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REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 1 (8-1-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 1, 2022 3:20 pm

REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 1 (8-1-2022)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 1, 2022 3:20 pm

Rich reacts to the 6-game suspension recommended for Deshaun Watson by former federal judge Sue L. Robinson and says why the punishment should have been harsher. 

The MMQB’s Albert Breer tells Rich why arbitrator Sue L. Robinson only gave Deshaun Watson a 6-games suspension in the wake of dozens of sexual misconduct allegations against him, if the NFL can win the battle in the court of public opinion against the Browns quarterback, why Deebo Samuel’s beef with the 49ers wasn’t all about the money, why the Cardinals felt compelled to include the eyebrow-raising mandatory film study clause in Kyler Murray’s contract, and who has the upper hand in the Steelers QB competition battle between Mitchell Trubisky and rookie Kenny Pickett.

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Upgrade today by calling 877-ASK-DELL, that's 877-ASK-DELL, to save up to 48% on our latest technology. Let's jump into Deshaun Watson. This is the Rich Eisen Show. How transparent has Deshaun Watson been with the NFL? Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

We've seen the NFL come down harder on players in the past that weren't transparent with them. Deshaun Watson has been suspended for six games. The Rich Eisen Show, today's guests. Senior Writer for the MMQB, Albert Breer. Hall of Fame Sports Columnist, Bob Ryan. Plus, ESPN MLB Columnist, Buster Olney. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yes, it is. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show, and welcome to August, everybody. It is the month of August in 2022, right here on NBC Sports on Peacock and Sirius XM85, the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliates coast to coast. We say hello to all of you listening on Odyssey. And then later on, whenever you're darn well pleased listening to the podcast version of this show, we appreciate everybody who does that and hits the subscribe button.

So you join the old R-E-S-R-S-S feed. We greatly appreciate that. And anything that you miss over the next three hours, our YouTube page has your back. slash Rich Eisen Show for all of that. Christopher Brockman is fresh back from his walkabout in soggy Las Vegas, Nevada. Good to see you over there, sir. Good to be back.

Good to see you guys. Oh, you've got Vegas voice. I got a little Vegas voice. Vegas voice. Vegas voice. Vegas voice.

Yeah, a little V squared. That's a real thing. Vegas voice. Vegas voice is real.

Vegas is screaming over the thumping music at the Gronk pool parties and stuff like that? Basically just yelling four a lot. Wow. Okay. Very good.

Yeah. Good to see you over there, DJ Mikey D. Back from his two day. I was on the boat. I had to get towed in on the boat. On the boat. Not a good day. But you really had to get towed in. Yes.

On the boat. Not a good day. Wow. I didn't know that you. That's what you call working for Fox on the boat. I worked three days for Fox.

Okay. And then I had off yesterday. Good to see you over there, TJ Jefferson. The candles already lit.

The candles lit. We're ready to go on a Monday. Good to see you over there, sir. Buster Olney of ESPN is going to join us in hour number three. The Major League Baseball trade deadline is tomorrow. Luis Castillo became a mariner since the last time we spoke.

Didn't see that coming, huh? So there's that, and we're waiting to see if the Juan Soto shoe drops. Could Shohei Ohtani really be on the market? As I said the other day, if the Angels do that, they should just close up shop.

There should just be 29 Major League Baseball teams if they do that. So Buster Olney will join us in hour number three for that. Bob Ryan will join us as the great Bill Russell passed away yesterday at the age of 88. He will join us, and we'll have some thoughts on the passing of the brilliant, great Bill Russell.

And the first guest joining us in 18 minutes time is Albert Breer. He has been on the training camp beat for Sports Illustrated. His MMQB came out today with some interesting nuggets on what the Steelers are going to do at the quarterback position and so much more. He will be joining us in 17 minutes time, but obviously the first item up for bids with him will be how we start this program, which is the fact that Deshaun Watson has been suspended. We have now finally gotten the number of games that Deshaun Watson has been suspended by Sue L. Robinson, the independent, I guess, disciplinarian, the judge. Sue L. Robinson took quite a bit of time to come back with the number of six regular season games that Deshaun Watson will be suspended and no fine on top of it.

And I'm sure he is just fine with that, certainly since the Browns had his back in the way that they put the first year of his new contract together and how nearly 99% of the money that he receives this year is free from any of that suspension taking a bite out of his salary. So the headline from here is simple. It's not enough. It's not enough. And I take this approach because of the way that Watson acted repeatedly, a repeat offender of all of the women who sued him and the apparently dozens who didn't, according to the New York Times, 66 masseuses is different masseuses he contacted over a 17 month period. And I've said here multiple times, all it takes is one and then there's 66 of them and more than two dozen who sued him. Now I understand there were no criminal charges in the six games that Roethlisberger got for his transgressions and the six games that Ezekiel Elliott got for his.

Neither of them were criminally charged. So that's how you can take anything from previous occasions and apply it as a precedence here. And the two things I have to say about that are there's no precedence for what Deshaun Watson has done using Instagram in a predatory manner, it appears. And there were only five instances that were placed before Sue L. Robinson for whatever reason.

And so she just took the five occasions to take a look at it. And to me, what Watson did is unprecedented. There is no precedence for this. And then secondly, well, there's precedence here, precedence there. Tell me about the precedence that the Supreme Court is taking a look at right now.

And I know I might be conflating issues. I'm just saying in courts of law, we're seeing precedences thrown out left and right to the detriment of women's rights, I might add. And that's where I also land on this, it's not enough, is the court of public opinion. I will proffer to say, shall frown upon this significantly. And this is absolutely important in this aspect of it as well. Especially since you take a look at what Sue L. Robinson apparently has said, we have not seen the full ruling from her as to why she thought what she thought and why she did what she did.

And I understand that makes my commentary here fraught with the possibility that I might be criticizing where criticism is not warranted. But my compadre from the NFL media group, Tom Pelosaro, tweeted out that he has seen portions of it or it's been given to him or leaked to him that she called Watson's behavior, a pattern of behavior, egregious. But notes that the behavior was nonviolent sexual conduct in explaining the decision to suspend him six games. Now I don't know what that is, nonviolent sexual conduct, but I'll just look up the definition of violence, which is a behavior involving physical force intended to hurt damage or kill someone or some thing.

Also means strength of emotion or an unpleasant or destructive natural force. But I think she's just saying he didn't put hands on somebody and didn't violently attack. But what about violating somebody?

What about that definition? Violating is failed to respect someone's peace, privacy or rights, break or fail to comply with a rule or formal agreement. She certainly violated many of these women who then sued him civilly, including one who has yet to drop anything. According to Tony Busby, the attorney who's represented most of the women. Coercive behavior, according to some of these women. Coercive. Just those women, if they felt like he was not violent or violating them.

That's why I say it's not enough. And to those who have absolutely lambasted me. I got a thick skin, but I see it that I haven't taken owners of the NFL to task, but I am feeling free to bash Deshaun Watson, who I have multiple, multiple occasions said this gives me zero pleasure because this person who I have met on multiple occasions was, to me, one of the bright spots to come out of college and cast their aura of what appeared to be nothing but beneficent behavior.

And fellowship for their common human. And how patently shocking and disappointing all of this is. The league should absolutely take a better approach to hammering those in ownership. People yes, who pay my salary on Sundays when I work for the NFL network and the NFL media group, which as you know, I have signed up for four more years or agreed to terms for four more years to, and gladly and happily to be somebody who talks football for a living. But any owners who run afoul of their personal conduct policy should absolutely be taken to task and have not been taken to task significantly enough to open the door for the players association to appropriately tell Suell Robinson, you can't give more than X number of games when we haven't seen the behavior on management side taken to task. And the reason why Calvin Ridley gets more games than Deshaun Watson and the reason why you see suspensions for four games, almost as much as Watson for say ball deflation that in my mind never took place.

The reason why it's so all over the map is because they're in different silos under the collective bargaining agreement, personal conduct policy, and then also a policy for gambling, a policy for PEDs, a policy for competition, competitive matters, and the personal conduct policy and the way it's been hammered out and also discipline handed down has been a complete mess for the last 20 years, we all know that, which is why the league said let's just, with the players association, find somebody who can make a ruling and then if the ruling is zero we can do nothing about it but if it's more than zero then the commissioner or his designee can then have a whack at it on the appeals process and I know the players association is not happy about that but they signed it. They signed it and so that's why Ridley gets a year for parlaying four figures of dollars apparently and why Brady gets four games for ball deflation and then somebody who is credibly accused by multiple dozens of women gets six but in the court of public opinion that stinks and the court of public opinion is filled with women and filled with purchasing power the court of public opinion must be addressed as well, must be addressed as well because a lot of people are like well how does somebody get this and somebody get that and he gets this well I just explained it to you but that's not gonna matter at all so I say the league should address this especially with him not getting fined how does Sue L Robinson not know that the Browns and by the way blame the Browns for that if that outrages you that this is only going to cost him a mere bag of shells to use the Ralph Cramden phrase because the Browns in the contract put so much of his first year in a signing bonus that is not subject to suspension and penalty for six games the Browns had his back on that and they saw that coming and I also see the criticism that the league gave them the easiest six games to start the season because they knew it was coming six games so I guess the Chargers the Steelers the Patriots that doesn't matter right though you could just roll over them and Carolina and the Jets Atlanta they stuck them there forget about the fact that they they threw Houston in the back end I guess you could sit there and say that that's to make sure Deshaun Watson would be there for some revenge game that by the way is a one o'clock Eastern on CBS I believe that day and that will be as nailed to the wall as possible because nobody's gonna in the in the league put that on national television so we could be relitigating all of this stuff so let's see what the league does from here because right now the message is you can be credibly accused of all of this behavior by by multiple women and it hardly costs you a dime and all it does is cost you six games and you get a 230 million dollar guaranteed contract otherwise wow this was all playing out stinks and the court of public opinion I believe is ready to bring down the hammer under what you think eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the program Albert Breer will join us on this program in just a mere matter of time to find out what is possibly next here and what else do you think about it I'm again happy to hear from you at eight four four two oh four rich number to dial especially if you disagree with me we always have rational conversations here in the program even with people who don't agree with me I actually appreciate hearing from you folks in that camp especially and then there's Bob Ryan there's an overreaction Monday by the way Deebo Samuel signed all of the receivers who wanted new money have now been signed only one got traded though only one got traded as he'd like to point out on Twitter over the weekend okay so there's all of that right on the program Buster Olney joins us in our number three eight four four two oh four rich number two dollars take a break Albert Breer joins us live on the Rich Eyes and Show when we return on this first day of August does your antiperspirant keep you dry all day dove men plus care dry spray goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel and offers 48 hours sweat and odor protection let me repeat that 48 hours of sweat and odor protection use it and don't even think about it also dove men dry spray contains doves unique one quarter moisturizing cream that helps protect your skin try dove men plus care dry spray goes on dry clean feel all day back here on the Rich Eyes and Show eight four four two oh four rich number two dial his mmqb today in particular just reminded me that football is back because it is so filled with information and nuggets that you'd want to know about your team your fantasy drafts that are coming up just based on his information but also important stories that are going on around the National Football League and he was in Pittsburgh and so we'll pick his brain about that but joining us here on the day that DeSean Watson we learned initially suspended for six games for the upcoming season from Sports Illustrated on the Mercedes-Benz fans phone line and there's none other than Albert Breer back on the program how you doing Albert hey Rich I think I heard Brockman talking about the Red Sox sell sell sell sell sell yes you sound you sound like no why huh no you can't get rid of Raffi or Xander come on they're going no they're good they're going nowhere and if you're not going to sign them which I still don't get how this ownership group that spent through the nose 15 years ago now all of a sudden is is acting like you know it's like they're the Oakland A's but if you're not going to re-sign these guys you're just gonna let them walk then then why not get something for them now well it I I hear you trust me I would love to pick the two of you against one another just as a Yankee fan watching two Red Sox fans cannibalize each other fall for me wonderful but there's too much football going on Albert Breer so let's get to it walk me through what you know about Sue L Robinson's decision and how she came about it please yeah yeah so I I think like the the important things here to know yeah first of all this wasn't the NFL making a decision which I know you don't need clarification on but I do feel like that's an important distinction to make here that it was the arbitrator Sue L Robinson making this decision it wasn't based on 24 cases you know the 24 lawsuits it was based on four the NFL brought five cases Sue L Robinson threw one of those cases out because the leak hadn't talked to the woman involved in that one you know and then I think some of the language that we've seen come out is important you know she used the word nonviolent and you know look I'm not going to say whether she's right or wrong I don't know but you know I think her using the word nonviolent is important and then I you know my understanding is she was pretty critical of the NFL reacting to public perception and making decisions based on public perception it's a business it's a business no I know but that but that was part of it was like that she was saying like this should be about the facts and the case not how whatever decision we make is going to be perceived publicly so you know I know like the union and Watson's camp felt like the league didn't present that strong a case as strong cases you know maybe we've seen out there in the public over the last you know year and a half and I you know I guess the six game suspension was sort of backed it up which you know of course it mirrors the decisions that the league made and the Zeke Elliott Ben Roethlisberger cases which are similar only in the sense that you know obviously the accusations in those cases were really bad but there weren't criminal charges so what happens now Albert I think the league is probably taking the temperature of the public right now to be honest with you you know and I don't think that this is a simple decision for Roger Goodell and we can look at like the different things he can do here for those who don't know the process and I'll run through it really quick like the league can appeal and the union can appeal the decision the union's already said they won't appeal Sue Robinson's decision and then it's either going to be Roger or his designee hearing me here in the here in the case and so you know after you get through like after you get through that then obviously Roger or his designee would make the final decision and and you know like I think what's interesting about this one bridges like that that you'd have you know Roger here you'd have Roger here kind of you know in a spot where do I want my name on the decision and if it sticks at six games he could say well we think you know like he should have gotten a year but we do think Sue Robinson ran a fair process so we're gonna allow for that that decision to stand he could knock it up a couple games and I'm not sure Watson or the PA would fight fight that if he went up a couple games but then does that really do anything now you've involved yourself in the process and you don't look like you're being that tough on it or he could go to a year and if he were to go to a year well then the NFL is going to be back in court with a player and there's a decent chance then that Deshaun Watson would play in the opener because the union would seek a temporary restraining order and you know try to get a stay on the suspension which would put Deshaun Watson out there while the the case was in court you know which would obviously make it a pretty public thing for the NFL season so you know I I don't know that there are great options here for Roger Goodell and I think it's going to be a very very difficult decision to make over the next you know 48 to 72 hours whether or not the league goes forward with this and then if they do whether or not Roger Goodell is the one to hear the case. Albert Breer here on the Rich Eisen show so what are you hearing from Watson's camp if anything on on on this Albert? I think they are I would say I don't know if they're happy with the suspension but I would say at this point they're seeking closure is probably the best way to put it you know I I think they feel like after this thing's been you know before two grand juries and now a former US District Court judge like that's enough and so I think that's part of the reasoning for you know Watson's camp and the union getting together and putting the statement out that they did last night because no sure they felt good about how the hearing went but I think the other part of that was like that they felt like this had gone far enough and so I actually think Watson's camp is at peace now with where this stands and you know I think the ball is very much in the NFL's court. Do you think there we will hear from him or they're gonna wait till because he's just been so poor to be very honest with you explaining himself throughout this entire process what might be the plan on that over the next couple days Albert? My guess you know the Browns have been I was there you know the other day yeah I think the Browns have sort of had you know Kevin Stefanski be the one that's out there explaining this over the first few days of camp and answering all the questions and all that different stuff and obviously his teammates have to answer questions too as how all this relates to football. My guess would be they'll probably wait to see what the NFL is gonna do before putting him before the media because there still obviously are some unanswered questions but you know I do know that like some people in the Browns organization feel like once there is closure on this they'll be able to speak a little bit more freely on you know how their process worked and trading for him and everything else and so you know I think that I think you may hear a little bit more from the Browns here over the next couple of days but my guess is you know when you're talking about kind of the tone changing a little bit and then you know maybe Watson himself becoming available they may wait for the NFL's decision on whether or not they're going to appeal the decision by the arbitrator. Well as we speak the league just put out a statement and they mentioned how they thanked Judge Robinson for her attention to the matter and appreciated her diligence and professionalism pursuant to the collective bargaining agreement both sides can appeal in three days in light of her findings the league is reviewing Judge Robinson's imposition of a six-game suspension will make a determination on next steps so. Right so I mean and I think like you know Rich we're not being like you said it's a business right like and that's right like yeah like I you know I think that they're very much going to be sort of monitoring the way that this is discussed. Exactly you know and so everybody keeps thinking the league or its independent arbitrator is like real life like we should depend on the NFL to make some sort of a judgment that say a grand jury didn't or a prosecutor didn't or police didn't or whatever this is essentially a business and so when it comes down to it you know is Deshaun Watson guilty in a court of law no and forget about the court of public opinion for a moment this is running a business and then you return to the court of public opinion when you're running a business like that's a fact and so if you don't want to get caught up in the the jaws of the court of public opinion then don't keep looking on Instagram for some masseuse over and over and over again a different masseuse so what is it true is it true Albert that that that Sue Robinson put in her opinion again we haven't seen it yet that that Watson's only allowed to get massages from Brown's employees is that true yeah yeah yeah that's part of it yes and I think we always knew that we're going to be some conditions on this like and I haven't I haven't seen that part of it like but you'll remember like if you go back to Roethlisberger counseling I believe was in that right in that decision you know so like there are always going to be conditions on these in these sorts of cases and look like you're right public perception does matter because it is a business and it's a forward-facing business and you know these athletes are part of what shapes the image of the entire business huge part of it you know and so you know I think with you know like Roethlisberger if you go back to that one and you listen to some of the language used in that case by Roger and other people it was you put the league in a position to look really bad and you violated the personal conduct policy you put us all in a bad light and I think that this is similar and I think if we get our hands you know eventually Sue Robinson's conclusion becomes public and you know obviously it hasn't yet it wouldn't surprise me if that's part of it if you know like part of it is you know it's it's on everybody involved in the league players coaches front office people everybody else to put the league in a to keep the league in a positive light and obviously Deshaun Watson failed to do that Albert Breer here from the MMQB and Sports Illustrated on the Rich Eisen show the Deebo Samuel deal is done so is this always about money Albert no I actually don't think so like I do think it's about role and you know I think last year if you look at the story of their season it's really interesting I believe like through like nine games he was second in the league in receiving yards you know and then you know I think that Rams game was the Monday night game where his role started to change and from that point forward he was arguably the most valuable player on the team but probably the third guy in the passing game behind Brandon Iuke and George Kittle if you look at the numbers and so you know I think part of this was how Deebo envisions himself envisions himself as being a true number one receiver and that's sort of what he aspires to be the other piece of it is the obvious which is playing I mean the guy wasn't getting the ball in jet suites and stuff like they were playing it like an I formation tailback you know what I mean like so like I think there's a longevity piece to this too and knowing the more he played like that especially with his injury history like it could affect his shelf life and so I think as much of this as anything else is about you know leaning on a relationship you have with the player if you're John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan finding a way to talk to him about how you plan to use him going forward and give him assurances that he's going to have a say in the way that he's used and that's the way it works with athletes at a lot of levels now you know so I think the money was never going to be a problem and if you look at the deal it's actually a market deal you know it's right where Terry McLaurin and and DK Metcalfe it's right where those guys got paid the contracts all look like relatively similar so the template was there and I don't the Niners were ever afraid to pay Deebo the way that Metcalfe guy like McLaurin was paid I think as much as anything else it was about Deebo feeling comfortable that he wanted to sign away the next four years of his life to play in San Francisco based on what happened at the end of last year. So does that mean we're going to still see him get the same number of touches at running back and he'll just trust the process or has there been some sort of a deal struck between coach and player? I mean that there the name escapes me and I feel like a jerk but but there was a running back they took out LSU in the third or fourth round if anybody if one of your guys has it there I can't remember the guy's name but Brockman is googling as we speak go for it okay the third they drafted in the third third fourth round right that was after they drafted Eli Mitchell and Trey Sermon last year in the third round in the sixth round right like I was told like that part of drafting that LSU running back and they not that they didn't like the player they obviously like the player but drafting the LSU running back was sort of an all but olive branch to Deebo and saying hey look like we're trying to build depth at that position so we won't have to do this ever again you know because part of it last year was they didn't have enough quality depth at that position so they're saying to Deebo essentially we're drafting this extra running back here even though we took two last year as like sort of a symbol to you we're really trying to fix that position so you can play the sort of role you envision for yourself Tyrion Davis Price the running back from LSU he also pays he also pays his debts like all Lannisters as well third round third round pick yes so so I mean that's a pretty like a year after using two draft picks on running backs right that's a pretty valuable piece of draft capital to be using on a position that a lot of people don't value that way right so like that was very much I know that's part of the thinking for the Niners but that was sort of an olive branch to Deebo like we're trying to make that position to stock that position in a way where we won't have to use you in that role again a few more minutes left with Albert Breer the MMQB senior NFL reporter on the Rich Eisen show what did you learn from the independent study clause existence and then disappearance what what where was what was that all about I mean what a train wreck huh I mean like seriously like I I you know I I know this like I know there were some questions about Kyler and I hesitate to say work ethic because I don't think that's what it is right like I he takes care of his body he does like passing camps with his teammates in Texas and Arizona you know I think as much of I think it was as much about you know how he allocates his hours and where he allocates his hours as much as anything else that's my feeling on it they want him to be more of a leader and if they were going to hand him this contract they want him to be the sort of guy that's going to pull guys with them and you know I think that means being a full participant in the offseason program which he hasn't at any point in his career and that's why the workout clause is in there I think that means allocating some of his time that he does to take care of taking care of his body to studying the game because you know maybe the way he plays isn't sustainable five or six years from now so I think as much as anything else it was maybe not a shot at Kyler's work ethic so much as it was a shot at his leadership and you know what sort of leader he was going to be for the team going forward and that's so important when you're giving a guy a contract like that because Brett you know this as well as anybody those guys in those locker rooms they keep score they pay attention to who you're paying and those guys in those locker rooms they know how the guys that are getting paid are acting and carrying themselves and so you know I think a huge part of this was Kyler we need more of you we need more of you in a number of different areas and I think that's part of the reason why you saw a statement in February because after what Mort reported on Super Bowl Sunday you know Kyler's camp knew like all right like they're not like really a hundred percent all in on us so we need to start to put the pressure on them because Kyler had seen his ex-college teammate Baker Mayfield wait for a contract that never wound up coming so you know I think this whole thing was complicated from the start and when you have all those little complications involved there you know I think that you end up with these sorts of awkward weird things put in the contract so they're not as concerned about his readiness for game day they just think he's on twitch too much like literally that's what it is and they if he's on twitch as much as he's on because you can see when he's gaming if he's on twitch you can actually see what he's doing with his time yeah and I can understand if you're if you're in a position of management or authority and somebody could text you he's back on twitch again and you know he could still have it locked down like he's done his film study he's done everything you know it's kind of like again Susie and I look at our kids and we're like you're done with your homework already you know like that's that's the way we approach it you know it's kind of crazy whole thing too and you know look like again like I think they are concerned you know like is he studying enough is he you know is that why you know we're having issues at the end of the year and they also understand if the quarterback's working and you know this rich if the quarterback's working then everybody else is going to work you know so they understand the effect that it has on the overall team and that's what I'm talking about from a leadership standpoint I think Kyler's rep coming out out like the the the rap on him was that he was a baseball player you know he's a baseball but he's a baseball player's mentality well what does that mean that means if you got a baseball player's mentality maybe you're a little bit of an independent contractor and that's always been the issue with him you know so yeah I mean I think there was definitely concern there and here's the thing too about putting that clause in yes I mean really rich what's the upside like what like so he's going to set like the alarm clock on his phone for 40 minutes a day and just run the clock out no like if he's going to make that meaningful work he's going to have to want to he's going to have to want to do it he's going to have to want to do it the same way other quarterbacks want to do it so I mean there was so much downside to me to putting that in the contract I don't know if you can tell me but I just don't know what the upside was to putting that in there I don't know maybe they just didn't somebody didn't think about what it will look like if you know when it when it comes out because as you know everything comes out in the National Football League so you know I I it's just wild and then we'll just see how it all plays out over the first six weeks with obviously no DeAndre Hopkins where are you right now Albert we can hear the whistling in practice that's why the first like five minutes the conversation was a little awkward because I was trying to avoid the speakers it's all good and then I think I love the whistles I walked into an area where I wasn't supposed to be and so security was kind of pointing me around oh but I tried to raise the volume in my voice so this would seem like a very important phone call but I think which it is which it is yeah okay I mean at camp it can be a little dodgy and I I thought it'd be fine out here but the speakers were a little louder than I bargained for no it's great I love the whistles all we need is just the sound of the sprinklers and we got ourselves a hard knock open so this is great before I let you go just a couple of minutes on your lead item in your Monday morning quarterback going to Steelers camp is this Drew Biscay's gig because we saw over the weekend that Pickett is getting only third team reps Mason Rudolph's looking good but is this true Biscay's gig do you think I mean all right so history tells us that first-round picks are gonna play right like this is a pretty amazing number if you go back to Matt Ryan in two and Joe Flacco in 2008 44 quarterbacks have gone in the first round from oh it's 21 only three didn't make multiple starts as rookies which is nuts right so every first round pick plays essentially that said the Steelers aren't gonna do something based on how everybody else does something Kenny Pickett looked like he has a long way to go based on what I saw out there I can change but like right now that's what it looks like and I hate to say it like Trubisky looks like there might be a little something there like I I know he took a lot from playing with Josh Allen and Buffalo and I think he could be a serviceable starting quarterback you know so it may be more than that we'll see you know but I I think they feel like they've got a contender there and you know like having a veteran quarterback guy who's played a lot and Mr. Biscay helps and I don't think they're gonna push Kenny Pickett out onto the field just to push him out onto the field and and right now it doesn't look like he's ready to start Albert thanks for the time greatly appreciate it man be well come on man I'm gonna have to go back and listen to the podcast to hear my voice rising so I can you know bring back that memory of having to dodge security there are you coming out here to Los Angeles where the world champs reside I know I was gonna text you about that last night I forgot but yeah I'll be I'll be out there I think next Wednesday Sunday Monday Tuesday something like that are you gonna be in town actually I don't know if I'll be here but the show's on the air I'll reach out to you I'll reach out to you because everybody here wants to see your training camp Nantucket George Hamilton 10 and how it's all working oh it's it's in good shape right now we had a couple we had a couple of cloudy days it affected it a little bit okay I think by the time by the time I get there I think I should be in good shape clouds cannot get in your way sir thanks for the time Albert you be well all right thanks you got it thanks Albert Brere right there who in the mention of Mitchell Trubisky did you notice two things higher register he's you know I mean he's got some going on there I think he learned something with Josh and he dropped the word that I associate with the word solid serviceable yep that is the subtext of the word solid he's a solid quarterback serviceable I do not view solid as everybody around these parts knows as a compliment there are so many more district descriptive adjectives and words to say something complimentary serviceable ain't it but looks like pick question looks like poll question what's better solid service all right solids way better okay sounds just a rich thing but serviceable let's take a break let's take a break your phone calls on the other side right here on the rich eyes and showing I've got three ideas three Chris of poll questions three coming up back here on the program so poll question is the suspension for Deshaun Watson appropriate okay just yes or no yes or no to like yes or no yes or no you know I don't usually like putting yes or no questions right and I don't okay let's throw that one out there then you want to put the you know I want to do would you rather be referred to as solid or serviceable well I mean I would rather be referred to as solid than serviceable too then what's the way to a word no is solid an insult I know I'm gonna lose that I'm gonna lose that 90 to 10 you'll lose that yeah you'll lose that by I say solid all the time he's a solid guy okay but that's like he's a solid guy is fine like it's talking about your work yeah he's solid yeah that means good just forget that leave it out that's a losing guy all right we'll just leave Deshaun all right let's go to um that's who we're gonna go to Chris in Phoenix Arizona what's up Chris hey Rich how you doing today what's going on in your mind sir hey man um I wanted to talk about the Deshaun Deshaun Watson thing yes first I wanted to tell you that I watched you on the mothership and uh you and the uh and uh Jesus um I'm so sorry um anyway I'll get to my point no it's okay Chris take your take a breath I have three I have three daughters I have three daughters and the Deshaun Watson thing really bothers me because he is obviously a predator like he what was he doing getting massages and doing his thing like that seems a little like I hope that they suspend him for longer than that so that's what I'll say about that and then my other thing was um Stuart Scott by the way yes I couldn't remember his name uh uh is anybody like management GM ownership of the Browns like they're okay with this oh absolutely like I mean would they would they rather would they how could they not be I mean and thanks for the call I mean how could they not be they signed him before knowing any of this fully I mean whatever he told them to their face and again he might have what done done the work that is clearly necessary for him on on straightening his life out I mean and he might take offense his life didn't need any straightening out again I don't know anybody in my circle nor would they admit to you know what I'm doing with my spare time I am going all over Instagram and sliding into DMS and asking for people uh to you know massage me I need their help I need their help within an hour you know hey where are you we could meet at this place that I've rented you know I could come to yours I mean just read just again read all of the New York Times material on this please before you form an opinion or you think you've formed your full opinion on it he could have done the work he could have and and he could just basically be able to just turn the page on his life and say he's not going to do any of this behavior anymore and the Haslams are like okay we really need quarterback here so we'll give you the best contract in the history of the NFL so when somebody's like are they fine with this how are they and and they might get offended by me saying oh of course they're fine with this we're not fine with this sort of behavior we're we're not fine with this sort of stuff well you you paid the man and you also formulated his contract in a way where this suspension does not touch him financially with any significance any bite because you set it up that way and they should be fine with six games because you know what the brown season is completely viable Albert Breer said earlier the commissioner doesn't have many good options because if he does something so significant over the six games people would say that the situation was rigged even though this was collectively bargained or they would sue and thus have a temporary stay and he would start week one by the way against Carolina and Baker Mayfield potentially and he doesn't have those options those those are very poor options why not go with 12 games 12 games I'm gonna double it he can play this year and then also kneecaps the Browns potential season why not do that I'm coming back and I'm doubling it because you take a look at Sue Robinson's decision Ian Rappaport tweeted out the conclusion the NFL may be a forward-facing organization she wrote but it is not necessarily a forward-looking one just as the NFL responded to violent conduct after a public outcry so it seems the NFL is responding to yet another public outcry about mr. Watson's conduct at least in the former situation the policy was changed and applied proactively here the NFL is attempting to impose a more dramatic shift in the culture and its culture without the benefit of fair notice to and consistency of consequence for those in the NFL subject to the policy again I didn't read we haven't seen what what she's referring to earlier but that does appear to be her looking at the language and making a ruling based on the language in a collective bargaining agreement and talking about a public outcry but then she says looking at the record would compare to the relevant precedent and looking forward to how this disciplinary determination might be used in the future I find the most appropriate landing place to be as follows mr. Watson is hereby suspended for six regular season games without pay although this is the most significant punishment ever imposed on an NFL player for allegations of nonviolent sexual conduct mr. Watson's pattern of conduct is more egregious than any before reviewed by the NFL recognizing that the only discipline mentioned in the CBA is a for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson to all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's Andre for you I've always said Andre was number one Wow because even going back before you know Hulk Hogan was a babyface Hulk and Andre were able to go in and headline at the New Orleans Superdome at Shea Stadium in Japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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