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REShow: Aaron Jones - Hour 2

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July 29, 2022 4:28 pm

REShow: Aaron Jones - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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July 29, 2022 4:28 pm

Rich comments on the “game of chicken” between the 49ers and Seahawks in which Seattle needs QB Jimmy Garoppolo to throw to newly-signed DK Metcalf while the Niners need to shave Jimmy G’s cap space to pay disgruntled WR Deebo Samuel.   

In his ‘What’s More Likely’ segment Rich weighs in on Dak Prescott, Julio Jones vs OBJ, the Raiders vs the Eagles to win their divisions, Baker Mayfield, and plays a round of ‘Start-Bench-Cut’ involving Cooper Kupp, Deebo Samuel and DK Metcalf.

Packers RB Aaron Jones tells Rich why he firmly believes cereal can be considered soup, how Green Bay’s offense will adapt to life after Davante Adams, and reveals the subtle and not-so-subtle ways Aaron Rodgers challenges his Packers teammates to become better football players.   

Rich comments on the Packers loss of Davante Adams and says Green Bay should utilized their two-headed rushing attach of Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon more this season.

Rich and a caller break down the Arizona Cardinals’ schedule and predict how many games Kyler Murray and company will win this season.

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. The thing that leaps out at me is this is the Rich Eisen Show. Maybe the Niners hold on to Garoppolo. How can you say it's Trey's team and you're moved on? Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. There's no real reason to have that person around.

I think you gotta cut bait. Earlier on the show, University of Cincinnati head coach Luke Fickel. Coming up, Packers running back Aaron Jones. Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner.

Your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Okay everybody, our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Aaron Jones of the Green Bay Packers calling in about 20 minutes time from Packers camp and then one hour after that our friend Kurt Warner will join us.

He's fresh back from 49ers training camp where Trey Lance has the reigns. Ready to go for San Francisco and the whole conversation involving him is just a ton of doubters. Whole load of doubters. You are not one of those.

I am not one of them. I am not one of them because I know that if you have a quarterback in the Mike Shanahan Kyle Shanahan system that can move that can move that can move around and make you think you have no idea where the ball is whose hands are on it and where it's going. If you've got a guy that can keep the defense guessing and then keep it and run it or keep it and throw it or hand it to Deebo or throw it to Deebo and I know he's holding in but this thing's gonna get done. DK Metcalf got done and they share the same agent and this is an incredible game of chicken that's going on with San Francisco and Seattle right now. Amazing because and I'll get to the wide receiver in just a quick second but if you have that kid who can run it throw it create more doubt put more pressure on a defense certainly in the red zone then you've got yourself a heck of an offense. Kittle, Ayuk, Deebo the running game and then this kid that's the issue kid and a lot of people just can't wrap their their arms around the fact that the Niners having made the Super Bowl just a few short years ago and almost making it last year that they would throw their lot in with a kid and have to live and die with the ups and downs and the growing pains and the maturation of it all. But guess what the Niners cast that die put their toe in that ocean the minute they sent all those draft choices to the Miami Dolphins to trade up in the draft in 2020 the minute or 2021 the minute that happened so now it's time it's time to pay that bill and then on the DK front just think about it DK Metcalf is paid they share this thing he shares the same agent with the 49ers Deebo Samuel so the Seahawks kind of know obviously they got to take care of their own business and DK needs to be taken care of and so they know whatever contract they give to Metcalf is going to be taken immediately to John Lynch and say this is the floor for our guy that we're talking about here they know that right on the spot and he also knows that DK doesn't do for Seattle the same stuff that Deebo does for San Francisco so signing DK does kind of put pressure on the 49ers to get things done with Deebo and to get things done with Deebo I'm sure you can move things around but one would think TJ Jefferson, Suzy Schuster sitting in for Chris Brockman and hey J Feli I just realized I started just by a soliloquy on this hour but that how do you think they might have to pay Deebo right now it's possible they don't have to do this but one would think in order to pay Deebo what he needs to get paid the cap space how do you create it if you need to create it well getting rid of Jimmy Garoppolo might be a way to do it getting Garoppolo's salary whether you have to eat it all right now or you can save some of it right now off the the books and who might hop on Jimmy Garoppolo the minute he's available to throw to the newly paid DK Metcalf again I'm not saying there is a direct correlation because each team has to take care of their own business and I don't know how the cap actually is down to the penny and what they can move around with the capology in San Francisco along with John Lynch to make it work it's very confusing because I missed that part of independent study this week um Suzy and I started Yellowstone this week so and we enjoyed the the first two hours very good a long waiting I know that we're very excited watch it right right here on peacock as a matter of fact um but put it all together and it's it just seems like okay we signed DK that agent now is going to take this to John Lynch say there's the floor for Deebo and then the floor is going to have a little bit more of a ceiling and in order to facilitate this right now maybe it would be helpful to get Jimmy Garoppolo off your roster and who might take it and take that and bring him to our roster for DK Seattle fascinating stuff playing on kind of dig it so there's all of that 8 4 4 2 0 4 which is the numbered dial here on this program Suze uh did Chris Brockman leave a piece of paper on on the desk for you to uh he did take in ruminate and execute here on the program he did he didn't clean his desk well but he did leave me very good okay but you were able to find this piece of paper I did it was actually very clear okay very good it's now time it's now time for what's more likely here on the Rich Eisen show heading into the weekend hit it please hit it what's more likely never say never but never okay hit it please hit it all right we know that Julio Jones has the one-year deal with the Bucks 6 million he made his debut on Thursday who's more likely to have more receiving touchdowns this season Julio or OBJ oh oh my gosh wow I know what Brockman's uh you know trying to dig at here is Odell when he comes back and is healthy is far more effective than a full year 33 year old Julio Jones but I'm not taking the cheese I'm going with Julio Jones I was going to start the season for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and have Tom Brady throw in his direction more often than Tannehill did in Julio's direction last year um and I'm gonna I'm gonna go with Julio Jones on this front so the quote Omar the the cheese stands alone that's one way to put it or Omar's coming or oh behave oh behave okay very good thank you that's a that's a good one I I see where I see where you're going with that one you know what you don't do you don't bet against Tom Brady that's correct birthday's coming up Tommy that's right you guys share a birthday share a birthday you do I see you Tommy what else you got over there which team that Rich has been loving is more likely to win their division Eagles or Raiders rich Eagles or Raiders he's picked them both so I uh I haven't picked the Eagles yet you sure no I have been making noises I mean I have been making noises I'm I haven't talked myself into the Eagles winning the NFC East well you probably should just yet you probably should so I'm going to go with the Raiders uh I know Chris is trying to I know Chris is trying to get me off of the Raiders that he believes deep down I don't believe that the Raiders are doing this he thinks that I might be doing the old saw of anybody who does this show for a living a type of show like this for living that I'm I'm zigging while everyone else is zagging hey look I'm zagging when everyone else is zigging but I'm not I am in good call as long as everyone stays healthy we do not know what we don't know how does that sound Derek Carr and Devante Adams we don't know what they look like as professional players together but we know what they look like in college and it's so rare for someone to come in learn a new offense learn a new quarterback at the stage of Devante Adams career and at his incredible ability where you need to have that sixth sense that Peyton Manning sixth sense with receivers that Aaron Rodgers sixth sense that they had together but they have that together Chandler Jones with Max Crosby new head coach and Josh McDaniels from Susie's New England Patriots put it all together I'm going to say it's more likely the Raiders win the division than the Eagles do how about that cowboy fan over there okay speaking of Cowboys fan is today Jack's birthday it is okay so let me direct this to you as well as rich okay okay what is more likely what's more likely that the birthday boy wins Super Bowls in Dallas or finishes his career elsewhere ouch happy birthday dad see that's what I'm saying earlier like I thought this is not this is Brockman she is only she's an outstanding quarterback she's executing the game plan that has been left she could have Omaha that and didn't and not ready I'm from New England we go deep and dirty wow we hit you where it's the dirty water it's the dirty water what's more likely what's more likely that Dak wins the Super Bowl in Dallas or elsewhere TJ Jefferson well obviously he's gonna win a Super Bowl I will I will take the more objective approach yeah I'm not and agree with you anyway thank you sir and agree with you anyway oh so you admit is this like when the Cowboys play the Jets for the Super Bowl I don't know when he's thinking it's a whole lot different than Susie over there it's like two different things you know what I mean she's trying and she's trying to incorporate Brockman on this side you know he's different rich by the way I am sitting here in this chair right now and I'm here you know so yeah I like her over here I know so do you really think what like under what circumstances Dak Prescott not a Dallas Cowboy for his entire career like is he is he is he gonna pull like a Brady towards the end of his career like what look I don't get that man I don't either so what he could pull a Rich Gannon and go somewhere late in his career and win there I'll still take the fact that I think if it's and more the most likely thing is he doesn't win a Super Bowl at all in doubt I mean statistically speaking you might be correct why wouldn't he go to somewhere else if he wants to at some point look what fell he gave me by the way to ping him which is what yeah I said if I wasn't paying attention to thrill us at night del tufo never gives me anything I've never given that to Chris either that was very good be careful I think it's a good question for his birthday it's very philosophical looking forward and no I agree it's like we talked about the other day or actually when Chris and I went to lunch there's something rich about the being of the Cowboy or the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys would Tony Romo be in the position he was if he had spent all that time as the Cleveland Browns quarterback I'm willing to bet no with Jason Witten have gotten a chance to become an announcer without being the tight end of the Cowboys so there is something that being associated especially as the Cowboy the quarterback no question quarterback of the Cowboys I'm sorry it kind of brings you something right so just just add Chad Hutchinson right well he didn't have success though what else you got over there so we're wrong yeah Paul Molitor was somewhere else would you actually have known who he was but that's a total non-saver okay I went deep there Baker Mayfield five touchdown passes in his second practice you know he went oh for the first one into a pick it was not a good start who's more likely to have more touchdown passes Baker or everyone who plays for the Browns combined yeah that's definitely Brock boy man um wow that's fascinating I'll go with Baker Mayfield how about Dan Apples hmm how I'll go with Baker it's more likely that that Baker throws more touchdown passes as a Carolina Panther than than the Browns quarterbacks do combined because I'm assuming Deshaun either doesn't play or he doesn't play for half the season or he doesn't play for um three quarters of the season man there's a lot of moving parts right there Deshaun could end up playing all 17 and if that's the case so and you know I don't know and you know what I'll just after talking it out I'll go the Browns quarterbacks combined yeah that's because Baker might get hurt and who the hell knows if he's there's a lot of moving parts there's a quarterback competition on one side and there's a waiting for Sue L Robinson on the other I'll go Browns I'll go Browns on that one you got time for one or more one or two more we got time for one more let's go with the bonus okay let's go with the bonus we're going bonus all right the bonus one oh all right we'll get one thank you George okay what do you got it's the NFC west the wide receiver you'd most want for the 2022 season DK Metcalfe Deebo Samuel or Cooper Cup oh it's a Deebo it's a start bench cut it's a start bench cut just to go make it a little special on a Friday on start bench cut DK Metcalfe Deebo Samuel Cooper doing this and leaving you know leaving it wow what a piling turd he left on his desk I mean I think it's kind of my wife put me in this position get out of here I think this starts kind of clear the other two the starts Cooper Cup yeah you start Cooper Cup yeah he's the only one who's coming back to the same situation as he had the previous season and also he's he's coming off of the triple crown season all right and a Super Bowl and he knows I love all three of these guys you are fans I'm gonna start Cooper Cup I'm gonna bench Deebo and cut DK Metcalfe which are words I would never say in a million years but he's putting me in a position that's what I would do who I would want wait hold on DK's on the phone what you're not coming on the show I got it and DK I want him to run a 40 with me one time well it's not gonna happen now thanks Brock well he's day drinking right now golfing well he's actually he said he couldn't day drink because he was gonna go golfing and I'm like dude that's what you do when you go golfing what are you talking about I mean it's gonna focus that much exactly right you'll get nothing in like it I never slice it's too serious it's too serious all right good stuff thank you Suze greatly appreciate it let's take a break when we come back the one and only Aaron Jones of the Green Bay Packers on the Rich Eisen Show let's change the subject suddenly why something happened at the carpool eight four four two oh four rich number to dial Aaron Jones the Packers calling in shortly let's go that shirt rich I'm just gonna say oh really it looks good why'd you go high register I'm not sure we did hire register our entire vacation I love the shirt Liz and Sarah and I are going to go through all the clothes after the show what and just clean house because you've been wearing like the same blazer once a week some shirts that need to be retired this is all of our brown nobody pays attention this is Orla Barbara it is next level chic and people do pay attention I mean they really they pay attention to what I have on so I know they're paying attention to what you're wearing because who am I compared to you stop it Twitter is all of Twitter they want to know who makes I'm just saying this ain't the TJ Jefferson show it's the Rich Eisen Show so they're looking at you like that's right Charles oh staying at Turner we'll talk about that on this program the shirt plays that's all I'm saying shirt place is it uh does it now hold is it is the shirt solid or or does it have some drip to it I would say is it solid or liquid it doesn't really have a drip to it it's just that's a solid shirt though I don't like it the shirt don't wiggle wiggle it jiggles though it folds it's it's not a Martin t-shirt like I'm rocking today but it does still look okay I'm glad we've had this subject here on the program back here on the show on the Mercedes Benz vans phone like one of our favorites I say that every time don't I but I mean it you know we talk about him when he's not on the show he's a one man and he caused a bit of a stir around here though how recently well you know you know we'll get to it with him oh yeah uh he is from the Green Bay Packers Pro Bowler Aaron Jones how you been Aaron I've been good and you I'm doing great I'm doing great there's so many different questions I have for you uh there's so many questions I have for you uh I think I know one of them okay here it is you know and normally normally I save this stuff to the end but it's too important and a lot of people might be sitting here thinking well Devonta Adams isn't your team anymore and Aaron Rodgers and the offense might change and that's what I'm talking about I'm not I'm talking about what you sent out on Twitter and Instagram or something like that recently you asked you asked uh is cereal soup and I will now give you the floor uh what's up with that um so when you think of when you when you think about it uh it has the same mechanisms as as soup um it's it's water well milk or water-based yes um and then you you have your stuff in there whether it be like um noodles it might be pasta or it might be um like vegetables a little alphabet pastas or um different things that you can put in soup you can put vegetables different things so I'm like well why isn't uh cereal consider soup it's kind of the same form you need a spoon to eat it as well um okay that was my thinking behind so how did how did your crowd source go Aaron what did you glean what did you glean from your crowd sourcing on this subject I got mixed reviews uh but I think at the end people were like no it's not soup it's cereal yes cereal with milk is what they said okay so um and then again I have so many questions what caused you to have this epiphany and moment of just thinking uh and it coming up or were you just sitting there having a bowl of cereal going hmm this could be soup is that what I was in there with a couple of uh other NFL guys we're at uh NFL social um event and they start asking questions like is water wet um is a hot dog considered a sandwich and I said yes a hot dog is definitely considered a sandwich if you think about it well again you're going you're talking mechanisms and literal things like yes a sandwich is one piece of bread something and then another piece of bread usually on top not like on the side like a hot dog is you you know you rest the piece of meat in a sliced piece of bread um and it does wrap it does envelop the the product in between so technically you can call it a sandwich but it's just not in the same way that cereal is not soup okay let's break the let's break the bun in in half and now you have two pieces in the hot dogs in the middle then it's a sandwich well now you're just weird I'll be honest now you're just weird you know I mean you now you've crossed the line is what I'm saying essentially you know so you do so you consider a hot dog a sandwich and so then and then it eventually this conversation graduated to is cereal soup yes sir okay and what is your cereal of choice then that you would consider is it a count uh chocolate soup is it a uh sugar smacks soup what do you have what are you talking about it is uh aaron jones touchdown squares and then my second will be free pebbles so wait a minute you have your own cereal is that what you're saying that's what you're saying yes sir how do I not have it we need it how do I not have it well we'll get you some boxes sent out to you oh my god we have terel owens's o's we have josh's jacks right we have those cereals here that's josh allen's so the same people who made josh allen's made mine and so aaron so we have aaron jones's what are they called what are they called touchdown squares like a healthy cinnamon toast crunch oh okay okay a healthy cinnamon toast crunch yeah we need those in our lives so outside of your own product aaron uh did you say fruity pebbles is that what you want yes sir fruity pebbles they are delicious they are incredible and they stay they stay crispy in milk and then the and then so again i understand that this this makes your case of cereal being soup because you do finish it and then you've got that sweet milk you just you just soup after that sweet soup after is the best part aaron jones here on the rich eisen show okay now we've handled that very important piece of business let's talk a little football um how is the offense looking differently aaron jones that you're willing to share with us what do you got um a lot well i would say uh a lot of guys are stepping up and having to step up and we we know that uh with losing 17 devante adams um we know it's going to be a collective hole uh that has to make up for that so it's not just going to be one person and uh you're seeing guys stepping up and uh getting involved okay and um how is it going to be maybe a little bit more run centric are you hearing your number called a little bit more aaron jones what do you think i would say it's about 50 50 in both ways uh in running and the passing game so um i'm definitely looking forward to that just getting my ball in space and um doing what i do so you're not going to tell us you you're not going to tell us how the offense is different is basically what you're saying aaron you can be honest you're just not gonna i mean we still we still have pretty much the same offense okay pretty much it's just a different guy who's in there and i know uh for for 17 as you mentioned uh i know aaron rogers talking uh about alan lazar yesterday said you know going from one hall of famer to another hall of famer is going to take an adjustment um how did how did you uh receive devante adams saying he's gone from one hall of fame quarterback to another how did you take that comment um i've only been with a rod and i mean i know i definitely know he's a future hall of famer i don't i don't know too much about dear car stats and stuff like that i haven't worked with him but um i just i seen him come back and he said i'm not recanting on my statement but if you look at the numbers i haven't looked at the numbers or anything but um it was a little surprising to see that but um you know he that's his quarterback so he said he has to take up for his quarterback the same way i'm gonna take up for my quarterback aaron jones here on the rich isin show did aj dylan destroy a mascot recently did he literally take somebody and hospitalize a mascot did that happen did i see he definitely did um and you i feel like you guys didn't see the best angle of it aj has the best angle the the mascot did like a full flip like 360 flip okay after you're at him over you guys only seen him get ran over so um no aj definitely destroyed that mascot he squared him up like a line back a new one he squared him up like a linebacker in the hole man he just absolutely took him out you know that was something else that was the funniest thing i have seen during a while so uh that's just i i know that we in the media sometimes take fun videos like that and say well this guy's ready to go um even though it's just a mascot but i i mean your one-two punch that you can can provide at the running back position is as good as it gets in the nfl i'm wondering how the two of you uh you know get along hang out what's your relationship the two of you like aaron jones oh we have a we have a great relationship uh aj has been my little brother since he's came in and uh he was here with me and jamal and i think he got to see the way that we bonded and connected and uh now it's me and him and we're we're bonding and connecting the same way uh we want to see each other both be successful and we know like if he has success it's just going to push me and vice versa and then we can communicate hey this is what we're seeing on the field or uh this is this is what blitz is coming this is the rotation things like that and so uh we're we're really close and uh we're just continuing to work work with each other to help each other out on the field because we both know that in this league uh you need a running mate it makes both of your jobs easier yeah i mean sure and it can take mileage off of either one of you and keep you guys fresher but how does it work i mean when you're on the field and you see 28 running in or he he he's there and he sees 33 running in um how how does that work you know obviously you come out i understand that but you i imagine there are times you'd like to stay in aaron jones definitely as a competitor you definitely have those moments where you would like to stay in but uh it's what can i do for the team to help us win so um i mean if we're getting in the end zone it doesn't matter if i'm getting the end zone if 12 whoever it is as long as we're putting those points up on the board i'm happy and we're winning that's that's all that matters at the end of the day i mean stats and accolades are nice but at the end of the day we have one main goal enough to win the super bowl aaron jones here on the rich eisen show from the green bay packers so when it all does come down to it last year seemed to be a perfect opportunity for you when we know it didn't work out how often do you think of the way last year ended aaron jones often very often i thought it was the last three years the way it's ended and you know it's so close but um i think that's just gonna make us better for it we know what we need to do in those games uh just execute at a high level um that's normally the team that wins who executes more on a consistent basis what would winning a super bowl mean to you i mean everything i mean this this town deserves it uh we put in the work i definitely think we deserve it but just because you deserve it doesn't mean you're going to get it you got to go out there and earn it and aaron rogers how has he shown up in a way that the last couple of years it's been different with his future in doubt now he's flat out saying i'm retiring here how has that changed anything in your mind uh to me he's always he was always going to be my quarterback so it hasn't changed anything for me um just but just happy to know you have your leader here and he he wants to be here he's going to be here for a while and uh like i said he's our leader he gets everybody going um he holds everybody accountable and to a high standard uh he expects greatness out of you and um you just got to prove yourself day in day out with him can you give me an example of how he does that please um yeah so we might be we might be in the huddle and it might be a certain play called and he might get up to the line of scrimmage just to see if guys have been in their playbook or study and uh change up the plate throw out a signal and really give god give him a little chance to communicate but if you're weren't in your playbook he's gonna know on that play and then he'll he'll come out and he'll talk to you pull you to the side like hey this is why i changed it i'm testing you and you see him do it a lot to the younger guys and um and then that's how they know hey like i got to gain his trust i want to be on the field i got to know this stuff are you saying he's testing everybody's independent study time is that what you're saying erin in a way he definitely does he'll get up there and uh call audibles that aren't haven't even uh they've they've been installed but haven't been up or haven't uh ran them and you just testing who's in their playbook and um who's who you know it's at that point is who wants to be out there who wants it and who wants to go home and you know who wants to be great huh and he will legitimately literally say i'm doing this because i'm testing to see if you knew it that's why i'm doing it he would do that's what he does oh yes and he's done that ever since i've came in as well like and a lot of times it's to the younger guys to the rookies and um making sure you're in your playbook and if you're not that'll that'll wake you up right away and and the guys learn from it have you seen him do that to somebody on a certain play and then when it comes time to actually use it in the game he uses it to success and then they kind of share a moment like remember remember back in july back in august that's why we did it have you oh yeah i've seen it happen uh many times and uh and it just that's what it's about it practice you're not going to be perfect but you you get it down and you you make that mistake but you don't make that mistake again and uh you learn from it and then when it's time to go execute it you go execute it and you can look back at those moments and those are teaching and learning moments and you you thank them you really thank them for that and lastly did he chime in on the very thorny subject is cereal soup did aaron rogers chime in on that subject matter no i'm gonna i'm gonna have to go ask him that's so great he he's very smart so i'm gonna ask him and see what he says about next time i'll talk to you guys i'll definitely let you know he's a great philosophizer and i think this is one of those things that might stop him in his tracks to be honest with you um but i and i i i don't profess to say i i i i know what he'll say but i'm gonna guess he's gonna fall down on the uh on the side of of um the cereal is natsu when it all comes down to it i think he's gonna fall down on that side too but i hope i can persuade him to to my side well does he have a box of aaron jones touchdown squares does he have we have it on the screen look at that okay toasty there it is aaron jones touchdown squares there you are celebrating in uh with milk splashing around your your feet like you're like you're jumping into the bowl of toasty sweet cinnamon square cereal look at that okay okay okay i see you i see you sir i want one of those we we need it we need it for the studio we'll have it here so hold on my my wife is chiming in right here yeah aaron he loves cereal oh god he will be eating this so disgustingly at every hour of the day it'll be great rich isen loves him some cereal maybe rich it's not it's not disgusting sus because he will be eating so much of it i'm gonna have to hide it and then if she gives me grief for it i'm like i'm just having soup i'm just having some soup you know you can't say anything about having soup soup is good for you it is i know i just i i just don't look at a bowl of milk and say that that could possibly be soup although there are dairy-based soups you know i mean you know he's he might technically be onto something yeah you didn't ask him the um what like the real sports question which is what kind of milk do you use oh okay next level what are you going what do you got i use uh the almond milk the the 80 the 80 calorie one the sweeter one yeah you do we gotta use this sweet okay sweet sweet almond milk to go with my touchdowns with my touchdown squares okay hey aaron jones really appreciate the time always enjoy our chats let's do this uh when the season begins after you score after you get some of those real touchdown squares call into the show we'll we'll chat about it please yes sir thank you always always a pleasure to talk to showtime 33 with a y as he spells it on his instagram and his twitter accounts right here on the rich isin show gotta follow him because you never know when questions like is cereal soup going to be posed and stop you in your tracks i'm a big fan aaron jones man constant on my fantasy football team yearly is that right oh yeah i can't get him for some reason i'm never able to get him yeah and he and dylan they're gonna they're gonna run it more they should run it more you imagine if aaron got those two dude could you imagine if aaron rogers all he's got to do is throw it 20 times in a game that's gonna be and he's like 18 for 20 yeah right you know what i'm saying like and you know 18 for 23 touchdowns that's it 290 no picks imagine if they can get out of dodge on a couple of sundays or thursdays or mondays or what have you with rogers throwing it 20 25 times that's it because because jones has got 20 carries and aj dylan's got 20 carries and you know the way it works is jones and rogers the two aarons combine together to put the packers up early and then dylan tenderizes you late and then runs out the clock in the fourth quarter that's tenderizes an uh interesting description that's what it is aj dylan that's what it is and that's by the way what was missing from the divisional playoff game is dylan got hurt yeah in the snow and if dylan could have been there and if they could have dictated on that very stout san francisco front seven somehow someway and put one in the end zone which they couldn't do maybe they would have played more but dylan got hurt man and that changes a lot and i just remember when dylan got drafted that was the same draft in 2020 that they drafted jordan love oh yeah and um we're all wondering why are they getting a quarterback when they got rogers and why are they what are they getting another running back it was why they get this guy when they have that aaron at that position and why did they get this guy when they have aaron at that position quarterback and running back and dylan is proven to be a major contributor important piece for green bay let's put the green bay schedule up if you don't mind mr hoskins let's take a look at that to see how they might start off in the first month of the season damn shame what aj dylan did to that mascot too man i know right boy how about this one how about this one right off the bat green bay taking on minnesota and minnesota and then chicago at home on a sunday night there we go oh my gosh justin fields first road game of the year is in lambo field on the front of the whole damn country and then they're at tampa home for new england how about that for the first four then they have the giants the new york football giants are um in london no playing in london i forgot to ask him about that going to london and then they uh come back home right away and take on the jets at washington there's your sunday nighter at buffalo before they played detroit and dallas this is a very late buy tennessee philadelphia chicago that's a first four anything three and one i think they win the first two i think they win in new england too and they might they might lose to tampa how about that's a late afternoon game on fox that one is not for the whole country to see in just a one-off on sunday night that's just a regular old fox game i imagine there'll be a late window the whole country will see it and the two percent might not the milk is what we normally call it or almond milk if we're talking about touchdown squares all right we'll take a break 844-204 riches the number to dial here on the program our number three kurt warner beckons as well right here on the show don't go anywhere lamar jackson spoke yesterday as well we haven't hit on that subject charles barkley staying put so much more to come back here on the rich eisen show net suite wants to know is poor visibility keeping you from having a successful business venture maybe it's because you're still relying on spreadsheets and outdated finance software to see the full picture you need to upgrade to net suite by oracle net suite is the number one cloud financial system that gives you the full picture of your business with visibility and control over your financials inventory hr planning budgeting and more net suite is everything you need all in one place you can automate your manual processes and close your books in no time while staying while staying well ahead of your competition 93 of surveyed businesses increase their visibility and control after upgrading to net suite over 31,000 businesses already use net suite so you should join because this summer net suite right now has a special financing program for those ready to upgrade at rich radio head to rich radio for this special one-of-a-kind financing offer on the number one financial system for growing businesses rich radio uh 844-204 rich is the number to now let's go to spencer in florida you're here on the rich eisen show what's up spencer hey rich hey everybody how is it going today happy friday what's going on uh first of all huge fan you are the best sportscaster in the business ever since i first got into sports i've been following along with you and stewart scott thank you rest in peace oh gosh so let me ask you i gotta answer i gotta ask spencer to interrupt your uh very complimentary uh way to start this conversation how um how old are you spencer i am turning 29 next month oh my gosh so you were essentially getting ready to go to nursery school when stewart and i started going together right i mean on tv and doing our thing nursery school and then you would go to grade school and watch the re-airs before hopping on the bus or something like that is that what you were doing yeah i believe uh booyah was my first word rich i will take that sir i will take that so what's on your mind today what's on your mind so you guys started the show talking about kylo murray and yes sir how they removed that whole mandatory study slash chore clause from his contract and you know looking at their schedule knowing that hopkins is out for the first six games they have the second toughest strength of schedule i think their opponent win percentage that they're playing this year like is 500 plus i think they're only second to the rams um and well they're they're in a tough division spencer you know obviously you're going to have two against the defending world champs and you're going to have two against the team that almost beat the defending world champs and they're building in the nfc championship game so that's a tough one right there you know just to start first uh if you look at the first three weeks of their schedule it is rough season so i feel like with the first week of trading camp officially over i think it's time for you to make your prediction on arizona's record well how about um i let you do that spencer how about you do it you're such a tough guy you grew up you grew up watching stewart and i you want to do it you want to do it you do it let's go spence you want to do it all right get in how about that okay i'll walk you through it don't worry about not being prepared here we go i'm just throwing you i'm just throwing your little lord charles curveball here spencer wasn't ready for this here we go all right spencer you're first up uh home against kansas and chiefs what happens winner loss oh that that is a loss all right you see all right that's a loss you can call me rich don't worry about it you're not five anymore uh week two at the vegas raiders winner loss what do you got that is also a lot oh they start owing to good lord we need independent study time that's what we'll be talking about home for the rams that is also a lot oh and could you imagine they start owing three uh at carolina what do you got for me oh they're gonna win by 30 oh wow he's even giving us a final score uh home for philadelphia that is a win as well all right and then they're at seattle with a chance to get back to 500 in spencer's world what do you got i have them winning that one they're three and three going into a short week the saints are visiting on thursday night amazon al and everyone is there what about you what do you got short week everybody's there i say that's a loss that's a loss okay at the minnesota vikings that is going to be a w all right they're four and four now going into their home date with seattle do they sweep seattle they do sweep all right then they're at the rams do they win the work do they uh get swept by the rams so they shock everybody and win in so far they they get swept by the rams then they're home uh well then they play san francisco in mexico city on a monday night week 11 what do they what do they do there viva victory that is a w and then they play the los angeles chargers at home before a buy what do you got that is a loss all right then they're home for a monday nighter against the new england patriots what happens uh susie i love you but uh that's a win for the cards a win uh at the denver broncos back off my wife spencer easy what do you got what do you got i have them i have them i have them winning against the broncos all right then they're home for the bucks and tom brady what happens uh that is a lot and then they're at the falcons what happens they win then they finish up at the san francisco 49ers what happens they end with a lot all right so that's three three and three three and four four and four five and four five and five uh six and six seven and six eight and six eight and seven nine and seven nine and eight says spencer from florida spencer thanks for the call appreciate it well well done thank you greatly appreciate it there you go there you go nine and eight that's a pedestrian season out of the arizona cardinals what do you make of that tj jefferson i think they'll be a little better than that well i think kylar's got i think kylar is lit and i think if they split the three you go three and three without um the andre hopkins yeah that's what i'm looking at to start with that would i think they would would they i don't think they'd ever sign for 500 but you'd be happy going three and three with that especially if you're going to start own three could you imagine they start owing to the five alarm fire that will happen yeah but rich look at they're playing though it's like you lose the kansas city there's we're not going to like raiders rams out of the gate you know i don't think you're going to ring the alarm losing to the chiefs and the raiders right down without the hop spencer in florida that's a lot of money for o and three no it is but you know but he's not going to have any tackles he's not going to kick any extra points and field goals you know he's not going to block anyone so much you can do but it's a quarter of it when everybody acts like football's a one position sport quarterback driven league i know but the the issue is is um they they do not perform as well with the andre hopkins out it's that simple he is that much of a difference making receiver even though i've had him in fantasy three straight years he will disappear uh from from a game and it's just like kylo doesn't throw in his direction nearly as much as he needs to and i guess we're gonna have six weeks of him missing that and then boom hopkins will come back and when he comes back the first stretch of games when he comes back is that he's going to come back in that week seven game that that that that thursday night game at home i don't think they lose to the saints in that one i think they win that one obviously we have to see who's healthy and not i mean a thursday night game on the road at home i mean thursday night game at home you should beat the team that's coming in on the road and um you know new orleans are going to come off of a game against joe burrow and cincinnati i think they'll be tenderized for sure what it says you until uh what a season the saint's defense set i'm telling you that saint's defense is nice i know it is but so is one joe burrow true if i'm not mistaken uh didn't he put a ring on his finger down there in new orleans he did he's gonna have a lot of fans there he did well that's gonna be great burrow in new orleans that's something we haven't really thought about hard about kurt warner coming up shortly for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's gotta be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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