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REShow: Andy Richter - Hour 3

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July 27, 2022 4:31 pm

REShow: Andy Richter - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 27, 2022 4:31 pm

 Rich reacts to Jacksonville Jaguars players commenting on the night-and-day difference between Urban Meyer and current Jags Head Coach Doug Pederson, and has a big question for Cardinals Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury who addressed Kyler Murray’s eyebrow-raising ‘study hall’ clause in the QB’s new contract.

Comedian Andy Richter joins Rich in-studio to discuss his ‘Three Questions’ podcast, reveals the TMI story Fabio once told him during a commercial break on ‘Late Night,’ reveals how he met Conan O’Brien and recalls some of his favorite moments from ‘Late Night,’ and why he remains loyal to the Cubs despite their recent woes.

Rich says why he thinks Baker Mayfield has a leg up on Sam Darnold in the Carolina Panthers’ QB competition and reacts to yet another classic Bill Belichick press conference exchange with a reporter.

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Try Dove Men PlusCare Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. It's insanity. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. New England Patriots. There's no question every single offensive player knows right now who's calling the plays and apparently it's Matt Patricia and his number two pencil will be calling the plays this year. Earlier on the show from NBC Sports, Mike Tirico, Tampa Bay Times books writer Rick Stroud, Notre Dame head coach Marcus Freeman. Coming up, host and comedian Andy Richter and now it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. The man side by side with Conan O'Brien for all those years. Andy Richter is here in studio and I've never met the man.

I don't believe. I'm excited. I always enjoyed his sense of humor and watching him on TV and now he's got a new podcast coming out three questions with Andy Richter podcasts.

Wherever you get your podcasts we will have more than just three questions for Andy. We can't just be boxed in like that and we won't be. We refuse to be boxed in with the number of questions. We can't be and we won't be. We're not on a question count. You know what I mean? Like we're not coming off of surgery thank God. Right. You know we're not being put on a question count and so Andy's going to come out here and join us in about 20 minutes time. It'll be a great chat.

Good times. Chris Brockman, Mike Del Tufo in your spots. TJ Jefferson in his spot.

And you are you there. We did talk about Chris Myers actually a little bit. Now we're number one with his longtime SportsCenter partner Mike Torrico. Marcus Freeman of Notre Dame Football as well as Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times talking about everything going on with the Buccaneers and Julio Jones joining there. If you missed any of it slash rich Eisen show.

Okay I've told you this for weeks and months and now it's finally here and now we're hearing from people to confirm what we all knew and assumed anyway. Urban Meyer and Jacksonville last year was an unmitigated disaster. Complete unmitigated disaster. Worst face plant maybe in the history of National Football League head coaching and there have been many face plants. I mean the only thing missing from Urban Meyer's face plant was you know wearing a neck roll like Patrino did once upon a time. Scratches on his face.

No it's the only thing missing. But we're hearing now just you know how bad it was and not like directly not like calling him out by name not not doing that but by talking up the coach Doug Peterson and and this is not like Tyreek Hill talking up Tua and you could say he's criticizing Patrick Mahomes by doing so as we've said here that's not what he's doing he's not being critical of Patrick Mahomes he's talking up his guy but just hearing they're not talking up Doug Peterson they're just talking about the differences what's the difference between the two and it's obvious what's the difference between the two I mean Doug Peterson's not going to leave the team and stay behind on the bye week Doug Peterson's not going to kick his kicker Doug Peterson's not going to bench his running back and then deny benching his running back and then put his running back in the game before that denial because the rookie quarterback has come and said what gives that's just three things no no it's it's as simple as just treating the guys straight up Josh Allen Jacksonville's Josh Allen first round draft choice of his own right had this to say yesterday when asked the difference between Doug Peterson and and all the things that Doug Peterson has changed them man it feels good to be to be apart you know just to be a part of professional locker room not only in the locker room but when you talk to the coaches it's a professional setting you know what I'm saying it's you got to hold on to the details you know what I'm saying if you're not listening to details you know it's not getting on you it's telling them what's right and what's wrong and you know it's guys it's grown men we need to understand that and he puts it in a way we can understand it and grow he's not getting on us he's letting us know what's real and he's talking to us like grown men it's good to be part of a professional locker room and he wasn't just a you know in college last year and this is his rookie season he's learning about professional football now he got drafted in 2019 Chris I don't know what the town where Mo Green does not have a plaque or signpost or anything to recall who founded Las Vegas Nevada I don't know what that town is saying about the Jacksonville Jaguars but this has to be I don't know what their win total is um this has to be 6.5 there you go six and a half 6.5 how many they win last year three okay double the amount of wins why you know great draft great draft Trevor Lawrence we're just assuming he's going to improve year one of year two I don't know we've seen guys go from year one to year two and they don't have that big of a lead Travis atn's back this will be the greatest addition by subtraction in the history of the national football league okay book it this will be the greatest just again merely Doug Peterson being who he is and then being who he isn't together will be a monster sized improvement Trevor Lawrence he said something earlier this week Trevor Lawrence being asked about uh his head coach being Doug Peterson now and what he's dealing with it's cool seeing the way he approaches things you know he's definitely a player's coach in the sense of you know he takes care of us but there's a certain expectation and he knows what it takes to win and to win a championship so there's that expectation which you need from your head coach and the standard that you have to uphold but he also knows how to take care of players he knows what players are feeling like in the spring you know some guys are tight he might take a period off practice or you know a day when you get some extra work he'll throw in a you know an extra period or whatever it is so just having a coach that's been there done that coached a lot of teams um had a lot of success he kind of just knows how to read the team and I think that's really important do you think we're gonna get a player to go up there and to be like look it's better because urban's not here I mean it's basically what they're all saying I know but I want them to say his name say his name look Doug is not Urban Meyer so we're gonna be just fine how about they explain to you what's what's wrong not not yell at you how bad must it have been there last year how absolutely bad must it have been there last year we have no idea we really need like a 30 for 30 yes the deep dive I mean like I told you not to just go down the same lane here but I'll just do it one more time before moving on the minute he did not get on the plane yeah after the week four loss in Cincinnati you were all over that it was over yeah that was your biggest thing in our group chat we were thinking about the the picture and Chris I remember getting you up like why is rich why is rich so worried about this plane and then it turned out over and over because all the other stuff that happened at this point last year in training camp and it happened previously in OTAs and the the bringing in Tim Tebow which I gave Urban Meyer the benefit of the doubt at that point saying oh he's showing the locker room what happens if you buy into his you show me what you show me I'm asking for you this is how I'll take care of you 10 years from now 15 years from now and as it turned out it was a total another disaster another log on the disaster fire unlike Trey Lance I do recall you saying that so all of all of what happened prior to that just became crystallized and then there was another two months after that they had again they had to fire him in the middle of the season so Doug Peterson being Doug Peterson and being somebody who he's not together Vegas is already saying double the amount of wins alone and we'll see what happens when Tom meets ball the Jacksonville Jaguars just had to take note of that day two of independent study oh here on the rich eyes and show you guys all hit your tablets last night out thank you look I ain't got no tablet I mean tj I don't know that's on hr is that why my monitoring has come up with zero hours long of independent study you know what they say when your key card doesn't work yeah which is funny because your key card doesn't work sorry I don't have my key card no surprise that the Arizona Cardinal Zach Ertz saying hey Kyler knows everything about this offense and he also knows about the opposing defense which by the way is the crux of film study obviously you got to know your own playbook and you'll definitely look at your own you know all 22 when you're on offense but you got to look at the other team that's where the study comes in that's where you know this linebacker does this that corner does that that safety does this this defensive tackle does that that end does this you you know tendencies and you know what's happening so you could change a play you can mess with them you can figure something out to take advantage of what they are showing on film and clearly something happened Zach Ertz said you know there's no problem with Kyler and Cliff Kingsbury spoke yesterday and said you know he hasn't noticed any problem with Kyler either but somebody felt compelled to hire a lawyer come up with this independent study language inserted into the contract that Kyler Murray signed that said this is what Kingsbury was asked because you know clearly he's not going to go yeah we found a problem with Kyler he's got study habit issues playing too much Minecraft is that the game Roblox I don't know that's my household sir that's my household that's where I'm tying allowance time to allowances to to uh screen time and homework time and things like that so that's the this situation I'm talking about Arizona's house oh my bad my bad so some reporter after you know uh batting around these questions then went to say do you Cliff Kingsbury do you monitor everybody's study time when they're off Arizona time to use the uh fast times at Richmond high parlance on their own time mr hard time uh you see the mr hond yeah basically of of of other people's time and how they're spending it this is his response I I don't know I do not I don't I do yeah they don't track mine you know like I'm sure McVeigh's got me beat by a couple hundred hours every week um so I know these guys are professionals they know how to get themselves ready for a game they know what to watch um what they need to watch personally and so I've never tracked it if Santiago Chris yep oh back oh you're right I know I this is exactly what I was just gonna say somebody who has been bullied has been told to do something somebody who has been bullied has been told he can leave why wasn't he packed hadn't called anyone if you didn't call anybody if if you okay ordered Santiago to not be touched why was he touched why did he need to be transferred off the base why did he need to be transferred off the base who ordered the independent study code red is basically what he's asking that's what they talk about right code red there in Arizona who ordered it if these guys are professionals and you trust the way that they prepare for games why why did it need to be in the contract is there an independent study clause for your quarterback what are we doing what's going on here hell going on why do we need why do we need independent study on that wall you should do the windy thing for this one rich why why uh you know it's a very simple question now then we're gonna see football games get played this will all be completely swept under the rug if Kyler Murray shows up and plays MVP quality football as we have seen him do he was the quarterback of the team that finished uh that had the longest lasting undefeated record last year when Murray got hurt and came back from getting hurt and he scored 19 touchdowns half of them in the air half of them on the ground against the Chicago Bears we were talking about him as an MVP candidate the hail Murray and then well hail Murray's two years ago and then he just went right down the tubes without the hail Murray I don't think they would have won a game the rest of the year that year two years ago they were in that position towards the end of the season and that's the question the annual second half of the season post-thanksgiving swoon isn't because windows get tighter and somebody's you know hitting the b button instead that's the question that has been put out there by the man's own contract so we've heard the answers and you're going to hear more and more and more and I'm sure Kyler when he speaks we'll say this is much ado about nothing of course I signed it what do I care I do it anyway so they want they want to put it in the contract fine I'm doing it anyway of course I'm doing it what are you talking about of course I'm a I'm a I'm a an NFL quarterback of note I mean you'll hear that you'll hear other players come to his aid because they're teammates and they love him and for good reason because he's Kyler Murray and that's the reason why Arizona signed him despite these misgivings but toes gonna meet ball and anytime Kyler makes a bad throw because it happens happens to everybody he makes a bad throw be like you didn't see the guy coming maybe just maybe only three hours of independent study this week why was the clause in there if it didn't need to be in there if you trusted how he prepared for games everyone's a professional why can you take money away from him if he doesn't study enough each week coming to an Arizona theater near you a few good tablets starring Kyler Murray let's take a break crazy Andy Richter is here in studio can't wait to chat with him that is next right here on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio audience is back Andy Richter three questions with Andy Richter podcasts where all podcasts are required right here on the show so the three questions I know what they are but I'll give you the floor and what the yes the questions are for this party they are where do you come from where are you going and what have you learned okay and they're just kind of I feel like I had been approached you know team Richter top-notch professionals that they are yes had bud me for a while they said you should do a podcast but I always felt because I have friends that are true you know originators of the podcast business and I still feel like an old man about it a lot where I'm like really the people are I don't listen to a lot of podcasts okay I listen to Howard Stern he's been my podcast for a thousand years so you know um but I still it's the same thing like I can't like somebody that's like really super successful on YouTube that doesn't translate to me because I'm old I'm like really and it's like yeah this this guy's you know outpaced you by earnings by four times and I'm like YouTube guy like yeah yeah YouTube guy old man wake up exactly um so when they were telling me I should do a podcast I resisted and I was like I felt like a Johnny come lately you know and I just was like I had a dilettante and I finally thought oh what the heck I'll I'll go ahead and do it yes um and so I thought what I really want to do is have the kind of conversations that I would get to have with people in commercial breaks on the Conan show which is like the stuff I want to know about which is like how many kids were in your family yeah you know what's your work day like that kind of thing and um and then also I like you know I've been in therapy for a million years and I like when people can take the the facts of their life and extrapolate well this is why I'm like this right because of these things that happen I think that's just always an interesting conversation so I want I thought those three questions kind of encompass that kind of that kind of notion of kind of thinking about where you come from and how it makes you who you are um and so I decided yep I'm gonna do the podcast and then uh like a weekly this will tell you about the the the the communication over at the Conan organization about a week later I hear Conan's doing a podcast and we're like every time just yeah I was just why didn't I say yes a month ago I could have beaten to the punch uh but yeah but you know it's all fine now everybody has a podcast well no not that is not true and certainly the guests you're getting are stupendous I mean your recent guests have included Judd Apatow Will Arnett, Kristen Bell, Bill Hader who's awesome and Henry Winkler who was in that chair about a month ago what a delightful human he's fantastic oh my god he was my first in person uh after covid my postcode first you know in person that because you know pre-covid it was all in studio face to face and then it went to computer and and he was my first one back actually face to face he's amazing yeah I just I just talked to Jake Tapper yesterday we recorded one yesterday okay very good um I've heard of him yeah yeah um so yeah I mean I get I get really uh Rachel Bilson's on the show this week okay um I get really good guests but it's all you know I just talk to people that I want to talk to which is nice I don't you know it's not like is that why I haven't been on is that what it is yeah okay I mean it's just straightforward I mean I'll drive to El Segundo for you but I'm not having you on my show I mean come on I love that Andy Richter here on the Rich Eisen show three questions with Andy Richter podcast and it's funny how you you mention how you're asking questions or you want to know these are things that you'd want to know based on uh conversations you'd have in commercial breaks with guests over the years uh sitting there on Conan uh with Conan so was there was there ever a guest who over shared and like the commercial breaks coming back and you kind of like kind of you know you kind of had to be like uh you know I I'm glad I asked but I mean we're coming right back three two one yeah like that sort of thing Andy uh Bobby oh by the way I'm glad I asked but I mean by the way we're already starting good if this was a mad lib I know I would have put that proper name in that blank space told us a story on air about a stalker confronting him at a breakfast place where he was having breakfast with a friend and in the commercial break which I think he just I can't remember what the details but it just sounded like uh it just it was it was kind of neutral but it seemed crazy like you know the police had to be called and all this stuff and then in the commercial break we were talking to him and we said we're like that was nuts he goes like he said yes but I didn't even tell you the he said I didn't tell on the air the best part that um she had a a ziploc bag full of her pubic hair and she dumped it on the table and I don't know if it was I can't remember if it was honest food or not he goes but she must have shaved everything it was a lot of pubic hair and then he said and then when I get out I get out to the it's so funny and he said and when I get out to my car my car is covered with mashed potatoes and peas yes covered with mashed potatoes and peas what a strain what's mixed signals he's sending you know mixed yeah yeah it's a great way to put it yeah mashed potatoes and peas yeah Fabio's mixed signals Fabio's mixed signals or Fabio's mashed potato and cheese peas could be a great fantasy team name Chris you might have to write that down could be I have to write that down oh my god I like that Chris is advertising another show on this show wow but he has a cup right there it's his own show I know he's doing his own show over there probably I hear mumbling he's gonna do it quiet oh my god it's one of those moments like I guess why didn't he say that during the on the I don't know I don't know I'm probably it's probably some legal reason I probably just blew it for him sorry Fabio you know oh my god yeah who was who was your favorite guest to meet sit on the couch with uh well like the people that I'm thrilled to meet is like it's not ever exciting because I don't say a word to them I go like hi because I always just feel like like you know like Michael Caine like what am I gonna say to Michael you know it's but I mean but just to sit this far from Michael Caine and look at Michael Caine is like that's freaking Michael Caine right there yeah um so it would be people like him like although there were like David Bowie um was local so he used to do like he did really he was and he also he's just fantastic I mean in addition to being a musical genius who gave us like some of the best popular music of the last 150 years he also was like really funny really fun and just super nice like and and it got to the point where just got to be chatting with David Bowie um and then there's a you know there's also just the people that you can't believe early on in the early days because we couldn't like we weren't getting the big names so we were getting people like Shelley winners which I I'll take a Shelley winners over an A-lister any day like a good Poseidon adventure story you'll take that yeah like do you want sort of the same story that you've heard on three other shows or do you want a literal like ticking time bomb of madness give me the crazy that would be that's like that's the fun part but we had so we would get like we had Tony Curtis oh my gosh that's so you know and and Tony Curtis shared something he had in common with James Brown James Brown and yet another person on the show that I did I was like hi uh but both Tony Curtis and James Brown were you know our studios were on the the sixth floor in studio 6a across the way is live at five the local news I remember that sure yeah Sue Simmons yes Sue Simmons and Chuck and Chuck uh yeah Chuck uh what what Chuck Scarborough Scarborough Scarborough yeah I grew up in New York City man I mean they're there again they're like my neighbors like hey Chuck what's going on you know how's the weekend Chuck um but all our dressing rooms are along this busy hallway that is a you know that like people are running with tapes for news and you know and I mean national news and you know different you know prop things are being we carted down the hall both uh Tony Curtis and James Brown took a chair and put it in the hallway and sat out in the hallway just watching the cum I don't know like whether they're just like because the dressing rooms weren't very big it's like where they're walking down the hallway and people there's Tony freaking Curtis James Brown yeah both of them I was just weird that they both were there there was some like a some you know claustrophobia or they just liked being recognized there are there are famous people that really like being recognized you know so you know whatever that's whatever it you know instead of a folding chair yeah I don't hold that against Tony Curtis or they can do whatever they want with their Tony Curtisness Andy Richter here on the Rich Eisen show how did you meet Conan how did you ever cross paths with uh well we knew a bunch of people in common already and if we had never like and we if we'd never got connected for this show we would have ended up knowing each other okay um because I haven't figured out and it took a couple years of working with him before we both figured out that we had been at a yard party at Bob Odenkirk's house uh like two or three weeks before we met and just didn't happen to speak or talk to each other get introduced to each other so I I knew Robert Smigel who is uh Triumph the insult comic dog he was the original uh you know like head writer producer of the Conan show um I knew him through a friend that had worked on SNL and he and I just hung out socially in LA when he was out here one summer working on the uh ill-fated Hans and Franz movie oh my god he came out here to make a Hans and Franz movie and you were on that movie no no I just met him I just met him through this friend and we used to you know drink and drive basically um but but uh yeah the Hans and Franz movie Arnold Schwarzenegger after last action hero he he said to them he's like I can't make fun of myself anymore so they they just got yeah yeah because I guess he was going to be like their their fairy godmother or something I know it would be very heavily it would oh it would have been fantastic so that's how you met Smigel and and that's how I met Smigel was just you know through friends friends and hanging out and and you know summertime in LA and then uh Conan got the job and I heard about it just like everybody else did it's just Simpson's writer got this job and I saw the clips of his like test interview um you know that he had done and and then I got a call from Robert saying hey I'm going to be working on this show would you meet this Conan guy and I said sure and his you know it was a free lunch and we went to Junior's Deli uh on Westwood Boulevard which isn't there anymore and uh and we just hit it off immediately we just both were like immediately stupid with each other and knew and I you know and he also too I could just get a sense that I could be as dumb and gross and stupid and silly as I wanted to be and I knew it was like a job interview but it did you know like when they brought me my knish I just said it looks like a and uh and he howled and I thought like you know I knew that was a risk to taking a job interview but I was like this is yeah I did that for the NFL well it's a different kind of job you know it's uh right right so and then we just hit it off and he he wanted he told Robert told me that he said to Robert hire this guy just hire him and Robert so let's let him write a a packet first so I wrote up a packet I was at my then fiance uh his house up in San Francisco yeah and I typed all she had was beige paper so I had to type up my packet on like beige yeah like on sort of ecru because there was no but I'm not going to go buy white paper it's like yeah it'll still work so of course send it to them FedEx it to them and I you know and they like the ideas and then I was I was the first writer hired I was right I came there and Rockefeller Center was on the ninth floor with about five other people at that point you know yeah you know go into 30 rock and go to work every day it was I've heard people say like Stern will say that he feels like that building is kind of anti comedy and that he had such an unpleasant experience working at NBC right but it's NBC radio whereas for us it was a it was a clubhouse in a national monument you know and we it didn't stop us from like dropping things onto the street right you know and like literally one one day a five gallon bucket of super balls onto sixth avenue is a lot of fun I bet from nine stories up wow no kidding wow how did we wait until night time we but we would throw them out during the day and then and it just because they would bounce for so long say well did did one get back up to the ninth floor no no they just but they just would like bounce you know and and you just be people walking them like wow whiz by me you know it's a super ball um so I felt I loved working in that building and I felt I felt it was like a uh an honor to work in that building uh for just what that building is meant to television and stuff it's the same I would I did the Alex and the I did the Alec Baldwin match game and in that studio it's a studio in New York City there's pictures on the walls of like you know truth or consequences and you know like kitty Carlisle and Joan Rivers doing these game shows and I just it makes me feel like I'm like a TV professional like I'm on freaking game shows the same as kitty Carlisle you know by the way I'm such a game show freak I love them I get to host them now and then so you're lucky yeah yeah part of me feels Andy Richter I was put on this planet to give away cash and prizes I mean well I'm waiting okay yeah I don't know if we have any gifts for you Andy but I mean wow okay that's pretty cool uh three questions with Andy Richter I feel like I already asked where you come from yeah I feel I feel like I'm from Illinois okay yeah yeah so are you are you a a Cubs fan yeah Cubs fan although the Ricketts make it harder and harder uh and you don't mean uh you don't mean some sort of a virus I don't yeah I don't mean a vitamin D deficiency I mean I mean the scurvy's making I mean yeah no I mean uh the owners they just because you know having them win the world series was such a thrill and I also too I'm a late onset baseball fan and baseball is the only thing I really care about like all the other sports kind of happen around me and I kind of you know hear things by osmosis but baseball is the only thing that I really became interested in and like I say it was within the last 10-15 it started with I would watch the playoffs because the baseball season's so long and you know it's hard to get really up for a game in June yes you know and I mean like 50 now like what's the stakes you know right but the playoffs it's so manageable because there's only a set amount of teams there's only a set amount of rosters that you really have to be aware of like who is who and it just and there's just something that's just so simple and the tension it's all about the tension and the release every pitch is amazing and yeah I'd say game 59 in June uh runner gets on first base with an out and you're like okay we can get out of this inning that happens in October like season's over right guys on first absolutely it's it's a nothing nothing game in the second inning one guy on they walk the lead off got seasons over yeah we're gonna lose this game we're gonna lose the play like it's it's really a mental well and it's an exercise in like a storytelling sense too as someone who like you know I mean aside from Conan work like I work in television I tell stories that's kind of like you know what I that's what I aim to do but you've got with every pitch 20 different things that can happen and and it's and it's and you wait and there's like the slow like you know rub the nose and then look and you know no to the sign and you know just just build up and then the throw and it could be a home run it could be a foul it could be the end of the game and it just it's like in narrative terms it's just there's so much that can happen in that simple moment if you're you know actually focused on it and paying attention and aware of the context did you have that cathartic moment when the Cubs won like so oh absolutely absolutely although like my brother who's one of those people like the last time I went to a Cubs game with my younger brother he knew a ump by name to yell at him like he knew like like that a-hole you know like and I'm like that's a little bit much to know the ump's names and to have a grudge against a particular it's called study time I know I know but for me for me it's like that's pretty deep but my brother when the Cubs won told me he said like I feel he said I feel like I could finally walk away from a bad marriage he's like this has been a bad marriage and now that this has happened I can they I've been released from caring and then you know and then like when they do sell all those guys you know Javi Baez and Rizzo and Chris Bryant and they and I understand you know it's business and they have to do that and they that's how it works but you know but then it's like now they're gonna you know Contreras and Ian Happ are going supposedly looks like Robertson could too it's just yeah it's just it's a it's a bummer and it's really hard I mean again I get it it's a business but it's it's really hard it's it's made me more of a Dodgers fan I'll tell you that well then yeah yeah fighting words I guess for some people whatever I used to go to I you know I always try and go to at least one uh you know Cubs at Dodgers and this year and I had tickets this year and got COVID uh very mild COVID but you know um but I couldn't go but I would always like there were years because you know I watched the Dodgers do uh and there were years where I'd be kind of torn and be sort of like oh I'm here um that's all right um I would I would be torn and then when the Cubs would inevitably lose I would be bummed and that would what that was what told me I'm still mostly a Cubs fan there you go but it's kind of now you know I mean I did sort of feel like the last that series I felt like would it be so bad for the Dodgers just to let them win one let them go back to Wrigley wow you're suffering I know I know but I mean you know it's like it's like a it's like a bully picking on a nerd at this point and the Dodgers are playing them Andy Richter uh thank you for coming on here three questions with Andy Richter podcast every Tuesday wherever you get your podcasts uh come back anytime thank you so much good to see it that's Andy Richter here on the Rich Eisen show the latest gem from a Bill Belichick press conference because somebody asked him the wrong question when we come back here on the Rich Eisen back here on the program Lonnie in Los Angeles been hanging on for damn near the whole show what's up Lonnie how you been brother yeah how you doing man thanks for hanging in there what's going on I I want to voice my support for Baker Mayfield okay Baker Mayfield has moxie if you look at this time last year all the negative things they were saying about Matthew Stafford Odell Beckham look man the lord is his redeemer not some moron on ESPN you can't predict what a person's going to do look what happened at the end of the season Odell Beckham was on his way to being the MVP of the Super Bowl after all the ridicule and that's true Matthew Stafford finally got on a good football team and started winning some games but you treat that tuck rule overrated quarterback like he's got but everybody else gets criticized and ridiculed and I just don't think that's fair right Lonnie that's just you know I guess part of the territory and and Mayfield is I'm assuming going to have this opportunity and thanks for hanging in for as long as you did Mayfield is going to have this opportunity and I believe he's got the leg up they played a full season with Darnold last year the head coach as much as he wants to you know not say it and I don't blame him for for avoiding the subject or not talking about it or saying you know this is what it is Matt Ruhle is 1,000 on a seat that gets hotter every single day because the owner is somebody who's very demanding in his first couple years as it has been known about David Tepper and he wants to win now and I don't think he cares that Brady's in the division I don't think he cares that New Orleans is New Orleans I don't think he cares I think it's time and he looked he had a full year of Sam Darnold and you know Ben McAdoo is now there calling plays dude they they they as an organization looked at their roster saw their practices knew what they saw last year and with all of that went and grabbed Baker Mayfield now I know it's for hardly anything in terms of a fifth that could be turned into a fourth right and not even next year's draft it's two drafts from now you have to pay them there's a reason why they did that because they're not 100% sold on Sam Darnold and that is an absolute fair assessment otherwise they wouldn't have done it in the same way that we're looking at this independent study clause and in Kyler Murray's contract if you had no issues with the way he was preparing for games why did you have to put it in black and white in a contract where you know it's going to potentially get out so I think it will be Mayfield's opportunity and man him versus Cleveland week one is suddenly one of those piece of filet mignon week one games that didn't look that way when the schedule came out that's for sure we've got a new segment on the Rich Eisen show just in time for the season we've kind of had uh we piloted something like this over the last several years it's a great it's a great episode now it's time now it's now it's now it's time to unwrap it a new segment called let me get this let me get this verbiage right a new segment called today's Bill Belichick press conference moment roll it today's Bill Belichick press conference moment we prefer to win in your opinion what is the headline going into this I don't know we're just taking it one day at a time so I think this show is gonna run forever do we know who I mean it wasn't one of the regulars right it wasn't mike or tom or ben volin I don't know like it wasn't one of the guys who knows do you think the headline is like come on you've got going into you're asking you Bill Belichick on what can you do my job for me oh my gosh I mean can you come up with a headline can you pick out one thing about the Patriots that you think is most important even though your entire career it's been obvious that it's never one thing it's the collective it's never one player it's the the team it's it's the do your job he could have responded hey do your job you you come up with the headlines we'll play the games you do your job shouldn't even I'm not doing your job for you your job your job is to make that my do your job there you go that's one of our favorite drops and then we told him that was going to be a drop and then it led to one of the greatest drops in the history of this show I don't even know what an audio drop is there you go he's got his own there you go what's the headline for this season I mean I don't know I know what the headline is for the season why mack jones here too come on man he spoke today he looks like a much more veteran presence he's he looks in better shape he's not a minivan anymore more importantly dude what is he mac and chowder I think you know what I think he is I think he's like um it's like a hatchback he's kind of like uh like not not the full size suv but he's kind of like the mid-size yeah like a mid-size suv with a hatchback for the first six of the Patriots on the road not a great start schedule's really hard the first seven on the road that schedule's tough uh is it let's take a look take a look I think it's pretty tough at miami never never easy for you that's a tough always tough that's a tough I agree at pittsburgh at aqua sure are you the first game in the history of aqua shear stadium uh yes you are pittsburgh starts on the road we're opening aqua sure where the not so sure win for uh pittsburgh right well you think it's going to be kenny pickett but it's definitely going to be mitch terrissimo and then new england's after that their home opener against baltimore tough game green bay home for detroit at cleveland you'll be taking on jacobi brissette talk about little uh homecoming maybe and then home for chicago on a monday night dude there's gonna be all sorts of evil dialed up for justin fields there and then at the jets home for indianapolis and a buy after which the jets are at home at minnesota that's a nice little nice little indoor game for you in week 12 for thanksgiving night end of the schedule stuff i mean well you got buffalo you got your buffalo twice your visits arizona and vegas back to back i bet you'll stay out here yeah in the pacific time zone that's what they'll do cincinnati miami and then at buffalo 10 11 dude you got you can you can make the playoffs again this year yeah i think so i i would be shocked i would be surprised if pats didn't make it to be honest well that would be the headline of the season if they didn't make it well we that we're we're looking for the headline of the season of the season and then just left belicheck to just drop you know what he just he just dropped a cliche we'll just take it one game at a time that's all i'm gonna give you you want it what do you want you want a headline you want your story you want your quote you want your soundbite here's what i'll give you nothing and then uh and then the most cliched one game at a time answer it's the second day of training it's like one guy wants the whole season what's the headline coming in what's your headline bill wow here's the headline here's a headline i'm not giving out coordinator jobs how about that i want the lions to keep the lines to keep paying my guy and i don't have to put patricia on the phone for a coordinate mandated coordinator interview every single week if i don't have to and he doesn't want it so we're all good guess what he is he's a special assistant that's your headline put that in your headline and smoke it special oh a crossover someone mac jones is now a crossover not a minivan i miss hanging with that man like i did in nfl films it was a treasure a treasure but uh and now thanks to uh i am we've got a new segment i think it's a great pilot yeah i'm very excited give me a great season that's the headline i think it's coming back tomorrow just like this show we'll set up thursday in a sec for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts you
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