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REShow: David A. Arnold - Hour 3

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July 25, 2022 3:32 pm

REShow: David A. Arnold - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 25, 2022 3:32 pm

Rich reacts to Charles Barkley’s interest in joining the LIV Golf Tour and says his departure from Turner Sports’ ‘Inside the NBA’ would be a loss for all of us.

Rich breaks down the Athletic’s 2022 QB Tier ratings as determined by a poll of NFL coaches and executives.

Comedian David A. Arnold joins Rich in-studio where he laments the heartbreak and frustration that comes with being a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan, offers up some hilarious parenting advice to Rich with his kids fast approaching their teen years, and says how he’s reacting to his wife elbowing in on his popularity. 

Rich and the guys recap TJ’s birthday dinner and try unsuccessfully to ascertain his exact age, and react to Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule’s latest comments on the QB competition between Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Now the court of public opinion is trying to be swayed by an agent saying have a temerity. The Rich Eisen Show. This baseball organization not fly my client private to the all-star home run derby.

I can't think of something that fans would probably say GTOH. Earlier on the show ESPN senior NBA writer Brian Wintorse, NFL on Fox analyst and three-time Super Bowl champion Mark Schleren. Coming up comedian David A. Arnold and now it's Rich Eisen. Yes it is our number three here on the Rich Eisen Show 844204rich number to dial. We'll have some a little bit of time to take your phone calls here on the program. David A. Arnold the comedian whose new Netflix special is burning up that site that app that uh that uh that spot on Netflix it ain't for the week. He is here in our green room and he'll be coming out shortly. He's a diehard Browns fan um and we'll be talking to him uh on that front.

Chris Brockman and DJ Mikey D is in their spot. Good to see you over where you are TJ Jefferson. It was good to be seen. It's very good to be seen.

We already had some terrific conversations. Brian Wintorse now our number one about the Kevin Durant news that um that uh that Woj hit and then Shams Sharani hit as well. Shams is the one who went out and said that there has been a Jalen Brown package offered to the Nets for Durant and it was rejected and countered. I mean I can't imagine uh Jalen Brown is a pretty damn good basketball player. So is Kevin Durant.

I love Jalen. I've heard of him. You know who he is. I've heard of him.

You know who he is. Um there is there is one subject I'd like to hit um uh right here uh off the top of this hour before we get to um some interesting quarterback rankings that were ranked by player player by coaches and general manager. Our friend uh Charles Barkley was on Dan Patrick's show today um and uh he talked about his future uh broadcasting and he um had a dinner with Greg Norman uh from the live tour last week and um it was at this dinner where Norman kicked the tires on on Barkley and asked him if you know he was in fact interested in calling the matches on the live tour which is a fascinating choice. Um again it's obvious that the live tour is trying to reimagine the way golf is played. 54 holes teams right and all shotgun starts and music playing and a totally different environment than one would think about for competitive golf where if a uh you know a camera clicks at the wrong time it gets a nasty stare from a player and then potentially you know uh an ejection from the facility. You know a totally different way of of holding a golf tournament and this would be a totally different way of broadcasting. I mean Charles does a great job in any broadcast that he's a part of and those special the matches right that that's been held uh the last several years through the Turner family um.

Love those. Right I mean and he's terrific at it because it enhances the the enjoyment it enhances the comedy the fun the behind the scenes stuff that he's you know Charles is not a an expert player as we all know and so he's just incredible and just you know his his ability to say anything at any time and say it with a smile but say it with a you know a jab there's nobody there's hardly anybody like him and I and I know you know the baseball community would love to have a Charles Barkley type figure you know who's been there and done that one of the top players of all time I mean he is the envy of any broadcast that he's on if he joins the live tour um it seems that he runs the risk of no longer being on Turner which would be the loss for all of us we would all lose out not only because inside the NBA is arguably the best studio sports show ever ever and his insight on the NBA if we lose that it would be a loss for all of us now Charles has every right to take the amount of money that's potentially going to be coming his way although I was fascinated to hear that Norman he went to the dinner with Barkley but not armed with an offer it's just like he asked him if he was interested according to Charles and my answer would be like I'm sitting here aren't I like I mean you know I could ask you about the masters I could ask you about your career I could ask you about like you know you want we could we could catch up on tv shows that we've watched it's like of course he's here like I can't believe he didn't come armed with an offer saying this is what it is saying I'll get back to you and he hasn't and Charles says that he would you know he they have till Thursday to make him an offer yeah that was how this all started Charles is playing in the Pro-Am this week the third live event is going on this weekend in New Jersey and one of Trump's courses and he's playing in the Pro-Am so Charles said look you got to the end of the Pro-Am to make me an offer and this is just again I I do want to say this and again you know I've known Charles for a long time and you know we he's kind enough to come on this show he's he's the one who he's known Suzy longer than than I have it's just a it would just be so disappointing to lose him as well as a voice in the world for what is good and right we would lose that again the video that went viral I think was was this at the was this at the event the uh the the golf event the American Century golf event in Tahoe somebody took a video of him supporting the rights for those in the in the lesbian and gay community to be married and anybody who tells you that you don't have a right to your marriage you tell that person to go f off and he's going to play in a Trump golf course it's just like he's going to go walk past he's going to go drive past the Trump sign and he's this is his these are his this is his belief system and again like Dan pointed out and I feel the same way I'm from New York City I mean the Twin Towers are are are gone forever thousands of people gone forever there's going to be a whole bunch of 9-11 families outside that golf course in New Jersey but again I he also said that he's spoken to about a dozen big name broadcasters who have been reached out to by the live tour and who don't want to go first I I have not been I have not been reached out to by the live tour maybe maybe my stance on Greg Norman and this and this tour has kind of taken me off that board but we know David Farity already said again and the amount of money if they offer it to to Charles uh you know I I totally understand why he would take it he's basically come out and said that he would and we would just if we lose him from Turner but also as a voice in the world that could be countered as saying well you took the money from the live tour Charles so you really I don't want to hear what you have to say on item x y or z in the real world where he isn't he is an important voice for that too for a lot of people so I'll be keenly interested and I just can't believe I mean maybe they won't offer him the gig because I assume Greg Norman picked up the tab for dinner you show I mean if you say Charles we want to talk to you and Charles is like fine where are we meeting for dinner that's an indication he's interested show up with an offer yeah I was shocked I couldn't believe that yeah 844-204-rich is the number to dial here on the on the Rich Eisen show Mike Sandow of the athletic every year speaks to a whole host of NFL coaches and executives 50 to be exact this time around and he broke it down in the article that he wrote for the athletic six general managers eight head coaches 10 talent evaluators 12 coordinators offensive and defensive six quarterback coaches and then some front office executives who work in the analytics department cap management and ask them to rank quarterbacks the 35 veteran quarterbacks in the national football league veterans and young quarterbacks as well and break them into five different tiers and and before he put them up here are the five tiers tier one I'll go one at a time there's tier one two three four and five tier five is back up tier one is they carry the team each week the team wins because of this quarterback who expertly handles pure passing situations and there are no real holes in their game that was the metric by which these individuals were asked to rank the quarterbacks and according to Mike Sandow of the athletic here's what came back there are six tier one quarterback just six tier one quarterbacks in the national football league there they are Aaron Rogers ranked number one Mahomes two Tom Brady three god bless him three Josh Allen four Justin Herbert five and Joe Burrow six oh now then here is my take on it congratulations to Herbert and Burrow playing themselves into this tier in the NFL and you you know I think Allen and Mahomes have proved it before but here's Herbert and Burrow entering year three which is why the Chargers and the Bengals better come up with the scratch because after this year is going to be knocking on the doors of the Spanos and Browns family respectively and say did you see what Kyler got and also let me just say this one more time in case y'all haven't heard what I've been saying this entire off season since the Super Bowl ended Joe Burrow is changing the Bengals organization he has changed it and anybody that overlooks the Bengals to repeat as AFC champions certainly AFC North champions anybody who overlooks I don't know Chris if this is still the case and maybe it is because you you first brought it up in mid-March before Deshaun Watson joined the Browns and we still as of this current moment do not know how many games Watson is playing this year if at all but you told me the Browns had a better Super Bowl odds in the town where Mowgreen has no plaque signpost or name to honor his creation of the town but you got to be kidding me Joe Burrow is a top one tier one quarterback in the NFL Bengals are ahead of the Browns it's about time yeah that's the way it should be because they also hit the crap out of the offensive line in free agency and they drafted well again it seems Browns are ahead of the Raiders I don't know man I honestly don't understand how odds makers work or if people are betting and that changes the odds or you know I don't understand you're trying to get action on both sides rich but uh so you might be like so who's not in tier one who's in tier two who's not in tier one who's in tier two which is categorized as carry the team but not as consistent as the tier one quarterback and there's a hole or two in their game and the number one quarterback in tier two is your defending Super Bowl champion Matthew Stafford with Russell Wilson right behind him there's Deshaun Watson in front of Lamar who's in front of Dak TJ and Derek Carr, Kyler Murray and Matt Ryan those are your eight quarterbacks in tier two how is this described again what was tier two tier two is they can carry the team but they're not as consistent as a tier one quarterback and there's a hole or two in their game I think that's fair for most of these guys right well the issue is as well I mean you could go down each one of those guys and point out a flaw that differentiates them from the tier one guys and here's the thing too that I saw because the quotes in this you've got to read the article just to read some of the quotes from the unnamed people I can't believe this is being said still right now a current NFL defensive coordinator quoted by Mike Sando on Lamar Jackson says if he has to pass to win the game they ain't winning the game he's so unique as an athlete and he's really a good football player but I don't give an S if he wins the league MVP 12 times I don't think he'll ever be a one as a quarterback he'll be a one as a football player but not a quarterback what the hell does that mean what the hell does that mean a football player are there's people still thinking a football player are there's people still thinking that he can't throw are there still people who think maybe he's not as consistent a thrower as a tier one quarterback but what does that mean that he's not a he's more of a football player does that mean he's a runner is that your way of saying he's a running back what the f does that mean so you have to take some of this stuff with a grain of salt I mean Lamar Jackson can beat you with his legs and I know that he's runs you know through the Bengals half the time before Joey Burrow arrived but come on man he can throw it let's see let's see who we can throw it to let's you know what if Tyree Kill showed up there with all due respect to the people he's been throwing to Hollywood Brown was his number one guy and he's gone now his number one guy's been this tight end of this period so he's never really had that big time wide receiver and they have a running game and they do that's the offense for a reason yeah that's how they play football I can't believe it tier three really look can I stop you really you can't believe it I can't come on let's be honest you can believe it it's all right gobsmacked by it yeah but he hasn't had to win the game with his arm I guess that's why we haven't well I mean we could point out like if you give me a minute to just actually look at stuff but win with his arm remember the 500 yards he had in the first game against Miami in his MVP season and you were like let's see him do it again and then he wins the MVP come on now we didn't have another game like that come on now tier three is a legit starter but needs a heavier run game or a defensive component to win the game a lower volume of strop back passing game offense suits him best we can guess who these guys are there's Kirk Cousins Jimmy Garoppolo in front of Tannehill look at Tannehill in the middle of the pack Mac Jones Baker Mayfield Jalen Hurts Carson Wentz Jared Goff Trevor Lawrence and Jamis are all in there okay so read that description again okay legit starter okay but the quarterback needs a heavier run game or a defensive component to win lower volume of drop back of a drop back passing game offense suits him best I don't know if Kirk belongs in that Kirk's a really good passer he did a great year last year I just don't think he's a tier two it's about time for Kirk to show himself in tier two wow yeah I kind of think a lot of these are kind of spot on yeah I haven't really had a big issue with uh ones other than the fact that Stafford I think proved himself to be a tier one guy last year there was a three-week period where you know the Rams interceptions last year the league interceptions last year I don't know man tier four unproven player or a veteran who ideally would not start all 17 games this one's pretty harsh Justin Fields two Davis Mills I mean you guys started half a year I know Zach Wilson Trey Lance Daniel Jones how about Marcus Mariota sitting in there Sam Darnold 32 Mitchell Trubisky Drew Locke Daniel Jones 30 unproven player or the fact that he's still unproven I guess or and he's a veteran I guess he's entering his fifth year and the thing is I look at the people he would not start all 17 games I would tell you this it's ideal for all of these guys to start all 17 games with the exception in my mind of Mitchell Trubisky and Drew Locke the problem is though the problem is for Drew Locke is for the Seahawks is who's the guy they don't have anybody to replace would be there to replace him and he's the only one in tier five which is backup quarterback only one there's only one player in tier five to finish it all up it's Gino by himself and the reason why Mike Sandow said is everybody's knowing tier five's a backup quarterback he they just said he's the backup all the evaluators say he's the backup but I mean it would be a major problem if you wouldn't mind putting up tier four one more time before I get to David A. Arnold in studio it would be a major problem for me if Zach Wilson didn't start all 17 games if Fields didn't start all 17 games if two like name them all Davis Mills Trey Lance Daniel Jones they gotta play all 17 games they have to for their team and that's kind of what I have what I was thinking about this year but in regards to Daniel Jones and his evaluation like who would you take him over that's ahead of him like would you rather have you mean on the giant in the tier four I'm just saying would you rather have Davis Mills than Daniel Jones but I sure would right now I think he would take all those guys ahead of him I sure would right now although Lance Wilson John Mara the Giants uh co-owner said we haven't done him we haven't done him too much justice do you think so let's see what Dable looks like but he has to start all 17 games do you think Daniel Jones or Fields has a better year this year Daniel Jones I like their weapons and I like their coach let's see what they look like let's get Saquon healthy let's go yeah but I don't think Sam Darnold has to start all 17 games for Carolina this year and I don't think Trubisky has to start all 17 games but you don't think they will either I don't think they will yeah well I think as you know it's Baker's gig in Carolina and I think at some point you know I hope for Trubisky that he makes the most of this opportunity they got to see what they have and pick it they didn't just draft the first round quarterback all willy-nilly in Pittsburgh where they last time they did it was Big Ben interesting list food for thought eight four four two oh four rich number to dial let's uh let's welcome in the comedian David A Arnold here in studio he's got the hottest show on Netflix right now that's next on the Rich Eisen show back here on our terrestrial radio outfit it ain't for the week the new comedy special that is burning up Netflix right now and trending David A Arnold the comedian uh who is at the forefront of all of the uh eight eight for the week and he's got eight eight for the weakness uh right here on the Rich Eisen show and for those who are just joining us on the terrestrial radio network we just established the it in eight eight for the week is anything that matters uh that it ain't for the week I thought it was being a Cleveland Brown fan I'm able to cross that off I should cross that off no that's not the end that should be one number one on the list that has been oh my god that has been a source of my pain for years so are you from the great state of Ohio born and raised in Cleveland Ohio Cleveland born and raised I'm like oh my gosh I've been near Brian Sipe from the beginning damn all the catch all the drive I've man it has been Webster slaughter Webster slaughter not blocking like he's supposed to all the things that ruin my childhood yes so you went to Cleveland municipal you went there as a kid well I guess oh absolutely to the old Cleveland the mistake by the lake as they call it all of the things I and to this day I I will fly to certain areas to go watch them play I will I'm a huge Cleveland Browns fan it's the one thing that I have not been able to shake and I've tried to get off of it like drugs but I can't I've been the means I'm trying to go to other teams 24 years and I'm sorry I could get off cocaine but the Browns I could not shake it's unbelievable David you never heard that get away from the Browns voice in your head like yes get it right exactly oh my gosh it was the it's I just it grew up it was a part of my life coming up and when I tell you every year I think it's going to be different yeah and every year we have hope and like even to this shot like this whole quarterback situation as soon as they announced him I went well we just we just don't get it we just we're always going to find a way to do something that sounds great but it's an asterisk next to everything we do yeah we love this guy but he's probably going to jail you know what I mean it's like it's like it's none of it is ever just straightforward it's not so straight up although it was two years ago when Baker just beat the the they stomped him and we had absolutely that's right we have hope yes they did and they were great and it's just we don't know how to finish we don't know how to finish and I just think it's from the top it's from the organization and you have to know winning is a it is a culture you know like it's that's why I'm a fan like I've I grew up in Cleveland I've never been a Cavs fan never don't dislike even with LeBron I just it just didn't take I don't know I love these he's one of the best players I've ever seen of course you know you could but it just never took I was a Michael Jordan fan you know what I mean which is I mean come on you know I mean he ripped the Cavs heart out I mean I see him you know shooting over Craig Elo exactly and him falling to his knees like of course but like that I've always gravitated towards I what I I don't know what it is it's a greatness it's a thing and Michael Jordan had that thing that just got me Steph Curry and the way I watched the you know I watched them play my my best friend in school when I grew up his dad played for the Cavs so we were able to sit on the floor and watch the game like we could be bald like we had all the access to the Cavs I had no interest you had free reign of gund arena exactly right all the popcorn I could eat and I and nothing I just James Silas and I just I never I never did it and so uh who's your favorite Brown of all time David probably as you said that before you even got out probably Brian Sipe really because I was a kid old school yeah I was a kid Sam Rutigliano sending out the play into Brian Sipe exactly Ozzie Newsome Reggie you know Reggie uh what's it was it no it's not Reggie Jackson it's uh I can't think of his last name now okay but number 83 I do know that and I went to school with his kids okay Chris is looking it up right now are you Reggie Rucker got it Rucker Reggie Rucker like that was when I was like at my most impressionable while playing against like Terry Bradshaw and all like that is when I really got sucked into football right you know and I just and I have not been able to I've not been able to shake it I have a problem it's I have a Brown's problem it's okay you never know man I mean they do have so many incredibly talented players I just don't know if Deshaun's gonna play and then what's gonna happen I have no idea what's gonna happen it's too much distraction though you can't have that kind of distraction and be great inside of a locker room I just I just don't believe that that that energy cannot exist that energy can't exist to be as great as you need to be to win a Super Bowl you gotta have you gotta you gotta it's gotta be here you gotta be and anytime another's another another person comes out another thing it's inevitably gonna cause a problem so you can't it's just it ain't that wasn't the move I just don't I don't think that was the move David A Arnold the comedians whose new special it ain't for the week is burning up Netflix right here on the Rich Eisen show you sat down and you had an issue with my son on my desk right here that's the best dad ever you know I mean I'm like the best look at everybody's faces your whole staff is like yeah we don't like that sign no here's here's the deal David um and I'm sure you've heard this uh talk before in the comedy community sure you know it's it's it's it's a sharp elbowed community you know like it is okay right it ain't for the week it ain't for the internet community it ain't for the week uh if you're about to come at the king and the crown you best not miss okay okay so you have the floor if you have a problem with me having this is the thing about the best dad okay first of all yes David how old are your children they are about to be 14 11 and about to be nine two boys and a young girl and the girl is how she's about to be nine she's a see this is okay this is the time to get the best dad sign because they don't I had that sign when they were nine when they get 15 especially your daughter they don't like you okay they have nothing you say should I be taking notes you should be writing all this down and tell them to talk to me you they don't the order they get rich the less you know you understand like they don't they they think my children think that I am an idiot I'm beginning to feel that way they slowly they will let you know that you don't know all the things you've accomplished all the things you give them yes and they will look at you like why are you talking to me yes I will say to my oldest on occasion David I will say to him on occasion I'm like I have been a 13 year old boy before yes okay and then he'll say stuff like you know but you didn't did you have a phone when you were kids exactly it was different it's a different like you don't understand you wrote you wrote in the stagecoach that's what they think yes I use bows and arrows and stuff like that yes exactly it's I just when I see that I go best dad ever I remember when I had the best dad ever title now I'm just dad please like why does everything have to be a teachable moment I'm like because I want you out of my house that's why I want you to I want you to be able to grow up and leave and not come back you love them but man I am learning every day how does your how does your comedy land with your family how does that land with them when clearly you're actually using some moments from your all of my stand-up most of it is all about my family and being married and where I came from yes because uh they my daughters they think that I'm okay I think they started to accept it when I started to show up on their friends social page social media pages on tick tock and all like when they started when I started popping up and they started follow their friends started following me that's when they said maybe there's something to this guy's jokes right like there's a huge billboard right now of me in times square for the and I and I sent the photo to my kids yeah and my one daughter's ashlyn's very excited she's like oh my god danny looks like she's she's 15 okay my aunt of grace my 17 year old she went oh now I gotta listen to how successful you are and why I should be like she immediately sees how it's going to affect her but they they I think they're like you know kids don't ever look they're weirdly father so they don't look at it like yeah well that means you're being a good dad yes that's what it means I am a pretty good dad that you're being yourself yes when you're home yes you're not bringing anything else home no that you're present and you're doing your you're doing my job I'm doing you know they you know they they they want I have all the responsibility of making sure everything is taken care of but I have none of the power I get no say it's like dad doesn't oh in my household I've there's three kids and two dogs so I'm sixth on the list there you go that's nobody I am I am I am number six we have to eat every that's exactly what I tell my wife I'm like nobody was hungry today so I didn't make dinner I said I didn't get the ballot to vote for this what did like I am always the last one on the list and it's two I have two dogs and these dogs live better than I am these dogs these dogs look at me like we we're we're in love we're first you know David it's funny I'm David A Arnold here on the Rich Eisen show I've I've been with the NFL for almost 20 years yes I've been watching you and I thank you and and I'm a huge fan and I appreciate you saying I really am a huge fan thank you there's not a lot of people I want to hear talk about stuff I got it and I'm and I'm thankfully gonna be doing that for a while to come I just knocked on paper unfortunately but that the phrase that I hear all the time and it always confused me when players or coaches win it saying no one will ever take this away from us right no one know what right this way and always think to myself who is the one trying to take it away from you anyway now that you have come here and looked at my best dad ever signed you're trying to take this away from me I finally met somebody who's trying to take my championship away from me and I think it's I think it's you I think it should be best dad ever and David I'll draw it in with a pencil I don't think it'll fit I would I get it like you're a good dad I'll go ahead and you know it's just all the work that we go through all all the dads we never all of us are just second right we're just not father's day try to get a reservation on father's day wide open try to get a reservation for mother's day 2029 book solid it's unbelievable how we are constantly second constantly last constantly never just oh dad maybe you yeah maybe yeah the person who open table on father's day oh yeah anywhere you want to go come on in Mastro's wide open and this unbelievable but it's the job we've been given and I love doing it and I love doing it I really really do tj you want to chime in well I was saying you know David does a lot of the content with his wife and his kids and which has gotten them kind of popular because you know I met David 10 years ago because I'm friends with his wife okay and I was at home this vast Christmas and my mom was in one room watching something on her phone and I'm in another room and I'm listening and I'm like mom is that David Arnold you listen to and my mom's like yeah listen to David his crazy self-see when he's doing and I go well you know I know him she goes you do and I'm like well I met him I'm like I'm friends with his wife and she stopped turned around and was like you know Julie and I'm like yeah I know Jules I said we went to college together she's like Julie went to Point Park I'm like yeah you know that place you dropped me off years ago and I never came back home from yeah that's his wife she was like no event David she was excited when she thought I knew you but when it turns out that I was friends with Julie she was like oh well welcome to my world all the time too I mean as a matter of fact you have Mike you have the drop that Charles Barkley said during the match in 2020 like uh yeah my wife Susie Schuster Charles knows from way back in the day I tweet out during the the Brady Manning Tiger film match this is incredible television this is one of the greatest things I've ever seen like tweet that out right they put the tweet up on the screen and uh and then Charles chimes in you know saying you know my wife's name on on the television set they like her they like her wait that's how it is with my Julie is I'm the same exact that's certainly though everyone that comes in here knows Susie before they met rich so it's the wife is always the most popular because everybody thinks that they know they have to deal with whatever we're doing yes you know I mean I started posting videos on social media about three years ago and it's me and my wife and my kids I'm very much people who follow me are very much inside my house okay and I posted a video I don't remember what it was how parents feel on their kids first baby first day back to school and I laid it to the soundtrack from the whiz can you feel a brand new day me and my wife dancing down the street right this thing goes skyrockets violent like I'm on news uh news stations 30 net affiliates pick it up my wife immediately becomes through the roof and my wife is a former dancer Julie was a fur to the third African-American to dance online with the Rockettes she danced with Jimmy Buffett for years she hosted a tv show called Made in Hollywood on ABC so she has her own career yes I started posting videos she blows up I'm like I'm I'm doing all the talking now I bring her to my shows and I will work for an hour and a half on stage and I will Julie's there I will bring her out and these people will give her a standing ovation like she I'm like I've been out here busting my ass for an hour and my wife comes out and gets a standing ovation they just love her and I'm just like I know who the star is rich eyes and oh that's Susie Eisendelton exactly that's exactly that is exactly what it's like I was somewhere and she came out I was I did Netflix as a joke they had a they had a whole festival here yes and so I had a night at the improv and I'm there with and one of my friends Ava DuVernay who is a very successful television producer you've heard of her like yes she is she's there it's an apt way to describe exactly she's she came to the show she was like David I want to bring my mom I'm talking to her mom Julie comes out and her mother starts to cry and I was like what what what happened like I'm like and Ava looks at me and goes Julie's behind you and it's real to my mother and like and I'm like nobody has ever shed like as hard as I'm working and Julie's just that they just it's just what it is well done it's it's called it ain't for the week David A Arnold's new special on Netflix it's been dropped for about a week now so where have you been it ain't for the week available on Netflix tour dates um Charlotte the uh first weekend of August uh and then later on in the month of August Phoenix San Francisco New Brunswick New Jersey yes I'm going there I'm going to New Brunswick New Jersey I'm very excited fantastic David A for additional tour dates and tickets and all that good stuff uh during the season come back we'll talk about the Browns oh my god I would love that we will we will it'll be okay it'll be okay this the sign will still be here despite your best effort I'm getting one of these signs and when I come back I'm bringing my sign that's what you can do exactly David A the David A Arnold on Instagram to see uh his wife and all of David right here on the Rich Eisen show we're back to wrap up this show and set up the rest of the week in a moment and who knew TJ knew him I mean six degrees of TJ is like six degrees of every human on earth it's like one degree I had no idea TJ knew people that's strange I know like three or four of three or four million how is Ashton what's amazing that you asked you know he was uh last time I saw him last night at dinner he was good oh you saw him last night at dinner yeah I had a little birthday is this from last night that is from last night hey look at that there's uh another famous person right there too a couple of them couple yeah Wilmer there is the middle the guy did you have dinner where'd you have dinner uh this place uh on Melrose called Carlitos Argentinian Steakhouse kind of you know it started back in 2016 you know I remember there was a saying that said something about you are the the average or the sum of the five people you spend the most time with I don't know if you guys ever heard that so one day before my birthday I kind of thought like the five guys that I like talked to the most I hang out the most I got together for my birthday dinner and it turned out to be the six of us and we've done it now I mean obviously we didn't do it in 20 but we've done it since 2016 same restaurant happened to get the same table at Carlitos and just same five guys and just kind of you know sit back and have a good time and then you see your back is to the wall you're right well your back is not to the front door of the restaurant yeah well look you know it's the Italian of course DJ has a top five list that includes six yeah oh I mean he's the he's the six I'm not the fifth there's five plus me it's five plus one he's the he's the six I'm the six or I'm the one the rest of this or the rest of them are the two and then like the Usos I'm the one who picked it up who booked it to check you know I just know I didn't reach in my pocket that's all I know okay so um I might be able to give a shout out if I can on my buddy Sharon Daniel Matt Mazant Wilmer and Ashton for uh taking me out this having a good time nice that's that's reaching for the check and so one friend for each decade you've lived well actually more than that makes you think about it I was born in the 70s so I've seen parts of the 70s the 80s the 90s in the 70s you know sometime I guess Kevin Roth was always honest about his age although if you saw in the Godfather part two and he says I'm honest about my age it said he was 67 on the cake and he looked a lot older so but um come on you know it's it's why is this like the price is right why do we do we have to bid do we have to go guess without going over you know like Q-tip said once like uh wow how old is TJ how old are you I mean I'm something like a son between 35 and 65. Why won't you admit it? You've actually told me your age the point I am 53 years old I know and I don't like I don't like the age of myself man you know what I mean it is what it is I'm here I'm today years old that's how old I am today can you psychoanalyze this for me Chris can you do that for me please it's weird because like we're 42 we're the same birthday and the same sign we're so different people well you are admitting how old you are you're 42 and I'm not just everything's not a joke how old are you Mike 56 I'm 53 you're the oldest one here he's the oldest one here right yeah I don't know I take umbrage with something though you just you you said this before to me like everything's not a joke I don't take everything as a joke so I'm sorry that that may be not how you approach life but for me that's my tactics and it's worked fairly well for we're literally just asking your age and you won't answer yeah that's my thing right so I get that I just gotta say as well again I I would I would like I said Chris it's it's worked for me I will push back you didn't win on the price is right because you took it as a joke I will push back I want to get on the price is right all right my life is fine I'm doing okay all right well I will push back and saying that you you don't treat everything like a joke I mean you you don't treat things you do treat things seriously when when things are necessary of course yeah one more yes but other times where you would think something should be treated seriously by you and you don't like again the price is right like that did cost you it did cause it didn't cost me it saved me a lot of taxes all right that's what it did save me it saved me a lot of tax speaking of people you know I ran into Doug Ellen the other day okay well I only know him from here but I thought you know him well we met when he came onto the show that's it that's the first time I thought you had like a relationship with him well I mean in the sense the creator of his work oh okay you know like so I just thought you knew him like knew him knew him I mean you know I feel like once I've met you once and we have like a little bond that we know each other forever okay yeah I feel the same way you know two of those are people personally so so let me just ask you this question the same way are are you too old to play pickleball oh are you of a certain age there's a deal right we thought it was an old thing and I'm seeing now 12 year olds play for pickleball and I'm also seeing seven I've seen 80 year olds play pickleball so it's I don't know Drew Brees is playing pickleball Rich there are a lot of people and you're the same age as Drew Brees Drew Brees was of a certain age when he was playing football come on Drew Brees playing football I think Jamie Foxx is playing uh playing uh pickleball now that's another guy who's way older than you think yeah I mean a friend of mine just built a pickleball court next to their house in Manhattan Beach it's it's it's tennis courts out this is like CrossFit Chris you're gonna have to get over it man and you know how people know that they play they won't stop talking about it would you like to see video of me playing pickleball absolutely not you know he doesn't want to see it oh here we go that's me in the white hat look at that little move there hold on a second there's a winner down the line I noticed you moved about four feet oh it's it's a hell of a hell of a workout it is four feet at a time it's a hell of a workout it's Matt Manasse I met him I met Matt Matt is a uh a pickleball professional oh I think you get smoked by Rich I think if you played him I played twice over the weekend and I am walking around like Fred G. Sanford that was throwing the jump it's a it's gotta stretch you gotta stretch you gotta move you gotta move fast you gotta move fast I didn't see you moving at all on that video oh my god I love this now singles we were watching some singles videos on youtube that is intense yeah that's like the the going the like the u.s open and flushing metas he's having fun over there he's having fun well I mean if you're not moving that much in doubles the chance of your achilles tearing is lower so you could probably do the doubles could pop at any given moment yeah but I don't understand why you're so worried about it now like what are you like why the achilles out of everything that could go wrong why was it specifically that body this is the age where you start doing some stuff in your achilles pops right think about how many people we know have had achilles injuries I don't know any are you going to walk around your entire life and you're not going to do stuff because you're worried that your achilles is popping pretty much really my my sports days are pretty much over outside of golf here's what I'm confused by tell me all the time how great of a shooter you were you won't even just hit the the gym just to shoot I ask you to work out every single day that's not working I'm asking you about shooting basketball I haven't touched the ball in two years why would you ask a 57 year old man to work out I want him to live to 60 until until he does not until he gives us his age we're going to just keep throwing out you know what well you're playing into my hand of making everything a joke so far come back to me 67 year old Simon Roth he's always honest about his age over tj's age well done you guys keep using like that and I looked at that as a win but you know I guess we looked at life differently didn't win I did win something Chris what a ping pong table and a popcorn maker you don't even use the ping pong table but I still am in possession of it and possession is nine-tenths of the law can't move it I want to thank that's true I want to thank today's guest david a arnold that was very nice to meet one of tj's friends um mark schlereth and also our friend brian winhorst on tomorrow's program we're gonna go hit the wayback machine to those days when the red sox were good yes uh Pedro Martinez will be on the program to talk about David Ortiz going to the hall love it so Pedro will be talking about David Ortiz in the meantime well those in the meantime the red sox will give up four more honor and runs gosh this is bad news did the blue jays just score again but what are we doing hit the power ball 28 that's great awesome we'll see you on Tuesday's show everybody everybody for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's Andre for you I've always said Andre was number one wow because even going back before you know Hulk Hogan was a babyface Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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