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REShow: Tom Pelissero - Hour 1

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August 16, 2022 3:31 pm

REShow: Tom Pelissero - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 16, 2022 3:31 pm

Rich previews the Chiefs 2022 outlook and says pundits who are predicting a step back for Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City offense after the departure of Tyreek Hill to the Dolphins could turn out to be very wrong.

Rich and the guys get into a heated candy debate including Red Vines vs Twizzlers, Jelly Bellies vs Jelly Beans and some hot takes on Starburst and Skittles.

NFL Network Reporter Tom Pelissero tells Rich why the NFL Management Council issued a tampering warning memo regarding the trade demand of disgruntled Chicago Bears LB Roquan Smith, if the Jets should be worried about the long-term prognosis for QB Zach Wilson after his latest knee injury, how the Seahawks’ and Steelers’ QB competitions are shaping up, where Jimmy Garoppolo could possibly land once the 49ers part ways with him, and more.

Rich and the guys debate the best landing spots for Jimmy Garoppolo as he waits in limbo for his release or trade from the 49ers, and break down the latest Bill Belichick Press Conference Moment of the Day. 

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JR Sports Brief
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
JR Sports Brief
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the moment of the year. This is the Rich Eisen Show. We're getting football back live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles and I'm not talking about quarterback competitions. I'm talking about the freaking New York Jets having a curse hanging over.

They're starting quarterback with a non-contact injury. Today's guests NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero, three-time Super Bowl champion Julian Edelman, plus the fire pit collective golf writer Alan Shipna. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Oh yes everybody. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. I am your humble host sitting here on NBC Sports on Peacock and NBC Sports Sirius XM channel 85. Pleased to be here with you also on this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network affiliate coast to coast on the Cumulus podcast network.

Also through Cumulus you can get us anytime you want. So we're thrilled to say hello to our podcast listeners those who are streaming us on Odyssey every single day through the Odyssey app Rich Eisen Show for everything that you're going to miss over the next three hours. Christopher Brockman good to see you over there. How are you?

Rich man good to be here. And DJ Mikey D is in D's nuts back in the chair after missing he's going to be he's going to be really fresh today after not being here for hour three. Tomorrow will be the same. Are you here for all three hours today though? Today all three tomorrow relief pitcher comes in.

I need to write this stuff down. I took my contract I only pitched seven innings. TJ Jefferson light the candle how are you sir? Good to see you. I'm fantastic I'm like Del Tuvo's work schedule. Very good. Wow.

Very good. I'm excited folks. I'm excited folks we've got ourselves a big time in studio guest coming up in hour number two Julian Edelman is here a Super Bowl. Joel's kid. Most valuable player and also this is rare for me to say on this program.

Super handsome. No doubling the number of Jews on the set so he'll be here. Has he signed the greatest Jews in sports book that we have here? No he hasn't. He wants to describe himself as Jew-ish.

That's one way of putting it. I just don't know how much time in shul he spends synagogue. Okay.

I don't know how much time he spends praying. Okay. But at any rate Julian Edelman will be here.

It'll be great. Is that why you're wearing your Mac to the Future t-shirt Chris? I mean look I'm getting a lot of heat because yes I did call Mac Jones a minivan last year but like minivans. After you drafted him.

Yeah after we drafted him like minivans can still be cool and functional and like you know. So if Mac to the. Still down with Mac Jones. If we're talking about Mac to the Future does that mean Patricia and Judge are the terrorists that come in the very beginning?

Yes. And you need to get in the DeLorean to go back to the future and tell yeah go back to the to the. Until Bill. To the dance until Bill yeah.

Put the vest on afterward. Yeah no no tell him to you know keep McDaniel's right? Is that how it's going to work? Right. Keep McDaniel's because right now the 2022 Patriots playoff picture it's beginning to disappear. It's fading.

It's fading. Marty they found me. Who? The Libyans. I like living in a world where Matt, Patricia and Joe Judge are the Libyan terrorists. I saw you're talking about them.

I saw you've been talking about them lately. I remember I watched that on Telemundo once and it was like Los Libyans and I just thought that was the. Yeah exactly. Did you watch Back to the Future in Spanish? It was just like it was on I watched a couple minutes of it and that was the part that was on. Did they have an EAP button on Telemundo? For people like TJ who love Back to the Future and don't understand Spanish? Who said I didn't understand Spanish?

The EAP button all right. I took a few courses. All right listen let me tell you how I'm spending my time these days. I like letting you into my world okay. It's a nice black shirt to go on. It's actually it's dark blue.

It's navy blue. It looks good. I mean I like it. It's a good cut.

And I've got one button unbuttoned more than usual and Chris you know I know people make mention of that so say hello to them. I like it. Is that custom by the way? What do you mean custom?

I mean did you have a custom? No no it's off the rack. No it's not bro come on. What are you talking about?

Like I buy shirts and all right stop it. Let me tell you how I'm all living my life these days right now okay. Suze and the kids still out east. Oh back to life. Still out east solo.

How come we haven't been called over to party? I mean come on. I'm right now I'm Han right now. Wow. I'm Han Solo right and so I got a lot of time to think. Got a lot of time to think.

No I'm gonna go golfing later on today. Now Tufo bring the edibles. Whoa Jesus. Called Ziti. Is that what you're talking about? What's happening here?

I have no idea. My life's already off its axis because my children and my wife are not around. So I spent a lot of time thinking and I spent a lot of time thinking about what I'm going to talk about on this program and certainly I've got the National Football League on the brain. I like it. Why not right?

Why not? I'm getting ready for uh season 20 of NFL Network's coverage of the National Football League and I'm getting ready to talk about it every single day on this program for and this is our what our eighth NFL season. Rich this is uh year nine ninth NFL season. Ninth NFL season.

Year eight of the show. So here's what I'm thinking. I'm trying to talk myself into something new Chris.

Something new. TJ I'm trying to talk myself into something I haven't talked about on this program. Certainly in this division that everybody has been talking about. I've been very Raiders centric. Yes you have.

I am going to choose the Raiders to win the AFC West. I'm going to do that. I don't think you have a choice at this point. Well I know I've have talked myself into that. I've talked myself uh silver and black in the face. You've backed yourself into that silver and black corner.

I've done that right? I'm silver and black and blue in the face. Okay so uh yeah the autumn wind and I'm hoping for Raider fans the winter wind is a pirate as well because I've been blowing that summer wind quite a bit about the Raiders being good. So um here's what I'm thinking. Everybody's thinking the Kansas City Chiefs are less than and clearly you could accuse me of being one of them by saying the Raiders are going to win the division. But I'm beginning to talk myself into something about this Chiefs team. I know you just raised your hand Chris saying you think the Chiefs are less than. They're a little less than this year yeah. I'm looking at this offense and I'm just remembering when Calvin Johnson retired.

Oh I see where you're going. Calvin Johnson retired in Marshall Faulk. Easily the smartest football person I've ever met with all due respect to every other football person I've met. He said uh on game day morning and then sat in this chair I believe as well saying that when Calvin Johnson after he retired that the offense for the Lions is going to be better and more efficient and everyone's like what are you talking about that's Megatron. And it's just a quarterback doesn't feel the need to always look in the same spot first. It makes an offense that much more predictable even though clearly Stafford to Megatron hard to stop. But if everybody kind of knows your first option it makes you more predictable as an offense.

It also makes you more one note when you're going against the defense. Now obviously Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce have been on this team together for a while and that's why you always refer to Kelce as one of the best pass catchers in the league. You can't say he's just a tight end. But Tyreek Hill leaving has caused everybody here to think that the chief's offense is going to be less than and I'm beginning to talk myself into the exact opposite. Now usually you don't take cheese in the preseason but my home's it's August 16th my home's Mahomes played one series six for seven six different receivers I watched it and none of them were Juju Smith-Schuster. And after the game Mahomes was asked about that and Mahomes basically said and paraphrasing here but I'll give you the exact quote I think it's going to be a lot like that this year it's going to come from everywhere you saw kind of six different receivers Juju didn't even get a catch that is correct six of seven for 70 yards and a score six of his completions landed with different receivers Marquez Valdes scantling the only player targeted twice yeah he's on this team folks so oh MVS what he's no Tyreek Hill true but if MVS leaving is one of the reasons why we're also looking at the Packers saying they're less than why can't we look at MVS being on the Chiefs and saying they're more than with him right did you know as well with Juju Smith-Schuster being there in a bounce back season I think he's got a little bit of chip on his shoulder Nicole Hardman is the only number one I guess a starting wide receiver that's back with the team from last year did you know on this team after Clyde Edwards Euler and the running back depth chart did you know they have Jerick McKinnon as the second string running back I did not know uh-huh did you know they've got Ronald Jones as the third string running back oh really yeah and then there's a kid named Isaiah Pacheco bless you I don't know if we're gonna call him the you know the you know the fight doctor but um heard his grandson he's a kid from Rutgers I watched him play in the Big Ten and I have gotten word from a little birdie in Kansas City to keep an eye out for him and followers of this program can pretty much guess who that little birdie is and um I'm just thinking with those guys and Mahomes and Kelsey and everybody thinking that they don't have anybody because one guy isn't there and then I remember the draft and I remember the combine and remember seeing Sky Moore out there remember I told you about him remember I told you about him after the combine and after the draft and I was saying sneaky great draft choices remember I came on and said these people are perfect draft choices I'm trying to find my notes here should have actually looked it up beforehand but I've been a little busy lately um and Sky Moore has the same build as Tyree Kill seeing and I remember looking at the combine and seeing him out there and I thought well they're not he's a perfect Kansas City Chief I think I even said that to Daniel Jeremiah but at the time Tyree Kill's there so they're not going to draft him yeah Sky Moore's like 5'10 runs a 4'4 yep he's got two wads in his name did you know Josh Gordon's sitting there too do you know that yeah okay yeah I remember that putting that out there low-key sitting out there I think the Chiefs offense is going to be better I said it I'm talking myself into it better than better than the previous years yes my goodness uh-huh uh-huh because you don't know right now that's what I'm saying just to bring this kind of full circle as I said at the top you knew Mahomes would be looking for Hill and looking for Kelsey and you could even bracket some coverage you could do some things to kind of get Mahomes out of that rhythm now you have no idea where he's going do you do you know he's coming out of the back field maybe to get some screens to get some sort of a wheel route to get some sort of a easy outlet for Mahomes which is the don't make the big play why don't you give it to Jerrick McKinnon let him do his work this kid from Rutgers Isaiah Pacheco Sky Moore Juju Smith-Schuster Marquez Valdes-Scantling Nicole Harden Travis Kelsey Clyde Edwards-Eler all with Patrick Mahomes at the controls we just want to throw out some rankings for this Chiefs offense as I said they were third in yards last year total yards they were number one in first downs Patrick Mahomes is fourth in passing yards and sixth in passing touchdowns how about they'll be the same numbers but yet more efficient number one in point score is there a stat for efficiency well I mean it's just you know it doesn't show up in the stat as the rating second half AFC championship game okay doesn't show up in the stats okay throwing it to Tyreek Hill on the goal line where Mahomes shouldn't have because you think he's forcing it because he's the number one option previous now they're freeing up a little bit and that there is a more of an unpredictability to this offense now and everybody's sleeping on it that's what I'm that's what I'm sitting around thinking being Han Solo in the house so you know what later on I'm going to add four more I'll come up with the top five list of new things I'm talking myself into previous ones that I was talking myself into as I mentioned Raiders winning the division yep um Rogers has no pressure on him no pressure that was before I knew he was taking psychotropic things right okay um Cowboys have taken a step back how about this one the 49ers are Trey Lance's team now yeah oh yeah and Baker Mayfield's played his last down for the brown guys I'm just saying I don't have a crystal ball in case you're wondering you've imagined a ball I do but I I've come up with new five new five list of five things with a couple weeks to go of things I'm talking myself into I mean I love it Tom Pelissaro is going to be calling in I believe from an airport I have no idea where he's going oh okay I think he was at Bears camp yesterday which is why he might have gotten wind that Roquan Smith has somebody being his stalking horse when he has no permission to seek a trade apparently he was in Colts camp as well we'll get some two cents from him why why when are we going to find out what's up with Deshaun Watson um Jimmy G panthers quarterback situation so much a poppin Julian Edelman will be here in studio and uh we will all uh read our half Torah portion that time can you translate please uh that's what you read when you're bar mitzvahed yes from the Torah how do you know that he's the dj bar mitzvah no no Italians are basically Jews and Jews are basically Italians when you live in New York New Jersey yes thank you interchangeable can confirm yes I mean except for the whole catholicism thing yeah I mean if you really want to go deep into it we got the old testament and then hour three Alan Shipknock from the fire pit collective um Greg Norman's favorite sports writer yeah uh will join us because apparently the PGA Tour players are getting together tigers flying in to run the event run run the show I mean his tweet that he popped up yesterday yeah do we have it I can read it no here it is I'm hearing tomorrow's again this is from yesterday so today's PGA Tour player meeting regarding Liv is going to be a banger supposedly everything is on the table from major championship boycotts to Monahan's future to a larger compromise and tiger M.F. Woods I don't believe that's his middle name is expected to fly in to provide counsel bully cajole with a popcorn emoji there wow this is great so uh we needed a few more meat on those 280 characters right there and um so Alan's gonna join us and then there's you at 844-204-rich being the number down what's on your brain what are you talking yourself into going into this NFL season I'd love to hear from you on that front feeling you on the Rich Eisen Show next Tom Pelissero my colleague from the NFL media group back here on the Rich Eisen Show 844-204-rich number to dial here on the program as you were going out the door yesterday um noticed a tweet from my colleague Tom Pelissero uh of the NFL media group about what's going on with Roquan Smith again he wants a new contract and the Bears aren't enriching him to his liking with a contract and it looks like he's holding in now but it also looks like I guess somebody's stalking the rest of the league to see if they'll trade for Roquan Smith because Tom Pelissero is the management counsel the NFL sent a memo to clubs warning them that a person contacting clubs about trading for Roquan Smith isn't a certified agent and that any contact with a player under contract or his agent without direct written permission is tampering per source and that is the first item up for bids on the Mercedes-Benz phone line with the man himself Tom Pelissero back here on the show how are you Tom well first of all Rich before we get to Roquan I have to say your candy opinions might be the most ridiculous opinions you've ever stated on this show over Red Vines was bad enough but Jellybeans number one candy all the candy in the world you're going to the stuff you stick in a plastic egg on Easter well first of all Tom not to get too deep here I'm Jewish so I've never really had what you were referring to you know so I guess Easter is my is my sweet tooth every day but um oh my gosh um I don't I don't know what to say Tom I really am interested in your information but um uh I might have to hang up right now I don't know what to say you're Jewish which means your parents probably picked up the leftover Jellybeans and the marshmallow and all that something like June when they're on the clearance shelf yes well my parents are always looking for clearance sale they always did um but okay um right well let's place that aside then uh you and I will just have to agree to disagree on that uh what is happening with Roquan Smith what what was that tweet about and is somebody walking around the NFL saying do you want to trade for Roquan and and and uh and they're not an agent of Roquan's so here's the situation rich and I talked to people within the league and with clubs who said they don't ever remember a memo like this ever coming from the league there's a specific person who has been in the orbit of NFL players for some time and has assisted in a variety of different uh contracts that have been done around the NFL which again you know there's different ways to look at the letter of the law here but the NFLPA certifies agents you have to go through a process you have to pass a test this person is not a certified agent and they were calling around to clubs saying I represent Roquan Smith we're trying to get a deal done we're trying to get a trade and a contract extension well not only did clubs hear that but agents got wind of it and some agents informed the union what was going on so the union talked to the management council and had them send that memo saying if it's a not certified agent you're not allowed to talk to them period like that's just against the the way the business works in the NFL but the really interesting part then about the memo was the fact that this was once again a warning shot fired by the NFL about tampering we know that they came down hard on the dolphins because it's tampering with Tom Brady and Sean Payton but in the course of that same memo about this specific person it also pointed out you need to have direct written permission to discuss trades with a player or his agent in other words it's not good enough for the agent to tell you hey I've got permission or to get a phone call from the club no they specifically need to write the permission which is again something the competition committee has pushed here which is this is a corrosive thing that they put it in the memo to the game you know just tampering that goes on even though we all know that there are certain areas particularly around free agency where there's you know various levels of contact that may or may not be within the the letter or the spirit of the rules but the league is really making this a point of emphasis here and it's a clear message that you know Roquan Smith or anyone else is you're trying to get deals done you need to make sure that you have actual permission from the club because if you don't that you're potentially facing serious consequences well so i mean Roquan Smith's got to know that so what what so is there somebody like his friend or colleague or somebody with a you know a legal background that knows him just you know calling people up and saying do you have less needs number or just throwing out a name obviously but just and just calling teams up and that word got out and it filtered up to 345 park avenue and there they fired off a warning i mean is that correct that is exactly it and this is somebody again who's and the person was was identified in in the um in the memo it's somebody who's you know been involved with a handful of other high profile player contracts through the years so this was a known thing that had been going on the unique part of this is it's a trade and so teams are getting the calls and someone saying yeah i'm Roquan's agent and then the teams are you know well i didn't think Roquan had an agent what are you trying to do do you have permission to call me no okay well then what are you what's your plan it's a very different type of situation you know and quite frankly you know Roquan's not in a position where he has a great deal of leverage because he's under contract for this season he can be tagged a couple of times by the bears as well and at some point and i would anticipate rich was coming up on this maybe as soon as next week that either they're going to get a deal done or the bears are going to say okay enough of the hold in you're now going to get on the practice field and you're going to play for us this season because as much as these hold ins have become commonplace and teams kind of largely go along with them you're not technically allowed to do that withholding your services also violates the cba so they can start fighting him at any time i understand if they've not done that yet but that's kind of the the next step if he doesn't practice but for Roquan also again because of you know his relative lack of leverage here when they say hey it's time to practice and play his best move may just be to to go ahead and practice and play before you get into an entire other fight knowing that ultimately you can't force their hands if trading you is not something they want to do this is one of the best players in the game too tom certainly at his position and um you just were at bears camp um based on what i saw last week the team is saying whenever it's brought up about what roquan's thinking well you got to ask him and then he's not available to be asked questions of because the bear's policies if you don't practice you're not made available to the media and so nobody can actually go up to the guy and it's a wild situation what was it like being around it well from what i saw i mean i was there for two hours i never saw roquan i was watching the you know the rehab group the entire time he's generally from what i understand he's kind of come out there during practice and then you know standing around he's at the preseason game i think we saw that on tv the other day too um you know you know in terms of the bears they're just kind of moving forward here they're trying to get new schemes up and running a new culture up and running with uh matt even loose there in the gm ryan poles you know that defense still um you know at least in the one practice i saw it's always dangerous rich that you know to draw conclusions when you're there for one day you don't know what the emphasis is and you don't want to look like the rest of the time but you know the defense was living in the backfield um that offensive line is they're still short that out how they're going to protect justin fields the receiver group right now i mean they've got a couple of guys who are not on the field because the injuries pringle's been out and valis jones has been out but they were running yesterday besides darnell movie you know their first uh their first team receivers were equinemia safe brown and uh nafimba webster so you know you're not throwing to no offense to either of those guys but you're not throwing to all pros out there so you know it was a it was a battle for him but you know justin was still on the field a good 20 30 minutes after practice while i was talking to folks out there going through extra reps throwing the ball to moonie um there's a lot to learn with luke etsy's offense it's just you know you just wonder as you move forward here does he have enough kind of you know firepower around him draw true evaluation off justin fields in 2022 tom pelosaro here on the rich isin show what's the latest on zack wilson he's here in la i'm thinking later of taking a boombox and standing outside his window like say anything um you tell me how he's doing tom i might be frowned upon at the hospital they're trying to focus in there but uh yeah the surgery is happening i'm i'm all i don't even know where i am i don't know what time zone i'm in but it's happening right around now that's right wilson uh is getting the surgery you know he's got a it's a different type of an injury because it's his you know lateral meniscus and then a bone burrs on top of it and we've seen bone burrs be you know really challenging because they're a little bit unpredictable the jets after he suffered the injury obviously there was a sigh of relief once they knew the acl was intact around along with as far as they know the rest of the ligaments but you still have a meniscus surgery that could go a couple of ways here they're hopeful it's going to be you know they say two to four weeks realistically this type of surgery is at least four weeks so you know likelihood it's joe black on september 11th against the ravens regardless but when you go in for meniscus trim there's always the possibility you find additional damage whether it's the ligaments or more meniscus damage or a different type of meniscus damage that requires a repair which would be season ending as well so they're optimistic going into it here um but you know it depends what neil ellentrach finds uh during the course of surgery to actually determine exactly what the course of action is from him tom pelissero here on the rich eisen show seahawks um stealers preseason game fascinating because uh you got two teams that are still to name their week one starter uh at the quarterback position walk me through what that game sussed out for anybody seeking a little bit more certainty for the stealers and the seahawks in that order if you don't mind at the quarterback spot tom well with the stealers you know they've had a legitimate three-way uh competition between uh traviski and picket and mason rudall you know the thinking going into this was that it was going to be um traviski that you know if they had to play a game now he would be the guy but obviously kenny pickett the first route pick and mason rudall's been the one who's been the surprise uh through the course of training camp so i would fully anticipate and based on when i thought mike tom went a couple weeks ago at stealers camp i think they're going to take you know two if not three preseason games um to sort that out and then with the seahawks you know gino smith got the start in that game but you know i was at seahawks camp last week and i i would be surprised let's put it that way if through lock is not the starting quarterback of the team you know gino's the guy who's paid his dues they love him in the locker room he got chance to play he played pretty well um last season when he got on the field with drew lock you know there's just there's a little bit more upside he's really focused on taking care of the football he's got the athletic ability he can get out and move um you know he threw it really well the day i was there too so they're gonna you know take their time on this one i would think that you know potentially lock would get the second start uh or the start of the second preseason game here but um yeah it would be really surprising to me just kind of knowing the direction that they're going on a team that by the way rich i think i think everybody is you know probably underestimating the seahawks you know you look at every power rankings they're like 28 to 32 they're down there at the bottom they got a lot of speed at receiver they had a lot of speed in the secondary and at linebacker i don't i don't anticipate that they're going to be a bottom feeder uh this season at all i wouldn't be surprised if they're uh compending you know at least we make the playoffs just like every other year with p carol all the way into december and january how about that from tom pelissaro so where does jimmy g sit in on all of this with everyone waiting to see if watson's out for the full year and that might be a spot that the browns would be interested in if watson is out for the full year where does everything stand with the one james g right now tom well you know when i went through 49ers camp everybody said he's throwing the ball really well you know he's zipping it around it's just kind of you know he hasn't done any of the movement stuff that you do with the course practice because he's just uh thrown on the side right now so he's got plenty of arm strength it's just you know regaining that making every throw to every area of the field that's kind of a process that he's um still going through here you know in terms of the browns we'll know when they when there's a decision um from peter harvey on the appeal i mean that's really what it comes down to like you know does jimmy garoppolo want to go into that situation and be the placeholder for deshaun watson that's a full year maybe but also if it's a full year you quite possibly are going to have a federal lawsuit filed that's going to go into the courts and then whether it's week one or week seven at some point sean watson might end up playing again which just puts you know jimmy in a kind of a weird spot by the time that it gets time for garoppolo to be traded because my belief is that they will take this all the way down to i think it's august 30th as the final cuts they'll probably take it all the way down there just to see if there's an injury somewhere else in the league um before they would you know ultimately it'll likely cut jimmy assuming that trey lance's is healthy um you know you'll have more information on the watson front at that time and you know it really comes down to where is jimmy going to go you know he's got a non-guaranteed salary so somebody's going to have to pay him he's not coming in i would not anticipate for the minimum anywhere so who's willing to spend money on that position who wants to bring him in and continue kind of going along this process because he's still going to need to ramp up his throwing and actually get out there and practice football for the first time since he had that surgery um back in march it's you know it's just a unique situation based upon the fact you've got this guy who's you know he's been to a super bowl he's been to an sg championship game he's won a lot he's also had a lot of injuries and he's coming off of a significant surgery you know what's the price point that makes sense on that um for everybody involved it makes sense to do what they're doing at this point they couldn't trade him before training camp so take this all the way down for the next two weeks here see what the lay of the land is maybe somebody's not happy with their quarterback options that's always a possibility as well i something's going to happen and barring an injury to Trey Lance i don't think Jimmy Garoppolo is a 49er two weeks from now but they may well take this all the way to august 30th before making that decision because they can't yeah and and if it takes all the way down to august 30th boy that would be really tough even if they do release him let's just say they they wind up releasing him and it's you know august 31st right i mean would the Seahawks really twitch in that direction and pay him after maybe Drew Locke had a very good summer and and training camp session i i don't know if that's possible and then of course we were we were talking about Carolina all that time for potentially Jimmy G and then it's now Baker Mayfield versus Sam Darnold there and in the same way that it'll be tough to think how the Seahawks couldn't go with what wouldn't grow with Drew Locke after they traded Russell Wilson in part got him back in that trade and they're taking on Drew Locke's former team in week one it's the same thing with Baker Mayfield taking on his former team in week one that seems like a no-brainer to me right now despite the the talk of competition right and you know the panthers were never going to trade for Jimmy Seattle was never going to trade for Jimmy so you know again what's the price point at which it makes sense to make a move you know Houston's another possibility but the coaching staff loves Davis Mills and see what what he's able to do um yeah it's just it's a it's a different type of a marketplace but again rich like we've seen things i mean Zach Wilson your guy got hurt a week ago and we didn't think that you know the Jets were going to have this quarterback question going into the season we've seen you know Teddy Bridgewater get hurt Carson Wentz last year had that put he ended up making it back for week one but there's always several situations where you have some uncertainty that arises through the course of camp in the preseason so let's see here i don't think that Jimmy would want to go into a spot where you know it's a hey you're going to start three games and always wait for this guy to be ready so then the question becomes B does get released on August 30th or shortly there you know shortly before that does Jimmy sign immediately with wherever he goes or does he even wait a few weeks into the season to see maybe there's some other injury that happens and he's got a chance to start the entire season those are all moving parts here and there's you know a lot of discussions going on behind the scenes as the 49ers you know try to figure out if they've got some place they can trail before i let you go tom pelissaro open your your notebook or what you're hearing i'll give you an omnibus what are you what what are people talking about when you're when your phone line burns up and everyone's like everyone's all chatty kathy and and and and you're you're hearing what like what what's what's the general tenor of the conversations every every single person wants to know what's going to happen with the sean watson in the league just because it's such a precedent because there were so many people who were ticked off about the browns doing that fully guaranteed contract um you know i don't think anybody holds you know holds it against the people involved in that but like there's plenty of people who are just kind of like yeah the browns get what they deserve here if he ends up being suspended a long time because they thought that you know what the browns did with rewriting the economic laws in the nfl with the contract the lure to sean watson in um was not what they should have done so i think there's a lot of curiosity about that it's just precedent for future cases on personal conduct beyond that it's just kind of we're just now getting to that time you know there was a trade yesterday with uh jj and i think a white side being traded to the seahawks uh for uh udo amadi you know it's those types of trades that are getting done right now but you'll see a lot more of those kind of heating up here um there's definitely more calls right now about you know those guys who maybe aren't going to make a roster do they pop up someplace else before the end of camp and that's uh that's going to be a big part of the next couple weeks as well tom pelissaro look for more of my calls always enjoy our chats very much so appreciated you take care of yourself tom you too safe travels it's tom pelissaro everybody who's going to go get a bag of red vines in the airport that he's in garoppolo's throwing looks great you know who's gonna go get him why would you trade for him you know they're in a spot that they're gonna have to cut him yeah you don't have to the only problem is if you wait two three weeks how quickly does he learn your system and then oh yeah you're not gonna you're not gonna unless it's not gonna be your week one start unless he goes to a spot where they use the terminology or they use the same system or the the coach knows and what have you right i mean and and hey pete's about competing pete carroll truly does mean when he says always compete that you you compete you've got a shot here so he's gonna hold a competition with the kid that they acquire in denver from denver and somebody who's wildly popular within their locker room have them competed out and then pick up jimmy garoppolo six days before the season and say you've got a shot now too it just doesn't sound like something they would even sit around an office and bat around as a possibility it just doesn't barring injury i mean just that they're so that's the one spot everybody and i've been the one saying it like hey lock and gino aren't the answer and we could sit there and say that after they don't draft somebody and they don't trade for anybody and they go through the doldrums of may and june without anybody and we could sit there and say they're not the answer but when you go into training camp and then you compete and you get into it and and people rally around or buy into and then all of a sudden you're just gonna sign jimmy g and say you're the one going against russell wilson in eight days 11 days or i guess it's the it's september 12th so you're get up to speed jimmy we now have a three quarterback race with no games in which to actually parse it out game action we're gonna throw you out there on monday night football against russell wilson over a guy who filled in valiantly for russ last year when his finger looked like it looked and the guy that we traded for russ against his former team we're going with you jimmy that's a tall order man yeah or would you rather say cleveland loses watson for the year or 12 games or what have you and go there and anybody who says you shouldn't do that and they were also the ones to say you know mayfield should have considered going back to cleveland if that was what he his only option was going to be because how else to prove that you're still a viable quarterback in the league right i mean jimmy goes to cleveland that's a one-year audition essentially deshaun's out for the year where else would he go if everybody's healthy well there's no spots for him to start he'd have to wait for an injury well is there another snake bitten team annually snake bitten team whose quarterback can have a bone bruise even though they didn't have a contact think about that i would the lions will probably raise their hands come on man you have joe how about that you have joe flaco all right i would take that bait and wind myself up but we have to go to break i understand and we've got not one but two bill bellacheck press conference moments of the day which kind of runs counter to the title of our new segment that's coming up don't miss it back here on the rich eisen show terrestrial radio network along with peacock and serious xm channel 85 um so we love this segment we've always loved breaking down bill bellacheck press conferences uh what was this about two three months ago i have a feel i feel like we have the need to time stamp it for people about so sometime right around the summer we're like you know let's have a segment sort of like uh a la david letterman um the bill bellacheck press conference moment of the day we'll dress it up with a nice little intro nice little outro and in between uh it's it's uh the wonderfulness let's go with the long one because i think we're gonna we had two choices today uh hoskins will you want to do the short one first all right we'll do the short one first and then we'll uh we'll say we'll we'll do both here okay here we go because we're going to save one for julian but let's do it here uh we're going to call in omaha but let's not do that here we go um this is the the short version uh the short version uh of bill bellacheck's press conference moment of the day today's bill bellacheck press conference moment i really prefer to win what are you hoping to accomplish the next couple weeks improve our team that's what we're out here for what kind of question is that what do we do you know bill why don't you just dude why don't you uh expound what do you want to do out here for the next couple days bill you're you're you're you like to expound at least he didn't go super dark like kyle shanahan right we're hoping to yeah i mean we can all be dead we can all be dead we can all be dead today meteor could hit us yeah at least bill was positive looking to improve he's trying to get better every day that's a half full approach that's a half full approach you're right i mean all right and so this was the the other the other uh uh item that we could have chosen we went the other one but here you go this is will the number one quarterback is that just a silly thing that we do with depth charts or is it going to be a matchup thing or do you like having like the guy for your defense for our defense sorry i'm confused sorry yeah i might have messed up we have a number one quarterback max our court corner sorry cornerback okay sorry do you feel like you need a number one quarterback i don't know i mean defensively you have who you have and you play with who you play with i don't know number however you want doesn't make any difference to me you've got to put 11 guys out there they got to play well together whoever those loving guys are so yeah i don't know number one number two number one tackle number two corner i'm not sure i'm confused about that no i don't know who that reporter was there i think it was mike reese oh is it mike sounded like him okay mike so um here here misspoke no i don't think he misspoke he just didn't enunciate you got to enunciate when you're talking if you don't you if you don't say quarterback it sounds like quarterback so first of all well done for mike reese getting bill to confirm mac jones is his number one quarterback yeah i wasn't that's a scoop that's a scooplet yep as it's sometimes referred to in political reporting it's scoop he's 85th on the nfl top 100 so um he's got the dog in him so uh if mike reese if he really wanted to keep that bit going which would have been fine for us number him however you wish if mike if that's who it was or any whoever actually asked that well i have actually numbered them i'd like to bounce these off you number one is and just go down the entire list of cornerbacks down to five or six and say what do you think grade my work it's just great i actually did rank them one through six bill here they are and here they are that's how you got it sort of like the uh the newlywed game and here they are um so that was great that's the press conference moment bill was so good bill literally said i'm confused of course if you thought it was your quarterback exactly for your defense what do you why do i need to i don't even know my quarterbacks right and like you know who's your quarterback that could have been a nice you know minicam question from 2021 but that's kind of not uh germane anymore but the the one who's like what are you what are you thinking of doing here the next couple days what are you looking to do that is amazing it's just like what you're trying to accomplish what are you just trying to ask do you get points for asking questions because other than that like you know you spend the time well we got some time together but what do you think you're doing next two days what's for lunch what's for lunch it's like you're on vacation what are you gonna do the next couple days what's in the cafeteria relax you come seriously what are you watching on streamer these days oh yellowstone yeah like yellowstone catch it up on the dutties julian edelman in studio i wouldn't miss it i can't i'll be here right here and hopefully you will be too coming up i mean i could ask some questions but what do you want to ask him i'm not wearing what do you want to ask him sharp blue shirt the football question do we want to ask him football questions yeah absolutely well he's on inside the nfl i don't know if he's coming back for year two but he did that last year no i mean i'm not saying he's not equipped to ask i'm just saying football questions he did that as a job last season right so i guess the football question i'd want to know is what we talked about with tom curran yesterday that the offense got so uh complex that only people like edelman who have a quarterback background could succeed right off the bat at the wide receiver position and they're now simplifying it which is why they're going in a different direction with guys who haven't really coordinated offenses before called plays ever right so like what's the process what do you what does he think the process is with bill yeah i also like that stuff kind of geeks me out too like the names of plays you know they're like 14 random words that have nothing to do with anything like i wonder if he could rattle some of those off really that's what you want to do or do you want to ask him what he wants to what he wants to accomplish over the next two days the next two days what do you want to do what are you looking to accomplish what you're looking to accomplish over the next two days by the way the et time framed it over two days not three days no just two days just two days are they what about today playing on that's kind of like that's what you gotta do this what you gotta do with with with with kids though you gotta box them in you can't just say hey that's what i tell sierra all the time about cage like she's rattling off all these things like what do you want to eat that is not a question you ask a child you give them two options do you want how much talking is he doing these days oh he's oh really big talker can we ask him what he wants to accomplish over the next two days sure what does answer be i i probably a lot of he's into like the car like as we go to your house he plays with the cars yeah ramps jumps yeah okay uh we're into throwing the football around right now okay so he wants to do that yep what else would he want to accomplish maybe go swimming likes to go swimming uh nap blowing off naps is he into blowing off naps now he blew off the nap on saturday that's a oh but he went to bed at six it was amazing blowing off a nap on a saturday that's got to blow a hole in your plan well because i'm used to having that two to three hour you gotta mid-afternoon you're expecting like what me time does cage not understand that daddy wants to sit down and watch the fedex that's what i'm talking about peace and quiet like yo cage we're in a playoff can you leave me alone can we stop yeah can you lay off a dad and take your nap so because seb straka just put one in the water for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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