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REShow: Mike Florio - Hour 1

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July 22, 2022 3:13 pm

REShow: Mike Florio - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 22, 2022 3:13 pm

Rich comments on the start of NFL training camps and the still lingering clouds hovering over Deshaun Watson, Deebo Samuel, and DK Metcalf, and says what we can expect for the next big contracts for Justin Herbert and others in the wake of Kyler Murray’s huge extension.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio tells Rich how Kyler Murray’s new Cardinals contract will impact the coming deals for the likes of Lamar Jackson and Joe Burrow, says why the 49ers will be hard-pressed to find a taker for Jimmy Garoppolo on the trade market, that Saints RB Alvin Kamara could be facing a 6-game suspension, if Sean Payton will return to coaching in 2023, and when we can expect a decision on a likely suspension for Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. No one thinks anything of us. This is the Rich Eisen Show and who in this here national radio mosh pit has been saying over and over and over again. Rich Eisen today's guest host of Peacock's Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio, Yahoo Sports Columnist Dan Wetzel, co-host of Good Morning Football, Jason McCordy from the Showtime drama City on a Hill, actor Kevin Bacon, and now it's Rich Eisen. All right everybody welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show.

We're live on the air from Los Angeles, California. We've got ourselves fun three hours getting ready for the final weekend of this entire calendar year in which there will be no national football league teams in their training camps in their facilities. It'll be fantastic. We've got this by this point next week actually by this point next Tuesday everyone's up and at them every single facility will be filled all the way through to the end of the regular season. That's how it works this very weekend. Everybody enjoy your last weekend without any football even though there should be no such thing and then off we go. Very very very excited for what's to come next week when everybody shows up to training camp and everybody starts digging into their rosters and certainly questions begin to get answered.

There are still some questions that we haven't gotten answered yet and I know it's a last-minute league but it is definitely something that kind of surprises me that some of these stories have yet to be answered and we'll get to that in a second. I just realized I haven't said hello to you Chris Brockman. Hey Rich. Good to see you over there. What's up man? I realize I haven't said hello to you DJ Mikey D. I also realize I haven't said hello to you DJ Jefferson. The candle's been lit.

Yes it has. Good to see you over there. What's going on? Good to see you over there. It's good to be seen. I love it and it's good to see everybody out there on NBC Sports on Peacock, NBC Sports Sirius XM Channel 85. Everybody listening on this terrestrial radio network from coast to coast on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network. So close to 50 strong. Very excited about that.

Our Odyssey app listeners, our podcast listeners on the Cumulus Podcast Network and everybody also checking things out on our YouTube stream when it's all over slash Rich Eisen Show. So here are the stories I'm kind of surprised aren't done and I know it's a midnight league. It's a stroke of midnight league. Nothing gets done until it's done until it has to absolutely positively get done unless I guess you're the Arizona Cardinals and Kyler Murray and you get it done a few days before. Although yesterday was a day that quarterbacks are supposed to start showing up in Arizona and Murray showed up and he's got himself a new deal. I can't believe we still haven't heard anything as of right now on Deshaun Watson's suspension. I don't know at all what's going on and that's part of the reason why we've got Mike Florio coming up first. But the Cleveland Browns need to know what's going on. The Cleveland Browns need to know what's going on and I guess this is part and parcel of bringing Deshaun Watson in.

That you run the risk of uncertainty. As of right now, the Friday before training camp, maybe we're waiting maybe sometime in the next three hours we'll hear. Maybe sometime over the next three days we will hear. But by next Tuesday the Cleveland Browns in their cross-country mortgage campus in Berea, Ohio are going to open up training camp. And is Deshaun Watson going to really be allowed to walk in there without knowing his future? I guess the Browns prepared yesterday by reportedly signing Josh Rosen who I'm thrilled to hear getting an opportunity.

And the fact that Rosen signed with Cleveland on the day that Kyler Murray gets generationally enriched is really the football gods kind of winking at everybody. But right now we don't know what's going on with Deshaun Watson. Right now Deebo Samuel is up in the air still. Deebo Samuel by this point the San Francisco 49ers next week at the SAP Performance Facility in Santa Clara, California. He's gonna have to walk in. Is he gonna walk in and hold in?

Is there nothing going on on that front? This guy is as important to this team. Name any other player that's not a quarterback that is as important to this team as he is. You could say he's more important to this team than the quarterback is.

How about that? How many wide receivers slash offensive players can you say that about? That's how good he's become. That's how much he means to the team's identity.

I know that it's like I said a midnight stroke of midnight at 1205 a.m league. Things don't get done until they absolutely last second have to get done. I'm kind of surprised to be very honest with you that we haven't heard a single thing about DK Metcalf either. Seattle's got to sign this guy. I mean at some point you're going to get a new quarterback right?

At some point unless Drew Locke is lightning in a bottle and he finds himself a new spot up in Seattle and they their system is somehow suited for him more than whatever was going down in Denver. You know with all due respect to Russ's new targets down there in Denver wouldn't you put DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett up there with two of the best wide receiver duos in the NFL? Chris if you had to name top wide receiver duos in the national football league? Top five no doubt.

I mean I'm going through my head right now trying to think of somebody that you'd put above them. Fully healthy Evan and Godwin. Evan and Godwin maybe. Evan and Godwin. Cooper Cupp and Alan Robinson if they're healthy. We haven't seen Alan Robinson be healthy and be active and have a ball thrown to him in considerable fashion. Now that Russ is in Denver maybe Judy and Sutton.

DeAndre Hopkins and whoever lines up outside with him. I mean you're talking about DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I mean you're talking about DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. What are you gonna just break that thing up?

But it is about the core. It's about the wide receiver market. You don't know. What are you gonna pay? You're gonna pay somebody a hundred million dollars to catch a football? Or you know you've got the ability to get him in the fold and have him and Lockett ready for Lock to Lockett and then Lock to DK? Or Gino to Lockett? Gino to DK? I mean what are you gonna just tap out on the whole season?

You're gonna... I mean these guys aren't getting traded now. You're not trading anybody right now for draft choices next year. That ain't happening. You got to keep these guys happy.

Kind of surprised these things are still lingering out there. Well I guess not so surprised as well at the same time because it is as I said a 12.05 league. Am I missing anything else that's still outstanding? The Baker Mayfield scenario played out. Jimmy G I'm not surprised has not played out because the guy had surgery on his shoulder. But he's back throwing. Making the throws.

These are all going to be answered in the next four weeks and I'm assuming it's got to be the next four days because Tuesday's when training camps are opening. And now comes the question of what happens in the quarterback market. Out of everybody yesterday not named Murray or in the Murray family or anybody associated with Kyler Murray's representation, the happiest person walking planet earth had to have been Lamar Jackson. And then after that has to be Justin Herbert, has to be Joey Burrow. Everybody who can get paid now or anybody who is going into their third year of their contract in their rookie contract has got to look at what Kyler Murray's been paid and say well this is great because I'm going to get more than that.

And fill in the blank is so-and-so worth it? And don't lose that intensity in that same energy Chris if the Los Angeles Chargers don't make the playoffs or if they do and they're one and done in the playoffs. Is Justin Herbert worth it? I will keep that energy. I had that energy long ago about Matthew Stafford and now he earned it. That's why you've got to pay these guys, keep them in the fold, surround them with the team and eventually win with them as opposed to just letting them walk. Like I said one day there will be a team that says we're done here because we're not going to pay you what you need to be paid or what the market says that is required that you are to be paid right now and we'd rather just go back into the quarterback pool in the draft and start again and win in somebody's rookie contract and spread the money around an entire salary cap roster that you can win a Super Bowl. That's going to happen one day.

The question is what will happen one day as well? Will there be an owner who can't afford it? You can say Rich get out of here every team's making an insane amount of money. Anybody who guarantees all of this money in the NFL has to cut a check and put it in escrow so the NFL has it and knows that you can pay it. When you guarantee dollars you have to make sure you're guaranteed to pay it so you've got to put it up front. You can't say I'm good for it. Pay that man his money.

Will there be an owner who's basically like yeah you know you could look at my bottom line I'll open the books. I can't scratch a check for 200 million bucks. I can't do it. I can't scratch that check like right now. Like right now? Like right now. Like I can I can I can pay it over time.

Liquid. Okay can't do it. You said something beforehand before this show Chris that I found very fascinating. You know if I was that type of host to hear it from one of my producers and I didn't just use it as my own and seem smarter.

You can do that I don't mind. But you pointed out that all of a sudden the Cincinnati Bengals are in the market of putting a a name on their stadium that's uh not named Brown. Yeah they're gonna they're gonna they're gonna sell their signage on their stadium for the first time.

Blankety blank at Paul Brown Stadium. Why would they do that all of a sudden? Why would they change tradition?

It's been 50 something years. Maybe they're looking over the steering wheel and know at some point an escrow check's gonna have to be scratched for one Joey Burrow who's entering his third year of his contract. And Kyler Murray just showed you know what you can get paid a lot of money after the third year of your contract.

You don't have to wait to the fourth year. It would be just like the Bengals to say well our standard is after four years so too bad. But maybe just maybe they they're they're trying to make a little uh revenue raise right now in their world knowing they've got to cut this check because Jimmy Haslam guaranteed all of Deshaun Watson's money and Michael Bidwell dodged that bullet. But Kyler Murray accepting 160 of his 230 some odd million in guaranteed dollars, he didn't say I want just a little bit more than Deshaun Watson and I want it all guaranteed otherwise I'm not coming in. Will Lamar do that right now for Baltimore?

I'm just showing you how things are developing in the NFL before everybody shows up for training camp and we before we start losing ourselves in the actual football of it all which is going to be great can't wait for that. But the business of football the way it is playing out right now is one guy has a contract that every dollar is guaranteed. He might not even play this year because of the off the field stuff as we say. Another guy just got signed to a contract who's never won a playoff game after just three years.

Not all of his money is guaranteed. There's a kid in Baltimore who has a much better resume than Kyler Murray. He's already won an MVP.

He's already won a playoff game. He can look the ravens in the eye and say I do want every dollar guaranteed. What is Steve Basciotti going to do because he's up next on that front and after that come the Chargers with Herbert and the Bengals with Burrow.

I profit to say no matter how well Tua might do with the Dolphins retooled roster he's not going to get that contract after three years. But these are the things that are playing out behind the scenes with Cincinnati and the Chargers as Kyler just got his Lamar's going I mean your best your guess is as good as mine. I imagine Florios is better and that's why Mike Florio is on this program. Dan Wetzel of Yahoo is on this show as well as the world of college football is changing. That's professional football now as you all know. Jason McCourty I'm gonna have a little entry interview for him.

Nice. As he is joining Good Morning Football. He is retired from the National Football League. He is joining Good Morning Football. It's funny the I got notes from his people they'd like to hit on the fact that he's joined Good Morning Football. I'm aware of that and also in the notes Emmy award winning Good Morning Football.

I'm aware of that too. Yeah I mean come on. We all are. Rub it in. We all are.

We all are. Geez. Thanks for the heads up. Happy to have him. Did they not know? By the way I am happy to have him.

No he's awesome but did they not know we were in the same category? We're aware of it. We're aware of it.

We get it. But McCourty is going to join the breakfast table on on Monday. So this will be sort of an entry interview for Jason McCourty and then in hour number three Kevin Bacon in studio. City on a Hill is back on Showtime. He's great in it.

I love the show. We've got a great celebrity true or false setup for him. He might be the first guest ever that we've played celebrity true or false with on this show twice because his filmography and tv history is so vast and deep.

We could go in so many different directions. So he's going to join us in hour number three and Mike Del Tufo has brought a couple of Footloose albums here for him to sign right? Yes.

Look at you Mike. Okay very good. Out of the collection. Out of the collection. Very good. So and then there's you at 844-204-rich number to dial a what's more likely Friday for the National Football League and then TJ's Jefferson's big ass grab bag has to do with the world of baseball which for two games yesterday I stopped following but I'm back now. I'm back now.

What a front runner. July 22nd. It was all good just a week ago. July 22nd. What day is it? July 22nd. Day after the Astros swept the Yankees and took five of seven from them this year. Glad I don't see them.

Hopefully I won't see them in October either. 844-204-rich number to dial when we come back. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

Back here on the Rich Eisen Show our terrestrial radio audience will rejoin in just a couple minutes time and that's when we'll bring in our friend Mike Florio here on on the program. I just saw he tweeted out from Pro Football Talk from that from his page his site per source a whopping 9.3 million of the Kyler Murray deal is tied to his participation in offseason workouts. Interesting. That seems like a lot. That's why he used the word whopping you know um damn has he not been is it has he not been showing up or he's been off doing his own thing I mean that's been kind of a trend lately of quarterbacks they kind of do their own thing until it's mandatory.

No I mean that's one way to make somebody show up for for that stuff is nine million bucks. Rogers forfeit a bunch of that in recent years he had a lot of workout bonus money and just kind of was like whatever. I don't recall.

I think so. Kind of coughed it up a little bit but Kyler Murray man has got the whole world looking at him and he's not going to have DeAndre Hopkins for the first six games of his new found world of being one of the top paid quarterbacks in the NFL although that's a contract extension that doesn't happen until next year I believe but at any rate Kyler Murray's been paid the question is what about Lamar and what about everybody else that's going to be after that and Herbert and Burrow and more. Back here on the Terrestrial Radio Network the Rich Eisen Show one big happy family with Peacock and also NBC Sports Audio Sirius XM channel 85 the man who kicks things off every single day right here on Peacock NBC Sports on Peacock is the founder and creator of Pro Football Talk and PFT Live and also the author of Playmakers where all books are still available for that for you to read is none other than Mike Florio back here on the show on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line. How you doing Mike? Doing great Rich how are you pal? I am doing fine so what's your read of the Murray contract and take on it? Well it's far worse than the Deshaun Watson deal even though it was presented as better 46.1 million new money average Deshaun Watson got 46 million but that's only part of the story Kyler Murray signed for seven years the five year extension gets added to the two years I already had he's going to make under 38 million per year not that we need to have a bake sale for him but when we're talking about comparing these contracts that's far short of Deshaun Watson and again he's tied up for seven years and he only has 100 million again only we should all be so underpaid 100 million in fully guaranteed money where Watson has 230 million so Watson's deal much better Watson was in a much better circumstance to get the Browns to put the money on the table that he did he had four teams chasing him Kyler Murray was under contract for two more years with two franchise tags after that so he did the best deal that he could under his circumstances and Rich it dawned on me this morning I think what happened with Baker Mayfield his very close friend and former Oklahoma teammate in Cleveland last year I think at the end of the day that probably got Kyler Murray to take the deal because Baker Mayfield didn't take the best deal that the Browns would have given last year in week two shorter injury his career goes haywire and now he's just trying to hang on and win the starting job in Carolina Kyler Murray sees that I believe and he's trying to win the starting job I believe and says I'm taking the certainty even though some of these basic factors pale in comparison to what Deshaun Watson got so Arizona held the line and by that I mean they were the first organization up after Watson signed his fully guaranteed deal and thus the Cardinals did not fully guarantee their deal and that I think is something that I'm sure the other member clubs of the National Football League are pleased to hear does that mean they're free and clear the rest of the teams that the the Cardinals just kind of reset and recalibrated things on that level what is your sense on that well I guarantee you the Ravens and owner Steve Vashadi who was one of the owners who spoke out about the Watson deal at the league meetings in March will take that position and I said last year when Josh Allen got his contract Lamar Jackson should want that deal when Deshaun Watson got his contract Lamar Jackson should want that deal now that Murray's deal is done the Ravens should want Jackson to take that same deal with maybe a little bit more thrown on top of it because it's only 100 million fully guaranteed here's the practical difference and here's why I think the Cardinals didn't do it I don't think that Michael Bidwell had the ability to put 169 million dollars into escrow by March 31 of next year which is what Jimmy Haslam has to do on the Watson contract the way it works out I had someone explain it to me at the time 230 million fully guaranteed contract signed this year by March 31 of next year 169 million had to be put in escrow some teams aren't going to have the cash on hand to do it they've got the cash flow to pay the guy year in and year out and the funding rule is in place to protect players against teams that may go out of business nobody's going out of business not today maybe 50 years ago but not today the TV money is going to pay these contracts that the players are due so you're going to have some teams that can afford to fully guarantee because of this stupid funding rule that is grossly outdated and some teams just can't I suspect that Michael Bidwell can't or at a minimum won't put 169 million in escrow and that's relevant to Joe burrow in Cincinnati there's no way because if any owner isn't going to be willing or able to put a gigantic ton of money into an escrow account it's Mike Brown who has run the Bengals for decades so that is where there's going to be a disconnect so creates an advantage for the teams that have the money if you're competing for free agents and you can fully guarantee a deal because some teams just aren't going to be able to do it I think that's the trend to watch going forward we were talking about it ago Mike is that we it it wasn't lost on us that the Bengals are finally talking about putting somebody else's name on the stadium other than Paul Browns and that they're selling some rights that they never thought or they never were interested in or never endeavored to sell and that could possibly be them saying I'm gonna have to you know Brown or the Brown family saying they're gonna have to cut a check to escrow for Joe burrow in the somewhat near future and maybe they're making a it's like a capital raise that they're doing right now what do you think I think that makes a lot of sense rich it's been a point of contention for years prior to the 2011 cba which came after an extended lockout there were arguments among owners and I heard a story about and I assume it's been reported that Jerry Jones and Mike Brown got into it because of the failure of Mike Brown to fully capitalize his team and Jerry Jones said you know I'll take those naming rights and I'll sell them in five minutes you know just an example of the way that Mike Brown wasn't maximizing his local revenue and living off of the shared revenue where he benefits from having a team like the Cowboys in the league that drives up the value of the tv deals so I think that they're recognizing if we're going to keep Joe burrow over the long term if we're going to make him happy if he's going to be satisfied here we have to change the way we do things and it's not just what we pay him it's how we go about putting players around him now they have yet to break from one of the most outdated practices in the league which is refusing to guarantee money for veteran contracts other than quarterbacks beyond the first year the Packers and the Bengals are the last two to hold the line there the Bengals at some point are gonna have to change that they're gonna have to do with Jamar chase they're gonna have a hard time keeping him that's the downside of having a great team it's expensive to have a great team it's expensive to hold a great team together and I think there are teams out there and I think historically the Bengals have been one of them that look at it and say you know we can still make a crap load of money we can make a lot of profit by just kind of going through the motions and aspiring to be middle of the pack you know wins and losses go a long way toward determining the value of the team money in the bank is the ultimate determining factor and the breath the Bengals have been doing as well as anyone because they're sharing that massive money that comes through the league's coffers so I think that this is a tangible sign that they recognize if they're going to hold this team together now with Joe burrow they really do have to approach it more like a business than they ever have friend of the program mike florio here on the rich eisen show peacocks pft live kicking off nbc sports on peacock every day to dan patrick to this right here program to this uh current conversation so um what is the scoop with james garoppolo uh I mean didn't they kind of give him an opportunity to to uh seek a trade back in march uh would they just refresh it they hit refresh on the on the offer to let him find his new spot you know it reminds me when George told sienna the woman named after a crayon that he loved her the second time and she said I heard you the first time because this wasn't news and look I'm not going to get into the whole sausage making process in this setting but there's a lot of favor trading that happens there's a lot of stuff that happens for reasons other than it's really news and sometimes old news gets repackaged as new news to maybe pull the ripcord on a lawnmower that still hasn't started yet garoppolo has been available for months so this week's news reminds everyone that garoppolo is still available and I think the big takeaway is nobody wants him especially not for anything close to 25 million dollars which is what you do to make this year or whatever the 49ers are going to want in trade I mean good luck getting any real value when baker mayfield got a fifth round pick for the browns who still have to pay him 10 and a half million and the panthers are only paying him five million bucks that's the feeling on garoppolo and that's not going to be good news for the 49ers so I think that they're going to have a hard time placing him I still have a weird gut feeling about the Texans nick caverio the gm there drafted jimmy garoppolo in 2014 and if caverio really does want and this is the way you play it you slow play to act like you're all in with davis mills and just wait for the opportunity to buy low and so I wouldn't expect there to be any indication that they want to do it but it wouldn't surprise me if they do it because I think garoppolo is good enough to take a four win team and make them a eight nine win team if they really want to do that if they're not doing the full season let's position ourselves to get a franchise quarterback next year game but I could see him in in houston but there really isn't any place out there and there hasn't been a place out there that we look at and say and I got a feeling he's going to end up there I mean we knew for two months that baker mayfield had a good chance to go to carolina there hasn't been a single team that we've looked at and said yeah I think that's where jimmy g is going to go I think in seattle if he's released how do we get how do we get this what's the scenario under which he's released how does that happen well and here's the problem because at some level I think the 49ers decide and and they they think that the garoppolo will go along with it you know the talking points from the 49ers that we've heard all off season oh he's a great guy he's a nice guy jimmy's a nice guy jimmy's a nice guy at some point jimmy's got to be a butthole I almost said the other word you know you can say the two words apart but you can't say them you can say ass right and you can say hole you can but god forbid you say them together well I appreciate just for our sake for this moment uh that you separated the two right that's right and I almost I almost uh went the other way but um what was I saying oh yes um jimmy the butthole jimmy the but jimmy jimmy needs to go butthole jimmy needs to be like that needs to be his mafia nickname jimmy the butthole garoppolo that's what he needs to be because otherwise here's what the 49ers are going to do they're just going to squat on them and they're going to wait for something that you can't expect to have happen a petty Bridgewater injury is a rarity yes non-contact and we we rarely see starters play in the preseason anymore with the three games so lightning striking and taking out a starting quarterback and all of a sudden opening up an opportunity to get a first round pick for garoppolo and garoppolo gets 25 million that's not going to happen so I think what what occurs is we get to late August early September time to set the roster week one is when garoppolo's 24 million dollar salary becomes fully guaranteed if he's still on the team at some point before then they're going to go to him I think and say hey jimmy I mean we'll keep you at the back of the trail at four we can't pay 25 million and then what does he do he screwed at that point because everybody else has a depth chart that's set and what do we hear when a quarterback gets injured we hear we're going to go next man up next man up next man up so I don't know that garoppolo is so good that he just swoops in anywhere like Brett Farr with the Vikings in 2009 gets up to speed and turns the team into a winner right away too many questions too many injuries in his history he doesn't stand out as a top five guy I think he's gonna have a hard time this may just be a lost season this may be about just doing whatever you can and trying to position yourself to make a good decision in free agency in 2023 mike florio here on the richison show what's going on uh best you can tell in new orleans um a pop list designation it seems to start things off for michael thomas thought maybe an ankle injury he'd be able to just come back and go uh alvin camaro what happened at the pro bowl what what what where does that all stand for a team that does have dennis allen and that you know is jamis gonna be ready i mean this team could be a team with certainly a defense we had malcolm jenkins yesterday doing its usual thing on tampa and brady having a shot maybe at the division you never know or completely different what can you tell me about the saints and as you can tell field wide open beyond the rams and the bucks and the packers i think those four spots up for grab now we know the nse is going to get one of them but the wild card spots wide open the saints could be one of them or the saints could fall apart the michael thomas thing i think he's going to be with the saints this year they redid his contract as part of their annual effort to spin straw into salary cap space and mickey lumis is really good at that but when they redid thomas his deal that guaranteed he's going to be part of that team the question is when is he finally going to be able to play after an ankle injury suffered in garbage time against the bucks in week one of the 2020 season jameth coming back from the torn acl they seem to be all in with him you know he was a that was a team i was kind of watching for baker mayfield and maybe even for jimmy g because they were in the deshawn watson sweepstakes before they resigned jamis winston alvin camara i think paid leave is a possibility for him that doesn't get discussed very often he's facing felony battery charges he falls into the category of allegations that can get a guy put on paid leave he's got a hearing coming up in august no indication that the charges against him are going to be resolved before the season starts the saints are bracing for a six game suspension minimum at some point but before we even get to that if these criminal charges are pending and the nfl doesn't like to take action until the criminal case is over he could end up on paid leave that's something to keep an eye on so things could go a lot of different ways for the saints this year they could be really really good or it could all just fall apart and uh they're going to be one of the more fascinating stories to watch because yeah four and oh against the buccaneers in the regular season with tom brady over the last two years yeah i mean that that that's a uh a team in a scenario that just doesn't get much run and not a lot of conversation um you could make a case that sean payton's future gets more run than some of what's being discussed about the saints and what you know his he's gonna he's gonna have an interesting year sean right i mean there's some teams that came out that were apparently associated on his wish list and there's some established coaches in those places well he made a comment to jared bell the other day that there'll be you know six openings or so and then that's when you have an idea of how things are going to go here's the reality sometime after halloween close to thanksgiving the bad teams are going to know who they are and the owners who are ready to make a change are going to be thinking how do i upgrade and i know this applies in the face of multiple nfl rules tampering rule runey rule they don't want teams number one they don't want owners to know who they're going to hire before they even fire the guy that they have and number two they don't want teams to be talking to people who are under contract with other organizations in a way that doesn't mesh with the rules and the rules are that you have to approach the saints and work out a deal with the saints for permission to even talk to payton and once you work out a deal with the saints for compensation then you're allowed to talk to payton but the reality is the way things really work somebody's going to reach out to payton through back channels intermediaries before the end of the season somebody's going to know what payton wants to be the coach what the saints want by way of compensation everybody will keep their mouth shut otherwise you end up on the radar screen and you get charged with violations of multiple rules and then it all starts to play out after the season ends somebody's going to get fired they're going to go through a search and then we're going to hear oh the the saints are talking to insert name of team for uh possible permission to negotiate with sean payton by the time we hear that the deal will already have been done the deal will already have been done and watch dallas i know jerry jones does not want us to pay attention playmakers one of the chapters talked about how payton was a done deal in dallas it was going to happen they just needed to activate the process which would have been number one fire jason garrett number two do your search and then number three go to the saints and do a deal for payton that was going to happen and all if we talked about it on your show before but that was the anthony davis wrinkle when he was playing for the pelicans and mickey lumis was the head of the basketball operations there davis july or january excuse me 28 of 2019 makes it known he wants out and that's when the saints decided we and lumis specifically decided i can't be the guy who's responsible for both davis and sean payton leaving or payton would have been the coach of the cowboys in 2019 and earlier this year brian flores doesn't follow the lawsuit payton would have been the coach of the miami dolphins and all of it is set up behind the scenes before we ever even know it's a possibility wow damn that's uh mike florio here on the on the rich eisen show what's one thing that's on your on your radar screen that i haven't asked you about we have entered the the friday afternoon summertime bad news dump window so that's sean watson ruling that's it i'm on sean watson watch all afternoon if judge sue robinson is on board with the nfl's preferred approach and look what did we get last friday afternoon texans settle 30 claims right by monday morning we've all moved on i mean there's value in it even though we're all tied into twitter all the time there's value in having it dumped now because by monday there's other stuff to talk about it's not going to be as intense i'm watching because i think next week is the real window but if she's on board with the way the nfl likes to get that news out there it's coming this afternoon between now and five o'clock but it really wasn't 30 claims against the texans right did the texans have to like do that that's the one thing that i i found interesting about that announcement last week um was there was only one individual who made a claim against the texans like actually named the texans if i'm not mistaken right there's one lawsuit but the universe of people who could have made claims against the texans was 29 others and they knew that but where did they find that if you what is there a website represents all of them so these are all pre-lawsuit settlements and and look they didn't even happen it you know i hadn't thought of this until you brought it up okay they didn't have to tell us about the other 29 that's one of the benefits of settling a case before it's ever filed you you never even tell anyone no one ever finds out all we had to know with the one case against the texans was settled the fact that they put out there that they did all 30 that that uh that to me is surprising because i'm the texans i don't know that i want to admit that i've written a check to 30 different people who accused me of wrongdoing a connection with the sean watson but my only guess could be that they decided they want everybody to know that their role in this is over so it's not just we settled one and we're going to sit back and wonder whether or not number two number three number four number five and so on will be coming everyone knows we're out it's done quit asking us about it quit talking about it we're finally and fully moving on from the sean watson well i mean they said in their statement this is not an admission of any wrongdoing but instead of clear standing against any form of sexual assault and misconduct i mean parse that one for me counselor well every civil lawsuit that gets settled either before or after the complaint is filed contained language saying there's no admission of wrongdoing deshaun watson testified that their director of security when he became aware that there was a woman who was suggesting she could expose to sean watson on social media instead of figuring out exactly what's going on asking all the right questions giving them all the right advice on how to change behaviors that could lead to those types of allegations he just gave an nda to use not disclosure agreement here you're going to get these massages have them sign this and they can't go on social media and make threats about you so i think that there needs to be a closer look at what the director of security did what he knew what he should have known and this gets back to the double standard that we see sometimes between the way the league treats players and non-players the league won't respond to the question of whether or not they investigated detectants for personal conduct policy violations detectants won't respond but the end of the day they settled 30 potential lawsuits one actual and 29 potential lawsuits based upon allegations of their misconduct and if you're going to potentially run deshaun watson out of the league for a year if that's what you're looking for how do you not even look into whether or not somebody with detectants should be punished under that same policy i'm kind of also looking at a different is this something that sue robinson can can take into account or everything was the the hay if you will was already in the barn and there's nothing else so she's just the documents and the testimony on which she can rule that's already done nothing like this could be added to the equation where one of the 32 teams the nfl says that they're taking a stand against any form of sexual assault and misconduct i mean that that's isn't that basically saying they think deshaun watson did it well if i'm representing deshaun watson the thought process i go through and it's a tough decision there's no calculator that you can punch the numbers into and get the right answer when you catch wind of the tech and settling these cases you ask yourself should we send a letter to judge robinson explaining this new information asking her to consider it asking whether or not there will be an appropriate investigation here and if there is not going to be an appropriate investigation then that is relevant to whether or not the punishment of deshaun watson should go forward the other side of it is sometimes if you fire that cannon you end up pissing off the judge and you complicate your life and you get smacked down that's really that's really the the analysis is what i'm about to do something that's going to piss off the judge in a way that potentially affects me and uh you know lawyer even though i don't know that many judges like get mad at a lawyer and then look at the case more skeptically but the lawyers definitely are worried about it so there must be something to this notion of tiptoeing on eggshells and making very very careful strategic decisions but i would at least consider making sure she she knows that the texans have paid out these settlements and what the league does about the texan's behavior or the allegations against the texans under the personal conduct policy is a relevant consideration for what a fair outcome is for deshaun watson enjoy your last weekend without all 32 teams being active thank you take care take care man that's mike florio pro football talk take a break we'll kind of parse a little bit of a breakdown a little bit of what he said and set up hour number two we've got two guests in that hour dan wetsle of yahoo talking about what's going on in college football and the changing landscape there and jason mccordian new of good morning football that's coming up next first one up here is true or false is it true that you tip djs at weddings you attend to not play the song footloose i have done that i have done that yes and i'll tell you why i haven't would you like to hear my reason for that kevin bacon the floor is yours thank you uh i i believe that a wedding is the one day in a non-celebrities life when they can be the star of the show okay the stars of the show are the bride and groom the supporting cast is the bridesmaids and the parents and you know the best man and and the maid of honor and all that i don't want to make a wedding about me it's like that's the one time when it should not be about about uh the famous person in the room so when that song comes on what happens is i could be out on the dance floor enjoying myself first off the song doesn't come on let's face it until there's been a lot of alcohol so uh people have been super super cool and kind of like i'm not going to invade his space but at the point 10 45 when this jockey decides to everyone is half in the bag and it comes on and people will form a circle around me and like it's the horror it's like the horror yeah but i'm supposed to perform you know like uh uh you know a trained monkey and i i don't know so what's the going rate to to grease the dj well it's been a few years it's probably it's probably gone up you know i i don't think a 20 would cut it oh my gosh next one now you based your character's hairstyle and footloose on sting because you're a big fan of the time of the police yes that's true that's true now that being said um i i i said that that's what i was kind of going for well i mean if you really look at me through the years and you my hair has always been pretty much related to stinks i was such a big i was such a big fan of the police and but this haircut yeah was given to me by a hairstylist for the screen test for footloose and the haircut the haircut cost fifteen hundred dollars they told me this this is 1982 so that was a lot of money and the true story is while i was sitting there going hold i'm getting sorry you're okay holy crap i'm getting a uh a fifteen hundred dollar haircut i look up and the guy's got his eyes closed come on he was cutting my hair he was supposed to be a he was a genius kind of guy i think he had one name uh and and uh there he was just like this and uh you know whatever the rest is oh my gosh man if you will movie history that was three years ago kevin bacon coming back in hour number three that'll be a lot of fun every golf equipment company claims to be longer off the tee but calloway's new rogue st driver is truly the only one built to completely bomb it because the speed tuning that calloway has put in there it makes it the fastest mode stable driver ever the speed tune what is that engineered with a new tungsten speed cartridge every rogue st's got it gives you more speed on off-center hits provides more forgiveness thanks to high moi that's the science the actual usage of it it just feels great in your hand and you feel ready to bomb it standing over the ball on the tee box it makes you feel that much more confident just gotta put a good swing on it nice take back good tempo tempo is key huge finish don't go fast and let the rogue st driver do the work there's four different types there's one that fits your game i guarantee it calloway's thought through every aspect of speed so all you've got to do is go rogue find your rogue st driver at go rogue uh i'm not gonna lie um after today's show i'm getting my annual physical oh which means i'm doing this entire show on an empty stomach oh with no coffee and that is not the way i usually host the rich isaac is that a thing you're not supposed to have any food i'm getting i'm getting blood taken blood testing all that yeah you can't drink or eat there will be a receptacle handed to me when i arrive yep as well there's that okay can't have can't have any you know you didn't have to say it can't have any uh i'm trying i'm trying to i'm like he's dancing or what are you doing sorry he's doing the thing he walked straight through the front door yes i'm i'm you know you can't have any um what's the word for it caffeine seriously i'm like it's it's it's it's not easy it's it's just not easy for me how many hours did you have to go fasting what do you mean i ate dinner last night i mean i go to i went to sleep when i woke up today i didn't have my usual breakfast no coffee good god no coffee oh that's i never used to be a coffee drinker until i met susie now i'm a coffee drinker now i'm just i'm all in do you got you don't have it right i don't drink coffee i like tea okay and you're are you a coffee drinker mikey every day tj you're not a coffee drinker are you i mean you're lipton should be sponsoring the show for as much tea as i drink on the two of you guys are tea it's two coffee two two two two teas yep so i got that going for me so we got which is nice if you know about two hours after the show wherever you are you hearing uh moon river and i'm a man of a certain age as you pointed out chris got to get ready for my not one but two pickleball outings this weekend just want you to stretch properly i shall indeed proper warm up proper cool down most important stretch will be between the saturday session and the session yeah i'm gonna wake up sunday morning feeling like fred g sanford and it's gonna be rough yeah a little man coming i'm just sharing i'm sharing i'm sharing a lot right now i'm sharing but that's the way i'm uh i'm rolling i mean how long was the pickleball session rich normally when you're three hours three hours that's a lot of match is it like oh it's multiple matches the things with my poker buddies and i there's six of us that show up we're gonna end up like making teams oh so you do and then we'll have a competition first to five wins might what might uh might win a little of a cash prize oh straight cash now suddenly brockman's interested in pickleball brockman's achilles can't stand up to pickleball he is very concerned about his achilles yeah been reading a lot of greek tragedy lately i'm at the age where that gets popped yeah doing like weird sports stuff so i gotta like really take it easy uh-huh got it you're such a delicate flower with his sipping tea over there injured brockman i have no food and no caffeine in my system and i am still hosting the show this alone deserves any consideration this segment we just had goes on the reel i don't know about that i don't know how good the content is i'm just sharing this is just a sharing moment that's it yeah dan wetsle jason mccordy kevin bacon still to come and you eight four four two oh four rich and uh you mentioned uh you're of a certain age tomorrow is your birthday is it not christopher it's also tj's birth jefferson's birthdays tomorrow hey how old are you tj i won't get into it man he never talks about his age roth is always accurate about his age he always was accurate about his age i'ma stay forever 30. chris how old are you tomorrow don't even tell him chris let's see tomorrow tomorrow's my jackie robinson birthday 42 42 catching up brockman this is when the achilles beginning getting a little tight yeah he won't even play pickleball he will not play pickleball he's tapped out of the pickleball challenge yeah sorry to all the pickleball folks out there that thought that chris would actually pick up you guys i am not playing you're the appropriate age i will call the game i will watch the game i'll drink watching the game i will play it i love it it's an incredible i'd love to try it it's so much fun you don't want me to die what are you doing for your birthday tomorrow probably not a whole lot next week is my kind of birthday observation we're observing next weekend where are you going again next game one of the desert next weekend that's right well golf trip uh the desert the desert that mo green founded correct okay yeah um and um uh what are you doing this weekend tj i got no real plans yet i'm not a big birthday guy man like i'll celebrate come celebrate yours but when it comes to mind i'm just kind of low-key i don't know it just never loved my birthday just never been mike we know that you love your you made like a whole week you made plan on my 60th now oh we're already in how many years you're gonna make it you're gonna make it yeah of course he's like the olympics you're playing four years in advance i'm playing four years is there is there is there entertainment's already being well no what i'm saying is there like a a venue competition with an announcement like the ioc does like there are three different venues that are competing to hold your event there's two venues up is there a birthday village yes there's a birthday village that's going to be erected new stadiums new events new venues being erected just for the event and then left completely empty sinking the entire economy once the event's over that's mike del tufo's birthday just like the olympics i actually closed my place after my birthday closed del tufo gold there's even going to be a show that i'll host around it well done gents well done for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk hogan was a baby face hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans super dome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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