, way lower than what I'm thinking about. And the whole idea, though, is that if Devers hits free agency, the industry sense is that his contract would begin with a two. Right. Like $200 million in change.

Yeah, like seven for $200, something like that. And so maybe not the three that he's looking for, but it would definitely start with a two, not the one that Matt Olson's contract starts with. And I read that, I'm like, uh-oh. Devers is only 25. I mean, but the sense is that he won't finish most of his contract playing third.

That's why they're competent with Matt Olson. Oh, D-H? D-H first. Yeah. Like he'd take a more poppy role in things. Probably smarter, long-term.

Long-term. Which is why they were setting his value at that. Careful. You're not allowed to curse. I know.

This Red Sox ownership is just so frustrating on so many levels. They may get it done yet with Devers. Still time. I mean, I guess. But I read that.

Oh, man. I don't want either one to go, Xander or Raffi, but I want to go Raffi. If you're the Red Sox, you've got to get in on Soto, no? I guess not. If you're not paying Betts that money and you're comping Devers with Olson, then I guess they have a philosophy that they will pay, but they're not going to go on these 7, 10, 12-year contracts with 3, 4, 500 million. They're not in that game. They proved that with Betts.

Yeah. They're not in the 12-year, $350 million. They're not in that game.

The Red Sox are not in that game. Which stinks, because they have lots and lots of money. Is that your professional assessment? Lots of it. They own Liverpool, the soccer club.

What are we doing? I know that. Among other others.

Among other others. They just bought the Penguins. What is happening? Do you have some baseball music for me? Do you had to the other day? Oh, no. I can't play that.

You couldn't play that day? I get flagged. I got in trouble. You got flagged? I got in trouble. Okay.

All right. You've got, with the second half of the season beginning. So we have some what's more likely baseball.

Baseball what's more likely? Let's hit it. We'll do that. And then we'll get to George Kittle. Have a nice, fun conversation with George.

Go for it. Chris Brockman. All right.

Let's start with one. Hold on, man. Hold on, man. Hold on, man.

We got a whole lot. More likely. Never say never, but never. Okay. Let's rack that back. I can't have it. I didn't do my dance, Mike.

I didn't do my dance. What? What's more likely? Never say never, but never. Thanks, Mike. All right. Guys. Rerack.

Let's give our friend Sean Mitchell at home the appropriate endpoint. Okay. Everybody be quiet. Get the drop ready one more time. Hold on. Hit it. What? What's more likely?

Never say never, but never. All right. What do you have over there, Christopher? Let's start with Juan Soto talking a lot about him.

All right. What's more likely? Juan Soto ends up in New York with either team or anywhere else. I'll go New York.

Is that just because you want it or what are you thinking? I think the Yankees won't get him. I think T.J. Jefferson, when it's all said and done by the end of this month, will be a very happy camper because if I'm the New York Metropolitans and I've already got Pete Alonso, right? And I've already got Francisco Lindor and I've got an owner who says I am not Bobby Axelrod. Move on. Okay. But he's got Bobby Axelrod type fundage.

Okay. And he doesn't care, and he doesn't care about luxury tax. All he cares about is walking around New York City as the owner of a World Series champion, New York Metropolitans, and that's all he cares about. And met fans who spent 25 years waiting for the Wilpons to finally open their wallets and then find out that Bernie Madoff caused a lot of problems for them. That this franchise and this fan base to get Juan Soto in this town on top of all of that with Scherzer and everybody, they can win this year and they can also win for years to come and win the battle of the back pages over the Yankees because that kid comes here. I think they do it.

And T.J. Jefferson, am I wrong or am I right? What do you think? Come to a Juan Soto. Come to New York. The pizza's delicious. The hot dogs are great. The nightlife is stupendous. I mean, come on.

There's all types of culture and everything. He wants to be in court. 7 Train? That's the what's more likely. 7 Train to Queens? That's your what's more likely. Come on.

Let's go. Because, you know, San Diego's got to pay, like, what rock did they kick over? They're paying Machado and they're going to pay, they paid Tatis, they're going to pay him too? Really? Yeah, I don't know how. Or it's just before you move on, what Carl Ravitch explained the other day is send the prospects, you got them for two years and then you'll let them go. Right, like a win now button.

He's got two more years. Like a win now button. Right. Yeah. Let's go.

What else you got over there? Alright, the two favorites in the NL, excuse me, the AL for MVP, Aaron Judge, Shohei Ohtani. What's more likely? Aaron Judge gets to 60 bombs this year or Ohtani goes back to back and the Angels miss the playoffs.

Oh, man. Judge has been terrific. What a, he's going to have to keep up a nice pace to get to 60. Is he on pace for it right now?

Let me see. Is he homeward ready yet today? The Yankees have the bases loaded right now actually in the top of the third inning.

Now he isn't homeward. I'll go Ohtani goes back to back and they miss the playoffs. That's more likely.

I'll do that one. Man, he's so good. Ohtani? Yeah.

Oh, so real. Understatement. But they may have already reached the, well, we've done that once already.

How though? I don't know. We're just going to be complacent and take Ohtani for granted already?

Correct. By the way, Matt Carpenter's up with the bases loaded right now. Babe, Carpenter's up. What else you got over there, Chris? His mustache.

All right. Bigger factor on the mound when they come back from injury, when they return. Jacob DeGrom, Walker Buehler. Did you see DeGrom already had his sim start pushed back a couple days?

A little soreness so they perceived it with caution. I'll go DeGrom. When's Buehler coming back? Buehler. Is he supposed to come back? Buehler.

That sounded dangerous to me. I'll go with DeGrom's. That's more likely right there. All right, your two longest playoff droughts in Major League Baseball right now, Seattle and the Phillies. Who's more likely to end the playoff drought than Sierra Mariner's or Phillies? Seattle. Both are currently in playoff position.

Both are currently in. I'll go Seattle. I'll say Seattle. Fourteen wins in a row and that kid, man, that kid, that kid, Julio Rodriguez, I know.

And I think they're just going to get better and stronger. I'll go with Seattle on that front. All right. Last one, guys.

Last one. What's more likely? Let's look way, way ahead to October.

What's more likely? A Subway series or Dodgers-Astro's World Series rematch? Subway series, baby.

I mean, I called this months ago. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.

Let's go. And this time, take Bobby Valentine and his clown glasses and get rid of it. It's Buck this time.

Buck for the Mets taking on the Yankees in the World Series with Juan Soto, bat and clean up. Oh, yeah. Come on.

I deserve this. I'm taking that two weeks off. I think their Subway series is coming up shortly, as a matter of fact.

Oh, is it? By the way, Rich, I'm just going to have to let you know that when that does come to fruition- The games? I'm going to have to miss a show. Yeah, go to the games. Says Mr. Like- Mr. Texas. Mr. Texas.

I think I've earned the right to miss one and I feel like when the Mets beat the Yankees in the World Series. No wonder he actually goes, oh, I'm going to that much. Too cheap to buy tickets?

Am I really? Yeah, he ain't doing it. He ain't going.

It's never been about cheapness. He ain't going. He ain't going. First of all, are you calling me cheap? Him?

I thought he was, you always- The clamor lock jaw next to me. Are you kidding me? At least one of the tickets could be covered by selling the ping pong table from The Price Is Right. That's true.

Or I could just hope that one of my friends is singing a national anthem again, but this time before action. Oh. Yeah, you want to go for free.

I mean, that's- I spent 900 on that ticket. Is that a humble brag, passive aggressive Demi Lovato name drop? Yeah.

Is that what that was? Okay. Well done.

I'm just checking next time. What's more likely, TJ Jefferson gets a Demi Lovato phone call or pays for the tickets himself? Ooh. Phone call.

I think so, too. Thanks, Chris. Yeah, I'll take a phone call. Let's take a break. Next phone call is from George Kittle. Let's go. George Kittle. George Kittle.

Who's 19D. Such a nice guy flying, and I'm the jerk, coming up. Does your antiperspirant keep you dry all day? Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel and offers 48 hours sweat and odor protection. Let me repeat that, 48 hours of sweat and odor protection.

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Goes on dry, clean feel all day. Babe Carpenter hit a hot shot to first, and Guriel snagged it, stepped on first. Double play. Yanks getting no runs. That's too bad.

Load the bases. That's a shame, right? That's a shame. It happens once in a while.

That's a shame. Speaking of Seinfeld, you know what today is? On this date in 1988, the New York Yankees, seeing that they had an opportunity to strengthen their lineup from the left side, decide to trade a prospect named Jay Buhner away for Ken Phelps to the Seattle Mariners. They sent Jay Buhner to Seattle for Ken Phelps.

Ken Phelps, what's the word for it, stunk on ice. And Jay Buhner, as we all know, went on to be part of a magical run for the Seattle Mariners going on in the 90s. Remember Ken Griffey said if something happened to him, he'd have Jay Buhner raise his kids.

And then led to one of the greatest moments in sitcom history. What the hell did you trade Jay Buhner for? He had funny home runs and over 100 RBIs last year. He's got a rocket for an arm.

You don't know what the hell you're doing. Well, Buhner was a good prospect, no question about it. But my baseball people love Ken Phelps back. They kept saying Ken Phelps, Ken Phelps. Larry David is George Steinbrenner visiting the Costanzas to talk about the passing of their friend, of their son, George. Frank Costanza sitting next to Estelle, and you could see as Estelle was walking through things what happened to George with George Steinbrenner. Jerry Stiller playing Frank Costanza, stewing on the couch.

You just watch him fidgeting on the couch and he finally bursts out. What the hell did you trade Jay Buhner for? I remember exactly where I was.

I was in the living room of my apartment in Redding, California, where I was getting my first TV chops. And I remember falling off the couch laughing hysterically because we hated that trade. And the baseball people, Steinbrenner's defense, Ken Phelps did have a good bat in three full seasons with Seattle, 24, 24, and 27 home runs. What'd he do for the Yankees? What'd he do for the Yankees? He was bad. What'd he do for the Yankees?

Go for it. What'd he do for me? Ten bombs in 88, and then seven bombs in 89. Awful. Everybody knew that Jay Buhner was special, and Seattle fans enjoyed the fruits of his labor for a very long time.

Very long time. Jay Buhner, 310 career home runs. One of the best moments in Seinfeld history.

Hilarious. And it was on this date in 1988 that the Buhner for Ken Phelps trade, my baseball people said Ken Phelps trade, went down. Back here on The Rich Eisen Show, 844-204, rich number to dial. So it was yesterday's program, because I follow this man on Twitter, because everything he does is amazing. I love him.

I don't care who knows it. He tweeted out, he's on a flight, and somebody in his, a guy next to me in the exit road put two bags in the overhead. Thoughts on this. I gave my thoughts on this, wound up with a blogger calling me a jerk.

Somebody who blogs on airplane travel and etiquette called me a jerk. So I figured, let's get him on the phone. And he joins us on the Mercedes Benz Van's phone line right now. The one and only.

The pro bowl individual, all pro individual, as well as tight end of the San Francisco 49ers. George Kittle here on The Rich Eisen Show. What's up, George? Rich. My guy.

I got a couple things for you real quick. One. Yes, George.

You know, it doesn't surprise me, you being a Michigan guy and all, that's how you treat people on an airplane. Yes. Can you say Hilarious?

Yeah, kind of, sometimes. Hilarious. I've learned a lot about you in the last 24 hours, Rich, learned a lot. Mr. 19D, George Kittle, joining us here on The Rich Eisen Show. Okay, so now, walk me through, what happened on this plane flight yesterday, George? What happened?

Walk me through it. You know, Rich, you know, I'm all for being the first on the plane. If it's Southwest, I feel like that's way more of a scramble. Like that's kind of a, you know, elbows, fistfights, you know, you're trying to get to your seat, get the best seat, got to get the exit row. But you know, I'm flying Delta, nice airline, you know, enjoying myself. You know, I got a, this was a late plane ticket, so there was no seats available.

Actually, I was in 25B, which is not even an exit row, and then an exit row, just middle seat popped open, so I switched to it. Get on the plane, and I'm on it first in my row, and you know, obviously, I'm in the middle seat, so I know I'm going to get up at least once, and a guy right behind me, he's about 5'6", pops on, and he throws his roller bag and his backpack, both in the overhead compartment, right? And sits down right next to me, and also, this guy, he's probably a great guy, didn't talk to him all, he slept the whole way, bless his heart, gave me all the space I needed, so he was a great travel companion, but his feet don't even go underneath the seat in front of him, so my thought is, why would you not just put your backpack down there so then someone next to you can use the overhead compartment? It's not like he had two roller bags or anything like that, like I understand that, but he had a small backpack that could have fit underneath him, so I was just curious what, you know, the world's, you know, air, you know, flying etiquette was, and you know, like I said, I learned a lot about you yesterday. So what was your crowd, what did your crowd source glean on that subject matter?

What did you crowd, what did the crowd say when you were crowdsourcing it, George? I would say about 5% of them went with you, they said it's a free-for-all, and then about 90%, I'd say the other 5% was, I'd say 15% was asking questions, like, oh well, maybe it was his wife's and he was caring for her, people read between the lines way too much on Twitter, let's just, it is what it is, black and white, he had two bags by himself, threw them up there, so he was by himself, but I'd say about 80% of Twitter is pretty angry at him, which I agree with, I'm all about, you know, mannerisms, you sit in the middle seat, you get both armrests, like I thought that was established, like I thought we were civilized people out here. So okay, what I said was, is that when you get on, you know, you use your space best you can, and I'll be honest with you, I would normally take my Rollie and put it up, and then my backpack, I would put that under the seat in front of me, but if there was extra space, I would then throw it up there, that's what I would do, you know? For sure, I'm with you there, just sitting there, and it's like half empty flight, oh for sure, throw your stuff up there, I don't care where it goes, but it was a totally full flight minus one seat in the back, so it's just like, you know, there could be someone under there that needs to put a bag up there, do you really need your backpack up there when, again, nothing against short people, but if your feet don't touch the ground on the seat in front of you, do you really need to not have your backpack in the seat underneath in front of you? But in exit row, were you allowed to put the seat underneath, a bag in the seat in front of you, on an exit row?

Sometimes I'm told I can't, you know? Tell me one flight you've been on, one airline that has done that, I mean are you flying Spirit religiously here for this? No, I just, usually they don't want anything on the ground in front of that exit door sometimes.

They don't want anything on the ground, but if you can stuff it underneath, then I think it's all, that's what you're supposed to do, because I mean, the wonderful flight attendant from Delta yesterday said, please, she said, hey sir, can you please put your backpack on just a little bit more in case of an emergency, and I said, yes ma'am, thank you for asking me so much. Is that an exact quote? Is that a verbatim transcript of the exchange with a flight attendant?

You know you're right Rich, hey, there's one thing I will never be rude to, well I'm not, I'm really not rude to anybody, I'm a flight attendant because they deal with a lot of people out there, but I'm not going to be one person they deal with, I'm going to be a nice smiley face looking right at them and listening to what they need from me. All right, so George Kittle, so you sit down in the middle seat and boom, right arm, left arm, right? Right on those, and you get the back, you get the back part of the armrest, right? You get the back or are you a front armrest guy, where do you put your arms on the armrest? Well, so this is my thing, if I'm, if I'm ever, because I would prefer to travel first class, that's how I like to fly, I could not yesterday, but if I'm ever on the, like if I'm in the aisle, or if I'm even, I'm more of a, I'm a window seat guy, I don't know, that's kind of weird for some people, that's me against the window, me too, because I like to leave my head against it, I like to sleep the whole time, you also want to get up, who wants to get up George? Yeah, I don't want, if you have to go to the bathroom, I don't want to get up two times for you in like, it's been five minutes, that sounds terrible, I don't want to do that, I sit in the window and I sleep, and the person in the middle seat gets both armrests, I don't care if it's front, I don't care if it's back, now if they're not using them, and you're in the side, you can definitely use it, but if they're using it, you've got to give them the middle armrests, like we talked about, like Big Cat and PFD are big on this, I'm part of my take, they've argued about this too, it's, you get both armrests, and it's, I don't know, people that don't respect that are barbarians to me. What was our big to-do about that years ago, Chris, did we sit where... It wasn't a take we had, we just kind of threw up a pole. Which is what?

And I forget what it was, but it went super viral, over 100,000 boats. About an armrest, right? About the middle seat armrests. Did I say that you're not supposed to get both armrests if you're in the middle seat? Did I say something like that?

Rich, you are just, Rich, you're diabolical, man. I think you were consistent with, it's just kind of, if you get there first, you stake a claim, like the old West. Yeah. Like, you said you threw out your arm once because some guy got both armrests? George, did you know that you could get hurt if you don't, you know? I've gotten in some elbow shoving matches back in my day, I definitely have. You couldn't lose those though, right?

You won those, you had to win those. No, no, it usually comes down to like, I had a guy, I was sitting in the middle seat, and a guy knocked my elbow off so he could take it, and I just stopped and I just looked at him. And I stared at him until we made eye contact. And this was, I mean, I was in college, I think, for this, and so like, I'm not, you know, big strap, and I'm not, you know, like, no one knows who I interact that, but I just stared at him until he looked at me, and then I just took my elbow and I just shoved it against his and I knocked it off, and then he looked at me again and he didn't touch the armrest again. I'm saying like, you shouldn't have to establish dominance, like I said, we're, you know, it's a society, we're all in this together.

It just makes no sense to me how you can think that you get the aisle seat, all that leg room, and you get both armrests, like, we're spoiled as a society, Rich, and I just don't know if I'm okay with that. That's some Hawkeye toughness right there. That's Hawkeye toughness right there. Yeah, it's definitely not the Michigan blue and gold bar. Excuse me, it's maize, it's maize, okay? It's not gold, it's maize. That's the official, that's the official color.

It's maize and blue, okay? Whatever you say, you guys get so sensitive over there sometimes, I swear. George Kittle here on the Rich Eisen Show. Okay, so what's your two, this is the one you didn't respond to when we were going back and forth on Twitter all day yesterday. You didn't respond to this one, George, what's your two cents on reclining? I don't get the... Oh, okay, so this is my take on reclining.

Yes. I always look behind me. If there is a tall gentleman behind me, I recline it a little bit.

If there is space behind me, I'll go full back, and I'm also okay with someone to lean a full back on me if they can. I'm okay with that. That's fine. I got no issues with that. But again, Rich, I sometimes struggle when there's like a... When a person whose feet don't touch the ground and they take up all that space, it just mildly torques me just a little bit. I will say that.

But the button's there for you to use, the seat reclines. I agree. I totally agree. How about this?

How about this, Rich? I just think when people put it back, they should just be nice about it, not just slam it back, like they're just, he's going at it, listening to head bopping to 80s rock music. I'll casually slide it back, so in case someone's leaning forward, I don't hit their head or something like that.

I've had guys before just throw it back at me, and I was like, geez, Louise, guy, you gave me a concussion. Because your body weight can carry the seat back, so what's the ratio? You look back, you could sense somebody's like 6'2", so you got a 45 degree, you don't go the full? You don't go the full? No, no. When I say tall, I'm talking like 6'5".

Oh, okay. I'm talking like an athlete. If I see an athlete, I'll be respectful, but the majority of the time, I'll go full recline. Now, is this what it's like on the Niner team plane as well? Like is this the etiquette?

Who sets the etiquette for the 49er team flight? Is that what it is? What do you got? You know what? I got two things for you. Well, one, bless Jed York's heart. He's wonderful.

We have a massive plane, and everybody, you either get, so it's like it has three seats on the side, four in the middle, I think, and then three on the other side. Wow, that's a wide body. Damn. That's a big one. So, if you're, and so, they also, Richard Sherman, he got, if you're one of the starters, you get to be in one of the recliner beds, too. He got us that one a couple years ago. Bless his heart. Oh, Richard Sherman. That's throwing elbows.

Yeah, he's wonderful. Thank you, Rick. Does Trent Williams, does he, do you recline back into his seat, or what? What happens? No, so, like I said, the starters get those, well, they get the beds, we get the bed seats if you're a starter, which is, it's all, well, it does sit in front of me, but in the bed seats, it doesn't affect the person behind you at all. So does that mean Trey Lance gets the bed seat now? So what happens now? Well, that's a nice segue right there, trying to get me to talk about some of my strikes.

Wow. You know, I will say Trey was, hey, he was back, you know, where the rookie sit. And who knows?

I don't know what our quarterback room looks like right now. All I know is that I'm driving into an airport, a nice Minneapolis airport, and it looks really nice right now. What about this one? Did you move into row 19 in support of Deebo?

Did you do that? Wow. That's smooth. That was actually, dude, you're on one.

Who writes these for you? I will say that I- By the way, those were two items I just tried to put in the overhead with you right now. I'm very proud of the 19D this morning, George, before the show. Yeah, you probably thought of that one. Yeah, who gave you that one?

You're incredible. No, like I said, it was the only seat available, so I just kind of clicked on it, and the 19D for 19 Deebo, wow. That's it. I do support Deebo, though. I hope he gets all of his money. That man deserves it. Yeah, I know.

I agree with you. So all right, so you're going to the airport now. Are we big chair on the way home? What do we got? We got that secured?

Yeah, no, we're fine. I'm flying first class. Okay.

To California. Fantastic. Okay. Yeah, yeah, no. Okay, we're good. It's also, yeah, it's very nice to be able to do that.

I'm very happy that I'm able to do that now, because the amount of flights I've taken, not even an exit road, being 6'4", is not the most fun. Of course not. And then you went out to Minnesota, right? I saw on your IG, right? You went out- Yes. You dropped a puck? Did you drop a puck somewhere? I did drop a puck. You know, it's funny.

So it's called the Beauty League, because there are a bunch of Buttes out there, and it's a summer league for all the NHL college players that live in Minnesota, the Minneapolis area, during the off season. And they're like, hey, they tried to get me on skates. I was like, I think John Lynch would kill me if I tried to do that right now.

So not going to do that one. But you know, I got to drop a puck. And they actually, they didn't even let me drop it ceremonially, like a ceremony thing where they get out of the ring. They literally had me drop the puck and game started as I dropped the puck. Wow. Nothing ceremonial. You literally started a competition with it.

I did. It's fun, too. It's only two 20 minute periods, it's four on four. It's an absolute riot.

I had an absolute blast out there. Did you see the way, who dropped the puck? Micah Parsons.

Micah Parsons. Did you see the video? At some point?

I did. He threw it. He's just, he showed up. I've never dropped a puck either. And they're like, hey, come drop the puck. And I asked, I said, how do you drop the puck? Like just give me a quick coaching tip. Okay. I'm good now.

Let's do it. Yeah. You kind of hold it out. Like you're timing a 40 with a stopwatch, right? And then you take it and you throw it down. But Micah just went out and just, he just kind of dropped it. He flipped it. Like, is that it? I guess he was tossing the quarter in like a mall well that you make a wish in. No, that's funny. No, Micah, he just, there's a lot of torque in there he still learned how to use.

He's got a lot of torque. Hey man, George, thanks for the time. Thanks for the content yesterday.

I'm not going to lie. That was great. And so you head to training camp next week. So is this your last travel before training camp? That's it.

Yes, it is. And I'm heading out a little bit early to go hang out with my QBs and, you know, go see if I, you know, just go hang out in the California sun, get used to that heat a little bit. Oh yeah. So how was, just if you got another minute, how was Lance at the, at the tight end university? That was the last time we spoke that he was going to come out there with you guys.

I know my guy Trey unfortunately couldn't make it. Oh, okay. All right. That's actually, I told him I'm going to have to give him a hard time about that for the foreseeable future until he throws me a touchdown pass. Well, that'll be week one.

That'll be week one. I look forward to that. Look at you speaking things into existence, Rich. That's what I do for a living.

For all that I understand listening, I didn't say that he did. That's what I do for a living, George. I do that for a living. You really do. You're one of a kind, Rich. All right. Safe flight. Hopefully somebody behind you is only six, four and below.

And I'm going to go for a recline for this. I'll be asleep here in about one hour. Take care of yourself, George Kittle. You're the best.

Thank you for having me on. Ladies and gentlemen, George. Ladies and gentlemen, George Kittle. What a legend. George Kittle, passenger extraordinary legend. Could you imagine somebody gets into an elbow shoving match over an armrest with George Kittle to the point where George feels compelled to match eyes with you?

George is not one of those, I got to match eyes with you. But you imagine. It's like, all right, so why do I feel like you couldn't put something underneath your seat in an exit row? Sometimes. Sometimes.

It depends. So under your seat, your seat, if there's room, you can't put it in front because it can't come out into the exit row. I just did some research about that. So can't slide out from in front of you. You can put it under your seat if there's room. Okay.

So physically. So let me, then let me just explain to people one more time. I get on the plane to make sure that my carry on bag is stowed. I don't want the situation that you found yourself in TJ, which is we're oversold. You came on too late. There's no room for you.

You've got to check it. I just don't want, I don't want to deal with the check bag if I don't have to. So I'm first in, first up, first on.

And as you could see, my family kind of doesn't like that, but I am who I am and I only know one speed. So I come on the plane, I get on the plane and I use the overhead bin best I can. If I have my knapsack with me as well, I am not going to throw that on in, in that overhead bin. I'll put it in the seat in front of me or the exit row. If it does fit underneath, I'll do that. But if there's space, I'm throwing that up there.

I will take, I will take two spots. Is that a problem? That's a problem. I guess I'm a jerk then. I'm a jerk flyer. Let me try one more time. Magic eight ball.

Magic eight ball. Signs point to yes. Am I a jerk flyer? Signs point to yes. It says it is decidedly so. Yeah, Rich.

What does this ball know? It's a fact. Okay.

Take a break. We'll wrap up this show and get you set for who's on tomorrow. Kevin Bacon's on tomorrow. How does that sound? Oh yeah, full news. Oh baby.

That's how we're rolling into Friday. We had Jerry on the show just a couple of weeks ago, Larry, and I asked him, how come Steinbrenner himself never appeared on Seinfeld? And he said, Steinbrenner shot a scene, but it was so bad you cut it. Is that a true story? True story.

Yeah. What was so bad about it? We brought him out, I think for the last show of the 95 season.

I'm not quite sure when it was, but he flew out on his private jet to do the show and flew back that day and okay, he did it. And then I go into editing and I'm watching the show and oh my God, he was so awful. He was so bad. It was, you couldn't use it. It was much better from behind with my voice, you know, than actually seeing the real guy doing it.

Right. So that was a scene where he was with Costanza? He was with Elaine in a restaurant, I think. And I had to call him up and tell him he was cut.

How did that go? I called Yankee Stadium. I said, I want to talk to Mr. Steinbrenner, it's Larry David, he got on the phone. I said, Mr. Steinbrenner, it's Larry David calling from the Seinfeld show. Yes, yes, Larry.

What is it? I said, I said, I'm sorry to tell you this. He said, come on, you can tell me I'm a big boy. I can take it. You know? But you slipped back in that voice. Yeah, right. I slipped right back in. Right.

And I said, I'm seeing, you know, I've been cut from the show and I said, it's, it's not your fault, but it's just the end of the scene wasn't working. And that was it. How did he take it? He was a big boy. He took it well. So he told you how he was going to take it and he actually took it well.

And he actually took it, yeah. George Steinbrenner in Elaine. I would never have guessed. I would have thought that there would have to have been a Costanza, George moment. I know there was an Elaine scene. I don't know.

There may have been a George scene. I'm not sure. I don't remember. How did you enjoy playing Steinbrenner? Did you have a blast doing that? Oh yeah, it was fun.

Yeah. I had a, I had, yeah. What's your favorite one where you were Steinbrenner? What was it?

I think probably something. I mean, I remember the calzones. That George had to get the calzones. Yeah, the calzones. Yeah. That's as great as it gets, man. Yep.

On the actual anniversary, what is it? Let me do the math here. Good Lord. Has it been 34 years since Jay Booner was traded for Ken Phelps? 34 years ago today.

That's a long time. What the hell did you trade Jay Booner for? That's his reaction to Steinbrenner calling to say that their son was dead. We're missing. And then he leaves Jerry the greatest voicemail ever.

It's like, George is dead. Steinbrenner's here. Call me back. That's right. I forgot about that. Fantastic.

Back here on the Rich Eisen Show. Rogue ST Driver. You should use one. I use one. I love it because it's not just the knowledge that the science that this stick has been built with the speed tune that Callaway has used to make the fastest, most stable driver ever with a new tungsten speed cartridge that gives you more speed on off-center hits, provides more forgiveness thanks to high MOI. It helps you knowing that and using it over and over again. You just have nothing but confidence standing over the golf ball. You feel like you're going to kill it every time. All you got to do is just make a nice, easy swing and make a good pass through it, and you know you are going to crush it. Most golfers fit into the Max because of an incredible combination of distance and forgiveness. There's four different types of Rogue ST Drivers built for every player.

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Find your Rogue ST Driver at slash go Rogue. Kyle and Murray's been paid, people. That one's done.

Check that box. I'm telling you, Deebo's going to get paid, and I think Lamar Jackson will get his contract to his liking. That'll happen. What about DK Metcalf? What's going on there with DK Metcalf? What do you think? I would think.

What's going on there? I would pay him. Absolutely. I'd pay him. I would try to trade for him. Why would they give him up?

Why would he want to play with Drew Locke and Geno Smith? Because they're quarterbacks that, I don't know, I don't know, maybe he likes living in, wouldn't you want to live in Seattle? Everyone from Seattle basically doesn't talk about their town because they don't want you moving there. The rain's a lot. Traffic gets worse all the time. Rain's a lot.

It's cloudy a lot. They got good coffee. Is that your assessment of Seattle? Yes. Very good. Good coffee. Good coffee. Yep. Great coffee.

Why would you... Top five receivers in the league. Go. Well, we did this last week, Rich. I was in Italy. You know what I mean? I was in Italy buying my rakish hat when you did that. Chris, I was thinking that maybe tomorrow we have, we take all of our picks for quarterback, wide receiver, running back, and team, and then just have Rich kind of gauge.

Do a Rich thing? Yeah. Yeah. Don't tell them which one of the three of us picked them and just have them look at the list and say. Oh, okay. Well, from my up, I was going to give you the top five. I don't have DK in the top 10. How about that?

That's crazy. You don't have DK Metcalf in the top 10. Who do you take out? Well, I haven't even thought about it yet. Let me do it. Let me do it. Let me do it.

Do you want me to read you mine? No. Here's my top 10.

I'll start in reverse order for TJ. He said no. I know he hates it when people start with number one. He said no.

Maybe he just went. CD Lamb. Mike Evans. Dude. AJ Brown.

Dude. Tyreek Hill. Stefan Diggs. Mike Adams. Deebo Samuel. Jamar Chase. You think you would take CD Lamb over DK Metcalf? Yeah.

Because of the player throwing him the ball. I would take Dak Prescott over Drew Locke. So yes. I would take Tom Brady over Drew Locke.

I would take Tom Brady over everybody. But this is not about who's throwing. How does he get numbers? Yeah. What are we doing?

Just measuring them? I mean, so you're gonna, if I ask you your list of your top running backs in the league, don't do it. Top running backs? Don't do it. Don't do it.

Don't do it. But as you're saying, you've got to consider the offensive line in front of them. I mean, honestly.

What type of offense are they in? Yeah. I'm talking about just ability, pure ability, doing what you need to get done, having that person come on, making sure that the entire week leading up to the game, I am wearing the hat. The hat that I was where I was probably purchasing. Did you do it on Tuesday or Wednesday of last week? Let's see. Because if you did that, that's when I bought this rakish hat.

So in Italy. Wide receivers were on Thursday last week. I had already bought the hat. So I'll take the hat off. But I'm just saying to you, if you're talking about circling that guy all week, got to make sure this guy doesn't do it. Circle that guy. Because he's incredibly talented. He's a beast. He's uncoverable. DK Metcalf is in your top ten. Has to be in your top ten. Who do you take out?

I would take out AJ Brown or CeeDee Lamb from that list. Yeah, I would. There you go.

I would. A lot of it has to do on the offense and who the quarterback is. There's no other way around it. So you're Seattle. You don't pay him. You have him show up and be pissed off. Deebo and Deebo.

Again. If I'm Seattle, I'm tanking for the number one pick. For what purpose? To get the best quarterback in the draft. Get Caleb Williams or whoever comes out. I'm looking at how good this kid is and why would I want to trade him. And you're looking at AJ Brown making what he's making. Deebo's about to hit it. He has to be paid. And if not, you're going to have somebody on your team that is not very happy. I would pay him.

That's my two cents on DK Metcalf. You wouldn't? But then what? You pay him and then... And then what?

What do you mean then? Your team stinks. You go 3-14.

Okay. Then you still have your first overall pick. Then you get the quarterback.

And then you're still 2. CJ Stroud is coming. I don't know. I have no idea what their evaluation of him is. None. Doesn't matter. Jimmy Garoppolo is starting week one for him anyway.

Oh, is that your take? That's crazy. By the way, I mean it's week one. They're going to start Drew Locke or Geno Smith with Russ coming in with the Denver Broncos. Zero chill from the schedule makers. Zero. And Russ in Seattle for week one is 0.0 chill. There's not even a... Great.

There's not even... It's a great schedule. Oh my gosh. Great job by the team. Schedule makers. Really?

You got to have DK. Does he guarantee a week one win for Russ or what? You just don't want him to pay him. Don't worry. New England's not going to go get him anyway. That's not why I'm saying that.

Is that right? Okay. I'm saying he doesn't want to be there. What's the final poll results over there, Chris? All right.

Nothing up at all? Talking about Kyler Murray and he's locked in Arizona through 2028. What's he going to do?

Yeah. 4% win a Super Bowl. 82%. A couple of playoff wins. 4%. 14% NFC Championship game. So how many saying just a couple of playoff wins?

That's it? 82%. Jeez. Nobody. A couple of playoff wins.

Nobody believes in the Cardinals to actually win a Super Bowl in the next six years? Seven. Seven? Through 2028.

That's pretty... I don't know. That would be very disappointing. Arizona's got to win one. Well, Tom Brady's still going to be playing. Is that right? No. He'll call that Super Bowl. He'll be calling the game. Yeah.

Probably. All right. Great show, everybody. I want to thank George Kittle for calling in. Good to know that he's flying back first. He was in seat 25. He's in seat 25. He's in seat 25. He's in seat 25. He's in seat 25. He's in seat 25. He's in seat 25. He's in seat 25. He's in seat 25. He's in seat 25. He's in seat 25. He's in seat 25B at first.

Moved into 19D for 19 Debo. Try to sneak that one in there. That Delta Comfort.

He saw that coming, too. By the way, the Niners fly 3-4-3. That's a giant plane. That's a big plane.

That's a 767 at least, Mike. Yeah. Yeah. And the starters recline. They get beds. They get the flatbeds. The starters get the flatbeds.

Thanks to Richard Sherman. Is that what defense they were? Do they win the... The 3-4-3? 3-4-3 defense? Yeah. So they get the... Yeah. Yeah.

I just meant the 3-4. I like it. I like it. Also want to thank Malcolm Jenkins for being here in studio as well and Pete Thamel in hour number one. Dan Wetzel of Yahoo is going to join us to talk more about the changing college football world and Kevin Bacon on Friday's show in studio.

We'll see you then. For the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too. All-time Hogan opponents, Macho Man's got to be in the conversation. Where's Andre for you? I've always said Andre was number one. Wow. Even going back before Hulk Hogan was a baby face, Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome, at Shea Stadium in Japan. Wherever they went, that was an attraction. Something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.
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