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REShow: Phil Rosenthal - Hour 3

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July 28, 2022 3:16 pm

REShow: Phil Rosenthal - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 28, 2022 3:16 pm

Rich and the guys react to Kyler Murray addressing the mandatory ‘film study’ clause in his contract. 

‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ producer Phil Rosenthal joins Rich in-studio to discuss the new season of his Netflix food show ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ and says which exotic foods he was willing to eat and which deserved a quick ‘nope!”, why his take on Dodger Dogs is sure to raise the ire of Los Angeles sports fans, and reveals how Larry David and Ray Romano are alike but also very much dissimilar.  

Brockman runs through the latest NFL training camp news and the guys try to decipher Jeff Passan’s cryptic tweet about Juan Soto.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. You can't handle the truth. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Somebody felt compelled to hire a lawyer live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Come up with this independent study language inserted into a contract that Kyler Murray signed. The Rich Eisen Show.

Who ordered the independent study code red? Earlier on the show ESPN NFL insider Field Yates. Former NFL executive Joe Banner.

Still to come. Creator and host of Somebody Feed Phil, Phil Rosenthal. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air right here on NBC Sports on Peacock and NBC Sports Audio Sirius XM Channel 85. This terrestrial radio network of friends and families and affiliates from coast to coast.

The Odyssey app we are thrilled always to be joined by our podcast listeners and if you miss anything Rich Eisen Show for all of that good stuff. Chris Brockman we had a news update prepared right now but it's being preempted. Preempted by a Kyler Murray press conference that based on all accounts on the old twitter machine was impromptu.

He's had enough of people talking about the independent study clause in his contract. Once again Kyler Murray getting what I thought was something he deserved. Being generationally enriched after just three years in the NFL which has been something reserved for a select few. Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen most recently right and it's dicey because if I'm not mistaken Goff and Wentz got new contracts real early too and we all know they wound up getting traded. But it helps the team to get in early too because right now Josh Allen at 45 million a year as Joe Banner our second hour guest pointed out is kind of an annually paid basis bargain right now. And so get in while the getting's good and Kyler Murray got in while while he could after just three years and he still hasn't won a playoff game yet but we saw the terms of the contract on an annual basis. He's second best paid and Joe Banner said of his money from the first three years of his new years on new money on the contract it's a terrific deal and again he is incredibly talented and as I said it was his turn to get paid and if you think that he's not worth it too bad that's the way it works in the NFL and now the pressure will be on him and that's the way it was until we learned about an independent study clause in his contract that I've never heard of on any contract for any athlete let alone one that you're paying 160 million dollars guaranteed to right or my gosh where it basically said he's got to four hours of every week that they play a game you know get on a team-issued tablet with no other second screens can't play video games or watch tv shows I mean it's literally expressly put into a contract in black and white that you must prove that you are studying outside of the building on the game team approved tablet with those second screens it's stuff that I tell my children like hey you're on your ipad you can't watch tv and the ipad at the same time get off of one of them choose one you know and if you don't do your homework you don't get your allowance or dessert in his case dessert is a guaranteed contract right and so I said you know it's time to grow up is the phrase that I used for kylar murray because with this information along with a quote that he told the new york times last year that he was blessed with cognitive skills to just go out there and see it before it happened so I'm not one of those guys that's going to sit there and kill myself watching film I don't sit there for 24 hours and break down this team and that team and watch every game because in my head I see so much so with that quote on top of a sports illustrated cover talking about how athletes and video games are becoming one and the same he's he's playing video games on the front cover of sports illustrator you marry it all together and that's why I had the take that I had well the pushback is beginning zach ertz backing his quarterbacks play saying I don't see he doesn't know our offense or the opposing team's defense I don't see it and I'm sure that's what you'll hear non-stop from his teammates and his coach basically said I don't feel the need to have to monitor any of my players outside of the building study time they're professionals they know how to get ready well we knew kylar was going to talk and he stepped to the podium and this is what he had to say on all the talk about his independent study clause in his contract and he said his contract to think that I can accomplish everything that I've accomplished in my career and not be a student of the game and not um not not have that passion not not take this serious it's it's almost it's disrespectful and it's it's almost it's almost a joke you know it's to me it's um I'm flattered you know I want to see flatter day y'all think that at my size I can go out there and not prepare for the game and not um you know not take it serious it's it's disrespectful to my peers to all the to all the great athletes and great players that are in this league um this game's too hard uh to play the position that I play in this league um it's it's too hard and I don't do this often I don't talk about myself but today I feel like I have to and so I'm gonna list the accolades you know to go 43-0 in high school in Texas um some are gonna say almost high school that's cool but nobody else has done it um go to college win the Heisman um get drafted number one overall to the NFL get drafted number nine overall to MLB again no one's ever done it um officer rookie of the year two-time pro baller um and you know I'm not I'm not six seven two two thirty I don't go away five yards um I'm already behind the eight ball uh and I can't you know I can't afford to take any shortcuts no pun intended but you know those are those those things you can't accomplish if you don't take them serious if you don't prepare the right way and you know it's like I said it's laughable okay I mean that was awesome he's right I detect no lies yeah right I understand that I totally get him saying that it's disrespectful because it is but it's in there and he signed it why if everything was fine from management's point of view then why did why did they write it again my my bro who is the best lawyer I know he's like the the language in there is blunt it's it's blunt so there's no ambiguity about what the team is looking for which is you're studying extra time so the question is is why was it in there and kylo mario is asked if he feels it was disrespectful for it to be in there and get out what is the watch film and you know of course we don't watch you know of course we don't watch film that's not that doesn't need to be questioned but it's again I you know I I refuse to to let my work ethic my preparation be um being questioned god put an incomprehensible amount of uh time and blood sweat tears and work into what I do uh whether whether it's football or baseball you know people can't comprehend the amount of time that it takes to to do two sports at a high level in college you know let alone do it you know be the first person to do it ever at my size it's like I said this is um it's funny but I you know to those of you out there that believe that I'd be standing here today in front of y'all without having a work ethic and without preparing that I'm honored that you think that but um it it doesn't exist it's not it's not possible it's not possible so um that's all I have on that if you don't want to talk about football or are you anything else can you imagine team put that on the contract with that like I said you want to talk about football are you mad at them anybody got any more questions so he's done talking about it and that's great now it comes time for him to play I'm telling you he's now officially one of the top five with most pressure on him although he's made in the shade on his contract why was it in there that's all you know why is it in there I honestly had zero thoughts about his work ethic after he signed that contract and then this contract clause comes out which means the management team had to feel compelled the owner or whomever had to feel compelled enough to task the lawyers to come up with this language as you all know I've been involved in many negotiations recently and the back and forth is tiring it's tiring and it wears on you it's just like can we get this thing done you know I want to stay and I know you'd like me to stay so can we just come to something fair and just put on a piece of paper and let's just be done with it because it's a waste of your time it's a waste of mine let's go so that had to sit there and it had to be in front of Kyler Murray and explain to him you signed this and he might have been just like I do this anyway no big deal until this stuff comes out why was it that's all I want to know is why was it in there because when they signed this contract what did I say my first opinion was he deserves it he deserves it yeah okay good on him right right he deserves it and what do the Arizona Cardinals are going to do well you let him walk you let him walk right and so they're not going to let him walk over this but they definitely wouldn't it seems sign it without this clause in there which is why I said what I said and yeah I do think he's that incredibly talented he is that incredibly talented that's why the Cardinals bounced their draft choice 10th overall from the year before and bounced their coach they wanted done their coach so they can get a coach who could be paired with him and set him up for success but something happened and then when that happened I just went back to this quote from the New York Times and came together and that's why I said what I said so now I just want to know why it's in there and even Joe Banner just to revisit what he said in hour two that sticks with me he said like tying this to the bonus money means nothing because for that to actually really stick you have to cut him like that's the play to actually make this whole thing stick and you're not going to cut him ever you're not going to cut him ever so why have anything in there like what do you what what is the purpose of it what is the purpose like how did it happen and why of course we're going to sit there and think his work ethic is less than if the contract that you signed for your money is including this from the team so now it's all been answered asked and answered he's done with it now he's on a football questions I think he handled that expertly if he had handled his moment at the Super Bowl before being drafted that well I thought he clearly had a plan on what he's going to say here and it was well crafted and terrifically delivered and so you could see he was bothered by it but he said it with a smile on his face so now comes the what next and it's on his shoulders yeah now just go win now just go win that's now it is now just go win that'll get all of us to stop talking about it well I mean we are done talking about I mean we'll make some independent study gags every now and then yeah and I just mean like more questions about can he get it done can he get it done well late season you know kind of faltering getting injured and you know things like that but he is still gonna have to turn on his team issue ipad like they're not taking the claws out just because it was an embarrassment for everybody like he's literally going to have to do that yeah yeah yeah what do you think happens let's say he gets to three and a half instead of four hours what are you gonna do nothing nothing does he have to sit out the game like so no like they're really gonna start messing with his guaranteed dollars because he hasn't hit those four hours that's the whole point it's not enforceable and what are we doing like why did it happen how did it happen and he signed it I'm sure at some point as I mentioned earlier like it the they hire lawyers to do it and thus it's in front of the agent who then has to explain to Kyler what's in there unless he's just like tell me what are the money what's the money what's the dollars is it good we're good and sign it and he doesn't read the rest of it is it ready for signature and sign it did he not know it was in there is it possible and that's on his agent I don't know yeah but did he not know it was in there I mean I guess because as joe banner said joe banner said everybody reads every contract they all do all general managers want to read it every agent wants to read it so they could study up on what's in there maybe they could use this maybe they could use that they know that guy's getting that so my client comes up I know you're giving that to that guy so my client comes up in a totally different maybe same team different team but same division hey what's fair is fair that guy gets it that's what I want what do you think Kyler Murray just magically got that much more annually than Deshaun Watson no just out of just like you know Eric Burkhardt threw a dart at a board no you read Deshaun's contract so when that's being put in a contract you know it's going to get out man a 30 for 30 on this is going to be great but our nfl contracts like an inch thick you know 20 000 words or is it you know or is it a sheet of paper or is it like the itunes thing where we just like scroll to the bottom and click except well that could have been the way this happened that could have been the way this happened hey let me sign how much what's going on a lot of it is boilerplate but a lot of it is also specific to a team right like this one man if I was Kyler Murray I'd be like get that out of here you want me here or not right you want me to sign what but he signed it and now he's offended by it this is the business we've chosen indeed indeed let's take a break um everybody loves Raymond is this man's show that he helped put together in front of this country and just as iconic a television show of all time and now you can see him in season five of his hit show on netflix somebody feed phil available right now on netflix all season five but coming up next available in studio is phil rosenthal back here on our terrestrial radio outfit with phil rosenthal every uh somebody feed phil is in season five right now somebody feed phil available now on netflix there's also a book version that's coming up in a podcast that I want to get to in a second but how do you choose where you're going to go eat on your show phil like do people pitch you you got to try this spot they do in fact tourism boards are calling us like come here film here because the show is doing pretty well yeah so they want us to feature them right I'm happy to I'm happy to do that but we do a little research which anyone can do that's my message to the people is you can have what I'm having yeah we all have the phone you can google best restaurants in Oaxaca and see what they got right and then you cross reference never just take one reference right when you're when you're going somewhere you got a cross reference yes so my show is one now source for you no question check it out I know so what so what what uh what spot has been the most exotic that you've been to and that was one of them but you know it's not every day you get offered iguana right uh yes but Bangkok was was exotic for me Marrakesh was exotic right yeah and there's there's some things in the world that you know a lot of people don't eat it's not that kind of show I'm not the the adventurous type in fact the way I sold the show was with one line I said I'm exactly like Anthony Bourdain if he was afraid of everything and so they bought the show and that's what you've been doing for five seasons exactly and I the point is if a snook like me can go outside maybe you can too so what is the most outside your your taste alley that you've ever been like that's one of them that you just saw yeah that's one but uh we did a show in Hong Kong on the old PBS uh series there was a PBS series called I'll Have What Phil's Having right before this and I ate something called the thousand year old egg it's not really a thousand it just tastes that way and it's a it's an egg that they bury in the sand or the the underground and they cover it in lime and ash and it kind of hard boils on its own after a few weeks or months when you cut open this hard-boiled egg it the the white is a brownish orange and the yolk is a bluish green and this was on the table with a bunch of other stuff at a hot pot restaurant which is fantastic yes I didn't realize you're supposed to take a tiny sliver of this thing and drop it in as a kind of funky seasoning and there was a woman at the table who was Chinese who said I'm not touching that I said I'll tell you what you taste it I'll taste it she was so tentative about it I said oh come on and I popped the entire half an egg in my mouth yeah because I'm hilarious rich and I turned every shade of that egg and you hear on the soundtrack you hear laughing it's my brother the producer behind the camera yeah laughing because I'm gonna die now and that was I think the worst thing I've ever eaten I didn't try the iguana or the beetles but that was close I have had to eat a couple of bugs here and there because it's part of the you know in Tokyo I had an ant they told me you've got to try this ant because it tastes like lemon I said oh in that case may I please have some lemon because you don't have to eat the ant exactly if it's lemon we're after how about some lemon instead of bugs that I have to eat and they said you gotta try and the woman I was with said you know it's really good and you should taste it and I pick up this ant yes that looks like a black carpenter ant that you would chew away at your picnic yes and I put it in my mouth this is not I'm a Jewish guy from Queens I'm not eating bugs I'm a Jewish guy from Staten Island and I'm with you man yes I am way with you I'm a guy who when when I was in uh you know my dad was a French teacher may we rest his soul yes and he he he would go on trips with his high school class around the world in French speaking countries and we went to Paris I went to Paris as a kid and all I had was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I didn't taste a damn thing there and now uh I'm pretty much a hamburger now you know what I mean I'm not I'm not I don't really go outside my you come with me somewhere can I turn you on to some things I I'm not bugs I promise okay so I'm with you in that somewhere between peanut butter and jelly and a moving beetle we can find that sweet spot is what you think so you eat a steak yes absolutely of course oh yeah I guess I shouldn't that bad yes well I mean my wife and I just went to Italy it was amazing yes it's amazing yes it is my favorite okay Italian food right like if you had to choose I love it that's the one listen they eat some things too like there's tripe carts in Florence yes where they pull out the sheet it's a stomach lining of a cow and it comes out of the cart like like this and you go oh no and it smells like you know bad cheese uh-huh no thank you the tripe cart you got like the good humor truck that came around the neighborhood slice it up and put it on a roll oh my gosh and that's their hot dog you know that's delicious to them anyway I bite this ant yes and damn if it doesn't taste like somebody put a drop of lemon on my tongue so it was so I'm like okay now the questions what do you base these in lemon no this ant not every ant yes this particular and yes in this particular part of the forest in this part of Japan yes that tastes like lemon who the hell discovered that I don't know somebody very hungry desperately hungry famous saying it was a brave man that once tried an oyster right I've never heard that yeah you're gonna eat that when you look at it not really but now I love do you eat them no I don't I've got texture issues with an oyster I understand that's my problem I got texture issues with food I didn't try mayonnaise until I was 21 okay but I get it that's true I get it no I get it what are you laughing at it's the truth what the way I said it is that what you're laughing it's the truth yeah I get it I had problems with that texture now and now I have no problem with it but now you have no problem zero problem see but see now you're grown up that's what I'm trying to say that we that we grow up and and our our tastes literally change so I tell people yes even if you hated this thing earlier in your life try it now you're going to see a difference like I couldn't eat beets when I was little now I can eat them now I like them even no look at you Phil what's your favorite wait yes before we go no no I'm not going I'm not we're not going anywhere I was I was resetting for the radio audience do it Phil Rosenthal here on the Rich Eisen Show one of the brilliant folks behind Everybody Loves Raymond which I definitely want to talk to you about as well as uh currently somebody feed Phil uh on Netflix right here on the Rich Eisen Show you have the floor again sir now that I have a question for you okay that's my question what's my answer for you best stadium yes food what's your favorite stadium to eat it because you go to a lot of games um what's the best stadium food and then I'll tell you the worst stadium food I've ever had exists you know like all these newfangled stadiums like so far I thought was very delicious I don't know about that one man wow I don't know about have you been in the fancy part where I have been in the fancy part and um I don't know it's like a great Vegas buffet let's just say I prefer the football teams more than the more than the food there um what's yours then I don't have one I really don't have one there's nothing that stands out you don't go to the dessert cart at state uh what's formerly known as staples now the dessert carts there oh and they wheel that into your thing into your suite I haven't had a candy apple since I was eight but they even those look great you know what I mean the dessert card at staples is second to none that's a good one it's good right okay but that's appears like a party when that does yes correct yeah right ice cream sundae whatever you really want dessert not entree but what's the worst what the single worst stadium food yes and don't write to me right to rich yes is the dodger dog by the way that is shonda in my people's language it's it's it's her it's heresy to say this in this town I know but I'm with you I'm absolutely with you we you and I can make maybe change things I mean the Brooklyn version is at least an all beef dog and that's grilled and that's better well you're talking about Nathan's right from back in the day is that what it is I mean right I don't think that's what they know not here right no go ahead but this is you know it's top notch the best grace papaya I mean we know things yes yes yeah yes but the dodger dog how did that happen how did that limp skinless wet noodle of bologna I think I've got the answer how did that become the thing I don't have to look it up I think one time yeah back in the 60s okay yeah when the dodgers were beginning to really win here after they came here from Brooklyn they were really established yeah I think Walter Alston accidentally sat on it for 20 minutes and somebody was very hungry he got up from the chair and they just ate it and and ever since then it's been a delicacy that's the way like they're flat you know what I mean like the bread is stuck to the to the and they taste bad by the way and you know limp a hot dog has to have what's the most important thing when you bite into a hot snap I gotta get a snap I gotta get a snap the dodger dog is like a limp it's it's unfulfilled promise you're shaking your head Jason see because you're love those yes I know why why because when you were a kid your daddy took you to the game it triggers that core memory like a Pixar movie okay is that right all right that's fair but it's a it's the world's saddest Pixar movie is that friggin hot dog people of all the problems in the world can we solve this one I don't know because everybody here in this town swears by it like what you were saying right then I know that is that is a heretical thing to say here in Los Angeles California I'll take it because prove me wrong you know I find it interesting Phil Rosenthal that you're such a foodie and you love food and you love uh eating and you obviously have just a delight to talk to and be around why why did Larry David not want to have lunch with you and curb your enthusiasm I don't understand what the opposite personality is that what it is yeah I'm annoying to someone like him so up excited let's go yeah leave me alone will you bother me right that makes sense like I can't I'd be his friend in one minute why because he's hysterical I want to you know laugh yes he doesn't have friends like that what like you want to go have lunch he would say what's the point I was at a party with him once by the way everything out of his mouth yes is an episode of curb your no question about I met him have you met him I have has he been here he has been sitting in that chair multiple times okay so he doesn't like being here he doesn't trust me he's not a people person he can be pleasant he can turn it on for you okay but trust me when he got on because I had to do that thing I meet him at a party yes this is like 15 20 years ago I meet him at a party yes first words out of his mouth I say hello it's so nice to meet you he goes not hello you think it's all right to throw gum in the fireplace that's what he says I'm like that's an episode right there put that right did he throw the gum in the fireplace of course he did and then he worried about it that is an episode of curb absolutely so how did you come did he bounce that idea off you like you you come on the show and we we try to have you try to have lunch with me and then I show up absolutely wearing a maga hat to get that's right I thought the maga hat I thought that would be dated you know maybe you don't do that bit because who knows three months from now the show's not gonna be on for almost a year that'll be dated yeah it sadly wasn't you know oh my gosh yeah how did you meet Ray Romano when did you ever cross paths with him uh we were set up kind of on a blind date I had seen the Letterman show that he had done he'd been trying to get into uh on the Letterman show for like 12 years as a comedian right and from his one six-minute appearance on that show Letterman said there should be a sitcom for this guy Letterman had a production company at set up at CBS to do stuff and so they set about looking for people to create a show for this Ray Romano fellow so when I got the video cassette in 1996 of of his appearance I said oh I saw that when it was on sure I'll take that meeting and we met for lunch and we kind of hit it off for every story he had about his crazy Italian family I had one about my fakak the Jewish family right and we just you know that was it so it was a lunch a lunch where you met and then you mapped out deli and March deli where every uh every sandwich is a work of art it's a work of art yes yes and so so you you mapped out um what everybody loves Raymond would look like is that what we had no idea what the show would be but if you and I met for the first time yes and we were gonna work on a project and just say tell me about yourself just getting to know you if we had lunch right where you're from what's your family like and he starts telling me I got well twin boys and an older daughter and I got my parents live close by and it was bothering me and I got older brothers always jealous of me saw my award for comedy said never ends for Raymond everybody loves Raymond and I said well it doesn't seem like there's anything there we can use except all of that except all of it and what I didn't know about the characters their personalities I filled in with my family is that so who who from your family did you bring to the aquarium much the parents a little bit of me in him because I don't even know him very well a little bit my wife yeah stuff all the stories 90 percent of every single thing you saw on that show over nine years yes happened to me or to ray or to one of the other writers if you were for me yes your job was to go home get in a fight with your wife come back in and tell me about that's a show that's the show that's a show it's kind of the way you know I have to say the way Larry goes through life and says you think it's all right to come in the fireplace and then sees if he can get a show out of that right that's a whole idea his observations whereas mine is character personality relationships more how did you cast it how did how oh my god so many stories I wrote a book about it it's called uh not I'm not here to sell books except for somebody feed filled the book which is coming right you can pre-order that now but I wrote a book right after Raymond was over called you're lucky you're funny how life becomes a sitcom yes so it's about how you can take what's crappy in your life and maybe turn it into something good like a sitcom that runs nine years yeah like it's rubbed and and is generationally brilliant so uh what's your favorite story of casting it then obviously you've got Brad Garrett you have Peter Boyle you have the whole rest of the crew so I think I think the best was we looked for the mom it was very specific I was writing my mom and there was a key scene in the pilot about how I gave my parents the fruit of the month club for for a holiday gift yes and I got this phone call Philip what did you do uh this there's over a dozen pairs here how am I gonna eat all these pairs and I said we'll give some to daddy yeah how much fruit can your father eat please do me a favor don't us don't ever send us any more food again I said well there's another box is coming next month she said what more pairs and I said no a different box every month every month oh my god max you got us in some kind of cult I can't talk anymore there's too much fruit in the house she was hysterical so I thought let's put it in the pilot this will be a good demonstration of how crazy Ray's parents are right yes and we had the women audition with that scene and in comes Doris Roberts who was just there was no one who got it like that because right away I recognized my mother that's it boom when you write very specifically yes when you talk specifically sure you found this in your years of doing this yes the more specific you get about details the more universal it becomes that's how people's minds work we all have specifics so even if yours isn't mine if you were to start talking about a play in sports that you love I don't know anything about I'm not good at this like you but I'd relate to it because I get the obsession I'm obsessed about something else yes you are so we understand the feeling of it that's fascinating becomes relatable I've never heard that before yeah and so Doris Roberts says that that's my mom and she's had specifics boom yes that's amazing and she was you know she won three Emmys for the role yeah spectacular spectacular is right she was amazing Phil Rosenthal here on the Rich Eisen show somebody feed Phil the book so that's where all your books uh can be acquired on October 18th it's coming out and yes this is a recipe book based on what you've eaten not just recipe it's behind the scenes stuff stories and things like that photos behind the scenes and then 60 of the most requested recipes from the fans of the first four seasons of this trip okay and then there's a podcast uh naked lunch coming what's that what is what is that that's currently airing right now right it's out there right now we had Elaine May we had Patton Oswald is out today we have a lot of great people by the way I just heard your uh interview with Andy Richter from yesterday from yesterday and I'm gonna he's gonna do ours too and I think I have to thank you for uh airing his Fabio story because I think I did that so I think that means mashed potatoes and peas yes don't give away the rest the rest of it is you should listen to your podcast for a repeat of that story which I will insist on fantastic you should do that somebody feed the people what is what is that Phil oh that's a that's a charity that uh I started when I found that uh people were having to wait on long lines to vote so I arranged with other organizations like uh pizza to the polls and world central kitchen to feed the people who have to stand online to vote and then after the elections I thought listen people are hungry everywhere not just when they vote so we keep it going which is beautiful that's great and more information can be found at this has been a delight sir I appreciate you coming to El Segundo and moving your your lunch club to something centrally located so you could appear on this program it's exciting for me to to have that lunch that's coming up okay and it's exciting for me to meet you we can go eat whenever you want do you share Ray Romano's fascination with the New York Jets or that is that I do not well we did share the fascination with the New York Mets of 1969 and we did an episode and reunited them almost everyone but Tom Seaver came I missed that one I swear you can check it out on actually on peacock so really all of them showed up minus Seaver you did that exactly I mean Ron Swoboda, Crane Pool, Tommy Agee, Cleon Jones we had I mean it was phenomenal that had to be incredible for you Tug McGraw Tug McGraw come on I remember oh my gosh yes it was we almost cried you had to it was and they were so they were so much fun too they were having fun right Art Shamsky the great Art Shamsky Ed Crane Pool was here too yeah okay so you and uh Ray share the Mets but him at the Jets is all by himself well that that seems that seems crazy and you're definitely not crazy I love it everybody check out Somebody Feed Phil available on Netflix all five seasons available right there Somebody Feed Phil the book is available wherever you get your book starting on October 18th check out the latest episode of Naked Lunch which is currently airing a weekly talk show podcast where all podcasts are required and check out more on Somebody Feed the People at did I cover all the bases it's enough with me already very good thank you for coming on here thank you Phil Rosenthal here on the Rich Eisen Show we are back with more on the world of sports in a moment back here on the Rich Eisen Show 844-204-rich is the number to dial all right what else is going on out there Christopher anything going on out there I will say something really weird on Jeff Passon's Twitter okay about 30 minutes ago so he wasn't hacked again was he I'm not sure because he posted a tweet that said he's very happy for Mike Tallon who produced The Captain and Last Dance. Mike Tallon for the great Mike Tallon producer taking over operations of the northern Colorado Owls which is a pioneer league team okay right and then he has a second tweet under that that just says announce Soto so I don't even know what that means is he's saying like Mike Tallon to pronounce the Soto like what is going on there did he meant to text that to someone and he accidentally tweeted it I don't like it's kind of that can't be the most important sports story that's going on I mean it's got 8,000 likes of course it is because everything that Passon does is well they also love passing you know passing everybody's trying to figure out what's going on with Soto and it says announce Soto that's it that's all it says the tweet is announce Soto but it's underneath like it's a like it's a secondary tweet to his original you know what about Mike Tallon maybe like a accidental draft or something that you all right send out and didn't I don't know all right DeShawn Watson there you go that's just a little bit more uh he's doing quarterback drills right now it's just crazy uh Mary Kay with a video it's just crazy I guess you got to keep I mean what are you gonna do I don't know I'm gonna keep on keeping on thinking that he's gonna play I mean if he gets zero he's out there week one DeShawn Watson versus Baker would be off the charts in a week one situation but I don't think he's playing this year before Thanksgiving how does that sound that's 12 games that's 12 game suspension that's three quarters of the season that's tough for a man who hasn't been arrested or charged with a crime though right um he has not been charged with a crime he has just been sued he's been sued he's been sued civilly for 20 uh many many many different cases including people who do accuse him of doing criminal things so and behavior that is uh beyond bizarre but you don't get suspended for bizarre behavior but you do get suspended for predatory behavior which is what it appears he was undertaking on occasion but I guess but what I'm saying though is for you look just the football aspect of this thing you got to prepare Jacoby Brissette right you got to give him as many reps as you possibly can right don't you I would think you'd be getting all the reps but I mean because the Browns otherwise we don't really talk about the Browns otherwise I mean Amari Cooper's sitting there but Miles Garrett is your defensive player of the year candidate from from the Cleveland Browns and they have Clowney too still I believe they've got Grant Delpit who's getting ready to roll too you know that's another guy if I'm not mistaken who could have been on my list of most impactful players returning to to injury so all right it's got Baker Mayfield and DJ Moore for a touchdown there you go we got Tom Brady hit Julio Jones for a touchdown in practice we've got video of that surfacing on the uh you know what we should do we should have a fantasy draft for training camp okay and fantasy a fantasy draft for training camp talk more to me and I don't know who's going to be in charge of aggregating all of the live tweeting of practice oh DJ Moore dunked it over the uh the goal post that's a flag so um do you know what I mean like if you had if you had Tom Brady in your training camp fantasy league you're killing it and you got to take people you know are going to get the most snaps Baker and seven on seven red zone three for four with three touchdowns to DJ Moore that's it there you go it's over I'm calling it over they're over already I can't get enough of these that I'm calling it over here's here's something man um so the live tour isn't we're all looking to see if Barkley emerges from uh from Trump's golf course so it's in bed mr new jersey if he doesn't get if he doesn't get an offer by the end of the day he's out that's what he said oh here we go uh 49 minutes ago we got something uh they haven't offered me a contract they asked if I was interested I said yes so nothing's changed from between now and his conversation with Dan at the top of the week doesn't seem like and my sponsors are concerned he's obviously with Subway Capital One and Dick's Sporting Goods so wow nothing's changed like I said I mean to walk to drive past 9 11 families protesting uh and he says he's got sympathy for them it's probably the worst day in the history of our country it's the truth Trump said nobody's gotten to the bottom of 9 11 unfortunately and they should have did he not read that commission the book's like that thick by the way he definitely didn't read it what do you say good lord the live tour getting uh Bubba Watson as well right that's the latest rumor now confirmed not confirmed it's the latest rumor yeah I mean let's talk about our guy what did Mark Hubbard do today oh my gosh how about our guy how about our guy is he is he going around with the not rich isin bag uh I saw somebody else on there earlier I think he's kind of doing oh he's every day he's kind of changing changing the whiteboard that's uh that's on his bag but uh rocket mortgage going on in Detroit right now and our man Mark Hubbard you've never had a hole-in-one right rich I've never seen one never you haven't done it and you haven't seen I have not stood on a tee and watched a member of my group hit a hole-in-one I have not seen that and the only thing I've the only hole-in-one I've ever seen heard that was right it was at a Jimmy V golf tournament in Raleigh I was on a tee box on a par four and another group another group was on a tee box just across from the cart path okay uh on a par three and they were going nuts because Bob Huggins had just aced that is my that's as close to seeing an ace as I've ever amazing and as you know I've been playing golf for a long time so Mark Hubbard currently four under t17 right now after his first round of rocket mortgage thanks in part to this shot oh we're gonna see it in golf central he's not liking that one anytime I'm in the club let go so early oh my god oh get in the hole one time this oh first one let's go now I say this with all due respect to our friend Mark Hubbard does the ace count when you are your body language is indicating that you're so upset you hate the shot you hit Michael's you know that there there's something called a sandy when you get up and down from a from a bunker yep um he told me that he says that there's Al once told me there's a sandy up and down from a bunker a barky when you get up and down after hitting a tree yeah and then there's a moany when you moan hitting a shot and then it goes in or you get up and down after moaning hitting that's that's a moany ace that's a moany ace right there yeah he hit it and was like no please no oh no and then yes it was like and then he was like kind of embarrassed that he was moaning about it I mean he dropped his club immediately like it's never a good sign Mark Hubbard it's still appearing on our show is on a tear how about this since we started talking about him on this show that's the bump yeah you go ace you go acing then you you get rid of your golf bag with the duct tape on it and so are yes there it is not rich eyes it was on his bag let's keep it going Mark Hubbard keep it going keep it going all right our Friday show we'll tell you about it when we come back on Peacock for everyone else we will see you then on the radio for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson too all-time Hogan opponents Macho Man's got to be in the conversation where's Andre for you I've always said Andre was number one well because even going back before you know Hulk Hogan was a babyface Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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