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REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 1

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August 22, 2022 3:56 pm

REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 22, 2022 3:56 pm

Rich reacts to Tom Brady’s return to the Buccaneers after his brief leave of absence and the statement by UFC chief Dana White asserting that he brokered a deal to bring Brady and Rob Gronkowski to the Raiders that was nixed by Jon Gruden. 

The MMQB’s Albert Breer tells Rich how Baker Mayfield ran away with the Carolina Panthers QB competition vs Sam Darnold, what the 49ers’ options are for Jimmy Garoppolo, why people aren’t talking enough about the Raiders as legitimate contenders in the AFC, if new Giants Head Coach Brian Daboll can do for QB Daniel Jones what he did for Josh Allen with the Buffalo Bills, and why Jon Gruden and the Raiders inexplicably said ‘no thanks’ to bringing Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski in back in 2020.

Rich reacts to Baker Mayfield winning Carolina’s starting quarterback job and says the Week 1 Panthers/Browns showdown will be great especially if Cleveland backup QB Josh Dobbs gets the start in place of the suspended Deshaun Watson. 

Rich takes a break from his Michigan-Ohio State gloating to gloat over his rising Uber rating.

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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
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The Rich Eisen Show
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Try Dove Men Plus Care Dry Spray goes on dry clean feel all day. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Brady and Gronk to come to the Raiders and at the last minute Gruden blew the deal up. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I'm sitting here thinking you're sticking with that mother. Today's guests, senior writer for the MMQB, Albert Breer, Fox Sports rules analyst Mike Pereira, co-host of The Room, Jordan Palmer, co-creator of the AMC series Better Call Saul, Vince Gilligan, and now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is. Hey everybody welcome this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Thrilled to be here on YouTube like it's the pandemic starting all over again. That's what we used to do here on this program. This is where we're going to be for the time being until the Roku channel opens its doors for you to watch the Rich Eisen Show every single day 12 to 3 Eastern time. Anybody out there searching for us on Sirius XM, we're off of Sirius XM 85 for the moment. We'll be back on there shortly. We say hello to our Odyssey listeners listening to us coast to coast as well as the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio audience that's out here every single day. Our podcast is the same as is our Odyssey listening and our terrestrial radio listening. It's just the way you watch us and potentially listen to us on satellite that's changed for the moment but we're pleased to be right here with you on Rich Eisen Show.

The entire show can be seen here again until the Roku channel which is free for you to get, it's free of charge, opens its Rich Eisen Show sports zone portal coming up in September. Good to see you over there Chris Brockman. How are you sir? What's up Rich? I'm great man. DJ Mikey D is in D's nuts sitting in that chair.

Good to see you DJ Mikey D. Mike Del Tufo in his spot and TJ Jefferson. Light the candle after I guess we had a little bit of a fire inspection here this morning. I'm glad you're doing this now as opposed to about 10 minutes ago we might have been fine.

Glad I held off on that. We're just here so we don't get fined actually. That's the way it's supposed to go here. Good to see you over there sir. It's a pleasure Rich. Okay so we've got ourselves a heck of a program here today. Lots of football going on as you might imagine. We just finished our last football weekend without college football until January and coming up soon will be the last football weekend that we won't see any NFL football until February and we got that going on which is nice. We got all that happening and then so on this program Albert Pereira is going to join us in about 18 minutes time to tell us everything that's going on in the NFL world best he can tell. Mike Pereira will join us on this program because I had a bit of an overreaction last night to Kayvon Thibodeau having his right leg crumpled by Thaddeus Moss coming across the tackle box of the young tight end of Cincinnati and hitting him below the knee. Mike Pereira will come on this program to explain why it's a legal hit even though it looked particularly nasty to me. So he will be joining us in hour number two on all of that front and then in hour number three, hour number two Jordan Palmer is going to join us as well and then in hour number three Vince Gilligan will be here in studio. That'll be terrific. Vince is the creator of Breaking Bad and also Better Call Saul. He will be here in studio and interestingly enough he was the first ever in studio guest we've had and that was way back when we opened this place on Audience Network on DirecTV after which AT&T bought DirecTV and then shuttered Audience Network to send us on to YouTube, to send us on NBC Sportsnet, to send us on Peacock, to send us back to YouTube, to before he joined us on the Roku channel. Basically you can't get rid of us on this program but we're going to talk about one of our favorite TV shows of all time when he joins us in hour number three of this program in studio and I'll just give you a heads up. There might be a spoiler alert or two out there. Yeah we're gonna have to. Well I mean it's truly one of the best TV shows of all time, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul is one of the greatest sequels that you can ever put on television as well. Spin-off I guess is what they say on the television world.

So we'll hit on all of that on the program. Now that I've told everyone what's going on Mike Del Tufo is going to sit back in his chair. He's gone up and back to TJ Jefferson's spot only to destroy it twice and then sit back in his chair and thankfully Jay Feli is here as well. There we go nice little change. Switcheroo. I don't know what the hell's going on.

I'm trying to focus on the opening of this program. It's not like no it's not like you were here two and a half hours before the show to handle whatever you handled and as the show was beginning. Okay is your is your microphone working TJ? You tell me. Hey everybody. Tom Brady is apparently back in the building in Tampa, Florida. His hiatus from the team that was described as pre-planned even though it wound up from going pre-planned to open-ended because coach Todd Boles was saying I kind of don't know when he'll be back.

He used a lot of the phraseology that you hear from the men and women who work in the NFL information community where they couch things as expected to. We have plans to I expect him to be ready for the opener against Dallas on September 11th but here we are on August 22nd and he is back in the building. Back in the building in Tampa after he took a leave of absence for personal reasons and the rumors over the last 10 days have been insane. The number of texts I get from people who say I'm hearing it's this. I'm hearing it's that. My phone is blown up and I haven't trafficked in a single one of those rumors to discuss on this program with the exception of him having left the team so he could shoot the masked singer. I address that as the dumbest rumor I've heard in the 20 years in my association with the NFL.

It was a great rumor though. It was nice. It was just like it kind of got us through the Friday or whatever day that was.

We don't do things to get us through. I understand. I had to address that one. I had to address that one but now he's back just in time to address what I can't believe I'm saying this. Dana White uncorked during a wait for it this is like a mad lib. Like you fill in the proper names because it's just crazy.

It's like a child fill this in. He's got to address the rumor or I guess the fact that Dana White the UFC what are we is he the founder president what do we call Dana White? The CEO of UFC. Dana White uncorked during UFC 278 this weekend on the Gronk cast version of the event and Gronk brought this up that Dana White brokered a deal for Brady and Gronk to go when Brady was in his walkabout to Las Vegas and play for the Raiders and John Gruden squelched it.

This is the exchange that lit up Twitter and UFC fight night on Saturday night. You would have been. You would have been.

So I would have been. I'm the one I work to put that deal together for Brady and Gronk to come to the Raiders and it was almost a done deal and at the last minute Gruden blew the deal up and said that he didn't want him and whoa all hell broke loose man it was crazy and and and Brady was already looking at houses and it wasn't being said yet that Gronk was coming so Las Vegas would have had Brady and Gronk the year that the Bucks won the Super Bowl except Gruden blew the deal up and there's so much story that goes along with this behind the scenes and I was never going to tell that story till Gronk just said it but uh yeah and Dana let me tell you what Brady what happened and you just told the story. Breaking news. John Gruden screwed up. And I'm glad it did not go through. Yes I am glad it did not go through.

Yes no I mean it all worked out for the best. So I guess while we're on the subject of a mad lib here I'll just say uh what I'm gonna say so I guess Derek Carr is the MF'er in question. Yeah that's why I texted you guys last week. Gronk has confirmed that it was Las Vegas that Brady was getting set to go to with Gronk after leaving New England and then Brady as we know wound up on the shop with Lebron James talking about his free agency period where he was getting set to go somewhere and he says you're going to stick with that MF'er? Derek Carr. As confirmed by Gronk.

And you have to wonder what was going on there. I had Mayock in the in the booth during the combine and I kind of made fun about going to you know twitching in Brady's direction. I guess Brady wasn't technically free yet so he couldn't say the words but I poked around and I didn't speak to Mike but I poked around and I heard yeah this is how that happened and Gronk confirmed it.

Wow. Now then Carr is there with Devante Adams now with Josh McDaniels the guy that was coordinating Brady all those years. Wouldn't it be amazing if Carr and Adams with McDaniels takes the Raiders to the Super Bowl anyway?

This year under the light that we just had cast on all this. Now you know I'm so high on the Raiders that I've chosen them to win the AFC West. I might be the only one out there who have said who said this. Maybe I'm wrong.

I don't profess to know everything. But wouldn't that be amazing? And then you know with all due respect to Derek Carr which means now I'm allowed to disrespect him.

You're about to. Well I mean especially in light of seeing how Brady keeps playing and how well he is playing. What was Gruden thinking? Was it so difficult to offload Carr?

Would it have totally handicapped them? I mean he again there might have been some sort of process that would have been so difficult to undergo cap wise and get Brady underneath it. But Brady and Gronk and Vegas when you're trying to open a new stadium and sell seats and get a whole new fan base in Vegas interested? Are you kidding me?

How do you turn that down? What are you what are you thinking? Rich, wouldn't the first question be how does the president of the ultimate fighting championship get involved in the well isn't he tight with the Patriots and Brady and he's known him for years and Kraft and all that? I mean he's been in he's from the area and he he is he's from that so I mean like you know he sits in the box at Pat's game.

I get that but that doesn't strike anyone else's eye that like someone not affiliated with the the league is brokering. You know what's the oddest thing? What's the oddest thing ever that I couldn't square this circle the first time I heard it? You know because I didn't hear the Gronk before and after I just thought it might have been Dana White espousing off the top of his head.

Yeah when I first sent you guys the text. And my first thought was I could not imagine the phone call I would have loved a GoPro I would have loved some sort of tap on the phone of Mike Mayock. Hey Mike this is Dana White do you want Brady and Gronk together? And Mayock what Mayock's first blush response could have been? Like is this an entrapment of some sort like is there some sort of punking that's going on?

You'd have to explain to Mike what a punking really is. Your first response should have been yes. Well I mean but it's like Ghostbusters when someone asks if you're a god you say yes. I know that but but as T.J. points out why would you just think that Dana White would have the ability to broker this number one top of the top of the top of the top of the top of the list to use a phrase king of the hill a number one sports acquisition. Yeah because it's 2020 and that's how things are done. Also from what you always say about Mayock do you think Mayock knew who Dana White was? Yes okay after a while I think he would have okay but if it all comes down to it and Gronk confirmed it you know and Gronk even had to cover a track he knows that you gotta you know you can't disrespect Tampa yeah by saying you are choice B right but they were choice B choice A and which also leads to you know asking Brady I thought the idea was he wanted to stay on the east coast right oh yeah that's part of the reason why he went to Tampa I mean doesn't matter he went to Tampa he's still in Tampa he won a Super Bowl with Tampa he almost beat the eventual Super Bowl champions in Tampa he's back in Tampa today he will play for Tampa this year and he damn near may bring a second trophy to Tampa wouldn't that be amazing if they take on the Raiders in the Super Bowl that would be awesome now I'm pulling for that then I think Dana White's got to be the halftime act throw on a UFC fight at the Super Bowl halftime 15 minutes three rounds let's go you're welcome everyone bring it in Adesanya and Bones Jones halftime of the Super Bowl we need five rounds for that so it's going to draw halftime out a little longer but that's fine the Super Bowl's in half times about a half an hour 45 minutes anyway that'd be perfect all right you're welcome that's perfect you're welcome it's usually first nice fighting are we gonna rub each other's blood on each other whoa all right you know that was insane that was nuts I was I was I put that on our uh Instagram stories and I saw you watch it and I was and when I looked at you watch it my thought was like what is rich thinking right now watch actually you know what I was thinking I was and honest to god I was thinking I'm like thank goodness you're you're operating our our our Instagram because I wouldn't have posted that myself but I it's such a major sports story I'm glad that you're you're on that wall for us that's literally what I thought thank you and then I thought of Silence of the Lambs but Fava being an ice county that's what I thought all right so we're all from running here and Brady's back and man his first media availability will be uh something to tune into but I'm glad he's back man yeah is he supposed to talk today I don't know I doubt it I doubt it as Brockman pointed out Brady comes onto the field he's throwing up middle fingers and dx crotch tops and having fun I mean uh thank baby thank goodness he is bad he's back I I mean what a what a total bummer it would have been if he wasn't back and not just for the football but for him like he doesn't want to depart the team no we're not you didn't come back just to not answer the bell in week one I mean it's okay if he doesn't I know that for the Dallas Cowboy fan well done sir take your time time well done so we've got overreaction Monday coming up lots to overreact to I overreacted to the Kayvon Thibodeau knee crunching understandable and and uh and so we're gonna hit on that um I have been roasted all day on Twitter by any offensive lineman or defensive lineman or anybody who professes to no blocking and the rule book I'm a moron apparently um so uh we're gonna talk about it with Mike Pereira who loves to point out when I'm wrong so he's gonna join us on this program Jordan Palmer will talk about uh his new tv uh program that's coming out every single week involving uh what's the name of it let me get it for you right here it's called um The Room with Kyle and Jordan Kyle being Kyle Allen one of his uh proteges and um also we also know uh our friend Jordan Palmer so he's going to be breaking down quarterback play all season long it'll be pretty neat he's going to join us to break down quarterback play uh there has been an announcement in Carolina as to who the starting quarterback is we're going to get to that also on the program a reason to root for the Cleveland Browns quarterback how about that eight four four two oh four rich is also the number for you to dial if you're right here on YouTube you want to uh get in the chat room do it just be uh polite that's all we ask chat is bumping right now or or and and we also know uh who you are if you're sending little heart emojis our way okay all right we're not here for you otherwise so far no bots no bots uh eight four four two oh four rich and also why we can't call the chat room the four five four chat room anymore wow oh okay sir sir this is not an Arby's okay whoa did I say that no you should be like sir this is a Wendy's uh eight four four two oh four it's number down when we come back to great Albert Breer from Sports Illustrated on the Rich Isaac show right now on the Mercedes-Benz Vans phone line is our friend from Sports Illustrated in the MMQB it's must read material Albert Breer back here on the show how you doing Albert I'm great how you doing Rich and by the way um hearing those stories about people like screwing off at work they always like kind of like remind me and ground me like as far as how lucky we all are to do what we do yes because usually it's like our content they're consuming yes it's like okay so like while other people hate their jobs and they're sitting at a desk somewhere they're actually looking at what I do for a living so it's got a good way of kind of like taking you back to where you need to be as far as like your mindset with your job you know what I mean yes not everyone can be a lead content strategist Albert you know what I mean not everyone not everybody's got like a desk with like several coffee mugs you know dedicated to him on there right like so yes that's awesome to shoot for it yes we do we do uh burt let's walk into it man why why baker mayfield now after um after the last several weeks of saying where we'll see walk me through what matt rule decided to uh to rule in favor see what I did of baker mayfield what he got for me yeah you know I think a big piece of this rich was really the juncture at which he was brought in and you know I think like and I know people think it's silly but you know I think to some degree they they wanted to acknowledge the work that sam donald had put in you know and that he actually had made progress in april and may and june um and like he had been out there with the guys and so trading for somebody at the beginning of july and handing them the job you know again like I know some people think this is silly but you know like I think matt wanted not only to have baker prove himself to coaches but also prove himself to the locker room um and he's um and he's done that there's no question about it my understanding is like over the last month this hasn't been particularly close the baker sort of run ran away with it which is one reason why neither of those guys wound up playing against the patriots and I and I think like you know we talked about this before you and I how there's this idea of getting them back up to like a league average level of the quarterback position baker's shown that he can do that the way that he processes the way he sees the field the way he can get a little bit more out of like the dj moors and the christian capris that are out there with them you know all that was really important and he's proven that he can do that and so you know I think this was just over the last you know week or so just a matter of time and when you wanted to to give him the job and you know I think those practices against the patriots were sort of the last piece for them to put into place before they made this decision official and I apologize in advance but this is an accurate description of baker mayfield he's a flag planter albert and and I bring that up not to troll on you no but no seriously though the first games against cleveland and and and if you want to set an attitude and you want to set something up like why not utilize that to your best your ability if he is in fact also the right guy for the job and go for it you know what I mean for your team no I I agree with that like and I appreciate the analogy but it's true like there is like a certain edge that I think if you're trading for baker mayfield at this juncture juncture of his career you're hoping you get right like you look at when the best of baker mayfield came out it's always when he was fighting back from something you know whether it was winning the job at texas tech as a true freshman walk-on showing up at oklahoma and beating out other guys who were recruited you know then proving he's more than just the system quarterback at oklahoma winning the Heisman then going into the draft process and and becoming the first overall pick you know I think like part of that is you've seen the best of baker mayfield when he's sort of fighting back against something and the situation was different for him coming into the nfl because he was the first pick you know so um you know I think you get all that like naming him the starter you know and now you're you're you're pitting him against the team that gave up on him and he's got something to prove and let's go let's go indeed so what is the last quarterback piece of the puzzle to be fit in the last in the next uh week and a half before rosters are are solidified albert well i guess you'd be i'm assuming you're referencing jimmy garoppolo and then or whatever might be cooking up in seattle and and things of that nature right i mean yeah i mean i think like the the not intersphere and letting go of jimmy garoppolo now um and i i i don't think they're gonna pay him you know 24.2 million dollars for this year to be the backup could you be the backup there obviously um you know so like the question is can they find a trade partner before they have to cut them they'd have to cut them before um the day before the season starts so that's saturday before the opener to prevent the money from vesting and becoming fully guaranteed so um you know really like the deniers fear in letting them go before now was well if you let them go then someone tears their acl the next day with another team or someone's quarterback situation goes awry like god are you gonna look dumb for doing that when you could have gotten something for him um and you know i think we've sort of seen that come to life although it hasn't really worked out for the the niners and it sounds weird saying that but like the zack wilson situation i think was a a good illustration of it um i think the question now becomes when the niners you know are going to say okay let's do right by jimmy let's give him a chance to go find work somewhere else um because it's clear that we can't you know find another home for him and so i think the places that um that that would make sense for him are the obvious ones like if the texans for some reason didn't feel like davis mills could do it and i think they are all in on davis mills for this year obviously there's the connection there with nick asario um cleveland you know i think it's something they'd consider if jimmy garoppolo were willing to take a lot less money to go there and maybe he will you know um so you know as a placeholder for for 11 games or at least compete with jacoby bersett to play um so that'd be one he's got some background in the offense too um because you know i that offense kevin sefanski's offense is modeled after the shanahan offense you know and then the obvious one i think that would require um him being cut because i don't think the niners would trade them there is seattle and so seattle is the one you mentioned them um you know obviously they haven't seen it they haven't gotten you know i i think the c drew lock in the context like that sort of varsity action from him um and so maybe we'll get to see drew lock um play at least a little bit with the starters this weekend and they can make a decision on that you know but i think you know obviously jimmy garoppolo's situation is um complicated by the money first of all that there's that 24.2 million dollars on the ledger and then you know obviously also complicated by the fact that maybe the top suitor is one that the niners would rather not trade him to senior nfl reporter the mmqbs albert breer here on the rich eisen show from sports illustrated so uh who's your sleeper i mean you've been around you've been around the training camps you're hearing a lot of whispers you're hearing a lot of talk who's your sleeper albert what do you got for me this year i kind of like where the raiders are um i know that sounds like you know i i like it it sounds weird saying that because they were in the playoffs last year right so can a team that was in the playoffs last year be a sleeper i just sort of feel like they're the afterthought in the in the nfc west you know like everybody's excited and rightfully so over justin herbert and um what he might be capable with the chargers obviously you know rust being in denver has given um the broncos a jolt of energy as has mithaniel hackett so there's reason to be excited about those two teams the chiefs of the teeth you know the chiefs have been the kings of that division for a long time now um i just look at like a vegas team that was in the playoffs last year it still has a lot of like good rising young talent like our friend mike mayoff did not do a bad job there like i think there was a good roster in place and then you add devante adams and chandler jones like i don't know why that hasn't gotten as much attention rich but like that's like a franchise player on each side of the ball you know what i mean like so do i think the raiders are going to super bowl probably not could i see them like winning around in a loaded afc and surprising people with how big a problem they are i think i could you know and so i think josh mcdaniels is going to be much better the second time around and i just like look at that raiders roster and again like if mike mayoff did a good enough job to get them to the playoffs last year and and that was left in place where they got there with the interim coach in 2021 and you're adding like literally one of the best receivers if not the best receivers in the league and one of the best edge rushers in football it's not the best edge rusher in football of the mix why aren't we talking about them a little bit more that confounds me a little bit well i've been saying i've been on them i've been sad i think they're going to win the division i think they win the afc west i don't know how far they're going to go obviously but when you say you add a franchise player on each side of the ball normally when you add a franchise um receiver it takes a while for that receiver to get to know the quarterback and vice versa they've known each other forever they're tight they're best friends they they think right they can look at each other and know exactly what the other one's thinking so so the adjustment uh is is going to be less significant i think uh darren waller and and hunter renfro and josh mcdaniels there uh i dig them um what about the giants i mean we saw daniel jones against cincinnati uh 14 of 16 and a tip drill pick i just feel like brian dabel might figure out how to protect him or do you know give him give him the opportunity that he hasn't had since he was drafted out of duke and say quan stays healthy i don't know i i kind of i don't know why i'm itching on the giants as a sleeper team you tell me walk me through it yeah i mean i think the reason why you're itching on them is because of the job that brian dabel did with with josh allen right this is obviously exemplary right like and i think it's a fair way to look at it like if there's someone who's going to be able to get a little bit more out of daniel jones is probably the guy who developed josh allen and buffalo from being a really really raw talented smart kid coming out of wyoming into a guy who i think we all think is going to be in the running for league mvp this year so you know i get that i just think the roster needs too much work all over i mean and i and i think like sort of the way they've approached off the way they approach the off season is a sign of it where to me it's sort of like this is like 2018 in buffalo um for those guys where in the second year of sean mcdermott and um in the second year of sean mcdermott and brandon being there they sort of took the thing down to the studs and created a um and created a situation where they were able to like bring in their sorts of guys and build from the ground up and i just look at like their off season how they you know like we're looking at budget moves and pre-agency and bringing in program guys and then i look at like their draft and the investment that they've made um in the in the line of scrimmage with evan neil and k von tibodeau in the first round and i just think it's unfortunate for daniel jones but i think he caught the team at the wrong time well i think day ball is going to make a difference for him but like i just think that this is sort of their turn the page type of year albert breer couple minutes left with the mmqb senior nfl reporter from sports illustrated i've never asked you this before but i'm going to ask it anyway since it is germane what'd you think of what dana white had to say about bringing brady and gronk to las vegas what'd you think of that you heard that one before i i i honestly think rich like this is a story that's never gonna die like that's the story of how tom brady left new england the story of who was out there for him the story of the teams that liked him the teams that didn't think that he had much left like this thing has like legs like we're still talking about it uh two and a half years later you know what i mean like so i feel like we're gonna get drips and drabs of tom brady's like clandestine free agent adventure and i think we're probably gonna get drips and drabs of what happened a few months ago too you know over the next few years because the public all of us too like i'm not just saying the fans like us too can't get enough of like the drama here you know what i mean so i mean so much of this was trying to figure out who what was the term that brady used in lebron's show the mfer yes yes yes yes and and but dana white basically said it's derek carr and and grock confirmed it i mean bronc's sitting there saying you just said it you just you told the truth and you know i i'm thrilled that it didn't work out that we went to tampa and how you know wild would it be if if brady wins twice in tampa the the first year uh he wins after it was plan b after going to vegas and then the second time it would be after it's the plan b because he was thinking of going to miami you know i mean that would be wild but had you heard anything remotely close to that rumor of what dana white said no no i mean the raiders were one of the teams that was in now my understanding is at the end the only two teams that were really in it were the buccaneers and the chargers yeah charges but you did hear about but you did hear about teams that were on the periphery and they considered it and they kicked the tires and you know the colts the bears the raiders were in that group you know the raiders were one of those teams that that that that that had kicked tires on it and i think sort of the end the raiders exiting that process regardless of who said like let's not do this right i i think it i think it sort of illustrates like how at the time like how complicated it was bringing in tom brady because if you brought in tom brady greatest quarterback of all time like you are going to have to like basically hand part of the operation over to him operate on his timeline so every plan that you had made for the few years previous was going to sort of be going up and everything was going to be done for right now and we've seen that come to life with the bucks right like that's the way that they've operated and it was and it's been 100 worth it you get that one championship it's always going to have been worth it right but like that was a complicated thing for a lot of teams where it was like we're not just bringing in tom brady now we have to run the whole organization on his timeline and that means like anything that we've built over the last three or four years that means we're going to have to sort of blow that up and operate for right now and to hell what happens to us two or three years from now and you know the bottom line is i think back in 2020 in march of 2020 there were a lot of teams where even if it meant bringing brady in that was a bridge too far and you know based on the results we've seen in tampa now we could say there were probably more than a couple teams that made a mistake in that regard yeah and and um you know of course you do it but so essentially if this is all true and again gronk confirmed it i mean he basically said that's that's what happened so then so then gruden didn't change his spots in the way that arian's was willing to do so and arian's has got the run right i mean is that it pretty much that's what it sounds like to me you know i mean like and look like i i think you gotta give bruce credit like and i know like things maybe didn't end the way that everybody had hoped it would end and all that but i mean you know he was willing to do this he was willing to say and maybe part of it's his age you know like he knew he didn't have very long left um jason white was willing to do it like hey like we're willing to operate on the timeline of one of our players and we're willing to do things to mortgage that might mortgage the future of our organization the way they wrote contracts rich like people haven't dug into this as much yes completely changed when they brought in tom brady it was we're writing contracts way different than we have as and we and the way we used to do it that was on principle but now we're in a different circumstance and so i mean like yeah i think like the willingness of a lot of people in the bus organization primarily bruce dairies to do things a different way facilitated that and they all have rings because of it i mean even down to that you know famed you know like whole golf outing you know in the middle of the season where i you know more or less like they they turn the offense from bruce dairian's office into tom brady's office i think those guys deserve credit for having the flexibility and the humility to go through with something like that albert you're the man um so uh you you caught my my canton appearance right uh at the podium at the jacket dinner i did i hope you thoroughly enjoy the next three months rich really i do no i've enjoyed the previous nine as well so this has been great you know i stepped up there with only one line in mind the uh the the one talking about hey notice the exits before you know for your own safety and if you need help with the exits um but then and and i was thinking like i said like i said you had 10 years to work on it no no no i actually didn't see that until i got the script about a half an hour before and and i'm like okay that's my spot it'll be the only spot and then as i stepped up just to literally welcome everybody saying welcome tonight people started screaming oh at me before like the minute i opened my mouth and and so i'm like okay now now it's no no longer gonna be me that started it you started it and now i'm gonna finish that's literally the way i went i know rich i've known you a long time yes sir and just that look i could see the look look on your face you were feeling yourself up there oh yes i even fixed my tie because i knew i was going in but i could see that build i could see that look on your face albert he's so proud of himself i have no idea honestly a beautiful wife and three children and this show and it may be the most proud of myself i've ever been ever i'm very proud of myself very much so so but i wrote a big fat check i about wrote a big fat check that you look forward to cashing in november i understand yep well no it's fine it's fine i mean i i would say that 42 27 is up in a lot of places in columbus ohio there are a lot of reminders it's a big one for uh for the guys down south guys down south albert you're the best thanks for the call appreciate it all right thanks rich ad albert breer on twitter i follow him you should as well senior nfl reporter sports illustrated the mmqb right here on the program all right so we're going to take a break i want to get into that cleveland carolina week one game this thing is now on on and cracking yeah let's go correct yep okay so we'll hit on that and if you want to call us 844-204-rich that's a number for you to dial overreaction monday jordan palmer mike pereira still to come an hour or two don't go anywhere back here on the rich eisen show terrestrial radio network along with our youtube stream and odyssey and the rich eisen show uh youtube stream when calloway engineered chrome soft to be the best tour ball didn't just make the best players better it made everyone better men women first time major winners repeat major winners club champions business golfers even me the chrome soft family has the best tour performance for every type of performance starting with the regular chrome soft folks which is designed for the widest range of golfers who want better feel more distance and incredible forgiveness and there's definitely a chrome soft for you again i use the regular chrome soft the chrome soft x is for a great spin consistency tour level short game control the chrome soft xls that's for the the the player out there who wants a a little bit more slower spin and then firmer feel high spin around the greens it's really for somebody not me this ensures that the highest quality most consistent fastest golf balls possible when you add it all up it's so simple chrome soft it's not only better for the best it's better for everyone find out which chrome soft is right for you at chrome soft okay 844-204-rich is the number down if you want to chat with us hey folks i told you when baker mayfield was acquired by sam darnold when i came back from my july walkabout that happened while i was uh on vacation um there's a reason why they did this they saw sam last year they know sam they see him in the meeting rooms they saw him all around they saw him and uh in off-season workout they saw him they worked out with him in um in in ota's and i understand it i understand it was a very negligible amount of draft capital that they sent for baker but they're bringing on uh a quarterback that they're paying about eight million bucks of his salary and once that happens and you do that you're not just gonna bench him and say you're gonna have a quarterback competition and then we're going to have that quarterback competition won by the guy uh who didn't get totally in his mind screwed over by his franchise last year they started sam darnold against the jets kind of worked out that's what you want to use it for worked out first three weeks it sure did baker mayfield they're taking on the browns what are you gonna do start sam darnold that's what i was saying i mean if he's better but you got him for a reason you know you sense he's going to be better and as long as he's not appreciably worse you're going to start him right today they announced it's baker mayfield's gig week one against the browns that's going to be great as we all know it's jacobi rissette getting the start for the browns because of everything that went on with dashaun watson i don't know this just in in case you're somehow new here i don't think you are but in case you are i've kind of been very critical of dashaun watson and the browns quite a bit they deserve it um but here's one to root for in cleveland guy was terrific this weekend and against again i know it is pre-season action but he looked great slinging it running it and i'm rooting for him and this is a guy to root for brissette for one yes but the backup is josh dobbs god do i love this kid in case you're unfamiliar and if you are you definitely didn't go to ut he's a tennessee quarterback okay and while he was at tennessee he majored in aerospace engineering he was the 2017 torch bearer award winner that recognizes outstanding contributions in academics and in the community drafted in the fourth round by the steelers in 2017 and he hardly got out there as we know big ben was the guy right and then when they drafted mason rudolph in 2019 they sent him to jacksonville pittsburgh did after nick foals broke his clavicle and then even though nick foals broke his clavicle josh dobbs didn't see the field at all in jacksonville as we know it was gardiner minshew in place of foals who then got back in there and didn't play a single game in jacksonville only played in in five games when he was in pittsburgh and then he was resigned by pittsburgh in 2021 and then put on ir so he hasn't seen the field in forever in a day and while he was in jacksonville though he interned had an internship at the kennedy space center neck up neck down the whole thing good people josh dobbs is good people and i understand the browns have gotten hit hard by many including me for not focusing on good people at that position josh dobbs is that man i'm rooting for him and i know that might mean something befalls jacoby bersett i'm not rooting against jacoby bersett i think it's a great opportunity for him i think jacoby bersett if he wants to if he can just go what five and six six and five in the 11 games just keep things that's it yeah keep it a foot because d'shawn watson is not going to forget how to play football that's for sure and then you'll find out exactly why the browns did what they did in case you need a reminder josh dobbs man one to root for i i i've met him um i i just think the world of him and watching him did you see him run away from the eagles defense yesterday hey nice ran one in too did his best throw campbell it was great i mean what somebody was tearing his jersey right yeah so it'll be bersett versus baker mayfield and one of the interesting aspects of this uh matchup too andrew brant as only he can the old school capologist of the green bay packers tweeted this one out and the opening game between cleveland and carolina the browns are paying the starting quarterbacks and combined 15 million they're starting jacoby receter they're paying four and a half million this year and the panthers baker mayfield who the browns are paying ten and a half million this year so the panthers quarterback is making more than twice the browns starting quarterback and the browns are paying them both twice as much than the browns quarterback just from what the browns are paying baker mayfield alone obviously there's going to be more on the table for him and then we'll just see what baker does there man i think we're going to see a lot what we've seen from baker since he's been in the league there's going to be a lot of wild plays the ball's going to fly out of his hand he's probably going to get banged up a few times he might even miss a couple games there's going to be some dumb throws and some bad turnovers well i'll tell you what that's the baker mayfield experience he's not only playing for his future not just maybe in carolina but in other places but i think his coaches too i think matt rules got a an owner that is demanding not like other owners are wallflowers but um i i think uh mccaffrey's got to stay healthy yeah and dj moore's got to continue being the dj moore that we have seen uh is it robbie or rob is it i forget what are we calling him now anderson robbie with a y or an ie or i think he changed the way we spelled it still i mean we see more from him okay and then that carolina defense to try and make some hay because nobody's talking about anybody else in that division nobody in that division is expected to come out to make the playoffs but we'll see if carolina could do that with baker won't that be interesting so our number two jordan palmer will ask him about the decision to go with baker mayfield and mike pereira will join us to talk about how i was way off on the cave on tibbato hit and then overreaction monday and more coming up but we are still here on our uh our youtube stream what's up youtube we're still here on our youtube stream now the um chat room chat was nicknamed as fire we asked them what they wanted to be nicknamed when we we did this the last time in in march and the spring of 2020 right and because i don't know how it came up my uber rating came up one day is uh and and my uber rating was a mind-boggling dreadful 454 and you guys all had fun with that and and so they were known as the four five fours in this chat room and um and some are even saying hey the four five fours are back four five fours and i have to push back on that uh-oh the chat room may be back and the folks who are kind enough to take in this show on our youtube stream and chat with us they're back can't call it that they put it up how about four five seven how about four five seven what's been going on what's going on just a lot of chit chat a lot of sitting in the front seat four nine three yeah right a lot of sitting in the front seat a lot of chit chat you followed i follow what you said i tell you and and my frequent uh riding partner is following what you said too see she's lying you guys huh she's in line keeping her in line people know i'm not keeping anyone in line and you need to watch your tone when you say things like that does he know who he's talking about you threw her under the bus you did multiple times for your poor rating yeah but he still ain't keeping susie shuster in line though dog you did well she's cooperating no she's uh let's just say more aware of the mechanics of one's rating on uber and what might factor into it and what might not and how we can weigh the vanilla tree and how you can freshen her and how you can yes and how you can weigh the old factory yes issues in the moment how long the ride is dependent on on uh on the rating yes i was in a smelly or cognizant i was in a smelly uber this weekend i didn't tell the guy oh by the way your car stinks i had chat we almost got it like three accidents coming home saturday my driver was a lunatic yeah i was so what'd you do what'd you say nothing i sat there and gripped and then you did you did you give a thumbs up and a rating you know what i actually haven't rated him i'm thinking i'm thinking about doing thinking about a four though it was bad i say hello to the four five sevens out there in our youtube chat four five seven for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with bruce prichard and conrad thompson too all-time hogan opponents macho man's got to be in the conversation where's andre for you i've always said andre was number one wow because even going back before you know hulk oatman was a babyface hulk and andre were able to go in and headline at the new orleans superdome at shay stadium in japan wherever they went that was an attraction something to wrestle with bruce prichard listen wherever you get your podcasts
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